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Three seconds was all it took for his world to turn into a tangible darkness.

What should’ve been a celebrated victory, quickly turned into a catastrophe. A heinous villain’s “low blow” of a final attack, was enough to change the life of Ground Zero, forever.

Just when the city police had arrived on scene, the villain with a quirk that gave him the ability to amplify both the speed and force of any object; sent scattered shards of glass from destroyed surrounding buildings as deadly projectiles, flying devastatingly towards the pro hero.


It all seemed to play in slow motion in Bakugou’s head-as if it was on freaking loop, as he slipped in an out of consciousness; doctors rushing him into emergency surgery. He remembered standing five meters away from what he thought was the body of an unconscious villain, and turning his head for only the briefest moment when he could hear the sounds of police sirens nearing.

“Didn’t they teach you to never take your eyes off your enemy? It’s over for you Ground Zero!”




In the instant Bakugou turned his head back around to face the villain and raise his arms in defense, razor-sharp pieces of slivered broken glass, sped towards him at an unstoppable pace; slicing his arms and penetrating deep into the sockets of his eyes.

He remembered hearing almost harmonized gasps from everyone around him, before blood gushed from his ocular flesh as he screamed out in agonizing pain. He remembered a vile mixture of his blood and tears running down his face as his vision began to drastically deteriorate. He remembered your face, knowing he would never be able to see you again.