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The sun was shining, the birds were singing, followed by a “Wake up you two!” Rina blared from her special mechanical stool that allowed it to both elevate, and turn to hover right above the bed, between a sleeping nest of you and Bakugou.

“G-ahh!” You both exclaimed simultaneously, having been jerked from your deep and peaceful slumbers. Bakugou was a whole lot more subtle. His soul only nearly jumped out of his skin and flew out the window. You on the other hand, would have rolled off and face planted onto the hard tile floor, had it not been for your forehead head butting the metal guardrail.

The solid steel reverberating with a defined, “Dddunnnggg.”

“Owww.” You curled inward still half-awake, holding onto your throbbing forehead.

“What in the fuck was that for, you crazy bag!” Bakugou bellowed before quickly spinning his head towards your whimpering, and thrusting himself forward with his face in front of Rina’s.

“Who are you calling an old bag you hooligan! I ought to wash that squalid mouth of yours with every ounce of soap in this building!” Rina yelled, hitting Bakugou square in the head with her cane. Was she like Mary Poppins? Where did that cane suddenly come from?

“God damn it,” he muttered. Shielding himself before Rina could land another hit on him.

“Now, as much as I loved having the privilege of nursing the great Ground Zero, it’s time to get your butt out of here! My special cream healed your arms back to full if not beyond perfect health, thank you very much; and the skin around your eyes are left with minimal bruises and swelling, that will of course dissipate with time. You are hereby discharged as of today Bakugou.”

“Really? He’s in good condition to go home Rina?” You sat up with a hand rubbing your forehead.

“Yes, that is correct. But before you leave, take this with you.” Rina placed the “white cane” onto the bed.

“What is it?” Bakugou questioned.

“It’s a cane that’ll-“

“I don’t need a damn cane, my legs are just fine” Bakugou interrupted.

“It’s not for your legs. It’s a special cane that will help you know if there is anything obstructing your path before you walk into it,” Rina calmly informed.

“I’ll be fine.” Bakugou’s pride was too proud to be seen walking around with a cane meant for someone with disabled sight, for all the world to see.

“Right, says the guy who almost blew the head off a fire extinguisher because it ‘bumped’ into you and didn’t apologize.” You sucked in your lips, trying to stop yourself from bursting with laughter.

“Shut it. That thing had it coming,” Bakugou grumbled. You swore you saw Rina let out a small left when she covered her mouth with the back of her hand.

“It’ll become an extension of your arm, given that you use it often enough. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a patient that got hit with a quirk that turned him into a purple cat.” Rina descended from her stool.


“Yes dear,” she halted before opening the door.

“Thank you very much. For everything,” you moved off the bed to stand. You side-glanced and sighed, pushing Bakugou’s head down, so both of your heads were bowing with the utmost of gratitude.

Rina was there with you from the time Bakugou was first admitted into the emergency room and to where you were both now. Without her help and sincere effort, you thought countlessly that Bakugou would never wake again and that you would be coming out of this hospital alone.

She turned around with a gentle smile, as she closed the door.


After changing out of his hospital gown and back into his normal clothing, Bakugou followed the sound of your footsteps as you closed the door. You took a few steps forward down the hallway, when he froze.

“What’s wrong?” You turned around and asked worriedly.

He was back in his civilian clothes finally heading home, but why did he suddenly feel scared? He was only able to map out the places he’s been within the hospital grounds over and over again, in his mind; like his old patient room and the path to the dining Hall, where you held his hand along the way.

Everything else was foreign territory and hearing the voices of strangers within his surroundings all at once, overwhelmed him. Bakugou felt as if he was going to have an anxiety attack and pass out right then and there.

You walked back to stand right beside him. You stuck your elbow out and wove his arm through so he could hold onto the inner side of your forearm.

“Come on, let’s go home” you said reassuringly, feeling that his breathing instantly eased and his heartbeat returning to its normal pace.

The journey home was not an easy one. Outside the hospital doors, each and every person seemed to be rushing to be in a certain place at certain time. Sure, there were breaks in between where no else occupied the space on the narrow sidewalk, and you two were the only ones passing through. But it was when you got to the busier part of the city, where businesses were sandwiched side by side along the block.

There was barely any breathing room, which also meant Bakugou would have to use you to navigate through the tight crowds. Most people that bumped into him were just being careless, some apologized, but there were those few belligerent, “Hey, watch where you’re going! You blind or somethin’?!” Yelled a random stranger that was just being a complete ass.

“Who you callin’ blind! I’ll blow your damn face off!” Bakugou lost all composure and shot one hand out to grip the guy’s shirt while his other hand sparked alight.

“Hey, aren’t you Ground Zero? Yeah, you’re the guy that got into a fight with the villain with that telekinesis quirk at Deika City.” The man eyed Bakugou up and down with an arrogant smirk on his face. “You dropped your guard and that’s how he got you. You were all over the news when it happened. It said, ‘Ground Zero, Without his Sight: Are is Hero Days Over?’”

Bakugou’s grip tightened, “How can you be a hero when you can’t even see!” The random guy continued to run his mouth, as a crowd started to gather. People were murmuring to one another how they also saw the news articles, and had their doubts how Bakugou would we able to continue to protect them without his sight. Bakugou’s hand was now mere inches away from really blasting this guy’s face off.

You frantically ran to Bakugou, placing one hand on his shoulder leading to his activated quirk, and the other onto the hand holding onto the guy’s shirt. “Katsuki stop this, everyone is watching,” you desperately pleaded.

“Who cares! I’ll turn this bastard to dust!” Bakugou’s rage blinded his clear sense of judgement. His face was red and the veins in his neck and temples threatenws to burst.

“I care! What do you think people will think when they see that the hero Ground Zero, killed an innocent civilian!” Your hands held onto him in a vice grip, as you tried with all your might to pull him away. Why did he have to be so damn strong?

“Yeah, why don’t you listen to your little girlfriend and go home?” Why couldn’t this guy just shut up? Bakugou growled, his teeth gnashing together.

“Katsuki, please, don’t do this!” You begged, knowing you weren’t going to out win Bakugou with brute strength alone.

“Let go of me (Y/N).” You pressed yourself against his back and wrapped your arms around his waist, as you closed your eyes.

“I’ll do it, so please, let’s just go home.”