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“Awaken… my demon black fire.” You whispered grievously with your face turned downwards; the crown of your head leaning in between against Bakugou’s shoulder blades.

A frigid sensation traveled down Bakugou’s spine. Every strand of hair on his body stood on end, his blood quickly running cold.

The hand that was before trembling in boiling rage, stilled. His tight grip onto the bastard’s shirt seemed to loosen just a bit.

Bakugou has heard these words before; he’s seen what comes after.


It gorged on every inch of live flesh, devouring them all like a starved beast.

The thirst for blood was like no other.

Its ravenous appetite remained insatiable no matter the number of immolations.


She remained unconscious on the ground, her body curling into itself like an unborn infant still within the confines of a mother’s womb.

Within an endless vantablack chasm, she reached a hand out.

The particles of darkness felt almost otherworldly.

She was brimming with absolute fright and despair, as her quirk filled all of her senses.

This power, was no longer yours to control.


Your eyes closed, shedding stray drops of tears onto the pavement like falling rain. An utterly chilling force of wind bursting outwards from your being, soon as those dreadful words left your mouth; the smell of death becoming so densely pungent in the air.

“W-what is this?” The man on the other end of Bakugou’s hold, stammered with raw fear and panic in his eyes.

“Where is this awful stench coming from!” Scattered men and women within the group of bystanders exclaimed, covering their mouths and noses. Skirt hems flapped fluidly with the wind currents. Some held onto the brim of their hats before they were blown away to parts unknown.

 “Look! What happened to the sky? Wasn’t it fine just a minute ago?” A man in the crowd pointed upwards, leading the eyes of everyone else to look skywards to the brewing storm above.

The once still clouds of white, conjoined with another to mold into a darkly grey, as the pale blue heavens transformed into a grim thunderous overcast.

A cyclone of pitch-black flames coursed like blazing smoke dragons, down the length of your arms.

“P-please! I don’t wanna die!” Screamed the man that only a mere five minutes ago, acted a complete fool of himself. Beads of cold sweat rolled down his forehead, his face writhing in complete horror.

His limbs flailed in a desperate struggle, the tips of your flames just a lick away.

“Stop (Y/N). That’s enough,” Bakugou spoke in a broken sounding voice.

He deactivated his quirk, reaching onto his shoulder to place his hand on top of yours, holding onto it tightly. Bakugou released his hold on the man along with his anger, both falling like dead weight.

“Be grateful you fucking bastard. Next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

Bakugou turned around and pulled you hard by the shoulders deeply against his chest. His arms wrapped around you tightly as his hand reached up to the back of your head, pressing your face against his shoulder. Your flames were still alight, burning Bakugou as he held onto you.

“I couldn’t control my damn temper and did this to you. I’m sorry alright? I know I can be an idiot. But I’m your idiot remember? I fucking love you (Y/N), so please wake up already.”

You could hear his warm and heavy pleading voice. It was the light at the end of this Hell. You ran towards it fiercely, your flames extinguishing.

You blacked-out and fell limp in Bakugou’s arms. He caught you and slid you onto his back, turning away to head towards the train station.

“Hah, she’s not so powerful after all!” Did this idiot seriously not just learn anything?

“Hey you dumbass. Had I left her to it, she would’ve not only torn every one of your limbs apart, but would’ve used them as a fuse and make your decapitated head watch as you’re burned alive.”

The idiot of a man’s jaw fell to the ground, you could’ve sworn you heard the sound of someone hurling.