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A hot shower was exactly what the two of you needed. The streaming flow of water trickled down your bodies, providing a much-needed relief. It’s not that you didn’t keep up with hygiene while Bakugou was hospitalized, but there was only so much satisfaction you could feel from smelling almost too sterile, with the use of antibacterial soap all the time.

You were more than grateful when the apartment that you two chose to move in together to, came with a tub that was deep/big enough for the both of you to soak in at the same time. Bakugou on the other hand, was a bit too eager to test it out before you even moved into the place.


Bakugou sat with his back leaned against the white porcelain end of the tub, your legs on either side of his shoulders. Your body seated on the edge connected to the wall behind him. You enjoyed the familiar peace and quiet you felt as you rubbed Bakugou’s scalp in soothing circles with your fingers, the shampoo foaming with each movement. He let out a relaxing hum when you finished with his hair and moved to massage the tight muscles of his shoulders.

“Damn that feels good,” he sighed as the knots slowly loosened, letting his head recline against your stomach. Bakugou let his bare eyes flicker open to look right into yours. His hand reached for your face, your hand pressing his palm against your jaw as you planted a kiss to the inside of his hand.

“What I would give to see your face again,” he whispered in a soft throaty voice. You couldn’t help but feel dejected, unable to grant his desperate wish. You were at a loss for words.

Your eyes followed the movement of his pupils left to right, staring into his glazed eyes. His once vivid scarlet irises now faded to just barely a blush of red.


“Get over here it’s your turn," he said, breaking the heavy silence. You stood up and carefully slid past him, sitting between his legs with your back facing him.

Bakugou dunked his hand into the water to retrieve the sudsy loofah. He used one hand to feel for the areas of your back, while the other gently scrubbed the tender skin. The loofah gradually traveled to the front of your body, moving in half-moon circles from your ribs to the center of your chest. His free hand slid to the front of your waist to pull you flat against him. The temperature of his body felt burning hot compared to yours, especially when it was pressed up so snugly.

The mesh material seemed to move closer to your breast, just barely grazing your sensitive nipple, sending sudden shivers throughout your body. The large hand that held your waist snaked upwards to cup the underside of your other breast, giving it a firm squeeze. You mewled when he decided to add a couple fingers to rub its now perked nipple.

“Katsuki,” you breathed. The loofah now moving to rub slow circles around the nipple that just moments ago was being teased with its soft fibers. His other hand slid down your abdomen to stroke the side of your thigh.

Bakugou’s lips found themselves pressed to your shoulder, placing soft kisses to the base of your neck and up under your lobe. Your hand held onto the top of his head, when his plush lips dove to suckle on the skin of your collarbone. Your neck reflexively craning outward while you moaned into his ear.

Your tensed legs slackened to the feeling of his hand directing its attention to your inner thigh. “Mmmh,” his hard on now firmly felt on your lower back.

“Why don’t you open those legs for me baby?” You couldn’t help but oblige to his sultry-dripping request when his hand slipped between the opening of your legs, thumbing your throbbing clit.

“Fuck, Katsuki-” He let the loofah plunge back into the depths of the bubble filled water, liking his deft fingers better at tweaking your nipples. His thumb pushed with a firmer pressure, his forefinger flicking the sensitive tip of your clit mercilessly.

The bridge of your back arched off and forward. It wasn’t long before your body quivered. The bunched up nerves of your most sensitive part, were pushed flying over the edge, your torso bucking forward.

“Mmm, that was good” you grinned with half-lidded eyes. “But I want something more,” you turned around, your warm breath and lips ghosting the shell of Bakugou’s ear.

“Then why don’t you shut up and come sit that sexy ass on top of me.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” You sat on your knees, hovering above his lap, his cock twitching between your ass cheeks. You knew you sealed your fate when you moved to rub his cock along your folds.

“You’re such a fucking tease.” Bakugou groaned between your hungry lips, his fingertips grazing up and down the sides of your breasts and waist.

“Ooops.” You feigned, smiling against his lips. You wrapped your fingers around the shaft of his cock and started pumping. You would never tire of watching his cocky expression unravel immediately to writhing in pleasure.

“Fuck (Y/N).” Bakugou moaned when you sped up your pace, making sure your fingers attended to the head of his cock, thumbing your finger over the slit. You decided to play nice when you didn’t give him any warning and started slowly lowering your womanhood onto his hard cock, your hand sliding down the underside to his balls.

“Fucking Hell!”

Both of you were deprived of being intimate with one another for what felt like too damn long. Bakugou’s already impressive member felt thicker than usual when he entered into you.

“You’re so damn tight.” Bakugou gritted between his teeth, his mouth parting open when he was completely inside. You exhaled the breath you held in.

You clung onto his shoulders for leverage as you slowly moved. All your vaginal ridges seemed to conform perfectly to Bakugou’s cock, his hands firmly holding onto the sides of your waist, guiding you up and down his length.

Your caverns adjusted and stretched with every thrust of his cock that you willingly impaled deep inside of you. Your hips moved on their own, riding him a bit quicker than the last.

“Fuck, your pussy feels so fucking good wrapped around my cock.” Bakugou thrusted to meet your every bounce.

“Mmm, fuck me just like that. Don’t stop baby.” You encouraged, not wanting to feel him not inside of you. His hands came down to grip each ass cheek, spreading them farther apart. It took every ounce of him to not fuck your womb the moment he felt you against his cock. The aforementioned words you spoke, only made it easier for him to lose all control.

He held you in place, reaffirming himself that being a good boy was no fun and slammed himself in and out of your hole with a purpose to indulge in every single part of you.

“Ahhh! Fuck!!” He was hitting your sweet spot with so much force, fucking you so deep. The bath water sloshed with vigor, splashing out of the tub.

Bakugou didn’t give you time to breathe, ravaging your lips without a second thought. Your sweet mouth was already hung open, eliciting such beautiful sounds, which provided his hungry tongue easy access to entangle with yours.

 Bakugou grunted, when your chest arched forward, your hard nipples grazing his pectorals in such a wanting manner. His hips pistoned your walls with beastly speed.

“Fuck, I’m close!” Bakugou howled, his thrusts becoming irregular.

“Mmm, harder! Ahh, right there, right there!” You whined as your core burned with a coiling tension that was about to burst open, his cock smashing against your cervix relentlessly. Your walls tightened around him, as your heartbeats raced.

 You both cried out in complete pleasure as he thrusted into you for the last time, releasing inside of you. Your lower body bucked harshly against him, a guttural moan escaping your lips. Your body tremored in his arms that embraced you flush against him, as you rode out your orgasm.

Both of you remained in that position for just a moment longer, the heavy panting that echoed through the space, receding into steady breathes.


“You know it’s gonna be a pain to get all your cum out of me right?” You reminded, as the both of you lay cuddling underneath the covers.

“What’s so bad about leaving it in there?” Bakugou replied lazily, with his other arm resting under his head.

“Seriously? What if I got pregnant? Those after morning pills aren’t cheap you know.” You pushed your upper body off of his to face him.

“You make it sound like it’s a bad thing. I like the idea of a little me running around.” The corner of Bakugou’s lips tugging upwards, his expression softening.

It wasn’t a foreign topic to the both of you, but it was the first time he admitted it in such a way sounding like he seriously meant it.

“But what if it’s a girl?” You couldn’t help but smile, laying back onto chest.

“Then, no extra is getting close to her. I say no dating until she’s 30.”

“Who knew you could be so protective?” You replied sounding a little too wowed.

“Care to get an early taste?” He initiated.

You dragged a finger down your shorts, sticking a finger inside to pull out some of Bakugou’s warm cum that was still inside of you and bringing it up to your mouth to suck it off.

“Mmm, you do taste good.” You deliberately finished with a delicious wet pop.

And with that, the word “sleep” would cease to exist for the night and into the early hours of the next day.