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“Thanks (Y/N) that was the best pork chop ever!” Mahiro slobbered your face with the remnant smell of black pepper from the dinner he wolfed down just moments ago.

You shut your eyes and sucked your lips inwards, in hopes of not swallowing his saliva, “Aww you’re welcome! Anytime for you boy!”  You ruffled the fur on the sides of his now full belly.

“But I think you added one too many of those atomic chili peppers in Bakugou’s ramen. His face is all red and sweaty,” Mahiro playfully mocked the spikey-haired human trying to sneak a carton of milk out of the fridge.

“Hah! That wasn’t even spicy; my face always looks like this!” Bakugou barked.

You let out a small giggle as Bakugou desperately glugged down a glass of cold milk.

Mahiro sighed, “He doesn’t know when to admit defeat does he (Y/N)?”

You returned your attention back to the furry friend, “I should be heading home now. Thanks again for the food (Y/N), goodnight!” He gave you one last lick before trotting out through the doggy door, his tail wagging with each step.

“Night Mahiro!” You waved before sitting up from your knees and clearing the table.

Bakugou turned on the faucet and squirted some of the pomegranate dish detergent onto a sponge, “Finally, I thought that dog would never go home.”

“I can finish up here Katsuki-“ You placed your hands on his lower back and forearm.

“You cooked dinner, I can still do this much.” You smiled, moving to snake your arms around his waist and pressing a kiss to his clothed back.

“I love you Suki,” you breathed. You held him closer as your heartbeat synchronized with his breathing.

Bakugou’s movements halted for a brief second before resuming to scrub the inside of the soup bowls. He always noticed the smallest change in you, even if you weren’t able to notice it in yourself. The slightest dip in your normal speaking voice was all he needed to hear to know that something was bothering you.

You would explain it to him when you were ready, so for now he would let it go unnoticed.

“I love you too.”


Bakugou was in a deep sleep, but you were more than restless. You looked over to your nightstand at the digital clock that read two a.m in large red numbers. You made up your mind that sleep would have to wait, as you let out a huff and quietly headed outside.

The wind was frosty when you looked up towards to sky and noticed that snow had begun to fall.

“It’s the first snow of the season mama, papa…” You held out your hand as the drops of falling ice melted with the heat of your hand.


You had just turned two when you had witnessed your first snow.

 You were held in your mother’s embrace, watching as your father was crouched onto the ground, with the sound of ice crunching between his hands.

“Look (Y/N), isn’t he so cute?” He held it in front of you in both hands, as you hesitantly reached out to the frozen creation with thin twigs for arms and small pebbles for its face and buttons. It even had a matching scarf and hat. The fluffed frozen ice felt cold but soft at the same time.

“It looks manly just like your father.” You looked up towards your mother then back at the snowman, you softly giggled when you noticed how ruggedly the snowman’s face had been constructed.  

You pointed out a small hand wearing a fluffy pink glove towards the snowman “It’s papa!”

“And here’s you and mama!” Your father then placed his two smaller creations next to the first snowman on the ground, weaving their sticks together, to make them look like they were holding hands.

“Look (Y/N), that’s our happy family.” Your mother lovingly spoke, pointing out each snowman/woman. Even if it was just snow shaped to look like each of you, it brought you such joy. Your father’s warm contagious smile transcended to the both of you, while they held onto each other and cradled you safely in their arms.

Back then, in that one moment alone, it was like I could feel unspent years’ worth of their unconditional burning love for me, rapidly surging through every cell in my body.

How you wished you could have spent more time with them.


You zipped up your jacket and stuffed your hands into its insulated pockets. You pulled out a phone and took a moment to think about what you were about to do.

It was a burner you had kept just in case you would have to dial the contact within it as a last resort. Your nail tapped on its screen repeatedly, debating if there really was no other way, but you knew he was the only one that could help you now.

You turned it on and waited for the screen to glow awake. You tapped on the phone icon and pressed the name of the only contact that was listed. You held it up to your ear as it dialed and began walking.


“Look who it is, I thought you’d forgotten about me now that you’re a hero.” A low voice dripping with sarcasm answered.

“I need your help.”

“And why should I help you?” The voice clearly sounding mad and irritated.

“Because you owe me, Dabi.”