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Bakugou tossed and turned in his sleep.

At the end of your third years at U.A, both you and Bakugou were assigned to different agencies. Bakugou was recruited into the pro hero agency formerly created by All Might with the combined forces of the heroes from the agency of the now deceased Sir Nighteye; while you were scouted by the hero office run by the pro hero Fat Gum.

Today’s mission required the heroes from the two agencies, along with other heroes in a joint operation to take down the Shie Hassaiki yakuza and their captain simply known as, Overhaul.

Kurono-the assistant to the villain Overhaul, now on the ground almost completely immobilized, waited for the perfect time to strike. Just when Bakugou had secured the terrified Eri in his arms, the minute hand of Kurono’s hair maneuvered through the destroyed ground and its combatants, heading straight for the two.

You were fighting off one of the enemies when you caught sight of the pale blue arrow as it sped past you, realizing the beeline it was making towards your lover and the little girl, which was made the main objective of this high-risk mission. Your body moved before you could think to formulate a plan considering all the ifs, ands, and buts.

The last thing you remembered was making it there just in time to take the full brunt of Kurono’s attack, as it speared through your back and straight through your abdomen before it retracted. Bakugou’s and Eri’s wide and horrified eyes, were the last images you saw before blacking out to what you thought was the moment you were going to enter the eternal darkness of death.

It took five seconds for what Bakugou just saw to process in his mind as Eri screamed. Your body hit the ground with a loud thud; the words caught in Bakugou’s mouth finally touching the putrid air.

Bakugou’s POV

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Damn it all! No matter how many times I called out her name as I slapped the sides of her cheeks and shook her, she just wouldn’t wake.

Her face was quickly draining of all color as blood profusely bled out from her gaping wound.

“This isn’t the time to be messing with me, why are you just lying there, wake up!” (Y/N)’s body was getting colder by the second, she was draped across my lap lying stiller than the surface of an undisturbed pond.

The girl… I quickly turned to the unkempt girl with ash blue hair and red eyes that matched my own. “You, you have a quirk that can rewind a person’s body to their former state right? I need you to fix her right now!”

Eri looked at me like I grew a third eye, “M-My quirk is unstable, I could rewind (Y/N) to a point before she existed.” She sat there trembling with a fear she was all too familiar with.

To a time before (Y/N)… existed? So if this kid messes up, I’ll be screwed either way? I looked down to (Y/N)’s paled face held in my hands. The long eyelashes of her eyes sat closed, her mouth hung ajar with blood painted on her lips, as her long hair curtained the side of her slender body. The battle went on around us as my mind suddenly flashed with every image of her and all the irreplaceable moments we spent together.

Ever since you allowed me to become yours, you taught me to honestly face my emotions and taught me what it’s like to truly want to protect someone. Moreover, for the first time in my life, you’re the only person that’s making me feel this thing called, “fear”. Tears fell onto her face before I could look up and realize that I was crying.

And now, you’re the first person I’ve ever shed tears for. There’s still so many things I want to tell you, like how I want to spend the rest of my life with you. There’s so many things we have to do together, like watching the kids I want to have with you grow up and become their own persons. I can’t lose you, no, I won’t lose you.

I took a deep breath, “Eri… I need you to calm yourself and try.” I looked up from (Y/N)’s limp body, “Your dad was someone you wanted to protect right?” Eri stood next to be as she timidly nodded her head.

“She’s that person to me,” I spoke looking back down onto (Y/N).  “She’s the one I want to protect, the one that I need to protect. I can’t let her die when I know that there’s a 50 percent chance that she could live.”

Eri crouched down onto her knees, placing her hands onto the hollowed part of (Y/N)’s destroyed stomach. The horn protruding from Eri’s forehead had grown sizably, meaning that her power was unstable and if she didn’t stop at the right time, that (Y/N) would cease to exist.

I placed my hand over Eri’s, giving her the bravest smile that I could muster, “Don’t be scared Eri, I believe in you” I finished, signaling her with a nod to begin. The torn fibers and organs of (Y/N) stomach were reconstructed as the loss blood was restored back into her veins.

It all happened in a flash as the skin on (Y/N)’s stomach and back were sealed without the faintest scar back to a state before they were damaged. I squeezed Eri’s wrist to stop when the process was complete. She lifted her hands as (Y/N) coughed out a breath, to which Eri and I sighed in relief.

“You did well Eri, I’m proud of you.” It seemed like it was the first time someone told her that as tears welled up in her eyes and she gave me a deep nod.

(Y/N)’s eyes slowly fluttered open, her warming body stirring in my arms. “Ka-Katsuki? Where am I? What, happened?”

I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle, “We’re still in the middle of our mission and you almost died.” The end of that sentence tasted bitter as I pulled her tightly against me. “I thought I was gonna lose you. You idiot, what were you thinking throwing yourself in front of that jerk’s attack like that?” I muttered into the crook of her neck, more than thankful that what just happened wasn’t our final momens together.

(Y/N) sat up wrapping her arms around my back, “I didn’t have time to think. All I knew was that I had to save you and Eri. It was what any pro hero would do Katsuki.” My heart stopped; don’t you realize how precious you are to me?

I pulled away from her to give her a stern look, “Well, don’t go throwing your life away like that again! Because next time Eri won’t be around to save either of our asses.”

Both Eri and (Y/N) let out agreeing giggles, “I promise. Now let’s go and kick and some yakuza butt.”


Bakugou awoke with a sharp gasp, “Damn it, why did I have that dream again?” A veil of sweat covered his neck and forehead. You would usually be the one to wake him when he was having a bad dream but he was instead greeted with an eerie silence. Outside was still far too quiet to be morning just yet, so he figured it had to either be late into the night or still the early morning.

“Hey, (Y/N) you awake?” Bakugou turned to reach for your slumbering body but instead found the sheets and pillow, cold and empty. “Did she go to the bathroom?” He waited a few minutes but couldn’t hear the sound of the toilet flushing, the sink water running, the door closing, or your footsteps.

“She couldn’t be awake this early,” Bakugou scratched the back of his head as he got up. He held his hand on the walls to guide him as he called out for you, banging into a table or chair every now and again. “Ow, damn it.” He rubbed at his sore knee after checking all the rooms in the house.

He felt the coat rack for his jacket before he slung it on. “Where could she have gone?”

Bakugou opened the door as the frigid wind sent shivers through his body and cold frozen droplets patted down onto his face. “Snow?” He held his hand out to feel the ice crunch between his palm and fingers before melting back into water. He shoved his hands into the pockets letting out a, “Brrrr it’s freaking cold” as he walked down from the stoop.

Bakugou halted when he reached the pillowing ground beneath him. The neighborhood was dead silent and the sidewalk opened up to him bare on both sides. He would end up walking aimlessly if he went to look for you without being able to see where he was going. You could end up missing each other completely, if you didn’t call the cops to search for Bakugou by the time you got home first.

He let out a depressed huff, frustrated with what used to be normal to him was now near impossible. He walked back up the steps and sat under the awning in front of the door. He knew something had have to happened on your way back from the grocery store earlier, but you weren’t the type to just up and disappear without letting him know where you were going.

Bakugou crossed his arms over his legs and leaned with a sigh into the faux fur collar of his green nylon jacket, with nothing to go on with where you could’ve went to in the middle of the night. You had his complete trust, so for now all he could do was wait.


On the other side of town, a thundering bang shot through the air and into the back of Masuyo’s head. You froze in your tracks as the tall woman with short red hair and a lanky build, swayed to one side before falling to the ground. She bled onto the hard ground, as the thin layer of snow dyed with a crimson red.

Your quirk disengaged, your eyes rounding to the owner of the smoking gun.

“She wasn’t the most loyal of guard dogs, such a pity this one.” The figure spoke as he revealed himself from the shadows, “It was probably less painful to go this way, my dear kitten.”

“How did you know I’d be here and that I was after Masuyo!” You yelled out to the Puppet Master in panic from under the cover of night. Was he tailing you this entire time?

His black loafers crunched with each step forward onto the freezing ground. He shrugged, “For once, this was merely a coincidence. I had planned to get rid of her when I found out she was selling classified information to some other group of criminals without my knowledge. You being here was just the icing on the cake.” The Puppet Master stared down at the dead Masuyo without an ounce of remorse, as he grinded the sole of his shoe against her temple.

Humans were nothing but pawns that he could simply use and toss to the side when he no longer had use for them. “Ah, but you being here was not by mistake. That murderous look in your eyes tells me that you were after her as well.” Your eyes teetered between the intent to kill and the fear of not knowing you were going to make it back home with your soul still intact.

You withdrew the foot that had lunged forward back to standing even with the other foot, as you tried to speak with your mind leveled. The Puppet Master stood with a hand folded across his chest and the other propped to his face as if waiting for you to continue on with your explanation. “You’re right; me being here was no coincidence. I was ready to kill her and drag her corpse to you, so you could extract her soul.”

You looked to Masuyo and back to the Puppet Master, “I’ve known early on that you only kept her close because you saw value in both her quirk and her life force.” You looked at his unreadable dark-purpled eyes, hoping that what you had hoped for was right.

He removed his foot and hand to reveal a cynical smile. “Once again my brilliant kitten, you prove the rarity of your kind. Your value seems to only increase with each day, oh how I can’t wait to finally have my hands on your delicious soul.” He ran a gloved hand over his face, licking his lips in a psychotic hunger that seemed to only be satiated by the thought of killing you.

“I told you I wouldn’t run, so take her soul.” You clenched your trembling hands, “Just please…” You thickly swallowed, “Give me a little more time to spend with him, Master.” The last part tasted like pure bile on your tongue as hot tears rolled down your chilled face.

The Puppet Master pulled out an empty glass bottle from his garment as he breathed the words, “Come to me.” A billowing thick fog permeated from Masuyo’s body, settling inside of the bottle. The extraction completed as he tightened a cork over its round mouth, sealing it away forever. [Sighs] “Hmm, you do make this a difficult chase to the very end (Y/N).”

You stood there stiffly, your heart pulsing anxiously for him to grant your final request. He tapped the bottle against his chin, “I’ll tell you what.” He walked closer so he was standing just a few inches in front of you. “Come with your beloved atop the mountain located past the forest, 40 miles from where we stand in three days’ time.

That’s how long it’ll take me to make the necessary preparations. I’ll wait with Kurogiri just a distance from you two, so the moment I extract your soul, dear Bakugou will have his sight instantly returned to him. That way you’ll see your splendid wish granted before your very eyes, and I’ll be able to kill the both of you if you so choose to run. How does that sound?” He bent down with a knowing look that you wouldn’t be able to pass up this deal, when the stakes were this high.

The sun was beginning to rise as the snow continued to fall. The Puppet Master stared into your eyes with a black hole swirling in each of his. You gulped, “Fine. Just make sure the both of you are hidden at least half a mile radius away from us. Katsuki can still sense when an enemy is near even without his sight. He’ll send the two of you flying beyond what Kurogiri could only hope to return from,” you threatened with a sudden burst of confidence.

He laughed wiping a fake tear from the corner of his eye, “A fighter until the bitter end; I must applaud you (Y/N). I bid you goodbye, for now; may these last three days you spend with your lover, be enough to carry you through in every lifetime after this.” His voice faded along with his fleeting silhouette, dragging the soulless body of Masuyo, into the bottomless void of Kurogiri’s warp gate.

Your legs gave out from under you as you sat into the frigid blanket of snow. “Three days huh?” You looked up towards the sky letting out a bitter laugh, your breath visible the moment it made contact with the cold air, “It’ll have to be enough.” You sniffled as you wiped your tears away and dusted yourself off as you stood.

The sun rose behind you but your heart continued to sink. You slowly walked back home when in actuality, you wanted to take Bakugou and run somewhere far, far away to where no one could find you. All your thoughts and emotions came crashing down all at once as each weighted step felt heavier than lead.

Before you knew it, you were standing on the familiar porch when you looked up to find a sleeping Bakugou sitting leaned against the door. He roused awake when he could hear the sound of footsteps heading his way. You crouched down to warm his frozen face, “Did you wait out here for me all night Katsuki?” Your expression softened, at his red nose and ears that were ice-cold to the touch.

“Where were you? [Yawns] When I woke-up, you weren’t anywhere in the house.” He rubbed his eyes that struggled to stay open, his head nodded as he began to doze off again.

You unzipped your jacket and wrapped the sides of the thick material around him as he nestled into your embrace, “I couldn’t sleep. I went out for a walk and before I knew it, it was morning.” You rested your head on top of his, your eyes brimming with newfound tears.

“You smell like amber wood, or [Yawns] burnt chocolate.” Bakugou’s nose wrinkled, disliking the foreign scent. He dug his face deeper into the arm of your jacket and drifted off when he was greeted with your comforting scent again.

Those were the two scents you always associated with when you were around Dabi. He always smelled like a spicy and musky dark honey. Or how Bakugou simply described it as, “burnt chocolate.” A tender smile formed on your lips as you whispered, “I met an old friend along the way, and under different circumstances I think you would’ve liked him too.”

You made a deal with conditions with the devil himself. It took only three seconds for Bakugou to lose his sight, and now you were given only three days to spend with him. Though by the time his sight would return and he opened his eyes, you wouldn’t be there anymore.