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Three seconds was all it took for his world to turn into a tangible darkness.

What should’ve been a celebrated victory, quickly turned into a catastrophe. A heinous villain’s “low blow” of a final attack, was enough to change the life of Ground Zero, forever.

Just when the city police had arrived on scene, the villain with a quirk that gave him the ability to amplify both the speed and force of any object; sent scattered shards of glass from destroyed surrounding buildings as deadly projectiles, flying devastatingly towards the pro hero.


It all seemed to play in slow motion in Bakugou’s head-as if it was on freaking loop, as he slipped in an out of consciousness; doctors rushing him into emergency surgery. He remembered standing five meters away from what he thought was the body of an unconscious villain, and turning his head for only the briefest moment when he could hear the sounds of police sirens nearing.

“Didn’t they teach you to never take your eyes off your enemy? It’s over for you Ground Zero!”




In the instant Bakugou turned his head back around to face the villain and raise his arms in defense, razor-sharp pieces of slivered broken glass, sped towards him at an unstoppable pace; slicing his arms and penetrating deep into the sockets of his eyes.

He remembered hearing almost harmonized gasps from everyone around him, before blood gushed from his ocular flesh as he screamed out in agonizing pain. He remembered a vile mixture of his blood and tears running down his face as his vision began to drastically deteriorate. He remembered your face, knowing he would never be able to see you again.


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Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The pulsing rhythmic sound of a heart monitor filled the brightly lit and silent white room.

Bakugou lay asleep on the hospital bed in the Intensive Care Unit, after being in a grueling 18 hours of surgery.

“The damage to both of his eyes was absolutely devastating. The shards of glass sliced clear through the frontal areas of his eyes and severed 90% of the major arteries. We were able to remove the glass and did our best to recreate the natural appearance of his eyes, but I’m sorry Ms. (L/N), I’m afraid that he will be blind for the rest of his life.”

The doctor’s footsteps echoed like walking thunder as he left the room.


Five hours before the incident

You could smell the scent of his shampoo from his freshly washed hair as he entered the kitchen, and the sound of his feet padding against the tiled floor as he made his way towards you.

You hummed while washing the dishes from lunch; a pair of gentle yet muscular forearms wrapping around your waist from behind. A pair of soft lips pressed a gentle kiss to your temple, before coming to rest his cheek against the top of your shoulder.

“Mmm you smell good handsome,” You halted for a moment to close your eyes and smile, inhaling his calming aroma. Your entire being instantly relaxed against his broad chest, as he bounded your presences together.

“Don’t I always? I know how much you like the smell of my sweat, especially when I’m making love to you.” Bakugou answered back in a gruff voice, with his smart-ass of a mouth.

But oh how you loved the sound of his voice.

He pulled you in tighter as he pecked a trail of kisses upside along your neck. You opened your eyes and playfully retorted, “Yeah but not when you come back from working out with the boys or when you’re out fighting villains all night. That’s when that pretty butt of yours starts to smell rank,” You chuckled before tapping your soaped finger against his nose.

“Are you trying to pick a fight with me woman?”

You turned your head towards him with a playful smile growing on your lips, as he lifted his head the slightest, “Maybe I am, explosion boy.”

“Come on you half shitty haired woman! You haven’t used that name since we were both at U.A and back then, you were the one that thought I was the extra!” Was that a puppy pout just now?

“And its Explosion Man to you, cause’ you know I always rock your world before the night’s over baby.” His seductive words did not match the devious look on his face, before he attacked the entirety of your sides with an assault of tickles.

“Ahh hah hahh ahh Katsuki damn-“ You belted out laughing while struggling to form complete sentences.

His phone suddenly rang, rattling against the kitchen table. His tickling attack stilled. “You got lucky; we’re not done here (Y/N). I’ll be back,” as he walked away to answer the call. 

“Ah hah” you chortled, wiping what was left of your soap covered hands on the skirt of your apron, and moving the hair out of your face. “Sure thing terminator boy” you smirked, earning a definite glare from Bakugou.

“Yeah, it’s in Deika City right? Yeah I’ll be there, give me five minutes.” He hung up the phone, tucking it into his front pocket.

From the second year you were together at U.A to now being lovers-soulmates both in your early-mid-twenties; you knew from the slightest shift in hue of his scarlet eyes, the stiffening of his back and the seriousness in the tone of Bakugou’s voice, that it was duty that called on the other side of that line.


When he first became a pro, the first half a hundred times he had to leave were near impossible for you to bare as he walked out the door. 

After seeing his fleeting back, you would pace around the house frantically because sitting still was out of the question. Time kept ticking as you bit on the nail of your thumb, each second feeling like an eternity.

Sometimes the door would open and he would come home unscathed. Sometimes he would come home with a few bangs and cuts. And sometimes he was severely injured, and the only voice you would hear first was from one of the other pro heroes that were with him; telling you he was in the hospital.

You would whirl wind your way there, looking crazed as you pulled back curtain after curtain. Until you found him sitting there all bandaged up, letting out a disgruntled, “Dammit! I almost had him!” While the other pros and sidekicks that crowded around him laughed along.

The tenseness in your body would release as you sighed, your arm slacking down the edge of the curtain. Those with keen ears froze, and only needed to side-glance your way before turning wide-eyed and shutting their traps.

“Hey babe-“ You stomped your way over before lightly karate-chopping the top of his head, only for his soft-spiked ash blonde hair to bounce back.

“You idiot…Do you know how scared how I was!“ You cried out in worry.

“Ow! You damn woman! Can’t you see I’m-“You picked your face up and wrapped him up in your arms.

“I know, you’re alright.” His joking smile would soften into a tender one, as he reached a hand up to the middle of your back to hug your body against his. He briefly pulled back to look at your flushed face with softened eyes and a warmed expression.

“I had to go and save them, they were counting on me.” With that he would cradle the back of your head onto his chest and embrace you with every last drop of his love for you.

“I know…”


As time passed, and if there ever was an attack, no other words were needed except, “I love you and I’ll be waiting.”


Back to present time

No words would form from your mouth and no sound would produce from your anguished hoarse voice.

You painfully looked back at Bakugou with faintly bloodied bandages wrapped around the middle of his forehead to the tip of his nose, and to the back of his head. Scratches on the sides of his cheeks were where the attack just managed to graze him, and both his arms were dressed in tightly wrapped gauze.

His chest rose and fell in gentle waves, as an infusion of morphine and an IV drip traveled through his veins. You stood there numb, before going to sit yourself back onto the chair and leaning over to gently cover his bandaged hand with your trembling one.

The dam you once thought torrid, slowly cascaded out with more tears as you dug your face into his side, trying to find his comforting scent again.


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Calming waves rolled to and fro. Each breeze carried the smell of the salty air as the sun shined alongside beautiful white clouds, against a clear blue sky.  

“You just watch! I’m gonna be the number one hero!” Bakugou passionately vowed with sparkling eyes.

“But isn’t Deku the number one hero right now?” You tilted your head and couldn’t help but smile lovingly at your boyfriend.

“So? I’ll just be better than number one! I’ll be the best hero in the entire world!”

“I believe in you Katsuki Bakugou!” He picked you up and swung you around with your legs wrapped around him tightly, both of you as happy as can be.

“You better! Otherwise I’m throwing your extra ass in the ocean!” You pressed a sweet kiss against his soft lips.

“You’ll always be the hero of my universe, I love you Katsuki Bakugou.


  2 AM

“Mm Mmmf.” You literally managed to cry yourself into a deep slumber, when you felt a weight moving from under your arms, followed by what sounded like a series of grunts. Bakugou tried to croak out something audible but his throat was dry.


Your eyes cracked open from being glued shut by your dried up tears as you slowly craned your stiff neck up. You could feel his arms rustling from underneath the covers.

“Katsuki? Katsuki! Are you finally awake? Can you hear me?” You bolted up from your seat, now as wide awake as you could be. You couldn’t help but be relieved in surprise and panicked at the same time.

“Where the Hell-oh wait… The last thing I remembered was that I-“ His hand moved tiredly up to his face, smoothing his hand over the bandages. “(Y/N) why the Hell is it so dark? Didn’t you leave a light on or something? And what is with these bandages, why is my head all wrapped up?”

Your mouth creaked open but all that came out was unmolded hot air. You had to tell him… the truth.

“(Y/N) you there? I can still smell your perfume and feel your hand still holding onto mine, say something woman.”

Afraid, you retracted your hand and slowly slumped back into the chair and found yourself pulling your jacket around yourself tighter. You hoped that maybe, just maybe, if you tried hard enough, he wouldn’t know that you were there.

Bakugou groaned in pain as he sat himself up, “What the cat got your tongue or did you forget how to speak all of a sudden? Spit it out (Y/N).”

“Katsuki… While you were out on your last mission against that villain with the telekinetic quirk…”

“Yeah that bottom feeder. Didn’t I waste that guy with my last attack? What does he have to do with anything?”

“You knocked him down, but he got you at the very last moment. While he was on the ground, he used the last of his strength before the Deika City police arrived and… He used the glass from the destroyed buildings and used them to attack you. He got your eyes… and that’s why you’re now… blind.” Your bottom lip quivered as you tried to not come undone.

Bakugou was silent as he sat there in disbelief.

“Is that some kind of a joke? What do you mean I’m blind? No way could that-good-for-nothing take my eyes away.” He snickered before moving his hands to the back of his bandages and digging his nails into the fabric to undo the knot.

“I’ll show you I’m perfectly fine and that you’re just trying to pull a fast one on me.”

“Hold it right there Mr. Katsuki Bakugou!” You both froze in place, a short and stern elderly woman commanded from the door as she flipped the lights on. It was Recovery Girl’s older sister, the head nurse of the Deika City main hospital.

“Huh who the Hell-“ Bakugou questioned, clearly annoyed. You wiped your eyes with the tears that nearly spilled over, and stood up immediately as you bowed.

“I saw your name on my list as I went through my rounds for the evening.” She spoke while flipping through the charts on her clipboard and making her way towards the bed. “I knew you sounded familiar, my younger sister told me how reckless you were while you were a student at U.A.” The old woman sighed as she scooted a stool over and made her way up the steps.

“Who do you mean your younger sister, you old hag?” That earned him a smack on the leg. “Ow you old far-“

“Watch your mouth young man,” her voice now clearly sounding like her younger sibling.

“Ow! What the Hell you both old as-“That’s whack number two to the leg.

“Dammit!” Bakugou howled as he rubbed his sore thigh.

“Now listen carefully Bakugou,” she voiced in a dead serious tone.

“That last battle you had with that villain, used his quirk to injure both your arms and do the most damage to your eyes. The glass he used to attack you was fortified almost 210% with his quirk, making them into terrible weapons. They ended up going straight through and damaging 80% of the frontal area of your eyes all the way to your optic nerve. We’re lucky it didn’t go further than that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now.”

“So what the Hell does all of that mean-“ Bakugou barked.

“It means! That you are indeed blind, Bakugou. The cellular damage was much too critical for me to reverse using my powers and I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to see a thing from now on.”

Bakugou’s lips parted before they stilled in complete silence.

“I came here just in case I needed to change your dressings and administer any more painkillers if you needed them. Now sit still and let me undo your bandages.” She reached over as the bandages slowly feathered down, one by one.

You held your breathe; you didn’t know if you were ready to see the extent of his injuries. You felt sick to your stomach as it churned over on itself.

She placed a mirror in Bakugou’s hands, his arm steadily raised. “Now open your eyes.”

You swallowed when you could see his eyes fidgeting from left to right under his closed eyelids. The sore muscles under his eyes twitched in pain as he fluttered one eye open and then the other.

“Turn the damn lights on! How am I supposed to see anything its pitch dark? This mirror is broken you old woman, I can’t see a damn thing!”

“Katsuki, they are on.” You replied in a weak voice. You couldn’t stop your feet from walking closer. Your hands trembled as you held his face in your hands, planting your palms on the sides of his cheeks as you looked on.

You could see the numerous faded grey scars on almost the entirety of the whites and center of his eyes. You looked from one eye to the other, constantly going back and forth.

Those beautiful vivid scarlet irises were no more.

It was as if the brilliant red roses that once permeated through each of his eyes, were now trapped behind a cold and foggy glass. Each one drained of life on the surface and it killed you inside, because you could still see the embers burning.

 Your hands slipped away and you saw the pain creep onto his face as his jaw tightened.


He widened his eyes, using his fingers to stretch the skin further; as if looking for a glimmer of light.


He turned his head back and forth frantically, pulling the mirror closer, moving his eyes in every which direction possible.

“Damn it all!!!” His teeth gritted violently before launching the mirror at the wall behind you, the glass shattering into dusted pieces.

He thrashed against the bed with all his might. His still injured arms ripped through the bandaging as he let out painful cries, so desperate for all of this to be a damn lie.

You clenched onto the fabric covering your chest, wailing against the palm of your hand. The overflowing unbearable sorrow you saw in Bakugou, strangled your neck and suffocated your pounding heart.

“This isn’t supposed to happen…. not to me” he breathed, as bitter tears rolled down his face.


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“Rina,” was the name you would come to know of the elderly nurse that sat across from you, steadily redressing the wounded arms of a now heavily sedated Bakugou.

“Had I not acted quickly, this one would’ve used that quirk of his in the form of an atomic bomb and reduced this hospital wing to ashes. Honestly, that temper of his.” She slowly shook her head in disapproval but seemed to be reminiscing when Bakugou was still a fledging U.A student at the same time.

“I knew I recognized you from the moment I walked through that door. You were also enrolled in the hero course the same year as Bakugou here.” She looked up briefly with a gentle grin, meeting your eyes before going back to her handiwork.

“Yes ma’am that is correct. But how did you-“ You asked in complete surprise. How did she know who you were when you’ve only met a few hours ago?

“Ah, I happened to come across you two in your class photographs my younger sister (Recovery Girl) showed me after dinner one night. I believe it was when the two of you finished your first years at U.A. You wore such a bright smile while Bakugou here still had that same scowl on his face,” she conveyed to you delightedly. You found yourself with a small smile on your face as you recalled the moment in time those photos were taken.


 All the classes were lined up outside the dormitories of Height’s Alliance for the end of the year picture day.

The rambunctious group of students from class 1-A were getting set up, while your class stood behind them waiting for your turn.

Everyone including Shoji, Tokoyami, Todoroki and Hagakure seemed to be smiling when the photographer yelled out, “Say cheese” before taking the picture; everyone except a familiar spikey blond with intense red eyes. He stood at the far end with his hands shoved in his pant pockets, with a heck of a death-glare.

You recognized him from the viral Sludge Villain attack. You also remembered seeing the eyes of someone who was scared, but also the eyes of someone who was not willing to die just yet. You two never had the chance to exchange even a single word, and walk past each other unknowingly within the halls of U.A.

Nevertheless, you would continue to hear about him and the rest of class 1-A, when they were constantly being put through one danger after another when they were attacked by the villains. Many things would change when the second year of the Sports Festival came to an end. (But we’ll save that for another time :))

When class 1-A finished with their turn, it was time for your class; class 1-B. You remembered how cheerful you were as you stood smiling alongside all of your friends. Classes were separated by just mere letters, but you and Bakugou had the same dream of becoming heroes.


By the time you descended from your fluffy and warm cloud of memories, Rina had finished applying the rest of the medication to Bakugou’s wounds and binding up the last of his bandages. “He’d heal a lot faster if he stopped pushing his body so hard and learned to rely on his loving girlfriend more.”

“W-wait Rina, how did you know? I didn’t say that Bakugou and I were-“You found yourself stumbling through your words. Just how much did this elderly woman know about you two? Was she psychic?

“There are a lot of things you’ll come to learn as you walk through life (Y/N),” Rina looked on forlornly.

“But life is a whole lot more bearable if you have a loving person by your side.” The feelings of grief and pain that you felt were going to swallow you whole earlier, seem to ebb away with Rina’s sincere words. You could feel warmth reenter your body as you looked onto Bakugou, who was sleeping under the glow of the overbed light that illuminated this cold and dark room.

“He’ll have to stay here a few more days before we can discharge him. We just need the wounds on his arms to finish healing so he can get used to using them again. The bruising and swelling around his eyes should go down in time. We can provide you with a, “white cane” so he can use it to better help him to navigate through his surroundings safely. You couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of Bakugou using his cane more of as a weapon on inanimate objects or innocent bystanders, than as a form of assistance.

“Sorry Rina, I didn’t mean to offend you,” You honestly admitted.

“You were thinking that there’s no way someone as strong as him would ever use a cane to get around, and that he would use it to harm an innocent plant if it got in his way am I right?” Rina looked at you with a knowing glance and a raised eyebrow.

“Rina does your quirk give you psychic abilities-“You called out apparently to no one. When did she leave? Was teleportation her quirk?


 11 AM that same day

You fell asleep sitting on the chair tucked into the corner of the room soon after Rina left, but you were startled awake by a loud thud a few hours later. It came from Bakugou tripping over the raised floor lip that led into the bathroom.

“Fucking Hell that hurt!”

You bolted there to find him curled up on the floor holding onto his stubbed foot.

“Katsuki! Are you alright! How’d you end up all the way over here?” It was like waking up to find your refrigerator had grown legs and sat itself in your shower.

You slipped your arm under his side to sit him upright against you, holding onto him by his biceps.

“I walked here, how else genius?” He scoffed, stating a matter-of-fact.

“Yes captain obvious I get that. But how did you find your way in here?” You looked at him worriedly.

“What? You mean how I’m now as blind as a fucking bat and can’t see shit, how did I get here?” Your face fell as he turned his face away from you.

“Katsuki, that’s not what I meant-“

“I know,” He answered bleakly.

“When that old bat tranquilized me, I fell into the deepest sleep I’ve ever had in my life. I was falling into a black hole and just kept falling down the damn thing. But suddenly my body stopped and just floated there in the empty space.

All I could see were these blinking lights; I couldn’t make out what they were. I just kept staring at them until they started drifting towards me. I reached my hand out to grab one of em’ and it was as if my life was stuck on rewind.

 I saw everything; even when the villain’s attack was still embedded in my eyes and I couldn’t stop bleeding. It felt like I knew what would happen next before it happened.” Tears escaped your eyes one by one. You’ve never heard him sound so broken.

“When I woke up from that dream and opened my eyes, those lights were gone and everything was so dark. That’s when I realized, this is all real.”

He paused before turning his head down towards the floor and his shoulders shivered.

“It’s… fucking scary (Y/N), I really can’t see a damn thing.”

You rested your head into the crook of his neck as you both cried. You wrapped your arms around his chest and held him close. No matter how frightening something was, Bakugou was always the one running into fire. Now the man that was always saving others, became the one that needed to be saved.


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After the waterworks you both fountained, there was still one dire thing left unfinished.

“I still need to take a piss,” Bakugou stated bluntly.  “Turn me in the right direction right now, or I’m spray painting these walls yellow.”

“Don’t you even dare Katsuki Bakugou.” You only found yourself using Bakugou’s full name when he was about to do something dumb enough that would leave you to clean up his mess; in this case, literally.

Rising from the floor, you stood behind him as you held onto his upper arms guiding him to the far left of the bathroom.

“Keep going, keep going, and stop!” You commanded, before turning his body towards the right to face the urinal. “You don’t need help with the rest do you?” You eyed him from his face down to his man parts.

“My dick’s not paralyzed, I can piss by myself.”

“Oh what a good boy you are!” You mocked in a baby voice, patting his head like a golden retriever. Knowing he had a short fuse, you always loved to tease his cute butt. Bakugou growled at that remark as he relieved himself.

“Just you wait until my arms are healed up. I’ll show you what a, “good boy” I am while you’re on your knees begging me to skull fuck you.”

A blush rose on your cheeks as your mind played back to your heated sessions with the ever-passionate blond, and that wonderful filthy mouth of his. Your eyes traveled downward when you snapped out of your thoughts.

“Did you seriously get hard thinking about that Katsuki?” This man-child never ceased to amaze you.

“What can I say, I love having that pretty little mouth of yours around my cock.” He licked his lips as if it were the most delicious bit of chocolate left on his lips, after eating an oh-so-decedent dessert. He couldn’t look more smug.

“W-would you just finish already!” You bumbled embarrassed.

“Gladly,” Bakugou smirked as he flushed his business. You spun him around with your arms stretched out as far as possible as you pushed him towards the sink, the heat in your face not receding any time soon. You glanced at his reflection in the mirror as he washed his hands, even with half of his face concealed by bandages; he was still the most handsome man in the world to you.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” He said, interrupting your thoughts.

“Huh? How did you know I was staring?” You asked, tilting your head to the side.

“I could feel your eyes burning into the side of my damn head.”

“Oh, sorry.” You said in a soft-spoken breath.

“You’re the only one I can clearly ‘sense’ when you’re next to me. Everyone else is like getting hit by a damn truck in the middle of fucking traffic,” he admitted with a disheartened sigh.

You could tell that he was trying his best to put on a brave face for you, even when each step forward felt like walking into an eternal abyss laid full of trapdoors. You were his other half, and he was yours, there was nothing you wouldn’t do for this man standing right in front of you.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll be your eyes.” In that moment, you tightened the chains of your resolve to keep him safe, no matter the cost.

 You didn’t give him a chance to give you a smart-lipped reply, as you guided a for once speechless Bakugou back to bed.

After settling him in, you turned around to head to your makeshift bed.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He held onto the bend of your arm before you could leave.

“Uh over to the corner so I can sleep?” Your hand reflexively pointing out to that direction.

“No you’re not,” he dragged you back towards his side.

“But your arms are still- and we can’t both fit on that bed.”

“Would you just come over here?” Bakugou scooted himself over as you lied on your side, gently pressing yourself against his arm. The past couple of nights of sleeping on a cramped chair with your head hanging over the side were killing your neck, and this soft bed was a much-needed reprieve. His presence alone was always enough to lull you to sleep, as your eyes grew heavy.

You could remember hearing him faintly say, “You stole my heart before I could realize it, so why does it feel like you’ll disappear before I can have all of yours?”


Chapter Text

You snuggled yourself closer against his chest and deeper into his warm embrace.

His arms instinctively pulled you closer. The heat radiating from his body was like being enveloped in a toasty blanket, his heartbeat flush against your ear a soothing lullaby. Both paired in perfect sync with the sound of his steady breathing. His familiar scent that you loved so much made it more the reason to stay in this soft bed.


 Bakugou’s POV

Ughh, why can’t my stomach shut up at a time like this? This is the fifth time I’ve tried waking (Y/N), just how much sleep does this woman need?

The only way I could tell it was morning outside was from the sound of cars during their morning commute; that, and some freaking annoying birds chirping their damn beaks outside.

“Hey, wake-up. Do you even know what time it is?”

“Mmh… just five… five more minutes…”

Figures, she must be worn out by now with everything that’s happened with my ass. I reached my hand out carefully, hoping it was her face. Nope, that’s the top of her head you dumbass.

How long has it been since I’ve held her like this?

She still smells like that perfume I like, that I got for her birthday. Just a little lower should be it. I slid my hand down the side of her head along her soft hair.

 Her cheeks feel gaunt. Damn it, has she not been eating right? I held the side of her face and slid my thumb out under her eyes.

“Just how much have you been crying because of me?”

I feel like shit for doing this to her. I could feel the bags under her eyes and just how puffy they were.

Damn it, this is all my fault. If I had just been more careful, none of this would have happened. I can’t bear the thought of you being with some damn extra, but how can I expect you to waste your life being with someone like me? I-

“Grrggle, grrgle.”


That’s it. I need food. Now.


“Damn it, why the Hell is this hospital so big?” It feels like I’ve been walking with my hand against this same damn wall for hours.

“Ahhhh no! I don’t want any more shots! Mmmf!”

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” Is this an adult? Wait, why the Hell are they so small?

“I-I’m sorry mister.”

“Aito come back! We need to finish your exam!” Sounds like this kid ran away from that nurse or something.

“M-mister could you p-please hide me? I-I don’t w-wanna go back there.”

“Huh? Why should I help you out?” Who does this kid think he is?

“Aito! Where did you go!”

“Mister, p-please!” He was clinging onto my legs shaking like a damn leaf. I could hear that nurse running towards us at the end of the hall, when I hid his body in front of mine and turned the other way. She ran pass us and down the stairs. Why am I doing this kid a favor? I turned around when I thought the coast was clear and faced this kid.

“T-thank you.”

“Why were you running from that nurse? Isn’t she supposed to be helping you?”

“S-she was g-gonna give me more shots. That w-would’ve been my fifteenth one t-today.”

“Fifteen? What the Hell, how sick are you kid?” I guess I would be crying too if I was his age and they kept stabbing me with that many needles.

“T-truth is, I’m d-dying mister. T-they said I have a r-rare disease that c-can’t be cured u-unless I’m healthy e-enough for a-another surgery.” Geez. Why do these things have to happen to some brat, that’s not even old enough to cross the street by himself? Sounds like he’s sniffling, is he crying?

“Hey kid, don’t you wanna live?” I crouched down and put my hand on top of his head.

“I-I do.”

“Then you need to be getting those shots no matter how much of a pain in the ass they are.”

“B-but, I’m scared.” Ugh, this was gonna be harder than I thought.

“Do you know who the number one hero is?”

“D-Deku?” Thank God, I think this snot-nosed brat stopped crying, for now at least.

“Yeah, well I gave him that name when we were kids. I should’ve blown his ass up at our last year of the sport’s festival when I had the chance, then I wouldn’t have come in second place. That damn nerd.” He still pisses me off.

“Second place? Are you the hero Ground Zero!”

“Shhh! Keep it down damn it!” I covered this loudmouth before the whole damn hospital found out who I was.

“W-what happened to your eyes?”

“I screwed up in my last fight, that’s how.” He doesn’t need to know the bloody details and blame me for having any nightmares.

“That’s not the point. Do you wanna be a hero kid?”

“I do! I wanna be a hero, just like you and All Might!”

“That old man was pretty awesome.” It’s been awhile since he retired. Last I heard, he was working on building some hero support equipment with that guy David Shield.

“Huh? Wait kid, why me?”

“Because, you’re so awesome! I watched every one of your battles online; you used your explosions to fly through the air and blow away your opponents without even breaking a sweat! Ground Zero never gives up!” Hmph, I gotta give it to this kid, he knows his stuff.

“Neither should you.” I should be telling myself this.


“I mean, you shouldn’t give up and run away. You need to hurry up and get better, so you can get out of this damn hospital so you can be a hero.”

“I-I can be a hero too?”

“Yeah. As long as you give it all you got, then you can be a hero too. I’m sure of it kid.”

“Wow, I can be a hero just like you and All Might!” Sounds like he’s got his fighting spirit back. Just in time, my legs are cramping up.

“I see that nurse coming back this way, I’m gonna call her over here so she can finish you up alright? No more running away.”

“I promise. And when I’m done, I’ll take you to the dining Hall.”

“How the Hell did you know where I was going?”

“I could hear your stomach growling.”



 Your body slowly uncurled itself from its previous fetal position as you splayed onto your back. The harsh sunlight that shone through the large window, made it even more difficult to keep your eyes open for more than three seconds before closing them again.

“Was this bed always this spacious,” you mumbled to yourself. Your eyes reluctantly creaked opened, as you squinted with hazed vision to look at the clock hung on the wall across the room.

“It’s two in the afternoon already? Hey Katsuki it’s time to-“you said still groggy; before turning your head to the side, to find the space next you empty.

You lethargically glanced right towards the door then left towards the wall, before you shot up wide-eyed and in panic. You hurriedly slid off the side of the bed and dashed towards the bathroom, “Katsuki!” you called before flickering on the lights, to find that he wasn’t there.

You ran out the door going down both sides of the hallway, only to see patients either walking by attached to a rolling IV cart, or sitting on the chairs further down at the end. Sudden fear and anxiety rushed through your body. “Katsuki where did you go? Please tell me you’re okay,” you repeated to yourself.

Spotting a nurse before she could turn the corner, you quickly bounded. “Excuse me,” you panted as she turned around, “but have you seen a patient by the name of Katsuki Bakugou?”

She skimmed through her charts, “Do you mean the one that was recently admitted to the ICU?”

“Yes, that’s the one!”

“Ah, yes. I believe I saw him in the downstairs dining hall for lunch.”

“The dining hall?” You couldn’t help but wonder out loud, knowing the state that he was still in.

“Thank you so much!” You quickly thanked her before running down the steps.

 “Why didn’t he wake me up, how did he get there all by himself?” Reaching the bottom platform, you were met with relief when you saw him sitting down at a table in the middle. You took a moment to catch your breath before you made your way over.

“Katsuki, thank God you’re okay” his ears perked up as you wrapped your arms around him.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” Seriously, how could he be so nonchalant?

“You idiot! Do you know how worried I was! Why didn’t you wake me if you were hungry?”

“Really, you’re calling me the idiot? I tried waking your dumbass up five times but you kept going back to sleep. I wasn’t gonna let myself starve before you decided to wake up,” he scoffed while trying to stab his fork with a runaway pea.

 “For fuck sakes, why is this so difficult!” He cried out in frustration.

“Hey mister, are you sure you don’t want me to help you?” A small boy sitting across him offered.

“Why would I want help from a small-fry like you!”

“Because that’s the thirty-fifth time you’ve stabbed your plate without picking up any food. You’re starting to look pathetic mister,” the boy sighed before shaking his head and taking a bite of his own food.

“Pathetic-“you quickly clamped your hand over Bakugou’s mouth before he could yell out something that would scar this poor boy for life. Well that, and the fact that everyone else couldn’t stop staring at the three of you.

“Hi there little one, sorry about him. He usually has trouble controlling his temper,” you leaned down and smiled apologetically.

Bakugou grunted “What!” against your palm.

“Yeah, I figured that out earlier when he bumped into me.”

You pivoted your gaze to glare at Bakugou, “Did you bump into this poor boy Katsuki?” You moved your hand down just enough so he could speak.

“You bumped into me you pipsqueak! I ought to send your ass-“you snapped your hand back over his trap.

“Are you hurt anywhere?” You asked concerned.

“Nah, I’m okay. He’s kinda dumb to be wandering around by himself when he can’t see though.” You could tell Bakugou was five seconds away from blasting this child through the roof, when his face started to resemble the color of molten lava.

“He has the habit of trying to do everything by himself as if he’s an invincible Superman.” The expression on your face gloomed as your hand softened its hold against Bakugou’s mouth.

“Sometimes I wish he would share some of the burden with the ones around him you know?”

“You really care about this crazy mister don’t you lady?” The little boy looked at you with curious eyes.

“Yeah, I guess I really do huh?” You feathered a finger against your eye before a tear could run loose, your mood brightening with the innocent spirit of this child.

“It’s a shame that a hot tempered, good-for-nothing guy gets to be with a nice lady like you though.” You couldn’t help but let out an honest laugh as you ruffled his hair.

“You’re such a smart little boy!” The child smiled in satisfaction.

“Who you callin’ good-for-nothing you little runt! When I sav-” You shoveled a spoonful of peas into Bakugou’s mouth before he could continue his insult further. He chewed them as if they were the ones insulting him.

“Told ya’ you should’ve used a spoon.”


Chapter Text

“My name is Aito.”

“Ah, what a darling name for a darling child.” You spoke with a tender smile as you finished your meal, to the young boy who tried to help feed a stubborn Bakugou earlier. After only managing to feed himself a few successful bites before nearly spearing his fork into the back of your hand, you made a mental note to not leave the life of any utensil in the hands of Bakugou.

“What brings you to this hospital Aito?”

“I’ve actually been here for almost half a year. Turns out my body rejected yet another transplant.” He sighed as he pushed around an uneaten carrot on his plate.

“A transplant?”

“Yeah. It turns out I have a rare type of liver cancer that will spread throughout the rest of my body if I’m not able to get a new one soon. I’ve had three transplants but my body rejected all three. So here I am, back on the waiting list.” You couldn’t imagine an adult, nevertheless a child, having to bear through all that pain.

“Are you here all by yourself?” You looked around the dining hall and out the wide double doors that spanned the length of the hallway. You hoped that at least his parents or a family member would be at his side at a time like this.

“Yeah, I guess so. But my dad’s a hero, so his work keeps him really busy, and my mama’s got her hands full with her company.” No matter how much they had going on in their lives, didn’t they think that their ailing child needed them the most?

“Once, I fell from a tree when I was little and cried because I hurt my leg. They told me that I should stop being a spoiled brat and consider myself lucky that they even took in an, ‘unwanted thing’ like me. That I can’t expect someone else to save me all the time.

Sometime after that, they told me that my biological parents died when I was two.”

Your knuckles turned white from the boiling anger of his cruel and neglectful adoptive parents; all the while, your heart was plummeting into the depths of aching sadness.

“Turns out they died while trying to protect me when a villain started attacking the city.

But I know that someone, somewhere out there, will be a match for me and that I’ll get better soon. I’ll be a hero so no kid will ever have to be alone.” Aito smiled brightly.

Even with not knowing when and if his next transplant would be the one that saves him, he still hung onto a thread of hope, no matter how slim.

“Those folks that took you in have no right to call themselves parents, not even human if you ask me.” Bakugou interjected.

“If they really cared about you, they would’ve dropped everything to be here with you. They’re worse than scum.” You could see the corner of Aito’s lips drop in just the slightest, as his shoulders sunk. You scooted out of your seat to the one next to him.

“For once, what this guy’s saying is right. But don’t look so down, you’ve got us! We’ll be right by your side cheering you on!” You said animatedly with a wide grin, as you motioned your arms in a fighting spirit.

“Hey I’ll have you know that I’m always right.” Bakugou scoffed while pointing his thumb at his chest.

“Aito, come, you should be resting.” A nurse called out in a sing-song voice from the door.

“Well looks like I gotta go. But thanks a lot (Y/N) you’ve been a big help.” Aito gave you a big hug as you held him tight, kissing the top of his head before he hopped off of his chair. “Bye (Y/N), bye Ground Zero!” Aito happily waved as he held onto the nurse’s hand before disappearing from your sight.

“Bye,” you waved. You turned back around leaning with your arms folded onto the table. “Hey Katsuki, how did he know that you were Ground Zero?”

You could hear the murmurs of the patients that were left in the dining hall, looking at Bakugou and whispering, “Is that really Ground Zero?”

“It can’t be, Ground Zero is taller than that guy.”

“Beats me.”


“See, isn’t it nice to be out?” You looked up at the night sky and smiled.  You two decided to take an evening stroll on the quiet hospital grounds, with your arms looped together.

“A-achoo!” [Sniff] “Yeah, I guess so.” Bakugou replied while rubbing his nose.

“I told you, you should’ve worn a jacket. Your allergies always act up when the temperature suddenly changes.” You stopped to wrap your scarf around his neck and up towards his ears. It was the middle of Fall, with Winter fast approaching; the air made a bit nippy on a night like this.

“I’ll be fine, you worry too much.” Bakugou nestled his nose further deeper into your scarf, loving how the soft fabric was embedded with the scent of you.

“I can’t help it when I know how reckless you can get, it’s my job after all.” You locked arms with him once more, the sound of leaves crunching with every step.

“You make it sound like I can’t take care of myself,” he begged to differ.

“And who was the one always forgetting his notebook at my house, only after turning his own house upside down when we were still students? Or how you would forget to pack a new pair of training clothes and have to wear the same fly-swatting, sweat-soiled pair from the day before? Oh, and how you still keep putting your red clothes in with mine and keep turning them all pink? Or-“

“I get it! I get it! I can be forgetful alright?” He finally admitted.

“But I still love your reckless, forgetful ass.” You kissed his cheek while giggling to yourself.

“Yeah, yeah.” Sure it was nothing, when his ears were burning red; an unconscious habit he had when he was feeling embarrassed.

“Oh there’s a bench over there, let’s rest for a bit.” You led him to the grass enclosed space with a bench in the middle, a lamp fixated to the space next to it.

“Ahh, the sky is beautiful tonight!” Bakugou unwove his arm to wrap his arm around your shoulder so you could lean your head on him.

“Describe it to me.” You bit your tongue after realizing the fact and looked up with a content expression.

“Let’s see, there’s so many stars out tonight! The entire sky is littered with them! There’s the Northern Star, and oh there’s Orion!” You cheerfully pointed out, Bakugou’s growing smile hidden behind your scarf. He always thought you were cute when you got excited all by yourself.

“What else?” He relaxed further against the bench as he closed his eyes; trying to see the picture, you were painting just for him.

“There’s so many little ones twinkling all on their own, and the moon is so full and radiant tonight! I can see the Jade Rabbit is keeping Chang’e company tonight.”

“Chang’e? Who in the world is that?” Bakugou asked in a calm voice, honestly not knowing to whom you were referring to.

“You don’t remember the story that they used to tell us when we were kids?” You sighed somberly before continuing.

Legend has that Chang’e and her husband were once immortals, but were turned mortal for their bad behavior. They sought to retrieve their immortality through a magic pill. But Chang’e’s greed blinded her, and she ended up taking too much. She was punished and ended up floating up to the moon, where she would remain trapped there alone for the rest of time.

The Jade Rabbit is said to be one of her companions from her mortal life, and over time it was allowed to travel up to the moon and keep her company.” You finished feeling a bit depressed as you stared up at the cold sky.

“Sounds like if her ass didn’t get greedy, she wouldn’t be up there all alone with some damn rabbit.” Bakugou replied, breaking the silence as he leaned his head up towards the sky.

“They both behaved badly, and maybe she did worse things than that of her husband. However, she only got greedy because she wanted desperately to atone for her sins, while being by his side.” Your heart tinged in silence, knowing you related to this legend more than you would be able to admit to Bakugou.

“But look where that got them. Now they’re both separated from each other.” Bakugou sighed sounding deflated.

“I know, but I still believe that the rabbit that accompanied her in her mortal life, was part of her husband reincarnated from his immortal life; and that he’s the one that goes up to the moon to visit her.” You spoke determinedly as you returned to Bakugou’s embrace.

“Well, that’s some imagination you got there. It is just some legend after all (Y/N),” Bakugou reminded as he turned his head down towards you. “(Y/N)?”

“Yeah. I hope so…” You whispered the last three words in your heart.


Chapter Text

Their screams of agonized incineration pierced into your mind. The odor of putrid burning flesh, made it impossible to breathe without your insides wanting to come up your throat, and out through your mouth. No matter the number of heads you counted off each finger, every single ‘death’ was still so horrifyingly vivid. But when did it start leaving such a sweet, sweet, taste in your mouth? When did you start staring wide-eyed in anticipation and almost salivate, when you could see the light leave their eyes?

It was the day he, killed her. The same day she, killed him.


“I’m surprised that old bat’s healing ointment actually worked.” Bakugou lied on the bed with his arms-that just only a little while ago, were given the okay to not have to be bounded by bandages anymore-stretched out towards the ceiling. “My arms feel even better than they were before they got busted up.” He shot up sitting with his legs crossed, rolling his shoulders back and forth, while flexing his forearms back and forth. His hands alternated between an opened and closed fist, sparking up like crackling firewood.

You sat on the chair with your elbows propped up on the bed, with your face held in your hands. “She should think about selling that stuff and calling it something like, ‘Miracle Cream’ or ‘Wonderful Stuff,’ you said absentmindedly. Your face void of all emotion as you stared blankly into space. Bakugou paused before turning his head in your direction.

“Where did that lame ass crap come from?”

“Huh?” Your chin lifted out of your palms, while your mind floated back down to reality.

“Where’s your head at? You’ve been out of it since we got back from outside,” Bakugou pointed out.

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking, do you really believe that there’s a life waiting for us after we die? Do we all get an equal chance of being reincarnated?” You spoke with your chin now resting into the mattress, your arms lying flat on the bed on either side of your face.

“Uh, did you bang your big head on the way in?” Bakugou leaned forward, ‘accidentally’ jabbing his fingers into your ears, before arriving to their original destination at the top of your head. He immediately began messing up your hair as if a tornado had just blown through. Bakugou laughed heartily while holding onto his stomach; he was obviously enjoying himself.

“Hey! You big goof! Let’s see how you like it!” You leaped onto the bed and pounced onto him. You slid your fingers into his locks and ruffled his hair like there was no tomorrow. “Hah!” You sat on your butt, pleased with your masterpiece before you blinked. His hair freaking, ‘poofed’ back to normal!

“What the-that’s cheating!” You extended out an accusatory index finger.

There was no way that just happened!  Was his hair like one of those inflatable men that could bend in every back-breaking direction, but still come back looking like nothing ever happened?

That’s when you realized and stared in fear. It was now his turn... Bakugou growled before sitting onto his haunches with his arms leaned forward between his legs onto the bed, looking like a rabid rabbit about to strike.

“I’m gonna get you for that (Y/N)!” He howled.

You took no chances and jumped off this sinking bed of a ship, and ran for your life around the room.

“Ahhhh! No!!” You yelled in a happy-to-be-terrorized cry. Bakugou had no problem chasing after you at every turn. How was he keeping up so easily?

Before he had you cornered you cautioned, “Stay away Katsuki, I’m warning you!” You swung around a roll of paper towel aimlessly, his face following it without fail. (Kind of like how a dog follows a treat in your hand with its nose XD)

 “I got a weapon and I’m not afraid to use it!” You taunted.

“Hah! I’d like to see you try!” He grinned arrogantly.

“I’m warning you!” Your voice started to decline as he stalked you further against the cabinets.

“Do your worst, you coward!” You lunged forward, striking his shoulder.

“Oww! My arm!!” Bakugou wailed, gripping onto his upper arm while sinking onto the floor.

“Katsuki! Oh my God I’m so sorry! Are you okay?“ You dropped your ‘sword’ in alarm and kneeled in front of him.

“Ahh, my arm” he hissed.

“Where on your arm does it-“Bakugou reared his head up slowly before showing you his maniacal smile.

“Now I got you (Y/N),” he said through his teeth. Your eyes widened as he wasted no time jolting forward grabbing onto your waist, and hoisting you over his shoulder. You flailed your limbs against him; there was no breaking his iron hold.

“Ah, you extra! You lied Katsuki!” You laughed until you were tearing up, Bakugou making a  beeline for the bed.

“Who you calling an extra, you extra! Keep it up and I’ll make sure you don’t get any sleep tonight,” he playfully slapped his hand against your ass cheek. That put a screeching halt on your smart mouth. But you knew that although he could be gentle and loving in bed, that he could also be rough and passionate with you; something he clearly proved to be ‘skilled’ in after your countless, “let’s have angry sex so we can have make up sex” sessions.

Bakugou used his free hand to reach out in front of him, feeling for the familiar white sheets before tossing you onto the bed. Leaning forward, he wasted no time trapping your body between his arms and legs, as you cowered behind your hands. He came in closer and closer and flopped his entire weight onto you. Wrapping his limbs around you like a monkey to a banana, rolling you both over onto your sides.

“Now, stay put.” Bakugou pressed a kiss to your forehead as you ducked into his chest.

“You can be so cute sometimes.” You put emphasis on the, ‘cute’ as you softly laughed. A blush crept on his cheeks. Why did words have to fail him at a time like this?

“But you still didn’t answer my question.”

“What question?” You face-palmed yourself. You had to remind yourself that he could still be a very forgetful, exploding grandpa.

“The reincarnation thing,” you reminded.

“Oh that, I guess so. I saw a movie about how this woman died and the guy ended up meeting someone that looked a lot like her later on, and turns out she was reincarnated or something.”

“You know, they say that when people die, it’s only our physical body that really dies; that our souls are eternal and live on forever.”

“That’s some paranormal shit you’re spouting.” Those were some brave words for a man that you could feel goosebumps forming from his skin.

“I’m saying, what if we didn’t meet each other in our next lives?”

“Then looks like I’ll be haunting your ass until we do,” Bakugou said confidently.

“You sure you wouldn’t regret it?” He released one his arms to lift your chin up towards him. Even with his eyes wrapped behind those bandages, it was as if those scarlet eyes of his were staring into your eyes and deep into the very pits of your soul. Bakugou slowly pressed his soft lips against yours, as his arm under your inner side pulled you flush against him.

Bakugou pulled away only to bundle you back up tightly in his arms, with his face plunged against your collarbone. You could feel the edges of his lips spelling out every letter. “No matter how many times it takes, I’ll always find you” and he meant every word.


Chapter Text

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, followed by a “Wake up you two!” Rina blared from her special mechanical stool that allowed it to both elevate, and turn to hover right above the bed, between a sleeping nest of you and Bakugou.

“G-ahh!” You both exclaimed simultaneously, having been jerked from your deep and peaceful slumbers. Bakugou was a whole lot more subtle. His soul only nearly jumped out of his skin and flew out the window. You on the other hand, would have rolled off and face planted onto the hard tile floor, had it not been for your forehead head butting the metal guardrail.

The solid steel reverberating with a defined, “Dddunnnggg.”

“Owww.” You curled inward still half-awake, holding onto your throbbing forehead.

“What in the fuck was that for, you crazy bag!” Bakugou bellowed before quickly spinning his head towards your whimpering, and thrusting himself forward with his face in front of Rina’s.

“Who are you calling an old bag you hooligan! I ought to wash that squalid mouth of yours with every ounce of soap in this building!” Rina yelled, hitting Bakugou square in the head with her cane. Was she like Mary Poppins? Where did that cane suddenly come from?

“God damn it,” he muttered. Shielding himself before Rina could land another hit on him.

“Now, as much as I loved having the privilege of nursing the great Ground Zero, it’s time to get your butt out of here! My special cream healed your arms back to full if not beyond perfect health, thank you very much; and the skin around your eyes are left with minimal bruises and swelling, that will of course dissipate with time. You are hereby discharged as of today Bakugou.”

“Really? He’s in good condition to go home Rina?” You sat up with a hand rubbing your forehead.

“Yes, that is correct. But before you leave, take this with you.” Rina placed the “white cane” onto the bed.

“What is it?” Bakugou questioned.

“It’s a cane that’ll-“

“I don’t need a damn cane, my legs are just fine” Bakugou interrupted.

“It’s not for your legs. It’s a special cane that will help you know if there is anything obstructing your path before you walk into it,” Rina calmly informed.

“I’ll be fine.” Bakugou’s pride was too proud to be seen walking around with a cane meant for someone with disabled sight, for all the world to see.

“Right, says the guy who almost blew the head off a fire extinguisher because it ‘bumped’ into you and didn’t apologize.” You sucked in your lips, trying to stop yourself from bursting with laughter.

“Shut it. That thing had it coming,” Bakugou grumbled. You swore you saw Rina let out a small left when she covered her mouth with the back of her hand.

“It’ll become an extension of your arm, given that you use it often enough. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a patient that got hit with a quirk that turned him into a purple cat.” Rina descended from her stool.


“Yes dear,” she halted before opening the door.

“Thank you very much. For everything,” you moved off the bed to stand. You side-glanced and sighed, pushing Bakugou’s head down, so both of your heads were bowing with the utmost of gratitude.

Rina was there with you from the time Bakugou was first admitted into the emergency room and to where you were both now. Without her help and sincere effort, you thought countlessly that Bakugou would never wake again and that you would be coming out of this hospital alone.

She turned around with a gentle smile, as she closed the door.


After changing out of his hospital gown and back into his normal clothing, Bakugou followed the sound of your footsteps as you closed the door. You took a few steps forward down the hallway, when he froze.

“What’s wrong?” You turned around and asked worriedly.

He was back in his civilian clothes finally heading home, but why did he suddenly feel scared? He was only able to map out the places he’s been within the hospital grounds over and over again, in his mind; like his old patient room and the path to the dining Hall, where you held his hand along the way.

Everything else was foreign territory and hearing the voices of strangers within his surroundings all at once, overwhelmed him. Bakugou felt as if he was going to have an anxiety attack and pass out right then and there.

You walked back to stand right beside him. You stuck your elbow out and wove his arm through so he could hold onto the inner side of your forearm.

“Come on, let’s go home” you said reassuringly, feeling that his breathing instantly eased and his heartbeat returning to its normal pace.

The journey home was not an easy one. Outside the hospital doors, each and every person seemed to be rushing to be in a certain place at certain time. Sure, there were breaks in between where no else occupied the space on the narrow sidewalk, and you two were the only ones passing through. But it was when you got to the busier part of the city, where businesses were sandwiched side by side along the block.

There was barely any breathing room, which also meant Bakugou would have to use you to navigate through the tight crowds. Most people that bumped into him were just being careless, some apologized, but there were those few belligerent, “Hey, watch where you’re going! You blind or somethin’?!” Yelled a random stranger that was just being a complete ass.

“Who you callin’ blind! I’ll blow your damn face off!” Bakugou lost all composure and shot one hand out to grip the guy’s shirt while his other hand sparked alight.

“Hey, aren’t you Ground Zero? Yeah, you’re the guy that got into a fight with the villain with that telekinesis quirk at Deika City.” The man eyed Bakugou up and down with an arrogant smirk on his face. “You dropped your guard and that’s how he got you. You were all over the news when it happened. It said, ‘Ground Zero, Without his Sight: Are is Hero Days Over?’”

Bakugou’s grip tightened, “How can you be a hero when you can’t even see!” The random guy continued to run his mouth, as a crowd started to gather. People were murmuring to one another how they also saw the news articles, and had their doubts how Bakugou would we able to continue to protect them without his sight. Bakugou’s hand was now mere inches away from really blasting this guy’s face off.

You frantically ran to Bakugou, placing one hand on his shoulder leading to his activated quirk, and the other onto the hand holding onto the guy’s shirt. “Katsuki stop this, everyone is watching,” you desperately pleaded.

“Who cares! I’ll turn this bastard to dust!” Bakugou’s rage blinded his clear sense of judgement. His face was red and the veins in his neck and temples threatenws to burst.

“I care! What do you think people will think when they see that the hero Ground Zero, killed an innocent civilian!” Your hands held onto him in a vice grip, as you tried with all your might to pull him away. Why did he have to be so damn strong?

“Yeah, why don’t you listen to your little girlfriend and go home?” Why couldn’t this guy just shut up? Bakugou growled, his teeth gnashing together.

“Katsuki, please, don’t do this!” You begged, knowing you weren’t going to out win Bakugou with brute strength alone.

“Let go of me (Y/N).” You pressed yourself against his back and wrapped your arms around his waist, as you closed your eyes.

“I’ll do it, so please, let’s just go home.”


Chapter Text

“Awaken… my demon black fire.” You whispered grievously with your face turned downwards; the crown of your head leaning in between against Bakugou’s shoulder blades.

A frigid sensation traveled down Bakugou’s spine. Every strand of hair on his body stood on end, his blood quickly running cold.

The hand that was before trembling in boiling rage, stilled. His tight grip onto the bastard’s shirt seemed to loosen just a bit.

Bakugou has heard these words before; he’s seen what comes after.


It gorged on every inch of live flesh, devouring them all like a starved beast.

The thirst for blood was like no other.

Its ravenous appetite remained insatiable no matter the number of immolations.


She remained unconscious on the ground, her body curling into itself like an unborn infant still within the confines of a mother’s womb.

Within an endless vantablack chasm, she reached a hand out.

The particles of darkness felt almost otherworldly.

She was brimming with absolute fright and despair, as her quirk filled all of her senses.

This power, was no longer yours to control.


Your eyes closed, shedding stray drops of tears onto the pavement like falling rain. An utterly chilling force of wind bursting outwards from your being, soon as those dreadful words left your mouth; the smell of death becoming so densely pungent in the air.

“W-what is this?” The man on the other end of Bakugou’s hold, stammered with raw fear and panic in his eyes.

“Where is this awful stench coming from!” Scattered men and women within the group of bystanders exclaimed, covering their mouths and noses. Skirt hems flapped fluidly with the wind currents. Some held onto the brim of their hats before they were blown away to parts unknown.

 “Look! What happened to the sky? Wasn’t it fine just a minute ago?” A man in the crowd pointed upwards, leading the eyes of everyone else to look skywards to the brewing storm above.

The once still clouds of white, conjoined with another to mold into a darkly grey, as the pale blue heavens transformed into a grim thunderous overcast.

A cyclone of pitch-black flames coursed like blazing smoke dragons, down the length of your arms.

“P-please! I don’t wanna die!” Screamed the man that only a mere five minutes ago, acted a complete fool of himself. Beads of cold sweat rolled down his forehead, his face writhing in complete horror.

His limbs flailed in a desperate struggle, the tips of your flames just a lick away.

“Stop (Y/N). That’s enough,” Bakugou spoke in a broken sounding voice.

He deactivated his quirk, reaching onto his shoulder to place his hand on top of yours, holding onto it tightly. Bakugou released his hold on the man along with his anger, both falling like dead weight.

“Be grateful you fucking bastard. Next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

Bakugou turned around and pulled you hard by the shoulders deeply against his chest. His arms wrapped around you tightly as his hand reached up to the back of your head, pressing your face against his shoulder. Your flames were still alight, burning Bakugou as he held onto you.

“I couldn’t control my damn temper and did this to you. I’m sorry alright? I know I can be an idiot. But I’m your idiot remember? I fucking love you (Y/N), so please wake up already.”

You could hear his warm and heavy pleading voice. It was the light at the end of this Hell. You ran towards it fiercely, your flames extinguishing.

You blacked-out and fell limp in Bakugou’s arms. He caught you and slid you onto his back, turning away to head towards the train station.

“Hah, she’s not so powerful after all!” Did this idiot seriously not just learn anything?

“Hey you dumbass. Had I left her to it, she would’ve not only torn every one of your limbs apart, but would’ve used them as a fuse and make your decapitated head watch as you’re burned alive.”

The idiot of a man’s jaw fell to the ground, you could’ve sworn you heard the sound of someone hurling.


Chapter Text

(Y/N)/Your POV

Every time my childhood memories find space to push their way back up to the surface, their adorning smiles and the sound of their loving laughter, remain the most vivid.

Back then, in that one moment alone, it was like I could feel unspent years’ worth of their unconditional burning love for me, rapidly surging through every cell in my body.

So why couldn’t I move?

But my precious time with them was cut short, so short that I almost felt cheated; and it was all his fault.



He was a blacklist villain doing most of his dirty work underground. He had gathered quite the following of criminals who wanted nothing more than to wreak senseless havoc, and flee after they had their fill. He was easily flying under their radar, successfully going undetected by the police for what seemed to be random periods of time. He would wait until he figured the next time to strike would be the most opportune, and that opportunity would come tonight.


The city was in complete chaos. It was hero versus hero, in a free-for-all fight to the death. Anyone that came within his field of vision, that he deemed a threat, were turned into nothing more than puppets with the sole mission to kill. The ones he considered weak were immediately immobilized and tossed to the ground, or taken out by another one his cold-blooded “followers”.

One look into his tyrian purple eyes with irises that swirled into a amaranthine vortex, turned lovers bound for an eternity into sworn enemies.

Those two were both within the top six of the list of pro heroes. They would constantly prove time and time again, that villains would be brought to justice no matter how dire the circumstance. Most importantly, they were your parents.

“Mommy… daddy…” Your two year-old self, bawled uncontrollably as the scene unfolded in front of you. Your parents landed countless fatal blows to their significant other. Each one was met with a sickening sound of bones breaking and organs being damaged far beyond repair. There was blood, everywhere.

Each time one would fall to the ground, their bodies would be yanked back up by their chests, with their heads and limbs dangling downward void of all life. It was as if clear-wired strings were attached to parts of their bodies like a marionette, with someone to pull those strings. But this was no innocent child’s imagination at work, this was reality.

And he was, The Puppet Master.

His quirk allowed those that looked into his activated eyes, to be deathly hypnotized. This cruel ability, allowed him to gain control of your soul’s very essence and manipulate it to his benefit. The other part of his power also allowed him to extract the soul of a human, which he found true pride in as he displayed each soul proudly in a glass bottle within a secret wooden cabinet. Sometimes he thought that if he held one close enough to his ear, he could hear the soul crying out in in anguish, which delighted him to no end.

You covered your ears hoping to deafen the sound of this sick lunatic’s resonating laughter.

“I did it! Every single one of you heroes are now under my control! Oh my, how the great have fallen!” He continued to indulge in his bloody victory, with numerous mangled corpses of pro heroes piled up in every corner, their beings finally put to rest. His band of criminals tag-teamed the remainder of “possessed” pro heroes, calling them “stragglers”; hoping to get this over with and call it night.

The city of Tokyo was crumbling and you were there to witness it fall.

The villain dug his soiled boot into the temple of your father, as he lay there unable to retrieve his soul from the claws of the devil himself. The puppeteer seemed to almost tear up in joy as he relished in stomping on the spine of your mother’s back, over and over, and, over and over again.

“Stop it, please stop it… Stop hurting my mommy and daddy!” You wailed aloud. Your heart couldn’t take any more. It felt like your brain was being pulled apart as the rest of you was being torn and pulverized to mush.

This interrupted the villain’s foot mid-air from continuing their torture, his demeanor transforming into that of an even darker persona.

“Your dear mommy and daddy broke a long time ago. Boo-hoo, and here I was just starting to have some real fun. Don’t worry little girl, I’ll play with you next.” His dark purple eyes seemed almost black as he stared straight at you. It was like you could feel his sinister tongue slithering right next to your ear, his darkly breath instilling you with fear.



You froze. Your parents’ last bit of their willpower emerged faintly as they lay in front of one another, their wounded faces looking at you for the last time.

“…” Were their final words they desperately mouthed, in a perfect harmonized breath, a single tear leaving each of their eyes.

“Ah, bravo.” The villain clapped, “Just what I’d expect from top heroes like yourselves. And now for the final bow.” He tilted his head down, a hand behind his back as the other one fluttered insincerely in circular motions, with his legs acting out a curtsey.

“I can’t let such fine specimen wander off never to be seen again. It’d be such a waste.” He spoke in a dramatic monologue, pulling out two slender glass bottles from his pocket. “Allow me to treasure your souls for all of eternity.” Your mouth ran dry; you couldn’t breathe as he motioned his fingers upwards, “Now come to me.”

A glowing white almost blinding light of a willowy cloud, with the movement of condensed smoke leaked out of their mouths. The tail end seemed to enlarge as the rest floated into the bottle; he was siphoning their souls while they were still alive.

“No, no, stop it! Stop it! You’re killing them!” You screamed to stoned ears, clenching your chest in excruciating torture as you watched. You could hear the wisping of their life forces, the sound of them suffocating and gasping for any bit of air. You were cemented in place, too stricken with pure fear to even think about moving.

The last bit of their souls were extracted, and sealed into the bottle along with the light in their eyes.

He held each bottle between his thumb and forefinger, holding them up to the only source of light being the fire engulfing the landscape behind him.

 “You two will be fine additions to my collection” he admired before tucking them safely back into his pocket.

“Now that I’m done playing house, I am a man of my word. I’m sure your soul will be just if not more magnificent than mommy and daddy’s here.” He turned his head and grinned with a shrewd smile that stretched up the length of his cheeks up to his horridly cold eyes. With each planned step, the space between you two grew smaller and smaller. The fire behind him seemed to only grow larger.

Your heart pounded relentlessly against your chest, you could hear the blood pulsing in your ears. You watched him kill your parents twice, just how many deaths would you be forced to see in one night? When would this nightmare end?

“Don’t look so frightened little kitten, I’ll make this as painless as possible.” He stared you down with a pair of psychotic, and terrorizing endless pits.  You crawled backwards on your hands against the gravel of the road.

“Stay back! Get away!” You blubbered with what little courage you could muster. However, that quickly left your body faster than it entered when your back hit a wall. There was nowhere left to run. 

“Uh-oh, looks like you’re out of luck,” he pointed with a gloved finger to the wall behind you with feigned pity. You cowered with your face buried into your knees.

“See now this won’t work, unless you’re looking at me!” He pulled you by the top of your hair, forcing you to face him, but you refused to open your eyes and kept them tightly shut.

Your face was stained with tears, fresh ones quickly taking their place. Your body continued to shudder as you bit harshly on your bottom lip, cries escaping the sides of your mouth.

The faces of your parents were imprinted in one memory after another. Each image and emotion seemed to appear and fade all at once. Their deaths were burned into the inside of your eyelids, each frame playing in slow motion and freezing; forcing you to live through it repeatedly.

“Run…run…run…run honey…you have to run!” Their words continued to blare in your head. But the desperate feeling in your heart of, “I don’t wanna die” were all you could hang on to and put into words with sound.

“Huh? You have to speak up, I can’t hear you.” His voice crawled into your ears and prodded at your pleading thoughts.

“I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna die.” You could feel the cold steel of a knife he now held to your throat.

“As long as I get those darling little eyes to open before I cut your head off, your soul will still be within my grasp.” He continued on, enticing you to sneak just a little peek from under the hoods of your eyes. The blade pressed deeper, threatening to slice through your skin. [Sigh] “I really hoped it didn’t have to end this way.”

“I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna die!”

The concaving emptiness and incomprehensible pain of losing your parents, and the pure want of not wanting to die at the hands of this vile man, filled and overflowed your entirety. Black fire spurted out from every inch of your body, the Puppet Master losing his hold on you, as his arms were lit ablaze. It quickly traveled up his arms, up to his chest and the sides of his neck.

He screamed in agony, as your flames burned through the layers of his skin and were now searing through  his muscle fibers.

“What power is this!” He gasped, his eyes widening in both unquenchable fascination and inhumane pain.

You curled up into a ball, crying in much devastation and misery.

She was brimming with absolute fright and despair, as her quirk filled all of her senses.

The flames continued to engulf your surroundings; including the already dead mixture of hero and villain bodies and whatever else, they could get their hands on.

The tips of each flaring fire, took on the face of ghoulish skulls, almost as if each slaughtered soul were groaning in unfair death.

The particles of darkness felt almost otherworldly.

Within this darkness, you reached your hand out towards the calling voice.

“In time, we will meet again.”

After that, you don’t remember how you passed out or when your flames were put out.

She remained unconscious on the ground, her body curling into itself like an unborn infant still within the confines of a mother’s womb.


All you knew for now, was that rain would continue to fall.



Chapter Text

After you fainted, Bakugou now stood in the middle of the sidewalk with you on his back and no idea of how to get to the train station. It was a piece of a cake when he was able to actually see and read the signs for directions but now with zero vision, this was like being in a game of Jumanji. He turned in every which direction trying to listen for a discerning sound, but to no avail.

He turned right and took five steps forward off the sidewalk when a car zoomed by, causing him to jump backwards. “Fuck, I almost threw myself into traffic like some damn extra.”

Next, he tried resetting and walking forward when he could hear the sound of the crosswalk button pulsating. Bakugou was about to step onto the crosswalk when he heard a loud, “Woof! Woof woof!” on the other side of him.

“Aaghh what the fuck!” Bakugou lunged back when he could feel its presence coming closer.

“Woof! Woo-“ [Sniff] [Sniff] [Sniff] “Hey, I know you! Aren’t you that explosion kid that lives next to us?”

*(Pets within this era are able to communicate in human language telepathically.)*

“Huh? Who the Hell, oh wait-you’re that squirrel loving dog that lives with that old gramps.”

The dog’s eyes narrowed when Bakugou spewed out nonsensical names that he thought belonged to the talking dog.

“Ma-maraca? Magnet? Ma-microwave! No, that’s not it.” The dog pawed itself in its face, at this unbelievable human. How could anyone forgot the name of this adorable dog?

“Macaroni? Matchbox!” Bakugou pounded his hand on top of his other palm like a gavel. “I got it! It’s Magneto!” He scoffed and reveled in his never ceasing intelligence.

“Wrong! It’s Mahiro you frustrating human!” Mahiro was three seconds away from Magneto-ing the yellow fire hydrant into Bakugou’s ass. Mahiro was not your average dog.

“Oh, I knew that.” No, he most certainly did not.

Mahiro sighed before realizing a familiar head of hazelnut colored hair, with long lush locks and a sweet scent coming from Bakugou’s back. He went to Bakugou’s side to continue sniffing your arm, before a passing breeze swept the hair out of your face.

“Hey, isn’t that (Y/N)? Hey (Y/N), it’s me Mahiro!” The happy Mahiro pranced next to you, nudging his nose against your leg.

“She can’t hear you. She passed out a while ago.” Bakugou let out a low breath before repositioning your slumping body.

“Just tell me how to get to the train station.”

“Why? You get on the same one every-“ Mahiro paused before walking back in front of Bakugou and realizing his eyes were wrapped up. Bakugou didn’t have to explain himself further when Mahiro could sense something off about the boy, or more yet that something was missing completely.

Bakugou probably didn’t catch the concerned whine Mahiro let out when he saw the numerous burns on Bakugou. The man was too focused on getting you home.

“What the-“ Mahiro bit onto Bakugou’s sleeve, trying to drag him towards the direction he wanted Bakugou to follow.

“You said, to take you and (Y/N) home” Mahiro communicated in a gruff voice between each word.

“Can’t you just explain it to me along the way, instead of dragging my arm?”

“Oh, right.” Mahiro released Bakugou’s sleeve before telling him it was now okay to cross. He admitted that Bakugou sometimes scratched his fur the wrong way but was nice enough to warn the boy before he crashed into someone or something. The brilliant dog stuck close to Bakugou and led the way with caution.


Mahiro ended up sleeping under your seats, afraid to leave you alone with Sparky for the rest of the way.

Your head was leaned against Bakugou’s shoulder as the train clicked and clanked along the tracks.

A bright golden yellow melted into a rich orange glow, as it shined through the windows of the train and casting everything with its rays, the sun gradually setting behind you two.

Mahiro made sure to nudge Bakugou’s foot, when the familiar neighborhood station came into his sight, signaling that all of you were at the right stop. He continued down the road, when Mahiro could smell the delicious wafting aroma of his owner cooking steak for dinner.

“Okay Bakugou, you’re home.” Mahiro let out a breath of tired relief.

Bakugou reached into his pocket for the keys and fumbled trying to get the right one in the key hole.

“You’re helpless you know that.” Mahiro snuffed, using the bridge of his nose to level Bakugou’s hand when he finally held out the right key. The lock finally clicked open and Mahiro squeezed through first into the dark home. He was tall enough on his hind legs to flip on the light switches on his own, and guided Bakugou into the bedroom you both shared.

Bakugou laid you down carefully. With the assistance of the lovely retriever, Mahiro came up the side of the bed to move the pillow under your head and covering you with a blanket using his teeth.

“Mahiro! Where are you boy? Dinner’s ready!” Mahiro’s owner whistled from the patio of his home.

Mahiro’s ears perked up immediately when he woofed to let his owner that he was close by.

“Looks like my work here is done,” Mahiro turned to trot out the door.

“Thank you,” Bakugou suddenly spoke.

“Do my ears deceive me? I don’t think I heard you right.” Mahiro looked at Bakugou in astonishment.

“I know you heard me! Don’t make me say it again you damn dog!” Bakugou roared mightily.

“Pfft. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.” Mahiro mocked in honesty, dashing out the house before Bakugou could catch him.

“Ahh damn it, I’m beat.” Bakugou felt mentally drained and too physically worn out to worry about his injuries. He flopped his back onto the bed before succumbing to a deep sleep.


You awoke to sound of Bakugou snoring next to you, groaning as your stiff body sat itself up. You rubbed your half-lidded eyes, yawning with your arms stretching above your head. They slumped back down when you looked around your environment.

[Yawn] “When did we get back home?” Sleepy tears clouded your vision for a moment before you blinked them back into focus.

All you could remember was Bakugou arguing with some random stranger when you used your quirk, and then everything turned black.

You looked down at Bakugou, your eyes dilating in alarm when you saw him covered in burns all over his upper torso and his clothing singed in patches. This has happened more than a dozen times, so when you followed the pattern of scorches, you knew immediately that this was your doing.

“I promised to never do this to you again. How could I be so weak!” You internally scolded yourself. Your heart swirled with sadness, pain, anger, frustration and failure.

You held both of your arms out, palms facing down over Bakugou. You closed your eyes and concentrated on calming your heart. Your quirk was controlled by your emotions, the more destructive part feeding off the darkness inside of you. But if you were able to quiet the raging storm, your fire could be used to heal.

In all the times that you’ve tried, your healing powers would never be on the same par with Recovery Girl’s and Rina’s regenerative ones. You were only able to heal just the bare surface of the skin, but nothing miraculous like giving Bakugou’s sight back or bringing back someone from the dead.

Your eyes opened, a gentle flickering white fire exhaled from your hands. You moved over each burn, watching as the flames slowly reconstructed the burned skin and erasing any scars.

Bakugou stirred in his sleep when you finished the last of his burns on his face. You were drained of all your energy, a veil of sweat covering your forehead, as your flames faded away. His hand moved upwards to enclose your hand that rested on his chest.

“I knew it was you,” he said affectionately, his voice still dragging from just waking up.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you love.” You replied softly, laying your chest on top of his, your face against his beating heart.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore so stop your worrying.”

“I’m so sor-“

“Stop apologizing, I know you didn’t do it on purpose.” Bakugou’s arms snaked around your back.


“No more buts!” He held you against him securely before suddenly sitting up and standing onto his feet. You yelped in surprise and quickly wrapped yourself around Bakugou’s body in a bear hug.

“I’ve had enough sponge baths, I feel fucking gross. I need a real bath before I lose my damn mind.” His body moved before you could say anything. He knew the path to the bathroom like the back of his hand. Especially with all the steamy encounters, you two had with each other before, during and after a shower. Which was of course led to you two having a couple rounds, while still sopping wet on the bed.

Your nose wrinkled when you could also smell yourself. “You’re right, we do stink.”


Chapter Text

A hot shower was exactly what the two of you needed. The streaming flow of water trickled down your bodies, providing a much-needed relief. It’s not that you didn’t keep up with hygiene while Bakugou was hospitalized, but there was only so much satisfaction you could feel from smelling almost too sterile, with the use of antibacterial soap all the time.

You were more than grateful when the apartment that you two chose to move in together to, came with a tub that was deep/big enough for the both of you to soak in at the same time. Bakugou on the other hand, was a bit too eager to test it out before you even moved into the place.


Bakugou sat with his back leaned against the white porcelain end of the tub, your legs on either side of his shoulders. Your body seated on the edge connected to the wall behind him. You enjoyed the familiar peace and quiet you felt as you rubbed Bakugou’s scalp in soothing circles with your fingers, the shampoo foaming with each movement. He let out a relaxing hum when you finished with his hair and moved to massage the tight muscles of his shoulders.

“Damn that feels good,” he sighed as the knots slowly loosened, letting his head recline against your stomach. Bakugou let his bare eyes flicker open to look right into yours. His hand reached for your face, your hand pressing his palm against your jaw as you planted a kiss to the inside of his hand.

“What I would give to see your face again,” he whispered in a soft throaty voice. You couldn’t help but feel dejected, unable to grant his desperate wish. You were at a loss for words.

Your eyes followed the movement of his pupils left to right, staring into his glazed eyes. His once vivid scarlet irises now faded to just barely a blush of red.


“Get over here it’s your turn," he said, breaking the heavy silence. You stood up and carefully slid past him, sitting between his legs with your back facing him.

Bakugou dunked his hand into the water to retrieve the sudsy loofah. He used one hand to feel for the areas of your back, while the other gently scrubbed the tender skin. The loofah gradually traveled to the front of your body, moving in half-moon circles from your ribs to the center of your chest. His free hand slid to the front of your waist to pull you flat against him. The temperature of his body felt burning hot compared to yours, especially when it was pressed up so snugly.

The mesh material seemed to move closer to your breast, just barely grazing your sensitive nipple, sending sudden shivers throughout your body. The large hand that held your waist snaked upwards to cup the underside of your other breast, giving it a firm squeeze. You mewled when he decided to add a couple fingers to rub its now perked nipple.

“Katsuki,” you breathed. The loofah now moving to rub slow circles around the nipple that just moments ago was being teased with its soft fibers. His other hand slid down your abdomen to stroke the side of your thigh.

Bakugou’s lips found themselves pressed to your shoulder, placing soft kisses to the base of your neck and up under your lobe. Your hand held onto the top of his head, when his plush lips dove to suckle on the skin of your collarbone. Your neck reflexively craning outward while you moaned into his ear.

Your tensed legs slackened to the feeling of his hand directing its attention to your inner thigh. “Mmmh,” his hard on now firmly felt on your lower back.

“Why don’t you open those legs for me baby?” You couldn’t help but oblige to his sultry-dripping request when his hand slipped between the opening of your legs, thumbing your throbbing clit.

“Fuck, Katsuki-” He let the loofah plunge back into the depths of the bubble filled water, liking his deft fingers better at tweaking your nipples. His thumb pushed with a firmer pressure, his forefinger flicking the sensitive tip of your clit mercilessly.

The bridge of your back arched off and forward. It wasn’t long before your body quivered. The bunched up nerves of your most sensitive part, were pushed flying over the edge, your torso bucking forward.

“Mmm, that was good” you grinned with half-lidded eyes. “But I want something more,” you turned around, your warm breath and lips ghosting the shell of Bakugou’s ear.

“Then why don’t you shut up and come sit that sexy ass on top of me.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” You sat on your knees, hovering above his lap, his cock twitching between your ass cheeks. You knew you sealed your fate when you moved to rub his cock along your folds.

“You’re such a fucking tease.” Bakugou groaned between your hungry lips, his fingertips grazing up and down the sides of your breasts and waist.

“Ooops.” You feigned, smiling against his lips. You wrapped your fingers around the shaft of his cock and started pumping. You would never tire of watching his cocky expression unravel immediately to writhing in pleasure.

“Fuck (Y/N).” Bakugou moaned when you sped up your pace, making sure your fingers attended to the head of his cock, thumbing your finger over the slit. You decided to play nice when you didn’t give him any warning and started slowly lowering your womanhood onto his hard cock, your hand sliding down the underside to his balls.

“Fucking Hell!”

Both of you were deprived of being intimate with one another for what felt like too damn long. Bakugou’s already impressive member felt thicker than usual when he entered into you.

“You’re so damn tight.” Bakugou gritted between his teeth, his mouth parting open when he was completely inside. You exhaled the breath you held in.

You clung onto his shoulders for leverage as you slowly moved. All your vaginal ridges seemed to conform perfectly to Bakugou’s cock, his hands firmly holding onto the sides of your waist, guiding you up and down his length.

Your caverns adjusted and stretched with every thrust of his cock that you willingly impaled deep inside of you. Your hips moved on their own, riding him a bit quicker than the last.

“Fuck, your pussy feels so fucking good wrapped around my cock.” Bakugou thrusted to meet your every bounce.

“Mmm, fuck me just like that. Don’t stop baby.” You encouraged, not wanting to feel him not inside of you. His hands came down to grip each ass cheek, spreading them farther apart. It took every ounce of him to not fuck your womb the moment he felt you against his cock. The aforementioned words you spoke, only made it easier for him to lose all control.

He held you in place, reaffirming himself that being a good boy was no fun and slammed himself in and out of your hole with a purpose to indulge in every single part of you.

“Ahhh! Fuck!!” He was hitting your sweet spot with so much force, fucking you so deep. The bath water sloshed with vigor, splashing out of the tub.

Bakugou didn’t give you time to breathe, ravaging your lips without a second thought. Your sweet mouth was already hung open, eliciting such beautiful sounds, which provided his hungry tongue easy access to entangle with yours.

 Bakugou grunted, when your chest arched forward, your hard nipples grazing his pectorals in such a wanting manner. His hips pistoned your walls with beastly speed.

“Fuck, I’m close!” Bakugou howled, his thrusts becoming irregular.

“Mmm, harder! Ahh, right there, right there!” You whined as your core burned with a coiling tension that was about to burst open, his cock smashing against your cervix relentlessly. Your walls tightened around him, as your heartbeats raced.

 You both cried out in complete pleasure as he thrusted into you for the last time, releasing inside of you. Your lower body bucked harshly against him, a guttural moan escaping your lips. Your body tremored in his arms that embraced you flush against him, as you rode out your orgasm.

Both of you remained in that position for just a moment longer, the heavy panting that echoed through the space, receding into steady breathes.


“You know it’s gonna be a pain to get all your cum out of me right?” You reminded, as the both of you lay cuddling underneath the covers.

“What’s so bad about leaving it in there?” Bakugou replied lazily, with his other arm resting under his head.

“Seriously? What if I got pregnant? Those after morning pills aren’t cheap you know.” You pushed your upper body off of his to face him.

“You make it sound like it’s a bad thing. I like the idea of a little me running around.” The corner of Bakugou’s lips tugging upwards, his expression softening.

It wasn’t a foreign topic to the both of you, but it was the first time he admitted it in such a way sounding like he seriously meant it.

“But what if it’s a girl?” You couldn’t help but smile, laying back onto chest.

“Then, no extra is getting close to her. I say no dating until she’s 30.”

“Who knew you could be so protective?” You replied sounding a little too wowed.

“Care to get an early taste?” He initiated.

You dragged a finger down your shorts, sticking a finger inside to pull out some of Bakugou’s warm cum that was still inside of you and bringing it up to your mouth to suck it off.

“Mmm, you do taste good.” You deliberately finished with a delicious wet pop.

And with that, the word “sleep” would cease to exist for the night and into the early hours of the next day.


Chapter Text

It was nearing six o’clock in the evening of the next day when you awoke. Your body felt like a block of lead. Bakugou really did make up for the lack of sex for the time he was out of commission and then some.  

With it being the last week of Fall before the Winter season began, the skies outside your bedroom window were already colored a dark blue.

Bakugou lay next to you with his arm draped over your waist, his scratchy snoring loud enough to make you think there was a jackhammer drilling into all four walls. You held back a laugh when you pinched his nose and he flopped around like a pufferfish out of water. He muttered, “I’ll blow your ass up like the puffing balloon you are, you damn round fish.” You found a wave of normalcy wash over you in being able to see every change in his facial expressions up close.

Bakugou’s naturally spikey hair was always softer when it was freshly washed and without product. Your fingers feathered through his ash blond hair as he slept, a small smile on your lips. You didn’t believe in a God, but if there really was one, you thanked him for answering your desperate prayer of bringing Bakugou back to you.

Without warning your peaceful lives were turned upside down and shaken for everything it was worth. These series of events too much like a villain’s grocery list:

-The villain attack on Deika City, which led to a critically injured Bakugou-check.

-Going into emergency surgery whole, but coming out without his sight-check.

-Being in denial but given no choice but to accept the fact that Bakugou will never see again-check.

-You two having a few moments of peace but he almost killed someone soon after being discharged-check.

-And finally, returning to the home that held the love you had for each other in every crevice-double check.

You carefully lifted Bakugou’s arm and placed it onto the sheets, tiptoeing to the bathroom to relieve yourself. It wasn’t the first time you two had unprotected sex with Bakugou releasing himself inside of you, you thought popping a “morning after” pill into your mouth as you freshened up.

It felt like months since the two of you have been home together. Everything looked just like you left it, when you received that heart-dropping call.

You lit a lavender candle placed on the coffee table in front of the sofa, its warm and glowing aura filling the stale room. A hot cup of coffee steamed with your hands cupped around its base. You leaned against the wall with the calming fragrance filling your nose, as you sat in the nook of a wooden bench that protruded from the wall right under the window.

The wind howled with the pouring rain drumming against your windowpane, and trickling down the cold glass. You were lost in deep thought when a large and moist tongue lapped at your bare toes.

“Hey there Mahiro, how are you good boy? You’re so handsome, yes you are!” You put down your cup and cooed sweetly to the two-year-old large golden retriever, ruffling its dark copper and gold fur. Bakugou had no choice but to give in when you practically begged him to put in a doggy door for the beloved canine. Mahiro panted happily, as you scratched the area between his cheeks and ears with the underside of your fingers.

 “(Y/N) you’ve been gone for so long!” You laughed when he wagged his tail excitedly and rolled over. You joined him on the floor to rub his fluffy tummy. “You always know the right spots! Ah, that’s the stuff, right there.”

“What’s all this talk about having fun without me?” Bakugou let out a yawn, lethargically appearing from the master bedroom. His shoulder leaned with his weight against the wall, his arms crossed over.

“Aww, I could never forget you!” You jumped onto your feet, pecking Bakugou’s lips as you wrapped your arms around his waist, and nuzzling your face under his crossed arms onto his broad chest. “You’re my favorite,” you murmured.

“I better be,” Bakugou retorted, unfolding his arms to wrap you in an insulated embrace. Of course Bakugou the child, chalked this up as a win and stuck his tongue out at the poor dog. Mahiro let out a low growl, moving to squeeze himself between the two of you.

“Aww, is somebody hungry?” You looked down to an adorable puppy-eyed Mahiro as he let out a small whimper.

“Tch cheater,” Bakugou muttered.

“What shall we have for dinner tonight boys?” You asked while knelt down to stroke Mahiro’s soft fur from his head along his back.



Both Bakugou and Mahiro barked, eyeing each other with fierce glares. You swore you saw lightning zapping between the two Alphas.

“Okay… how about spicy pork ramen for the adults” you emphasized the word, “adult” while glancing at Bakugou, “and some yummy grilled pork for the handsome Mahiro?” You asked before Mahiro licked your face repeatedly in agreement.

“Fine, but I want extra pork in mine!” Bakugou exclaimed.

“Alright, now you two boys play nice while I run to the grocery store.” You stood, ruffling Bakugou’s hair and scratching the top of Mahiro’s head.

“I mean it,” you grabbed your wallet before looking back to close the door.

“Yeah yeah, I’m not some damn dog.”

“Sure thing, human boy.”


The bell of the glass doors chimed as you exited the store with a bag in each hand, filled with everything you would need for tonight’s meal, including a few treats for Mahiro.

“My, my, it’s been a long time (Y/N)” an eerie voice called from the shadows.



Chapter Text

 “You-how did you find me?” Your eyes widened, stricken with panic.

The blood in your body ran cold with an overwhelming feeling of dread, as the two plastic bags slacked from your grasp and plunged to the asphalt below.

“Oh you could never escape me my little kitten. It was fate that brought us together on that night,” he chuckled darkly. He stepped out of the shrouding darkness and under the orange glow of a streetlamp. His swirling dark purple eyes sucked out every ounce of your energy the moment they met yours.

“You’re supposed to be dead. My flames… I made sure that no part of you was left untouched. There’s no way you could’ve survived that.” You accused in a fearful voice, not believing that this man was powerful enough to cheat death himself.

“Guess how I did it? Come on! Just take a tiny guess,” the man taunted. He awaited for your answer bending forward at the hip, arms folded behind his back with a sadistic smile.

“You-you’re not human…” You stuttered, one of your legs taking a wobbly step backwards.

“Aww so close!” The man dramatically declared, squinting his eye between his thumb and index finger.

“I would’ve been turned to dust, had that been my real body. You see, my good friend Twice made a clone of me for that night’s festivities. I couldn’t have possibly risked the chance of my real body getting hurt out there. Had I died, who would keep my precious collection company hmm?” He stroked your cheek, with a black leather glove cloaked in feigned sincerity.

“I told you didn’t I?  When you ‘ran away,’ I warned you that one day I’d be back to reclaim what I lost that night.”

You stumbled to the ground, your head aching in excruciating pain as the unwillingly lost memories rushed back to you.


It was the day after the attack on Tokyo. Every news station broadcasted the same story:

“A surviving eyewitness of last night’s attack was able to identify the villain that wreaked absolute havoc on the city of Tokyo. The underground ringleader known as, ‘The Puppet Master’ is a blacklist criminal that has committed a multitude of heinous crimes, most of them including gruesome murders.

He has been at the top of the Tokyo police force’s wanted list for the past five years. However, after fleeing the crime scene, police were able to identify a mysterious mud-like substance being left behind at every scene, including last night’s attack involving, ‘The Puppet Master.’

 Last nights’ devastating attack, resulted in the most number of civilian and pro hero lives lost in one single night, of all the history of Japan. Most importantly noted; the previous number four and number five pro hero couple, are among the deceased. There are no whereabouts of their child’s current location and status. She is being considered as a missing child’s case until further notice.”

The TV screen zapped to black.

“Everyone is talking about you boss! Your plan was a success! There’s no beating our boss The Puppet Master.”

“Indeed,” the man of interest replied.

“But what do we do about this child? Isn’t she that pro hero couple’s kid they were talking about on the news?” One of his henchmen pointed to the backroom with a bed, where your two year-old self laid unconscious.

“Ah, patience my friend; she will be of much use to us. I’ve seen the powers of her quirk up close, and she is indeed a rare and magnificent find. I simply had to have her for myself,” The Puppet Master continued to gloat in his victory of securing his prize.

“Then couldn’t you have taken just her soul, instead of lugging her entire body here?” The henchman scratched the side of his head with confusion written all over his face.

“You’re right, but oh how I love to see them squirm before they’re crushed.” The villain thought aloud with a tangible vicious intent.

“I need you to wipe her memory. I want her a fresh blank slate for me to paint my masterpiece.”

“Uh, are you sure about this boss? She is just a kid, how much trouble could she actually cause if she remembered who you were?” The Puppet Master’s right-hand female underling asked, standing alongside him as you lay asleep in the dimly lit room.

“We can’t take any chances. Besides, her soul will be mine and she will be long dead before she can cause any trouble.” The female felt uneasy about the whole thing, but with the most wanted villain being her boss, she wasn’t in a position to defy him. Unless she was willing to lose her head and have it hung over a burning mantle.

“I understand,” she took a seat beside you and pressed her fingertips to the sides of your head. Her quirk allowed her to erase the memories or even rewrite someone’s memories, as long as they were asleep and she had physical contact with them. The tips of her fingers glowed a transparent light blue, against your temple and skull.

“Erase this girl’s memories from the time of her birth,” the female recited the spell-like words.

You were lost in a deep dream.

You saw the faces of your parents as they sent you off to preschool that morning and you remembered how you went about your day at school. You saw them rushing out the door as a villain attacked the city, telling you “Stay inside honey, we’ll be home soon.”

 You saw as fires engulfed your surroundings and puddles of blood strewn everywhere. You saw how The Puppet Master forced civilians and pro heroes to fight against one another. You saw how the villain manipulated and killed your parents right in front of you, and how you were then made his target.  

You saw your quirk awakening for the first time as it took control over you. Then everything went dark.

When you awakened, your head was blank. You looked around the dilapidated room and to the faces of an unfamiliar man and woman standing next to you.

“Do you know what your name is little girl?” The tall slender man with purple eyes, bent down beside your bed to be eyelevel with you.

“No, mister. Who am I?” You asked feeling lightheaded as no thoughts crossed your mind.

“Oh, you’ll find out,” the man playfully answered.


As time went on, you viewed this mysterious man as someone nice, someone who would give you candy and let you play around his house with his friends.

 All until, the night he uttered these exact words, “Kill him (Y/N).”

Your three year-old self stood terrified in a dark and moist alleyway, surrounded by this man and his “friends,’ with a badly beaten guy against the brick wall of a dead end.

“Kill?” You couldn’t even fathom what the word, “kill” even meant, so why was this “nice” man asking you to do this?

“Yes, (Y/N).”

“You see that man over there,” The Puppet Master pointed to the struggling man at the far end, “He took something that doesn’t belong to him and if you don’t kill him, he’s going to come and hurt me.” The man stared at you with hypnotizing purple eyes. A sharp pain shot through your chest as you walked forward, your body having a mind or in this case, someone else’s mind in control.

And that would be the first time of many where you learned what it truly meant to kill.

Every time it was the same. The Puppet Master only needed to look into your eyes with his activated ones, before seizing control and bending your soul to his every whim.

That’s when you realized that the, “friends” he let you play with, were actually ruthless criminals. And the house you played in, was the house you were never allowed to leave.

Would the word, “psychotic” even apply to you in this situation? But it was only when he released his quirk and you were allowed to feel yourself losing your mind to insanity.

Their screams of agonized incineration pierced into your mind. The odor of putrid burning flesh, made it impossible to breathe without your insides wanting to come up your throat, and out through your mouth. No matter the number of heads you counted off each finger, every single ‘death’ was still so horrifyingly vivid. But when did it start leaving such a sweet, sweet, taste in your mouth? When did you start staring wide-eyed in anticipation and almost salivate, when you could see the light leave their eyes?

No, you were his mindless puppet.

It gorged on every inch of live flesh, devouring them all like a starved beast.

The thirst for blood was like no other.

Its ravenous appetite remained insatiable no matter the number of immolations.


Your life as a serial killing villain would continue, even as you walked the halls of U.A. The Puppet Master thought it would be a good way to keep intel on its pro hero staff and it’s fledging students.

Knowing full well of what your quirk was truly capable of, you never used it. It would automatically single you out as too dangerous and have you expelled immediately, defeating the whole purpose of why you were sent here in the first place. You would be the second student to be accepted into the prestigious school without having a quirk-that was known of.

You had no choice but to train and excel in hand to hand combat and make use of the support gear to keep up with the rest of the class. But that wouldn’t be enough in your second year of the sport’s festival, especially when your opponent was Katsuki Bakugou.

Bakugou ended up coming in first place in his first year of the sport’s festival, and this time would be no different if you didn’t put up a fight.

“Dammit, why the Hell did you even enroll in this school!” Bakugou yelled, with all your limbs pinned underneath him to the arena floor.

“This is the best damn school in Japan for Heroes, for Heroes, you hear me! Not some useless and quirkless nobody like you!” You didn’t even bother putting up a fight, you didn’t even want to come to this school in the first place. What difference would any of this make?

“I didn’t even want to come here. I don’t have some spectacular dream of wanting to surpass All Might, like you and Midoriya. I don’t have dreams at all. What right do I have to call myself a hero?  You have no idea of the things I’ve seen and the things I’ve done. I’m better off being called a…villain.”

You spoke with your head turned away from him and only loud enough so Bakugou could hear, and not the arena packed with thousands of people, or to the billions it was broadcasting live to.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” Bakugou barked in frustration and anger, causing you to stare at him surprised.

“So what if you’ve done some crap in the past! There isn’t a single person who hasn’t screwed up at one time or another. Who cares about that damn nerd or what the rest of else are chasing after? If you don’t have a damn dream, then make one! Stop wasting your time!”

You swallowed hard. A dream? Did you even have the right to have one?

“Those damn teachers must’ve seen something in your depressed ass if you made it this far. You got accepted into this damn school to be a hero, never forget what you are!” Bakugou screamed the last sentence, loud enough for everyone to hear, loud enough for your heart and soul to hear.

You didn’t want this life of crime and bloodshed. You never told The Puppet Master, that within your first year at U.A, you overheard him talking about the attack he instigated and took the major part in killing your parents. You remembered researching about the incident in secret and how all those articles allowed you to remember the memories of your parents until you were two. You knew you couldn’t say a word if you wanted to stay alive.

But no more. You knew your parents were pro heroes that risked their lives to save others and that everyone else in this school, and every other hero school, were training to do just the same. You couldn’t shame your parents anymore now that you knew the truth. And Bakugou was the one to break through your mask that you cowardly hid behind.

“I’ll do it too. I’ll be a hero!” (I will reveal how this round of the sport’s festival ended in a future chapter hehe.)


After the sport’s festival, you were able to establish your resolve of exacting your revenge on The Puppet Master, and without a word, you ran. You ran as far away as you could from that house, hoping he wouldn’t find you until the time was right.


Present Time

“It was you!” You realized in horror, your head snapping up to look this demon of a man dead straight into his abyssal eyes.

“Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! I’m so happy you remembered the face that took you in after your parents died,” The Puppet Master spoke in awe.

“No, you used me.” You whispered in sorrow, as more memories flooded into your head.

 “You never really ‘ran’ away from me (Y/N),” he spoke snapping you out of your whirl pooling thoughts.

“I let you run,” he continued insolently.

“You what?” You looked at him bewildered, the last of your strength felt completely sapped from your body.

“I was waiting for just the right time to get rid of you, well after I made your soul all mine of course. It was always part of my plan, and I was so close of wiping that boyfriend of yours completely from existence too. But alas that lowly scum I put up to the job, failed miserably.” The Puppet Master sighed his forehead into his hand.

“What do you mean the villain failed? What does this have to do with Katsuki?” You were stunned; this man wasn’t making any sense.

“That attack on Deika City? The man with the telekinetic quirk that just so happened to wait, and attack Ground Zero at the last possible moment? That was all my doing (Y/N).”

Your breathing stilled.

“I knew if I could take away the thing most precious to you, you would come running back to me. Which would’ve made it all the more easier had that idiot died, instead of coming out unscathed. It would’ve been like old times (Y/N), such fond memories.” The Puppet Master relished in the moment in time, where it brought you the most pain and suffering.

The time you thought Katsuki was going to leave you alone in this cold world, when he was the only person who reawakened the real you.

“You bastard!” You sped towards The Puppet Master, your hands around his neck. It had been a long while since you felt the true intent to murder someone, and to devour every single piece of them. The familiar scent of decay and blood permeated the air around you.

“Awaken that beautiful black fire of yours, and your dear Bakugou will never regain his sight until the day he dies.”

“What nonsense are you spouting, you monster!” Your voice transformed into a demonic sounding one, as lightning and thunder produced from the night sky. Your grip only continued to tighten around his neck, but his eyes never flinched.

“I never told you why it is that I collect the souls of those I deem worthy.” You took in a short breath, eyes searching for the truth in his deceitful ones.

“Like yours, the souls contained within those glass bottles, have stronger wills, a stronger life force if you will. Even without their human bodies, I’m able to draw on their quirks through their souls. As I also know about the other facet of your quirk my dear (Y/N).”

Your mouth parted, how did he know? You don’t remember every telling, nonetheless even showing it to him.

“I’ve seen you use that weak white fire of yours, when you used it to heal yourself from one of our ‘outings.’ If I combine the raw power of this wonderful darkness seeping out you, plus your ability to heal, plus a willing soul, what do you think that equals?” Your vice grip loosened unknowingly at the realization.

“It’ll be increased a hundred fold. I could even use it to wake the dead, cut a man completely in half and he’ll be healed back to perfect condition. How do I know all of this? Because I’ve tried, your dear little mommy had quite the superb healing quirk; even I was shocked with how much it could do with this formula of mine.” He’s experimented, using her already suffering soul? What kind of sick and insane monster was he?

“As long as I have your soul containing the source of both sides of your quirk and another soul, I can grant you the impossible. Simply put, sell me your soul and I’ll give back Bakugou’s sight.”

This cruel and twisted explanation actually made sense to you. Your arms dropped down to your sides as you staggered back trying to regain your focus.

“Why didn’t you tell me I had this power! If I knew- if I only knew, he wouldn’t have to had suffered through all of that,” you cried.

“Even if I had told you, without my ability of containing the power of a quirk within an extracted soul, you wouldn’t have been able to do anything.”

You felt weak and useless.

A deafening silence fell, like the rain now pouring from the sky.

 “I’ll do it.” You answered with a sadness glooming over your face.

“Ah, wonderful. My plan has come into fruition-” The Puppet Master clasped his hands together in hungry excitement.

“I won’t run, so just give me some time.” You stood back onto your feet with your mind made up.

“Since you agreed so willingly, I’m feeling generous today. But don’t make me wait too long (Y/N), adieu for now.” Just like that he vanished into a foggy black vortex.

You picked up the heavy bags with an even heavier heart. The walk home didn’t feel nearly long enough.

“What took you so long? You look like a wet dog,” Bakugou eyed you from head to toe. Your face was pale and solemn, the tips of your nose and ears red from the cold outside.

“You should take a warm shower first (Y/N), otherwise you’ll get sick.” Mahiro whimpered and looked at you concerned.

“Since Bakugou got busted up, you two were gone for such a long time, I was lonely. It’s nice to have you guys back. Don’t you two just disappear without telling me next time,” Mahiro let out a woof while wagging his tail, as you held his head in your arms.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.”




Chapter Text

“Thanks (Y/N) that was the best pork chop ever!” Mahiro slobbered your face with the remnant smell of black pepper from the dinner he wolfed down just moments ago.

You shut your eyes and sucked your lips inwards, in hopes of not swallowing his saliva, “Aww you’re welcome! Anytime for you boy!”  You ruffled the fur on the sides of his now full belly.

“But I think you added one too many of those atomic chili peppers in Bakugou’s ramen. His face is all red and sweaty,” Mahiro playfully mocked the spikey-haired human trying to sneak a carton of milk out of the fridge.

“Hah! That wasn’t even spicy; my face always looks like this!” Bakugou barked.

You let out a small giggle as Bakugou desperately glugged down a glass of cold milk.

Mahiro sighed, “He doesn’t know when to admit defeat does he (Y/N)?”

You returned your attention back to the furry friend, “I should be heading home now. Thanks again for the food (Y/N), goodnight!” He gave you one last lick before trotting out through the doggy door, his tail wagging with each step.

“Night Mahiro!” You waved before sitting up from your knees and clearing the table.

Bakugou turned on the faucet and squirted some of the pomegranate dish detergent onto a sponge, “Finally, I thought that dog would never go home.”

“I can finish up here Katsuki-“ You placed your hands on his lower back and forearm.

“You cooked dinner, I can still do this much.” You smiled, moving to snake your arms around his waist and pressing a kiss to his clothed back.

“I love you Suki,” you breathed. You held him closer as your heartbeat synchronized with his breathing.

Bakugou’s movements halted for a brief second before resuming to scrub the inside of the soup bowls. He always noticed the smallest change in you, even if you weren’t able to notice it in yourself. The slightest dip in your normal speaking voice was all he needed to hear to know that something was bothering you.

You would explain it to him when you were ready, so for now he would let it go unnoticed.

“I love you too.”


Bakugou was in a deep sleep, but you were more than restless. You looked over to your nightstand at the digital clock that read two a.m in large red numbers. You made up your mind that sleep would have to wait, as you let out a huff and quietly headed outside.

The wind was frosty when you looked up towards to sky and noticed that snow had begun to fall.

“It’s the first snow of the season mama, papa…” You held out your hand as the drops of falling ice melted with the heat of your hand.


You had just turned two when you had witnessed your first snow.

 You were held in your mother’s embrace, watching as your father was crouched onto the ground, with the sound of ice crunching between his hands.

“Look (Y/N), isn’t he so cute?” He held it in front of you in both hands, as you hesitantly reached out to the frozen creation with thin twigs for arms and small pebbles for its face and buttons. It even had a matching scarf and hat. The fluffed frozen ice felt cold but soft at the same time.

“It looks manly just like your father.” You looked up towards your mother then back at the snowman, you softly giggled when you noticed how ruggedly the snowman’s face had been constructed.  

You pointed out a small hand wearing a fluffy pink glove towards the snowman “It’s papa!”

“And here’s you and mama!” Your father then placed his two smaller creations next to the first snowman on the ground, weaving their sticks together, to make them look like they were holding hands.

“Look (Y/N), that’s our happy family.” Your mother lovingly spoke, pointing out each snowman/woman. Even if it was just snow shaped to look like each of you, it brought you such joy. Your father’s warm contagious smile transcended to the both of you, while they held onto each other and cradled you safely in their arms.

Back then, in that one moment alone, it was like I could feel unspent years’ worth of their unconditional burning love for me, rapidly surging through every cell in my body.

How you wished you could have spent more time with them.


You zipped up your jacket and stuffed your hands into its insulated pockets. You pulled out a phone and took a moment to think about what you were about to do.

It was a burner you had kept just in case you would have to dial the contact within it as a last resort. Your nail tapped on its screen repeatedly, debating if there really was no other way, but you knew he was the only one that could help you now.

You turned it on and waited for the screen to glow awake. You tapped on the phone icon and pressed the name of the only contact that was listed. You held it up to your ear as it dialed and began walking.


“Look who it is, I thought you’d forgotten about me now that you’re a hero.” A low voice dripping with sarcasm answered.

“I need your help.”

“And why should I help you?” The voice clearly sounding mad and irritated.

“Because you owe me, Dabi.”


Chapter Text

There was silence on the other side of the line before the voice spoke again, “A debt is a debt I guess. Head to the back alley two blocks from your house, Kurogiri will make a gate when you get there.”

You walked briskly, your heart racing as you constantly looked over your shoulder to see if anyone was following you from behind, “I’ll be there in nine, don’t be late Dabi.” You ended the call before he could retort your last statement. You could get there in five if you ran, but that would call for unnecessary attention by the people still awake and roaming the streets at this hour.

You made it to your destination in exactly nine minutes, when Kurogiri’s smoky head appeared with a warp gate forming from the rest of his body a minute later.

“Forgive me for my tardiness; Dabi had relayed that, ‘Knowing her, she’ll get there in ten.’”

You scoffed, “He always did have a problem with being on time. Didn’t know you were still with the league Kurogiri, last I saw you were working for that puppet bastard.” You looked at the glowing yellow eyes of the warp villain with disgust. “After all he was a  villain, he probably sided with whoever was favorable at the time.” You thought to yourself before stepping into the teleporting void.

 Being inside of Kurogiri’s warp gate was like floating through a dense and dark fog. It smelled of all the dead bodies his previous employer had sent through him to get rid of.

In a few seconds, the lightless tunnel had opened up to bring you inside of the league of villain’s hideout. It was a place you had frequented in your younger days when the Puppet Master had business with them.

Kurogiri gathered himself back into his human-formed smoke body to the back of the bar, while Dabi lazed back on a worn green leather couch with his feet on top of the coffee table.  The rest of place was without the other members of the league, foretelling they were out attending to other matters.

He didn’t even acknowledge your arrival when you walked over and kicked up the back of his knees. “After all these years you’re still the same. Get your dirty shoes off the table Dabi!”

“Ow, dammit! It’s nice to see you too.” He yowled as you walked past him and took the empty seat next to him.

You got straight to the point, “Tell me where I can find Masuyo.”

Dabi flinched, “Why are you looking for that woman?” You were growing impatient; you needed to get this done before dawn.

You sighed, “You of all people should know, she’s the only one I can think to kill for this to work.”

Dabi sat with his arms on his knees and his fingers interlaced, as he looked towards the ground in between the space of his feet.

He scoffed, “Don’t tell me you made a deal with him. You want me to tell you where Masuyo is so you can kill her, commit suicide, and have me live with the guilt?” Dabi’s arrogant voice deflated into a depressed one, as his turquoise eyes darkened behind the fringe of his black hair.

You looked at him with a saddened look. You half expected him to give you the information you needed like it was nothing. He would have repaid his debt in full and then be on his way. He couldn’t have still been hanging onto those memories from back then, right?


You were four when you first met Dabi. It was storming outside when the Puppet Master and his following of criminals returned after a night of merciless killing. You were left behind at his home/hideout, after he decided that tonight’s job was one that could be finished quickly, and that he wanted to “let off some steam.”

The Puppet Master took off his drenched coat, throwing it over the back of a random chair. He walked over to the corner you sat curled against and gave you that signature psychotic grin, with his inactivated dark purple eyes.

 “Have you been good while I was away my dear kitten?”

You looked up from your hands slightly frightened, “Y-yes sir.” The Puppet Master patted the top of your head while you retracted your eyes, “Good girl. I brought a new friend for you today (Y/N).” He gestured towards the door as his men parted down the middle, revealing a thin boy about eight years-old, with black hair and a pair of bright but cold turquoise eyes void of all emotion.

“Come, come Dabi. This little one is the crown jewel of our family,” The Puppet Master motioned with a hand outstretched to Dabi. You looked back up to see the boy standing in front of you with the Puppet Master’s hands on Dabi’s small shoulders as he stood.

Dabi averted his eyes when he could see just how scared and terrified you were. He could tell that you weren’t here of your own will and that you were probably forced into this kind of life. This wasn’t a place a little girl should be.

You two were always either separated into different groups pulling the same job, or doing completely different missions altogether; which left little time and opportunity to become so called, “friends.” But it was the one time when the both of you were left behind to keep watch, because this mission was personal to the Puppet Master or some other bull crap. You both sat in silence next to each other, leaned up against the wall of an empty room.

“How did you end up here?” Dabi flat out asked.

You drew circles on the floor with your fingers as you sadly spoke, “To be honest, I don’t know. I can’t remember anything before I woke up here.”

“It was probably that lady that’s always with the boss. I’ve seen her use her quirk on the last job. She snuck in when the guy was sleeping and her fingers lit up the moment she touched his head. When he woke up, he couldn’t remember his name, where he lived or what his job was. I’m 100% sure she has the ability to erase people’s memories, and that’s exactly what she did to you.”

You froze. How could this be true? How can such a quirk exist? Did this mean that everything the Puppet Master had been telling you was a lie? Did this mean that you actually had parents that were still alive?

“Are you sure Dabi?” You looked at him with eager yet pleading eyes.

“Yeah, I told you I saw it with my own eyes didn’t I?” He was telling the truth, you couldn’t see a glint of deceit in his piercing gaze.

He suddenly stood, “I think they’re back.” The sound of the front door and multiple pairs of clicking footsteps filed into the adjacent room.

Dabi walked halfway towards the door before you called out, “Dabi-“

“I hate that name. It’s the name they gave me when I woke up in that burning house after that witch erased my memories. I know my real name,” his hands clenched into trembling fists.

Just how many people’s irreplaceable memories has she stolen?

“My name is Touya.”


Now, whenever the two of you were left behind at base, you would both spend the time drawing what the other looked like, playing tag in the confines of the room, or taking naps on the hard floor; it was friends actually being friends.

However, soon you would both be put into the same group for the next big mission. There were bullets and quirks going back and forth in every direction. It was like being trapped in the eye of the storm, with the constant spinning outer winds being the pro heroes.

You were only able to manifest a fraction of your quirk, or at the most, 50% when you were put to it. Because you didn’t know what a 100% of it felt like, after that one day that was forcibly ceased to exist in your memories.

A pro hero with the ability to change the properties of solid cement to react like quicksand had the front line immobilized, along with Dabi. The more they struggled the deeper they would sink and eventually suffocate due to the pressure and lack of oxygen.

The Puppet Master had spun you around and activated his quirk. It felt like hands had stabbed into your heart and were tearing it apart from the inside.

“Kill all the pro heroes (Y/N)! Let your flames burn every last one of them into ash!” He yelled in a frenzied state as your soul wrapped around his finger for him to slack and pull as he wished. You felt completely hollowed out inside, as you hobbled forward.

The words, “Awaken… my black demon fire” were wrenched out from the depths of your being. The entirety of each of your eyes turned pitch-black as your arms spread open. Black flames spiraled out of your body before turning into a monstrous ocean of inextinguishable fire.

It was the first time Dabi had seen the extent of your powers. His eyes trembled as absolute fear filled his body. It was like turning around at the last moment, with every drop of water pulled from the sea and forming into a ginormous wave, before crashing back down. No, that’s exactly what this was. Except this wave was fueled from the darkness in your heart and being controlled against your will.

The immobilized and remainder of the Puppet Master’s followers stilled while your wave of flames grew and flew over them to drown the side of good; left to perish a hundred times over, in the burning pits of your black fire.

Maniacal cries of victory were heard as the Puppet Master released his hold on your soul. Dabi frantically crawled out from the now powdered cement and ran towards your unconscious body. You felt ice cold to the touch before it slowly warmed, as your soul returned to its original state.

Dabi looked over his shoulder to the man he called his boss, busy celebrating a “Job well done.”

He turned his head back to face you, as his body trembled. Dabi was beyond terrified. What would happen if the Puppet Master used his quirk on him, or worse, what would happen if he chose to defy him?


You were exhausted when you came to two days later.

“(Y/N), you awake?” The door to your room creaked open, revealing a rather warmly dressed Touya.

You rubbed your eyes as he closed the door and walked towards you, “Mhh yeah. Isn’t it too hot to be wearing a jacket and long pants Touya?” You yawned with your neck covered in sticky sweat, as you eyed the boy up and down.

“Huh? Oh, I was starting to feel sick, so I thought these would help.” He nervously laughed while trying to pull the sleeves of his jacket down lower.

“There’s a scratch on your hand Touya, did you get hurt?” You reached for his arm before he quickly pulled it away.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just got a little beat up from today’s mission.” He scratched the side of his neck, when you could make out something faintly purple peeking out from under his collar.

“Hey Touya, look over there!” You exclaimed as he turned around to look at whatever it is you were pointing to.

You slid off your bed, yanking the sleeve of his jacket up, “Huh? I don’t see-“ His arm suddenly felt bare and cold before he turned back around and realized.

“Touya, what happened?” Your eyes rounded in both shock and confusion at the heavily wrinkled purple burns, pierced to the skin of his wrist with silver loops of metal.

He tugged his sleeve away from you harshly, trying to run out the door. “I said it’s nothing!” He was about to take another step, when you held onto the hem of his jacket from behind him. He was a whole foot taller than you were at the time.

“You said we were friends… Friends don’t keep secrets from each other Touya.” He sighed, turning around to pull your hand from the cloth. He held onto your hand and instructed you to sit on the bed.

“I’m going to show them to you but you have to promise me you won’t freak out okay?” He held his long and skinny pinky out, as you wrapped your small one around his.

He slowly unzipped his jacket and flinched when the material grazed his skin when he tried to pull his arms out from the sleeves. “Boss used his quirk on me on my last mission, while you were still asleep.” You covered your mouth in horror; you could feel bile rising up your throat.

“Now I know what makes him so dangerous. My whole body stopped working the instant he looked into my eyes. All I remember seeing were my blue flames igniting everything and everyone in sight.”

You could see the same purpled skin from his wrist to his forearms, and from his ankles to his kneecaps, (I know his skin is more damaged than this as shown in the manga, but this would be the current extent at eight years-old in my mind).

“Turns out the temperature of my fire is beyond hotter than the average red, yellow and orange. My body can’t handle it yet, so my skin burns every time I use it.”

You gingerly reached your fingers towards the edge of his wrists, “Does it hurt a whole lot?”

He flinched, “A little.” He was lying; it felt like his whole body was on fire when it was exposed to the cold air of the room. You held onto his scratched hand, wishing with all your heart that the wounds on Touya’s body would go away.

This was the first time you would learn of your healing white fire. The underside of your palm suddenly glowed with a faint grey light, as the both of you stared down at his hand in wonder.

“(Y/N), what… was that?” Touya asked in fright, he couldn’t possibly handle anymore injuries on top of his fresh ones.

You both gulped as you slowly uncovered your hand from his, “Touya, I’m so-“

“It’s gone!” He yelped, holding his hand out with widened eyes. “Look (Y/N), the scratch is gone!” You quickly hopped off your bed to see his hand for yourself. He was right, the scratches were completely gone and his skin, well looked like his skin again.

“I didn’t know you could heal (Y/N),” he continued to stare at his hand in awe.

“Neither did I,” you looked at the palm of your hands from one to the other.

“Do you think you could do it again, but on the rest of me?” Touya held out his arms in front of you, waiting to be healed again. You didn’t know if you could do it again, you didn’t even know that you possessed a second quirk. Nonetheless one that could heal instead of destroy.

“I-I don’t know if I can…” You looked to Touya filled with doubt.

His eyes softened, as his lips turns upwards into a smile, “You can do it (Y/N), I trust you.” You took a deep breath, placing your hands just barely on top of his badly burned skin. You squeezed your eyes shut and prayed with every fiber of your being to heal his arms. Your palms glowed grey and flickered with just barely a lick of white fire.

Your breath escaped out of your mouth, panting as you opened your eyes to see that his arms still looked the same. It was four cycles of, “I can do it Touya” before you ran out of energy.

“That’s enough (Y/N),” Touya patted your head as you sank onto the floor in defeat, “You tried your best. It’s okay.” He tried his hardest to comfort you. Maybe it was in his head, put his arms didn’t hurt as badly, even if it did look pretty bad on the surface.

 Tears welled in your eyes as you finally cried, “I c-couldn’t do it, I’m so s-sorry Touya!” you wailed.

He wrapped his arms around your small shoulders, letting you cry into his shirt. “Shh, it’s okay (Y/N), I’m gonna be fine. It’s not your fault.” He rested his head onto the crown of yours, rubbing your back in soothing circles to calm you down.

You rubbed your reddened and teary eyes, your nose and cheeks pink from crying so much. “Do you feel better now?” You shook your head slowly from side to side. “It may still look the same but it doesn’t hurt as much now,” Touya smiled.

“You promise?” You looked at him unsure if he was telling the truth.

“Yeah, I promise.” He embraced you once more, kissing the top of your head. You had a couple more meltdowns before you cried yourself to sleep. He carried you to your bed and tucked you in, moving the hair out of your face. He watched from your beside as you slept soundly, unknowingly smiling to himself.

Touya was your only friend, as you were his. You were his only source of light in this living nightmare. He could only hope to be able to keep you safe.

He blinked when his chest suddenly thumped hard against his hand, at the thought of wanting to remain by your side when and if this was all over. That’s when he realized…

He had fallen for you.


Chapter Text

As time passed, so would his feelings.

What were once secret playdates when you had the Puppet Master’s headquarters to yourselves would turn into an innocent excuse to spend more time with you.

“Look (Y/N)!” You sat on the floor looking on curiously, as Dabi showed you how he could now make a big ball of fire with his blue flames without burning himself.

“Wow, that’s so cool Touya!” You ogled.  “You’re amazing!” To him you looked like an angel, the way your eyes would sparkle and how the rays shone down on you like a golden aura, from the sunlight peeking through the small window above the two of you. It was like magic.

Though this growing feeling in his heart would only be made worse when puberty hit; it was a pain in and of itself. His hormones would be all over the place all the damn time.

With how Dabi’s skin would shiver from the mere touch of your fingertips every time you had thought your healing powers had grown stronger, as you proceeded to test it out on him. And it didn’t seem to affect you as much as it did him when the two of you were sitting in the dark with you in his lap mere inches from his face, as you pressed  your warmed hands to his exposed chest, arms, face, back, torso or his legs. It felt like his spine was being constantly electrocuted in waves.

Then there were the times where you were both staking out the enemy sitting shoulder to shoulder hidden behind the bushes. It made Dabi just as nervous. He feared that if you came any closer, you would hear his heart banging against his chest.

During this time, Dabi would glance over and take the time to admire your side profile as you looked through your binoculars. He could listen to the melody of your whispering voice forever, even if it was about how you saw a cat walk across the street, because it sounded like you were telling him a secret meant only for his ears.

Even though Dabi thought himself slick, you always caught him staring a second too long when a mission was successfully completed and it was time to go home, as you dusted yourself off and waved him down from the tree. You figured he was just being watchful like an older brother; as he easily leaped down to join you.

Nonetheless, Dabi’s heart would break in silence every single time the Puppet Master would use his quirk on you to do his bidding. It was as if he could hear you screaming while you were trapped within yourself. Then when the strings of your soul were turned over back in your control, Dabi would run to your side to catch you before you fell to the ground while still unconscious.

The nights he carried you to bed after you were drained of all your strength and energy, would be when he could watch you as you slept soundly. In some sick way, it was his favorite part of the day. Each facet of your person never went unnoticed to his turquoise eyes; they only drew him in closer.

Dabi knew that no good could come of his higher-ups finding out he had feelings for the girl that was supposed to be the, “rare gem” of this insane group of criminals. He would suppress them to his grave, if it meant keeping you safe.

But he felt more alone than ever when he had been made to join the league of villains, as a symbol of trust between the two groups of crazies. It pulled him away from you unless the two gangs joined hands with the same goal in mind at the time.

He had snuck you into the league of villain’s base so you could access the hidden files of your parent’s not so accidental deaths. Dabi clearly knew if he had he been caught, Shigaraki would’ve wasted no time to turn the both of you into nothing but piles of dust floating away with the wind; and he very much preferred not to be turned into rubble with the girl he loved.

Dabi would never forget the look of disbelief, horror  and sadness shown on your face in a cocktail laced with pain, from the man thought to have taken you under his wing after keeping the truth locked away all these years. Dabi would never forget how you clung onto him that night and cried your muffled cries against his chest.

It was then he made a promise to himself that he would do whatever it took to get you out of this hellish life. Even when you had been forced to enroll in U.A what was at first under the pretense that you were there solely to gather information in the name of villainy, you never left his thoughts.

Sadly, Dabi’s wish would soon be granted in the form of his first heartbreak. It was the day your resolve to become a hero to exact your revenge, was awakened through a certain someone by the name of Katsuki Bakugou.

Dabi shut the door to your room located in the inner confines of the house behind him, “(Y/N), don’t do this. Even if you run, he’ll find you.” Dabi warned, watching you quickly pace through the room like a game of tennis.

“I can’t live this life anymore Touya, now that I know what side I’m supposed to be fighting for.” You unzipped your backpack onto the bed, stuffing what little belongings you owned and the files containing all the information you had gathered about your parent’s deaths, that all lead to the Puppet Master himself, into your bag.

You looked around the room one last time to make sure you didn’t forget anything before slinging the bag over your shoulder and headed for the door.

Dabi grasped your arm before you could turn the knob.

“Your side is with me! I promise I’ll get the both of us out of this crap situation somehow and we can leave all of this behind us!” The force of his pull slipped the backpack off and onto the floor.

You turned around and yelled in frustration, “When Touya! How long until that happens! Weeks? Months? Years? I can’t wait that long!” Just being in this room alone suffocated you with the lies you’d been fed and all the wrongs you’d committed.

His hands held onto your upper arms, sighing as his shoulders fell. “You know he won’t stop until he catches you, he’ll kill you,” Dabi barely whispered the last part.

“Even if he does, I still have to try. I have to try for my sake, for my parent’s sakes.” You replied dejectedly, hoping that you could convince Dabi to put himself in your shoes.

His grip tightened, “What about us?” He spoke with his head hung low.

“I’ve been in love with you since we were kids!” Your eyes widened from the sudden confession. He was finally able to utter the words he’d kept in his heart for so long, as he looked into your eyes, with a gaze begging you not to leave.

“Do you know how hard it was for me to not be able tell you that?” Dabi gripped his chest through his shirt before scoffing, “And here comes some wannabe hero that you’ve just met, filling your head with dangerous thoughts.”

“It’s more dangerous if I stay here, you’ve seen the darkness my flames contain…” Your eyes hollowed, “The teachers at U.A can teach me to control it.”

“Then what? What if your plans fail, are you willing to throw your life away? What about what we had” Dabi paused, “What we could have?” Dabi searched your eyes for the answer he wanted so desperately to hear.

“I’m sorry Touya.” The pieces of his broken heart fell to the floor as you ran. You ran away as fast and as far as you could, away from this life covered in blood, away from the deceit, and away from Dabi.


You placed a despondent hand on his thin shoulder covered by his long dark blue jacket. “You left me there alone (Y/N),” Dabi stood up from the couch with his back faced to you, “Do you have any idea what that was like?” He spoke with a deep sadness.

“I’m sorry Dab-Touya. I should’ve… taken you with me.” You stood behind him with your face downwards to the floor; you knew there was nothing you could say that would make up for what he was feeling.

“The time when that kid Deku almost caught me, you let me go.” Your mind played back to the time Deku, Bakugou, You, and the other pro heroes had successfully infiltrated into the league of villain’s hideout before they could release the nomus into the city. Deku had Dabi cornered; he was running out of fuel for his flames.

You knew if this continued, that Dabi would have been captured and sentenced to a life sentence, or incinerate himself by overexertion. You couldn’t let either of the wo happen as you “accidentally” aimed your attack at Deku, claiming you were aiming for the nomu behind him, giving Dabi the window of time to flee.

“I remember that,” Your expression softened into a small grin. “I had to listen to Deku murmuring about how he would catch all of you, for a week straight.”

“So now after all this time, you come back asking me to let you die?” Dabi turned around with hurt etched into his face.

Your grin deflated, “It’s the only way I can save him.” You replied despondently. That crestfallen yet determined look you were giving him was enough to say that there was no way he could change your mind.

“Then I’ll go with you,” Dabi lunged forward and held onto your hand. Your life meant more to him than his own, and if someone had to die he decided that it should be him.

You turned your face away, slipping your hand out from his, “You can’t.” You averted your eyes to the wall next to you. If you continued to look into Dabi’s pleading eyes, you knew you would immediately dissolve everything.

“Why the hell can’t I?” His yell sent echoes throughout the room, as his eyes ignited into a fiery glare.

“I have to do this alone.”

“Why do you always have to do everything on your own!” His words pierced a flying arrow of absolute truth straight through you. “Why can’t you let me help you!” The veins in his neck and temples pulsed violently along with his growing anger.

Fat tears rolled down your cheeks, “Because, I can’t live if I let my only friend, my best friend, die because of me.” You presented a bitter smile to a stunned and speechless Dabi.

You took a step forward to press your hand against the side of his face, feeling the ripples of the burned skin attached to his face that wasn’t there from when you were kids. He had grown considerably taller and lean, his black hair was now spiked instead of lying flat against his head and he now had an assortment of wild piercings.

It hit you how the boy you knew from long ago had now matured into a grown man.

Salty tears welled in Dabi’s eyes as you tenderly spoke, “I know you’ll be fine without me, you’ve always have.” You hoped that he wouldn’t wallow for too long after your existence had been erased, and that he would let his life move on.

He was the one that kept you sane through the darkest times of your life. Without Dabi, you would’ve never experienced true friendship and love.

It would be your last words to him as he reluctantly handed over the piece of paper inked with Masuyo’s current location, and the last time someone would ever call him by his given name, “Goodbye, Touya.”

The door closed behind you as Dabi rigidly sank to the floor.


You had arrived to the written location with two hours before sunrise, two hours before Bakugou would wake to find your side of the bed cold. If things went as planned, you would make it home just in time.

The tall lanky woman known as Masuyo, exited through the back of what was supposed to be an abandoned building. She had a powerful ability linked to her willful soul that would be more than of value to the Puppet Master, to fulfill this dark ritual.

You stood two meters away with your demonic black flames shaped into a fiery blade on your right arm, ready to decapitate the oncoming woman.

His heart wrenched, you were the only one that filled the void in Dabi’s heart with warmth as he let himself cry, “Without you, I’m not as strong as you think.”

You were his first and would be his last love.

The moment you ran in for the attack, was the moment you heard a loud bang.


Chapter Text

Bakugou tossed and turned in his sleep.

At the end of your third years at U.A, both you and Bakugou were assigned to different agencies. Bakugou was recruited into the pro hero agency formerly created by All Might with the combined forces of the heroes from the agency of the now deceased Sir Nighteye; while you were scouted by the hero office run by the pro hero Fat Gum.

Today’s mission required the heroes from the two agencies, along with other heroes in a joint operation to take down the Shie Hassaiki yakuza and their captain simply known as, Overhaul.

Kurono-the assistant to the villain Overhaul, now on the ground almost completely immobilized, waited for the perfect time to strike. Just when Bakugou had secured the terrified Eri in his arms, the minute hand of Kurono’s hair maneuvered through the destroyed ground and its combatants, heading straight for the two.

You were fighting off one of the enemies when you caught sight of the pale blue arrow as it sped past you, realizing the beeline it was making towards your lover and the little girl, which was made the main objective of this high-risk mission. Your body moved before you could think to formulate a plan considering all the ifs, ands, and buts.

The last thing you remembered was making it there just in time to take the full brunt of Kurono’s attack, as it speared through your back and straight through your abdomen before it retracted. Bakugou’s and Eri’s wide and horrified eyes, were the last images you saw before blacking out to what you thought was the moment you were going to enter the eternal darkness of death.

It took five seconds for what Bakugou just saw to process in his mind as Eri screamed. Your body hit the ground with a loud thud; the words caught in Bakugou’s mouth finally touching the putrid air.

Bakugou’s POV

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Damn it all! No matter how many times I called out her name as I slapped the sides of her cheeks and shook her, she just wouldn’t wake.

Her face was quickly draining of all color as blood profusely bled out from her gaping wound.

“This isn’t the time to be messing with me, why are you just lying there, wake up!” (Y/N)’s body was getting colder by the second, she was draped across my lap lying stiller than the surface of an undisturbed pond.

The girl… I quickly turned to the unkempt girl with ash blue hair and red eyes that matched my own. “You, you have a quirk that can rewind a person’s body to their former state right? I need you to fix her right now!”

Eri looked at me like I grew a third eye, “M-My quirk is unstable, I could rewind (Y/N) to a point before she existed.” She sat there trembling with a fear she was all too familiar with.

To a time before (Y/N)… existed? So if this kid messes up, I’ll be screwed either way? I looked down to (Y/N)’s paled face held in my hands. The long eyelashes of her eyes sat closed, her mouth hung ajar with blood painted on her lips, as her long hair curtained the side of her slender body. The battle went on around us as my mind suddenly flashed with every image of her and all the irreplaceable moments we spent together.

Ever since you allowed me to become yours, you taught me to honestly face my emotions and taught me what it’s like to truly want to protect someone. Moreover, for the first time in my life, you’re the only person that’s making me feel this thing called, “fear”. Tears fell onto her face before I could look up and realize that I was crying.

And now, you’re the first person I’ve ever shed tears for. There’s still so many things I want to tell you, like how I want to spend the rest of my life with you. There’s so many things we have to do together, like watching the kids I want to have with you grow up and become their own persons. I can’t lose you, no, I won’t lose you.

I took a deep breath, “Eri… I need you to calm yourself and try.” I looked up from (Y/N)’s limp body, “Your dad was someone you wanted to protect right?” Eri stood next to be as she timidly nodded her head.

“She’s that person to me,” I spoke looking back down onto (Y/N).  “She’s the one I want to protect, the one that I need to protect. I can’t let her die when I know that there’s a 50 percent chance that she could live.”

Eri crouched down onto her knees, placing her hands onto the hollowed part of (Y/N)’s destroyed stomach. The horn protruding from Eri’s forehead had grown sizably, meaning that her power was unstable and if she didn’t stop at the right time, that (Y/N) would cease to exist.

I placed my hand over Eri’s, giving her the bravest smile that I could muster, “Don’t be scared Eri, I believe in you” I finished, signaling her with a nod to begin. The torn fibers and organs of (Y/N) stomach were reconstructed as the loss blood was restored back into her veins.

It all happened in a flash as the skin on (Y/N)’s stomach and back were sealed without the faintest scar back to a state before they were damaged. I squeezed Eri’s wrist to stop when the process was complete. She lifted her hands as (Y/N) coughed out a breath, to which Eri and I sighed in relief.

“You did well Eri, I’m proud of you.” It seemed like it was the first time someone told her that as tears welled up in her eyes and she gave me a deep nod.

(Y/N)’s eyes slowly fluttered open, her warming body stirring in my arms. “Ka-Katsuki? Where am I? What, happened?”

I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle, “We’re still in the middle of our mission and you almost died.” The end of that sentence tasted bitter as I pulled her tightly against me. “I thought I was gonna lose you. You idiot, what were you thinking throwing yourself in front of that jerk’s attack like that?” I muttered into the crook of her neck, more than thankful that what just happened wasn’t our final momens together.

(Y/N) sat up wrapping her arms around my back, “I didn’t have time to think. All I knew was that I had to save you and Eri. It was what any pro hero would do Katsuki.” My heart stopped; don’t you realize how precious you are to me?

I pulled away from her to give her a stern look, “Well, don’t go throwing your life away like that again! Because next time Eri won’t be around to save either of our asses.”

Both Eri and (Y/N) let out agreeing giggles, “I promise. Now let’s go and kick and some yakuza butt.”


Bakugou awoke with a sharp gasp, “Damn it, why did I have that dream again?” A veil of sweat covered his neck and forehead. You would usually be the one to wake him when he was having a bad dream but he was instead greeted with an eerie silence. Outside was still far too quiet to be morning just yet, so he figured it had to either be late into the night or still the early morning.

“Hey, (Y/N) you awake?” Bakugou turned to reach for your slumbering body but instead found the sheets and pillow, cold and empty. “Did she go to the bathroom?” He waited a few minutes but couldn’t hear the sound of the toilet flushing, the sink water running, the door closing, or your footsteps.

“She couldn’t be awake this early,” Bakugou scratched the back of his head as he got up. He held his hand on the walls to guide him as he called out for you, banging into a table or chair every now and again. “Ow, damn it.” He rubbed at his sore knee after checking all the rooms in the house.

He felt the coat rack for his jacket before he slung it on. “Where could she have gone?”

Bakugou opened the door as the frigid wind sent shivers through his body and cold frozen droplets patted down onto his face. “Snow?” He held his hand out to feel the ice crunch between his palm and fingers before melting back into water. He shoved his hands into the pockets letting out a, “Brrrr it’s freaking cold” as he walked down from the stoop.

Bakugou halted when he reached the pillowing ground beneath him. The neighborhood was dead silent and the sidewalk opened up to him bare on both sides. He would end up walking aimlessly if he went to look for you without being able to see where he was going. You could end up missing each other completely, if you didn’t call the cops to search for Bakugou by the time you got home first.

He let out a depressed huff, frustrated with what used to be normal to him was now near impossible. He walked back up the steps and sat under the awning in front of the door. He knew something had have to happened on your way back from the grocery store earlier, but you weren’t the type to just up and disappear without letting him know where you were going.

Bakugou crossed his arms over his legs and leaned with a sigh into the faux fur collar of his green nylon jacket, with nothing to go on with where you could’ve went to in the middle of the night. You had his complete trust, so for now all he could do was wait.


On the other side of town, a thundering bang shot through the air and into the back of Masuyo’s head. You froze in your tracks as the tall woman with short red hair and a lanky build, swayed to one side before falling to the ground. She bled onto the hard ground, as the thin layer of snow dyed with a crimson red.

Your quirk disengaged, your eyes rounding to the owner of the smoking gun.

“She wasn’t the most loyal of guard dogs, such a pity this one.” The figure spoke as he revealed himself from the shadows, “It was probably less painful to go this way, my dear kitten.”

“How did you know I’d be here and that I was after Masuyo!” You yelled out to the Puppet Master in panic from under the cover of night. Was he tailing you this entire time?

His black loafers crunched with each step forward onto the freezing ground. He shrugged, “For once, this was merely a coincidence. I had planned to get rid of her when I found out she was selling classified information to some other group of criminals without my knowledge. You being here was just the icing on the cake.” The Puppet Master stared down at the dead Masuyo without an ounce of remorse, as he grinded the sole of his shoe against her temple.

Humans were nothing but pawns that he could simply use and toss to the side when he no longer had use for them. “Ah, but you being here was not by mistake. That murderous look in your eyes tells me that you were after her as well.” Your eyes teetered between the intent to kill and the fear of not knowing you were going to make it back home with your soul still intact.

You withdrew the foot that had lunged forward back to standing even with the other foot, as you tried to speak with your mind leveled. The Puppet Master stood with a hand folded across his chest and the other propped to his face as if waiting for you to continue on with your explanation. “You’re right; me being here was no coincidence. I was ready to kill her and drag her corpse to you, so you could extract her soul.”

You looked to Masuyo and back to the Puppet Master, “I’ve known early on that you only kept her close because you saw value in both her quirk and her life force.” You looked at his unreadable dark-purpled eyes, hoping that what you had hoped for was right.

He removed his foot and hand to reveal a cynical smile. “Once again my brilliant kitten, you prove the rarity of your kind. Your value seems to only increase with each day, oh how I can’t wait to finally have my hands on your delicious soul.” He ran a gloved hand over his face, licking his lips in a psychotic hunger that seemed to only be satiated by the thought of killing you.

“I told you I wouldn’t run, so take her soul.” You clenched your trembling hands, “Just please…” You thickly swallowed, “Give me a little more time to spend with him, Master.” The last part tasted like pure bile on your tongue as hot tears rolled down your chilled face.

The Puppet Master pulled out an empty glass bottle from his garment as he breathed the words, “Come to me.” A billowing thick fog permeated from Masuyo’s body, settling inside of the bottle. The extraction completed as he tightened a cork over its round mouth, sealing it away forever. [Sighs] “Hmm, you do make this a difficult chase to the very end (Y/N).”

You stood there stiffly, your heart pulsing anxiously for him to grant your final request. He tapped the bottle against his chin, “I’ll tell you what.” He walked closer so he was standing just a few inches in front of you. “Come with your beloved atop the mountain located past the forest, 40 miles from where we stand in three days’ time.

That’s how long it’ll take me to make the necessary preparations. I’ll wait with Kurogiri just a distance from you two, so the moment I extract your soul, dear Bakugou will have his sight instantly returned to him. That way you’ll see your splendid wish granted before your very eyes, and I’ll be able to kill the both of you if you so choose to run. How does that sound?” He bent down with a knowing look that you wouldn’t be able to pass up this deal, when the stakes were this high.

The sun was beginning to rise as the snow continued to fall. The Puppet Master stared into your eyes with a black hole swirling in each of his. You gulped, “Fine. Just make sure the both of you are hidden at least half a mile radius away from us. Katsuki can still sense when an enemy is near even without his sight. He’ll send the two of you flying beyond what Kurogiri could only hope to return from,” you threatened with a sudden burst of confidence.

He laughed wiping a fake tear from the corner of his eye, “A fighter until the bitter end; I must applaud you (Y/N). I bid you goodbye, for now; may these last three days you spend with your lover, be enough to carry you through in every lifetime after this.” His voice faded along with his fleeting silhouette, dragging the soulless body of Masuyo, into the bottomless void of Kurogiri’s warp gate.

Your legs gave out from under you as you sat into the frigid blanket of snow. “Three days huh?” You looked up towards the sky letting out a bitter laugh, your breath visible the moment it made contact with the cold air, “It’ll have to be enough.” You sniffled as you wiped your tears away and dusted yourself off as you stood.

The sun rose behind you but your heart continued to sink. You slowly walked back home when in actuality, you wanted to take Bakugou and run somewhere far, far away to where no one could find you. All your thoughts and emotions came crashing down all at once as each weighted step felt heavier than lead.

Before you knew it, you were standing on the familiar porch when you looked up to find a sleeping Bakugou sitting leaned against the door. He roused awake when he could hear the sound of footsteps heading his way. You crouched down to warm his frozen face, “Did you wait out here for me all night Katsuki?” Your expression softened, at his red nose and ears that were ice-cold to the touch.

“Where were you? [Yawns] When I woke-up, you weren’t anywhere in the house.” He rubbed his eyes that struggled to stay open, his head nodded as he began to doze off again.

You unzipped your jacket and wrapped the sides of the thick material around him as he nestled into your embrace, “I couldn’t sleep. I went out for a walk and before I knew it, it was morning.” You rested your head on top of his, your eyes brimming with newfound tears.

“You smell like amber wood, or [Yawns] burnt chocolate.” Bakugou’s nose wrinkled, disliking the foreign scent. He dug his face deeper into the arm of your jacket and drifted off when he was greeted with your comforting scent again.

Those were the two scents you always associated with when you were around Dabi. He always smelled like a spicy and musky dark honey. Or how Bakugou simply described it as, “burnt chocolate.” A tender smile formed on your lips as you whispered, “I met an old friend along the way, and under different circumstances I think you would’ve liked him too.”

You made a deal with conditions with the devil himself. It took only three seconds for Bakugou to lose his sight, and now you were given only three days to spend with him. Though by the time his sight would return and he opened his eyes, you wouldn’t be there anymore.


Chapter Text

Now that Bakugou was well enough to be left home alone and not be under your hawk-like supervision, your life as a pro hero commenced once more. But that didn’t mean he was going to spend the entire day as a potato, with nothing and no one to keep him occupied-to which he completely turned down your offer of suggesting that Mahiro could come over and keep him company-when you were out working.

You wanted things to seem as normal as possible and after a few hours of sleep that morning, you dropped Bakugou off at the nearest training center where he would meet the alum boys of class 1-A for a workout and, “friendly” sparring. He claimed that if he kept himself cooped up in the house too long, that he would lose his ranking of the number two pro hero, which would mean that he would forever be second to the current number one pro hero Deku.


Bakugou closed the car behind him slinging his duffel bag over his shoulder, as he turned around to lean against the door with the window rolled down, “You have everything right?”

“Yeah, we went over this twice already. What am I still a kid or something?” You wanted to answer with a definite yes to this grown man who would still forget that his keys were in his back pocket, after he thought he locked himself out of the house and was about to blow the door down.

You leaned over the passenger seat to pull him into a brief kiss before parting your lips, “Just making sure you didn’t forget your deodorant. You remember the last time you borrowed Ojiro’s and found out the hair stuck all over it was from him using it on his tail instead of his armpits?” You both shivered at the thought and remembered how Bakugou scrubbed his pits raw in the shower for an hour, thinking tails would grow out of them if he didn’t scrub hard enough, as soon as he got home.

“I definitely didn’t forget this time,” Bakugou replied as he pulled you in for another kiss. He tasted faintly of the sweet caramel syrup from the pancakes you both had for breakfast.

“Hey lover boy, come on! We don’t have all day!” Kaminari hollered from within the male group of heroes waiting for him at the entrance of the training center.

Bakugou growled, turning around with his glowing hands, “Keep it up sparky! I’ll blow your ass in half, you damn wannabe Pikachu!” Denki shut his mouth immediately not daring to call Bakugou’s bluff, as the rest laughed and reassured him that Bakugou was only joking for the most part, maybe.

You laughed, “Promise me you won’t release all your pent up anger on your friends and blow the whole training grounds down? The last thing I need is Aizawa nagging me how he only agreed to this because I baked him those cat-shaped cupcakes for his birthday.” You remembered how you made a dozen vanilla cupcakes with different flavored frosting for each one, to celebrate the birthday of your former mentor. You made it even more special by adding adorable cats that you shaped with fondant, posing in different positions and with emotions cutely iced on with frosting.

You never forgot the surprised look on Aizawa’s face and how he threatened to use his scarf on anyone who got too close to his birthday gift.

“Fine, but only because you packed my favorite bento” Bakugou muttered. You added his favorite spicy stir-fried pork along with a few others of his favorite side dishes.

You ruffled his hair lovingly, “Love you.”

“I love you too,” Bakugou pecked your lips before turning around to join his friends for a much-needed day with the boys. You looked at his fleeting back with the reassurance that he would have people to look out for him once you were gone, and the growing sadness of how you wouldn’t be able to see his comforting broad back anymore.

You sniffled as you regained your composure, “Thanks guys! I’ll be back later this afternoon to pick him up!” You waved with a smile.

“Bye (Y/N)!”

“Don’t worry; I’ll let him win a couple rounds!”

“We’ll make sure he doesn’t miss his ride home!”

You laughed hearing the sound of Bakugou firing his quirk as he chased after the jokesters as you drove off.


Those at Fat Gum’s agency-minus Kirishima since he requested the day off to spend with his best friend Bakugou-which left Fat Gum and Tamaki, as they happily welcomed you back.

Fat Gum gave you one of his signature big hugs that swayed you left and right, “We’re so glad to have you back (Y/N)!”

“It’s good to be back sir!” You spoke joyfully and as clearly as you could while being muffled into his plushy body. He sat you back down as you patted down your hair.

“Poor Tamaki here was so lonely when you were gone!” Fat Gum frowned but whispered into your ear, “I think it’s because you’re the only one that will eat his seafood udon.” You chuckled at your boss that cringed at the amount of clams that Amajiki put into his special seafood udon, which made the broth almost as salty as the sea it came from.

Amajiki blushed a vivid red, “I-I w-was not!” He looked away clearly embarrassed with being put on the spot.

“It’s nice to see you too Amajiki,” You patted his shoulder. You gave him a bright smile before taking your seat between him and Fat Gum.

There was still some time before the three of you would have to head out for patrol, so you spent the time answering their questions on how you were doing and Bakugou’s current condition, as you all snacked on the fresh takoyaki Amajiki had made this morning. You went over the details from the very beginning to where you were both now-leaving out the part how you now had a little more than two days left to spend with Bakugou before you died. They both sat in solemn silence, listening as you recalled the painful memories one by one.

You looked down to your fiddling fingers with a pain that couldn’t be voiced, “I’m just glad that he’s alive. I know it must be difficult for him to go from being the number two hero, to now having to relearn everything in the blink of an eye.”

Fat Gum placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder as you looked up, “It’ll take time (Y/N). But as long as the both of you stick with each other (gum pun XP), I’m sure brighter days with come.” Your boss’ attitude was always as positive as the yellow of his hero costume. “When things get tough, just remember that you can always come to us. Right Tamaki?”

Amajiki timidly pushed the bento containing his last takoyaki as a way of telling you, “You can count on me.”

You smiled at the octopus-filled ball of dough offering, containing his answer, “Thanks Amaijki, I can always count on you too.” You popped it into your mouth and swallowed it along with your sprouting loneliness.


“Ughhh, I’m beat!” Bakugou huffed as he collapsed onto the floor of the changing room, located in the corner near the entrance once you exited off the grounds of the training center. The rest were drenched in sweat, panting as they followed in tow.

“I told you to go easy on the last target man. Your AP Shot even scared Dark Shadow back into Tokoyami’s body,” Kirishima tossed a cold water bottle to Bakugou, taking the seat next to him on the floor as he pointed back to a teary-eyed Dark Shadow being comforted by Tokoyami.

All the blood, sweat and tears Bakugou put into becoming a hero was still engraved into every fiber of his body. He would make this work, even without his sense of vision.

Bakugou snickered, “It’s not my fault that damn bird pisses in his pants every time he’s around light.” It was a weakness he made sure to monopolize since learning of it from the time they were attacked by villains back at the beast forest, during their Summer training camp as first years at U.A.

Todoroki took a seat on the bench, “You really went all-out today Bakugou. I’m surprised you didn’t blow a crater into the ground this time” as he wiped the sweat off his face with the towel draped around the back of his neck.

“I’ll make sure to blow your head off the next time ichyhot!” Bakugou yelled as he jerked himself up, earning a reflexed “Whatever,” from a disinterested Todoroki.

“You should take it easy Bakugou. It won’t do you any good to force your body back into shape in such a short period of time.” Iida spoke with genuine concern as he removed his helmet to put back into his bag.

Sato pulled out a soufflé that he had cut into equal pieces to share with everyone, “Here, you should eat this.” He placed it into Bakugou’s hand, “They say it’s good to put food back into your body after a hard work out.”

Bakugou skeptically took a sniff of the fluffy dessert, “I can already tell this is gonna rot my teeth.” The guys around him smiled at the familiar scene as Bakugou took a big bite of the cake, finishing it in an instant and then proceeding to ask for seconds.

His friends new better than to ask how he was doing with how the news of his last battle with the villain that left him now blind, was broadcasted on every news station in Tokyo as soon as it had happened. They knew that Bakugou didn’t need a dreadful reminder of the past. 

“How’s (Y/N) doing Kaachan?” Midoriya, or better known as “Deku” the current number one pro hero, asked as he changed into his normal wear. He didn’t want to miss spending time with his friend/rival after being in a tragic attack/accident, and was able to take a personal day off from his busy schedule.

“Huh?” Bakugou gruffed in irritation; either from being denied his third slice of Sato’s soufflé or because Midoriya was asking another Midoriya-like question.

Sato handed Midoriya a piece of his delectable creation, “It’s just that she must also be trying her best to keep it all together and that’s no easy task,” Midoriya voiced in earnest as he gulped down a bite.

“Yeah, I agree with Midoriya. No one person can take that kind of emotional toll all alone without having someone there to console them through the situation,” Ojiro added.

Truth is Bakugou knew you were the type to keep everything inside, no matter how difficult a time you were having. You would take the load of someone else’s burden off their shoulders, even if it would in turn make you suffer.

He knew that you must’ve spent the days and night’s from when he was hospitalized, crying your eyes red as he laid there unconscious, and even when he was awake and you thought he couldn’t hear you sobbing in the corner. He knew that you weren’t taking proper care of yourself when he could feel your ribs become more apparent by the day, when he held onto your waist as you guided him around the hospital grounds.

And even when the both of you returned home, he knew you were trying your best to treat him as normal as possible, and not as someone with a disability.  Bakugou knew that something was bothering you after your trip back from the grocery store that night and from earlier this morning.

He could be patient until you were ready to tell him yourself. But the question was would you ever tell him, if he never cared to asked?


Your shift at the agency finished without a hitch as you greeted everyone goodbye. You exhaled the sigh you kept in all day and exited the building. It strained you to wear a mask that was impeccable to others when you were withering way on the inside.

It was exactly five p.m when you arrived to the training center to pick up Bakugou. He was quiet when he entered into the car and as you waved goodbye to all the boys from class 1-A. He would usually be going off about the boys he beat and the ones he would make sure to pummel the next time, but as you glanced at him every now and again, he was instead fast asleep in the passenger’s seat during the drive home.

You figured he must’ve worn himself out when he only spoke a few words during dinner and after the two of you showered. The living room was illuminated with a woodsy crackling candle, as Bakugou sat leaned up against the arm and back of the sofa, with you laid in his lap and a cozy blanket draped over you two.

With Christmas being a little more than two weeks away, the two of you spent the night cuddled in silence on the sofa, watching Christmas specials like Snoopy and Bakugou’s personal favorite, The Grinch.

As the movie continued to play, “You seem off lately” Bakugou suddenly spoke with his face still towards the TV. “Did something happen to you while you were out recently?” Bakugou tried his best to broach the subject carefully so you wouldn’t recoil back into your shell.

The comforting sound of the candle and the warmth emanating from Bakugou, made it harder to keep your eyes open. Your eyelids felt heavier as you responded in a sleepy monotone, [Yawns] “Nope, I just ran into an old friend is all.”

Bakugou gently patted the side of your hair, something he knew that would always put you at ease, “Both times?”

“Hmm…yeah…” Your eyes could barely creak themselves open, with how Bakugou was easily lulling you to sleep.

He turned his head away from the TV and down towards your figure that snuggled closer to him as the movement of his hand slowed, “Is it someone I know?”

“No…you don’t…know…him,” his hand paused in place.

You came back sounding sad the night you came home soaked in rain, and left in the middle of the night to come back the next morning smelling like a different man’s cologne.

The words that Midoriya and Ojiro spoke earlier at the training center kept replaying in his head the entire time, “It’s just that she must also be trying her best to keep it all together and that’s no easy task.”


“Yeah, I agree with Midoriya. No one person can take that kind of emotional toll all alone without having someone there to console them through the situation.”


You were both fourteen when you entered U.A and have since been a couple during your second years. With the both of you now being 25, your 11th year anniversary was approaching with the New Year.

You were the only one in Bakugou’s heart; you were his first crush, his first kiss, his first time and his first love. And he wanted things to continue that way until the very end.

So he always made sure to not only voice his love for you in words but also made the extra effort to show his passion through his actions. And if you didn’t like any of it, he was sure you would tell him or so he thought. 

You turned over in your sleep to face towards him as your head nuzzled against his stomach. Bakugou could reach his hand out to touch you and physically feel the steady rise and fall of your shoulders, and hear the sound of your faint snoring. Your scent filled his senses and he could still taste your lips from the kisses you both shared in the morning.

Though his eyes now lacked the sight to see it, his heart was able to feel yours slowly grow more and more distant from his by the day.

Why was so much doubt suddenly clouding his mind?


Chapter Text

You thought you were dreaming when you could smell the wafting aroma of delicious food and hear the sizzling of a pan, before your (Bakugou’s) limited-edition All Might alarm sounded with a repetitive, “Wake-up! Because I am-HERE! Wake-up! Because I am-HERE!”

“Mmmf,” you groaned as you rolled over from your stomach and onto your side. With your eyes still very much closed, you reached your hand out towards the edge of the bed and up onto the nightstand where the heroic alarm was placed proudly, attempting to press the “OFF” button on its golden-yellow head.

When you finally succeeded in silencing the blaring contraption, you flopped in the opposite direction and back onto your stomach, hoping to snuggle next to Bakugou for a few minutes longer. You were immediately met with his scent, but when was his body this soft? You reluctantly opened your eyes and sadly realized it was instead his plush pillow, you were holding so closely.

You dug your face further into his pillow and inhaled deeply. With only less than two days left to spend with Bakugou on this Earth, you wished that if you breathed in his scent enough, that it would blossom like flowers in your lungs; so whenever you wanted to, you could take a breath and be enveloped with his essence again.

And as much as you wanted time to still, your eyes surfaced from the cushiony cloud to the time reading, 7:00 A.M in bright big and red digital numbers. You had a little more than an hour before you would have to head out for work, and sighed as you arose stiffly.

You made your way down the hall, and rubbed your eyes to do a double take. They rounded in surprise when you saw not only Bakugou’s tall and toned figure standing there with an apron tied around his waist, but that he was also cooking breakfast?

 He turned his head when he could hear your footsteps approaching and slowing to stand next to him. One hand was busy with a spatula that scrambled perfectly fluffy eggs, while the other traced up your arm to find your face and plant a kiss in the middle of your forehead.

You were never a morning person, but waking up to Bakugou was the only reason you were glad to be alive another day.

“Morning,” he muttered huskily before breaking contact.

“Morning, when-how did you prepare all of this?” You took a second to turn around and admire the dining table filled with all sorts of breakfast staples, along with fresh fruit; then back to the man who was void of all sight, but made cooking look like it was as easy as breathing.

Bakugou chuckled, “You’re cute when you dismiss the obvious. I don’t need to see to know that I’m the better cook. Food involves all your senses, not just your sight.”

“Hey!” You playfully punched his arm, “I’m a damn good cook! I didn’t hear any complaints from your butt when you always scraped the plate clean, mister-I-need-all-my-food-to-be-wicked-spicy-or-I-won’t-eat-it-ass.” You defended, while puffing your cheeks out. Bakugou patted the top of your head in a, “It’s okay to not be good at everything” fashion, while he let out a chortle shaking his head from side to side.

You dropped your bluff as you continued to watch in awe. While standing to your toes, you clung onto the sleeve of his shirt to peck the side of his cheek, “You’re amazing Katsuki, how did I get so lucky?” Your smile softened at the creeping sadness of not being able to experience the normal things like this with Bakugou much longer.

His ears blushed with a faint red with your praise, as you descended back onto the soles of your feet and hugged his side like a koala to a sturdy tree.

“Keep being adorable and I won’t hesitate to take you on this counter.”

Your cheeks burned when you looked at the marble counter and were reminded of all the times Bakugou made love to you while you were leaned against it, bent over it, on top of it with your legs spread open, on the kitchen floor, on the table-you get the point.

He smirked when he could feel the sudden rise in your temperature and let out a gentle laugh as he plated the eggs, “Go sit down, I’m almost done here.”

You didn’t hesitate to quickly oblige as you nodded with embarrassment against his arm, and walked towards the table with your legs crossed onto the wooden chair waiting for him to join you.

Your eyes sparkled, your mouth watered and the wires to your brain were in tangles; all the deliciously plated food were calling your name at the same time.

The things like the playful banter you exchanged as you fed each other, brushing your teeth together, him undressing you every time you put something on so you would want to stay home with him all day instead of going to work, were all the things you had grown so accustomed to in your daily lives.

You caught yourself struggling to not just break down and cry in the midst of it all, knowing that this will all cease to continue with the only person you’ve ever loved. No, it was more like your heart shattered every time you glued a piece back into its place.

After filling your stomachs with a tasty breakfast and getting ready, you both now stood at the doorway with a pouting Bakugou.

He held you against his chest with his arms wrapped firmly around your waist, and his face buried into your hair, “Can’t you just stay home today?” It was more of a plea than a question.

You smiled at his child-like request; having suddenly been reminded of the phase when Bakugou would behave like a lost puppy whenever the two of you had to separate for your hero internships the entire day, and wouldn’t see each other until the next few days.

You kept your fingers interlaced behind his neck when you pulled away briefly and leaned forward into something of an eskimo kiss, “I’ll do my best to finish on time, and when I get home, we can spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want okay?”

Bakugou nuzzled the tip of his nose against yours as it trailed to your cheek and down your neck, “You promise to come straight home right after?” He meant it more in a way to reassure himself, and stop feeling so insecure; he spoke in between kissing your jaw and suckling your earlobe. You noticed that Bakugou was being extra affectionate today.

“I-mmh-promise,” you moaned as his hand groped your clothed breast as it made its way to unbuttoning the top two buttons of your blouse.

Your fingers unlaced to gently claw the soft hair at the back of his head, “And we’ll do whatever I want?” His other hand kneaded your ass as it moved downwards to hike up your pencil skirt, his fingertips grazing the skin covered by your black stockings.

You moaned, “Yes-Katsuki” before you opened your eyes to peek down at your watch.

“Crap! I’m going to be late!” You exclaimed and hurriedly pushed away from Bakugou as you pulled the hem of your skirt down, re-buttoned your blouse and smoothed down your hair.

You left a quick kiss to his lips, “I love you!” as you pulled on your shiny heels, “See you later!” You grabbed the case containing your hero costume and waved as you bolted out the door.

Bakugou stood there emptily as the door shut, “Love you too” he sighed. In actuality, his thoughts kept him up all night and before he knew it, he found himself becoming needier. He hated this feeling. He was always so sure of himself and confident in the solid foundation of your relationship, but it was the fact you didn’t come running to confide in him with your troubles that he so easily sensed, that his mind and heart started to waver.

“What am I some love-sick puppy? Ugh, she’s gonna think I’m so lame!” He palmed a hand over his face and grunted aloud, before he felt something tenting under the zipper of his pants, “Damn it (Y/N)” he faced downwards and groaned.

Bakugou unzipped his pants as he moved to sit on the sofa, letting his erection spring free. “Looks like it’s just you and me junior” he sighed. For now, his hand would have to keep him company until you came home.


You bolted through the doors of your agency out of breath, only to find your boss Fat Gum inside of the office. “(Y/N), is that you?” He had to turn his head down to the side to look up, because he couldn’t tell if it was you or a tornado that stopped to catch its breath with their hands on their knees, from the way you flew in.

You looked at him sheepishly, “Yes sir, sorry for running in like that. I left the house a little later than usual and got stuck in traffic along the way.” You couldn’t possibly tell your superior that you were almost late because you almost ended up fucking your boyfriend before you came to work.

However, you caught your breath and looked around to see the office empty. “Sir, where is everyone?” You looked down at your watch and to the clock on the wall that promptly read with the time that everyone was supposed to be here by.

He sat at his desk straightening a stack of papers, “Ah, with the crime rate usually being low during the holiday season, I sent everyone else home. Myself, and a group of other pro heroes, can take care of things if something were to come up. You young kids should spend this time of the year with your friends and family,” Fat Gum explained with a jolly grin on his round face.

You looked at him feeling bad that he would be left to work here all alone, “Are you sure it’s alright sir?”

He stood up to place a reassuring hand on your shoulder, “You’ve worked hard this year (Y/N), especially with everything that’s happened,” you gave him a knowing and weak smile.

Fat Gum spun you around towards the door, “Now go home and spend time with Bakugou. I’ll see you in the New Year!”

You were out of the door faster than you came in, “Thank you sir! Don’t work too hard and enjoy your holiday!” You said happily, as you bowed. The door closed as you turned around to face the day with plenty of time to spare.

You were somewhat glad and relieved that you could spend your final days with your complete attention focused all on Bakugou, but also sad that you wouldn’t be able to see your hero friends anymore. Every pro hero agency was more than just a place of work; it was more in a sense like a family that had formed unbreakable bonds.

You entered into your car as you drove back home, and with each red stoplight, you were reminded of all the friends and acquaintances you had made. It ranged from those in the hero course, general studies, those in the management department and the support course. Before Bakugou’s incident, you would even meet up with those from other agencies that you had met when having to work together at a crime scene, every now and again; including some of those from your previous internships and other schools that you became familiar with, while getting your provisional hero’s license.

Never in your wildest dreams, did you think you would someday become a hero and be surrounded with such wonderful people.

You shut the car door behind you and walked onto the cemented path of your home, and looked up towards the sky. Now that you were standing on your own as a pro hero, saving Bakugou would be your final mission.


Chapter Text

It was a busy time for the shops in Japan as they prepared for the end of the year festivities. Friends, families, couples and singles, all took to the decorated shopping district of Tokyo, stopping to look into the brightly lit storefront windows filled with all sorts of gift ideas for your loved one.

Both you and Bakugou dressed warmly for the cold Winter, walking arm in arm down the snowy evening pavements, as chattering groups of people bustled throughout the glowing streets. You shifted your gaze upwards to a grumpy looking Bakugou, “I thought you hated shopping more than you hated crowds” your puffs of breath visible as you chuckled.

“Don’t remind me.” He muttered against the thickly woven scarf you bundled snugly around his neck as you closely held onto his arm. Meanwhile, his other gloved hand scanned the icy ground in front of him with a thin white pole that swayed with the movement of a pendulum for any oncoming obstructions.

It was your first outing where Bakugou used his white cane to guide him within the constant moving crowds. After the last incident where the loudmouthed man blew chunks due to you almost spit-roasting him alive, you both sat down and had a long honest talk.

Bakugou admitted that whenever you and his pride were threatened, all logic and ration was immediately thrown out the window, causing everything to turn into a vivid red.

Moreover, you and your wellbeing would always come first to him; so instead of losing his cool when someone would unapologetically bump into him, Bakugou figured it was best to just go ahead and whack any pair of feet in front of him, before they got the chance to come in too close. Also because, the last thing you needed was to see Bakugou on the eight o’clock news laughing like a lunatic, after beheading an innocent fire hydrant.

Though you were surprised when you arrived home, much earlier than usual today and Bakugou suggested the both of you to visit the area. He confessed it was something he silently missed tagging along with unlike before, when he insisted on staying home preferring to not be packed in with some random strangers like a smelly can of sardines; leaving you to go with your group of friends to do some holiday shopping.

“This is nice Katsuki” you replied sweetly, looking on in excitement. The aroma of freshly baked spiced gingerbread, steaming cups of rich hot chocolate and nutty brewed coffee from the busy cafes/bakeries, only added to the warm and fuzzy feeling you could only get during the season.

“Truth is I wanted to be with you the most whenever I visited this side of the town. Remember how we used to run here in the freezing cold right after school, just so we could eat those chocolate chip shaped hero cookies and drink hot cocoa with loads of whip cream on top?”

Bakugou’s previous frown relaxed into a pleasant smile, “Yeah, I do” as he could still clearly recall the two of you getting the same All Might baked treats, and making sound effects as the both of you each bit into a different “limb” of the hero.

You giddily conjured up another fond memory, “Do you remember how you got whip cream all over your face when you tried drinking the hot chocolate without a spoon? The store owner thought you were a mini yeti that got lost and walked into his store.” You let out an affectionate laugh recalling just how adorable Bakugou looked with his still spikey ash-blond hair, and his scarlet eyes blinking through all the whipped cream.

[Cough] “I don’t remember that ever happening,” Bakugou embarrassingly denied with a growing blush on his cheeks, which was clearly not from the outdoor temperatures dipping.

Once through the crowded upper portion of the neighborhood made to look like it was sparkling and twinkling everywhere you looked, the two of you walked into the area dedicated to selling Christmas trees. The fragrant scent of fresh, sweet and refreshing pine lingered in the frosty air, as soon as you walked into the tent.

Holding hands, you both browsed through the densely packed section of White Firs that were covered with fresh snow, when you came across a table selling snow globes. There were your traditional ones made to look like it was snowing on the inside when you turned it upside down, and ones that would play music when you winded the silver key on the bottom.

However, in the middle of table sat a snow globe that was completely black with swirling patterns, all embellished with glittering gold paint.

Nearby stood a short and elderly woman with her hands crossed behind her back, admiring a tree strung with fairy lights when she could hear the sound its weighted base being lifted off the wooden table.

You couldn’t see a thing to what was inside the glass no matter how you angled it up to the well-lit lamps hung above you in the tent.

“That one is a specially made snow globe,” you looked up from the dark dome. The old woman with her back faced towards you kindly began, “Only two of them were made this year, and you’re holding the last one.” She turned around to reveal herself with a familiar smile.

“Rina! What are you doing here?” You were startled to see the woman that was not only Recovery Girl’s older sister but also the head nurse of the Deika City main hospital. She spent numerous days attending to Bakugou after he was rushed in from his fight with the villain that possessed a powerful telekinesis quirk. Which you later found out was a hitman personally hired by the Puppet Master himself, in hopes of luring you back to him.

Meanwhile Bakugou was standing behind you feeling the dense needles of a tree, when his ears perked up at the name of the woman that would take no nonsense from the young hero. He released his grasp on the branch as it sprung back into place.

“Rina? Who the Hell-oh, it’s that old bat back from the hospital. What’s a hag like you doing out here?” Bakugou smirked, joining you at your side.

You internally face palmed yourself, whispering to him earnestly from the corner of your mouth, “Katsuki!” as you fiercely nudged his ribs with your elbow. He definitely forgot how Rina beat him like a piñata back at the hospital, when he rambled on without a filter and how she wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

You gulped when you could see Rina seething, her pale complexion burning violet. You swore you could hear the sounds of her ears whistling like a steam train, with smoke shooting out of them. You sighed. Of course, with your boyfriend being the why-quit-now-when-I-can-keep-going Bakugou, he just kept this train rolling.

Bakugou snickered, “Shouldn’t you be at home knitting a scarf for your damn cat or something?” This was it, Rina was going to be the one to end him first and repaint all these white trees with his signature hero colors of orange and green.

‘He brought this on himself.’ You thought as you turned away, not being able to bare seeing the homicide that was about to take place.

You shut your eyes and covered your ears, ‘Here it comes-‘You waited for what felt like forever but it was actually only ten seconds. You heard clattering off to the side, followed by complete silence.

You slowly turned your head around and dared to peek with one eye squinting open towards the scene of the crime, “Katsuki?” You turned all the way around and took a deep breath, opening both eyes. What you saw was completely different from what you were expecting to be left after Rina was done with him.

There stood Bakugou, tied to the metal prop made to look like the North Pole with his hands bound behind the pole and his feet tied together with candy cane-striped ribbons; all while wearing an antler headband and a round blinking red light attached to his nose, resembling that of Rudolph’s.

You tried your hardest to hold it in, but it was no use. The sight was just too priceless, “Pffttt…Bwahahahahahaha!”

Bakugou was steaming through his antlers as he roared, “I’ll get you for this you damn-“ Rina took a huge peppermint flavored jawbreaker the size of a billiard ball, and leaped off the ground, stuffing it into Bakugou’s mouth.

She let out a satisfied smile, “Hmph! Suck on that kiddo!” as she dusted her hands off of the confectioner’s sugar it was dusted with. You slid Rina a low high-five when she walked back towards you, making sure Bakugou couldn’t hear the sound of your palms slapping together in her obvious victory.

It had been a long while since you laughed until you cried. Your sides were hurting in pure joy as you wiped the corner of your eye with the last of your giggles, “Ahh that was too funny Rina.” You could hear the string of curses coming from Bakugou’s muffled mouth around the pin-striped solid ball of pure sugar.

“That boy’s language is fouler than 10 truck drivers put together. I can only hope his children don’t take after their father’s temper,” Rina let you know of her desperate prayers as she shook her head side to side.

“What brings you here Rina? Aren’t you busy at the hospital?”

“I’ve been retired for a while now dearie. I still carry the title of head nurse until they find someone to take my place,” you nodded your head along.

“I come here to look at all the beautiful trees and help hand out sweets to the people that take them home.” She offered you from the bowl containing an assortment of candies, and taking a butterscotch candy for herself.

You happily obliged, “Thank you” as you unwrapped the cellophane wrapped peppermint with a soft chocolate on the inside, “That’s sweet of you to volunteer your time Rina.” You followed her back to eight foot tall Douglas fir, she was admiring earlier. It was strung with golden/warm lights and hung simply with gold and white ornaments.

You stood staring wonderingly at the tree before remembering the curious object from before, “Rina, about that snow globe.”

“Ah yes, bring it here dearie.” Rina requested, without taking her eyes off the warming sight before her.

“Press the button and try winding the key at the bottom.”

You first pressed the protruding button underneath, and almost immediately, the surface of the pitch-black glass faded, and brightened with an ethereal white light.

Inside the dome was falling snow, with two small children-like rabbits wearing ice skates. One appeared to be a boy wearing a blue and grey striped scarf and a pair of brown ice skates. But most noticeably, were the pair of dazzling blue eyes that sparkled like two stones made of turquoise.

The other standing a distance apart from it, was a girl rabbit with a pink and white striped scarf, with the same brown skates, and a pair of eyes that looked exactly like y/e/c (your eye color).

Then, you wound the gold painted key as far as it would turn. As the key slowly unwounded, the melody of a lullaby tuned to sound like a music box softly played, as the two rabbits that stood apart, began to skate separately around the small frozen pond in circles.

The LED light blinked once, changing the background inside to look like a night sky with a shade of midnight, adorned with an illuminating crescent moon and twinkling stars.

When the gears slowed to its last few cranks, the melody slowed and the two rabbits skated to the middle of the pond to meet one another and lean forward as if they were kissing, while the boy’s paw reached out to hold her paw. It finished when the light dimmed and the globe turned black.

“He always did love this time of the year” Rina gently spoke, bringing you out of the wonderland you held in your hands; and while watching the scene inside made you feel warmth and happiness, it also made your heart feel somewhat sad.

“I’m sorry Rina, whom are you referring to?”

“My husband was an ordinary craftsman born without a quirk. He could carve everything imaginable out of a block of wood. Whether it was a cuckoo clock, a dining table with chairs, or even a toy train, he could bring to life whatever your heart desired. It was love at first sight.” You looked onto Rina who spoke with sorrow in her voice.

“We would come here every year, standing in this very spot. Sadly, while I waited for him here one night as he was closing the shop for the night, a fire broke out. The flames trapped him inside, and he died along with it.”

You unknowingly held the snow globe closer to your chest, as you felt your heart ache at her tragic story, “I’m so sorry Rina.”

“Being surrounded by all these warm lights, gives me a sense of hope and makes me feel like he’s still standing here next to me.” You smiled warmheartedly, at the woman that honored her deceased husband’s favorite memory of the two of them, at the place that brought them so much joy and most of all, peace.

You looked down to the snow globe you still held carefully in her hands, “Rina, when you said two of these were made, do you know who bought the first one?”

“He was quite the looker,” her voice chirped “and what a charming young man.” That wasn’t much to go on, there were a lot of good-looking and charming people wherever you went nowadays.

“What a splendid hobby that boy has. He made all of these himself in the spare time he had. Also, he mentioned that someone might come here to buy its partner and asked to remain anonymous if anyone should ask.” You found it odd that someone wouldn’t want anyone else to know the name of the artist that created these pieces of art.

It was wistful how the two rabbits lived separated in darkness, until someone turned the key from the outside so they could finally find each other in the light.

Rina turned from her spot with a gentle expression, motioning you to bend down to meet her height. She cupped her hand over your ear, “The most noticeable thing about him were his eyes. They matched those of the rabbit boy inside the snow globe.”

Your heart stopped and you would’ve dropped the fragile glass had it not been for Rina holding onto your hands. There was only one person in this world that you knew that had the same piercing eyes.

Your voice was almost inaudible except to Rina, “Dabi…” Tears were beginning to well in your eyes and your brain couldn’t make sense of the thoughts running in your mind at a 100 mph.

“My ass is freezing over here, are you two done yet?” Bakugou interrupted, not enjoying how he was being left out of the conversation as if he wasn’t already there.

Rina patted your shoulder with an encouraging grin and gave you a brief nod as you stood back up. You sucked in a stuttering breath and cleared your throat, heading over to untie Bakugou.

You could hear him crunching down violently on the jawbreaker, “Katsuki, I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to bite down on those things.”

“The next time I see that hag, I’m gonna blow her ass to Mars,” he promised with a vengeance.

“I heard that!” You chuckled while taking off Bakugou’s reindeer headband and the red blinking, ‘nose so bright.’

Rina buttoned up her coat and walked over with her cane, “Well, I best be off now. This old body knows when it’s bedtime.” Bakugou snorted a laugh while rubbing his tired wrists.

“Did you need us to call a taxi for you Rina?”

“No need for the trouble dearie, I can get back by myself. I’ve taken quite the liking to evening strolls while looking at the sky.” She held out a small Christmas themed gift bag, containing the magical snow globe; inside a white box neatly tied with a red felt ribbon, along with a handful of candies inside.

“Oh no Rina, I couldn’t” you quickly waved your hands in front of you.

“It was made with you in mind (Y/N). You wouldn’t deny a gift from a frail old woman would you?” Rina cornered you with no other choice and a knowing smile, as she held out the bag.

“What is it?” Bakugou held your waist with one arm and tried to feel for what was inside with the other.

Rina slapped his hand with her cane, “None of your business!”

“Ow! You-“ You continued the slap fest with slapping your hand over Bakugou’s mouth before he would be the one sent flying to Mars.

You gave her a, ‘I know, he’s helpless’ smile. “Thank you Rina,” you held onto the braided handles with both hands and bowed, Rina journeying home for the night.

You straightened your back and wrapped your arms around Bakugou’s waist. You burrowed your face into his plush jacket as he wrapped his arms around you.

He could hear you sniffling “Are you crying?” He tried to pry your face off so he could feel for the tears wetting your cheeks, but you only nuzzled yourself closer against his chest.

“I’m just so happy that we could come here together,” you mumbled in between your sobs.

Bakugou pulled you closer and kissed the top of your head, “Me too.” You clung onto him like a child afraid of being left alone in the dark. Except, it was indeed the inevitable fate you would have to face, with only one more day remaining.

Before the both of you left to return home, you approached a female volunteer wearing a Santa hat, and handing out candy canes near the entrance/exit side of the tent. “Excuse me, do you know if Rina will be returning here tomorrow?”

“I’m sorry, who?” She looked at you clearly confused.

“She’s about this tall,” you motioned to your hip where Rina’s head would meet, “and elderly. She was over by that table selling snow globes,” You pointed back towards the thicket of decorated trees, “She was also passing out sweets to those that purchased a tree.”

The woman tilted her head unsure and turned around to the table behind her to look through the list of volunteers. She reached the last page of the clipboard and turned back around, “I’m sorry but there’s no one by the name of Rina.”

You looked to Bakugou and then out the flap of the tent towards the direction Rina had gone, only to find that she was nowhere in sight. You scratched the side of your head, “I could’ve sworn that was her back there.”


In the basement of an abandoned apartment, the sounds of a hammer tapping on wood and an automatic drill echoed throughout the room lit by a single lightbulb.

Inside sat a man at his workbench, with a wall filled with all sorts of snow globes neatly placed on the shelves behind him.

He sighed his tired figure into his crossed arms resting on the wooden table. His long fingers lifted the sturdy base; pressing the small button and winding its adjoining key, before placing it back down onto the table.

A familiar melody played as he stared into the particularly dark glass of his most recent creation with his turquoise eyes, “Merry Christmas (Y/N).”


Chapter Text

The same neighborhood that only just a few hours ago, was filled with lots of noise and people, now found itself quiet and mostly bare; sparing the few occasional roaming bodies here and there.

After a long night of basking in the pre-holiday atmosphere, both you and Bakugou braved the chilling winds heading in the direction of home. Along the pillowing sidewalks, you spotted the familiar warm golden-yellow glow of incandescent light bulbs, radiating from within the shop’s dessert showcase through the large window up ahead.

Your eyes brightened, “Yes! It’s still open!” swiftly dragging Bakugou by the arm with absolute delight. “Come on, let’s go inside!”

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “Huh? Wait a sec, what is?”

The small brass bell hung above the door having been worn with time, softly chimed as you entered into the confines of its toasty warmth. The fragrant scent of citrus and spiced hot apple cider mixed with sweet confectioneries enveloped you instantly.

The cheery and aged man with round framed glasses and a slightly balding head of delicate white hair, turned around from the sheet of cookies he had been piping,  “(Y/N), my, it’s good to see you again!” He happily greeted from behind the counter.

It was usual to find the 70-year-old shopkeeper being the last one to leave for the night, as he steadily prepared for the next day. He lifted up the flap of the counter and dusted off his hands on his black apron to give you a big hug.

You smiled, “It’s good to see you too Mr. Hano.” You embraced the slightly taller and fragile elder that smelled of cinnamon and sugar cookies. He would dress regularly and quite spiffy, in a long-sleeved white buttoned-up shirt, black slacks with matching work shoes and a different color/patterned bow tie for each day of the week.

He pulled away to take a good look at you, “It’s been ages since I’ve last seen you in person and not on TV fighting some evil doer. But you’re still not too old for this attack!” He launched forward to playfully squish your cheeks in an up and down motion while letting out a hearty laugh.

There was one thing with all the older folks you knew had shared in common. No one person’s cheeks were ever safe from their clutches.

Mr. Hano looked over your shoulder when he heard the clanking sound of a glass lid being lifted off from one of the many jars he had along his counter filled with all sorts of goodies, “And I see you’ve brought a friend along!” He grinned in amusement at the spiky-haired culprit.

You walked towards Bakugou, his arm elbow-deep in the large jar attempting to scoop out more marshmallows, “Katsuki!” His shoulders shot up to his ears as he slowly turned around with puffed-out squirrel cheeks; but instead of acorns, his mouth was filled with tasty airy clouds.

Mr. Hano took off his glasses to give them a good breath of hot air and squeaking them clean with his apron. He jutted his head forward and further widened his eyes “Why, isn’t that young Bakugou?” Mr. Hano voiced in a slightly saddened tone at the hero with a cloth wrapped over his now vision less eyes. He too, was shocked to read of the despairing report in his morning newspaper of Bakugou’s incident with the Deika City villain.  

He ruffled Bakugou’s hair, “Well I haven’t seen you since you were a small mountain beast covered with whipped cream, what a fine young man you’ve grown into!”

Bakugou let out a low growl, not liking how the shopkeeper still treated him like a little kid but stood still to let him have his fun.

Mr. Hano grinned happily “You’re still the same mischievous youngster after all these years,” you chuckled at the familiar sight. Even when you were younger, he never once reprimanded Bakugou for sneaking handfuls of treats off the spacious counter.

“What brings the both of you to my humble bakery?” He asked while already packing some single slices of cakes and other of his splendidly handcrafted desserts into a box for you to take home.

“I was wondering, but do you still make those hero cookies from when Bakugou and I were still kids Mr. Hano?” You looked along the long display filled with rows upon rows of just pastries alone.

“Ah, indeed I still do! Of course there’s a whole bunch of you young heroes that I’ve added along the way.” Mr. Hano returned to his workstation to pull out a metal sheet tray from the rack of cooled cookies that he’d meticulously piped with each hero and their costumes in full body to cookie ratio.

You looked at each of the baked creations in awe, “There’s the wing pro hero Hawks! And you even got the details of Katsuki’s storage tanks right Mr. Hano!” You noticed how the master baker was able to replicate the precise number of plates and textures of Bakugou’s grenade-like arm cannons.

Mr. Hano pointed to the cookie placed next to Bakugou’s, “You’re here too (Y/N).” You were painted with long flowing hair, a completely black hero costume skillfully made with weatherproof material sewn with faux leather under armor, a hooded cloak with a cascading tattered hem, and military-styled boots that reached up to your mid calves.

The design of your costume was more similar to that of an assassin than of a hero, as you were armed with a lethal quirk and scarily adept with concealing your presence within your surroundings.

The darkness you felt inside and the memories of your blood soiled past, only seem to be amplified whenever you would have to put it on to save and not kill. You didn’t feel you had earned the right to change it just yet it, until you atoned for those said sins.

You could hear someone calling out to you from what sounded like a far distance away outside of your thoughts, “(Y/N)?” Mr. Hano waved a hand in front of your face, looking at you closely with concern.

“Y-Yes?” you sluggishly replied.

“Are you alright?” He carefully looked back and forth to your darkened eyes and paled complexion, searching for what possibly could have suddenly gotten you down and lost so deep in thought.

You swiveled around on the stool stiffly to find that Bakugou was nowhere in sight. “Yes sorry, what were you saying Mr. Hano?”

“Bakugou was saying that he’d wait for you outside. He said the smell of sugar was giving him a headache.” Mr. Hano innocently chuckled, having filled up a green carton with the delicious hero designed cookies and placing the two hot chocolates with lots of whipped cream next to it.

“Thank you Mr. Hano,” you unzipped your purse and pulled out your wallet. “How much do I owe you for everything?” You held out enough money to cover all the treats plus the ones Bakugou previously inhaled.

The old shopkeeper respectfully declined, “There’s no need (Y/N). It was enough to see you two again after becoming such fine heroes” he tilted his head with a content smile, closing your hand around the bills.

“Are you sure it’s alright? It can’t be easy running a business with high quality goods at such an affordable price,” you expressed feeling burdened by his generosity; as you looked from his tired eyes, to his wrinkled skin, and arthritic hands from working tirelessly over the years.

But still, his smile didn’t falter. “Material things like money will always come and go, but the joy I see on people’s faces that genuinely enjoy the things I make, is irreplaceable.”

Mr. Hano put your hand over your heart, “All the emotions you’ve been made to feel in here (Y/N) can never be truly erased, no matter how happy and no matter how painful. Though remember; love, in all shapes and sizes, ‘is the most powerful force on Earth there is.’ Never forget this (Y/N),” he clasped your hand emphasizing every word.

Your heartbeat echoed in your eardrums, as you gathered all your things and hopped off the stool to give him one more hug.

Mr. Hano waved as you opened the door, “Take care of yourselves; I’ll see you soon (Y/N).”

You somberly returned his wave and bowed, “Goodbye Mr. Hano. Thank you again,” the door closing behind you.

What was supposed to be a peaceful walk home, turned into a snowball fight midway when you refused to give Bakugou his fourth hero cookie.

“Come on!” He called out from the other side of a random car he had used as his snow fort, while you held out an arm locked and loaded with another snowball you were ready to fire at any minute.

You safeguarded the still warm cookies snugly to your chest, “No! You already had three, plus all the candy you’ve been eating all night!” It was nearing midnight and Bakugou’s sugar-rush decided that now was the right time to kick in.

He leaned over the hood of the car begging, “Please?” That puppy pout of his was his arsenal’s deadliest weapon he saved to use on you and only you; in desperate measures such as this.

You met him in the middle, “You’re cute and since you asked nicely,” you grinned and moved in to peck his lips, “But the answer is still no.” You laughed at his fallen expression he had held up so high in awaited expectation, only to be met with a fluttering arrow straight through the heart.

You walked around to the other side of the car and laced your fingers through his, “Come on my sweets loving man, let’s go home.” You chuckled at his still pouting face and gave his hand a good yank before his feet would budge from the icy ground.

You made it to the front door of your home with the rest of the safely uneaten cookies, reaching for your keys from Bakugou’s pant pocket. You looked up from where you stood to the whip cream left on his upper lip, “Were you saving it for later?” You wiped your thumb across his lip, licking the delicious dessert topping off your finger as you opened the door.

The door slammed behind you. “Okay, playtime’s over.” Bakugou hastily spun you around by your arm, pulling you into a hungry kiss. “Do you know how hard you left me this morning (Y/N)? I wanted to make a mess of you on the floor and fill you up to the brim,” his already husky voice dropping an octave lower to a level of just pure seduction.

It was all too true. When you rushed out the door for work this morning, leaving him to stand there hard, he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands. Even as his neck became slick with sweat and his hand covered in his warm seed, his hand just wasn’t cutting it. Bakugou had to stop himself from using Mahiro as a GPS to your agency, busting down the doors, and fucking you on your work desk in front of all your fellow pro heroes.

He held the side of your face with one hand while the other traveled down to your lower back and groped your ass through your jeans. Your tongues swam heatedly in a hot swimming pool tasting of luscious chocolate, “Oh? Just how many times did you jerk off to me Katsuki? I saw your cum stains on the couch when I got home, did you think I wouldn’t notice?” You boldly teased the man that would soon make you eat every word in the form of his impressive cock.

Bakugou tugged on your bottom lip with his teeth, sucking it into his mouth. “You better take fucking responsibility,” he growled as you both stripped off your outer layer of winter clothes. The cumbersome fabric no longer needed to serve as protection from the harsh cold outside, when the growing arousal between your bodies were enough to start a wildfire just by rubbing against each other.

You walked him backwards with the connection between your lips still intact, “Oh don’t worry, I will.” You smirked as you pushed his chest, his body falling into a seated position on the couch. You crouched down and pushed his legs further apart; giving his bulge a firm squeeze through his pants and pushing yourself to your feet, with your hands leaning onto the tops of his thighs.

“I promise this’ll feel good,” you ghosted your lips on the outer shell of Bakugou’s ear, your voice sending shivers down his spine.

You returned onto your knees and unbuckled his belt, undoing his jeans as you pulled them down along with his boxers, with his erection standing proudly in front of you. Bakugou groaned as you trailed your fingertip up the base of his shaft to its pink head, quickly replacing your finger with the tip of your tongue to tease around the slit of his cock before dipping into it.

“Fuck-” Bakugou hissed; relaxing his head onto the top of the couch as you wrapped your fingers firmly around the base of his cock and slowly pumped up and down.

You sucked its sensitive head along with a few more strokes before letting your tongue taste the sides of his twitching cock and licking the underside of his soft balls. You suckled on each side, releasing the suction with a “pop.”

You returned to your previous destination as you took his length into your mouth, inch by inch, fondling his balls and bobbing your head up and down. Both his hands found their way to the back of your head, pushing his cock further into your warm mouth. His hips moved voluntarily just barely grazing the back of your throat, a heat of your own pulsating between your inner thighs.

“Fuck” Bakugou breathed in satisfaction, “your mouth feels so good wrapped around my cock.” You positioned your head right over his cock so he could move himself straight down your throat. Slick saliva covered his cock as you relaxed the back of your mouth and kept your breathing steady in through your nose.

He released his hold to let you up and smashing his lips against yours the moment you exhaled.

Bakugou stood up kicking off his pants and lifting you off the ground by the backs of your thighs, as you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms behind his neck.

You giggled against his lips when he kept bumping you two into the walls that led to the bedroom you both shared, wasting no time to lay you onto the plush mattress once he got there.

He kissed along your jawline and down your neck lovingly, groping your breast through your sweater and rubbing the length of your leg wrapped around his torso.

You pulled him closer, wanting to melt yourself into him as your fingers gently tugged at his short locks. His hands moved to push the hem of your sweater up, exposing the skin of your waist to the cold air, and soon off over your head. His nimble fingers easily undid the clasps of your bra, chucking it against the wall behind you. Each mound took turns being in his firm clutches as he took your perked nipples into his mouth.

His silky tongue swirled around each one, suckling each nub as he kneaded the other breast with his large hand, and rolling the nipple around under his thumb. His warm breath against your skin and his heated touches, were all you focused on and nothing else.

You wanted to brand his searing touches into every part of your body and hope they would form scars that would never go away.

Bakugou continued to move his ministrations downwards, removing your pants and underwear. With your knees bent on either side of him, Bakugou leaned onto his stomach and wrapped his hand around each thigh, taking his time to trail kisses to the inner sides as your caverns dampened.

Without warning, he dove his head in between your legs and sucked on your throbbing clit. You moaned in wanted pleasure, your neck craning backwards into the bed with your mouth hung ajar.

He licked between your folds, spelling out each letter of your names onto your clit with his wonderful tongue. Your back gradually arched off the bed as he crawled to hover above you and capturing your lips in another round of breathless kisses.

You lifted his face just a few centimeters away from you, “I want you Katsuki” the edges of your lips grazing his as you whispered. Down the defined bridge of his nose, to the sides of his cheeks, to the dip of his cupid ’s bow, down to his soft lips and strong jawline, your eyes swept themselves over every feature of his beautiful face you held tenderly in your hands.

Your fingers traced to the back of his head to untie the cloth that covered his eyes. Bakugou’s hand shot up to grip your wrist, “Don’t” your expression softening.

You could feel the muscles in his jaw tighten against the palms of your hands, with an unyielding sense of anguish and the unspoken embarrassment he felt. The only time you would see his eyes unveiled by sheen of cloth was in the shower. Bakugou always kept them hidden away all the other times especially whenever the two of you went outside.

But on the inside, he felt like his eyes became a visible weakness to the outside world and felt more vulnerable than he’s ever felt in his entire life. He wanted to remain strong in your eyes, even if it was just in the physical aspect; not some weakling that couldn’t protect the woman he loved.

Your other hand caressed the side of his face, “You don’t have to hide yourself from me Katsuki. I want to see all of you.”

He paused, and released your wrist along with the tension in his body as his fingers moved to untie the knot and letting the cloth fall from his face.

The skin around his eyes once littered with numerous stitches had completely healed without the faintest scar. Bakugou opened his eyes, revealing the glazed dull grey surface and faded irises with hazy black pupils.

Even without voicing his deepest concerns, you were aware of the aftershocks from his fight were more than just physical. It was affecting him in every other aspect with how he was slowly losing his fiery self-confidence, and his somber presence around you.

Bakugou no longer felt the fighting spirit of a pro that had risked his life repeatedly to save countless lives.

He felt like he was at a dead end.

It broke your heart to see his dreams and his identity to live as the hero “Ground Zero,” crumbling and slipping through his fingers despite how hard he tried.


“You just watch! I’m gonna be the number one hero!” Bakugou passionately vowed with sparkling eyes.

“But isn’t Deku the number one hero right now?” You tilted your head and couldn’t help but smile lovingly at your boyfriend.

“So? I’ll just be better than number one! I’ll be the best hero in the entire world!”

“I believe in you Katsuki Bakugou!” He picked you up and swung you around with your legs wrapped around him tightly, both of you as happy as can be.


‘I believe in you and I always will,’ the words and their meaning were forever engraved into you ever since.

You felt like death would be a small price to pay if it meant Bakugou could continue to live out his dream to the fullest.

He slowly entered you, and embraced you flush against his body as he made love to you. His hips would alternate between quick and shallow thrusts, followed by thrusts that were slow and deep. The friction from your bodies rubbing so close against each other only added to the tension coiling deep within your core.

Your faces dug into the crook of the other’s neck whispering, “I love you, I love you,” so many times over so the other would never forget.

Between the breaths, pants, moans and groans that resonated throughout the room, the kisses you exchanged were like breathing life into the other person.

Each high was met with the other right behind, as you moaned and shuddered, taking brief periods of respite before resuming with reignited passion.

It was a few hours later when you were both drained of every ounce of strength and energy left in your bodies. “I think my hips are broken.” Bakugou chuckled, his lungs heaving for more oxygen.

“That’s what you get for pushing yourself for five rounds.” Your bodies were dripping with sweat as you curled into Bakugou’s side, and resting your head on his chest with an arm draped over one another.

“It’s not my fault that are bodies were practically made for each other,” your cheeks blushed for nth time as you lightly smacked his chest. Trying to close your legs felt like trying to push two opposite sides of a magnet together, it just wasn’t happening.

You both laid in a moment’s silence. “What did that old hag give you back there?” Bakugou could only remember hearing the faintest tune of a familiar melody, from the snow globe you had learned was especially made for you by Dabi himself.

It was at the back of your mind until Bakugou brought it up. “Oh, it was just a regular snow globe she gave me, nothing special.” There was no way you could tell him the actual person it was from, or more like how it was from one of the men on the sworn side of his and every other pro hero’s adversaries.

You achingly and slowly rolled over to the edge of the bed, fishing it out from the bag and taking it out of the felt box. The previous scene played within the sphere as the soft music played.

“I knew I heard that melody from somewhere. It was a lullaby you used to hum when we were back at U.A.”


It was late in the afternoon with the bell signaling the end of classes having rung a couple of hours ago. The sun had already begun to set behind the hidden outdoor spot where you two would secretly spend alone with one another. You sat on the ground with your back leaned against the wall and Bakugou’s head lying in your lap.

His forearm was draped across his face as you played with the ends of his hair, “Sing me that song again.”

“Don’t you ever get tired of hearing it?” You chuckled. He would make you hum the soothing lullaby like a record stuck on replay even long after he was fast asleep.

“I like hearing your voice, it calms me down.” Bakugou’s arm slid down to hold your hand in his. His scarlet eyes looked like glistening rubies where the sunlight would hit them at just the right angle, as he looked into your (e/c) ones he found himself drowning in if he stared too long.


You looked onto your lover whom patiently waited for you to begin with his eyes closed and his body nestled into yours. Your heart swelled with sadness as you closed your eyes and breathed in.

Chapter Text

“Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All we have is what’s in between hello and goodbye.”-Marilyn Bergman

Frigid gusts of wind howled as a flaring pair of formless yellow eyes loomed midair from a vantage point high atop the snowy mountain peak.

“Can we trust the girl to show herself here?” A foreboding voice spoke out from its smoke-like body.

The upper portion of the Puppet Master’s body materialized out from the villain’s warp gate.

“Patience Kurogiri,” he deviously grinned. “Our dear (Y/N) holds Bakugou’s life more precious than her own. What she has to gain from our deal is far too great for her to run now.”

His swirling tyrian purple eyes shifted into two sinister black pits, the skin around them stretching further open with the sound of creaking leather.

He continued, “A monster is not free to roam this Earth as it wishes.”


Bakugou’s eyes fluttered open, the corners of his lips tugged upwards when he could feel the warmth of your body still wrapped within his embrace from under the covers. He blinked them shut as he inhaled the cold morning air that still lingered with both of your scents, pulling you closer to press a kiss to your forehead.

“Mmh” you stirred, nuzzling into his bare chest. Your heavy eyelids and body remained weighed down by sleep as you asked aloud to the voice activated digital clock on the nightstand behind Bakugou.

“What time is it?”

The clock announced in a monotone voice that paused between each word, “It is 11:00 PM.”

“Mm, we have to leave now or we’ll miss it,” your body refusing to move an inch from where you laid despite your words.

“Miss what?” Bakugou groaned. He was not a fan of cold weather and disliked the idea of having to leave these toasty comforts only to be turned into a human popsicle.

Your eyes slowly opened and flitted to Bakugou’s that were no longer concealed behind fabric, “It’s the last day to see the aurora lights; we were only planning to see them since last year remember?” You reminded as you cradled his cheek in your palm, softly thumbing the area underneath his eyes.

Bakugou dove under your chin, snuggling his head into the crook of your neck, “I don’t want to go anymore; I would rather stay here with you.”

Your heart panged with sadness as you enveloped him in your arms and rested your head on top of his.

Your eyes glistened with tears as you whispered, “Me too.”


The train’s tracks clicked and clacked like the steady needle of a metronome, lulling a sleepy Bakugou to slumber on your shoulder as you stared out the window, and into the passing bleak and snow-blanketed landscape.

Every memory you had of Bakugou flashed like a filmstrip that burned off each clip, until there was nothing left except for this very moment.

It was midnight once you both set foot onto the entrance grounds of the mountain. The full moon illuminated the dark blue sky behind you and the light dusting of stars twinkled in every direction.

Forward, a light fog hung above the vast forest lined with thickets of fresh evergreens on either side, as the ground beneath you crunched with every step. You held Bakugou’s hand through most of the silent trek spare for his chattering teeth.

He shivered as the cold air traveled up his pant leg, “My ass is freezing out here and this weather is insane.” He knew the view that waited for him would be worth it; but now he wanted nothing more than to go home and curl up back in bed with you.

You stopped and smiled as you huffed your warm breath into your gloved hands and cupped his red ears, “Sorry Katsuki, I promise we’re almost there.”

Through the forest and onto the stone steps over the shallow river running with cold water, you continued to walk up the narrow path.

You both bent forward at the hip to catch your breaths when you finally reached the peak and looked up to see a curtain of green, blue, and purple aurora spread across the sky. The colors were made even more vivid due to the lack of air pollution from this high altitude.

“It’s just as beautiful as the last time we saw it Katsuki.” You looked on in awe as you hung onto his arm.

Bakugou pulled down the scarf covering his mouth, “I bet they are.” He grinned as he recalled the time you were both separated into different cities far from Tokyo due to your missions, when you first saw the scenic Northern Lights from your respective hotel balconies.

The waves felt almost magnetic and he felt closer to you just by looking up to its halos despite the distance you were away at the time.

You were lost in its ethereal beauty when you felt something perched on your outer shoulder.

You turned your head to face the jet-black raven opening its beak, the familiar dreaded voice cawed the message in a hushed tone next to your ear, “Tick-tock, tick-tock.”

The bird closed its beak, flapping its wings as you followed with your eyes to the direction it flew back to where the Puppet Master and Kurogiri stood hidden; waiting a half-mile radius as you previously instructed.

Bakugou’s ears perked up, “What was that?” He stood on guard moving you behind him.

Fear wasn’t what you currently felt running through your body. It was something you were exposed to early on as a young child, and its shadows continued to follow you when you became a pro hero. You knew you couldn’t run from its grasps forever when you decided to give into to its relentless devil.

Even now, Bakugou stood tall to protect you like he’s always had. You bitterly smiled in content as you pressed yourself to his back with your hands wrapped tightly around his waist.

He suddenly felt dread overcome him, “What’re you doing?” His hands reached down to pry them off.

“It’s okay Bakugou” you said calmly, his fingers stilling.

You looked up towards your left to the Puppet Master, standing on a ledge with his wide and evil smile as he uncorked the vile containing the contents of Masuyo’s soul. It’s glowing blue matter floated to you in a billowing cloud as he commanded with his activated purple eyes, “Alas! Come to me!”

Bakugou jerked his arms to his sides to set off his quirk.

“Make one move Ground Zero and the girl dies!” Bakugou’s blood ran cold as the Puppet Master maniacally laughed.

Your chest shot with the familiar and excruciating pain of having the Puppet Master’s quirk embedding its claws deep into your soul as it squeezed down. You gasped sharply when you felt the both sides of your quirk simultaneously being forcibly extracted from your body, igniting outwards taking the form of raging flames.

Bakugou could feel the temperature of your body quickly dropping as your body slumped against him.

“You bastard! What did you do!” Bakugou attempted to turn around to face your emotionless expression but was trapped within your locked arms.

“Watch,” the Puppet Master ominously replied.

This was the first time your consciousness was left untouched while the rest of your body remained immobile by the Puppet Master’s quirk.

You watched through your frozen eyes as the scene similar to that of a solar eclipse unfolded, as Masuyo’s soul acted as both a space for confinement and a vortex for her soul and your fire.

Immediately, the two flames and Masuyo’s soul clashed in utter chaos. Blinding sparks of lightning and deafening cracks of thunder echoed throughout the valley.

Bakugou could feel the immense and sheer power radiating from up above, “What is this…?”

Then, the giant planet of energies melded together and condensed into an orb as it floated down to fit in the palm of your opened hands. You raised it upwards to Bakugou’s eyes as it glowed with a blinding light, allowing it to be fully absorbed.

Bakugou yelled out with the same pain he felt when his vision was taken from him, the power he felt coursing through his ocular space felt otherworldly and burned with a temperature hotter than the sun.

The cells of its destroyed fibers and severed arteries instantly regenerated as the electrical impulses begun to transmit from the optic nerve to his brain. The multiple layers and inner chambers of his eyeballs were also quickly repaired as each vital part was reawakened from its dormant state.

Bakugou’s lens was mended entirely stronger, his black pupils dilated as they reanimated, and his greyed sclera’s were washed over with a wave of pure white. His cornea’s protective barrier now glazed fully with a clear and shiny gloss.

You were left speechless to the miracle you’d just witnessed. “Finally, I did something right," you selfishly told yourself.

Bakugou dropped forward and panted, yanking off the cloth that covered his eyes.

“Come now, our deal has been fulfilled. Let’s go home my dear.” The Puppet Master snapped his fingers and began to extract your soul, your arms dropping down to your sides.

“Goodbye… Katsuki…”

“No!” Bakugou weakly stood to lunge forward with his hazed vision as his arms swatted left and right, before his dull and faded irises bloomed once more into bright scarlet roses.

The Puppet Master grinned as he disappeared into Kurogiri’s warp gate along with your lifeless body.

Bakugou’s eyes came into focus as he used his explosions to propel himself, but he was too late.

Chapter Text

In the beginning, the flame within Bakugou to persevere and return to the normal life he once had with you, burned brightly.

Physically, you were by his side and he could sense your being next to his.

However, as the days went by, he could feel your heart slowly and steadily drifting far away from him like powerful gusts of wind, and reduced his once roaring fire into becoming nothing but a meager candle. Its flame now barely just a flicker of light, inevitability drowned and extinguished in a pool of its own melted wax.

Nothing but total darkness engulfed Bakugou on the inside.

Within the endless chasm he ran until he could barely breathe, but it was useless. It was like chasing after a waning light at the end of a tunnel that only seemed to grow further away with every step.

His desperate cries for help went unheard within the deafening silence.

He felt hopelessly trapped.

There wasn’t a single clock hung within the nonexistent walls of this abyss, but Bakugou could hear its brass pendulum booming like a giant gong deep within a cave somewhere, as the minutes ticked by.

Bakugou lay feeling afraid on the hard white floor beneath him, as he curled into himself and watched as each grain of sand fell to the bottom of the hourglass.

Not a second went by where he didn’t spend every moment trying to remember your face, your smile, and everything about you.

“What I wouldn’t give to see you again.”

He didn’t want to ever forget.

“I fell into the deepest sleep I’ve ever had in my life.

I was falling into a black hole and just kept falling down the damn thing. But suddenly, my body stopped, and just floated there in the empty space.

All I could see were these blinking lights. I couldn’t make out what they were. I just kept staring at them until they started drifting towards me. I reached my hand out to grab one of them, and it was as if my life was stuck on rewind.

I saw everything.

Even when the villain’s attack was still embedded in my eyes and I couldn’t stop bleeding, it felt like I knew what would happen next before it happened.”

Tears escaped your eyes one by one. You’ve never heard him sound so broken.

“When I woke up from that dream and opened my eyes, those lights were gone and everything was so dark. That’s when I realized, this is all real.”

With all his might, Bakugou held onto the wish in his heart; but little did he know the price it would cost.


The pain was almost unbearable as Bakugou felt his eyes abruptly reanimate. He blinked through the disorienting blurriness as they were freed from the shackles of the haunting shadows.

Tears filled with both sorrow and happiness fell from your eyes.

“It really… worked...” You thought to yourself in your statue-like state, your consciousness beginning to fade.

For the first time in what felt like an eternity, Bakugou held his hand up and could see the warm golden rays of the rising sun, shining brightly through the spaces between each of his fingers.

“Was it always so bright?” He tried to adjust his newly restored eyes to the blinding brightness when he felt the weight on his back and waist suddenly lifting.

Bakugou stilled before rigidly looking down to see your arms dissipating into fragile orbs of light.

His heart dropped; and without warning, tears welled in his eyes.

“(Y/N)…?” Bakugou fearfully spoke. His hands trembled as he tried to grab onto the fading light that started to float away from behind him.


Bakugou turned around and the rest of your body was already dissolving into the same matter.

“(Y/N)!” He tearfully and painfully screamed, as he activated his quirk to follow in the direction you were being drawn to.

Bakugou flew over the forest terrain, but what he saw when he got there, was a face without a breath of color, and a body too still; being carried into an all too familiar warp gate.

A foreboding chill went down his spine.

“No! (Y/N)! Open your eyes damn it!” Bakugou frantically yelled, using his blasts to propel himself forward as the gate started to dematerialize.

“(Y/N)!” He flew with his arm desperately outstretched to you but trying to catch the mist-like Kurogiri was like, “trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.”

Bakugou was just a mere inch from reaching you when the gate closed and disappeared into nothingness.  His explosions extinguished as he landed, and he stood there frozen in what would be your final resting place.

Bakugou’s eyes widened and his pupils tremored in horror, as his mind played back to all those moments where he should’ve immediately demanded an answer to your strange behavior, instead of letting this all happen. Bakugou’s blood ran cold at the sudden realization.

You sacrificed yourself for him.

You died because of him.

“(Y/N)!” Bakugou screamed relentlessly, his heart felt like it was pulled out of his chest, torn to shreds, doused in gasoline, and set on fire.

Bakugou’s fists tightened, “This can’t be happening.” He refused to believe that this was the end, and took off to the skies in search of you.

“They couldn’t have gotten that far.” But no matter where he looked, all he could see were snow and trees in every direction.

No matter how much and how loudly Bakugou desperately screamed your name, the only voice that would echo in reply, was his own.

It was nightfall, and after scouring every inch of the desolate mountain range, his strength was completely depleted from pushing his quirk to its limit; as Bakugou landed and his knees buckled to the freezing snow beneath him, with an even more frigid and gaping hole carved into his chest.

He couldn’t think, the pain was too much to bear.

He couldn’t breathe, the frosty air only seemed to suffocate him as he hyperventilated. Bakugou fell forward onto his forearms, and clenched onto his tightening chest.

You were gone.

Bakugou only had the briefest glance of the Puppet Master’s hollowed and dark purple eyes before you disappeared, but he knew.

This was the devil you had made a deal with, and chose to sign the contract with your name written in blood for him.

Bakugou was convinced that this all had to been a sick lie in some twisted nightmare.

“We made a promise damn it! I kept mine!”

When he opened his eyes to the patch of grass that unearthed from the melted snow, and watched as the budding sunflower bloomed before his eyes, the unforgiving truth hit him.

“You promised to never leave me! Damn it, I still need you!”

“So where... Where are you…?” He cried.