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Student of the Year

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10 Years after the Graduation of Principal Nedzu's Last Class of Students

Iida was in his bed, his glasses on the nightstand and a book on his chest. He felt his eyes drifting off as he rested them after a long night of reading. Ochako was out of town to visit her mother, who was recovering from a liver resection and she took Tensei with her, since he was off on winter break from school. Iida couldn't get the time off from his law firm, so it was just him at the house. He valued the solitude at times, but it sometimes left him to his thoughts which could vary depending on his day. 

The sound of his phone ringing roused his drowsiness. He assumed it must be Ochako with a good night video chat for Tensei. He hit the answer button immediately. 

"Hello." He said with his usual discipline. 

"Iida. Aizawa here." He heard the man's bored tone on the other line. 

"Oh! Aizawa-Sensei. How are you?" Iida says, sitting up in surprise.

"I'm good, how about you?" Aizawa says with a little tenseness in his expression. 

"Fine, sir, of course. What can I do for you?" Iida asks the man. 

"You remember Principal Nedzu, I hope?"

"Yes." Iida bristles before growing a little colder. 

"He's gotten older and has developed cancer. His final wish is to see all of Class 3-A, especially those that were in the Student of the Year competition." Aizawa says. 

"I see. How bad has he gotten?" Iida asks. 

"Almost at the end of the road." Aizawa lowers his voice. "I called you because you still seem to be the best informant. Can I trust you to tell everyone? I would do it myself, but I'm already here and Nedzu is keeping me and Hizashi on our toes."  

"Yes, I'll tell everyone. You can count on me, sir." Iida says with a tone of finality.  

"Iida, you're a grown man, you don't have to call me sir anymore. Do you need their numbers?" 

"No, sir. And I don't think I will grow out of the habit. I'll get into contact with everyone tomorrow through social media." Iida says. 

"Thanks. I'll see you." Aizawa says.

"Yes. See you." Iida says and hangs up. 

Iida sits there before he moves to sit up in his blue pajamas. Gathering his thoughts. 

Some days in a person's life are unforgettable. The last day of the Student of the Year competition was one such day. There was always going to be one winner from the whole entire school. But, everyone lost something on that day.

The biggest lost was Principal Nedzu who started this competition twenty years ago. It ended up becoming his last year at U.A. After that day, he made himself far from everyone. Except for our homeroom teacher Mr. Aizawa, Mr. Yamada, Enji Todoroki, Mrs. Kayama, and Toshinori Yagi. All of whom were former students. No one else had access to his world. 

Iida could never forget the man, who always used to look like the most intimidating rat there could be. He always wondered where he was. How he was doing. But, the one question that always kept him awake at night from his years at U.A. was: Did all of this happen because of me?

And after ten years, he might be ready to find out the answer to that question. They all kept with each other on social media, and some bonds were strong enough to be mended so some relationships were still there. Heck, some were even cemented after graduation at Izuku's party. Iida personally, hadn't spoken to most of the class in ten years, but he has access to their numbers still as their class representative. He'll call all of them, but so much has happened he doesn't know if they'll all come. If he can get to a few they might be able to pass on the message to those who won't pick up. Well, he should probably get the easiest one out of the way. He picked up his phone to call Ochako, hopefully her mother was doing much better. This might put a damper on her mood, so he'll need that. 

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10 Years after the Graduation of Principal Nedzu's Last Class of Students

Iida was actually wrong. All of the class had agreed to come. That was a surprise. But, after he thought about it, they all must be like him: Searching for the answers to their own questions from that time in their lives. This is the last chance any of the class has to learn the truth and gain some semblance of closure. 

When he called Ochako, she was surprised. But, she took it well. Tensei was going to stay with her sister and mother for the rest of the time, so at least, neither of them had to worry about that. This weekend was probably going to be as draining as everyone knew it was going to be. 

He was already on the plane, having reached past customs and TSA an hour and a half before he was supposed to board he decided to call Ochako, she must be doing the same thing he was. Well, knowing her most likely later, but he always liked to be prepared in case anything went wrong for any situation. 

He called her an hour before his flight and of course she was late. 

"Hello." She picked up. 

"Hello, it's me." Iida said, "Just calling to see if you're boarding. Or awake."

"Yes, I'm awake, mister. And you know a simple "Hi" or "Hey" would do Mr. I Have to be Formal 24/7." Ochako said with a sarcastic tone. She must have not gotten a lot of sleep. 

"Make sure you get some sleep on the plane. As you know, getting a full night-"

"Night's rest is important for looking pretty, gorgeous, and sexy." Ochako finished. 

"Not what I would use." Iida's cheeks tinted pink. "You sound like you're in a rush."

Ochako laughed at that, "I know. I'm clearing TSA now, and my flight doesn't board for another half-an-hour, at least. Make sure you get some rest on the plane, I know that law firm's always overworked you." 

"So does that teacher job, and well Tensei is a both for both of us."

"I would, like to agree. But, I just spent a whole hour convincing him to let me go to the airport." Ochako says. 

"How was he?"

"Sullen, but I promised him he could have dessert every day when we come back." Ochako assures him. 

"He cannot have so much sugar, every day. The amount that goes-" Iida deadpans. 

"Into his body is too much as is." Ochako finishes with an eye roll. 

"Stop doing that!" Iida tries to keep his voice down. "I do not appreciate it when you do that." 

"My mother is fine, by the way. She said we both have to come back to make up for me leaving early." Ochako says. 

"That sounds like a fair trade, somewhat. Anyway, I'm going to go grab something to eat. I'll see you there. Hopefully, at the same exact time." Iida says. "Love you."

"Love you. Bye." Ochako says, "YES, I'M UNDER 50 YOU ASS-" 

The phone cut off. The poor TSA agent who called his wife old was going to have a hell of a time dealing with her now. He got up to go to the nearest airport cafe to grab himself a coffee, he was standing in line to order before he heard a voice call out for him. 

"IIDA!" He turned around to see the voice calling him was a familiar head of blonde hair with a black streak, looking like lightning. Denki Kaminari at the airport. On the same flight as him. The beta waved at him cheerfully. Iida waved back and gestured to what he was doing. Kaminari nodded and waited for Iida to get his coffee and sandwich before going over to him. 

"Kaminari. How are you?" Iida asks him, holding out his hand. Denki smiles at him before grabbing it and shaking it. 

"I'm good, dude. Can't believe we're on the same flight." Denki released his hand to walk back with his luggage to the waiting area. "I heard you're some hot shot lawyer now."

"Yes, I am. It's a good job at my family's firm. Ochako is a teacher at an elementary school, now. We're married now with a son. Tensei." Iida says.

"I know, we still have each other on social media." Kaminari said. "I'm glad for you man."

"What about you?" 

"I help out at my family's electric company. Jirou has her own band and she plays around the world, so it keeps me busy, when she's gone. But, we're starting to try for a kid now." Kaminari said before his voice turned to another direction, "Speaking of my wife, look who I found?" 

Iida hadn't noticed he'd reached back to the waiting area and saw four familiar faces. 

A girl with dark raven hair and red lips, an omega immediately went up to him. Toru Hagakure. A girl who pretty much knew everything about everyone at the weirdest times, leading some at the school to start rumors about her being invisible, "Class Rep!" 

Hagakure hugged him and Iida hugged back, "Hagakure. I hope you are doing well."

The next one who came up to him was Jirou, she looked exactly the same. Maybe more mature, but he noticed the ring on her finger and took a glance at Kaminari who nodded excitedly about the ring on the alpha's finger. "Class Rep. How are you? You look good."

"Thank you, Jirou." Iida said bowing to the girl who rolled her eyes, remembering her class representative, "I heard congratulations are in order. I am glad your band is doing well. You look good, too."

"Eh well, it's not that big of a deal." The girl shrugged. 

Iida shook hands next with Ojiro and exchanged greetings with the beta. He worked for Endeavor's technology company and Hagakure worked with Yaoyorozu at her family's makeup company. Yaoyorozu told him she was coming from Shibuya. She was there on business as the CEO of the company to close some things there, and she must not have left to come home before he called her with the news.    

Ojiro and Hagakure were married and had five children. They were quite busy in those ten years. Their nanny must be in a special kind of hell, right now. 

"Thank you all for coming." Iida told them all with his aggressive chopping motions. 

"No problem." Kaminari patted his back, "When we heard what was happening to Principal Nedzu, we knew we had to see him."

"It's his last wish." Jirou said, "So what's the turnout like?"

"All of us. And some parents, of course. They were very involved back in the day as you remember." Iida said. 

"Even the Big 3 of 3-A?" Hagakure asked. 

Iida scratched his head and nodded. 

Hagakure bursted with excitement, "YES!! THIS WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE FILLED WITH SO MUCH DRAMA!"

Jirou glared at the girl, "I swear, you and Mina are still going to be like two of a kind when we get there."

Iida shook the girl from her excited stupor, "Let's not forget why we're going and where we're at." 

Hagakure became silent and muttered a sorry when she realized everyone was looking at her. 

Ojiro comforted her and that's when they heard the boarding call. 

"What seats are you all?" Iida asked. 





"I'm 3A" Iida says. 

"Heh, aren't we all." Kaminari chuckles. 

"So I guess, we'll all have plenty of time to catch up with each other." Ojiro said. 

The group headed to board the plane, excited and anxious at reuniting with everyone. Iida wasn't really close with this group much. But, when any of them were together it was like they were never apart. The conversation was easy and kept going continuously all the way back to Mustafu. Iida didn't get much sleep, like Ochako advised, but he didn't even notice. 

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10 Years after the Graduation of Principal Nedzu's Last Class of Students

Iida, Kaminari, Jirou, Ojiro, and Hagakure landed in Mustafu in the early hours of the daylight. The conversation was light and easy. Mostly, all of them sharing what they knew of their classmates who were not with them. Kaminari and Hagakure drove the conversation with Ojiro, Jirou, and Iida occasionally chiming in with comments. He had forgotten what it was like to be around all of these same people. They'd been apart for so long, and he didn't even regularly associate with them when they were at UA. 

"Kirishima? He owns a chain of gyms now paired with Ashido's dance studio business. They're really dominating the fitness world. He said they'd reach around afternoon time." Kaminari says. 

"Yeah, Mina messaged me saying the same thing. She's really excited to see everyone again." Hagakure says. 

"She always was easy to excite." Jirou says. 

"Are they together?" Iida asked with a raised brow as they get off the plane. 

Kaminari nodded moving to match strides with him, "Yeah, I think they got together a little after graduation. They went to the same college and I guess fate kind of lined up for them. Actually, wait, more like Ashido. She was very insistent on dating him."

They soon reached baggage claim and reclaimed all of their luggage, almost without a hitch. Kaminari's Pikachu suitcase was the last one to come out, and was almost stolen by a child with similar luggage. Kaminari and the boy had argued before the boy kicked him in his nether regions when Kaminari showed him the tag with his name on it. 

"What the fuck do those parents feed that kid? It's like he has an iron fist!" Kaminari whines, holding his balls. Jirou moves to soothe her mate. Hagakure bursts of laughter while Ojiro couldn't help the small smirk on his face. Iida looked at the scene with a hint of fondness on his face before moving to help Kaminari with his situation.

They make it out of the airport right before the sun is supposed to shine from the drab and grey sky. The air in Mustafu is cold with snow lightly falling. As soon as they get out Iida takes out his phone and redials Aizawa's number as they stand under the shade in the pickup area. 

"Hello, sir." Iida says putting the phone on speaker. 

"Iida. You still don't have call me sir. Did you land?" Aizawa drawls. 

"Yes, sir. I also have Kaminari, Jirou, Hagakure, and Ojiro with me." Iida says. 

"Hi, Sensei!" Hagakure beams through the phone causing Aizawa to grimace. 

"Okay, I have Hizashi doing runs at the airport since last night for pickups. Look out for his car. I'll tell him right now that you've landed. It's not a far drive, so he'll be there shortly." Aizawa tells him. 

"What does his car look like?" Kaminari asks. 

"Trust me, you'll know it when you see it. He'll most likely find you." Aizawa says with a sigh. "I'll see you all when you get here."

The phone hangs up and Iida is left wondering what he meant before ten minutes later when they all collectively think, "What the fuck?"

A large bright yellow minivan pulls up with actual white sunglasses on the headlights as a decoration. There are streaks of black and purple on the van, looking almost like sound waves. For some reason there's also megaphones on the roof of the van before they hear the blaring voice coming from it. 

"PARTY OF TENYA IIDA, DENKI KAMINARI, KYOKA JIROU, TORU HAGAKURE, AND MASHIRAO OJIRO! PARTY OF TENYA IIDA, DENKI KAMINARI, KYOKA JIROU-" The megaphones boom before the van stops where Iida stands with the four others behind him.

"He's been doing this all day." One of the airport cab people says, tiredly. 

All of them watch with wide-eyes and open mouths as their former music teacher Hizashi Yamada, also known as Present Mic steps out of the van and circles around to greet them. The omega looks largely the same from their days at UA. He's still tall and slim, but his hair is now worn down into a light ponytail, like Jirou's. Wearing his small-heeled black boots and leather jacket, with his brown pants and red shirt. He's also still talks louder than life as if to make sure no one could ever not hear him. 

"JIROU!" Hizashi says, moving past all of the others to hug his favorite pupil. She was the one who followed in his musical footsteps. She also kept in touch with him. She studied his past musical successes as he reveled in her current ones. The alpha girl returned the hug hesitantly. "How was the flight, guys?"

"I'm great, Sensei. The flight was good. How are you?" Jirou says as the omega pulls away to hug everyone else before responding to her. 

"GREAT. Shota and I are still being kept busy. Hitomi is going through puberty, she'll probably start presenting soon. Right now, she's killing us." Yamada says with an eye roll. "Shinsou also visits us when he can. You know how much he loves his father and me, even if he won't admit it. 

"That's good to hear, sir." Iida says. 

"Iida, you're a grown man. You can drop the sir! Call me YAMADA! Or at least Present Mic." Yamada booms as he opens the trunk so that they can put in their bags. "I've seen the Iida law commercials. I'm glad you're doing so well! You are a very big lawyer."

They all then decide to pile into the van. It gives of the distinct vibe of a soccer mom. Iida takes the front seat as the other four sit in the back. Yamada starts up the van and begins to speed off as soon as they all get in. Iida rushes to get his seat belt on. Yamada passes a glance to him, figuring it's just Iida before seeing the other four strapped in at the back, like it's an apocalypse. He forces himself to slow down before continuing the conversation.  

"How's the baby and the wife?" Yamada asks Iida. 

"They're good, s-Present Mic. She works at an elementary school and Tensei is barely seven. Has she not reached yet?" Iida asks. 

"Would I ask about her if she did?" Yamada asks. 

Iida looks down at his hands. He hopes she makes it here safely. He can't help but always worry about his wife when she's not with him. She's not weak by any measure, but he still can't help but want her with him. He hasn't seen her since the beginning of Tensei's break. 

"Ochako called from the plane, said she would take a cab when she landed to the hotel and take one to the hospital. So you guys are my last pick-up party." Present Mic says. 

"I bet the airport is celebrating." Kaminari says. 

"Who's there already?" Hagakure asks. 

"Well, there's all the old folks. Me, Shota, Toshi, Inko, Enji, Rei, and Kayama. But, I picked up a majority of the class last night at three-THREE-separate airports." Present Mic says. 

"We need names, Sensei." Jirou says. 

Yamada levels her with a glare before sighing, "Let me think. I picked up Tokoyami, Asui, and Sato at the first airport around 11 last night. Sero, Shoji, and Shinsou at the next airport like two hours after. Then Aoyama and Koda at around 3 this morning at the last one. And now you five at the same one Asui's party came on round it out to 13 out of 20. Making this my last trip, so I can finally-finally-get some sleep. The rest are coming by their own means from the airport later in the day."

They all take in the information with a single nod in unison.  

"So all that's missing is Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugou, Yaoyorozu, Uraraka, Kirishima, and Ashido?" Ojiro says. 

"Pretty much. But, there's a lot of the class there already to start off this reunion." Present Mic says. "If you want to call it that. But, from what I can tell you all still seem to be able to talk to each other like when you were in high school. Almost, like the competition never happened."

They all remain silent, pondering how surprisingly easy it was to pick up conversations with each other past the obligatory first awkwardness, when ten years ago they were all out for each other's blood. Then again, it was easy then too, but it was always much more heated. 

"But, hey it's all in the past now." Present Mic says with a shrug. 

Soon they reach the hotel the school paid for, which is unsurprisingly five-star. Only, Principal Nedzu would want the best for his students. Yamada checks them all in under the UA 3-A reservation. All of their names are on a list for the reservation. Couples share a large room while single people get a smaller room. Kaminari and Jirou go to their room while Hagakure and Ojiro do the same. Iida drops off his bags in his room before heading downstairs to meet Present Mic. His room is supposed to be shared with Ochako, but as she isn't here yet and him being in a relatively clean state just decides to go downstairs. 

Iida returns to the front seat of the van. He shares a look with Present Mic before he turns to check his phone for anything. Silence overtakes the car for a moment before Present Mic opens his mouth. 

"I know you feel like this is your fault after what happened, but it isn't. I hate to say this, but the Student of the Year competition had been destroying relationships since before your class. You remember Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki? From the class two years before yours? Their relationship was one of the lucky ones. Shota and I still get calls and visits from them. They actually came to visit Nedzu as soon as we told them, but they had to go back because of something with Mirio's father. We still hear from Hadou too. That's pretty much all of the past students before you guys who we have kept in touch with, or have at least tried with us. But, what I'm trying to say here is that, you should stop blaming yourself. It's not your fault and even if it was you wouldn't be the only one at fault. All of us would be for not stopping it sooner. The Principal's not a bad man by any means, but it was clear the breaking point for the competition was coming since the senior year blowout between Togata and Amajiki. Forgive yourself, you've dealt with the guilt for a long time. I'm sure many other classes have like yours, as well. Shota always says I'm dense, but trust me, I always know what's up, especially with my students. If you still can't get past it then do what you can to fix it because you aren't the only one dealing with it, even if no one shows it." Present Mic tells him, softly. 

Iida stares at the man dumbfounded before nodding his head in determination, and resorting to his old chopping hand motions, "Thank you, Present Mic. I will do my best."

"Relax, Iida, man. Look sharp." Present Mic says before the remaining four passengers pile in chattering loudly about the hotel amenities. 

"The shampoo is some high quality stuff. I have to make sure I get out with some of that stuff." Jirou says slyly as she gets in. 

Iida turns back to her with his chopping hands, "If you are implying some form of thievery, I feel I do not need to remind you of the moral implications and consequences of such a crime."

"Chill, Class Pres. All I meant was that asking them where I can acquire such a shampoo." Jirou says, innocuously.

"Oh well, carry on then." Iida turns back embarrassed. Present Mic can't help the fond smile that crosses his face at the familiar antics of his former class as Jirou lets out a small laugh at her former class representative. 

Present Mic starts the van and begins the short journey towards St. Shuzenji Hospital. 

The sun barely rises on the white paint of St. Shuzenji Hospital as Present Mic pulls into a parking spot. Iida still wearing his blue suit climbs out as does Present Mic, followed by Kaminari in yellow pants and black shirt with matching sneakers, Jirou in rocker boots and skinny jeans with a tank top covered by a leather jacket, Hagakure wearing a casual blue skirt and blue halter top with teal flats, and Ojiro in his usual white pants, shirt, and shoes.

"Alright I'm going to hand you guys off to Shota, much like school days, but mainly because I need a nap. So I'll escort you to the floor everyone is on. We kind of have our own very large room, considering Nedzu owns like a third of the hospital, so you'll have plenty of space." Present Mic tells them before walking past them, expecting to be followed. 

"You guys ready?" Hagakure asks the four in front who look up at the hospital.

"It's about time a reunion happened." Ojiro says. 

"Quite right. This is our chance to get out everything we need to with everyone here. Let us make sure we not squander it. For the principal's sake." Iida says before moving to follow after the blonde-omega as the others nod at his sentiment before following after him.

The elevator ride felt like an eternity with the anticipation of the people inside of it growing by the second as each red number passed higher until finally stopping at the top floor. Present Mic walked out first, followed by the party of students. He led them all to two large glass doors with wooden borders. Iida could already see glimpses of some of their classmates and teachers as Hagakure walked with a slight bounce in her step. Jirou could hear the familiar, more worn voices coming from behind the doors. 

Present Mic reached out for the steel handle to open it before entering. Iida, Kaminari, Jirou, Ojirou, and Hagakure followed close behind. The room immediately went silent as the newcomers came in. Some staring, gaping, glaring, and small smiles placed on each of their faces. They all put names to the faces of the people in the room. 

Enji Todoroki (Guess who was the glare.) and Rei Todoroki. The alpha man still had his fire red colored hair and facial hair with a sullen and tense expression on his face. Most people would assume he was angry, but he was really anxious. His eyes held hope when landing on the group, but turned into a glare when he saw who it was. The man was in a black suit with a red dress shirt and orange tie. The omegan woman's white hair was pulled into a bun, her brown eyes also anxious, but with a polite smile on her face when she saw them. Both had aged with wrinkle lines more prominent, they must be around their late forties or early fifties by now. She was wearing a white-collared shirt and blue pants with white flats. 

Inko Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi. The man looked skinnier from his run-in with cancer, but was still strong. They remembered him as their hero for many generations when he played the hero All Might onscreen in older movies called the best superhero movies of all time. He moved on after the franchise to run a successful business empire and met the love of his life during that time. Who stayed by him all through his treatment along with her son. He was still wearing his yellow suit now less filled out, clashing with his blonde hair. Inko looked almost the same as she did when they all last saw her at graduation. Not a single wrinkle line on her face to mar the kind smile she showed them all, reminiscent of her son's. A smile that could make any alpha crumble to her omega, and she snagged a damn fine one. She had put on a little weight, but that could just be due to aging or plain enjoying life. The man's arm was around her waist as he flashed them a white smile to match hers. She was in a pink cardigan, white top, purple knee-length skirt, and pink flats.

Kayama Nemuri, their former omega studies, home economics, and dancing teacher at U.A. She used to aid Present Mic when it came music performances and both headed the drama department together. The woman showed no sign of age. Having the same figure and style of dark-purple spiky, layered hair. Her sky blue eyes seeming to undress everyone in the room which always used to cause students to cringe when she got into one of her horny excited moods. Shouting about how youthful all of them looked, like a witch trying to attract them into her over. Perhaps she meant it both literal and metaphorically. There were always rumors of her keeping sex toys in the storage closets. She is still vibrant. But, it seems somehow the omega's outfits have grown more outrageous overtime. Many not believing some even made it past Nedzu's standards. She's wearing a white dress under a large black-leather leotard accentuating her breasts. The thigh-high stockings she wears are black as are the boots that extend to her knees with a high heel. The outfit makes Kaminari and Iida shift uncomfortably as Jirou rubs her collar feeling the heat. 

Shota Aizawa, their former homeroom teacher for all three years of high school, well one year for one particular hothead. He also moonlighted as the boy's football coach. The alpha was still slender and clad in all black. From the shirt to the boots, all were black. His shoulder-length black hair was tied into a bun as he eyed his students with a fond glimmer behind his bored glance. He had always cared for every one of them even if he never showed it. But, fuck it, he totally did show it to each and every one of them until they finally caught the hint. They knew never to mention it, but they still knew. He loved all of the problem children from Nedzu's last class the most, even when they were trying to kill each other. Which was actually kind of hilarious and entertaining. But, still kind of terrible.

Tokoyami had a head of black hair spiking out as if it was shooting out to go somewhere. His eyes were red and intense, yet reserved to contrast with his pale skin. He was the emo beta of 3-A, and it looks like he has kept up that image. Wearing a red choker, knee-high black boots, dark purple pants, and a black vest over a white collared shirt. He was always quiet and serious, but still one of the more noble ones from 3-A. The man had the same bored and stoic face as he did before with some interest hidden behind those eyes. 

Asui, or known by her friends as Tsu, had her usual straight sea green head of hair with the same slender build covered with a knee-length green dress and green flats. Her eyes oval shaped and mouth wide, reminiscent of a beautiful frog. The beta had never minded those comparisons from anyone. Frogs were amazing animals to her and she would be proud to be one. Not, that she wanted to be one. The girl was always straightforward and, speaking directly from her mind what she felt. Responsible with strong morals, even during competition. The beta had a small smile on her face at the sight of her friends.   

Sato had the same head of spiky brown hair and full lips. The beta was always tall and muscular, despite his love for consuming sweets on a regular daily basis. Not even causing him to get any acne, almost like he was immune to its usual effect. He always would have the beta dorms smelling of baked sweets every Saturday making him quite popular with the omegas. He had his eyes on Midoriya who would regularly join him in either his or the omega dorm. Midoriya having learned to cook from Inko also knew how to bake and had a multitude of recipes to share with Sato who reciprocated. The man was wearing a bright yellow t-shirt, khaki pants, and brown loafers. He grinned at his friends who came in. 

Shoji still had his same hairstyle with his pale-grey hair being swept to his side to cover most of his face that showed stubble. He was extremely bulky, especially in the arms. He probably had among the most muscular arms of the alphas at UA. The only ones that could rival him would be Bakugou, Kirishima, or Todoroki. He mainly found himself hanging around the two-toned boy, like most other alphas did. The alpha was friendly and gentle with most, despite his intimidating presence. But, he did use his status to his advantage when he had to protect the underclassmen from bullies sometimes. The man was wearing a blue tank top with a camouflage jacket, army pants and combat boots. The man had a stoic expression on his face. 

Sero had gained some more muscle. The man was toned, but still tall and lean. His chin-length black hair was down, like in high school. But, he looked more mature with the added stubble on his face. The man merely gaped at the group before his eyes landed on Kaminari who gaped back. The two were always close in high school. Both hung around with Todoroki for most of high school, so they had gotten the chance to grow close before the Student of the Year competition. Sero wore black joggers, an oversized V-neck, and sneakers.

Aoyama was an omega with shoulder-length, light blonde hair that has been flattened and sticks out away from the bottom of his neck. The boy wears a pink-ruffled shirt, tucked into brown harem pants with knee-long boots over it. The boy was still slim with his indigo eyes filled with sparkles. The boy was always very vain and prideful during class to everyone, but he only showed it subtle ways. He's always been fond of getting attention by acting flamboyant and posing when he speaks. When the whole class ignores him, turns into a sulking mess. But, he likes to keep the smile on his face. He was liked well enough by everyone, but that's because most of his classmates could always see the facade that he put up to shield his insecurities. Midoriya was the first one to really see it in freshman year and they became close after that. Both, sharing feelings about being an omega adding some help to that. He had a smug smirk on his face.   

Koda was always quiet. Never contributing anything to conversations, sometimes not even when he was spoken to. He loved to be around nature and animals in the forest so he had three pets in his beta dorm room. A hamster, a bunny, and a bird. He was muscular with his head taking a jagged edge at the top. He usually shaved his head because he thought he looked better with it. He was always shy and quiet, preferring to use sign language to communicate. He was wearing a red overcoat with brown boots and yellow pants. He had a kind smile on his face.  

Shinsou was Aizawa's son from when he was younger before he met and married Yamada. He has messy, indigo hair as messy as it was in high school. The alpha had dark purple eyes with dark bags under them. Wearing the same bored expression as his father when the party walks in. The boy was as stoic and straightforward as Aizawa was, okay maybe a little less. But, still, the boy had the ability to be able to manipulate even the smartest of minds in their school rather well, it was almost like a gift. He was wearing a dark green jacket over a dark purple shirt and black pants with grey sneakers. 

They all stared at each other for a moment allowing silence to pass.

"I'm back." Present Mic announces. 

Aizawa gets up and walks over to the party. As the adults seem to continue with their conversations as the former student's eye the group with interest. 

"Welcome. I'm glad you all got here safely. I hope Yamada didn't scare you. He's running low on sleep." Aizawa says watching the man collapse next to Kayama on a couch and start snoring on her lap as she rubs his head. 

Iida bows before holding out his hand to shake and Aizawa raises an eyebrow before grabbing and shaking it. "Mr. Aizawa. It is good to see you after so long."

"Right. Same here, Iida." Aizawa says to Iida taking note of the boy being older, but still the same. 

Kaminari and Ojiro shakes his hand, Jirou accepts a one armed hug, and Hagakure throws her arms around the man's neck for a hug. The man huffs fondly before the girl pulls away. He's really missed these bunch of dramatic idiots. 

"How are things at U.A.?" Kaminari asks, and Jirou looks at him in exasperation as he shrugs. He wanted to break the ice. 

"Fine. I've taken over running things since he's been in there. But, while I'm here now I have Ishiyama running things." Aizawa responds. 

"Cool. Cool." Kaminari says awkwardly. 

"Now that Kami's subjected us to that awkwardness. How is the principal?" Jirou asks. "Why did he ask for us, specifically?"

"He was broken after graduation of your batch. He felt responsible for every broken relationship from each batch. Yours was the last one, so he remembered you all very often. He felt proud of all your achievements like they were his. He had them in this little box, snippets from your life successes. Your success in law, music, all of it. He felt pride and regret from what he had done. It kept withering, no matter how much we tried to console him. It was nice of you all to come, he's very critical." Aizawa says to them, he's already having given this speech three times already. 

"Can we see him?" Iida asks. 

Aizawa nods and moves past them so they can follow.

When they reach the door, they look through the large glass window to see their once joyous and proud principal, lying on the hospital bed. He looks so pale and frail. There are tubes hooked up to him. All five feel the immense amount of grief and Iida begins to feel the water falling from his eyes, pulling off his glasses and moving to the side to wipe them. Kaminari's tears begin to fall as does Hagakure's. Jirou and Ojiro have a hard time maintaining their composure. None of them ever thought they would see the man in this state. The same one who's face used to sparkle in the morning to greet his students brightly. Those were the days. They all felt the longing to see those days come back to them once they see their principal in this state. To change things they said and did. They all walk back to the hospital room after they pry their eyes from the sick figure of Principal Nedzu. 

They reach back to the room, Aizawa takes them for a walk before heading back to calm their nerves. When they reach back, the party finally breaks up to go their separate directions. Iida collapses into a chair. Hagakure leans on Ojiro for support as they stand. Jirou rests her head on Kaminari's shoulders when he slumps down into a chair. Everyone allots fifteen minutes for them to rest before moving to greet them. The only exception being Enji Todoroki who just glares at his feet. 

Sero, Shoji, and Koda head to greet Kaminari and Jirou. Aoyama and Tokoyami head to greet Ojiro and Hagakure. Shinsou stays by his father's side as he talks, but keeps his eyes on Iida who is still in his trance.  

Iida is greeted by Tsu who sits down casually next to him. Of the people in the room, Iida was closest to Asui. They both ran in the same friend group and talked quite often. But, after the competition and graduation, they drifted from each other. Still keeping touch enough to hear from once or twice a year. The woman seems to wait for him to notice her out of patience. She understands seeing the principal in the state he's in can take a bit of time to adjust to. Iida jumps when she finally gets over it and pokes him in the shoulder. 


"Asui!" Iida says when he calms down.

"Call me Tsu." Asui says, like she always did when they were in school. 

"Of course, right. Tsu." 

"How have you been?"

"Good. Good. You?" Iida asks. 

"You're not very descriptive Iida. But, I'm good. Tokoyami and I are expecting our second child. We were sorry you couldn't make it to the wedding." Asui says. 

"Ah, yes. My apologies. I was currently stuck on a large case and Tensei was just born, so I was not able to make it down." Iida says. 

"It's alright. Tokoyami couldn't make it to yours too, remember. At least, Ochako could come. How is your son?" 

"He's doing well. A handful, but he's great. Ochako keeps him in line, while I try to keep him humble." Iida says. 

"A tough job. Ochako has her work cut out for her." Asui says. 

"She always managed to handle things under all kinds of circumstances, it's why she became a teacher. It also helps that the circumstance for both involves children."

Asui laughs at that, "Don't undersell yourself. You were good at it too, it's why we chose you to be class president."

"Thank you, Tsu. It means a lot to hear that. How has the scuba diving been?" Iida asks. 

Asui chuckles, "It's going really good. Being world famous has perks. A group of people approached me recently and told me they want me to have my own travel show where I explore the depths of the sea."

"That's good. How are things with Tokoyami and Yoshito?" Iida asks her. 

"Good. His security guard agency is doing well, and Yoshito just learned how to use the bathroom." 

Iida's cheeks stain pink in embarrassment, "That's good. A little too much."

Asui deadpans before her face takes a nervous edge, "How are you?"

Iida stares at her in confusion for a minute before he realizes what she really means, "I'm good now. It was jarring to see our principal in such a state. But, I've calmed down since."

"It is hard. I always remember how he helped me when my parents were in the midst of their divorce. I never told anyone this. He noticed I was feeling down and took me into his office. I told him everything before he told me to tell him how I felt. As if he were my parents. He let me scream and cry before he hugged me. That was where I began to finally accept what was going on at home. He was a pillar of strength for all of his students." Asui said. 

Iida nodded feeling the guilt creep into his stomach before he heard the door to the room enter. As far as he knew they were all inside, so it had to be a new arrival. He and Asui turn around. 

There stood Momo Yaoyorozu. The omega was as drop-dead stunning as ever. Her beauty contested heatedly against only one other omega in the school, as well as her brain. She walked with a confidence and class that only the richest omega at U.A. High could pull off. She had an air of restrained pompousness that could set any omega off if it was not held back. The former class vice-president had clearly matured a bit since high school because then her restraint could only be seen in glimpses. She wore her long black hair in a ponytail with a strand hanging off the right side of her face. She was wearing a designer blush pink blouse, burgundy skirt over black stockings, and burgundy boots with a heel. Her dark eyes glanced softly around the room, stopping briefly on Iida before landing on Aizawa. They noticed her eyes take a glimmer of disappointment before returning to normal. She steeled herself, a part of her annoyed at what she did, and began moving towards the black-haired man as Iida began to do the same. Everyone watched with interest gaining closer to hear from a distance. Enji, Jirou, and Hagakure took special note of the woman.  

"Mr. Aizawa." Momo said.   

"Yaoyorozu." The man said pulling her into a one-armed hug. The girl returned it immediately. "Thank you for coming. I know being CEO is a hard job to get away from."

"Of course, when I heard I just had to come see Principal Nedzu." Momo said. 

"Right, only for that." Aizawa said knowingly, remembering her disappointment as Momo's cheeks turned pink.

"I do not know what you are implying, Sensei."

Iida soon reached them. Momo turned to face him. 


"Yaoyorozu. I hope your trip was well." Iida said, straightly. "It is great to have you here." 

"Yes, the flight was a bit delayed. But, it's good to see everyone again." Momo said, pulling Iida into a polite hug. 

"I'm glad to hear it."

Jirou, Aoyama, and Hagakure approach to greet her as Iida watches them before Momo moves around the room to greet the adults. Hugging each of them politely. She lingered by the Todoroki's, talking to Enji for a bit longer than Aizawa's seen anyone do yet. He did always have a soft spot for omegas, especially the strong ones.

She returns to Aizawa to ask the same question, everyone has. "Can I see him?"   

The man nods standing up to lead her out as everyone watches the retreating omega.

Momo walks back to the room with Aizawa in tow, eyes a little red from crying. After seeing the man Momo felt utterly wrecked, her mind flashing through memories of the Principal. She was actually close to him and a lot of the faculty being the Class Vice President and Head Cheerleader, so she always remembered the ways he helped not just her, but everyone else. He helped her realize her life as an omegan woman should not revolve around finding an alpha. Her needs and wants for herself should come first. Always. It's something she thought she did during school. Soon after graduating, she realized she never really looked out for herself and what she wanted. It's why most things for her in high school never worked out. Her mind going back to one person in particular who hindered her and one who inadvertently helped her even when they were at odds for most of high school. 

Aizawa took her to get a coffee, which she could tell the man was grateful for. He must have been here this whole time, displaying boredom while losing his shit with worry on the inside. 

When they walked in she immediately noticed the divide in the room. All thirteen members of 1-A sit in a large section trading memories of their U.A days and getting caught up in what everyone was doing since leaving high school. Then, there are the six adults which are scattered in certain pairings. Present Mic snoring loudly in Ms. Kayama's lap. Inko and Toshinori Yagi standing by the kitchen area with the alpha trying to reassure her she didn't leave the stove on at home. Rei and Enji Todoroki talk in hushed whispers about something incoherent. 

Momo nods her thanks to the man who goes to retrieve his sleeping omega from Kayama before she tries to play dress up with her leather costumes on his body. Then, Aizawa realizes he would look great in one of those and tells the woman to give it to him for a birthday present as he puts Hizashi's head in his lap. 

Momo walks towards the group who do not notice her presence as she comes closer. She can already hear Kaminari's loud mouth and smirks to herself. Some things never change. 

"I was not his biggest groupie! That title goes to Kirishima! And what about Shoji?" Kaminari squeaks. 

"I don't know man, I think it was between wither you or Kiri. At least, before a certain hothead came into the picture." Sero argues. Momo already knows who they're talking about. 

"Yeah, you both were distant when we got our new arrival. So I would say it was Shoji, altogether." Shinsou said, plainly. "But, let's be honest in high school, the biggest supporter of Todoroki came down to two omegas."   

"Yaoyorozu and Midoriya." Hagakure said. 

"It was probably me." Momo said. It was the truth after all. She wouldn't lie. Izuku did love the alpha as did she. If it came down to who supported him more, it would be a tough call. But, she would win in the end. In high school, Momo's main ambition out of around five was trying to get her perfect alpha. She believed it was Shouto Todoroki. She supported every single thing he did while making sure she was around him for a majority of his time to entice his interest. She spent all of her free time in high school figuring out ways to get him to realize her feelings. She hoped he would notice them back and reciprocate. They would begin to date and fall into the perfect omegan dream. But, maybe it wasn't meant to be. She was glad she was no longer that person anymore to think she needed an alpha to make her happy. Momo sat down next to Jirou, "I supported him and his dreams for all of high school. He wanted to be a rock star. The world's biggest one. You all still remember the party before Senior Year, I hope?"

They all nodded.  

10 Years Ago - The Todoroki Party before Senior Year for the Final Class 3-A of Principal Nedzu

On the balcony of the large penthouse suite of a hotel, a large crowd of U.A. High students about to enter senior year wave their arms slowly left-to-right with the melodious beat coming from the front of a wooden stage on top of a pool of water overlooking a sunset view. The cheering of people going down as more people begin to flow with the melody. 

"My dad says I will make him proud." A deep voice at the front sings into a microphone with his shirtless back turned. The man is wearing white skinny jeans and sneakers. The voice slows down with each passing word. "That his son will do so well. But no one knows..."

Momo Yaoyorozu watches from the front of the stage with a blissful smile on her face as she moves back and forth. 

The voice then raises up to a loud, roaring alpha tone, "WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT DAD?!"

The guitar riffing at the word fuck as the crowd begins to cheer louder. The alpha turns around to reveal his two-toned red and white hair, and mismatched blue and brown eyes as he breaks into a guitar solo. The scar on his blue eye making him look more attractive. The cheers of the crowd grow louder as Shouto Todoroki continues with the solo all the way to its crescendo as Yaoyorozu reaches out towards him with a large smile. His eyes meet hers. He smiles back at her kindly. She feels like she might faint before his eyes land on another person in the crowd and she deflates. 

"1, 2, 3, 4."  Todoroki says as the cheers grow louder when the drums join in. 

Shouto Todoroki was the youngest alpha son of business tycoon Enji Todoroki. Doing a degree in wasting time. He came with a load of daddy issues attached. His father put so much pressure on him to succeed him and take over his family company that he took every opportunity to rebel against the man. His also father drove his mother to rehab to deal with the repercussions of his verbal abuse caused by his inferiority complex. The breaking point was when she poured hot water on Shouto's blue eye causing a scar to grow around it. He vowed that day to not become another hollow shell of an alpha like his father. Shouto was smart. But, he was more talented and wanted to become a rock star. He loved to play music and the rushing thrill it gave him. He also loved fucking over his father, so this was a beautiful way to have his cake and eat it too. That man would never be his role model, besides a far better businessman to follow would be Toshinori Yagi. Shouto was glad to use his father's money and resources to achieve his own dreams. But by the end of this, the only property he would ever inherit from his father was going to be his guitar, and he could not be any happier about it. 

Chapter Text

10 Years after the Graduation of Principal Nedzu's Last Class of Students

All of the students sat in the corner of their large waiting room, trading stories now with Yaoyorozu added to the mix. The adults soon joined into their own group to reminisce stories and talk about life, starting with Rei and Inko before their competitive husbands joined in, followed by Hizashi, Kayama, and Aizawa to mediate them all. Usually Nedzu would have been in the mix. But, that soon wouldn't be an option anymore. 

Iida and Momo shared a look as Kaminari regaled them with a tale about how he and Kirishima put white dye in Hitoshi's shampoo bottle, which only ended up causing the alpha to look like a much more attractive ghost as he chased the two around the dorms. 

Iida looked at them all with a special fondness before remembering the person who was never going to walk in here to join them. His heart took a special ache at that. 

U.A. was Japanese as its name, but the school was the world's best educational institute. Built 100 years ago by a Japanese beta named Nana Shimura who served as its first principal who ran the school with a wild iron fist. The top professionals of every field in the world had students from U.A. It most definitely wasn't a normal school. It was an entire world of itself and the most unique specimen in that world was a principal unlike any other one. 

Senior Year for Principal Nedzu's Final Class

Principal Nedzu walked down the outer brick halls of the school with his umbrella swinging on a sunny morning. Many students glanced warily and kindly at their dynamic principal wearing dark sunglasses while in his cream-colored suit. The man had a pale face that had a close resemblance to a chimera. His black eyes hidden behind the sunglasses that didn't even cover the pink scar on his left eye. His hair was white and his stride confident as he greeted the students he passed, carrying his signature brown briefcase.

The students loved him, their principal that looked just like Yogi Bear. But, they were also intimidated by him because they knew how scary he could be to those who were unlucky or, just stupid enough to inspire his ire. In fact, the only person who could really scare him was his mother, not that his students ever really knew. She was the type of mother that would usually force him to exercise until he was out of breath after pushing himself too much, and still want him to do ten more minutes. He really should remember to "accidentally" throw her glasses down the garbage disposal again. Then, that might keep her occupied past the point of her making sure he stays fit by running on a treadmill. She was a lot older than him, so she should be worried about her health. Actually, maybe that was his job. He'll make sure to broach the subject with her later.    

The man walked the halls thinking about his beautiful garden that he tended to this morning, calling his plants loving names as he watered them. In his defense, they were gorgeous plants.

U.A. was a high maintenance school he had under his rule for over fifteen years. It was his school. His. He had never married or had children for two reasons, one real and the other an excuse. The fake one was being the principal of a large school occupied his time, so he never had the time to. The real reason was that he never wanted to, at least until he grew older and lonelier. He looked around one day at his empty mansion with just his mother in there and realized how alone he really was. But, he made his choice and he convinced himself he was happy. He actually was when he was with his students, but when he went home to a lonely mansion, he tended to his hobbies and overbearing mother. He figured at this point, he might as well go all the way. He'll throw himself into his work at the school and his love for his students. He had friends, but they were all coupled up, especially one friend he had always has a soft spot in his heart for.   

10 Years after the Graduation of Principal Nedzu's Last Class of Students

Iida was knocked out of his dazed stupor when he heard the sound of the door opening. He looked up, thinking it might be a doctor before his eyes met familiar brown ones that had a special warmth to them. Ochako's eyes widened, somehow looking rounder when she met her husband's blue eyes. A happy smile overtook both of their faces. Her shoulder-length brown hair bounced as she strode to her husband and pulled him in for a hug. Iida blushed, but returned it as he heard teases in the background from their classmates. Some things never change. He pulled away and she kissed him softly on the lips, which he returned. When her husband moved to deepen the kiss a bit at the appearance of his wife after not seeing her for a long time, she pulled away remembering their company. Ochako gave him a reassuring smile before looking around the room to see who had appeared, eyes disappointed for a second when she finished before she turned back to him. 

In that time, Iida had taken in his wife's appearance. She had pink earrings peaking from behind her ears. She was wearing a pink tank top under a yellow cardigan. She wore shorts that Iida had unsurprisingly found to be too short, even though they were down her mid-thigh. Donning matching pink sneakers his wife looked cute. He knew he was a lucky man to get to be with her. 

"How's Tensei?" Iida asked. 

"Mom says now he's only moderately sulky." Ochako said. 

"How's your mother?" Iida asked. 

"You ask how she is before you ask how your wife is?" Ochako smirked with a raised brow. 

Iida's cheeks tinted red, "How are you? I missed you." 

"I missed you too." Ochako said, "The flight was good, I almost got into a fight with TSA. The asshole had the nerve to imply I'm 50! He even called me ma'am. I have never felt more insulted."

"Me too, you don't look a day over sixty." Iida said. 

"Did you just crack a joke on me, Tenya Iida?" Ochako asked, legitimately shocked, it was rare to ever see her husband lose his hand-choppy persona for a jokey one. Well, jokey for him. "I am shocked, and a little interested."

"Did I say sixty, I meant 22." Iida said. 

"You know I thought I heard you incorrectly before, I guess I was right." Ochako said with a tease.

A voice cleared his throat and Ochako turned around to see their old homeroom teacher without his signature yellow sleeping bag. 

"Aizawa-Sensei. It's great to see you again!" Ochako said with her trademark bubbly voice. 

"Uraraka. Thank you for coming." Aizawa said as the girl moved to give the man a hug, which he returns.

"Of course, Sensei. How is he?" Ochako asked. 

"He's on his last line. We can go see him after you go greet everyone. If you're anything like before, I know you're dying to see everyone." Aizawa says. 

Ochako nods and moves to do so with her husband in tow. She moves to Hizashi, who came to stand next to Aizawa. He gives her a polite kiss on the cheek while telling her how great she looks. Kayama does the same thing, but emphasizes how her womanly and youthful body has blossomed since high school, causing Iida to stutter and blush. She moves to greet the Yagi's with a large smile on her face stopping to talk with them for a bit, which she does genuinely enjoy. Asking how their youngest daughter Eri that they adopted after graduation is doing. She already has a good share of knowledge on how a certain green-head is doing, but they still discuss how he's doing. She moves onto the Todoroki's with polite hellos and hugs.

Ochako makes her way over to the separate group across the room, excitement buzzing from both sides. Asui immediately comes up to greet her.

"Hi Tsu!" Ochako says, hugging the girl. 

"Hi, Ochako." Asui says with a hint of fondness. 

"What?" Ochako asks. 

"Just surprised how exactly alike you are from high school. Still bubbly and cheerful, as always. It happens every time I see you." Asui says. 

Ochako laughs at that, "Yeah, well, you haven't exactly changed into a whole other person."

Tokoyami approaches her to say hello and she hugs him. Ochako moves on to Hitoshi, who was never really touchy with much people. She takes the initiative to pull him in for a hug and asks how he's doing to which the boy replies in a bored, but familiar voice. Next, is Kaminari and Sero who are very much still part of the three idiots, only missing the other one to complete their trio. They complement her looks causing her to roll her eyes as she moves to hug them. Shoji, Koda, and Sato all are short hellos and hugs. Aoyama kisses her cheek and they share a small talk about their lives before she rounds on the last three girls. Jirou moves to greet her first. 

"Uraraka, how are you?" Jirou asks as she hugs her. 

"I'm fine, you?" 


"I really love your band! The music is phenomenal." Ochako says after a moment. 

Jirou nods her thanks, "That means a lot. I hope the rugrat isn't killing you. By the looks of it, you're nailing the mom thing."

"Thanks, it's not easy. But, you kind of learn as you go. Being a teacher isn't bad practice for it too." Ochako says. 

"Hopefully, those rugrats don't give you much trouble." Jirou says.

"I wish." Ochako says with a laugh. 

Hagakure comes up next and hugs Uraraka politely. 

"Hi Uraraka! You look amazing!" Hagakure says.

"You too, Hagakure. I love your hair!" Ochako says politely, it is pretty good hair. They never used to have the best relationship in high school, compared to their other classmates. Mainly, because both had affiliations with rival top omegas at the school that were sort of at each other's throats in a competition for a variety of things. But, they were still friends.  

"Hi Uraraka. It's good of you to come." A familiar voice said from behind her. Ochako turned to see Momo Yaoyorozu. One half of that great U.A. rivalry that lasted for all of high school. "You look fantastic. Motherhood suits you."

"Hi Yaoyorozu. You look great too. I hear your makeup company is doing very well, I'm glad to hear. I use a lot of the products." Ochako says, tensely. 

"That's kind of you." Yaoyorozu says, "I'm glad to hear you became a teacher. You always did enjoy volunteering to help the underclassmen back in high school with their work. I hope you're happy."

"Yeah, I am. I hope you are too." Ochako says, sincerely. 

"I am." Yaoyorozu says, tensely.

The atmosphere among the old classmates grows difficult before Ochako turns to Iida, "I should probably head with Aizawa to see him. I'll be right back."

Iida nods and Ochako gives him a quick peck on the cheek before leaving.

Ochako reaches the room with Aizawa in tow. The man watches her with a tired expression as the tears begin to fill her eyes. Principal Nedzu looks aged and pale with all of those tubes inside of him. Aizawa pats her shoulder before walking to a distance to give her a moment. Ochako takes in the man before her, who was a great constant in her life for three years. 

Principal Nedzu had helped her in her darkest time. During, second year her stress with class a U.A. had reached an all-time high, and she was considering whether she could pass or not. Ochako had come into U.A. with a scholarship, having studied extremely hard to get in. She spent a good chunk of high school studying more than most students had. That common thing was actually how her and her best friend met in middle school, their striving for something to achieve. She wanted to go to the best school, the one where you were guaranteed success in life. All of that was attributed to the fact that her parents were very poor and scraping by with jobs changing constantly, sometimes by month. She wanted to help them in any way she could to alleviate their stresses, so she worked as hard as she could in school and got a full scholarship to U.A. They never had to pay for a single cent of her education after middle school and when they moved into the dorms in freshman year that took a good chunk of the costs away from their bills.

During her second year, she found the classes she was taking for the scholarship were growing more intense and she was struggling to get C's on tests for those classes. Finals that year were her last chance to keep her scholarship and stay at U.A. Her best friend and future husband did everything they could to help her to the extent of them overexerting themselves to her standards. At the same time, her father had also lost his job so money was tight whenever she went home and she also noticed her parents arguing more than before. On one day, she found herself breaking down in the bathrooms and rushing back to her dorm room from embarrassment. She was stopped by Principal Nedzu who brought her to his office and had her tell him everything. 

The man listened before diving into her problem to fix it in a lively way. He had scheduled her private sessions for tutoring with some of her teachers, and even invited her to stop by his office if she thought he could help with anything. The man also reassured her about her home situation and gave her a number for her father to call. Turns out it was a phone number for a construction agency, which hired her father after one interview. The pay was normal, but the benefits were great. He also told her to not be afraid to lean on more people for support, as well as, the grades on the finals she would need to pass her classes. Ironically, it was much more manageable than she thought because she ended up keeping her scholarship by getting on the honor roll for her second year. She had thanked the man immensely for it all after, but he brushed it off as though it was normal. 

She always had a special spot in her heart for her principal. The man was the main motivator in her life to become a teacher, she's actually been working towards becoming principal. She wants to help kids the same way he helped her.

Ochako hadn't realized the tears were pouring down her face before she turned back to Aizawa. 

"I'm ready to go back now." Ochako said. "He looks so-frail." 

"It's definitely jarring compared to the U.A. days. I actually miss all of his little quirks." Aizawa said. He had never seen the girl look so down, she would definitely need time to regain her bearings, "Do you want a coffee?"

Ochako looked at him confused for a second before shrugging and nodding. 

Ochako reaches back with her teary eyes having settled down a bit. Her husband immediately looks up when she walks in. Ochako thanks Aizawa before moving to sit next to Iida. He puts an arm around her shoulder, surprisingly possessive. He passes her a concerned glance, which she returns with a reassuring look. The man nods before his arm tightens around her. They go back to the conversation, still continuing undeterred by the added presence. 

"There is no possible way Midoriya had more clothes than me." Momo said, determined to get her point across. 

"I'm just saying, Midoriya had one suitcase taken home every week from school filled with clothes." Asui said. 

"That was just a rumor. I had four walk-in closets in my mansion. And I sent two suitcases home every week." Momo said. 

"It was not just a rumor." Ochako chuckled, "It was actually three suitcases."

"How do you know?" Shoji asked. Momo's face turned slightly ticked. 

"Partners in crime. We used to pack them most Thursday night's and sneak out at 1:00 in the morning to bring it to the car." Uraraka shrugged.  

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You and Midoriya were the ghosts of the elevators. I used to freak out every time I would take a leak on Thursday night and hear the sounds of stomping in the halls." Sero said.  

"How come I did not know about this? That was very irresponsible of you two, a full night's rest..." Iida trailed off with his hand-chops as Ochako gave him a comforting pat to make him stop. 

"That is exactly why." Ochako says. "But, Yaoyorozu if it makes you feel any better. Deku only had three walk-in closets, and one was filled with All Might merchandise and costumes."

They all laugh at that. 

"I count that as a win." Momo says. 

"Midoriya was such a hot nerd." Kaminari says dreamily before Jirou smacks him upside the head causing him to sputter out apologies. 

"To be honest all of the hot omegas were nerds." Jirou says. 

"We were not nerds, we were just smart and wanted to be at the top. Midoriya's All Might obsession aside, of course." Momo says. "Besides most movie nerds didn't smell or look like we did." 

Ochako choked on her coffee. Did Momo just kind of defend Deku? She really has changed. Look, she's not saying either of them were insane with rage when it came to the other, but their rivalry was very strong to still be a grudge today. Momo of the past grown up would definitely hold that grudge now, especially without the token of her affections and efforts in tow. Ochako's just kind of surprised, which Momo notices. She chooses to remain silent about it to not dredge up old wounds.  

"Even, with the man who played All Might as his stepfather, Deku could never quite grow out of the obsession." Ochako says with a smirk. "But, his personality was diversified with his brains and shopaholic tendencies."

"That's probably what stopped him from becoming the Buffalo Bill of his stepfather's life." Momo said. And there it is. Ochako rolls her eyes.

"Good old, Izuku." Sato says fondly. 

Ochako's mind begins to drift back fondly onto her best friend. The omega to end all omegas.  

The Senior Mixer before the First Day of Senior Year 

The doors to a large Bakugou department store open up as many employees rush past carrying things.

"The boy's got everything."

A pair of red-heeled boots stands in front before walking in confidently. The omega is wearing a white tulle top under a blue jean jacket with green embellishments, his blue skinny jeans having the same embellishments. He wears a yellow, red, white, and blue ring on his index finger. He has bags on his forearms from other department stores along with his bag on his other forearm. His green hair, slightly crimped and going past his shoulders, blows as he walks forward. 

"The boy's got everything."

"The boy's got everything. The boy's got-boy's got-"

Many people cross over to serve the boy who nods with a small smile on his face grateful, but exhausted. Having grown comfortable and used to this kind of attention over time. They hold up various items for him as he heads towards his destination. The changing room. 

"I've got it all."

"Jimmy Choo and Hadou."

"Prada, Bakugou..."

"Can't get enough I want more and more."

He points to various items he deems acceptable and declines kindly those he doesn't like. 

"Louis Vuitton, and the Stella McCartney."

He touches the items he's interested in and skips those he isn't on the clothes line. They are put on each arm as he finally enters the changing room. 

"Donatella Versace. The newest line from Gucci."

The door opens with a bright light to reveal Izuku Midoriya, the most gorgeous and brilliant omega at U.A. At least, currently as of junior year. His emerald eyes match his green hair now in a ponytail as he steps out in a new collared-green shirt with long open ends that reveal his dark skinny jeans and match with the black and green boots. His smile is blinding as are the starry freckles adorning his face. 

"Looking at my intoxicating eyes..." Izuku sings as he takes a matching bag from an employee. "Everyone has gone crazy.

"Alpha's control yourself..." Izuku continues as a horde of workers join him to shift from side-to-side with him as he moves forward, "Or it will become difficult for you to live."

"The boy's got everything." Izuku gestures to various clothing items that pop up behind him. 

"The boy's got everything."

"The boy's got everything. The boy's got-boy's got-"

A man brings up another outfit that catches Izuku's eye. 

Izuku now in black booty shorts, silver-shimmer tank, black boots, and a leather jacket poses as various pictures are taken around him. 

"No one is like me." Izuku sings on the top of a cream colored love seat. 

"Everyone dreams about me. I'm the number one." Izuku sings as he's turned around. 

"The world follows me. I'm ahead of everyone. I'm number one." Izuku sings as he grows more tired of the spinning and hops off, flashing a one sign before turning it into a peace symbol. 

Izuku tries on more outfits as he looks in the mirror and struts in each one. 

"I've got it all. Jimmy Choo and Hadou."

"Prada, Bakugou."

"Can't get enough, I want more and more."

"Louis Vuitton and the Stella McCartney."

"Donatella Versace."

"The newest line from Gucci."

"Looking at my intoxicating eyes. Everyone has gone crazy." Izuku sings as he looks at himself in the mirror in his old outfit, "Alphas, control yourself or it will become difficult for you to live."

Izuku flashes a wink before walking out with around eight more shopping bags then when he came in. Allowing the insistent employees to help him with the burden that he has brought on himself. He made sure to get here early for this sale before he had meet Shouto at the mixer.  

Izuku Midoriya walks into the senior mixer and greets a number of classmates with hugs and hellos. After he give Tsu a quick peck on the cheek, he hears his voice. 

"Izuku!" Izuku turns to see the familiar sight of his mother walking to him with his father by her side. Yagi was his stepfather, but Izuku thought of him always like a real father, especially since his father walked out on them for him being an omega. Hisashi thought he would have been weak and stupid, completely useless.  Those years were hard on him, especially middle school where he wasn't exactly protected much after an alpha he used to know moved away in the middle of elementary school. He endured a lot of bullying by his peers. Most, were directed at his status of being an omega, the rest were the way he presented himself as one wouldn't usually back in middle school. During his second year, his mother met THE ALL MIGHT! It was like a dream come true because soon in his last year they were married. He took up the mantle of both the only child of Inko Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi. Yagi taught him how to fight and stand up for himself. The amount that he taught him that year was enough for him to stand up for himself and knock out the top alpha of the middle school when he insulted and threatened to rape him. But, Izuku continued to learn it and grow better, so now he's a black-belt in three martial arts.

He could take care of himself and most alphas at U.A. were intimidated by him since the first one who tried to bully him in freshman year was knocked out. At least, Izuku got away with it and was never bothered by an alpha at this school again. Now, being chased after respectably, complements, and courting attempts happened all throughout his sophomore year. But, all of middle school and freshman year he spent pining over the alpha who moved away. Sophomore year he decided to be more confident and change his appearance. He took more pride in how he looked and dressed. He dressed in clothes that made him look and feel better. It also helped that his father was rich and loved him, so he regularly supported his and his mother's shopping excursions. According to his best friend Ochako, he was a cute omega before, now he's a full-fledged beauty dressed in finery.

That same year his friend from freshman year, the top alpha, Shouto Todoroki asked to court and date him. Izuku decided to take a chance and open his heart to love, so he accepted it. He did actually grow to love and care about Shouto romantically over these past years, having shoved that previous alpha to the back of his head. They were a power couple the top alpha and the mostly top omega (Damn Yaoyorozu). He knew Shouto loved him and wanted him too in the same way he did. He even liked when Izuku would lose himself in planning and begin devolving into a fit of mumbles. They were mostly happy. 

But, that never stopped him from what his goal was for school. He wanted to take the spot of top of his class at the best high school in the world, which was conveniently U.A. Most of the insults about him being an omega were about his intelligence. The teachers and students who weren't omegas would talk down to him like he was an idiot. They thought he was just a stupid omega, but he ended up taking the top of the class in middle school. He was determined to keep up that streak and become the valedictorian for his class at the best high school. He wanted to prove to himself he could do it. He wanted to show everyone who called him an idiot for being an omega that he could do this. That he was brilliant and useful without having to sacrifice who he was as an omega. He wanted to show the other underclassmen at U.A. High, the school that has never had an omega valedictorian that there can be one. Omegas can succeed. He had decided this goal in middle school and was always working towards that goal since he came here. He managed to fit everything else in between or around it. He was surprisingly good at managing to nail school and still have a social life with a romantic relationship. 

His mother and Yagi had walked up to him. Izuku had forgotten they invited parents to these things. He was glad to see them, hugging them both. "Izuku! We have some news we wanted to share with you and you're late!"

Izuku laughed at his mother's chides. "I told you I was going to the sale, Mom! At the Bakugou's Department Store."

"Did you get me anything?" Inko asked. 

"A cashmere scarf and for dad I got a new silk tie from Italy." Izuku told them. 

"Thank you, sweetie." His mom said, putting a kiss on his cheek. 

"Thank you, Young Midoriya." Yagi said. 

"It's alright. I know you hate shopping." Izuku pointed at Yagi before turning back to his mother, "And you love shopping, but had to get ready for this after sleeping in."

"Oh hush." Inko fixed a strand of his hair. 

"What's this news?" Izuku asked. "I hope it's good."

"We're planning on adopting!" Inko burst out. 

Izuku's eyes widened in joy, "Really? Wow! Mom! Dad! I'm so glad for you! I'm going to have a little sibling?"

"Yes, a little sister." Inko nodded. She had known Izuku had always wanted a younger sibling with a preference towards sister. "An omega."

"I can pass down all of my shopping tips." Izuku said and gasped, "And All Might love."

Yagi rolled his eyes with a chuckle, "Please don't. I still will never step into your third closet." 

"Which is why she will, A LOT." Izuku said. "Mom, never minds it."

The man rubbed his forehead nervously with a blush on his cheeks. "Young Midoriya, it's a wonder you haven't killed me."

"Call it payback for still calling me "Young Midoriya." But, I'm happy for you both." Izuku says with a genuine smile, "I can't wait to meet her! Our family is growing."

"Yes, the next time will be when you get married." Inko says. Izuku rolls his eyes. 

"Yes, until you get married, Young Midoriya. That we will be eagerly waiting for." Yagi said, reveling at getting revenge on his son for embarrassing him.  

"Deku!" Izuku looks over to see Ochako calling for him in her bouncy pink sneakers, pink top, and khaki-shorts ensemble. 

"Honey, go get reacquainted with your friends." Inko says, catching the excited beta's eyes before she meets Kayama's and gestures to Yagi to get moving. "We'll talk more about it at home."

Izuku nods as his parent's move past him, he snags a glass of non-alcoholic cider and moves to his best friend since middle school. 

"Ochako! Hi, you look amazing!" Izuku says, hugging the girl. 

"Deku! Have you seen your boyfriend?" Ochako asks, when he pulls away. 

Izuku looks at the girl confused, "No, why?"

Ochako nodded her head to behind Izuku with a glare. She had started to grow a dislike to Shouto since junior year. Izuku turned to see a vomit-inducing sight for him that has been happening too often since junior year. Momo and Shouto, his boyfriend and alpha with their faces pressed close together talking intimately. Their hands are linked as the alpha nuzzles the omega's cheek. His large hand's moving to caress her forearms. 

Izuku has had enough of this. This is what he meant by mostly happy. It's been happening since junior year when she first knocked him off the pedestal for top omega before he took it back by the year end. Whenever he's there, Shouto is always loving and attentive, even in her presence. But, when he's gone for a second she swoops in to flirt or touch his alpha, and he embraces it. He acts like Izuku doesn't exist, that they haven't been dating or feeling the care and love they've felt before. It hurts and every time he sees it, it's like it chips away at him. It's gone on for too long and the other omega has always done this to him with a special kind of malice because of their competition for both valedictorian and top omega. Izuku's gaze turns furious, yet calms when he turns back to Ochako. 

"I'll be right back." Izuku says, he needs to get his man in line. 

Ochako nods, knowing what's about to go down is going to be explosive. She loves seeing Deku fiery.

Izuku approaches them as the alpha still doesn't notice him or his scent. He can hear snippets of the conversation. 

"Oh, really?" Momo says trailing a hand up his bicep. 

"Yeah, baby." Shouto says with a smile. 

Izuku put's on an annoyed smile as Momo notices him. Izuku taps his shoulder. Shouto brushes him off thinking its Kirishima. 

"It's someone." Momo says gesturing to Izuku.  

Izuku actually slaps his shoulder to get his attention, smile still in place. Todoroki turns around and is taken aback at the sight of his beautiful boyfriend catching him. Izuku brings his hand down to curl around his bicep. 

"Hi." Izuku says. 

"Hi." Shouto says, nervously. 

"Hi, Yaoyorozu." Izuku says, politely. 

"Hi, Midoriya." Momo says, looking away. 

"What are you up to?" Izuku asks with an icy glare. 

"Nothing, just trying to help some unsatisfied alphas. Some omegas, just do not know to care for their alphas." Momo says. 

That's fucking it. No more fucking around. He was Izuku Midoriya. Shouto was his boyfriend. He took in the woman's white dress as an idea popped into his head. 

"Momo, you know some drink stains are permanent?" Izuku says, swirling his cider. Shouto looks at him in confusion.

"Oh? Thank you for the washing machine tip." Momo says, in a matter-of-fact way.

"No problem, you'll need it." Izuku says with a smile before throwing the cider onto her white dress, staining it with yellow. He hears an "Oh Shit!" from his boyfriend and an "OMG!" from Momo. 

He glares at Shouto before walking away angrily. Shouto brushes off the drink stains and looks at the girl pityingly as she lets out a "Damn it!" while glaring at Izuku's retreating figure.  

"Izuku!" Shouto calls out as he chases after him. 

Izuku slows down enough for Shouto to grab his arm. Izuku turns with a furious glare and annoyed scowl, looking more terrifying than most alphas and still just as good. 

"What are you doing?" Shouto asks him. 

"Shouto, I've had enough of this. You've been flirting with her and touching her all over like she's your omega when I'm gone, but act like a doting boyfriend when I'm there. I'm not putting up with another year of you two flirting and you acting like we're not even together. If you don't change your fucking antics, I'm done. We're done." Izuku says before turning away to leave. 

Shouto grabs his hand and starts to kiss it, "You know, you look sexy when you threaten-" 

Izuku pulls his hand out, face softening, but still fierce, "I mean it, Shouto. I'll see you tomorrow." 

Izuku walks out with a smirk as Ochako moves beside him with a look of pride. That better motivate him to get his shit together.

Izuku doesn't see Shouto smirking back at his spitfire omega's attitude and ass.