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Our promises

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Izuku was circling the huge store in search of healthy food and not the usual "take-out shit" as Katsuki would call it.
Along the way he smiled to the people, who shouted his hero name with glee in the eyes. He'd always be embarrassed at such sign of admiration, no matter how many years had passed.

By the time he reached the counter, his phone vibrated with an embarrassing song all might styled. He coughed three times in attempt to somehow cover it and answered the call while his hands picked the food. "Where the fuck are you?" He knew that voice too well. 

He rolled his eyes "I'm at the store. You were the one saying that I am a lazy ass and I should eat real food"  "Damn if it's true." There was a pause and Izuku knew before it came.  "We didn't speak anymore about that night..." "It's okay...I'm...I'm sorry really. I'll make up to you"  "Fuck...I should be the one saying it..." again, silence. "Well, you can make up to me tonight" "What's tonight?"   "I have a reservation, at Tokyo Tower"  "Have you gone out of your damn head? You were the one who"  "I know..." Izuku interrupted him.  Another pause, a one where he could hear katsuki's breath.  "...So, when are you coming home?"  "Aw, do you miss me already" "shut the fuck up" Izuku could almost see the red stained his lover cheeks. He chuckled. "I've almost finished then I'll come...home." He loved too much the way the word sounded. "You better..."

"Excuse me" said the old woman behind the counter giving him a bright smile. "Have to go, bye. Love you"  He could practically feel Katsuki rolling his eyes before saying "same, idiot". He hanged up.

"My my, I have the luck to serve the symbol of peace" said the elderly woman. Izuku chuckled and nervously tickled the back of his neck. "Oh, It's not that big of a deal, m'am" "call me Mitsumi dear and It's 20s"  "for all this food??"  "We have a special discount for pro heroes" she winked. "That's good to now" izuku smiled sincerely, while putting the groceries in the bag.  "So, how long are you gonna keep it a secret?"  "Excuse me?" Answered Izuku, confusion clear on his face. The woman laughed "your relationship with Grond Zero." Now Izuku was clearly taken aback. Normally, he would panick and tell the woman not to say certain things aloud in public, but in that very moment, he couldn't help feeling his heart melting.         " would you.." "It's not that difficult if you can truly see...I have never seen Ground Zero as the way he is with you and..." The woman could not finished the sentence: the entry and part of the ceiling were raked off, sending overall panick and pieces of the building crumbling.

Izuku looked astonished at the enormous black and lominous object flying across the city, bringing down everything that was in its path. "It can't be..." the bag fell from his hands and the food with vibrating colors spread on the floor.   Screams waked him up and he realised people needed his help. Activating One for All, he saved a group of girls from a falling debrit and then shouted for everyone to hear "it's okay. I'm here. Go orderly as fast as you can to the exit at the other side of the building. Stay calm, I will not let the building crumble before you are all out."  People saw a bit of hope in his words and solemn smiling figure and that was enough for them to put the effort to escape. "Well" thought Izuku, scanning the condition of the building and people, who were all near safety. "All? Oh, no, where was the woman?" Panicking he searched his surroundings but there was no sign of the smiling cashier.

A loud crack and other debrits collapsed, freeing a nube of dust. He covered his face with an arm and when his vision cleared, Izuku stared with dreading horror at a small hand hanging lifeless below piles of concrete. "No, no" He caved with tears pricking his eyes. "Mitsumi I'm gonna bring you out and you'll survive and...and you'll get to see me and Kacchan get married in front of the whole world" he said that with enthusiasm, with hope but when he found her body, it was too late.

With guilt and sorrow he stated like that, not letting go of the woman's hand.
Then, hearing sounds from afar, he remembered he was a hero and that he could still save people. With fury in his eyes and heart he sped outside, ready to deal with whoever's was behind this catastrophe, but a longing figure seemed to anticipate him. 

  "Oh, so you are their hope, ain't you?" Said the deep and clear voice of a man engulfed by shadows at the top of the building.  "Who are you?" Izuku shouted. In just one second the figure was in front of him, blocking his view with long and golden air. Izuku's green eyes dilated while the man whispered in his ear "I'm your worst fear."





Katsuki grunted at the coldness in his bed. He'd never admitted it loud but he couldn't sleep if Izuku wasn't by his side, engulfing him with warm and a longing feeling...the feeling of being loved.                       

So he stood up and lazily threw himself on the coach. It was his and Izuku's day off after all. He turned on the TV and was starting complaining about the shitty program when a loud sound vibrated underneath his feet and the whole town.

The golden light stretching from the window was totally obscured by giant structures of black material. Katsuki reached the window barely breathing and beheld the sight in front of him: people running and screaming, fire pricking from houses and buildings, thick smoke sourrending the city. It was chaos.   He turned ready to dress in his hero costume and go to the rescue of the city when the tv channel changed and the figure of Deku appeard. "Fuck" hissed Katuski, following the footage with terror in his eyes. Izuku's shirt was torn and gashes were all over his skin. He seemed exhausted while lifting himself up from a collapsed wall, probably the one he had been thrown in.    The other man approaching was tall with lean muscles and thin golden hair swinging on the wind. He wore a white and fitted uniforme, adorned with a gray cape. Both seemed to be made of a strange amd unknown material. His face was sharp and his skin almost brighted. His eyes, two gems gleading of a cold light, were looking directly at the camera, almost intrigued. The imagine swang. "Ah, there there, don't scare yourself to death. I'm not annoyed by the thought of you filming. Rather I would say you should never stop" the man said, giving spine-chilling smile. "What the fuck is up to that freak?" Bakugou felt his fists becoming white.

"You should all see" continue the man, spreading his arms upwards "How there is no hope left." He indicated Izuku with a sinister smile. The hero's eyes lighted with realization and maybe, Katuski didn't want to believe it, a sense of fear. "THAT FUCKING BASTARD. I'm coming Deku" he said it with determination but deep inside he felt his heart shaking with an horrible feeling. He set it apart. They would win and save. They didn't call them wonder duo for nothing.

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"The symbol of Hope, Deku, our hero, is confronting courageously a strange individual appeared together with constructions never seen before, bringing chaos and despair to our beloved city. The other heroes are engaged with the rescue of the numerous civilians remained involved in the attack. So it's up to our hero to face who seems like the leader of this criminal operation" the reported speaked with determination but also with drops of sweat pouring down his face.

The mysterious man let out an amused and unrestrained laugh. "Ah that's it. He is your only hope. Did you hear humans?" Izuku narrowed his eyes. "Humans? So what are you?" Asked the hero, draining the blood from his mouth. "You can call me God" he asserted. "So you have a thing for joking" said izuku. "You'll tell me."

He disappeard in less than a second with a fist held high and ready to hit, but this time Izuku knew better and didn't let himself be taken aback. With All for one flueing his veins he answered to the hit it was to come.  The man grinned deeply amused "That's it" he said with wild eyes. Izuku didn't understand anything about this puzzling figure and there was not time to think about it. They exchanged at the same hallucinating speed a powerful kick, whose waves of collision cracked the concrete and sent cars rocketing. Izuku's eyes widened at the sight of destruction and his opponent took the opportunity to send him flying across another building.

"If you think about them, it is no fun" pouted the man approaching izuku, almost buried under the debrits. "Midoryiaa" a voice resonated through the people's screams. "Todoroky-kun" whispered amazed Izuku. An imposing wall of ice divided in just one second the two sides of the battle with Todoroky approaching the hero. He helped him raise up and Izuku let a hiss. "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine...where's Kacchan?"
"We were storming off your way when something attacked him. He screamed to go to help you and that he would kick the thing's ass" Izuku interrupted him with a chuckle. A smile remained in his lip "Typical of Kacchan." "So, it has to be a monster to beat up someone like you.."
"I think he is Shouto-kun. There's something in him that makes me uncomfortable..." Shouto gave a reassuring smile. "As Bakugou would say, whatever. We'll reach the others and..." "kick his ass" continued Izuku with a newfounded determination. But right after, the wall of ice crumbled like it was nothing leaving behind only sparkles of white light. "How did he..?" Izuku asked while Shouto was silent.
"So, we have another hero joining the game. Interesting power I must say, ephemeral."
They both raised in a fightning stance. "Midoriya that wall.." "I know, it should be untouchable and now you have consumed your quirk's resistence." "That's right."     

With no time to react, the man with gold locks entered between the two of them, sending Shouto away and taking Izuku by the neck.
The hero struggled breathing while he tried removing the overwhelming pressure on his neck. "Shh...I know you are not the only one pillar of this world...where's the other who wins, ah?" He asked tilting his face.            "What do you want?" Izuku questioned through gretted teeth. "I want your world and I want it to see how its two indestructible pillars crumble one by one. Don't worry I'm not starting from you...after all, the hope is the last to die. I'm going after the so called Symbol of Victory" the sadistic smile never leaving his face.

"As if I..." almost screamed izuku while with his full power he seized the hand and slowly remove it "As if I'll let you do it!!" Green sparkled sourrendend his body and his eyes became lighting when he striked an assested fist a the enemy's jaw. A new aura sourrended him, a one of pure power, one that made the soil tremble and the clouds in the sky move uncontrollably.
"That's it" said the other with predatory eyes and an enthusiastic smile. Izuku was already on him, pushing him higher in the sky with full power punches. The man didn't do anything but smile and take the hits. When blood started pouring from a little gash he whispered darkly "The higher you get, the more ruinous your fall will be" "shut uuuup" screamed the hero, but the man blocked his next fist and in a fraction of second he hit him with tremendous force. A giant white light followed Izuku till he reached the ground. "I hope the cameras were still on for that one" he smirked while descending gracefully from the sky.






"You Fucker" yelled katsuki dodging another blast of that being only to disappear behind the collapsed pieces of buildings. "Hey, bitch stitcher" his voice resonated from the angles of the buildings, confusing the other. He then reappeared propelled at full speed by another explosion. "Dieeee" he screamed, clashing his head with the forehead of the being. "Your fucking machine can withstand fire and explosion, I get it but then the thing is simple..." he said grinning thrioumply. When the dust settled off, apperared the being with long white hairs, stitched up and browning skin and the lower body incorporated with a machine.
He started laughing. "AHHH? What are you laughing at, dipshit, you're the one going down" " That's...kufu...the reason why I can't stop laughing...kufu.." "Freak" whispered Katsuki and leaving his gauntlest apart he brought the being down with a combination of powerful kicks and punches.
Then he approached the figure beaten up and laid down. Even now it didn't stop laughing. That sent waves of panicked through Katsuki,who threatened the thing with another punch only to stop himself when he heard it whispering "My Lord, your first son will be reunited to you soon".

An evanishing light erupted from its body, which slowly disappeard. The intensity of the light forced Katuski to drew meters back. The trajectory of the thing started travelled to another part of the city, the same Half and Half was directed to, the same where Deku was. Other lights started climbing from numerous part of the city, all of them concentrating in one point.

Suddenly Round Face was screaming though his speaker "Ground Zero you receive me?" "Even too much, what is it?" "The others and I...we defeated those things, but they disappeared talking about reunion and now..."
"I'm going, call the others. We...I...will need support" Katski said, realizing that just a few years ago he would have never admitted something like that.
"Be careful, go to Izuku."
Katsuki started flying though buildings and rooftops with only one thought occupying his mind "Please stay safe. I'm coming."






"Izuku...I don't want to hide anymore" said Katsuki leaning on their balcony, while the moonlight kissed his golden skin and deflected the deep crimson of his eyes. "Kacchan...we have already talked about it"
"Then we didn't talked about it enough...For God's sake deku I can't even graze your hand when there's just one fucking asshole around us." Izuku took a deep breath staring at the moon covering the night with his blue light. "You know that's for good" "No I don't fucking know, so remind me." Katsuki stared at him with flaming eyes. "Because what if they caught us? That's not the media or the possible haters that worry me. How could you forget about the villains that found out about They used you to get to me, Katsuki! You could have died" almost screamed the greenette hitting his hand to the chest.
"But I'm here and alive and I would like really much to say to those fuckers that you are mine, and I would like to dance with you and kiss when there's some shitty hero reunion, I would like to break a nose or two remembering people that you are with me and I would like to fucking marry one day...for fuck's sake...I don't know if I can..."

Izuku was astonished, he should be happy for his lover confessions, but at the same time his last words awakened something in him. Fear. Refusal.

"You can what?? You know, if you want so bad someone to show off in public well you should find yourself a pretty and small woman" "Oh for the love of God Izuku, do you fucking hear yourself?"
"Why not Katsuki? She would be admired by the whole world, you could marry her and have children and you're life will be perfect!" He spread his arms wide open to enfatize. "If you don't shut your damn mouth I'll do as you say" screamed Katsuki, then widened his eyes. "Izuku...I...fuck, you know that..." "Goodnight Kacchan" and saying this, his curve figure disappeard exting the balcony.




Izuku woke up from the painful memories to realize he was laying with his face in the ground and every bone of his body hurt like hell, still he said "Ka..kacchan."
He tried to get up only to fall again.
"I'm sorry you've lost the show. Don't worry your people haven't" said a luming voice. Izuku watched the camera still activated. "Turn it off!" He yelled. Approaching, the other man enlightened with his figure all of his surroundings and shoved a foot fiercely in Izuku's back, forcing him to stay still on the ground.
"Why ruining the show now? Say you are defeated, say you surrender."
"I..." The other neared his face to izuku's head. "I don't hear you, how could they??"
"I...WE'LL NEVER LET YOU HAVE OUR WORLD" screamed Izuku. "Saying the guy under my feet" smirked. "I'll let you know my name before your death. "You made me enjoy myself, you deserve to know it". Izuku clenched his fists.                                            "My mortal name beloved hero."

Izuku closed his eyes. It couldn't be...he couldn't die like this. He wanted to see him again, he wanted to say I love you one last time.
"You asshole, go away from him!!" a cry resonated through and a figure with spiky hair appeared from clouds of smoke. "Oh?" asked Hiro, sending an amused gaze in the explosive hero way.
Izuku's eyes shined with tears "Kacchan!!"

Katsuki rocketed himself towards Hiro and blasted him away from Izuku. "He beat you up pretty well,eh? I can't leave you alone for just one goddamn second" said Katsuki positionating himself in a defensive stance in front of the other. "Yea, never do it again"
"I won't" his voice stern. "Can you get up?"
"Don't know" "Fuck" hissed Katsuki while his eyes trailed the clouds of smoke and dust in front of him, searching for the enemy.    "Where the fuck is that candy cane bastard when needed?"  "I don't know. He shouldn't have send Shouto that far."

Katsuki growled seeing a figure engulfed by white and golden light dissipating the black nube. He seemed like a God.                       "So, you're the one who wins?" Said a haughty voice. "Always" "Not this time, I'm afraid."  "Yeah? Take this, freak" saying this, Katsuki freed the uncontainable power of his gauntlets. He couldn't worry for eventual civilians who haven't evacuated the zone. If he restrained himself, they wouldn't make it. But even so, the powerful explosion rising up even in the sky was contrasted by an irradiate light. It dissolved everything.

Katsuki was left speechless, Izuku with terror.
"Just as with Todoroki-kun ice" he mumbled.
Hiro appeared in front of a lost Katsuki and touching his gauntlest, they disappeared in million of pieces, leaving a powerful wave of schock through Katsuki's body.   "I knew you'd come for him" Hiro said amused. Katsuki flashed Izuku a hurting gaze and he knew that also his partner was thinking about the last time they heard that sentence.
"Yes, I've come to save him and" "and who will save you I wonder" with a gash of light he imprisoned Katsuki's body. "You are the first pillar to crumble. You are lucky, you won't be the one seeing your love dying."

"No, no, no, Katsukiii. Leave him aloneee" izuku shouted exasperated, putting his last energy into lifting himself up. "Izuku no, you'll do it even without me" katsuki flashed a smile while his eyes became shiny. "I know you will" He then disappeared. "Nooooo, noo. Katsukii!!" Izuku cried chasing the last sources of light. Then collapsed shaking on the ground.

"Don't cry. It was needed. This is an important day" said now Hiro addressing to the cameras, behind which were the crying and horrified faces of the people.
"This is the beginning of a new era" While saying this from every luminous black machine appeared hundreds of soldiers dressed in black uniforms with arms of golden suns. "A era of prosperity and evolution for the Earth. The era of a god. And know I invit you tonight to celebrate this glorious day, the day Victoy and Hope have fallen."
He stated this while chorus from his men resonated high in the sky. Then he looked at Izuku, still not moving. "Take him and dress him with his hero uniform. He is the main guest of the night after all..." saying this, Hiro drifts apart with lights at his feet, whereas the soldiers spread through the city and took Izuku towards the entry of a majestic machine.

All the while, the hero was silent, his face wrecked from blood and tears was expressionless and his body showed to the camera no sign of struggling.

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Izuku was silent. His face hasn't changed from the last moment he saw Katsuki drifting away.

He had been washed and dressed up with his hero costume and he didn't even care to know why. The only thing he could think of while seizing the small box in the pocket was Katski. How everything turned from happiness to despair. He knew that it was far too perfect, that he had too much, but should have never gone like this. He increased the pressure around the small box as tears started falling again.

"Have you realized this is the end?" Asked Hiro while sitting on the chair in front of Izuku's. The hero remained silent, his gaze full of fury.

"We didn't even need to restrain you. I'm thankful that you understan-" "this is not the end, Hiro" Izuku interrupted him, remembering Kacchan's last word. "If there's still one person fighting, then it's not the end." Hiro neared his face to Izuku's and his blue eyes stared at the other's lips and then deeply at his green eyes. "Well, the event of tonight it's indeed to make sure something like that will never happen."

He let go of Izuku's hair, who never left his ablaze gaze from Hiro. "Five minutes and the show is on" said while theatrically turning his long cape and being quickly engulfed in the shadows of the spaceship.




Izuku drifted in what seemed to be a long dreamless sleep and when his eyes opened he did not see the peaceful face of Katskuki bathed in the golden light of the morning. No, in front of him was a completely different vision: a huge crowd, fires burning in the night and soldiers everywhere circling the area. Microphones and cameras were all over the place and projected Izuku's figure on the screen of the Tokyo Yower. He saw how he was securely tied at a huge wooden cross, at the summit of the highest skyscraper of the city.

"What time is it?" Asked Izuku sensing Hiro approaching. "Is this your question? You humans are indeed strange." "You address strange to the things you don't comprehend, a mistake most of the time we commit ourselves" "Are you comparing me to a mere human?" Asked Hiro, suddenly towering over him. Izuku's eyes didn't move from the tower.

"What time?" "You'll die before the beginning of another day, is that enough?"
"That's a shame though...I really wanted to see it..." said Izuku with sorrowful eyes. His lips curving into a sad smile. Hiro gave him a skeptical look, then went on the verge of the building to address the crowd, who showed no sign of surrender.

"Inhabitants of the Earth" he called out while his eyes shone madly amd his arms were spread wide open.
"I have called you here tonight to proclame myself as the leader of a new bright path for humanity."
At this, cries of protest levered from the crowd.
"My my, none of you can't understand, is it? That's why humans are a violent race. No blood, no realization of the thruth" he sighed, letting his arms fall.

"Then, look here, look at the ones who was supposed to save you. They are nowhere to be seen..."
Izuku stayed still, only looking at the tower. "Fled , defeated, dead." At this, Izuku lifted his head. "And without Hope only despair will remain" he said pointing to Izuku.

The hero unexpectedly left a dry chuckle. Hearing this, the people silenced. "Do you really think that I am the Hope?" Asked Izuku with a mocking voice, making Hiro's eyes widen for a moment.
"Maybe I'm the one who makes people remember about it. But with me or without, Hope will live.
We are human and today we have learned we are not the strongest as we arrogantly believed. But we will always have something that others won't. Something that brings Victory..." he stopped for a moment, an imagine of the wonder duo appearing before his eyes.
"All of you can be Hope. Together we can..." Izuku's stopped when blood pooled from his lips and pain spread through his stomach. Hiro's hand trapassed it and silence fell over again. "I could have aimed to the heart, but that would be no fun, would it?"

Izuku couldn't hear anything. There were only tears at the corner of his eyes while he smiled at the Tokyo tower. It was midnight and the building was suddenly enlightened with green and orange colors, the ones of Hope and Victoy, the ones of him and Katsuki;
in the middle a sentence: "Marry me."
Izuku closed his eyes, that was the last thing he wanted to see.


Suddenly a tremendous clash broke the silence making the earth quivering and the night sky covered with red and black clouds.
Hiro, who had stepped away from Izuku, remained involved in that impetuous whirlwind, which even his infamous light couldn't dissolve and from that ranging nube of flames and smoke a victorious figure appeared and Hiro thought that maybe, maybe he wasn't the only god there.

With a tremendous force, he was sent higher and higher in the sky, when the explosion released the power of an atomic distruction. For a moment, everything became light.

Izuku opened forcefully his eyes and Katskuki's face was before him with his rigid jaw, soft hair and wild red eyes. "If this is the death, I don't regret losing my life at all" smiled izuku. Katsuki eyes were blown wide, while frantically throwing the chain which tied Izuku up and nearing a trembling hand to the wound. "Shit" He then clumsily embraced him, squeezing tightly. "I am here Izuku, you are alive. We all are. I'm sorry, I'll make it up, I promise."

Izuku stayed silent, then he located Uraraka and Tenya, Tsuyu, Jirou, Mina and all his ex classes members immediately reunited once again to fight the enemies and save the people. He felt that indistinguishable warm that had become part of his life. He then realized.

"Kacchan" he whispered while suddenly embracing his lover back. "I'm here" reassured the other. "you're alive...but how?...I saw you..." Katsuki decided to interrupt that broken voice, so different from the one he knew.  "I hate it, but it seems like Icy Hot saved my ass...I'll explain everything to you along the way, now we have to go..." "Where..?" "Bakugo, Midoriyaaa, come!" Todoroky cried from far away, inviting them to slide on the platform of ice.
"Why not your quirk though?" "I can't...that one single explosion drained all my power" "you mean...that light??" "Yeah" "I didn't know you were.." "The best? Luckily I'm here to always remember it for you, asshole" said the blond with a proud grin. Izuku laughed but then coughed blood. Katsuki's eyes darkened. He quickly lifted Izuku up to his back and slid Todoroki's ice. "Everything will be fine, you'll see Deku."

The others were fighting with all they've got, while Todoroki slowly managed to bring them far away with his ice and at the same time make sure nobody neared them.

Once Izuku spotted Uraraka, she gave him a smile. Age didn't ruin it, it was radious as always had been. Lyda and her married the year before and when he told her he wanted to propose to Katsuki in front of the world, dispite the fact some weeks ago fear made him think totally against it, she started crying. And the same sensitive, kind woman was now standing strong in the horror of a battlefield never seen before.
"Thank you all" mouthed Izuku.

"THIS WAY " cried Todoroki.
Suddenly, a cruel light erupted from the darkness of the sky and a luminous trail descended towards the ground. "Fuck" whispered Katsuki. "He wasn't supposed to recover this early, godammit." "The before...if defeated became his power" Todoroki said.

"Okay guys, we have to increase our speed or we won't make it."
"What about the others??" Asked Izuku. The soldiers almost reached them, but before they could Kirishima and Denki hit the enemies. "Bakubro, leave the rest to us." "Idiots." "Increase of speeding in one, two.." began Todoroky.  "Thank you" Katsuki whispered, turning his face to them, his eyes full of meaning.

Kirishima cried, because of his friend's words, because he knew that they were the last he would hear from him, because he realized the world they lived in had no future.
"One" Todoroky smiled one last time at Momo, her eyes combative, but full of tears and love. "What about the OTHERSS?" squirmed Izuku. Katsuki gritted his teeth and the trio disappeared in a couple of seconds.

They didn't get to see the rest of the battle, how Kirishima blocked a hit for the others and died trying uselessy to protect them; how Momo sanged a song while caressing his womb and how Lida and Uraraka stayed together, hugging each another till the very end.

Chapter Text

Hours before...


The last thing Katsuki saw was the pained expression of izuku's bloodied face and his arm extended weakly towards him. Then lightness.

He closed his eyes, convinced that he would never open them again. Or so he thought.... The puzzled face of Todoroki was leaning towards him. "So I'm in hell."
Todoroki rolled his eyes. "Unfortunately you are still on Earth and alive, Bakugou."
The adressed one gave him a skeptical look. "AHHH? Then, get the fuck off me, smartass fucker" he said pushing the other with no concern. "Is that how you thank me for saving your life?"

Bakugou silenced and gave him a struggled expression. "And how would have you done it?" a mocking expression plastered on his face. "By finding her" Todoroki answered casually, gesturing to the figure of a young woman with clean yellow eyes and short green hair.
"...and who the fuck is she?" "Ah, I'"  "speak up!" The girl almost cried. "Ah...I can teletrasport persons and objects I've touched in the ray of 5 km!!" She said at a frightening speed. "Jesus. When the fuck did we meet?" "Bakugou" hissed Todoroki.   "The last hero reunion Groun Zero sir...Deku-san introduced you to me" Katsuki frowned.

Ah the last hero reunion, now he remembered. Deku had that amazing tight suit that did a marvelous job at showing that perfect ass. Maybe that's the reason he didn't remember Izuku introducing the girl to...WAIT "How the fuck does Deku know this chick? And wait, did you say anything you've touched??" "She's my sidekick...and a huge fun of Midoriya. I let her met him." Katsuki couldn't help sending a threatening gaze towards her, who jumped at the action. Todoroki rolled his eyes.

"Anyway. Today we were patrolling together when all of that happened. I told her to wait behind, but when I landed because of the hit, I discovered she's not a good listener."
The internal struggle of Bakugou was revealed by his deeply frowned expression. "Shit...I...if that's the case, thank you both" he eventually said, surprising Todoroki.
"Now we only need to do the same with Deku." "No, she can't. She has used her quirk way too much."

Bakugou raised up in one second and approached silently Todoroky. His eyes were dark. "Maybe she's not the only bad listener here. Did you just suggested leaving Izuku behind?" Todoroki silenced. "He is my friend too, but if we really want to help him-" "Don't give me that bullshit Todoroki!" The one addressed gave a stunned expression at being called by his name.

"ehm..Shouto-san, Ground Zero-san..." the girl's voice pleaded. Even so, the two didn't leave the intense gazes off each other.  "I'll go. Follow and stay behind pissing in your pants, I don't care."

He turned aggresively from Todoroki. "Bakugou, stop!" came a known voice. "Round-face?" She and almost all his exclassmate have arrived.
"This situation is way bigger then we thought..." Uraraka said.

Behind her there was someone he hasn't seen for a lot of time.
"Nighteye??" Asked Bakugou with a mix of anger and disbelief while Todoroky widened his eyes.

"You were dead" stated Katsuki, his voice lacing with astonishment. "Uncorrect, you believed I was" asserted the man with shining glasses and weak body sitting on a while chair, which Lida moved cautiously.

"I'll explain you everything, but you need to come with me first." "Sure. After I get Deku out of there" said Katsuki already storming off his way. "You'll die. He thinks you are dead, if I were you, I'd leave things that way" "He who?" He asked suddenly.
"A god, the God of conquer" said Nighteye with his lips twisted and his eyes imprinted of heavy seriousness. Katsuki felt his breath stop.

"If you really want to save him, come with me, together with everybody else" said the ex-prohero interwing his fingers. Katsuki weighted his words silently. Then he looked up "if that's it, make the way."





They were all reunited in a dark structure in the outskirts of the city, near UA. "You're saying that you woke up form the death with a vision??" Asked skeptically Katsuki, the artificial and cold light made his features sharper.
He could read disbelief in all of his companions too.

Nighteye emerged from the shadow. "I was 3 long hours dead. It was like sleeping then waking up from a nightmare, the irrational thing which makes the brain tremble, and wake up as a sort of istinctive defense." "yes, but you were a fucking corpse!" "Bakugou, manners please!" exclaimed frantically Lida moving his arm in disapproval.

"It doesn't matter how I am still here. What matters is that the vision I had was so terrible and powerful I woke up from death itself. What matters is that in the vision this world died. All of you, starting from Victory and Hope" said Nighteye with a cold expression. Silence fell in the hall.

"There must be a way" Kirishima spoke up. "There's not. You can't defeat him. He is ineluctable." All the presents' expressions fell, defeated. "But..." he continued "you can avoid his descend here." "What are you talking about?" Asked Todoroki. "After the vision, I decided that it was better if you still believed in my death and if I started a new life dedicated to one purpose, the same who brought me back years ago: finding a solution."  "And do you have it? I mean, that would be very awful dude had wasted your second chanc-" "Shut up" said Katsuki to Kaminari. "Time travel" "And how the fuck-" "let him finish" Uraraka scolded him. Bakugou frowned. "don't you dare interrup-" "He is here because years ago he became aware of our presence, of the existence of this world and the human race. This because of an involuntary message sent by the league of villains" "What..." "in the end of your second year at UA, Shikagary assold someone to creat an invincible blast, but that someone didn't accomplish him. On 5th April, before being killed by Shikagari for his failure, the scientist activated his machine and the blast, imperceptible to human eyes, traveled through space, Hiro's domain." "...Hiro is the name of that motherfuck-" "Yes" "Can you fucking please stop interruptin-" "Can you please stop cursing?" Asked Todoroky, gaining a threatening look. "Fuck yo-" "With the device I have asked to create, you can go back to that time and prevent the activation of the blaster and this future from happening."

"So you're saying that if we want to survive..." said Momo. Nighteye downed the eyes. "If we...want the future to be different, it's the past we need to change. Hatsume!" He called out. "Mei??" Lida asked in disbelief. "Hi guys! Surprise!" The girl appeared with an entusiastich smile. "She was the best candidate for the job. In fact she created..." "this" continued excitingly the pink girl, positioning a round mechanical sphere on the table. Katsuki was deadly silent. "This is the device ones of you will use to go back."

"The time you had the vision...was way before the finish of our second year" suddenly spoked up Katsuki. Nighteye remained silent.

"ANSWERED ME" screamed Katsuki, hitting the table. "Oi, calm down there" said Mei reaching for the spere. "Yes." "And you did nothing?? You...let all these people die, suffer when you could just stop it?"  "Future is unpredictable...if you changed the course of a vision, there would be consequences."  "I don't give a fuck asshole...if he dies..."   "If I had changed the things at that time, he would certainly have." "What do you mean???"  "You'll get it. Now, this sphere will erase everything. This is our only hope" said Nighteye.

"Then, how do we do it?" Asked Uraraka. "We must follow my vision. Tonight, near the Tokyo Tower" at this Katsuki hissed.  " We need to make a plan to rescue Midoriya and-" Nighteye widened his eyes and started trembling. "Too late, it has already begun" whispered somnlely Nighteye.

"Go save him, then Grounz Zero and Shouto go together with him to UA. I'll give the sphere to eraser, he knows how it works." "But..." "Go now! "
They weren't allowed to have the benefit of the doubt. Their only hope was to believe. So, all of them shared determinate looks and started directing towards the exit of the building. "We'll make it" exclaimed Uraraka for all of them to hear.

"And remember, you'll return to what you want the most." Katsuki lingered for a moment. "Think smartly. Accomplish the task whatever happens. Then your presence in the past will be forgotten and you'll come to the future before today's events occured upsetting everything."   Bakugou was lost for a brief moment in the man's words and piercing eyes's. Then he started moving when hearing voices calling for him.

The figures of the heroes danced in the shadows of the night, in contrast with the thousands lights of the city. " could have told them the whole truth Night" said Hatsume nearing the man and following the heroes with a longing gaze. "If they lost hope, they would lose everything, and this future indeed would be goner."







Katsuki's eyes quivered vigorously seeing the image of Izuku tied to a wooden cross, as if he was a martyr waiting for death.  However, before he could spring to action, hands seized his shoulders. "Don't" said Todoroki while Kirishima gave him a serious gaze. "Let go of me before I cut your hands off" "and then? What would you do? Make yourself and all of us get killed?" Asked Todoroki with greeted teeth.                        "But we must do something!" "And we will Bakubro, but not now. We have to wait for all of the proheros" Kirishima said.  "Rather, is your move ready to be used?" "You'll fucking see it when I blow that bastard ass" Katsuki answered harshly. Then he slowly stepped away. He couldn't stand seeing Izuku like that.

Unconsciously, he tapped his hero costume's pouch. His eyes drifting away with memories and the imagine of a future that would perhaps never happen. Today was supposed to be...anything else... He sighed feeling an ache in his chest.
"Oh my God, Katsuki" Uraraka exclaimed in the verge of tears, covering her mouth with both hands. "What?" Asked her. She sobbed. "I' two are really perfect for each other, you know?" She said moving clumsily her tears off her face with her fingers. Katsuki realised she had understood what he held in his hands. "" he sighed, again. "Yes, we are" he said then, giving her for the first time a hearted smile.

"GUYS THE TOWER!" exclaimed suddenly Kaminari. Katsuki turned ready to take action, when he saw the Tokyo Tower enlighted with orange and green strings of light. He then read the sentence. "Marry me" he whispered. He smiled with his eyes glistening.            "That fucking bastard, he has always had better organization" he huffed a laugh.

All of his companion watched him with happiness, Kirishima and Kaminari cried at the same time. Mina was jumping high in the sky, already thinking about the wedding showy planning. Todoroky held a proud gaze and Uraraka...she watched him with something else: pity and sorrow.

A second later and in the big screen of the same Tower appeared the image of Hiro's hand trappasing fiercely Izuku's stomach. In that moment, Katsuki's eyes reflected a fragility never shown. In that moment, Katuski's heart stopped as it was the one being mercilessy hit.
In that moment, Ground Zero launched himself in the middle of it all and this time nobody stopped him.

Chapter Text

Present time...


"And that's all" said Todoroki while the periphery profiles began to be distinguished. Izuku reamined silent after hearing the events of the last hours.

"And what will happen when we come back? And...and for those who die in this future?"
"I think that everything will be the same as it was before the attack and everyone will be fine" continued Todoroki. "YOU THINK?" asked Izuku, while his lips beginning to tremble and show more blood.

"YES!!" Todoroki suddenly yelled, losing his typical cold composure. Katsuki's eyes were immediately on him.
"We are certain of nothing! But what choice do we have eh? Tell me Izuku! Tell me what I can do if not hoping to gain back what I've lost. Momo and the...the babies."

"What are you talking about?" Asked Katsuki, while Izuku'eyes widened dramatically. He had already understood. "It should have been a surprise..." Todoroki whispered, uncounsciously increasing the ice speed.

 "I'm sorry, Shouto. You're right. This is it or nothing. You'll see them again. You have to." Stated Izuku with soft eyes. Katsuki remained silent and closed his eyes vigorously while greeting his teeth. "Yeah" answered Todoroki. "I have to."

They had almost reached UA when they located behind them a massive light travelling at high speed.
"Shit, why is he so obsessive??" Asked Katsuki. Todoroki quickly diverged the ice, stopping his trajectory and sending the other two heroes forward. "You need to live and save us all" whispered Todoroki. Their expressions horrified at the realization.

"Shouto, you don't have to this!" cried Izuku while extending his arm towards the man and squirming in Bakugou's grasp. Katsuki didn't turn to face him but only said: "My pride can't stand the fact you saved my ass twice, Icy bastard. I'll certainly go to the past to erase it all."  I'll certainly save you all. He turned towards Todoki sending him a wide grin. The other chuckled and shook his head. Then sent the others two in direction of the school while focusing with determinate eyes in front of him.

Katsuki looked straightforward whereas Izuku admired the creation af an immense wall of fire, whose warm could be felt even at that distant. Then, Tororoki erected a barrier of ice behind him. It should be indestructible, but not for the enemy. So izuku closed his eyes and knitted his brows in pain, knowing that his friend's efforts would be useless.


Suddenly, the ice below their feet started to crack.
"Fuck, Deku, hold on!!" Katsuki's shout was muffled by their sudden fall into the void. Before landing, he succeeded in putting Izuku in front of him, holding tightly to protect the man as much as he could with his own body.
Their impact with the ground was harsh and they started rolling messly tangled with each other, setting off a cloud of dust.

Katsuki breathed hardly. Regardless he still held tightly on to Izuku's body on top of him. "Deku?" He asked with a dry voice. No answer, only silence. His body laid motionless before him. "Oi, Izuku!" Katsuki'eyes moved frantically as his hands reached the other's face.

Izuku opened his eyes and Katsuki started breathing again. Then the green hero suddenly sitted down and held his wound while covering his mouth with his hand. When he finished coughing, his white gloves where stained with blood. Katsuki was about to reach him, but stopped when Izuku's eyes widened in horror. He turned around. They had arrived at UA, but the imponent school they used to know was now a building in ruins, still fiercely lapped by the remains of fire. In front of the gate, now thrown to the ground, laid cold the figure of Eraserhead, his head feet away from his body.

Katuski almost puked.

"It can't be" Izuku whispered while shaking the head. "Come" said Katsuki's sharp voice, bringing Izuku's arm on top of his shoulders to help him lifting up.
With shady breaths that frightened Katuski, Izuku slowly reached the gate and Bakugou helped him sitting down. He then approached Eraser's torn body. "Probably you tried to protect them with all you've got" said Katsuki with mourning eyes that travelled through now the abandon school, the same he grew up in to, the one which gave him everything. "That's a death worthy of the greats, old man. Thank you for saving us one last time" finished saying while grabbing the mechanical sphere seized in the man's hand.

"You have grown up, Katsuki" said suddenly Izuku with tears stucked in his esmerald eyes and showing off a proud smile. Katsuki smiled back and approached him, sitting with his back leaning against the wall. His fingers dirty with mug and blood caressed the articulate engravings on the metall. 

He suddenly left a cold laugh that brought Izuku's worried eyes immediately on him. "You know what's fucking funny? Ahhh, the fact that we have come here by sliding in our friend's blood" "Kacchan don't-" "That's the goddamn truth! We have come here losing everyone and everything and now? Now the only person who new something about this fucking piece of shitty metal is dead" said Katsuki.
Then he crushed with brute force the sphere on the ground.
"Dammiiit!! Work piece of shit! Work!" Screamed till his throat ached while hitting the sphere over and over again, untill a hand stopped him.
"Wait." Izuku's eyes enlighted with recognition.
"I know it, I've seen it before. Mei...she explained me how it works. One day I saw its project and I couldn't help being can go back to the past Kacchan!" Exclaimed Izuku with new founded hope.
"Wait, you said I?" Izuku gave him a small smile. "What's that shitty look? Answer me. Did you say I'm the only one who's going back?" Asked katsuki spitting every word with rage.
"Kacchan, look at me...I'm not strong enough to bear a travel through time. I would compromise the mission..." "No, no, don't give me that shit. I care zero fuck about the mission. I'm not leaving you here. You're coming with me, you'll survive, then we'll search for a doctor and..." Katsuku said frantically, devouring every word. "Katsuki" Izuku whispered.
And there was something breaking in his voice, that made Katsuki immediately look at him.
"Look at me, Katsuki... I can't" Izuku said this with a small smile, contoured by trails of blood. His eyes were exhausted but still fighting to live, his skin was pale and the wound...Katsuki din't want to talk about it... His figure was fragile and seemed that even the wind could bring him away from the other. Still Katsuki said: "you're coming with me." Izuku smiled. Again.

"Did you see..." his voice was so small. "The tower?" Katsuki widened his eyes taken aback, then his expression softened. "For one who wants to hide our relationship, you certainly overtook some things, eh nerd?" Izuku chuckled. "It was beautiful" answered Katsuki with eyes palpitating of love. "Yeah?" Izuku then took two golden rings from his hero suit. Katuski chuckled.  "Will you marry me?" Asked Izuku. "Only if you marry me" answered Katsuki showing two luminous silver bands.
Izuku finally let the tears go and stream down his face, enlightened by the pale light of the moon in contrast with the warm reflection of the fire. "Ye-" he sobbed violently."Yes." Katsuki embraced him, breathing in his scent.

"And our promises?" Asked Izuku with his voice muffled by Katsuki's collar. "It's the end of the world and you are really thinking about this?" Asked chuckling and moving away to look at the other. "We'll have tim-" "No" almost screamed Izuku gaining a skeptical look. "No, I...I want them now, Katsuki." "How the fuck-" "How about...." Izuku interrupted him. He then cleared his voice and brought up the golden ring. "Wise man said..." he started singing while putting the golden ring in his own finger. 

Katsuki's pupils were blown wide and his mind travelled through the memories, the ones of him shouting to Izuku to cut with the sappy shit already and the other continuing to sing, dragging Katsuki along the way.
They ended stumbling and falling on the ground, of fucking course.
He missed those days; when Izuku would force him to sing while letting out breathless laughs

Now, in front of his eyes, Izuku didn't have the same carefree smile of those days.
Now, his lips were quivering into a soft smile, one of longing, one you only give at time to say goodbye. "Kacchan?"
How could he have spaced out in a moment like this?? Godammint.
Izuku encouraged him to continue with a movement of his eyes. And so Katsuki did. "Only fools rushed in" he sang with a rosy blush tinting his cheeks but eyes traitors of love. Then he slowly put the silver band in his finger, imitating Izuku, who stared breathlessly at him. "Take my hand" said the greenette now putting the golden ring in his lovers' finger. "Take my all life too" and Katsuki did the same whit his silver one.

"Couse I can't help..." sang Izuku with forced and broken voice. Katsuki felt the tears falling heavy down his cheeks, while his heart fed with memories of the past and hopes for the future that will come. "Falling in love..." "With you." They finished toghter.

"We'll fall in love with each other all over again" Izuku whispered softly in his ears. Then, with a quickly movement, he made the sphere leave a sound and tint of blue electricity. He activated it, while not leaving Katsuki's eyes once. The other showed a smile of happiness and hope.

"You have twenty seconds. I'm sorry Katuski" said Izuku with a broken smile. Katsuki'eyes trembled with fear. "What the fuck have you-" he never finished that question.
Izuku's quirk lighted up with green sparkles one last time. The sphere was sent far away from him, behind katsuki's face morphed with terror. "You.." he started running at full speed even if his lungs burned, his legs screamed for giving up and his heart fuelled with insufferable pain.

He screamed while lunching himself hard on the ground. He seized the sphere while turning around, gaze immediately fixed on Izuku. Five seconds left. I'll make it.

A furious light mowed the darkness and Katsuki sweated with fear. He propelled himself sending fierce explosions and he screamed feeling the muscles of his arms tearing apart. He didn't care.
He extended an arm. In his mind, in his heart, was only Deku.

"Izukuuuu" he screamed his last words, whereas a cold light started evaporating his surroundings.
And in that moment the time frost. He could clearly count every Izuku's freckles, a number he already knew: 27, 15 in the right cheek and 12 on the left one, to be precise.

He could clearly see Izuku's pleading eyes and smile, the last beautiful one he gave him. The blood dripping from the green of his suit... He even saw Izuk's lips trembling and slowly moving.                                                     "I love you" a last whisper, a last moment from the world that gave him everything...only for it to be destroyed mercilessly in front of his eyes.

The immagines started to flash inside of his head, confusing with one another and when Katsuki opened his eyes, his arm was still held desperately in front of him.

All around, everything was dark and silent. Then, he heard a shrill rumour and saw light cracking from an open door. His view was bleary, probably because of all the tears he couldn't stop. From behind the door, bashed in a soft light was a mop of green hair. Katsuki lost it.

He wanted to run, but all he could do was take a few steps forward.
He wanted to scream, but he could only whisper his name many times like a mantra.
He wanted so desperately to reach him, but his hand fell before he could and his vision blacked out once again with a name on hi lips: "Izuku."