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I couldn't come up with a title so here's wonderw- I mean Overhaul

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The head of the Shie Hassaikai could be described as many different things by many people. On the surface, he seemed like your run of the mill uptight, high class and professional young man who had big aspirations. However, you and the other subordinates would say otherwise, while he was all those things many outsiders saw, you and the other subordinates had to deal with him and his antics that outsiders weren’t aware of. You as a secretary and Kuronos assistant when he didn’t want to do something, had to deal with him daily. Something didn’t go the way he wanted to or a minor inconvenience pissed him off? Boom the alpha would rage and overhaul anyone foolish enough to be in his way or calm him down. The unspoken rule within all members was one you religiously followed every day: don’t look at Chisaki too long or the wrong way for he is an alpha and will rip your head off if he doesn’t use his quirk, annoy him and you will die, but most importantly don’t challenge him for a fate worse than death will await you. However, being his right hand mans last minute secretary made this hard. You were with Kurono a good chunk of the day and who did Kuruno follow and be with most of the time? Overhaul, so you’ve seen a fair share of people being killed by him and had every right to be scared and walked on a fine line of glass shards. 


However that wasn’t the only problem, you were the only omega in a base full of betas and a few alphas but by some fate hormonal problems made it hard to tell you were an omega. Your sent and heat were almost nonexistent and easily passed as a beta, who were already considered weak but it was better than being labeled an omega. The only thing you had going on was your quirk it wasn’t powerful or fancy but it was useful. A type of quirk canceling quirk, you could freeze someone or prevent them from using your quirk the drawbacks being you had to heavily concentrate on the person which limited the amount of people you could use your quirk on, overusing or straining yourself would lead to headaches or painful migraines. 


“____” you looked up distracted from your thoughts, Hari Kurono looked down at you with his trademark expressionless but, annoyed and judging you face ™. “Pay attention, you know I don’t have time for you distracted now hurry up in an hour we have to meet with Chisaki.” he plopped a small stack of papers in front of you “I expect these to be filed before the meeting with overhaul, don’t disappoint me.” And with that, he walked off. 


Why can't he do it himself? Overhaul asked him to do it, not me.  You looked over the reports and started separating them. I hate going on those meetings anyways, I swear if it wasn't for Kurono Overhaul would have blown me to bits by now just for breathing wrong. Why do I even have to go? It’s not like I’m eye candy or power piece some guys bring over at the meetings. I don’t envy those pretty betas or omegas one bit, the idea of being nothing more than a pretty thing to look at seems so boring and dull. 

You glanced down at a paper Tomura Shigaraki I wonder what that’s about, huh there’s more files in this same folder. Eh must be some business associate or someone who pissed Overhaul off either way I don’t care, I already have enough shit to deal with. 


You looked up and saw Setsuno shyly looking away avoiding all eye contact, poor man was traumatized from his previous life before joining the yakuza. You pitied him and tried to check up on him when possible. 

“Oh, Setsuno did you need something?”

He cleared his throat and looked at you “Chrounostasis wanted you to meet him and to bring a file that was marked in red. He also suggested that you hurry”

You nodded “you know Setsuno you shouldn’t be nervous around me I’m not going to hurt you.” He politely bowed his head as you got up and grabbed the file. “Hey, Setsuno did he make ‘the face’ when he told you that I should hurry. He nodded “yes ms.___. Do you request anything else?” Tilting your head as if you were thinking, “Yeah" you put a hand on his shoulder "you honestly don't have to be scared around me okay, also you don't have to call me Ms.l/n, just call me ____." He nodded "yes ___ now hurry before Kurono and Overhaul get mad, I wouldn't want you to get in trouble because of me." 


You frowned a little “No its fine but I better go now” waving at him before disappearing into the distance and awaiting the scolding for being late.

“What took you so long? Actually I don’t want to hear it, do you have the folder at least?” Kurono was annoyed and you didn’t even dare lower your head as you handed him the folder. He opened it, scanning it to see everything was in place. “Come along, the boss is waiting for us and you better not be a disturbance,” he warned, referring to your past behavior. It wasn’t your fault oh I’m sorry, I’m not a kiss ass all the time. “Yes, sir” mentally rolling your eyes. 

“Good, now stand straight” Kurono knocked the door instantly opening, Mimic rushed both of you into the room. Overhaul sat on the couch lifting his head eyes staring straight into your soul, most alphas didn't scare you and yet here he was making your blood freeze from a single indirect glance. 

"I've been waiting for you.”

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“Have a seat” Kurono nodded and sat down while you stood lowering your head, mainly out of feeling uneasy than having respect for both men. Not that you did or felt either man actually deserved it. 

“Here is the new intel we’ve obtained on Shigaraki and his league.” Laying out the folder and presenting the contents to Overhaul.  He picked up the paper and silently read over it. “It really fascinates me how disgusting trash like this is the new face for the criminal world. A gang of misfits. It doesn’t matter, with all for one out the way it shouldn’t be too hard for us to get rid of the league and get in power.”


  oh, look at him talking like the overconfident egomaniac he is. If he was anywhere remotely close to how powerful or influential he said he was this damned organization of his would have an official sponsor by now instead of shitty hand me outs by the old man's loyal associates who don't even like you, and only do it because they respected him and hope by some odds benefit them in return one day? Ranting internally. Why did I think this was a good job in the first place, oh yeah because my family owed him money and if we wanted his lackeys to stop harassing us we had to give something in return. And me being the oldest decided to offer myself for whatever service they saw fit. Good job ____ your family who doesn't even bother to check up on you is safe while you're here safely on the brink of death with whatever wrong action you do.


“Don't you listen girlie?” something kicking your shin. Looking down you saw Mimic looking annoyed and shaking his head. 

“Oh I-” he cut you off before you could even apologize 

“The boss asked for tea, now go get it for him!” , pointing at the pot of hot water surrounded by neatly stacked cups. 

“Yes sir..” in a voice so quiet only he could hear.


“Damn betas utterly weak and useless. Still more competent than omegas though..”


Rolling your eyes not caring whoever out of the three men said that as you grabbed a cup and opened the box containing tea leaves.

“Bring him one too” Overhauls voice stopped you as you turned your head and saw him refer to Hari. “And make it on the table” pointing at the table.

You sighed Damn I should of known this was gonna happen, making me go through some form of embarrassment for their entertainment. “Yes, overhaul” 

“Bring it here now don't waste our time by getting a tray.” although you couldn't see him, you knew Kurono had a smug look plastered on his face. 


You walked over to them and laid the cups in front ready to pour the water first.


“You idiot” Kurono pulls you back “don't you know how to make tea? You put the leaves in first then the water!” following his instructions you try again. Fuck you, Kurono Hari, I hope you choke on this very tea I’m about to serve you. Better if you burn your stupid throat preventing you to talk for a few hours, although I doubt the water is hot enough to do that. 


You passed the cups to both men. Chisaki looked at the cup with a disapproving look and looked at you equally disgusted.

“Come here “ shifting his gaze to hari he spoke. “Hari if you don't mind I'll have to punish this little incompitant assistant of yours”

“Not a problem Chisaki” as if Hari even had a choice. With incredible speed, he reached over and grabbed you by the collar of your blouse shredding it in the process. With his other he forced your mouth open “Does this tea taste acceptable to you?” he forced the lukewarm beverage down your mouth. “Don't ever think this is acceptable, you damn bitch!” he let go of you, roughly landing on the floor. “The meeting is over. Both of you are dismissed, however, you're staying. It seems I have to teach you respect." He looked at you with a menacing gaze. Death was near and you were looking at him straight in the face. 

After having you clean the spilled drink and scrubbing the floor chisaki had you hanging from the ceiling by the hands. It didn't take long for your arms to get sore, it also didn't help that you barely touched the floor with your toes. Chisaki sat across you with a predatory look in his eyes, not showing any emotion as you struggled 


“Normally I don't do this however you seem to be a rare case” he finally spoke not that it made you feel at ease if anything it had the opposite effect. “Your resistance is quite impressive. Most people would have broken by now.” he walked over to you staring at your face looking for any signs of fear. “But even the strongest of souls will break sooner or later.” he walked over to his desk looking for something. “You can break the facade. I know you're scared don't you just want to lose it and call me every name in the book ?” a ruler appeared in his hand as he made his way back to you, giving you a light smack with it. “Answer me when I speak to you”


You yelped “what did I do wrong?” tiny tears formed in your eyes. 




“That's not what I asked” another smack landed on you , this time on your ass and much harder. 


“Ugh! Hey what the hell are you doing?!” kicking your legs to no avail. 


He smirked and smacked you again “I'm giving you an appropriate punishment since you want to act like a rebellious child why not treat you like one.” it wasn't a question it was a statement. 


“You're an interesting beta. You see I hate using my quirk  so consider yourself lucky, now start counting up to ten.”




Bastard! Agh! I bet you're secretly getting off to this.  You bit your lip breathing slowly stuttering out the numbers as he continued to ‘punish you’. barly making it to five before bawling your eyes out and begging him to stop.


“Five! Ow! Okay fine, I learned my lesson it really hurts!” messy makeup was running down your face, you could feel a bruise starting to form on your ass. 


“Sorry for what? If you say it I’ll let you off just this once” Chisaki crossed his arms looking at you in a condescending way. He knew that your please were out of desperation wanting the punishment to end. “You shouldn't lie ___, I hate being lied to. You also shouldn't say you're sorry and pretend like you know what you did. Now it looks like I’ll have to give you… a harsher punishment.” 


“Wait! I- I promise ill behave I’ll stop acting like a bratty child! Please don't use your quirk on me” being in a distressed state would make it impossible to use your quirk, the only thing that could protect you or buy some time.


“Use my quirk on you?” he gawked at you offended for even thinking such a thing. “Didn't you listen? God you're not even worth me considering using my quirk on you. Fucking betas…” he shook his head and untied you. “Get out my sight before I actually dispose of you.”

“Overhaul did that?” 

You nodded as Setsuno stitched your blouse, it wasn’t repairable but at least it would last you the day after that goodbye blouse. “Yeah, I was so scared, I thought he was gonna kill me. I know he's violent but his attitude changed so fast.” 


“He’s always like that, but that...Spanking-”


“Don’t say it like that it sounds weird. Just say smack” cringing as you blushed, you didn’t like being spanked it was just embarrassing, you a grown woman being punished like a child.


“Fine, him smacking you is out of character for him. You might want to hide though. Overhaul is having people come over and not to judge you, not that I am but maybe you wouldn’t want to be out with a shirt that's barely holding itself up.”


“Why would I have to worry? Alphas don’t phase me.” you scoffed 

“True but aren't you an omega?" 

"I… What makes you say that?" 

"Well are you?" He responds as holds up the shirt "it's not the best but it works." 

"No I'm a beta, do I give off omega tendencies?" 

"No , you don't but you have a… Faint spot showing. '' You looked at yourself in the mirror. "Damn it, the makeup must've washed of when he threw poured the tea on me. Setsuno um can I borrow one of your shirts? Please I don't want my gland to be exposed."


"No problem , you're lucky you don't smell though. Other than your gland nothing gives away you're an omega. But promise me you'll be safe. The base isn't really a place any omega or woman should be in.”


“I will plus I've made it this far without being noticed so I'll be safe, no need to worry about me.



"Overhole has sum dude at the base" Rappa informed you as you all stood on a balcony. Currently, the three of you, him, setsuno, and yourself were on your break. 


"Oh really? What did he look like?" You asked half interested. 


"Uh blue hair" 


"We don't know anyone with blue hair." You said as your burner phone rang. "Ugh, it's Chrono. Sorry guys I gotta go"  you head over to the damned meeting room from before. Upon opening the door, the first thing that caught your eye was a scrawny blue haired man. His face was hidden behind what you hoped was a fake hand, a long sleeve black shirt and pants hung loosely around his body. However, you could see his eyes, a rich ruby red that was filled with hate. If this was the same guy Rappa was talking about earlier then he was by far the most out of place business associate Overhauls ever paired up with. 


“Tomura Shigaraki, I hope this meeting convinces you to join us”