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oh my god (he's a really bad boy)

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It's still kind of raining from earlier - the spitting kind of weather that doesn't really want to leave and lingers with the crisp air and muddy grounds that you can never escape. It's not as bad in the forest - the rain, that is, but plenty muddier to make up for it. 


Keigo is glad he brought his old boots. And for Tomura and Dabi; they don't look happy at all to be outside. They squint whenever Keigo shines his flashlight their way, both faces forming irritated frowns. Dabi is wrapped up in three layers of coats, but Tomura wasn't so lucky; a T-Shirt and a ragged looking plaid shirt on top, and jeans more holes than jean. 


'Can we go back yet,' Tomura bleats plaintively, arms crossed over his chest. Keigo notes his hair is still pretty fucked up from sleeping late. 


'I promise you, I know what I'm doing.' Keigo reassures. 'It's a full moon, right? And I've heard rumours about a bunch of vampires-'


'Keigo,' Dabi calls out. 'Vampires don't exist.'


'They do, Dabi. I know they do,' Keigo replies. 'I just have to prove it.'


Tomura directs Dabi a stern look. He sighs. 'Fine, but those murders a town over? Probably not vampires.'


'That is for us to find out.' Keigo steps over a hunk of tree root and grimaces at the squelch of mud his foot lands on the other side. 


'And what are we gonna do when we, uh,' Tomura coughs, 'Find one, exactly?'


Keigo is quiet for a moment. Maybe he hadn't thought that far. 'We're gonna follow it back to wherever they hide out. Obviously.'


'And call the cops.' Dabi smiles. 'On a bunch of vampires.'


'Listen,' Keigo starts.


Tomura lets out a groan, teeth chattering. 'I have a class tomorrow, Keigo.' 


'Sometimes a sacrifice is necessary-'


'I'm gonna fuckin' fail calc if my attendance goes any lower, dude.'


'You're a genius, Tomura. That hasn't stopped you before.' Dabi nudges him with an elbow. Tomura looks him up and down once, and a silent argument seems to pass between them as Tomura tries to haggle off one of Dabi's layers. He fails.


As a reprimand, Dabi ends up with a clawed hand around his wrist and nails digging into the skin there. Tomura huffs, whines like a kid whose parents are talking too long with some relatives. 


'Fine, fine.' He mutters. 'Just let him get this out his system.'


It had almost been funny to Dabi, finding out that Keigo had grown eagerly interested in the murders going on in their county. They'd started about three months back now, on Halloween, when a young man's body was discovered in a ditch somewhere, completely drained of blood and looking pretty shocked about it. 


Two bite marks in the neck and Keigo had been all over it. Dabi had never really assumed Keigo was into all the mythology and cryptid shit, but here they were, out at 3 AM in the woods covered in mud and rain and trying not to die of hypothermia - or, in Tomura's case, die of hunger first. The guy liked his midnight snacks, apparently.


Speaking of snacks.


'Keigo, can we stop for a moment?'


The thing Dabi had first noticed and really fucking liked about Keigo were his eyes. Not the eyeliner, exactly - everyone liked that about Keigo. But Dabi really liked the pale wood-flesh brown of his eyes. Way too natural for the guy with bleach-blond hair and eyeliner drawn with a knife. (He wasn't wearing eyeliner now, of course, and so Dabi could really see how his eyes were rounder than they usually were. He could probably blend in with other people like this.)


He watches carefully while Keigo drags a hand through his own hair and sighs, relents. 'Fine. Five minutes.' Dabi barely notices the way Tomura slides into the shadow a slight and slowly, quietly moves behind Keigo. It's not really a problem - Tomura isn't the one killing people, after all. 


That problem is back at their house, sleeping off her blood craze and probably dreaming of pink bats and dead unicorns. 


'You are aware it's not a full moon, right?' Dabi speaks up after a moment. Keigo's eyes draw up to the partition in the trees. It's a slimmer, barely anything someone who wasn't used to tracking the moon wouldn't notice. Of course, when you're feeling a full moon more than seeing it, it's going to be a lot easier.


'Huh? But-' 


'It's not. Trust me.' Dabi says. 'It's not like it matters, anyway. It's only certain Vampires who're obsessed with tradition who go out in the full moon. Otherwise, it's too dangerous.'


Keigo frowns. 'Oh.' He huffs. 'But how do you-?'


He's cut off with a weird little noise when Tomura finally decides to move. He just nudges Keigo's arms out the way and wraps his own around Keigo's waist, and pushes his face into the other's shoulder. Enough that it could look like he's just leaching warmth. It's a little cute. If Tomura had the blood for it, he'd probably be blushing right now.


'You should've brought a coat.' Keigo says with a little exasperated sigh. Covers Tomura's hands in his own to help warm him up - and it's probably no surprise Tomura is freezing cold - especially in this kind of weather. Tomura makes a muffled sound into Keigo's scarf.


'What would you do?' Dabi interrupts their cute little couple's scene, bored and baritone. 'If a vampire did find you.' He takes a little more of a step forward.


'Uh, run?' Keigo opts. Eyebrows raised, he grins. So he's not thought this through, Dabi thinks. That kind of means it's his fault, in the end - running off into the forest with two of the creatures he's trying to hunt down. If one of them hasn't had a proper meal in a full month, and the other's a glutton for blood, then who's to blame here?


He'd always told Toga not to play with her food, and here he was. Breaking that rule, as he stepped forward, and the last space between them disappeared. 'And what if you can't run?'


The answer comes a little more stiltedly. Keigo's little bird brain is starting to tick again. 'Die? I guess?'


'Not, I dunno, try to make a deal? Beg? Offer something else?' He hadn't realised how thirsty he was till he was so close to something living. It's the vampire equivalent of a tall glass of water. But hell, with the way Keigo still managed to look good in a fucking mud-pit of a forest, he might as well be champagne. Or that wine with the gold flakes in. 


There's quite a height difference between them, too. Dabi likes how he casts over Keigo, and a hand came to rest on his jaw. Keigo doesn't even react to it, the crease between his eyebrows darkening. 


'I... I don't know. Why are you-' 


Keigo pauses. When he speaks again, it's a slightly higher pitch. 'Oh.'


Oh. A mouse who just realized it's a mouse. He grins. 'Well?'


'I'd - I'd ask that you don't... kill me.' He says, carefully. (Weird, usually when humans clock they're about to become a meal, they struggle a lot more.)


Tomura lifts his head up. 'We're not gonna kill you.' He grumbles. 'You're too popular.' The scarf around his neck comes sliding off as he speaks. Then the furred collar of his bomber jacket gets folded out of the way. 


It's too much to look at, the perfect skin of Keigo's neck. Even as he shivers from the cold air on his bare skin, and the hairs on his neck raise, Dabi still can't find a flaw. He can practically taste his pulse, too. Tomura goes back to nuzzling the skin, and Keigo shivers.


'It'll only hurt for a moment.' Dabi murmurs on the other side of Keigo's neck. 'Promise.'


'Then - then it's fine.' Keigo says, shakily. He inhales like he's suffocating, and a hand creeps up and grips Tomura's hair at the root. Gentle, for now. The other one drags Dabi down a little, against his throat where he wants to be and curls around Dabi's nape, keeping him cradled there. 


Tomura starts with a kiss just below the jaw. A kiss that carefully turns into a lick against the skin, and then he moves down till he hits the hammering pulse point. Keigo's grip in his hair tightened for a moment in anticipation. 


It's barely even a prick. The same pain as a needle sliding home, but not as deep and twice as thick. Then the pain is gone, instantly, and warmth pools out on the skin for a second before Tomura lapping it up. Keigo whines. Distantly realises he made an audible sound in reaction to the bite and wishes he had a hand free to muffle his own noises.


Vampires aren't mind readers. Or so Keigo thinks until Dabi has his mouth pressed to Keigo's. It's messy and probably really bad - if Keigo had anything to compare it with - but it still leaves him gasping for air and his skin prickles with more warmth. 


It's not even been five minutes of them at his neck but Keigo already feels like he's been dunked in cold water and dizzy enough that he clings to Dabi's shirt like he'll drown otherwise. 


'I - uh - ' Keigo starts, then hisses when Dabi moves away from his mouth and teeth slide into the other side of his neck like a needle. 'So vampires - They can like, turn into bats, and - bats have a - have rabies, most of the time and I was wondering if -'


'We don't have rabies,' Tomura grumbles. 


'So you can't turn into bats?'




'Do- Do you sparkle? In sunlight? How have I been your friend for so long and not seen you-'


'Keigo.' Dabi says, blood trickling from his mouth. 'Shut up.' Keigo can feel his sanity dripping away just as the red slips off his skin, lands on the collar of his shirt. He wants to brush it away - wonders if that's too forward when both of them already kissed him and are chewing at his neck like they're starving. 


Keigo breathes through his mouth and feels he could fall over at any second. Tomura’s arms tighten around his middle, so maybe he can feel it too. Keigo sways.


‘We need to get you home.’