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Kaminari Denki's Childhood Diary

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Mother is cold...

Mother hates Father.

Mother doesn't like things out of order.

Mother is a liar.


I don't know if Mother knows what's a lie and what's a truth anymore.

I think someone may have messed with her head.

Maybe they still are.

I don't think Mother loves me.


I don't know if that's her fault.

Mother is bad.


Is bad.

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Mama is warm.

Mama loved me.

Mama loves me.

I don't know if Mama ever loved Father.

Mama loves big brother.

Mama loves big sissy.

Mama loves older sister.

Mama loves little brother.

Mama doesn't feel good.

Mama is tired.

Mama loves us.

Mama is hurt.

Mama is in the white place.

I don't like the white place.

The white place smells like medicine, and hand sanitizer.

Mama has to dress in white at the white place.

Mama has to wear a funny mask.

The people in white say it helps Mama breathe.

Mama has weird strings in her arms.

The people in white say they help her be more get better.

The people in white say I'm not aloud to be in Mama's room right now.

Mama doesn't smile much anymore.

I think the people in white took Mama's smile.

Mama told me she's tired a lot.

I think the people in white took Mama's energy.

I think the people in white take a lot of stuff from Mama.

If it's not them than who is?

Mama said she still loves me.

Mama said she still loves Big Brother.

Mama said she still loves Big Sissy.

Mama said she still loves Big Sister.

At least the people in white didn't take Mama's love.

They can't take Mama's love.

Mama has alot of love.

Mama is good.

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Father is cold.

Father doesn't love me.

Father doesn't love Mama.

Father says he loves Mother.

Father says he loves the new family.

Father doesn't love the old family.

Father hurts me.

Father hates me.

Father never hit Mama.

Father made Mama cry, though.

Father wasn't aloud to hit me before Mama went to the white place.

I don't think Father is aloud to hurt me now.

Father hates Mama.

Father hates me.

Father hates Big Brother.

Father hates Big Sissy.

Father hates Older Sister.

Father hates Little Brother

Father tries to hit them.

I don't let Father hit them.

Father is bad.

Father is bad, so I have to be good.

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ig Brother is warm.

Big Brother loves me.

Big Brother loves Mama.

Big Brother loves Little Brother.

Big Brother loves Big Sissy.

Big Brother loves Older Sister.

Big Brother makes Mama laugh.

Big Brother doesn't laugh.

Big Brother makes Older Sister smile.

Big Brother doesn't smile.

Big Brother makes Big Sissy feel happy.

Big Brother isn't happy.

Big Brother makes Little Brother feel safe.

Big Brother doesn't feel safe.

Big Brother makes me feel loved.

Big Brother doesn't love himself.

Big Brother says he's okay.

Big Brother isn't.

Big Brother lies.

Big Brother is hurt.

So I'll make sure Father doesn't hurt Big Brother more than he already is.

Big Brother is good, even if he doesn't think so.

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Big Sissy is warm.

Big Sissy loves me.

Big Sissy loves Mama.

Big Sissy loves Big Brother.

Big Sissy loves Older Sister.

Big Sissy loves Little Brother.

Big Sissy cooks for us.

Big Sissy loves to cook.

Big Sissy is good at cooking.

Big Sissy doesn't like big noises.

Big Sissy doesn't like yelling.

Big Sissy doesn't like it when Father yells at me.

Big Sissy is scared.

Big Sissy is scared of Father.

Big Sissy has never been hit by Father.

Big Sissy has been yelled at by Father.

I don't let him.

Big Sissy loves us.

Big Sissy takes care of us.

Big Sissy is like a mom.

Big Sissy is good.

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Older Sister confuses me.

Older Sister acts like she doesn't care for us.

Older Sister acted mean.


Older Sister calmed Big Sissy down from her storms.

Older Sister checked in on Big Brother every night.

Older Sister helped Little Brother pick up his mess before Mother and Father came home.

Older Sister sung to me when my spark hurt me.

Older Sister sung to me when my chest hurt.

Older Sister sung to me when couldn't fall asleep because my spark kept me up.

Older Sister used to do these things, before she left.

Older Sister is alive.

But Older Sister sings to other people now.

Older Sister used to sing to me, but she sings to the strangers now.

I haven't seen Older Sister in a while.

But Older Sister loves me.

And I still love Older Sister.

Older Sister is still good.

Older Sister is still warm.


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Little Brother is warm.

Little Brother loves me.

Little Brother loves Mama.

Little Brother loves Big Brother.

Little Brother loves Big Sissy.

Little Brother loves Older Sister.

Little Brother likes to draw.

Little Brother is good at drawing.

Little Brother draws stuff for us.

Little Brother is Naive and Innocent.

Little Brother loves Father.

do i still love Father?

Little Brother loves Mother.

do i still love Mother?

I hope Little Brother can be Naive and innocent a lot longer than I was.

Little Brother is good.

I hope he stays that way.

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The Man In White said that my Spark is supposed to be my quirk.

I think he's lying.

He's a man in white.

And last I heard, quirks aren't supposed to hurt.

At least not enough to make the users heart stop.


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The White Place is cold.

The White Place makes my mom feel cold.

The White Place took Mama's warmth.

The White Place took Mama's smile.

The White Place took Mama's energy.

I think The White Place used the wires they put in Mama's wrists to take them all.

The White Place scares me, but don't tell Mama.

I told Mama I don't mind it when I'm at The White Place.

I told Mama that so she wouldn't stop me from coming to The White Place to see her.

The White Place makes me feel scared.

The White Place scares me.

The White Place is bad.