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Oct 24, 2019

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Day Twenty-Four


“Hey Kaminari.” he and Midoriya were working out together and the green haired boy had paused to ask a question. “What’s it like when you short out?”

He paused his sit ups to think about it. “I guess I get kind of dizzy and spaced out. But it changes as I get older and better with my quirk.”

Izuku crossed his arms on Denki’s knees and rested his chin on them “What do you mean?”

“This must be what Todoroki talks about when he says Izuku always gets what he wants. The kid has natural puppy eyes.” Denki thought as he leaned back to put some distance between him and the other boy. 

Kaminari told him that when he was little and his quirk first manifested, a simple sneeze would have him shorted out for about ten minutes and he felt like he could see stars floating around people’s heads. He always felt like a planet in orbit and his older brother said that he used to just stand in the center of the room and gently sway like a jelly fish caught in a current but Mom said that wasn’t very nice and made him promise not to say that any more. 

When he had first started at UA he could get a pretty good amount of watts out before succumbing to what his baby sister called ‘The Goopy Face’. The stars still surrounded people but he felt a bit more stuck in his own head then. Like he could hear himself thinking but it sounded like he was in a deep empty cave and everything echoed really badly so he tried to be in quiet areas afterwards. “So like, I can still hear and respond I just know that whatever is coming out of my mouth isn’t making any sense. Also I prefer people not try and move me around too much after I short out because the dizziness can make me vomit.”

Midoriya looked worried knowing that he has been one to move him around in the past. “Oh my god I never considered that. Sorry!” The pair had relaxed from the workout position and Midoriya was sitting cross legged in between Denki’s outstretched ones.

“Don't worry. It’s one of those things people don't know until they ask.” Aizawa caught them slacking and they turned to push ups and Midoriya asked Kaminari to get on his back. “Oh cool I love doing this with Kirishima.”

Once he was about 2 sets in Izuku continued the conversation. “So when you short out now how do you feel?”

Kaminari quickly struck a stupid pose since he saw he was in Ojiro and Sero’s ‘gym selfie’ and laughed when they noticed him and flipped him the bird. “Still about the same. Much less nausea though.”

Nothing more was said as they finished with training and cleaned up to get back into uniform. “You know what Kaminari,” Izuku said suddenly as he struggled with his tie. “I’m proud of you.”


“I’m serious. You’ve worked really hard to make your quirk better and it’s showing. I think it’s really cool.” he clapped his friend on the shoulder before being called away by Todoroki and Iida.

Denki watched him leave slightly confused and leaned against the lockers. The dizzy feeling was coming again and Kaminari let out a quick discharge accidentally shocking some of the other boys you immediately let him know they were not happy about it. 

He stared at the retreating form of his classmate. A feeling was being felt and he knew exactly what it was.  “Oh no. Oh please no.”