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Can You Spot Me, Bro?

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Izuku loves Heroes. But that isn’t anything new , really. 

Izuku’s a big nerd when it comes to heroes and hero costumes. He loves to study heroes and draw their hero costumes, and again, that’s nothing to write home about. But there was an underlying secret behind his fanaticism. What Izuku really loved, was the way muscles would constrict and contract under the those hero costumes, or lack thereof. 

Case in point, being in the locker room alongside his classmates. Izuku liked to take his time changing and being the last one to hit the showers; just so he could coyly gauge all the muscles on display. Sweeping over the room his eyes land on Denki; slim build, slight muscle definition. He’s definitely on the smaller “twinkier” side, but don’t get Izuku wrong! There’s nothing wrong with that! Denki is as handsome as they come, it’s just—not really his speed. Take Sero for instance. He’s tall, lean, but he’s got more muscle definition, mostly in his arms. And mm, Izuku sure does love arms. 

Class 1-A wasn’t lacking in the upper body department. His eyes drift to Shoji and his thick burly muscled dupli-arms, before landing on Kacchan. Kacchan’s arms were top notch in the class; he’s amazing as always! The cuts of the biceps and triceps; the way his muscles flex under the tight fabric of his black bracers. His eyes trail up to his trapezius and deltoid muscles; incredibly well defined muscles; the result of honing his quirk via hard  training and many hours. A fact that was  very much appreciated.

His gaze shifts before Kacchan can catch him admiring his shirtless body, the guy had an odd sixth sense about Izuku. His gaze shifts to Shouto. Izuku gave himself a brief nod as he approved of what he saw. Shouto was all lean muscle mass; he didn’t have the massive muscle definition that Kacchan and others had, since Shouto’s quirk could work at a distance. The physical blowback was significantly less compared to what Kacchan was dealing with; but the boy had great muscle structure, broad shoulders, and a thick waist. The dimples in Todoroki’s lower back were prominent leading to the slope of his butt. Shouto, overall had a great body. If Izuku had to rank Shouto, he’d be third in class, second being Kacchan. 

But, his ideal body type to admire, was a combination of all of the above. Someone who had to do full body workouts; someone that had to make sure his entire body was hard muscle; someone whose quirk didn’t dictate what muscle group to focus on.  

Izuku sighed dreamily as he watched Eijirou change out of his barely there costume. He licked his lips as the redhead slid off his pants revealing a sexy tanline that highlighted his V-lines, while also shining light on the best ass in all of 1-A, and Eijirou had no problem flaunting it in his jockstrap. Kacchan and a few other boys always gave the redhead a hard time for wearing something skimpy, but Eijirou could only say that seeing one’s underwear under the costume was unsightly and “unmanly”. 

Izuku hadn’t noticed that the guys had slowly filtered out, leaving only Izuku and Eijirou alone in the locker room. The fiery redhead was still standing in his jockstrap, folding his costume up nicely and putting it into its case. Izuku shamelessly eyed his classmate’s form, gnawing on his lower lip. 

Muscular calves leading up to thick thighs. The kind in which Izuku wouldn’t mind having his head crushed between. Those sturdy legs supported a shapely ass that Izuku would love to bite into. And what Izuku wouldn’t do to run his tongue along that thick waist and the best v-cut adonis belt he’d ever seen in his life. Eijirou had washboard abs, and oh his pecs. His pecs were huge, and the redhead was known to be able to flex each pec individually. Again, he marveled at the definition of Eijirou’s arms, shoulders and back. Eijirou was stacked, and easily had the best body in the entire class. Eijirou was ranked number one on his best bod list, making him even better than Kacchan, and that’s really saying something! 

But aside from all the wonderful aesthetics that Eijirou had been blessed with, the guy had a heart of gold, a sunny disposition. He was a big teddy bear that could easily crush you if he wasn’t careful. He was so easy-going and hard-working. Someone Izuku could relate to.

Okay, maybe more than just relatable. Izuku actually had a crush on his friend, and who is he kidding, he’s definitely fantasized about Eijirou’s body more than a few times. Eijirou is so well loved and always surrounded by his friends that Izuku’s found it hard to have any type of one-on-one conversation with the guy. An opportunity like this rarely comes around, so he has to make the most of it. So, after he finishes buttoning up his shirt, he makes his way over to Kirishima who’s now halfway dressed in his school uniform.

Izuku approaches his friend, scratching at his cheek with a finger as he decides to talk to him, “Ah, Ei-chan,” Izuku starts. 

“Oh! Hey Izu! What’s up?” Eijirou flashes him a bright smile as he slips his tank top on, and Izuku eyes can't help but follow the movement. 

“I was just thinking, you look like you’ve really been hitting the gym hard! Your arms have gotten bigger! Can—can I touch them?”

“Ah! Finally! Someone noticed! Yeah, I’ve been working on my gains. Check it out!” The redhead flexes his bicep and nods at Izuku, “Go on, cop a feel!”

Izuku bites his lower lip as he reaches for the redhead’s arm. Eijirou’s skin is hot to the touch, yet soft and smooth: hairless, and Izuku can’t help but wonder, Does he shave everywhere?

“Solid. Real solid,” mutters Izuku as his thoughts drift into unsafe territory. Izuku jolts when Eijirou laughs.

“Thanks, Izu! I’ve been trying out a new workout routine and I think it’s paying off! Ya know, if you want, I can train ya,” Eijirou says with a wink. 

“Ah, I— I couldn’t possibly!”

“Nah, I gotchu Izu! I’ll book the gym for a couple hours,” Eijirou adds, “that way there won’t be any distractions and stuff, just me and you!”

Izuku blushed at the thought of them spending more time alone together. Shaking his head to snap out of it, he smiles at Eijirou, “Thanks Ei-chan! I’m looking forward to it!”

“Yep! I’ll do it after I finish dressing up here; I’ll catch you back at the dorm.”

“Alright, thanks again!” And with that Izuku was on his way out. 

Later that evening, after dinner Izuku received a text message: 

Eijirou: Hey Izu! Hope you don’t have any plans this weekend! I booked the gym for Friday night at 8pm!
It’s prime time for a workout sesh since everyone will be out or heading  home for the weekend!
Looking forward to our date!

Izuku re-read the last line, date. Eijirou was calling it a date. He could barely contain the joy he felt at the idea that Eijirou was calling it a date!! 

Me: Yes! I’m free! I’ll see you there Ei-chan! Can’t wait!

Eijirou: 👍

Izuku put his phone back down as he vibrated with excitement. Their gym date was tomorrow! And while he was more than looking forward to ogling Eijirou up close and personal, he had to make sure he looked good too! 

He rummaged through his closet to no avail; finding absolutely nothing. Or maybe he was trying too hard? Izuku picked up his phone again, scrolling for his favorite group chat “Naughty Thotties”. His group of ride or die chicks, his fellow muscle worshipers that fawn with him over the hotties of class 1-A.

Me (Dicku): Guys! We have a code RED. I repeat, this is not a drill. We have a code RED.

Pink thot: Biiitch, I’ll be right over with the kit.

Rich thot: 👀

Floaty thot: YASSSSS

Within a few minutes, Izuku’s bedroom was invaded my three excited girls who plopped onto his bed giggling. 

“Izuuuu,” Mina started, “tell us the deets! How’d you land a date with Kirishima?”

“Mm hmm, mm hmm,” nodded Ochako enthusiastically, “did you ask him or did he?”

“I just asked him about his workout routine, after complimenting his arms; next thing I know he’s scheduling a workout sesh for just the two of us!”

All the girls sighed dreamily.

“His arms are indeed very nice. Quite nicer than most of our class,” supplied Momo, “But, that’s beside the point! Tell us what you need!”

Izuku sighed, running a hand through his hair, “I. I don’t have anything to wear! I know it’s just the gym, but oh god. Am I overthinking this? I’m overthinking this aren’t I. What am I even freaking out about again? Ahhh!!”

Momo places a hand on his shoulder to ground him, “Izuku.”

Izuku’s head swings to meet Momo’s gaze.

“Calm down, we’ve got you boo,” added Mina. 

“Yeah Deku-kun! Who are we again?” asked Ochako. 

“The Naughty Thotties!!” The three girls exclaimed. 

Izuku laughed as he felt the tension in his shoulders release, “What would I be without you three?”

“Still a virgin?” smirked Miina, “But seriously, let’s look at what we’re working with.”

The three girls proceed to invade his closet on a mission, tossing things about the room as they tried to find something. After the tornado of women swept through every single piece of clothing, they all took one look at each other, nodding in silent communication before looking back to Izuku.

“You have nothing. Absolutely nothing relatively cute.” Momo begins. 

“We’re gonna have to run to the store,” Ochako said with a crease in her brow. 

Izuku gets up from his bed to grab his wallet to follow the girls out.

“Nah uh, I gotchu Izu-kun. Just trust us okay?” Mina looks like the devil with her smile and horns; the only thing missing was a tail and pitchfork. 

While the girls escaped, Izuku took to taking care of his disaster of a room, and was pleasantly surprised to see the girls arrive back just as he finished. He looked at the time, they’d only been gone for four hours. 

The three girls looked at him the way that Sleeping Beauty's godmothers looked at him as he opened the feather light shopping bag. 

“Uh, guys?” Izuku slowly asked, “Is this everything ?”

“Yep! You’re all set for tomorrow my dear!” answered Momo as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with what Izuku was holding. 

Izuku huffed a sigh, “Okay, I trust you guys. Do you need to see it on me? Should I try it on?” 

“Nah, sweet cheeks,” Ochako lightly spanked his ass, “we already know how uh-mazing you’re going to look. Kirishima-kun won’t be able to keep his hands off of you!”

“Trust me Izu-chan,” Mina winks, “I know what Eijirou likes, you’re Gucci.” 

“Okayyy, I guess I’m all set for tomorrow then!”

The quartet move to the common area to have dinner together before they call it a night. 

Friday came and went faster than Izuku had anticipated, time seemed to speed up all the way until a few hours before their date. Throughout the day Izuku’s gaze would land on Eijirou, often settling for far too long. When the bright-eyed boy would catch him, his eyes widened slightly before a bright smile crossed his features as he waved back at Izuku. Izuku’s cheeks would turn pink as he would shyly wave back and go back to what he was doing. 

The girls and Izuku had a light dinner together and they pep talked him so he wouldn’t feel so nervous than he really does. He then walks them to the train station to see them off to their parents’ homes for the weekend. 

As he enters the dormitory, it’s quiet; that could only mean that the majority of their classmates were really gone for the night. He goes back to his room and dumps the contents of the shopping bag onto his bed; stripping off his clothes he slips on the outfit the girls have apparently “painstakingly” picked out for him. 

Checking himself out in the mirror one more time, he zips on a hoodie before grabbing a small towel. He heads to the common area to grab a bottle of water before heading to the school gym. Izuku’s excitedly nervous about this whole thing. While Izuku is no stranger to dates and hook-ups; Eijirou was different. He didn’t want to take advantage of the charming boy, and use him for sex. No, Eijirou deserved more than that! 

As he approached the gym, he heard the bassline of a song reverberating through the walls.

Ei-chan must be warming up already, Izuku thinks.

Taking a deep breathe he puts his hand on the handle and swings the door open. The gym attached to the dormitory is quite small compared to the bigger gyms found around campus. It allowed for quick workout sessions accessible to their dorms.

His jaw dropped when he found Eijirou dripping sweat as he jogged on the treadmill. His signature smile lighting up once he saw Izuku and waved at him. Izuku tentatively waved back as his eyes quickly looked at Eijirou up and down.

Eijirou was wearing shorts in his favorite shade of red. The seams looked ready to burst as they stretched across the curve of his ass. He wore a heather gray muscle tank with a graphic that deformed against the musculature of his pecs and abs. The valley of his chest a darker gray as sweat soaked in.\

The graphics on the tank were black and red to contrast the gray. A dumbbell sat in the center, with the words “Practice Safe Sets” printed in large block letters centered underneath the barbell. Izuku gulped as he read the printed slogan, vaguely wondering how the hell he was going to survive. 

Yeah, he had no reason to doubt Mina knew what kind of muscle tank to dress him in; especially when it rivaled the innuendo Eijriou sported.

Mina and the rest of his thots, had decided to dress him in the tightest and shortest weight lifting shorts that accentuated his booty, making it pop. Izuku was wearing a similarly printed heather gray muscle tank that hung loosely on the sides. A large sprinkled donut was printed in the center, and the words “Glory Hole” matched the arc of the donut on the top and bottom. 

Eijirou emitted a boisterous laugh, “Niiice Izu. I see you’re a man of culture as well; sex joke tanks are hard to come by!”

Izuku silently thanked Mina and the girls before replying with, “Oh, this old thing? Yeah, I’ve had it laying around.”

Smooth Izuku, real smooth. He cheered internally.

Eijirou waved him over, “You should warm-up before we get started. Don’t wanna hurt yourself lifting weights!”

Stepping up to the treadmill, he decided to do some light stretching before hopping on to the machine. He held onto the treadmill hand supports as he bent his leg and used another hand pull his heel closer to his butt, really feeling the stretch in the front of his thighs. He smirked as he contemplated his next move, and consciously turned around and bent down at the waist, legs spread a little feeling his hamstrings loosen as he went lower, reaching for one ankle and then the other. He heard Eijirou stumble on the treadmill and peeked between his legs to find the tips of Eijirou’s ears burning red as his eyes shifted to face forward once more. 

Izuku smiled. Yep, if Eijirou hadn’t been paying attention before, he sure as hell was now.  When Izuku developed a light sheen of sweat after his jogging warm-up, the two moved to take turns on the weighted machines. Eijirou helped Izuku; showing him the best technique to lift and build muscle while also correcting his posture.  As they took turns on the machines, they chatted a bit and found out they had similar tastes in music and movies.

Eijirou then led them to the free weight area shortly after their circuit and straight to the bench press. After loading up the bar with a few plates, Eijirou lays out flat on the bench.

“Can you spot me bro?” he smiles up at Izuku.

“Oh! Yes of course!” Izuku moves to the top of the bench where Eijirou’s head is placing his hand below the bar. As EIjirou lifts the bar off of its position to lower down for the first set—


“Oh, shit. Did I just…?” Eijirou places the bar back in its position and sits up, looking down; his tank was shredded down the middle.

“Whoops,” laughed the redhead as he takes ripped edges of his tank and tears the rest of it off, “Well, don’t want that to get in the way now do we?”

Izuku gulped, feeling his heart rate spiking at the sight of glistening abs under the shitty fluorescent light. Eijirou lays his gym towel on the bench before laying back down, wiggling around to get comfortable as he reaches up for the bar. He lifts the bar up again; and his eyes drifting down Eijirou’s chest, flat stomach and the v-lines that disappear under the waistline and—Izuku snaps out of it realizing his mouth was hanging open and wipes at his mouth because fuck, he was actually drooling. Izuku decides to avert his gaze and concentrate on the bar.

When Eijirou sets the bar back in place he sits up, “Your turn Izu.” 

Izuku takes Eijirou’s spot on the bench press after Eijirou grabs his towel to wipe the sweat that accumulated on his brow. Adjusting himself slightly he reaches up, wrapping his fingers around the bar. Eijirou steps closer, his crotch impeding Izuku's field of vision. He quickly shifts his eyes only to look up at amused red ones. 

“Here, let me help you get started.” Eijirou states as his one hand effortlessly lifts the bar out of it’s resting position, and helps Izuku lower it down. Izuku chews on his inner cheek as he feels the heat emanating off of Eijirou's body and onto his face. 

God, Izuku thinks, as his eyes trace the outline of the bulge hovering dangerously close to his head. It’s so close. Izuku is sure Eijirou’s close to teabagging his face, not that he’d complain. With each rep, Eijirou’s shorts would brush his hair, and he’d bite a little harder on his cheek.

When his set is complete, he experiences a headrush when he got up quickly, narrowly missing his head on the bar. Kirishima re-racks the weights and the bar as Izuku recovers from his set.

Eijirou claps him on the back, “How ya feelin' Champ?”

Izuku lurched forward on the impact, finding balance as he leans up against the mirrored wall and coughing, “This is a good routine Ei-chan! I can really feel the burn in my chest and arms.”

“Oh yeah?” Eijirou’s voice drops and his hand slides up Izuku’s back, fingers pressing firmly against his spine, “I have to say Izu, I was shocked that you came to me for fitness tips.”
Goosebumps raised on his skin at both the feeling of touch and sound.

 “Why is that?” Izuku asked as he watched Eijirou’s eyes fixate on his back.

“Ah well,” he replies as now both hands continue to explore his back, “because, out of everyone in the class, I think your physiques the best. You’ve been my inspiration.”

Izuku turns to look over his shoulder, “What, really?”

Eijirou hums an affirmation, “Mm hmm. I mean, look at these back muscles,” his fingers push into Izuku’s muscles, massaging them, “how often have you been hitting the gym?”

“Ah, as often as I can.” Izuku gulps. 

“So dedicated,” murmurs Kirishima close to the back of his neck, Izuku shivers at the breath against his skin, “So strong.”

Kirishima’s hands turn out, fingers curving around Izuku’s sides, warm palms flatten out against his back as his thumbs massage his muscles. Izuku bites down on his lower lip, trying not to giggle under the ticklish gesture. 

“Damn Izuku,  your muscles are so nice up close,” his thumbs slide across the cuts of muscle under the shirt, traveling lower, and lower. 

Izuku’s breath hitches when Eijirou’s hands slide under his tank to grip at his hips, his thumbs digging into the dimples of his lower back.

“But that’s not even your best ass- et , ” he says against the shell of Izuku’s ear. 

Izuku can’t help the small moan that’s caught in his throat. 

Eijirou pulls Izuku flush against him; his eyes widening when he feels Eijirou’s hardening cock against his ass. 

“The best ass in class, hands down,” Eijirou presses a small kiss on Izuku’s neck as he slowly ruts against him, “it’s nice and round, slight jiggle but damn it’s all muscle.” 

Izuku watches Eijirou in the mirror, half lidded eyes glazed in lust open to meet startled green. Eijirou flashes a quick smile, his sharp teeth reminiscent of a shark ready to attack his prey. 

Eijirou wraps an arm around Izuku’s middle, holding him flush against him. His other hand pulling off Izuku’s tank. Izuku can’t help but stare straight ahead at their reflection. 

“Hmm,  you look good with me behind you,” Eijirou says playfully as he pecks more kisses up the back of his neck. 

Eijirou meets his gaze in the mirror again, the hand that undressed him now slides across his abs. Izuku holds his breath as he watches Eijirou trace every single line slowly.

“All that hard work is really paying off Izu. Washboard abs are the hardest to achieve.”

Izuku watches Eijirou’s hands travel up towards his sternum, to cup his pecs. He can feel sweat dripping down the side of his face, as he feels his arousal growing under the redheads scrutiny. 

“Your chest is also really nicely defined.”

Finger pads slide across his nipples, before being pinched and played with. Izuku’s mouth opens slightly, another small groan is barely heard. 

“I always found myself wanting to touch you; how would you look in a more intimate setting, and what kind of sounds would you make.”

Izuku watched Eijirou’s face intently.

“You look so good like this Izuku, in front of the mirror, coming undone with my hands. Look at how cute your face is: flushed and panting.”

Izuku felt his face burn brighter red, “Ah, Ei-ei-chan.”

“Yes, Izu?” Eijirou rests his chin on Izuku’s shoulder, one hand leaves his peck and travels back down his body, the other continues to play with his nipple. 

“Was—was this your plan all along? Luring me here?” 

Eijirou flashed another smile as his hand slid under the garter belt of Izuku’s tight shorts, “You didn’t think I’d notice, did you? The way you took your time in the locker room? The way your eyes would stay on me a little longer than everyone else’s?” 

His fingers slide down Izuku’s length before wrapping around his girth and freeing it from the confines of his shorts. 

“If you hadn’t made a move, I definitely was going to.” 

Izuku’s eyes lit up, turning his face to look at Eijirou properly, only to be met with warm lips kissing him. Izuku started to kiss back, parting his lips only to be fully taken over by Eijirou’s tongue. Izuku pressed his ass harder, rubbing against Eijirou.

Eijirou pumped him slowly, his thumb smearing Izuku’s pre-come across the head. Still braced against the mirror, Izuku’s other hand reaches back between him and Eijirou, palming at the latter’s erection. 

Pulling away from their make-out session Izuku gasps, “I—I, I want you.”

He’s met with another smile, before he pulls away. They both kick their shoes off, and pull down their shorts. They stare at each other’s naked bodies before they crash into one another groping and grabbing in a passionate make out session. Izuku smirks as his question from earlier was silently answered, Eijirou does shave. 

Eijirou maneuvers them to the bench, spinning Izuku around to face the mirror again. 

“I wanna watch you enjoy yourself in the mirror Izu, watch you and your body react.” 

Izuku braces against the mirror again, as EIjirou grabs for something in the pocket of his gym shorts. Pulling out a small bottle of lube, he pops the cap open and drips some of it over his fingers. Spreading Izuku’s cheeks he slides his fingers down and rubs at Izuku’s entrance. 

Izuku pants, and gasps, “Please, Ei-chan.” 

Eijirou’s finger starts to push into Izuku’s entrance, Izuku moaned at the intrusion. He couldn’t believe how the script had flipped on him, that Eijirou was just as interested in him as much as he was interested in Eijirou. 

Izuku’s head had dipped down, his gaze reaching the rubber matted floor, until a hand caught his chin and raised his head back up.

“That won’t do Izu, I need you to watch yourself in the mirror babe. Look at that lewd face you’re making.”

Eijirou slid another finger in, stretching him as he pushed deeper. Izuku watched as his eyelids slid lower, reddened cheeks covered his freckles; lips glistening with spit as it dropped open in pleasure. His breath fogged up the mirror and he bit down on his lips as Eijirou continued to stretch him. 

Izuku whined at the loss of Eijirou’s fingers as he pulled out. Eijirou adjusted the bench to an incline before placing his towel back on the bench before taking a seat, before pulling Izuku back to him. Izuku blushed as he looked at the mirror, seeing their naked bodies in the reflection. 

As he was pulled into Eijirou’s lap, the redhead hooked an arm to guide Izuku’s legs to straddle over his. 

“Now, bend over Izu, and show me your  glory hole ,” Eijirou instructed him and poking fun at his discarded tank.

Izuku did as he was told, feeling the tip of Eijirou’s cock line-up to his hole. Eijirou pulled him down his length till he was fully seated. His arm wrapped around Izuku’s middle holding him upright, opening his body up to be on full display. 

Eijirou leaned back against the inclined bench, sliding down it more and adjusting Izuku to match his position. Slowly he started to thrust into Izuku, who used the support attachments on the bench press for leverage. He glanced at the mirror, only to catch Eijirou’s eyes watching Izuku intently in the mirror. 

“God, you’re so hot,” the redhead groaned, “all those muscles flexing as I fuck you. How flexible are you Izu?”

“Ah~ pretty, flexible I guess?” Izuku managed to answer between Eijirou’s thrusts. Eijirou hooked his hands under Izuku’s thighs and pulled them up, giving Izuku a very intimate view of Eijirou penetrating him. 

“Fuckkkk,” Izuku moaned, “Holy shit, that’s hot.” 

Izuku’s feet rested on Eijirou’s thighs, reaching back he steadied a hand on the surface besides Eijirou’s head as he tried to match his pace and ride Eijirou’s dick. Eijirou picked up his pace, surprising Izuku as he swept a leg off his thigh and pulled it up straight. Izuku fell back against Eijirou’s chest completely.

Izuku turned his head to kiss Eijirou as he continued to pound his ass. Pulling away from their kiss, Eijirou swept Izuku’s other leg off his thigh, holding Izuku’s legs up and out in a V-shape. Izuku choked back a moaning sob as he watched his body put on such a lewd display. 

“Fuck, Izuku. I knew you’d look good with my dick in you. Look at your cute face, so debauched, all because of me.” 

Izuku moaned louder as Eijirou pounded harder. His arms hooked under Izuku’s legs and back, folding him in half. Izuku watched helplessly as his dick bounced, pre-come dripping between the floor and his abs. Before Izuku knew it, Eijirou’s hands had reached further to hook behind his neck, forcing his chin down to his chest and locking him in an immobilized position; allowing Eijirou fuck him harder and deeper. 

He could barely breathe in the position, but Eijirou had found his sweet spot causing Izuku to shout in pleasure as Eijirou repeatedly hit it over and over. Izuku couldn’t believe how flexible he had been in order to do this, and the mirror was proof enough. 

When Eijirou released him, Izuku placed his feet back on Eijirou’s thighs, and steadied his hands back on Eijirou’s chest and started to bounce up and down of his own volition, swirling his hips as he moved. Biting his lip at the sound of Eijirou’s moans and curses.  

“Fuck, I’m close Izu,” he moaned, “-’m fuckin’ close.” 

His hand wrapped around Izuku’s shaft and he started to pump him as Izuku picked up the pace,

“Yes,” Izuku moaned, “me too. I wanna come Ei-chan.” 

“I wanna watch you come, keep your eyes on that mirror.”

Izuku could only nod as his hips slammed down, Eijirou pulled him back against his chest, ceasing Izuku’s movement. The redhead pistoned his hips faster into Izuku while jerking him off. Izuku’s fingers dug into Eijirou’s forearm and scratched as he felt his orgasm building to its pinnacle. 

Izuku came shortly after that, his ass clenching hard around Eijirou’s dick. Izuku felt hips stutter and slam into him one more time before he felt his ass filled with warmth. 

Izuku and Eijiriou’s eyes stay trained on the mirror, watching closely as Eijirou pulled out his softening cock. Both groaning at the friction and as they watch Eijirou’s come drip out of Izuku’s ass. 

He planted his feet back on the ground and steadied himself up. Taking his own towel to wipe himself down, he moved to pick up his clothes and slip them back on. He reached for his jockstrap first.

“Jockstrap? Niiice,” Eijirou beamed at him,”a man after my own heart.”

Izuku giggled at that and shrugs, “Yeah well, your ass looks great in one, I figured mine would too.” 

Eijirou stands and playful slaps Izuku’s ass, “Hell yeah it does!”

He then cleans himself up and slips on his jockstrap and shorts.  Proceeds to walk to the sanitizer dispenser and pumps some onto some paper towels and comes back to wipe down the bench and the immediate area. 

“Gotta practice proper gym etiquette.”

Izuku notices that Eijirou missed a spot, following suit he goes to the dispenser and deposits the cleanser onto a paper towel. 

“You missed a spot, Ei-chan,” he says as he wipes up. As he tries to stand up he groans; his lower back hurting from the brunt of their fucking. 

“You good bro?” 

“Ah, yeah, I’m just... I think I’m gonna feel that in the morning.”

“Oh, that’s no good! Let’s fix ya up!”

“Huh? Is there more?’

Eijirou wraps an arm around his waist and says, “Oh yeah, tons more.”

“What’s next?”

“Oh, well we got back to my room for a cool down. Let’s stretch ya out so you don’t feel any pain tomorrow,” Eijirou says with a playful smile. 

“Stretching sounds nice.”

“Yeah, I’ll make sure you get a nice full, deep, stretch,” he wiggles an eyebrow, pausing for emphasis at each word, “you can show me more of your yoga.”

“Mm, yes, I’ll show you all the yoga poses I know,” Izuku says playfully, “you think you can spot me?” 

“Hell yeah. I’ll spot you as many times as you need,” Eijirou says pulling Izuku in for a kiss.