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Bad Boys Are Poison

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It’s a tough decision to make. It honestly is, because he’s not seen her for so many years. Still, he puts on his sneakers and heads outside of the house. Still, he tells his sister he is going to see mom for the first time in years. He’s scared, nervous, and all around uncertain if he can face her again or not.

She did burn him because his left side looked too much like his father. She did leave him burnt and scarred, without any apologies spoken. Does she hate him? Does she never want to see him again? He’s not too sure at this point.

He walks onward, nervous still, uncertain if he should bring her something or if there’s things he can’t talk about. He takes a pause in his step and sits down on a bench at a bus stop when it all becomes too much.

This shouldn’t be so hard! It’s his mom, she would surely…except she…

No. No, he needs to calm himself down and think about other things otherwise anxiety and self-loathing will make him not see her again like it has done in the past.

While trying to regulate his breathing, he begins to find himself losing control, but then there’s a deep, friendly voice speaking up to him, “Hey, what are you doing here?”

He turns to his left to find a handsome young man with a medical mask on his face, medical gloves on his hands, short dark brown hair, and these stunning golden eyes. He’s calm, laid back, and oddly alluring with his warm demeanor.

He doesn’t know what to say for a few moments before deciding on a simple, “I’m here to think things over.”

“Really? Odd place to do so, don’t you think?”

“It may be odd, but it’s at least in a more deserted part of town. It’s nice to be away from the noise for a few moments.”

He hums and asks him, “Aren’t you that pretty boy from the Sports Festival? This Todoroki Shouto kid everyone online thinks is so gorgeous.”

“I am, but I’m not gorgeous. No one could be with a scar like mine on their face.” Shouto answers in a bit of self-depreciation, not really having any confidence in his attractiveness because of the scar on his face.

It’s this subtle show of diverted eyes and the slight fidget in his legs and hands with the words spoken which showed his lack of self-esteem. For a boy so powerful to be lacking in such a thing… It’s so strange, isn’t it? Then again, he likes broken things the most because then he can rearrange them into what he wants them to be.

Though he needs to be cautious about how he approaches this. For all he knows this could be some ploy to fish for compliments like the petty, pathetic girls on social media he despises so, “Really? You don’t think you’re gorgeous?”

Shouto’s fidgeting is more noticeable now and he looks down at the ground, “How could I be? No one would want a boy with a big ugly scar on his face and a left side which is reminiscent of his father.”

He noticed the boy hadn’t used his left side once during the debacle on TV. Is he insecure about this as well? It seems he may be…then again, this boy—going off of how much he shrinks into himself whenever he is forced to acknowledge his own view of himself not being attractive—may be far more broken than he could ever imagine.

It’s all in his subtle cues and body language. The boy reeks of low self-esteem and must certainly be a treasure trove of brokenness underneath it all! He’s certain that if he stays and plays this out, he can find the ultimate treasure trove of a destroyed person who he can mold into being something perfect.

“What? That’s not true at all. You’re stunning, even with the scar on your face.” he speaks in a sweet, candied warm tone. So sickeningly sweet even his associates would get sugar poisoning from it.

Luckily for him, this boy is naïve and far too childlike in his trust to really read him, or the games he plays on unsuspecting toys like him, “I don’t think so. I’m sorry, I guess I can’t see what you see.”

He leans in a tiny bit closer, wanting to examine him a little more to be sure if this is something he will pursue or not. There’s nothing he despises more than wasting time on ones who are too strong, street smart, people smart, and independent to break, “What a shame you think such a way. You really are beautiful, even with the scar on your face.”

Shouto isn’t sure what to make of it: is he being sincere or fake? Is he lying to him? What if he’s lying to him? What if—

“I’m not lying. I am being completely honest with you. I think you’re stunning.” the mystery man tells him, making Shouto blush as he realizes he had spoken those thoughts out loud.

He asks the man something he feels dumb for not asking sooner, “Who are you and why are you being so nice to me?”

“I’m Chisaki and I’m being nice to you because I want to be. You act really skittish about this sort of thing. Are you not used to people treating you with kindness because they want to, not because they want something from you?”

This triggers something in him to make his eyes flash with that glow of sadness which makes Chisaki all the more interested.

Yes, he will stay and see this through.

“I’m not the most used to it, no. Why do you want to be nice to me?”

“What, I can’t be nice because I think you’re too pretty to be in a sketchy part of town without anyone here to keep the creeps away?”

“Where are these ‘creeps’ and who are they, exactly?”

…He’s joking. He’s got to be joking. There’s no way he doesn’t get what he is talking about.

Except going off of the blank look in his eyes, he may truly not understand, “Okay, funny joke, pretty thing.”

“…Pretty thing? What are you talking about?”

Yep, he’s dense. This just gives Chisaki gold to work with! What man doesn’t want something so perfect and ripe to break? Combine this with the low self-esteem and insecurities that come with the teenage years and Chisaki has himself something perfect.

“Let’s change the subject. Why are you really out here? Most people don’t come here to think. I’m here to meet with a friend of mine. What are you here for?”

Not true at all. Chisaki scours these streets, looking for the next one to break and make into his perfect doll. Had Shouto been more street and people smart, if he had put up more of a fight, he would have had to take him back by force. However, it looks he will be able to accomplish his goals without any hassle on his end. All he needs to do is take advantage of this kid’s naïveté, his low self-esteem, and his insecurities to make him play into his hand.

Shouto is honest enough when admitting it, because he doesn’t think this stranger really does deserve to know the full truth, “I am here to calm myself down. I was nervous about doing something and now, I don’t think I want to do what I was supposed to do.”

He doesn’t want to push or pry lest he look suspicious to him. Chisaki is a smart man when it comes down to such things, after all! No, he will woo him and treat him kindly without asking anything in return. It’s a game he hasn’t had to play in years, usually having the worst of luck and getting ones who are too independent, street or people smart to really fall for his ways.

“Wait here a moment, there’s something I need to do. I’ll be right back, okay?”

Shouto listens to the man, finding his warm presence soothing as he nods, “Okay.”

Chisaki goes across the street to a run-down flower shop with the most beautiful of flowers and floral arrangements in all of the city. He picks the prettiest bouquet of pink lilies and some cherry blossoms to represent his interest in the boy. He takes the bouquet back to Shouto, not having to pay for it at all since around this part of town everyone knows better than to risk incurring his wrath, and sets it down on his lap, “For you. I figured it’d be nice to get you something as pretty as you are.”

Shouto doesn’t know what to say or do other than to accept the bouquet with a small blush, “You didn’t have to, really.”

Shouto has never been attracted to or interested in women. It’s something about himself he learned when he noticed he didn’t find female heroes attractive like Natsuo did, but he certainly found big brother Touya to be attractive when he went punk in high school. During the sex talk with his father (which was as sterile and loaded with medically correct terminology as it could get), he learned of the men who are not interested in or fantasize about women. It helped clarify why, whenever he woke up with wet shorts, it was always from fantasizing about Touya instead of a girl.

He’s gay, but he’s never had a boy or man give him any attention before. He’s always been talked about in terms of his strength in combat and the strength of his quirks, but he never had anyone pay attention to him like this. He’s always dreamed of a handsome boy giving him a pretty bouquet like this. Much like how he’s always dreamed of a handsome boy showing interest in him for something other than his quirks or combat ability. He has always wanted a handsome boy to say they liked him for himself and to confess their feelings for him.

This feels as close to that fantasy as he can get, “No, I did. After all, I was lucky enough to be graced by your presence. It’s not every day I get to be by such a pretty, famous boy like yourself.”

Shouto wants to bury his face in the bouquet but he holds off on it to remark, “I’m really not—”

“Hush, you are. You just don’t see it yet.” Chisaki tells him with a gloved finger gently resting on his pillowy, plush lips.

Shouto checks his phone and finds that he is running late for the time he is slated to be home, sighing as he says, “I have to get going now. My old man will expect me to be back home soon. I really did enjoy meeting you…I hope I see you again.”

“Give me your number and I’ll call you tonight for a video chat if you’d like. That way, we can keep in touch.”

He wants to burst in an icy explosion of flames and ice shards to this.

A boy who is nice to him and gave him a bouquet…wanting his number?

He wants his number and because he’s said to be the strongest in his class… Wait, why does he want his number then?

“Why do you want my number? People only ask for my number because of my quirks and my usefulness in combat.”

Chisaki chuckles and it’s enough to make Shouto’s heart stop for a few moments as he responds, “I want your number because I think you’re cute and I’d like to get to know you better. What’s so suspicious about that?”

It makes Shouto’s entire lifetime to hear this! After a whole lifetime of being isolated from everyone and everything because of his father, he always figured finding a boy who found him attractive and interesting enough to get to know was a pipe dream at best. Now he has a handsome boy who wants his number and got him a bouquet!

What could be better than this?

“Okay, I’ll give you my number. I didn’t know you were gay like me. I didn’t think many guys were.”

It’s true, that’s what his father always told him, but then Chisaki explains, “I am, but there are more gay guys out there like yourself than what you know. I can only hope I can win you over before any fanboy does! The competition for your heart must be strong, huh?”

“I don’t have any fanboys that I know of, so I think you’re fine.”

Good. This means Chisaki can really sink his talons into this new toy and make it all his own. Shouto gives him his number and Chisaki sends him a text right away, confirming he got the number in his phone. It makes Shouto’s heart flutter to know he finally has a boy in his life like everyone else who got to have a normal life.

“Goodbye Chisaki, thank you for the flowers…I really like them, thank you.”

“Goodbye Todoroki, I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

He got lucky his father was working late when he got home. Fuyumi looked at him with a raised brow, asking, “Where were you? I called up the hospital but they said you never showed up once. I thought you were finally going to see mom again after all of this time.”

She then spots the bouquet in his hands and grins, “Oh, I see…where’d you get the bouquet from Shouto?”

He looks at her with a raised brow, “Why do you want to know?”

“Shouto, come on, I won’t tell dad! Please tell me who was the boy who gave it to you!”

Fuyumi knows he’s gay because according to her, he’s always made it a ‘tiny bit’ obvious by his ‘strange disinterest and absolute lack of attraction to women’, as she had put it. Apparently, moaning Touya’s name in his sleep when he started puberty didn’t do him any favors either.

He diverts his dual colored eyes away from her, trying his best to hide his excitement about the subject, “Fuyumi, please…”

She’s not relenting, though, “Shouto, come on! Allow me to know what is going on with this boy of yours! Who gave you the bouquet? Was it that Bakugou kid?”

“No! It wasn’t him! I highly doubt he’s attracted to anything other than his reflection!”

“Who was it then?”

“A guy named Chisaki. I got nervous when going to see mom and instead of seeing her, I spoke to this guy and he gave me this bouquet. We exchanged numbers and he thinks I’m cute… It was everything I ever wanted to happen but never thought could.”

Shouto speaks with a certain level of happiness that makes Fuyumi want to be happy for him. She wants to be happy for him so badly because their father did screw him out of having a normal life and fitting in with regular people.

However, Shouto is dense and oblivious. It comes from their father isolating him from everything to focus on quirk training, combat training, and understanding villains as well as their intentions. Shouto doesn’t understand any pop culture references, figures of speech, and regular people as well as their intentions because of this. Their father handicapped him severely by not allowing him to socialize as a child and it shows up in subtle or blunt ways depending on the conversation/situation at hand.

It saddens Fuyumi because it’s just another reminder of why they can never be a normal, happy, loving family like she always wanted.

Then she combines this knowledge with a simple fact not many know about Shouto. He is attracted to the rebellious, bad boy types.

Due to his isolation, he didn’t have anything other than All Might, male sidekicks, and male heroes to look at on TV. At first Fuyumi thought he was asexual because he never displayed any attraction or interest in them. Then when Touya went punk, everything changed. Shouto would blush a bit whenever he was in his presence. He would try to give him little gifts or do little things to garner his attention. It seemed the more rebellious and mouthier towards their father Touya became, the more Shouto’s attraction to him grew.

When she considers all of the above, she cannot help but to worry over Shouto and his tastes in men. She’s had the grief and misfortune of dating the types of boys Shouto is attracted to. Needless to say, she doesn’t want her brother to wind up with some toxic loser who will manipulate, take advantage of, and use him for his own game before throwing him away.

“Shouto, I know you like what you like, and you’re entitled to like it as much as you please. I’m not going to tell you who you can and cannot date. I’m going to tell you I want you to be careful. This is your first time with this sort of thing. I want you to think before you do decide to date a bad boy, okay? Bad boys are poison, Shouto. They will eat you up and throw you away. It’s what they all do.”

Shouto didn’t really take much note of this, already too far gone in his own internal happiness and giddiness at the prospect of being Chisaki’s boyfriend that he didn’t hear it fully, “Don’t worry, Fuyumi. I’ll be fine.”

Too bad his sister thinks otherwise.

“How old is he, Shouto? Does he go to your school?”

“No, and I don’t know how old he is…why would that matter?”

“Because you’re still a minor!” she responds in an exasperated tone, “I know you can fight villains Shouto, but you’re still a kid. You can be taken advantage of and manipulated still. You shouldn’t be giving your number to any guy who compliments you and gives you a bouquet of flowers! That’s not a smart way to get into a relationship with anyone.”

His sister’s realism falls flat on him. Shouto instead gives her an icy glare and replies, “I’ll be just fine, Fuyumi. I’ll ask Chisaki how old he is, and I’ll get to know him better if he’s my age. If he’s not, then I’ll end things. Are you fine with that?”

Fuyumi looks at him in resignation, her final attempt to get him to see reason being a desperate one, “I’m not telling you to not date anyone. I’m telling you to be careful because you don’t know this guy at all, and he could hurt you if you’re not careful. Please be careful with this, Shouto. Promise me you will be.”

He sighs deeply, finding her concern to be a bit annoying as well as insulting because he can defend himself from anything, but…oh well, he may as well reassure her so she doesn’t tell their father, “I promise I’ll be careful with this, Fuyumi.”

It’s enough to soothe her for now, but she’s not too keen on this Chisaki person. She won’t be until she learns more about his age and personality. Even if she met him in person, she’s not sure she could trust him with Shouto regardless.

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Their first conversation over video chat that night had been a game of twenty questions as they tried to get to know each other more. Shouto ended the conversation feeling as though he learned so much about Chisaki when in reality, it was Chisaki who learned so much about Shouto. 

Chisaki told him he’s seventeen and living with a dying adoptive father. A lie. 

Chisaki told him his favorite color is black. Another lie because he doesn’t have one and doesn’t see the point in having one. 

Chisaki told him he’s never had a serious relationship before. A big lie really: he’s had them, but they’ve never worked out or amounted to anything interesting for him. 

Oh, and the lovely tidbit about him being an abused child who was bullied and treated cruelly all of his life until he ran away and found a kind man to take him in! What a load of crap! Still, Shouto bought it and even told him his own life story in response as well as the true reason why he was sitting on the bench earlier today. 

This boy is too easy for him to lure and ensnare in his web of lies. Really, he is just an easy toy for him to play with. Which means this relationship will be fun for him, but maybe not so much for Shouto.

Then again, Chisaki ultimately does not care and on Shouto’s final day off from school after the Sports Festival ended, he met up with Chisaki after just meeting him the day before.

“Hi Chisaki, it’s nice to see you again.” he greets him from his spot on a park bench on the same side of town they first met.

“Todoroki, it’s been too long. How have you been so far?” he asks him with feigned interest because he does have a few things he hopes he can con the boy into doing for him.

The park itself is desolate and dying, with only drugged up homeless people and litter scattered about to decorate it up in a side of town with a near dying economy and a high crime rate where the yakuza as well as other petty criminals run everything.

Chisaki is confident that no one will say anything to him or make any comment which could give away the many lies he told Shouto. However, he’d rather be safe than sorry. Shouto is too well known for his own good after the Sports Festival and with all eyes on him now, it’s simply too dangerous for their relationship for them to be meeting like this.

“I’ve been good…my family thinks I’m seeing my mom, but I’m not ready to see her again.” Shouto admits, a saddened look in his eyes which makes Chisaki remember their conversation from the night before. Really, this boy is so inexperienced with such things, it’s amazingly sad as well as a complete treasure trove of everything he could ever wish for.

“No one would be ready to see someone like her again so soon. Still, I’m glad you could come today.” he would then bring up what he wants to say to Shouto, “Is your dad homophobic?”

“I’m not sure…I’ve never heard him say anything about it.” which gives Chisaki something to work with, “Well, I bet you wouldn’t want to find out if he is the hard way, right? I mean, someone as famous as you, dating someone like me… People will talk and they will tell him. I don’t want you to get in trouble, Shouto. I don’t want you to get hurt by him or deal with the press interfering in our lives and ruin our budding romance.”

Seeing the excitement in his eyes has Chisaki knowing this is what Shouto wanted from the beginning, possibly before they ever met. It’s how he knows he can get Shouto to do this: play on his sense of logic, his fears, his insecurities, and deepest desires to make him do what he wants him to do.

“You want…to date me?” Shouto asks slowly, a bit clunkily, but it’s only because he’s excited.

Fuyumi had boyfriends when he was growing up, but she never brought them around the house. He doesn’t really know anything about dating or relationships thanks to his parents being married in a quirk marriage and having the worst marriage on the planet.

He may not know what it takes to be boyfriends, what dating entails, or how healthy relationships work, but he’s willing to give it a try with Chisaki. If his sister can have boyfriends he’d overhear her speaking so highly of to her friends over the phone, then why can’t he?

Everyone else gets these little luxuries and experiences of life, why can’t he?

“Of course I do! You and I have shared so many similar difficulties in life, nobody else could be as good for me as you could be. We have a real connection, a real way of understanding each other deeply…” Chisaki explains to the boy who has always wanted to hear these words from someone in his lifetime and to hear it now, it feels almost too good to be true.

“I’d love to date you, too…but I know we will have to keep it a secret from my father and others. I don’t want to learn if he is homophobic the hard way and I don’t want the media to ruin this for us. I know how intrusive they can be…I don’t want you to experience it.”

Good. He gets it, which is great because Chisaki has a wonderful idea for this, “You can wear a disguise I brought for you today. I was wanting to take you out somewhere nice, but I was too afraid of someone spotting you and taking photos of us to post online.”

Shouto nods but then frowns as he realizes something, “We don’t go to the same schools. How can we be dating when I’ll be in UA and you won’t be?”

“We can text, and I’ll video chat or call you every day at lunch. That way it will feel like we are in the same school even if we’re not.”

The look in his eyes that suggest the idea has struck him as a good one is something which takes Chisaki a lot longer and a lot more manipulation to make others fall for it. Well, others who have had childhoods where they socialized, made friends, had their first dates in middle school, attended schools, and weren’t isolated, home schooled, and sheltered in the way Shouto was, that is.

Shouto clearly never dated before. Chisaki may as well be dating a middle schooler who is giddy and excited to be with their first ever crush.

Anyone else his age and status would be feeling sickened with themselves at the worst or at the very least a bit ashamed for the relationship he is starting with someone so young, inexperienced, and naïve. Chisaki doesn’t feel any of the above. No, he’s equally excited as Shouto is, but for all the wrong reasons.

Shouto listens to this idea and thanks to his inexperience, thinks there is nothing wrong, unhealthy, or unusual about this, “That would work! My sister used to text her boyfriends all the time whenever she was home. I’m sure it can work if we do the same thing.”

This makes Chisaki grin behind his mask, having to bite back a laugh at how nonsensically, unrealistically easy this is! If this were anyone else his age, he’d have to have worked so much harder for far longer to even get to this point, but Shouto buys it all because he believes he will be his ‘first love’ or maybe ‘true love’ going off of the way he accepts this so easily.

No matter, he has to keep his mind on the goal ahead of him.

“I’m positive it will. You’re a smart boy who can make it work. I know you’ll find a way.” he compliments the boy who is already looking at him with a gaze in his eyes similar to middle schoolers just discovering their crushes like them back and want to date them.

It’s all so oddly childish for a boy like him! Then, when he remembers what he was told last night by Shouto, it’s not that shocking. These are the eyes of kid forced to grow up too fast all while lacking socialization, the warmth of friendship, and experiences which come with first love. Though a teenager on the outside, when it comes down to things such as what Chisaki has planned, he’s very much a child walking into a lion’s den, about to be devoured.

This should turn him off and make him end this, like it would for most men his age who are just as worldly and experienced in such things. Unfortunately for Shouto, it doesn’t. It only makes his desire grow as he realizes he has something he can fully control with perfect precision so long as he words everything just right.

Shouto then asks him, “Where do you want to take me today? Is this really a real date and not anything else?”

“I want to take you to this great sushi place because yes, this is a real date and not anything else. You will need to change, though. I wouldn’t want anyone to notice you and post up photos of us online. The idea of your father hurting you for being gay has me terrified for you and the media…”

“I know and I understand. Don’t worry, I’ll wear what you got me.”

...Just too easy. Chisaki really couldn’t have asked for anyone better than the boy in front of him.

He smoothed the concealer over his scar with his fingers, amazed at how well it covered, and then followed with foundation like Chisaki had said to do. He washed his hands, put on the cherry blossom pink wig cut into a chin length bob with bangs, and wore the pink nude lipstick he was uncomfortable with all because Chisaki said it would help everything blend it better and make it look more natural.

It actually worked, though. Without his scar, his original hair color, and his original lip color, everything blended in perfectly to look as though this was his natural coloring.

He’s dressed in a sheer white button down that’s been tucked into white skinny jeans with black ballet flats. The outfit itself is not bad, but he’s still a bit confused by the wig, “Isn’t my hair…a bit…girly looking?”

“No, not at all! You look lovely in it, Todoroki. Besides, there’s no such thing as ‘girly’ haircut. It’s gender neutral and you look great in it.” Chisaki reassures him as he takes his hand.

Shouto had gotten changed into his outfit inside a bathroom at a small, empty minimart lacking customers as well as modern security systems. It wasn’t the cleanest of places, but clean didn’t matter. What mattered is getting changed into his disguise so Chisaki can take him out on his date.

Still, he’s not quite comfortable wearing makeup…it feels so thick and heavy on his skin, with the satin finish of the lipstick leaving the feeling a gel being on his lips. It’s enough to drive him crazy and make him want to wipe it off and yet…

“I know you weren’t comfortable with this, but it’s for the best. Look at you: you look so beautiful in it. Isn’t that what matters most in the end?” he speaks with a kind, soothing voice which doesn’t reach his golden eyes. Shouto doesn’t notice this little detail because he’s never been called ‘beautiful’ before or complimented on his looks until he met Chisaki. It’s a nice change of pace for a boy who has always felt insecure with his looks due to his scar.

“Do you really think so?” he wonders this, has been ever since last night, and having Chisaki tilt his head up with a gently, gloved touch underneath his chin has his heart almost stopping when he sees his handsome date face to face, “I do.”

It’s so genuine, so saccharine…so fake, so scripted that Chisaki is amazed he bought it!

Here he had been going for the hookers on the streets and the teens wanting to ‘piss off daddy’ when he should have been going for the abused, broken, and sheltered instead. Who knew?

Shouto takes his hand, placing so much trust in him… Trust Chisaki can feel from the hopeful look in his blue and grey eyes. Trust Chisaki is going to use and abuse until he gets wants out of this new conquest.

The date had been at a high end sushi restaurant. It was filled with glossy stone flooring, tables made from the finest wood, and chairs upholstered in the softest fabrics around. The restaurant was clearing out quite rapidly at the sight of the couple, something Chisaki wrote off as ‘homophobia’. It’s not like he could have told Shouto the truth anyway. I mean, how is he supposed to tell him, ‘I’m a yakuza boss and the only people who go here do some sort of illegal work and they all fear me?’. Exactly, he can’t. However, Shouto is told to keep his disguise on lest anyone else or a person working here notices him. Shouto is obedient enough to do so for him, which is always a plus for Chisaki. He truly does hate the rowdy, experienced, independent ones. He didn’t truly realize how much he hated them until he took Shouto out on a date.

He able to charm and woo the boy with false stories of his school life, false stories of his dying adoptive father and how hard he’s working to take care of him. He can tell by the open body language and the gentle words of support spoken so sweetly his lies have stuck with the boy across from him.

After their dinner at the sushi restaurant (Shouto didn’t order much and offered to pay afterwards, which was sweet because it showed the boy was trying to be considerate of him…the yakuza boss), he would take him out to an area at least an hour away from where they were at to a scenic overlook.

Shouto looked at him and wondered, “Why are we here?” as the sun began to set in the distance, leaving an orangey glow to the farmlands below. Chisaki runs a hand through his wig, wishing it were his real hair because it looks so much better on him than his natural color, and lowers his medical mask enough to tell him, “Shouldn’t every date end with a kiss and a beautiful view?”

Shouto’s eyes are wide instantly and yet he doesn’t do anything to stop Chisaki from kissing him. He takes the initiative and kisses him on the lips, not minding the lipstick on his lips. At least he looks so pretty…but he needs a primer to better hide the scar and then he’ll look perfect.  

Chisaki won’t comment on it for now. He’s enjoying the effect the kiss has had on Shouto, who is blushing up a storm and looking much more like a small child who is happy the person they liked kissed them.

Again, most men his age with his experience would not want to be with someone like Shouto because they can see though he has grown up far too fast in terms of combat and quirk training, he’s still a child on many things.

Again, Chisaki does not care. No, this simply makes it all the more entertaining and worthwhile to him.

The innocence of it all only makes his ideas multiply, adding on to his ultimate end goal for this relationship of sorts…

Shouto asks him rather bluntly, “Can we have another kiss?”

It’s enough to break him out of his thoughts to reply, “You didn’t have to ask. You can always kiss me whenever I please, much like how I can kiss you whenever you please. It’s what all boyfriends do.”

The boy in the wig and makeup looks away from him, making Chisaki say, “Come on now, it’s not a bad thing you didn’t know this! It’s okay, you can learn everything about this stuff from being with me. I promise to give you a good relationship; one completely opposite of what your father gave to your mother.”

The boy in the disguise agrees readily, more than willing to take any offer to have a happier life with somebody he wants to be with as opposed to what his father had with his mother, “Are you willing to keep that promise?”

“I am, wholeheartedly.”

Shouto’s heart is beating so fast with all of the new and exciting things he’s gone through in only one day! He’s ridden in a nice, black car with black leather seats with his…boyfriend? He thinks Chisaki is his boyfriend. Why else would he kiss him? Why else would he confide to him? Why else would he listen to him and tell him how attractive he is?

Well, who better to ask than Chisaki himself, Mr. Popular with so many friends at his school?

“Are we…boyfriends, Chisaki? Is that why you kissed me and called me all of those nice things?”

It’s a nervous question, but Chisaki answers it gracefully, taking Shouto’s hand into his gloved one as he kisses on the lips one more time, “We are boyfriends now, Todoroki. This date has me convinced you are perfect boyfriend material.”

Shouto would be so happy to have such a handsome boyfriend, but then his phone pings with a text from his sister and he’s reminded of the time, “That’s great, but I should get going home now. I don’t want the old man to notice I was gone for too long.”

Chisaki shrugs to this, not really minding that their date had to end so soon because he feels a lot of the basic rules of their relationship have already been set in stone. Now all he needs to do is expand upon it in a way the boy won’t notice, “That’s too bad…here, I’ll give you a ride to the nearest train station and you can go home from there.”

“What will I do about the disguise?”

“I’ll take you to the minimart where you got changed and I’ll get you some makeup remover wipes. Once you’re done taking off the makeup and wig, you can get on the outfit you wore to see me. After that, you can take the wig, foundation, and lipstick home with you for safe keeping. I’ll dispose of the outfit you wore today. Sound good?”

Shouto nods, and with the blush still on his face, agrees to it, “Okay, that sounds good to me.”

He’s too busy being on cloud nine with his perfect, handsome boyfriend whereas Chisaki is simply enjoying the moment for now because what he has planned for this relationship is the best part of all.

Fuyumi had been worried sick.

Shouto had lied again and said he was seeing their mother. She called up the hospital only to discover he wasn’t there at all. Shouto had never been one to lie and sneak about before. That was Touya’s game, not Shouto’s, so to see it happening now both breaks her heart and turns her against this Chisaki person.

She doesn’t even know why, but she has a gut feeling he was with him again. Why is it so hard for him to actually see their mother yet so easy for him to spend all of this time with a stranger he finds to be attractive who sweet talks him?

When he comes in through the door with a smile on his lips, she wants to be happy yet she can’t because her annoyance with the situation overpowers it, “Where were you? You told me you were seeing mom.”

“I was with Chisaki. Why is that a problem?”

“Because you don’t know anything about him! Shouto, do you know how old he is or what kind of family he comes from? Do you know anything about him as a person or is he just some sweet talking stranger who knows how to impress you?”

She didn’t mean to be so snappy, but Shouto shouldn’t be so careless with such things! She’s fine with him dating, but with a guy his age who he knows, not some random stranger who he met only the day before.

“He’s seventeen, he attends a different school from me, he was abused by his father, bullied at his school, and treated cruelly all of his life before he ran away and a kind man took him in as his own son. His favorite color is black, and he’s never had a serious relationship before because he could not emotionally connect with anyone in the way he can with me.” Shouto replies to her with a frown on his face, not liking the way she’s talking to him as though he were a five year old child.

“Okay, so you did learn things about him. Who are his friends? What’s his dad’s name? Which school does he go to?” Shouto, in response to her questions, simply rolls his eyes to this, “Are you trying to tell me I can’t have a boyfriend even though you’ve had plenty of them over the years you never brought over once?”

Fuyumi groans, not knowing what else she can do to get through to Shouto at this point about this guy, “I’m not saying that! Look, I want you to be careful, okay? This guy is still a stranger. You still don’t know him. Don’t rush into something you’re not ready for with someone you don’t know.”

“So you don’t like Chisaki?”

“I have never met the guy. It has nothing to do with liking him or not. It has everything to do with the fact I don’t like the way you’re lying and saying you’re seeing mom when you aren’t. I understand why you can’t be honest with dad and why Chisaki will never come around here. Just…try to be honest with me, please. I don’t like seeing you acting like Touya. It brings back too many memories with him I’d rather not remember.”

Touya, despite his rebellious nature, was actually suffering from severe depression this entire time. One day, he didn’t come home from school. A large manhunt was sent out to look for him, but eventually, his body was found in the river by a fisherman.

There were no injuries to the body and no poisons or drugs in his system. It had been a suicide by drowning and it rocked everyone’s world, especially Shouto’s. He had wanted to marry Touya someday and to know he would never get the chance to be with him or see him ever again… It shattered his already fragile heart.

Any mention of Touya can invoke strong feelings of loss and sadness in him. This moment is no different and he makes it clear by leaving his sister in the entryway of their home. He returns to his room, where he sets down the black bag containing his disguise kit from Chisaki, holds onto his pillow, and cries into it in silence, wishing Touya were here with him instead of being gone.

Chapter Text

Shouto had been upset after Fuyumi brought up Touya. So much so to the point where he couldn’t talk to her for the rest of the night. He wanted to be alone after hearing her mentioning him. It’s not that he doesn’t like hearing about Touya or talking about him. It’s more of hearing about him on certain days hurts and others it doesn’t. Today was one of those days where it hurt because he always wanted Touya to be his husband and though he likes Chisaki, he still has a Touya shaped hole in his heart.

The following morning before school would start, she would approach him and say as calmly as she could, “Shouto, I’m sorry for bringing up Touya. I know I shouldn’t have, but…I want you to be honest with me from now on when you’re going out. You don’t have to tell dad where you’re going. All I am asking is for you to be honest with me about when you’re going to see Chisaki or not. Can you do that for me?”

Shouto is able to at least give her a quiet, “I can. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you when I’m seeing him from now on.”

She hopes he will. She’s not too sure if he will or not because this Chisaki person seems to have ignited a strong attraction and infatuation she hasn’t seen in Shouto since Touya was around.

No one knew about the infatuation and attraction Shouto had to Touya. They did know about his death since it did make a lot of news when it did occur. The full story is something they never knew or bothered to ask about in an attempt to be considerate of his feelings.

Had they known about Touya, they would have known why Shouto was more closed off than before the Sports Festival. Sure, they were going to be starting internships the following day, but they thought he would have spoken to someone.

Instead, Shouto was preoccupied with his phone. He had been texting Chisaki all day: in class, he’d reply with quick autofill answers and at lunch, he video chatted him inside an empty supply closet.

Shouto—though upset by Fuyumi bringing up Touya the way she did—felt a lot better after talking to Chisaki late at night over the phone. With the constant contact they had today, he feels better yet. Something about Chisaki makes him feel alive, wanted, and desired for something more than just his quirks. It feels nice to be treated like a person instead of a weapon to be used in combat!

Chisaki compliments him, he tells him which school he goes to (South Tokyo High) and he introduces him to his closest friend, Kurono. It makes Shouto feel as though Fuyumi’s concerns (which he had voiced to Chisaki in a text earlier in the day) had been for nothing. Kurono was quieter than Chisaki, but he seemed polite. Shouto wondered if they could ever meet someday, to which Chisaki had said, “Maybe when he has time off from his after school job.”

It is a good enough explanation for Shouto, who is too busy being caught up in the excitement of having a first relationship that he doesn’t see the red flags for what they are. He doesn’t understand their relationship is moving far too fast, he doesn’t feel as though anything is off or toxic about Chisaki, and his sister’s concerns honestly annoy him more than anything else because it feels like she’s trying to say he’s too weak to handle himself in this situation all while hinting that he doesn’t know as much as her because of the different ways they had been raised.

He’s not dumb. He’s not reckless. He’s a trained future hero who is going through more training in order to become the best there is. They may have been raised differently but Shouto is still smart in combat and he knows how to use his quirk extraordinarily well (not the left side so much, but he’s going to try to get better about that).

No matter, Shouto is not going to allow anyone else to get in the way of him and his boyfriend’s relationship! He will make it work despite all the detractors out there (his sister mainly).

He doesn’t talk much to anyone that day, but he doesn’t care. All that matters is the fact he gets to talk to his boyfriend despite their distance from each other.

Shouto had an interesting internship. Filled with his father constantly getting on him, fighting with the hero killer, and getting a chance to be friends with Iida and Midoriya.

Except, Midoriya did ask him out of concern, “Why do you constantly check your phone, Todoroki? Are you in trouble with your dad?”

Shouto found this to be rather incredulous to believe: if he was in trouble with his father, he wouldn’t be in school in general. In order to ease Midoriya’s concerns, he tells him the blunt truth, “I have a boyfriend who goes to a different school from me. He always texts and calls at lunch so we can keep in touch.”

“Oh. I didn’t know you were gay.” Midoriya replies slowly, pretty shocked at the answer because…who thought a guy who firmly believes himself to be a cursed hand crusher would actually be in a relationship with anyone, let alone another guy?

Midoriya’s not homophobic. He may be straight, but he doesn’t care about what people do in their bedrooms. He only cares about what kind of people they are and as far as he’s concerned, Shouto’s a good guy…just a bit…dense.

He asks himself, “How long have you two known each other?”

“Ever since the Sports Festival ended. I met him on the first day we had off after the festival.”

Midoriya has never been in a romantic relationship before. Despite this, it doesn’t change the way Shouto’s explanation of the relationship feels…off and rushed to him. It just seems like they moved very fast, faster than what most people in his middle school did.

At least they knew each other for a good while before calling each other girlfriend and boyfriend. It sounds like Shouto just met the guy a short while ago and is now calling him his boyfriend out of nowhere.

It brings up red flags for Midoriya. Though his father is gone, his mother did teach him enough about relationships to know there is such a thing as going too fast and he’s almost positive this is what Shouto is experiencing.

“Really? When did you have your first date?”

“The day after we met for the first time.”

Now this all sounds so off to Midoriya! Red flags are ringing in his mind at the matter of fact, lovey-dovey way Shouto is speaking of his relationship. He doesn’t quite like the look of lovesickness in his eyes because it reminds him so much of the poor girls in elementary school who had crushes on Kacchan only to get rejected by him in the end.

He knows Shouto was isolated and going off of the hand crusher comment he’s made, he’s pretty dense as well. He didn’t think the isolation and denseness would lead into something like this happening to him.

“How did that happen?”

“We exchanged numbers the first day we met, and we talked the night before. I met up with him the following day, we talked about what we wanted our relationship to be, and how we would make it work. Then he took me on this wonderful date and we had an amazing time… Ever since then, we’ve been boyfriends.”

This is all he needs to hear to propel him to say it, because Shouto clearly needs to hear it, “Isn’t that going a bit fast, Todoroki? I’ve never dated before, but other people in my middle usually went on more dates before making it official.”

Shouto looks at him like he’d grown a third head, and responds with a shrug of his shoulders, “Our arrangement is different. It’s harder for us to see each other because of the differences in our locations and where we go to school. We have to move things at a pace good for us, otherwise, it won’t work out.”

“Sure, okay, but may be…you two should spend more time together in person before making things so official and serious so fast.” Midoriya suggests, but his suggestion is met with a deaf ear, “Everything is going great between my boyfriend and I, Midoriya. There’s nothing to concern yourself over.”

Midoriya doesn’t see it this way. Something is wrong here; he can feel it in his gut. He needs to talk to his mom about this because everything he’s just heard cannot be healthy or normal.

Shouto had a wonderful time with Chisaki that weekend during his dates with him. He would have four more wonderful dates with Chisaki during the weekends of the two weeks of written exams he had to do at school. He had told him about the training camp, but Chisaki wasn’t too happy about it.

No, he didn’t want to talk about it and Shouto didn’t know why.

He continued to wear the makeup and wigs along with the outfits he got him for the dates. Though at first he hated it, he has come to begrudgingly accept it as a part of their relationship until he hits adulthood and they can come out publicly together.

The Sunday before they are slated to head off to training camp, Chisaki was not in a good mood and Shouto had not known why. It was starting to bother him because Chisaki—though polite and sweet at all times—seemed distant now and Shouto didn’t like it. He didn’t like feeling as though he was drifting away from Chisaki in the same way he did with his mother.

He would ask him on their date, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just…you’re going to be gone at camp at a time when I need someone by my side right now.” Chisaki then faces Shouto head on, placing his gloved hands on his shoulders, “Todoroki, my adoptive dad is going to be dead sometime this week. He has such little time left and…he’s the only one who really loved me all of my life. After a lifetime of being abused by the monster I have to call ‘father’ by blood, being bullied relentlessly at school by kids who ganged up to beat me mercilessly and constantly told me the world would be a better place if I just killed myself already—I can’t handle losing him. I need you here, please. I can’t go through this alone.”

He sounded and looked so devastated that Shouto couldn’t help but to look upon him in grief, “He’s…dying? He’s going to be dead this week?”

Chisaki nods and he holds Shouto in a tight, comforting yet desperate hug, “He is. Please, stay with me. I know it’s so selfish of me to ask of you, especially since I did encourage you to work with your dad and helped you study for your exams over the phone. I want you to be happy with your friends and I wanted to encourage it, but how can I encourage anything when my world is falling apart around me?”

His voice cracks ever so slightly, he makes it full of hurt as well as agony, his eyes are not red and yet tears are coming out of them… In short, Chisaki is a wonderful actor and he has Shouto eating out of the palm of his hand with his act.

He can make a funeral happen with his current boss in the coma… He can make an accident happen where nothing will seem out of place and the Eight Precepts can act all as grieving friends and relatives of his ‘adoptive’ father when he does have Shouto over.

Why is he doing this, you ask?

Shouto tells him everything and though he plays up the role of helpful boyfriend over the phone, he truly is no such thing. You see, Chisaki doesn’t want Shouto being away from him for too long. Being at a camp with this Midoriya brat who seems to insist their relationship is ‘going too fast’ and the Iida boy who tells him to ‘take things slow’ for a week or more is the last thing he needs.

He’s looked them up on social media and though they profess to be straight, he cannot help but to feel they are trying to break him and Shouto up. The last thing he needs is a breakup to ruin the best thing he’s got going for him personally. So, he will do whatever it takes to keep Shouto all to himself. Even if it means lying about his adoptive father dying this week.

This way, he can monopolize his time and keep him away from those toxic friends of his who seem so hellbent on destroying their relationship… For such straight boys, they really do care too much, don’t they? What poorly classed liars! Only Chisaki can have Shouto in the end and he will not allow them to steal him away from him!

Besides, if Shouto wants a polyamorous relationship…well, Kurono could be down for it if he ordered him into being down for it. Either way, he will be involved, and he will be in control. That’s just how their relationship goes.

He will not lose control over Shouto, not when everything is going according to his plan thus far. The boy doesn’t know or believe they’re moving too fast. He thinks they’re normal for a long distance couple when they’re not.

He intends to keep it that by keeping him away from those boys and his classmates as well if he has to.

Seeing the look in Shouto’s dual colored eyes has him knowing it has worked and he has made him crack! All he needed to do was remind him of his ‘tragic’ past and everything fell into place! Damn, he loves the sheltered ones…they’re just so easy.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay, but I’m sure if I convince my old man that I’d be better at home, training with him instead, then I will be able to be here with you. I’ll do whatever it takes to be here for you. I know all I wanted after I was burned was someone to be there for me… I won’t leave you the way everyone left me.” Shouto responds softly, trying to comfort Chisaki as he hugs him back.

Vulnerability, turmoil, despair, agony and the feeling of helplessness at a loss which cannot be prevented…Chisaki possesses the ability to profess these traits through acting alone, so why not play it out now right here for Shouto?

Clearly, he is well versed in a craft which is difficult to master and hone in appropriate moments. Most can only do so if they are playing a character. Chisaki can do while playing an idealized version of himself, which is a task none can truly master unless if they are someone like him.

Many would not go as far as to lie about death in the family to keep their lover from leaving them to go anywhere too far away, but here Chisaki is, proving there is always that one person willing to stoop lower than the rest.

Shouto, on the other hand, bought it because he knew all too well what it was like to deal with pain and loss on his own. After he was burned by his mother, he was left alone to deal with the pain of the burn along with the loss of his mother. Leaving Chisaki alone to deal with the death of his adoptive father is unfathomable to him. Hero training be damned, his boyfriend needs him, and he won’t leave him in his time of need! He’s not his father: he will treat Chisaki better because their relationship, their future together will be better than anything that dumpster fire will ever bother to do for his mother.

Chisaki was so distraught, so beside himself, he didn’t know how to cheer him up. He didn’t know what to do for him, so he tried asking him, “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

That’s all he needs to hear to do what he refers to as the second phase of his plan, “I want to hear you talked in a higher pitched voice for the rest of our dates, video chats, and phone calls from now on.”

It’s such a strange request that Shouto is instantly caught wondering, “Why?” out loud.

“Because the softer, higher pitched voice will remind me of a simpler time from my childhood when my adoptive dad was dating women all the time, living life to the fullest while trying to find me a suitable mother figure…before he became the shell of a man he is now.”

Shouto hugs him tighter as a result, his heart bleeding in pity for the man beside him, “Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to stay here so I can take care of you through this hard time. If talking in a higher pitched voice will make you feel better, then I’ll do it for you.”

Shouto doesn’t want to do this at all. He has a feeling his voice would sound weird if he tried. Regardless, this is not about himself or his own comfort. He’s not selfish like his father. No, he’s better than him and he’s going to prove it by giving his grieving, agonized boyfriend everything his heart desires.

These past few weekends, dating Chisaki…everything has been going so smoothly, it honestly feels like something out of a fairytale for Shouto, who had dreamed for something similar to the stories his mother read him at nights when he couldn’t sleep. To know the reason why he had been acting distant is because he had been upset over something so tragic…it makes him want to do whatever he can to say with him.

He won’t abandon him. He’s not his father. He will make everything right for the young man he’s convinced is the only good thing in his life right about now.

As for Chisaki…he’s grinning maniacally on the inside because he’s secured yet another victory and this will lead into something more. He can already feel it in the air: he will reach his end goal sooner than expected, whether Shouto discovers his true intentions before then or not doesn't matter. He's already in too deep. 

Chapter Text

Shouto had managed to convince his father to not allow him to go to the training camp. It didn’t take much considering Enji thought he could train his son in a far superior manner as opposed to the teachers at UA. Needless to say, his decision to not go to the camp was met with some protest from three people.

Iida had been the first one to call to ask him, “Why aren’t you coming, Todoroki?”

“Because I want to train with my old man some more.”

“What’s the real reason? Midoriya told me you have a boyfriend you text and call all the time, even during school hours. Please tell me this boyfriend isn’t behind your decision.”

Shouto did not take this reaction well at all. He frowned to it, glaring at the wall as though it were Iida, and replied back, “He told you that? Why?”

“Because he was wondering if you two moved too fast or not in your relationship. I do believe you two moved too fast and I am concerned because I don’t want him to manipulate you.”

“He is not manipulating me. His father is dying, and they think he’s going to die sometime this week. I want to be here for him for support, because I know how awful it can be to lose a loved one.”

Losing Touya, his mother…he didn’t want Chisaki to go through losing a relative alone like he had to do. Okay, when he lost Touya he at least had Fuyumi there, but when he lost his mother, he was all alone.

Iida instantly sobers to this, his voice sounding apologetic then, “I’m so sorry. I had no idea he was going through such a tough time… Go ahead and be there for him. I’m sure he will need it.”

“Thank you for understanding, Iida. Have fun at camp.”

“I will, goodbye Todoroki. I wish you nothing but luck in comforting your boyfriend.”

It was pretty sweet, but then he got a call from Midoriya, who had been sounding a bit more worried and suspicious than Iida did, “Are you sure you’re not blowing off camp to run around with him?”

Now that was offensive to Shouto’s ears! He simply frowned as he glared him down, “I am not ‘blowing off camp’. I am going to be there for him in the case his father dies this week.”

Midoriya’s small gasp of horror at wrongfully accusing him does nothing to ease his offense to the words he had said earlier, “Really? Todoroki, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have jumped to that conclusion—”

“Then why did you?”

“Because I asked my mom and Iida if your relationship was going too fast and they all said it is! I’m worried about you. Your boyfriend and you moved things so fast…it’s not normal or healthy. I think you should slow things down with him. You’re getting too serious too fast and I don’t think it’s good.”

Midoriya asked his mom and she told him it sounded like the relationship was moving too fast. Of course, he left out the part about the ‘friend’ being Shouto. He then went to Iida because he figured a good-looking guy like him had to have dated before. That and turning to Kacchan was not a good idea no matter what so Iida it was. When he asked Iida, he tried to leave out the part about the ‘friend’ being Shouto, but Iida is very observant as well and he connected the dots right away because, ‘He’s always texting in the classes we sit next to each other. He has to have a boyfriend to do that.’ Naturally, Iida has gone on a few dates in the past and he knows about healthy relationships thanks to his parents and brother. He instantly agreed the relationship went too fast which further cemented Midoriya’s feelings on the situation with Shouto.

Regardless of his good intentions, Shouto doesn’t take well to this. Who is Midoriya to say he’s moving things too fast with Chisaki? Who is he to act as though he’s an authority on what constitutes a healthy and unhealthy relationship? He has no room to talk! He’s never dated before, who is he to criticize?

Really, it just annoys him more than anything else. Which is why his first response is just as bitter and cold as his previous question had been, “Who are you to comment on my relationship with my boyfriend? Maybe you’re better off not assuming anything and not commenting on a situation that doesn’t concern you.”

Midoriya is quiet for a good minute, which is long enough for Shouto to wonder if he had hung up on him or not, but then he does let out a small exhale, “Right, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have invaded your personal business. Just be careful with him, okay?”

“I don’t need to be, my boyfriend treats me better than anyone else alive does at this point.”

“I’m…sure he must. Bye, Todoroki.”

“Goodbye, Midoriya.” Shouto had thought this would be the last call he receives, but no. Life hates him, so naturally he received another call only two minutes after Midoriya had called him.

He answered it out of general confusion because he had no idea whose number it was. He didn’t recognize it from anywhere and he has all of his classmates’ numbers. Maybe Natsuo got a new phone and is calling him up to give it to him?

Regardless, he answers the phone anyway.

“Hello? Who is this?”

“You better give me a damn good reason why you are not coming to camp. It better not be the bullshit I heard from your father about you wanting to train with him more.”

It’s Aizawa and he sounds pissed off. He can safely say this is the angriest he’s heard him sounding ever since he started at UA.

“…How did you get my number?”

It’s a stupid question to ask, and he knows this, but he is wondering how he did get his number?

“Your father gave it to me after I asked for it. Now, tell me why you are not coming to the training camp. I know it’s not for the reason Endeavor gave me because that man is a piece of crap to everyone he meets, and I know he cannot be pleasant to be by twenty-four seven.”

“He wasn’t lying, though. I do want to train with him.”

“Really now? Because I’m not too sure if I buy that.”

“What would give you reason not to? Do you have any other alternative ideas as to why I would turn down a chance to train at camp?”

What he hears next makes his blood run cold, “Present Mic is the nosiest boyfriend on the planet. He happened to overhear a conversation between Iida and Midoriya about your boyfriend.”

Shouto doesn’t know what to say or do. He can only swallow down his anxiety with a miraculously even, “I don’t think it’s any of your business.”

“It is my business when it interferes with your schoolwork. According to Present Mic, you moved way too fast with him and I happen to agree. If you are only staying there to be with some guy, then I will go over to your house and drag you to the camp kicking and screaming. I don’t give a damn if I have to deal with a pissed off Endeavor. I can handle him just fine, but you better know right now I won’t tolerate you falling for some manipulative crap from some random guy none of us know the name of.”

Aizawa usually curses Present Mic’s nosiness most of the time because damn, stay out of other people’s business! This time, he’s not cursing it because it brought about an interesting situation to light. Hearing what he said about Shouto has him on the side of caution. He doesn’t want some mystery guy controlling Shouto from the shadows. He wants him to be safe, not a victim of some stranger.

“I am staying with him because his father is dying, and they think he may be dead this week. I know what it’s like to lose a loved one. I don’t want to leave him alone in a time of need. Am I really bad for not being selfish like my father is and putting someone else’s needs and desires over my own?”

Aizawa can concede he is right, and yet, “There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be there for him. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to support him, but Todoroki, he has to think about you too. He cannot hold you back in life. He has to place you first too. You shouldn’t be the only one being considerate here, he has to give something as well.”

When Shouto has nothing to say to this, Aizawa reminds him, “I’ve been taken for a good number of years with the loudest person on the planet. I know all about when to give and when to take in a relationship. If you really want to be by your boyfriend because you feel it’s important, then I will allow you to be with him.”

“It’s for the best if I stay with him. I cannot leave him now. I wouldn’t want anyone to endure what I had to endure alone.”

“Very well then. Do as you wish. I only hope you’re doing it because you want to and not because he’s guilted you into doing anything you don’t want to do.”

Shouto isn’t even sure what that is or what Aizawa is talking about. He only knows that, “He treats me like gold whenever we’re together. He would never do anything to harm me. He cares about me too much… I should get going now, Aizawa. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Todoroki.”

Shouto hangs up not feeling the concerns he is receiving from others. He believes everything between Chisaki and himself is normal. Every couple is different. Everyone works at different pace. Who are they to say he’s going too fast? Who are they to judge his relationship when they don’t even know a thing about Chisaki? Exactly, they can’t judge because they don’t know him, and they don’t understand the circumstances surrounding their relationship!

Really, who are they to judge? How annoying of them to do!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the phone, Aizawa is left worried about Shouto. He knows the boy hadn’t gone to a regular school and was primarily taught by Enji for a majority of his life.

Shouto is very much an adult when it concerns combat, strategy, law, and handling situations a hero would find themselves in. However, when it comes down to people, relationships with them, pop culture references, and basic figures of speech, he’s very much a child still discovering the world. Villains and the average civilian are two very different people and since Shouto only knows how to navigate his way around a villain… It’s safe to say that regular people are a stretch for him.

(Asking Yaoyorozu if she was nauseous after their exam together was all he needed to hear to know the boy doesn’t have any experience with normal people in the same way he does with heroes, sidekicks, combat, and villains.)

Aizawa doesn’t want anyone to see that and take advantage of him. He doesn’t want Shouto to get involved with someone who is toxic for him. There are far too many civilians who can be just as bad as villains despite not being villains. There are far too many civilians who would take advantage of Shouto for a ‘quick lay’. He only wishes his boyfriend won’t be one of those types, but one can never be too sure.

He cannot stress over it too much now. The trip to the training camp will be taking place soon and he needs to keep a level head for the students present. Though Shouto’s absence is something he’s not sure he can keep off of his mind.

Chisaki’s father had died four days after Shouto elected to stay home training with his father as opposed to going to camp. They video chatted more during this time, but the night it happened…Chisaki was a wreck and Shouto couldn’t stop himself from sneaking out to go see him.

Midoriya had been messaging him, asking him to pick up his phone because it was urgent and had to do with Bakugou’s kidnapping. Needless to say, he doesn’t regret not going to camp now, not after they kidnapped a student from his class. It should also go without saying that he told Midoriya, I can’t. My boyfriend’s father died and he needs me.

Shouto would sneak out that night, but not to save Bakugou like Midoriya had wanted him to. No, he sneaked out to go see Chisaki at a desolate part of the downtown area in front of a fountain of a currently out of business shopping center.

It was pretty with its many steps and the artwork behind the sculpture of the fountain was exquisite. Then again, the desolate area with the broken building windows and the cracking, empty fountain are all signs of decay, of an area dying under economic loss.

Seeing Chisaki sitting there on the fountain, with a blank look in his lovely golden eyes has Shouto approaching him with a gentle greeting spoken in the higher pitch he’s been working on with Chisaki over the phone, “Are you alright?”

He’s in the makeup and wig, dressed in a cream colored sweater big enough to be a dress on him with grey skinny jeans and basic grey jogging shoes. Though his voice isn’t all that even in pitch, at least he is starting to get the hang of having a full conversation in a higher pitched voice…now to make him get it more feminine…

That can wait another time. Chisaki has the show of a lifetime to pull off here and he cannot afford to ruin it now.

“I don’t know… After everything I went through with my biological dad—the starvations, the punishments where I was locked in a closet for days with nothing more than water to keep me alive, the strangulations for every time I stepped out of the smallest lines, and the beatings he gave me every night he came home drunk or higher than a kite—it was…nice to have a father who cared for me after everything I endured. I was just…I’m still…”

His voice sounds hollow enough, now to fake a gasp and…

“I knew he was dying… I just didn’t think it would happen tonight. He was the only one who had me believing there was still some good in the world…my only regret is you never got to meet him. He would have loved you. You would have loved him. We could have been happy with him as our father-in-law. Now it won’t ever happen.”

It strains Shouto’s vocal cords to talk in a higher pitch all the time like Chisaki wants him to, so he resorts to taking a seat beside his boyfriend and hugging him tightly. It’s enough to make Chisaki hold him back, making Shouto feel like he has done something good for his boyfriend during this difficult time.

“Will you be there for when we scatter his ashes? He wanted to be cremated and scattered along this beautiful lake he loved so much.” Chisaki asks him to be sure he will be there so he can pull this off.

“Can you make it happen on a weekend? Because I’ll be able to be there this weekend if you need me to be.” Shouto answers back in the higher pitched voice, already feeling the strain on his throat as he tries to maintain the proper pitch and tone Chisaki wants him to have around him.

“Sure I can. I’m planning on doing it that way so you can meet Kurono and some of the other people in my life.” Chisaki admits to him with a false quiver in his tone, more than glad internally to know that he has lured Shouto further into his trap. On the day of the ashes scattering, he has a plan in mind to further customize the boy to his liking.

Shouto is stunned to hear this. He didn’t think for one second he’d want Shouto to meet the important people in his life. It’s why he is wondering, “Why do you want me to meet them? I thought I was a bit of a dirty secret with the way I have to alter my appearance and voice whenever we are together.”

Shouto felt like it, anyway. He never came to like wearing makeup, he never came to like wearing the wig, and he never came to like wearing the outfits Chisaki has been getting him for their dates for the last few weeks (sweaters or other shirts long enough to be a mini dress with skinny jeans underneath). He knows his boyfriend wanted him to talk in a higher pitch voice to make him happy, but at this point…it’s starting to feel like he wants Shouto to change himself out of shame of being with him.

Subconsciously, this feeling has been there ever since he had to wear the lipstick for the first time. Now that he’s voicing it out loud, it doesn’t feel good. No, it feels…tense.

He feels like apologizing for his actions, but then Chisaki looks at him with such heartbreak in his eyes, he feels guilty for even feeling the way he did, “You aren’t a dirty secret to me. What would make you think that?”

“It’s just…the wig, the clothes, the makeup, the voice I have to talk in now… It feels like you are having me do these things because you’re ashamed of being with me.” Shouto admits in a small voice.

However, Chisaki will not allow him to think this for one moment, “I don’t think of you as a dirty secret! I only have you do these things so no one posts anything online about us. I don’t want you to get hurt by your cretin of a father, it’s why I have you do these things! I have you do it all to protect you because I love you and I cannot stand the idea of you being hurt.”

Shouto’s mind goes blank when he hears those words because it makes him feel so…warm inside.

His mother hadn’t said that to him ever since his quirks manifested.

Touya is dead and even before then, he never said it to him.

Hearing Chisaki say this almost makes a few tears come to his eyes.

His boyfriend isn’t ashamed of him. No, he’s trying to protect him because he loves him. He loves him and he shows it in so many ways! How could he have been so stupid and selfish to not see it? Chisaki loves him, and he…oh, to know he hurt someone who loves him! It makes him feel lower than the concrete beneath his feet!

“Do you love me too, Todoroki? Do you love me as much as I love you?”

It’s enough to snap him out of his thoughts and make him nod when admitting what he should have admitted a long time ago. Chisaki makes him so happy, giddy, and excited for every sunrise and midnight where they have their conversations. He makes him feel so light with the butterflies in his stomach going off a mile a minute. He makes him feel special and most of all…warm, accepted, loved.

“I haven’t had anyone tell me they loved me ever since my quirks first manifested. My mom quit saying it after that, my siblings weren’t around near me to tell me it, and hearing you tell me this right now… It makes me feel warm inside, but more so than ever before. You make me feel happy and excited for every day I get to spend talking to you, every weekend I look forward to because I get to see you in person, and being by you makes me feel so light, I feel like I am made of butterflies. You make me feel warm, accepted, and what I believe to be ‘loved’. You make me feel loved and I know the feelings I have for you must be love, because what else could it all be? I love you, Chisaki. I love you so, so much.”

What he is describing is the feeling which could either be infatuation or a crush, not love. Then again, a boy like Shouto who grew up with so little love and affection would not know the minute differences. No, he’d mistakenly believe that these feelings are love when they are not, much like a small child who believes their feelings of attraction or crush on another person is love.

It’s enough to make Chisaki smile outwardly, not because he cares about Shouto, but because he feels as though he’s gained another way to control him.

He pulls down his mask and kisses him deeply, enjoying the feeling of his lipstick covered lips against his bare ones. He then tells him, “I’m happy to know you love me too. With your one confession, you managed to make this hellish night a little better. Thank you, Todoroki. Thank you for being the love of my life.”

Seeing the smile on his lips, the hearts in his eyes…it’s enough for Chisaki to know that he’s in too deep in his web now. All he needs to do is keep this act up and soon enough, his end goal will become reality.

Chapter Text

He would stay by Chisaki’s side for three hours that night before heading home. The following day, he would learn he is moving into the dorms at UA without having a say in the decision in this. He was pretty upset when the day came for him to move into the dorms because he had his reservations about it.

Moving into the dorms was something that had Shouto worrying about what will happen in terms of seeing Chisaki. He was worried he wouldn’t be able to see him as much, but Chisaki had been reassuring about it. Now he is in the dorms, he will be able to see him more without having to answer to anyone, especially Fuyumi. According to Chisaki, this is for the best. Now they can spend a summer together uninterrupted. Since Shouto is so quiet anyway and is far more introverted than others, he can leave, and no one would notice he’s gone.

Shouto accepts this reasoning and goes to the dorms.

There, he would hear from Aizawa how he would be one of the few to not be expelled for the Kamino incident. After the tour of the dorm was done, Shouto would be approached by Aizawa, “Todoroki, I want to talk to you alone.”

“What about?”

“Your boyfriend.”

Of course. Shouto had an idea this topic would come up eventually, but he didn’t think it would happen so soon.

“Okay.” he would say before following Aizawa out of the dorm and into his office at school. Once alone, Aizawa’s stance changes from one of a professional to one of a laxed yet stern guardian when he sat down in his chair.

He would ask Shouto, “So, how was the boyfriend when you were home these last few days?”

The dual quirk user answers this calmly, telling him, “He was fine before his father passed away. He wants me to come to the memorial service for him and I agreed to come. It’s this weekend and I want to be there for him during this time.”

Aizawa is a bit concerned though. He still feels they are moving too fast and this is simply another example of it, “I think you’re going too fast with him.”

“Everyone goes at their own pace in life. Mine happens to be the appropriate one for me and my boyfriend.”

“No, it’s not. You’re going too fast with him and you could get burned by him in the end if you’re not careful.”

Shouto frowns to this, having taken the figure of speech too literally from what Aizawa can tell is said next, “He wouldn’t burn me. He’s not the type to hurt me in anyway. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t make comments like this about my boyfriend when you’ve never even met him once.”

Aizawa is quick to go on the kill for this, because if there’s one thing he wants to do, it’s meet the guy who has Shouto’s heart, “Let me meet him then and see what he’s like. If he is good to you, I’ll back off. If I feel there is something off with him, I won’t stop these talks. So, do you agree to have me meet him?”

He nods to this, causing Aizawa to breathe in a bit of relief because now he’ll get the chance to meet this mysterious boyfriend of Shouto’s, “I do. In fact, you can meet him with Fuyumi and Natsuo there so everyone will know my boyfriend is not a bad person.”

“Good. Let me know when he’s ready to meet up and I’ll schedule something for that day.”


Shouto is about to leave when Aizawa calls out to him, “I’m not doing this to annoy you or sabotage your relationship. I’m doing this so I know you’re not with someone who is bad for you.”

Shouto doesn’t really take this all that well, but he puts up a neutral front, chokes back his desired response to say instead, “He’s not bad for me and when you do meet him, you’ll see it for yourself.”

Aizawa is not too convinced at this point. He will allow Shouto’s boyfriend time to grieve over his father though, because he’s not a total monster and he wants to get somewhat on Shouto’s good side. It’s like what Present Mic said: if he wants Shouto to talk to him about his boyfriend or come to him for questions, then he has to be on his good side. He can’t be antagonistic at all times, or else Shouto won’t go to him.

“You don’t have to ask him to meet with me right away. Ask him to meet with me when he’s done grieving the loss of his father, okay?” Shouto is stunned going off of the way his eyes widened, “What?”

To which, Aizawa sighs, “I’m not an asshole like your father, Todoroki. I will not force a grieving, scared kid to come to me during the worst time in their life. Tell him about meeting me when he’s ready to do so.”

“Thank you for being so considerate. In the meantime, can you stop asking me questions about him? It’s annoying to have to defend my boyfriend when I have to comfort him during a hard time.”

“I’ll lay off it, but if I think there is something going on, I will ask as many questions as I please.”

“Fine.” Shouto responds, “Are we done here?”

Aizawa nods, telling him, “We are.”

As Shouto leaves, Aizawa cannot help but to let his mind wander back to this mystery boy. Is he good for Shouto? Will he hold him back? Is he using him for sex and Shouto can’t see it? He’s not sure if he can hold himself back from asking questions about this because he knows how relationships can affect a future hero’s training. A dating relationship can be beneficial for a hero in training to have, so long as they are with the right person. Aizawa himself was with Present Mic ever since high school and in all honesty, it did help him with his training because the loud blonde always pushed him and encouraged him to be his best.

It is possible for a future hero to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t aspire to be a hero and still have it come out with the same benefits he had with Present Mic. However, much like the ones with other heroes in training, it all depends on the person. The relationship—much like one Shouto is in—can be just as encouraging and motivating in a positive, healthy way so long as the person is not toxic.

‘Toxic’ by Aizawa standards means anyone who is controlling, manipulative, abusive, derisive, jealous, possessive, and looking to use the person for their own entertainment/goals until they get bored and throw them away. In fact, Aizawa can add anyone who moves thing too fast to this list because something about Shouto’s relationship just strikes him as odd and disturbing. No matter how much he, Iida, and Midoriya tell him he is taking things too fast, the boy doesn’t listen to any of them despite their very valid assessments and concerns. It unnerved him the entire time Shouto wasn’t at camp because he couldn’t help but to wonder if Shouto was manipulated out of going without knowing it.

It’s a concern for him and he’s hoping maybe the quirk training before their licensing exam will be enough to get his mind off of it.

He got his room to his liking, showed it to Chisaki who laughed at the sight of it, “You really like the traditional style, huh?”

He turns a light shade of pink at the little joke, “What’s wrong with that? It’s what I grew up with.”

“No, there’s nothing wrong with it at all. It’s interesting, really. I think it’s amazing you were able to get your room like this.”

Shouto brings the phone back to his face, happy to see his boyfriend there on the screen, “Really? Thank you, I—”

“Open the fucking door up!” Bakugou hisses behind the door as he knocks on it like a madman.

Shouto groans out to his boyfriend, “I’m sorry, but Bakugou is a hothead and he won’t go away until I answer the door. I can’t wait to see you again and meet your friends.”

“I can’t wait for you to meet them either. You will like them, and I know they will like you. Goodbye Todoroki, I love you.”

“I love you too. Goodbye.”

He hangs up on his boyfriend, feeling as though he’s on cloud nine for a good two seconds before he hears the loud, obnoxious knocking yet again, “Open the door!”

Shouto opens the door with the greatest reluctance known to mankind, glaring at Bakugou as he gave him his best neutral greeting, “Hello Bakugou, what do you want?”

It wasn’t the best, best, of course. Then again, Bakugou did piss him off and cut off precious video chat time with his boyfriend so he’s none too pleased.

“Are you gay?”

It’s an invasive question to Shouto and in all honesty, he doesn’t want to tell him about it, “Why do you care? I don’t have to answer to these things called ‘homophobes’, Bakugou. Especially if you are one.”

The hotheaded teen was the first one to say it, “I’m gay, you fucking dumbass! I’m not a homophobe!”

This is something which caught Shouto off guard. He was convinced Bakugou could only be attracted to and love himself only. He never knew he is gay. He didn’t even have the faintest clue of it.

“Oh, I didn’t know…but yes, I am gay.” Shouto confirms to him quickly then asks him, “Can you leave now? I was talking to my boyfriend before you acted like a lout and made me end our conversation early.”

Bakugou is silent for a bit. Shouto feels safe to end the conversation and close the door when he stops him instead, “Your boyfriend…who is he? Everyone wouldn’t shut up about him at camp when you were gone. After Deku explained why you weren’t coming, Iida confirmed it and it was all everyone spoke about the entire time. I know he’s real because I heard his voice over the phone. I want to know who he is.”

Seeing Bakugou being so calm and serious has Shouto taking pause. Then he decides on a dime, “Why do you want to know who he is? My dating anyone isn’t anyone else’s business by my own.”

“Because I want to know who is the fucker who convinced you to stay away from camp.”

“Why do you care if I missed out on camp? Shouldn’t you be happy I wasn’t there?”

Bakugou clenches his teeth, wanting to punch the pretty boy for being so damn stupid!

He may have felt threatened by him in the beginning of the school year, but he still thought Shouto was hot. Sure, he dropped the feelings of hatred and feeling threatened once he learned of his childhood, but he never stopped thinking he was hot. To know he has a boyfriend pisses him off because if anyone is going to be this pretty boy’s boyfriend, it will be him!

That and to know there is a boyfriend in the picture—one who is real and definitely not made up by Deku to make himself look cool—has him seething. He doesn’t like the word ‘jealous’ so he’ll go with ‘envious’ instead because he feels it isn’t as severe because his feelings are not that severe to begin with… (He does have the feeling to attack the fucker and totally dominate him in battle to make Shouto see who is the superior one he should be dating.)

How could he not tell he is attracted to him? Why the hell else would he be out here, past his bedtime to come talk to him about his boyfriend? Ugh, fucking idiot! It’s like he’s not even trying to connect the obvious dots here!

Shouto’s question drives him up a wall and he storms out of the room with a loud, “Fuck it all! I’ll talk to you tomorrow about the bastard!”

Shouto rolls his eyes and calls back Chisaki, already having his Bakugou fill for the month…possibly the year even.

The weekend came by pretty quickly. Training has been hard on him as of late, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. So long as he continues to text and call Chisaki as much as possible during the day, they’re good. Whenever he is done with training for the day, he will exit the dorm and get changed into his disguise at the same small, empty minimart Chisaki had taken him to get changed into his disguise for the first time.

It doesn’t bother him to do so. I mean, so long as he gets to see Chisaki every single day after school for hours before curfew hits, he’s fine with it.

Chisaki is fine with it as well, noting how much like he will enjoy this summer with his boyfriend. It makes Shouto feel special in a way to know he is making someone he loves so happy despite his loss.

Which is why he is wondering something about this memorial service.

Where are the other relatives?

Where are Chisaki’s other friends?

Why is only one guy here with hair shaped like clockwork hands?

He asks a disappointed looking Chisaki, “What is going on? Where are the relatives and your friends? I thought more people would be here.”

“The relatives cancelled at the last minute and all of my so-called ‘friends’ haven’t returned my texts or calls. Looks like it’s just you, me, and Kurono here today.”

Chisaki can fake disappointment because he’s felt that before whenever something goes wrong in the lab with the anti quirk bullets he’s been working on. Okay, so disappointed and irritated are the two things he feels whenever that happens.

As for the absence for the memorial service of an older, homeless man they killed at random and cremated the remains of, this was all done because to put it bluntly, Chisaki doesn’t trust a majority of his men around Shouto. Not when he’s all decked out in makeup and wearing his wig with the mini dress of a blazer and satin leggings. (He’s amazed Shouto even wore the outfit, but his sad eye look was all it took for the boy to cave.)

Long story short, his men would hit on Shouto, catcall Shouto, or make a remark which would destroy all the progress he made with him over these last few weeks with the lies alone. His men—though capable in combat—are not capable for a delicate situation such as this which requires his expertise and finesse.

This and a majority of them look way too old to be high school students. At least Kurono looks young enough to pass as one! That and Kurono is far too smart to actually blow his plan to pieces.

“I’m…so sorry.” Shouto speaks in his higher pitched voice, starting to get the hang of it, but still needing work on many areas Chisaki can pin point audibly, “It’s alright. We’ll just talk about dad and scatter the ashes. It’s what he would have wanted.”

Kurono and Chisaki gave the best heartfelt, falsified speeches of all time. They described a man who was loving, generous, kind-hearted, merciful, and compassionate. They described what a wonderful person he was, what a big impact he had on their lives, and how they will honor him as well as his memory moving forward in their own lives.

It would have won an Oscar anywhere else, really. The duo can be incredibly convincing when they have to be. In this instant, they can tell it worked on Shouto.

They scatter the ashes over the river and after a moment of silence, Kurono turns to face Shouto, introducing himself with a friendly, “Hello, you must be Todoroki. Chisaki has told me everything about you.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well, Kurono. He’s told me a lot about you as well. It’s heartbreaking to know no one else but you showed up here today. At least you’re a true, genuine person at heart.” Shouto remarks to him and Kurono has to do everything he can to not laugh at what he’s heard just now, “Really, there’s no need for praise. You and I were just doing the right thing for someone we both care about deeply in our own ways. I care about Chisaki as a brother and you care about him as a lover. We were only doing what came natural to the both of us.”

Shouto hums to this, suddenly coming up with something he wanted to ask him, “Are you dating anyone at your school yet? Chisaki told me you are popular with the ladies.”

“I’m not at the moment. My last breakup was a bit much for me. For now, I’m taking a break and enjoying being single.” Kurono is sneaky in his comments to him, “Chisaki really got lucky to have you. I can tell you genuinely love and care for him, unlike my ex who never once felt the same for me.”

Shouto blushes to this, which is an indicator to Kurono that Chisaki’s plan truly working better than expected. He is amazed for a moment there at how quickly he made this progress possible with this boy when it would take half a year or more on any other person on this planet.

It’s amazing, but not amazing enough to make him get distracted, “I did get lucky with Chisaki too. He genuinely loves and cares for me in a way no one in my life has ever done before. I can say he’s the first person I’ve ever loved, and I couldn’t be happy if he wasn’t in my life.”

Kurono then remembers something Chisaki brought up to him and decides to use it for their own personal gain in his plan, “Ah, of course you did! I’m sorry for forgetting that, but then again, I’m amazed he managed to find you when the world is so full of scumbags. What is your favorite food, if you don’t mind me asking? Chisaki and I were debating about where to go to eat afterwards and I said a soba shop because zaru soba is my favorite meal of all time. He wasn’t too open to anything I suggested, sadly enough. He wanted you to be the deciding factor on where to eat.”

Shouto looks at Chisaki and asks him, “Are you okay with eating at a soba shop?”

“I’m more than fine with it if it’s what you want.”

Shouto being Shouto cannot resist zaru soba, so he turns to Kurono with a happy glow to his eyes, “Soba shop it is, then. I didn’t think I’d ever meet anyone else who liked zaru soba as their favorite food.”

“I didn’t think so either but look at us now! I can only imagine what else we could have in common without knowing it.”

Kurono does not have a favorite food. He simply fished for answers as a way to follow with his part on Chisaki’s plan. He is to become Shouto’s friend and confidante so he won’t turn to anyone at his school for the same relationship. Chisaki knows what Iida, Midoriya, and Aizawa think of their relationship. If they get too close to Shouto, they will turn him against him with their logic and facts, so he needs Kurono here to keep their influence at bay while he works on Shouto.

“I wonder so too.” Shouto replies while following Kurono into the back seat of Chisaki’s top of the line car (he stole it from Eri’s grandfather), not knowing what they are plotting against him or why.

Chapter Text

Kurono and him got along pretty well, even if he didn’t understand the figures of speech he used, or the pop culture references he made in their conversation. At the end of the night, he obtained a phone number from a guy who he can say is on the way to becoming his first friend.

He would change in the same minimart bathroom he got dressed in his disguise to get back into the clothes he had been wearing earlier that day. Much like what Chisaki had said, no one noticed or took notice of the fact he was gone all day with his boyfriend.

Not many people have asked about his relationship, which is great because he doesn’t have to answer any questions. They have all been too busy adjusting to dorm life and working on power moves for the upcoming licensing exam. It’s going to be coming up sometime soon, but Shouto’s not sure exactly when that will be.

For now, he will enjoy his newly forming relationship with Kurono and hope for the best outcome of this.

He does work on his power moves during the day, but after their training is done for the day, he goes to the minimart bathroom, slips on his disguise and meets up with Chisaki for a date or to hang out with him and Kurono. Kurono is a cool guy, that much Shouto can admit. He’s really funny in his own way and Shouto cannot deny the fact he laughed at some of his more…insulting jokes relating to heroes and villains because those were the only ones he understood.

Still, Kurono is awesome and he does like him. He gets to have a group chat with him and Chisaki during the day. It’s really nice to know he is accepted by the most person in his boyfriend’s life. What’s better yet is knowing he has a friend.

Shouto has never had a friend. He would have tried to get closer to Midoriya and Iida, but it never came to fruition. Since he has a boyfriend he has to devote all of his time and attention to, he never got the chance to try. This is the sole reason why he never got to have them or any of his classmates as friends. They all see him as a stranger instead.

Kurono is a great friend, all things aside. He is funny, patient with him, and understanding of him when he doesn’t quite catch on to certain things. He thinks because Kurono and him spend almost as much time talking to each other as he and Chisaki do that they are friends. If only the poor boy how wrong he is!

There’s so much more to building a true, genuine friendship than what he thinks is needed. He doesn’t understand anything about it no thanks to his dumpster fire of a father isolating him all of his life. Shouto doesn’t know a lot of things concerning relationships, actually. He does know that he is at least is talking to Kurono a lot. They must be friends. Right?

If only he knew Kurono is playing a character who is a total one eighty from his true self. Kurono really isn’t nice or funny in real life. No, he’s cold, cruel, and ready to kill at any given moment should anyone stand in Chisaki’s path. He does get a chuckle out of the cruel irony of it all.

Shouto Todoroki: prodigy boy of UA high, speaking to and befriending a member of a yakuza! To make it all the worse, he’s unknowingly dating the head of the same yakuza group Kurono is in. Isn’t it funny? Isn’t it ironic? Isn’t it cruel to know the boy is in so deep all thanks to his horrid beast of a father isolating him all of his life?

It’s funny and odd for Kurono to experience. For a kid his age, he should be much more well versed on the world than what he is. He is so skilled with his quirk in combat from what he’s seen on the internet of the Sports Festival. Why is he so oblivious to what they are pulling on him? He knows they are good. Are they really that good though? He didn’t think so, but they could be.

He asks Chisaki, “Why is the Todoroki boy so oblivious to everything going on with us?”

Chisaki answers this with a blank face and a twisted glee in his eyes as he explains it, “His father isolated him all of his life. He grew up abused, without a mother to love him because she burned his face when he was five and was sent away. His big brother committed suicide some time afterwards, which left him with siblings who never really spoke to him. He doesn’t understand figures of speech, relationships and how they actually form, and he doesn’t understand what love is. He’s a child in the body of young man who is combat smart and powerful. He is, in a word, perfect. Once I perfect him some more, then it will all be complete.”

“How do you plan to do this? He is going to UA. It will be far harder to get him under your control than what you may think.” Kurono points out to him as his brow raises out of interest.

After hearing the explanation he was given, he wasn’t shocked and he didn’t need to ask more questions. He figured Shouto had to be isolated or sheltered in some way to not understand what he meant when he one time said the phrase ‘breathtakingly beautiful’ in a sentence. Shouto’s response had been ‘do you have problems with your breathing?’ It stunned Kurono and left him speechless for a good two minutes before he could respond. At the moment, he is wondering what Chisaki will do next because it seems UA will be rigorous this semester, far more than the last one.

“I have my ways… Preferably, a way to start making things fit in the manner I want my plan to go.” Chisaki replies through a small hum of his voice.

“Interesting. Let me know if I can be of anymore use to you, and I will be sure to aid you in your plans moving forward.”

Chisaki thinks it over for a moment before coming up with something else Kurono can do aside from playing a character who is befriending Shouto, “You know, you could look up something for me.”

“What do you want me to look up?”

Shouto is on cloud nine despite the harsh training he is enduring and the constant late night calls with Chisaki, Kurono, or both that keep him up well into the early hours of the morning. Going on all of these dates with Chisaki every day after training—sometimes even hanging out with Kurono if he is free—is enough to make him feel light as air.

It feels as though his life is complete in a way: he has a boyfriend who loves him and a friend who he can talk to whenever he pleases. What’s really nice about it all is no one ever asks where he goes or what he’s doing when he’s gone. They don’t even notice when he gets back from a date with Chisaki! Everything is going by so much smoother for them now that he lives in the dorms! Looks like his boyfriend was right: dorm living really is the best thing to have happened to their relationship.

What’s really improving in their relationship is the way he can make Chisaki smile with the way he is improving his disguise. He’s gotten better at making the wig look natural and the makeup look flawless.

He’s getting better at speaking in a higher pitch voiced as well. It doesn’t hurt or strain his voice to talk in it, though readjusting to his normal pitch takes longer now. He spends so little time talking to anyone at school and the dorms. He only really talks to Kurono and Chisaki in his higher pitch voice. (Kurono had told him it was better to talk to him in it so he could perfect it for Chisaki and make him really happy.) It only made sense that his higher pitch voice over time would ultimately start to dominate over his natural one due to extended usage of it.

Luckily for him, since he doesn’t really talk to anybody in his dorms, no one notices a thing is up with him. Except when someone does notice something is up with him and they do confront him about it.

Bakugou is the one who notices something is going on with him when he gets done showering and getting ready to head out for his date with Chisaki. He approached him bluntly, asking him outright, “Where the hell have you been going every day for the last few weeks? Ever since we moved in here, you haven’t been able to stay and talk to us. During power move training, you’re quiet as well. What the hell is going on? Is it something to do with your boyfriend?”

Shouto huffs to this, rolling his blue and grey eyes as he does so, “I don’t owe you an explanation. You are not my father, so stay out of it.”

“Fuck you! I can be as involved as I want to be!”

“No, you can’t! You’re not my boyfriend, you’re not my relative, and you’re not my friend! Leave me alone, Bakugou.”

Bakugou snaps while the explosions start to leave tiny snaps going off in his hands, “Ugh, fine then! Go ahead and get screwed over by him, I don’t give a damn anymore! If you do, you’re getting what you deserve!”

Shouto releases a harsh chuckle to this, “Whatever. He won’t hurt me because he’s not an anger issued, cocky prick like you.”

He walks past Bakugou, not caring if he did hurt him with his words. He needs to see Chisaki today for their date. As of late, he’s been stressed out over the upcoming licensing exam and he needs to relax with his boyfriend.

Shouto leaves the dorms, gets on the train which will lead him to the area of the minimart where Chisaki had him change into his disguise for the first time in the bathroom, get changed into his disguise and wait for him at the same bus stop bench where they first met. (This is where Chisaki always picks him up for their dates and this is how Shouto’s predate ritual always goes.)

Upon the sight of the black Mercedes, he smiles and gets in the passenger seat to be by his boyfriend, already feeling the tension of the day starting to fade away by being in his presence alone.

“Hey Chisaki, it’s so great to see you again. Today wasn’t the best for me, but you already know that. Where are we going?”

Chisaki pulls down his medical mask and kisses him on the cheek, “I know it was bad and I’m sorry it was. I’m taking you to this nice tea shop to get some chamomile tea and then we’re going to the spa to get a good massage. Does that sound good to you?”

Shouto smiles at the thought of drinking some good tea instead of the stuff in the dorms and getting a massage, “Sounds wonderful.”

On the ride over to the tea shop, Shouto would talk about Bakugou and the confrontation they had. Chisaki makes a mental note to dispose of Bakugou someday soon because he can’t have that boy around his Shouto. No, he’ll ruin things for his plan, and he cannot afford that!

He does praise Shouto for standing up to him at the very least, “You’re so amazing and strong, Todoroki. How on earth did I manage to get lucky with such a good, loyal boyfriend?”

Shouto would blush and say, “It was no big deal…”

“No, but it was for me. Thank you for standing up for me.”

Before Shouto comment more on the situation, the car was parked and Chisaki said, “We’re here.”

Shouto looked at the place, finding it to be very modern and sleek looking on the outside, “Oh, this place looks interesting. I bet Kurono would have liked it.”

“He would have, but this is for you and me today. We can come here with him another time.”

They enter the building, finding golden stained bamboo floors throughout the building, relaxing meditation music, a menu with a variety of teas and little treats to eat, pastel green walls and golden stained bamboo furniture throughout the place.

Shouto had never been in a tea shop before, so this is a first to say the least. He does know what he wants when he goes up with Chisaki to order, “I want a chamomile tea without any sugar or honey added to it.”

His boyfriend went with a different route, “Black tea with some honey but no cream or sugar for me.”

Chisaki would pay the price for the drinks and the two would wait for their drinks to be finished being made. Shouto would suddenly come to regret his decision to drink the amount of water he did before coming here, telling him, “I’ll be right back. I need to use the restroom for a moment.”

“Okay, I’ll have a seat waiting for you when you’re done.”

While Shouto was going to the bathroom, the drinks were done and Chisaki got them a seat in the way back area away from the windows of the front of the shop. He poured in a little powder into Shouto’s drink, stirring thoroughly with a complimentary spoon on the table for people to use should they change their mind and want to add cream or sugar to their drinks.

Once Shouto returns, he doesn’t see it coming. He takes a few sips of his drink, commenting to Chisaki in awe, “This is the best chamomile tea I’ve ever had. Not even my mom could make tea this good.”

Chisaki lowers his mask to drink some as well, “They make the best tea ever here. I’m surprised with your choice. I thought you’d be a milk tea person.”

“I’m not, I don’t like black tea too much. It’s too strong tasting.” Shouto admits to his boyfriend as he takes more sips of the tea.

“It’s not for everyone, I suppose. I know Kurono hates it as well.”

“I can see he has better taste than you concerning tea.”

“Whatever, he doesn’t. Hey, have I told you about…”

Shouto wishes he could pay attention, but his vision is going blurry and his head is feeling lighter the longer Chisaki tries to talk to him. It’s as though he’s speaking to him through a long tunnel, the echo being the only thing audible as he speaks. Chisaki goes over to his side, concern heavy in his eyes when he asks, “Are you okay, Todoroki?”

Shouto shakes his head, his words slurring slightly as he tells him, “I’m sleepy, Chisaki. I should go lay down in the car or something.”

“Right, don’t worry. I’ll take you to the car to get some rest.”

Shouto doesn’t remember anything after Chisaki had carried him bridal style out of the door. Everything went black after that.

Before their date, Chisaki was getting worried over Shouto not getting enough nutrition in his daily diet due to the fact he ate only once or twice a day because of his own forgetfulness. If he did manage to eat breakfast or a brunch, it was usually toast or plain oatmeal because those were quick, easy meals for him to make. Of course, this is not the only reason he eats only once or twice a day. There are days he will wake up too late to receive a breakfast made by Bakugou or Sato. Chisaki knows he is the reason why Shouto will sleep in more some days. When he is in the mood to do it, he will keep him up fairly late with conversation alone over the phone.

Because of his concern, he gave Shouto a bottle of vitamins he takes two pills of every morning. Little did Shouto know, these were actually estrogen pills Chisaki had bought off of the black market. As a result of the pills, Shouto’s voice is something that’s starting to change, but Chisaki isn’t pleased with how long it’s taking to see results elsewhere. He was told it would take a while longer than the average male for the breasts to form given how much he works out as a hero in training combined with how hit and miss his diet is.

Luckily for Chisaki, not too many have noticed the changes. Shouto doesn’t really have any friends at school since he spends so much time with Chisaki and Kurono after their power moves training is done for the day that no one really gets to talk to the introverted boy. For Chisaki, the plan is going well, but he needs to do something more…

He needs to do something more because the licensing exams are coming up in three weeks’ time and he doesn’t want Shouto there. No, he wants him to be by his side so no else can try to take him away from him. It's why he plotted this whole date at the tea shop today. 

After Shouto drank the tea he had tainted with the roofie, Chisaki takes him out to the car where he lays him on the backseat and drives over to the abandoned, condemned building where Kurono is waiting for him. Once he enters the building with Shouto’s unconscious body, Kurono brings in the guy he had kidnapped. This guy was rumored to have a gender changing quirk, but it wasn’t really one in a true sense of the term. Though he could not fully change Shouto’s gender with his quirk, he could at least make his skeletal frame, muscle mass, voice, and chest exactly like a girls’. He could not make a woman’s body masculine in any way, shape, or form, but Chisaki didn’t care about that. No, he knows what he wants and how he will get it, “Use your quirk on him right now if you want to live.”

The man—a junkie who had been whoring himself out for smack—didn’t hesitate, “Yes, sir!”

His hands emitted a pink light and when he touched Shouto, it was too late. The boy’s skeletal frame had shifted into one with a narrower waist, wider hips, full breasts instead of pecks, and a woman’s muscle mass. He’s nowhere near looking like the boy he is, but so long as his dick remains, he’s not really a girl just yet in Chisaki’s eyes.

He looked so hopeful after he was done too, it almost made Chisaki laugh when he stammered, “A-Am I free to go now?”

“Of course you are.” Chisaki said to him…before he used his quirk to kill him on the spot and leave nothing behind, “Thank you for procuring him for me, Kurono. I’ve heard rumors of people in the downtown area going to him to start their MTF transitions. I’m amazed you were able to find him.”

“It wasn’t too hard, really. All I had to do was threaten a few pimps, kill a few prostitutes who told me about him, and I was good to go.” Kurono asks him after this is spoken, “Do you need me to do anything else?”

“No, this is good for now. We cannot go changing too much too fast or else he’ll get suspicious. For now, we will leave things as is. I will take him back to the tea shop and wake him there. I’m sure he’ll be understanding enough when I explain how the random robber turned him into this when I was taking him over to the car to lay down. If he’s not…well, I have a plan for that.”

Kurono is positive he does. Chisaki always has a plan, even when he acts like he doesn’t.

Chapter Text

When Shouto woke up in the backseat of Chisaki’s car, he was groggy, and his head felt a bit light. He felt numb all over, he was having a harder time moving than he thought he would be. He had vertigo when he tried to sit up too quickly, causing him to whimper, “What’s going on?”

“Todoroki, are you alright?” Chisaki asks with concern heavy in his voice and eyes, “I was carrying you out to the car and this robber, he tried to take you from me, but before I could get him away from you he touched your arm and this pink light came from it… I think he used his quirk on you. He ran away before I could track him down. I’m so sorry, I should have done more to protect you!”

Shouto’s grogginess fades when he hears this. His eyes widen and he asks Chisaki, “What? Someone used their quirk on me? What did the quirk do?”

“I can’t tell, I’m sorry. I hope it didn’t do anything to you.”

It takes Shouto a good minute before he can sit up without feeling vertigo, “I should go to a doctor. If someone used their quirk on me, then they should be able to tell me what it did to me, right?”

Chisaki agrees to this, running a hand through his hair as he sighs, “Right, right…don’t worry, I’ll take you to a doctor. We will figure out what happened to you and how we can fix this.”

His boyfriend is holding his hand tightly, just as afraid as Shouto is of what is going on and what happened to him.

The man who had tried to rob Chisaki was a man by the name of Ken Maki. He was well known for being a prostitute, as well as a robber who tried to take money from people in various parking lots. All of this was done to feed his heroin addiction. Additionally, it was well known by the authorities that his quirks effects were irreversible.

Chisaki had told the doctor of this (he had taken Shouto to his doctor on the other side of town). The man had looked up Ken Maki’s criminal record and obtained this information. Needless to say, when Shouto learned of this, he was devastated as well as horrified.

He looks in the mirror and sees facial features that haven’t changed one bit, but his voice and body have changed drastically. He is lucky to have a more gamine shape, yet his hips are still curvy while his waist is narrower compared to what it was before. He is lucky to have 32 C-cup breasts, but they’re still breasts and they’re still too big for his liking. His voice is a change which doesn’t really horrify or devastate him. In fact, it’s the one change he can accept because at least it is something Chisaki will like now.

He hugs Chisaki tightly after hearing the news, feeling grateful he’s still a boy below the belt, but…his body…it feels foreign to him now. He couldn’t even begin to feel normal like this. His hips are too wide for his liking, his muscle tone he had as a boy is gone, and he’s got breasts now. What the hell is he supposed to do with breasts? What the hell is he supposed to do with a body like this, a body of a stranger?

He doesn’t feel like himself. He feels wrong all over and he wants to go back to the way he once was.

It’s a strange feeling, really. He feels like he doesn’t belong in his own skin. He feels like he should be back in his own body, not here in this one.

How will he face his classmates? Aizawa, his sister, his brother…his father? How will he face them all?

He doesn’t want to face them at all. He wants to hide and cover his body for the rest of his days. He doesn’t even know if Chisaki will even have him as is or not anymore. Will he still love him after this? Can he still love him despite this?

“Chisaki…do you still love me after this? Do you still want to be my boyfriend now that I’m…I’m a mutant?” Shouto asks in a small voice from his spot in Chisaki’s arms, feeling too paranoid and anxious to think of any other way to word his desperate question.

Chisaki rubs a soothing, gloved hand up and down his back, “I will always love you no matter what you look like or what condition your body is in. I still want to be your boyfriend. You’re not a mutant in my eyes, either. You’re my boyfriend, Todoroki Shouto: the beautiful boy I will always love and adore no matter what.”

Shouto feels better after hearing this, but he’s worried over something else, “How will I tell my classmates about this? How about my family? What will I tell them?”

“I don’t know what to tell you about this. All I can say is, you need to tell them sometime. You can’t hide this forever without getting in trouble.”

He concedes his boyfriend is right and sighs as he relaxes more into his hold, “I hate this. Why did I have to change? I was fine with the way I was before.”

Shouto hears a soothing reply of, “Because no one can control what fate has in store for them. I’m sorry this happened to you, but there’s nothing that can be done to reverse this. You have to learn to accept it and move on if you want to learn how to live a happy life in this body.”

Logically, he knows Chisaki is right but emotionally, this is too hard to deal with so easily. He doesn’t know what he can do now about this or how everyone will react when they see him again. He asks his boyfriend in a soft voice, “Can you speak to Aizawa for me? I don’t want to speak to him like this, without any context as to why I sound the way I do.”

“Of course, but I think the doctor would be the best one to explain it to them. That way, when he does come to see you, he will already know what happened and why.”


He fishes out Shouto’s phone from the pocket of his skinny jeans and finds Aizawa’s number on there (luckily for him, Shouto has no form of security on his phone and he has every contact saved on his phone as their actual names instead of nicknames).

He leaves Shouto alone to wallow in his misery and goes to find his doctor, already smiling maniacally behind his mask. Looks like his plan is going smoothly.

Aizawa arrives to the doctor’s office right away after he received the phone call from Dr. Ikeda. He couldn’t believe it when he first heard of it. After he spoke to the doctor some more in person, he was taken to the room where Shouto is at, still clad in the same gown they have all the patients wear.

Chisaki is long gone by now and Shouto is hugging himself tightly as he awaits Aizawa’s presence. (He had taken off his makeup and wig before Aizawa arrived. As it stands, all he has here is his phone, wallet, and the clothes he wore before he changed into his disguise. Chisaki took everything back to his place in the black bag Shouto first received the wig, makeup, and clothes when he had to wear his first disguise for their first date.) 

Suddenly, Aizawa stops in front of him, not noticing anything different until he asks him cautiously, “Todoroki, are you alright?”

“I’m…I think I am. I hate my body now, but that’s just one more thing to add on to the list of things I don’t like about myself.” Shouto replies in a sad voice, but it shocks Aizawa to his core to hear it.

He sounds exactly like a girl. It’s off putting for the boy everyone viewed to be the strongest kid in class.

“You don’t have to tell me what happened. I already know everything. What I am wondering is where is your boyfriend? Why isn’t he here?”

Shouto answers this with ease, “He was needed for something relating to his dad’s estate. He was here with me for the longest time and he told me he still loved me despite what happened to my body.”

Aizawa shouldn’t say it, but he couldn’t stop himself, “You two weren’t together long enough to be in ‘love’ with each other.”

“Everyone feels things in different ways. I know I love him, and I know he loves me.”


“Can we please not criticize my boyfriend for now? I’ve already had a bad enough day and I don’t want it to get worse.”

It kills a part of Aizawa to back off on Chisaki, but he admits it has to be done, “You’re right and I’m sorry if I made you upset. Have you told your family yet?”

Shouto shakes his head, “I’m not sure how to tell them. My dad…I don’t know what I’ll tell him! I haven’t even told I’m gay, what would I tell him about this? Class 1-A, what will I say to them? How will I be accepted there? I don’t know what to do now and I’m scared.”

Aizawa takes a seat next to him, understanding his fears of Enji being homophobic really well because Enji wasn’t the most…tolerant back when he was in school, “I know your dad isn’t the most open-minded to same sex relationships. He wasn’t the kindest to us when Present Mic and I were dating. You don’t have to tell him you were on a date with your boyfriend. I will have the doctor and everyone else say you were struck by Ken Maki from behind and a good-hearted civilian brought you here after seeing him strike at you.”

“…Thanks.” Shouto replies through a small wiping of his eyes, “I didn’t what else to do. Thank you for helping me with this.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t?”

Shouto’s silence says it all for him and it hurts deeper than what he thought it would, “Todoroki, you can come to me for anything. I won’t automatically start talking about your boyfriend no matter how much I don’t really like him. I will help you out with things like this, you know.”

“I’ll try to remember that.” the dual quirk user replies, wanting to stay here for the night instead of heading back to the dorms, “Do I have to go back to the dorms?”

“Would you rather face your father at his place?”

“Can’t I stay with my brother at his university?”

Aizawa thinks it over and tells him, “Okay, you may stay with him, but I expect you to be back at the dorms tomorrow morning. You cannot afford to miss out on a day of training.”

“But the licensing exam…how would I—”

“You will be fine. I will explain everything to them. There’s no need to worry over it.”

Shouto exhales a calming breath, feeling better knowing Aizawa will explain everything, “What about the class? I don’t even know how I will face them.”

“I will handle the class and the school faculty. There’s no need to worry, Todoroki. I will handle it for you so you don’t have to deal with having to answer any questions or putting up with reliving the trauma all over again, okay?” the underground hero reassures him with a gentle pat on the back.

Shouto then asks Aizawa, “What about my sister and brother? I don’t know how to tell them about it either.”

“I will have the doctor explain everything to them like your boyfriend did with me. I will allow your brother to take you in for the night once you hear from him if he will or not. If he won’t, then I’m taking you back to my place to stay for the night.”

It’s strange for Shouto. He never had the reassurance or support of an adult in his life who would willingly help him out in his darkest times. His father always left him to deal with everything on his own whenever anything went wrong. To know he is not alone and has support is strange…yet it’s a welcome experience he will not deny is pleasant.

“Okay, that’s fair enough.” Shouto responds as he hands his phone to Aizawa, who is a bit freaked out over the lack of security on there, but he won’t say a word about it now. It seems he will have take everything in baby steps with Shouto.

The doctor explained the situation to Natsuo and Fuyumi. They did speak to Aizawa about what he was going to tell their father about this mess, and they agreed to go along with it. The doctor himself agreed to play along with this as well.

Natsuo and Fuyumi were shocked when they saw Shouto in person. Immediately, Fuyumi hugged him and said, “It’s okay, Shouto! I will always support you no matter what.”

It made him feel relieved to know that, despite their shock, they seemed to accept him well, “Really? Even though I don’t look like me anymore?”

“To be fair, Shouto…you have mom’s face. I mean, getting the body and voice isn’t really that much of stretch.” Natsuo commented off-handedly, making Fuyumi glare him down in response.

“What he means is, we will always love you no matter what and we are always here.” Fuyumi corrects him while returning her softened eyes to Shouto.

The boy nods in response, not having fully understood what Natsuo meant when he said it. Inside the small, beige walled, plain doctor’s office he feels less alone in this predicament.

Then Fuyumi brings up something to him he didn’t want to hear, “You know, you should go see mom at some point or another. I think she has a right to know about this too.”

Shouto’s body stiffens at the mention of their mother, his eyes anywhere but his siblings’ as he questions in a far too small voice, “I’m not too sure if she’d want to see me right now. Can’t I just hold off on it for a little bit? I’m still not sure how the rest of my school will handle seeing me like this.”

“Shouto—” Fuyumi begins only to be cut off by Natsuo, “Fuyumi, he’s already had a rough day. He can see mom whenever he feels ready to. For now, I’ll take him back to my place for the night and I’ll drop him off at the dorms tomorrow.”

Fuyumi’s not having this if the narrowing of her eyes mean anything, “Natsuo, he hasn’t seen mom once! He can run around with his boyfriend as much as he pleases, but he cannot see our mother for only ten minutes?”

Natsuo’s ears picked up on the word ‘boyfriend’ before they got to listen to anything else she said, “Boyfriend? Wait…so, that wasn’t a joke or a far-fetched lie, Shouto? You have a boyfriend?”

It’s not as though he views Shouto to be too undesirable or unattractive to get one. It’s more of he always thought of Shouto as a stranger. He doesn’t know anything about him personally even though they are brothers and they grew up underneath the same roof. Their father is a terrible, shitty person and he deserves to burn at the hands of a quirk with a flame hotter than his! …Anyway, little rant aside, he didn’t think Shouto was gay. He thought the boy was asexual at best or simply too socially awkward to ever get a date for himself. To hear this is a true fact has Natsuo a bit on edge because what if this person is taking advantage of Shouto? What if they don’t have his best interests at heart?

No, he needs to do something about this little development right here and now.

“Yeah, I do. I’ve had him as my boyfriend ever since the end of the Sports Festival.” Shouto answers in a matter of fact manner. Which does nothing to quell the sudden intense feeling of grossness Natsuo is getting at the idea of Shouto having a boyfriend he’s never met or seen before.

“Uh-huh, sure. So, how old is he? What does he look like? Which school does he go to?”

It’s a quick barrage of questions that Shouto is not in the mood to answer after everything he’s gone through today, “Can we not talk about it now? I’m sleepy again and all I want is some soba before I go to bed.”

Natsuo’s not backing down for one moment on this issue, “No, I think I should know all there is to know about this creep who is dating you. I didn’t even know you were gay or taken until today. Don’t I deserve to at least know who he is and what he’s like?”

Shouto’s not in the mood to answer questions about his boyfriend, so he turns to Aizawa instead, “Can I stay with you? I don’t think I can handle Natsuo right now.”

“Sure you can.” Aizawa answers easily for him, fighting back his desire to use Natsuo to interrogate Shouto about his mysterious boyfriend. He faces Natsuo, telling him in a regretful tone, “I’m sorry, but I think it’s for the best if he stays with me and my live in macaw. It’s quite clear he’s not ready for questioning of any kind, no matter how much you want him to be.”

Natsuo looks at Shouto, asking him just to be sure, “Are you really okay with staying with him instead of me?”

“I am.”

“Fine. You can stay with him for now, but I do want answers about this guy, Shouto. I’m not going to let you get hurt by some monster like dad.”

It’s an interesting way to refer to their father, that’s for sure! Aizawa is not sure he’s ever heard of anyone talking like that about their parents until now.

“He is not a thing like the old man. He’s better than what that bastard could ever be.”

Again, it’s such an interesting way to refer to their father! Though Fuyumi looks a bit disappointed by the way they refer to Enji, the boys couldn’t care less. It’s almost like they…hate him.

Natsuo wills himself to calm down, his response a simple, “You may think that, but there’s always a chance he could be. I want to meet him, Shouto. I can’t be comfortable with you having a boyfriend until I see him and meet him for myself.”

“Fine, I’ll try to work something out.” Shouto tells his brother, causing Aizawa and Fuyumi to pique up in interest.

Fuyumi has been wanting to meet this Chisaki for a while now and Aizawa wants to know who he is in general. It’s something they are both internally grateful for Natsuo asking about.

“Good. Call or text me when you get it worked out, okay?”

“I will. Goodbye, Natsuo.”

“Bye Shouto.” Natsuo said as they left the room so Shouto could get changed back into his outfit.

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Aizawa had taken Shouto back to his place, but Shouto couldn’t help but to wonder, “Where is your live in macaw?”

He hears it more than he sees it, “Hello Shouta! I just got us some wickedly good fudge and—”

Present Mic stops in front of them, dressed down with his hair not gelled up, his sunglasses replaced with regular lenses, and he’s dressed in sweats and a pale blue hoodie.

“Todoroki, my live in macaw.” Aizawa says with a thumb pointing in Present Mic’s direction, “He’s loud and will outlive me by a good eighty years.”

The DJ scoffs to this, “Rude! I will not outlive you by a good eighty years!”

Present Mic had been informed of what happened by Aizawa when the doctor was on the phone with Shouto’s siblings. He knows what happened but has yet to hear Shouto’s new voice. It’s hard to see his new body shape underneath the clothes he is wearing, but he is wondering what he sounds like now.

“Sure you won’t. Todoroki, do you want some fudge?”

Shouto shakes his head, Present Mic having to do double take when he hears him speak, “No thank you. I’m really sleepy, can I go to bed now?”

He’s still worn out partially from the drug still in his system and partially from the effects of the quirk used on him. Aizawa doesn’t like the idea of him going to bed without having eaten anything, but he relents because Shouto does look beat. The boy could pass out from where he’s standing with the way he looks, which is where Present Mic steps in, “Yeah you can! Here, I’ll take you upstairs and give you a t shirt to sleep in.”

Shouto hums to this, too tired to really care at the moment as Present Mic leads him up the stairs. He takes him down a left and over to a door which he opens, revealing a basic guestroom with no real decoration of any sort on the walls. Then there’s the little half bath attached to it behind one door, a closet door right by it, and a dresser across from his bed.

Shouto enters the room and sits down on the bed, ready to sleep, but Present Mic is clear enough to him, “Wait there for a hot minute! I will get you out something more comfortable to wear!”

He quickly goes down the hall on the right to the end of it. He pulls out an old band shirt he thinks Shouto could use as a sleepshirt. He returns to the room to already find Shouto’s pants on the floor and the boy tucked underneath the plain greyish blue covers. He takes the shirt back to his room, stuffing it back to the messy half of their walk-in closet (aka his half of the closet) from whence it came.

He heads down the stairs, finding it odd to see Aizawa sitting there at the dining room table, looking so…beside himself with concern.

He approaches Aizawa carefully, knowing he could either be in a bad mood concerning anger or a bad mood concerning sadness or anxiety. Present Mic has learned how to handle Aizawa and his moods over the years. Taking a small inhale, he places a calming hand on Aizawa’s shoulder as he takes a seat right next to him, “What’s going on, Shouta? What’s got you down?”

His boyfriend is surprisingly quick to reply, “Todoroki. I’m worried about him with his boyfriend. Apparently, his brother didn’t know a thing about this guy because he and Todoroki never talk. The sister knew his name and about their relationship, but she’s never seen or met him before. I was not as badly in the dark as his brother, yet I still can’t help but to worry. He told me his boyfriend loves him, but I know they are not in love. They haven’t been together long enough, and the relationship is extremely rushed. I try to talk to him, but he doesn’t listen.”

Present Mic is quick to inject something into the worrying, a bit of conspiracy theory of his own, “Do you think the boyfriend planned all of this? What if he’s rushing things because he wants Todoroki in a form he views to be ‘weaker’ so he can better control him?”

Aizawa is quick to shut this theory down because it simply makes no sense, “There’s no way that could have been planned! It happened outside of a newly opened tea shop in a rundown area looking to rebuild its part of town. Ken Maki was known to hang around parking lots without cameras in that area of town, much like the one by the tea shop. He was known to strike at random too to get money for heroin. There’s no way this was planned. It was too organic and sudden for it to be planned.”

“I guess you’re right there…” Present Mic then comments to him, “If it makes you feel better, I’m worried too. Word around the school is he doesn’t eat much or converse with anyone because his face is always in his phone. According to Iida and Midoriya, they said they asked him who he was texting constantly, and he said his boyfriend. Apparently, he called him every lunch break during school hours last semester.”

Aizawa thinks it over before nodding, finding it all too strange and consuming. Who can actually talk to their boyfriend that much without wanting a break of sorts? I mean, surely his boyfriend has a life, right? Doesn’t he have friends and other hobbies he can do outside of taking up Shouto’s time so much to the point where he has no friends of his own?

“Whatever they have, it’s not healthy between them.”

“Well, Shouta every couple goes through a clingy phase when they start out. Maybe they’re in the clingy phase still.”

“The clingy phase does not last this long and it doesn’t cause people to not make friends of their own. The relationship is not healthy for either one of them. I don’t think he should see this boy anymore.”

The man with the golden blonde hair looks down at his hands, sighing as he says it, “I don’t think he should either. It sounds like he spends all of his waking time with this boy. It can’t be healthy to be so attached to somebody like that, especially since Bakugou found out they talk to each other every night.”

To this, Aizawa pauses, taken aback by what he’s heard, “What?”

“Yeah, he confronted him about whether or not he had a boyfriend. Kirishima said it didn’t go over well, but he did overhear him talking to his boyfriend. Todoroki didn’t deny he was talking to him either. It’s all around strange. I don’t like telling the students what they can or cannot do in their personal lives, but Todoroki clearly doesn’t know he’s in an unhealthy relationship. It sounds like he’d be better off without this boy in his life.”

Aizawa is worried upon hearing this, getting out of his chair and heading up the stairs to check to be sure, with Present Mic following him in silence as if he knew in that moment what he was going to do.

They both pause outside of the guestroom door, opening it by the tiniest of cracks to listen to the conversation at hand, “I know…I’m fine, really, just really sleepy right now. You woke me up from my sleep, you know…Right, sorry…I love you too, goodnight.”

Shouto hangs up and they both glance at each other with a single thought on their minds: he needs to get away from this boy.

The following morning, Shouto dresses back in his black pants from the day before, cleans himself up with the hygiene products in the bathroom (a basic fragrance free face wash, an unopened packet of toothbrushes he opens to use the toothbrush, and some toothpaste in the vanity drawer), and walks down the stairs, ready to go to the dorms.

Except, he’s not met with this. He’s met with Present Mic greeting him, “Good morning, sunshine! Hey, um, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to be heading off to the dorms soon, right? May as well get ready.” he states as though it’s plain as day while he starts to put on his shoes.

Present Mic isn’t letting him off that easily, though, “Um, no you are getting a good breakfast today! Come on, take off your shoes and let’s go to the dining room!”

“…Okay then…”

“Great! Come right this way.”

Shouto follows his loud teacher after taking off his shoes. Present Mic and Aizawa’s homes is not what he had expected. European in style, with marble tiles about, it’s different home from what he had imagined. Then again, seeing tile flooring of any kind throughout a home is enough of a shocker for Shouto.

Even the table is modern and reminiscent of something one would see in a modern European mansion. He wonders for a moment who had picked out the style of the home, only to be met with a text from Chisaki. He answers it right away, not noticing the plate of food set up right in front of him.

He blinks at the sight of steamed rice, tamagoyaki, and hiya yakko with scallion and ginger. He’s not used to eating such a big meal, but…he supposes he can give this a try.

The steamed rice is good, as is the tamagoyaki, and he makes a bit quicker work with them than what he would like to admit out loud. He does this all while texting Chisaki every other minute. It’s enough to unnerve the teachers at the table with him (he doesn’t even know when Aizawa arrived and he didn’t really notice it either).

“Todoroki, it’s rude to have the phone and texting somebody when you’re at dinner with them.” Aizawa points out to him, making Shouto pauses as he slowly moves his quick fingers away from the phone, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know.”

“It’s alright, just remember to not do it again, okay?” Present Mic requests of the boy, and is met with a nod before he starts to eat the hiya yakko.

He takes the soy sauce and drizzles a little bit over it to enjoy the taste of the scallion, ginger, soy sauce, and the tofu which is just so soft and chewy. It’s really good, but nothing compared to his beloved zaru soba.

Aizawa is about to bring something up when Shouto’s phone rings. Before the boy can answer it, he takes it from him to see who’s calling. When he sees the caller ID is showing his sister’s name, he allows him to answer it, “It’s your sister.”

Shouto doesn’t know why his teachers are acting strangely, but he doesn’t particularly care at the moment, “Hello?”

“Hey Shouto, I was thinking I could pick you up from your teacher’s place to go shopping for some new clothes to go with your new body. What do you say? Do you want to do that with me today?”

If it means he can delay facing his other teachers, Class 1-A, and the rest of UA in general, he will take it, “Yes, I want to do that with you today. Do you need their address? Because I’m sure Aizawa can give it to you right now if you want it.”

“That’d be great if he could! Thanks Shouto. I can’t wait to spend some actual time together for once.”

“I can’t wait for that either. Here’s Aizawa.” Shouto says before handing the phone off to his teacher, “Yeah? …Sure, he will need new clothes and a visit to the support course get his costume redesigned… Okay, here’s my address—”

Shouto finishes off his hiya yakko as Aizawa gives Fuyumi his address. He smiles in content once he’s done eating, feeling full for once in a morning instead of the usual stomach pains he gets when he eats too little or not at all.

His phone is handed back to him and Aizawa responds with a small, “Okay, so you’re going shopping with your sister today instead of training on your power move for the licensing exam. I would prefer it if you did train, but I suppose it can’t be helped. With your new form, you will need clothes to accommodate it. Besides that, I think you should spend some time with your sister, especially since it seems like you talk more to your boyfriend than her.”

Shouto had a feeling in his gut Chisaki would be brought up and he’s honestly annoyed by it the instant he hears it, “So what if I do talk to him often? We go to different schools and live on different sides of town. It’s what we have to do to keep our relationship going.”

“Fair enough, but isn’t it a problem when he talks to you so much that you can’t make your own friends at school? He should be able to let you have a life of your own, it’s what all healthy couples do.” Aizawa points out to him, only for Shouto to reject it, “I can have my own friends! He doesn’t stop me or prevent me from making friends. His best friend is my friend, so I do have a friend just not one at school.”

“You should be making friends here because it will benefit you in your hero career. Todoroki, this boy is not good for you. He shouldn’t be keeping you on the phone so much to the point where it prevents you from making friends with people in your class. I’m sorry, but I don’t think he’s the right one for you.”

Hearing this only made Shouto go on the defensive, “He’s my boyfriend. He loves me and he treats me like gold. He treats me better than anyone in my class ever could. You don’t know him personally; you cannot say he’s not right for me when you’ve never met him before.”

Aizawa has his own comeback to this because the boy is being stubborn for some reason or another and it’s distressing to Aizawa to see it, “Let me meet him when you have him meet your siblings, then. If you are so convinced I am wrong, then let me meet him on the same day your siblings will.”

“I will let you meet him on the same day as them. I haven’t forgotten our original agreement about that, but I need to know when would be a good time for him to do that.”

Present Mic tries to break the icy tension building up in the usually warm, happy, vibrant morning breakfast scene, “…Hey, so, Todoroki, mind telling me what you’re going to look for today when you’re shopping with your sister?”

Shouto can answer this easily with much less hostility in his feminine voice, “I’m not sure yet. I want to get clothes I will like that aren’t too girly. I don’t want to wear skirts or dresses. I don’t want to wear those things I’ve seen girls at the pool wear called ‘two piece swimsuits’ and I don’t want to wear a thing called a ‘cropped top’. I am going to make it clear to Fuyumi I want nothing girly, nothing frilly, and nothing feminine."

Present Mic is relieved to feel the tense dissipating in the room. He suddenly asks Shouto, “What about your costume? Have you thought about that?”

The boy sighs as he glances at the empty array of dishes which once held his super good food, “I’m not too sure. I’m thinking about keeping the same design but modifying it to fit my new…form better.”

He doesn’t view this form to be his body despite what said the day before by Chisaki and the others. He feels like a stranger in his own skin even now and it’s a feeling he is positive he won’t be able to get rid of so soon. Maybe he won’t ever get rid of it… Maybe he’s just stuck feeling like this for the rest of his life…

He stops himself from thinking anything negative for too long. Chisaki is texting him and he does need to reply. He responds to his boyfriend right away, with nothing holding him back on it. Though he can tell his teachers are watching him, he doesn’t let it bother him. He’s not eating right now so texting Chisaki is completely fine.

Then they hear a knock at the door and Aizawa goes over to answer it, wanting a break from Shouto and his disturbing clinginess to Chisaki, “Hey Aizawa! Is Shouto ready to go?”

Aizawa’s reply doesn’t even need to process through his brain to say it, “Yes, he is. Shouto, Fuyumi is here for you!”

The boy comes rushing over to the door, seeing his big sister there for the first time since yesterday. Upon first sight, she greets him with a big hug and a happy, “Let’s go, Shouto! I have so many places to take you. Oh and afterwards, we can get something to eat together. Won’t that be nice?”

Shouto isn’t one to deny his siblings anything, so he answers with a polite, “It sounds like a good plan for a fun day to me, Fuyumi. Are we going to the shop where mom got all of her clothes from? Because I know what’s there and what looks good—”

“Heavens no! You look like mom: I’m not dressing you up like her next! We’re going to the mall so you can get a variety of clothes. That way your closet will be perfect for you.”

He’s not too sure how to feel about this. Their mother only ever took him to one shop for clothes shopping, mainly because their father wouldn’t allow him to be too far from his side for too long. Going elsewhere is a bit…intimidating.

“Alright, I suppose I can give it a try.”

“Great! Let’s go!”

Before he leaves, he manages to give his hosts a pleasant, “Thank you for letting me stay the night and thank you for the wonderful breakfast. I liked it a lot.”

“Aw, don’t mention it! You’re always welcome here!” Present Mic chirps peppily whereas Aizawa nods, his answer far laxer, “You don’t need to thank us. We were doing what’s right for you in your situation, even when you didn’t think we were.”

He didn’t get what Aizawa meant by that part, but he didn’t have time to ask. He has a shopping trip to get done and over with today. He can’t afford to drag it out any longer than necessary if he wishes to see Chisaki before curfew at the dorms hits.

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Shopping is something he had not been ready for. He told Fuyumi exactly what he did not want clothing wise and she took him to a shop which specialized in androgynous fashion and styles. Still, going out in public with his new form…it was too much for him. He could feel all the eyes on him, he felt out of place, his body doesn’t feel like his own after sleeping in it, and he wants to hide for the rest of his days.

Fuyumi noticed his discomfort and tried to offer him some zaru soba in response. It wasn’t good enough to calm him down. She had to literally hold his hand as she took him to the shop in the mall to pick out his new clothes. Luckily for him, the employees did not question his new form or make any comments about him. All they did was agree to help him pick out clothes he would like to wear.

His new wardrobe is not really different from his old one. If of anything…it’s the same exact clothing.

Fuyumi had thought he’d want to try new styles, new patterns, new colors, but…no. He kept everything the same and when given the chance, he changed into an outfit he had gotten from the store in a mall bathroom. Poor Fuyumi couldn’t take him anywhere else. Having people see him like this was a bit too nerve-wracking. He didn’t know how to handle feeling as though the eyes of the world were on him at all on times when in reality, they weren’t.

Fuyumi didn’t even think it’d be good to keep Shouto at any public place for too long. She wound up taking him back to the dorms because he didn’t want anyone to see him or hear him speak.

She didn’t want to do this so soon. She had wanted to spend a day with him, but he is still too much of a nervous wreck about his body. Maybe it would be best for him to have some space for now…

Shouto is the one who makes her decision up for her, “Can I go back to the dorms now? I’m sure everybody’s too busy training now, so the building will be empty when I go in it.”

“If that’s what you want… I’m sorry we couldn’t make this into more of a day for us, Shouto. Maybe when you feel better about your body, we’ll be able to do fun stuff together.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever feel better about it, Fuyumi. It’s not even mine anymore. I don’t feel like me in this body. I know I am a boy and I am supposed to look like a boy so why…”

His breath got caught in his throat and Fuyumi took her hand off of the steering wheel to hold his hand as he tried to recollect himself. It wasn’t easy, despite the reassurance he feels from her hold. He wants to go back to his old body and the way it was before. Now it’s gone for good and he can’t ever get it back.

It’s enough to devastate him all over again if he thinks about it too much.

The cars stop outside of Heights Alliance and he takes the bags of clothes he got today out of the backseat of the car. It was enough to replace his wardrobe, but then again, Shouto doesn’t have much in terms of that either. His wardrobe is very basic in style and pretty minimalistic. With Fuyumi’s help, he is able to clear out his old clothes and replace them with his new ones. It didn’t take too long, oddly enough.

Before Fuyumi left to a donation center to give his old clothes away, she was hugged by him and given a small, “Thank you for putting up with me today. I’m sorry I was so difficult. I’ll do my best to be better next time so we can have a day of fun together.”

She smiles at him and hugs him right back, reassuring him, “You have to apologize for anything, Shouto. When you’re more confident, we can go out anywhere together for a day of fun, okay?”

“Okay. I’d like that.”

“Let’s try to make plans for it then. I’ll see you around, Shouto. Goodbye.”


He crashes on his tatami mat, not knowing what will happen next or how he will face his classmates, teachers, and the student body in general.

Aizawa had explained Shouto’s situation to a dorm full of freshly woken teens eating breakfast and commenting on what they will be doing after training today. They bombarded him with questions afterwards, but he didn’t really care. He answered them to the best of his abilities, yet was quick to remind them, “Do not overwhelm him or force him to talk about anything he doesn’t want to. This is already hard enough on him. All I want is for you guys to be considerate of him during this time. He will talk about it when he wants to. Don’t force him or else he never will.”

What Aizawa really meant is: don’t do anything stupid that will make him fall deeper into his boyfriend’s control over his life.

Thanks to this, when Shouto was back at the dorms and everyone was done training for the day, he had the distinct light knocking of Midoriya at his door, “Todoroki, are you in there?”

Shouto didn’t want to face anyone yet but he figured Midoriya wouldn’t be the worst one to see him first, “Yeah, I am. You can come in, Midoriya.”

Midoriya opens the door after a few seconds, greeting Shouto with a wary, “Hey Todoroki…Aizawa told us what happened. How are you feeling?”

Shouto answers honestly because he sees no point in lying about it, “I’m feeling a bit…I don’t know. I was more upset earlier when I had to go shopping with my sister, but I’m not really as upset anymore. I can’t even look at myself and see my body as being mine. It’s a strange form, but it doesn’t feel like my body because I know I’m not a girl and…it’s just…hard to describe what I’m going through right now.”

The shorter boy chews on his lower lip for a moment before making him an offer, “That sounds like a headache to go through. You’re a lot tougher than me: I’d be a crying wreck if I were in your shoes. If you ever feel uncomfortable around anyone or nervous, you can come to me, Iida, or Uraraka. We’re all willing to listen to you whenever you want to talk or need to vent.”

Shouto thinks it over, not really knowing anything about his classmates other than their quirks and fighting styles. Other than this, he knows nothing of them. Which is why he is rather confused by Midoriya’s offer to him, “Why would you do that for me? I don’t even know you guys.”

“I know we never got to know each other or be friends. I know we never got to speak to each other or hang out, but I’d like to be your friend, Todoroki. I think you need one now more than ever before after everything you’ve gone through.”

“I already have a friend.”

Midoriya is pretty shocked to hear this because he never thought he would be hearing this from Shouto, “You have a friend? Who is he?”

Shouto answers this plainly, not finding it to be a big deal, “His name is Kurono and he’s a really good friend of mine.”

“Does he go to school here?” the green eyed boy asks slowly, already having a feeling where Shouto met this friend.

“No, he’s my boyfriend’s best friend. I met him at the memorial service for his father a while back.”

Of course he is. Though he doesn’t know Shouto well at all, something about his boyfriend and how frequently they speak and see each other feels abnormal and unhealthy to him. Maybe it’s because they rushed things to the extreme, but he has a feeling that something is not right here. You’d think Shouto’s boyfriend would want him to talk to people at school or would give him a break from all the texting and calling to at least interact with people outside of gym class and hero training courses.

It feels like his boyfriend wants him all to himself and Midoriya doesn’t like it. Even when he spoke of it to All Might (his mentor can always tell whenever something is bothering him) the former number one had said something was ‘off’ about the relationship and he wasn’t wrong for thinking or feeling so.

He knows he never dated before. He knows Shouto will bring this up to him. Which is why he is taking this approach instead. He’s hoping if he gets Shouto to be more interactive with other people outside of his boyfriend and his best friend, then he will be able to see how unhealthy it all is.

“That’s nice, but there will be times where you can’t drop everything to run to your boyfriend or his best friend’s side after something triggers you in a bad way. I think it’d be good if you had friends here, so on those days when you can’t see either one of them, you will always have someone here to talk to.”

Upon hearing this, he thinks it over for a good while there. Midoriya does make a good point: given his body and the way it is now, there will be things that trigger him in a bad way, much like what happened at the mall today with Fuyumi. He didn’t like the feeling of people staring at him, of people watching him in what he thought was disgust because of the way he appears now. He wanted to call Chisaki so badly so he could whisk him away from it, but he couldn’t, leaving him to hold his sister’s hand the entire time.

The same thing will happen here in school. It only makes sense if he does branch out and try to get to know more people so he won’t relieve the anxiety he felt in the mall.

All of this led up to his response of, “I think that’s a good idea, Midoriya. I had a hard time in the mall today and I couldn’t call on my boyfriend to come be by me. I know the same thing will most likely happen in school now, so I’m better off following your suggestions and getting to know more people in class.”

Midoriya didn’t think Shouto would be so willing to go through with his offer! Then again, he didn’t think he’d be willing to listen to his offer or consider it on the first try. He thought he would be debating with Shouto for hours on end over it, so to hear the response he did rendered him speechless for a moment there.

Once the shock wave was out of his system, he managed to nod and reply, “That’s great, Todoroki! Trust me, you will like the people you meet. I know there are people who want to get to know you too and if you give them a chance, I know you’ll find yourself friends amongst them.”

Shouto thinks he could, but he doesn’t think he’ll be any closer to them than what he will be to Chisaki and Kurono. Kurono is his closest friend and Chisaki is the love of his life. How on earth could anyone here ever get closer to him than them?

Regardless, he needs to make some sort of friendship here or else he’ll be left alone to struggle with his anxiety surrounding the way people look at him now.

“Maybe I could, I don’t know. I’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.” Shouto replies to Midoriya softly.

It doesn’t matter if Shouto is hesitant or reluctant. All that matters is he’s willing to give his suggestion a listen and that alone is enough to make Izuku smile, “Great! I’ll see you later, Todoroki!”

“Yeah, I’ll see you later, Midoriya.”

He’s still nervous about coming out to the student populous with his new body, but he supposes it has to happen. He cannot live his life in hiding forever, no matter how badly he wants to.

Midoriya had spilled the beans about his worries over Shouto to All Might when the former number one noticed his successor was too distracted during their training together. At first, All Might thought it was over nothing big. When he heard the full story from the boy, he figured there was something more going on.

Okay, he understands they rushed things, but sometimes young couples do that. It’s not a sign of anything too unhealthy in his eyes. It’s when he discovers the non-stop texting and calling Shouto does throughout the day with his boyfriend that All Might begins to wonder if they have a problem with clinginess. Midoriya would then tell him of all the times he would daily sneak away after training to go see his boyfriend and come back in right before curfew started. Shouto has no friends at school, no real relationships with any of the faculty outside of Aizawa all because of this mysterious boyfriend who moved things too fast with him.

All Might knows as a teacher he should be more worried about how this will continue to negatively affect his training—he did skip out on camp to be with this guy after all—but instead he’s worried over young Shouto’s relationship and how it will affect his life as a whole, both working and personal.

After the school staff learned all about Shouto’s condition from Aizawa as well as the lie they have to tell Enji, All Might is all the more distressed about the situation at hand. He readily approached both Aizawa and Present Mic before they could leave to ask them a few questions.

The faculty all felt horrible for Shouto, but All Might felt horrible in a different way.

His horrible feeling stems from worry over a relationship he feels may be too controlling for the young boy to handle, “Aizawa, Present Mic, I have to ask you some questions regarding his boyfriend…”

Aizawa looks at him in understanding, yet he is interested to know, “How did you know about his relationship?”

“Young Midoriya told me everything about it when I asked him why he was so distracted during training. I just want to know if there’s anything else going on there you could be able to tell me. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I think this guy could be bad news for young Todoroki.”

Present Mic was ready to tell him about the phone call last night and the texting this morning when Aizawa slapped a hand over his mouth, “What makes you think he is bad for Todoroki?”

All Might explains it in a blunt manner, not caring if he comes across as harsh or condescending towards the mysterious man in Shouto’s life, because he needs to say it to someone (heaven knows if he voices his true concerns to Midoriya the boy will only worry more), “The relationship progressed far too fast, so much so to the point where young Todoroki chose to miss out on camp to be with him. I know the reasons were valid, but everything else about it is off. He spends all of his time texting him, calling him, video chatting him, and every day after training he spends so many hours with him that he gets back right before curfew starts and heads up to his room so none of the other kids get to speak to him. It’s just…so strange and unhealthy to me. It comes off as though this guy doesn’t want him to have friends here at UA. It’s like he expects young Todoroki to drop everything for him and revolve his life around him. It’s not good for anyone to be that way in any relationship. I don’t want him to be controlled or manipulated by some scumbag who thinks they own him.”

Aizawa can say that, “Your fears and ours align up perfectly, really. Last night when he stayed at our place, Present Mic told me he was being nosy and listening in to student gossip again when he heard from Bakugou that Shouto calls his boyfriend at nights. That night, we heard them on the phone despite the fact he was beat and wanted to sleep. The following morning, he spent a good chunk of it texting him the whole time he was at the dining table. It’s strange because everyone needs a break from their partner at some point or another. Everyone needs real friends and not just their boyfriend’s best friend. I feel like he is trying to control him. I never met this guy, but I don’t like him.”

Present Mic is the first to object to something Aizawa said, “I never said I was being nosy!”

“Listening in to student gossip is the very definition of being nosy.” Aizawa points out to him, making the blonde male huff to this, “Whatever. If it weren’t for me and my detective work, we wouldn’t have found out about his late night calls with the boyfriend.”

“If that’s what you call being nosy…”

“I’m not—”

“His boyfriend’s best friend is his friend?”

The couple turns their eyes to a stunned All Might who had never heard of this news, but this look soon subsides into one of intense concern, “That cannot be good…it seems to me like he’s not just trying to control him; he’s also isolating him from anyone who would dare have a different opinion of him. It feels all too similar to the way a villain would act towards someone they are trying to rope into their lifestyle.”

When put like that…Aizawa sees where All Might can make the comparison. However, he knows this boy isn’t a villain. Shouto may not be good with people and relationships, but he is schooled on villains to a scary extent. There’s no way he would ever go for a villain. If this boy was one, he would have known right away, and he would have never gone for him to begin with.

“I know he’s not a villain. Todoroki is well versed on villains and how they work thanks to Endeavor. If he had an inkling of suspicion this guy was a villain, he wouldn’t have gone for him to begin with. What I’m afraid of is this relationship becoming more toxic over time to the point where it consumes every aspect of his life. I don’t wish to see Todoroki trapped like that. If I can get him out of it before that happens, I will.”

“If you need my assistance with it, let me know and I will aid you in this. I don’t wish for that to happen to anyone, especially someone as sheltered as young Todoroki. I hope you can get him to see how bad this is for him, Aizawa. I can’t help but feel if he doesn’t get out soon, it will only get worse.”

It’s a statement which hangs heavy in the air because the heroes know it to be true. If Shouto doesn’t leave his boyfriend soon, everything will get worse.

Chapter Text

The following morning, Shouto would see his classmates for the first time in person with his new form. Despite the encouragement he received from Midoriya the night before, he didn’t feel any more confident or comfortable being in front of people like this. He instead felt small and anxious as he took a few brave steps into the common area.

He immediately got approached by Midoriya and Iida, both boys offering a warm greeting of, “Good morning, Todoroki.”

Shouto responds as evenly as he can without too much stuttering or variances in pitch, “Hey guys.”

“Do you want to get some breakfast with us?” Iida asks him, “I can make you something good.”

“Yeah and we can talk and stuff.” Midoriya chimes in, making Shouto nod as he follows the two boys over to the kitchen.

Unfortunately for Shouto, his morning was not meant to go over easy. He was immediately approached by an explosive teen with a few choice words to say, “Hey, IcyHot, looks like your boyfriend fucked you over.”

Shouto tenses to this, not wanting to hear any criticism from anyone about his boyfriend, especially from Bakugou, “He did not fuck me over. He did what was necessary to save me.”

“Really? Because if you ask me, I think the bastard didn’t do enough to stop it. It’s almost like he wanted this to happen to you.”

“Shut. Up.” Shouto suddenly snarls, “I don’t want to hear it from you. You don’t know him. You can’t make judgements about him like that.”

When he sees the cocky smirk there, he had an idea of what would be said, but he didn’t Bakugou would go that low, “I told you he’d screw you over and it looks like he did.”

This is what made Shouto give Bakugou a thorough ripping into he believed the older teen deserved, “Really? Doing his best to keep me safe from a mugger when I was unconscious is screwing me over? What would you have done differently, huh? Burned me with your quirk? Because I could see you doing that considering how much of an irrational, cocky hot head you are. You wouldn’t have ever been anywhere as good to me as my boyfriend has been. You’re too much like my father to ever be as good as my boyfriend is because unlike you, he doesn’t judge people he’s never met before and he is capable of caring for someone else other than his precious ego like you. So you can shut up, leave him out of this, and never speak to me ever again you lout.”

Bakugou doesn’t take this insult lightly since he does know about Shouto’s childhood, “I’m not a thing like your bastard of a father.”

“You’re every bit the same as him: self-absorbed, arrogant, angry, rude, and terrible to anyone you can or can’t use for your own personal gain. Maybe I should have you meet my boyfriend because then you can see what a good person looks like since it’s obvious you don’t know what one is.”

The words actually do hurt and cut pretty deep for Bakugou because though he is not attracted to Shouto’s new body at all, he feels as though the other is saying he never would have had a shot with him regardless if his boyfriend was around or not (Shouto did not mean it this way, but Bakugou took it as such), “Fuck you!”

Kirishima approaches him alongside Kaminari, both boys having to hold him back, “Hey, Bakubro calm down. You shouldn’t have started this mess by attacking his boyfriend in the first place. Telling him he deserved this is a new low for you and it’s not cool or manly.”

Hearing Kirishima get so firm on him made Shouto feel a bit less anxious about others seeing him like this, but then Kaminari took it further, “Dude, seriously, quit acting like a dick right now! You’re making this all about you when it’s not! Todoroki is obviously going to be uncomfortable today because of what happened to him. You have no right to make it worse for no apparent reason. If you’re pissed about something, talk about it to us, don’t take it out on him.”

Bakugou pushes them away roughly, leaving Shouto alone as Kirishima apologizes for his friend’s behavior, “I’m sorry about him, Todoroki. He had no right to get that nasty towards you. I promise it won’t happen again. I’ll be sure of it.”

“It’s alright, I’ll be fine.” Shouto responds but then Kaminari comments to him, “Don’t worry, I’ll help keep him and any other perverted man in line as well! Someone as cute you shouldn’t have to endure such treatment!”

Kirishima nudges him hard in the side whereas Iida and Midoriya glare him down for trying to make a move on Shouto. Shouto himself didn’t actually see it, but he accepted the offer with aplomb, “Thank you so much, Kaminari. Nobody here has to do anything for me, I’ll be just fine.”

“We know you will be, but what we mean is if anyone is giving you a hard time, we will be there by your side.” Midoriya clarifies for him, helping Shouto understand it better, “Oh well…um, thanks for be willing to do that for me.”

“You don’t need to thank us! Just give us a holler if you need us and we’ll be right there!” Kirishima cheerily offers to him, “Come on, Kaminari, let’s go check on Bakubro.”

“Well, you know, I think Todoroki—”

“Come on, dude.” Kirishima slightly hisses at him while dragging him away from the trio of boys. Midoriya and Iida heaved sighs of relief, whereas Shouto was left confused by why Kaminari wanted to stay.

Once they were gone, he was led over to the dining room table where Iida was making breakfast for them in the kitchen while Midoriya was trying to make small talk. The only issue with this (in Midoriya’s eyes at least)? Shouto is texting his boyfriend the entire time they are talking.

“Um, Todoroki, who are you texting?” Midoriya already thinks he knows who he is texting, but he wants to be sure of it.

“I’m texting my boyfriend. We text each other every morning, it’s nothing new.”

Of course he is texting his boyfriend. He talks to his boyfriend more than anyone else in his life it seems.

Hearing this only worries Midoriya more, “Are you sure you can’t wait to text him back? I am trying to talk to you but it’s hard to do when you’re texting him.”

Shouto sighs when saying it, “I’m sorry Midoriya, but I can’t really leave him alone right now. He’s having a bad morning and he needs someone to vent to.”

Okay, that may be true, but, “Can’t he talk to his best friend about it? Why does he need to talk to you about this?”

“Because he loves and trusts me enough to tell me everything that’s going on in his life.”

“Does he really need your attention at this moment? Why can’t he wait for a few minutes so we can talk and eat together?”

“Midoriya, he wants me to call him. I’ll be right back.”

The green haired teen was about to stop Shouto, but the taller teen had moved too quickly and was already calling up his boyfriend before he had a chance to.

He’s back to square one again, thinking about what he will do next to get Shouto some time away from his boyfriend that doesn’t include confiscating his phone.

It doesn’t get better throughout the day. It seems whenever Shouto gets anxious or wants to avoid the leering gazes of the curious and the gossipy, he retreats back into his phone to talk to his boyfriend instead of reaching out to himself, Iida, or Uraraka.

Midoriya doesn’t know what to do or how to get Shouto to put the phone down so he can branch out of his boyfriend’s grip on his life. It’s something that not only concerns him, but Iida as well.

Iida doesn’t like the way Shouto drops everything and anything for his boyfriend. It’s as though his boyfriend controls his life from a distance, which is unsettling at the least, toxic at the most. He doesn’t care for the way he constantly has his face in his phone and always manages to reply to every single text right on time. There’s no need to be this excessively close to his boyfriend.

His boyfriend needs to learn to give him breathing space so Shouto can be free to do as he pleases. For example, Shouto could make some new friends outside of his boyfriend. That wouldn’t be a bad thing, now would it? Iida doesn’t think it would be at least.

Shouto spends too much time with him anyway. It couldn’t kill them to go a day without each other.

When lunch time hit, he approached Shouto and said, “Todoroki, I want you to eat lunch with us.”

Thanks to the first years going through training to get their licenses, it means Shouto hasn’t had to deal with anyone at school outside of Class 1-A and B. Neither class gave him hell and they all treated him like a normal person which was nice. It didn’t mean he didn’t want to video chat with Chisaki at least once today before their date after training was done.

“I use this time to video chat with my boyfriend. I’m sorry Iida, but I can’t eat lunch with you.”

Iida is not like Midoriya. He refuses to let Shouto get out of this that easily, “He can go one day without video chatting you at lunch time. He can handle not seeing your face at this time for one day. We don’t know anything about you. We want to be your friends, Todoroki. He already has you all the time. Why can’t we have you for one lunch period?”

Shouto is hesitant to do this… I mean, he doesn’t really know these people and he did tell Chisaki he would video chat with him today…

Maybe, just maybe this once he can tell Chisaki he won’t be able to video chat with him today. Maybe, just maybe Chisaki will be as loving and understanding as he was towards him the night before when this whole mess happened to his body.

He sends Chisaki a text telling him he will be eating with Iida and Midoriya. He doesn’t get a reply, but he thinks this is because Chisaki is too busy right now. Which would mean he wouldn’t care if they didn’t speak right now to each other.

“Alright, you can have me for one lunch period. I think my boyfriend is too busy to talk right now anyway… He hasn’t even responded to my text yet, so he’s probably with Kurono or something.”

“Great, let’s go then. I’ll take you to the table where we usually eat.” Iida responds out of happiness because he feels as though he’s finally getting somewhere with Shouto. He feels as though Shouto will finally start to become more involved with their class and make friends of his own (Midoriya had told him that his closest friend is his boyfriend’s friend, which in Iida’s eyes, isn’t normal considering how isolated he keeps Shouto from everyone else).

Shouto follows Iida over to a spot in the cafeteria where they could eat whatever they wanted for lunch. Luckily for Shouto, they had zaru soba on the menu and he was more than willing to dive into it.

He would get his soba rather quickly and take a seat next to Iida, since he had invited him over to lunch. He would then see the girl who taken on Bakugou at the Sports Festival…Uraraka, right? The girl who is always by Midoriya and Iida’s side.

Making friends can be a nervous experience for some. For Shouto, due to his isolation, he can’t see why this is an experience for some. To him, it’s as easy as answering Uraraka when she asks, “What are you having, Todoroki?”

“Zaru soba. What about you?”

Chisaki had been having a bad day when he saw Shouto again in person.

Eri had tried to run out of their hideout again, which caused a good lot of tensions between himself and his men. Then there was the fact Shouto did not video chat with him today all because of these people he’s mentioned in the past who now want to be his ‘friends’ out of nowhere. If Chisaki were being asked about this, he’d say they were trying to break Shouto out of his spell and like hell he’ll allow that to happen on his watch!

So yes, he is mad because of Eri trying to run away and Shouto choosing these saboteurs over himself.

Shouto had gotten in the car after he picked him up from the bus stop where they first met and once he was inside, he let his anger slip out in small, subtle doses. Chisaki is not one to lose his cool like Endeavor, using a raging voice and frowns to show his displeasure. No, he keeps his tone even and his voice far too monotone for it to be normal by anyone’s standards, “Have fun with your friends today?”

Given Shouto’s inability to read a room at times, this being one of those times, he answered honestly, “They aren’t my friends, but they are nice people. I think getting to know will help keep the creeps at school away from me.”

Chisaki’s quirk almost goes off on the steering wheel, but he stills himself enough to prevent this from happening. He then stops the car near a random, empty sidewalk and grips Shouto’s right wrist in a death grip hard enough to leave bruises, “So you could have fun and a good day all while leaving me alone to deal with the bullshit you knew I was going through? I needed you today and you weren’t there for me when I needed you most! What kind of hero abandons his boyfriend to deal with bullies on their own?”

Yes, Chisaki lied this morning and told Shouto he was dealing with his former friends turned bullies at school. He claims this is happening because his father is dead now and they can’t use him for money anymore. It’s a devious lie to tell, but Chisaki doesn’t care. What he cares about is getting Shouto away from those bastards wanting to ruin their relationship.

Shouto instantly feels guilt to this despite the pain building up on his wrist, “I’m sorry…I didn’t know it got that bad. When you didn’t reply to my text, I just thought you handled it on your own.”

“But I didn’t. I needed you and you weren’t there for me because you were acting like a selfish prick.”

Chisaki’s grip tightens further and Shouto winces in pain, letting out a small groan of, “Please…Chisaki…you’re starting to hurt me with this grip on my wrist. I’m sorry, I’ll be there for you more, I promise. I—”

The backhand that knocked his head to the left had his cheek stinging as the beginnings of a mark began to take place underneath the makeup. In this moment, all Shouto could think was, ‘at least the makeup on my face is transfer proof’ as odd as that sounds.

Chisaki never once frowned, screamed, or raised his voice. He remained monotone as the usual empty look in his eyes took over, Shouto finally getting a small glimpse of the real Overhaul underneath the act he’s been playing for far too long.

“Do not make promises you cannot or do not intend to keep to me. I will not tolerate liars. If you cannot change for me, then I will leave you right here and now to go get myself another boyfriend who will treat me better than you.”

“I am not a liar; I do intend to keep the promise! I was just talking to people in my class. What’s so bad about that? Do you want people to harass me at school?”

“No, but you can handle it on your own. You want to be the next number one. How the hell can you ever achieve that if you can’t defend yourself from something as small and insignificant as harassment?”

Shouto is a bit miffed by this, because, “You may be right there, but I was just talking to people in my class that was no reason to hit me! They were only offering to help keep me calm so I wouldn’t have a panic attack in school or feel the leery eyes of random students on my body. What was so wrong about that?”

“I didn’t hit you, I slapped you. If you cannot take a little slap to the face, then how the hell can you fight off villains as a hero?” seeing the distressed, confused look in Shouto’s eyes and face, as well as the small amount of fear there, made Chisaki feel as though he’s getting his message across to him.

He suddenly releases his wrist and grips the steering wheel tightly with both hands, slamming his head between them as he exhales, making the sound of a small sob choke itself out of his throat for dramatic effect as he speaks, “…I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have taken out my frustrations on you, but Todoroki, it’s not been easy ever since dad died. There’s so much going on in my life and I don’t know how to handle it all at once. I’ve had to become an adult overnight, I’m still struggling with it because I know I’m still a kid… I’m so sorry.”

Seeing his boyfriend looking so vulnerable, small, and broken down has Shouto feeling guilty for leaving him to deal with this on his own.

He asks him, “Why didn’t you tell me about the bullies sooner? I would have been by your side if you did.”

“I didn’t want you to worry or stress over me. I wanted our dates to be fun and happy for you…now I fucked things up between us. I’m so sorry, Todoroki, I didn’t mean to take it out on you, I swear.”

“I’ll forgive you, but only if you tell me why you had such a problem with me talking to those people from my school.”

Chisaki inhales a shaken breath, telling his boyfriend the reason why, “Because they want to break us up. You tell me all the time how they say I’m bad for you, how talking to me all the time is unhealthy… Todoroki, can’t you see it? They want us to break up. That’s why they talk like our relationship is toxic. That’s why they act like I monopolize you and your time. That’s why they are trying to be your friends: it’s to break us up. I was just…mad you would be friends with people who are so very clearly against us and our relationship, people who want to see us broken up! It hurts to know you’d keep people like that in your life despite knowing how poorly they think of me. If you loved me, you wouldn’t have ever spoken to them ever again after they said our relationship was going too fast and was ‘unhealthy’.”

Shouto didn’t really get it at first, which is why Chisaki had to use an example, “What if Kurono didn’t approve of our relationship? Would you like it if I was still friends with him and allowed him to speak poorly of you?”


“Then why can’t you see why I got so upset by you talking to them and trying to befriend them instead of me?”

When put that way…Shouto feels like a shitty person and as though he’s brought this on himself.

He’s the worst boyfriend ever, isn’t he?

“I’m sorry, Chisaki. I won’t ever speak to anyone who speaks poorly of our relationship ever again.”

Chisaki lets go of the steering wheel and hugs his boyfriend tightly, whispering into his ear, “Thank you for seeing things my way. I’m so sorry for what happened, it won’t ever happen again.”

Shouto’s response to this had been a small, “It’s okay: everybody has bad days, and everybody makes mistakes. Besides, it was just a slap. If I’m going to be a pro hero then I can’t allow myself to be so effected by small things like this.”

Chisaki didn’t mean it… He didn’t mean any of the things he said or did… He was hurt and stressed from bottling up his emotions. It only makes sense that he would snap on someone eventually. It’s okay though, Shouto will be sure to be a better boyfriend for him and then things will get better between them.

On Chisaki’s end, he’s relishing in the fact he got Shouto to finally agree to quit talking to all people who badmouth their relationship. Soon enough, he will reach his end goal and the boy will be completely his.

Chapter Text

Chisaki was a gentleman on their date after their little argument. He would kiss at the end of their date and tell him, “I love you. You know that, right?”

“I do. I love you too, Chisaki.” Shouto would reply before their date ended with a final goodbye kiss, “Why do you wear the medical mask and gloves all the time?”

“Because I’m what you call a germophobe. It all happened back when I was living with my shitty biological dad…he always kept his home really dirty, so I would get sick quite often. It’s why I like things to be clean and kept instead of filthy and infested with bacteria.”

“Why take it off to kiss me then?”

“Because I love you. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love you.”

It’s all a lie. Chisaki only does it because Shouto’s lips look so pretty all painted up in the pink lipstick. Then again, Shouto doesn’t know this or see it for what’s worth so he’s still good.

“Oh, I’m…I’m honored to be the only one you take it off for.” Shouto responds in a small stammer and Chisaki feels as though he’s getting one step closer to being able to do what he really wants to do to him.

“You should be.” he then takes his hand and asks him with a gentle gleam to his yellow gold eyes, “Are you going to cut the nay-sayers out of your life after this?”

“I will, because I love you and I don’t want our relationship to be burdened with their negativity.” Shouto confirms to him before getting out of the car, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Chisaki. Goodbye.”

“Bye, Todoroki.”

Shouto heads off to the restroom in the minimart, gets changed back into his clothes but this time, he only removes the lipstick from his lips and the makeup over his scar. The spot where Chisaki slapped him still feels sensitive to the touch and he can only imagine what it looks like without any makeup on.

Once he is back at the dorms, he is approached by Midoriya, who greets him with a friendly wave, “Hey, Todoroki! How are you doing? Where did you go?”

“I was with my boyfriend.”

The moment he sees the smile drop from Midoriya’s face he knows what Chisaki said is true.

“Oh…you saw him? Don’t you spend a lot of time with him already?”

That made Shouto’s decision set in stone. He is not going to befriend anyone who speaks ill of his relationship with Chisaki no matter who they are, “I don’t. He’s my boyfriend, it’s normal for us to spend a lot of time together.”

Midoriya didn’t seem to agree with this, “Are you sure? Because your relationship with him feels excessive to me with how much time you spend with him in person and on the phone.”

“If you’re not going to support my relationship, then I won’t have you as a friend, Midoriya.”

This caught him off guard, so much so the point where all he could do was say, “What?”

“You heard me. I will not be friends with you, Iida, or anyone else who talks badly of my relationship with my boyfriend. He wouldn’t keep anyone in his life around him if they acted like you guys do about his relationship with me. I won’t do the same. Either you quit speaking ill of my relationship with him or you won’t ever be friend. It’s simple as that.” Shouto says while maintaining a steely glare at Midoriya.

Midoriya knows he should say he won’t speak ill of his relationship, but he can’t stop himself from doing so. He doesn’t like Shouto’s boyfriend and he never will. In fact, he can’t help but to think his boyfriend brought this up to him.

“Did he say something about us today?”

“Why would that matter?”

“Because I think he’s trying to isolate you from us.” Midoriya then sighs, “I’m sorry but I can’t stop pointing out how bad your relationship is for you. I can’t lie to you like that.”

“Then that’s all I need to know. I’ll see you in class Midoriya, but I can’t be friends with anyone who speaks ill of my boyfriend.”

Midoriya is left speechless. He doesn’t know what to do or think to this. Shouto just…left him and told him he couldn’t be friends with him all because of something he knows his boyfriend brought up to him! He may have never met his boyfriend, but he doesn’t like him.

This is all too off to him. There is something else going on. He may not know what, but he will figure it out.

Aizawa has not been happy as of late.

Shouto isn’t talking to any of his classmates, he’s still addicted to his phone, and lately it seems he has been wearing…makeup?

He’s not sure if he is or not, but there are some lightings where he thinks he can see the semblance of discoloration of the skin on his neck or cheek. He doesn’t know if it’s his eyes playing tricks on him or what, but he doesn’t like it. According to All Might, Midoriya admitted the reason why Shouto isn’t talking to anyone is because of a conversation he had with his boyfriend almost three weeks ago about how he shouldn’t be talking to people who ‘bad mouth’ their relationship.

He’s been avoiding Aizawa, Present Mic, and the other teachers like the plague as well. Aizawa doesn’t believe he’s said a word to his sister once ever since he quit speaking to his classmates and became more focused on his boyfriend.

The pro hero doesn’t like this new development and since Shouto isn’t speaking to him, desperate times call for desperate measures.

He calls up Fuyumi two days before the class is scheduled to take their licensing exams, mostly out of worry and partially out of his own need to satisfy his curiosity, “Hello Fuyumi, it’s Aizawa. I was calling to ask you some questions about your brother.”

“Is he doing something wrong?”

“No, it’s not that at all. It’s more of he won’t talk to anyone here because of something his boyfriend said to him almost three weeks ago now. Mind telling me if you’ve spoken to him as of late?”

“Well…the last time I spoke to Shouto was that long ago as well. He said that Chisaki was going through a bad time at school with the bullying from his former friends at school and he was upset because Shouto kept people in his life who didn’t like him or approve of their relationship. He asked me if I approved of their relationship…when I told him I didn’t because I didn’t trust the guy and the way he moved everything way too fast, he said ‘fine then, I have to go’ and he hasn’t called or texted me ever since.”

Wait a minute—Chisaki?

That’s his boyfriend’s name?

Aizawa was never told of his name, but he is quick to be sure, “Is that really his boyfriend’s name?”

“Yes, it is. Why, didn’t he ever tell you his name?”

“No, he never did.”

“Oh…well, I’m sorry I never told you. I always assumed you knew.”

“Don’t feel bad about it. What I wanted to tell you is he’s doing the same thing he did to you to other students and faculty at school who have questioned the healthiness of his relationship with this Chisaki person. I was afraid he was doing the same to you… I’m sorry he is. I intend to bring this to an end. He cannot avoid talking to me forever and when school does resume, I will make it clear to him: I will not allow him to choose some boyfriend over everyone else around him and in his life.”

Fuyumi sounds so relieved when she speaks, her voice coming out almost like a sob, “Thank you for doing this for me… I’ve been so worried about him because his boyfriend is older and more experienced than him. Shouto is amazing at combat and hero work but he’s like a small child discovering the world when it comes down to things he doesn’t understand or know much of because of his isolation as a child. I was going to the dorms to try to talk to him, but I think I am better off letting you handle it. Thank you, Aizawa.”

“I don’t mind doing this, Fuyumi. Truth be told, I am worried for him as well. I don’t think this boy is good for him yet every time I try to tell him this, every time I make a valid point to him, he doesn’t seem to listen.”

The small chuckle tells him there’s something else he didn’t know, something he probably should have guessed right from the beginning, “Shouto is stubborn…it’s something that won’t ever go away. I was always so nervous about him dating because he’s never had a boyfriend before Chisaki, and he has an attraction to bad boys. I was afraid he’d make the same mistakes I made with dating them. I was afraid he’d be used and thrown away…I guess I was wrong about Chisaki on that end: he’s never going to throw Shouto away. He will always hold onto him tightly no matter what.”

That little detail has knocked the wind right out of him. He knew Shouto never went to any other school before UA, but this is just…strange.

He figured the boy would have had at least one boyfriend before, but to hear he’s never had one before Chisaki only has his red flags blaring, “He’s never had a boyfriend before?”

“No, Chisaki is his first boyfriend. You didn’t know this?”

“I didn’t. You said he likes bad boys, correct? Are we talking bad boys as in villains or bad boys as in petty thugs?”

“No, I mean bad boys as in punk or alternative looking boys who are more rebellious and outspoken in nature. Shouto wouldn’t ever go for a rule breaker. He goes for more of the rebellious in dress and attitude thing as opposed to an actual rebel.”

This is an interesting tidbit to learn. At least he can rest easy knowing Shouto isn’t with a villain or attracted to the petty thug types. He does wonder, “Has your other brother heard from Shouto?”

“Natsuo hasn’t heard from him, but that’s because he’s been busy with his work at university. Him and Shouto don’t talk much anyway, so he wouldn’t notice if he did stop talking to him out of nowhere.”

“That’s the only other thing I really wanted to know. Thank you for your time, Fuyumi.”

“Sure, it was no problem at all on my end…just promise me that you’ll get Shouto out of this, okay?”

“I promise I will do everything I can to get him to see reason. I cannot promise to get him out of this, Fuyumi. I’m sorry, but it can’t be done. Todoroki needs to see how unhealthy it is for himself before he can get out. When he does, I’ll be there to get him out of it.”

“I figured as much…Goodbye, Aizawa.”


He hangs up on her, his eyes glued to the ceiling of his bedroom. His California king bed isn’t doing much to relax his bones and ease the tension out of his body. No, his mind is still reeling from the facts he never knew. He never knew Shouto never dated before. He also didn’t know about the bad boy attraction. There’s so much he was left in the dark about that he didn’t know what to do when the truth presented itself otherwise.

Present Mic takes a spot on the bed beside him, looking at him in concern as he turns over to his side to better face him, “What’s wrong, Shouta?”

“Everything, Hizashi. I know I shouldn’t be so worried over one student, but…it’s not just affecting him and his academic life anymore. It’s affecting everyone around him who wants to be his friend but can’t be. It’s affecting his family as well. He hasn’t spoken to his sister ever since that date with his boyfriend almost three weeks ago, and it’s for the same reason why he quit speaking to everyone in class in general. I don’t want to be a bystander to some sort of manipulative or toxic relationship going on with one of my students. I want to do the right thing and get him out of it, but he doesn’t listen to me because he’s stubborn and this is his first relationship, so he probably thinks his older boyfriend knows everything about them.”

“Whoa, wait, what? Who is Chisaki?”

“His boyfriend. I learned his name from his sister just now.”

“This is his first relationship too?”

“According to his sister, it is.”

Present Mic doesn’t know what to say to this. He can only lay flat on his back, his own concern building up to this, “Shouta…this can’t be good. I mean, there has to be something we can do.”

“After the licensing exam is over, another semester will start the next day. We can do more to keep him away from Chisaki there, but I can’t guarantee it won’t be met with backlash of sorts.” Aizawa attempts to suggest something they can do, but…it’s only a basic suggestion with no real concrete solution to the problem at hand.

Shouto is stubborn. If he wants to be with Chisaki, then he will find a way to be with him, rules and restrictions be damned.

Inasa had been expecting something entirely different when he saw Shouto. For example, he had been expecting to see a pretty boy, not a freakishly cute girl. He had asked one of his classmates what happened to him and though they were hesitant, they did explain the situation well enough when he stated the reason behind his curiosity: he had met him before, but he looked like a boy back then, is that a girl who is his twin sister?

He felt awful for the way he acted during the licensing exam, but it amazed him to see Shouto on his phone nonstop after the first part of the exam. He seemed to be video chatting with someone too…whatever it was, it looked like he was anxious the entire time.

Who was he talking to? How important could it have been? How did he manage to sneak his cell phone into the exam to begin with?

All of this confuses him while intriguing him. After the exams are over and they are getting ready to leave, all Inasa can focus on is Shouto and the way he seemed to be nervous to even look at him when he did apologize to him. Sure, it was nice to get an apology out of him as well, but…why was he acting so nervous?

He had just gotten back into his uniform when he managed to overhear it, “I’m sorry, Chisaki. I know you didn’t want me here today, but you knew I had no other choice. I had to be here, I—”

“Ah, I get it now. You’re the selfish boyfriend who puts his desires over the one who gives him all of his love, time, attention, support, and affection to. Let me guess, you enjoyed today, didn’t you? Seeing all of those other boys in their skimpy hero costumes, I bet you were wet the whole time looking at them.”

“What? Why would I look at them? I have you, you are the only one I want, I promise!”

“How can I be sure of that? Can you look me in the eye tonight during our date and tell me you didn’t talk to another boy?”

“…I can’t.” he whispers out, “I’m sorry, but I can’t. I talked to this one boy, but he hates me so it was nothing bad like you think! Honest, he hates me, there’s nothing to be worried about…when we start remedial lessons, I’m sure he’ll keep on hating me, so nothing is bad or wrong between us.”

That…kind of hurt to hear. Inasa’s not a guy to hold grudges against someone who apologized to him after accepting his own apology. Okay, so he did act like a major asshole during the exam, but he’s not a bad guy like this person is.

Is this the boyfriend his classmate mentioned?

It must be going off of the way he is such a controlling jerk.

“Lessons? So you’re going to be spending less time with me and more time with these people who want to break us up? Do you even care about me or our relationship, Todoroki? Do you want our love to fall apart?”

“I have to go to the lessons if I want to get my license. I do care about you. I do love you more than anything on this planet. I don’t want our love to fall apart, please Chisaki, I’m sorry… Look, how about this? We can talk and text the whole time during the lessons like we do when I’m in school. Will that make you happy?”

“You can’t guarantee you’ll be able to do that for me. Your damned teachers don’t like me despite never having met me once. How do I know they won’t poison the minds of these other teachers and turn them against me?” he responds in such a cold, cruel tone it sends shivers of dread down Inasa’s spine, “I am going through hell still in the aftermath of my father’s death and this is what I get after all the love and support I’ve given you through everything? I’m getting nothing in return for everything I’ve given you. Any other man would have left you when Maki turned your body into what it is now, but I didn’t. I stayed with you, I still loved you, I gave you support, attention, and affection when you needed it. You can’t do the same for me now when I need you?”

“…I’m sorry, what else can I do? I—”

“Don’t give me an excuse. Give me a solution to our problem, Todoroki.”

Inasa is about to interrupt this conversation and tell this ‘boyfriend’ off when someone else beats him to it, “I knew he was bad for you all along.”

Aizawa? What’s he doing here? He had only the briefest glimpses of the man, but he hadn’t really heard him speak up close until now. To hear how angered he sounds is enough to make Inasa’s tense up as he awaits to hear the hero rip into this jerk.

“Give me the phone, Todoroki. I want to speak to this prick.”

“No, it’s not what you think, this—”

“It is. He’s manipulating you by trying to guilt trip you. He’s clearly using the loss of his father and his support of you in the aftermath of the Maki attack to make you think you owe him everything when you don’t. You’ve given up the chance to have friends with people in your class because of him. You’ve given up the chance to have a closer relationship with your siblings because of him. I won’t allow you to throw away your shot at being a hero because of him.”

Inasa gives a small peak over the edge of the bus he is hiding behind, watching in pure interest as he sees a horrified looking Shouto and a pissed teacher who has had enough. Going off of the black screen, the phone had been on speaker this whole time, but it didn’t stop Aizawa from going off on him, “Chisaki, I don’t care for the way you rushed things with Todoroki and I don’t care for the way you speak to him. I won’t allow you to manipulate, control, and monopolize his time anymore. You and your friend are no longer allowed to speak to him.”

“You clearly do not know the full story if you are willing to reach such a conclusion so hastily. Here, allow me to explain—”

“I don’t need to hear it. I’ve listened in to your entire conversation. The entire waiting area for those who passed the first half of the exam was bugged so I could listen into your conversation with Todoroki when he did call you up. I told the higher ups in charge of the exam about my concerns. All you did was prove yourself to be controlling, jealous, and manipulative.”

“Fine, believe whatever you want. You’ve made your mind up about me despite never having met me once in person. Since you have, I feel I never have to meet you to know what you are like. For someone who loves to accuse me of manipulating my boyfriend, the one I love, you sure do love to insinuate things that are not true in an attempt to poison him against me.”

Before Aizawa can say anything else, Chisaki sighs deeply, “I’m sorry things had to go this way… Goodbye Todoroki, I love you. Regardless of what anyone says or believes about us, I love you and as long as you know this and love me too, we’ll always be fine.”

“I do know, and I do love you too.” Shouto responds, and Inasa can see the smile on Chisaki’s lips as he says, “Then we’ll always be fine no matter what.”

Chisaki hangs up and Aizawa faces Shouto, “You’re not speaking to him again. Todoroki, I don’t care what you believe. He is not good for you and you’re better off having some space from him.”

Aizawa takes his phone away and says, “I’ll give it back to you tomorrow during school. At lunch, I will take it away again and return it to you after lunch is over. I know you two talk to each other at nights because I caught you doing so when you stayed at my place after the Maki attack. Because of this, I will be taking your phone away after school as well. I’m sorry, Todoroki. It will have to be this way for now.”

“Can’t I at least tell him this? I don’t want him to think I’m ignoring him.”

“Alright, you may text him of the new rules, but that is the last text you will send him today.”

Shouto sends him the text and Aizawa takes his phone away, saying to him in a softer tone, “I know you don’t see it, but this is for the best, Todoroki. You need to have more people in your life than just him and his friend. It’s not fair to you for him to monopolize you like that or to guilt trip you for following your dreams.”

Shouto doesn’t say anything in response. Aizawa walks away and Inasa is left to leave his hiding spot. He knows what happened was tense, yet he feels the need to clear the air on something, “Hey Todoroki, I didn’t mean to listen in to your conversation, but you ran out of the building so fast after the exam, I didn’t get a chance to tell you goodbye. I noticed you were on the phone with your boyfriend during the waiting period before the second half of the exam…was he acting like a jerk towards you there like he was just now?”

Shouto cannot even meet his eyes, acting more nervous around him than he had been at the exam results. A sickening feeling crawls up like bile in his throat, leaving Inasa to connect the dots on something very disturbing, “Why won’t you look at me? Is it because of him?”

“…Please, keep hating me. It will make things so much easier if you do. I already told Chisaki you hate me, so please, keep doing so.”

Baffled by the response he hears spoken in such desperate fear, Inasa can only say, “What? Todoroki, I can’t hate you after that.”

Shouto had tried to run when Inasa caught him by the arm. Much to his own horror, some of the body makeup Shouto had applied wiped off when he did this and a light purple bruise was there in its stead.

“Did your boyfriend do this to you?”

Shouto took advantage of his shock to rip his fingers off of his arm and run inside the bus he had arrived in with his class. He kept his eyes outside of the window for the entire ride back to the dorms. Never did he converse with anyone or interact with anything. He simply kept his eyes outside of the window, not caring about a thing in the world outside of his boyfriend and the state of their relationship.  

Aizawa may have taken his phone away, but he was not taking away his date tonight with Chisaki.

Chapter Text

Things were fine after the first time Chisaki had slapped him. Well, they were for the first three dates afterwards, but things went downhill again.

Shouto had taken up to showering when either everyone was still asleep in the morning or far too busy in the common area doing fun things together (he supposes they were fun, at least). He had just gotten out of the shower when the door opened and Mineta appeared.

The grape hero was practically drooling over the sight of Todoroki’s new naked body, especially since the old wasn’t to his liking at all, “…You know, if you take away the dick, you’d be a really cute girl, Todoroki… A really sexy, wet, naked girl all pretty and virgin for me to touch…”

Shouto did not know how to take that one. He couldn’t even begin to fathom what Mineta was getting at, having never had a sexual pass or overture made at him before until that moment. Shouto would only shrug, “I…um, okay then? Look, I have to get dressed. Do what you have to do, but I’m leaving soon.”

He had just gotten on his pants and was about to grab the sports bra he now has to wear with this new form when Mineta groped him, “They’re so soft and plush! Oh, Todoroki, you’d be the perfect girl if you lost the dick!”

Shouto didn’t actually know what to do in this situation. If he screamed for help, then someone would see him like this. He tried the first option that came to mind, thinking Mineta would let go if he asked nicely enough, “Mineta, can you let go of me now?”

“Why would I do that? These knockers are like heaven in my hands!”

Since this did not work…Shouto resorted to something a bit more…forceful.

He crusted his own hand over with ice and slammed it against Mineta, making the little creep fall backwards onto the floor as he slid on the sports bra as quickly as possible and finished getting dressed. He figured this would be good enough to keep Mineta and it was.

Upon explaining what happened to Chisaki, his boyfriend had been pleased. Chisaki even praised him for defending himself, “Great, now that little fucker will know to never touch you ever again! I got lucky to have a guy who is both beautiful and strong.”

It made Shouto feel good. Until they had their date, which was at a rave.

Shouto isn’t one for social situations and this rave is one of those things he’s not in the mood for. There’s too many people, too much loud music he doesn’t like, and Chisaki’s disguise for him here had him feeling exposed. (For the record, he had been wearing a black leotard with sheer black tights attached to it with some combat boots and bunny ears on top of his head. He hated the outfit, but Chisaki said it was ‘rave appropriate’ so he went along with it to make his boyfriend happy.)

Chisaki had left his side to get him some water, but what had happened when he was gone had left Shouto in a bad position.

Another man approached him, a tall, muscular man with strong arms and tattoos lining up his body. He grabbed Shouto by the waist, pulling him over to his side by force, “Hello there, cutie. Where are you going all dressed up like that?”

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m waiting for my boyfriend to return.” he tells the stranger while trying to get his hands off of him, “Let go of me, my boyfriend will not like you touching me.”

“Really? What if I don’t give a fuck and want to touch you here?”

The man gropes both of breasts at once, kneading them in his big, burly hands as Shouto flushes out of disgust, “Stop it! Don’t touch me there!”

“What are you going to do about it, sexy bunny?” he chuckles low and deep in his throat, making Shouto squirm all the more as the man would not let him go—

Then Chisaki arrived and spoke in a smooth monotone, “Let go of him if you want to live.”

Since this man had been a person who had worked for him in the past, he knew well enough to do exactly as he was told the first time around, “Yes sir, right away.”

Chisaki immediately takes Shouto by the wrist in a firm grip, leading him outside to his car, unlocking it, and throwing him in the passenger seat. Already, Shouto could tell his boyfriend was angry, but he didn’t know it would be directed at him as well until he spoke up.

“Did you want him to touch you?”

He didn’t why Chisaki’s words were so accusatory in nature or why his tone had grown sharp on him. He didn’t know what to think about this in general, so to see it happen has him wondering, “No, why would you think that?”

Chisaki had gotten on top of him, straddling his waist while his golden eyes glared daggers at him, his voice never having changed once, “If you didn’t want him to, you wouldn’t have allowed him to touch you!”

“I didn’t like it! He just came up and started touching me! You have to believe me on this, please, I didn’t want it.”

“Shut it.”

Chisaki had his hand on his healing wrist fresh with finger shaped bruises. His eyes weren’t narrowed, but they were colder than the ice Shouto could summon from his right side. Before Shouto could defend himself, Chisaki had acted quicker, with the result being a succession of open palmed hits to the face and head while the boy struggled.

Once he was done, he would pin Shouto to his seat with both hands on his throat, his grip tightening as he spoke, “You’re lying to me, I know you are. How many boys are you cheating on me for? How many of them at your school do you run around with?”

“I’m not, I swear I’m not!” Shouto pleads to Chisaki, hoping to obtain some mercy from him, but Chisaki had none at this point.

“Prove it to me then. Prove to me you are not lying.”

“I don’t know how… I will do whatever you want me to if you just stop and believe me, please. I would never cheat on you. I love you too much to do that.”

Chisaki releases him from his hold and exhales a heavy breath, “If you do not do exactly as I say, I will break up with you on the spot. Got it?”

Shouto nods, causing Chisaki to feel as though he’s obtained yet another victory over him, “I am taking you to a salon to get your legs, underarms, and Brazilian waxed. After that, you will get changed into a new outfit I picked out for you to wear.”

“Okay, I’ll do it…but why do you want me to get waxed, though? What could that do with anything?”

“Let’s just say it will go perfectly with your new disguise.”

Shouto swallows down his nervousness and does as he says, even if it did sound strange to him. Truthfully, he didn’t want to lose his body hair. It was already sparse when his body was more masculine, but now…it’s somehow gotten worse.

Despite common belief, his body hair is fine, white on his right side and a white blonde on his left. It doesn’t grow fast either which means if he were to wax it off, it would take a long time for it to grow back.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

Chisaki pulls down his medical mask and kisses him on the lips gently, sounding soft in an instant when he tells him, “Good. I’m sorry for melting down on you, but I’ve been cheated on in the past and…just the thought of losing you to someone else…it hurts me, especially in the aftermath of losing my father.”

Once more, Shouto feels guilt. Once more, he apologizes for something he didn’t do wrong, “I’m sorry. Look, I’ll do better. I’ll be better so you won’t have to ever worry about me leaving you for someone else, okay?”

“Okay.” Chisaki is internally grinning because now he can get exactly what he wants out of Shouto. All he has to do is play upon the boy’s love for him and he will be able to get whatever he wants out of him.

He takes Shouto over to a place that allows walk-ins. There, the boy would get waxed for the first time—which hurt like hell—and then would be instructed to get changed into a new disguise he had gotten for him. The new disguise had been a baby blue, mini sweater dress and flat, black thigh high boots. Shouto didn’t hate this one as much as he hated the one for the rave, but he promised Chisaki he would wear it, so he did without complaint.

This made Chisaki’s heart sing because he knows he has the boy in his trap now! He can tell by the way his shoulders are tense and the slight stumble to his walk that he hates this outfit almost as much as the first one he had him wear. The fact he even got the boy to wear these outfits for him all because of his words and actions has him feeling like a king.

He takes Shouto out to the best park in town, where he gives him a dance of their own underneath the full moonlight with the stars glimmering in the sky. Chisaki does know a variety of dance moves but seeing as how Shouto appeared completely uncomfortable at the rave, he decided to take a different approach and showed off some of his ballroom flair instead. Turns out, Shouto was swooned by it going off of how relaxed his entire person became. The hearts in his eyes was another good indicator as well.

Chisaki had dipped him and, turning on the charm at full, remarks, “How can one person be so stunning in every lighting and angle? I’ve never had anyone so beautiful in my life until now.”

Shouto could only blush, having nothing to say other than to give him a kiss on the cheek, “I wish we would have been here instead of the rave. I hate that place.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t ever go to those places ever again. From now on, it will just be you and I doing things like this together. I thought it’d be nice to give you something new…I guess I should have thought that out more. I’m sorry, Todoroki. I won’t put you in another situation or place like that ever again.”


“Really. I love you, Todoroki. I love you so much.”

Shouto’s breath catches in his throat to this, and he smiles at him in response, “I love you too, Chisaki. I always will.”

They would share a few more dances before Chisaki would have to return Shouto to the dorms. Before he dropped him off at the minimart, he would kiss the marks he had left on the teen’s skin as a form of apology.

It was so tender, so kind of him to do that it made Shouto’s heart melt at the mere action of it all. Chisaki didn’t need to say anything. All that mattered is he still loves him, and he will never stop loving him so long as he does what he says. Which is ultimately what Chisaki had wanted him to think in the end…

In order to make Chisaki happy (as well as to diminish his insecurities and fears of being cheated on again), Shouto quit talking to all boys in UA. No, it wasn’t just UA, it was everywhere in general. Whenever they went out to eat, Chisaki would order for them. Whenever a man complimented Shouto on a new dress he had worn, he would remain silent as Chisaki glared him down and gave him a cold, monotone, “Stay away from my love, plebian.”

It never took Chisaki much effort to make the men and boys leave him alone. Still, if Shouto ever so much as looked at man, said a word to one, or gestured to one, Chisaki would snap and tighten his grip on whichever arm he was holding to the point where it would bruise. Sometimes, he’d even take him to the bathroom, an alleyway, or anywhere else secluded to tighten his grip on his throat while he reprimanded him for interacting with a man, always accusing him of wanting or trying to cheat on him.

Overall, it got to the point where being with Chisaki was starting to feel more and more like he was walking on eggshells around the man. Four days before the licensing exam, he would call up Kurono to talk to him about this because he needs to vent. He’s not sure if he can handle the way things are going right now and he knows he needs someone on his side to tell Chisaki to think about things from his point of view. He loves him, but it’s amazing how unfair he has been to him for the last two and half weeks.

“Hey Kurono…there’s something I’ve been having on my mind lately.”

“What is it?”

“It’s just…Chisaki has been having me wear dresses and heels out to our dates ever since the rave incident and I don’t like them. I hate wearing them because I know I am a boy and I know I hate dresses. It makes me feel less like a boy and more like a girl, which I really can’t stand. I can’t look at myself naked anymore, I can’t look at my body without feeling disgusted by it even in baggy clothes, and wearing the dresses isn’t making it easier for me to accept my body the way it is now. It’s making things worse… I don’t know, I want to tell Chisaki this, but it feels like if I speak my mind on anything going on in our relationship I don’t agree with, he’ll snap at me. What should I do? How can I get my voice heard just as much as his?”

Shouto doesn’t mind doing whatever it takes to ease his boyfriend’s insecurities. He does mind being made to do something he doesn’t want or like to do. Also, he was afraid if he told Kurono about how he thinks Chisaki is going a bit overboard on the whole ‘no talking or interacting with any man outside of me’ rule, Kurono would accuse him of wanting to cheat on Chisaki. They are best friends, of course he would take his side over Shouto’s. He had done so after Chisaki slapped him for the first time.

“Are you really that upset over the whole ‘no interacting with any man outside of me’ thing, Todoroki?”

“No, it’s nothing to do with that. Our relationship is starting to feel like I’m walking on eggshells to not upset him with anything I do or say. How can I fix it?”

“You do know he only has that rule up because his ex who used to cheat on him all the time constantly claimed ‘sexual harassment’ or ‘sexual assault’ and then Chisaki would wind up hurting innocent people in a beatdown all because he did not want anyone to hurt the one he loved, right? Todoroki, he’s really only doing that because he wants you to be both safe and to not run the risk of that happening ever again.”

“I’m fine with his rule, really, but what about the other stuff I just told you? What can I do about that?”

“I was actually going to get to that point. You see, things wouldn’t be this way if you didn’t do little things to trigger him back to the ex who did cheat on him. All you can do is earn back his trust by doing everything he asks you to and not questioning it. Then things will start to look up for you and your guys’ relationship will go back to the way it was before.”

Shouto nibbles on his bottom lip, knowing this is going to be the only way to restore their relationship to the way it once was. He does wonder though, “What about the dresses? How can I tell him how I really feel about the dresses without him getting upset at me?”

“Really? You’re still hung up about your body? Todoroki, you are still a guy with a dick and male chromosomes. The only reason why Chisaki has you wearing the dresses because your style is androgynous and much more masculine. He doesn’t want anybody to recognize you and out you online where your father can find out about it. He’s doing this to protect you, not hurt you. The sooner you realize this, the better.”

When put like that, Shouto doesn’t feel as bad about wearing the dresses. His boyfriend is only thinking about what’s best for him by doing this. He may not like it, but it’s the only way he can be with Chisaki without his father finding out about it.

He will always feel uncomfortable and out of place in them. Regardless, he will do his best to stop his complaining so he can focus on all of the good things his boyfriend is doing for their relationship, “…When put like that, I can see how he is doing his best for us. I must sound so bratty and whiny to be complaining about this. I’m sorry for bothering you with such a nonissue, Kurono.”

“It’s okay, Todoroki. I am always here to talk if either or you Chisaki need it. I know I may get a little tough at times, but that’s only because I want you two to succeed and be a happy couple together.”

“Thank you for wishing us well and doing whatever you can to help us to succeed as a couple. I should get going now… I’ll talk to you or Chisaki later. Bye.”


Just like that, Shouto is back to feeling guilty and as though he’s not worthy of his wonderful boyfriend. Meanwhile, Kurono is patting himself on the back for the lies and manipulation he’s pulled on Shouto to keep him trapped in Chisaki’s grasp.

Chapter Text

After the licensing exam, everyone was celebrating their success at the dorms. It was when they were too busy celebrating and simply thinking Shouto had gone to his room to mope the loss of his cell phone. What they didn’t know was he had been waiting for them to drop their guard and focus on himself so he could go out and see Chisaki.

Luckily for him, this had happened.

He would be able to slither his way through the common rooms and exit the door with the lightest of clicks. He would then take the train and go to the downtown area, waiting and willing to see Chisaki again.

Chisaki had gotten him so many disguises to wear that he could pick out an outfit from a box in his closet and put it together rather quickly. When he would see Chisaki, he would place his original outfit in the backseat of his car. Though there were times Chisaki would meet up with him before he went to the minimart to give him a new outfit, he usually reused different pieces from the box in new ways.

Like now, for example. He had reused the flat thigh high boots to go with an off the shoulder black mini dress. He would wait out by the bus stop where Chisaki would pick him up. Once the man arrived, he got into the car, Chisaki being pleasantly surprised when he showed up. Then again, he knows they don’t have much time together so a nice drive around town is all they can do before Shouto has to go back to school.

“Todoroki, I don’t know how we are going to manage this with everyone at your school trying to tear us apart.”

Shouto looks down, already feeling as though his relationship being on the line was all his fault, “I feel the same way. They are trying to make us break up, but I don’t want to break up with you. I love you too much to want to leave you.”

Chisaki hums to this and tells him, “It sounds to me like the only option is running away and starting a new life with me.”

“If I tried that, Aizawa would catch me. Besides, I don’t want to run away. I want to stay in school so I can become a hero.”

Chisaki knew this would come up eventually. He knew Shouto’s wanting to be a hero would be a thorn in his side at some point or another. He knew this would happen and yet nothing could be done to stop it. If Shouto doesn’t want to quit being a hero, then he will be forced to use other alternatives to keep him under his thumb.

“Right, I understand…” he then gives Shouto an idea, one which he cannot turn away from, “There is something we can do to surpass the ridiculous, Draconian rules your teacher has imposed on us. We can text during your classes and after lunch. Before you have to give him your phone, you can always delete the texts between us.”

Shouto is quick to take the suggestion, happy to know his lover is willing to help him brainstorm ideas for their new predicament, “That’s a great idea! We can go ahead and do that. In order to remember when to show up for our dates on the weekend, I can write it down on a small piece of paper and keep it hidden in my pocket so no one will ever know.”

“Great! That way we can still plan and have our dates behind their backs. If you keep on giving all boys the silent treatment, then it will work out better in the end. The less people notice your comings and goings, the better.”

Shouto feels hopeful and lighter after talking to Chisaki. He feels much happier after hearing the solutions to the problems their relationship is facing. Now, if only he could ask, “What about remedial lessons? There’s a good chance I may have them on the weekends as well. What will we do then?”

“I can meet you up after they are done, and we can go from there.”

Shouto takes his boyfriend’s hand into his own, smiling as he speaks, “I love you, Chisaki. I love how brilliant you are and how you can find a solution to any problem we’re facing, no matter who or where it comes from.”

Chisaki chuckles to this, telling the dual quirk user, “I love you too. It’s why I needed to come up with this idea. I need you to be with me. I need you to be by my side no matter what. I cannot go without you. You make me feel more like myself in a time where others are trying to break me.”

Oh if only Shouto knew how deeply entangled he was into his web!

As though he would allow some teacher or a school system to separate them! What a joke! He’s the head of the yakuza for a good reason and this is one of the reasons why. He will never allow Shouto to leave or drift away from him. He will never allow Shouto to escape his clutches. Aizawa may have seen through his actions, but Shouto hasn’t and that’s all that matters to his plan.

If Shouto keeps on believing this is a normal and loving relationship… Oh wait, he will. The poor boy grew up isolated in an abusive home with a father who regularly beat his mother. There’s no way he would ever know their relationship is abnormal. He’d hate it, that much he knows, but he wouldn’t be able to discern signs of a toxic relationship if they made themselves known in a subtle manner (much like what Chisaki did ever since their first date). Now that Chisaki has exerted more tactics to control him—whether it be through hurting him physically, lying to him, or threatening to leave him—there’s no way out for him. He’s fallen for the trap and doesn’t even know it. He believes they are normal and healthy because Chisaki doesn’t yell at him, raise his voice, use his quirk on him, or violently beat him in a severe manner the same way his father did to his mother.

In summary, all Chisaki had to do was be the opposite of Endeavor and it all worked out for the best in the end. Now all that remains is maintaining his control over Shouto from a distance when he has an obstacle who can see straight through him.

He parked the car in a random parking spot not too far from the minimart. He would then open the door for Shouto and kiss him on the lips, “We can and will make this work. No one will ever break us apart, Todoroki. I’ll be sure of it.”

“I know nothing can. No one can keep me away from you even if they tried.”

All Might and Present Mic were not comforted by what they heard from Aizawa regarding Shouto and his conversation with Chisaki.

Present Mic is shaking with outrage whereas All Might is eerily silent and calm to the news. It’s enough to unnerve Aizawa, but he doesn’t let it bother him.

“I made up a strict system for Todoroki concerning his phone usage. I will not allow him to have his phone after school, I will not allow him to have it during lunch, and he will only be allowed to have it during the school day. I would have taken it away entirely, but a certain nosy loudmouth told me it would lead him into despising me and becoming clingier to Chisaki.”

“I was afraid he’d start sneaking around with him! Kids will do whatever it takes to be with their lovers, even if they are bad for them. We need to remain on his good side and keep being a friend to him so he will feel free to turn to us for advice.” Present Mic insists to Aizawa, thinking he is doing what is best for Shouto.

All Might didn’t quite have much of an opinion other than, “You’re both right. We need to set up boundaries without being too strict. We don’t want to risk young Todoroki doing whatever it takes to contact Chisaki. Chances are he has his phone number memorized, so if we were to take his phone away completely, he would be more pressed into making friends with his classmates for the wrong reasons. We need to be careful to not be too hard or soft on the boy. His situation is dire and we need to do whatever we can to get him to understand what is happening is not normal or okay for anyone to do to him.”

The loud blonde feels the need to give a triumphant, “Ha! He agrees with me!”

“He agrees with me too, don’t get too cocky about it.” Aizawa shoots back at his boyfriend, not above reminding him of what All Might has just said.

All Might is both disturbed as well as outraged by what he’s heard from Aizawa regarding Shouto and Chisaki’s relationship. In any other circumstance, he’d be barging on Endeavor’s door and ordering him to go out there and take care of his son. However, given Shouto’s fear of his father’s homophobia (it’s not a misplaced fear, in all honesty), All Might is forced to keep it to himself so Shouto doesn’t suffer from his father’s cruelty.

He wants to arrest Chisaki or at least pummel him like he would a monster. Instead, he’s stuck on the sidelines and left to wonder what all can be done from here on out instead of waiting for the boy to break his silence towards them.

“I want to speak to him about this. Aizawa, if you’ll allow me to, I want to speak to young Todoroki alone during his first period. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. I’m sure you could have a better shot at getting through to him compared to me. I’ve tried to so many times, but every time I try to get him to see reason, he pulls himself further away from me. I’m at my wits end on what to do with him.”

All Might knows how stressed Aizawa is about this whole situation. He knows the man cares, even if he tries to conceal it at times. The problem is he cares too much, especially in a dire situation like this. Shouto is a unique student with unique issues they never once faced before in UA. Now they are at the forefront of dealing with student in a toxic relationship and they are grasping at straws in terms of what to do.

“Are you sure he can’t see a counsellor? I’m positive that would help him.” Present Mic suggests, but it’s futile.

“He wouldn’t go to one. You saw how he got with us at our dining room table when he had breakfast at our place. Imagine how much worse he’d be with a counsellor.” Aizawa points out to Present Mic who sighs in defeat, “I suppose you’re right there…he’d just shut down and ice them out.”

“It’s why I believe All Might is the best one for this situation. As the former number one hero, he’s inspired billions across the planet. I believe he should be able to inspire some reason into Todoroki. He’s got a way with people that can’t be matched. It’s an admirable trait of him I find to be positive in situations such as these.”

It’s great to hear his fellow heroes have such faith in him. However, All Might has dealt with abusive relationships involving villains and regular civilians in the past. They’re not easy to get out of nor are they easy to break. Chisaki isn’t a villain, but that doesn’t mean Shouto is not in a toxic situation which will be harder for him to leave.

All the former number one can do at this point in time is to hope he will be willing to listen to him on this very important topic.

The following morning, school would start and right after orientation, Shouto would be approached by the gauntly looking All Might, “Todoroki, we need to talk.”

“Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong. Oh, and before you ask, Aizawa okayed this meet up between us. It’s perfectly fine if you miss your first class to come with me instead.”

“Fine, I’ll go with you.”

Shouto followed All Might into the building and over to the teacher’s office where they would be alone. The very minute the door closed, Shouto found himself alone with his idol in a way that did not differ from how Midoriya usually is.

Being in All Might’s office would have been a dream come true before he got with Chisaki. Now it feels different, somehow tense in a way he hadn’t seen coming. Is he really not in trouble?

“Todoroki, I want to talk to you about something important. It’s concerning relationships, specifically romantic relationships.” All Might begins whereas Shouto instantly goes on the edge, ready to defend Chisaki no matter what.

“I see, what do you want to talk to me about concerning that?” Shouto asks him, making sure to be on guard in case if he dared attack his relationship with Chisaki.

“I want to talk to you about what is healthy and what isn’t.” Shouto has to restrain the eye roll coming to focus on his words, “Okay then…but I think you should know every couple is different and there is no textbook definition of a healthy or unhealthy relationship.”

“I know this, but there are general signs of an unhealthy relationship you should know about. For example, if your boyfriend bans you from speaking to all boys or anyone who criticizes your relationship with him, then it’s unhealthy. If he cannot allow you to make friends of your own, then it’s unhealthy—”

“He doesn’t do any of the above to me. He would never do that to me.”

“Then why did you act so scared around Yoarashi? Why didn’t you speak to your classmates after the Sports Festival last semester?”

“I didn’t speak to them because I was busy with stuff. As for the Yoarashi thing, that was just…because…he hates me, and I felt nervous around him for it.”

All Might doesn’t buy it for one second, “Then why did you say it would make things easier for you if he kept on hating you?”

Shouto had nothing for that. He knew whatever lie he pulled wouldn’t work on the former number one hero.

The sickly looking blonde man exhaled deeply when telling him, “I know it’s hard to believe, but what you have is not healthy, Todoroki. Chisaki should be okay with you making friends and talking to people even the ones who criticize your relationship.”

“Did Aizawa tell you about what happened after the licensing exam?”

“He did.”

“Did he tell you anything else?”

“He told me everything he’s seen and heard from you about your relationship.”

That was all it took for Shouto to harden his heart towards All Might’s words. Simply put, “You were turned against my boyfriend by him. He’s manipulating you against a wonderful person who loves me and would never hurt me.”

All Might is quick to shoot this down, because he will not allow Shouto to fall prey to this predator’s trap, “He is not a wonderful person if he constantly has to be sure you aren’t talking to other boys. He’s not a wonderful person if he feels the need to control you with threats, isolation, and intimidation. Todoroki, you are with a bad guy who will one day hurt you with either his quirk or his fists.”

That struck a chord in Shouto because he has already been on the receiving end of physical violence from Chisaki. He already has seen how angry his boyfriend can get, but he’s never used fists or his quirk on him so it’s not a bad thing. He only ever struck him whenever Shouto did something stupid which happens a lot because Shouto is stupid enough to trigger Chisaki in the worst of ways.

His hands begin to play with the hem of his blazer, a nervous habit he had developed in childhood which never went away except back then it was playing with the hem of his shirt. He doesn’t know what to do or say next which won’t make Chisaki look worse in All Might’s poisoned eyes, “He wouldn’t do that to me. You were poisoned against him by Aizawa. Chisaki is a great guy and if you gave him a chance, you’d see it.”

“Great guys don’t hurt their boyfriends, Todoroki. They love, respect, and cherish them, but they never hurt, abuse, manipulate, intimidate, threaten, or isolate their boyfriends.”

It’s all All Might can get out to him before the bell rings and Shouto is needed for his next class, “I have to get going. Goodbye All Might, I hope you have a nice day.”

His favorite hero looks at him and gives a calm, “I hope you have a nice day as well, Todoroki. I also hope you think about what I’ve said because I feel you need to think about it right now.”

Shouto wouldn’t understand why he has to think about it. He wouldn’t get why he has to ponder what All Might said when it’s not true and never will be, “I don’t need to. Chisaki loves me and he always will. I love him too and I always will.”

Unfortunately for All Might, he was far too late. His words had no effect on Shouto. The boy is thoroughly ensnared in the web of Chisaki Kai and once one is caught up in his web, there is no escaping it. He can try all he wants, but once Shouto exits that door, his fate is set in stone.

Chapter Text

Shouto didn’t see it coming when remedial lessons ended.

The day had gone by rather well, with Inasa trying to befriend him right off the bat. He had a wide smile on his face when loudly announcing, “Todoroki, hi! What’s your favorite color?”

Shouto had blinked because this was…strange, “What? Why would you ask me that?”

He knows he’s not supposed to talk to any boys at remedial lessons, but this was so strange he had felt the need to respond. Inasa was the first one to say it, “I want to get to know you better! I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I want to get to know you as a person, Todoroki!”

Shouto didn’t know how to take this, but he shook his head, “I’m sorry, but I can’t…look, I have a boyfriend. I can’t talk to you now.”

“Is he the same one who got really cruel to you on the phone? Because I don’t think that guy is good for you. No one should talk to their boyfriend like the way he does to you.”

“He didn’t get cruel towards me. We were having a misunderstanding that day, it was no big deal.”

“If he wasn’t getting cruel to you, then why was he making you anxious?”

Shouto has nothing for this and Inasa knows it. He simply avoided conversation with the taller teen and focused on the lesson at hand. Though Inasa tried to talk to him, it was all in vain but unlike the recommendation exams at UA, he didn’t take it the wrong way. He is worried over Shouto because he knows his boyfriend doesn’t like him talking to other boys and something about the guy leaves a sour taste in his mouth.

After the lessons had ended for the day, he was going to try to talk to Shouto one more time. He feels bad for the shorter teen, knowing how lonely and friendless he must be because of his boyfriend.

He was about to walk up to him when he noticed the boy was heading over in a direction far away from where the buses were. He followed him out of interest, wanting to know what was going on. What he saw next made his breath get caught in his throat as he froze in his spot.

No, this cannot be, right?

Is this…Shouto’s boyfriend?

He was wearing a brown coat with fur lining the inner part of the collar, his yellow gold eyes were bright and vivid yet cold, and his medical mask covered up so much of his face Inasa couldn’t tell if he had attractive features or not.

He sees Shouto hugging the man, asking him, “Why are you here, Chisaki?”

“I’m here to pick you up for our date.”

Shouto smiles to this, a sweet sight if one were to ask Inasa, and yet it all feels tainted because this Chisaki person is right here in front of him and he doesn’t like him.

He knows he shouldn’t judge a man he’s never met. Being too judgmental is what cost him his provisional license in the first place. At the same time, he cannot help his gut feeling telling him this man is bad news or the way his mind is blaring danger signals around the man. It’s as though he has a toxic, murderous aura on him at all times. It’s off-putting to say the least and yet he approaches the couple with a bold, “Are you Todoroki’s boyfriend?”

Chisaki answers him calmly, “I am. Why do you ask?”

“Because I heard the way you spoke to him after the licensing exam and I didn’t like it. Is that the way you always speak to Todoroki?”

“How I speak to him is none of your business. Why were you listening in to our conversation in the first place?”

“I feel like that is none of your business as well.”

Though the conversation sounded civil, it was anything but. Inasa had the feeling to strike at Chisaki for treating Shouto the way he did. Chisaki had the feeling to strike at Inasa with his quirk because unlike so many others, Inasa feels like a severe threat.

Chisaki has been in the yakuza long enough to be able to tell when someone is a threat or not. There are varying degrees of threats: those who are not threats, those who are moderate threats, and those who are severe threats. Midoriya and Iida were not threats because they stood no chance of getting close to Shouto as long as he was on the phone with him. Aizawa is a moderate threat, but since he is pushing Shouto too hard too fast, he is nothing to be too concerned about. Chisaki can still control Shouto despite Aizawa being in his life because Shouto is put off by his criticisms of their relationship. Bakugou quit being a threat after he chewed him out. Inasa, however, has Chisaki wondering if he should use his quirk on him.

He feels the itch to use his quirk on the tall bastard who is a severe threat. He’s too kind, too warm, too happy around Shouto and the fact he wanted to get to know him as a person is off-putting to Chisaki. (Shouto had been allowed to bring his phone to remedial lessons, so yes, Chisaki does know everything about their interaction in the beginning of the lessons.)

Anyone who is as warm and kind with such a sunshine-y personality like Inasa is damned to turn Shouto against him with his kindness, persistence, and his ability to speak to him without criticizing his current relationship with him in the same aggressive manner his teacher and classmates do. (After Inasa had made the comment about Chisaki making Shouto anxious, he quit talking about their relationship all together when trying to talk to him. Unlike everyone else around Shouto, Inasa is smart enough to drop it and move on.)

He will not lose his prize to this giant. Inasa is a threat and a severe one at that. He will not allow this guy to show Shouto how a man is supposed to treat his lover in a healthy, loving relationship. Screw that! He already had a run-in with couple of heroes when Eri escaped earlier on today. He needs to do whatever it takes to prevent more heroes and Inasa’s from getting in the way of his goals.

Which means he has to do what he has to do.

“Come on Todoroki, we have a date to get to. I don’t think we should be wasting our time with anyone else when we don’t have much time for ourselves anymore.” Chisaki suddenly speaks, choosing to not use his quirk on him even though he wants to so badly.

(Okay, he doesn’t want to draw too much attention to himself or scare Shouto either. That played a huge role in his decision.)

“Okay Chisaki.” Shouto says to him, but Inasa is quick to ask, “Are you going to be okay, Todoroki? Are your teachers fine with this?”

Shouto doesn’t hesitate when saying it, “I will be okay. Chisaki loves me, Yoarashi. He wouldn’t ever hurt me.”

He watches as Shouto gets inside the luxury brand black car and rides away with a man he never stopped having a bad feeling over.

Shouto never returned to the dorms after his date with Chisaki.

No one noticed it for the longest time. The mornings went by as usual before class started and when it did, they didn’t even notice they were missing a student. Aizawa had received a text from Shouto the night before saying he had to go see his mother because it was an emergency. Therefore, he didn’t mention his absence during his class with the students.

As the day wore on, he had hoped to hear from Shouto. Except, when he didn’t, he had to call up Fuyumi (he did get her number after he had been alone with her and Natsuo at the doctor’s office after Shouto’s Maki attack incident) to ask her, “How is your mother doing after her emergency?”

“What emergency? She’s perfectly fine. I just saw her last night.”

He’s pissed because it’s obvious Shouto had lied to run around with his boyfriend behind his back! Here he had thought Gang Orca would keep up his promise of making sure Shouto wasn’t on his phone the whole time and this happens? That’s it, screw what Present Mic says, he is taking that boy’s phone away for good until he stops seeing that boy!

“I received a text from your brother last night about going to see your mother because she had an emergency. Are you meaning to tell me he lied about it?”

The shock he hears in her words make his eyes widen as his blood runs cold, “He texted you last night? I’ve been trying to get a hold of him ever since last night. Has he texted or called you at all?”

“…No, he hasn’t texted or called me ever since last night.”

Fuyumi then makes an audible snapping sound over the phone, Aizawa thinks she snapped her fingers, “Wait, my dad has a tracker on Shouto’s phone! Also, the phone bill came in the mail for Shouto’s phone service when I checked it this morning. I’m sure we can find out something from that.”

Aizawa actually feels relief right now, but he asks her, “How does the tracker on your brother’s phone work?”

“Oh well, you see, my dad has an app that allows him to track Shouto’s whereabouts using his phone. I have the same app as does Natsuo. He wanted us to make sure he’s not ‘slacking off’ or ‘running around with some loose girl’ when he should be training to be the next number one.”

Okay, weird, but oddly helpful right now, “Bring the phone bill and your phone. We need to find Todoroki before he does something stupid with his boyfriend.”

“I will, I will come down there right after work. Goodbye, Aizawa.”

“Goodbye, Fuyumi.”

He hangs up the phone, instantly on edge as he knows he will be able to find Shouto soon and yet… Something about this whole mess feels off. If Shouto were simply lying to run around with Chisaki, wouldn’t he have come back by now? Why did he stay out all night with him? Why would he lie about this when the boy is blunt and honest to a fault?

None of this is adding up. None of this is making sense.

Still, he chooses to keep a calm, level head. Maybe Shouto will be fine when they find his phone. Maybe Shouto will be found somewhere nice and clean, going out on a date with his boyfriend. Maybe he’s overreacting. Maybe he’s reading too much into this. Maybe…maybe…

There’s a microwave going off in the teacher’s lounge. The beeping sound being enough to snap him out of his worrisome trance.

Present Mic asks, “Are you okay, Shouta? You don’t look like you’re all there right now.”

“I’m okay, Hizashi. There’s nothing to worry about.”

He would have told his nosy boyfriend about his situation, but he doesn’t want him blabbing about it to everyone and everything with ears. Hizashi cannot keep a secret to save his life, which is why he didn’t tell him about this. I mean, no point in making a huge fuss over what is most likely a boy playing hooky to be with his toxic boyfriend.

This doesn’t make it any better for him, especially since he knows how Chisaki talks to him and how controlling he is.

He doesn’t know when Fuyumi’s shift ends at her job, but he hopes it ends soon because he will need answers to the questions burning in his mind.

They first followed the tracker to the location it was shown being at. There was no Shouto, but his phone was found in the trash can of a high-end area. He didn’t know what was going on, or who had put it there, but it was concerning to say the least. He would take photos of the phone in the trash can before picking it up and putting it in his pocket.

He would turn to Fuyumi, who had visibly paled at the sight of the phone being found where it was at, “Shouto is strong, right? Whatever happened…it wasn’t anything bad, was it?”

Aizawa couldn’t assure her of anything. All he could do was say, “He is strong, but he is stubborn as well. If his resistance to anything and everything I’ve done to get him to leave Chisaki is an indicator of anything…it’s an indicator of how no villain will ever be able to take him down so easily.”

Fuyumi never had to worry over Shouto outside of the training room before…but she doesn’t like Chisaki and she doesn’t trust him. In this very moment, she’s more worried over Shouto’s safety with this boy because he’s bad news. If he could isolate him from her…then who’s to say he won’t do anything else to him?

No, no! What is she thinking? It’s Shouto: he’s invincible to anyone but their father. Other than this, he can hold his own just fine. Chisaki will be no match compared to her little brother! Besides, he’s probably doing this as a ‘fuck you’ of sorts, a bit of rebellion she supposes… Why doesn’t it feel like it then?

No, she’s overthinking things!

She is not going to worry or stress over Shouto and his safety because Shouto is well trained and can take care of himself…even around his sketchy boyfriend she’s never seen or spoken to before in person or over video chat.

“I’m sure he’s out on a date with his boyfriend. I’m sure he probably is thinking he’ll give us a scare and make it look like he is running away so you drop the strict rules on his phone usage to him.”

Aizawa knows this is as nonsensical as it sounds yet he cannot bring himself to say anything to detract from her statement. It’s obvious she is scared and putting up a front to detract from her fears concerning her brother’s safety. In this situation, being too blunt with her would only make her worry more.

Aizawa opts for a changing of the subject instead, asking her, “Have you ever spoken to Chisaki before?”

“I never have.” Fuyumi admits in a small, breathless voice.

“Have you ever heard the way he talks to your brother?”

“My room and his are on opposite ends of the house. I’ve never heard the way he speaks to my brother or the sound of his voice.”

“At any point at all did you ever see a photo of Chisaki?”

“I never did. I don’t know what he looks like.”

He doesn’t know what to do then. Should he tell her what he heard the day of the licensing exam? Should he tell her Shouto is dating a prick who is trying to control far too many aspects of his life? He doesn’t know what to do other than not bring it up for now. He wouldn’t want to upset her, after all.

“Okay, well, let’s go back to the police station and file a missing person’s report. I want to find Todoroki as quickly as possible. If he’s alone with Chisaki, they can’t be up to anything good.”

Fuyumi turns her eyes over to him, asking him, “Are you sure about this? I’m sure Shouto will come back. He wouldn’t give up his dream of being a hero for anything in the world.”

Aizawa is quick to remind her, “He’s with a guy who isolated him from you and his classmates. He is not going to be okay being left alone with a predator like Chisaki. I won’t allow a single day to pass where he could get hurt by that bastard. The sooner we file the report at a police station, the better.”

She sounds so scared when she says it, “My father…he’ll find out he’s gay and he won’t like it. If Shouto is found running around with his boyfriend, being all fine and dandy, my father won’t take it well.”

“He won’t be ‘fine and dandy’ with a boy like Chisaki. Chisaki is not safe for your brother to be by. The sooner we get this report filed, the better it will be for his safety.” she seems hesitant after hearing this, which is why Aizawa tells her, “I will deal with your father. Just let me file the missing person’s report.”

It’s a hard pill to swallow. She had promised Shouto a long time ago she would do everything in her power to make sure their father never learned of his sexuality. Now to know Enji will not only see a photo of Shouto’s new feminine body, but learn about his being gay as well… It’s too much to take in.

Somehow, she forces herself into a state of mind over matter and agrees with Aizawa, “Alright, let’s go file the report then.”

She didn’t want to, but it had to be done. If their father discovered the truth about his both being gay and having a boyfriend, then so be it. She will handle him until they find Shouto.

Being in the police station, with the officers dashing about, has her feeling a lump building up in her throat. She’s not too sure how this works or what is done as a protocol for a missing person’s report. All she knows is she will have to file a report and admit Shouto is gone.

What will she tell their mother who hasn’t seen Shouto in ten years?

What will she tell Natsuo?

She doesn’t know what she will do. She doesn’t know what she will say to them. Their mother will be distraught and may have another mental breakdown. Natsuo will want to kill whoever took Shouto. This whole thing…it’s a mess. It’s a mess she cannot fix.

When she is met face to face with an officer—Aizawa had found one after saying the situation involved a minor in a toxic relationship—everything becomes real.

Shouto is gone and there’s nothing she can do about it.

Chapter Text

The following morning, Aizawa would announce to the class, “Yesterday, we filed a missing person’s report on Todoroki Shouto. Anyone with any information on the last time you’ve seen him, come to me and I will take you to the police to give them your statements.”

What was worse yet is the fact none in his class noticed he was gone. He had been so silent, so introverted and kept to himself that no one did notice when he wasn’t there. Hearing this shook them to their cores as well as brought about a strong wave of guilt over the entire class.

He was their fellow classmate…they should have noticed he was gone!

Why didn’t they look at him?

Why didn’t they reach out to him more?

Why didn’t they—

“His disappearance is nobody’s fault. The only person to blame is his kidnapper, not yourselves. Does anybody here have any clue on what happened to him on his final day?”

The only one who did was Iida.

It shocked Aizawa to see this, but he did seem calmer, much more composed than what he was for the few moments he made the announcement of Shouto’s disappearance.

“He didn't come back from remedial lessons with Bakugou after the first one they had together. Did he go see family perhaps?”

“He texted me saying he had to go see his mom because of an emergency. When I called up his sister, she said that there had been no emergency with her. We used the tracking app on her phone to try to find him, but ultimately, we found it in a trash can in a high-end area.”

Iida was at first disturbed by the news, but he already had an idea popping up in his head, “Was he with his mother? Did he see her at all? For all we know, that's where he could be.”

“Why wouldn’t he take his phone or wallet with him if he was going to see his mother? According to his siblings, he never knew about the tracker on his phone either, so don't try to accuse him of running away with his boyfriend either.”

“If he did have something bad happen to him, he can get himself out of it. He’s one of the strongest students in class: there's nothing he can't do to defend himself.”

“He’s not invincible, Iida.” Aizawa calmly reminded the entire class while keeping everything in his being even, feeling more than annoyed he had to remind the class of this simple fact, “He’s a human being still with limitations and flaws. A powerful quirk means nothing if it is cancelled somehow, someway, more so for a boy like him whose combat training revolved around his quirk.”

The underground hero keeps himself composed enough to tell the class, “I’ll speak to Bakugou about Todoroki’s disappearance. For now, you will be left with Midnight for the rest of class.”

The R-rated hero was standing there in the back of the class throughout this announcement, ready to step in and take over should it be needed. She was looking upon them with interest as she intended to do as Aizawa instructed of her to do and take over as she had said she would. 

Meanwhile, Aizawa's chat with Bakugou had given him a credible lead. Though he didn't see Shouto slink out of the crowd of students after claiming he was going to visit his mother after the lessons were over, he did know someone who was trying to get closer to him the whole day: Yoarashi Inasa. Aizawa would call up Shiketsu and have them bring in Inasa to the principal's office to see if he knew anything or not. Aizawa could only hope he did. The longer he was away from home and with Chisaki, the darker Aizawa's thoughts became as worry consumed his mind. 


Inasa had been called into the principal’s office early that morning for reasons he didn’t understand at first. When he heard about Shouto’s disappearance, he was quick to offer the police anything they needed to know.

He had a bad feeling in his gut about Chisaki and now Shouto’s gone! He shouldn’t have let him go! He should have stayed and fought to keep him there. He knows his boyfriend is behind this, he just knows he is because of the way he heard him talk over the phone to Shouto and the way he came off as being towards him during their first meeting. He didn’t want anything bad to happen to Shouto, but it looks like he couldn’t prevent it.

Or he could have if he had fought harder to keep him here, where he’s safe and sound!

Even after giving the police his full account, he still didn’t feel any better. No, he only felt worse as the guilt began to swallow him whole. He didn’t like what was happening here with Shouto. He didn’t like the many, many negative thoughts popping up in his mind of Chisaki and his cruel, twisted grin he knows must be hidden underneath that medial mask!

He’s trying to not jump to conclusions, and yet here he is, jumping to conclusions about a guy he met only once! He feels stupid for doing so yet at the same time he cannot stop himself. Chisaki was the last person Shouto was known to be with before he vanished off of the face of the earth. Chisaki is also known to be mean to Shouto for no apparent reason (well, to Inasa he’s mean for no apparent reason).

He had been so lost in his upset thoughts he almost didn’t hear Aizawa asking him, “Yoarashi, can I ask you something?”

He paused in his footsteps and turned to Aizawa, “Sure. What do you want to ask me about?”

“I wanted to ask you about the last time you saw Todoroki. What happened there?”

“He was with his boyfriend, about to leave to go on a date with him. I already gave the police a description of his car, the license plate, and where he was being picked up at.”

Aizawa is confused about something though, “Where did he park the car? How come no one saw him?”

Inasa explains it as, “He parked far away from where the buses were at. If I hadn’t followed Todoroki, I wouldn’t have seen Chisaki or the car.”

Aizawa asks him because he is curious, “What did Chisaki look like? I’ve never seen before, so I am interested to know what he looked like.”

“He had short, dark chocolate brown hair and these golden eyes that were a bright, yellowy gold color. He also wore a medical mask and medical gloves with a coat that had fur lining in the collar. Todoroki looked at him as though he were the world to him. I can’t say Chisaki looked at him the same.”

Going off of how bitter he sounds, he can’t help but to wonder, “Are you…jealous of Chisaki, Yoarashi?”

The way he goes on the defensive seems to tell Aizawa otherwise, “What? Why would I be jealous of that jerk! He doesn’t talk to Todoroki right. I can’t imagine what he’s like whenever they’re alone…especially since I saw a bit of that bruise on his arm after he ended his conversation with you when the licensing exam was done.”


This situation just became more dire in the eyes of the already worried teacher, “Did you tell the police about this?”

“I told them everything I knew.”

Aizawa was about to leave to speak to the police when he heard Inasa ask softly, “He’s strong…he’ll be okay, won’t he?”

He didn’t know what to say other than, “I’m sure he can defend himself against a villain… His boyfriend is another story I’d rather not think about.”

It won’t comfort Inasa, but Aizawa didn’t have it in him to lie to the usually cheery kid. He couldn’t, it wouldn’t have been right to give him false hope during a time when they can’t afford to have any.


Sir Nighteye first heard of Shouto's disappearance through Mirio and Midoriya, at first not thinking anything of it. As awful as it sounds, he wrote it off as nothing important. A teenage boy ran away to be with his boyfriend, big whoop. It happens all the time.

It wasn’t until he heard the name ‘Chisaki’ did he take any interest.

He didn’t want to take any focus off of his current investigation of the Shie Hassaikai but hearing the name had him thinking about something relating to it (he did hear a rumor from a source the leader's name was either Chisaki or something close it).

He asked Midoriya and Mirio, “What did he look like? This Chisaki person?”

Midoriya could only explain what Aizawa had told him after he had asked about his visit to the police station, “According to Yoarashi, he was fairly tall, wore a medical mask, had short dark brown hair, and yellow gold eyes… I told Aizawa it sounded a lot like the guy Mirio and I ran into with the little girl.”

First, the odd circumstance surrounding Mirio’s friend temporarily losing his quirk in public, then the strange encounter with the man who looked exactly like the guy Mirio and Midoriya had seen earlier this week, then the disappearance of Todoroki Shouto, and now a man named Chisaki who fits the description of the leader of the Shie Hassaikai…

No doubt about it. It’s all intertwined somehow, someway.

The leader of the Hassaikai is not a creature of habit. He slips in and out of every part of society, whether it be high-end neighborhoods, run down ghost towns, or inner city circles. He is anywhere he wants to be. Everywhere he goes, the iron fist of fear stills the people to silence and hesitance to even consider saying a word about him. The word on the street is his quirk is one of the strongest out there, and the threat looming over their heads of it being used on them is enough to buy anyone’s silence.

What doesn’t make much sense to Sir Nighteye is something simple, a well known fact many have shared with him and his sidekicks in the past, “I would assume this man is the leader of the Hassaikai, but what I would like to point out as well is the fact he is known to be straight. His relationships often involve runaways, prostitutes, victims of human trafficking, and teenage girls who are usually delinquents. The key word here being ‘girls’. He wouldn’t go for a boy and he is known to kill every girl he gets with after a month of dating over something trivial.”

He then gets out his phone, texting Aizawa to have the number of the police station where Inasa gave his description of the boyfriend Shouto was last seen with. Aizawa one ups this and gives him Inasa’s number, claiming the boy gave it to when he asked for it. (Aizawa had asked for Inasa’s number mainly to talk to him about Shouto’s relationship and what all he remembers seeing on the days he saw him.) He had a photo on his phone of the leader of the Hassaikai and sent a text with the photo, the message saying, Hello Yoarashi, I am Sir Nighteye and I was wondering if you recognize this man as the boyfriend of Todoroki Shouto or not.

In only a minute, he had a confirmation, He was wearing a different coat when I saw him with Todoroki, but yeah that’s him. That’s Chisaki.

It was all Sir Nighteye needed to hear, but he is confused nonetheless. Why is Chisaki—as he now knows him—dating the Todoroki boy when he’s known to be straight? Why did he take him away the day before yesterday?

None of this is adding up. He needs more details.

Looks like he will have to have a visit with Aizawa, but before he does, he asks Midoriya, “How long were Todoroki and Chisaki dating?”

“Ever since the Sports Festival ended.” Midoriya replies, asking his temporary boss, “Are we going to find him? Are we going to look for him, sir?”

They…could have had the leader of the Shie Hassaikai months ago?

What. The. Hell!

“That case is not our priority. All we can do now is focus on the current objective at hand. Mirio, take him out for a patrol, I need to see Eraserhead.”


He would meet up with Aizawa at his own office, his nerves getting the best of him the entire time, yet he didn’t show it. He could only wonder why on earth this happened so long ago and no one looked into it. Didn’t they think to ask to see a picture of this boy? Didn’t they check Shouto’s social media pages? How could they have let this slip past their fingers!

They could have caught the leader of the Hassaikai months ago and now that’s out of the option!

How could a group of potential heroes and current pros drop the ball so badly!

Enji…oh, do not get him started on Enji. How the hell could he have not known his son was running around with a villain? How the hell did he let this happen? What, is he too lazy and incompetent as a father now to be of any use to society? Is that what being number one did to him? If so, then there’s a good reason why he didn’t deserve that spot in the first place!

Despite his outrage, he would greet Aizawa with a pleasant, “Hello Eraserhead, I hope you don’t mind me asking a few questions about Todoroki Shouto and his relationship with a man I know to be a villain I am currently planning on taking down.”

“A villain? Wait, Chisaki is a villain?” Aizawa couldn’t believe it because, “Todoroki would have known, though. He wouldn’t have ever been caught up with a villain.”

“This one never makes the news and he is known to be discreet about his crimes. He has no criminal record and he is not known to the police. There is no way Todoroki would have known about it.”

Aizawa sighs deeply, his hand coming to rest on his forehead at his own stupidity, “I should have seen it coming… He was too controlling for it to be normal. He was too hellbent on isolating him from everyone and he rushed their relationship way too fast… I shouldn’t have written him off as a toxic boyfriend.”

He decides to let a little bit of his outrage known to Aizawa, still dumbfounded by the way a school of pro heroes, potential heroes, and the father of a potential hero dropped the ball so severely, “Why didn’t you check his social media accounts to see photos of this boy?”

“Todoroki never had any social media accounts. He was too confused by them due to his father not allowing him to go on the internet growing up.”

“How about photos? Surely he had photos he showed to his friends at school.”

“He didn’t have any friends at school. He treated becoming a hero more like a business deal sort of thing, but after the Sports Festival, he did change…for the worse, though, because of Chisaki. Because of Chisaki having him text him and call him all the time, he never made any friends at UA. He didn’t even go to the training camp this year because Chisaki said his father was going to die that week. Also, I checked his phone. He had no photos on there, not even ones of his boyfriend.”

Sir Nighteye raises a brow to this, but doesn’t tell Aizawa the truth in order to focus on other things, “Why didn’t you confiscate his phone sooner? Why didn’t you demand to meet him in person right from the beginning?”

Aizawa answers this easily, “The calls happened during lunch break. In that case, he wasn’t breaking any rules so it wasn’t like we could take his phone away out of nowhere. Texting in the halls is also not a punishable crime. Again, we couldn’t take it away from him without reason. As for meeting his boyfriend in person, I wanted to meet him, but I couldn’t because he said he was still grieving from the loss of his father.”

This whole thing is just too strange to him…

“Didn’t you ever see or notice any red flags with him? Surely there had to be something.”

“He was quiet and introverted, so much so where no one noticed he was gone from class. The only red flags I had in the beginning were the things I heard from others about his relationship with Chisaki and how he had rushed things with him.”

None of it is adding up, though! Why would he go for a boy he stayed with for months on end without killing him? What is going on here that he’s not seeing?

“Something here is not adding up… Chisaki—as you call him—is not gay or bisexual. He’s straight and known to date girls who are not on the stereotypically ‘right’ side of society. He goes for women who are in vulnerable positions, dates them for a month, and kills them over trivial matters. Why would he bother with this boy for so long when he couldn’t bother with a girl for more than a month?”

Sir Nighteye’s gaze had been glaring at his desk, his hand underneath his chin. Hearing this made alarm bells ring in Aizawa’s mind, “My loud parakeet of a boyfriend was right…”

“Hm?” the former sidekick to All Might replies as Aizawa explains what happened, “A while back, Todoroki had a run-in with Ken Maki at this tea shop he went to with Chisaki during their date. He reported feeling tired and passing out while he was being carried outside by Chisaki to sleep in his car. According to Chisaki, Ken Maki had approached them in the parking lot, trying to steal Todoroki from him, but used his quirk on him when trying to grab for him.”

Sir Nighteye does know about Ken Maki. The man had a very long criminal record and was notorious for being the cheapest prostitute around. Despite this, he was still drawing a blank, “Why would he do this for one boy? A man known to loathe people and touching them… A man known to be straight running around with some boy… None of it is adding up.”

He then exhales and says to his fellow pro, “Aizawa, tell me everything you know about this relationship.”

Chapter Text

The day Chisaki had picked up Shouto after remedial lessons were over, he had been plotting something new. At first, he wasn’t sure if he should go through with it so early on, but after the run in with the hero kids, he knew it had to be done (that and he recognized Midoriya Izuku as the kid who had tried to turn Shouto against him thanks to the spying he once did on his social media pages).

After the talk with Inasa and they were in the car, Shouto asked, “Where is my disguise?”

“Oh, you won’t need a disguise for this date. I’m having Kurono over at my place for the night and I was thinking we could have our date there. I mean, you haven’t seen my home yet, so it would make sense to have you come over.”

Shouto is excited to go over to his boyfriend’s place. He’s been wanting to see it for so long because he’s heard nothing but excellent reviews about it from Kurono. Now he is going to be there for a date? This is so exciting!

“Really? Wow, I can’t wait to see it.”

The excitement kept building up as they chatted about their days. By the time the car parked outside the apartment, he was rendered breathless at the gated home.

“It looks pretty.” Shouto comments on it, finding it to be an interesting look for a home.

There are several buildings that look like they could be business buildings yet the outside of it has the traditional Japanese feel to it which Shouto likes. Chisaki leads him through the gate, with a few passersby glancing upon him in pity as they watch him enter the compound.

The walkway is pretty, as is the door they enter. Shouto was stunned to see it looked more like a traditional Japanese business office than a home upon entering the building. He pauses, asking Chisaki, “Is this where your father worked? Where is your room?”

Chisaki didn’t answer any questions. He simply injected Shouto with a syringe loaded with a sedative he had kept in his pocket for this very occasion. Shouto turned around to ask him, “Chisaki, what did you do to me? What is going on?”

“I’m doing what is best for our relationship, Todoroki. You should be thanking me for loving you enough to do whatever it takes to keep us together in a world that wants to tear us apart. Because the world wants to tear us apart, I cannot allow you to be a hero anymore.”

When Shouto wasn’t passing out fast enough, Chisaki placed one hand behind his head and used the other to smother him until his blue and grey eyes fluttered shut.

Shouto had tried to struggle, of course, yet he couldn’t put up a good fight because of the sedative in his system. All he remembers feeling in that moment was pure terror at the idea of the man before him no longer acting like the person he had been before. No, this person felt different. This person didn’t feel like his Chisaki. This person felt like a villain far too powerful and dangerous to be anything but a monster.


Once Shouto was passed out, Chisaki used the secret entrance accessible by the vase to take Shouto down into his labyrinth and over to a room not too far away from Eri. In fact, he was only two doors away from Eri’s room.

That doesn’t matter at the moment. What matters is getting to work.

Chisaki is straight and though he did enjoy having the boy around, he always has an ulterior motive behind everything he does. For example, he started to date Shouto because he could tell the boy was vulnerable and prone to falling for his scheme. He knew the unloved boy would one day fall for it too deep (which he did) and once he did, he started setting off his plan bit by bit.

Shouto is convinced he loves him. Shouto is convinced they are meant to be together. What he doesn’t know is Chisaki couldn’t love him as a boy because he’s straight and not gay. It’s why he had Ken Maki change his body and voice. Now all that’s left to do is use his quirk to fix Shouto’s other flaws.

These other flaws being his male anatomy, his hair color, and his scar. It’s no big deal, it’s not anything he can’t fix.

He pulls down Shouto’s pants and boxers, then places his hand on his dick, allowing him to destroy it and rearrange it all in a few seconds to make it into the vagina he wanted Shouto to have right in the beginning.

He then does the same with her scar. Using his cleaner hand to touch her there and rearrange the left side of her face back to its normal shape but without the scar. Then he touches her hair with the same hand he had used on her face, only to be stunned once he sees it did nothing to the length or color of the hair.

No matter, he can have Kurono or one of his other men bring in someone to fix this final flaw. For now, she’s almost perfect. Almost, at least.

“Kurono, bring me a person with a hair color changing quirk. I already have my prize here and she’s almost perfect, but the hair needs to go.” he orders to the man over his phone.

“Yes sir, I will be sure to bring in someone with such a quirk right away.”

Chisaki hangs up on him and looks upon his prize in interest. She’s almost perfect…

He leaves the room for now, deciding to leave it all up to one of his best men to find someone capable of finding someone with such a quirk. This gives him time to revel in his victory, his pride, his joy at having almost completed his plan. Just one more step and everything will be perfect. Now all that’s needed is giving his lover the cute clothes she should have been wearing right from the beginning.

Perfection is so sweet when it’s in reach. He can only imagine what it will be to taste it.


Shouto had woken up in a room feeling slightly sore below the belt. He’s on a nice bed covered in baby blue sheets, pillows, and duvet. The flooring here is a nice, luxurious carpet in baby blue which matches the walls perfectly in hue. He sees a white dresser across from the foot of the bed he is in and he sees two white doors on opposite walls. He heads over to the one on the horizontal wall, finding it to be a full bath with the same baby blue and white color scheme he has in his room. He then checks the vertical wall, finding a closet full of…women’s clothing and shoes?

Why on earth would he be in a room with women’s clothing and shoes? Is this a girl’s room?

Upon checking the dresser, he found women’s clothing in every drawer. He had to double check because this could not be right. Why would Chisaki place him in a room like this? He’s not a girl! Why is he here then? Is this a joke he and Kurono are playing on him? They’ve never been the types for jokes or pranks though so what is going on?

He feels light headed still, but he’s finally awake at the very least.

The sight of the cold look in Chisaki’s usually warm eyes had him stricken with fear then and it does now when he thinks back on it. In an attempt to calm himself down, he tells himself Chisaki didn’t mean to do it. If Chisaki did, then he had a good reason for it. Maybe he upset him again. Maybe he did something wrong. Maybe he was being disrespectful.

Either way, it wasn’t Chisaki’s fault and once Chisaki comes here, he will explain his side of the story as he always does. Or Shouto could go find him right now.

This idea was thwarted by the fact the door is locked and when he tries to use his quirk, it doesn’t work.

He sees the quirk cancelling metal cuffs on his wrists as well as the quirk cancelling metal cuffs on his ankles. To this, Shouto begins to feel scared but reassures himself that Chisaki did this for a good reason. He always does everything for a good reason. His boyfriend wouldn’t ever do anything to scare or hurt him because he loves him too much to do so. He loves him, he would never hurt him, he loves him, Shouto knows he does!

…Great, he needs to use the bathroom.

Right when he entered the bathroom, he had to do a double take because…what?

His hair…it must be a wig, right?

His face…this is makeup, isn’t it?

His hair is down to his breasts in length and it’s a cherry blossom pink. His scar is gone, replaced by clear, smooth skin which matches his left side perfectly.

What’s going on here? What is happening to him?

In an attempt to prove it is only makeup, he grabs a washcloth from a drawer in the vanity and wets it in the sink before trying to scrub the makeup off of his left side. However, upon seeing there was no makeup on the washcloth after three minutes, he froze in horror.

His scar truly is gone.

He always thought he would want it gone, but now…now he can’t say he does especially since he doesn’t feel as though he looks like himself anymore.

The hair! That could still be a wig, couldn’t it? Surely it is—

After feeling around the hairline and giving it a good tug, he is stunned to find he couldn’t feel any trace of a wig and his scalp hurt when he tug on the hair.

He felt around his head, trying to find extensions, but there were none, only his real, natural hair which is now a different color.

(He knows about extensions thanks to Fuyumi having gotten some bad ones back when she was in high school. He remembers seeing them and thinking they looked bad, only for his father to tell him to never even consider getting them done when he asked him about it.)

Okay, okay so the hair is real, the scar is gone…and he’s in a pale blue nightie.

How did he not notice this sooner? Well, taking in his strange surroundings did play a huge role in his distraction, but still…he feels stupid for not noticing it!

What’s most disturbing is he can’t feel his boxers from underneath the nightie the longer he is awake.

…Wait, is he wearing nothing underneath this satin dress?

He lifts it up slowly, with hands that are starting to tremor as he looks down and sees the pale blue panties with white polka dots on them.

His dick, it should be visible, shouldn’t it? So why can’t he see it?

With fear heavy in his heart, he lowers the panties and finds his dick is gone, instead replaced with a…a…no. No, it can’t be real, can it? Maybe it will go away if he touches it.

Touching it didn’t make it go away. The more he touches and feels it, the more it stays.

Horror consumes him whole as he realizes this is real. This is real and he cannot prevent or reverse it. It’s there to stay…his body…it’s a girl’s body now… He’s…a girl. He’s a girl, but he doesn’t feel like one, he knows he isn’t one and he never wanted to be one!

This is too much. This is just too much. What is going on? Why is this happening? Why, why, why, why, why!

He wants to go home. He wants to go home and get this fixed. He wants to go home!

Chisaki…where is he? Where is his boyfriend? He needs him now more than ever before. He needs him…he needs him…

He really needs him.


Chisaki reappears some hours later to his prize’s room.

It didn’t take long for Kurono to track down someone off the streets with a hair color changing quirk. Once he did, the person was restrained and brought in to change Shouto’s hair color into a cherry blossom pink. After this, perfection had been achieved and Chisaki set to work on the next phase of his plan.

He filled up the room with women’s clothing and shoes in the closet and dresser. He stocked up the vanity with the essential hygiene and cleaning items which his prize would need. From there on, he stripped Shouto bare and redressed her into the prettiest of nighties and the cutest of panties to make the whole ensemble feel more whole.

He had given her far too much sedation—it is four in the morning right now—but he didn’t care. He got what he needed, what he was working so hard for, what he deserved to have all of his life.

“Chisaki!” Shouto cries as she rushes into his arms after he locks the door behind him, “My body, so much has changed with it! I-I hate it, I hate having a vagina, I hate having this hair color, I want to go back to the way I once was! Please, help me.”

Shouto was still in shock and horror when he broke down in Chisaki’s arms. He couldn’t stop himself from begging his boyfriend, “I want to go home, I want my sister…please, please take me home.”

Chisaki could be blunt or he could mess with her. He’ll choose mess with her because he has a feeling it will help get closer to his ultimate end goal, “I could take you home…but are you sure you want to go back home looking like this? How will they even recognize you? You don’t look like Todoroki Shouto anymore. You aren’t a boy anymore, you’re a full girl now. Your scar is gone, and your hair is a far prettier color than what it was before. What would you even say if it was your father who answered the door when you came back home? Your homophobic, cruel, demonic father who caused your brother to kill himself and your mother to disfigure your face. What would he do if he saw you like this now? I can’t let you go back; he’d kill you and I love you far too much to ever allow you to endure such horror.”

Shouto thinks this over for a moment before shaking his head, “I don’t care. I’ll face it, I just want to go home. I can’t handle what happened to me… Why did this happen? Who changed my body and why did they do it?”

“Todoroki, I can’t let you go back like this! He will find out about our relationship and hurt you! I won’t let him hurt you, I promised myself that when we first started dating.” he tries to reason with Shouto, only for her to sniffle, “I know but…I hate my body and the way it is now. I want to go home and get this fixed so I can go back to being me.”

“Why would you want that?”

“Because I’m not a girl trapped in a boy’s body.”

“Aren’t you happy with the fact I used my quirk to remove that scar from your face?”

Shouto pauses, taken aback by what he had just said, “…You did…what for me?”

Chisaki meets her eyes and tells her point blank, “My quirk allows me to destroy and rearrange anything I touch into what I want it to be. My quirk can work on people too, as you can see with your scar. All I wanted to do was erase a piece of your horrific past from you… I hope you’re happy with my efforts, Todoroki.”

Shouto always did hate his scar for the memories it brought him, but…

“I am happy with losing my scar for good, but Chisaki, I didn’t want the hair color change or the change to my dick. I’m sorry, but I want these changes gone.”

“They’re permanent changes… There’s nothing I can do to get rid of them.”

“Maybe my family or teachers would know someone who could, though. Maybe—”

“If they can’t reverse what Ken Maki did to you, then how can they reverse this?”

Upon remembering this fact, Shouto is rendered less hopeful and much more subdued. Given all of the points Chisaki made to him, he cannot help but to think he is right.

How can he go home looking like this? Knowing Aizawa and the way he has been acting lately, he most likely reported him missing already and after that it’s only a matter of time before the police tell his father everything…including his relationship with Chisaki since Inasa was the last one to see him before he left remedial lessons…

He can’t go back. His father will kill him. He will not accept a gay son. Pfft, forget that! He won’t accept Shouto being a gay son who is now a girl dating a bad boy like Chisaki! He will be pissed to know his perfect son is a disgrace, a gay boy turned into a girl against his will or wishes. He will never accept this. He will never accept him.

All he can do now is stay with Chisaki if he doesn’t want to get hurt. Aizawa can’t protect him from his father, his homophobia, or his angered reactions to everything that happened to him behind his back.

“Exactly, they can’t and won’t be able to.” Chisaki speaks after a moment of silence dragged on for too long without a response from her, “I’m sorry, but this is all I can do to keep you safe for now.”

“Then why lock me up?”

“Because I need to protect you. I need to keep you safe. I’m only doing this to keep you safe because I love you and I never want them to take you away from me.”

“Chisaki…I don’t want to be locked up. I want to go outside, I want to be with you, I want to go everywhere with you, I—”

“You will. In due time, you will. I promise you will. Just stay here for now, okay? People are trying to hurt me, and they will hurt you because you’re close to me. Once they are gone, I’m taking you on a tour of Europe. I promise, I will treat you like the princess you are if you give me the time and chance to do so.”

Shouto is taken aback by this, “Wait, what? People are trying to hurt you? Who are they and why are they trying to hurt you? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

Chisaki isn’t the least bit honest when stating it, but he sure as hell sounds like he is, “My biological father worked in a gang and he sent out men to stalk me. They know all about you, I know they do because I received a letter in the mail threatening to kill you if I didn’t give them the money I inherited from my father’s estate. I couldn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to get involved. I’m so sorry I never told you, but I only did it to protect you and keep you safe. Please forgive me.”

“Alright, I will, but only if you tell me what happened to make me a full girl and turn my hair into the color it is now.”

Chisaki thinks this over, mulling his mind for a response to her demand, wondering what he should say next.

Chapter Text

Chisaki’s explanation had been surprisingly honest, telling Shouto bluntly while meeting her eyes, “I used my quirk and the quirk of someone else to change your gender and hair color. With my quirk I can take something like this” he picks up a handheld mirror in demonstration, “and turn it into whatever I choose or not transform it at all.”

The mirror disappeared into nothingness right in front of her eyes, shocking him, but then Chisaki picked up a pen and rearranged it into a knife in the same instantaneous manner.

“I did this all to protect you. If you’re a girl, then you won’t be hurt by my biological dad. I’ll keep you here for a short while and when they see you aren’t around anymore I will allow you to wander the premises. For now, I need to keep you hidden so they don’t know I have a girlfriend now.”

Shouto is hurt Chisaki would do this to him, but he has a small sliver of hope, “Is there any way your quirk could be reversed?”

He could fix what he has done, but again, Chisaki is not one for honesty, “I’m sorry, it can’t be. I had no other choice, though…how else was I supposed to protect you without turning you into a girl? If I didn’t, then I let you out after a while, they would have known I was lying this whole time about your disappearance! I’m sorry Todoroki, but I did what I had to do to keep you safe and our relationship out of the eyes of your father.”

Shouto tries to be understanding, but this is so much to take in… His boyfriend did this to him with his quirk? He may have done it for the right reasons yet a part of him can’t help but to feel violated over what was done to his body without his consent.

“Your hair color was changed by someone else with a hair color changing quirk. Likewise, the effects of that quirk are permanent as well.”

All of this is so much to take in… On one hand, he wants to push Chisaki away from himself and on the other, he doesn’t want to be alone. He doesn’t want to be alone right now because this is so much to take in and if he’s left alone, he may just break.

He clings onto Chisaki tightly, giving him a good squeeze when saying it, “I need you here right now. Please don’t leave me, this is all so much to take in and I…I need you by me.”

Chisaki could revert to his natural cruel nature and allow Shouto to wallow in her own despair or he could fuck with her feelings more and stay. Naturally, the second option is the one best suited for him, “Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone in this. I know it may seem like you’re being held prisoner, but trust me, you aren’t. I’ll be sure you’re treated like a princess and when I get those men off of my back, I’ll take you all over Europe.”

Shouto doesn’t know what to say as they lie down in the blue bed together. All he can do is bury his face in Chisaki’s chest, think of Touya, and give a small, “Okay, but why is my quirk being cancelled?" 

"Because if they see your quirk, they will know your true identity and try to kill you on the spot. I'm only doing this to protect you because I love you so much." 

He doesn’t know what to do or how to process this. All he knows is, he doesn’t want to be alone right now. He needs Chisaki here because he loves him still and he does know his boyfriend did this all to protect him…

So why doesn’t it feel like it, then?


Sir Nighteye is generally a calm, rational person.

Except when faced with stupid situations like the one he is facing right now.

He has read the police report and the interview with Inasa about Shouto’s disappearance. He knows the details of their texting conversations thanks to the tech team going through Shouto’s phone and giving them a manuscript of everything that was ever said between Chisaki, Shouto, and this Kurono guy (he believes this person to be Chisaki’s right hand man, given the ‘best friend’ title he gave him to Shouto). He had to go to Enji to get further phone records of the conversations that were deleted between them. This was not a pleasant visit, but nothing with Enji ever is pleasant.

He still cannot get over one tiny, minute detail: Fuyumi could have done something about this months ago by demanding to meet Chisaki in person or at least see photos or videos of him. In fact, he was amazed she never thought to ask this right away.

Upon hearing that fact during his conversation with her, he couldn’t stop the very obvious annoyance in his voice, “What? You never asked for his photo, you never demanded to meet him, and you never spoke to him once?”

Fuyumi is a nice girl, but in that instance, he only saw her as a complete moron. Watching her bite her lower lip nervously while admitting, “Yeah, I never did.” made his limit for stupid shit break all with four words.

“Why not?”

“Because I didn’t want Shouto to stop talking to me. You don’t get it, things at my house aren’t the same as things at normal peoples’ houses. Shouto and I aren’t that close together. I was just getting to really know him this year and I didn’t want to lose the progress I made by making him upset with me over asking too many things about Chisaki. I know he cares about him a lot. I know he always placed him above so many things… I never thought it would lead to this. If I could go back, I’d do it differently, but I can’t now.”

Sir Nighteye was not too pleased with what he heard, his answer to this being a counter to it, “You were too busy trying to be his friend to be the sibling he needed you to be. You are the big sister. You saw all the red flags with Chisaki and yet you did nothing to intervene. You allowed your little brother to run around with some adult man you never met, spoke to, or saw in person and look where that got us now! Had you at least shown your father a photo of the guy and asked him if he was a villain or not, then Chisaki would have been caught months ago and none of this would have happened.”

Fuyumi was quick to defend herself, telling him, “How could I have done that without revealing Shouto’s sexuality or Shouto getting mad at me? He never would have spoken to me again if I did that behind his back!”

“He’d be here still if you did.” the man with the green hair is quick to point out, “He would have been at you at first, but he was a hero in training. He would have understood what you did after learning the truth and he would have apologized to you for any rudeness on his end towards you. There was no need for this to happen.”

“What if my father kicked him out for being gay?”

“Then he could have stayed with his teacher. There was no need for this to happen and that alone is frustrating enough for me to deal with.”

She looked about ready to cry and though he was frustrated, he didn’t want to make her cry. So he took a small breath in to compose himself and released it to calm himself down enough to tell her, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have attacked you like that. I hope you can forgive me.”

She shakes her head, sighing when admitting it, “No, you’re right. I shouldn’t have been so pessimistic about his teachers or people at school when I should have been more pessimistic about his relationship than what I was to begin with.”

Before he can say anything else, she would stand up and say, “I need to get going now. I wish you luck on your work, Sir Nighteye.”

He wouldn’t let her leave without at least a confident, “I will find your brother and I will bring him back to you. That much I can and will promise you, Fuyumi.”

Fuyumi nodded before whispering, “I hope you can.”

She would leave after this was said, but it didn’t stop Sir Nighteye from working on the case. In particular, the main thing behind the missing person case: why would a straight guy like Chisaki choose Shouto? Why would he feminize his body at random? Did he hire Ken Maki to do this and killed him afterwards? No, Sir Nighteye knows he did that. Still, it doesn’t answer his previous questions.

Even as he presents his plan for the raid and what the Shie Hassaikai has been up to, in front of the other heroes he cannot answer one question.

“Why is a guy who was notorious for being straight running around with Shouto Todoroki to begin with? Even after the feminization of his body, it makes no sense. Why would he stay with him if he still has a dick? Why would he kidnap him during their date?”

“Truthfully, I do not know. I’ve been racking my mind for the possible explanations, but I haven’t come up with one once. I cannot begin to fathom why a straight man would do this to a gay child. I’ve tried to figure it out yet I can’t. I’m sorry, but this is the one time Chisaki has acted outside of logic and reason.”

It’s true, really.

Chisaki only does things inside the realms of logic and reason. It’s why Sir Nighteye has been able to pinpoint his hideout, the origins of his quirk destroying bullets, and the possible motive behind his plan regarding them (to erase the quirks of his enemies and make a world where he could reign supreme. It was pretty basic, yet brilliant when Sir Nighteye truly considers it.)

Now, the illogical and unreasonable part of this is the part where he starts dating a gay boy after their second meeting, rushing the relationship, manipulating him, isolating him from others in his life, and possibly abusing him as well—if Inasa’s account about the bruise on his arm was correct—all before kidnapping him during their date and leaving the phone in an upscale neighborhood trashcan.

It drives him up a wall. Chisaki has been one of the easiest villains for him to understand because they do have one shared trait: acting inside the realm of logic and reason. He can read him like a book and if he did get to meet him early on in Shouto’s relationship, he’s positive he would have been able to.

He cannot crack this part of the case and it’s troublesome to him, especially when he considers how grave the entire situation at hand already is without Shouto’s disappearance becoming an issue for him.

Aizawa speaks up then, making everyone take pause, “My boyfriend thought he did it as a way to better control him. He believed that Chisaki had held some sexist thought that women are weaker than men, ergo why he would feminize Todoroki’s body. However, after we spoke about it some more, we think there’s more to it than that given everything I learned about his true identity and orientation. We think Chisaki probably got sick and tired of strong, independent women who could read through him without trying. We think he chose Todoroki because though he’s more amazing than many adults at hero work, when it comes down to interpersonal skills, pop culture references, figures of speech, and relationships, he is basically a child. I think he wanted to make a girl he could control and dominate. Someone he already isolated and manipulated beforehand who would never say ‘no’ to him.”

Many in the room agree to this explanation except for Sir Nighteye. Instead, he quietly ponders this because though it fits within the realms of reason and logic, what Chisaki is doing is out of those realms. This means that reasoning does not apply here and gives them no answer for a motive.

No, there’s another motive for this, one which leaves Sir Nighteye with a bad feeling his gut.

They need to retrieve that boy along with the girl before anything else happens to him.


The day after getting Shouto to accept his reasoning behind why he did the things he did to her body, Chisaki is now putting forth a plan to get what he wanted out of Shouto all along…well, he’s not exactly Shouto in his eyes anymore.

You see, growing up, Chisaki didn’t have much to cling to or love. However, he did fall in love with a girl he had made up in his head. A girl he lusted for all of his life, the forever out of his reach Sakura Kazumochi.

She had cherry blossom pink hair, sapphire blue eyes, a kind demeanor, a shier, more reserved nature, and a certain naivete to her which endeared him to her all the more. Her favorite color is baby blue, always wanting to live in a world drenched in it. Her favorite dates with him are the ones where they are alone, together, and far away from anyone else.

If cruel people like Chisaki are capable of being warm towards anyone, well then, the only one who could ever warm his heart was Sakura Kazumochi.

He’s spent all of his life trying to find a girl who was her, yet he could never find one. They were all tainted, dirtied, ruined by the world around them and their quirks. Such filthy, disgusting beings! He couldn’t ever bring it in himself to kiss them or touch them without feeling the need to bathe himself in bleach afterwards.

Then he stumbled upon Todoroki Shouto and everything changed. His demeanor, his body language, his personality…everything was perfect. He was Sakura Kazumochi, but in the flesh. However, certain things are missing: for example, his gender was wrong as was his hair color. It was no matter to Chisaki. He figured he could manipulate and control the boy enough over time to convince him he is transgender. Life happens though and Chisaki grew impatient. He gave him estrogen pills disguised as vitamins to start the process, but this too was going far too slowly for him. Thus, he made the Ken Maki incident happen.

After this, he started to lay the law down more with Shouto because he needed to know his spot in their relationship. He wouldn’t be Sakura if he wasn’t ever completely obedient to him, after all. So he made things stricter, isolated him from those trying to tear them apart, and occasionally struck him whenever he stepped out of line. You know, the things one does to perfect the ones they love.

Turning him into a girl anatomically with his quirk was not good enough for Chisaki. No, he had to make him a biological one as well. At first, he asked his men if they knew of anyone with a gender changing quirk (something he kicks himself for not doing sooner due to being too caught up in his plan to get her to this point) and was told by one of his men of a relative of his who could change the gender of someone permanently regardless of how masculinized or feminized their body was. This came with a catch: the person had to still have the same dick or pussy they had before the other changes to their body were made. This meant that, on the day his guy acquired the child under the false pretenses of ‘spending time with them’, he had to give Shouto a drink spiked with roofie and use his quirk to make the pussy he had given him back into a dick in order for the quirk to work. The child was brought in after this and the quirk was used on Shouto (all it required was a touch on the chest), making him a full blown girl like Chisaki wanted.

He did kill the child after it was a success (he has to protect himself somehow), but that’s nothing Sakura needed to concern herself about. Not when she got her first period the day the quirk was used on her.

That scared her immensely, but it forced her to come to a reckoning about her new life. She’s a girl now, whether she likes it or not.

Chisaki had held her after checking in on her a day after this happened. She broke down in his arms, terrified, and not knowing how to process this new development, but Chisaki always reassured her, “It’s okay, I’ll always love you no matter what.”

“I…I really…I thought I was a boy.” she cried into his arms, “O-Only girls get menstrual cycles…am I a girl, Chisaki? Am I really a girl?”

She’s so vulnerable now…which makes Chisaki’s response all the more perfect for his plan, “You are a girl. You can’t change your gender. It’s impossible because the quirk’s effects are permanent.” this was not a lie, actually, the child’s quirk is known to be permanent (she had accidentally turned her mom into a man and her dad into a woman when it manifested), “You need to learn to live with your gender as is and accept yourself for who you are now.”

This only made her feel smaller as well as defeated, Chisaki could see it in the way her shoulders slumped slightly and the way her voice suddenly had a tone of defeat to it, “Why do I feel like I should be a boy, then?”

“Because you are deluding yourself to the reality of the situation. Your mind thinks you are a boy because that’s what your subconscious wants to see. You need to stop seeing yourself as a boy and start accepting yourself as a girl. Once you do this, you will no longer feel like a boy and you will be able to live a happy life as a girl.”

Her tears staining his shirt is a good sign. He doesn’t need a verbal reply right away. He needs to let his words sink into her head, allow her to come to the conclusion he is right because he loves her and takes such good care of her.

“…I guess you’re right…but what about my name? I can’t use a boy’s name anymore if I am going to be a girl forever.”

(Shouto only caved to Chisaki’s words because he knew nothing about gender dysphoria. His father never taught him of it. He is so clueless to such things he doesn’t quite understand what he was doing when dating Chisaki was crossdressing. Again, this is all Enji’s fault for isolating him and not allowing him to grow, socialize, and explore like a normal child.)

“You’re right on that end. Using your boy name would be troublesome… A beautiful girl like yourself deserves a beautiful name, correct? How about the name Sakura?”

“Why that?”

“Because you’re the most beautiful cherry blossom in my life.”

Hearing this must have made her heart skip a few beats and leave her blushing right now, because she is quick to stammer out, “Really? I am?”

“Of course you are. Why wouldn’t you be?”

“…Sakura sounds like a nice name. I’ll go with it, then.”

If she hadn’t had her face buried in his chest, she would have seen the wide grin stretching itself out on Chisaki’s lips. Another win for his plan! Unfortunately, there is no known person in Japan who can change the eye color of another person permanently, so he will have to get contacts for his Sakura. Nevertheless, this is the closest he’s ever gotten to making her come to life and he couldn’t be more excited than what he is now over these recent developments.

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The raid is going to happen in four days’ time. They would have waited longer for it, but given the nature of Chisaki’s relationship with Shouto, they couldn’t afford to leave him with the man any longer. Four days after Shouto has been turned into a biological girl, they will raid the yakuza’s lair and hopefully bring Shouto back alive.

Aizawa is still allowed on this mission, but mainly because they need his quirk to help them in the case one of the Shie Hassaikai members gets out of hand with their quirk. In the case of who will retrieve Shouto, well, that has been decided: Sir Nighteye himself wants to retrieve Shouto. This is for a purpose of his own: he wants to be the one to take Chisaki’s boyfriend away from him. It’s a middle finger move on his end, if he were being honest.

Truthfully speaking, he cannot afford to have Aizawa find Shouto because it could jeopardize his role in the raid they have planned. Aizawa could get emotional upon seeing Shouto and he could act irrationally if he were to see him in a poor state. Sir Nighteye has to be the one to retrieve him no matter what since Shouto is too touchy of a subject for so many on the raid team. The last thing he needs is someone losing control over their emotions to be of any help to the mission at the hand.

He needs to be sure he is on top of this entire mission. Enji is already claiming he’s disowning his own son for being gay and Aizawa has not been in the best mood over this, already saying he’ll take Shouto in but then there’s Natsuo who says he’ll do it. It’s not been a pleasant time for Sir Nighteye, to say the least.

Nevertheless, he is determined to win against Chisaki. Chisaki can go on and believe he’s winning in some sick game, but reality will show everything being far different from what it actually is.

Just wait, Chisaki: I will be the one to put you away for good.

It’s all Sir Nighteye can think as he tries to calm his nerves about this whole raid situation.


Aizawa has been having a hard time as of late. He never thought he’d be here, talking on the phone in the middle of the night with some university kid about the custody of Todoroki Shouto.

Ever since they discussed the raid, it was brought up that the day it happens should be moved up from a week to four days due to the sensitive nature of Shouto’s kidnapping and his toxic relationship with Chisaki. Aizawa is all for it as much as he is all for arresting Chisaki personally himself during their first meeting. It’s a personal wish of his: to the one who arrests Chisaki in person and ends the relationship he has with Shouto after all of this time.

However, he also has another pressing issue to deal with: ever since discovering his son is gay, hid a secret relationship with a villain from him for months, and has a feminized body, Enji wants nothing to do with his son. He’s already saying he’s disowning him as a son of his. Aizawa is more than fine taking Shouto in as his own, but there’s the issue of Natsuo wanting to take in his brother.

It’s an issue he has to deal with the moment he answers his phone in the middle of the night, “Hello?”

“Hey, I noticed my dad is disowning Shouto after a lifetime of treating him like shit. Fuyumi had to tell me about it, but I don’t care about that. What I care about is the fact I heard you are planning on taking Shouto in when I don’t know you all that well.”

“Who is this?”

“Natsuo, his big brother. I know we met only once and I know you are a hero. That’s not good enough to make me feel comfortable leaving Shouto in your custody. I don’t want him living with a stranger. I want him living with me where I can take care of him.”

Aizawa is mentally face palming himself because he has to ask, “How old are you?”

“Nineteen, but the law changed, so I am legally an adult now which means I can take full custody of Shouto.” Natsuo announces with pride whereas Aizawa is eye rolling right about now, “Oh, really? Mr. Nineteen Year Old is oh-so-responsible he can handle his little brother who was running around with a grown man behind his back for months now without knowing of it until the Ken Maki incident.”

Present Mic is already placing his hand on his free wrist, mouthing to him ‘be nice, Shouta’.

He has a harder time being nice when stupid people are doing and saying stupid things, “Shouto was in your care at the dorms and at school yet you didn’t do anything to meet this guy, Mr. Pro Hero. Don’t give me crap when you’re the one who dropped the ball here, not me.”

Aizawa can admit that, “You’re right, I did drop the ball. However, you’re still young and immature. I don’t think your brother would do well living with you. What if he has a panic attack? What if being kidnapped by Chisaki leaves him with traumatic nightmares? How will you handle your brother in those scenarios? Would you even know what to do?”

“Hi, I’m a medical student, I would know what to do.”

“Then what would you do? How would you handle it? The decision being made should not be about who dropped the ball and who didn’t in the past. It should be about who can take care of Todoroki the best in the aftermath of things.”

Natsuo is still stubborn, his age showing clearly when he says it, “I would take him to psychiatrists at my university to get him help.”

“What if he doesn’t want to go? What if he puts up a fight with you like he did with me in the past regarding Chisaki?”

Natsuo has nothing for this and Aizawa is quick to remind him, “What you are wanting to do is noble for your brother. Just because it’s noble doesn’t mean it’s right. I know you have been bothering the police and others about getting full custody of your brother instead of me, but you need to think about what is right for him, not you.”

“How do I know you won’t mistreat him? Just because you’re a hero doesn’t make you a good person. My father is a perfect example of that, we all grew up knowing he is worse than the villains he apprehends and throws in prison. We know what heroes are like behind closed doors. How can I trust you won’t hit, beat, or hurt him in sadistic ‘training’ regimens like my father did to Shouto all of his life?”

“He…abused Todoroki?”

Natsuo doesn’t say anything else and Aizawa has to accept the horrific truth for what it’s worth. He can only nod grimly, “I’ll take your silence as a ‘yes’ unless if you have anything else to add.”

Natsuo doesn’t, which allows Aizawa to continue, “Very well then. My boyfriend and I would never abuse your brother. That much I can promise you. Your father is human trash, but not all heroes are. You have to have some trust in us. We will never hurt your brother. We will only treat him with love and respect. Whether or not you are willing to give us a chance is all up to you.”

“I won’t give you a chance. Just because you’re nice now, doesn’t mean you won’t change behind closed doors over time. I know better than to trust potential abusers. I don’t care what you have to say. I am taking Shouto in and I will give him the life he never got to have under our father.”

The university student hangs up on him and Aizawa is left to revel in a few things. For one, Natsuo just called him and Hizashi potential abusers. Two, Enji was abusive to Shouto all of his life.

It’s a lot to take in, but unfortunately for him, this had been on a loud enough volume for Present Mic to hear every single word Natsuo said before hanging up on him, “Give me the phone, Shouta! I’m calling back that arrogant boy and giving him a piece of my mind! How dare he compare us to that abusive shit stain of a father?”

“Hizashi, no, you will make things worse.”

“Give it to me, Shouta! I need to tell this boy off! He doesn’t even know us; how can he make those claims? I will fight him tooth and nail—”

“Let him deal with Todoroki in the aftermath of the Chisaki situation. I can promise you he won’t be able to take care of him and he will have to concede custody to us.”

“How do you know that for fact?”

“No nineteen year old could handle whatever PTSD or psychological trauma Todoroki will have after this. It’s safe to say he will forfeit custody over him when reality hits and he realizes it’s not as easy as he thought it was.”

“I hope you’re right…” Present Mic replies in a defeated sigh, but this doesn’t stop him from trying to sneak his hand over to Aizawa’s phone so he can call that punk back. Naturally, Aizawa swats his hand away before he can get the chance.


The following day after his…her period starts, Shouto…Sakura finds herself in a sweet surprise when she notices it’s not as bad as what she had thought it would be. It’s surprisingly light, which is a blessing in her eyes. She has to use pads now, but it’s not too bad. He…She did ask Chisaki, “When will it go away?”

“In another day. The first period usually lasts only two to three days. Either tomorrow or the day after, it will end, but there’s no guarantee it will be this light for the rest of your life.”

She nods and Chisaki gets on the bed by her side, wanting nothing more than to hold her, kiss her, and experience her now that she’s real.

Sakura Kazumochi has come to life. He’s even managed to convince her to wear the sapphire blue contacts as ‘practice’ for when he can let her out in public without any fear of anything ‘bad’ happening to her. It’s a lie, of course, but Chisaki is the king of lying so it’s no big deal to him.

So far, he’s treated Sakura like a princess the entire time she’s been here. She gets the meals she requests for, she gets to read different books when Chisaki can’t be by her side, and whenever he is around her, he is kind, attentive and caring. He’s trying to not make this feel like captivity, but rather a willingly stay with him at his home. So far it’s working.

Sakura doesn’t understand how deep she is into his web. She doesn’t have a clue how far gone she will be by the time he’s done with her.

He takes off his medical mask and asks, “Would you mind if I try something new?”

“Sure, why not? What do you want to do?”

“Well…for starters, you will need to lie down.”

She does as he says, not knowing where this will go as he kisses her chastely at first. He works her lips a bit before giving a light nip to her lower lip. She opens her mouth in a gasp and before she knows it, he’s feeling her mouth with his tongue.

It’s a strange sensation for her and she doesn’t honestly know how to respond to it. She can only lay still as he begins to work his tongue along every crevice he can get, trying to feel as much of her as possible. It’s awkward for her and she doesn’t know what she is supposed to do or not do in this moment.

As for Chisaki, this moment is heavenly. He cannot stop himself from feeling her all over and enjoying every second of it. Sakura is everything he ever imagined her to be and then some. She’s perfect in every single way…which is why he is finally willing to make their relationship more physical after months of holding it off because he was so thoroughly disgusted with her old male body.

Once they separate for air, Chisaki doesn’t tell her she needs to move her tongue into his mouth as well. He prefers to have total control in every intimate situation and if Sakura ever showed signs of initiative here…he’d have to put her in her place over it.

No, instead he praises her, hoping this will continue on throughout the duration of their relationship, “You did excellent for your first time making out, Sakura. If I didn’t know you as well, I’d swear you were a pro at it.”

“What is making out?”

“The type of kissing I did to you just now. It involves you opening your mouth for me in the kiss and letting my tongue inside to feel you all over.”

“Am I supposed to do the same thing to you back or no?”

“No, not at all. In all areas of intimacy, women are supposed to lie down and allow their men to pleasure them. Only when they try to take control or initiative do breakups happen…or other punishments, such as the ones for dancing with random boys.” Sakura tenses to this, remembering what happened at the rave all too well which is all Chisaki needs to go forward, “Allow me to pleasure you and none of the above will happen to you, okay?”


“Great, I’m glad you understand your role in this.”

Sakura did not agree because she felt this was right or this was her own personal view. She agreed because her father never told her how intimacy or consent works in sex. She knows how the insemination process works regarding sex, but she doesn’t know what men and women do during sex outside of a man inserts his penis inside a woman’s vagina and gets her pregnant with his sperm. Enji hadn’t taught her about rape, sexual assault, or harassment. He only taught her the bare minimum and left out anything to do with feelings and consent during the sex talk they had (more like lecture considering Enji didn’t allow any questions to be asked).

As such, she agreed to this because she figured Chisaki knows best due to his experience. He loves her and wouldn’t ever lie to her about anything, especially something as big and important in their relationship such as this.

Chisaki runs a hand through her long, straight cherry blossom pink hair. He imagines it feels soft and silky…he won’t know until he decides to have sex with her, but for now he will settle with his imagination running wild.

She releases a small yawn suddenly, prompting Chisaki to ask, “Are you tired, Sakura?”

She nods, telling him through another yawn, “I’m sleepy, Chisaki. I usually love having you here, but…I’m really sleepy right now. I’m sorry for being sleepy, I can try to stay awake.”

“No, it’s alright. Here, I’ll get out your pajamas and get you all set up for today and tomorrow.”

Ever since she arrived here, Chisaki has been choosing out all of Sakura’s outfits. Her pajamas, the clothes she wears during the day, her socks, her shoes, all the way to her panties and bras is chosen by him. He will lay down an outfit on top of the dresser for her to wear the following morning and choose a pajama set or nightie for her to wear the night before.

He’ll even style her hair too, choosing out which styles he prefers his Sakura to have. She never objects to any of it, so he figures she is fine with surrendering all control to him which only makes him feel more energized in this relationship. It’s as though being turned into a girl stripped Sakura of her old identity and tendencies to have opinions on things when he didn’t want her to. He wishes he had done it sooner, but he will enjoy it for what it’s worth.

Shouto…Sakura doesn’t know anything about women’s fashion outside of school uniforms, female hero costumes, and the things his…her mother would wear. In fact, if left to her own devices, she would most likely dress exactly like her mother since she wouldn’t know anything else about easy, elegant style.

Chisaki knows a lot about fashion, though. He always chose out the best outfits for her to wear during their dates and he always looked like a ten himself. It made her trust her boyfriend with this decision. He…she is still not used to wearing dresses, panties, bras, and skirts. It’s going to take time to get used to it and figure out what she likes, looks good on her, and what she would want to wear.

Due to having short all of her life, Sakura doesn’t know how to style long hair or what to do with it. Like with the clothes, she figures Chisaki knows what he’s doing. He did style her hair into these low twin tails, after all. He says he’s going to do more hairstyles on her tomorrow. It will be a good bonding experience, he says, and she believes him. Her boyfriend seems to know what looks good on her body and what compliments her features best. She feels safe letting him take control now. Once she figures out what she likes and doesn’t like, she will decide for herself again. Chisaki will understand—and possibly be relieved in the process when she does figure this out for herself.

She gets dressed into a cute little pajama set of cotton candy blue satin shorts and matching cami with scalloped edges around the bottom of the cami and the shorts. She did this in the bathroom so he wouldn’t see her naked, but when she was done, he took her pastel blue sweater dress into his hands to be cleaned (like he always does whenever she changes into a new outfit) and gave her a kiss on the cheek before putting his medical mask back on, “I’ll see you tomorrow, my beautiful cherry blossom. Goodnight.”

“Chisaki…stay with me, please?”

“Maybe tomorrow night. I have things to do early in the morning and I’d rather not disturb your rest.”

“Ah…okay… Goodnight, Chisaki. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

She may be disappointed for now, but Chisaki is sure she will be more than thrilled with what he has planned next.

Chapter Text

Sir Nighteye isn’t in the mood to deal with anyone bothering him about the date change of the raid. Which is why he answers the phone with a forcefully polite, “Hello?”

“Isn’t there anyway at all we can move up the raid date by even one day?”

He knows Aizawa wants to get Shouto out of there right now, but here’s the thing with that, “I can’t. We still need to give the police and special ops time to prepare for it. They cannot afford to go one less day without it.”

“So we’re going to leave Todoroki alone with Chisaki to suffer whatever it is that comes his way? Don’t you understand the nature of their relationship?”

“I do, but we are working with the police, special ops, and other heroes from other agencies. We need to be thoroughly prepared on all levels if we want to catch Chisaki. If we go in too early and mess up the plan, he will get away with the girl and Todoroki. Is that what you really want?”

He didn’t mean to get snappy, but he has so much to prepare for and so little time. In only three more days, they are going to raid Chisaki’s hideout and try to take back both hostages. It’s no easy feat to achieve, mind you. I have to do everything I can to make this right. I know it’s hard, but I need you to be patient with me, Eraserhead, and trust that I know what I am doing.”

“…Fine, but if anything else happens to him, I won’t forgive you for it.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to. Goodbye for now, sir.”


He hangs up on him and tries to not think about what could go wrong or the unsettling feeling in his gut about something else being off here with Chisaki’s whole kidnapping of Todoroki Shouto.

Whatever it is that is off, he can only hope it won’t detract from the success of the raid they are plotting.


The following day, she didn’t see or hear from Chisaki once. However, Kurono was there to ask, “What you want to eat today, Sakura?”

“I’d like some somen… Hey, Kurono, where is Chisaki? I thought he’d be here today to spend time with me.” Sakura asks the man she considers to be her friend.

“He had some important business to attend to. He’s deeply sorry he cannot be with you right now, but he promises he will be here when he gets the chance. It is hard trying to outwit his father’s men, you see. It’s not as easy of a task as one thinks it would be.”

Kurono is used to lying for Chisaki. He’s done so many times throughout his life, to be exact. It’s become a strange sort of second nature to him, a natural habit he can never break free from. Kurono knows what he is doing is wrong, but he doesn’t care. His only goal in life is to ensure the success of Chisaki’s plans and here he is, aiding him in that endeavor.

“Are you done with your period yet, Sakura?”

She blushes while admitting shyly, “I think I almost am… I can’t wait until it’s done. Changing pads can get tedious after a while.”

Kurono hums to this, giving her a somewhat comforting, “I bet it must. Well, at least you’ll be done with it soon. That will be good, won’t it?”

“I suppose so…” her natural blue and grey eyes meet those of Kurono’s as she asks him kindly, “Can you at least stay with me? I’ve already read through the last book Chisaki got me and I’m lonely here without him.”

“I’m afraid I cannot, but Chisaki did give me these to give to you.”

Kurono takes out three books from the bag he had brought with him, “He hopes you enjoy them while he is gone. He wanted me to reassure you he will be here when he can. I’ll be back with your food shortly.”

Sakura nods and watches in a bit of sadness as Kurono leaves her behind.

When Chisaki is gone like this, she’s left alone to her own devices inside the room. Usually, this means she gets meals from Kurono at least twice to three times a day and she chats with him a little bit before and after every meal is requested and delivered. She would then read the books Chisaki gave her and go take a shower when she was sleepy. She would then get changed into a new nighttime outfit chosen out for her on her bed by Chisaki.

It always made her smile to see the outfit there, waiting for her on the bed. It made her feel important to Chisaki. It made her feel loved in a weird way because it showed she is a priority to him regardless of whether or not he can be with her. He is so sweet, and she honestly doesn’t know how she got so lucky.

Ever since she turned into a girl, he’s been more physical and affectionate with her. He will hug her more, kiss her more, and cuddle with her, which was something he hadn’t done before. It feels good to receive such affection from him, especially with everything that’s happened ever since she got here.

It makes her think of Touya, who had been nothing but good to her back when she was Shouto. She thinks of Touya, who was kind and gentle towards her when she was young. Touya, who would mouth off and backtalk their father for her. Touya, the bad boy who their father despised because he wasn’t ‘proper’ and ‘perfect’ like he wanted him to be. Despite their father’s constant complaining of him, Sakura loved Touya and his rebellious attitude drew her into him all the more.

After his death, she wasn’t the same. She became a sullen, saddened child with nothing much to live for. Then Chisaki came along and her life did a complete 180. Now she’s happy and complete with the love of her life by her side.


When Chisaki would not be there to choose out a daytime outfit for her, she would wear the pajamas all day long because she didn’t know what to do outfit wise without his guidance.

Kurono would ask if her period ended the following morning. She would tell him it did (Chisaki did say that once the discharge comes back without any brown or red tint to it the period had ended) and he would leave to go get her morning meal.

She never knows what time it is or if a day has passed. She only knows when Chisaki is going to be present or not. Even then, he doesn’t tell her what day it is or how much time has passed. Then again, she doesn’t ever think to ask. She is enjoying his kind, affectionate side far too much to really consider asking such things.

(Or maybe she is desperate for love and affection after a lifetime of being denied it. Then again, she doesn’t like to think about that.)

Kurono would return with a man, a man who left Sakura asking Kurono, “Who is this? Where is my food?”

“You’ll get your steamed rice and tamago gohan soon enough. For now, you will be seeing Chisaki’s personal doctor. You see, he had him stay here after your gender change so he could give you a birth control implant.” Kurono explains with a straight face and neutral tone.

She blinks, asking the man, “Implant for birth control? What’s birth control and how will this implant play a role in it?”

Enji only ever said condoms were all that was needed for safe sex and to prevent pregnancy. She never heard about female birth control until today.

This doctor is different from the one she saw after the Ken Maki incident happened. He’s taller, slimmer, and looks rather ghastly in the face whereas the first doctor had been shorter, a bit pudgy, and had a healthy glow to his skin.

She didn’t know what to make of this man, but she did listen as he explained, “What I am about to give is an implant which will make your periods lighter and prevent pregnancy for up to four years. Birth control in a nutshell is a treatment for women wishing to prevent pregnancy. Unlike condoms, birth control uses hormones or implants to prevent pregnancy in women.”

He hands her a pamphlet on it, hoping she will get the gist of it when she reads it through on her time, “Now, hold still and I’ll get this in your arm.”

Well…if it helps to keep her periods as light as this one from now on…then she’s all for it, “Okay.”

He then injects her arm with the implant and tells her, “Now you should be good for birth control, which will make Chisaki very pleased to hear. If you excuse me, I should get going. I have other clientele to attend to.”

Unbeknownst to her, this man is a famous underground doctor used by small time criminals, drug cartels, and villains around the world. He is very high in demand and very wealthy. The only reason why he did wait around at the compound is because Chisaki paid him generously and the man is not one to reject a generous paycheck from anyone.

“Ah yes, don’t worry, I’ll show you to the door.” Kurono says to the gangly man, but Sakura is quick to ask, “Will Chisaki be able to see me today?”

Her friend pauses at the door as he opens it for the doctor, “I’ll ask him if he can. I’m sure he wants to, but Sakura…he’s been busy. His father’s men are still after him and he needs to do whatever it takes to make them go away so you two can live a happy life together.”

Sakura accepts this answer, knowing her boyfriend is doing his part to keep her safe and yet…she is selfish enough to want him by her side. She wants her boyfriend’s touch and kisses. She wants his cuddles and his gently spoken promises of a better life with him. She wants him because she loves him so deeply, she needs his presence around her to keep her bad memories at bay.

“I know but…I can’t help it. I want him here by me. I need to feel his touch and hear his voice. He’s everything to me, and I don’t like being away from him for too long.” she confesses to Kurono, hoping he won’t think of her as being weak, pathetic, and clingy.

Luckily for her, he doesn’t. He instead gives her the best fake look of sincerity and softness he can muster as he speaks, “You really love him, don’t you?”

“I do. He’s my first love and I can say, my last. He’s my world. I don’t know what I’d do without him in my life.”

There’s a pause from Kurono as he admits, “I don’t know what he’d do without you either.”

He leaves the room after this is said, leaving Sakura alone as she begins to read the pamphlet on what female birth control is and how it works. As for Kurono, he is stuck with the man who had helped him out on his job today, “Thank you for coming on such short notice. I’ll be sure to have your payment ready once we are back at the entrance.”

“It was no problem! Having your boss give me this glorious payday is all I care about…but, do you think he’ll let me have a turn with the girl I gave the implant to? Because damn, she sure was a cute yet sexy thing with those nice legs and pretty eyes. Any man could get off just by imagining her naked!”

Kurono doesn’t care about Sakura generally. He’s apathetic towards her at best, neutral at the least, but he doesn’t want to dispose of another body so he warns the horny old man, “She’s the boss’s girlfriend. If you dare touch her or make any comment of it, he will kill you.”


“Yes, really.”

He pauses and sighs dramatically, “Oh well! You can blame a guy for trying, right?”

“I suppose not.”

Yeah, he’s not going to tell Chisaki about this. It’s a secret better kept behind closed doors.


Everything has been hectic these last two days.

Having to deal with the league, as well as Twice and Toga was not as easy as it looked despite their pretty obvious idiocy. No matter, these next two days will be spent solely on Sakura. He needs a break from stupid people around him in general. What better way to do this than to see Sakura for a good two days? Heaven knows she must miss him by now.

It was late at night when he entered her room, ready for two days to be shared with her. Two very special days, might he add.

He hears the shower going off and picks out a new pajama set for her to wear as well as a new bra and panty to go with it. He waits for her on her bed, wanting to surprise her with his presence.

It did go according to plan. Once she was out of the shower, she almost jumped when gasping at the sight of him. She then approached him and hugged him tightly, “Chisaki, I missed you… How are things going with getting rid of your father’s men?”

“It’s going pretty good, actually. In due time, they will be out of our lives and we can live a good, happy life together.”

A lie, but he did perfect as well as make a few permanent quirk destroying bullets. That alone was a major success. For now, he will use his pride on his success as a way to spoil and treat his prize right.

She smiles to the news and is about to kiss him when he comments to her, “Get dressed first and your hair dried. Then we can cuddle all you want.”

“Even though you’re in a button down and tie?”

Chisaki had been dressed more formally today, something he had forgotten about until she pointed it out, so he decided to do something he’d never done before in their relationship.

“I can always take it off. That way, we can cuddle together and when I spend the night here, everything will comfortable for me.”

“Oh, okay then. Well, I’ll get dressed and dry my hair. I’ll be back.”

In the scenario she would try to take the key from his pants pocket (though he highly doubts she would at this point), he heads over to her dresser where a false bottom lays on the top drawer. There, he hides the key and gets stripped down to his boxers before she notices it.

Once she is done, she blushes at the sight of him.

She feels fully clothed in her short sleeved sleepshirt that is white with baby blue hearts all over it. Seeing Chisaki almost naked has her flustered because damn…he is hot.

He’s got the body of a swimmer and his mask is off of his face, making him look all the more appealing to her as she takes him in.

Sure, she was a guy before so she knows all guys have dicks and balls. She’s seen enough of them in the UA showers to know what to expect, but still…seeing Chisaki, her boyfriend, has her feeling something she’s never felt before. She feels equal parts nervous, excited, and a strange desire to feel up every single centimeter of his body.

It’s a strange thing she’s never felt before. This being said, she doesn’t get to dwell on it for too long before he’s chuckling, “Like what you see?”

“I do. Is that a bad thing? Because it shouldn’t be. You are extremely attractive and seeing you right now, like this, feels like an honor to me.” Sakura bluntly admits with a straight face, not quite understanding if he meant this as a good thing or bad thing.

“No, it’s not a bad thing at all. I was just teasing you a bit since you were standing there doing nothing but ogling me. It’s nice to know you feel such a way. I know I would feel the same if I got to see you stripped down to your bra and panties.”

Sakura blushes, unsure of what to think about this one. She doesn’t really see herself as attractive…well, that’s more to do with her still adjusting to her new gender more than anything else. It’s hard to feel attractive when all she can think of is what she looked like as a boy. She cannot believe it took her losing her gender for her to finally admit she was attractive back then before all of these changes happened to her.

“Ah…I’m not that good looking. You’re the stunning one in our relationship. I don’t know how I ever got you.” she sheepishly replies while approaching the bed and getting underneath the covers with Chisaki following suite.

He thinks he understands where this is coming from, but he has to be sure, “Are you insecure with your new gender and body, Sakura?”

She doesn’t say anything but the way her eyes glance downward tells him everything he needs to know, “Sakura, you’re beautiful to me no matter what gender you are or what your body looks like. You are my beautiful cherry blossom, my sweet, delicate little flower…the ray of purity and light into my world. I will always find you beautiful no matter what.”

This is a lie. Chisaki didn’t think Sakura looked good as boy. The only redeemable quality about her back then was the face, but even that had to be fixed with makeup. Luckily for him, he had made her into the beautiful girl she was always meant to be and now he can say such things about her new gender and body with perfect honesty.

“You mean it?”

“I do.” he then tilts her chin up so she will meet his eyes and he kisses her on the lips, “I love you, Sakura.”

“I love you too, Chisaki.”

Poor girl doesn’t know how deep in his web she is and the lack of options for her to leave with anything else other than outside force. Then again…would she even want to leave if given the chance to do so? Chisaki doesn’t think she would.

Chapter Text

The following morning, she would wake up in Chisaki’s arms, amazed at how gentle he is being towards her.

He never cuddled with her like this back when he…she was a boy (she’s trying so hard to remind himself…herself she’s not a boy anymore and never can be one again, but it’s easier said than done at times, especially when she has slip ups like this). He seems so happy to have her in his life in this moment, holding her close and keeping her in his arms. It’s nice to wake up like this, with her boyfriend holding her close. She wishes she could have had this back when she was a boy…

Then Chisaki shifts before whispering in her ear, “Good morning, Sakura.”

“Good morning.” she replies through a small yawn, “What are we going to do today? Are we going to go outside together?”

She does want to go outside still, it seems. No matter, Chisaki has a way to work around this. You see, he’s heard rumors about this one hero who has been trying to track him down. Someone by the name of Nighteye…anyway, Chisaki knows if one hero is on his case, then many others are, and they most likely know all about his relationship with Sakura. That green haired kid probably told this Nighteye person all about his relationship with his perfect Sakura and all that has gone on while they were together.

He also has a sneaking suspicion this Aizawa person is involved somehow, someway. He feels like the hero is going to be a thorn in his side. He plans on running with Sakura and Eri either tomorrow or the day after, though he’d prefer to do it tomorrow if he can. He needs to be the one to get Sakura out of here before she discovers the truth about him and learns of his lies.

Luckily for him, Sakura is stored on the same lower levels of his compound, as is Eri, so he can take them both out of here in one go. The heroes may think they have caught him, they may think they will find Todoroki Shouto, but all they will find is an empty compound and a whole lot of failure when they realize they didn’t catch him in time.

Already, he’s going to have to make an evacuation plan with his men so they know what their roles are and what they are to do should the heroes or other authorities try to close in on them.

He receives a text from one of his men concerning the person who has been hanging around their compound as of late. Thanks to some tracking of their own, they were able to discover it was indeed someone who worked for this Sir Nighteye person.

All Might’s old sidekick, huh? Well, without All Might he really is useless. Chisaki shouldn’t be so concerned as he looks at the text from the phone he had dug out from his pants pocket on the floor. Then again, Sir Nighteye is incredibly intelligent, organized, and functions on logic and reason. It disgusts him to admit the man is a lot like himself, but he can’t the reality as is. He’s not Shigaraki. He can accept reality and find a way to work around it for his own advantage.

Sir Nighteye is a threat, but not because of his quirk or fighting prowess, but because of the fact he could be planning a raid on his hideout. He doesn’t need that to happen anytime soon, so he’ll plan ahead and make a retreat before that can happen. If he or his men need to kill some people along the way, then so be it.

“Chisaki? What’s wrong? You answered that text right away…did something come up?” Sakura’s words caught him out of his thoughts, which resulted in him taking enough of a pause to say, “I’m sorry, it was something from Kurono. It’s no big deal.”

She looks him in a bit of interest, but hides this to ask, “Are we going to go outside today? I think it’d be nice to go on a date together.”

“I was thinking we could stay in. I could style your hair in different styles to see what looks best on you and then we could eat together, watch a movie together, and possibly have some more…fun to go with our time together.”

He tried to word this as romantically as possible, but it turns out he didn’t have to do that. All Sakura really wanted was plainly stated as she smiled, “I’d love that. These last two days without you have been so lonely… We don’t need to go outside. The only thing I want is to be by your side for a full day.”

Huh, he really didn’t have to do much, now did he? Well, he supposes he can text Kurono to bring him a new outfit to wear and some food for the two of them. Overall, this will be a good day. He can already tell it will be.

“Then I will be by your side for a full day. I promise, I won’t leave you alone, Sakura.”

She leans into his side and he holds her as she relaxes more against him, “That’s all I want to hear right now.”

He would hum and hold her for a good few minutes before telling her, “How about you go shower and I text Kurono to bring us a meal. I’ll shower after you and we can eat together.”

She is happy to hear this and yet, “Can I stay in your arms for a little bit longer? I mean…I’m really enjoying your presence right now and I don’t want it to end so soon.”

“Sure, don’t worry. You can stay with me for as long as you like. Our meal can wait. All that matters is I have you beside me.”

He can be a romantic when he wants to be. It’s all a choice on his end. A choice he is using now to get what he has always dreamed of out of his Sakura Kazumochi.


Sir Nighteye is in a bit of a panic right now.

They have just discovered the Shie Hassaikai has been tailing the person they sent out to tail them. This means they already know who sent the person out to spy on them and their daily activities. This means they already suspect a raid is about to happen on their property.

Okay, so he doesn’t know that for fact since they didn’t catch the person who was following their person back to Nighteye’s agency. That being said, Chisaki is a man who acts on logic and reason, a man who is calculating and cunning, organized and thorough. There is no way in hell he didn’t jump to the conclusions Sir Nighteye did.

It’s enough to make him wish he had All Might’s strength so he could punch a hole through the wall. He cannot do this, though, because he knows he is supposed to be the leader in this operation, the voice of reason and guidance when things hit the fan. He cannot lose his composure now, no matter what.

He steels himself and calls up the various hero agencies, police departments, and special ops all coordinating with him on this mission to strike tomorrow morning as early as possible.

He wants to punch a hole through the wall because it feels as though Chisaki is forcing his hand to act on a short notice. It feels as though Chisaki is already one step ahead of him and he cannot tolerate such a thought. To know that sadistic man somehow one upped him is not something he enjoys thinking about.

Chisaki thinks he can pull off a better plan than himself? Well, looks like he will be proven wrong!

(Again, Nighteye has no fact Chisaki did this on purpose or that he’s planning to leave tomorrow with Shouto and Eri. He is going off of assumption here from what intel they have gathered about Chisaki from Shouto’s conversations with him through text and the informants who diligently worked to learn as much about him as they possibly could without being killed.)

The final call he makes is to one he dreads making the call to. He can only hope he can keep a good eye on Aizawa during this raid because something tells him he could go too far in his drive to capture Chisaki. No, more like he will go too far in his drive to capture Chisaki. The last thing Sir Nighteye needs are any casualties. If Aizawa is going to be a risk for this, then he’s not too sure if he should have him here for this or not.

“Nighteye, why are you calling?”

It kills a part of him to say this to Aizawa because he can only imagine the ‘I told you so’ look on his face when he does, “I am calling because something came up. The raid has been moved to tomorrow at five in the morning.”

“What happened to make the plans change?”

He’s taking this pretty well, which is shocking for the former sidekick of All Might, but nevertheless it’d be highly unprofessional of him if he did not answer the question, “Our people that had been tracking Chisaki, gathering intel on his whereabouts, and what is going on at his compound were tailed by one of his men. I cannot afford the Shie Hassaikai’s leader plotting an escape plan. We are going to raid it tomorrow morning as early as we can so he won’t have a chance to run away.”

“Interesting…so you mean to tell me you are going to raid it earlier than usual, not because of concern for the hostages, but because you’re afraid of him getting away.”

Sir doesn’t take this well. The accusation in there is blunt enough for him to see and he doesn’t like it one bit, “I do care about the hostages that were taken. If we are to retrieve them successfully then we will need to plan this out thoroughly in order to do so. Now is not the time to act outside of logic and reason. We need to tread carefully with this or else Chisaki will do worse to both Todoroki and the girl.”

“I told you right from the beginning we needed to move things up earlier. I respect you and your capabilities, but I think you dropped the ball on this one. Everything should have been organized so we could have raided the hideout the following morning of our initial meeting about Chisaki. I don’t want to think about what he’s done to Todoroki or the girl in his grasps. The main focus of this right from the beginning should have been all about getting them out of there, not pulling off a mission to boost one’s ego.”

“This was never about my ego! It was always about the hostages!” he snaps after hearing this because sure, Nighteye may not be the warmest at times, but he is still a human being capable of empathy for others. To hear someone else—especially a hero—say otherwise to him simply pisses him off, “Look, I wouldn’t have ever taken an interest in the kidnapping of Todoroki Shouto because it didn’t apply to my work to arrest the Shie Hassaikai and prevent them from hurting that girl as well as countless worse. However, since his kidnapping aligns up with what I am planning, I do have an interest in bringing him back and I do want to know everything Chisaki ever told him in person. Despite what you think, I want those kids away from him and safe and sound at their homes where they belong.”

“I know I can come off as a bit cold at times, but I have a lot on my shoulders right now. I am the one who is responsible for organizing this raid. I am the one who will take the blame if the raid fails and Chisaki does get away with those kids. Ever since All Might’s retirement, the world has started to lose faith and hope in heroes. If this fails, I’ll only add onto that phenomena. It’s something I never wanted to do. I don’t need any accusations thrown at me right now, I need coordination and cooperation to make this work. We are going up against an enemy who operates in the world of logic and reason. If we want to take him down, then we have to do the same.”

“…Nighteye, I’m sorry I went hard on you, but I know the nature of Todoroki’s relationship. I didn’t want him to be alone with him for too long. I was too nervous about what would happen next and I shouldn’t have taken that out on you. However, you said so yourself: his relationship with Todoroki wasn’t done out of any logic or reason. How do we know we should approach him with such when he’s not acting in such a way with Todoroki?”

Sir pauses, taking the suggestion into mind and yet… “It’s too late to change the plans. We have to go through with this using the original plan of logic and reason. I can assure you, though: we will get him back. I won’t fail those kids no matter what.”

“I know you won’t. I have to get going now. I’ll see you tomorrow, Nighteye.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow as well, Eraser.”

He can only hope this plan works. He can only hope the plan based in logic and reason can still apply even in the face of an unreasonable, illogical relationship such as the one between Shouto and Chisaki.


Chisaki did enjoy doing a variety of hairstyles on Sakura. Though the ones he liked best are the ones she always had in his head: the twin tails with the pretty bows and her down cute kitty or bunny ears clipped on top of her head. What’s best yet is the way she allows him to have all of this control over her in real life like he did in his mind.

Sakura wasn’t really an equal to him. She was more of a naïve nymph, unknowing of so many things about the world that she relied on him and his word for everything. She obeyed him on everything because he knew what was best for her and she knew it. She allowed him to choose her outfits for day and night, she allowed him to choose her hairstyles, and she always did as he said the first time around without any questions or hesitation. In short, she is perfection personified.

Luckily for him, he has the same thing in real life at the moment.

Knowing his real life Sakura didn’t pick out any new clothes for herself during the two days he couldn’t be there for her meant the world to him because it was a sign of she’s real, she exists, and she’s perfect.

Okay, so she didn’t wear anything other than the bra, panties, and pajamas he would choose for her when he had to time to do so while she showered because she didn’t know anything about women’s fashion. It’s still good enough to be perfection in Chisaki’s eyes because the Sakura in his mind was naïve to all things, even women’s fashion.

She needs his guidance; she needs him to control everything for her or else she’ll feel lost and lonely like she was these past two days. If this is not perfection personified, then what is?

They would watch a movie on the laptop Kurono had brought him after he ordered him to do so through a text. It would give them something to talk about before Chisaki would get ready to make his next move.

You see, he is straight. He likes women, but only when they are exactly like Sakura Kazumochi. If they are not exactly like her, then he won’t have any interest in them. He won’t even want to touch them if he can’t perfect them (he’ll never forget the one time he tried to lobotomize a teenage runaway girl after she had gotten too mouthy with him. Here he had thought it would have fixed her rotten personality, but it didn’t, so he wound up killing her with his quirk).

No, Chisaki’s desires are specific, organized, and demand perfection… Much like himself in the running of the Shie Hassaikai. If things are not done in the specific, organized, and perfected way he demands, then heads will roll or somebody will lose the entire upper half of their body. Shit happens with his quirk, that’s all he can say. Just ask his men, they will all tell you the same.

She’s so perfect right now in her pretty kitty ears clipped onto her head, her pretty cherry blossom pink lipstick on her lips (the only makeup he will ever allow his Sakura to wear in real life now that her hideous scar is gone), the sapphire blue contacts she is wearing again in his presence to make him happy, and the all too cute yet sexy high waisted, baby blue satin garter skirt with the sheer white thigh high stockings and the white long sleeved crop top he has a distinct urge to rip off to see the cute satin baby blue bra underneath it all.

He runs a hand through her hair as they end their current make out session, his lively eyes soaking up the sight of the perfect girl who once only existed in his mind, but now has come to life right in front him. Here everyone said it would be impossible to find her and yet here he is now with her.

Nothing feels better than proving naysayers wrong. Really, it’s a euphoric feeling of its own kind.

This aside, he kisses her down her jawline and back on the lips again, this time rearranging their position to where he is on top of her, allowing his lust of the perfect girl to take control as he speaks, “Sakura, I think we’re ready for more physical intimacy.”

“What do you mean?”

Her innocence to this makes him smile a smile which would send shivers down a normal person’s spine. However, she was so used to him, she didn’t mind the sight, “I think we’re ready for sex.”

He had hired and kept the famous underground doctor there until her period ended for good reason. You see, Chisaki doesn’t care for children and if Sakura got pregnant, then she’d be putting something else before himself and his happiness. It should go without saying he can’t ever allow that. Also, the Sakura in his mind never got pregnant once whenever he dreamed of having sex with her because she was infertile, which added onto her perfection.

Since she’s on birth control now, he can live out his fantasies and make them reality. He can finally make Sakura all his without anyone there to stop him.

Chapter Text

For Chisaki, sex isn’t something done out of a need to breed or a need to satisfy himself. It’s more out of a need to satisfy his need for control and domination over another person, preferably Sakura Kazumochi, the only one worthy enough to have sex with him.

Sakura—in his head—laid back and did as he said. She had no opinion, no voice outside of moaning his name and begging for more, telling him how amazing he is, and she never made a move because she knew Chisaki would always make her feel good without her having to lift a finger. He does it to spoil her because she’s so perfect and pure and doesn’t need to lift a finger when he’s around her in the bed.

That was in his head.

The real life Sakura is a bit different in his arms. She agrees to what he had said before (“…Okay, I’ll have sex with you. I love you, Chisaki, and I know you won’t hurt me.”) and yet has to ask, “What does sex actually entail? My father only taught me how pregnancy works. I don’t know what happens during sex. How is it supposed to go? What am I supposed to do? How will I know if I’m doing it wrong?”

It’s a sweet thing to hear because the Sakura in his head wasn’t as naïve as this. All he can do is tell her, “Lay still and don’t lift a finger. Sex is all about me pleasuring you. You are to lay here and do as I say, not go against me in any way, shape, or form. If you do this, then our sex will be great, and you won’t be doing anything wrong.”

“But…how does sex actually work? Is there a special process?”

She’s so small and insecure here, which only endears her to Chisaki more. He kisses her deeply, sliding his hand down to her skirt and sliding it off of her waist. He then moves over to her neck, where he begins to leave hickeys and bitemarks on her delicate skin. He breaks away from the kiss to remove her skirt with the thigh high stockings following suit. His shirt is gone next, as are his dark pants. She blinks up at him, looking so very much like a tiny kitten with her innocent eyes and curious expression, “Why are you taking my clothes off?”

“Because that’s what happens during sex. We need to be naked if we want to have sex. You do realize that’s the only way the pregnancy process can happen during sex, right?”


Though this total ignorance of sex would put off anyone else, for Chisaki it’s a dream come true. The real life Sakura is so innocent, so pure, so perfect, it’s a dream come true he couldn’t have even conjured up in his mind. Knowing he will be the one to take her innocence away, to know he will be the only one who will ever be her first makes him so overjoyed, he cannot wait to be the only one who will ever have her. He will ruin her for other men wanting her innocence and this is something he relishes in more than anything else.

She consensually hands over control and domination to him, which makes it all the better than having to wrestle it out of her grasp. Yes, indeed, real life Sakura is more perfect than the one in his mind. He didn’t think she could ever compare, but he has been proven wrong on this end.

He takes his time with her body, leaving kisses, hickeys, and possessive bitemarks in random places so everyone who sees her will know she is owned by him. When he finds areas that make her gasp, he plays this up until she’s a mess in his grasp. He takes off her crop top next, throwing it down on the ground before moving on to sliding her panties off. From this point on, things are very straight forward as he unclasps her bra while kissing her on the lips and throwing it on the ground.

“Lay still now. Remember, I am the one who is supposed to be making you feel good, okay?”

She nods, too breathless to speak with her swollen lips and damn, she’s just perfect in his eyes. This is better than any scenario in his head he could have thought of.

He kisses her deeply after finally taking off his final article of clothing and finally, finally gets to be the one who has her first.

She cried out in pain in the kiss, but after a moment of staying still, he began to move his hips a bit slowly at first to find her sweet spot. Once he finds it and elicits a small moan out of her as her body trembles from the new sensation, he loses control.

Her moans start spilling out of her lips, making him take in her many expressions as she comes undone to his movements alone. There is nothing more enjoyable than knowing he is her first and last. No one will get to see her like this, no one will ever get to have her like this, no one will own her but him and that is what makes this hot for him.

Knowing he is the first man to make her orgasm causes him to cum shortly after. He would have liked this to last longer, but he can acknowledge she did great for her first time. Her moans, her mewls, her cries of pleasure…all of it is for his ears only and he is the only one who will get to hear them. He is the only one who will ever get to see her expressions. She’s his through and through. His property, his piece of perfection, his real life Sakura Kazumochi he will ruthlessly dominate for the rest of their days.

They were both sweaty and sticky, so he decided to carry her over to the shower to clean off. He refuses to sleep with her in his arms when she’s this much of a mess.

Sure, he had to hold her the whole time and clean her off, but it was worth it because he got to control exactly how she was cleaned and what she would wear next before they got into bed together.

Once they are in bed together, she immediately nuzzles up to his side, making him beam in pride because if this isn’t proof of ownership then what is?


She would wake to the feeling of her boyfriend gently shaking her arm, “Sakura, Sakura, come on.”

Sakura opens her eyes to find Chisaki standing there, “Chisaki?”

“Come on Sakura, get dressed. We’re leaving today to start over somewhere fresh and new, okay?”

“Where are we going?”

“I was thinking Europe…anywhere in Europe, really. What do you say? Are you ready to start over with me and live a life free from my father’s men chasing after us?”

The still groggy girl smiles, “I’d like that. Do I need to pack anything?”

“Just bring your contacts along. I’ll get you a new wardrobe when we’re in Europe together.” Chisaki comments to her, making her smile, “Okay.”

(Chisaki had forced her to take out her contacts before she passed out completely on his chest. It annoyed her to do this, but she didn’t comment on it.)

She would note after getting cleaned up and dressed into the outfit he had chosen for her to wear (white sheer button down with white bra, pastel blue pleated mini skirt, and folded top white ankle socks with pastel blue Mary Jane shoes), “Why are the cuffs gone?”

“Because they’re not needed anymore. Come on, Sakura. Let’s go start over in Europe, where no one will ever bother us or recognize us ever again.”

She follows him out of the room, finally ready to start over fresh with Chisaki, but things aren’t the way she envisioned them being.

For starters, there’s no windows, the ground and walls are entirely concrete, and there’s a man in a hooded gown wearing a mask with a girl in his arms. She’s got silver hair, bright red eyes, and a horn on her head.

She asks him, “Who is this girl?”

To which Chisaki answers, “This is my niece from my adopted father. You see, he had a child that died from cancer and this all that’s left of them.”

“What’s her name?”


“Who’s the guy carrying her?”

“Kurono. There’s no need to worry, Sakura. He’s only incognito to help us escape to our new lives.”

Before she can even think about it, he tells her, “Eri cannot speak. She’s a mute and only knows a little bit of sign. I’m sorry Sakura, there’s no way to communicate with her for you.”

Unbeknownst to her, Eri knew the real Chisaki and knew what his pointed look at her meant. Keep her mouth shut or else he’ll strike at her again with his quirk. Thus she played dumb and didn’t speak when Sakura gave a polite, “Hello, Eri.”

All Eri did was nod and bow in response before Chisaki told her, “Come, Sakura. Now is the time to leave.”

This whole event…it feels eerie to her. For some reason, Chisaki seems more serious than the night before and it feels as though there are others here, watching them as they move down the labyrinth like hallway. Everything is too silent. Everything is too tense in an odd way. Nothing feels normal right now and she doesn’t know why.

“Chisaki? Is everything fine?”

In truth, it isn’t. Chisaki had to organize a getaway plan at daybreak before the heroes could get here and try to arrest him. If they had someone tailing them, then this means they are planning strike and if they are planning to strike that can only mean they are going to take Eri and his perfect possession away from him.

Of course, he won’t say this to her. He instead settles for a calm, “Everything is fine, Sakura. There’s no need to worry.”

His words were not enough to calm her down this time around, though. He could see it in her face that she was nervous, and about to speak some more.

The last thing he needs is Sakura running off her mouth with him. They need to keep moving forward and if she keeps stalling them, then they will be too late to escape. Since his words didn’t have any effect the first time around, he takes a small plastic baggy out of his coat pocket, telling her, “Sakura, come here. I got you a pretty necklace to wear.”

She obeys, but only because she trusts him and his word. She trusts him so much…but with this one event, her trust would be betrayed.

The plastic baggy contained a white cloth drenched in anesthesia. He held it up against her mouth and nose firmly while she struggled it get off of her. After a short struggle, she went limp in his arms.

Eri looked horrified, but Chisaki isn’t one to sugar coat things, “Kurono, I’ll carry her. You keep a hold on Eri and don’t let her go. Got it?”

The man nods and agrees to this without second thought, “Yes sir, I will hold onto her and never let her go.”

“Good. We need to be heading out, the last thing I need is for those heroes to come in and try to take both girls away.”

“You care about Sakura?”

The question makes him pause for a moment as they begin their trek down the hallway, “Why wouldn’t I? I’ve spent years trying to make the girl in my mind come to life in front of my eyes. She’s perfection personified, a dream come true which surpasses all the thoughts I ever had of what she is, my favorite piece of property for me to own and dominate for the rest of our days.”

Kurono thinks this to be romantic of Chisaki, yet Eri couldn’t help but shiver at the strange look in his eyes she’d never seen before. He’s not mad, cold, or apathetic… Is this…love for him?

If so, it’s scary and not a thing like her parents had.


Sakura wakes up, but she’s in a hospital. The room is pitch white, everything around her is…what’s going on? Why is she here?

Did Chisaki bring her here?

Is this their new home in Europe?

“Chisaki? Where are you?” she asks through small yawn.

What she got instead was a nurse entering her room, looking at her in worry, “Oh good! You’re awake! I was so worried for you…how are you feeling?”

She blinks as she immediately sits up in the bed, regretting it afterwards as her head begins to spin, “Where am I? Where’s Chisaki? Why am I here?”

“You’re here because you were saved during the Shie Hassaikai raid. Whoever used the anesthesia on you used too much! You were out like a light during the entire raid.” the older woman informs her as she checks her vitals.

Her brow raises, not quite grasping what the nurse is talking about, “What? A raid? What raid? I couldn’t have been in a raid… I know I couldn’t have been. Chisaki wouldn’t lie to me about going to Europe to start over. Where is he, anyway? I want to see my boyfriend.”

The nurse doesn’t know how to answer this, she doesn’t think she can explain things to her. Thus, she tells her, “I’ll go get someone who can explain it to you.”

The nurse exits the room, leaving Sakura feeling scared.

What’s going to happen now?

Where is Chisaki?

Did he abandon her?

He wouldn’t, would he? No, no! He’d never abandon her, he loves her, he loves her, he loves her, he loves…

“Todoroki, I’m glad to see you are finally awake.”

She turns her gaze over to the side of her bed and finds Aizawa sitting down in a chair. When did he even get here? Why is he here, anyway? What’s going on?

She glances at her hands before asking, “Why am I here? Why are you here? Where’s Chisaki?”

Aizawa burns at the mention of his name. Upon the first of the man, he remembers all too well what he had said to him, “Aizawa, right? It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Chisaki, the owner of Sakura Kazumochi.”

He had asked Chisaki with horror in his eyes as he saw Mirio with two girls—the little girl they had seen in the briefing and this other girl with cherry blossom pink hair—as a dark thought popped up in his mind, “Where’s Todoroki? Did you make him into that girl?”

Though he couldn’t see it because of his mask, he knew Chisaki was giving him a smug grin when he spoke, “If I did, it was only for the best. He’s much happier as a girl, you know. Unlike you, I knew him better than the back of my hand. The poor boy was transgender, and I did what any good boyfriend would do: I made his dream into reality.”

Aizawa didn’t buy this for one second and had Midoriya (and Nighteye) not been there, he would have charged at the man himself and smacked that smug grin off of his face, “Midoriya, take him down and make it hurt. I want to see him bleed by the time you’re done with him.”

“Heh, how very heroic of you, Aizawa! My, what heroes have become! It’s no wonder why you all cover up for a monster like Endeavor: you’re all the same as him behind closed doors.”

Aizawa activated his quirk then and allowed Midoriya to charge at him instead. It was the best decision in the end to allow the boy to take control. Had he not, he would have been dead or quirkless from trying to strike at Chisaki himself.

Regardless, he calms himself down before explaining what happened to her, “You’re here because your boyfriend was a leader of a yakuza ring called the Shie Hassaikai. We raided their hideout in order to capture them, save Eri, and yourself from Chisaki.”

Sakura couldn’t believe it because it made no sense to her at all, “What? Chisaki is not a member of the yakuza. He wouldn’t be. He’s still in high school.”

“We contacted the high school to ask about whether or not he and Kurono were students there. It confirmed what we knew for fact: they weren’t. If you don’t believe me, you can look at this student registry and see if you find their names anywhere.”

She looked through the registry and tried to find their names somewhere, anywhere…only for it to come back empty.

Seeing her shocked face made Aizawa grateful Present Mic had gone over the top and contacted the school Chisaki claimed to be attending. Though they knew he was the leader of the Shie Hassaikai, Present Mic still insisted this would be needed if Todoroki didn’t believe them. Turns out his boyfriend was right, but…

“I’m sure there’s an explanation for this… His biological father, he was abusive to him and he ran away from home because of it. He was taken in by a kindly man who accepted him as his own son. There’s no way he’d lie to me about all of this. That’s not who Chisaki is. Chisaki wouldn’t lie to me!”

The look in her two toned eyes tells Aizawa all he needs to know for now, “If I give you the entire case file Sir Nighteye had compiled against Chisaki, would you be willing to believe it then?”

“If there was a raid, how did I even get out? How am I even here right now?”

She’s defiant, but Aizawa has an explanation for everything, “Mirio found you with Kurono and Chisaki. He managed to get you and Eri away from them, all at the risk of losing his quirk to the quirk destroying bullets. After Midoriya and I arrived, he managed to lead you over to a hole in the wall where Mirio took you three to safety. You’re here right now because of Mirio and the ambulances who took you away to safety.”

She goes silent, prompting a repeat of the question, “If I give you the entire case file Sir Nighteye had compiled against Chisaki, would you be willing to believe it then?”

“I’ll have to read it first to see if it is something to be believed or not.”

“Very well then. I’ll go obtain the file, expect me to be back shortly.”

“I will.”

Aizawa is certain of it: after this, she will no longer be on Chisaki’s side and buy into his lies or manipulations. Chisaki’s control over her will end today in this hospital. Mark his words, he will not allow Chisaki to control her anymore.

Chapter Text

Aizawa didn’t know what to expect when he showed Todoroki the files, but what he wasn’t expecting was for Fuyumi and Natsuo to be there in his (or her, he doesn’t know which pronoun Todoroki would prefer to go by at this point) room. He listened into the siblings as they spoke, but what he heard didn’t sit well with him.

“Wait—so, you became a girl because why?” Natsuo asked first, his deep grey eyes trained onto his brother…sister? Aizawa is still not sure what the kid wants to be referred to as.

“Because Chisaki said it was to protect me from his biological father who sent men out to kill him and myself to get his adoptive father’s estate money.”

Natsuo is the one to say because even to Aizawa, it makes no sense, “Yeah, Shouto, he didn’t have to turn you into a girl for that. He didn’t have to subdue you and keep you captive in his home, either. He could have called the police and allowed them to handle it.”

The response given to this manages to send a chill down Aizawa’s spine, “My name is not ‘Shouto’ anymore. I already told you: my name is Sakura and since I can’t reverse this quirk…I’d rather be called by my new name.”

“Why Sakura? Is that a name he gave you?”


“Fuyumi. I asked her a question.”

Oh, so female pronouns then? Looks like Natsuo just saved him from an awkward conversation about this.

Her answer is simple and straightforward, “Yes, it is a name he gave me because I am the most beautiful cherry blossom in his life, and he loves me. What you are telling me about this whole ‘raid’ thing is a lie and never happened! Chisaki loves me, he wouldn’t ever hurt me or risk my life like that.”

Fuyumi sighs, her shoulders slumping slightly in a sign of either disappointment or despair, he’s not sure which one it is going through her mind right now, “Shouto…I mean, Sakura…I tried to warn you right from the beginning, didn’t I? Bad boys are poison and Chisaki was the worst of them all. I don’t get why you can’t see that.”

“Because he wasn’t poison. He wasn’t the worst of them all either, how can you say that when you never met him?”

“I can say it because he kidnapped you and forced a gender transition on you! Shouto—Sakura, those vitamins he gave you were found to be estrogen pills. He was trying to transition you into being a girl and now he actually did it and… I’m sorry, I don’t need to meet the guy to know he is toxic!”

After Sakura went missing, they went through her old UA dorm and found the vitamins from Chisaki that were mentioned in a text conversation. They were tested in the lab and found to be estrogen pills instead. The morning of the raid, Sir Nighteye would discover this and came to his own conclusion: Chisaki was interested in Todoroki because he wanted to turn him into a girl he could easily control.

Aizawa still felt as though a piece of the puzzle were missing, but he didn’t comment on it. The only way to discover this would be if they spoke to Chisaki and, well…Aizawa doesn’t think he can handle another conversation with the yakuza leader.

Sakura is indignant regardless of this, “He is not toxic! He loves me and you wouldn’t know it because you weren’t there. You don’t know him like I do. Chisaki would never lie to me and he would never hurt me.”

To this, Aizawa enters the room, announcing his presence with a calm, “Todoroki, I brought you the entire case file as compiled by Sir Nighteye. You can read it yourself and come to your own conclusions. However, I think you will find your siblings are right on this one: Chisaki is toxic for you and you could have done a lot better for yourself.”

She takes the case file and opens the manila envelope with a bit of interest yet confidence. Chisaki would never lie to her or hurt her. He loves her, he wants her, he wants to be with her forever…that’s why he did what he did.

He loves her, but why did he lie about his age?

He loves her, but why did he lie about being the leader of the Shie Hassaikai?

He loves her, but why did he lie about being gay when he’s straight?

Eri, he lied about Eri too and the bullets…were made from her, and she knows he used his quirk to do it because that would be the easiest way and—

No. This cannot be right. This whole thing cannot be right because then it would mean he lied about his life story to her. He wouldn’t do that—he wouldn’t…it’s not who he is. Her Chisaki wouldn’t lie to her about everything! That’s not the person he is!

She shakes her head as she sets down the file, “That cannot be right. Chisaki wouldn’t lie to me. People who love each other don’t lie to each other like that. He loves me, he wouldn’t lie to me about everything.”

To Aizawa’s trained ear, she sounds uncertain, which prompts him to say, “Come with me to see Eri. No one is allowed in her room aside from doctors at the moment, but you will get to see her through the glass.”

“She’s mute and doesn’t know sign, though. How are the doctors helping her?”


“Chisaki said she’s mute and doesn’t know sign. How are they communicating with her?”

He then decides to prove everything in the file to be true and everything Chisaki said to be a lie, “How about you come with me and I’ll prove Eri can speak by having a doctor record her voice?”

Sakura shrugs to this, yet she agrees anyway, “Fine, but don’t be shocked when you find out my boyfriend was telling the truth all along.”

“I’ll try not to be.” Aizawa is a bit sarcastic when saying this, but Sakura doesn’t see it. Instead, she follows Aizawa out of her room and over to Eri’s room, where she sees the little girl on a hospital bed. She would then see a doctor approaching them, concern on his face yet he hides it with a smile upon seeing the two there, “Ah, Todoroki, it’s nice to see you’re awake and moving! Aizawa, mind telling me why you two are here?”

“Todoroki was told by Chisaki that Eri can’t speak. Can you record her speaking anything at all and bring it out here for her to listen? It’s to settle a little…debate about Chisaki.”

The doctor nods, getting out the voice recorder on his phone and entering the room. Seeing Eri mouth her lips in a form of understanding to what the doctor said felt like a bucket of ice water had been poured over her entire body while naked.

Eri couldn’t even mouth words or seem to understand much when she first met her. Why does it look like she’s talking now? What did she say when she waved at her and spoke into the recorder on the phone?

The doctor says something to her, causing her to look away from Sakura and focus on him instead. Once he is done speaking to her, he exits the room and turns on the recording that was recently made for the duo to hear.

“Hi Kazumochi Sakura, this is Eri! You look really pretty today. I can see why he liked you so much. Come see me some time, okay?”

Kazumochi? That’s not her name and that’s not something Chisaki brought up to her. Why was he telling people her surname is Kazumochi? Why didn’t he tell her Eri could talk? Why did he lie to her? What else did he lie about? What did he—

“Todoroki, you need to breathe with me or else you’ll get a panic attack. Come on, breathe with me now, okay? Inhale slowly, exhale slowly.”

The doctor tries to soothe her, but it doesn’t stop the horror from consuming her whole.

What else did Chisaki lie about?

Is the case file really telling the truth on everything or did Chisaki lie about only one thing?

Did she really not have to lose her former gender? Was there really no reason to be held up in that room for as long as she was? Was there really no justification for any of this?

She’s not sure anymore and that horror is enough to send her over the edge.


She had passed out after having a bad panic attack. It was enough to trigger Natsuo to stay by her bedside, his eyes glued onto her the whole time.

Aizawa wanted to speak to Natsuo about the custody issue regarding his new sister, but it seemed the med student was still hellbent on his previous position, “Before you ask, no, I won’t give you custody over her. She’s my little sister and I won’t let you hurt her. I know what heroes are like behind closed doors. I know better than to trust any of you with her. Shouto—Sakura, whatever she wants to be called, should remain with someone in our family and I’m the only one who is willing to take her in, so I’ll do it. I’ll take her in and give her a better life.”

“Could you have handled a panic attack like the one she had just now? Could have you handled what she went through or not?”

“I could have, I’m a med student. I have people at the university who can help her cope with her trauma. She’ll be better with than you because of that alone.”

“How about after you graduate from med school? What then? Who will you take her to see? No, how about the current situation: what if your father cuts off funding for your education so you’re stuck working two jobs to pay off a loan all while Todoroki is at your dorm, alone, dealing with her trauma by herself?”

Natsuo has nothing for this. Aizawa exhales when explaining to him, “Your father already cut off her tuition money for UA. How are you going to pay for that while studying for university yourself? How are you going to pay for your tuition when your father cuts you off just for having her there?”

Natsuo doesn’t have anything for this because he didn’t think that far ahead. Hearing everything now makes him feel too uncertain. It makes him feel too…scared. Too scared to really face the unknown concerning taking her in and having to face the scary reality of taking care of a younger sibling and himself should his father really stop paying for his education.

He can concede on something regarding this, “You’re right, I probably shouldn’t take her in…but I’d rather have her stay with people who aren’t heroes. I’m sorry, but I know what you’re all like behind closed doors. I won’t let her end up living with a dumpster fire like our father.”

Aizawa doesn’t like where he is going with his accusatory tone, but he doesn’t stop himself from asking the teen, “Why don’t you ask your sister who she wants to live with? This is her decision, not yours or mine. She should have a say.”

“What if she says ‘Chisaki’?”

“I highly doubt she will at this point, not after she finds out where he’s staying at the moment.”

Natsuo nods grimly but doesn’t say much else to Aizawa. All Aizawa can say inside the tense, quiet atmosphere of her hospital room is, “If she does want to live with me, will you at least allow her to do so? If she trusts me, can you at least attempt to do the same?”

“…I can attempt, but don’t ever expect me to. If she chooses to live with me or anyone else, will you accept it?”

It’s asked in a haughty manner, yet Aizawa somehow feels as though he’s won this debate already, “I will, since you agreed to do the same.”

Aizawa then drags a chair over to the side opposite of Natsuo, causing him to glare him down, “I don’t want you here. I want to be with my sister alone, not with you.”

“Yeah? Tough luck. I just went through hell and back again on a raid I risked my life on to save your sister as well as Eri and the rest of the city from the Shie Hassaikai. I’m not going to listen to some university kid telling me what to do, not after all the shit I went through today.”

Natsuo grumbles to this but doesn’t say anything else. Before they know it, they’re looking at their phone, occasionally accepting texts and calls as they wait in an awkward, heavy silence for her to wake up.


She didn’t expect to wake up in the same hospital room she woke up in the first place. What she really didn’t expect was for her brother and teacher to be by her bedside. She doesn’t get long to think about this, though. All of the information from the case file, Eri talking, and Chisaki lying to her…it hurts. It still hurts her so deeply because why couldn’t he be honest with her? Why do this to her in the first place? Why her, why not an actual biological girl instead if he’s straight?

Is that why he was never intimate with her?

Is that why he had her wearing makeup during their first date?

The Ken Maki incident…was that all planned out by him?

So many doubts are swirling in her mind at once as she tries to remain loyal and true to Chisaki, yet she can’t. There’s so much he lied to her about and she doesn’t even know why. All she wants is to see him right now for the sake of asking why he did this to her, why did he lie to her, doesn’t he love her, doesn’t he want her as is back when she was Shouto or did he always want a girl instead?

Aizawa speaks up softly, snapping her back into reality pretty quickly, “Todoroki, your father gave up custody of you upon learning about your being gay, kidnapped, and stuck with a feminized body. I want to know who you want to live with.”

“I’d say Chisaki, but…after everything…” Sakura pauses before asking him, “Can’t I see him? Can’t I ask him why he lied to me? Can’t I just hear his side of the story please, after every that’s happened to me? I feel like I need to hear it because everything is too much right now. I can’t focus on anything else or anyone else. I want to see Chisaki and get this sorted out so badly. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to.”

Aizawa is not sure if this is a good idea or not. He doesn’t want Chisaki to manipulate her, but he considers something first, “Do you know the file I gave you is the truth?”

“I figure it must be since he did lie to me about Eri being mute. Please, let me see him. I need to see him and talk to him about this because my heart can’t take all of this. I need to know why he lied to me. I can’t think about living with anyone else or doing anything else when all my mind is stuck on is Chisaki and his motives for everything.”

She’s telling him this because it’s the truth. She can’t be bothered to think of such things when her mind is preoccupied with Chisaki. She can’t be asked anything right now when she’s just learned her boyfriend lied to her about Eri and possibly everything else about his life and then some.

Aizawa sees the distress on her face, causing him to cave because he knows he dropped major bombshells on her today when he probably shouldn’t have done so in such a manner. It’s his own way of apologizing for going too hard on her after whatever it is she went through, “Alright, you can see him and speak to him in his temporary holding cell. I will be right there to keep an eye on you two throughout your conversation with him. If I believe he is lying to you or manipulating you for one second, I will step in and I will put him back in his spot. If you do not agree to me doing this, then I won’t allow you to speak to him.”

Sakura doesn’t even have a chance to blink when she rapidly replies, “I agree to you doing this. I will agree to anything to speak to Chisaki again… I’m sure he has an explanation for this. I’m sure there’s a reason why he lied to me. There has to be, isn’t there? He’s not someone who doesn’t do things without a good reason to back it up. I know he may have lied to me about Eri, but I know he is this way as a person. It’s who he’s always been ever since we first started dating. There’s no way he would lie to me for that long.”

“He would, but you are right about him. He doesn’t do anything without a reason. Even Nighteye could acknowledge Chisaki operated in the realms of reason and logic. It’s why his relationship and kidnapping of you bothered him so much. It made no sense to him why he did it. I hope you can get an honest answer out of him. Then again, I’m not sure if he’s capable of being honest at this point.” Aizawa does attempt to drive the point home to her, “Regardless of his reasoning, it doesn’t make what he did to you okay. It doesn’t change the fact he did this you without your consent okay. He is still guilty of hurting you and he always will be.”

Natsuo sighs when telling her, “Shouto, Sakura—whatever, look, I’ll come along too. I never got to see this guy before, and I guess…I want to know why he did this to you too.”

She’s not sure how to feel about Natsuo coming along as well, but she doesn’t want to stall this any longer, “Alright, you can come along and see how wonderful he is for yourself. Once you do, you will see he’s the right one for me.”

Natsuo doesn’t comment, holding his tongue from unleashing a barrage of comments about how wrong she truly is.

Chapter Text

Aizawa would call up the police, asking if Sakura could see Chisaki again. Unfortunately for him, she can’t see him until tomorrow because they’re already transferring him over to Tartarus. He didn’t want to tell her to wait until tomorrow, but he had no choice.

“I’m sorry, Todoroki. You can’t see him today. He is being transferred to Tartarus, but once he is transferred there, you will be able to see him. For now, who would you prefer to stay with: your brother or myself?”

She doesn’t know what else to say to this. All she can do is feel horror take her over as she hears the word ‘Tartarus’. As a hero in training, she knows what Tartarus is and what kind of people go there. There’s no way anyone is thrown in Tartarus on lies. Tartarus is meant for the worst villains of them all, All For One, Muscular, Moonfish… It’s not where the kind of person Chisaki portrayed himself as being goes to.

This is the confirmation she was dreading. Everything in Sir Nighteye’s file must be true if Chisaki ended up in Tartarus.

Despite this horror overcoming her, she still wants to speak to him. No, she needs to talk to him to know why he lied to her right from the beginning about everything and get the truth out of him for once. She can’t cope with all of this new information she’s learned in such a short amount of time without speaking to him about this as soon as possible.

“…He’s going to be in Tartarus soon?”

Natsuo places a hand on her shoulder, his grey eyes full of instant sadness to her response, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know or want this to happen, really, I hoped we could speak to him today. Looks like we’ll have to wait, though... If you want, you can stay with me until you can go see him tomorrow.”

Sakura rejects this for only one reason, “I don’t want to go with you, Natsuo. I need to see Chisaki right away…I need to stay with Aizawa to make that happen. I’m sorry, Natsuo. I don’t want to stay with you.”

Natsuo is stunned by this, immediately asking her, “Are you sure about this? Shou—Sakura, he’s a hero and we know what they’re like behind closed doors.”

“Aizawa is nothing like our father. I know he isn’t, so please, Natsuo, let me go back with him for now.” Sakura stands up for her teacher because she finds her brother’s concern to be unwarranted as well as outlandish.

Natsuo isn’t sure about this at first, willing to fight her on it, “Wouldn’t you rather stay with family as opposed to some hero stranger who could be abusive behind closed doors?”

She doesn’t take this well, to say the least, “Natsu, I’ll be a burden to you if I stay with you. I want to stay with Aizawa. I know you have every right to not trust him, but please, believe me when I say he’s a good guy and not a thing like our father.”

Natsuo does not feel safe with leaving her alone with a hero, but he knows she is stubborn and won’t budge on her position so he relents for now, “Fine, you may stay with him for a bit. It doesn’t mean I trust him or want you to live with him. It means I am doing what will you make happy for the time being.”

The small sigh of relief and the smile that accompanies it makes him feel less stressed overall about the situation at hand, “Thanks, Natsuo. Trust me, Aizawa will never hurt me or lay a hand on me like the old man would. I’ll be more than safe with him, I promise.”

“I hope you will be.” Natsuo mutters before hugging her one last time, “I should get going now. I’ll see you tomorrow when we go to meet Chisaki. Goodbye for now, Shou—Sakura.”

“Goodbye, Natsu.”

He doesn’t leave in confidence. He leaves in worry over how his youngest sibling will be treated by the hero he has unwillingly left her with.


Of course, nothing in Sakura’s life is ever easy or painless.

Chisaki had been attacked by the league while being taken away to Tartarus. He lost both arms in the conflicts and is currently quirkless. Regardless of everything she’s learned about him…she’s worried.

She’s upset and distraught over what Chisaki lied to her about. She has the same feelings towards what he did to her as well. She will probably be pissy when speaking to him tomorrow, she’s not too sure how mad she will be when she sees him again.

With this in mind, she never, ever wanted him to get hurt. She never wanted him to be attacked by the league or suffer the loss of his quirk. She wants him to be safe and happy as fucked up as that sounds. Regardless of what he lied to her about and did, she still cares about him deeply…she can say she still loves him because love just doesn’t go away in an instant if it’s true (which her love for him is).

Hearing this on the news on TV while watching it with Present Mic and Aizawa had her on edge. She clutched at the sleeves of her shirt and gasped in horror, “Chisaki!”

Present Mic tried to soothe her worries so she wouldn’t freak out too badly, “Calm down, Todoroki! Chisaki will be just fine. They will take excellent care of him in Tartarus.”

“I didn’t want him to get attacked or lose his arms! I need to see him now, he’ll need me more than ever!”

“No, he won’t. Even if you wanted to see him now, you couldn’t because he’s in the medical ward of the prison.” Aizawa points out to her as he tries to get her to see reason.

Only, it doesn’t work because her feelings for Chisaki could at best be described as intense and irrational, “You don’t know him like I do! He will need me more than ever before.”

“You didn’t know the real him all along, either. You have no room to tell us how much of a stranger he is to us when he’s just as much of a stranger to you as well.”

It’s a cruel assessment to make, but she needs to hear it. He doesn’t need Sakura sneaking out to go see Chisaki at the strictest prison in all of Japan. He needs her here where he can keep an eye on her to be sure she is safe and sound.

During the ride back to his place from the hospital, Sakura had been silent. She had nothing to say, nothing to comment on, nothing to get off of her chest… She was simply silent and kept her eyes out the window the entire time. She had been in her room (which was really the guestroom she had stayed in on her first night here after the Ken Maki incident happened) until dinner was done (yes, Present Mic dragged her downstairs to eat in light of her protests against it) and after dinner, they asked her if she wanted to watch TV with them. To their surprise, she agreed but she wanted to watch the news to see if Chisaki had made the news or not.

In all hindsight, they should have said ‘no, let’s watch a sitcom’ or (much to Aizawa’s own personal horror) Present Mic’s usual suggestion of ‘no, let’s watch trashy reality TV and binge on ice cream’. Then they wouldn’t be in the mess they are in now.

She looked heartbroken to hear the words, but they had to be said. Even Present Mic—the damned softie—wound up agreeing with him, “He’s right, Todoroki. He lied to you throughout your entire relationship right from the beginning. How can you say you know him when you never knew the truth about him?”

Sakura did not take this any better, her outrage and hurt to the offensive statements causing her to summon a small ice wall, “I did know the real him! He wouldn’t lie to me about his childhood, I know he wouldn’t, that’s something he wouldn’t do to me because he loves me!”

She is stunned, to say the least, when the ice wall she tried to summon never materialized on the living room floor.

Her eyes widened and a sinking feeling overcame her at that moment, “W-What? My quirk…why didn’t it work? Aizawa, were you using your quirk on me?”

Aizawa appears to be horrified, yet it subsides to give way to his own despair, “I really thought Mirio didn’t hear Chisaki right when he saw you with him…”


“Mirio told us what happened when he confronted Chisaki. I didn’t want to believe it at first, but now I think he may be right. Mirio was the first one who found you with Chisaki. When he did, Chisaki commented you were not Todoroki Shouto, but Sakura Kazumochi, his perfect girlfriend. You see, the Shie Hassaikai were working on weapons to destroy a person’s quirk permanently so their leader could run the rest of the planet through fear and intimidation with his own quirk. At least, that is what Nighteye believed…”

Aizawa then meets her dual colored eyes and sighs when saying it, “I’m sorry, but if your quirks are gone, then that means Chisaki must have used the same bullet on you he used on Mirio to erase his quirk.”

It all clicks now…why he had her wearing the quirk cancelling cuffs on throughout her entire time there, why he had them taken off when she woke up…

He destroyed her quirks.

No, it had to be someone else in his gang! Chisaki wouldn’t go that far on her!

Then again…no! No! No!

Chisaki wouldn’t do that to her. He loves her. He loves her far too much to ever do such a thing, he—

Present Mic has her in a hug. He holds her for a few moments, but after these few moments pass, she begins to cry in silence in his arms. He rubs a hand up and down her back, his own remorse heard in his subdued voice as he spoke, “I’m so sorry, Todoroki. You didn’t deserve this. You never had to go through this. I’m so sorry.”

“I can’t be a hero without my quirks…what will I do now? What will I do about this? What can I do with my life now that I have nothing to succeed with in our world?”

Present Mic is quick to remind her, “You are way more than just your quirks! You’re wicked smart, I know you can find something else to do with your life that you will master in no time.”

“He’s right. You are very intelligent, Todoroki. You will be successful no matter which field you go into. I want you to know that no matter what, quirkless or quirked, we will always stand by your side and give you a home you can feel safe in.”

Sakura tries to find comfort in this, and yet she can’t.

Her quirks are gone. Everything is gone. She’s definitely no longer Todoroki Shouto, the powerhouse of Class 1-A with the two quirks. She may as well change her surname to ‘Kazumochi’ and accept her identity as being her boyfriend’s perfect, quirkless girlfriend… At least he will love her still after this…


Before they would leave for Tartarus, they would visit Mirio beforehand at the hospital to ask about his conversation with Chisaki so Sakura could hear it all firsthand.

What she heard didn’t bring her comfort. No, Mirio’s recollection of events only made the stinging pain of losing her quirks much more severe.

Knowing Chisaki said what he did only made her all the more confused as to what she would actually say or do once she saw him again. Before she discovered the loss of her quirks, she had a vague idea of what she wanted to say. Now she doesn’t have any clue at all as to what she wants to say or do when she inevitably has to face him one more time.

Remembering Mirio’s recollection of his conversation has her stomach twisting in knots as she begins to think on what was spoken between them.

“I know that girl in your arms is Todoroki Shouto! Don’t think makeup and a dye job can fool me. What did you do to him? Why is he out cold like that in your arms?” Mirio had snapped at Chisaki upon seeing him with Sakura in his arms.

The response he received was a cold one at best, “This is not Todoroki Shouto in my arms. This is Sakura Kazumochi, my perfect girlfriend. Touch her and I will ensure you suffer a fate worse than death itself.”

“He’s a boy and his name is Todoroki Shouto! What did you do to him!” Mirio demanded with all of the outrage in his system towards the villain.

Chisaki laughs to this, finding it to be funny somehow, “I found someone with a gender change quirk to make him into a girl. I used my quirk to erase his scar. I found someone with a hair color changing quirk to change his hideous locks into the beautifully smooth cherry blossom strands you see before you. She used to have quirks, but she’s quirkless now, much like how she was always meant to be.”

Mirio felt the need to vomit as Chisaki gazed at her with an animalistic rush of possession running through his veins at the sight of her, “In short, she used to be Todoroki Shouto, but she’s not anymore. She’s Sakura Kazumochi now: the pinnacle of perfection, unlike her former self who was nothing more than a flaw that needed to be fixed.”

Hearing this made her feel worthless. Was she really so bad as a boy that he couldn’t accept her or love her for who she was before? Was her old hair really that ugly? What about her eyes, did he hate her eyes too? Is that why he had her wear those contacts? What part about her did he even like before she turned into a girl? Did he ever like anything about her at all back when she was Todoroki Shouto?

Natsuo and Aizawa both seem to sense there is a storm brewing in her spirit as she keeps her gaze to her lap during the ride over to Tartarus.

Before they could go to see Mirio, they had to pick up Natsuo since the teen insisted on coming along as well. He too had heard what Mirio said and was saddened for his sibling for losing her quirk. He never wanted that to happen to anyone, especially her. As he sits in the backseat with her, he takes her hand while he attempts to make small talk, “How was staying with the heroes like? They didn’t hurt you, right?”

The only reason why Natsuo had allowed Sakura to stay with Aizawa during the Ken Maki incident was because Sakura wanted to stay with him, and he wasn’t in the mood to fight her after she had gone through something that traumatizing. Once he heard custody of Sakura was up for grabs, he wanted to take her in because he didn’t want to see her getting hurt by people who hung around their father.

Natsuo only asked this because he needs to be sure she’s not being hurt by them. He needs to know they are trustworthy enough to be around his youngest sibling, “It was nice, and they didn’t hurt me once. I already told you, they’re not like dad. What will it take for you to believe me and trust my judgement?”

“I have a hard time trusting your judgment after what happened with Chisaki, Shou—Sakura. You placed a lot of love and trust in him when he didn’t deserve it. I have a harder time believing these heroes aren’t hurting you because of it.”

“Will bugging our home with cameras for a month convince you we are not bad people?” Aizawa interjects, “Because I am more than willing to do that at this point to prove ourselves as not being abusers. Present Mic and I would never hurt Todoroki in a million years. If we need to go through extremes like that to prove ourselves to you, then I am more than fine with doing so.”

Natsuo’s response is immediate, “Fine, I will accept your offer, but how do I know you won’t be acting good for the cameras?”

“I won’t tell Mic about it and I will be sure they are too small and discreet to be easily found. After we prove ourselves to you, are you going to back off of the accusations you have against us?”

“I will, but only if you prove yourselves. If I see her getting hurt because of you two, I will call CPS and take her in myself.”

“Fine by me.”

It was a tense conversation to have in the car and it made the air too thick for any other thing to be said. Sakura was left to wonder in her thoughts, Natsuo was glaring down Aizawa in the driver seat of the car, and Aizawa was thinking about how lucky he was to have convinced Present Mic to stay at UA today in his stead. If he were here for this conversation…he would have lost control. There’s nothing his live in macaw despises more than being accused of child abuse or being abusive in general.

Soon enough though—as in, after two hours—they pull up to the bridge that will take them to Tartarus. At the sight of how close they are, Sakura’s throat runs dry, all of her thoughts and emotions drawing as the inevitable confrontation approaches her closer with every quickly passing second spent driving on the bridge.

Chapter Text

Entering Tartarus was a hassle in and of itself. They had to endure several security checks and a waiting period before they could escort the trio down the hall and over to the room where All Might usually speaks to All For One.

Tartarus is white, clean, and sterile. A place Chisaki would love, Sakura notes to herself in a bit of bitter melancholy as she is led down the hall in the same outfit she had on from the day before. She is stopped in front of a heavy, metal door by the guard she had been following intently. However heavy her feet feel on the ground at the moment, it doesn’t prevent or change what is about to happen next, “Overhaul is past this door. Are you sure you’re ready to speak to him?”


“He means Chisaki, Todoroki.”

It’s so weird hearing his villain name when she’s never known him as one. Then again, did she ever really know him at all? She’s not too sure anymore.

“Oh.” she replies softly in response before the guard gives them all the rules, “No fighting with the inmate, no attacking the glass separating you two with your quirks, fists, or the chair you have been provided. Once done with the visit, you cannot reenter the room and keep the prisoner there for longer as it will be ended the moment the door opens. We will be keeping an eye on you during this time.”

The guard would then turn to Aizawa and Natsuo, “You two cannot be in the same room as her. You will be watching them from the monitor. If you feel things are getting out of hand, you will be able to intervene through the intercom, but any and all communication with the prisoner himself is strictly prohibited. If you wish to speak to him in person, you will have to do so in turns. Are we clear on this?”

“We are.” Aizawa replies neutrally, not liking the fact Sakura is going to be alone with Chisaki whereas Natsuo agrees right away with some determination to his tone, “I am more than ready to speak to him myself. I’d rather speak to him alone, anyway. There’s too many things that happened I need to get a grasp on…I’m hoping her conversation will help me get a general idea of what to say to him that isn’t anything…hostile.”

“Good. Now, she will go in alone and you two will follow me.”

It is grim as the white door opens and Sakura forces herself to move without thinking. Entering the room and taking a seat on the plain black chair, she feels…she doesn’t know what she feels. All she knows is the moment she sees Chisaki strapped down to a chair with his arms being replaced by artificial limbs.

Without the mask on his face, he’s so handsome—stunning, even—but he looks defeated now more than anything else. Whatever feelings of hurt, betrayal, or outrage are gone upon the sight of him in his current condition.

“Sakura…it’s so great to see you. I didn’t think you want to see me ever again after the raid.” Chisaki begins things with a soft voice, yet the softness of his voice doesn’t reach his eyes.

“Why did you lie to me about being the leader of the Shie Hassaikai?” were the first words out of her mouth, and though she didn’t mean to be, she knows came off as accusatory towards him, “Why didn’t tell me the truth about Eri, either? I know she can speak now, I heard her at the hospital!”

Chisaki is smart. Which means he is smart enough to lie through his teeth, “I didn’t you tell you the truth about the Shie Hassaikai because I didn’t want you to get hurt by my life. I was going to try to leave it, but the League of Villains…they had so much more power and influence in the underground scene…they tried to kill us if I tried to leave or go against what they said. I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to lie to you, Sakura. I love you too much to lie to you.”

“You don’t get it…yakuza are powerless in the underground scene thanks to the uprising of heroes and All Might. Our groups almost went extinct because of these factors. Villain groups like the League of Villains are far more powerful than us. They have money, men, and resources we cannot even begin to imagine ever having in our lifetime. Our old hideout was a bunch of condemned business buildings our old boss bought and renovated with money we made from producing and dealing drugs. We aren’t powerhouses like villains are. We are the lowest of the low.”

She wants to believe him because he sounds so broken and desperate…yet…

“What about the quirk destroying bullets? Why make them and why hurt Eri to do so? Why did you use one on me when you claimed to love me so much?”

She’s equally broken and desperate to have answers to her own questions.

“I only made them because Shigaraki was threatening to kill me and my men if I didn’t! I can’t defeat Dabi or anyone else he could have in his arsenal. I had to do what I had to do to survive. I never wanted to hurt Eri, but I had no other way to make the bullets… Shigaraki said that if I didn’t do it, then he would take her to this guy All For One used to make nomus to make them out of her tissue before turning her into a nomu. I didn’t want that for my boss’s granddaughter… I didn’t mean to do what I did. It was all the league threatening me, Sakura, honest.”

It’s all a lie, of course. As for the guy, this rumored sidekick of All For One…Chisaki has heard rumors of him, but he’s never seen him in person nor caught his name. He doesn’t know a thing about the guy other than the rumors he was a lunatic who enjoyed human experimentation far too much.

“Why use one on me when you claimed to love me! Why turn me into a girl when you were straight and couldn’t ever love me as a boy! Why do this to me? Why would you hurt me like this, Chisaki?” his Sakura snaps, tears forming at the corners of her eyes at everything she has not received an answer to.

Chisaki meets her directly in the eyes, his answer as detached from the truth as ever all completed with the package of falsified remorse in his voice, “I didn’t use it on you! It was Toga, she used her quirk to disguise herself as me after taking a bit of my blood. She got the key to your room from Kurono and shot you with the bullet after finding out your true identity was not Sakura Kazumochi. I had to leave with you at daybreak because they were threatening to use the raid as a way to kill you and I. I know it sounds hard to believe, but please listen. Shigaraki had Toga and Twice there to keep an eye on me as the bullets were being made. It’s why I had to take you to my place to begin with, it’s why I had to turn you into a girl. I couldn’t let them know you were Todoroki Shouto because all they ever spoke about was how much they wanted to kill you. I thought we were being sneaky enough, but we weren’t, apparently, because they still found out about you and threatened to kill you on one of our dates. I had to keep you in that room, I had to turn you into a girl because it was the only way to keep them from trying to kill you in a two versus twelve or more ambush.”

Okay, so far it all seems to make sense because given what her father taught her, it’s true. Organized crime groups are the extinct bottom feeders of the criminal scene, with villain groups such as the league sitting at the top of the hierarchy. It makes sense that Chisaki would have been discovered by the league and they would try to force them to join the league. It’s not uncommon for villain groups to try to bully, force, or coerce organized crime groups to join them.

However, what she can’t get past is the fact he dated her in the first place despite his being straight. Why bother with her in the first place if he had no attraction to her old gender?

“Why date me in the first place if you were straight this whole time?”

“…Okay, let me clear one thing up to you. I am not straight. I was questioning my sexuality when I met you in person for the first time. After dating you for a bit to figure out if I really am bisexual or not, I discovered I am bisexual. I also learned I was attracted to you back when you were a boy, but after the Ken Maki incident, I learned I love you for who you are regardless of your gender.”

Lying about his sexual orientation is not something Chisaki is above if it means he can keep Sakura under his control from his prison in Tartarus. He may be locked up and quirkless, but there is one thing he will never forfeit and that is his control over Sakura, “You see, my dad was a piece of shit. I didn’t lie to you about my childhood for one second. You’re the only one who knows the full truth of it, really. Anyway, he and my boss were both close minded to anything that wasn’t straight, so I had to fight my feelings of attraction to boys for my whole life. It was such a struggle to go through, but then my dad died, and my boss went into a coma. I felt safe for the first time in years to pursue this attraction to men without fearing for my life. I saw you on TV at the Sports Festival. I thought you were stunning, but I never thought I’d have a shot with you until I saw you that day on the bus bench downtown… I fell in love with you over time, you know. I am still in love with you.”

It’s despicable to lie about, but then again, Chisaki is a despicable person quirkless or not. He knows he is a despicable person, but he doesn’t care. All he cares about is knowing for fact he’s tugged on her heart strings just enough to make her crumble right in front of him, “I…I still love you too… I knew talking to you would make things better because you had valid reasons to do what you did. I knew there had to something wrong with that file because that’s not the you I know and love.”

“Todoroki, the conversation will end here. I want to speak to him next.” comes the voice of Aizawa ringing in through the intercom.

She can only sigh and nod, wiping away a few tears from her eyes as she does so. Chisaki does have one final request, though, “Promise me you will love me forever, even if I am behind these closed doors. I don’t want you to forget me and move on without ever telling me it’s through.”

“I will always love you, Chisaki. There’s no need for me to promise anything when I know I will never give my heart to anyone else. Even now, all I want to do is hug you and never let you go.” she admits honestly, whereas Chisaki had been lying through his teeth the whole time, playing up an Oscar worthy performance as he faked so many emotions in one conversation.

Sakura leaves the room, feeling better about everything that happened and yet…empty all the same.


Aizawa had to end it there because there was only so much bullshit he could handle from that man before he snapped.

Okay, so they don’t know when the league made contact with the Shie Hassaikai. They don’t know how long they were allies. They don’t know anything about Chisaki’s background yet so it’s safe to say to it’s still up in the air as to whether or not he is lying about his childhood.

What Aizawa does know is, he is lying about the league being so powerful that they could topple his group with ease. After everything that happened the day before, he knows Chisaki is tougher than Shigaraki and if they were to face off right now, Chisaki would win because he’s far more intelligent and calculating than Shigaraki is. Which means he is lying about quite a lot to Sakura, such as the origins of the quirk bullets and who wanted them originally.

When he enters the room, he is pissed and not doing much to hide it when he confronts Chisaki, “You are correct, you know. Yakuza groups and other forms of organized crime groups are usually forced or coerced into joining villain groups. However, what you left out is after the league lost All For One they were left with nothing and went into the shadows to hide. Tell me, how could a group with nothing left that was forced into hiding could even begin to hold such a strong show of influence over you when they were living in a rundown, abandoned warehouse and you lived like a king?”

“How would you even know where they lived?”

“According to the case file Sir Nighteye made on you, that warehouse is where Magne’s body was found. Given your quirk and the way it works, I know you were the one who killed him.”

“Regardless, I did not live like a king. Our home was very plain and had mold all over the place.”

“Then how were you able to afford buying toys for Eri or clothes for Todoroki? How were you able to afford all the dates you took Todoroki out on? There was some very nice, high end objects in your home. Mind telling me how you were able to afford that if you were indeed oh-so-poor compared to the league, who were without a common base for all the members to meet?”

Chisaki keeps a calm front, but on the inside, he is fuming. He should have killed this prick months ago when he had asked to meet in person. He’s too dangerous to have around Sakura because he doesn’t buy into his bullshit. He can’t manipulate or lie to Aizawa. He already knows this conversation will be a far more difficult one to conquer.

“Drug money left over from what we were selling on the streets.”

“You mean the quirk enhancers and the temporary quirk destroying bullets that were made from Eri’s tissue.”

“You have no proof that came from us.”

“Every criminal we arrested who used these products all gave away the name of their dealers to get shorter sentences. We were able to link those dealers back to your group after some questioning.”

Chisaki has nothing to counter this with so he waits for Aizawa to make his next move, willing to pounce up on the tiniest slip he makes so he can regain control of the conversation.

Unfortunately for him, Aizawa decides to bring up something else. Something he has been thinking ever since he watched the conversation Chisaki just had with Sakura, “It’s interesting to me the way you claim Shigaraki was forcing you to make those quirk destroying bullets. After having seen your quirk in action, I know you can defeat Shigaraki with ease. Unlike him, you’re intelligent, cunning, and always have a backup plan in mind for any situation at hand. Shigaraki, on the other hand, is a man child who cannot plan anything for the life of him and is too impatient to spend all of the time, money, and energy you did to make the quirk erasing bullets… In fact, Shigaraki is not intelligent enough to have ever thought of inventing such a thing at all. Mind explaining to me how he could have came up with the idea when the guy can’t make an alliance with anyone work?”

Chisaki has nothing for this either. Aizawa’s analysis of Shigaraki is the same exact one he himself had of him. He cannot think of anything to counter this with, so he remains silent instead, knowing nothing can be used against him when he is silent.

“Exactly, you can’t because you were the only one who made them, the only one with the resources to make them given the fact the league was scattered and in shambles, and you were the one who master minded the reasoning behind their existence.”

There is no opening for him. He cannot take control of the conversation like he wanted to, which is only causing him to get more and more upset as Aizawa continues on to say, “We have since established you lied to Todoroki about the league’s influence over you. We have also cleared up the lie about the quirk destroying bullets. Now, I would like it if you at least bothered to answer this next question I am about to ask. Mirio told us about your conversation concerning Todoroki during the raid. He told us about how you recruited all of these people to change her appearance and gender to become what you viewed as the pinnacle of perfection. Now, this would have required a lot of moving people in and out of the hideout. If Twice and Toga were there during this time period, then why didn’t they do anything to interrogate you about it or at least stop it if they were so hellbent on killing Todoroki if the league really did have you under their thumb in the way you claim they did? Why didn’t they just kill Todoroki instead of using the quirk destroying bullets on her?”

This is where any and all hopes of taking control over the conversation was lost. He couldn’t lie his way out of it because those were the only two league members there during the raid and he knows the spies sent out to tail them knew this as well. Toga and Twice couldn’t beat him even if they tried. Their quirks were nothing compared to his. He could have easily killed them both in one go and Aizawa knows this as well.

His silence is all he has left as a valuable ally as Aizawa now has complete control over the situation and it pisses him off so much! If he weren’t restrained, if there wasn’t this glass wall separating them, he’d be choking the man out right about now.

“Going off of how Mirio claimed you told him Todoroki was a flaw, I cannot help but to think you lied about your sexual orientation as well and you made him into a quirkless girl because you wanted someone to dominate and control no matter what. Your entire relationship with her has been all about you controlling her and manipulating her. It makes sense when I think of it.”

“The hero boy is lying. I never called him a flaw.”

“I would believe Mirio over a guy who can’t answer any of my questions and is known to be a cold hearted killer. Going off of that aspect of yourself, I’m amazed you didn’t kill your dad or your boss if they were so discriminative against you especially since you’ve killed others without second thought over much smaller offenses.”

There is an intense stare down for a few moments before Aizawa scoffs, “I’m done here. As long as Todoroki is under my custody now, I will never allow you to speak to her or have any contact with her ever again.”

“The age of consent in Japan is thirteen years old. Our relationship is perfectly legal.” Chisaki points out through a snarl.

“You’re far above the age of eighteen and she’s a minor in my care. I have all the authority in the world to end it here. Mark my words Chisaki, you won’t ever speak to her ever again.”

Aizawa exits the room, ready to face Todoroki in the monitoring room only a few doors down the hall.

Chapter Text

She had seen everything on through the screen and yet she said nothing on the monitor. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach, finding it so hurtful to know Chisaki hadn’t spoken up once to defend himself or explain to Aizawa what he explained to her. He just…was silent for a majority of it and the silence is simply an acceptance of the facts Aizawa stated as being true. She would know this because her mother would get the same way whenever their grandmother would attempt to ask how things with her and Enji really were, only to get vague answers that were lies their grandmother saw through and interrogated her about only to be met with silence in response.

It’s all too similar to that and though she wants to believe him because she does love him…she’s not sure if she can anymore. His silence…it felt like he was keeping everything secret or simply not wanting to argue against Aizawa because he knew his assumptions and accusations were all truth.

She turns to Natsuo as Aizawa is seen leaving the room, “If I stay with you, I’d be able to make things work out with Chisaki, right?”

Natsuo’s deep eyes instantly become flabbergasted at what she has just spoken, making him place his hands on her shoulders when saying it, “No, you wouldn’t. Shouto, Sakura…whatever you want to be called from now on, I won’t ever allow you to have contact with him of any form. I won’t ever allow you to see him or speak to him ever again. No one in our family or a complete stranger who knows nothing of this would allow you to keep being with a guy way older than you who will live here for the rest of his days.”

“I need to be sure he’s not lying to me, please, I—”

“No! Can’t you see it? Your teacher proved he lied to you. He proved he made this shit all up. I may not trust heroes, but Shouto, this guy is the worst guy on the planet. I can say he’s as despicable as our father for what he did to you.”

“He didn’t do anything to me!”

“He did! He got someone to change your gender permanently and I don’t buy his bullshit story about this Toga person being the one to shoot at you with the bullet. If she was there this whole time, then why didn’t she do it earlier? Why didn’t she just kill you instead if she wanted you dead badly enough? His story doesn’t add up. He’s lying to you about everything because he wanted a quirkless girl to be his girlfriend, not a boy like you used to be with two quirks.”

“You don’t know him!”

“You’re right, I don’t, but what I’ve seen so far in person has led me to not liking him. From what I’ve seen so far, he’s no different from dad.”

“Don’t compare him to that human trash can.” Sakura warns through a low growl, “He’s better than him.”

Natsuo rolls his eyes to this, making something clear to her, “How can you say he’s better for you when he had you on these ‘vitamins’ that were actually estrogen pills? How can you say he’s better for you when he banned you from talking to all men in general outside of himself and Kurono? How can you say he’s been good to you when you complained about him hitting you in the past over that very same thing?”

Sakura’s eyes widen and Natsuo clarifies it for her, “All the dorm rooms had cameras installed to ensure no student was working alongside the league. It’s how we discovered this during the investigation of your disappearance. I know you’ve deluded yourself into thinking otherwise, but…he’s a pig to you and you can do better.”

“Why didn’t anyone make any comments to me about it sooner?”

“Because the staff wasn’t allowed to look at the cameras until after the investigation had ended. Unfortunately, your problem was written off as no big deal and never mentioned to us because the investigators figured you could handle it because of your quirks and combat skills.” Aizawa states as he enters the room at the perfect time, “Todoroki, it doesn’t matter who you stay with. It’s over between you and Chisaki. It’s better to accept this than to continue on believing his lies.”

“He’s not lying to me. He wouldn’t do that.”

“Then why couldn’t he answer any of my questions, Todoroki?”

She has nothing for this and it’s clear her resolve to be with him is starting to waver under the pressure. She doesn’t know who or what to believe about Chisaki. She wishes she could have some way to know whether or not he loves her as much as she does him. She wishes there was something she could ask, someone she could go to get the full truth out of him.

Chisaki has lied about so much…believing him is starting to become an impossible task. What can she do now in their relationship? What can she do to figure out what she should do next? What should she do next? Should she forgive him and make this work? Should she end things and allow Aizawa to make it certain they can never speak again?

After this visit is done, she knows she will never see Chisaki in person again. Aizawa and Natsuo will do whatever they can to ensure she can’t. Her decision needs to be made now or else she won’t ever be able to give Chisaki a final goodbye in person or a reassuring promise of loyalty and a future together in person.

Aizawa then turns to Natsuo, “Do you still want to speak to Chisaki?”

“I do. I don’t want to leave without getting a few things off of my mind. There are things I learned at the police station that didn’t sit well with me… I want to talk to Chisaki about it, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t. Go ahead and say what you need to say.”

Natsuo leaves the room, his questions heavy on his mind after all he has heard from the conversations he’s seen.


Chisaki doesn’t recognize this person. He cannot help but to ask, “Who are you and why are you here to speak to me?”

“I am Natsuo, Shouto’s big brother.”

“Don’t you mean Sakura?”

“No, I mean Shouto. I will only call Shouto ‘Sakura’ if I’m told to.”

Only a few sentences in and Chisaki already hates this guy. Who would have thought? Well, may as well brace himself for whatever the brother wants to ask next.

“First things first, why the hell did you hit Shouto for speaking to other guys? Don’t bullshit your way around me, either. The dorms had security cameras in them to ensure none of the students were working with the league. The only reason why you never got in trouble earlier was because the investigators wrote it off as nothing because of Shouto’s quirks and his combat skills, they assumed he could handle it on his own.” Natsuo begins hard, his eyes slowly narrowing as he glares down Chisaki in a way which would scare anyone but not the yakuza leader.

Chisaki is quick to defend himself, though, “I never hit Sakura once. I was nothing but good to her. I never laid a hand on her. I never left a mark on her…whatever you heard over that video was her lying and overexaggerating things that didn’t happen.”

Natsuo does not take this well, “Really? Because I know Shouto would never lie about that shit, especially after what everyone in our household endured with our father. You, on the other hand, are a chronic liar and can’t answer a few questions calling you out. I won’t believe you because you’ve proven yourself to be untrustworthy.”

There’s something about Chisaki in person that makes all the red flags go up in his mind as he feels the man’s bloodlust through the glass. It’s such an intense, heavy feeling that in this very moment, all he sees is his father after Touya died.

(Yes, Natsuo still believes Enji killed him, but that’s another story for another time.)

“You can believe someone who is basically a stranger to you over someone like myself? Funny how that works.” Chisaki scoffs, making Natsuo’s glare all the more intense, “Oh you want to know what other question I just remembered? It’s something that’s been bugging me this entire time about you.”

Chisaki rolls his eyes, “Ask away.”

“You see…you say you had to turn Shouto into this ‘Sakura Kazumochi’ because it was the only way to protect him from the league trying to kill him. You say the league was threatening to kill you two…given their shamelessness and public nomu attacks, why didn’t they attack you guys in public a long time ago if they were so hellbent on killing the both of you?”

“Because they wanted me to make the quirk destroying bullets.”

“Why didn’t they force you to do that sooner? Why did they wait for summer to end for that to happen?”

Ah Chisaki sees it now! Natsuo is like this Aizawa guy. He won’t be able to get underneath his skin or manipulate him like he can with his Sakura.

However, this should be easy enough for him to lie his way out of so long as he is selective of which questions he answers and which ones he refuses.

Which means he won’t answer this one because he knows the other is trying to trap him and expose him, much like Aizawa tried to do before him.

Natsuo would point out, “I don’t think you’re bi for one second or that you were ever questioning sexuality. Going off of what Mirio said, your quirk was super powerful and the way you were willing to use it on that little girl tells me you’re cruel and sadistic. I can’t see a guy with a powerful quirk like yours allowing anyone to bully you into silence about your sexuality. The fact you had Shouto wearing makeup and dressing like a girl in disguises from the women’s aisle and the women’s wig you got for him tells me you wanted a girl all along.”

“We agreed upon that when we first started dating because I didn’t want her to get in trouble with her homophobic father because of someone taking a photo of us together and leaking it out online.”

“Why couldn’t he have worn men’s clothes and a men’s wig then? Why dress him like a girl? There were other ways you could have disguised him without having to resort to dressing him up like a girl.”

Chisaki has nothing to counter this with because even he can admit Natsuo is right on this topic, but he won’t admit it out loud. What he hears next catches him off guard, “Giving Shouto vitamins that were actually estrogen pills was low of you to do too. It’s like you were trying to force a gender transition on him but got too impatient and decided to force it after you kidnapped him.”

This he does reply to, “What are you getting at?”

“There was no reason for Shouto to be on pills that high of a dosage of estrogen. Those are dosages given to people who are wanting to transition from male to female, but on the higher end of it. I would know this because I am a med student, so don’t lie to me. Tell me, why would Shouto have to be on estrogen pills? What benefit could that have done to his disguise when you could have had him dressing like a boy this entire time instead of a girl?” 

Chisaki has nothing for this because again, Natsuo is correct, but he won’t admit his true intentions for this entire relationship.

“Also, why didn’t Toga and Twice kill Shouto sooner if that was their intention this entire time? Why keep him in an area where they were at and could find him if you truly did want to protect him? If the league did have so much say over you as you said they did, then that would mean Toga and Twice would know the entire layout of your hideout and they would know where Shouto was at. If they didn’t see you taking him inside, they would have gotten one of your men to speak if they did have such authority over your place…unless if they never did.”

Again, another hole in the plot which Chisaki has no answer for. This boy is trying to trap him and get him to admit his wrongs, but he won’t fall for such a trick. They will have to work far harder than that to get him to talk.

Natsuo takes an inhale before saying it, “That’s all I need to hear then. You did everything to hurt and endanger Shouto. The estrogen pills could have made him really sick at the dosages you gave to him. The fact you had him living in a building where two people who you claimed wanted him dead would be at isn’t any better proof of this. What pisses me off though is the fact you’ve done nothing to convince me you didn’t do all of this on purpose to make Shouto into the perfect quirkless girlfriend you wanted him to be right from the beginning.”

“What on earth would make you think that? I loved him as is right from the beginning. Who are you to talk about me when you don’t even know me?” Chisaki snaps back, not allowing this idea to hang in the air for one moment.

“If you really did love him as is right from the beginning, then why make him dress like a girl and talk in a higher pitch voice throughout your entire relationship? Why not have him dress like a boy in a boy’s disguise and use his normal voice? Why give him those pills at those dosages meant to transition him? Why call him a ‘flaw’ to Mirio and say he’s perfect now he’s a girl? Why change his gender in an area you claim had people wanting him dead? It makes no sense, much like everything else about you.”

Dammit, he almost trapped him into a confession! Chisaki shouldn’t have let his anger get the better of him, but damn, this one pisses him off more than Aizawa!

The silence he gives in response is all Natsuo needs to hear, “I’m right then: you only dated Shouto in the beginning to make him into a quirkless girl because you fetishized them and couldn’t find one for yourself in the city. You’re more disgusting than I could ever imagine.”

Chisaki knows Natsuo is trying to bait and goad him into revealing his true intentions in beginning a relationship with Sakura in the first place. He won’t bite and keep his silence as a means of taking back control he feels he lost to this brat.

As Natsuo exits the room, he cannot help but to feel as though he was a bit too good at goading and baiting than Aizawa was…kind of scary when he considers he is a med student and not a pro hero or villain.


Sakura’s heart broke upon hearing the questioning Natsuo gave Chisaki. It didn’t break because she felt bad for Chisaki, but because she realized everything Natsuo said was true.

Chisaki didn’t have to make her dress like a girl and talk in a higher pitch voice right from the beginning during their first date or on the phone every time they spoke to each other. He didn’t have to give her those pills and if Natsuo says they were for transitioning genders and the dosages could have been dangerous for her to take, then she believes him because he is a med student. He would know this stuff, which means he is ultimately right in the end.

Chisaki didn’t have to do any of this to her because it makes no sense, even to her reluctant ear.

Why keep her locked up in a building with league members who knew their way around it quirkless and unable to defend herself in a room with no escape routes?

Why change her gender and hair color in the same building as them since they would know what she looked like as a girl with the hair color she has now, especially without the scar?

Also, why did he tell Mirio she was a flaw back when she was a boy but she’s perfect now as a girl?

It’s not adding up and she’s starting to slowly realize Chisaki may not be the right one for her to be with any longer.

The biggest thing making her think this—aside from Natsuo’s questioning—is the way Chisaki accused her of lying about being hit by him. That hurt her so severely to hear him saying she ‘overexaggerated’ things when they both know she didn’t! He did hit her, and he did leave marks on her at times! Sure, he was never as brutal as her father, but he still left marks on her skin. He still attacked her for talking to other guys. For him to lie about it, it makes her feel attacked on a personal level.

Aizawa asks her, “Do you want to keep up your relationship with him or end it here? Just know that if you choose to keep it up, no one will ever allow you to make it work with him.”

“…Then there’s no point in trying, right? I may as well end things here because even if I do choose to make it work, I won’t ever be able to see or speak to him again. Even if I do love him forever, it won’t mean anything if I can’t see or speak to him.”

“Fine. Do you want to end this yourself or do you want someone there with you?”

“I want you there with me. I don’t think I can face him alone concerning this.”

Aizawa asks the guard if he can be present in the room for this. The guard agrees, but only because even he knows Chisaki is manipulative and will try to worm his way back into her life.

They exit the door together, with Natsuo knowing Sakura’s answer by the look on her face as he waits a little bit down the hallway from the door he just exited for the news to be delivered to Chisaki.

Chapter Text

She would see Chisaki there, with Aizawa right by her side, holding her hand as she clears her throat, “Chisaki…why did you have me dressing up like a girl and speaking in a higher pitch voice when you didn’t need me to? Why did you have me taking pills meant to transition my gender? Why did you keep me in quirk cancelling cuffs in a building where two people you claim wanted me dead were at?”

Chisaki can’t counter this. In this moment, he’s infuriated she’s trying to trap him in the same way the other two had tried, “So you’re believing them over me? You’re allowing them to poison your mind instead of trusting your own boyfriend, the one who’s been with you through thick and thin, the one who loves you no matter what?”

“Of course I am listening to them instead of you! They didn’t lie to me like you did!” she finally cracks, no longer being able to hold everything back, “You can’t even answer my questions… Was Natsuo right about you? Were you only with me because you fetishized quirkless girls and wanted to turn me into one?”

“I wasn’t with you for that reason.”

“Then why try to force me to be a girl? Why turn me into one in the end when you didn’t need to because the villains would have known what I looked like dressed up as one without my scar and the pink hair anyway?”

Chisaki doesn’t have any other way to lie his way out of this. There’s no other card he can pull other than, “I love you. I will always love you no matter what and I will do whatever it takes to make this work between us, Sakura.”

She asks in a shaken voice, “Then why did you say I lied about you hitting me? Why did you say I was overexaggerating things when you know for fact I wasn’t?”

“Because you were. I never hit you once. If I did, it was only because you kept triggering me after I was cheated on by my last girlfriend by talking to and flirting with all of those boys when I specifically forbade you to.”

Aizawa glares at him, his voice cold when shooting back, “That doesn’t give you the right to hit her. Even if she was flirting with other guys like you claim she did, it doesn’t ever justify hitting your boyfriend or girlfriend. I figured a guy as smart as yourself would know that much.”

“Sakura, did I ever punch you?” Chisaki asks her, his eyes cold as they bore holes into her very being.

She feels so small as she recalls it, “No, but you did grip me very tightly and left bruises on my wrists, arms, and neck. You also backhanded me and hit me with your open palm more than once. Those left marks too.”

“But it wasn’t a hit because I didn’t punch you once with a closed fist. Therefore meaning I was in the right when I said you lied and overexaggerated things.”

“A punch is not the only way to hit a person. Backhanding, open palm strikes on him, and even leaving bruises on his skin from holding him too tightly are all abusive without it being the classical punching, throwing to the ground and kicking them style of physical abuse. She did not lie or overexaggerate anything. Gaslight her one more time and I’ll be sure to deal with you myself alone in your cell.” Aizawa is quick to point out to him, making Chisaki seethe.

“Stay out this, this has nothing to do with you!”

“It does because I am the one who will be taking custody over her, remember? Her father disowned her after she went missing and I am going to be the one obtaining full custody over her. Which means you will no longer be in her life.”

Chisaki wants to attack Aizawa for being so smug (in Chisaki’s eyes he is anyway) before asking her, “Sakura, answer me this: are we still going to be together after you leave or is this where we end?”

“No one will allow us to be together no matter who gets custody of me. I can love you forever, but if we can’t see or speak to each other until I am legally an adult, then it makes no sense to be together. I’m sorry, Chisaki, but it’s done.”

She had been scared when saying it, her grip on Aizawa’s hand tightening so severely as she said those words but seeing the outrage in Chisaki’s eyes only made her more upset.

“Oh I get it now…you’re quitting on me and our love. After everything I gave you, everything I did for you, all the improvements I made to your wretched looks, this is how you repay me? Did you ever love me at all or was I the only one who gave it their all for this relationship!”

“I’m sorry—”

“No, you’re not! If you were, you wouldn’t be leaving me and allowing some assholes to poison you against me!”

“I’m sorry Chisaki, but it’s over! It can’t work anymore!” she snaps at him, her eyes filling with tears, “I do love you. I did love you throughout our entire relationship, but it just can’t work anymore…and maybe that’s for the best. I hope you find another quirkless girl who can be with you at all times, but I can’t be with you in person or writing anymore. I’m sorry, but this is where it ends.”

Aizawa would take her hand and lead her over to the door, “Come on Todoroki. We’re done here.”

She would allow her body to move in the direction he was guiding her and yet she didn’t break eye contact with him once. She didn’t see any hurt, anguish, or despair in his eyes at her departure… No, she only saw a cold stare of apathy glaring right back at her.

“Goodbye, Chisaki. I love you. I really, really do, even if you don’t think so anymore.”

After this was said, their eye contact broke and she walked out of the room feeling hollow.


Aizawa ultimately got custody over her, though it took Natsuo at least good two months before he could stop visiting her randomly throughout the week and interrogating her when she was alone about whether or not she was being abused by them.

The first night after the breakup with Chisaki was rough. All she could do was lay in bed and stare up at the ceiling until morning struck. After that, she didn’t even move from the bed. She literally laid in bed for an entire day before Aizawa had talked to her about seeing a counsellor about her issues with the breakup. In all honesty, she wanted the hurt in her heart to go away, which is the only reason why she agreed to go in the first place.

Hearing that Eri could one day possibly use her quirk to rewind both Mirio and herself back to when they had quirks was a major relief to the blows she had suffered ever since leaving Chisaki’s home. It came with a downside, though: they didn’t know when she would be able to control her quirk or how long it would take her to learn how to do so. For now, she’s stuck as a quirkless person as is Mirio.

She had asked if it could reverse the effects of the gender changing quirk. Aizawa thinks it can, but they won’t know until Eri gets a chance to try after she learns how to control her quirk. It’s enough to give her hope for the future, but for now, she’s stuck as a quirkless girl and she’ll have to make do with it.

Making do with it wasn’t so bad after she got transferred to Class 1-C for the time being. She had met plenty of other quirkless people there and they all seemed to help her fit in better in a place where quirked people are everywhere. It made her feel better to know she wasn’t so alone in being quirkless.

Inasa would drop by UA randomly one day to see her and they had a nice day together on the weekend. He took her out to a movie, got her dinner at this nice soba place, and gave her his number so they could talk more. The taller boy was so kind and sweet to her…for what reason, she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t mind it.

Her female Class 1-C friends thinks they’d be a ‘cute couple’ but she’s not so sure what they are getting at. They’re only friends. Why are they pushing this so hard?

Their insistence on this is what caused Present Mic to do the worst thing ever at their weekend ‘family dinner’ time (which is really just Present Mic forcing Aizawa away from his work and Sakura away from her friends at the dorm to make them eat at home). He brought it up.

“So, the school gossip in Class 1-C is that you’re spending time with Yoarashi. Any comment, Todoroki? Any comment at all you want to make?”

Aizawa’s dark eyes instantly snap up from his plate to meet hers from across the table, “What?”

She feels a nervous blush dusting her cheeks, “It’s no big deal. He’s my first male friend I made ever since Chisaki. I don’t really get to see the Class 1-A students anymore, so I never got to be friends with Midoriya and Iida. Yoarashi is the only guy I feel comfortable talking to anyway. He knows what happened to me and yet he doesn’t pity me. It’s nice, actually.”

Aizawa is relieved to hear it’s nothing like Chisaki, but he still feels the need to reinforce this idea, “I know it’s been a few months since you broke up with Chisaki and I’m glad you’re making progress in your therapy. That being said, you shouldn’t date until you learn why we kept calling him toxic for you and why we objected to him as strongly as we did.”

It has been quite a while and yet…there are times where she finds herself missing him. There are times where she finds herself checking her phone to see if she has a text from him or Kurono. There are times where she finds herself calling up his number, only to find it has gone to someone else. Though these times are starting to become fewer, it still happens at random.

Chisaki was such a large part of her life that it feels strange to have him gone now. She understands why he was bad for her, how their relationship progressed too quickly, and what she felt for him wasn’t real love, much like how he never felt the same way towards her.

It will take her a long time to unlearn all of the problematic understandings on relationships she has because of her upbringing. It may take her years or even a lifetime before she understands what is healthy and what is not. However, she’s determined to learn because she does want to be happily married someday to someone who treats her right…someone who is the exact opposite of Chisaki.

She never thought she’d be thinking this way and yet here she is, wanting someone who is the exact opposite of Chisaki. Who knew…


Rei had not seen her in years. Ten years to be exact. Even after returning home and attending counselling to get over the ache of losing Chisaki, she didn’t see her mother. She had no real drive to because so much happened in such a small time period that she couldn’t focus on anything else. She had so much to digest, from Chisaki’s and Kurono’s many, many lies (especially the ones including Eri—after speaking to her in person and learning what a monster he was to her, she knew she made the right decision in ending things with him and it made moving on that much easier) all to the way Chisaki’s gaslighting… She had a lot to take in and she needed time to absorb it all before she could face her mother without being a complete wreck.

The day before Christmas isn’t a bad time to see her, right? Sakura doesn’t think so.

It’s anxiety inducing to face her mother again after everything that’s happened. She’s delegated the role of telling her everything that happened to Fuyumi and Natsuo so she wouldn’t have to when they see each other again. It took a lot of courage to face her mother again, especially since she was so afraid she’d strike at her or have another mental breakdown (she wasn’t allowed to see her for a while after being burned for a reason).

Standing in front of her door, she didn’t know what to say or what to do. Somehow, she forces herself to knock, despite the feeling the need to puke because the anxiety has become too much.

Her mother answers the door and she doesn’t recognize her at first, which hurts more than she could ever imagine, “…I’m sorry, but who are you?”

“Sakura, you know, the one Fuyumi and Natsuo talked about to you… I was kidnapped by my boyfriend, Chisaki.”

“Oh…Shouto! I’m so sorry, I didn’t recognize you at first, it’s just…you look so different now and I had no way of knowing.”

“It’s okay. Can I come in?”

“Sure, of course you can.”

She enters the room, wanting to run back out, but forcing herself to be brave and face her mother for the first time in ten years.

“How have you been, Shouto?” Rei begins to her, but all she can say on reflex is, “My name is Sakura for now. Until I get my gender and quirks back, I will be Sakura for the time being.”

She sees her mother frown and instantly feels as though she’s done something wrong, “Why are you keeping the name he gave you? After everything he’s done to you, Shouto—Sakura, why? Why keep that name?”

“Because he said I was the most beautiful of all the cherry blossoms out there. I may not have the same feelings for him anymore, but I never had anyone say something so nice to me before. While we were together, he did make me feel wanted, attractive, and adored. He even made me feel safe, comforted, and warm, the things I didn’t get from anyone growing up.”

Seeing the look of hurt and guilt on her mother’s face has her almost backtracking her words, but then she sighs instead, “I’m sorry I failed you on that end. I shouldn’t have allowed my weak resolve to get in the way of you having a normal childhood.”

“No, no it’s okay! It’s all my fault for thinking because Chisaki wasn’t exactly like dad everything was good between us!” she then goes on to say something she probably shouldn’t given the circumstances, “I thought you and dad were normal for married couples. I wanted something different from that and I figured anything different in the slightest way possible meant it would be better for me.”

Rei’s eyes are glued onto her current daughter as it hits her like a tidal wave crashing down on her all at once, “…You thought we were a normal, standard healthy relationship?”

Sakura answers this a bit too brutally honest as well, “What else was I supposed to think? I wasn’t allowed to watch TV whenever he was home and I wasn’t allowed to watch videos on the internet like everyone else. I didn’t have any friends, I was cut off from everyone…I can’t help it if I thought you two were the standard, you were all I had to fall back on.”

Rei pauses in her spot on the chair, unable to meet her former son’s eyes as it dawns on her that she is the reason why Shouto ended up in this predicament in the first place. If she had a stronger resolve, a stronger will to leave when she did, then she wouldn’t be hearing these things right now. She wouldn’t be knowing she is the reason why Shouto dated Chisaki and became Sakura. This is all her fault for allowing her kids to grow up in that environment. This is all her fault. She made this happen to Shouto!

“I’m so sorry…I shouldn’t have burned you, I shouldn’t have allowed you to grow thinking our relationship is normal, I shouldn’t have given your father so much control, and I should have left him years ago, take you with me, and never return.” Sakura is taken aback to hear this string of apologies because she never thought she would hear them in her lifetime, “I am the reason why you wound up with him… I am the one who caused this to happen to you… I’m so sorry, Shouto. I shouldn’t have been so selfish back then. I hope you can forgive me one day, but I understand if you never can.”

That’s the thing, hearing this makes her feel less anxious about being here. Now that she knows her mother won’t snap randomly because of her, she feels less…scared of being here with her, “Mom, I’m not mad at you. I know dad pushed you past your brink and made you hurt me. In all honesty, on the day I met Chisaki, I was going to come here, but I spoke to him instead. I didn’t come because I was too nervous to come. I was afraid the sight of me you would hate me and never want to see me again, so I stuck with him instead. It wasn’t your fault; it really was all mine for being so stupid, stubborn, and not listening to others when they tried to warn me otherwise.”

Unfortunately, her words did not comfort her guilt laden mother. No, they somehow only made her feel worse, “You…thought I hated you and never wanted to see you again?”

“I couldn’t see you for the longest time after you went away, so…I just figured you did. What else was I supposed to think since I was the one thing that got dad to send you away?”

Ah, comforting really is not her strong suit, boy or girl, Sakura is just bad at it.

“That pushed you into choosing to speak with Chisaki in that downtown area instead of seeing me. I never hated you and I did want to see you again…it’s all my fault for making you feel that way, though. I’m so sorry, Shouto—Sakura. Nothing you can say will change it. I am the reason why you wound up with Chisaki. I have been a terrible mother to you, I failed you in so many ways… I’m sorry for being an awful mother to you.”

“Mom, you really didn’t push me into being with Chisaki. I shouldn’t have been so swayed by him. It was all my fault, really—”

She’s firm when saying it, speaking with a tone of authority that only mother can possess, “No, it’s not. I shouldn’t have failed you in so many ways. You shouldn’t have had to fear seeing me and speaking to me. Look, I am willing to try to do whatever I can to make up for my past mistakes so I never make them again, but if you don’t want me back in your life ever again…I’ll understand. I wronged you so much…I can get it if you don’t want to have me in your life ever again.”

Sakura could end everything here in person like she did with Chisaki. She could walk away from her mother and never come back, never have to deal with all of these complicated feelings surrounding her ever again. She has been given the greenlight to leave and yet…she can’t.

She can’t leave. Because unlike Chisaki, her mother never lied to her. Her mother never took away her quirks, changed her gender without her consent, tortured an innocent to make an evil weapon, she never left bruises on her like Chisaki did, and she never sought to control every aspect of her life in the same way he did.

No, unlike Chisaki…her mother actually loves her enough to apologize and admit she did her wrong. She loves her enough to let her go instead of gaslighting or trying to manipulate her through emotional pleas.

Her mother still loves her, which is why she can say without any feelings of anxiety or dread inside herself, “I want you in my life still. I want to see you and speak to you still, mom. I still love you because despite what you did, you at least love me enough to let me go and put my feelings first before your own.”

Rei is stunned to hear this, but then she hears her speak more, “I am sorry for allowing my fears and doubts to cloud my vision of you. I shouldn’t have judged you by your past actions and I’m sorry I allowed that to prevent me from seeing you instead of speaking to Chisaki. I want to have a relationship with you, but only if you want one too.”

She’s stunned, not stupid. She takes the offer for what she can get because she does want her youngest child back in her life again, “I’d like that, Shouto—Sakura.”

There’s a knocking on the door from a nurse, telling them, “Visiting hours are almost over. Please say your goodbyes and get ready to head out.”

Sakura kicks herself for picking such a late time to come visit her mother. Then again, she did keep delaying it because of her own personal fears of her mother hating her even more now than what she did in the past so… Yeah, she allowed her fears to take over that end of her mind.

She turns to ask her, “Would you care if I visit you on Christmas? I would like to spend some time with you before school starts again.”

“I’d love to have you over then. I’ll see you tomorrow, Shouto—Sakura, sorry.”

“It’s okay, it took Natsu and Fuyumi a while to say it too.”

She would receive a hug from her mother, the first one she’s had in years…she almost cried at it but she maintained her composure to hug her right back. After the hug ends, her mother reminds her with a smile on her lips, “I love you.”

“I love you too, mom. Goodbye for now.”

Sakura leaves feeling less empty in her life overall. She’s starting to rebuild things with her mother, she has friends at school, and she even has a male friend in Inasa! Everything is going so good, it’s hard to believe she even got here now after everything she’s endured.

Even if she can’t get everything she lost back, she will at least be able to move forward in her life and have a bright future ahead of her.