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Double Knot

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You were born in a conventional family, your father was an alpha, your mother an omega like the majority of the women surrounding you growing up. That's why everyone in your family expected you to be an omega yourself. They brought you up teaching you about family values, putting notions of nourishing, child loving in your head, telling you you had to be cute and find an alpha who would breed you and mate you so to have a beautiful family together.

You didn't know what you were, even during high school, no one knew, you didn't have any particular scent, you were still confused. 

Years passed and your confusion didn't go away, you were going through an identity crisis, you were witnessing your friends going into heats, ruts, and you? Nothing. 

You realized, then, during the first year of college, that you were not an omega nor an alpha, you were a beta. Betas were rare in your community, female betas were almost considered useless as, yes they could get pregnant, but they had the priviledge to choose when that would happen, no heats, but a choice. Alphas saw betas as unimportant, what's good about someone who you can't breed and knot full of your pups when you need it, anyways?

You found out you liked being a beta though, even if your family wasn't so happy about it. During the first 2 years of college you had a couple of relationships, nothing serious, but you had your fair share of experiences. What you loved the most about your status was being able to go out whenever you wanted, not caring about alphas annoying you.

You're at your third year now, you have your circle of friends, including both alphas an omegas and a couple of betas you really like and share experiences with. Your grades are good, people find you nice to be around and, for this reason, no one ever really wondered how you were the bestfriend of 2 of the most popular alphas on campus.

Park Jimin had approached you during the second semester of your first year, he saw you in one of his classes and found you cute. You didn't want anything to do with him, though, but he insisted. You were a challenge, in the end he settled and accepted the title of friend before upgrading to bestfriend one night when you both opened up about both of your insecurities, about what made you who you are, what hurts and what makes you happy and decided you were meant to be, soulmates never letting go of each other.

Jung Hoseok was shy, a shy alpha hiding behind an "I don't care about anything and anyone" facade. You approached him once asking if he had a spare pen during your second year. He gave you a pen not even looking at you, but you noticed the slightest blush creeping up his ears. 

Even if you decided to let him be, Jimin didn't. He was so into him for some reason, it was like he knew Hoseok was a good person. It turned out he was right. Once Hoseok started hanging out with you more, you fell in love (platonically obviously) with him. Both you and Jimin felt like you had found your missing piece.

"Y/N! There's a party at a friend of mine's next Saturday! Why don't we go have fun and show everyone how to dance?? I swear to God people can't dance for shit" Hoseok says, sighing.

"You're so dramatic" you laugh slapping his arm. "I'm sure you want to go cause you wanna get laid with Britt" you smirk seeing his eyes go wide for a second.

"I might want to get laid and so does Jimin, here, BUT I know for a fact we could show them what we got" he says enthusiastically "and then get laid" he adds giggling, making Jimin roll on the floor laughing. 

"How long ago did you get laid last, babe?" Jimin asks, serious.

"That's none of your business, Chim, you're the desperate ones wanting to pop a knot so bad" you say embarrassed. You don't want them to know that it's been a while for you, almost 2 whole years of basically nothing.

"Chill, Y/N, I just wanted to find you someone, we all need some stress relief from time to time, you know?".

"Yeah... yeah... I know".

The conversation ends there and, in the end, you agree to going to the party.

Dancing with Hoseok has always been fun, his body always moves perfectly with the beat, it's like he's born for this.

And Jimin? He loves music, he loves dancing, but he had to practice a lot to get where he is now, honestly one of the best dancers you've ever seen.

The moment you 3 get to the dance floor, everyone moves out of the way and start staring.

The 2 alphas have seduced and stolen the hearts of many men and women, everyone likes them, everyone loves them and everyone's not ashamed of just staring at them dancing. The moment you join them and start dancing as well, some people leave, not wanting to be in the presence of a beta. You can't deny that it hurts a little, but your mood is suddenly lifted by Hoseok pulling you towards him with his hands on your hips, Jimin settling right behind you.

You dance like that for a while, being silly, enjoying yourselves, but, at some point, the music changes. Deep r&b beats come on and the 2 alphas start dancing accordingly, getting closer to you. Jimin's hands find your hips this time, moving them to the rhythm, making them sway in front of Hoseok who just stares for a while, eyes completely black as if in a trance, watching you snake an arm around Jimin's neck, eyes closed, lost in the song, letting him sway your hips as he wants.

Your eyes snap open the moment you feel him joining you pressing himself against your front, hands just above Jimin's.

"We've never seen you dancing like this, babe" he whispers into your ear.

"I guess there's a first time for everything, uh?" you tease him.

Jimin spins you around, wanting to see your face but all his eyes see are your parted lips. Images of you moaning cloud his mind. "What the hell dude, get a grip!" he mentally scolds himself. 

You're once again sandwiched in between them, but something feels different, you feel something and you blush furiously the moment you realize what it is.

They're both hard, grinding their hips against yours.
You push them away immediately and walk outside, you need fresh hair, you can't help but feeling as if you are suffocating, the need to breathe too strong.
"What the hell..." you murmur, still not completely understanding how dancing with your best friends led to this, to them making you FEEL them like that.
You have to breathe. You close your eyes and let the night breeze cool you down.
Inside the house, the 2 men look at each other and realize they're both hard, both blushing and covering themselves or trying to.
"We fucked up" Hoseok says.
"I know..." Jimin replies and adds "but she looked like she wanted it too".
"She wanted it so bad she pushed us away, uh?"
"You're right hyung... we need to apologize" Jimin says before scanning the house looking for you.
"She must be outside, you know how she gets", "Let's go" Hoseok leads the way.
You're sitting on the steps in front of the house when they find you.
"Y/N... We want to apologize" Hoseok starts. "We got carried away, we're really sorry" finishes Jimin looking like a lost puppy, eyes staring at the ground.
You sigh... and they think you're mad, that they ruined your friendship. Instead you get up and look at them.
"It's okay boys, I got overwhelmed... I've never seen you like that... nothing is ruined" you reassure them ruffling their hair.

It's all good after that night, your friendship doesn't change at all, what changes is the way you look at them sometimes. You've always known they were attracted to you at some point, but they just toned it down to be your friend, they love you and you love them.
Sometimes, though, when they look tired and disheveled, wearing sweats, hair all ruffled, you can't help thinking about that night, would they look like that all fucked out in your bed?
Whenever your mind wanders too far, you just push those thoughts away focusing on your classes or on what you have to study for an exam.
The 2 alphas keep behaving as usual, they keep getting their suppressants to not just go into their ruts when they can't breed or take time off.

It all happens one night, they are out, trying to get laid. They both find someone and they sleep over, forgetting their suppressants.
Forgetting one day shouldn't be that much of a deal but, as they rush back home from their hookups, they find themselves late for class.
Jimin gets to class first, all sweaty for having run all the way there. Hoseoks gets to his 1st class of the day 30 minutes late, sitting in the far back.
They both forget to take the suppressants for the second consecutive day that week.
Everything seems normal but, the following week, you don't see them at all.
"Are they sick?" You think. They're not even answering their phones, something doesn't sit right for you and you decide to go check on them.
Jimin's place is closer to your college so you just go to him first. You ring the bell, you knock, nothing. It's like he's not home.
"Alright then... " you think, leaving his apartment and heading to the metro to go see Hoseok.
The moment you get to Hoseok's you hear a loud noise coming from inside, you knock but no one comes to the door so you call him.
"Hoseok! Please open the door! Is everything okay??!" You don't get an answer. You bang on the door until a really sweaty Hoseok peeks through.
"Y/N? What the hell are you doing here?" He asks groaning as if in pain.
"I was worried! Both you and Jimin disappeared on me!" You try entering the apartment but he stops you.
You look at him confused.
"What is going on?"
"Don't... please go away" he sounds desperate, he only fuels your confusion.
"What is going on Hoseok??" You ask again moving in between the door and the wall so he can't just close it.
"Fuck..." he groans, "please" he growls clutching his chest and kneeling down.
"You have to leave, LISTEN TO ME!" He raises his voice at you for the first time.
He almost manages to convince you, his whole behavior is, honestly, scaring you. You look down, ready to turn around and leave the place when another noise catches your attention, it's a strangled moan, like someone is in pain and you recognize the voice immediately.
"Jimin is here too?? He's not feeling well either??? Let me in!" You tell him trying to push him and make some room for you to slide in.
You, eventually, manage to push him enough, taking advantage of his weak stance. You hear some growling coming from the end of the corridor and you run for it, swinging the handle to open the door only to realize it's locked.
The pain noises you hear from inside the room just make you gather all the strength you have as you try kicking the door down, not even listening to Hoseok running behind you and telling you not to do it.
When the door opens (broken in half by your kicks), you find yourself frozen in place, you can't believe what you're seeing.
Jimin lays on the bed, sweat drenched, very much naked, hard cock in his hands, you notice he's close, his knot is forming as he desperately tries to find release knotting his own hands.
You hear the throaty moan that leaves his mouth the moment he starts cumming, the series of "fuck" following his never ending looking spurts.
That's not nearly enough to quench his desire though, he doesn't go soft, he's still very much hard and you can't move, not even when he realizes the door is open and he sees you.
His eyes go comically wide at the sight of you there, how the hell did you get in?? That's when he notices the broken door.
He chuckles lowly. "What are you doing here?" He asks, panting.
"I... I was... worried... you... you wouldn't pick up your phone..." you manage to say, gulping.
Hoseok gets inside the room, defeated, hard as a rock as well.
"Babe..." he gathers all his strength to look at you in the eyes, "you have to leave or we don't know what might happen" he gulps, looking at your thighs. "Rooms were locked for a reason" he pants.
"Why?" You naively ask.
"Y/N... can't you see? We're going through our ruts, we just...can't be around you or each other... He just came here to see how I saw and we had to lock the rooms" he manages to finish the sentence, groaning as another surge of arousal goes through him.
"JUST GO" he growls again.
"I..." you can't believe the next words coming out of your mouth, "I can help you" you gulp, "if... if you don't mind it being me... you know I don't get pregnant..." you whisper, eyes fixed to the ground, you just stay there, too ashamed to look at them in the eyes.
When neither of them replies, you just admit defeat and turn around, ready to bolt out of the apartment not even looking back.
You're about to move your feet when someone does talk.
"Fuck..." Jimin moans. "You did not really just say that" head thrown back, hand on his still hard cock again, pumping it a couple of times and squeezing out a drop of pre cum.
"Are you serious?" Hoseok asks incredulous. They've always been attracted to you but never made a move, they adore and respect you too much for that.
"Actually..." you chicken out, turning around and walking out the room again. Hoseok doesn't chase you, he doesn't want to force you in any way, it's you who turns around the moment you hear another groan.
You powerwalk to that room again and face them.
"I want to help you, I can't stand seeing you in pain" you say looking straight into Hoseok's eyes.
He looks at Jimin for a second, he doesn't even know how he's still in control of himself at this point, his instincts are kicking in, he's starting to see red. Jimin's eyes reflect his own. Knowing they are both on the same wavelength, he finally reaches for you, caressing the soft skin of your cheeks, his stare soft despite the hotness he's feeling.
When his lips meet yours it feels like everything has zeroed around you, you get lost in the feeling, tasting his lips, feeling their softness, moaning when his tongue intertwines with yours.
You're suddenly awaken from your reverie the moment Hoseok pushes his hips against yours. You feel his hardness for the second time after that night and you can't help thinking about how it would feel inside you, how his knot would feel. The thought scares you a little and you stiffen in his hold.
"What's wrong?" He asks you.
"N-nothing..." you mumble.
"You can still go away, Y/N, it's not too late" his voice is so soft, so caring despite the fact that he's panting, losing control little by little.
"No! I'm good!" You reassure him and yourself.
You glance at Jimin, he hasn't moved yet, he's still slowly pumping his cock watching you two by the door.
He notices you staring at him and calls you in "are you going to help me too or are you just going to stay there?" He says, teasing.
Hoseok takes your hand in his and takes you to the bed where you can finally see Jimin in all his naked glory, you've never seen him like this and you can't deny feeling something change in you.
"Lay next to Jimin, baby" the pet name makes you shiver, you feel yourself getting wet. "Oh my God I'm really doing this" you think, you still haven't realized yourself.

Hoseok undresses you, literally tears your clothes off you, his instinct winning against his mind.

You gasp when he parts your legs and licks at your clothed pussy, not wasting any time, desire consuming him, the need to knot getting stronger each passing second spent smelling and tasting your arousal.

Your panties eventually join the pile of shredded clothes on the ground and you find yourself naked right beside a naked Jimin intensely looking at you as Hoseok goes down on you again, tasting you and groaning.

"Fuck you taste so good, wanna knot you so bad... you'd feel so good around my cock... God!" He can't hold it anymore, he needs you so bad.

"Roll over, hands and knees" he can't even talk properly anymore, the wild wolf in him taking control.

You get on your hands and knees right in between Jimin's legs with Hoseok behind you.

He sticks 2 fingers inside you with no care at all, making you immediately clench. You've always loved a little pain, God you just love dirty, rough sex. A drop of your arousal coats his fingers and he growls, a growl deep within.
He enters you then, finesse long forgotten, he spears into you, moaning, finally feeling good, finally feeding the wolf in him.
Jimin pumps his cock, staring at your open mouth and your boobs swaying from the force of the other's thrusts. He wants to fill you up so bad he grabs your chin and brings you closer to his cock.
"Keep that pretty mouth open, princess" he instructs before grabbing your hair and pushing you down on his cock.
He instantly moans feeling your wet mouth around him, his hands in your hair keep you somewhat in place as his hips start moving. You keep your tongue flat for him, licking at the underside of his cock every time he slides in and out and you relax your throat for when he slides deeper but you can't help gagging a little, throat convulsing around him, at particular hard thrusts from Hoseok.
The older doesn't seem to relent, he keeps pounding into you, Jimin moves his hips faster, you're taking both working your tongue the best you can, feeling them inside you, listening to their groans and moans as if they were music .
Hoseok is getting close, you know it, you sense it, Jimin as well, but you don't want them to cum like this, YOU don't want to cum like this. You're feeling so aroused and greedy, you want them both and they have to know.
With a hand on Jimin's hips, you stop him and as soon as your mouth is free you call for Hoseok.
He, begrudgingly, stops his movements.
"Is there something wrong?" He asks, seemingly having regained some control of himself.
"No, Hobi... I just... " you mumble.

"What?" Jimin asks.

"Wanna try something different" you tell them leaving your place in between them to move towards Jimin's face.

He smirks at you, understanding immediately what you want.

"I knew you wanted my lips, I always catch you staring, babe, you're not subtle" he playfully says, earning a smack on his arms.

"Fuck... do it again" he says as a drop of pre cum leaves the tip of his dick.

"I have something better in mind" you say before settling your pussy right on his face facing Hoseok.

Reaching back to pull his hair, you move his head pushing it right against your pussy, he groans and you smack his chest, right on his nipples seeing how his cock twitches and leaks.

"You're really something else" Hoseok says, in awe, when you gesture for him to come closer.

Your hands find purchase on Jimin's hips as the warmth of your mouth envelops Hoseok's cock.

Your hips move over Jimin's head, he laps at you ferociously, it's almost as if you're his first meal of the day. His hands squeeze your asscheeks, his tongue in you feels amazing and you moan around the other's dick, sending shivers down his spine.

"Shit..." Hoseok groans, "Wanna be inside you again so bad, wanna knot you so bad, baby, please" he begs.

As you're grinding your hips on Jimin's face, you can't help imagining being filled up by his knot, their knots. You want them both, shit, you moan and wet Jimin's chin at the thought.

"Please knot me" you whine looking up at Hoseok who just growls.

"Please, I want your knot, both of you".

They both freeze.

"Are you sure you can handle it?" The older asks.

"Yes! Please! I want it so bad!"

They're not entirely convinced yet, losing control but still afraid of hurting you. 

"Alpha, please" you whine again, calling them by their name, making their wild side hear loud and clear how you want to be filled and bred by them.

Jimin immediately resumes earing you out, but sliding you a little further down his chest in order to see your other hole and lap at it, slowly easing a finger inside while you keep grinding looking for friction, wetting his chest.

Seeing you so wrecked triggers something deep and possessive inside of Hoseok. He grabs your hair and pulls you towards him, licking at your lips before taking them with his, bruising kisses making you lose your mind.

He kneels in front of you and pulls your hair so your neck is all bared for him. He knows he can't mate you but he can't help nosing and nibbling at it, sucking purple marks all over your collarbones, a series of growls and "mine" sounding so good in your ears.

Jimin slaps your ass to get your attention.

"Princess get up" he says and you do, anticipation making you even wetter.

Jimin and Hoseok look at each other for a minute as if they are telepathically deciding on what to do. 

Hoseok goes lay down and manhandles you so you're on top of him, your back pressed to his chest. Jimin joins you hovering over you, kissing you, finally, a kiss so deep you could melt right there and then.

He's distracting you while Hoseok reaches in between you to take a hold of his cock and start pushing inside your hole, feeling your rim muscles resist for a second before relaxing and letting him in, moaning in Jimin's mouth.

"You're so tight... shit... I won't last long..." he says thrusting in and out once.

"Jimin-ah, get on it" he urges the younger seeing he's too lost in kissing you and groping your breasts making you mewl every time he pinches your nipples.

He detaches himself from you for a second just to slide into you meeting no resistance at all. You're so wet and so warm and so tight he's afraid he will cum too soon as well.

"Shit... hyung... won't last long either" they both hiss when you clench on them both.

"I don't care" you tell them, "I just want your knot, please alpha, fill me up, breed me!" You gasp and a loud moan exits your mouth as they both start moving fueled by your words.

You can see Jimin's eyes turning gold, the wolf in him taking absolute control and you can imagine Hoseok being the same. They both pound into you hard and deep, oh so deep, they have you see stars.

Hoseok's knot is the first to form, you can feel him getting bigger, you can feel him getting stuck on your rim every time he thrusts in and out of you and it hurts so good, feeling so full pushes you over the edge, cumming on Jimin's dick, clenching hard on him.

An actual growl leaves his throat at the feeling, his cock filling you up even more, knot forming, making it hard for him to leave your pussy.

"Fuck!" "SHIT!" They yell pushing their cocks as deep as they can as they start to cum, spurt after spurt filling you up.

You swear in your mind that you could cum just with feeling their warm cum painting your every wall and you do cum, loud moan joining theirs when they bite your shoulders, hard, as they spill their last drops inside you.

You slump back on Hoseok's chest, exhausted, panting, Jimin on top of you, his skin still so hot to the touch.

When he lifts his head to look at you, you see his eyes being back to their normal chocolate color and you sigh.

"Feeling better?" You ask both.

"You're amazing" Jimin says, kissing you again, soft plump lips molding with yours.

"Thank you, baby" Hoseok says, lapping at your shoulder where a little drop of blood escapes his bite mark.

"Sorry if we hurt you".

"You didn't, Jimin... if was actually the best sex I've ever had" you say, blushing, looking at anywhere but his eyes.

"Let's do it again then" Hoseok chimes in. "After we separate and eat something that is" he punctuates with a kiss on your back.

"Not gonna lie" he adds "hearing you beg for our knot, calling us alpha was hot as fuck".

"Oh my God stop" you turn red, trying to cover your face with your hands.

Jimin doesn't want any of that though, taking your wrists in his hands and pinning them on the mattress before kissing you again.

"You're so cute" he giggles, "and so damn tight" he smirks. "Dont think I can find someone better than our princess ever again, what do you say, hyung?".

"You're right, Jimin-ah, but let's see what she says" he says caressing your sides.

"You wanna be my alphas?" You ask, confused.

"Thought you'd never ask" Jimin kisses you sweetly.

When their knots finally go down, you all untangle from one another. They let you use the bathroom first to shower, they even give you some of their clothes to wear. You're all sore everywhere, you take your time.

When you're done you find them sitting at the dining table, waiting.

You join them and Hoseok immediately starts talking.

"So... we were serious earlier... about being your alphas... being with you..." he says scratching the back of his neck.

"God knows how long we've wanting that to happen" Jimin adds, "you know we've always loved you, Y/N... as friends and more".

"I'm... but why me? I'm just a beta, i don't even have the sweet scent that makes alphas go crazy as omegas do, I'm not so ready to have a family, I'm not an omega". You fidget in your seat.
"We don't care, princess" Jimin says holding your hands in his.
"And you taste way better than omegas" Hoseok adds, smirking.
"HOBI!" You slap his arm playfully, your face turning a deep red.
"It's true!" They say in unison.
You all start laughing, but peace an quietness don't last long as another wave of their rut goes through them.
"Y/N..." Jimin pants. "We need an answer now, either you stay or go cause we won't be able to control ourselves anymore".
You get up from your chair and walk towards the same bedroom taking off your tshirt on the way. You turn around before entering the room "What are you waiting for? Come give me your knots, my alphas" you smirk entering the room and hearing them getting up and rushing behind you.