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Izuku watched as Iida left the Hosu Hospital with his mother. He had been the first to go home despite having bad injuries. He hoped Iida would feel more comfortable and safe at his own home, but Izuku couldn’t help but worry. Iida was his friend and they were both healing (mentally and physically).

He realized he had spaced out when Todorokj spoke up quietly from behind him. “Do you think that he’ll be okay?”

Izuku turned slightly and gave a soft smile. “If anything, he’s the strongest. With all that’s happened, Iida still stands proud.” Izuku watched as the car pulled away. “He’s gonna be a great hero, don’t you agree?” Todoroki hummed. The room seemed to shift, Izuku felt warmer. “I think that we make a great team.”

Izuku turned around. “Hm?” he squeaked. Todoroki wore the same blank expression he usually held. “You, me, and Iida. I think we work well together.” Todoroki said matter of factly. Izuku breathed out softly and leaned on his crutch. “Oh, yeah!” he chirped. “You and Iida have an amazing quirky match. I saw you cool down his engines during the fight. That’s pretty clever!”

Todoroki shrugged. “It wasn’t my idea, but yeah. It worked pretty well.” He seemed to ponder for a moment. “I think we work well together too, Midoriya.” Was he getting a fever? Izuku felt suddenly flushed. “yeah!” Izuku squeaked. Why was his voice doing that? Todoroki blinked and turned around towards his bed. “It’s kinda late. We should get sleep, especially you.”

Izuku turned on his one foot. “Yeah. Good ide-AH!” His crutch slipped from under his weight and slid to the side, leading his face directly into the tile flooring. The cold tile floor might he add. Soft, but cold. Izuku opened his eyes and looked up. He sprung back a bit, not expecting to be face to face to Todoroki.

“AH!!! Sorry! I didn’t mean to fall-ouch!-the crutch slipped, how clumsy of me. Sorry, Todoroki!”

He was held again. “Stop that.” Todoroki said. “Don’t stand on your foot, let me help you.” He nudged Izuku towards the mattress behind them, letting Izuku sit as he picked up his crutch. Todoroki rested it on the bed, letting it stand. He turned to Izuku. “Are you okay? You stepped back pretty hard.”

Izuku laughed awkwardly and shyly. “I-I’m okay! Thanks for catching me, ha.” Izuku was sweating. God, he really didn’t want a fever on top of his wounds. Wasn’t that enough, he wished he could regulate his body temperature like Todoroki.

It was quiet before Todoroki spoke. “You should sleep.”. He walked towards the light switch before turning to Izuku. “Do you want these off?” He asked. Izuku nodded and sat back, resting his head on the pillow as the room went dark. He listened to the creek of the bed across from him and exhaled.

He wished he would have asked for pain medicine before. He started to feel achey on his back, neck, and shoulders. Izuku turned a bit, trying to close his eyes. He tried counting to ease himself. He counted to at least 10 minutes before he came to the conclusion that it wasn’t working. He sighed softly.


Izuku turned his head slightly. “Yeah?”

“Are you having trouble sleeping?”

Izuku jolted. “Oh. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you awake.”

A creak. “No. I wasn’t falling asleep anyway.” A breath. “Do you need something? I can go grab something.”

Izuku winced. “ah, no thank you. I’m just a bit sore.”

“i see.”

a creak. footsteps. a weight on his bed.

Izuku leaned up. “Todoroki?”

“Where does it hurt?” he asked. Izuku looked at his face, trying to adjust. The lights outside were dim and casted orange paint stroked onto the room. “um.” Izuku sat up more. “Just my back and neck. My shoulders too.”

The weight was gone for a minute before it was behind him. “lay down, okay?” Izuku flushed. “Huh? Wh-why?” he stammered. Todoroki tilted his head. “I’m gonna ice your back. If you don’t want me to then that’s fine.”

Izuku spluttered. “Oh, sorry! No. I mean, no that’s okay! You can do that, it’s fine!” Why was he acting so weird? Izuku breathed. “Y-yes. You can ice my back.” Todoroki lifted his hand. “okay. just lay down.”

Izuku grabbed at his pillow and set his jaw on it as he lay on his stomach. He exhaled with a huff and tried to focus his eyes on the lights outside or the clock. He felt a weight from behind him. “Is it okay if I untie the hospital gown. You can keep it on, but it would be a bit easier to ice your back without the strings in the way.”

“oh! Yeah, one second.” Izuku leaned up and reached behind him to undo the strings. As he reached back, he flinched as a jolt of pain went down his back. He gasped and retracted his arms, muttering an “ow!” under his breath. He froze as a hand touched his back, gentle fingertips. “I can do it.”

Izuku nodded and shuddered as the gown became loose. It slumped forward, opening his back. He braced himself for the hand to touch his back, and waited a moment before opening an eye. “Umm. Is everything okay?” He turned his head to Todoroki. Todoroki was watching him with his lips pursed. “You’re too tense. I need you to relax.”

Izuku squeaked. “oh. sorry.” He turned back around, breathing slowly to relax. “It’s okay. I don’t really like people touching me either.” Izuku exhaled through his nose. He lay forward again and crossed his arms around the pillow, resting his chin on the white cloud. He closed his eyes and breathed steadily as a wave of cool air wafted over his back. He tensed a bit when he felt fingertips on his spine.

Gentle touches trailed up his back to his shoulder blades, releasing the tension and aches in them. Izuku sighed in relief as the pains slowly diminished with the winter touches. He felt himself get hot though as the touches trailed down his spine towards his lower back and his-

“AH. OKAY.” Todoroki’s hand retracted. “Did I hurt you? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. l” Izuku couldn’t tell if he breathed out in relief or laughed a bit. “No, no it’s okay. I just got shivers I guess. Sorry if I scared you.” Todoroki sighed. “Oh. okay.” His hand gently returned back to Izuku’s middle back and trailed up to his neck, slowly massaging at his muscles.

Izuku sighed. “You’re really good at this. You should start a business, Todoroki.” He tilted his head again. “Why would I do that? I wanna be a hero.” Izuku was silent for a moment before he erupted in laughter, holding his mouth his his hand. He giggled and tried to restrain himself but couldn’t help himself.

“Oh my god-snort- first hand crusher and then-haha!” Izuku smiled wide and turned onto his back, placing his palm in his hair. He laughed until he heard Todoroki speak. “I like your laugh.” Izuku yelped to a stop and leaned up, facing Todoroki. “Huh?”

Todoroki looked away. “Sorry. It just came out.” Izuku didn’t know if he blushed or if that was just his scar in the orange light. “Oh. No, umm, thank you! My mom says I used to laugh like All Might when I was little.” Todoroki let out a sigh like laugh. “That sounds like you.” He said in a soft tone. Izuku leaned a bit and smiled. “Yeah, my mom tries to get me to do it all the time. She’ll be like ‘Izuku! Please do the laugh!’ I never say no, it makes her smile so big.”

Todoroki hummed. “She sounds nice.” Izuku looked up. “She’s the best. Sometimes I think she might be a bigger All Might fan than me.” Todoroki laughed and raised an eyebrow. “Is that possible? You admire him quite a bit, don’t you?” He pursed his lips for a moment. “You two seem close as well.”

Izuku nervously laughed. “Yeah,” he huffed, “People tell me that a lot.” He received a hum from Todoroki, one of acknowledgement. The two stayed in that position for a while, Todoroki’s hand tracing each spot of Izuku’s sore muscles and aches. Izuku found himself mindlessly drifting to sleep with the cold touches on his back, relieving his aches one by one. He perked up just as he heard a mumble from the boy above him.

“Did you say something?” Izuku asked, tilting his head back over his shoulder. Todoroki was slightly flushed, despite his cold side being the only one in use. He seemed nervous, slightly jittery even. Izuku furrowed his brown in a nervous expression “Hey, uh, you can stop now, if you want. I think my back is all good now!” But Todoroki only focused on the freckled boy’s back, studying each scar, each freckle, each toned muscle.

Todoroki shook his head, removing his hand from Izuku’s back. “Yes, sorry.” He turned his face away and began to stand off of the mattress. Izuku leaned up, inching forward. He tugged at Todoroki’s patterned gown, making the boy stop and turn with a confused and startled look. Izuku looked down for a moment, considering his actions. The green eyed boy looked up, his eyes that of a doe.

“Umm,” he began, sucking on his lip nervously, “Can you just uh, sorry, can you sit back down? If that’s okay?” He finished with a cracking tone, looking away. Todoroki stepped back, settling down back onto the bed. He sat next to Izuku, inched forward with a tilted hear. His eyes were curious, studying each move of the boy next to him.

Izuku sat with his legs crisscrossed, his hands in between. Whether it was the orange streetlights or Izuku’s actual cheeks boiling up, Todoroki couldn’t tell, but he did know that Izuku was nervous about something, scared of something.

Izuku exhaled heavily, his cheeks twin freckled pufferfish. “I’ve been thinking,” he began. “Oh no.” Todoroki said dryly. Izuku laughed and pushed Todoroki by the shoulder. “Shut up! I have!” His smile was wide and bright. Todoroki liked it. “Sorry, sorry, continue.”

“As I was saying, I have been thinking.” Izuku moved his hand to his lip, pinching it a bit. “I just noticed something recently I guess. Or I guess I noticed it a bit ago? I’m not sure but I know what it is but I don’t know if I know for sure but It’s definitely there-“

“Uh. Midoriya?”

“and It’s kinda scaring me because I’ve never felt anything like this and I don’t know if it’s wrong or if it’s right and jeez it’s really stressing me out and I can’t focus sometimes and-“


“I’ve been trying to think about other things and other people but I can’t think straight or even practice without my head being clouded with all these feelings and I-“


He stopped. “Uh. What?” Todoroki’s eyes were narrowed and Izuku didn’t notice until now, but Todoroki’s hand was on his. Izuku nearly fainted, he might as well at this point. Todoroki lifted Izuku’s hand to his face, holding it there.

Izuku’s breath caught in his throat. Please just throw me out of this window, Todoroki.

“Relax.” Todoroki said, his warm breath settling on Izuku’s scarred skin. How could he? He could barely breathe with Todoroki this close to him. Izuku let out a whine and tried to breathe steadily. “Okay.” He murmured.

Todoroki moved Izuku’s hand to intertwine with his. Izuku stared at it, his heart fluttering. No this can’t be real. This only happens in movies.

But it was real. Their hands pressed against eachother, Todoroki’s long fingertips ahead of Izuku’s short and stubby hands. Todoroki’s hand was warm and soft. There were some tiny wrinkles of scars and even possible burns. Todoroki breathed shallowly, relaxed and content. He was a balanced weight in Izuku’s eyes.

While Izuku was an old broken weight. One side carrying more, no balance. The weight was cracked and had chips. It was rusting.

Todoroki seemed to get closer, his face inches from Izuku’s. God, he was touch starved. Izuku looked up to the boy, his bottom lip being sucked by his teeth. Todoroki’s face was so content but a bit nervous it seemed. His hair swayed in front of him, shielding his face from the tangerine lights outside. Izuku gulped. He never looked at Todoroki this closely, he was really-



Todoroki’s eyes widened a bit. “What?” He said in a startled tone. Izuku flushed red. “AH! Sorry! You were just so close and it just slipped out, I mean not that I didn’t mean it, I do think that you are very attractive- NO! I mean you are but I- I am just digging myself a hole here...”

Todoroki’s eyes softened. He leaned back in, almost touching foreheads with the shorter boy. “Well, I appreciate the compliment. I think that you are pretty too.”

Izuku stopped breathing. “You what...?”

Todoroki presses their foreheads together this time, closing his eyes. “I think that you’re really great, Midoriya. I think that you are the bravest and kindest person that I’ve ever met.” Todoroki’s brows narrowed, deep in thought. “You make me think about things, you make me feel things that I didn’t know existed. I think that you are amazing. I don’t care what anyone ever says to you, even Bakugou. You saved me, Midoriya. If it’s any consolation, you’re my hero.”

Izuku could only stare. He could only watch as Todoroki’s eyes slowly opened, a bit glassy. His face was constricted, begging for something. His face begging for Izuku to say something, damnit.

Todoroki liked him. He really liked him. Shouto Todoroki likes-


“Y-You.....” Izuku muttered the words, barely a whisper. “You like me, Todoroki? Like, like like me?”

Todoroki nodded. “If you do not reciprocate my feelings, I understand. I don’t wanna make you uncomfortable, Midoriya.”

Izuku didn’t know what or when he did it. He just knew that his hands were on the sides of Todoroki’s face and their lips were together. Izuku wasn’t a good kisser, in his opinion. He thought Todoroki had very nice lips though. He thought that we’re just the right amount of warm and soft.

They broke apart to breathe, gasping for air. Izuku only took a shorty breath before Todoroki cupped his spotted cheeks and pushed their lips together. Izuku decided he could breathe through his nose for the rest of time if it meant he could stay like this, kissing Todoroki Shouto.

A moment went their lips parted, Todoroki breathed out his name. It was soft and hungry, low and loving.


Izuku. Izuku. Izuku. Izuku. Say it again please.

Izuku huffed. “Shouto.”

Todoroki pulled him in by the back of his neck, hands intertwined with Izuku’s curly hair. Izuku wrapped his arms around Shouto’s neck, holding him tightly as their lips moved together like puzzle pieces.

When they finally broke apart, Izuku buried his face in Shouto’s neck, laughing off the kissing high. Izuku couldn’t stop smiling, his hand on his cheek. He giggled euphorically. “You kissed me~” He sang to himself. Shouto laughed, running a hand along Izuku’s head. “Actually, you kissed me first, Izuku.”

That woke him up from it. He buried his face in his hands and flushed. “Oh my god.....I hate that i love when you say my name.”

Shouto smiled and leaned forward, smiling as he wrapped his arms around the boys waist. “You mean Izuku? Izuku, Izuku, Izuku, Izuuuukuuuuuuu~”

Izuku laughed and leaned back into Shouto’s arms. Two can play at that game. He opened his eyes and looked up at the grinning boy. He grabbed his cheeks and pulled him down, their faces close. “Shouto.” He said softly. Todoroki smiled. A very soft and loving smile that Izuku thought was non existent.

“Shouto, Shouto, Shouuuutooooooo~”

Shouto laughed and buried his face Izuku’s neck. “That’s not fair.” he mumbled in a pout. Izuku laughed and ran his hand through Shouto’s split hair. He breathed him in, the smell of sweet mint and campfires in late October. He could live with this. With Shouto Tododoki in his arms like this, just them with the orange street lights and the warm weight of the boy he loved above him.



“HA! GAY!”

Izuku tilted his head at the boy, his gaze confused. “Kacchan, you came out to us this month.”

Bakugou Katsuki snorted. “So?”

Izuku was so confused. “You’re dating Kirishima!”

Shouto laughed. “Let him have his fun, Izuku.” He squeezed the boys hand as the two bantered in front of him. Yeah. He could get used to this.