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What Owen sees next after leaving the chaos inside the builing makes him freeze.

What had happened to the wonderful place Owen roamed around once finishing his job?
What happened to the dark city, which were filled with dim lights?

All he sees now is desecrated cars, broken lammposts, shattered glass, more abnormalities crawling about and two fallen bodies of his seniors. His next reaction is to simply inhale and load his pink-themed gun. He's dealt with this before- surely this is not that different now...?


After a few minutes of running around while trying to escape a mass of flesh(futilely shooting it down along the way), he regrets working in Lobotomy Corporation and wearing this bright pink outfit. His team captain was always prickly about his hairstyle when it came to this("Cut off your hair" or "That sack of mop will fuck up your aim.")

His mood is tilted, his leg damaged enough for him to still be able to walk yet being utterly agonizing every step. So instead he decides to sit down and accept his fate.
Yep. This is it, he's going to die, probably absorbed in a slimy- much more disgusting muck than Melting love ever was.