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If Someone Had Told You

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If someone had told you on your very first day of college that by the end of the football season you would be dating Katsuki Bakugou, you would have been confused, because you had no idea who that was. 

Yesterday you had spent the entire day with your childhood friends, trying to enjoy what was going to be the last time you would see them for 2 months. And now, less than 24 hours later, you were stepping into the car you had carefully packed with all your belongings as you prepared to drive into the next chapter of your life. It seemed impossible that all the things that made you could fit into this car, that you could sit in the driver’s seat so easily and not be sad, but it was possible, and you were doing it right now.

The drive in was beautiful, not too long, but long enough for you to ruminate properly on the change that you were undergoing. Would you, like the slowly rising sun, become more brighter and beautiful? Or would you be the equivalent of the dead racoon roasting on the side of the highway? Only time would tell, though you certainly hoped it would be the former. And soon enough, you were parking in the parking garage and stepping out onto the campus of the school where you would spend the next four years of your life: UA University.

You left your belongings in the car for the moment, that wasn’t important right now. What held your focus was the massive stadium, home to the UA Wolfpack football team, and more importantly, the UA Howling Wolves Marching Band. 

You hadn’t applied to UA just for the marching band. It was one of the best schools in the area, hell, in the country, and academics, extracurricular opportunities, and atmosphere were all equally top-notch. After you toured the campus, you knew you had to attend no matter what. Being a member of the UAMB was just a very large added bonus. It was touted as one of the largest and best college marching bands in the country. Plus, UA had a Division I football team. Other nearby colleges may have had marching bands, but nowhere near the level that UA did. Other schools would play for soccer and baseball games, and sometimes didn’t even have a halftime show! Students from schools across the area were permitted to join the UA band anyway, to strengthen talent and numbers even further, and this was quite a popular option, so you had heard. You had only heard good things about the marching band, and now you are going to get to be a part of it!

In front of the stadium sat a small tent, and even from the parking garage you could make out a smiling figure. You and your family headed over, letting you take the lead. Sitting at the table was a smiling blonde boy

“Hi there! Are you here to check in for marching band?” asked the boy. You nodded, slightly nervously. “Fantastic! Glad to have you! My name is Mirio Togata, and I’m the lead conductor for the band, so you’ll be seeing me quite a lot! Can I just get your name to check you off?” You couldn’t help but crack a smile, Mirio was just such a happy person. Probably a good thing, if he was head conductor and therefore setting the tone for the band, you thought to yourself.

“Um, it’s l/n. y/n l/n,” you said cautiously. Mirio’s grin got even wider.

“Awesome, awesome,” he exclaimed, flipping through a list of names until he found yours, then moving to grab the corresponding name tag. “Alright, put this on, and then follow those signs I’m pointing to, they will lead you down into the band storage area, and from there, we will get you everything you need for the season!” You nodded again, stepping into the indoor part of the stadium while your family waited outside. 

The signs Mirio had told you about were easy enough to follow, and soon you found yourself inside the band room, where more band members were waiting to smile and take care of you. You found your locker and instrument already set up, with music inside as well, and then you headed downstairs for what seemed to be the main event of the hour: getting a uniform that would fit. 

The underground of the band room was a pretty tight space, and it was packed with people, making it a bit of a tight squeeze as you headed over to the table where more band leaders were sitting. Just as you finished your approach, before you could even open your mouth, a hand was outstretched to you.

“Tenya Iida, freshman trumpet player. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. If you’ll just follow me right this way, I can help you get set with a uniform.” You shook his hand, rather confused as to why a fellow freshman already knew so much more than you, but you followed him anyway. He babbled as he walked. “I’m sure you’re wondering why I, a freshman like you are working with the uniforms. Well, to put it simply, organization and precision is highly important to me, and as soon as I heard that there was a position in the band that helped maintain order, I knew I knew I had to play some part. And thus, I now stand before you as the assistant to the assistant band manager.” 

Iida swiftly grabbed uniform components for you based on your measurements, and luckily enough they fit perfectly, not that you were expecting anything else from Iida. You had known this man for less than a day, and already you were certain that he was the most organized person on the planet. But he was nice enough, even when he yelled at you from dropping the hem of the uniform overalls on the ground. Lord knows you had your own personality quirks. At least Iida was responsible, even if he was a bit over the top. And he was very helpful, getting you in and out of the crowded space in a short time, so that you can finally begin the process of setting up your room. 

You family had put all of the boxes in dorm 1-A for you, and all that was left for you to do was unpack them and put your things away. And all of a sudden it was time for you to say goodbye to your family! With a few hugs and promises to call, they got back into the car and headed home, leaving you alone in your dorm room, an extremely lucky single dorm room you had won through the lottery system. A room all to yourself in college was priceless, even if you did have to share the bathroom.

 As you set up your home for the next year, you kept your door propped open case anyone else who was moving in early for band camp happened to be in your dorm, and happily, a few girls were! As you moved in, you met Ochako Uraraka, a piccolo player, as well as Asui Tsuyu, a color guard member, and even one girl who was moving in early for something else altogether, a girl named Mina Ashido, who was a cheerleader. All of them seemed super nice, and you looked forward to seeing them more during band camp, or in Mina’s case, at football games. You hoped that at least you had made some casual friends, maybe even someday to become close ones. 

Move-in day continued to be both orderly and chaotic at the same time. Having set up your room completely, you, Uraraka, and Asui, or Tsu, as she informed you that she liked to be called, headed over to the first big band meeting. It was more of the same, welcomes, and reviews of the information you had been emailed before the start of camp. The band director, Mr. Aizawa, certainly seemed interesting, and you looked forward to starting work on the first halftime show, which stunningly would begin tomorrow, as Mr. Aizawa informed you before he dismissed you for dinner. 

You naturally gravitated toward Uraraka and Tsu, your hopeful friends, and they happily welcomed you as you walked with them toward the dining hall. Iida, from earlier, as well as another band freshman, Shouto Todoroki, who played the saxophone just like you! As it turned out, your 4 friends had all been at the same orientation, and already knew each other, though they were careful not to make you feel left you. Mostly, you just thought it was a funny coincidence. 

As you ate your dining hall meal of a sub-par burrito bowl, you saw a group of football players walk in, and you groaned inwardly. Back in high school, you hadn’t really gotten along with the football players. They were rude, and entitled, and you had a terrible feeling that college football players, D1 players at that, would be even worse. You can't stop yourself from wincing as you saw one smaller player with a shock of bright green hair walked over with his dinner, approaching your table. You looked around at your tablemates, only to see them all waving. Uraraka quickly noted your confused gaze, and explained.

“Oh, that’s Izuku Midoriya, we met him at orientation! He’s super nice, he’s actually a kicker for the football team!” You relaxed. If your friends liked him, he would probably be ok. And he was. Talking to Midoriya, you realized that he was actually a really decent guy. Maybe football players at UA were different, not entitled that they played for a D1 school, but grateful to do so? At least, that’s how it seemed talking to Midoryia. He told you all about his teammates and how hard they were working for the new season, how excited he was about the new coach, but most importantly, he constantly brought up how happy he was to have a great school band. It was really nice to be appreciated, and you could see that he really meant it. It may have only been your first night at UA, and band camp may not actually have begun, but you had a good feeling about Marching Band, and the school year in general, even the football team. And for the most part, those good feelings would be correct.

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The first few days of band camp went extremely well, even if they were tiring. College marching band was a whole new beast, with days beginning at 9am and ending at 10pm. You were practicing for almost 8 hours a day, and when you weren't rering the show you were hanging out with fellow band members. You had quickly become friends with Uraraka and Asui, as well as Todoroki and Iida. Dinner with those four, as well as Midoriya, was becoming a constant in your life, even if being friends with a football player wasn’t exactly what you had expected. You had been learning to look past stereotypes lately, everyone here had gotten into UA, same as you. You had even begun to strike up a casual friendship with Mina, the cheerleader from your floor. Maybe you had just gotten lucky, or band had provided some layer of insulation for you, or both, but college had been a wonderful experience for you so far. Of course, all good things must come to an end, as you soon found out.

By day 5 of camp, you had started to feel sharp pains in your lower legs. At first you ignored it. After all, pain was a band camp tradition, moulding and shaping you into a better marcher. It was likely you just weren’t used to such constant strain on your legs, you thought. So you popped some painkillers, and that was that. Unfortunately, as the days passed, your pain only got worse, eventually making it difficult to sleep as you would wake up at night from the bone-deep ache. Still, you decided to grin and bear it, not wanting to be a baby who couldn;t handle “real” college marching, until the subject of marching pains came up one night at dinner.

Uraraka opened with her classic “How are you all doing on this lovely evening?” Discussion topics ranged from the best types of dinosaurs to the upcoming beginning of the semester to who had the worst sunburn (Midoriya), and when the conversation turned to how sore everyone was, you knew it was your time to shine.

“I’m so sore that I wake up at night from the pain,” you declared with pride, trying to show off your bravado and commitment. You didn’t get quite the reaction you were looking for. Instead of respect and awe, the faces of your friends were filled with shock and worry.

“That’s not normal,” said Tsu cautiously.

“Yeah, you might want to do something about that,” added Todoroki. You tried to backtrack.

“No, it’s not that bad. I mean, that’s just how it is! We march the entire day, of course I’d be hurting!” Midoriya shook his head.

“No, I mean I’m doing all these intense practices for football and I don’t feel like that. And if I did, I’d be required to report it,” he informed you.

“I really must insist that you speak to a medical professional,” chimed in Iida. It didn’t really seem like you had much of a choice. Even as you protested that you didn’t know how to use the health services website, Iida, that cursed pre-med student (who had somehow managed to ingratiate himself with half the doctors on campus already) helped you fill out the online form. You didn’t want to admit it, but you were glad that your friends had forced you to do something. If Midoriya, a whole football player, with practices 10 times as strenuous as yours, was saying that you needed to do something, you probably needed to do something. And you were excited about the prospect of no longer hurting so bad, yet another sign that maybe you were a big fat idiot for waiting that long. Your appointment was set for tomorrow during your lunch break; hopefully everything would be quickly resolved.

Morning practice came and went painfully, as you had neglected to take your morning Advil so that you could accurately describe your symptoms to the doctor. The UHS offices were at the direct edge of the campus, almost at the complete opposite position of the band offices and football stadium. Sitting down in the waiting room was an incredible relief. Soon enough the doctor called you out of the waiting room and into his offices. You explained your symptoms as she examined you leg, and you saw her frown.

“I’m a bit concerned about the symptoms that you describe. I have a few ideas as to what could be going on, but I’d like to refer you to our sports physician before I start taking more extreme steps, like an x-ray.” That didn’t sound good. “I will admit, I’m worried that you have a small fracture in your leg, but I can’t be certain so I’d like to get a second opinion.” Now you really concerned. A fracture meant a boot on your leg, and not being able to walk, and having to sit on the sidelines for the halftime show, maybe even not being able to participate at all. Hopefully you would just see the second doctor and they would tell you that you were fine, or that you could be fixed in a day and be fine. Hopefully.

“So should I make a second appointment?” you asked rather nervously. The doctor shook his head.

“No, I’m going to connect you with one of the sports physicians who work with the athletes and have them check you out. I’m just a general practitioner, so I only have general knowledge. They’ll be able to figure out what’s going on real quick for you. So what times are you available?” asked the doctor. You sighed internally. Your break times really weren;t all that long in comparison to the amount of time you spend at practice, and you didn’t want to waste all your free time in a doctor’s office.

“Um, since I’m in the marching band I don’t really have a lot of free time. I have practice from 9 in the morning to 10 at night, and I get an hour and a half for lunch and dinner. But that’s it for breaks.” The doctor frowned slightly.

“You’re on lunch break right now, right?” You nodded. “And you have about half an hour left, from what you told me. I can see right now that one of the sports physicians is actually available in ten minutes, so I could get you seen right away. Do you think the band would be ok with that?” You figured they had to be, with all the talk about how important your health is, but you dashed off a quick text to your section leader anyway. Fortunately, she completely understood, and just told you to come back to practice whenever you could.

“‘I can go to the doctor right now, thanks,” you said, and the doctor dashed off a quick email.

“Great, she should be ready when you get there. Sports practitioners' offices are in the stadium, you should have seen them before, if you're in band. They’re in the opposite place of the bands office, actually.” You thanked the doctor, and prepared for the trek across campus back to the stadium. Just your luck.

When you finally arrived at the stadium, you were 100% ready to sit down. But first, you had to find your way inside. Even having some experience with the band office, the stadium was still a maze to you. Fortunately, you happened to stumble across a door labeled “Athletics offices”, or you would have been completely out of luck. Rather less fortunately, the minute you opened the door, out poured a stream of what had to be at least 25 massive football players chattering loudly, and scaring the crap out of you. You dashed through the door, only to find more tall, imposing sports players as far as the eye could see. They were raucous, will of energy, practically bouncing off the walls, and worst of all, giving you weird looks. In your panic, you ran to the first door you could find that wasn’t blocked by sports people, and, after giving the handle a few solid jiggles, managed to pop it open and slip inside.

You pressed your back against the door to steady yourself, eyes closed and legs shaking from nerves. You tried to take a deep breath, but were interrupted by a sharp voice.

“Oi, what the fuck are you doing in here?” barked the unknown speaker, causing you to open your eyes and take in the room. It was small, barely the size of your dorm room with a little window in the back. The sides of the room were covered in health posters. And in the center of the room sat an ice bath, filled with ice, as well as a very attractive man.

He had spiky blond hair and an intense gaze, and worst of all, he was completely shirtless and dripping wet, arms swung over the side of the tub as he lounged. Now you were double freaking out; having escaped all of the intimidating athletes only to encounter an even more terrifying one. You could feel yourself staring, and not just because he was attractive. You were simply panicking, and couldn’t make yourself move.

“Dumbass at the door, I’m talking to you,” he said, snapping his fingers to startle you out of your daze. You jumped. “I said, what the fuck are you doing in here? This isn’t a free fucking show.”

“I um, ah, I, well, you see, I was here for a doctor's appointment, and um, well, there was just a lot of people in the room and I just opened the first door I could,” you stuttered, trying to gather your scattered thoughts into a coherent sentence. He rolled his eyes at you.

“So you’re too stupid to know how to go to the fucking front desk, or you’re an panicky idiot who freaks out when there’s someone else in the room,” he mused. You shrunk in on yourself, deeply concerned about the situation you had just walked into. “Oh, I am scaring you, idiot?” he asked insincerely.

“I mean, that’s a little uncalled for,” you said quietly. “I made a mistake, and I’ll be leaving now.” You turned to open the door and quickly escape, but unfortunately luck was just not on your side today. The door refused to open.

“Are you so goddamn useless that you don’t even know how to open a door?” grumbled the man in the tub. “Just my luck that I somehow end up dealing with the stupidest people this school has to offer. How the fuck did you even manage to get in here?” That was enough. You were normally a quiet enough person, but this guy, whoever he was, had gone too far. And you were going to let him know it.

“Ok. I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but you need to take it down about 75 notches. I made an innocent mistake. A mistake, I admit it, but nothing serious enough for you to be acting like I should be begging for your forgiveness. If anyone should be apologizing, it should be you, because you are without a doubt THE rudest person I have ever been unfortunate enough to meet. I’m surprised the admissions committee could stomach you enough to let you in what with that attitude problem you so clearly have,” you declared angrily. For a split second, he looked taken aback, but he recovered so quickly that you almost thought you had imagined it, as he stepped out of the tub and walked towards you.

“You want to know who I am, dumbass? I’m Katsuki fucking Bakugou. Top 10 football recruit. Top of my class. I’m on the best college football team in the country, at the best school in the country. If you don’t know who I am yet, better pay close attention, because pretty soon you’ll be hearing my name all over campus. I’m number one on the field, I’m number one in the classroom, and I shouldn’t have to waste my time being nice to stupid extras like you. Get out of my sight,” he spat, arms crossed over his chest in a display of anger that shouldn't have been as hot as it was. Not that it mattered what he looked like. Katsuki Bakugou clearly had the personality of a bag of rotten garbage, and you weren’t about to spend a minute more with him. You violently shook the handle of the door, and thankfully that was enough to get the door open a crack, but you weren’t about to leave without the last word.

“Get stuffed.” With that, you proudly stepped out of the room, shut the door, and proceeded to locate the desk and check in for your appointment.