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Slow down.

Slowing down as difficult given the nature of Terushima's work. Going headfirst into things while keeping himself on his toes? This was his approach with almost everything he needed to do. The office's was always going at a fast pace; it was as if everyone needed to run to catch their deadlines. A whirlwind of different tasks needed to be accomplished all at the same time— dealing with clients, researching and fixing data collection, writing reports, giving presentations, attending conferences, creating more presentations to present to meetings— if you dared slow down, you will in inevitably crash and burn. As the top management said, deadlines were the lifeblood for Tala, the advertising firm which Terushima was working for.

Of course, no one can run on 120 percent energy on the daily. Everyone needed breaks. Terushima wasn't the type of person to run on full speed when he knew that he was running on fumes. The only problem is, as much as he wanted to recharge, his idea of recharging involved a lot of socializing and conversing. And a lot of sex.

Did Terushima have the time to organically do this and avoid any and all clients altogether? Probably not. Naturally, this would mean the return of getting back on those dating apps for the thrill once more. Luckily, Terushima had a day off that day so he could just stay in his apartment all day and figure out how to get a date— or even just a hookup— within the 24 hours he had. His roommate, Iwaizumi, had an idea of what Terushima was going to do so with all his power, he tried his best to stop him from getting into anything risky. Again.

"Hi," Iwaizumi made himself comfortable on the sofa-bed, beside Terushima. Before he could even properly set himself down, he peered over to his left to see Terushima's phone screen. "Gago, delete mo nga 'yan." the brunet scoffed; he didn't say it out of annoyance. Rather, he did it more of concern without a filter.

"Delete what?" Terushima looked up from his phone and looked at his roommate with a genuinely confused look on his face.

"Don't play dumb; those dating apps," Iwaizumi said, pointing at Terushima's phone, which had tinder open on the screen. Terushima rolled his eyes and returned his attention to reading bios and started to mindlessly swipe the screen once more. 

Iwaizumi sighs and puts on a stern tone. "I know you've been using those a lot; I've known you since university, so that's been, what? Almost five years? I've been meaning to talk to you about it, but never got the opportunity to do so. So here: from one friend to another, they're making your anxiety worse."

Terushima couldn't help but look at Iwaizumi once more and raised an eyebrow at the insinuation. Where was this all coming from? 


"Excuse me?"

"'Wag ka nga ganyan." A laugh escapes Iwaizumi's lips. "You think I don't notice after your flings?" Iwaizumi finally made himself comfortable on the sofa-bed. "Tulala ka; ang hirap mong kausapin. Sure, you keep smiling and cracking jokes but halata na 'di ka masaya."

"Atake naman o, tol. "

"Look, I'm not calling you out to make you upset. I'm just trying to look out for you. Haven't you noticed when Bokuto and Kuuro drop hints about it? They're hoping that it'll help. Told them you needed a more direct approach but they didn't know how to do it. So, eto tayo."

Terushima kept quiet and exhaled audibly. He knew Iwaizumi was simply being a good friend by calling him out on his bullshit but he had to admit, it was really difficult to come into terms with his harmful tendencies. He knew that mindlessly hooking up with people wasn't good for him. He knew that jumping from one person to the next wasn't going to help him deal with his fear of the unknown, of uncertainty— ultimately, of abandonment.

He should really be better. He really should.

"Okay, okay. I get it. I understand. I know it's really bad for me and I really should stop but—" before he could finish his entire speech, he got a notification that he got a match. Iwaizumi shot him a look of disappointment, but that didn't stop him from checking who it was. It was a guy named Sawamura who donned a short haircut and a proud smile. Iwaizumi looked at the screen and raised his eyebrows, mildly surprised.

"Iwa, isn't this your old college orgmate? I remember seeing him sometimes during your org events or after meetings when we'd go home together."

"Yes, you're right." he took a few seconds to process this new information. Was that really  Sawamura? "I didn't realize Sawamura used these apps too— Anyway, okay, go. Landiin mo siya. Matino naman yang tao. Which is the only condition which is okay with me— Last mo na talaga 'to, ha. If I see you fiddling around any more with those apps—"

"Ano, ano gagawin mo, ha?" Terushima's voice was snarky and he fake huffed his chest. Iwaizumi laughed at this and shook his head.

"No more drinking privileges inside the unit. And I won't work out with you anymore, Teru."

Terushima looked at Iwaizumi in disbelief, looking quite dramatic in the process. "Ano? But," he heaved a sigh. "Okay, fine. I agree."

Iwaizumi smiled at how easy the blonde agreed to those terms and the two of them shook hands on it to signify the seriousness of the deal.

"I mean, after all, binigyan mo na kong basbas para landiin si Sawamura, so it's the least I can do."

And the two burst into laughter.