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Blue Moon

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Hybrid Rights Act of 1968

This act had been legally and lawfully signed by the President stating that discrimination against hybrids has been prohibited. This act allowed the integration of schools and other public facilities, and made employment discrimination illegal. Hybrid breeding in captivity was prohibited. Ownership of a hybrid meant if something were to happen to your hybrid under your care, the government would get involved.
The act was signed a few years after the civil rights movement when a warehouse of around 120 hybrids and their litters was repossessed. The hybrids were illegally being smuggled in and out of the country and being sold for everything from sex trafficking to slavery. The bureau had said that it looked like a concentration camp inside. “The smell of feces and decomp flooded the place.”- Detective Palmer (The head officer in the investigation) It was the worst case of really anything they had ever seen. Everyone working that case had been nauseous and/or uncontrollably sobbed at least once during that entire investigation. Even the news reporters had been scarred from the inhumane actions that had taken place for years before it’s discovery.

Present Day
Hybrids were treated like normal everyday humans (aside from their animal traits and habits of course). Adopting a hybrid had to be done in the same way that a human would adopt a child. Lots of paperwork and money was involved but it was still possible. Most everyday hybrids lived out life with jobs and families. There were even stores that only focused on hybrid’s needs such as fashion, nutrition and so on. Although everything seemed normal, there were still humans out there who trafficked not only hybrids but other humans as well.
HRO (Hybrid Rights Organization) that’s where you come in. Your team was the rescue and recovery branch. Specializing in the rehabilitation of mistreated hybrids. Most of the hybrids you rescued were bred illegally in captivity. Abused “house pets” mostly. People who wouldn’t pass background checks or didn’t want to go through the adoption process would buy hybrids from private auctions.
You had been looking to buy a house on the outskirts of the city. Nothing fancy but that had enough space to host hybrids that were enrolled in the program. You came across a cute gray and white countryside home on a private lake. It was a 4bedroom 3bath house with a huge backyard and a shed. You instantly fell in love and signed the papers. Through the years you’ve hosted around 30 hybrids. They come into your home and leave when they have passed their evaluation screening, starting a new life as an independent hybrid.
Hybrids were known for their insane amounts of affectionate needs, especially recovering hybrids, but for some reason you couldn’t come to understand was the fact that they were never as affectionate with you as they were with everyone else they came to trust. It wasn’t that they didn't trust you, because they did, but they wouldn’t be found asking for cuddles or wrapping you in a hug randomly when they needed attention. It made you feel like there was something wrong with you but you never questioned, not wanting to make them feel uncomfortable.
The reason you knew so much about hybrids was the fact that your parents were hybrids themselves. Your mom was a grey wolf and your dad was an Alaskan timber wolf. It was quite normal for hybrid couples to give birth to a human child. Hybrids were originally human lab subjects in the early 1900s that were modified by the sick bastards that thought they could recreate the creatures in old folklore. Werewolves. Part man, part wolf. How they’d breed packs and have the stamina and strength of a bull. They thought it would change the sex industry with the high reproductive urges of animals otherwise known as “Heats and Ruts” Thus creating modified humans of different spieces and races that harnessed animal traits and features (a tail, ears and fangs) depending on the spieces of animal they’ve been spliced with. Throughout the years, many hybrids would mate with not only their kind but humans as well resulting in hybrids of all different breeds.
You however just so happened to be the average one in the bunch. 3 generations of hybrid genes and then there was you, the human girl. Your family would make jokes that you were actually found in an alleyway and your parents took you in. Others would say that your genes would come eventually. Now that you were in your 20’s, the thought of hybrid genes randomly blossoming seemed way to far fetched.
Not to mention your lack of relationships. Maybe humans and hybrids alike avoided you because you had larger than average curves? You had a nice body and a pretty face so why was it so hard to find a man in this damn city!? Giving up on the possibility of dating was however easy. How would you explain to a boyfriend that you had a male hybrid in your home? Plus you were always working. The only time that you were home was if you were hosting hybrids.
A call came in late one night about a hybrid that had been picked up after raiding a strip club. They had gotten a call about a male wolf that was being used as a main attraction if clients where willing to pay an extra 2 grand. Your partner sounded uneasy about the whole ordeal.
“Sorry to wake you up and drop this on you on your time off, noona. Are you sure it’s ok if he stays with you?” Christopher’s voice was hushed trying to avoid listening ears.
“Yes, Topher. Just bring him over. We’ll figure out things when you get here”.
With that you hung up the phone and quickly got out of bed. It’s true, this was the first week off in years, but you didn’t seem to mind. What else would you do with your time? All your friends were married with kids or in a relationship so they never had time to hang out anyways. You didn’t mind being alone although it did get old after 3 days of binging Lucifer on Netflix and only small talk with your neighbor when you’d see him and his hybrid outside playing.
The HRO van backed into the driveway and a large man sporting rabbit ears and a bullet proof vest emerged. You smiled at the way his ears flicked to and fro as he made his way over to you.
“So what we got?” You said standing from your spot on the porch steps.
“Well, he’s something, that’s for sure.” Christopher rolls his eyes and continues with a sigh.
“He says his name is Taehyung. 23. 5’10. 146lbs. I ran his ID. He’s a Canis Lupus. A smart mouthed one at that.” Topher’s snarky comment makes you snort “ So you knew to bring him here because you’d think I could handle his species... As long as he doesn’t run.” Topher giggles and taps your shoulder with his clipboard. “I’m sure he won’t noona. He seems like he just has something against being manhandled by a rabbit. By the way he has this strange ability of hiding his hybrid features.”
You follow him to the back where your guest is being held. Not really paying close attention to Topher but focusing more on the weird sensation you felt in your gut.
When Topher ushers him out an electric shock runs down your spine causing you to go ramrod straight. The man’s large shoulders rolled as he peered down at you through his dark hair. He studied you with slight disinterest. His golden skin glowing in the moonlight. He was beautiful.
“Taehyung, this is Y/n. You’ll be staying with her until we can get you all sorted out. If you don’t like these accommodations, we also have a shelter if you’re willing to share a bed. Ok?” Taehyung nods and you lead them into the house. Taehyung eyes the place blankly as you give the overall tour and once you show him his room, he closes the door in your and Christopher’s face. Leaving the two of you in the hallway.
“ I’m sorry noona. If he’s too much i can take him to our shelter faculties” you give Topher a reassuring smile.
“ I’m sure it’ll be fine. He just needs some time adjusting” Topher sighs rubbing his forehead and hands you the paperwork. You say your goodbyes and watch him drive away.
What was that feeling?