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Blue Moon

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You made your way to Taehyung’s room down the hall and knocking lightly on his door.
“Taehyung? Can I come in?” you listened but there was no answer. He probably wasn’t ready to talk yet so you went about your nightly routine. 2 hours later you went to go check on him again with no luck so you said goodnight through the closed door and went to bed.
You woke to the smell of food. Making your way into the kitchen, you were met with a half naked man cooking at your stove. Back turned away from you and a pair of pajama bottoms that you never remembered buying as spare clothes for you hybrid guests. His bare shoulders flexing at the scent of your presence. You’d be lying if you said that he wasn’t the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. There was something odd about him though. Usually when hybrids came into your care, they have signs of abuse such as scars, bruises, wounds, ect… Taehyung had none of the sorts. His bare back showed no signs of trauma whatsoever. He didn’t even have ears or a tail. He spoke ripping you from your thoughts.
“Are you just gonna stand there and stare or are you gonna eat?” The sound of his voice threw you off. It was threateningly deep but as smooth as velvet.
“U-um sorry. I just didn’t expect you to be-” Taehyung cut you off by slamming the fridge door shut. “You didn’t expect what? For me to be normal? Ya. I didn't ask to be ‘rescued’. I have a job. A girlfriend and a place to stay so if you could let me go, I'll be more than pleased to go back to that life.” the fire he was spewing put you on edge but you maintained your composer. No hybrid had ever been this…… normal? Their physical, emotional and mental stability was usually almost nonexistent.
You eyed him suspiciously. If he had such a normal life then why did the team pick him up?
You made your way over to the kitchen table and took a seat, not taking your eyes off of the man.
“If you are than why were you picked up and if you have a girlfriend than why were you with other women? I thought wolves find a partner and mate for life?” you narrow your eyes at him waiting for him to answer ALL of your questions with good explanations and possible proof. Taehyung made his way over to the table with a plate of pancakes, dropping them in front of you as he leaned in uncomfortably close to your face. You could feel his hot breath on your cheeks..
“Just because she's my girlfriend, doesn’t automatically make her my mate.” He smirked when you rolled your eyes and inched the chair away from him trying to focus your attention to something other than his douchie, handsome face . “ You smell weird. Are you sure you're human?” his question hits a nerve. You’re both annoyed and hurt by his passive insults.. “ My parents are hybrids. Now can you please back up and get out of my face?” Taehyung smirks, retracting himself from your personal bubble and sits in the chair across from you, shoving a fork of pancakes into his piehole.
The next few days go by and Taehyung had confirmed that he had a job as a warehouse manager after his boss called and bitched HRO out for keeping his employee from doing his job. Yet HRO hadn’t approved his release so for the next few days you had to live with his non stop discrimination about you and your single life. Going as far as making Pillsbury dough boy noises when he poked your sides. Not to mention the insulting nickname he had given you….. Chubbs. The nickname was offensive and made you continuously starve yourself. When he wasn’t home you’d opt to eating in your room or not eating at all. Taehyung’s presence just made you feel more lonely. You hadn’t felt this way since your k-12 days. He had made it seem like you were just a fat, smelly female that was forcing him to stay around when in all reality you’d hope that he’d get ballsy and just leave you alone to live your life in solitude, like before he arrived.