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Blue Moon

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Taehyung sat on the couch, trying to process everything that had just happened. It shouldn’t have been that easy. He should be in shambles. About 5 minutes later, his front door opened and Jimin stepped inside.
“So you finally did it, huh?” The silver haired man sounded more cheerful than usual, making Taehyung cringe.
“Nice to see you too Chim.” The Alpha’s sarcasm had Jimin smiling, plopping down on the cushion next to him.
“I heard you yelling. You’re lucky that Ash is at work or she would’ve been over here in seconds.” The thought had Tae playfully rolling his eyes.
Since day 1 of Chim bringing her home, she had been nothing but over protective of Jimin’s closest friends and family. Which was the reason Steph and her butted heads so much. After the night that she had caught Steph with that guy, things started getting more physical between them. One time she had smashed Taehyng’s brand new glass coffee table after body slamming Steph right through it. Clearly it was out of rage and a total accident but,..... His $370 coffee table. She ended up paying for a new one as an apology of course and the rule ‘Take it outside’ started applying in Tae’s house, but every chance she got to dig her teeth into other omega, she’d take it. Ashley had only been mated with Jimin for about 3 years and yet it felt like she’d been here Tae’s whole life. Jimin and Ashley were like family to Tae. They both had been there for Taehyung, through most things, even if they were minor. Plus it made it easy, considering they lived right next door. Together, they were the power couple of the pack. Younger wolves looked up to their partnership. Jimin had always been chased by other female wolves in the pack, so when they found out about him being mated to a wolf from another region, they were mortified.
Tae eyed Jimin with a curious look plastered to his face.
“How were you able to start a new life with her? Like i know it had to have been hard but how did you know how to deal with so much change all at once?” Jimin sighed, enveloping further into the grey microfibers of the sofa.
“Well Taehyungie, it definitely was far from easy….. It just felt right… Like it was strange having a woman I had just met sleeping in my bed and knowing that I was destined to be with her for the rest of my life, but honestly, it was like falling in love without the bullshit attached. Like I'll never forget the 3rd day of her being here. We hadn’t even had sex yet because she was still adjusting to being at my place and that morning, i had woken up to her meditating to Custer by Slipknot on the living room floor, surrounded by candles, that only god knows where she got them from.” Uncontrollable laughter filled the room. Jimin wiping his tears as he came down from his high. Tae smiled, thinking about how polar opposite the two of them were. Jimin was more outgoing and energetic. The pack’s all out ‘pretty boy’. Ashley was more reserved and mysterious. A total metalhead babe. Sporting a large dragon tattoo that scaled 95% of the delicate pale skin on her back and only one piercing more than what Jimin had.
“Listen man, you are going through a lot more than Ash and I went through, but it’ll all work out. You just have to be patient….. At least with the relationship…… Now since Stephanie knows that you have a mate, news will probably start to move quickly and as soon as it reaches our Leader, he’s gonna make you move her here as quickly as possible to keep the pack safe.”
The smile that had blossomed across Tae’s face only seconds ago had dissipated, now replaced with anguish.
Jimin had risen from the couch and was headed to the front door before turning.
“You do know that it’s 5am right?”
Tae recoiled, springing onto his feet.
“Shit! Are you serious?! Fuck! She’s gonna be up soon! I gotta go!”

Taehyung sped through the back roads, slowing down when he neared your house. This would’ve been so much easier if he had just ran here and hopped through the window, but he knows for a fact that the question of his absent car in your driveway would make you even more suspicious. Being as quiet as he possibly can, he unlocked the front door and entered. He flinched seeing you curled up on the couch asleep. You moved, flipping subconsciously to face away from him. Tae watched as the blanket that had been covering a majority of you body, fell, escaping to the beige carpet. Showcasing what you had been hidden under the piece of heavy knit fabric. Your sky blue night dress had ridden up, to reveal your plump ass sporting lace black booty shorts. He felt like his heart could beat right out of his chest. Your skin looked so soft in the glow of the early morning light. Seeing you this exposed made his he spin with the things he’d love to do to you. One word infested his mind, playing over and over again, like a broken record.
‘Mine. mine. MINE. MINE. MINE!’
His wolf had taken over his thoughts. His heart felt like it would rip right out of his chest if he’d let it. Between your sweet scent and seeing you in such a state, he had to have you. Now.
Within three large strides, Tae was hovering over your body. He pulled back, only inches from your skin, when you had suddenly jolted from your sleep. You turned to look up at the man, meeting his lust filled glaze and guessing by your expression, you weren’t happy to see him.
“Did you Just get home?” Your voice was so sensual and raspy that Tae couldn’t think straight, so you continued. Paying no mind to the unanswered question.
“I waited for you until 3am. Where were you?”
The mention of his night without you, shook him from his daze. After truly seeing how close he had been to you, he distanced himself, taking a set on your coffee table. He gave you the only space his body would allow him. Tae couldn’t stay away from you anymore. If that meant telling you everything, then so be it. He used the last bit of his composer and logic he could muster up, taking a deep breath and rolling his shoulders before he speaking.
“I went to my house and had dinner with my girlfriend.” Your expression was unreadable as you sat further up. He watched your every move as you scooped up the disregarded fabric from the floor to cover your exposed skin. A light blush dusted your cheeks, making his heart palpitate.
“S-so instead of telling me the truth, you lied and said you were working late?” He stared at you out of pure curiosity. Absentmindedly answering your quite obvious question. It was almost like you were battling with your emotions. You were upset, yet your body oozed shy submission. He could tell you were hiding something other than your body.
“Why? Did you have some big special plans last night? Like watching a movie and eating dinner with me?”
The sarcastic remark had spilled out before he could catch it. Your demeanor completely changed from hurt to flat out livid in a matter of seconds. Standing, you flung the blanket at Taehyung’s face and stomped down the hallway, slamming your bedroom door shut. The sudden aggression had him shook. Maybe you did actually have plans. It wasn’t his intent on hurting your feelings, it was just he honestly thought that you wanted nothing to do with him. Plus the fact that you never really went out, spending most nights lounging at home.
The next thing Tae knew, it was 6pm. He had spent his time cleaning and playing video games. Only knocking on your door once to apologize, but there was no response. Usually you would’ve come out to start on dinner. It didn’t help that you had an on suite bath, so you wouldn’t be forced to leave your room to use the restroom. His hunger pains ushered him to the kitchen. Popping open the fridge, he found a large glass bowl that had been covered with tin foil. Presuming it must’ve been leftovers from the night before. Placing it on the counter, he noticed a green, flower shaped, sticky note attached.
‘I remember you saying you had been craving Jajangmyeon. I hope you like it! :) P.S. Sorry if I’m asleep when you get home. ~ Y/n’
His heart hit the floor. You did have plans for the two of you and he had sat there and mocked your rather sweet gesture. He didn’t know that you’ve been paying that close of attention to him. You had even acknowledged the fact that his favorite color was green. He’s seen you use that multi-colored pack of sticky notes before. You must’ve picked out the green one specifically for him. Why were you so cute? Tae knew he had to apologize properly. Sliding the bowl back into the fridge and making his way down the hall. Before he could make it to your room, your door opened. Your usual attire of sweat shorts and an oversized t-shirt had returned,... sadly. But it wasn’t your disheveled hair and clothing that made his hackles rise. It was your tear stained cheeks and puffy red eyes. You looked like a hot mess and it was all his fault.
You scooted past him, without saying a word and made your way into the kitchen. He’s trailed you at a distance, stopping when you had shot him a look that could only be described as murderous.
“Y/n, I’m sorry. I didn’t think that you would’ve had plans for last night and I-” You cut him off, slamming the fridge shut.
“You what Taehyung? If you had known, you would’ve showed up? Ya right. Giving up your night out with your beautiful, sexy, probably skinny, fun loving girlfriend to hang out with a fat, smelly no body isn’t exactly your style. I know. I get it.” Your verbal assault had thrown him for a loop. He knew that he had fucked up, but what’s gotten into you?
“I broke up with her. That’s why i was with her last night.” Your sarcastic chuckle was more than agitating. Clearly, you didn’t believe him.
“I don’t know that part of breaking up with someone involved you sleeping with them one last time.” Not looking in his general direction, you continued getting out leftovers from 2 nights ago and making yourself a plate.
“What are you talking about? We didn’t have sex” He was getting impatient now. What did you think he was? A playboy? Sure, he’s slept with other women (mostly Steph) but he never just bedded women simply because he was horny. With Stephanie included, there were only 3 in total. The other two he had dated before Steph had finally said yes. That bitch from the club he hadn’t slept with, at least from what he had remembered. Your snicker drove him from his thoughts.
“If you didn't, then why do you have a hickey on your neck? I wasn’t born yesterday.” You walked over handing him a decorative mirror you had hanging up next to the dining room table and walking back to the other side of the kitchen to retrieve your plate from the microwave. Taehyung examined his neck, finding a quarter sized, reddish-purple, spot over the top of his scent gland. Steph must’ve done that after smelling your scent all over him, when she was in his lap. He couldn’t take your accusations on what kind of person he was. He walked over to you leaning up against the counter.
“Why are you acting this way anyways y/n?” You sighed at his cluelessness.
“Because Taehyung, even though you drive me fucking crazy and you make fun of me on a daily basis and your ego makes me wanna punch you in the face sometimes, i was somehow drawn to you. I liked you but i promise that it’ll all be over soon and you can go live your life without me getting in your way. Your being discharged from the system on Monday.” You began walking back to your room, leaving Tae completely stunned.
He ran down the hall after you, grabbing you forearm before you could make it to your safe space.
When you met his eyes, he froze. Your irises had turned aqua blue and were slowly being consumed by the black veins that creeped across your scleras. Your were the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes on. As much as he wanted to be excited for this moment, he refrained. Shifting in a house this small would definitely cause damage. He had to get you outside. Just as he was about to speak, your phone went off. You wiped your eyes answering it and continued off into your room without another word to him.
“Well that was a lot quicker than I anticipated” He shook his head, chuckling to himself.