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Blue Moon

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Harsh beams of light from the late morning sun, peeked through the window. Everything was so warm. The heat drew you from your sleep, ripping the heavy duvet from your body. Prying one eye opened, you peered around the room. Where the hell were you and why was it so hot? If it wasn't for this sauna of a bed, you probably would have slept for another couple of hours. The room looked oddly familiar. You had remembered seeing it before, but where? After a few moments, it clicked. This was Taehyung's room. His scent was everywhere. It had to have been his room. A large full body mirror in the corner, caught your eye. The shirt that hung from your body, clearly, wasn't yours and where were your pants?
Every memory from last night, came crashing down. A shiver ran down your spine, remembering your encounter with Ashley's wolf. Yet,oddly enough, it just made you more curious about the whole ordeal. You didn't actually believe that she would hurt you. It had just been a lot to process. It's not every day that people turned into giant beings from old folktales.
The most terrifying part to you, was that you, yourself happened to be one of the 'made up' creatures you'd obsessed over as a child. Always drowning yourself in the stupid werewolf teen novels, like blood & chocolate. That was one of your favorites. You finally gave up your love for Lycanthropy at age 18, after focusing more on your job and college papers, than your hobbies. You could NEVER tell Taehyung that. He'd probably hold that above you for the rest of your life.
You knew that there was no way of controlling who you’re mated with. Maybe that's why Tae loathed being near you. His wolf clearly liked you, but he personally didn't? It would explain his aggravation with you. But as to why he was being so affectionate yesterday, made no sense to you. For now, you'd just assume that it was his wolf.
Within just a few weeks, your life has been turned upside down. Between Taehyung, losing your job and now all of this, your stress level was at its max. The drastic changes in such a short span of time were really starting to pile up. What was next? Fucking Mermaids? An apocalypse?!
A light knock on the bedroom door, drew you from your thoughts.
Taehyung’s head popped through the door, throwing you an apologetic smile.
“Hey………… I um, I had a feeling you were awake. I just wanted to know if you were hungry? Oh and I-i brought you some water and advil. It's on the nightstand.” His cuteness was rare. At least from what you’ve experienced. Now you understood why he had reminded you of a puppy on occasion. You smiled, gesturing him to come in. He made his way into the room cautiously, taking a seat in the decorative armchair near the bed.
“You don’t have to be so formal all of a sudden Tae. This is your house after all.” He sighed, resting his elbows on his knees.
“It’s not that Y/n. I just,........ I just am expecting you to run out of here, screaming, after last night.”
You released a shaky breath, staring at the white plush rug.
“I’m not scared of you. It’s myself that I’m afraid of.” He was clearly bemused by your statement. What were you honestly afraid of? Losing it and mounting him again? God, he fucking wished. Hopefully this time, there’d be no interruptions.
“What if I end up hurting someone?” He moved to the opened space next to you, on the bed. It took every ounce of his being to refrain himself from holding you. Tae knew that feeling all too well. There had been multiple accounts that his anger would get the best of him, causing him to lose control of his wolf. Stephanie had a scar to prove it. It was clearly an accident. She was trying to break up a fight and got caught in the middle. Although he hasn’t lost full control since high school, ever since finding you, the possibility of it happening again was quite high. He got off lucky, once already, when he first met you. But there was no saying that it would end well the second time around.
Tae chewed his lip, thinking of all the things that could go wrong. You were so gentle and understanding. Quite frankly, he couldn't see much going wrong, at least not violence wise. Just the uncontrollable shifting and breaking shit….
“Well I’ll be there so……” Tae blushed looking everywhere but you. Before you knew it, you were resting your head on his broad shoulder.
“Why do you do this to me Taehyung?” the question slipped out before you could catch it, but honestly, at this point, you didn’t have it in you to care. He peered down at you through hooded lashes.
“Do what?” Blushing, you sat up, scooting further away from him. You played with the hem of the shirt, avoiding eye contact with him at any means necessary.
“I don’t want you to be forced into this, just because your wolf says so.”
Tae grew silent, lost in thought. What were you talking about? Were you planning on leaving him or something?
“I mean, your girlfriend was insanely beautiful and you looked so happy with her. So why should you have to give all that up, just because your wolf claims that I’m your mate..” He furrowed his brows, bewilderment painted evidently on his features.
“ how do you-” You cut him of, smiling shyly.
“There’s pictures of the two of you, hanging up in the hallway.” Tae was mortified. How could he have forgotten to take them down? Then again, this house was built around the idea of settling down with Stephanie and starting a family… Who was he kidding? Steph hated this house. She’d always bitch and complain about the color schemes and layout of the whole place, including the kitchen. Tae had it built as a surprise, picking out every little detail he could imagine by himself. Clearly, it had backfired in his face. This house had been the center of numerous fights. Resulting in her going on a 'business trip', that would last for months at a time. He secretly caught her one time, after she had posted a photo on social media of her, at a beach, in Cabo…. Tae kept it to himself of course. It wasn’t like confronting her about it would actually get her to stop. Those pictures were one of the first things that he had put up before fully decorating this place. He released an exasperated sigh.
“I forgot to take those down. I’m sorry. I’ll do that today..”
You frowned, sliding out of bed and onto the cold wooden floor. A slight breeze passed over your lower half. Shit. You had completely forgotten that you weren’t wearing any pants. Blushing, you pulled the shirt over your exposed ass. Taehyung stared, drinking in the sight with a slight smirk, he was trying so desperately to hide. Now wasn’t the time to be touching you but the idea was definitely tempting.
Spotting the throw blanket at the end of the bed, you made quick work of wrapping it around your midsection like a towel. You muttered an apology, dropping your gaze to the floor. He pouted at your sudden modesty.. What were you apologizing for? If anything you should’ve been apologizing for covering his amazing view!
“Y/n, why do you constantly apologize to me?” He was so lost. It’s like you were remorseful of everything you did. Like you even breathing in his direction was forbidden. You chewed your bottom lip in one last failed attempt to manage your emotions. You weren’t the type of person to make such rash decisions or become so emotionally connected to someone who made you feel so inferior. Balling your fists and letting out one last shaky breath, you spoke. Your stern gaze locking in on his puzzled expression.
“Because from day 1, you’ve been quite adamant on enlightening me about some, if not all, of my flaws. You always get all tense and moody when i enter the room...You’ve told me that i smell funny and then proceed to walk around my house plugging your nose or holding your breath... You’ve literally poked fun at my weight. Always avoiding looking in my general direction, when I wear something that ISN’T my baggy ass t-shirts and sweatpants. I know that I’m not the prettiest thing in the world, but I am human….. Well Lycan… Oh you know what I mean! All I’m trying to say is that I'm not gonna stay here and torment you even more than I already have!”
The silence of the room was unbearably discomforting. You turned away, busying yourself with the task of finding your clothes and getting the hell out of there. You hadn’t even noticed that you were crying. It was so frustrating sitting back and letting men fuck with your emotions all the damn time. That’s why you’ve stayed single for all these god forsaken years. It pissed you off that all you were to the opposite sex was something to hold them over, until they found someone beautiful. It was better to be alone than to be treated like just another piece of ass. Looked at as easy prey because 'chubby girls aren't supposed to have things like self confidence and standards'.
Just as you were about to head to the bathroom to change, Taehyung’s arms wrapped around your midsection. He gently pulled you to him, burying his face into the crook of your neck. Not knowing what to do or how to react, you froze. A light blush blossomed under your tear stained cheeks.
“Y/n I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to degrade you like that...Why didn’t you tell me these things earlier?”
Your heart rate went straight through the damn roof. What in the actual fuck was he doing?! You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t like it though. Although, the fact that he was touching your soft stomach was a bit uncomfortable. Your voice was almost inaudible when you spoke.
“I-i didn’t think that it would matter… I’m used to it.” Before he could respond, the blanket unraveled from your waist, pooling on the at your feet. Panicking, you bent down to retrieve it, but to your dismay, the efforts were pointless. He wouldn’t release your waist enough to reach the plush like fabric. He growled in warning, tightening his hold on you.
“Tae, I-i’m not wearing any pants! Why are you being like this?”
He smirked nuzzling further into your neck. You were so adorable. He couldn’t stand it.
“I like you better this way.” His muffled response had you in shambles. If you had a thermometer in your mouth, you swore that it would explode, like in the old cartoons.
“To be honest, at first, I did hate that I found you. I didn’t understand why you had to be my mate, when i had already been dating Stephanie. Actually, the first night that we met, I was planning on proposing to her at dinner, but she had ditched me for the millionth time. I knew she was cheating on me. I had known for about 4 years, but I didn't stop her because I thought we were in love.” You relaxed a little, too focused on his story to notice that you were being swayed from side to side. You listened as he continued, planting a soft kiss to the nape of your neck.
“I was so angry that you waltzed into my life and interfered with my future with a woman who had made me the one she’d fall back on, when her beloved plans of having ‘variety’ went to shit… I’m sorry that I made you feel this way.. I’d get annoyed because you’re so addicting.” You stiffened, staring at the bathroom door handle.
“I mean I don’t wanna pull some cheesy twilight bullshit, but you literally are my personal strain of heroin.” You went limp. How did he have to go and ruin a romantic moment like that? Was this all a big joke to him? Frowning you tried escaping from the confinement of his grasp, for a second time. He giggled pulling you closer to his chest.
“Y/n please don’t. Ok, I’ll be serious. I promise.” Once you stilled, he continued.
“In all seriousness though. You do smell really good.” He smiled, lightly sniffing at your neck.
You rolled your eyes.
“Ya and what do I smell like, huh? Heroin?” Smirking he nipped playfully at your shoulder, making you flinch.
“Fun fact Y/n. Heroin doesn’t have a scent… I mean technically it does, but it’s not overbearingly noticeable like other drugs.” You looked back at him, utterly perplexed.
“I’d rather not know how YOU know this.” He chuckled, planting a chaste kiss to your temple.
“Anyways, to me, you smell kinda like a creamsicle." He went on explaining when you hadn't responded.
"You know, that ice cream bar that has vanilla ice cream on the inside and an orange popsicle shell on the outside?" You smiled placing your hands over his.
"Yes, I know what a creamsicle is… You know what's weird?" Tae rose up placing his chin on the top of your head.
"Hm?" You paused biting your lip.
"You smell like Christmas to me." He burst into a fit of giggles at the comment.
"I knew I overheard you say something like that yesterday! I didn't know if i had heard you right! At first, i thought you guys were making Christmas party plans or something, when we haven't even made it through the blood moon."
You shifted in means of seeing his expression. He'd heard you!?
"We are Lycans, remember? I'm surprised that the two of you hadn't eavesdropping on Jimin and I's conversation."
After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Taehyung spoke, snatching you from your peaceful daze.
"Y/n, please stay with me"