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A Chance to Take

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There was nothing but whispers and silent cries that filled the room. At the very end of the room, a girl-barely sixteen, slumped on the floor. Eyes blank with obvious dark bags under it. Her face tainted with dried tears. She stares in front of two large pictures of men with enthusiastic faces wearing their hero costumes; strong and enigmatic as if they can able to conquer and defeat all villain in the world-except that they both didn’t. Their ashes contained in separate jars with their name written on it: Katsuki Bakugou; Izuku Midoriya-Bakugou.


For the girl staring blankly a far, the whispers surrounding her was deafening.


“And they were great heroes too.”


“Poor child. How would she survive on her own?”


“I still can’t believe that the top 1 and 2 heroes are now gone.”


“What will happen to our country now?”


“Poor thing, she’s all alone now.”


All alone. She carefully repeated the words inside her head.


That’s right. It is true. Her parents are dead. They died after heroically accomplishing a mission that saved hundreds-no, thousands of people. That was why, their funeral was greatly respected as if such enormous thing is something to be celebrated. She scoffed.


People from all around the world who wanted to pay respect visited. Alumni and retired teachers of UA Academy went and stayed for a couple of days during their wake; but Izumi Bakugou couldn’t care less. In exchange of thousands, one loss. She lost a lot in an amount of two.


‘Ah, I want to sleep so badly.’ The whole ordeal did not let her sleep. Finding the deafening sound of whispers perfect for her sleep, she lowered her head and closed her eyes.



A day more passed and the procession to bury them finally happened. Izumi clutched the two pictures of her parents with both of her hands. The emotions she bottled inside of her suddenly spurred making her wail and almost thrash around during their walk to the cemetery.


It was a good thing that the close friends of her parents were there to calm her down and hold her.


After the burying, Izumi was left alone before their tombstone.


In loving memory of two great heroes who fought bravely for the lives of thousands unselfishly; here liess

Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku Midoriya-Bakugou

Death: xx-xx-xxxxx

Forever loved and remembered.


Izumi slowly traced their name with her index finger. She closed her eyes and breathed in the air. A flash of memory emerged from her mind.


“Dinner’s ready!” Katsuki removed the apron from him and hanged it at the corner.


Izumi who was busy finishing her homework in the living room immediately snapped her head to her Father. Her face beaming while standing up from the floor. She ran towards the dining area with a grin on her face. “Hmm! Curry~” She promptly pull a chair and smelled around. “Mommy! Daddy’s done!!!” She screamed on the top of her lungs hoping that it would be heard on the second floor. She was too lazy to come up to call for her mother.


Katsuki snickered. “You sure have a voice.” He sat on the chair and motioned his hand to Izumi to also sit down.


Izumi wiggled her eyebrows. “I wonder who I got it from?” She exaggeratedly thought then darted her finger towards her father. “Oh! I got it from you daddy!” She giggled and Katsuki only lovingly scowled at her.


Not long after, Izuku entered the dining area with a smile plastered on his face. “Let me guess,” he sat on the chair beside Katsuki, “Izumi’s telling you again how much she’s like you?” Izuku grinned and Katsuki knitted his eyebrows.


“Well she does.” Katsuki replied as if stating a fact. He took a plate of rice and put some on Izuku first then to Izumi.


Izuku shrugged his shoulders and took the plate of curry and put some on Izumi then to Katsuki. “As if. She’s more polite than you.”


Izumi almost laughed out loud but she knew that her parents would scold her if she does so she only nodded her head while making a mock smile. “Oh you are so right mommy!” She softly giggled.


Those were the happy times. They were all like a normal family and many people thought they were perfect; not anymore.




She refused the offer of her uncle Eijirou to ride back home. Making an excuse that a walk would give her mind more to think. Who was she joking to? She has been thinking too much in such amount of time that she felt like being eaten away by it. She just didn’t want to go home because without her parents, their house is only brick and stones; it isn’t really a home anymore.


She aimlessly wandered around wherever her feet would drag her. Not caring what time it was or whatever the weather was. For her, what matters the most is to be far away as much as possible.


She put her hands in the pocket of her black dress. She felt her phone inside.


“Izumi, you have to message me whenever you take a walk outside okay?” Izuku fixed some stray hair from her face and dusted her shoulders. Making sure that his daughter is presentable.


This was something that Izumi doesn’t really understand at all. Her parents are so overprotective. But for the peace of mind of her mother, she nodded her head and politely answered him. “Yes mommy. I’ll always do that.”


A tear fell from her eye realizing the fact that she won’t be needing it anymore. She can’t be able to always do that now because nobody will reply back to her.


She stopped from her tracks and while stifling back her audible cries, she took out her phone. She so wanted to throw it away, only stopping midway when she realized what she was holding to.


“C’mon here princess.” Katsuki held out a box wrapped in an elegant pink birthday wrapper. Izumi excitedly squealed and walked towards him. It was her fifteen birthday and her parents held a simple birthday party with their close relatives and friends.


Izumi took the box and tried to shake it. Katsuki almost grabbed it back from her. “Oy, don’t do that brat.”


Izumi laughed and dodged the hand of her father. “What was that for? You called me ‘princess’ just a while ago and now you’re calling me ‘brat’ Daddy?” She faked her tears in front of her mother as if complaining her father’s actions. Izuku sheepishly giggled while shaking his head, obvious that he was in awe.


“Whatever birthday girl. Just don’t shake it.” Katsuki grumbled and ruffled her hair.


Izumi beamed. “Then, can I open it now?”


Katsuki replied with a short nod and Izumi excitedly ripped open the wrapper. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open.


“Da-daddy, this is…” It was a box of a mobile phone that has the latest specs and the top of all the phones for almost three years. It was a one-hell of a phone. “I wanted this so much! Oh thank you Daddy!” She leapt from her place and hugged her father. Izuku quickly took out his phone to capture the moment of his child and his husband.


So she didn’t really have the heart to throw it at all.


She sighed. She feels tired. Her eyes are swollen, her feet hurts, and her knees are wobbling. She also knows that blood had drained from her face.


“Hey watch out!”


She heard a screech from the far end of the street. Izumi was all caught up with her thoughts that she didn’t realized she was already on a busy street. An approaching truck was on her way and there’s no sign of it ever stopping with such speed.


She felt her heart stammered and the pit of her stomach recoiled. If she activates her quirk now, she would be able to blast herself away and she would survive-Survive. Does she want to survive? If she would survive the impact how would she survive on her own?


All alone. That was what the people pitying her whispered during the wake. She doesn’t want that; so she didn’t move from her position and instead, closed her eyes and smiled. Inside her head, she could already see her parents smiling widely at her with their arms opened.


Mommy, Daddy.