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A Chance to Take

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The practice match went smoothly for him and Kirishima. They were instructed to go back to their dorm, change out from their hero costume to gym clothes and train in their dorm gym. Now in their third-year, Katsuki seemed to be more relaxed than before.


“What the fuck are you doing Shitty hair?!”-Or not.


It seemed that Katsuki crashed his face over Kirishima who has this impossibly hard back. He swore he could feel his nose numbing and almost feared that it was bleeding because of the impact. Being Katsuki, he didn’t make it obvious that he was hurt and instead readied his hand to blew Kirishima’s head; he meant, being.


 “Chill dude! I thought someone’s dead!” Kirishima pointed at a lady in black dress lying on the ground. She seemed not moving, perhaps unconscious. Katsuki would not buy it. The woman might be recharging or something shit like that for her quirk.


Besides they’re inside the campus. It’s not like someone would easily die without a security breach. He decided to shrug his shoulders and pass by it but Kirishima stopped him from his tracks and swears he wanted to knock the shit out of this hard-boy.


“Dude, I think we should bring her to the infirmary.”


Katsuki grunted and scowled. “You do it Shitty hair. Make a good use of your quirk and carry her with that stone body of yours.” He also mentally noted that he didn’t have to help or anything, sooner or later their classmates would be on their way.


“C’mon dude! I’m too shy to be alone. ‘Sides, if ‘am the only one to carry her, she might suddenly freak out.”


Katsuki inwardly covered his ears and instead walked passed the woman. After an inches away, he suddenly stopped and unconsciously dragged himself back to Kirishima as he felt something tugged the insides of his stomach. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sharply sighed. “Only once you fucker.”


Kirishima beamed and patted his shoulder. “Wow man! You’re improving as a proper human being!” The red head gave him a mocking thumbs-up as he idiotically smiled at him.


“You dumbass!” He gritted his teeth as he followed Kirishima towards the woman. He saw Kirishima’s hand gently rocking the her to wake up. Somewhere inside his head wanted to smack the red-idiot down.


When he finally reached the two, the woman stirred from her position. His heart clenched.


“Nggh…” The woman groaned.


“Hey lady! Are you okay? A transferee? Or perhaps a kid of a teacher?” Kirishima immediately bombarded her questions that she groggily might not even comprehend with her current state. Her somewhat swollen eyes slowly opened revealing ruby irises which complemented her blonde soft curls.


When Katsuki was able to examine her closely, she looks familiar. It must have been the combination of the colors.


“Kirishima.” It was very rare for him to call someone by their name. “Don’t… Talk too much. It would confuse her.” It was also very rare for him to be actually in a right mind. He slowly crouched down as Kirishima nodded his head and tried to carry the woman so that her shoulder would rest with his grasp.


Katsuki frowned. “Hey brat. Are you awake? Are you okay?” He didn’t really know why but his voice seemed to be softer than usual.


The woman stared back at him and slowly her round eyes widened; in fear, in shock, in joy. So much emotions with only one pair of eyes.


As if energy suddenly bounced back from the bottom of her being, the woman freed herself from the clutch of Kirishima and pounced herself towards the crouching Katsuki-who, in return lost his balance from the sudden movement making him utterly caught off-guarded. His butt landed on the ground while the woman tearfully wrapped her arms on his neck. He could feel wet-hot tears pooling on the crook of his neck and on his shoulder.


“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU DOING BASTARD?!” His loud voice was covered with the woman’s voice who obviously parred his own.




For a moment, Katsuki stared back to Kirishima in horror, who also was too stunned to move. When no response was heard from him, the woman slowly detached herself from him and instead, look back at him while her head tilted as if she was confused.


“Daddy?” She implored but Katsuki did not move as he eyed the woman before him; no. The woman was only a girl maybe barely in her sixteen. “Da-daddy? Why are you n-not talking to m-me?”

When the girl tried to reach out for him again, he slapped her hand and flared while standing up, finally looming over her. “The fuck are you talking about? Creep-shit.”


The girl’s shoulders fell, her mouth gaped and her eyes went blank. It was as if she realized something. A surge of emotion waved through Katsuki. He felt guilty. The girl suddenly fell forward, making her in her hands and knees. Katsuki and Kirishima heard her violently gasping.


“O-oi Baku. That was not so nice you know. She might have hit her head or just got homesick.” Kirishima slowly reached out for her but she suddenly raised her voice.


“GET AWAY FROM ME!” Then she slowly stood up with her hands clutching her chest. She sobbed, “get away from me… get away…” She looked at them with horror in her eyes.


Katsuki noticed how expressive she was. For some reason, he wanted to sooth her and knock himself for being an asshole to her but he knows he can’t. He just can’t.


Kirishima calmed her down motioning both of his hand in soothing motions in the air. “Okay lady, breath just breath. You are inside UA campus remember?”


The girl violently shook her head and Kirishima just wanted to carry her and run to the infirmary.


“Hey! What are you doing?”


Their attention was caught by a familiar voice of a woman who was now waving back at them. Uraraka and Izuku were already walking towards them which means, both are also finished with their training.




It was low and almost a whisper that escaped from the lips of the girl but Katsuki was able to still catch on it.


‘Round face?’ He thought and he saw the girl incoherently repeating the word.


Katsuki knows that something is happening or at least something has happened.


When the two reached them they immediately noticed the distressed girl. The girl only stared back at them, already paled.


Izuki stuttered. “U-uhm, is there something wrong?” He gauged her reaction and when he tried to reach out his hand to her, the girl fainted.


As if his life was in stake, Katsuki quickly caught her from falling to the ground.


“Fuck!” He carelessly threw her on his shoulder as panic washed over him. The three protested stating that it is not good to handle a patient that way but Katsuki could not careless. He needed to get her to Recovery Girl as much as possible. So he activated his quirk and flew towards the infirmary with the girl lumped on his shoulder.


Izuku couldn’t really stay on his feet and soon, he followed Katsuki. He was too worried that because of the carelessness of his childhood friend, the woman might suddenly fall from such great height.



Katsuki laid the girl on the bed and took a glance at her for the last time.


“You can leave now.” Recovery Girl warmly smiled at him and Katsuki only grunted in response.


He begrudgingly went outside and was surprised to see Izuku slumped on the hallway, back on the wall. When Izuku noticed his presence, the greenette immediately sprang up.


“How is she?” Izuku asked while chewing on his lip obvious that he too was restless.


‘Mommy.’ Katsuki remembered and tried to scanned the whole area as if expecting that Izuku was with Uraraka. Instead he saw nothing so he furrowed his eyebrows and asked the boy. “Where’s round face?”


Izuku blanched. “What?”


Katsuki was obviously not giving any of his shit. “Are you deaf Deku? I asked where’s that stupid Round face.”


Izuku blinked a couple more times at him before the thought finally processed to him. Katsuki mentally counted from one to ten to prolong his patience.


“Oh, I left her with Kirishima.” He sheepishly laughed and scratched the back of his head.


Katsuki gave him a frown and shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever.” He walked passed Izuku before being stopped by him.


The boy hesitated for a bit before speaking up what was in his mind. “You’re not waiting for her to come out? Or at least make sure she’s fine?”


Katsuki finally blew and snapped on his face leaning towards Izuku. “Listen here dipshit. I don’t fucking care. The brat’s already with Recovery Girl now. If you want to babysit the crap out of her then do so. Don’t. Ever. Ask. Another. Thing. Got it?”


The latter could only nod his head quickly. Katsuki composed himself once more before turning around and leaving.


‘It doesn’t really matter.’ He thought.