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A Chance to Take

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Izuku turned behind him. He saw Izumi fixing her things begrudgingly as if her soul was already coming out from her mouth. He wanted to invite her to eat their lunch with him and his friends so as to let the woman have a chance to make one.


However, Izuku noticed how she looked so tired, nevertheless, he tried getting her attention. “Bakugou...?” She didn’t looked at him. Izuku frowned, maybe she still doesn’t want to talk but she seemed so friendly plus she might get lost or she might just also feel awkward. With all the mumbling that Izuku made, he finally decided on one thing. “Izumi..?” He carefully spoke and almost instantly, the girl shot up her head towards him.


“Mo-Modiri…ya? Ha.Ha.” She awkwardly scratched her cheek with her index finger. Izuku felt relief washing over him.


“It’s Midoriya… Just call me Izuku. Or better yet, Deku. Kaachan calls me that as well as the others.” He was sure that for a moment, there was an immense sadness within her eyes. He wanted to ask her what happened, in fact, was tempted to do so but decided to just let it be.


Izumi gently shook her head. “I prefer calling you Izuku.” They stared for a while before both of them mumbled incoherent excuses. Realizing what they are doing, they both laugh it off.


When they have finally calmed down, Izuku collected himself and mused over his friends who were already waiting for him over the door. He pointed his index finger to their direction and asked Izumi, “Hey, do you want to eat with us?”


The woman tilted her head slightly which Izuku finds adorable and immediately nodded her head in response. She looked so eager to eat with them as she excitedly grinned at him.




They were silently eating their lunch inside the Lunch Rush Cafeteria together with Izuku, Uraraka, Iida, and Todoroki when Izumi broke their silence.


“Hey, uhm… Do I look like that ‘Bakugou Katsuki’?”


Izuku mentally commented how Izumi looked so uncomfortable while asking the question to them.


They all momentarily stopped from their places and gave each other a questioning look. Uraraka who was sitting beside Izumi halfheartedly laughed and patted the back of Izumi. “You’re prettier and not scary Izumi-chan!”


Iida, who was sitting adjacent to Uraraka, almost choked from his food but quickly composed himself as he drank some water before finally focusing back to Izumi. “You look like a puppy and Bakugou-kun looks like a wolf. You don’t have to worry Bakugou-kun.”


Two ‘Bakugou-kun’ almost confused Izumi’s comprehension.


Izuku, who was sitting across Izumi, stopped chewing for a while before placing down his chopsticks and bowl on the table and inspected the face of the woman in front of him. Touching his chin while his eyebrows furrowed, he replied, “Well you do have the same surname. Plus your hair and eye color matches his.” The greenette silently sighed as he felt something coiling in the pit of his stomach. She does looks like his childhood friend but then, he somehow knew her soft curls and her wide eyes. Izuku can’t really place this familiarity.


Todoroki followed Izumi’s sentiments by saying his own opinion. “You do look a lot like him. Are you perhaps…” The ice-fire user leaned over the table to whisper at her. Izumi did the same to close their gap, but making sure to avoid her hair from getting on her food. “…Bakugou’s half-sister by the father?”


Izumi gave him a confused look that immediately changed into a distressed one that when Iida noticed it, he immediately signaled Todoroki by crossing both of his hands.


It actually took Izumi a couple more seconds to react, and when she did, she practically freaked out. “What no!” Due to her immense movement, she almost stumbled herself, only to be saved by Uraraka . Izumi frantically looked at Izuku as if telling him to do something. His heart ached but again, there is this distant knowing feeling of warmth, joy, sadness-


“Well now, now. I’m sure they’re distant relatives or something. We must not assume things.” Izuku sweat a dropped trying to relieved Izumi who silently thanked him and Uraraka. His instinct was telling him something about this particular lady with almost the same features of his distant childhood friend.


Todoroki bowed his head and apologized. “Don’t think too much about it. I assumed wrong. Forgive me.”


Izumi waved her hands in front of herself while shaking her head as if motioning that Todoroki should not apologize for anything. “Un-Ah! You don’t really have to do that Todoroki-kun. I understand you very well.” She sheepishly gave him a small smile and offered her plate of cold soba. “Here, please have some. I know it’s your favorite.”


Todoroki furrowed his eyebrows and gave her an inquisitive look. “How did you know my favorite food?”


Izuku saw how the woman’s eyes widened in horror while her mouth slightly gaped. The blood on her face draining away.


“I mean-” For the second time, Izumi looked back at Izuku as if asking him to save her again.


To be honest, Izuku doesn’t really know how to react as well. Izumi would never know Todoroki’s favorite food since they have only just met but he also knew that if he wouldn’t say something, Izumi will find herself in a hard situation-and he doesn’t want that. He just; ‘I don’t want to give her worries at all. If I can, I will wipe away her tears, I will save her from all of her doubts, I will give her the best’.


Izuku could feel his inner being raging as he looked at the horrified face of Izumi. I will take care of you.’ It was an unheard promise by himself; maybe even an unconscious pact that he just made and even though he knows that he is one of those people with great logic, he would prefer to throw it all away because he doesn’t want to question this feeling that he feels towards the newcomer.


“I told her that!”


All of their attention spun towards Izuku and he saw Izumi eyes soften but with a hint of disbelief. “I told her that! Because err… Because I wanted her to make some friends and I figure out that if she knows like a couple of things about you guys she can be comfortable… with you..?” He smiled gently at Izumi hoping that the woman would feel relaxed.


Since it was Izuku who pointed it out, the rest regarded it and nodded their heads while sheepishly smiling. Some stating that it was stupid of them to think seriously about it.


“I see.” Todoroki gently pushed back the plate to Izumi, “as much as I want to have it, I want you to be full so you’ll have some energy when you fight off with Bakugou.”


Izuku’s face fell and he felt his hands trembling and cold. How could she be able to defeat a strong person like Kacchan? He doesn’t really know if Izumi could even be parred against him. He wanted to trust the lady but his inner mind tells him that he should stay close to her; to make sure that everything will be okay.


Make sure. The last time he did, he found himself following Katsuki to Recovery Girl’s nurse office.


He saw Izumi clenching her fists and biting her bottom-lip. For Izuku, she doesn’t seem to be scared at all, rather she looked disappointed-no. Hurt. Izumi looked so hurt by the fact that she would fight off with Katsuki.


His hand unconsciously landed on the top of Izumi’s clenched fist. “You don’t have to worry Izumi.” His thumb running circles on her knuckles.


And when he looked back at Izumi’s eyes, her eyes were already glazed. There was something inside within those eyes that calls for him.


He didn’t let go of her that even when Uraraka pointed it out, Izuku stayed on his place.