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A Chance to Take

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Izuku stopped from his tracks. The trees surrounding the concrete pathway he was walking to swayed gently around him. It bothers him immensely on how he finally deduced that even though Katsuki used his entire power to blast his quirk, he still didn’t directly shot Izumi.


Which Katsuki never does.


He had felt this before too. Katsuki rarely cares for others. Izuku had also not seen him bringing someone to the infirmary with such panic. He now wonders, what is the real relationship of the two? Or perhaps, he too knows her?


It won’t hurt to ask right? But he can never ask Kacchan. The boy would be very pissed of and refuse to answer his question so his only choice is to ask Izumi. For some unknown reason, he felt like the girl would easily answer him straight.


He remembers the scene at the canteen: how Izumi looked at him with those pleading eyes. He felt as if he had known her for so long. Perhaps, a person behind the very back of his memories.


Realizing that thinking too much had eaten up his time, he activated his quirk and sprint his way back to the gym.





The whole gym was repaired and he could see his classmates sparring with one another in different places. When he finally spotted the person he was looking for, he approached the young man who was already in the air, making loud explosions. Izuku tapped Katsuki’s shoulder’s mid-air that the latter almost hit him with a kick. Luckily for him, he was able to quickly dodge.


“What the fuck are you doing Deku?!” Katsuki growled at him. He saw Kirishima surprisingly getting what Izuku wanted to do and decided to live the two of them alone by running towards Kaminari who was fighting with Ashido.


When they both decided to land their feet on the ground and Izuku has mustered enough confidence, he said. “Don’t you think Izumi’s familiar?”


Of course, Izuku had already thought ahead what would Katsuki react towards his spontaneous question. The blonde fumed at him, his teeth greeting and fists clenching as if preparing to launch an attack. “YOU INTERRUPTED US BECAUSE OF THAT FUCKING THING?!”


“She’s badly injured.”


It was the only thing that crossed Izuku’s mind to stop the boy from charging towards him. “She’s badly injured to the point of, Recovery Girl suggesting that she must be confined…” It was a lie. An utter, obvious lie; but Katsuki did not take in well. His fists stopping mid-air and then dropping them down in an instance.


There was a moment of silence between them before Katsuki raised his concern. “I…” He suddenly grunted and shook his head deliberately. “What a weak shit. As I thought, a cheap duplicate.” If it was a normal person, they could easily believe Katsuki’s actions and maybe even judge him from being too arrogant and selfish-but who was he joking to? Izuku has known him for ages and the greenette knew all too well that it was just his facade; an act to hide his true feelings.


Izuku could see Katsuki’s anger slowly dying down as it changes to a confused emotion that probably only meant to be felt only for him. The blonde decided to turn his back at him. “When will she be able to get out?”


To be safe and to give peace to the troubled Katsuki, he decided to nullify his answer. “Well, it was just a suggestion. Recovery Girl will do her best to heal her. She’s a great hero. I’ll believe in her.”


As if Katsuki was satisfied with his answer and reasoning, the boy only grunted in response and propelled himself to activate his quirk and bring him up the air. Izuku followed Katsuki as he disappears from his sight.


In the end though, he wasn’t able to get an answer he was really looking for. You weren’t really attacking her directly, am I not right Kacchan? That was the reason why she was able to dodge most of it. You were really giving her a handicap. You just wanted to see and make her realize that there is a potential for her.’ If Izuku was really right, he wonders why would Katsuki do it silently?


Izuku’s attention was caught by a man waving widely at him. Iida was on the other end of the room with Asui. They were the paired team and they looked like they’ve just finish their spar. Izuku jogged towards them. “Hi guys.”


“Midoriya-chan how is Baku-chan?” Asui stepped down from the rock she was promptly sitting on to face Izuku. Iida handed her a bottle of water and Asui quickly thanked him.


“She’s fine. She might be coming back here any minute by now.”


“That was really great! Quite impressive, must I say! I see, a true power of a Bakugou.” Iida flung his arms in over different directions, getting to carried away by his amazement.


Izuku can’t help it but smile and agree. It was true and it was such a long time to see another student to level up with Katsuki.


True enough, the three spotted the familiar figure of a woman with blonde curls and red eyes. Izumi was tip-toeing to get inside the gym. Izuku had already made up his mind to ask his inquiry directly to the woman; so before any other students see her, he ran towards her which eventually caught her attention.


“I have something to ask.” He actually didn’t want to sound so serious but Izuku could already tell by how Izumi’s face fell that his construction of inquiry might have been quite imposing. “I-it’s not that serious, really. So you can relax.”


Izuku saw Izumi sigh in relief as she nodded her head, her hand clutching on her chest. “What is it Mo-Mido- I mean, Izuku?”


Izuku lead the way back to Iida’s and Asui’s direction. The pair started their practice match again so he was pretty sure that the two wouldn’t really mind about they were about to talk. “It’s about you and Kacchan…”


He saw how Izumi briefly halted from her tracks, her eyes seemed to be afraid but when their gazes met, she immediately walked again. “I-if y-you’re gonna ask if I know him or anything; believe me when I tell you this. I could only assume that he is a distant relative. Figuratively speaking.” Her eyes barely avoiding his. He also took notice of how she stressed the word ‘distant’.


“I see. Then, one more thing.”


Izumi took a sharp breath and bit her lip, her brow slightly arching.


“Have we met before?” He swore he saw Izumi almost choking from her own breath and saliva but Izuku could only disregard her reaction since she seemed to willingly give a serious answer.


Izumi put a finger between them, signaling him to give her a second. After a short time, she finally responded to him, “Hmm… I wonder really. I also seem to know you,” then she barely whispered, “actually whenever I look on a mirror, I kind of see your face popping inside my head.”


Izuku was taken a back. What does she mean? But he wasn’t able to ask more question as the blonde took her flight and went beside Kirishima. A surprising yet bold move for her.