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A Chance to Take

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There was nothing but whispers and silent cries that filled the room. At the very end of the room, a girl-barely sixteen, slumped on the floor. Eyes blank with obvious dark bags under it. Her face tainted with dried tears. She stares in front of two large pictures of men with enthusiastic faces wearing their hero costumes; strong and enigmatic as if they can able to conquer and defeat all villain in the world-except that they both didn’t. Their ashes contained in separate jars with their name written on it: Katsuki Bakugou; Izuku Midoriya-Bakugou.


For the girl staring blankly a far, the whispers surrounding her was deafening.


“And they were great heroes too.”


“Poor child. How would she survive on her own?”


“I still can’t believe that the top 1 and 2 heroes are now gone.”


“What will happen to our country now?”


“Poor thing, she’s all alone now.”


All alone. She carefully repeated the words inside her head.


That’s right. It is true. Her parents are dead. They died after heroically accomplishing a mission that saved hundreds-no, thousands of people. That was why, their funeral was greatly respected as if such enormous thing is something to be celebrated. She scoffed.


People from all around the world who wanted to pay respect visited. Alumni and retired teachers of UA Academy went and stayed for a couple of days during their wake; but Izumi Bakugou couldn’t care less. In exchange of thousands, one loss. She lost a lot in an amount of two.


‘Ah, I want to sleep so badly.’ The whole ordeal did not let her sleep. Finding the deafening sound of whispers perfect for her sleep, she lowered her head and closed her eyes.



A day more passed and the procession to bury them finally happened. Izumi clutched the two pictures of her parents with both of her hands. The emotions she bottled inside of her suddenly spurred making her wail and almost thrash around during their walk to the cemetery.


It was a good thing that the close friends of her parents were there to calm her down and hold her.


After the burying, Izumi was left alone before their tombstone.


In loving memory of two great heroes who fought bravely for the lives of thousands unselfishly; here liess

Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku Midoriya-Bakugou

Death: xx-xx-xxxxx

Forever loved and remembered.


Izumi slowly traced their name with her index finger. She closed her eyes and breathed in the air. A flash of memory emerged from her mind.


“Dinner’s ready!” Katsuki removed the apron from him and hanged it at the corner.


Izumi who was busy finishing her homework in the living room immediately snapped her head to her Father. Her face beaming while standing up from the floor. She ran towards the dining area with a grin on her face. “Hmm! Curry~” She promptly pull a chair and smelled around. “Mommy! Daddy’s done!!!” She screamed on the top of her lungs hoping that it would be heard on the second floor. She was too lazy to come up to call for her mother.


Katsuki snickered. “You sure have a voice.” He sat on the chair and motioned his hand to Izumi to also sit down.


Izumi wiggled her eyebrows. “I wonder who I got it from?” She exaggeratedly thought then darted her finger towards her father. “Oh! I got it from you daddy!” She giggled and Katsuki only lovingly scowled at her.


Not long after, Izuku entered the dining area with a smile plastered on his face. “Let me guess,” he sat on the chair beside Katsuki, “Izumi’s telling you again how much she’s like you?” Izuku grinned and Katsuki knitted his eyebrows.


“Well she does.” Katsuki replied as if stating a fact. He took a plate of rice and put some on Izuku first then to Izumi.


Izuku shrugged his shoulders and took the plate of curry and put some on Izumi then to Katsuki. “As if. She’s more polite than you.”


Izumi almost laughed out loud but she knew that her parents would scold her if she does so she only nodded her head while making a mock smile. “Oh you are so right mommy!” She softly giggled.


Those were the happy times. They were all like a normal family and many people thought they were perfect; not anymore.




She refused the offer of her uncle Eijirou to ride back home. Making an excuse that a walk would give her mind more to think. Who was she joking to? She has been thinking too much in such amount of time that she felt like being eaten away by it. She just didn’t want to go home because without her parents, their house is only brick and stones; it isn’t really a home anymore.


She aimlessly wandered around wherever her feet would drag her. Not caring what time it was or whatever the weather was. For her, what matters the most is to be far away as much as possible.


She put her hands in the pocket of her black dress. She felt her phone inside.


“Izumi, you have to message me whenever you take a walk outside okay?” Izuku fixed some stray hair from her face and dusted her shoulders. Making sure that his daughter is presentable.


This was something that Izumi doesn’t really understand at all. Her parents are so overprotective. But for the peace of mind of her mother, she nodded her head and politely answered him. “Yes mommy. I’ll always do that.”


A tear fell from her eye realizing the fact that she won’t be needing it anymore. She can’t be able to always do that now because nobody will reply back to her.


She stopped from her tracks and while stifling back her audible cries, she took out her phone. She so wanted to throw it away, only stopping midway when she realized what she was holding to.


“C’mon here princess.” Katsuki held out a box wrapped in an elegant pink birthday wrapper. Izumi excitedly squealed and walked towards him. It was her fifteen birthday and her parents held a simple birthday party with their close relatives and friends.


Izumi took the box and tried to shake it. Katsuki almost grabbed it back from her. “Oy, don’t do that brat.”


Izumi laughed and dodged the hand of her father. “What was that for? You called me ‘princess’ just a while ago and now you’re calling me ‘brat’ Daddy?” She faked her tears in front of her mother as if complaining her father’s actions. Izuku sheepishly giggled while shaking his head, obvious that he was in awe.


“Whatever birthday girl. Just don’t shake it.” Katsuki grumbled and ruffled her hair.


Izumi beamed. “Then, can I open it now?”


Katsuki replied with a short nod and Izumi excitedly ripped open the wrapper. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open.


“Da-daddy, this is…” It was a box of a mobile phone that has the latest specs and the top of all the phones for almost three years. It was a one-hell of a phone. “I wanted this so much! Oh thank you Daddy!” She leapt from her place and hugged her father. Izuku quickly took out his phone to capture the moment of his child and his husband.


So she didn’t really have the heart to throw it at all.


She sighed. She feels tired. Her eyes are swollen, her feet hurts, and her knees are wobbling. She also knows that blood had drained from her face.


“Hey watch out!”


She heard a screech from the far end of the street. Izumi was all caught up with her thoughts that she didn’t realized she was already on a busy street. An approaching truck was on her way and there’s no sign of it ever stopping with such speed.


She felt her heart stammered and the pit of her stomach recoiled. If she activates her quirk now, she would be able to blast herself away and she would survive-Survive. Does she want to survive? If she would survive the impact how would she survive on her own?


All alone. That was what the people pitying her whispered during the wake. She doesn’t want that; so she didn’t move from her position and instead, closed her eyes and smiled. Inside her head, she could already see her parents smiling widely at her with their arms opened.


Mommy, Daddy.

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The practice match went smoothly for him and Kirishima. They were instructed to go back to their dorm, change out from their hero costume to gym clothes and train in their dorm gym. Now in their third-year, Katsuki seemed to be more relaxed than before.


“What the fuck are you doing Shitty hair?!”-Or not.


It seemed that Katsuki crashed his face over Kirishima who has this impossibly hard back. He swore he could feel his nose numbing and almost feared that it was bleeding because of the impact. Being Katsuki, he didn’t make it obvious that he was hurt and instead readied his hand to blew Kirishima’s head; he meant, being.


 “Chill dude! I thought someone’s dead!” Kirishima pointed at a lady in black dress lying on the ground. She seemed not moving, perhaps unconscious. Katsuki would not buy it. The woman might be recharging or something shit like that for her quirk.


Besides they’re inside the campus. It’s not like someone would easily die without a security breach. He decided to shrug his shoulders and pass by it but Kirishima stopped him from his tracks and swears he wanted to knock the shit out of this hard-boy.


“Dude, I think we should bring her to the infirmary.”


Katsuki grunted and scowled. “You do it Shitty hair. Make a good use of your quirk and carry her with that stone body of yours.” He also mentally noted that he didn’t have to help or anything, sooner or later their classmates would be on their way.


“C’mon dude! I’m too shy to be alone. ‘Sides, if ‘am the only one to carry her, she might suddenly freak out.”


Katsuki inwardly covered his ears and instead walked passed the woman. After an inches away, he suddenly stopped and unconsciously dragged himself back to Kirishima as he felt something tugged the insides of his stomach. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sharply sighed. “Only once you fucker.”


Kirishima beamed and patted his shoulder. “Wow man! You’re improving as a proper human being!” The red head gave him a mocking thumbs-up as he idiotically smiled at him.


“You dumbass!” He gritted his teeth as he followed Kirishima towards the woman. He saw Kirishima’s hand gently rocking the her to wake up. Somewhere inside his head wanted to smack the red-idiot down.


When he finally reached the two, the woman stirred from her position. His heart clenched.


“Nggh…” The woman groaned.


“Hey lady! Are you okay? A transferee? Or perhaps a kid of a teacher?” Kirishima immediately bombarded her questions that she groggily might not even comprehend with her current state. Her somewhat swollen eyes slowly opened revealing ruby irises which complemented her blonde soft curls.


When Katsuki was able to examine her closely, she looks familiar. It must have been the combination of the colors.


“Kirishima.” It was very rare for him to call someone by their name. “Don’t… Talk too much. It would confuse her.” It was also very rare for him to be actually in a right mind. He slowly crouched down as Kirishima nodded his head and tried to carry the woman so that her shoulder would rest with his grasp.


Katsuki frowned. “Hey brat. Are you awake? Are you okay?” He didn’t really know why but his voice seemed to be softer than usual.


The woman stared back at him and slowly her round eyes widened; in fear, in shock, in joy. So much emotions with only one pair of eyes.


As if energy suddenly bounced back from the bottom of her being, the woman freed herself from the clutch of Kirishima and pounced herself towards the crouching Katsuki-who, in return lost his balance from the sudden movement making him utterly caught off-guarded. His butt landed on the ground while the woman tearfully wrapped her arms on his neck. He could feel wet-hot tears pooling on the crook of his neck and on his shoulder.


“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU DOING BASTARD?!” His loud voice was covered with the woman’s voice who obviously parred his own.




For a moment, Katsuki stared back to Kirishima in horror, who also was too stunned to move. When no response was heard from him, the woman slowly detached herself from him and instead, look back at him while her head tilted as if she was confused.


“Daddy?” She implored but Katsuki did not move as he eyed the woman before him; no. The woman was only a girl maybe barely in her sixteen. “Da-daddy? Why are you n-not talking to m-me?”

When the girl tried to reach out for him again, he slapped her hand and flared while standing up, finally looming over her. “The fuck are you talking about? Creep-shit.”


The girl’s shoulders fell, her mouth gaped and her eyes went blank. It was as if she realized something. A surge of emotion waved through Katsuki. He felt guilty. The girl suddenly fell forward, making her in her hands and knees. Katsuki and Kirishima heard her violently gasping.


“O-oi Baku. That was not so nice you know. She might have hit her head or just got homesick.” Kirishima slowly reached out for her but she suddenly raised her voice.


“GET AWAY FROM ME!” Then she slowly stood up with her hands clutching her chest. She sobbed, “get away from me… get away…” She looked at them with horror in her eyes.


Katsuki noticed how expressive she was. For some reason, he wanted to sooth her and knock himself for being an asshole to her but he knows he can’t. He just can’t.


Kirishima calmed her down motioning both of his hand in soothing motions in the air. “Okay lady, breath just breath. You are inside UA campus remember?”


The girl violently shook her head and Kirishima just wanted to carry her and run to the infirmary.


“Hey! What are you doing?”


Their attention was caught by a familiar voice of a woman who was now waving back at them. Uraraka and Izuku were already walking towards them which means, both are also finished with their training.




It was low and almost a whisper that escaped from the lips of the girl but Katsuki was able to still catch on it.


‘Round face?’ He thought and he saw the girl incoherently repeating the word.


Katsuki knows that something is happening or at least something has happened.


When the two reached them they immediately noticed the distressed girl. The girl only stared back at them, already paled.


Izuki stuttered. “U-uhm, is there something wrong?” He gauged her reaction and when he tried to reach out his hand to her, the girl fainted.


As if his life was in stake, Katsuki quickly caught her from falling to the ground.


“Fuck!” He carelessly threw her on his shoulder as panic washed over him. The three protested stating that it is not good to handle a patient that way but Katsuki could not careless. He needed to get her to Recovery Girl as much as possible. So he activated his quirk and flew towards the infirmary with the girl lumped on his shoulder.


Izuku couldn’t really stay on his feet and soon, he followed Katsuki. He was too worried that because of the carelessness of his childhood friend, the woman might suddenly fall from such great height.



Katsuki laid the girl on the bed and took a glance at her for the last time.


“You can leave now.” Recovery Girl warmly smiled at him and Katsuki only grunted in response.


He begrudgingly went outside and was surprised to see Izuku slumped on the hallway, back on the wall. When Izuku noticed his presence, the greenette immediately sprang up.


“How is she?” Izuku asked while chewing on his lip obvious that he too was restless.


‘Mommy.’ Katsuki remembered and tried to scanned the whole area as if expecting that Izuku was with Uraraka. Instead he saw nothing so he furrowed his eyebrows and asked the boy. “Where’s round face?”


Izuku blanched. “What?”


Katsuki was obviously not giving any of his shit. “Are you deaf Deku? I asked where’s that stupid Round face.”


Izuku blinked a couple more times at him before the thought finally processed to him. Katsuki mentally counted from one to ten to prolong his patience.


“Oh, I left her with Kirishima.” He sheepishly laughed and scratched the back of his head.


Katsuki gave him a frown and shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever.” He walked passed Izuku before being stopped by him.


The boy hesitated for a bit before speaking up what was in his mind. “You’re not waiting for her to come out? Or at least make sure she’s fine?”


Katsuki finally blew and snapped on his face leaning towards Izuku. “Listen here dipshit. I don’t fucking care. The brat’s already with Recovery Girl now. If you want to babysit the crap out of her then do so. Don’t. Ever. Ask. Another. Thing. Got it?”


The latter could only nod his head quickly. Katsuki composed himself once more before turning around and leaving.


‘It doesn’t really matter.’ He thought.


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She caressed the sheets of her bed, her hands feeling the soft fabric. Izumi moaned as she slowly opened her eyes only to be greeted with the harsh ray of the LED bulb on the white ceiling. It finally occurred to her that she was not in her own room as the whole place she is currently looking at is unfamiliar to her. She quickly got up, blood rushing back to the top which made her head throb by the sudden movement. She silently winced as she tries to recall what happened to her; and she hoped that she didn’t.


She remembers being on the burial of her parents, then finds herself in the middle of a busy street where a truck was supposed to hit her. She lost her consciousness afterwards that caused her to have a nightmare. At first, she thought that she was greeted by her father but turned out seeing herself in the ‘past’. Now she knows that her reality was actually her being caught into an accident considering the fact that everything is in white and she is currently sitting on a hospital bed.


Someone must have saved her from the accident and now a doctor healed her with some quirk.


The curtain that surrounded the whole bed meant to give her some privacy opened. Before her was an elderly woman. She looked a lot like a warm doctor with a small scooter to move her around.


The woman smiled gently at her. “How are you child?” She went at her side while checking her temperature then proceeded to open the curtains further.


She gave her a wry smile. “Physically better. Mentally tired.” Izumi noticed how her room seemed to be too small. In fact, at first, she thought that she was inside a private room. Perhaps, people knew that her parents were Ground Zero and Deku.


The woman proceeded to put her hands inside her pocket as she took out a handful of candies which Izumi gratefully took. “So it seems.” The woman nodded while making notes on a pad, which Izumi does not know where she got it. The woman sighed and frowned. “Child, tell me your name.”


Oh. The doctor does not know her at all which was actually odd. Why give her a private room then? “Izumi. “ She tried to give her a smile. “Izumi Bakugou.” She decided to keep her candies inside the pocket of her dress.


The woman’s face scrunched in disdain. Throwing the pad away to a nearby table, the woman intensely look at her. “You’re not registered in the school’s registry.”


Izumi frowned the gasped, almost choking herself. “S-school?” She can’t be inside a school. Her last memory was in the middle of a street, where cars were rampantly driven. She nervously laughed. “Ma’am p-please do pardon me… I-I was hit by a truck-this should be a h-hospital right?”


The woman stared back at her almost in disbelief. “What’s your quirk Miss?” It was a sharp tone.


Izumi could only swallowed the invisible lump from her throat as she replied, “e-explosion quirk. Uhm… I can turn my sweat into nitroglycerin.” She gauged her reaction.


“Not teleportation?” The woman inquisitively asked as if making sure what she has heard.


Izumi shook her head. “No ma’am…my quirk is the same as my father's. You know the hero… Ground Zero?”


The woman gaped back at her then proceeded to go to the table as she tapped something from it. A hologram popped open, her small shaky-fingers tapping everywhere. Without even looking back at her, the woman asked, “Izumi Bakugou was it?”


“Yes.” Izumi can now feel tension filling the air and if it can choke her, she would have fainted.


The tapping stopped and the scooter moved beside her. “My child. There is one person here in the school’s registry with a family name of ‘Bakugou’ and a quirk of Explosion that uses his sweat as his source. Coincidentally, he just chose his hero name, Ground Zero. His name is Katsuki Bakugou.” The woman said slowly then she followed it with a question. “Is that the name of your father?”


If her face could further frown, her face would be on the floor. “Yes.” She nodded. She really didn’t get the whole thing but when she heard her father’s name, she just said ‘yes’ because it was the truth. So Izumi couldn’t really comprehend why the elderly woman turned pale and immediately went back to her table.


“I would like to request for a meeting to the higher council. I have an emergency situation.”


So the situation was that, she was really “accidentally” teleported back to the past and they couldn’t really do about it since they don’t know anyone with time and space manipulation quirk. When Izumi got a hold of the news, she wasn’t really given a time to think about it as the higher council quickly made a decision that she will be kept inside U.A in a guise of being a transfer student. In this way (they said), she will be closer to her father and they could watch over her. Then maybe, a student would appear with a quirk that they are looking for.


She was given a set of new uniforms: summer and spring ones, a jumpsuit since she doesn’t have any hero costume. The council also told her that after her official introduction to Class 3-A, she would be transferred to their dorm.


It all happened in a flash that when night finally crept in, she found herself staring blankly on the ceiling. She was given the permission to stay the first night inside Recovery Girl’s, Ma'am Chiyo's given dorm.


When all of the things finally sank inside of her, she understood that she shouldn’t cry and think of this as a negative event. In fact, she should be thankful. Apart from reuniting with her parents, this is her chance to change the past and the future. Then maybe, her parents would be spared from death; even if it means for her disappearing from existence.


She sobbed until she fell asleep.




Izumi inspected herself in front of a full-body mirror. Sighing deeply as she saw how thin she has become. She tried to fix her curly blonde hair as she combed it into a ponytail. She blinked a couple of times. I can do this. She said to herself finally accepting the fact that this is her reality. The good thing is that, she won’t have to mourn anymore because her parents are very much alive and well.


She promptly opened her phone and the lockscreen lit with their family picture. Izuku, smiling widely as he hugs Katsuki’s waist, his head leaning on his husband’s chest. Katsuki grinning widely while wrapping an arm around Izuku’s shoulder while Izumi is at the center in front of her parents smiling with both of her hands doing a peace sign.


It’s her lucky charm.


“Aizawa-sensei is here to pick you up Izumi.” Recovery Girl-Chiyo went beside her and smiled warmly.


Izumi snapped her head towards Chiyo as she tucked her phone inside her pocket.


The woman dusted the pleats of her skirt to straighten it a bit. “You don’t have to worry about it now my child. Katsuki-your father, would protect you. He was the one who brought you here when you fainted. A parent’s instinct for their children is greater than what ones know.”


Izumi felt her heart thumping, her body emitting warmth as she gave Chiyo her best smile. “Thank you so much ma’am. Yes, you’re right. In fact, Daddy’s not the only one. Mommy’s here too.”


Now that is something that Recovery Girl did not know. Before she could even ask, Izumi already kissed her forehead and went straight out of the door to greet Aizawa.


All the faculty knows her ordeal and they will protect her as well as train her under their care. Aizawa’s face, for some reason, turned sour. When Izumi saw him, she immediately felt nervous. She really didn’t have a chance to personally meet him since when Izuku and Katsuki had her, Aizawa is already in America living there. During the wake, when he visited them, Izumi practically wasn’t really talking to anyone at all.


Had she known that she would find herself in this kind of situation, she would talk to him so she wouldn’t really feel uneasy like this.


“S-sensei?” She nervously smiled and gave him her best ‘puppy-eyes’. She remembers her aunts and uncles cooing over her big puppy round eyes. Might as well charm the man with her eyes.

Aizawa only grunted and turned his back on her. She thought that the man would never talk. “You look a lot like Bakugou that it creeps the hell out of me since you look nicer and softer.”


Izumi wasn’t really expecting that answer. She wasn’t able to hold out her laughter, thinking how it was a nice ice-breaker for her, as she felt herself being relieved with the invisible tension that she’s been holding onto.


She remembered many people commented on how she looks exactly like Katsuki; but she begged to disagree. It’s just because of the color of her hair and eyes; nothing more. Her curls are obviously of her mother and the shape of her eyes as well. So she really looks like Izuku in the guise of Katsuki’s.


With the thought inside her head, she followed Aizawa to the main building hopping in between, feeling giddy and excited.


This is a new day; a new chance; a new beginning.



Maybe it was wrong to be excited because Izumi could feel her stomach turning upside down. She’s in front of the gigantic door of class 3-A, waiting for the cue for her to come in.


“Calm down, calm down. You can do it Zumi!” She chanted and breathed in sharply then breathed all her nervousness out. When she saw Aizawa motioning his hand, Izumi opened the door and went in with a very robotic way of walking.


She heard a couple of familiar voices. Some with audible gasps. She stopped from her tracks and swung her body to face them.

“Oh! That’s the freaked-out lady yesterday!”


Great. She thought as she saw her uncle Eijirou almost standing up to point his fingers at her. She knew very well how this particular uncle of hers could be very oblivious at some point. She could already feel her face burning, when she sought help from Aizawa, she was shocked to see him cocooned with his sleeping bag.


“S-stop it Kiri! It’s not nice!” Ochako said but not too loud to draw the attention towards her. Her finger placed on top of her mouth.


Izumi nervously laughed but mentally thanked her aunt Ochako silencing her uncle. When her focus finally dropped to all of them, she finally felt her feet get cold, her face plastered with a forced smile. Weird. Immensely weird because almost all of them are her aunts and uncles and now, they are all young and almost the same age as hers. Her gaze then stopped to Izuku, who gave her a small wave as if he was glad that she was alive and well. Then she saw him clenching his fist and making a small pump with it in the air, encouraging her to not be shy. Her heart fluttered and her eyes almost teary that she decided to momentarily close them.


It was already her turn to perform on stage. Izumi, as young as four years old, yearns to be a known idol.


“B-but mommy~” Young Izumi whined as she makes small jumps from her place signaling how distressed she is. “I am sooooo afwaid!”


Izuku cooed on to her, giving her a small peck on her cheek before bumping their foreheads together. “Listen darling, you will see Mommy and Daddy in front okay? All you have to do is to focus on us and imagine aaalllll people as fried chickens m'kay?”


Young Izumi blinked at him before giggling cutely, her mouth showing only three teeth. “Oh mommy! Yummy yummy Chimken!” Her small hands covering her mouth.


Izuku nodded his head. “Plus..?” He clenched his fist in between of them.


“ULTWA!!!” She mimicked him as they both pumped their fist in the air.


“...Plus… Ultra…” She breathed slowly, opened her eyes and gave a small smile to Izuku. Her mother sure could give her such strength. She looked at them as she proudly introduces herself. “Some of you had already seen me and I would first like to apologize from my actions. Before going here, I was hit by a quirk and the result was kind of delayed that was why I was momentarily out of mind…” This was what the higher councils told her to say; and she thinks that she’s actually doing a great job not until her eyes landed on the piercing gaze of her own father.


Katsuki’s eyes were sharp as ever that Izumi almost cowered because her father would only looked like that to her if she has done something terrible. Like, really terrible.


“Izumi…” Katsuki’s glowered as he looked down on a ten-year old Izumi sitting on the couch.


“B-but!” Izumi tried to protest, finding any reason as to why she burned a book of her classmate.


Katsuki gritted his teeth, his eyes sharply glinting. “Didn’t I tell you not to bully anyone? I don’t like that and I don’t buy any shit to whatever your reason is.”


Truth to be told, Izumi didn’t also see any reason why she would do such. She just felt that her classmate was lower to her and that person was a lame ass. She hiccuped, trying to restrain her tears. Katsuki has already trained himself to not give in with her cries.


In a situation like this, Izumi would bawl her eyes out and then, “I’m sorry Daddy! Please don’t get mad! I won’t do it again!~”


But Katsuki’s heart finally softened to his daughter, he couldn’t really stand it if she wails like that. He fell on one of his knees and caressed his child’s chubby face. “Listen, Zumi… When the time comes, you’ll regret your actions… And I don’t want you regretting anything okay? Daddy’s not mad. So as long you keep your word. Got it?” Katsuki let Izumi hug him.


Izumi stared back at him and bowed her head. “I’m… I’m very sorry  if I have worried you.” It wasn’t really meant for anyone but her own father. Continuing her introduction, she went back to her position and spoke. “My name’s Izumi.” Her eyes went back to Izuku. Her name was derived from her mother’s root kanji. “Izumi Bakugou…” Her voice trailed over as she looked back to Katsuki.


She saw almost all of them gasping, trying their best not to look at Katsuki. Her father grimaced at her as if displeased on what he heard.


“And my quirk is…” Oh boy, she knows that this would cause chaos soon. “Explosion. My sweat can be turned into nitroglycerin. I can willingly secrete it.” They all gaped at her, some with audible commentaries until Katsuki stood up, slamming his fist on his table.


“The fuck are you talking about?! That’s bullshit!”


She was already expecting this. Izumi only gave him a smile. Daddy.


Katsuki finally snapped, his feet stepping over his table and already readying himself to launch over her. She saw his hand almost activating his quirk when Aizawa suddenly appeared in between them, making Katsuki’s quirk to be void.


Aizawa scanned her as if silently asking if she was okay. Izumi sighed in relief.


“Kacchan!” Izuku gave Katsuki a sharp look signaling him to calm down and spare her. Instinct.


Aizawa waited for the whole class to settle down. “Bakugou Katsuki, if you want to fight the newcomer so badly, wait for the training session. I will personally pair the two of you.”


Izumi’s eyes could fall off from shock. “U-uhm-” She can’t. She knows that she will lose. It’s not like she was trained well. She was trained in other aspects like singing or dancing and never fighting. She wanted to ask whether Aizawa was joking or not but Katsuki’s enthusiasm broke the air.


“Sure thing! Let’s see who’s greater you cheap duplicate.”


Izumi’s mouth fell open. “Uhm… Spare me?”

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Izuku turned behind him. He saw Izumi fixing her things begrudgingly as if her soul was already coming out from her mouth. He wanted to invite her to eat their lunch with him and his friends so as to let the woman have a chance to make one.


However, Izuku noticed how she looked so tired, nevertheless, he tried getting her attention. “Bakugou...?” She didn’t looked at him. Izuku frowned, maybe she still doesn’t want to talk but she seemed so friendly plus she might get lost or she might just also feel awkward. With all the mumbling that Izuku made, he finally decided on one thing. “Izumi..?” He carefully spoke and almost instantly, the girl shot up her head towards him.


“Mo-Modiri…ya? Ha.Ha.” She awkwardly scratched her cheek with her index finger. Izuku felt relief washing over him.


“It’s Midoriya… Just call me Izuku. Or better yet, Deku. Kaachan calls me that as well as the others.” He was sure that for a moment, there was an immense sadness within her eyes. He wanted to ask her what happened, in fact, was tempted to do so but decided to just let it be.


Izumi gently shook her head. “I prefer calling you Izuku.” They stared for a while before both of them mumbled incoherent excuses. Realizing what they are doing, they both laugh it off.


When they have finally calmed down, Izuku collected himself and mused over his friends who were already waiting for him over the door. He pointed his index finger to their direction and asked Izumi, “Hey, do you want to eat with us?”


The woman tilted her head slightly which Izuku finds adorable and immediately nodded her head in response. She looked so eager to eat with them as she excitedly grinned at him.




They were silently eating their lunch inside the Lunch Rush Cafeteria together with Izuku, Uraraka, Iida, and Todoroki when Izumi broke their silence.


“Hey, uhm… Do I look like that ‘Bakugou Katsuki’?”


Izuku mentally commented how Izumi looked so uncomfortable while asking the question to them.


They all momentarily stopped from their places and gave each other a questioning look. Uraraka who was sitting beside Izumi halfheartedly laughed and patted the back of Izumi. “You’re prettier and not scary Izumi-chan!”


Iida, who was sitting adjacent to Uraraka, almost choked from his food but quickly composed himself as he drank some water before finally focusing back to Izumi. “You look like a puppy and Bakugou-kun looks like a wolf. You don’t have to worry Bakugou-kun.”


Two ‘Bakugou-kun’ almost confused Izumi’s comprehension.


Izuku, who was sitting across Izumi, stopped chewing for a while before placing down his chopsticks and bowl on the table and inspected the face of the woman in front of him. Touching his chin while his eyebrows furrowed, he replied, “Well you do have the same surname. Plus your hair and eye color matches his.” The greenette silently sighed as he felt something coiling in the pit of his stomach. She does looks like his childhood friend but then, he somehow knew her soft curls and her wide eyes. Izuku can’t really place this familiarity.


Todoroki followed Izumi’s sentiments by saying his own opinion. “You do look a lot like him. Are you perhaps…” The ice-fire user leaned over the table to whisper at her. Izumi did the same to close their gap, but making sure to avoid her hair from getting on her food. “…Bakugou’s half-sister by the father?”


Izumi gave him a confused look that immediately changed into a distressed one that when Iida noticed it, he immediately signaled Todoroki by crossing both of his hands.


It actually took Izumi a couple more seconds to react, and when she did, she practically freaked out. “What no!” Due to her immense movement, she almost stumbled herself, only to be saved by Uraraka . Izumi frantically looked at Izuku as if telling him to do something. His heart ached but again, there is this distant knowing feeling of warmth, joy, sadness-


“Well now, now. I’m sure they’re distant relatives or something. We must not assume things.” Izuku sweat a dropped trying to relieved Izumi who silently thanked him and Uraraka. His instinct was telling him something about this particular lady with almost the same features of his distant childhood friend.


Todoroki bowed his head and apologized. “Don’t think too much about it. I assumed wrong. Forgive me.”


Izumi waved her hands in front of herself while shaking her head as if motioning that Todoroki should not apologize for anything. “Un-Ah! You don’t really have to do that Todoroki-kun. I understand you very well.” She sheepishly gave him a small smile and offered her plate of cold soba. “Here, please have some. I know it’s your favorite.”


Todoroki furrowed his eyebrows and gave her an inquisitive look. “How did you know my favorite food?”


Izuku saw how the woman’s eyes widened in horror while her mouth slightly gaped. The blood on her face draining away.


“I mean-” For the second time, Izumi looked back at Izuku as if asking him to save her again.


To be honest, Izuku doesn’t really know how to react as well. Izumi would never know Todoroki’s favorite food since they have only just met but he also knew that if he wouldn’t say something, Izumi will find herself in a hard situation-and he doesn’t want that. He just; ‘I don’t want to give her worries at all. If I can, I will wipe away her tears, I will save her from all of her doubts, I will give her the best’.


Izuku could feel his inner being raging as he looked at the horrified face of Izumi. I will take care of you.’ It was an unheard promise by himself; maybe even an unconscious pact that he just made and even though he knows that he is one of those people with great logic, he would prefer to throw it all away because he doesn’t want to question this feeling that he feels towards the newcomer.


“I told her that!”


All of their attention spun towards Izuku and he saw Izumi eyes soften but with a hint of disbelief. “I told her that! Because err… Because I wanted her to make some friends and I figure out that if she knows like a couple of things about you guys she can be comfortable… with you..?” He smiled gently at Izumi hoping that the woman would feel relaxed.


Since it was Izuku who pointed it out, the rest regarded it and nodded their heads while sheepishly smiling. Some stating that it was stupid of them to think seriously about it.


“I see.” Todoroki gently pushed back the plate to Izumi, “as much as I want to have it, I want you to be full so you’ll have some energy when you fight off with Bakugou.”


Izuku’s face fell and he felt his hands trembling and cold. How could she be able to defeat a strong person like Kacchan? He doesn’t really know if Izumi could even be parred against him. He wanted to trust the lady but his inner mind tells him that he should stay close to her; to make sure that everything will be okay.


Make sure. The last time he did, he found himself following Katsuki to Recovery Girl’s nurse office.


He saw Izumi clenching her fists and biting her bottom-lip. For Izuku, she doesn’t seem to be scared at all, rather she looked disappointed-no. Hurt. Izumi looked so hurt by the fact that she would fight off with Katsuki.


His hand unconsciously landed on the top of Izumi’s clenched fist. “You don’t have to worry Izumi.” His thumb running circles on her knuckles.


And when he looked back at Izumi’s eyes, her eyes were already glazed. There was something inside within those eyes that calls for him.


He didn’t let go of her that even when Uraraka pointed it out, Izuku stayed on his place.



Chapter Text

Izumi gently caressed her hand where her mother-Izuku touched a while ago. She kissed her knuckles and silently thanked him for giving her another set of strength. For many times, she was saved by her parents and she thought, ‘They are really such great heroes.’


The afternoon session was what she dreaded the most ever since starting her day. It was the training session and they are expected to change from their uniforms to their hero costumes. Since she didn’t have one, she will be using the standard school’s jumpsuit which she knows that it would give her a great handicap.


Not that it was really a problem for her. The real problem was that, she was expected to be paired with her own father and fight him over. As if she would stand a chance. She knew that her father was a prodigy. A strong man with brute force and strong quirk, plus he was said to also have a great head.


So all she could now is to pray, believe in herself, hope for the best, and change to her jumpsuit. Her hands were already trembling as she fumbled to zip up her clothes.


Daddy you look so coooolll!~” five year old Izumi squealed over her father as he placed his mask over his eyes.


Katsuki gave her a wicked grin as he put both of his hands under her arms and suddenly hoisted her up in the air. “You bet brat! Is Daddy handsome?” He moved her up and down making the young Izumi giggling and yelping at the same time.


“Shuper antsome! Daddy’s the superest hero in the world! Kyaah! Kyaah!” She gave him her best smile that only showed her now five teeth.


“You sure can smile with that incomplete set of teeth of yours Zumi.”


“Daddy…” She whispered within herself as she closed the door of her locker.




She snapped out of her trance when she heard a woman calling her out. It was Yaoyorozu, smiling gently at her. “I hope that you are feeling well.”


Izumi deeply sighed. “I want to be fine. I guess I’ll be marching down to my own death?” She nervously laughed, almost hitting her head on the frame of the lockers.


Yaoyorozu placed a warm hand on her shoulder. “If it distresses you so much, I am here to relay to you that Aizawa-sensei will never let his students be hurt. He will stop you if it is needed.”


Izumi wasn’t really so sure about that because the last time she heard a story about Aizawa proctoring her parents, Izuku ended up with broken joints. So yeah sure, Aizawa-sensei is the coolest thang.


She only raised both of her eyebrows and gave Yaoyorozu an impish smile. “Yeap. Sure thing.” She even gave her a thumbs up.


Izumi just hopes that everything will turn out well.




It was obvious that it will never turn out well. Katsuki was enthusiastic to face her. He was in his full hero costume that can even further hone his quirk. His face showing a pompous grin. “Dead meat.” He said as he walked on the middle of the “arena” meant for pair sessions.


Izumi could feel herself feeling faint. She so badly wanted to jump over her father and give him a good smack on his back. She nervously walked over to face him. Aizawa-sensei was already standing in the middle, readying himself to start the “fight”. Izumi felt as if she was entering inside an underground match with huge amount of money at stake. Her knees trembled and her body shake with so much tension. The whole class will be watching over them and here she thought that the teachers will protect her. She wondered if Aizawa-sensei was even in his right mind for him to agree with her hot-blooded irrational father.


Perhaps, he wanted to make sure if she was really a child of a prodigy.


She lamely readied herself as she makes a lame stance. When Aizawa swung his hand as if chopping the air, Katsuki immediately launched an explosion towards her, not even giving her a time to think.


Lucky for her, she was able to partially move her body to dodge the attack. However, her right foot slightly caught the explosion's impact making her wince in pain. Her mind jumbled and she thought of many solutions-too many that she ended up not doing anything at all besides from dodging and getting hit.


She wasn’t even able to hear or look at her classmates for their reactions, too distracted by her own sentiments. She couldn’t even activate her quirk as if she had forgotten how to do it. As what she had resented before, she wanted to be an idol. She wanted to sing and not scream in agony and fear by an explosion.




Never. Was what she wanted to respond but Katsuki never gave her a chance.


She scrambled her feet to move farther away. Her eyes already stained with tears. If she gets away and reach the outside rim of the “arena”, then it will be all over. All over with an equivalent grade of 0%. Not that it really mattered.


However, she suddenly remembered another memory of hers and her parents.


“Kacchan! Izumi’s quirk is finally showing!” Izuku crouched down to her.


Izumi’s palms were widely open as small shots of fire popped from it followed by a crackling sound. She was instantly awed by the sparkly things that emitted from her.


“Kacchan! Hurry up! She’s… she’s-” Izuku scrambled to get his phone from his pocket. Desperate to record the moment.


“Here I come!!!” A loud shuffling of feet could be heard making it’s way down from the stairs. Within a second, Katsuki emerged from the door and went over them. “Let me see princess.” He also crouched down and was mesmerized to see Izumi making small explosions with her hands. Katsuki could feel his heart swelling with proud and joy. “This kid is really mine. Just as great as me, I see.” He was grinning ear-to-ear like an idiot.


Izuku’s eyes began to water. “I-I thought that she didn’t have any quirk. I didn’t want her to feel the same feeling that I had before…”


Izumi looked at them and further lifted her hands so that they can have a great view of her quirk.


On that moment, she could feel the immense pride and happiness of her parents.


If so, maybe, just maybe if she could be able to face her father and fight him even if she lose, Katsuki will be proud of her. She never wanted to disappoint them because she knew that they’ve never failed her. So why would she?


‘Enough of the drama. I can do this. I am a Bakugou. My parents are the top Heroes!’


She stopped from her tracks and took a deep breath. She bravely turned around to face Katsuki. She saw him widening his eyes then grinning back at her. She shortly closed her eyes and channeled her quirk that she seldom use.


She could feel her hands warming and when she felt that it would finally burst, she swayed it across Katsuki. A loud explosion emitted from her hands as if finally being freed from being held captive for so long.


It swept not just to Katsuki but to the whole area that it almost made a huge damage from the harsh impact.


The whole class managed to shield themselves by the ice barrier made by Todoroki and the Metal sheet that was made by Yaoyorozu.


Katsuki was stunned in his place as Izumi breathed harshly, her eyes still fixed on him. Aizawa was then forced to stop the match and move on to the next pair.


Relief washed over Izumi as she helplessly slumped her body on the ground when she came down of the arena. Izuku was already there to greet her.


“Izumi, do you want to go to the clinic?” He gently asked as he took her arm and brought it around his shoulders. He could see Izumi feeling faint.


She gave him a wry smile. “I’m so tired…” She breathed and Uraraka immediately helped them. " tired..." In fact, too tired with this whole ordeal.


“Oh my! Look at all the scarring you got.” Uraraka wrapped her arms around Izumi's waist to further support them.


Izumi was about to comment back when she saw Katsuki glancing over them. His eyebrows knitting. Her eyes stung and another set of tears were about to roll down when Izuku gave her a light pat on the head.


“You did well Izumi. You made us proud.”


'Really Mommy? I'm so so happy! I always wanted you to be proud!  I knew that you would be happy. Do you think Daddy feels the same way? Bet he is! He kept on fawning over me when I first had my quirk!'  


She wanted to tell it back to him; tell to the whole world that she is proud to be as their daughter. Scream and leap from joy how lucky she is to be called loved by her parents.


But Izumi could only stare back at him, her eyes finally giving as tears streamed down endlessly from her eyes. Izuku and Uraraka panicked, murmuring soft words while gently massaging her back; but her eyes were fixed to Izuku.


And in between her sobbing she replied, “...I…I always…wanted you… to be proud…”


Izuku’s heart swell, wiping her tears from her face with his gloved hands. “Let’s get you to the clinic.”




Izumi trailed her eyes over Izuku’s movement inside the room. He was pacing from the end to other end. They were waiting for Recovery Girl to get inside as she was out for a moment, taking an urgent call from a family member.


“The blast Kacchan emitted is eighty-percent, I’m sure of that, and yet the condition of her body only got those damages. The percent of damage she acquired is almost fifty-three percent and she was not even wearing any custom made costume? Izumi really was far behind since she didn’t have her own costume and yet no serious burns could be found. She was tired, exhausted with all of her running and dodging but it doesn’t mean that she was able to successfully and strategically avoid those. Unless…”


Izumi giggled inwardly on how her mother mumbles to himself. Something that he usually does even if he was at home or out to go on shopping or having their family time. She remembers those instances wherein they both would mumble by themselves and then her father would tease them on how they sounded like “annoying” bees.


“Annoying huh…” Izuku shot a glare on Katsuki who kept his attention on the movie that they were watching.


Whenever her parents got the same day-off, they would spend the entire day for some ‘Family time’. Now, they’ve decided to just stay back home and watch a new movie that they bought the other day.


“Hey mister. I’m talking to you. Face me!”


Izumi suppressed her laughter by biting the insides of her cheeks. Her aunts and uncles would often tell her how Izuku was so timid and shy when they were in high school. He would also never taunt Katsuki for a petty thing; but that was in the past. They are now husbands-married for such a long time that it was a no brainer that Izuku would change.


She suddenly heard a small yelp then followed by wet noises, a moan and then-


“Mommy, Daddy. If you’re intending to give me a sibling, you can just tell it to me and I’ll just go upstairs.” Without even looking, she giggled her way out of the living room. She even shouted, “GOOD LUCK! MAKE SURE IT’S A BOY THIS TIME!”


Now she wonders, what will be the reaction of the past Izuku and past Katsuki if they ever heard that they’ve made a wonderful baby in a form of Izumi.


The door opened and Chiyo entered the room with a smile across her face. “Good to see you not severely injured at all Young Midoriya.” She moved her way towards them. Izuku sheepishly laughed at her. “Now who do we have here-Oh!”


She couldn't actually believe herself that she would soon see Izumi  just a few hours and in a pretty bad shape.


Izumi apologetically smiled at Chiyo. "Good to see you again ma’am.”


Chiyo glanced at Izuku then back at her, making a remark. “I guess making some quite injuries is a thing that can be inherited.”


She chuckled knowing fully what Recovery Girl meant. “I guess so.”


Izuku gave her a questioning look but Chiyo was able to dismiss the confusion inside Izuku when she promptly told him that he can go back to his class. Izuku stayed on his feet. “Is it not possible for me to stay here for a while?” He pleaded and for a moment, Izumi wanted him to stay with her because she feels like she could easily recover if her mother is around.


As much as Chiyo wanted to, she refused Izuku’s plea. “I’ll just make sure that she can go back to class as soon as possible. You can rest assure. Go back to your class now.” She gave him a look that made Izuku bow his head and excused himself.


When Chiyo was sure that Izuku had gone back to his class, she went back to Izumi. “He is your mother isn’t he?”


“You can easily tell?” She lightly shifted her body as Chiyo examines her thoroughly.


Chiyo warmly smiled, stopping half-way of her kiss. “I’m a mother too Bakugou-chan. One look and I immediately saw the resemblance.”


Now that was something Izumi rarely hears. “Really?!” Her eyes shot up to the elderly woman with enthusiasm.


“Yes, you look exactly like him when beaten up.” The woman halfheartedly laughed and proceeded to pucker her lips. “Here I go…”




Izumi was able to get back to the gym quickly. Before she could be even greeted by her other classmates, Izuku immediately spots her. “I have something to ask.”


Her heart stammered and the only think she did to respond was to nod her head. What is it that her mother wants to ask?

Chapter Text

Izuku stopped from his tracks. The trees surrounding the concrete pathway he was walking to swayed gently around him. It bothers him immensely on how he finally deduced that even though Katsuki used his entire power to blast his quirk, he still didn’t directly shot Izumi.


Which Katsuki never does.


He had felt this before too. Katsuki rarely cares for others. Izuku had also not seen him bringing someone to the infirmary with such panic. He now wonders, what is the real relationship of the two? Or perhaps, he too knows her?


It won’t hurt to ask right? But he can never ask Kacchan. The boy would be very pissed of and refuse to answer his question so his only choice is to ask Izumi. For some unknown reason, he felt like the girl would easily answer him straight.


He remembers the scene at the canteen: how Izumi looked at him with those pleading eyes. He felt as if he had known her for so long. Perhaps, a person behind the very back of his memories.


Realizing that thinking too much had eaten up his time, he activated his quirk and sprint his way back to the gym.





The whole gym was repaired and he could see his classmates sparring with one another in different places. When he finally spotted the person he was looking for, he approached the young man who was already in the air, making loud explosions. Izuku tapped Katsuki’s shoulder’s mid-air that the latter almost hit him with a kick. Luckily for him, he was able to quickly dodge.


“What the fuck are you doing Deku?!” Katsuki growled at him. He saw Kirishima surprisingly getting what Izuku wanted to do and decided to live the two of them alone by running towards Kaminari who was fighting with Ashido.


When they both decided to land their feet on the ground and Izuku has mustered enough confidence, he said. “Don’t you think Izumi’s familiar?”


Of course, Izuku had already thought ahead what would Katsuki react towards his spontaneous question. The blonde fumed at him, his teeth greeting and fists clenching as if preparing to launch an attack. “YOU INTERRUPTED US BECAUSE OF THAT FUCKING THING?!”


“She’s badly injured.”


It was the only thing that crossed Izuku’s mind to stop the boy from charging towards him. “She’s badly injured to the point of, Recovery Girl suggesting that she must be confined…” It was a lie. An utter, obvious lie; but Katsuki did not take in well. His fists stopping mid-air and then dropping them down in an instance.


There was a moment of silence between them before Katsuki raised his concern. “I…” He suddenly grunted and shook his head deliberately. “What a weak shit. As I thought, a cheap duplicate.” If it was a normal person, they could easily believe Katsuki’s actions and maybe even judge him from being too arrogant and selfish-but who was he joking to? Izuku has known him for ages and the greenette knew all too well that it was just his facade; an act to hide his true feelings.


Izuku could see Katsuki’s anger slowly dying down as it changes to a confused emotion that probably only meant to be felt only for him. The blonde decided to turn his back at him. “When will she be able to get out?”


To be safe and to give peace to the troubled Katsuki, he decided to nullify his answer. “Well, it was just a suggestion. Recovery Girl will do her best to heal her. She’s a great hero. I’ll believe in her.”


As if Katsuki was satisfied with his answer and reasoning, the boy only grunted in response and propelled himself to activate his quirk and bring him up the air. Izuku followed Katsuki as he disappears from his sight.


In the end though, he wasn’t able to get an answer he was really looking for. You weren’t really attacking her directly, am I not right Kacchan? That was the reason why she was able to dodge most of it. You were really giving her a handicap. You just wanted to see and make her realize that there is a potential for her.’ If Izuku was really right, he wonders why would Katsuki do it silently?


Izuku’s attention was caught by a man waving widely at him. Iida was on the other end of the room with Asui. They were the paired team and they looked like they’ve just finish their spar. Izuku jogged towards them. “Hi guys.”


“Midoriya-chan how is Baku-chan?” Asui stepped down from the rock she was promptly sitting on to face Izuku. Iida handed her a bottle of water and Asui quickly thanked him.


“She’s fine. She might be coming back here any minute by now.”


“That was really great! Quite impressive, must I say! I see, a true power of a Bakugou.” Iida flung his arms in over different directions, getting to carried away by his amazement.


Izuku can’t help it but smile and agree. It was true and it was such a long time to see another student to level up with Katsuki.


True enough, the three spotted the familiar figure of a woman with blonde curls and red eyes. Izumi was tip-toeing to get inside the gym. Izuku had already made up his mind to ask his inquiry directly to the woman; so before any other students see her, he ran towards her which eventually caught her attention.


“I have something to ask.” He actually didn’t want to sound so serious but Izuku could already tell by how Izumi’s face fell that his construction of inquiry might have been quite imposing. “I-it’s not that serious, really. So you can relax.”


Izuku saw Izumi sigh in relief as she nodded her head, her hand clutching on her chest. “What is it Mo-Mido- I mean, Izuku?”


Izuku lead the way back to Iida’s and Asui’s direction. The pair started their practice match again so he was pretty sure that the two wouldn’t really mind about they were about to talk. “It’s about you and Kacchan…”


He saw how Izumi briefly halted from her tracks, her eyes seemed to be afraid but when their gazes met, she immediately walked again. “I-if y-you’re gonna ask if I know him or anything; believe me when I tell you this. I could only assume that he is a distant relative. Figuratively speaking.” Her eyes barely avoiding his. He also took notice of how she stressed the word ‘distant’.


“I see. Then, one more thing.”


Izumi took a sharp breath and bit her lip, her brow slightly arching.


“Have we met before?” He swore he saw Izumi almost choking from her own breath and saliva but Izuku could only disregard her reaction since she seemed to willingly give a serious answer.


Izumi put a finger between them, signaling him to give her a second. After a short time, she finally responded to him, “Hmm… I wonder really. I also seem to know you,” then she barely whispered, “actually whenever I look on a mirror, I kind of see your face popping inside my head.”


Izuku was taken a back. What does she mean? But he wasn’t able to ask more question as the blonde took her flight and went beside Kirishima. A surprising yet bold move for her.

Chapter Text

When Katsuki left Izuku behind, he couldn’t help but think about the greenette. It irritated him to the point of canceling his fight with Kirishima and instead cool his head in the lockers room for a bit.


Kacchan!” He could suddenly see a flash of Izuku’s boyish grin; then his features suddenly marred with anxiousness. “She’s badly injured.”


Katsuki momentarily closed his eyes as he became too wary about his own heartbeat. Whenever he sees, hears, or accidentally touch Izuku, his heart would make subtle aches and fast-paced beating.


Especially now that he had seen him worrying about that peculiar girl Izumi.


 Why was he so affected by Izuku being so worried? “The dumb fuck’s such a worry-wart he sounded like a mother.”


Mother. His thoughts suddenly flew to a certain brown-haired girl. Uraraka. Katsuki then sat down on one of the benches and drank from his bottle water. If his calculations were correct, then he needed Uraraka.


Because whenever he thought of Uraraka, his heart would calm down.


Katsuki decided to go back to the arena. A grin crossed on his face as he thought of something great inside his head.


“You shitty Round-face, I’m gonna fight you and blow you into pieces. Got it?” Katsuki prodded his way towards Uraraka and Todoroki who were having their own fight. Distracted, two abruptly stopped and turned towards Katsuki.


Uraraka’s face was painted with confusion upon hearing Katsuki’s command. “You mean, y-you want t-t-to-” the brunette flustered and tried to take a step back when Katsuki closed their gap together.


“If you lose, you’ll have to go out with me this Saturday.” Katsuki didn’t just blurt it out of nothing. He deeply thought about it when he was walking back to the arena. He also did not intend to just whisper it to Uraraka, he spoke it out in a way that anyone could hear him loud and clear.


He could see Uraraka’s eyes widened, even more confused but slowly replaced with utter shyness. Her face beet red and her body shaking. “Ba-ba-ba-baku-”


Without further ado, Katsuki started to their fight. Todoroki even initiated the par by being the ‘referee’. Almost all of their classmates became interested with their fight.


Because really, who would have thought that a man like him would just randomly ask someone out.


When Katsuki faintly peeked to see the face of Izumi as he turns around to dodge, he saw the woman paling and terrified. Her hand placed on one of Izuku’s shoulder as if to help her from falling down. He thought he had heard her say,




But Katsuki might have just been hearing things.




It was an obvious fact that Uraraka would lose to Katsuki. Apart from being too distracted and emotionally unstable, her skills were already far back than his. Still, she wanted to fight for her to save face and dignity. But now, she really regretted not winning.


Katsuki triumphantly walked out of the arena but made sure to leave a last message to the slumped woman who was barfing out vomit quite intensely. “Saturday. 1 p.m. at the station. Got it round-face?”


He knew that the woman wouldn’t be able to say no, especially when everybody heard and witnessed everything. Plus, how would she say no to someone such as him? He’s great, he’s awesome, he’s handsome, he’s-


“Da- I mean, Katsuki!”


When he landed on his feet as he got out of the ring, he saw Izumi running towards him. He silently eyed her from top to bottom. The little fucker seemed to be fine; and he hated to admit that he felt relieved. He scowled at her. “The fuck d’you want?”


Izumi panted, both of her hands on her knees as she tries her best to speak coherently. “Y-you… You’re gonna go to a date? W-with, Uraraka?” Still catching her breath, Izumi peeked at him through her curly bangs.


Katsuki didn’t really have to answer but as he examines the woman in front of her; Is she worried? Is she happy? Is she… disappointed?


He decided to give her a quick grunt before turning his back at her. Izumi wasn’t able to react on to that.




“Izumi… I think that this is utterly unnecessary.” Izuku crouched down with Izumi on a tall bush while adjusting his glasses and face mask-an effective disguise as what they thought. He could feel Izumi’s eyes rolling back at him when she turned her head.


“Don’t be such a killjoy! Besides aren’t you curious-I mean, worried about Uraraka?” Izumi said but suddenly jolted down when they saw that the two people they’ve been trailing for quite a time suddenly turned around. The two haven’t noticed them yet as it seemed that the brunette was actually pointing at the store beside them. “Izuku we should move a bit.”


They carefully tread their way on to the other bush. When they’ve finally settled down and confirmed that they are well hidden away from the two, Izuku finally replied back to her. “You know, Kacchan isn’t a bad guy. I mean he could be a little ignorant and is in fact arrogant but still-”


“But still, don’t you feel something for him?”


Izuku shot his eyes widely towards Izumi who was carefully stealing glances from the two inside a Mochi Shop. The girl seemed to just blurt it out of her mind which left Izuku quite uncomfortable.


‘Feels something towards him huh?’ Izuku thought. Sure, they have been friends for such a long time. Rivals for three years. If people were to ask him if he feels any remorse for everything bad that Katsuki has done to him, he couldn’t really tell them that he does because he isn’t at all. In fact, it made him stronger so he could say that Katsuki doing all of those things to him is quite enjoyable. -Wait. ‘That was wrong. Really wrong to hear. It’s as if I’m a Masochi-His trail of thoughts were cut off when Izumi pulled his arm out of trance.


“They’re moving again. Let’s go!”


He only sighed as he saw people curiously looking at them. Why was he even persuaded to be in here to stalk Katsuki and Uraraka’s date?




It was the first thing that greeted Izuku when he groggily opened the door to his room in the middle of the night. Izumi had just settled inside their dorm and he was pretty sure that the woman must have been exhausted with all of the things that happened to her in just one day. He seemed to be wrong. Izumi was very energetic. It didn’t really process his mind properly when the woman nonchalantly shoved him inside his room while getting inside. Izumi closed the door behind them and Izuku could only sit down to his bed while rubbing his eyes.


“Why are you here Izumi? You should be sleeping by now.” He yawned. He knew that he should be worried. He was after all, alone with a woman in a middle of a night. He should be flustered; but no. He didn’t have time to be one because he could feel his body giving in. He so badly wanted to have a nice cozy sleep.


He was about to drift back to sleep while sitting when Izumi shook his shoulders violently. “NO! THEY CAN’T! I JUST REALIZE THE DATE ON SATURDAY! AND OCTOBER 29 OF THIS YEAR SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOUR-” Izumi slapped a hand on her mouth.


Izuku could really not get why she acts like this. He tried to pry open his eyes but to no avail, it finally gave in. Though he could still hear the cries of the woman.


“IT’S JUST! Okay… Let’s just say that I like Katsuki. Like really, really, REALLY like him. So he can’t go out with Uraraka! He absolutely cannot!”


That’s when Izuku finally open his eyes, wide open in fact. “But you said that you two are relatives!” He cried out loud, this time his hands are on the shoulders of Izumi.


Izumi detached herself from him and sat beside his bed and sighed. “Distant. Well, all the more reason to not let him date her!” Her eyes casted down to her twiddling fingers. “Can, can we just please follow them? Please?” Then her eyes looked at him which were now painted with utter sorrow.


Izuku sighed. He doesn’t really know why but he can’t just say no. His heart ached. Izuku patted her back and replied, “okay. Just make sure that we wouldn’t get caught.”


And that’s the gist of what happened the other day. They situated themselves on a nearby bench with ice cream cones to eat/cover their faces. They followed the two until ending up in a park. The whole place was almost crowded with family having picnics or playing together and couples dating. Izuku could see Uraraka smiling while Katsuki messily scratches his head. They seemed to be enjoying while standing on a swing.


For a moment he saw himself beside Katsuki. If he was with Katsuki, he would never choose the swing, he would choose the kiddie-slides and would force Katsuki to join him, which he knows that Katsuki would grumpily not agree but would still find himself actually moving.


He could almost perfectly picture it inside his head but the thought only gave him a heartache.


“If I were with Katsuki… I would choose the kiddie-slides rather than the swings.”


Izuku blinked and gaped at Izumi who was grinning back at him. The woman actually repeated what he had thought. “I heard you.” Izumi said as if already knowing what he was thinking.


“W-w-was I mumbling out loud?” Izuku could feel his face burning up; his face must be beet red right now. “T-that was-”


Izumi giggled as she licked her ice cream, her attention still glued on the other two. “Do you perhaps like Katsuki?”


Izuku almost lost his grip on the cone he was holding. His eyes widened and his breath almost stopped by itself from the question he heard. It was a harmless question, well at least that’s how it should be. Sure, when people would ask him if he hated Katsuki he would answer, ‘certainly not’; so does that mean that he actually likes him? After all, the opposite of hate is like right? So why does his heart stammers like it’s running around? Why does it feels like it’s gonna burst? ‘It’s a harmless question! HARMLESS question!’ He repeated to himself, reminding him that he should answer Izumi soon or else the girl might think of something. ‘Something what?’


Izuku’s face fell, his eyes already shutting because his thoughts had already made him dizzy enough to look at anything else.




Izuku finally snapped back to reality when Izumi shouted at his ear. “Hello?! Earth to Izuku?” Izumi leaned back to her seat. He noticed that she had already finished her ice cream. Izumi returned his gaze back to Katsuki and Uraraka who was now in-line to buy some waffles. “You don’t really need to answer that. But, for now, how do you feel seeing those two together?”


And that was when Izuku lost his grip on his ice cream; poor thing getting smashed on the floor. He could see Izumi panicking but immediately staying low, saying that the two suddenly looked at them; but he couldn’t care less. The question he just heard was actually a hard one.


He was extremely happy for the both of them. He should be-why?


How does it feel? First, when he learned that Katsuki asked Uraraka out, he felt relieved. Because he thought that such emotions wouldn’t actually cross inside the head of his beloved Kaachan.


Beloved? Second, when he realized that they were friends for such, such a long time, the thought of just knowing who Katsuki really liked frustrated the hell out of him. He should know him better, he should have seen it coming, he should have realized it sooner. It surprised him that such emotions could actually cross inside his head.


Realized? Uraraka is his dearest friend and one of those people who stuck up on him, believed at him, and supported him throughout his failures. But why does he feel like he lost something from her. And because of such feelings, he feels guilty about all the things he do. He suddenly wants to say sorry. But why? On what ground?


In all honesty, the whole thing felt like the first time he got news of him being quirkless. Shocking and unbelievable; and in the end, he was in denial of this feeling.


Izuku couldn’t answer Izumi but he could feel his eyes stinging and something wet was falling from his cheeks until dropping to his clenched fists. Suddenly, he became wary of his surroundings when Izumi gasped at him, both of her hands covering her mouth.


“W-what should I do..?” Izumi sobbed. He didn’t know why was Izumi crying.


Wait. He tried to wipe the wetness from his cheeks which irritated him for a moment. Slowly realizing what it was, he whispered, “…am I… crying?”


“The fuck Deku?” It was such a brutal tone. One could already make out what kinds of emotions that voice has. Disbelief, curiosity, anger. Even though it should make Izuku irritated or perhaps riled up, with his current state, he couldn’t bring himself to react how he normally does.


Izuku longed for someone.


He finally knew the answer from Izumi’s question. He wanted to be with Katsuki on that time. It was as if someone had stolen that time from them. It could have been him. Izuku couldn’t shake the feeling that something is wrong-with him and with Katsuki. 'I like Kacchan. I like Katsuki. I like Katsuki Bakugou.' 


He didn’t really want to bother answering the blonde from all of the realizations that dropped inside his head like a bomb; but then, he found himself turning around to see the source of that voice. His face in an utter mess and his hand almost reaching towards him.


Izuku saw Katsuki’s face scrunching as if disgusted with how his face was in tears. He was glad that he was able to stop himself from touching Katsuki, retrieving his hand and standing to run away from them.


He felt shameful from almost doing what his intuition wanted him to do; but most of all, he felt his heart breaking into pieces as he also realized that Katsuki will never feel the same towards him.


“Deku!” It was Uraraka’s voice who called out from the. It was obvious that she was worried with Izuku, she tried to follow him but Katsuki stopped her midway.


“Stay here. I’ll go.” Katsuki said before running towards the direction where Izuku ran to.


Izumi was just there. Too stunned to move as Uraraka sat beside her.

Chapter Text

Izumi stared blankly. What will happen to her family now?


“When did Daddy and Mommy became a couple?” Izumi asked while taking some chocolates from their fridge. Her mother was stacking up the plates back to the holder.


Izuku momentarily glanced up as if trying to remember when it all started. His face lit up when he was able to find the right answer. “It was on the month of October during our third year. Hmm… I actually confessed first before Daddy asked me out on a date. Then by October 29, the first awaited first date and first kiss happened! Actually, if it weren’t for that kiss, I’m sure that we’ll still be too confused about each other. That’s when we realized how childish our banters were. So after that, we were able to rekindle our relationship-well, more like a couple than friends.” He smiled shyly, finally drying his hands with a towel.


Izumi looked at the box of chocolates that she was holding. “That was so sweet. Gross!” She halfheartedly sighed and laughed while getting back on her room.

It’s just that, she admires her parents for having such courage and feelings to one another.


Her family is now doomed because she couldn’t really see any chance for the two to have their first date and kiss today. If it won’t happen then everything will be gone. Her parents will never become a couple!


Izumi could only curl herself and cry in agony. Its pains her a lot to see her parents drifting from each other. She felt a warm hand caressing her back. When she looked up to see who it was, Uraraka was smiling at her although worry was evident from her face.


“D-did you and Deku got into a fight?”


All the more so to cry even harder. She could remember her Aunt Ochako being her favorite Aunt.


‘I’am the worst.’




‘Why do I have to follow that lame ass?!’ Katsuki followed the trail of Izuku as he ran towards the direction, almost leaping. He could barely see the back of the greenette as they strode their way into the busy side road. If people would to assume something, they might as well thought that Katuski was pursuing a run-away thief.


Just as when he was about to give up on Izuku, a spark of hope radiated over him as he saw the greenette turning left. Katsuki knew the streets better. He had his internship here and would always make rounds to ensure the safety of the civilians. So when Izuku made that turn, he fully knew that it would be the greenette’s dead-end.


He immediately sped up his run, when he finally turned to the corner, he saw Izuku slumped on the ground. His hands covering his head.


Katsuki almost reached out for him, except that his pride held him back. He felt as if he once again saw the Deku he had known before-a sore loser. But Katsuki had gotten to know that Izuku wasn’t really just Deku. Izuku was almost his equal. The latter did his very best to make his borrowed power his and conquer all of his fears and insecurities. So why was he like this right now? As if he was the most miserable thing in the entire world? As if he had lost thousands of battles.


Slowly, Katsuki closed their gap. When he reached the shivering Izuku, he sat beside him. “Why the hell are you like that? Izumi rejected the shit out of you?”


Katsuki did not receive any response and his patience isn’t getting any longer. So when another minute passed, he finally snapped. He painstakingly removed Izuku’s hand from his face and grabbed his collar.“You know, it was stupid of me to go after you. You fucking answer if I fucking ask. Do you understand?” He promptly let go of Izuku and turned his back at him.


“Yeah sure Katsuki. Enjoy your date.” It was barely audible but Katsuki managed to catch on it.


His body flinched and his heart skipped a beat. When was the last time Izuku had called him by his real name? Even if they were fighting, Izuku would always call him with such affection. That was why when Izuku suddenly stated his name, he was taken aback. He was offended. He felt as though Izuku wanted to cut all of their connections to each other.


Before he realized it, his feet were already walking towards Izuku. He loomed over the slumped figure. “Izuku”.


He saw the greenette jolt from his place. It was obvious how the boy also did not like him suddenly calling his real name.


Silence enveloped the both of them, except for the random cars passing behind the alley they’re in. Katsuki just stands there, over Izuku but none of them tried to make a sound. Instead, Katsuki let his actions speak rather than his voice. Before he could rationalize where his feet and hand going, he saw himself crouching over Izuku, tilting the greenette’s chin and then, letting his lips grace over the latter’s.


It was a soft, silent kiss.


It did not last too long but realizing what just happened actually took more time. For the blonde, it didn’t feel that bad, for him, what was worse was that imagining Izuku forgetting about him. He cannot imagine a day where Izuku would just pass by him like a stranger. He cannot even fathom himself not making any remarks to let Izuku be enrage. He cannot see himself not minding Izuku. He just can’t see a future ever without the intervention of a certain green-head.


When he finally rationalize his sudden action, he thought that maybe, it was better to imprint on Izuku as much as possible. It was stupid of him to waste his time on going out to someone he couldn’t even be relaxed with. He had to put up a front just so he won’t scare the person he was with. When he was with Uraraka, he realized that he wasn’t Katsuki; but whenever he is with Izuku, he was able to be himself.


And so what if the future be damned?! All he wanted right now is to let Izuku be by his side.


Still holding onto the wide-eyed Izuku, Katsuki breathed between them. “W-we should go back.” He said, almost a whisper.


He saw Izuku shiver from his position and all that the latter could do was to choke onto his own words. “K-kacchan… What was t-that for?”


‘Fucking finally!’ Katsuki thought. He finally heard him say his pet name once again. A smirk formed within his lips as he stand up from his place making Izuku forced to stand too. “You look stupid Deku.




Uraraka worriedly caressed Izumi’s back. She doesn’t really know what happened but all she could do is to calm the blonde down.


She was about to stand and offer Izumi to eat some waffles on a nearby store when she suddenly catch a glimpse of the two boys she’s been worrying for a short time. Their faces were awfully red. She wonders what had happened. Before she could even stand to greet the two, she heard Izumi weakly saying,

“Stupid, stupid Izumi… All you have to do is to make them kiss…”

Chapter Text

The class was finally over; and there’s only two people inside the spacious classroom of Class 3-A.


“Izumi… May I talk to you?” It took a lot of courage for Izuku to be able to face the blonde girl who was sitting behind him. He saw her flinching while rapidly putting her things inside her bag. It was obvious that she was panicking. Izuku took a sharp breath. “Now.” It wasn’t actually his intention to sound like a ‘demanding Mother that is ready to scold her child’. It’s just, he didn’t want to see Izumi acting the way she does now.


“I-I mean, Izumi. If you don’t mind?” This time, he really tried to sound as polite as he could be. Izuku had already expected that Izumi would decline, just as much as when the girl blatantly avoided him for the past two weeks. All he wanted to do was to clear things up since... that incident happened.


Izuku shuddered on his place. The kiss was still surreal for him.


‘But I shouldn’t be thinking about it right now!’ He violently shook his head and looked at Izumi, who was now surprisingly looking back at him. For a moment, Izuku thought that he had a chance; but as soon as their eyes met, Izumi had already turned her back to him and was ready to run away.


Izuku did not train everyday for nothing. So as to not waste the chance, he finally decided on leaping from his place and hugging Izumi from behind. If this was a scene from a shoujo manga, he might as well be swooned by his own actions- but no. This is an urgent matter to be discussed.


Izuku wanted and had since planned to tell what happened between him and Katsuki to Izumi.


Why? Because he didn’t want to hurt Izumi’s feelings by hiding the fact that he also likes Katsuki. She deserves to know.


“Izumi. Please? It’s about me and Kacchan.”


He felt her body freezing and almost instantly, he let go. “G-g-g-gosh! I’m so s-s-s-sorry! It was improper!” Izuku bowed deeply and became flustered from his own thoughtless action.


Slowly, he saw Izumi’s feet turning around. Indicating that she turned to face him. “Y-you and K-katsuki?” There was a feint sound of helplessness and hope at the same time.


And at that moment, Izuku’s heart stung. He slowly straightened his back, meeting an oddly familiar ruby-colored eyes.


“Izumi, I need to confess something.” He pursed his lips. He became nervous, especially on how Izumi was staring intently at him with almost the same eyes of his beloved Katsuki. But, he won’t let go of this chance anymore. If not now, then when? He momentarily closed his eyes and started to count from one to three before speaking out what was troubling him from these past few days. “I…I like Kacchan. A-and on that day at the park? W-where I ran off and K-kacchan followed me..? W-we-”


‘Or maybe this wasn’t really a great idea?’ Fear and embarrassment washed over the consciousness of Izuku. He began to have second thoughts at that moment. ‘I’m so lame’ He thought.


“G-go on…” Izumi seemed to be anticipated about something that he cannot pinpoint.


Thoughts swirled inside his head, confusing him even further on things like: Will she be angry? Is she hurt? Does she not want to be friends anymore?


And Izuku was fully aware that he is mumbling those words before the gaping Izumi.


“Mo-I mean, Izuku-”


“WE KISSED!” And there you have it folks, Izuku Midoriya wants to be swallowed by the floor.


The moment he shouted those words, they both looked at each other. Shock was painted all over their faces. Izuku tried to look away by shying away and dragging his feet away from the-


Wait, Izumi was actually crying. She was bawling and Izuku could feel his heart shattering into millions of pieces. He wanted to console her but how? He just broke Izumi’s heart and he felt as if he stole away the love of Izumi.


He was about to apologize when Izumi suddenly spoke in between her sobs.


“T-thank god… t-thank god. Y-you kissed…”


Izuki blinked. ‘What?’ He became confused by her response. Why was she even thankful? Izuku became speechless. His body became stiff and was only waiting to hear more of Izumi’s words.


“I-I’m s-so happy. So, so happy.” Without even wiping her tears and snot on her face, Izumi faced Izuku and grinned widely at him. “Congratulations Mommy! I want you to be happy with Daddy!”


Izuku might have heard her wrong, or perhaps Izumi was becoming too emotional that she began to hallucinate things.


But, Izuku didn’t particularly hate Izumi calling him ‘Mommy.’ Something inside his heart tugged-warmth and unknown affection bloomed inside his heart.


Izumi kept on sobbing and began to mumble incoherent words as her knees began to fall onto the ground. Izuku still has so many questions inside his head, but at this moment, he didn’t want Izumi being scarred from falling on the ground.


When he was about to catch Izumi, he suddenly heard the door opening with a bang.


Before the somewhat torn down door, a very familiar man with ash blonde hair and sharp ruby-eyes, scowled before them.


“The fuck did you just say you little fucker?!”


And Izuku was sure that he heard Izumi whispering, “Daddy…” then her gaze shifted to face him, her eyes pleading. “Mommy…”


Izuku, for no reason at all. Fainted.