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Deprivation of Innocence

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Day Two.

The sight of the trembling, crying boy in front of him fills Tony with joy and a certain longing. Again. Gosh, he can’t wait to see the kid naked and find out if his private parts look as boyish and young as the rest of his body.

Tony squats down in front of Peter and slowly opens the front zipper of the overall, ignoring his victim's sobs. He actually raises both eyebrows in surprise when he sees that the boy is wearing a nerdy shirt with a science pun printed on it that no ordinary person would understand. It makes him wonder if Peter is some kind of nerd or genius...

“I like your shirt, “Tony says, “but I’m afraid I like what’s underneath it even more.”

He chuckles and gently presses the tip of the knife into the skin of Peter’s cheekbone, not intending to draw blood just yet. He’s trailing the bone down to the jawline before moving it to the boy’s chin, which is smeared with half-dried spit and cum. Peter’s almost hyperventilating when Tony lets the knife dance around his swollen cherry-red lips the man has yet to taste, and with a smirk, he moves the blade over Peter’s neck. This time, he actually makes sure to cut the skin slightly, causing the boy to grunt in pain.

“Whoops,” Tony says, grinning evilly, “This is sharper than I thought. Guess I’ll clean that up.”

Seconds later, he presses his mouth against the cut he’s made, licking and sucking at the sore skin, turning Peter’s sobs into pathetic whimpers. Tony makes sure to let the boy feel the blade when he’s licking his way upwards to the kid’s lips, and then he finally kisses him for the first time.

Unsurprisingly, Peter’s not responding to it at all, but Tony doesn’t care; in fact, the boy’s obvious rejection and disgust turn him on even more. Soon enough, the man forces his tongue between Peter’s lips to explore the insides of his mouth in every detail. He can feel that the boy’s trying to pull away, but he only manages to move about an inch before his head hits the wall.

After two or three minutes, Tony has finally had enough and breaks the kiss, feeling somewhat breathless. Even though he orgasmed just about ten minutes ago, his cock’s already hard again, something Tony hasn’t experienced in years. He should get a move on.

He pulls away and sits down on Peter’s knees, gripping the collar of his shirt. Even though the knife is sharp, it’s doesn’t cut through the material as smoothly as Tony hoped, and after a few inches, he gives up. He ignores Peter’s audible sigh of relief and moves over to the big desk, rummaging the drawers until he finds a pair of scissors.

“There you go,” he chuckles and returns to his captive. He’s changed his mind about what body parts he wants to see first, so he starts taking off the boy’s shoes and socks before cutting the legs of the overall, making sure to not touch Peter’s boxers for now. After that, he slices the overall’s arms, and after about five minutes, he can pull the jumpsuit parts off the boy completely, leaving him in only his boxers and half destroyed shirt. Tony takes his time cutting off the tee, teasing himself with revealing more and more parts of the Peter’s upper body. He’s fragile indeed, but there also some very fine muscles on his chest, almost as if the boy has recently started to work out. Probably to impress the little bitch downstairs… The man can't wait to destroy Peter so much that he voluntarily won’t let anyone touch him ever again. That is, if he doesn’t end up killing him after all.

Tony exchanges the scissors for the knife again and slowly circles the tip over the boy’s right nipple, enjoying how Peter’s breathing becomes more and more ragged. Without warning, he presses the tip a quarter of an inch into the pink skin, causing the boy to scream in agony and plead for the first time in thirty minutes.

“P-Please, sir, oh god, s-stop!”

Tony ignores him. Instead, he’s intently watching the blood leaking from the wound, unable to resist twisting the tip slightly.

“AAh, sir, please, PLEASE!”

The man growls irritated and smacks Peter across the cheek with the backside of his hand. “Will you shut your fucking mouth? You’re ruining the moment.”

He waits until the boy has calmed down at least a little bit before moving the knife further, tracing the boy’s fine muscles and rip bones, leaving short, delicate cuts whenever he feels like it. Peter’s biting down on his bottom lip hard, probably in an effort to keep himself from screaming out every time, but theconvulsive sobbing starts to get on Tony’s nerves.

Eventually, the blade has reached the very fine, almost invisible hairline leading from Peter’s navel down to his private parts. Tony starts to use the knife on the thin fabric of the boxers, causing the boy to struggle in his restraints once more.

“Please, s-sir, d-don’t,” he cries miserably.

“Are you actually intending to deny me the grand finale?”

“Sir, I-I’m…I haven’t…p-please don’t do this.”

“Are you trying to tell me you’ve never been touched before?” The man can barely hide his excitement, causing Peter to look like he deeply regrets saying anything. “I thought the bitch down there was your girlfriend?”

“We…we h-haven’t been d-dating for long.”

“And yet, you still almost got yourself killed for her,” Tony chuckles, “Good thing I have such a big heart, right?” He laughs wickedly and squeezes Peter’s dick through his pants.

“N-no, sir, please, I’m begging you!”

“Yes, you are, and I’m fucking tired of it,” the man growls and grabs a piece of torn clothing that has once been Peter’s shirt. When Tony ties a knot in it, the boy seems to realize that he’s about to be gagged. He chokes out one last desperate “Please!” before Tony stuffs the fabric into Peter’s mouth roughly, tying it behind the back of his head so tightly that the boy wouldn’t be able to push it out with his tongue.

Seconds later, the boxers are gone, providing the man with the exciting view of his captive’s dick. There’s hardly any pubic hair and it’s not exactly big, although slightly larger than Tony expected. Eagerly, he grabs the knife again, causing Peter to scream into his already spit soaked gag in sheer panic. Contrary to the tedious wailing, it’s music to Tony’s ears, and he quickly moves the blade over the shaft, the tip, and even down to the boy’s balls. Naturally, he can’t resist poking the sharp end of the knife into Peter’s slit just a tiny bit, but then he throws the blade aside. He has scared the kid enough; now, it’s time to humiliate him some more.

Ignoring Peter’s muffled protests, he spits on his hands before wrapping them around the boy’s dick, starting to caress and stroke the limp organ gently. The kid’s a teenager; surely it won’t take him long until… Tony grins satisfied when the cock gets hard in less than thirty seconds, leaking decent amounts of pre-cum shortly after.

“See, I knew you’re enjoying all this. You’re a dirty little whore, aren’t you?”

Peter whimpers, new tears spilling from his eyes. It’s kind of obvious at this point that the boy is still a virgin, considering his breathing becomes heavier and quicker after only a few more strokes, seemingly bringing him close to his orgasm rather soon. He most likely would have cum already if he had found any real satisfaction in the situation.

A few seconds later, a reluctant, probably unwanted, moan escapes Peter’s throat, not completely muffled by the gag in his mouth. His body shivers, and Tony knows that he’s got to be really close, so he pumps the boy’s dick one more time before letting go, forcing a very distressed groan from his victim’s lips.

“What is it, darling? Don’t tell me you’ve been about to cum?” Peter glares at him full of hatred, causing Tony to chuckle. “Well, I’m really sorry then. Now, if you ask me nicely, I might let you cum. Deal? I won’t get that gag out of your mouth, but you can nod your head and do your best to say ‘please’, you got it?” When Peter doesn’t react at all, Tony frowns and asks the question directly. “Do you want to cum? … Answer me!”

To Tony’s greatest surprise, the boy shakes his head defiantly, leaving the man somewhat flabbergasted. Okay, he didn’t expect that.

“Oh, you don’t, ha? We’ll see about that,” he hisses, grabbing the kid’s penis once again and bringing him close to the edge for a second time. Peter’s whimpering pathetically when Tony releases his sensitive organ just like before. “Do you want to cum? I can do this all night, kid!

Tony’s seething when the boy shakes his hand again despite crying and squirming desperately. He thought he had broken him already, but apparently, Peter’s pride is more resistant than expected. The man grabs the knife, tempted to force the kid to nod his head, but then he realizes that it would not bring him the desired effect. He needs to come up with something else, but he’s too aroused to think straight anymore. It would have to wait until tomorrow.

Tony stands up, taking in the sight of Peter’s abused body. There’s blood running down from various cuts on his upper body, especially from the deeper hole at the right nipple, and there are two bruises forming on his face from the punches he gave him.

“Well, too bad. I’ll give you the night to think about it. Until then, I think your gorgeous body requires some more decoration.”

With that, Tony takes out his own dick again and starts to pump it vigorously, not caring about the boy fixing his eyes on the ground. When he’s close, the man steps forward and grabs a fistful of Peter’s hair to hold him in place. He climaxes with a loud groan, covering the boy’s face and body with thick ropes of creamy-white cum, before cleaning his fingers and penis tip by squeezing them inside his captives’ mouth right next to the drenched fabric. Afterwards, he checks the cable tie just in case, but it’s zipped up so tightly that there’s no chance for Peter to get out of them without breaking the radiator pipe.

“I’m sure you don’t mind spending the night, do you?” Tony grins and walks over to the couch. “Unfortunately, we can’t turn off the lights anywhere in this building or otherwise the FBI might get stupid ideas, but I still wish you a comfortable and relaxing sleep.”

Tony lies down on the couch with a big smile on his face and puts the sleeping mask over his eyes. The boy’s weeping has to be the sweetest lullaby the man has ever heard.