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Everything Stays But It Still Changes

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Steven looked around the pink room that he was now trapped in. It was a large spacious pink area. Steven just stood there for a moment in shock before he just fell onto the ground. "I need a bed..."  Steven groaned. Almost an instant later Steven was lifted up with the soft shape of a bed underneath him. "What?!" He exclaimed, sitting up in shock, looking underneath the 'bed' that had just appeared beneath him. To his surprise, there was a bunch of tiny pebble creatures scurrying away. "Wait no- Don't go!" He exclaimed to no avail, as they were already gone. "Um. I kneed a seat." Steven stated, soon after a stool shape appeared beneath him.

 Moving quickly, Steven scurried to get a glance at the little pebbles, but again, he was to slow. Groaning in annoyance, Steven taped his foot trying to think of something. "Ah-ha," Steven muttered as he walked over to the closest wall. "I need a shelf for my face-face-face-face-face~" Steven sang, right before a shelf appeared, letting him look into the architecture of the room, and get a better view of the pebbles. 

There he saw them,  Many small rock looking things staring back at him before quickly scurrying away. "Wait! Don't go! Thank you!" Steven rushed to say as they were all almost gone. When the pebbles herd this, they froze in place, peaking out of there hidden corners to get a look at Steven. 

"Is it..?" One of them questioned. 

"It IS her!" Another one yelled out before running and jumping onto Steven's face. 

"Pink is back, Pink is back! Our diamond is back! Pink! Pink!" One of the pebbles yelled out as they jumped onto his gem. 

"Whoa! Don't get into my mouth! Steven said, spitting one of the pebbles out along with a tiny house. "Alright, who are you guys?" Steven asked chuckling. 

"Very funny Pink." The pebble in his hair and a pink dress said. 

"Always playing her games," A green dressed pebble said as column rose out of the floor. "Pretending she doesn't know us pebbles." He said, crawling into Steven's pocket.

Steven just laughed as the Pebbles crawl all over him. "Quit it, you guys! You're tickling me!" He exclaimed.  

"Sorry Pink!" The pebble in a purple outfit who had jumped on his gem earlier said. "We just missed you!" the pebble said. 

"Yeah!" The pink outfitted pebble started, "Why were you gone so long! We missed you!" 

Steven just shuffled his feet while rubbing the back of his neck, not knowing how to explain the situation. "Well..." He started, gaining all the pebbles' attention. "There was a little...Problem...With my colony?" He explained to the best of his ability, man he felt awkward. 

The pebbles gasped. "Oh no! What happened!" The pebble in the green shirt asked in concern. 

"Well...something bad happened. There were...some gems who had different ideas about what should happen with earth. And those different ideas on how things should go caused a war. And hurt." Steven exclaimed, dancing around the hard truth. 

All the pebbles gasped. "What happened! Are you Ok!" The pebble in a lime green colored outfit asked. 

"Well. I think I am...but...there is a...slight problem..." Steven explained, causing the pebbles to gasp.

In an instant almost all the pebbles ware on top of him crawling on top of I'm, examining him to see what was wrong with him. "H-hey! Guy's! Calm down!" Steven exclaimed. 

"But how can we calm down when our precious diamond is unwell!" The pebble in the green shirt said as he examined Steven's gem along with other pebbles. 

"Well can you guy's hold on a second so I can explain what's wrong please!?" Steven asked. The pebbles seemed to contemplate this for a moment before slowly crawling off Steven. 

"Ok, What's wrong, My Diamond?" The pebble in the pink outfit asked. 

Steven shifted uncomfortably "My memory is...not say. Everyone thought I was dead for the longest time...but I was on earth for the past 14 years with no memories of being a diamond. I just found out I was a diamond recently! But now I have to re-learn everything about being a yeah... I really wasn't joking when I asked who you were..." Steven explained feeling like crud.

The pebbles just stood there, staring at him sadly, until the pebble in the light blue outfit spoke up. "That's ok! Well just have to help you! It shouldn't be too hard! You're still just as nice and caring as we remember! If not nicer!" The pebble exclaimed happily. 

Slowly, one by one each pebble smiled at the thought of helping their diamond. "Yeah!" They cheered. 

Steven just smiled, tearing up gently at the sweet gesture. "Aw, Thank you, you guys," Steven said. 

"Aw, don't cry, My Diamond!" The pebble in the light yellow colored outfit said as they wiped away Steven's tear. 

"Sorry guys. I guess I'm just so choked up. Thank you." Steven said, but a second later he blinked more tears. "Wait a second-" Steven started as the door to his room slid open reviling the diamonds standing in his doorway. looking around Steven also noticed that the pebbles were gone, but he didn't have long to contemplate on that fact as just a second later he was scooped up into a hug from a crying Blue Diamond.

"Pink! You're ok! We were so worried!" Blue exclaimed as she squeezed Steven into a hug. 

Steven just laughed as he wiped his tears away. "Yeah! I'm fine, Blue! White was actually pretty nice!" Steven explained. 

"Well, that's a relief," Yellow said. 

"Aw, Yellow, Were you worried?" Steven teased. 

Yellow just straightened herself and looked away. "You wish, Pink." She scoffed, causing Steven to laugh.

 "Yellow, be nice," Blue said as she wiped what was left of her tears away. 

"Anyway," Yellow began. "Me and blue were talking while you had your chat with white. We were thinking of ways to properly rebuild your court and discussing what we should do about your failed colony and your possible future colony's." Yellow explained. 

"Well, I think I know why my last court failed," Steven said, gaining Yellow's interest. 

"Yes? Do explain." Yellow said. "

Well, It was the organics, I think." He started, "I don't remember that well, but I believe it's because I cared too much about the organics, and making the colony would hurt them. And maybe somehow that could have started the uprising." Steven suggested. 

Yellow Diamond thought for a moment, before giving an impressed hum. "Quite the deduction, Pink. Because of your hesitance to destroy the natives, gems questioned your authority." Yellow thought out loud.  

"That's an easy fix." Blue started. "Your next colony won't have any intelligent life. How does that sound, Pink?" Blue asked. 

Steven nodded in agreement. "That would be nice, thank you Blue. And you guys were talking about my court?" Steven asked.

Blue nodded. "Yes, we were trying to figure out the best way to reintroduce you to Homeworld," Blue stated. 

"How about a...Party?" Steven suggested. 

"Maybe. But you were always the one to throw all of the parties and balls. We were good." Yellow explained. 

"Wait- I was a juggler?!" Steven exclaimed, causing Blue to laugh and Yellow to give a small smile. 

"Technically, yes. But I mean ball's as in large fancy party's. Not spheres." Yellow clarified. 

"Then how about I help you plan this part-Ball?" Steven asked. 

Blue nodded in agreement, "That sounds wonderful."

 She said. "Yes, but before we do that, there is one thing we need to do before the Ball and building up pinks court back," Yellow explained. 

Blue gasped and nodded excitedly. "Are they ready, Already?" She asked excitedly. 

"Yes," Yellow started, "From the reports, their quality should be higher than usual, considering the rush. Which is quite impressive." She said offhandedly. 

"Is what ready?" Steven asked. Blue diamond just looked at him with a large smile on her face, 

"We're taking you to pick out your own Pearl!" She exclaimed.