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Everything Stays But It Still Changes

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There he was. On Homeworld, standing in front of the Diamonds. He couldn't help but feel a sense of dread and fear while facing the Diamonds, who were larger than life itself. "Where is the accused?" Blue diamond asked, looking around the courtroom.

"Is  that  Rose Quartz? Look at this hideous form she's taken. Forget the trial. We should shatter her just for looking like that!" Yellow Diamond exclaimed looking down at Steven.

He gulped in fear as Yellow Diamond glared down at him. "No." Blue Diamond started. "I want to hear her make her case. I want to know what she thinks we're going to do with her. Because I want to do something  worse ." She said, angerly glaring down at steven.

"Fine. Let's just get on with it, shall we?"

Hello, Zircon had started talking, but Steven wasn't paying attention. All of this was happening so fast, he couldn't help but feel sad about leaving behind his friends and family. Steven's attention was regained when Lars was warped Into the room. "Lars!" he yelled out.

Lars looked around scared. "Steven, what's going on here?! Where are we? Who are those huge giant ladies?!" Lars asked before a bubble placed on his head, muffling his speech.

"As we can see from this specimen, humans are loud, absolutely hideous creatures that serve no purpose whatsoever. What sort of Gem would turn on her own kind for this? I'll tell you what kind-" Yellow Zircon stated before pointing towards steven. " That  kind!" She exclaimed.

"Just let him go! He's got nothing to do with this!" He yelled, almost begging.

"There it is! The passion, the fury - that caused the diabolical Rose Quartz to... shatter her Diamond! But I know what you're thinking." She stated, leaning down near steven. "This thing doesn't look like a Rose Quartz. And for that, we have brought in a robonoid to scan her gem. To prove to you that she is in fact, the infamous Rose Quartz."

"Wait, she?"

"Fine, let's get this over with." Yellow Diamond stated.

"Is this necessary? Couldn't we just bring in some witnesses?" Blue Zircon asked.

"Do you think we  Shouldn't  properly convict the shatter-er of Pink Diamond?" Yellow Zircon asked, smugly.

"W-what! N-no! I-i mean-" Blue Zircon stutters in shock and worry.

"Then let's get this started." Yellow Zircon stated, pulling up a screen and summoned a roboniod. Steven gulped as the robonoid flew near him and scanned his gem. Yellow Zircon smirked as she pulled up her screen. "And the proof is-" Yellow Zircons eyes widened in shock as she looked at the screen.

"What is it?" Blue Diamond asked.

"I-i uuh... B-blue Zircon, could you take a look at this." She asked, handing her screen to Blue Zircon.

"Alright?" She stated, confused. As she read the information on the screen, her jaw dropped, she almost dropped the screen. "W-w-what? I-i don't understand this!" She exclaimed in confusion.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Yellow diamond exclaimed.

"I-i'm sorry, my Diamonds! The information just doesn't add up!" Yellow Zircon exclaimed, in shock and confusion.

"Let me see!" Yellow Diamond exclaimed, grabbing the screen. When she read it she gasped in shock.

"Yellow, what is it?" Blue Diamond asked.

"No! This is a mistake! Scan her again!" Yellow Diamond yelled. Yellow Zircon quickly did as she was told, and had the robonoid scan Steven again. "The results haven't changed! There must be something wrong with the robonoid!" Yellow Diamond exclaimed.

"Yellow. What is it?" Blue Diamond asked, both confused and worried about what was going on.

Yellow reluctantly handed the screen to Blue Diamond. And when Blue saw the screen, she gasped, dropping the screen. "Yellow, this can't be true." Blue Diamond stated. Yellow Diamond quickly pulled up a screen and started scrolling through pictures.

"W-whats going on?" Steven asked. The Zircons just looked at him in fear and shock.

"Come here. Let me see your gem." Blue Diamond stated. Steven reluctantly stood up, before he knew what was happening, Blue Diamond picked Steven up, examining his gem. "Your gem, it's not a true Rose Quartz reddish-pink. It's more of a pinkish-red." Blue Diamond said, lightly touching the gem.

"O-oh, it is? I-i didn't know that" steven nervously said.

"You didn't know that your gem was the wrong color? How peculiar. If you are in fact, The Rose Quartz. How, did you shatter Pink Diamond?" Blue Diamond asked.

"U-um, I did it with The Breaking Point... I-i think?" Steven said, questioning what he was even saying.

"Here" Yellow Diamond stated, showing a picture on her screen. It was a picture of a tall woman with pink skin, pale pink hair, a poofy skirt thing, and small proofs on his arms. Steven couldn't help but stare at her, she looked pretty.

"Do you know her?" Blue Diamond asked cautiously.

"I-I, um. Y-yes? Maybe? I think?" Steven answered, completely unsure of what was happening now.

Blue Diamond just narrowed her eyes. "You are not The Rose Quartz." She stated.

Steven was very confused at this point, and it was very frustrating. "I have the gem! I'm a Rose Quartz. That's what I've been told all of my life! I might not be The Rose Quartz that shattered Pink Diamond, but that Rose has been gone for 14 years! And it's my responsibility to take the blame for her actions! " Steven yelled in frustration as everyone looked at him in shock.

"So, you are just taking the blame for her shattering?" Blue Diamond stated, pointing at the image that Yellow Diamond had pulled up.

"That's Pink Diamond!?" Steven yelled out without thinking. The Diamonds just looked at each other, slightly concerned it seems.

"You do not recognize her, yet you claim you were the one who shattered her? Why?" Yellow Diamond asked. Steven sighed.

"I... I thought that maybe if you caught the Rose Quartz that shattered Pink Diamond, you  might  leave earth alone." Steven admitted.

"Scan her one last time. We need to be sure." Blue Diamond stated. Yellow Zircon did as she was told and set the robonoid to scan Stevens gem once again. And the results were the same.

"W-whats going on?" Steven asked. Reluctantly, Yellow Diamond handed Steven the screen, and what he saw made him gasp in shock.

There was a lot of information on the screen, but there was only one thing that caught Steven's eye.

  Gem Type: Pink Diamond  

"Poof her." Yellow Diamond stated, gaining everyone's attention.

"W-what!?" Blue Diamond and Steven said in sync.

"If the information is, in fact, true, then her gem will show us. Poof her. We need proof." Yellow Diamond said. Before Steven could even process what was happening, he felt all of the air being pushed out of him as Blue Diamond began to squeeze the life out Steven. He felt his ribs cracking as all the blood began to rush to his head. And then,


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When Steven opened his eyes, he was in a room full of pink clouds. "Whoa, what's going on?" Steven said, looking around. "Am I...inside my gem? He asked aloud, "Garnet is going to freak when she finds out." He said, chuckling slightly.

"Man, I'm so confused. Pearl has a lot of explaining to do when I get home..." Steven said walking around the cloud room. "When Pearl went into her gem, she changed how she looked. Can I do that?" Right after steven asked that a large mirror appeared out of nowhere.

Steven gasped when he looked in the mirror. His eyes. His eyes changed. They were now pink with little diamond pupils. "That'," Steven mumbled, his hands touching the area of skin near his eye. And his gem, it was turned. It looked exactly like the gem that the woman in the picture, Pink Diamond, had.

"W-well, should I change my outfit too?" Steven asked, to himself. Then he remembered. That woman that was on the screen.

Pink Diamond.

What secrets did his mom even have? He knew for a fact that he had his moms gem, but maybe his mom wasn't who she said she was. Steven sighed, "I need to not think about this too much, it's going to give me a headache." He looked back at the mirror. Time to get back to the task at hand. Steven changed his red star shirt to a pink shirt with a pale pink star. He didn't know why, but Steven was always drawn to the color pink. Maybe it was because of his mom. This stuff was all too complicated. He wasn't sure that he liked it...

Next was his pants. He didn't want his outfit to have too much pink, so he made them a nice white color. And finally his sandals, he made them a slightly darker pink color. He smiled as he looked in the mirror at his new look. It was almost perfect. Almost. But what else to change. His eyes drifted up to his hair. He had always thought of changing his hair color. He didn't want to make his full head of hair pink, he thought that would be a little too much, so he just made the top of his hair pink. Perfect.

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Stevens Hair Reference Immage

"So, how do I get out of here?" He asked. As he said that things around steven began to glow brighter and brighter.

Steven woke up with a gasp, sitting up. Looking around the room, the first thing he noticed was that the Zircons had their arms crossed in the diamond salute. "My Diamond." They said in sync. He turned to look at Lars who still had a bubble on his head looking at him in shock. Then he heard a sob. He turned to look at the Diamonds.

Blue Diamond was crying while Yellow Diamond had her hand over her mouth in shock. "D-do you...remember us?" Yellow Diamond asked.

Steven looked at both of the Diamonds before looking down with a sigh. "I'm so sorry, but I don't remember."

Steven flinched away as Blue Diamond reached to pick him up. "Don't worry, Pink. I'm not going to hurt you." Blue Diamond comforted as she picked steven up. "I'm sorry for poofing you earlier." She apologized as she lightly petted Stevens' hair.

Steven turned to look down at Lars. "What are you going to do with him?" He asked.

"We will send him to the zoo, with the other humans." Yellow Diamond answered. "C-can you please send him back to earth? Please?" Steven asked.

Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond looked at each other before turning back to steven. "Just this once Pink. For you." Blue Diamond said, before kissing the top of Steven's head. "We're just glad your back home."

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Steven just sat in Blue's hand silently. He was still trying to process what just happened. What did happen anyway, what kind of things did his mom lie about. "Are you sure you don't remember us, pink?" Yellow asked bringing Steven out of thought.

"O-oh... I'm sorry, but I really don't remember. Honestly, I don't even know what's going on right now." he answered.

Blue just had a sad look on her face while yellow lightly held her hand up to her mouth and mumbled, "What has that planet done to you..."

Steven just squirmed around slightly, unsure of what to do. Was he still on trial? Was he in trouble? Blue and Yellow looked at pink, concerned. They could sense that something was wrong with pink, and that worried them.

"What's wrong Pink?" Blue asked. Steven looked down slightly. "Am... Am I still in trouble?" He asked.

"Oh Pink, of course not." Blue comforted, lightly.

"But we will have to go see White," Yellow said nervously. Blue gasped.

"White?" Steven repeated, confused. "Who is White?" He asked.

Blue Diamond looked away and Yellow Diamond looked nervous. "White Diamond. She was the first, and largest diamond. Without her, none of us would even exist. When she sets her mind on something, that's what going to happen. No, if's and's or but's. Her decisions are final, she's. unpredictable." Yellow described, with a hint of fear in her voice.

Steven gulped nervously. "W-will she be mad?" He asked.

"We don't know." Blue Diamond said, lightly petting Stevens hair to comfort him.

Yellow sighed. "Pearl, wright White Diamond and inform her of our predicament." Yellow diamond instructed.

"Yes, my Diamond." Her pear responded as she began to type away on her screen before sending it to White Diamond.

"What do you think she'll do?" Steven asked.

"As Blue said, she's unpredictable," Yellow answered.

"What do we do?" He asked.

"We wait. And hope for the best. It might take her a while to reply to-"


Everyone turned to look at Yellow pearls screen. "My Diamond, White Diamond has replied." Yellow Pearl stated.

"What did she say," Yellow asked.

"She requested Pink Diamonds presents." Yellow pearl answered. Blue and Yellow looked at each other nervously.

"W-well, if she's unpredictable, then maybe she won't be mad!" Steven said with some false hope.

"I hope your right..." Yellow stated.

When Blue and Yellow summoned their palanquins, they realized something. Pink didn't have a palanquin. Or a Pearl. "Pink will ride with me until we get her a new palanquin, alright Yellow?" Blue asked. Yellow just nodded in response. She didn't seem to be taking this well.

The ride to White's domain was a quiet one. Steven just sat awkwardly while Blue gently petted his hair to comfort him. To be honest. He was scared. He didn't know what to do or say. This whole experience was frightening. At least the Diamonds weren't trying to kill him. But this wasn't a whole lot better... Being mistaken for who he wasn't. He wasn't this Pink Diamond lady, he was rose quartz like his mother-....oh.

Steven mentally face-palmed at how long it took him to piece things together. He was right that his mom was a lier, but he didn't think it was to this extent. What did she everyone...he needed the full story as soon as possible. Maybe pearl knew-


Steven jumped slightly, being startled by Blue Diamond. "O-oh, yes Blue?" He asked.

She sighed slightly. "Are you ok? You seem awfully quiet. I...I know you must be confused right now, but you can speak to me..." Blue Diamond said in an attempt to cheer Pink.

"O-oh, I'm sorry, I was just thinking. This whole experience has gotten me confused. Sorry." Seven apologized.

Blue smiled fondly at Pink. "It's alright. It will take some time, but we will work hard to make you comfortable with all of this. But you will need to tell me about what you were doing all this time on earth... I know you don't remember much, and we don't know why. But anything you tell us can help us." Blue said sweetly, as she slightly rambled on.

"I'll tell you what I can. But I don't think it will help much. I think pearl might know. The pearl on earth I mean!" Steven quickly clarified.

Blue's eyes darkened slightly as she thought about the earth. "Such a wretched place. Earth." She sighed. "But it was your first colony. Your failed colony. I'm sorry Pink. Your next colony will be better. And this time, I insist that you let me and Yellow help. Please..." Blue asked.

"...Yeah, it probably bests that you two help with... That stuff. I don't think I'd know what to do." Steven responded. Blue seemed satisfied with that answer. But before she could give a response, the palanquin stopped.

"We are here. My diamond."

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To say the least, Steven was scared. Yeah, he had Blue And Yellow right there with him. But from what he's heard about White, its that she's unpredictable, which in itself is scary. He's just hoping it goes well.

"You alright pink?" Yellow asked. 

 "Yeah, of course! I'm just a little nervous that's all! Y-you know, because of  how you described her. That's all." Steven answered. And to be fair, the diamonds seemed scared to.

Soon, a white, spherical orb floated towards them. When it opened, a pearl came out of it, holding her hands in a weird pose. "It's Whites pearl..." Blue diamond whispered quietly. 

"Pink Diamond. Your presence is required." She said, robotically. Her voice sounded so weird...

"Come one blue-"

"Only Pink Diamonds presence is required," Pearl said as she glided over to Steven. 

"But why can't they-" Steven was cut off suddenly when a white bubble formed around him. He could hear Blue and Pink yell out for him as the bubble started to float away. When the bubble stopped and opened, Steven looked around. Frightened of his new surroundings.


Steven jumped and turned towards the culprit of who was calling him. And he was met with the sight of a carry large, glowing person. And her huge eyes.

"There you are!" 

White diamond.

"Hello, starlight, you certainly gave us a scare. We're all just thrilled to see you safe and sound." She said sweetly. 


 "As for this latest little game of yours... thank the stars it's over! Did you have fun? Did you get everything out of your system?"

"I- Starlight?" Steven asked, questioning the nickname. 

White made a small hum sound as she smiled. "So the news was true. You don't remember." She stated. 

"Yeah... I'm sorry-" 

"Or." White interrupted. "Your not. Pink." White's eyes narrowed. Steven stepped back in fear and surprise. "So... Tell me... You have Pink's gem. But your not her. Explain." She stated, a soft, creepy smile plastered on her face.

Steven looked down at his feet. "I...I don't know what I am. I didn't even know I had HER gem. I was always told it was someone else's. For 14 years, I was told lies. I'm some sort of hybrid. I think." Steven answered, eyes downcast as he stared at his feet, tears beginning to swell up in his eyes. White diamond frowned slightly.

"Oh, Starlight..." White said softly as she gently used her index finger to tilt Steven's head up to look at her. 

"Why are you still calling me that? Starlight?" Steven asked, wiping some tears out of his eyes. White gave a gentle smile. 

"Because you are still now and forever my glimmering, shining, Starlight." She comforted. "Now wipe those tears, Starlight. We have lots to talk about." She stated.

Steven just nodded and wiped his tears. "Talk about what?" He asked. 

"You said you were a hybrid? I can only assume your half human. And based on facts, you were poofed. Which means your more gem than human. I can come to believe that Pink diamond gave up her form for you. Right?" She asked. Steven sighed. 

"Yeah. But that's where things get complicated." He said. 

"How so?" White asked.

"Rose quartz was the one who gave up her form for me."

"...oh peculiar..."


White diamond tape her chin with her fingers in thought. "So. Tell me all else you know. Maybe we can solve this conundrum." White stated. 

"Oh... What do you want to know?" Steven asked. 

"Everything." She simply stated. 

Steven sighed. "Ok, my name or the name that was given to me is Steven Quartz Universe. I'm 14. I lived on earth with the Crystal Gems, or what's left of them. My mother was, supposedly, Rose Quartz, leader of the Rebellion. I lived with Garnet, a perma fusion who fused together out of love, she's made out of two gems, a Ruby and a Sapphire. Then there's Amethyst, a quartz soldier who was made on earth, she popped out after the war, so she doesn't really know anything about it. And finally Pearl, I don't know a whole lot about her actually. I know that she was with my mom for a long time. Longer than the others. And she misses her a lot. Sometimes I think she misses mom more than she wants me around... But that doesn't matter. Uh... What else... I know about the cluster if that helps? I bubbled it!" He said, with some pride in his voice.

White smiled. "You did? Then you really are a diamond. You'd have to be to commit such a feat. But can you tell me more about Rose quartz?" White asked. 

"Well, that's a little more complicated. But I'll try... Mom- Rose loved the earth and wanted to save it. She thought it was special." He stated. 

 White hummed. "Pearl." She stated.

Then, her pearl hovered in out of nowhere, starting Steven. "Pull up images of Pink's pearl," White ordered. 

"Yes, My diamond." The pearl responded robotically. 

"So, you have an idea on what happened?" Steven asked. White nodded. 

"Yes, Starlight. I just want you to confirm something for me. Alright?" She asked. 

"Ok. What is it?" Steven asked.

"Done, my Diamond." White pearl responded. 

"Excellent. Show... Steven the picture." She stated. Steven gasped at what he saw. "Do you recognize this pearl?" White asked. 

"That's Pearl! The pearl on earth! That's her!" He exclaimed. 

"The that all the proof I kneed." She stated.

"For what?" Steven asked. 

"You're smart. I know it. You can figure it out." White stated. 

Steven looked down in thought. "Rose quartz was Pink diamond." He stated. 

White smiled. "There! I knew you were smart enough to figure it out." She stated.

"B-but I still don't know why! Why did she do it! Why was I never told! Did the others know! Why didn't Pearl tell me! Why-"

 "I'm sorry, Starlight. We don't have all the facts yet." White answered. 

"I-i... I'm just so... Frustrated. I feel like I don't have any control over my life right now. Everything is changing. I can't go home. Almost everything I know was a lie. And I don't know what to do..." Steven ranted out in frustration nearly in tears.

White sat and thought for a moment, before speaking."I have a proposition for you Starlight." White diamond stated. 


"I have powers based on manipulating the mind. If you'd like, I can erase those pesky past memories that seem to be bothering you?" She stated. 

"E-erase my memory of my friends and family!?" Steven exclaimed in shock. 

"So what do you say?" White asked. 

Steven shuttered at the thought of forgetting the people he loved and cared about. "N-no. I'd prefer to keep my memories. Thanks." Steven said.

White shrugged slightly. "The offer still stands Starlight. You might want to use this opportunity for the future." She said ominously. 

"What does that mean?" Steven asked. 

She shrugged. "You'll find out soon Starlight." she stated. "But, " she started up again. "It is time for you to go." She said, as a white orb formed around Steven. 


"I'm glad we had this chat." She said as the orb started to rise. Taking Steven away.

"Very glad..."

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Steven looked around the pink room that he was now trapped in. It was a large spacious pink area. Steven just stood there for a moment in shock before he just fell onto the ground. "I need a bed..."  Steven groaned. Almost an instant later Steven was lifted up with the soft shape of a bed underneath him. "What?!" He exclaimed, sitting up in shock, looking underneath the 'bed' that had just appeared beneath him. To his surprise, there was a bunch of tiny pebble creatures scurrying away. "Wait no- Don't go!" He exclaimed to no avail, as they were already gone. "Um. I kneed a seat." Steven stated, soon after a stool shape appeared beneath him.

 Moving quickly, Steven scurried to get a glance at the little pebbles, but again, he was to slow. Groaning in annoyance, Steven taped his foot trying to think of something. "Ah-ha," Steven muttered as he walked over to the closest wall. "I need a shelf for my face-face-face-face-face~" Steven sang, right before a shelf appeared, letting him look into the architecture of the room, and get a better view of the pebbles. 

There he saw them,  Many small rock looking things staring back at him before quickly scurrying away. "Wait! Don't go! Thank you!" Steven rushed to say as they were all almost gone. When the pebbles herd this, they froze in place, peaking out of there hidden corners to get a look at Steven. 

"Is it..?" One of them questioned. 

"It IS her!" Another one yelled out before running and jumping onto Steven's face. 

"Pink is back, Pink is back! Our diamond is back! Pink! Pink!" One of the pebbles yelled out as they jumped onto his gem. 

"Whoa! Don't get into my mouth! Steven said, spitting one of the pebbles out along with a tiny house. "Alright, who are you guy's?" Steven asked chuckling. 

"Very funny Pink." The pebble in his hair and a pink dress said. 

"Always playing her games," A green dressed pebble said as column rose out of the floor. "Pretending she doesn't know us pebbles." He said, crawling into Steven's pocket.

Steven just laughed as the Pebbles crawl all over him. "Quit it, you guys! You're tickling me!" He exclaimed.  

"Sorry Pink!" The pebble in a purple outfit who had jumped on his gem earlier said. "We just missed you!" the pebble said. 

"Yeah!" The pink outfitted pebble started, "Why were you gone so long! We missed you!" 

Steven just shuffled his feet while rubbing the back of his neck, not knowing how to explain the situation. "Well..." He started, gaining all the pebbles attention. "There was a little...Problem...With my colony?" He explained to the best of his ability,man he felt awkward. 

The pebbles gasped. "Oh no! What happened!" The pebble in the green shirt asked in concern. 

"Well...something bad happened. There were...some gems who had different ideas about what should happen with earth. And those different ideas on how things should go caused a war. And hurt." Steven exclaimed, dancing around the hard truth. 

All the pebbles gasped. "What happened! Are you Ok!" The pebble in a lime green colored outfit asked. 

"Well. I think I am...but...there is a...slight problem..." Steven explained, causing the pebbles to gasp.

In an instant almost all the pebbles ware on top of him crawling on top of I'm, examining him to see what was wrong with him. "H-hey! Guy's! Calm down!" Steven exclaimed. 

"But how can we calm down when our precious diamond is unwell!" The pebble in the green shirt said as he examined Steven's gem along with other pebbles. 

"Well can you guy's hold on a second so I can explain what's wrong please!?" Steven asked. The pebbles seemed to contemplate this for a moment before slowly crawling off Steven. 

"Ok, What's wrong, My Diamond?" The pebble in the pink outfit asked. 

Steven shifted uncomfortably "My memory is...not say. Everyone thought I was dead for the longest time...but I was on earth for the past 14 years with no memories of being a diamond. I just found out I was a diamond recently! But now I have to re-learn everything about being a yeah... I really wasn't joking when I asked who you were..." Steven explained felling like crud.

The pebbles just stood there, staring at him sadly, until the pebble in the light blue outfit spoke up. "That's ok! Well just have to help you! It shouldn't be too hard! You're still just as nice and caring as we remember! If not nicer!" The pebble exclaimed happily. 

Slowly, one by one each pebble smiled at the thought of helping their diamond. "Yeah!" They cheered. 

Steven just smiled, tearing up gently at the sweet gesture. "Aw, Thank you, you guy's," Steven said. 

"Aw, don't cry, My Diamond!" The pebble in the light yellow colored outfit said as they wiped away Stevens tear. 

"Sorry guy's. I guess I'm just so choked up. Thank you." Steven said, but a second later he blinked more tears. "Wait a second-" Steven started as the door to his room slid open reviling the diamonds standing in his doorway. looking around Steven also noticed that the pebbles were gone, but he didn't have long to contemplate on that fact as just a second later he was scooped up into a hug from a crying Blue Diamond.

"Pink! You're ok! We were So worried!" Blue exclaimed as she squeezed Steven into a hug. 

Steven just laughed as he wiped his tears away. "Yeah! I'm fine, Blue! White was actually pretty nice!" Steven explained. 

"Well, that's a relief," Yellow said. 

"Aw, Yellow, Were you worried?" Steven teased. 

Yellow just straightened herself and looked away. "You wish, Pink." She scoffed, causing Steven to laugh.

 "Yellow, be nice," Blue said as she wiped what was left of her tears away. 

"Anyway," Yellow began. "Me and blue were talking while you had your chat with white. We were thinking of ways to properly rebuild your court and discussing what we should do about your failed colony and your possible future colony's." Yellow explained. 

"Well, I think I know why my last court failed," Steven said, gaining Yellow's interest. 

"Yes? Do explain." Yellow said. "

Well, It was the organics, I think." He started, "I don't remember that well, but I believe it's because I cared too much about the organics, and making the colony would hurt them. And maybe somehow that could have started the uprising." Steven suggested. 

Yellow Diamond thought for a moment, before giving an impressed hum. "Quite the deduction, Pink. Because of your hesitance to destroy the natives, gems questioned your authority." Yellow thought out loud.  

"That's an easy fix." Blue started. "Your next colony won't have any intelligent life. How does that sound, Pink?" Blue asked. 

Steven nodded in agreement. "That would be nice, thank you Blue. And you guy's were talking about my court?" Steven asked.

Blue nodded. "Yes, we were trying to figure out the best way to reintroduce you to Homeworld," Blue stated. 

"How about a...Party?" Steven suggested. 

"Maybe. But you were always the one to throw all of the parties and balls. We were good." Yellow explained. 

"Wait- I was a juggler?!" Steven exclaimed, causing Blue to laugh and Yellow to give a small smile. 

"Technically, yes. But I mean ball's as in large fancy party's. Not spheres." Yellow clarified. 

"Then how about I help you plan this part-Ball?" Steven asked. 

Blue nodded in agreement, "That sounds wonderful."

 She said. "Yes, but before we do that, there is one thing we need to do before the Ball and building up pinks court back," Yellow explained. 

Blue gasped and nodded excitedly. "Are they ready, Already?" She asked excitedly. 

"Yes," Yellow started, "From the reports, their quality should be higher than usual, considering the rush. Which is quite impressive." She said offhandedly. 

"Is what ready?" Steven asked. Blue diamond just looked at him with a large smile on her face, 

"We're taking you to pick out your own Pearl!" She exclaimed.