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"Polly, there's no need to be so embarrassed."

"Yes, there is!"

Phoenix flinched a bit. No matter how used he was to his girlfriend's loud voice, he couldn't help but flinch when it was directly on his ear. He sighed, bringing the woman to his lap. Her legs on each side of his body, her chest pressed against his, her face hidden under his chin. His heart sang it's usual samba, filled with happiness. Polly was made to be held by him, he believed, and he was made to hold her.

"Polly, look at me." She shook her head and he sighed again. "Polly, I was raised by a single mother and my widowed grandma, I have a teenager daughter and I've been surrounded by women my whole life. I am not bothered by your period."

"... Shut up."

She may have said that, but she practically melted against him, finally relaxing. Sometimes she had spent the night there, with him, and it had become tradition to spend the night at the Wrights once a week. But never such thing had happened before. Polly was very meticulous when it came to her periods, always prepared for them. But that month it came early. And Phoenix's white sheets had a new red splotch on them. She never felt so embarrassed. The man, though, had been a sweetheart, offering to wash her pyjamas and reassuring her it was alright. Thankfully, she had some of her clothes there, like some underwear and sweatpants, and some pads in her bag.

Her cheeks still burned as she shyly called his name, still hiding her face under his chin. It would forever be awe inducing how well they fit together.

"Yes?" His voice rumbled through his chest, arms gently squeezing her.

She took a deep breath. He had been nothing but understanding, sweetly offering help. All she needed to do was ask. So she did.

"Can you rub my back? It always hurt this time of month."

Phoenix leaned away a bit, just enough to catch a glimpse of her face. Cheeks red, averted eyes, pouting lips. Endearing. Cute. Just breathtaking like only Polly Justice could be.

"Of course," he answers, slipping his hand under the shirt covering her, the shirt he lent to her and that was a tad too big.

His hand was Heaven against her skin, warm and big. It moved gently in a slow circular pattern. Polly let out a sound of contentment, feeling herself melt against the man she loved so much. It was nice to let someone take care of her once in a while. She was glad it was Phoenix.

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Polly Justice was not really one to wear makeup. Maybe chapstick and the occasional light eyeshadow, nothing more. But she had the uncontrollable need to smear Phoenix's red lipstick on her lips by kissing the older woman until both could remember nothing but each other's names. Phoenix preferred darker lipstick, and her favorite was a deep shape of red, like wine. Standing in front of the mirror, leaning just enough for the not completely buttoned shirt to show a bit of cleavage, and the tight pencil skirt to accentuate the large hips and round bottom, Phoenix Wright was driving her employee crazy.

Specially when she leisurely pressed her favorite lipstick—a gift from Polly herself—to her lips and dragged it to paint them. The soft flesh moved with her movements, supple and tantalizing. First she did the upper lip. Then the bottom lip. Then she pressed them together. Then she puckered them. Then she repeated the process once more, to make sure it was perfect.

It was.

Perfect for kissing.


Polly watched the plump lips she had been daydreaming about move, forming her name. Then the fact her boss was calling her finally registered, as well as the fact she was staring like a creep, and she quickly turned away.

"F… Finish it already so we can go, Miss Wright."

She heard her boss' heels click as she walked. Then she felt her boss' hands on her waist, turned her around. Then her boss' lips as they pressed against hers in a chaste kiss. Few seconds later, they separated and Phenix smirked.

"Red looks good on you, Polly."

With that she walked away, leaving a red faced Polly with red lipstick marks on her lips behind.

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Apollo Justice was weak for Phoenix Wright.

That was news to no one.

Trucy liked to joke that her father could literally open a gate to Hell and Apollo would make heart eyes at him like a lovesick puppy, indifferent to all demons that may wreak havoc.

Apollo himself recognized his weakness when it came to the older man.

But until that moment he had no idea he could be even weaker .

"He's wearing heels."

"What about it?" Trucy answered his not so whispery whisper with a hint of curiosity.

Apollo had his fair share of kinks, but Phoenix Wright in tight clothes and high heeled boots was one he had no idea existed.

It was after the recording one episode, Trucy had invited Apollo to see her daddy work as long as he promised to keep it a secret. He had found it weird, for all he knew, Phoenix was a piano player and a poker master at a restaurant. But once he saw the King of Spades closely, there was no doubt as of who was under that mask. No wonder he was his favorite character, the one who played him was his favorite person! Phoenix had called a break, and the director, a tired looking woman with a large cup of coffee in hands, promptly agreed. And so, Apollo watched as his boss sauntered over in high heels.

The hair was messy, no longer in it's spikey glory. The mask was taken off, and the eyeliner brought attention to his intense eyes. The red lipstick contrasting with his now shaved skin. The small spades drawn under his left eye looking like a beauty mark. The armless turtleneck showing off his strong arms, the fabric clinging to his frame and putting his figure in evidence. The dark blue fabric serving as a belt. The tight black pants. The boots , that reached a little above his knees and clicked every step taken.

Apollo could feel his blush rising.

"Hey, Trucy." Phoenix hugged his daughter before turning to his employee. He had to look down even more than usual. "Apollo, are you ok?"



"I-I… I'M FINE!"

"... Your nose is bleeding."


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As far as Apollo Justice was concerned, Phoenix Wright was the right woman for him.

Yes, maybe she could be annoying with her constant teasing and inability to say things instead of insinuating them. And maybe she made him worry a bit too much with her inordinate selfless. And maybe her cooking was as good as his—but, boy , could she bake a mean cake. And maybe she was too beautiful for him and made him feel inadequate for her—he took pride in his appearance and even more in his lover’s. And maybe a lot of people thought it was a good idea to flirt with her and make his blood boil. And maybe, just maybe, she was too lovable for him to not suddenly stop whatever thing he’s doing and kiss her senseless.

And maybe she was a bit too old for him, but that was the least of his worries.

Sadly, it was a big problem for her.


“Shh… Just… Let me enjoy this.”

“I’m heavy.”

“Just enough to be comfortable,” he answered, hugging her tight. He was right, of course. The weight of the woman he loved on his lap brought him immense comfort. Made him feel relaxed, confirming that she was there with him. The soft curves his arms hugged, the fruity smell of her hair, the softness of her skin, the warmth she produced. Lovely, way too lovely.

“... Are you sure you want this?”

“We’ve been together for half a day and you already want to get rid of me?” He sounded like her, he had to admit, using a teasing tone in a serious situation.

“... I’m too old for you.”

“I don’t care.”

“You should.”

“No, I shouldn’t, I don’t and I won’t.” Apollo kissed her neck gently, hearing her sigh and relax in his arms, giving up on her argument finally, even though he knew it probably would come back some day.

Phoenix was usually confident in herself, specially after getting her badge back, but sometimes doubts still brought her down. Like the ones their age gap brought. Luckily, Apollo was there to catch her, and he would be there forever if she allowed. There was nowhere else he wished to be than by her side.

She was truly the one for him.

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Apollo and Klavier looked good together, people said. And, well, Phoenix had to agree only because both men were very attractive. They looked beautiful together.

But they were not beautiful together.

It was not the lack of trying. At least, not by Apollo’s part. Lord knows Apollo Justice always put his all in everything he chose to do, and his relationship with Klavier received the same treatment. Yet one fatal flaw his passion had was how long it took for him to finally give up what was obviously a lost case.

Everyone and their mothers could see the fire that once united the couple had burned out, a pile of ashes being blown away by the winds of distance. They were just too different. Klavier was too much of a free soul, settling down with a stable life made his soul restless. He was made for the rapid life under spotlights, feeding off of the energy only great crowds could provide. Apollo was much less flashy, preferring a routine and a comfortable middle term in between an energetic crowd and a tranquil home. He needed a place to return and recharge every new adventure, where he could just be without worries.

Phoenix knew all this, yet he still supported their relationship. No matter the voice telling him he was a better match for Apollo, no matter how his heart lost a piece every time they were together, no matter the tears decorating his cheeks during his loneliest nights. He had to have faith Apollo would be happy with someone better than him, and Klavier checked out in that category.

Or so he had thought.

Seeing Apollo with red eyes after being stood up brought all his doubts together and made them into certainties. They were no good for each other.

“Mr. Wright…”

“You can spend the night here, Apollo.”

“Thank you.”

Apollo had the habit to run back to the agency when things got too much, and Phoenix had welcomed him with open arms each and every time. They had made some sort of routine, Apollo would come, Phoenix would hug him, they’d get comfortable on the couch and do whatever—watching TV, reading a book, talking, playing some random game or just cuddling in silence—until one of them got too hungry, then they moved to the kitchen to make some food—neither being too fond of take out. After eating, they went back to the couch, where Apollo would fall asleep in Phoenix’s arms and said man would take him to his bed.

That day had been no different. At least not until after Apollo fell asleep.

“Hello, Gavin.”

“Mr. Wright…”

It’d be always odd to hear Klavier call him “Mr. Wright” and treat him so respectfully, but Phoenix guessed the prosecutor held some consideration for the man who fought his brother’s corruption and took mentored his boyfriend. Didn’t mean he’d let the blond inside his house, so he leaned on the doorway, arms crossed. Klavier was smart, he knew what it meant.

“I want to break up with Apollo.”

“I’m not the one you should be telling that.”

“It’s not fair to him.” Klavier had a determined yet tired look in his eyes. “I once loved him, I won’t deny, but now… I need to set him free.”

“Again, it’s not me the one who needs to hear that.”

“Yes, it is. Because I know you love him more than I could ever do, and I still consider him a friend and I want him to be happy, which he clearly isn’t with me.”

“I cannot do anything if Apollo doesn’t come to me, which he won’t because I don’t deserve him. ” He could see Klavier didn’t agree with him, but he was not in the mood for debates. “Listen, Gavin, come back tomorrow and set things right with Apollo, no one is in conditions for heart-to-hearts right now.” And without waiting for answers, he closed the door on Klavier’s face.

He waited a few minutes, listening to Gavin’s footsteps fade away as he left, before letting his forehead hit the door. A deep sigh left his lungs. He heard footsteps approaching him from behind and he prayed they were Trucy’s and no Apollo’s.

“Do you really think that, Mr. Wright?”


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“I would never guess you were a smoker, Mr. Wright.”

“Neither did I, but here I am.”


“Don’t apologize. I know you’re about to and I don’t want to hear it.”

Klavier Gavin had a deep respect for the man sitting by his side. Even when he looked exhausted and like a defeated mess, he still had that strong presence that made the younger blond shiver. Denying would make him no good, so Klavier would admit harboring some feelings of his own for the man. He even had an idea of when they started. Seven years ago, when he took away the man’s badge, and the man answered by adopting Zak’s child and moving on. Never faltering, never stopping, a strong will and even stronger mind.

Phoenix Wright was the third man Klavier ever admired in his life, the first being his own father and the second being his brother Kristoph.

“He told me to stop making decisions for him.”


“Yes, and that I should stop hiding things from him and thinking so lowly of myself.”

“Sounds like Apollo, alright.”

Apollo Justice had certainly caught Klavier’s eyes since the beginning. He had a great intensity, and firm faith in his beliefs. An honest man filled with pure determination. Klavier had watched him both in court, where he was sharp eyes and loud voice, and outside, when he nagged the young magician and smiled to himself after putting some clues together. Apollo was just so pure, so unique, so refreshing in that corrupted world. It’d be hard not to feel something for him.

“I don’t deserve him.”

“Don’t steal my lines, kid.”

“Don’t call me kid, old man.”

“You two looked good together.”

The night was cold, way too cold for Spring, but it fit their moods so well neither seemed bothered by it. The wind took Wright’s words with it, and the trees saved them for the next time their leaves shared whispered secrets with the moon.

Klavier truly didn’t deserve Apollo, though. Because he simply could not adapt to fill in Apollo’s needs. He needed to go where his wings would forever be stretched, where he could take flight whenever he needed and reach the sky. Apollo needed someone to stay on Earth with him, someone who wouldn’t give him the anxiety of being left yet again. Sturdy enough to protect him from the winds of the uncertain without taking away his freedom.

Phoenix Wright was exactly that. Sturdy, grounded, yet adapting.

The blond watched as the ex-attorney lazily puffed out a cloud of smoke in direction of the stars, blue eyes almost closed, body leaning fully on the bench’s back. God, the man was handsome. Even with that horrid hoodie and tousled hair and stubble. 

“You two will be beautiful together.”

Silence. Wright tilted his head to look at Klavier, as if mulling over the words that came out of the prosecutor’s mouth. The Gavin could feel his heart jump a bit with the thrill of being under those eyes spell. Then Wright sighed.

“After that fight, I doubt it.”

“I wouldn’t say that.”

Because, in the distance, they could see Apollo Justice. Walking towards them. Eyes on Phoenix. Mouth in a line. Determination in his eyes.

Wright drew a shuddering breath, and Klavier told the gossiping breeze it was because of the cold and not the rush of emotions in the blue eyes. Getting up, he gave the ex-attorney a lasting look before blurting out a “good night” and walking away.

He didn’t want to stay there and watch the only people he loved get together.

For he knew he wouldn’t be able to look away.

As they were beautiful together.

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He was a man of the sea, a great marine, until he met what maddens all men.”

“What maddens all men?”

“... Love.”

Apollo watched Phoenix laugh in delight as birds flew all around them, curious about the strange man. The island was a small secret Apollo had shared with only his father before, and then with that endearing man who stole his heart. Looking at him, one wouldn’t be able to guess what he truly was, but one look at the ethereal blue eyes would be enough to alert anyone of the definitively not human nature of the man. Phoenix smiled at him, showing off a shell one of the birds had given him. Apollo moved closer, allowing the taller man to rest his head on his shoulder, as they watched the sun set silently in the horizon. Their last minutes together for that day.

“He fell in love with a man just as wild and free as the sea. They loved each other with a love that was beyond humanity understanding.”

“What happened?”

“The Sea cannot be tied.”

Phoenix had tried again and again to go back and visit Apollo, but he had duties. He was the Sea, he was needed all over the living and the dead world. Without him, lives would be lost and souls would be corrupted. Death was patient, but the circle of Life could not stop moving. So he went back to being one with the Ocean, only ever catching glimpses of his beloved. He promised Apollo he’d come back as soon as possible. But to a God, what are 10 years of human existence?

Ten years of waiting, enough to poison the mind and heart of any human.”

“... What is inside the chest?”

“... His beating heart, ripped off in hopes of stopping the pain running in his veins.”

The waves cried as they crashed against the rocks, silence overcoming the usually rowdy troupe. The Captain of the Flying Dutchman would never be a topic for the faint at heart, as tales of his madness went from mouth to mouth, and there was no pity left in both the tellers and the character himself. Hated as much as he was feared, a bitter killer who once carried virtue upon virtue.

Was love truly able to do such a thing?

Athena stared at the eyes of the man telling the story.

Ethereal blue.

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Run, run, run, run, run!


The only word repeating in her mind. She has to run.

There is no hope left for her, she’ll die no matter the choice, but she doesn’t want to die before seeing him one last time. Just one last time. Just so her soul can go happy, just so her eyes can burn his frame in her memory, just so Death can taste more sweet.

Just so she can fall in love with him once more.

So she runs.

Heart thumping inside her ribcage, tears gathering in her eyes, she’s so tired, she’s exhausted, she just wants it all to stop, she just wants him to be back in her arms, she just wants life to leave her alone and let her love in peace. During her thirty years of existence, she had religiously followed what her parents told her: stay away from the children of Humanity, their circle knows only ruin. So she lived far away from the humans, hidden in the village of the witches, living each day leisurely. Yet. Yet.

The child of man had found her the one day she had been careless. The one day she walked a bit too far. The one day she wasn’t prepared to confront anyone, much less a human.

“You have beautiful eyes.”

Were the first words he said to her. She had blinked in confusion. Humans had blue eyes too, if she remembered well, hers shouldn’t be much different from them, as witches did have some of human blood in them. But he looked at her eyes like they were treasure like no other, and at her whole being as if she herself was a miracle bestowed upon the earth by the Creator herself.

In response, she fell in love it him.

“What a play of the destiny. Thirty springs of existence, and I find love in the one I cannot have.”

“All of me is already yours.”

“They’ll kill us. You’re young, and bright, and beautiful, you shouldn’t waste yourself with an old witch.”

“You could’ve chosen any other man, human or fae, yet you choose me, do you truly think I’ll let you go so easily? If I can’t stay with you in this life, then I’ll search for you in the next, and the next, and the next. I’ll give you my soul’s eternity.”

“... I had no idea you were such a romantic, Apollo.”

“Oh, my God, shut up.”



His name leaves her mouth without her noticing, and the trees gather those whispered wishes to send for the man.

“It’ll be a short trip. I’ll be back before you can curse Klavier.”

“I don’t know, I’ve been training, pretty sure I can curse Klavier much faster than you can return.”

“Nothing will happen, Phoenix. We’ve been doing this for two years, everything will work out just fine.”

“Just come back to me.”

It did not work out just fine. The moment Apollo left to go talk business with the leader of another village was the moment Phoenix knew things wouldn’t go well. And she was right, as she usually is. The villagers had found about her, and now she is on the run. The witch will die, she knows, she accepts, but she will not die by the hands of Humanity. She will not. So she runs.

Phoenix knows every tree and piece of ground of that forest.

Phoenix knows exactly where the cliff is.

Even if the darkening sky and dense forest blinds her, she can tell she’s getting close. The wind tells her where to go, the ground supports her steps, the plants whisper her beloved’s name. The cliff has been a sacred place for the witches for the longest time, as many of their stories started there. There is no better way to finish hers.


She is not able to stop in time and stumbles on whoever jumped in front of her. They fall on the floor, a mix of limbs and lips, for she can recognize Apollo faster than a heartbeat. He came back, he’s there in her arms, he’s kissing her desperately. They part when there is no more air left in their lungs, and there is so much to say, so much to tell, and so little time. They can hear the villagers yells getting closer and closer. They’ll be found if they stay. They’ll be found anyways, but staying certainly is the worst choice.


She breathes his name and he smiles gently. They get up, hands linked, and star running. They know there’s no other way. They simply refuse to be separated. Apollo cannot live without his beloved wife and Phoenix doesn’t want to be away from her adored husband. They simply cannot, their hearts simply cannot, their souls simply cannot. Being separated would be much more torturous.

So together they run.

So together they jump.

So together they promise to find each other in the next life.

So together they interweave their eternities.


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“So what is your type, little herr Forehead?”


“The serious one?”

Miles Edgeworth was clearly not amused by Gavin’s antics, and it was a wonder the serious senior would even be in such a club.

“The silly one?”

“Hey!” Larry Butz was also a weird member of the club, with his reputation of having terrible luck with girls.

“The royal one?”

Nahyuta, the bastard, waved from his seat. Apollo would have a little talk with him later about bringing people to join weird clubs.

“The jovial one?”

Clay Terran was also on thin fucking ice, and by the triumphant smile in his face, he didn’t give a damn.

“Or perhaps you prefer God’s blessing to humanity?”

“Between you and a statue, I’d get the statue because it’s silent.”

Klavier Gavin didn’t go mope as Apollo was waiting him to go, but it was clear he certainly felt that jab. Good. Apollo was not in the mood for the man’s everything.

“Listen, I just wanted somewhere quiet to study, so I’ll go now.”

Apollo just wanted some peace to study. She had to keep her grades high or Lord knows what the stuck up rich higher ups of the school would do. She also never liked getting the average when she could go for her best. Her sister said she would get gray too soon from working too much, but hair could be dyed, bad grades couldn’t. She had followed Nahyuta and Clay, the only two people in her class that actually talked to her, thinking they’d show her a nice place to do her homework after she complained about the noisy libraries. But what a pair of friends they were. Klavier’s “Host Club” was not something she even wanted to know existed, yet there she was and she was leaving.

Or she would be, weren’t for the sudden wall in front of her.

The sudden warm, breathing wall in front of her.

The sudden warm, breathing and great smelling wall in front of her.


She knew that voice.


She leaned back and looked up, staring directly at the eyes of her crush, one Phoenix Wright. He was as handsome as ever, with his spiky hair as sharp as always and kind smile brightening the room. And his blue eyes were so deep, so lovely, she just wanted to stay there and look at them. He tilted his head and Apollo couldn’t help but tilt hers too.

“Are you here for the club?”

“Ah… N-No… I’m…” To anyone else, Apollo would say she hated acting like that in front of her crush, but to herself she had to admit she liked feeling her heart sing so loudly. “I was looking for somewhere quiet… To study.”

“Oh,” He sounded a bit disappointed, smile shrinking a tad, “The gardens are a good choice right now, if you don’t mind nature.”


“You’re in this club?”

“Larry’s doing. I don’t particularly care for it, but talking with different people is nice.” His smile widened again, eyes twinkling with delight. “You should come by sometime, I’d love to talk over tea.”

“S-Sure!” Damnit, don’t shriek, “I mean, yeah…”

“Then!” Phoenix gave her passage to the door, bowing as his hands gestured to it. “M’lady~” He purred jokingly, and her heart did another somersault.

“Good sir.”

With that she ran away to the gardens, heart beating a lovely samba about a girl in love together with the melody of Larry screaming “HE’S A GIRL?!”

Apollo would definitely visit the Host Club sometime.

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Apollo can’t help the whimper that escapes his mouth at the gentle yet firm order from his lover. Slowly he brings down the zipper of his cloak, breath already faltering with the weight of the look his dear demon has upon him, blue eyes devouring his entirety.

Phoenix is standing a few feet away from him, human form in all its glory. Because it is not his reality, he cannot keep a 100% human appearance, proven by the dark markings around his eyes, like sickly black eye bags that just spread a bit on his cheeks, the glowing blue eyes in the penumbra and the row of sharp teeth hiding behind sinful lips. Still, while many would recognize him as a demonic entity, Apollo could only adore his hellish features.

The human lets the cloak fall on the floor with a soft sound, standing bare in front of the hungry beast. He’s starting to tremble, arousal coursing under his skin, shaft already half-hard. Not knowing what to do with his hands, he crosses his arms and try to take on a confident pose, and it would’ve worked if he didn’t refuse to look at his lover, or didn’t subtly thrust his hips forwards, as if offering himself. It is his first time doing anything remotely sexual with Phoenix, and he feels a bit nervous. However, Phoenix has been taking care of him for two years now, and there is no doubt he will do so at the moment.

“Lay down.” His voice is rough and echoes more than usual, sending shivers down the human’s spine.

Apollo scrambles to do as ordered, quickly settling down on the bed, head on the comfortable pillows, back on the mattress, legs closed tightly thanks to his nerves. The chuckle that comes from the depths of Phoenix’s chest sends waves of warmth through his body.

“Eager, are we?”

“Shut up…”

“Be nice, pet.” Phoenix purrs, low and delicious.

Apollo can do nothing but watch as the man—the beast, the demon, the entity —crawls to where he is, kneeling in front of his closed legs. Big hands take their places on his knees, freezing in comparison with his burning skin, yet instead of bringing them apart, the hands just hold them in place. He smiles, the view of his very sharp teeth sending a rush of fear and pleasure directly to Apollo’s dick. His mouth opens and from in between his teeth comes out something. It takes the human a few moments to understand it was Phoenix’s tongue. It is long, much longer than a human’s, and moves almost like a snake. It touches his skin and introduces itself in between his thighs. It is so cold it burns , feels like smooth marble, makes him squirm and gasp as it slithers on his skin, tasting him and smearing on his flesh a thick, dark substance. The cold hands hold his knees together, preventing him from escaping.

He’s aware he’s making embarrassing sounds over such small thing, but the moment his hands clasp over his mouth the tongue jerks brusquely, and vibrates with the intensity of the growl coming from Phoenix. A very clear warning against muting his noise. He trembles imagining what his lover would do if he were to disobey, but decides to test it later, when he’s a bit more confident on himself. His hands go back to holding the pillows tightly, face flushed and heavy breathing. The tongue squirms in between his thighs, going as far as thrusting a few times before returning to Phoenix’s mouth. There is not much time for Apollo to mourn its loss, though, as his lover promptly opens his legs and attacks them with bites and kisses.

The man whimpers again and again, pain and pleasure mixing together. The bites are not hard enough to break skin, and the kisses are sweet enough to compensate for them. The demon marks both his legs with his mouth before finally paying attention to the pulsing hard on of his lover. His tongue slips out again to lick a straight line from the base to the head, the tip teasing the slit where precum already gathers. Glowing blue eyes lock with brown and Apollo quivers.

He’s absolutely helpless before the creature that takes him hungrily, and he relishes on the feeling.

The tongue gives his member one last lick, then goes down and down, slowly, teasingly, coldly burning him. He can’t take his eyes away from the beast devouring him., so he watches are the appendage goes directly to his entrance. It tentatively prods him, thick substance—he wonders if it was saliva—coating him with surprisingly gentle movements, sending electricity through his veins. Big hands knead his legs, and the tongue enters him with a filthy slippery noise. He yelps, the sensation odd and new, but not bad.

It enters him, squirming, making lewd wet noises, and he whimpers and moans, jolting a bit. It pokes and prods his insides, it takes its time to savour him, finding where to touch to make him squirm and where to press to make him moan. It goes on and on, it’s so long, so so long, it just goes until there is nowhere else to go, so deep into him it could rearrange his organs with a few flickering motions. Phoenix watches him with half lidded eyes, and cheekily growls at him, knowing he could feel the vibrations.

In a quick movement, it leaves almost completely, before pounding back deep into him, and the human jerks, back arching so much it leaves the bed, and the scream that tears his throat probably echoes over the whole place, however he doesn’t have the mind to care. He’s so close to coming there is nothing his jumbled mind can conjure but more wanting.


The tongue leaves with yet another brusque movement, making him jerk again, and goes back to Phoenix’s mouth completely.

“Oh, you taste so good, pet~”

The man has no time to answer, as his beloved monster starts caressing his body with his mouth again. He nips and sucks and licks and kisses and there is no part of Apollo that is spared from his attacks, from his lower belly to his chest, to his neck. Phoenix’s breath is gelid—the jerk doesn’t even need to breath, he’s doing it just to see him writhing—against his skin, just like the rest of him. He pays special attention to the perky nipples, any hopes the human had of ever stopping trembling disappearing, before finally kissing Apollo. His kisses are always surprisingly gentle, no matter how rough he acts, as if the human’s fragility is a thought he refuses to forget, as if Apollo is something to be cherished like a fine piece of art.

It still makes his head spin. Eyes closed, he lets his lover take away his breath.

The human snaps his eyes open once the kiss ends, and he’s able to get just a glimpse of the one above him. A glimpse of a shadowy figure losing shape, a glimpse of wild blue irises against pitch black, a glimpse of big teeth and long tongue, a glimpse of what his lover truly was. Then a big, cold hand covered his eyes.

“Don’t look.” Phoenix’s voice was even more echoey and even distorted. He was losing his grasp on his human form, slowly regressing to the eldritch beast he truly was.

Apollo knows what looking directly at an Old God—or creatures alike—can do to a mortal. The cult had taught him exhaustively about the ones they worshipped, and there was not one of those entities that didn’t make humans go insane by looking at them… At best . Their true forms were just too much for the mortal mind to comprehend, and only those who had already lost it, who already drowned into the pool of madness, could take in the vision of an Old God.

And yet.

And yet he wants to see it.

To see him.

His beloved Phoenix.



Isn’t his love for such a creature already a type of madness?

Before he can beg again—and he would—, Phoenix enters him. It feels similar yet different from the tongue. It is just as smooth, but much, much larger. It stretches him unbelievably, and it pounds into him so fast he’s not even able to scream, mouth opening without a sound. Later he’ll take notice of how it didn’t hurt, and how the dark substance from earlier probably was the culprit, but right now he can’t think. He can only feel the tentacle—he assumes it was a tentacle—settle inside him, gelid and pulsing.

Phoenix finally let moves his hand away, human appearance restored.

“Maybe next time, dear~” He purrs, showing off his teeth with a sharp grin.

Apollo doesn’t answer as Phoenix starts moving. He can only throw his head back and moan. The entity is slow at first, chest rubbing on chest, Apollo’s cock rubbing on his lover’s belly, squelching noises coming from where they connected.

What happens next is a blur, if Apollo is to be honest.

All he knows is the smell of sex, the taste of Phoenix’s growls, the feeling of being filled, the feeling of releasing again and again and again. He dares to look down at some point, and he sees his stomach bulging with the size of whatever was inside him, and that makes him come once more. It’s too much, it’s way too much. His voice is gone thanks to his screaming, his Chords of Steel not resisting. Instead he hiccups and moans. Tears run down his cheeks as his eyes roll back. There’s drool leaving his mouth and being leaped by an inhuman tongue. His body writhes and shakes, hands holding large shoulders and legs already lacking the strength to latch onto the waist of the demon taking him after rounds and rounds.

At the end of it all, he’s full and spent.

He barely registers his beloved monster cleaning him and moving him to another room, one with a clean bed. He barely registers being lowered to a new mattress and covered with a soft blanket. He can only bask on the bliss of being fucked by the one he loved. His body feels like jelly and no part of him wants to move. Not that he needs to, as Phoenix settles down near him and pulls him to his arms.

“You did so good, pet~ Took me so well~”

Apollo groans in warning. He is not ready for another round, no matter how much he loves the praise coming from his lover.

“We do need to work on your stamina, though~”

“Shut up.”

Chapter Text

“Miss Wright?”

“Shhh! Polly! She's sleeping!”

And it was true. Sleeping peacefully on the couch was none other than Phoenix Wright. She seemed to be in a deep sleep, soft breaths escaping her parted lips, making her chest slowly rise and fall. Trucy carefully covers the woman with a light blanket, just in case wind comes from the opened window. It was the middle of the day  and the Sun was bright, but the light didn't seem to bother Phoenix.

“Her period makes her really sleepy.”


“Polly, I'm going to visit Pearls, take care the agency, yes?”

“Last time I checked, you weren't my boss.”

“I'm the boss when Mommy isn't able to boss~”

With that, Trucy left, excited to see her friend. Apollo sighed, he had long ago lost the hope of understanding the Wrights. A sigh coming from the couch brought his attention back to his boss. She didn't look younger, no, but she did look lighter. Like all the heavy burdens she carried had gone away, finally letting her relax. He crouched down to take a better look at her face, heart beating as fast as a hummingbird's wings. Phoenix was beautiful, it was no news, but the man couldn't get enough of her. Her hair was messily sprawled on the couch, surrounding her like a mattress.

“You're so beautiful, miss Wright,” Apollo sighed, “I love you so much...”

“Ah, I'm still dreaming.”

Apollo fell on his back with a yelp. He had not seen when his boss had woken up and certainly wasn't expecting her to hear what he said. Muttered gibberish came out of his mouth, trying to play off the fact he had literally just confessed , until what Phoenix said clicked. He thought she was dreaming . Did she dream about him?

“There is no way Apollo would love me back,” Phoenix whispered, as if the "dream" Apollo was supposed to keep it a secret. Her blue eyes were dazedly drinking up his appearance, a small smile tugging at the corner of her soft lips, “but thank you, dream Polly.”

Then she turned around and fell asleep again, unaware of the blushing mess of a suitor staring at her back. Not only she loved him back—which was information enough to make him freak out—but she dreamt of him returning her feelings .

As if he could do anything but .