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Feel Special

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He should really be over it by now.


Todoroki turns the faucet on and cups his hands together underneath it. The water feels cold against his skin and he splashes it on him, running his hands down his face. He looks back at the mirror and stares at his reflection again.


He hates looking at himself. He’s had years to get used to what he looks like, but it always brings an anger whenever he sees himself. He should leave; slip out while no one is looking. Who cares if this party is for him? Did they really have to plaster his face on all the walls? Todoroki wets his face again, maybe trying to drown himself this time. He hears the door open to the restroom and leans up, grabbing a couple of paper towels. He dries his face off quickly and fixes his tie before heading back out. Instead of walking towards the sharks though, he swims away from them and tries to find the nearest exit, balcony, window, whatever.




“Shit,” he whispers.


He turns around and spots his closest friend standing behind him with her hands on her hips, a clear pout on her lip. He clears his voice and straightens up as he plans for his exit.


“Hello Yaoyorozu, you look nice.” 


Yaoyorozu smiles lightly at him, “thank you Todoroki, I worked hard to get all dolled and dressed up for you. Why on Earth you would try to ruin all that is beyond me?”


Todoroki flinches, “ah- you caught me.”


“Of course I caught you, I know you. Seriously Todoroki? You make every excuse to get out of these types of functions, this isn’t the same though. This time it is all for you. You can’t leave when you’re the guest of honor. People are going to notice.”


“Does it look like a care? This is all just a waste of my time. It doesn’t mean anything, I’m no closer to beating him-”


“Todoroki you’ve been trying to do that for years. Years. Can’t you just take one day to enjoy yourself?”


She sounds tired. Tired of hearing the same excuse over and over again from him. In all honestly Todoroki is tired of having this same conversation as well. Yaoyorozu marches up to him and holds her arm out. Todoroki loops his through hers and allows her to escort him back to the party. The minute they walk through the doors all eyes are drawn on him. He tries his best not to glare at the flashing lights, or at his posters, and definitely tries not to destroy the one of him and his father. It helps that Yaoyorozu stays by his side. She talks flawlessly, steering conversations, allowing him to brood as she keeps the guests happy.


“Ah, if you’ll excuse us for a second, I’ve suddenly become very parched. Todoroki? Mind getting me something to drink? Let’s go.”


At this point he feels like a puppet with his strings being pulled every which way. He walks over to the bar and takes the stool next to her, leaning against his hand and staring out the windows. He could do it. Just run up and jump out of it. Sure everyone would think he was crazy, but he’s about at that point now to do something crazy.


“Can I get your sweetest red wine please? And something strong for the man of the hour here.” Yaoyorozu orders.


As the bartender leaves she hums and turns over to her high school friend. Only he could be this miserable at his own party. He could always find something to be depressed and broody about no matter what.


“When was the last time you got laid?”


Todoroki’s hand slips and he nearly headbutts the counter, but quickly recovers. He stares at her like she’s lost her mind, cheeks turning pink.




“Come on Todoroki, you can be honest. You’ve been especially wound up lately. I’m concerned.”


“Maybe the reason I’ve been so wound up is because I was forced to take the day off of work to come to this party and hear people talk about how I’m such an amazing hero , and be paraded around all these alphas and omegas.”


“There’s a couple of betas here too.”


“That’s beside the point Yaoyorozu. You know how much I hate parties, how much I hate crowds, how much I despise being in such close proximities to omegas.”


Drinks  gets placed in front of the two of them at that moment. Yaoyorozu thanks the bartender while Todoroki simply grabs his glass and downs it all in one gulp. 


“Get me another.” He growls slamming it back down on the counter.


Yaoyorozu sighs, “Todoroki… you need a break. You need this. You need to socialize and to do that you need to surround yourself with people. You can’t just stay cooped up in your office and go patrolling streets all the time. You can’t live like that.”


“I’ve been surviving  just fine.”


Yaoyorozu makes a face at him before shaking her head. She stands up and grabs her drink from the counter.


“Do us both a favor and turn around. There’s a group of omegas at the table behind you practically drooling for you to acknowledge them. Go over and speak to one of them, have a dance, a good time. If omegas really aren’t your thing, there are dozens of others here at this party who would love to be graced with your presence for at least a couple of minutes. Take advantage of that.”


With that last piece of advice she leaves him. His drink is refilled and Todoroki downs it once more before standing up. Yaoyorozu doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Just because she’s known him for nearly a decade doesn’t mean she knows what’s best for him. Now that she’s finally left him he can continue with his escape. Not like he was needed here anymore; he already accepted his award and promptly handed it to one of his sidekicks the moment they stopped taking pictures. Wearing giant medals of honor certainly wasn’t his style. Todoroki makes a b-line for the doors, swerving left and right as people try and approach him.


“Ah- Shouto! You absolutely must meet my daughter!”


A hand reaches out and touches his shoulder. Todoroki automatically reacts and jerks back from it. He doesn’t feel the impact, but he hears the result. He turns around and sees a boy on the floor, food splattered all over him. He’s wearing a uniform that is now stained with mush; he must be one of the servers for this function. The people watching start to snicker and Todoroki glares at them.


“Are you alright?” He offers a hand.


“Ye-yeah, I’m fine. No use crying over spilled milk, right? I didn’t get you, did I sir?” The boy asks turning his head around.


Todoroki meets the brightest green eyes he’s ever seen before. They’re so wide and so pure; he feels a shiver run down his spine when they lock eyes. His face looks as red as a tomato with food smudges covering his cheeks. The boy reaches for his hand, but the second they touch Todoroki feels a spark. He immediately pulls his hand away like he’s been shocked with electricity and the boy falls back down, losing balance. He sits right in the pile of food he dropped and that’s when the laughter gets louder. Todoroki holds his hand to his chest and glances down at it before looking back to the boy.


“I’m so-”


He holds his tongue. The boy is staring up at him in a new light now. He’s glaring sharply, a slight frown on his lips. He picks himself up and grabs his tray, disappearing out of the doors. Todoroki gulps and squeezes his hands into fists. What in the world is wrong with him? Why did he do that to him?


“What an unfortunate accident. That server didn’t get you, did he Shouto?” His guest asks patting his shoulder.


“Excuse me.” Todoroki brushes him off.


He leaves out of the same door and follows the boy. It wasn’t his intention to let him fall back down. He didn’t do that on purpose! Just when he touched him it shocked him- he wasn’t prepared for that! That boy deserves an apology. Todoroki wiggles his nose around and follows the faint scent of food mixed in with embarrassment. The scent leads him into the male restroom and he jerked back a bit, a sour scent hitting him as soon as he opens the doors.


“Nice work Izuku, beautiful work back there. This is why people call you clumsy. Can’t even walk in a straight line without falling all over yourself. This is why I told Aya that I didn’t want to take her shift. Such a sucker I am, you’ll be able to meet pro heroes Izuku . Yeah, meet them and completely embarrass myself in front of them,” the boy mutters to himself.


He’s so focused on scrubbing his shirt, hoping that his boss won’t deduct the costs from his paycheck, that he doesn’t hear anyone enter. He can’t afford to lose a single penny right now. The boy doesn’t notice the body that appears behind him. He wets his rag under the water again and faintly looks up at his reflection to see how bad it looks-... when all of a sudden he sees someone and yells lightly.


“AH!” He jumps back into the counter.


Todoroki takes a step back and holds his hands up, “sorry, my apologies.”


The boy takes a huge breath and places a hand on his chest, “whew… you scared me.”


Was it because of him or his scar- Todoroki shakes the thoughts from his head. He clears his voice and bows lightly.


“My apologies. I didn’t mean to frighten you, I only wanted to come and apologize to you. I tried helping you and my hand… slipped. I didn’t intend to drop you, I’m really sorry about that. Please accept my apologies. I’ll be more than happy to pay for any drycleaning bills since I’m the one who bumped into you.”


The boy’s cheeks turn pink. This man… he didn’t hear him before, did he? Oh no, was he muttering to himself out loud again!? And in front of a pro hero?! He covers his face with his hands and shakes his head. He cannot believe this- this is just not his day today.


“Sir?... Are you feeling unwell? Should I go get someone?” Todoroki asks and makes the dumb mistake to try and touch him again.


He feels the same shock he felt last time as he touches his shoulder. He quickly pulls his hand back and the boy stares at him, eyes wide.


“Ow, did you just shock me?”.


“I-... I don’t know.” Todoroki mumbles staring at his hand.


“I thought your quirk was half fire and half ice, I didn’t know lightening was thrown into the mix.”


“You know who I am?”


It was the stupidest question he has ever asked someone in his life. Of course this person knows who he is. Everyone knows who Todoroki Shouto is. He regrets it the minute it escapes out of his mouth, but the boy’s lips seem to quirk up a little.


“Do I know the person this party I’m working at is honoring? Yes, yes I do know. It’s a pleasure to meet you in person Mr. Todoroki Shouto.”


He wants to face palm. Instead he keeps his expression blank and nods his head, “you can simply call me Todoroki.”


“Todoroki then. Congratulations on your medal of honor. You really deserved it; I was speechless watching you on the news saving that family from a burning building. I don’t care what some newscasters say, if you would have waited for back-up I’m sure that family would have perished. I admire your courage to face danger head on like that; you were a really cool hero- are a really cool hero.”


He’s been hearing people tell him that all day today, just not in so many words, but for some reason when this server tells him congrats he actually feels embarrassed. Todoroki clears his throat and nods his head again.


“Thank you.”


“You don’t have to worry about the drycleaning bill; my mother works wonders with stains and I’m sure she can get this all out. You should go back out and enjoy your party, it is for you after all. Thank you for checking up on me and apology- ke-kem, apology accept.” The boy mutters again.


His speech is a little slow, cheeks flustering red all of a sudden. Todoroki frowns and tilts his head.


“Are you sure you feel alright? You don’t look so good.”


“Ye-yeah, sorry. It’s just- I’m an omega, and you’re so close to me right now. You’re pheromones are a little-” he lets the sentence die out, eyes wandering around.


Todoroki’s eyes widen as he takes a huge step back, “I’m sorry-”


“Don’t worry, I know alphas don’t really have good control over their pheromones. I took my suppressants before coming here, but sometimes-... sometimes it doesn’t- work-” the boy lets out a small gasp as his legs fall from under him.


Todoroki is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He wants to reach out and help the boy, but last time he did that he was shocked, and it was his pheromones that were making him like this. He should go and find another omega or beta to help… but what if an alpha comes in here? Wouldn’t they take advantage of this situation? Todoroki feels small pricks on the back of his neck. He looks at the boy and his eyes sharpen a little bit. He smells so… interesting. Did he always smell like this? So sweet? 


“I’m okay. I’m okay, no need to worry Todoroki,” the boy whispers, trying to console him while he was in pain.


Todoroki snaps and pinches his leg. He walks over and ignores the shocks as he touches the boy, putting his arm around his shoulder and helping him up. He holds his breath as he walks him out of the restroom and towards the elevators. Luckily for them no one catches his scent and they’re able to make it safely. Todoroki feels like clawing his nose off as the elevator doors close. He tries his hardest to breathe through his mouth and ignore the panting omega beside him. This is why he hates omegas. They make alphas lose their damn minds and not care a single bit about their well-being.


The door pings when they arrive on his floor and he drags the omega out. The boy’s feet keep tripping and he presses himself against Todoroki, burying his nose against the crook of his neck. He nuzzles into his scent glands and growls out.


Alpha .”


Torodoki nearly trips. He races towards his room and pulls out the key, opening the door and closing it behind them. He drags the boy to his bed and drops him there, panting heavily as he takes several steps back and admires him. The omega leans up and tilts his head to the side, eyes bright and shining, enticing him. He brings a finger to his lips and moans out.


“Come alpha.”


Everything inside of him is begging him to listen to his desires. Todoroki growls out loudly not being able to control it. He covers his mouth and turns his head, willing his ice quirk to cool him down.


“Do you have someone I can call?”




“Your boss? A co-worker? How about your mother? Where is your cell phone, I can make the call for you.”


Alpha please .”


Todoroki turns back around; it was his downfalling. In just two strides he’s over at the bed and pressing his lips against the begging omega’s. The boy cries out and sucks his lips, hands clawing at his clothes.


“Alpha, my alpha.” He purrs.


Todoroki growls out and pushes him on the bed. He starts to unbuckle his belt and pushes his pants down, freeing his manhood. The boy whimpers and turns around, pressing his head into the pillows and presenting himself. All Todoroki remembers after that is being in a haze. It was like he wasn’t in control of his own body. He strips the boy naked and doesn’t even bother prepping him before shoving himself inside of him. The omega cries and sucks him up eagerly, already soaking wet. Todoroki wastes no time thrusting inside of him. He feels his knot begin to inflate and growls out loudly.


“Alpha, yes, yes- Todoroki!” He cries out in pleasure.


It only boosts him on. His lips presses against the omega’s neck, tasting him. He tastes sweet, like something he can’t put his finger on. Todoroki has never liked sweet things, but this he could eat for hours. No, not eat, devour.


The boy comes instantly and the sweetest smells fill the room. Todoroki clenches his eyes as he buries his hand into the boy’s moppy green hair. He tugs on it as he thrusts with no rhythm, coming at full force. He falls on top of the omega and grunts, spazzing on top of him as he unloads all of his semen inside of him.




Todoroki opens his eyes and turns his head. The omega’s mischievous eyes are glowing at him and those pink lips are smiling.


“Again please.”


Todoroki has never felt himself get hard so fast.




Someone is brushing his hair out of his face. Todoroki immediately catches the hand and cracks one of his eyes open, a glare on his face as he stares at the perpetrator. The person yelps and flinches, eyes wide with fear. Todoroki blinks as he recognizes those eyes. He slowly releases the hand and blinks.


“M-mo-morning. I apologize, I-I didn’t mean to wake you. I was going to d-disappear, I didn’t know if you wanted me here when you woke up or not, so I was going to leave, but I found myself unable to, so I watched you sleep. Not in a creepy way though! I was hoping you would wake up soon, but I didn’t want to wake you. You looked so peaceful and I know I hate it when I’m woken up, so I didn’t want to-”


Todoroki covers the boy’s mouth with his hand. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before sighing out. He tries scooting back, but something stops him. The boy moans softly and Torodoki’s face turns red as he realizes he never pulled out of the omega. His hand drops and the boy bites his bottom lip.


“Sorry.” He squeaks, “I don’t mean to ramble…. I just can’t help it.”


Wordlessly he pulls himself out of the boy and leans up from the bed. Memories of last night flood into his mind as he runs his hands over his face.


“I’m sorry.”


The boy blinks and stares at him. Is he-... he’s shaking. He’s physically shaking. He tries reaching a hand for him, but the second they touch Todoroki cringes away.


“I’m sorry, please leave.”


“Ah- Todoroki. What-” he tries touching him again.


“I SAID LEAVE!” He shouts, ice spiking up around him.


The boy squeaks and jumps out of bed. The blankets gets covered in a thick layer of frost and he quickly gets up, picking up his clothes from the floor. Before he leaves the room he spares one last look and sees Todoroki in the same position, looking like a broken man as his ice wall consumes him. As the door closes Todoroki whispers to himself, a tear appearing in his eye.


“I’m just like my father.”


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“Welcome home honey, how was work last night?”


Midoriya silently closes the door behind him and leans against it. His mind wanders as he stands there, staring at his shoes.


“You worried me not coming home last night. The least you can do is send your poor old mother a text. Did you spend the night at a friend’s house?” Inko asks walking into the doorway.


She dries her hands off on her apron as she turns the corner and sees her son standing by the door. She’s been worried all night since he never messaged her where he was; doesn’t matter if her son is responsible or technically considered an adult now, Midoriya is still her baby. As Inko gets closer she gasps lightly noticing the state of his clothes. 


“Izuku, what happened?!”


“Huh?” Midoriya mumbles before looking at his clothes, “oh, I had a bit of an accident yesterday. Do you think you can get these stains out Mom?”


“Izuku you look like a mess! Take those clothes off and get in the tub immediately! I can’t believe this- did you walk home in that?”


Midoriya scratches the back of his head as he laughs, “hahaha, sorry Mom. I’ll do that right now.”


“You didn’t injure yourself, did you?”


“Only my pride.”




“I’m fine Mom, I promise. I’ll tell you the story after I wash up.”


Midoriya kisses his mother’s cheek as he slips by her. He feels bad for not messaging her, but there’s nothing he could have done in the state he was in yesterday. Midoriya walks into the bathroom and gets rid of his clothes. He starts the bath water and begins to wash off all the food, dirt, and sweat off of him. As he scrubs he notices all sorts of marks covering his entire body. Scratches, hickies, teeth marks; what hurts the most are the fingerprints that are burned into his skin. He remembers a deep voice growling in his ear and proceeds to pour cold water over his head.


“He instantly regretted it Izuku, so get your mind off of him.”


Last night was… a mistake in Todoroki’s eyes. Of course it would be, how else could you explain it? A pro hero? Sleeping with a quirkless omega like him? Midoriya’s eyes darken as he pours more water over his head. No matter how much of a fantasy last night was… he should forget about it. Think of it as a dream. Nice, but fleeting. Midoriya sighs as he stands up and gets inside of the tub. He lets the hot water burn his skin and tries his best to forget the two colored eyes staring at him in the night.




Midoriya’s shoulders stiffen up as his boss/best friend circles around him. She’s been on edge ever since he was late a couple weeks ago, pushing him harder than usual, and this is quite frankly scaring him. He can’t recover from another experiment; he hasn’t even recovered from last time’s experiment. She’s going to kill him, or at least cause permanent damage.


“You smell sweet.” Hatsume hums to herself.


“You always say I smell like marshmallows and saskatoon berries, which I still have no idea how you know what those smell like since they’re native to Canada.”


His boss punches his shoulder, “stop being such a smartass Izuku, I mean it. You smell… like toasted marshmallows and saskatoon cocoa.”


Midoriya blinks at her, “I’m sure you made that last one up.”


Hatsume pulls back and flashes him a smile as she laughs, “it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’ll let you try it the next time my aunt sends me a care package from Canada. I hope your sweet smelling ass is ready for work.”


“I’m filing a sexual harassment claim against you.”


“Hahaha, you’re funny Izuku.”


Midoriya rolls his eyes as he puts on a pair of gloves, “ready to work when you are.”


Hatsume grins and drops a pile of junk onto his table that needs a bit of tinkering. Midoriya sweat-drops as he wonders how she considers building from the ground back up ‘a bit of tinkering,’ but gets to work anyway. Sometimes his job is too much, but on days where he rather have a dull mind it’s good that there’s so much on his plate. He can close his mind off and finally stop thinking for once. Simply focus on what’s in front of him until his hours are up. Then he has to return to home and think all about…


Midoriya shakes his head and concentrates on his work. He doesn’t notice Hatsume glancing at him throughout their entire shift. She dances around him, sneaking more sniffs, observing him… really watching him. Lunch rolls by and her best friend doesn’t seem to notice at all. She sneaks up behind him and squeezes his sides, screaming out loudly-




“AH! MEI!” Midoriya whines.


“Hahahaha, I can’t believe I got you! Hahahaha, that was good I wish I had my babies recording! Come on my scared little omega, it’s lunch time.”


“I swear I don’t know why I put up with you all the time.”


“You love me, that’s why. Omegas LOVE other omegas, always and forever since the dawn of time.”


“I’m starting to think there’s an exception for that.”


Midoriya pulls his gloves off and follows Hatsume outside of their workspace. They greet the co-workers they pass by as they head to the cafeteria. When Hatsume first started working here she made it her personal mission to try everything off of the menu at least once. She’s proud to say that there’s less than ten dishes left for her to try. Midoriya, on the other hand, sticks to the classic and his personal favorite katsudon.


“You’ve been really into your work lately Izuku.”


Midoriya shrugs as he pulls apart his chopsticks, “isn’t that a good thing?”


“Of course, I wish all the workers here were like you… but serious. Between this internship, all the shifts you take for Aya, and school are you allowing yourself to breathe?”


He silently chews his food and takes a sip of water. “Yes Mei.”


Hatsume’s eyes narrow a bit, “Izuku.”


“I’ve been getting a little bit more… tired lately. That’s all though. I have a really nice balance going on, and it’s not like I take Aya’s shifts all the time.”


“Your dream is the same as mine, to make super cute babies to help the heroes capture the villians. It is not serving people horderves and taking slack from them. Didn’t you say you got pushed over the last catering job you covered for her?”


“I wasn’t pushed, I was bumped into, and that person apologized.”


“Izuku, just slow it down. You’re about to graduate, then you can go from over-qualified intern to over-qualified worker. I’m going to push for you to be at my department and then we’re going to completely rule over this agency! Us and our cute babies!” Hatsume laughs out loudly, turning heads.


Izuku sighs, “you’re speaking too loudly Mei.”


“I can’t help it, I have to tell the world about my babies. All my future babies can’t be born if you’re exhausted though. Promise me you won’t take anymore shifts from Aya, okay? Aren’t midterms coming up soon? You should be focusing on that, although you’re like a super genius, you shouldn’t let that go to your head.”


“I need the money, it’s the only reason I take those shifts. That and Aya really stuck her neck out getting me this job.”


“Promise me Izuku.”


“I almost have enough money to pay back my loans, and then I’ll slow-”


“Promise me Izuku!”


“I’ll slow down after that Mei, I prom-”




“Alright Mei I promise! Just stop yelling!” Midoriya yells himself, shrinking down into his seat.


Hatsume grins from ear to ear, completely oblivious to all the eyes on their table. What does she care? She got her way, and besides it’s not like these people don’t know how loud and rambunctious she can be. It’s why most of them allow her to do whatever she wants… that and the fact that she’s a pro when it comes at making things go boom.


“Good, that’s what I like to hear.”


Happy to hear herself win Hatsume breaks apart her chopsticks and takes the lid off of her ramen. The aroma flies up in a little smoke and Midoriya stiffens, his nose twitching. He gags a little bit… and then gags some more, scooting his chair back and covering his nose.


“Mei, that stinks!” He exclaims.


“What? How dare you! Nothing stinks about my spicy miso ramen with chili roasted salmon!”


“Yes, yes it does! Quickly cover it before I hurl!”


Hatsume pouts lightly, “that’s not funny-”


Her best friend gags and quickly leaves the cafeteria, running for the bathroom. Hatsume frowns as she stands up. She looks at her meal and gives it a sniff.


“Smells fine to me. Izuku! Izuku wait up!” She yells running after him.


She hardly cares that it’s the men’s restroom as she barges in. She can hear her best friend barfing his lunch out and opens the door. The smell is less than desirable, but she holds her breath and sits next to Midoriya, offering her presence as support. It helps and Midoriya throws up one more time before he just sits there, heaving.


“You should have told me you were sick.”


“I didn’t realize that I was,” Midoriya groans.


Hatsume sighs as she runs his hand through his hair. Her fingers feel cool and MIdoriya leans towards them.


“Come on, let’s go have Dr. Mao check you out. I’m pretty sure she’s on duty right now.”


“I don’t want to bother her with a small bug; I think I should just go home early.”


“No can do, what type of friend would I be if this small bug turned into something serious? Didn’t I just mention before you have midterms coming up soon? If you aren’t careful you’ll get even worse and won’t be able to take them at all.”


Midoriya hates it when she’s right. He grabs her hand and Hatsume squeezes it tightly as she helps him up. Step by step they walk out of the restroom and head towards the medical wing.


“I think the salmon you had was rotten.”


“It looked fine to me Izuku, I just think your nose is broken. Don’t worry, I can build you a new one, a better one, maybe one that can even shoot out lasers!”


Midoriya snorts and Hatsume giggles. It helps keep his thoughts off of the pain and the urge to hurl. Whatever he has, he hopes Dr. Mao can heal him enough to feel better, or at least give him some medicine so he can knock out and not have a single dream about two colored eyes tonight.


Chapter Text

Todoroki looks up after a bunch of files land on his desk. He blinks at his friend glaring down at him, hands on her hips as always, before looking back at his report. 


“Thank you.”


Yaoyorozu growls and slams her hands on his desk.


“Todoroki! Look at me! I haven’t seen you in weeks- WEEKS! Not since you’re party! You’ve been ignoring my texts, my calls, and now on my day off instead of spending it with Kyoka I have to spend it coming down to your agency to check on you only to hear that you haven’t been home in days! What in the world is the matter with you?!”


“I’m busy, can’t we do this another time?”


Yaoyorozu’s eye twitches. She creates a pole and pulls it out of her chest, slamming it right down on his desk. Todoroki leans back as she drags it across throwing off all his papers, files, picture frames, laptop, everything onto the floor. 


“Not another time, now. You and me are going to get lunch, YOU’RE GOING TO PAY, and then I’m going to take you home where you’ll stay until tomorrow. Understood?”


He looks up and stares at her, “and if I don’t?”


Yaoyorozu leans over, “try me.”


Today was not his day. Todoroki sighs as he gets up and walks around his desk, not even bothering with the mess. Yaoyorozu looks really smug as she leads the way out of his agency. They walk down the block to a soba spot, one of Todoroki’s favorites, and get a table in the back.


“So are you going to tell me why you’ve been such a lousy friend?”


“I have issues.”


“Todoroki, you’ve had issues since the moment I met you. You were still a better friend back then than you have been in weeks. Tell me what’s been going on. Why do you look like a sulking baby?”


Fury flashed in his eyes, “I do not look like a sulking baby.”


“Ugh, you even sound like one too. Hello, ma’am? Can we get a kid’s meal for my friend right here? He’s forgotten how to act like an adult.”


If this wasn’t one of Todoroki’s favorite places to eat at he would have frozen Yaoyorozu in her seat. It was though, and he didn’t want to risk getting banned, so he held his tongue and decided to glare instead. After ordering a man’s meal the two of them stare in silence. She waits for him to explain why he’s been a terrible friend while he waits for his food to come out so he can enjoy it and then send her on her way. Yaoyorozu is the first to break it as she sighs out and leans against the table.


“Todoroki… I’m serious. Have you seen yourself lately?”


Seeing as how he hates looking at himself, the answer is pretty obvious, “no.”


“Well you don’t look good, terrible in fact. I haven’t seen you this sullen since… since high school… is it your Dad? Did he try contacting you recently? Did you accidentally run into him?”


“It has nothing to do with him.”


An absolute lie. Everything that is bad in his life has something to do with that man, but saying that would be giving him too much credit. Yaoyorozu shakes her head and leans back into her chair.


“I don’t know why you always do this dance. You know I always win in the end; it would save so much time if you just stopped being like this and told me what’s wrong. You can talk to me you know. I’m always here for you.”


She raises an eyebrow as his shoulder freezes over. Todoroki squeezes his hands into fists on his lap and closes his eyes.


“I… did something regrettable.”


“Go on.”


Todoroki gulps. He tried forgetting about it- no, that’s not true. He has let the memory haunt him for weeks now. He didn’t have any right to forget about it since it was his fault after all. He’s been kicking himself in the ass as he thinks about it over and over and over again. How much of an animal he was, how much of a monster, how much he was like his-


“Todoroki, you’re about to freeze your whole arm you know.” Yaoyorozu warns him.


Todoroki opens his eyes and looks down at his right side. He takes a warm breath and relaxes, brushing the ice off of his shoulder.


“I… at my award party… I bumped into someone.”


“Bumped into someone? You mean like an old friend?”


“No, not an old friend. I didn’t know him. I literally bumped into one of the servers and knocked him down.”


“Oh, well did you apologize?”


“Yes, I followed him to apologize and he started talking to me.”


“Oh… oh! I see where this is going. So you took my advice, huh?” Yaoyorozu wiggles her eyebrows.


She regrets it seeing how her friend’s face turned even darker than before. She reaches out her hand to him, a soft gasp escaping her lips.


“Todoroki? Todoroki what happened?”


“I don’t know. He started his heat I think- he said his suppressants don’t work sometimes- I don’t know really Yaoyorozu. I couldn’t just leave him there, I was afraid another alpha would come in and force himself onto him while I was out getting helped. I took him to my hotel room to protect him and asked if he had anyone I could call and- and-”


He starts shaking in his chair. Yaoyorozu scoots her seat over towards him and wraps her arms around his shoulders. He feels so cold in her arms; she pulls him in tighter and holds him.




“I didn’t mean to Yaoyorozu, I couldn’t control myself. I wasn’t thinking straight- I don’t think he was either. He wanted me and I just- I just- I took advantage of him. I was just like my father, I took advantage of him and I regret it. I regret it so much! I can’t believe I allowed my instincts to get the better of me, I never do that! I’ve trained so hard to control the animal in me and yet I-I-”


“Todoroki what happened afterwards? What happened to the boy?”


“I don’t- I don’t know. When I woke up he was there, smiling at me like I hadn’t just- like I didn't- and I just yelled at him. Told him to leave. I kept thinking about my father, what he did to my mother, how he forced her, and I couldn’t keep him there. I didn’t want to hurt him anymore. I tried to apologize again once I got my head straight, but I couldn’t find him. The hotel said he was part of a catering company so they didn’t have his name on any records. He must hate me. He must think I’m a total monster. I’m sure I’m the last person he ever wants to see again.”




Yaoyorozu holds her friend tightly. She knows the struggles he’s been through; all his life he’s fought to not be like his father and it seems he can’t escape it. She comforts him until their food arrives and tries to lighten up the mood.


“I can help you know, find him.”


“What’s the point?”


“Todoroki if you’ve done something wrong you should apologize for it. Look at yourself, it’s obvious the guilt is eating you alive. Instead of suffering you should try and fix it. I know you like to suffer and wallow in self-pity, but this isn’t about you. If you’ve really hurt this boy like you said you have then you need to make things right.”


Todoroki doesn’t say anything, but she notices him nod his head lightly.


“Good, now can you tell me his name?”




Yaoyorozu blinks, “his name Todoroki.”


“I… don’t know.”


“Are you telling me you bedded an omega in heat and didn’t even get his name?!” She hisses.


“He has green eyes and green hair. I’m sure his name has something to do with the color… probably.”


Yaoyorozu groans and shakes her head, “what am I going to do with you Todoroki?”


“I ask myself the same question sometimes.”


They finish their meal in relative silence before paying the bill and leaving. Yaoyorozu tries to force him to go back home, but Todoroki convinces her to at least let him pick up his overnight bag. He has a pile of clothes that desperately needed washing in his office. The two walk back to the agency, Yaoyorozu planning to make sure he gets home safely before enjoying the rest of the day off.


“Did you at least get the name of the catering company?”


“Divine Catering.”


“I see, and the boy- the omega, what did he look like?”


“Small… mutters a lot to himself, dark green hair that looks like a mop, but bright green eyes… kind of scraggly- or well his clothes made him look like that, he actually had muscles, and a few scars on his body. He had freckles I think, I can’t remember too well. He smelled very sweet; had this unbelievable sweet smell, like berries, and something else.”


“Hmm, not a lot to go by, but I’ll see what I can do. Maybe I can call the catering company’s manager and ask if they have a person working by that description? I can lie and say I work at the hotel and saw him leave something behind.”


“Lying? To civilians? But we’re heroes.”


Yaoyorozu glares and punches his shoulder, “you want my help or not?”


Todoroki smiles lightly, “I do… thanks Yaoyorozu.”


“Hey, what are friends for?”


The two of them smile as they walk inside of his agency. Neither of them were expecting Jason, the receptionist, to be waiting for them. 


“Ah- Todoroki! I’m glad you’re finally back! There’s someone here to see you, and he was very insistent that he had to see you as soon as possible. I tried calling you, but you never answered.” Jason says from behind his desk.


Yaoyorozu raises an eyebrow while Todoroki frowns.


“Is it an emergency?”


“Well, no-”


“Are they here to report a crime? Do they have secret intel they only wish to inform me?”


“Er- they didn’t mention that-”


“Then why do you think I would need to speak with a civilian when we have dozens of other heroes here, including yourself, who don’t have anything better to do-”


“And that’s where we’re going to stop, sorry Jason. Todoroki is a little cranky right now, pulling all nighters here, you know what I mean. He doesn’t know what he’s saying and he apologizes. What he really meant to say was thank you and we’ll handle it.”


“Ah- okay. They’re waiting in your office-”


“My office?! Alone?! Why don’t you just invite villains inside our agency and hand them all of our secrets?!” Todoroki explodes.


“And this is our cue to leave, bye Jason.” Yaoyorozu waves dragging him away.


“I swear- what in the world is going through that head of his?”


“Todoroki, calm down. It isn’t that serious. Jason’s just doing his job. What if this is something important?”


“What if this is just another crazy fan?”


“What if this is someone who needs help and is scared to ask for it?”


Todoroki frowns and stomps to his office. Yaoyorozu giggles, a win for her, and follows after him with a kick in her step. When they arrived she expects for him to open the door, but he’s frozen in front of it.




His nose twitches.


“Todoroki? Hello? Todoroki!”


“This smell…”


He’s almost scared to open the door. Almost. His hand reaches for the handle though and pulls it down, pushing it open. Inside sitting on his couch pressed against the window is the nightmare he’s been having for weeks now and a girl with her hands in a place they shouldn’t be. She yelps and giggles, scratching her head as she pushes his filing cabinet close.


“I told you were going to get caught.”


He’s there. He’s right there. Yaoyorozu blinks and stares at the two people. Is that the boy her friend was with? He matches the description perfectly. She looks at Todoroki and sees him paralyzed, eyes staring at him. He’s such a goof ball sometimes.


“Hello there, my name is-”


“Yaoyorozu Momo! Hero name Creati! I know you! I know everything about you!” Midoriya exclaims.


Or maybe this was someone that looked like who Todoroki described and was actually a crazy fan like he thought.


“Oye, Izuku, we aren’t here to drool over heroes. We’re here on some serious business. Remember the mission.”


“Huh? Oh, yeah, right. Um, hi there! Yaoyorozu, To-To-Todoroki.” Midoriya blushes.


Todoroki finally makes a move… and simply nods his head. Nothing else is said inside of the room. Hatsume can’t stand this awkward silence anymore and starts heading towards the door.


“Well Mr. Todoroki sir, my little buddy over here needs to have a conversation with you man to man. Hello there, Creati was it? I’m Hatsume Mei, here’s my card. I work for Power Loader, the excavation slash support agency? Are all your support needs being fulfilled? Because we would absolutely love to have you as a client,” Hatsume says wrapping her arm around Yaoyorozu’s shoulder and steering her outside of the room. 


She closes the door and hopes her friend can do this as she distracts the other hero. Midoriya gulps as he stands up, wiping his sweaty hands off on his pants. Todoroki hasn’t said a word and he’s just staring at him so intensely… it’s unnerving.


“H-how- how are you?”


“Good.” Todoroki doesn’t recognize his own voice.


“That’s good… I’ve been good as well!”


He simply nods. Midoriya looks down at the floor and twiddles with his fingers. He doesn’t remember him being so intense last time. Sure he yelled at him to get out of the room, and Midoriya did drop by at his agency unannounced and was waiting in his office- maybe this all was a bad idea after all.


“I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to interrupt- I’ll just go now.” Midoriya apologizes and heads for the door.


Before he can pass him though Todoroki reaches out and grabs his hand; shocks run up and down his arm, but he refuses to let go, “don’t!”


Midoriya looks up at him with those innocent green eyes of his. He did have freckles. That wasn’t just his imagination, he has freckles on both of his cheeks, and very light ones across his nose. Todoroki has to lean in to see them and he wonders why they’re turning red.


“Ah- Todoroki?”


Todoroki blinks and lets go, leaning back, “my apologies. I was hoping to see you again, so- ke-kem, please don’t go.”


“It’s not a problem. That’s good to hear- that’s good because I came here to see you again… which you can tell, since I’m here, in your office right now… yeah.”


Todoroki nods his head, “yes you are.”


They sound like fools. Both of them take a step back and look away, trying to regain their footing. Todoroki clears his voice while Midoriya takes a calming breath.




“I never got your name.”


“Ah-” Midoriya flinches a little, “you didn’t? Sorry, sorry, I don’t know what was going through my mind- well, yes I do. Still, I should have had enough sense to tell you. My name is Midoriya Izuku.”


Midoriya Izuku. Midoriya Izuku. Todoroki wants to try saying the name on his lips.


“It’s nice to re-meet you Midoriya Izuku.”


Midoriya’s cheeks warm up again and he nods, “it's nice to re-meet you too Todoroki. I hope I’m not catching you at a bad time.”


“No, you aren’t. I just came back from lunch, and I’m about to clock out of my shift now. You actually caught me at a good time.”


“Oh, well that’s good. I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing here, huh? Well… you see… ugh, I had this whole speech prepared, yet I can’t remember any of it right now. Er- ah, that’s right. Maybe this will help. Hmm, now where did I put it?”


Midoriya hums as he digs around in his pockets. Todoroki stares, a small smile on his face as he watches him with amusement. The way his face lights up the minute he finds what he’s looking for makes his heart skip a beat for a second.


“Ah, here it is. I wanted to give this to you.” Midoriya says handing him a white envelope.


Todoroki takes it and stares, “thank you?”


“It’s nothing to thank me for! Really! You have the wrong idea! Inside that is- well- okay, maybe I should start at the beginning. Remember a couple of weeks ago when we met at your party?”


Todoroki face darkens. What was this? A restraining order? A charge against him for forcing himself onto the omega? Whatever it was out of the two he deserved it. He kicked him out and abandoned him after forcing himself onto him. If the situations were reversed Todoroki would have wanted justice.


“Well do you remember when we-um, when my heat came and we went into your room and well-... do you- do you remember using protection?”


Todoroki blinks, his face going still. Midoriya chuckles awkwardly as he scratches his cheek.


“Don’t think too hard trying to remember because we didn’t- and well… I was in heat, and you’re an alpha, and what I’m trying to say that I can’t seem to say is that… I’m pregnant… with your pup… yeah.”


There. He said it. He finally said it. Now Todoroki and him can talk and discuss what’s going to happen next-


“I’ll pay for the abortion.”


Midoriya feels his walls crumbling, “what?”


Todoroki doesn’t skip a beat as he tells him to his face again, “I’ll pay for the abortion. It’s what you came here for, right?”


Midoriya has seen a lot of terrible things in his life. He’s seen bullies prey on the innocent. He’s seen heroes he’s admired fall. He’s seen his dreams crumble right in front of him. He has never seen anything as cruel as this though. He can’t control his anger as tears blind his vision. Without even thinking he reaches his hand up and slaps the pro hero across the face.


“I can’t believe you! I can’t believe- MEI! MEI WE’RE LEAVING!” The omega screams stomping outside of the room.


Todoroki’s eyes are wide as he touches his cheek. What in the world- what just happened? Why did Midoriya slap him? Isn’t that what he came here for? To tell him he didn’t want to birth his offspring? That he didn’t want to be the mother of a monster? Why did he react that way? Todoroki turns and chases after him, needing to know these answers.


“Midoriya!” He calls out.


“MEI LET’S GO!” Midoriya growls out at her.


Hastume looks worried as she stands up and leaves Yaoyorozu’s side, wrapping an arm around her best friend. The scent coming off of him is so strong it’s hurting her nose. Normally he smells of sweetness, but right now burnt marshmallows and anger are filling her nostrils. Both not a scent she’s used to coming from him.


“Izuku, what’s wrong? You’re crying, what happened?!”


“I just wasted my time trying to talk to a hero who was really an asshole in disguise! That’s what happened!”


“Midoriya wait!” Todoroki yells running into the room.


“Todoroki?” Yaoyorozu calls.


“What did you do to him?!” Hatsume screeches, eyes sharpening as she bares her fangs.


“Midoriya listen-”


“No, you listen! If you think I’m going to stand here and let you KILL MY PUP YOU HAVE ANOTHER THING COMING!”


Hatusme’s eyes widen as she stares at Midoriya then back at Todoroki, so wishing she brought her babies with her to teach this alpha a lesson. Yaoyorozu gasps and covers her mouth, not believing her ears. She walks over to Todoroki’s side and stares at him.


“Todoroki you didn’t.”


“I didn’t- I did not- isn’t that what you came here for?!” He yells out.


Midoriya scoffs, “I came here because I actually thought you were a decent alpha and wanted to be apart of your pup’s life! I came here because I didn’t want to be cruel and deny you of that! I came here because I believed you were a good person and would want to know that you have a pup! Clearly I was wrong about you, my bad. My apologizes. It won’t happen again Mr. Todoroki. I’ll handle this MISTAKE all on my own and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Come on Mei, we don’t need to be here anymore.”


No, this can’t be real. This isn’t happening. This can’t be happening. He doesn’t understand- there’s a misunderstanding. Why can’t Todoroki say anything though? He’s frozen in his place. Maybe… there’s a small part of him whispering maybe- maybe this is a good thing. What type of father would he be? The thought was an impossible one. There’s no way he would be able to show his pup anything but fear and hatred. He should let them go, let them enjoy their life without him… all he would do is ruin it. Yaoyorozu stares at Todoroki like he’s grown two heads before she runs forward.


“Please! Please wait- this is a misunderstanding- you don’t understand-”


“Don’t touch him!” Hatsume growls getting ready to lunge.


“Please sir, don’t go! Todoroki he- he’s sorry for what he did to you! He’s sorry he attacked you!”


Attacked? This catches Midoriya’s attention. He pauses in front of the door and turns around, staring at Yaoyorozu.


“What are you talking about?”


“Todoroki told me today, he said he attacked you. He was telling me how much he wanted to apologize for doing that. He said he caused you pain- of course he thought you would want to get rid of the pup- why would you ever want to keep the offspring of your attacker?”


Midoriya takes a step towards her, “Todoroki didn’t attack me.”


Yaoyorozu blinks, “no?”


“No, he didn’t. It was my fault. My suppressants didn’t work. He tried to stop me, but I wanted him too badly. This isn’t his fault, it’s mine.”


Todoroki doesn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. This IS his fault. Everything is his fault. Everything is always his fault. MIdoriya’s anger subsides as he takes a look at him. He walks over and stands directly in front of Todoroki, staring into his eyes.


“All this time you were living thinking you took advantage of me?”


“I- I- didn’t I?” The words are a whisper.


“No you idiot. This was the work of faulty heat medicine and weak wills. You didn’t actually think… no, you did. You did.” Midoriya sighs, “that’s way worse than what I’ve been thinking.”


Todoroki looks up a little, “what-” he gulps, “and what we-were you thinking?”


“That you woke up regretting that you slept with a quirkless loser and wanted nothing to do with me ever again and couldn’t even stand the sight of me anymore.”


Todoroki frowns deeply, “I didn’t… know you were quirkless.”


“Oh… well I am, so there’s a good chance our pup will be quirkless.”


“... I would prefer our pup be quirkless than have my quirks.”


Midoriya raises his eyebrow, “our pup? Does that mean you only said that idiotic thing I will never repeat because you thought that was truly what I wanted?”


Todoroki looks down… not knowing the truth. He didn’t feel happy or excited hearing the news. Only scared… immensely scared… and kind of numb. What if that was the real reason Midoriya came? Would Todoroki have tried to convince him otherwise? Would he have agreed? Would he have felt anything hearing him want to kill his pup?


“Ah- Hatsume, has your friend eaten yet?” Yaoyorozu’s voice breaks the silence.


Hatusme blinks and turns to her, “... no.”


“I hear it’s very bad for expecting omegas to skip meals. Todoroki, why don’t you take him out to eat? You two can talk a little and get to know each other better.” She suggests.


“If you think I’m letting my best friend leave-”


“I would like that. Would you Todoroki? I know you told me you already had lunch, so we can reschedule for another time if you like?”


Todoroki gulps, “I could eat again.”


“Good. My mom is making katsudon; it’s the only thing I can stomach right now. Let’s go.”


Midoriya turns on his heels and starts walking. He hugs Hatsume goodbye, whispering in her ear his thanks and that he’ll call her later, before leaving the agency. Todoroki stands there for a second before he’s chasing after him again. Hastume glares at their retreating figures.


“He isn’t going to hurt him, is he?”


“No, Todoroki isn’t like that. He’ll take good care of him, I swear.”




Yaoyorozu sighs, “I swear what would that boy do without me? Jason! Hi, you can come out from hiding now, everything is alright. Could you do me a huge favor and pretend none of this ever happened? I’m pretty sure your boss wouldn't like hearing you gossip about his life, now would he?”


Jason shakes in his boots, “of co-course n-not!”


Hatsume grins slightly, “I can delete the video recordings if you want; I’m pretty handy with electronics.”


“Oh, what a wonderful idea. Thanks Hatsume, I think this is the start of a beautiful blooming auntie friendship.”


Hatsume laughs, “I couldn’t agree more.”



Chapter Text

“I haven’t told my Mom the news yet, so be in for a surprise when you meet her.” Midoriya warns walking up his apartment steps.


Todoroki clears his throat and nods his head, “you live at home with your mother?”


“Since the day I was born, hahahaha,” Midoriya laughs out loud, “she doesn’t make me pay rent and feeds me everyday which really helps a poor college student like myself. Need to save every penny I can get my hands on to pay off all my classes.” 


Todoroki pauses climbing up the stairs, “Midoriya… how old are you?”


“Twenty-one. How old are you?”


He opens his mouth to reply.


“Trick question, I already know you’re twenty-four. Just like I know you were born on January 11th, your favorite meal is cold soba, your quirk is half-cold half-hot, anything you touch with your right freezes while anything you touch with your left burns, and for some reason you never seem to use half-hot quirk which I always wondered about- is it a mental thing? Or can you just not control it?”


Midoriya reaches the top of the stairs and smiles, checking behind his shoulder. He sees Todoroki standing in place, eyes a bit wide as they stare up at him. He just shrugs and gives him a wide grin.


“What can I say? I’m a huge fan.”


Todoroki raises an eyebrow as he finishes climbing up the steps; Midoriya’s face turns red and he spits out.


“Of heroes! What I meant to say is that I’m a huge fan of heroes! Not just you- not to say that I’m not a huge fan of yours, because I am! I’m a big Shouto fan! It’s just not you though- I don’t only follow your work, but also about a dozen or so of your classmates as well from U.A.- oh I should stop talking now.” Midoriya groans as he runs his hand down his face.


Todoroki laughs. He laughs for the first time… in he can’t remember how long, and he laughs hard. Midoriya hunches his shoulder as he walks over to his apartment and unlocks the door. What is the matter with him? A huge fan- ugh. He probably gets that all the time from random fans on the street. He just embarrassed himself big time admitting that- now Todoroki probably thought he slept with a fanboy… which he technically did, but Midoriya doesn’t want him to think that. Midoriya kicks off his shoes as he enters the home and leaves the door open for his guest.


“Mom! I’m home!”


“I’m so sorry Izuku!”


Midoriya raises an eyebrow as he walks into the living room and sees his mother moving around. She’s grabbing things left and right, her purse, her hat, her keys, her coat, running all over like a beheaded chicken.


“My office called me and I have to go in. An emergency they said, emergency my butt. If they started hiring experienced people instead of pretty young things we wouldn’t fall behind so much, but that’s neither here nor there. I left your food on the table though- oh! You didn’t tell me you were bringing someone over, a friend? Hello there, I’m Midoriya Inko. So happy to meet you. Sorry I have to run, but if you stay around maybe I’ll get to see you when I get back? I’m only going into the office for a couple of hours Izuku, I’ll be back before dinner.”


“Okay Mom, go ahead and leave. Don’t worry about me, take care on your way there.”


“I always do sweetie, I love you,” Inko says kissing her son’s cheek, “if there isn’t enough food I have some meat marinating in the fridge, go ahead and cook that up. It was nice meeting you ah-”


“Todoroki Shouto.”


Inko smiles, “Todoroki, it was nice meeting you. Goodbye.”


She quickly slips on her shoes and leaves the apartment. Todoroki stands there in the doorway while Izuku takes his sweater off and puts it on the couch. He walks over into the kitchen and microwaves the leftover.


“You going to come join me or what?”


“Please excuse my intrusion,” Todoroki says as he takes his shoes off and joins him.


He finds Izuku in the kitchen, leaning against the counter absentmindedly rubbing his belly. His eyes flicker up when he sees Todoroki entering and motions his head to the table for him to grab a seat.


“So… I guess the obvious thing that should be said or be cleared up before we try anything is if you want to do this with me.”


Todoroki is grateful for the chair as he sits down and feels his head get lightheaded. Midoriya stares into his eyes and says as politely as he possibly can.


“I’m okay with doing this on my own. This was my mistake, I’m willing to take responsibility over it. I understand that you’re a hero Todoroki, you have your career to consider, and seeing how you just started and opened your own agency last year you’ve barely taken off. A baby would seriously slow you down if you aim to be the number one hero. I understand that, so if you want to stay out of our lives, or maybe just have weekend visits, or if you do actually want to co-parent, let me know what your decision is.”


“I-” he doesn’t know, “I don’t know.”


The microwave goes off and Midoriya turns around, Todoroki missing the look of disappointment in his eyes. He reaches for two pairs of chopsticks and brings the plate to the table, offering him a pair.


“Well, you said you were hungry. Dig in.”


Todoroki takes a nibble while Midoriya practically inhales it all. He has to pat his chest a couple of times from eating too fast, but he can’t help it. Their pup is craving this stuff and his mother’s cooking is so delicious. It’s a bad combination.


“I’ve never thought of myself as being a father.”


Midoriya looks up and sees Todoroki examining his chopsticks.


“Not a lot people do so young.”


“No, I mean… never. It was never once a thought. I… didn’t have parents- didn’t have a good parent- a good father.”


“What do you mean, wasn’t Endeavour a top hero?”


Midoriya regrets saying the name seeing as how Todoroki stiffens up and hides his face behind his hair.


“That’s all he was, a top hero.”


Midoriya chews his food slowly, “well you’re not him, and it’s not like you’d be doing this alone.”


Slowly the alpha looks at him, “what did you just say?”


“You’re not him Todoroki. You are not your father. I can’t say you’re nothing like him, because honestly I’ve never met the man in person, but I can say you are you, and he is him. You’re not Todoroki Enji, but Todoroki Shouto. I’m not asking Todoroki Enji to help me raise this pup, but Todoroki Shouto because I believe in Todoroki Shouto and I would love to raise this pup with Todoroki Shouto.”


“You’re saying my name a lot.”


“I’m just trying to enforce that you aren’t Todoroki Enji, but in fact… Todoroki Shouto.” Midoriya smiles lightly.


Todoroki breathes out loudly and matches his smile, “you… you want to raise my pup?”


“Our pup, and yes. Of course. I thought I made that pretty obvious dropping by at your agency unannounced.”


“I mean with me. You want to raise- you think that I would be good at raising my-… our pup?”


Midoriya stares at Todoroki’s innocent expression and grins.


“I do. I believe you’ll be good because if you aren’t I’ll tell you, just like I’m hoping that if I’m not good you’ll tell me. You don’t have to do this though Todoroki. Like I said before, you have your career to think about. I don’t want you to regret this, so if you want time to think about this-”


“I’ll do it.”


Midoriya blinks, “huh?”


“I’ll do it. I’ll help raise our pup. As long as you promise to help me and tell me when I’m not doing good like you said I’ll… I’ll do it- I want to. You said this was your fault, but it takes two to tango. I’m just as responsible, I should have had better control over my instincts. I apologize for taking adva-”


“Don’t say take advantage. You better listen to me clearly right now Todoroki. You. Did. Not. Take. Advantage. Over. Me. Say it.”


“I did not-”




“I did not take advantage over you!”


“Good. Now believe it.”


“... I’m still sorry that I-”


Midoriya’s eyes narrow.


“Reacted poorly… the next morning and… nearly attacked you… and kicked you out… I do apologize for that.”


“Apology accepted.”


MIdoriya smiles brightly at him and reaches across the table, grabbing his hand. He feels sparks run up and down his arms the moment he touches him and jumps slightly.


“Do you feel that?” Todoroki asks.


“The tingly sensation?”


“Yes. What is that? Your quirk- ah, sorry.”


Midoriya isn’t mad though, no he laughs instead.


“I would love to have a quirk, even if it’s as weak as making an arm feel tingly after touching it. Sadly no, I don’t know what this is. I think it might have triggered my heat though.”


“I thought you said your suppressants failed?”


“Normally they do, but they worked my last heat so I guess it’s up in the air. There’s a good 50/50 chance it’s one or the other, tingly sensations or faulty medicine. What’s your guess?”


Todoroki doesn’t like guessing, and he definitely doesn’t like this sensation he’s still feeling. He pulls his hand away and puts it back on his lap.


“I don’t know.”


The omega stares at the alpha and sighs. There’s a lot of secrets hiding in there, but he’s not going to be able to discover them all in one day. Good thing the two of them are going to have the next eight months to figure it all out.


“What did you want to be when you were little?”




“I’m trying to know the future alpha of our pup, so that means asking a lot of dumb, but needed questions. We’ll take turns. I’ll go first, and then you, and hopefully we’ll become closer friends… so what did you want to be?”


Todoroki gulps, “A hero. You?”


“A hero as well, just like All Might.”


He doesn’t miss how Todoroki’s eyes seem to shine as he hears that name. Ah, a fellow All Might fan. This pup is going to have really cool parents.



“I’m home!” Inko announces closing the door behind her.


Todoroki looks up and spots her taking her shoes off in the hallway. He begins to nudge Midoriya, who fell asleep on him once they moved their game of twenty questions to the couch. Todoroki had been replying to emails and texts as he slept, not wanting to wake up the mother of his child.


“Hmm? What? Where am I?” Midoriya mumbles opening his eyes.


“Oh, you’re still here! Good! Hi! I’m Inko, in case you don’t remember. I’m glad you were able to stay Todoroki, will you be joining us for dinner?”


“Huh? Oh Mom, hi Mom! How was work?” Midoriya yawns stretching his arms above his head.


“Izuku! Don’t tell me you took a nap while having company over! I didn’t teach you to be such a bad host!”


“Did I? Oh, I’m sorry Todoroki. I read omegas that sleep frequently means their pups are healthy though, so that’s a good thing.” Midoriya smiles lazily.


Todoroki blinks while Inko’s jaw drops. Her face twists up as her son has no idea what he unintentionally revealed.




It wakes Midoriya right out of his sleepy state and he jumps up, nearly tripping if it wasn’t for Todoroki catching him. Inko is red in the face as she stares at him, awaiting his answer. Midoriya has generally never feared for his life until this moment facing his mother.


“Ah Mother-”




Todoroki’s instincts are telling him to protect his pregnant omega, so he does and gently nudges Midoriya behind him. The omega stares while his beta mother doesn’t miss this small action.


“DID YOU IMPREGNATE MY SON!?” She growls out.


“Yes, it was completely by accident though-”






“Mom, please calm down. Yes I’m pregnant, yes it’s Todoroki, but what my alpha has failed to tell you is that we’re in love! And we’re getting married! So it’s a happy accident!” Midoriya laughs grabbing Todoroki’s hand.


It’s a good thing Todoroki always looks so calm. He’s surprised to hear these words, but on the outside he looks just as cool and icy as always. Inko stares at the two of them and narrows her eyes.




“I’m sorry Mom.”


“How long have you known him?”


“One year.”


“Where did you meet him?”


“At school. He was a guest speaker for my class.”


“What does he do?”


“He’s a hero! You should recognize him, the hero Shouto! Half and Half! He saved Nana’s Florist Shop from burning down a few months ago. You laughed and said his hair looked like a lollipop… remember?”


No one laughs, although Todoroki does raise his eyebrows a little. Does his hair look like a lollipop?


“Are you going to move in with him now?”


Midoriya stutters, “ah-”


“Yes, yes he is.” Todoroki answers squeezing his hand, “I would never want to burden you with taking care of my omega and pup, but I didn’t want to steal your son away from you. I’ve come to meet you and apologize for my actions, but also ask your permission to have your son. Please.” He bows down.


Inko isn’t the only one surprised hearing this, Midoriya’s mouth dropping as well. Did he just- he invited him to live with him, didn’t he? No, MIdoriya can’t focus on this now. He has to convince his mother not to disown him. He walks over and pulls out a small envelope from inside his pocket, his secret weapon. Todoroki blinks and stares, wondering if that’s the same envelope he received from the omega. When he checks his back pocket he still feels it there though.


“I got a picture from the doctor’s office... if you want to see your grandpup.”


Inko blinks and reaches for the envelope with shaky hands. She opens it up and pulls out a picture of the ultrasound. It’s seems completely blank, but there’s a small peanut shape there in the middle. Is that the same thing that Midoriya gave him? A picture of their… pup? He hears a small sniffle. Todoroki looks up and sees Inko crying; at first it looks like a little, but then it’s buckets full and he takes a step back.


“M-my! Li-little! Izuku-ku! Grow-growing! Up!” She cries out.




“Mo-Mo-MOM!” Izuku cries running towards her side.


Buckets of tears start falling out of his eyes now as he hugs his mother.


“I may be grown, but I’ll always be your little boy!”






Todoroki stands, severely confused. He just hopes that the two of them stop crying soon before they fill the apartment with water.



“Todoroki… are you still awake?”


Todoroki opens his eyes and turns his head, “yes.”


“Thank you… for covering with me. I’m sorry I had to lie. I just didn’t want to disappoint my mother.”


“I understand. She’s very kind. I don’t think I’d want to disappoint her either. You might want to write the lies down to remember them though, in case she asks again.”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t even ask if you wanted me as your omega, and you told her I would move in. Don’t worry, I’ll figure something around that-”


“You don’t have to. I was completely serious about that. I want to be here when you need me Midoriya. Even if she didn’t mention it, I would have brought it up sooner or later. I wouldn’t be able to live here with you; wouldn’t want to intrude on you and your mother. You wouldn’t have to pay rent either at my place since I own it and I have plenty of space there for you and our pup. Please forgive me if I’m being too pushy, if you’re not comfortable around me yet you don’t have to move in. It’s just an option.”


Midoriya chews on the bottom of his lip, “I… think it would be best. I wouldn’t want to put my Mom through that, working and worrying about me and our pup. If you don’t mind having a roommate, I’ll take that offer.”


“I don’t mind at all.”


He should fall asleep now. It’s been a long day, they’ve discussed a lot, learned a lot about each other. Both of them are mentally exhausted... he should wait for another day. Too bad he doesn’t have any self-control.




“Yes MIdoriya?”


“You didn’t respond when I mentioned myself as your omega.”


Todoroki rolls on his side and stares up at Midoriya’s bed. He’s too far up too see his face, but he can see bits of his hair peeking out.




The long pause isn’t a good sign.


“Never mind, just ignore me. It’s the sleeplessness talking, good night.” Midoriya runs away like a coward and covers himself up with his blankets.


“I wouldn’t be a good alpha to you… or anyone for that matter. I would never shackle someone to me.”


Midoriya stills for a minute. Whatever hurt Todoroki… it hurt him deeply. That wasn’t a no though. Todoroki didn’t believe he could be a good Dad, but Midoriya was determined that he would be. Maybe once he realizes that he can be a good father he’ll realize he can be a good alpha as well. Midoriya falls asleep with a smile on his face while Todoroki waits. He waits until he hears small snoozes before he reaches under his pillow, pulling out the crushed envelope he hid there after changing his clothes. Without even thinking about it he makes the smallest of flames on his pinky and pulls out the picture, staring at it.


It’s hard to make out anything at first. He doesn’t give up and there… that tiny little spec… is his pup.

Chapter Text

It takes about two weeks to move. Todoroki spends a couple of nights at the Midoriya residence, befriending Inko, helping Midoriya pack (despite him saying he didn’t need any. The only reason he said this was because he didn’t want Todoroki to see his small Shouto collection hidden away in his closet). Midoriya requests a couple days off work so he can be ready for the move. He packs as soon as he gets home from school and Todoroki drops by whenever he’s off of work. After two weeks of packing twenty-one years into dozens of cardboard boxes a moving truck is outside the apartment, here to take Midoriya away from the only home he’s known.


Inko cries. Because she cries Midoriya cries and Todoroki hands her a key, telling her to drop by whenever she feels like seeing her son. She cries more because of the sweet gesture and hugs Todoroki for the first time. He’s… never experienced a hug like this before, and awkwardly hugs her back not really knowing if he should have done anything else.


Midoriya’s jaw literally drops to the floor when he arrives at his new home. Todoroki says it’s a condo, but what it looks like is a mini house/mansion. It’s huge and luxurious, two floors with enough space to fit a small army and the hero had it all to his lonesome self. Bought such a huge place because it was the closest available one to his job at the time when his agency opened and never bothered to move to something more practical. Midoriya wished he had enough money to spend willy nilly like this. The inside of the home looked like a ghost town though. There was barely any furniture with one or two pictures on the walls. The condo contained five bedrooms, but only one was fully furnished and that was Todoroki’s bedroom. One was filled with files and hero junk, another was used for storage, and the last two were empty.


“You can pick whichever room you like. I sleep on the second floor if you want to be closer to me, but in your condition it might be better for you to have a room on the first floor. Walking up and down stairs might be harder for you later on in your pregnancy. Our pup can have the other room downstairs as well if that is what you like.” Todoroki coughs lightly.


“What if I say I want your bedroom Todoroki?” Midoriya asks innocently.


The alpha blinks, “then I’ll move out.”


He doesn’t understand why his omega laughs so hard tears come to his eyes. He enjoys it though. This home has probably never heard laughter before, so it’ll be a nice change of pace to get used to.


“I was only kidding. I would like to stay close to you if you don’t mind, so the room across the hall will do nicely. I’ll help you move everything out of it; just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m invalid yet. I can still help.” Midoriya tells him.


“Yes, right, I didn’t mean to imply that you were-”


“It’s okay Todoroki, I know. Thank you for putting up with me.”


Todoroki scratches the back of his head, “that should really be the other way around,” he mumbles.


“Excuse me? I couldn’t hear you.”


“It was nothing, really,” he clears his voice before changing the subject, “you say you go to Musutafu University, right Midoriya?”


“Yup! It’s my last year before I graduate with a degree in advanced engineering.”


“And you work at Power Loader’s agency?”


“As an ‘intern’ yes, but once I graduate this winter I’ll be given a full time job. Just need to work hard, pay off my debts, and get my degree then I’ll be all set for life.”


“How do you normally go to school?”


Midoriya tilts his head at him, “um… by bike?”


Todoroki clears his voice, “the only reason I’m asking is well… my place isn’t really in walking distance to Musutafu University like your old apartment is. Now that you’re with pup I’ve- I’ve read a little bit and learned that overexerting yourself is very bad and you should take it easy and rest a lot. Now that school and work is farther away I don’t- wouldn’t want anything happening to you because of this change in your life. I, well I have a car in the garage; it’s my car, but I hardly ever use it. It’s practically rotting in there, so I want to give it you… to use and drive, whenever you go to school, or work, or visit your Mom, wherever you’d like to go. It’s yours to use to make your life easier for you and our pup.”


Midoriya stares at Todoroki; Todoroki stares right back. He feels his shoulders getting a little lower, and then panics wondering if he’s said something wrong. This is all so new and so hard for him. Having a roommate, being around someone all day, allowing someone new to get so… close with him. He’s never had anyone over- not even Yayorozu has visited his home. Sure she made him a nice housewarming gift when he first moved in, but Todoroki never had company over.


“Todoroki,” Midoriya starts and smiles warmly, “that’s such a nice offer, and I’m really grateful for it, truly thank you, but... I’m not all that good of a driver. I just recently got my license, barely passed too, and I’m pretty sure it’s a nice car seeing how nice your home is. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to it.”


Oh… so that’s what he was worried about. Not the offer or him saying something inappropriate, but the car itself… Todoroki lets out a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding.


“Midoriya, it’s just a car. I care more about anything happening to you than it. I can easily replace the car, but I can’t replace you.”


The omega’s eyes widen, cheeks turning a warm pink color. Todoroki picks up the scent of something sweet and knows it’s coming from Midoriya, although he doesn’t look too happy in front of him right now.


“The offer is there if you like, I can’t force you. It would give me a little… piece of mind knowing you weren’t in danger.”


“Thanks for the offer Todoroki, I’ll consider it.”


Todoroki nods his head, “you’re welcome Midoriya. If there is anything else you need to make your stay more comfortable, let me know. Please don't hesitate to ask me.”


He’s a good alpha. A real good alpha and he doesn’t even know it.


“Thank you Todoroki.”



Todoroki has slowly started to accept having a roommate. It’s nice having someone to come home to. Midoriya is mindful; he never makes messes, cleans up after himself, actually makes home cooked meals and doesn’t order take out like Todoroki has done since the moment he moved out. He hasn’t been a bother, or has done anything to make him worry, or regret his decision…


But Todrooki was still trying to understand how having Midoriya as a roommate meant having his ‘boss’ around 24/7. And when Todoroki said 24/7 he literally meant 24/7. The girl would be here when he woke up, joining them for breakfast, and be home after he was off work, joining them for dinner. He let Midoriya be since he really liked the girl, and he didn’t feel threatened with having another omega in the house, but the way that girl stared at him sometimes… it set him off.


He might have deserved it a little; last time they saw each other she heard him want her best friend to get an abortion, but things have changed now. He’s here for Midoriya in whatever way he needs, and he wants his pup. He isn’t going to harm either of them. That’s why Todoroki couldn’t help but ask when the opportunity presented itself. He had come home from work late because a villian thought it would be a good idea to rob a bank right when his shift was supposed to end and found Ms. Hatsume Mei sitting by the kitchen counter eating out a tub of ice cream.


“Oye, welcome home Shouto!” She shouts.


He doesn’t like the way she calls him his hero name.


“Where’s Midoriya?”


“Izuku? He said his feet felt swollen, so he’s taking a bath upstairs. How was work?”




“Midoriya wrapped some leftovers for you in the fridge; said you don’t normally eat while you’re out.”


Midoriya is a saint. Todoroki walks towards the fridge and opens it up- yes, he’s even made him soba. He takes the plate and joins Hatsume, sitting across from her and stares as he digs in.


“You’ve been here a lot Hatsume.”


Hatsume raises an eyebrow as she licks her spoon, “you certainly don’t beat around the bush, now do you?”


“Just want to know if I’ve gained another roommate or not.”


“Sadly not, your digs are waaay too nice for me. My babies wouldn’t be able to breathe in here. No, I’m here because Izuku needs me to be here, and as long as that boy needs me I’ll gladly wake up early in the morning to be by his side and help him drive to school, and then take him home from work and keep him company until you get back. Gladly, because that’s what best friends and great aunts do.”


Todoroki’s face drops, slowly losing his appetite. “... Does Midoriya… does he not like it here?”


Hatsume gives him a look, “you know jack shit about pregnant omegas, don’t you?”


“I’ve been reading up on them.”


“Really? So do you know a pregnant omega can’t be alone? I mean they can, but they prefer not to? Because they need that bond between another omega or their alpha, that connection that shows that someone is there for them because this is the time where they’re at their weakest. Do you know about nesting? How an omega will start to nest about three months into their pregnancy and gather things that remind them of home? I’ve nearly donated every sweater in my closet, but Izuku is too damn afraid to ask you for something as simple as a sock. Do you know about Izuku’s doctor appointments? About his heats? He can still experience them while he’s with pup, but it’s bad for an omega to take suppressants while pregnant. It risks miscarriages, especially for Izuku whose body changes so often he can’t take the same suppressants for over a month. Again, he’s too worried about you to ask if you wouldn’t mind taking the surpressents, so he’s been trying to figure out alternate ways to stop his heat that doesn’t involve risking your pup. Do you even talk to Izuku? Like at all? Sure you invited him here, gave him a nice room, a nice place to live, a car, but have you asked how he’s been doing? How he’s feeling? Have you made plans for my perfect little niece or nephew? Have you even started making that spare room of your into a baby room yet? I bet you haven’t even boughten a single thing for your pup.”


A frost begins to cover over Todoroki, but Hastume doesn’t care. She isn’t scared of this top hero. She wouldn’t be scared of All Might himself if he was treating her best friend bad.


“You see Izuku may think he’s a bother to you and might be afraid to ask, but I’m not. You may want to be the father of that pup, but you aren’t doing a very good job at doing that. You can’t just think putting a roof over his head is going to make you a good Dad. You need to put work, actual work, and care Shouto. Care. That Izuku is here. That your pup is coming. The minute you start caring is the minute I’ll stop dropping by all the time, until then though… I guess I’ll have to retract my previous answer to your first question and change it to yes, you do have a new roommate.”


 “He promised he would tell me when I wasn’t being a good Father.” Todoroki mutters coldly.


“That boy cares about you too much to hurt your feelings. Now the real question is do you care about Izuku that much to change your lifestyle.”


Hatsume puts the lid over her ice cream and gets up, walking over towards the fridge to put it back in the freezer. She tosses the spoon into the sink and makes her way over towards the door.


“Tell Izuku that I left for the night. You better text me Todoroki Shouto if I need to be here tomorrow morning for him or not.”


Todoroki doesn’t say anything as the girl leaves his home. He just sits there near the counter, body freezing over, his favorite cold soba abandoned in front of him.


Chapter Text

“Come in.”


Midoriya closes his book and looks over at the door, seeing Todoroki walk in with a basket full of laundry. The alpha has never entered the omega’s room before; he never wanted to intrude into his personal space. This is his first time seeing how he’s decorated it. This room used to carry all his old paperwork, but now it was an actual bedroom. It had a bed, bookcases covering nearly every wall filled to the brim with books, and all sorts of hero memorabilia. The hero that appeared the most was All Might with all the posters hung up and figurines displayed everywhere. A faint smile appears on Todoroki’s lips; Midoriya has really made this place his home.


“You know All Might was my teacher when I was in high school.”


“What?! Really?! I mean I know he teaches at U.A., but I didn’t know you actually got to meet and learn from him! What was he like?”


Todoroki puts the basket down and takes a seat on Midoriya’s bed, “just like how you would expect, a hero. I can have him meet you if you like.”


The omega makes a choking sound, “wh-what? Are you s-serious? No, oh no, I couldn’t- I would act like such a fool in front of him! I mean he’s my idol! My favorite hero! The reason I wanted to be a hero in the first place! I could never meet him- I wouldn’t be able to form a single sentence, he would think I’m stupid- and I’m rambling to you again, aren’t I?”


Todoroki blinks and shakes his head, “yes, but I don’t mind. I’ve been living alone for so long it’s nice to have some noise for once.”

Midoriya smiles lightly and stands up from his chair. Todoroki stares directly at the small bit of skin that shows as his shirt rides up. There’s… a belly. An actual belly that wasn’t there before when he first moved in. He’s grown. He’s grown so much and Todoroki didn’t even notice. What has he been doing these past weeks living with him? Staring at the ground?


“Are you about to do your laundry? You didn’t have to ask if I had any, I have no problem doing my own.” Midoriya asks walking over.


“Huh?” Todoroki mumbles before looking next to him, “ah- this, no. This is- I’ve recently discovered that I’ve been… neglecting my duties as the father of our pup. I was not aware of your nesting habits- I have to admit I haven’t had much time to read through all the pregnancy books… or even finish one I started. I’m going to do better though, starting with this. I tried getting things that smelled like me, but I can’t really tell what I smell like, so I just picked things that I wear a lot.”


“You smell like a smokey campfire in a snowstorm.”


Todoroki blinks and looks up at Midoriya; he’s starting at him dreamily, before he realizes that Todoroki is indeed staring back at him, and that he didn’t think that in his mind, but actually said that out loud.


“I mean- it’s a nice campfire! A really nice, warm, toasty one!”


He blinks, “in a snowstorm?”


“I- I don’t know how to explain that one, there’s a moist smell to it, and it’s a bit sharp- like a snowflake nipping at your nose! Kind of like that… yeah,” Midoriya mumbles, blushing as he twindles with his fingers.


“You smell strongly of something very sweet, and berries. I can’t name the smells as specifically as you can.”


“It’s marshmallows! All my friends say I smell like marshmallows, warm gooey marshmallows when I’m really happy, but only Mei says and swears that the berry smell is of saskatoon berries specifically.”


Saska-sasa- Sasatwo-what?


“Did… did you just make that up?”


Midoriya laughs out loud, “no, it’s a real thing. I swear I thought the same thing when I first heard the name and looked it up myself. They’re native to Canada and why I would smell like Canadian berries is beyond me.”




Todoroki ponders on where he could get these Canadian berries to smell and try while Midoriya joins him on his bed. He picks up one of the sweaters from the basket and brings it to his nose to take a whiff. He can see a lone fire burning brightly in a harsh snowstorm when he closes his eyes.


“Thanks Todoroki, you didn’t have to do this, but I really appreciate it.”


“Of course. I also… I want to start coming to your appointments.”


“Oh, but your job-”


“Is important, so I’m going to need to know the dates in advance so I can request them off. When I told you I was here for your Midoriya I meant it. I’m here all the way, for every little thing. I’m a little hurt you didn’t tell me about any of them to begin with.”


Todoroki is shocked when the omega suddenly reaches for his hands.


“I just didn’t want to burden you Todoroki! I did want you to come, but I know how important your work is! You save lives! People need you! And it’s not like you missed a lot, I’ve only had two! Nothing really important happened.”


“I want to be there regardless if something important happens or not. I may be a hero, but I’m the father for our pup too. That… that takes priority. You take priority Midoriya. It’s you, our pup, and then everyone else.”


A happy scent fills the room that smells like… gooey marshmallows and saskatoon berries. Midoriya is blushing, looking down to hide the smile creeping on his face. Todoroki can’t help himself as he brushes his finger against the omega’s freckles. The spark is instant, and it hurts this time around, but it isn’t an unpleasant feeling. It feels like it’s been dormant for way too long.


“I’ll do better. You promised to whip me into shape when I don’t.”


“I’m sorry Todoroki, I’ll do better as well. My next appointment is in two weeks. I’ll be getting another ultrasound. If our baby is advanced enough we might even know the sex.”


“Would they be able to take another picture?”


Midoriya looks up at him, “you’d want… one?”


“Yes, very much so. I have the first one you gave me in my office on my desk.” Todoroki says then frowns, “I suppose I should also have a picture of you since I care about you as well. Would you be opposed to me having a picture of you at work?”


“No,” he squeaks out.


“Thank you. We should take one, at another time of course when we have the time. I’ll leave you to rest now. If you need anything else from me Midoriya just let me know. Ah- before I forget, I was also wondering what your schedule would be like in the next couple of weeks. I would like to buy some things to decorate our pup’s room whenever you have a day off.”


“I’m completely free the day of the appointment; we could go after that.” Midoriya mumbles likes he’s in the strangest dream.


“Sounds like a plan. Please message me the details and I’ll set it up. Good night Midoriya.”


“Good night… Todoroki.”


The alpha doesn’t leave his room just yet though. Todoroki turns around and stares down at the cute little omega… cute? Where did that thought come from?


“I’m sorry, but I have one more question for you. Do you happen to have Hatsume’s number? I need to message her something that I forgot to tell her when she left.”



Midoriya wakes up to his alarm clock blaring out noise. He presses the snooze button and gets up out of bed, rubbing the sleepies out of his eyes. He swears he doesn’t know what this pup is doing to him, but it feels like he’s only slept for eight seconds rather than eight hours. All he wants to do is crawl back into the warmth of his blankets, but he forces himself out of bed and drags his feet towards the bathroom. Washing his face makes a world of difference and he can finally open up his eyes all the way to start up the new day.


Thirty minutes later he’s surprised when he hears something coming from downstairs. He slowly walks down, nose scrunching up at the burnt smell filling his nostrils. Midoriya is shocked as he spots Todoroki in the kitchen, the one place he’s never seen him in once since moving here, glaring at the stove with such hatred in his eyes. The alpha is not usually an early riser; Midoriya never sees him in the mornings when he leaves for school.


“Good morning Todoroki.”


Todoroki looks up and softens his expression, “good morning Midoriya. How did you sleep?”


“Well, thanks for asking. May I ask what you’re cooking that smells so… yummy?”


He’s able to make the alpha snort, “I was attempting to make breakfast, keyword attempting.”


“Oh, well it doesn’t look… so bad.” 


He’s lying. He’s lying so much. Why is there so much black on the plate? Is it eggs? Rice? Toast? It looks like it’s moving as well, and why is it smoking? Is it on fire?


“I’m surprised to see you up; don’t you normally sleep in?”


“I wanted to… help you with breakfast.”


Midoriya’s eyes widen slightly, “oh… thank you for this meal. I don’t think I’ve ever tried your cooking before. I’m sure it tastes better than it looks.”


He goes to sit down and reaches for the plate. Todoroki immediately swipes it up before he can grab it though and throws everything on it into the trash.


“No, please don’t. Thank you for trying to be nice, but I would never feed anyone that, let alone my pup. I can buy us breakfast.”


“Or I can heat up the leftovers from two nights ago for breakfast?”


Todoroki blinks, “... that works too. I’ll heat it up for you.”


“Okay, and while you do that I’ll get started on our lunches. I made extra rice yesterday and bought the ingredients for stuffed rice balls. All I have to do is put them together.”


Todoroki digs around his refrigerator for the wrapped leftovers while Midoriya gets a couple of plates out. He sets up the rice, seaweed, and filling before he forms his riceball, humming a happy tune to himself all while Todoroki watches from beside the microwave.


“If you wake up early to make me lunch you don’t really have to do that. You’re not required to cook for me or clean at all while staying here; you’re my guest.” Todoroki tells him.


“I know, but I like knowing that you’re not poisoning your body with all that fast food. It’s going to be hard being a pro hero if you aren’t healthy, besides it’s no trouble at all. I have to make lunch for myself anyway, so adding one more person makes no difference to me.”


“If you say so.”


Is this what life with an omega is like? He can’t remember his childhood much with his omega mother. Did she used to cook meals like this? With a smile on her face humming a happy tune? Did she make him lunches as well? Were they as delicious as Midoriya’s? So much of his childhood memories are blocked off. Most of them he rather not remember, but those about his mother… he can’t recall at all. Midoriya packs both of their lunches before joining Todoroki for breakfast. As the two of them eat leftovers they try to make small talk with each other.


“Do you have work after school today?”


“Yup! I normally only have the weekends off from work. School is every weekday and every other Saturday. I’m taking four classes, but it’s the last four classes I need before I’m done.”


Todoroki nods his head as he takes a bite. 


“Are you working late tonight with your hero work?”


“Depends if there’s a really bad villain attacking right before I leave. I should be home on time if there isn’t though. I can actually make my own hours, so if you need me home earlier I can make it possible.”


“Ah- don’t worry. I was just wondering when I should make dinner, that’s all. Usually I eat it on my own, but I can wait for you to get back if you get home at a reasonable time.”


“I can start texting you if I’ll be home late.”


“You really don’t have to Todoroki-”


“It’s not a problem Midoriya, it’s just a simple text. I can do that much.”


The two of them stare at each other before looking back at their meals. Midoriya finishes it all in a couple of bites and rises to put his dishes in the sink.


“Well, I’m off. See you later, hopefully.”


Todoroki rises too and stretches his hand out, “wait- I can drive you to school today!”


Midoriya turns around, “really? Don’t you have work though?”


“I do, but like I said before I can make my own hours and go in whenever I want. If there’s a real emergency they’ll call, but seeing as how they haven’t I’m free. I can drive you and then use my quirk to get to work, so you don’t have to worry about me taking the car. I’m up and awake and have the time… unless you don’t want me to.”


“No, of course not, I’d love to go to school with you! Mei suddenly texted me she wasn’t coming this morning, so I’m really happy you’re offering Todoroki. Let me just get my backpack and we can go.” Midoriya smiles as he runs off.


Alright, so he ruined breakfast, but he hasn’t ruined this. A simple drive to school, and then he can text Hatsume to meet Midoriya after his classes to take him to work, and maybe if no villain acts up he can get Midoriya afterwards and take him home. He can do this. It isn’t that hard. Sure it killed him waking up four hours earlier than usual, but a little loss of sleep never hurt anyone.


“Alright, I’m ready!” Midoriya cheers.


Todoroki looks up and spots the omega wearing a dark green hoodie that clashes with his hair, black shorts, and an All Might hat on his head, of course matching with his All Might backpack that he’s carrying. His whole look is so…


Midoriya’s nose twitches, wondering why the smell of smoky firewood is filling his senses so much. Todoroki turns around and nods his head, hiding the small smile on his lips.


“Don’t forget your lunch.”



Todoroki doesn’t think he’s ever seen Musutafu University in person before. He’s heard about it, knows it’s a hard school to get into and is really famous, but has never really been to it. It’s never been attacked by a villain before, so he’s never really had a need to go. Midoriya tells him the directions to the parking lot and thanks him for the ride as they get out of the car together.


“How many classes do you have today?” Todoroki asks putting on his hoodie.


He doesn’t want the students here recognizing who he is and rush towards him (which is pretty hard since he’s the only hero with red and white hair and a scar on his face). He quickly puts a mask on before leaving the car and keeps his head down and hair hidden underneath his hood.


“Only two. I’m usually done by one and start work around two-thirty.”


“Hmm,” Todoroki hums walking beside him.


He hands over the keys, which Midoriya thanks him for again as he pockets.


“Are your teachers… understanding about your pregnancy?”


“Um… I guess? I haven’t really let them know yet. This pregnancy hasn’t affected me all that much. My morning sickness is over now, so no more throwing up which is a blessing. All I am is a little more tired than normal, but reading and doing work keeps me up, and I have a break between my classes to rest.”


“That’s good. I don’t want you to push yourself if it’s too much for you.”


“Hahahaha, Mei says the same thing to me. Sorry for worrying you, but I promise I’m taking better care of myself now. Thank you so much Todoroki for driving me to school and walking me halfway. You don’t have to walk any further though, I wouldn’t want you to be late to work- although you can go in whenever, huh? I guess that’s the perk of being your own boss.”


Todoroki stops walking and nods his head, “alright then. Have a good day at school… if anything happens you can always call me. If I don’t answer immediately, I'll call you back as soon as possible…”


He doesn’t know what else to say. He doesn’t know if he should say anything else. Maybe he should have asked Hatsume what she normally does with Midoriya when she’s with him? It might have saved him from being so awkward around him. Midoriya walks forward and takes Todoroki’s hands in his own. He freezes for a second as the omega lifts them up and smiles.


“Kick some major butt today Todoroki and try not to get hurt. Stay safe. I’ll see you later tonight.”


He squeezes tightly once before heading off, All Might backpack standing out in the crowd as he disappears into one of the buildings. Todoroki stares until he loses sight of him before leaving the campus. He walks about a block or two away before pulling back his hood and activating his quirk.


Hopefully he made some good progress today at being a better alpha.

Chapter Text

Todoroki didn’t like clinics normally, but this one seemed different. It’s kidfriendly and has all these bright colors and drawing everywhere. Todoroki stares at the wall and sees a collage of baby pictures. He wonders if their pup will go up there once he or she is born. Midoriya hums a tune to himself as he awaits for his doctor to arrive. He’s not as nervous this time around since it isn’t his first time. Just a routine check-up and hopefully they’ll be able to find out the sex today. About ten minutes later a kind beta doctor walks into the room. Midoriya greets her by name while Todoroki stands stiffly to the side.


“Ah, so this must be Daddy.” She smiles widely.


Todoroki nods jerkly, “hello, I’m Todoroki Shouto.”


“Of course, pro hero Shouto. My daughter loves you. Just wait until I tell her I was with Shouto’s mate checking over his baby. Hahahaha, just kidding of course, I would never break doctor patient confidentiality.”


Midoriya flinches and opens his mouth to correct her. He stops though when Todoroki reaches out and grabs his hand.


“Is everything alright?” He asks her.


“That’s what we’re here to find out, don’t worry though Daddy. Mr. Midoriya here is really good at following instructions and reading the books I recommend. Now let’s see what you’re having today.”


Todoroki decides he likes Dr. Mogami. She’s nice, and welcoming, and she makes Midoriya comfortable, so that’s all that really matters. Midoriya doesn’t think he’s ever seen anything funnier than Todoroki right now. He has all these weird expressions on his face as Dr. Mogami sets up the ultrasound and squirts something that looks like jelly on his stomach. He pales when he hears the omega gasps and squeezes his hand.


“Does it hurt?”


“No, it’s just really cold.” Midoriya laughs.


For some reason Todoroki’s hand begins to warm up on its own. Dr. Mogami turns the machine on as she rubs the jelly over Midoriya’s stomach. She unhooks a small device and places it on his stomach right after.


“Alright, let’s see. It isn’t hard to find the baby now that he isn’t the shape of a peanut any-... oh.”


Midoriya blinks, “oh?”


“Oh? Is that bad? Is something wrong?!” Todoroki asks.


“Ah… no, I wouldn’t necessarily say anything is wrong… more like… the peanut multiplied.”


“Multiplied?” Midoriya whispers.


Todoroki has absolutely no idea what that means and begins to catch on fire a little, “multiplied? What do you mean by multiplied? Is our pup going to be alright? Is there something wrong?!”


“Mr. Midoriya, if you don’t calm down your mate I’m going to have to ask him to leave.”


MIdoriya turns his head and Todoroki’s stomach drops as he sees tears shining in his eyes. There’s something wrong- he’s done something wrong. This is all his fault. Midoriya squeezes onto Todoroki’s hand tightly, a smile appearing on his face.


“Todoroki… we’re having twins.”


Ah… so that’s what multiplied meant. Todoroki Shouto felt like a true idiot. He takes a calming breath and controls his quirk, stopping the fire and staring down at Midoriya tenderly.




“Yup, I guess the second guy was hiding behind the first, or he could have been someplace else and we just didn’t notice him. He doesn’t look all that small now though.”


“He? So we’re having a boy?” Midoriya asks turning his attention back to the ultrasound.


“This guy is definitely a boy. As for the other… hmmm, he or she is positioned in a way I can’t tell. We’ll have to wait until next visit it seems and hope he or she shifts a bit. For now you know you are definitely having one boy. Would you like a picture of them?”


“Yes please.” Todoroki answers immediately.


Midoriya brings Todoroki’s hand to his face and nuzzles against it lightly, sweet smells coming from him. Todoroki smiles as he stares at his stomach. Two pups. Two pups that are his, theirs. He’s going to be a father of two.


“Twins mean double the work and double the trouble. Tell me, have you two been sexually active recently? You should be safe, but I would advise extreme caution. Nothing too rough, although judging by the way the two of you are looking right now I’m sure you two are actually pretty vanilla.”


Midoriya covers his face with his hands while Todoroki clears his voice over and over again, both faces turning red.


“Dr. Mogami, I was hoping to discuss something with you. I know Midoriya’s been asking about alternative suppressants for his heat, but I’ve heard that it might harm the baby. Is there anyway I can take something instead? To be able to control myself during his heats?”


“Well I would say the safest option would be for the two of you to share your heat. If you’re interested in something that stops your ruts though we do have a couple of options. There’s a pill form once a day, or a shot once every 3 months, or we just received this new-”


“Dr. Mogami, would you mind leaving us alone for a second?” Midoriya interrupts her.


“Of course, I’ll do my rounds and come back here in a bit.” She smiles as she takes off.


Midoriya waits until the door closes before he looks over at the alpha in the room.


“Todoroki, where did you hear that?”


“It shouldn’t matter where I heard it, I don’t want you taking anything that could harm you or the pups.”


“It was Mei, wasn’t it? You don’t have to do this, I’ve been taking suppressants all my life.”


“If that’s true then why haven’t they been working all your life?”


“Because suppressants aren’t a sure thing. I’m a rare breed of omega, my body likes to do weird shit and not work sometimes. Doesn’t mean I can’t take suppressants.”


“Why risk it then where as I can take a simple pill or get an easier shot?”


“It isn’t going to stop my heats.”


“But it will stop me from attacking you. We can make your room into a heat box; I’ll be able to think clearer as I help you through your heats. “


“Todoroki, no. This is my body and this is my choice.”


“It isn’t your body anymore, it’s ours, and I’m sorry if I’m overstepping my boundaries, but I just don’t want anything happening to you Midoriya.”


Neither of them mentions the obvious option. If Midoriya didn’t want Todoroki drugging himself up and dulling his senses needed to be a hero, and if Todoroki didn’t want Midroiya taking medication that might harm their pups, then the safest and healthiest option would be to spend their heat together. No one mentions anything though.


“We’ll discuss this another time. My heat shouldn’t be for a while, so let’s just… I don’t know, discuss baby names or something.”


Todoroki pouts, but shrugs his shoulders, “if that’s what you want.”



“How about I name one and you name the other? It’s only fair.” Midoriya suggests picking up an All Might onesie.


He smiles fondly at it, remembering his own All Might onesie when he was growing up, and throws two pairs into the cart Todoroki’s pushing behind him.


“I don’t mind you naming both.”


“Todoroki you have to mind; they are our pups. What if I give them names you find ridiculous? Like the first one… Peanut! And the other one Jelly!”


“Then I’ll love Peanut and Jelly with all my heart.”


Midoriya stops and stares at him. Todoroki raises an eyebrow, but the omega simply blushes and turns back around.


“I won’t name them Peanut and Jelly, I do want their names to match though. Hmm, what do you think of this?” Midoriya asks holding up a pink dinosaur plush.


“It’s good. Put it in the basket.”


The omega gives him a look, putting it back down on the shelf and holding up a different plush.


“What about this one?”


“It’s also good. Go ahead and get it.”


“Todoroki… do you even want to be here?”


“Of course. Why would you ask that?”


“Because you’re not really giving me any input here. You just think what I’m getting is good…. I know! How about you wander around the store and find some things you like, while I take the basket and look at some cribs! You can meet me there, how does that sound?”


“I don’t think-”


“Good, see you there!” Midoriya says taking the basket out of his hands and strolling it over to the other side of the store.


Todoroki is left alone standing in the plushie section… completely out of his element. He isn’t meant for this- it doesn’t come naturally to him. He didn’t have toys growing up, not really, so he has no idea what a baby would play with. He sighs as he walks around the store, trying to do what the omega told him to. He spots an All Might blanket… Midoriya likes All Might. He picks that up. He also spots a nice green colored onesie… he likes how it reminds him of Midoriya’s eyes. He picks that up as well. Midoriya is surely surprised when Todoroki walks back over to him with an armful of things. He smiles at him brightly as he places them in the basket.


“Have fun?” He wiggles his eyebrows.


Todoroki’s lips quirked up, “it was certainly interesting.”


“Hehehe, you had fun. Come now, have fun with picking out a large enough crip for our two pups.”


“Wouldn’t it be better if we had two? That way they won’t be squished?”


“That would be an advantage, but they’re twins Todoroki. They’re going to have a connection together and it’s very important to not sever that connection. They’re going to have to bond with us as well. It’s especially important for the first year of pups.”


“I… remember reading about that, my apologies.”


“Todoroki there’s nothing to apologize for, we’re both new at this. One will do just fine, and we can set it up in my room… hmm, or maybe two would be best? That way we can have one in my room and one in yours? Would save us the effort of dragging the crib back and forth, but then again we should probably save money.”


“M-m-my room? The pups are going to sleep with me?”


“Yeah, it’s only for the first two months. When they get bigger we can set up a baby monitor, but if something happens we need to be able to react immediately. Don’t worry Todoroki, you’re a hero. You’re trained to react quickly, you’ll do fine.”


Pups. In his room. Him watching his pups trying to make sure they don’t die. Alone. The reality of it all comes crashing down on him. Todoroki staggers a little bit, holding onto his head.


“Todoroki? Are you alright?”




“You don’t look it. Why don’t you take a seat? I’ll pick something out for us. Don’t worry.”


He doesn’t have the strength to argue, so he finds himself a chair in the store and sits down in it. Pups. Real live pups. Him raising pups, being a father, protecting them. He always knew this, but now that it’s getting closer, they’re coming here- this is getting real. He’s about to be a father. A real father.


A kind father.


A good father.


A monster father.


Todoroki jerks back and shakes his head. No, never. He refuses to hurt his pups. He won’t become like his father. He’ll be there for them and show them kindness, and love, and support their dreams… just like his mother did for him.


“Todoroki? Todoroki?”


Todoroki stands up and follows the voice, finding Midoriya pushing the basket around looking for him.


“Ah, there you are. I picked out a crib. You ready to leave?”


Todoroki nods his head, “here, let me get that for you.”


“Thank you Todoroki.”


The two of them wait in line at the cashier for their turn to purchase. As the clerk scans up all their items Midroiya’s face grows paler and paler. He- he hadn’t expected for a baby to be so- so much. And now that they’re having twins? They had to purchase double of everything. By the time she finished ringing up all the items the number was high enough to pay for at least three of his college classes.


“Do you mind spreading the cost on multiple credit cards?” Midoriya asks, a little ashamed as he pulls out his wallet.


“No need, take mine.”


Midoriya turns his head and watches as Todoroki hands over his credit card.


“There’s an extra charge for delivery home.”


“Doesn’t matter, I’ll pay it.”


“Todoroki!” Midoriya whispers.


The pro hero with a pro hero bank account doesn’t bat an eye as the clerk swipes his card. She returns it back to him with a smile and asks for an address, setting up the time and date when everything will be delivered. Midoriya feels sick to his stomach as the two of them head outside of the store and he tugs Todoriki aside to talk to him.


“I wanted to help pay for that.”


“There wasn’t a need; I have more than enough money-”


“Todoroki that’s beside the point! I wanted to help pay, these are my pups too! You aren’t my- my- you aren’t my mate! You don’t have to carry the burden alone, I don’t want you to think I’m using you! You already aren’t charging me rent to live inside of your home, I should at least be able to help pay for this! Just because you have money doesn’t mean you should waste it all on us!”


Todoroki doesn’t understand why Midoriya’s getting mad. Isn’t it obvious that he would pay? Just like it was obvious that Midroiya would always have a place to live with him? He’s the father of these pups. It’s his job to take care of them. That pout and furrow of his eyebrows isn’t leaving though.


“I thought… I was doing the right thing.”


“It’s sweet that your heart is in the right place, but I can help. Just because I’m a college student in debt working as an intern at an agency that doesn’t pay their interns very well doesn’t mean I can’t help.”


“I apologize… if you like we can set up a payment plan so you can pay me back-”


Midoriya scoffs and walks away from him. Todoroki still doesn’t understand and calls after him.




“DON’T FOLLOW ME!” He shouts glaring back before walking away.


Todoroki growls and runs his hands through his hair. Finally, finally when he thought he was getting a hang on this, when he finally thought he was doing something good… he had to go screw it up. Like always.


It’s always his fault.



When his door creaks open Todoroki’s eyes immediately open. He leans up, hand posed to attack with a barrage of ice… and completely scares his pregnant omega.


“Ah- Todoroki! It’s just me!”


Todoroki relaxes a little and drops his hand, scratching one of his eyes as he turns his head towards the alarm clock.


“Midoriya? What’s wrong, why are you up so late?”


He didn’t expect the omega to be up at this time, nor actually wanting to talk to him since today was such a disaster that it made him run away from him. Midoriya bites his bottom lip and looks down, fiddling with his fingers.


“I… don’t want to be alone tonight. Do you mind if I… stay here with you?”


Todoroki blinks, “no.”


“Really? Thanks!”


Midoriya leaves and Todoroki stares. He doesn’t come back. Was that a dream? Did he imagine that conversation? He lays back in bed, but gets up again when he hears steps coming from down the hall. So it wasn’t his imagination. Midoriya did want to stay, but not without his nest. He comes walking back in carrying a pile of clothes. Todoroki makes room for him on the bed and Midoriya dumps it all on his side. He moves things around, tugging the blanket out of Todoroki’s hand, stealing his pillows as well making his nest just to his liking. The alpha smells Inko, along with Hatsume, and a few other scents he doesn’t recognize. There’s one real sour one that smells like an alpha and Todoroki can’t control himself as he picks up a ripped shirt and throws it off of his bed.




“No,” he growls, ending the argument.


Midoriya pouts, but doesn’t say anything. He finishes his nesting and lays down in it, curling into a small ball. Todoroki feels isolated as he’s left with practically nothing on his side of the bed and just lays there. A hand reaches out for him and Midoriya tugs him closer.


“Come here.”


He’s dragged until he’s inside of the nest with him, curled up in his chest. Todoroki gulps thickly as his scent completely fills his senses. He’s never been in, or even seen actually, an omega’s nest before. Midoriya cuddles up closely into him and presses his nose against his neck. He’s read about this; near the middle of their pregnancy an omega’s nesting gets a lot more serious. They start making multiple nests all around the house and often drag loved ones staying with them in them as well.


“I’m sorry about today.” Midoriya whispers.


Todoroki sighs out, “me too.”


“It’s just hard sometimes when you do things… things that a mate would do, and it doesn’t help when people think we’re mates as well, when my mother calls and I have to lie… it piles up. I shouldn’t explode at you though, it isn’t your fault. I’m so sorry Todoroki.”


He does the very brave thing of placing an arm around Midoriya. He expects rejection, that he’ll jerk back and not want to be in his embrace anymore, but Midoriya actually wants it. He purrs softly and snuggles closer, so Todoroki wraps his other arm around him next and holds him.


“You’re really cold. Why don’t you have more blankets?” Midoriya mumbles into his neck.


“Ah- sorry. Comes with my quirk. I can go get some if you want-”


His claws dig into him.


“No, I never said that. Just warm me up with your other quirk.”


“I can’t. I don’t use that quirk- I don’t-”


“Todoroki, the mother of your children is cold and is asking you to warm him up. I don’t know how smart you are, but if I were you I would listen to the pregnant nesting omega with a temper.”


He can’t tell if that’s a joke or a threat. Either way what he’s saying is true. The mother of his children needs him to provide for them and he isn’t doing so. Todoroki tries clearing his mind and calling onto his fire. It’s been a long time. Sometimes it sparks in his life, a little light, a small smoke, but he’s never fully used its powers. He’s never used it as a hero and he refuses to use it and be associated with what it stands for. He doesn’t think of that right now, instead he thinks of warming up his mate. Midoriya starts purring again, a sweet scent escaping out of him as he warms up.


“It’s like I have my own personal hot water bottle.” 


Todoroki chuckles at that, “I’m more than just a hot water bottle.”


“Of course you are hot water bottle, of course you are.”


He can’t see how he can fall asleep with Midoriya so close, but he’s actually quite comfortable, and his scent is lullering him to drop his guard.


“How come you don’t use your fire Todoroki?”


Midoriya thinks he’s fallen asleep when he doesn’t answer and that’s fine. It has been a while since they’ve been living together and he thought the alpha would have at least opened up to him a little bit, but not truly. Never about his family. He’s starting to think he’s going to need to use a bit more brute force from now own if he wants to learn more before the pups come.


“The flames remind me of my father.”


Midoriya opens his eyes and spots Todoroki staring right at him.


“Oh… and you don’t want to be like your father?”


“No, he’s a terrible person.”


Terrible person, flames… Midoriya stares at the burn on his face and grimaces a little. He reaches up and touches the scar. Todoroki doesn’t jerk back like he expected him to, like Todoroki himself wanted to do. No, the touch Midoriya gives him is soft, fleeting, and he closes his eyes to it.


“Did your father do this?”


“... no. It was my mother. It was my father’s fault though, he pushed her into doing this to me.”


Midoriya’s face drops. How much has he been hurt? And no one noticed. How much had someone failed him? And no one stood up to take the blame. For him to even be a hero now, despite his father, Todoroki is really strong.


“Last question Todoroki. Did he ever use his flames to hurt you?”


Todoroki squeezes him a little tighter, “yes.”


Midoriya sighs and wiggles out of his grasp. He leans up and cuffs Todoroki’s face, turning his head to the side a little so he can lean down and press his lips against his scar.


“I don’t want you to ever hide this from me behind your hair again when it’s just the two of us. I don’t care about the scar Todoroki. I still think you’re handsome, and wonderful, and sweet. This doesn’t mean anything- it doesn’t make you into your father, and neither does using your flames. You’re using your quirk right now, aren’t you? Keeping your pups warm? If your quirk was your father’s it wouldn’t be able to do such a gentle thing. These are your flames Todoroki, not his. You’ll never harm me or anyone you love with them.”


Todoroki’s eyes widen hearing these words he never expected to hear. Midoriya smiles softly, stroking his scar and kissing it once more before hugging Todoroki close to his chest. The alpha clings to him into the night, and if soft gasps or cries escape his lips, the omega doesn’t hear a thing as he comforts him.


The next morning the two wake up in each other’s arms. Nothing is said of last night. Midoriya simply brushes his hair back away from his scar the moment Todoroki gets up out of bed. Todoroki walks over to the corner of the room where he threw that alpha’s shirt and calls forth his fire quirk, finally letting it come to life and burn. Midoriya doesn’t say a thing as he smiles and watches him use his quirk.


He makes a note in his head to not borrow anymore clothes from his alpha friends.

Chapter Text


“I’m home!”


No one calls back to him. Todoroki normally wouldn’t think anything of it, except for the fact that he sees his roommate’s red shoes by the door. He drops his bag and walks into the kitchen, looking around.




Is he upstairs maybe? Probably taking a nap or something. Todoroki walks up the stairs and heads towards his room, knocking lightly before peeking inside. A small panic overcomes him as he doesn’t find him there. He quickly runs to the bathroom, afraid that he might have tripped and hit his head and was bleeding out and dying. He doesn’t spot anyone when he slams open the bathroom door and sighs in relief…. before his panic comes back.


Where is his pregnant omega?


He checks every room leaving out his own since he couldn’t possibly be there… could he? Todoroki walks over and checks just in case, pushing the door open. He holds a hand against his heart as he spies the omega lying in the middle of his bed underneath a bundle of blankets and clothes, snoozing away.


“Thank goodness,” he sighs to himself.


Todoroki walks over towards the bed and takes a seat. He reaches out and brushes some of Midoriya’s hair; it falls right back into place. The omega looks so peaceful… Todoroki doesn’t think he’s ever had this good of a sleep in his own bed. He strokes his weirdly soft and extra bouncy hair again.


“Hmmm, Todoroki?”


The alpha freezes in his act and quickly snatches his hand away, “I’m sorry, did I wake you?”


“Huh? No, I don’t think. I’m glad I’m awake, I never meant to take a nap. Today was the last day of my midterms and I was so drained when I got home. I only planned on lying down for a second, but I guess it wasn’t just a second. I’m sorry, I haven’t even started dinner yet.”


“Don’t apologize, like I’ve said before it’s not your job to cook. I can cook something for us tonight-”


Midoriya laughs out before biting his bottom lip, stopping Todoroki. He stares at the omega with an amused expression on his face.


“I’m sorry, I’m just remembering what happened last time.” Midoriya blushes.


“No, that was a joke. I just didn’t expect you to actually laugh; my friends don’t think I’m funny.”


“What? You’re hilarious Todoroki. Sure it’s not in the general funny way, but in your own Todoroki style that makes it even funnier.”


“You don’t have to be scared to hurt my feelings-”


“I’m not, don’t you remember when I exploded at you? I won’t lie to you Todoroki, I think you’re funny. Funny… and not the greatest cook, but you can improve. Here, just give me a second to get up and we can make dinner together.”


“No!” Todoroki orders pushing him back down.


Midoriya’s eyes widen slightly.


“Stay, I can order take-out. Take-out once in a while isn’t bad and I’ll order something healthy. You don’t have to get up.”


He looks so comfortable. Todoroki likes seeing him like this, buried underneath all of these covers. He doesn’t know how to explain it, but the alpha in him just loves seeing him so content and happy. Midoriya blinks and buries himself under the covers, only his innocent green eyes being seen.


“So… is it alright for me to stay here again… tonight?”


“Of course, I don’t mind sleeping in the other room-”


“No!” Midoriya shouts grabbing his wrist, “it wouldn’t mean anything if you weren’t here with me!”


Todoroki blinks before he gulps, “if-if that’s what you need.”


“Not really so much as need as in… want. You can tell me if I’m being too demanding though.” Midoriya hides back again.


“You aren’t. I don’t-”


“Please stop saying I don’t mind.”


“Don’t-... care?”


“Try again.”


He thinks it over, “it- lets me practice being a warm water bottle?”


Midoriya explodes into a fit of giggles, “okay, I’ll take that. Thank you Todoroki.”


Todoroki nods his head and gets up, “I’ll go order us something.”


“And I’ll just stay here, resting.”


“Sounds good.”



“Hey Shouto, funny running into you. Patrolling?”


Todoroki looks beside him and sees Yaoyorozu walking over. He nods his head at her, surprised she isn’t yelling. It has been a good while since the two of them have hung out. A few text messages between the two of them here and there, but they’ve never met in person. Usually she’s the one to barge into his office demanding lunch, but she’s been keeping her distance.


“Hello Creati. Just started my rounds, you?”


“Same! We got a tip that something might be going on downtown, so while Earphone Jack is listening around for chatter I’m looking for any signs of trouble. So… how has Midoriya been?”


“Good. He’s been good. Healthy. The pups are growing up well.”


“Pups? Mei said there was only one pup, singular.”


Todoroki raises an eyebrow, “Mei? Oh, you mean Hatsume? You speak with her?”


“Yeah, we exchanged numbers when we first met and have been keeping each other updated with you two. We’re talking about throwing a baby shower for Midoriya soon, we wanted to run it by you two first. Now what were you saying about pups?”


That’s a little… strange to hear. Does Yaoyorozu tell her things about him? What type of things? Nothing too personal he hopes.


“What do you guys talk about-”


“Shouto, answer the question! You’re having puppies?!”


“Ah, yes. I have a picture of them if you want to see.”


“Shouto do you even need to ask?! Whip it out!”


Todoroki pulls out his wallet and takes the ultrasound out. Yaoyorozu immediately snatches it out of his hand and cooes, staring at the picture with the biggest smile on her face.


“Would you look at that? Twins! They’re soooo cute, Mei’s going to be jealous I found out first. Were you there at his doctor’s appointment?”


“Yes, I’ve started going with him now.”


“That’s good, Mei mentioned that the two of you moved in together. How has the mated life been?”


“We’re not mates.”


Yaoyorozu’s smile falters a little. She hands the photo back to Todoroki, who puts it back where it belongs and pockets his wallet. 


“What do you mean… not mates? Shouto, you let this omega move in with you.”


“It’s my duty as alpha to those pups to take care of him.”


“There are easier ways to do that. Didn’t you give him a car as well? You don’t give random omegas you impregnate a roof and a car, you give them money. You’re letting this boy live with you though-”


“I know it’s complicated Creati, but Midoriya and I understand. It’s okay if others don’t. We’re happy the way we are.”


“That’s complete bullshit Shouto and you know it.”


Todoroki shrugs and starts walking away, continuing his patrol. Yaoyorozu isn’t going to let him get away that easily though and chases after him.


“So how is the domestic life? What do you two do? How do you live together?”


“Like normal roommates live I guess.”


“So you walk around each other and barely see one another?”


“He… he makes breakfast in the morning for us, and sometimes if he has time he packs me a lunch for work. He doesn’t like how much take out food I eat. Sometimes when I have time I’ll drive with him to school before leaving for work. We’ve been working on the baby room, it’s coming along nicely I think. We eat dinner, talk about our day, and then go to sleep. That’s it.”


Creati steps in front of Todoroki and puts her hands on her hips, “and that’s all you do?”


Todoroki looks away and she catches that.




“Well… recently he’s been… sleeping in my bed. In a completely platonic way though.”


Yaoyorozu blinks before sighing out. She pinches the bridge between her eyes and takes a small breath.


“So let me get this straight. This omega is living with you, eating with you, making you meals, and going to bed with you? Well, I hate to break this to you Shouto, but that sounds like a mate to me.”


Todoroki narrows his eyes, “but he isn’t. We’re not meant to be mates, I wouldn’t make a good one.”


“So what? You’re just going to be a fill in mate then until someone better comes around and takes him?”


The half and half hero freezes where he stands.


“Because that’s going to happen you know. Midoriya is going to get tired of you stringing him along and he’s going to find someone new, someone better, who won’t mind him having pups, who will love him unconditionally and might actually claim your pups.”


“Midoriya would never do that to me.”


“Which part? Leave you or take your pups? What you’re doing is cruel Shouto. I never thought you’d be capable of doing something so mean.”


“Stop talking like you know what’s going on, because you don’t. I wouldn’t make a good mate Creati. Not to Midoriya, not to anyone.”


“Then why don’t you let Midoriya decide that for himself? Have you even asked him if he wants you as his alpha?”


“I don’t need to ask him.” He mumbles darkly.


He’s no fool, he knows of Midoriya’s affections towards him. He just can’t reciprocate them. He’s already punished the omega enough by giving him his sperm. He’s already tied down to him with their pups. He doesn’t want anything else forcing the boy to be with him.


“You need to man the hell up Shouto and be alpha enough to be with him. Midoriya is acting more like an alpha than you. Of course he knows you’re messed up, he has to know after living with you for so long, but he still hasn’t left you. He still hasn’t run away, meaning that he won’t. He’s in this Shouto all the way, despite your downfalls, because he cares. If you keep him waiting though he isn’t going to care forever. He’s going to fall out of love with you and then you’ll just be out of luck. The first omega you’ve ever actually felt a connection to and you’re too scared to act on it. You think you’re going to find another person like him? Ha. Mark my words Shouto one day that omega is going to wake up, find someone he loves, and then he’s going to be out of your life spending time with an alpha that isn’t you with your kids calling him Daddy instead.”


Todoroki gets angry, ice forming around him as he growls at her, “shut up Creati.”


“What? You’re angry? Good. Go act on that anger. Maybe you’ll finally stop being afraid of your past and start focusing on your future.”


Before Todoroki has the chance to retort a huge explosion catches their attention. Smoke fills the sky as people run away screaming.


“Dammit, looks like the tip was right. Let’s go, don’t think we’re done with this yet though.” Yaoyorozu waves her finger at him before taking off.


Todoroki growls as he summons his ice and chases after her.



“I didn’t expect this to be so complicated.” Todoroki mumbles as he stares at the instructions.


“Maybe if you would let the omega who is going to school for engineering and builds super complicated support items for heroes on a daily basis help it wouldn’t be so complicated.” Midoriya talks to himself as places children books inside of the bookcase.


Todoroki makes a face as he tries attaching one piece to the other, “I don’t want you straining yourself; some of these pieces weigh a ton. You shouldn’t be picking up anything heavy in your condition.”


Midoriya rolls his eyes as he shoves the rest of the books in the bookcase, “I didn’t say I was going to do it all on my own, I simply said help.”


“Fine. You can read the instructions, I’ll do everything else though.”


Happy he’s finally won, Midoriya walks over to snatch the instructions from his hands and sits down on a rocking chair. He opens it up and scans over everything, muttering to himself. Todoroki tries fitting a different piece together instead and gets the same result, it not working out.


“Alright, seeing as how you’ve barely got passed step two let’s start from the beginning.”


It only takes them twenty minutes. Todoroki has been trying to put this together for the better part of an hour and he’s able to do it within twenty minutes thanks to the omega’s instructions. Midoriya grins widely and places blankets, tiny pillows, and the cutest All Might plush he could find online inside of the crib. He stares at it dreamily and sighs out.


“I hope our pups can be great heroes.”


Todoroki blinks, “I…”


“They don’t have to be heroes- they can be anything they want to be, of course. I would never force my hopes and dreams onto them. As long as our pups are healthy I will be happy beyond my wildest dreams.”


Todoroki takes a step back. He’s never had that option, he’s never had that choice. Memories that he doesn’t recall flood into his mind. Discovering his quirk, training, day and night, burning, freezing, day after day, crying, wishing for it to stop, hating heroes, hating him. He backs up until he hits the wall and clutches his head. All he wanted to be as a kid was a hero like All Might, but his father had different plans. He was supposed to be better, better than All Might, better than the number one. If his father could see him now, wishing for quirkless pups, letting an omega decorate his home with All Might memorabilia, he would be disappointed. He would be pissed beyond belief and would drag Todoroki to that training room.


Burnt wood fills the room and Midoriya whimpers, covering his nose. He turns around and looks at his alpha. Todoroki was fine just a few seconds ago, but now he’s sitting on the floor holding his head. What in the world happened? Midoriya walks over and kneels down next to him, slowly reaching his hand out to touch his shoulder.




Todoroki takes a shaky breath, “I’m fine.”


“I know, I know you are, but it’s okay not to be. It’s just you and me here.”


He closes his eyes and takes another shaky breath, “I-... I always wanted to be a hero.”


Midoriya blinks and tilts his head, “aren’t you a hero?”


“Yes, but… I didn’t want to after- after…”


“After what?”


Todoroki shakes his head.


“You can tell me, I’m here for you. It’s only fair since you always listen to my complaints, and help me with my cravings, and let me steal your bed, and most of your wardrobe.” He tries joking.


The alpha doesn’t laugh though. He stays still and so does Midoriya, lowering his head to rest on his shoulder. He doesn’t move and offers his presence, planning on sitting there all day if it was needed.


“My father wanted me to be a hero. He wanted me to be better than All Might since he could never be.”


“I’m sorry Todoroki. Does seeing All Might bring back these memories?”


“No- I like All Might. I wanted to become a hero because of him, he’s my hero. It’s just… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be-”


“Don’t you dare apologize,” Midoriya growls, surprising him, “you’re allowed to feel things Todoroki. You’re allowed to be sad, and regretful, and you’re allowed to sulk and cry. It’s okay to do those things, it’s what makes us human. You don’t have to hide your feelings from me, I don’t want you to ever feel like I don’t care how you’re doing Todoroki because I do. I care a lot about you. So much.”


Todoroki finally looks up at him; he sees a fire in the omega’s eyes, daring him to try and challenge what he said. Midoriya reaches out and brushes his red hair behind his ear, showing his scarred up face more clearly.


“He trained me to be a better hero. He trained me until I blacked out. I got scared of being a hero after that, but he wouldn’t quit. That fear turned into hatred and I wanted to be a hero only to beat him. I still feel that way. The moment I graduated I moved out and became a sidekick until I saved enough money and gained enough recognition to open my own agency. I became a hero for selfish reasons.”


He expects Midoriya to belittle him. People should be heroes because they want to save others, protect those who need protecting, and he only became one to beat his father. The omega smiles sadly at him instead and strokes his cheek.


“I’m sure every hero out there has a selfish reason. You aren’t just born a hero Todoroki, you’re made into one. Someone, somewhere, they touch your heart. For me it was when I watched All Might save all those citizens with a giant smile on his face. You told me that you wanted to be a hero before, before your father trained you. What made you want to be a hero before the bad times Todoroki?”


Todoroki blinks, “I… the same- the same reason. I- I wanted to be like All Might too.”


“We don’t forget our origins Todoroki. If you truly only wanted to beat your father you wouldn’t be all that great of a hero. You’d only be searching for power. I’ve seen you help others though Todoroki. I’ve watched you for years; you’re different than Endeavor. You’re kinder, you always try your hardest, and you always smile. Hmm, well, maybe not always, but you definitely do smile. You must not notice it that much, but after you rescue someone, especially little kids, you always smile at them… just like All Might.”


He’s saved him once again. His muddled up thoughts clear in an instant and he’s finally able to breathe again. Todoroki moves his hand to touch Midoriya’s.


“Am I a good hero?”


“My second favorite in the entire world, which is really saying something since before we met you were actually my fourth. Getting to know you has definitely made you higher, but I’m sorry. All Might will always be my number one.”


Todoroki chuckles lightly although he doesn’t find it all that funny. It’s more like a feeling of relief exhaling from his body.


“I-... I don’t want to be a hero like my father and I don’t want to be another All Might either. Is it still okay for me to be a hero?”


“What kind of stupid question is that Todoroki? You don’t have to be. It’s alright for you to be Shouto, your own hero. No one likes copycats anyway, I’m way more excited to see how great of a hero you become.”


He takes a huge inhale and breathes out. It’s easier to breathe now, much easier. Todoroki gulps and lets the omega’s sweet scent calm him. What did he used to do without him? When he had these dark thoughts how did he get rid of them? Todoroki can’t remember. He can’t really remember what his life was like before Midoriya came into it. He changed everything about him and he did it so effortlessly like it was the most easiest thing in the world. He could smile no matter what while Todoroki could barely breathe the moment his thoughts got too dark. His life became better the minute the omega stepped into it. If he ever stepped out though...


“You’re staying, right?”


It was the second dumbest question he’s ever asked in his life. Midoriya raises an eyebrow at him as he stares.


“Where else would I be going Todoroki? Do you know something I don’t?”


“I mean-” Todoroki clears his throat, “never mind- I wasn’t thinking before speaking.”


He honestly wasn’t. He was singing praises of Midoriya’s name when that small fear came creeping up. And with that fear brought Yayorozu, warning him. Midoriya wasn’t going to be his forever. The only reason he was here was because of their pups. Without them Todoroki would have never had the pleasure of having a friend in Midoriya. He was only here because of the pups. He was still free to do what he wants, befriend who he wants… date whoever he wants…


“We never set boundaries.”


Midoriya stares at him with confused eyes, “wha-what?”


“Boundaries. We never really set them.”


“Boundaries? You mean like I’m not allowed to enter certain rooms or do certain things? I think we’re a little passed that, don’t you think?”


“Not with that, but with rules- you know boundaries- rules-”


“I’m sorry but I don’t, please give me an example. I’m really confused.” Midoriya shakes his head at him.


Todoroki groans lightly, “like- I swear I won’t work any overnight shifts unless they’re emergencies since I know you don’t like being left here all alone.”


“Oh… I kinda get it, like I won’t allow Mei to do experiments on me because it may harm our pups?”


“Exactly. Like… me not seeing anyone out of respect to you and our pups,” Todoroki mumbles, turning his head away.


Midoriya blinks. He blinks and stares. He stares and blinks. He tries really hard not to laugh, but a few giggles escape. 


“Now I don’t know where that came from, but rest assured Todoroki no alpha, beta, or omega is going to want me.”


“Why wouldn’t they? I think you’re amazing.” Todoroki gets irritated.


He shouldn’t think of himself so lowly like that. Midoriya is a breathtaking person. He’s kind, and super smart, and really caring. He’s a good cook, can make people laugh, and knows how to build a damn crib, qualities that are super important. Midoriya blushes lightly hearing the comment and scratches the back of his head.


“Thank you, but I was thinking more of the fact that I’m pregnant living with the pro hero alpha that impregnated me. I think that sentence alone would be enough to deter any possible suitors.”


“Oh… well I meant amazing as in- you’re an amazing… friend. A good friend. My friend.”


“Good, I hope we’re friends or else things would have gotten a lot more awkward being with someone who doesn't even consider me that.”


“I’m sorry, I’m suddenly forgetting how to speak basic English now.”


“Don’t be, it’s really funny. We all get tongue-tied every once in a while.”


Todoroki looks down, blush flustering his cheeks as he feels embarrassed. Midoriya squeezes his hand again before pulling away, groaning slightly as he gets up.


“You don’t have to worry about me Todoroki. I’ve never been really big on the dating scene; people normally don’t find a quirkless omega that mutters way too much attractive-”


“There’s nothing wrong with being quirkless. Sure I admit I never dated omegas because I didn’t like how easily I lose control over myself, but there’s nothing wrong with being quirkless, or saying what’s on your mind. You must have been hanging around with some awful people if anyone has ever made you not desirable just because you don’t have a quirk.”


Midoriya’s eyes widen slightly, “so would you… Todoroki, would you date- would you mate? With someone worthless like me? Someone quirkless?”


“You’re not worthless Midoriya and screw anyone who has ever told you that you were. Seriously, if you remember their names I will track them down and make them pay. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I would love having you as my mate- ah- I mean, someone like you- someone quirkless! If I loved them, I would. Without a doubt in my mind yes.” Todoroki stutters, face turning redder as he tries to recover.


Midoriya feels like he’s floating on a cloud right now, “thanks for the compliments. Like I said before though, there’s no need to worry. Even if people did think of me as highly as you do, I would never disrespect your home and bring someone over. My only focus right now is on school, work, our pups, and you.”


“Me?” Todoroki asks getting up after him.


“Yeah, making sure you are the best damn Dad you can be and keep you on your toes, and occasionally save you from your darkest thoughts.”


“I’m not either!”


Midoriya doesn’t understand, “not what?”


“Used to dating. I’ve never had the time, never wanted to make the time, never found someone, never thought an omega could make me hap-” he clears his throat, “you’re the first person, first omega actually who I’ve ever… I would never disrespect you either. You’re my only focus, you, our pups, then work, precisely in that order.”


“So we have our rules then. We both agree to not see anyone, at least until I birth our pups. If that ever changes though, if you ever get the feeling you’re interested in somebody, you can always tell me Todoroki. I’ll listen to whatever you have to say with open ears and an open mind.”


Midoriya smiles at him like he knows a secret. Todoroki can’t possibly fathom what that secret might be. He simply nods his head and suggests they should finish decorating the room. MIdoriya never loses that knowing smile. He knows something. Something that he doesn’t. Something that he’s patient enough to wait until Todoroki can figure out on his own.


Of course it will be a long shot. He might be bringing his hopes up, hearing what he wants to hear, placing his eggs all in one basket, but this alpha is worth the risk. He’s become a better father. Caring, making a difference, trying. He’s become a better alpha as well along the way. Todoroki is a smart man, he will figure it out sooner or later, and Midoriya is so very patient. He knows what he wants and he’s willing to fight and wait for it. Honestly he might be thinking too much into all of this, but seriously. Why would Todoroki bring up him not wanting to date anyone else if he wasn’t concerned that Midoriya might actually end up with another alpha that wasn’t him? Why would he make that comment about him being his omega and quickly cover it up if the thought had never crossed his mind? He could be scared of Midoriya letting another alpha raise his pups, but after how much he’s told Todoroki to his face how he wants HIM to help raise them… he has to be dumb or slow. Midoriya’s hoping on slow. He’s betting all his chips on slow.


“Where did you get this All Might nightlight? I didn’t know they made these.” Todoroki asks, breaking him out of his thoughts.


No matter what Todoroki would always be his friend. No matter what he decides in the end, he will always value the alpha like no other.


“Todoroki you’d be amazed with what you can buy on the internet. I’m a little bit worried that I may have gone overboard. I’ll start looking for Shouto hero merch so our pups will see their father more.”


“Please… don’t.” 


Midoriya snorts while Todoroki smokes.


Chapter Text

If there’s one thing Midoriya loves most about being pregnant it’s that he no longer has to be the guinea pig for Hastume’s experiments. He watches as her latest invention explodes, Kenta crying out loudly as it blows up in his face. He sighs and smiles lightly that it isn’t him catching on fire right now. Hastume waves her hand in front of her and coughs, walking over to the crash site.


“Kenta are you sure you did exactly what I instructed? My baby wasn’t supposed to do that… Kenta? Kenta?” Hatsume asks stomping out the fires on him.


“Looks like you knocked out another one,” Midoriya chuckles writing notes down.


“Great, now I’ll have to take him to Mao’s office. You mind cleaning up after him? I’ll be right back.” Hatsume tells him.


She puts on a backpack and pushes a button, giant robotic hands appearing out of it. The hands pick up Kenta with ease and she walks outside of the room. Midoriya finishes writing his notes before going to the crash site. Nothing is still on fire, so that’s good. He grabs an extinguisher just in case and sprays it a little, waiting for the smoke to fade before he scavages the pieces. Midoriya only does this for about ten minutes before he hears the alarm go off. It quite frankly scares him and he jumps up, hugging his stomach as he stares at the flashing lights.


“A villain attack?” Midoriya mumbles to himself as he stands up.


He walks over towards one of the tables and turns the TV on, flipping through news channels until he finds one covering the villain attack. He hears people scurrying around the building, the heroes probably racing out to get to the scene, and pulls up a chair to watch. Looks like it was a hostage situation, a bunch of villains holding up in a building with more than a dozen hostages.


“Izuku! Izuku are you alright?!” Hatsume yells running back into the room.


“I’m fine Mei, no need to worry.” He calls from his seat.


“Oh good, I heard the alarms and got scared for a second. What’s going on?”


“Villains, they have hostages. Heroes are already on the scene though- oh, there’s Shouto.” Midoriya mumbles.


He appears on the television shooting ice inside the building and creating walls to cover the scattering people. It zooms in on his face a couple of times before moving towards other heroes. Todoroki looks good on TV, like a hero. Midoriya smiles to himself as he chuckles.


“Creati and Earphone Jack are there as well, but where are the others? They need someone with skill to sneak in and save those hostages.”


“I think they’re already there. See how Shouto and Earphone Jack are causing such a big ruckus instead of staying hidden? I’m sure they’re drawing the villain’s attention. I’m just worried about Shouto though, he’s using his ice a lot. If he doesn’t regulate his temperature and warm up he might be in trouble.”


Hatsume hums and wraps an arm around her best friend. The two of them watch the heroes on the screen, hardly listening to the announcer. All of a sudden a large ice crystal shoots out of the building and crashes into the street, breaking the asphalt and spreading ice spikes around it. Midoriya gasps and hugs his stomach close.


“They have an ice quirk.” He whispers.


“Shouto needs to use his flames, why isn’t he using his flames?”


“He will,” Midoriya says determined.


Those are his flames, not his father. That night they shared a while ago should still be fresh on his mind. Todoroki shouldn’t be afraid of his power anymore. He has to come out alright, he has kids to worry about now, and Midoriya.


“He’s going to be alright, he’s going to be alright.”


Todoroki fights ice with ice instead of fire. Creati creates a large shield and protects him as the next arrangement of ice crystals falls down trying to hit them. Todoroki shoots out more ice. Earphone Jack makes her sound waves. Creati’s shield breaks. Midoriya is standing up on his feet while Hatsume covers her mouth with her hand.





Eyes slowly open. Todoroki sees pure white at first before his eyes adjust. He groans loudly and tries to get up, failing miserably. He hates waking up in hospitals. Absolutely hates it. He tries moving his fingers, but they feel so numb. He can barely move them an inch. There’s a lot of loud noises in the background. It isn’t just his breathing, the more he wakes up the louder it becomes.




“Please calm down sir-”




“Midoriya?” Todoroki whispers.


He smells burnt marshmallows. Really burnt marshmallows and it makes him feel terrible.


“Midoriya!” He calls out a little louder this time.


It goes quiet outside before all hell breaks loose. There is a loud banging noise before Midoriya pushes himself past the nurses, slamming the door open and walking inside. His eyes widen as he spies Todoroki on the bed, IV in his arm, heating blankets covering him trying to raise his temperature up.


“Todoroki… Todoroki!” Midoriya cries out loudly running to his side. 


He falls onto the bed and cries into his chest, big fat teardrops rolling down his cheeks. The burnt smell in the air doesn’t leave and it hurts Todoroki that he can’t do anything about it.


“Sir, please! You can’t be in here! An omega in distress will hurt your pups, you need to calm down!” A nurse comes walking in.


She tries to reach for him, but Todoroki snarls at her.


“Don’t touch him!”


“He needs to calm down or else we’re going to sedate him. He’s putting your pups at risk with all this stress.” She growls back.


Todoroki takes a shaky breath. This is not what he was expecting to wake up to. Normally he’s alone, completely alone for a couple of hours, before one of his co-workers or sidekicks come to visit and take him home. He’s never had someone fight to see him, never had someone actually here when he awakens, never had someone cry over him.


“I’ll handle it, now leave us.”


The nurse throws her hands up in the air, “you have five minutes before I come back with the cavalry.”


She leaves the room, shutting the door behind her, and Todoroki finally lets down his guard. He stares at Midoriya still crying on his chest and sighs out.


“I’m okay.”


“No you’re not okay! You’re in the hospital Todoroki! You could have DIED ! What would I have done if that had happened?”!

Todoroki stares at him and shrugs, not knowing an answer.


“You- I can’t believe you- do you have any idea how important you are to me Todoroki?! To our pups?! I wouldn’t have been able to function properly if anything had happened to you! I wouldn’t have been able to breathe- I was such a wreck coming to the hospital! I was in distress, Mei had to break into the hospital’s system to find out which room you were in since apparently a screaming omega carrying your pups isn’t enough reason to visit if I’m not on your stupid record’s list, and I had to fight my way here to find you beaten and broken lying in bed! What is the matter with you Todoroki? Don’t you care about us at all?!”


His eyes are too intense to look into anymore so he looks down, “I’m sorry… I’ll add you to my visiting record-”




“I don’t want to be a hero with it. I don’t want to use my Dad’s powers to become the number one hero-”




Todoroki stares with wide eyes as Midoriya gets up and yells at him.


“For you to become number one without giving it your all, to completely reject your father! Right now I think you should stop screwing around! It’s your power, isn’t it? Did that night mean nothing to you? Do we mean nothing to you? If you aren’t going to use this power for yourself Todoroki, then use it for us. Use it for the people who need it to be saved. I can’t… I can’t… I can’t do this alone Todoroki. I’m scared, I can’t go through this again, I can’t raise these pups by myself. I need you. I need you Shouto.”


Todoroki’s face warps into something broken. He gasps out, trying to catch his breath, loud sobs escaping his lips. Midoriya stares dumbfounded as the alpha cries in front of him. Todoroki's hand shakes as he raises it to call him and Midoriya is instantly at his side, burying his face into his neck as he holds him close.


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I promise I won’t ever be that foolish again. I’m sorry Midoriya, I’m sorry Izuku. You’re right, this is my power. It’s mine. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”


The two cling to each other, crying tears heavily. The nurse comes back in, true to her words, five minutes later and finds the couple like this.


“Have you finally calmed down sir?”


Midoriya sniffs as he pulls away and nods his head, “yes ma’am.”


“I’m going to have to do a check up on you. Have far are you along?”


“About four, almost five months.”


“I see, come on. If everything checks out alright I’ll return you to your alpha, better safe than sorry though. We get a lot of hysterical omegas through here, especially when their mates are heroes, and sadly miscarriages happen because of the stress it puts them under.”


Todoroki pales. They could lose their pups because he was too stubborn to use his full power? The nurse can smell his distress and waves her hand.


“Don’t worry, it hasn’t happened a lot. Like I said before though, better safe than sorry. Come on.”


“Don’t worry Todoroki, I’m sure we’re fine. I’ll be right back- we’ll be right back.” Midroiya smiles at him lightly before following the nurse.


Todoroki curses to himself, shaking in his bed as he raises his fist and slams it down. He won’t ever be this weak again. He won’t ever end up in another hospital bed having his omega worrying again. No- Todoroki opens his eyes and shakes his head. Not his… not his… whatever he is, Todoroki will never put Midoriya through this again.



A week’s bed rest is nothing much. He gets flowers and get well cards at home, along with a very pissed omega that follows his every move whenever he’s around. Todoroki doesn’t think he’s ever been so spoiled in his entire life before. Every second of the day Midoriya is hovering over him, bringing him whatever he needs, checking on him, breathing down his neck. When he goes to school and work he finally has a chance to breathe, but the minute he’s back he’s ambushed with questions of what he did all day. People would think that Todoroki is the pregnant one, not the other way around.


Their pups are safe though. They were perfectly healthy and continue to grow more and more each and every day. Todoroki sighs as he mindlessly watches TV. Midoriya is cuddled up next to him in bed, book in his hand as he scribbles and does his homework. Todoroki tried paying attention to him, but he had absolutely no idea what type of work he was doing or how to solve it, so he turned his attention back to the TV.


“Yaoyorozu sent me a message the other day. She’s asking if we want her and Hastume to throw us a baby shower.”


“I got the same text from Mei. Baby showers are a lot of work though, and it takes a lot of time, and costs a lot of money. I don’t even know where we would throw it-”


“We could have it here, if you wanted.”


Midoriya looks up from his homework at him, but Todoroki is staring at the television screen changing channels.


“I don’t think that would be a good idea.”


“Why not?”


“Parties are a bit… messy. I wouldn’t want to make a big mess in your home, plus if we’re being honest I wouldn’t even know who to invite to the shower. I don’t have many friends, just a couple of work colleagues, and a few from school-”


“I can invite some people as well.”


“You have friends Todoroki?”


At that Todoroki glances down and gives him a look. MIdoriya freezes and turns red, shaking his head side to side.


“No- no- no I didn’t mean it like that!”


Todoroki chuckles and smiles, “I know, my apologies. I’ve probably given you the wrong impression since I never have people over and you never see me call anyone, so it would be more accurate to call them acquaintances. I have a bunch of them though, and I truly don’t mind having a baby shower here if that’s what you want Midoriya, plus it’s not like we would have to do much of the work. Yaoyorozu and Hatsume were pretty adamant on throwing us one, so I’m sure they’ll be in charge.”


Midoriya bites on his bottom lip. Todoroki stares for a second too long.


“Did I mention that most of them will be pro heroes? It could be a nice chance to meet some of your heroes, I can even invite All Might and see if he will come-”


Midoriya gasps, “All Might?! Really?! Oh no, oh no no no, I wouldn’t know what to say or what to wear! You can’t invite All Might!”


“Alright, no All Might, but any other heroes… yes? Is this a yes? Can I give the girls the okay?”


“Well… if you really don’t mind… I guess. Mei really was determined... and I think she convinced my Mom to join her side… only if you’re okay with it Todoroki.”


“Good, I’ll text them then. We’ll try for a Sunday since you don’t have school on those days.”


“Thanks Todoroki.”


Todoroki shrugs as he messes with his phone, “what type of alpha would I be if we didn’t have a baby shower?”


He misses how Midoriya grins brightly. The omega settles back by his side, purring lightly as he does his homework. The sweet smell of marshmallows and berries fills the air making Todoroki smile to himself as well, happy in their own little world.

Chapter Text

Midoriya was expecting his baby shower to take a month to plan... not a single week. Hastume has always been a force of nature, but with Yaoyorozu by her side the two of them completely dominated. It was a bit scary; if those two were villains they could probably take over the world. The baby shower was set for next Sunday and all Midoriya had to do was look cute and invite whoever friends he wanted to go from his school, since Hatsume took care of inviting their co-workers. Midoriya only handed out five invitations in total, not lying when he said he didn’t have a lot of friends. Of course he told his five friends they could bring whoever they liked, so maybe a total of ten were coming from his side, including his mother eleven, Hatsume would make twelve, Shinso definitely said yes so thirteen, the guys from work… maybe around thirty total?


It sounded like more than thirty people were downstairs though. When Todoroki said he would invite his hero colleagues he wasn’t lying. When Yaoyorozu was going over the guest list with them he nearly passed out hearing some of the name drops. Uravity, Ingenium, Red Riot, Froppy, Earphone Jack, mostly everyone Todoroki went to school with was coming, along with his side-kicks from work. It sounded like a real party downstairs. 


How much Todoroki Shouto absolutely hated parties… he glances at the omega though and sighs. It was all for him… and it shouldn’t be that bad. Todoroki is calm and collected as he brushes his hair while Midoriya is sweating in places he never knew he could sweat. All these people, all these heroes! For him! He’s going to meet his heroes! He can’t do that- he can’t-there’s no way he’s going to make it out of there and not embarrass himself. Todoroki looks over at him and frowns a bit; he can smell the fear coming from him.


“Midoriya, do you remember the party where we first met?”


“Huh?! Did you say something Todoroki?” Midoriya jumps.


“I asked if you remembered how we first met at that party in my honor.”


“Huh? Oh, yes, yes I do. I was covering a shift for a friend that night and you bumped into me.”


“Good. I promise not to accidentally bump into you and spill food all over you. If you want to though you could do that to me since it would only be fair.”


Midoriya stares at him for a second before his lips curve up into a smile. He begins to laugh, worries rolling off his shoulders as he forgets about everything.


“Thanks Todoroki, but there’s no need. I wouldn’t want to embarrass you.”


“Alright, but if you embarrass yourself on accident and don’t know how to live it down we can go ahead and do that plan. I’m pretty sure none of them have seen me trip and fall, so it’s likely they won’t forget it.”


Midoriya giggles and walks over to Todoroki. He reaches out and strokes his face, brushing his red hair behind his ear to see his scar. He smiles at him for a minute before remembering himself, flinching lightly as he puts the hair back.


“Sorry, I forgot we’re not alone here. I-”


“It’s okay. It’s okay Midoriya.”


Todoroki strokes his hair back behind his ear and it’s worth the looks he’ll get downstairs seeing how the pregnant omega’s face lights up.


“Are you ready? Everyone’s waiting downstairs for us, but we can take another moment if you want.”


“Yeah, if I don’t do it now I will never do it later. I’m read-... To-Todoroki? Am I- are we-... we’re going to pretends to be mates down there, right? I’m just not sure if you’ve told your friends, and I don’t want our stories not to match, plus my mother is down there- I just want to know where you stand.”


Pretend. That’s the keyword to remember, pretend. Todoroki reaches out and pulls Midoriya to his chest. He sighs out heavily, scenting the small omega, and he purrs against him loving the smell. It calms him down immediately and Todoroki takes his hand, squeezing tightly as he leads the way. Midoriya has a far off dreamy look on his face as they stand on top of the stairs. He’s rudely awoken though when a large “SURPRISE” gets yelled out and streamers fall everywhere. His eyes widen as heroes, actual heroes, are inside of his house! And they all… and they all… for some reason all of them are carrying articles of clothing? Midoriya has his eyebrows raised as Todoroki helps him down the steps. Hatsume is the first one to greet and hugs them both.


“Mei, this looks fantastic. You and Yaoyorozu did an amazing job.” He praises.


“I know, right? If our support item making business ever fails we could totally go into party planning.” Hatsume kisses his cheek, “you look absolutely gorgeous by the way. Completely glowing. I love how the shirt brings out your eyes.”


Midroiya blushes as he looks down, “th-thank you. If you don’t mind me asking, why is everyone holding clothes?”


“It was part of the invitation! Omegas nest like crazy during their last month of pregnancy, so I had all our friends and all your future friends bring one article of clothing to contribute to the super nest you’ll be building.”


Midoriya is so surprised and happy tears fall out of his eyes, “Me-Mei- I don’t know what to sa-say, thank you.”


“Of course, what are best friends for? Now come on, you have a lot of people to meet, and once they meet you they give you their clothes and talk to you. I made a brand new baby of mine to follow after you with a basket so you can drop the clothes in there. I’m going to mingle, so Todoroki take good care of him. Make sure he doesn’t faint in front of his heroes,” Hatsume teases.


“Ah- Mei!” Midoriya pouts.


Todoroki smiles softly, “who would you like to meet first?”


“I- I- I don’t know, Yaoyorozu!”


“You already met her though-”


“Exactly, I’ll work my way up. I’m still nervous you know.”


“Alright, Yaoyorozu first. She invited her girlfriend Jirou, so you’ll get to meet Earphone Jack as well.”


“Huh, really?” Midoriya eyes sparkle.


Todoroki leads the way over to where Yaoyorozu and Jirou are standing off to the side. Yaoyorozu smiles as she greets the couple and offers them an article of clothing, an old scarf she’s had since she was young. Jirou nods her head and offers them an old leather jacket of hers that no longer fits.


“So this is the famous Midoriya. It’s nice to finally meet you, I’m Jirou Kyoka.” Jirou shakes his hand.


“Hi-hi-hi! It’s nice to meet you too Jirou! I’m a huge fan!” Midoriya squeaks, cheeks going red.


Jirou’s cheeks go red too as she rubs her neck, “ah- thank you, I’m happy to hear that.”


“Midoriya, you look so lovely. You as well Todoroki, things appear to be going smoothly.” Yaoyorozu mentions.


“Yes, thanks to you. Thank you Yaoyorozu for your help.” Todoroki nods at her.


“Ah yes, thank you so much Yaoyorozu! You and Mei absolutely outdid yourselves! She was mentioning opening a party planning business if her career ever fails.”


“Hahahahaha! Well that sure sounds fun! I’ll have to consider it if my business ever fails too.” Yaoyorozu laughs.


It’s a nice little warm up to what’s to come. Midoriya stays and talks with Yaoyorozu and Jirou for a couple of minutes before meeting someone new. He introduces Todoroki to his college buddies, who all freak out with him about all the heroes here that it makes Midoriya feel a little less ridiculous. He meets Pinky, and Froppy, Tailman, and Chargebolt before he’s literally shaking in his shoes. His words don’t come out as complete sentences anymore and Todoroki excuses them, heading over towards the kitchen to get him something to drink.


“Ah, Todoroki, nice to see you again. What can I get you?” Inko asks, making herself right at home in their kitchen to prepare the food and drinks.


“Midoriya is a little overwhelmed, do you mind getting him something to drink?”


“Of course, why do you think I’m hiding in the kitchen myself? I can’t go out and meet all those heroes, there is way too many of them.” Inko blushes fixing her son a drink.


Todoroki chuckles under his breath and thanks her for the glass. He hands it to Midoriya, who drinks it silently and takes a small breath.


“Thanks, I’m fine now. Go back out there and I’ll join you shortly. I just need a minute to calm down.”


He narrows his eyes, “are you sure?”


“Yes! Go, our guests came to see us, might as well meet one of us. I’ll join you when I finish. Go be a good host.”


Todoroki looks up at Inko and sees her nod her head, a silent promise that she’ll watch over him. He nods back and rejoins the party, Kaminari, Shoji, Sero, and Tokoyami pulling him over.


“So Todoroki, I know we weren’t that close, but still we all went to school together! You could have at least told us you had a mate before impregnating them! We were completely shocked!” Kaminari says wrapping an arm around his shoulder.


One of Shoji’s arms form a mouth and speaks, “don’t mind Kaminari, he’s just mad that he lost a bet. He thought Mineta would be able to find a mate before you.”


Todoroki turns to glare at his friend.


“Ah- ah- that was a long time ago Todoroki! Don’t mind, don’t mind!”


“Congratulations on your pups Todoroki and thank you for inviting us.” Tokoyami nods his head.


“Yeah, I had no idea you were into the nerdy types. Izuku is really cool though, I like him a lot. Good choice.” Sero gives him a thumbs up.


At this Todoroki blinks, “you know Midoriya?”


“Yeah, the company he works for helps me make my support gear. I’ve worked with Izuku plenty of times before, we’re real close.”


“Really? You get your gear made by Power Loader’s Agency? How is it? I’ve been looking for a couple of upgrades.” Kaminari asks.


“Well seeing how the omega is an absolute genius, I’d say he could help you with about anything. Between him and Mei I’m sure there’s no hero they couldn’t help improve.”


The conversation steers itself towards support gears and weapons, so Todoroki silently excuses himself. He doesn’t feel like having another conversation so soon so he leans against a wall, eyes towards the kitchen where Midoriya is still sitting at. He’s talking with his mother, a smile on his face, and for a second he lowers his guard and calms down.


Only for a second though. Only until someone new comes walking into the kitchen. He doesn’t recognize him, but Midoriya obviously does by the way he exclaims his name out. He smiles at the omega as he walks over, hair wild and purple, his stench… it’s different. Inko walks over to hug the boy, joining the conversation, and Todoroki pouts a little bit crossing his arms over his chest.


“Nice place, huh? I wished making my support babies paid as much as this.” Hastume whistles.


“I hear Power Loader’s Agency is one of the top up and coming agencies for support items. They don’t pay you a good salary?” Yaoyorozu asks.


“Yeah they do, but with the destruction I cause and the property damages most of it gets taken away. I can’t help it that sometimes my inventions are so destructive.” Hastume shrugs.


“I see… so, do you see our two guests of honor?”


“You mean Shouto sulking over there and Izuku smiling over there?”


“Yeah, who is Midoriya talking to?”


“Hitoshi, he’s an underground hero. Izuku’s other best friend, besides myself. We make his artificial vocal cords for him, truly a magnificent invention.”


“Artificial vocal cords?”


“Yeah, it allows him to change his voice. Hitoshi’s quirk lets him put whoever responds to his voice under his spell.”


“Ah- Shinso Hitoshi, I have heard of him! He’s best friend’s with Midoriya?”


“That’s right.”


Yaoyorozu takes another look at her friend, “and judging from Todoroki’s expression I take it he’s an alpha?”


“That’s right.”


A cruel idea appears in Yaoyorozu’s mind, “so would you like to start a little trouble with me?”


“That is absolutely 100% right.”


Yaoyorozu and Hastume had a silent agreement between them. The two of them only wanted to see their best friends happy. Yaoyorozu knew from the moment he saw Todoroki with Midoriya that the omega was his happiness. It took Hatsume a little while longer, but seeing how happy her best friend has been in the past couple of weeks had really convinced her. Now they had a secret taskforce going on to make their two friends official mates since they were the only two who knew of the real circumstances.


“So what’s Shinso’s relationship with Midoriya?”


“Best friends, nothing more, nothing less. No secret crushes, never tried the dating thing, they just have a mutual bond of trust. Close like brothers.” Hatsume replies.


“But Todoroki has no idea about that. Think you can get Midoriya to hug Shinso in about five minutes?” Yaoyorozu asks.


“No problem, I’m on it boss.” Hatsume nods and slips away.


Yaoyorozu smiles to herself and goes to do her part of the mission. She walks by Todoroki and looks where he’s staring, seeing Midoriya and Shinso talking.


“The two of them seem pretty close there, don’t they?” She mentions.


“I guess,” Todoroki responds.


“Hatsume was telling me about him, Shinso. He’s an alpha and an underground hero; apparently Midoriya makes his gear for him. They’ve been real good friends and have known each other for years.”


“Your point?” Todoroki tears his eyes away from them.


Good, now he can’t see Hastume walking over there and joining their conversation.


“My point being, Todoroki, is that I warned you this would happen. He isn’t going to wait for you forever and there seems to be a couple of people interested in him, pups or no pups.”


“You don’t know what you’re talking about Yaoyorozu-”


“Ah! Hitoshi! Why didn’t you tell me?!”


The sweetest smell of marshmallows and saskatoon berries flood his nose, a scent Todoroki was overconfident about and thought only he could bring out from the omega. He turns and finds Midoriya with his arms wrapped tightly around Shinso, jumping up and down. That alpha even has the balls to wrap his arms back around him and laugh. Hastume shoots Yaoyorozu a thumbs up from the corner of the room. It really was too easy; all she had to do was mention the award Shinso was being nominated for knowing her best friend would congratulate him with a hug.


Todoroki lets out a small growl, smoke escaping from his lips as he digs his claws into his biceps. Yaoyorozu delivers the finishing blow and touches his shoulder lightly before escaping.


“I would definitely be worried if I were you.”


Worried? There’s no reason to be worried. Midoriya isn’t his. He doesn’t deserve to have a mate- he shouldn’t have a mate! No one deserves a life being stuck at his side. Besides, Midoriya is too amazing for him. There’s no way- there must be something wrong in the universe because… there’s no way that Midoriya actually likes him.


The doorbell rings loudly over the music and Todoroki looks up.


“Ah, must be more guests.” Hatsume mentions.


Todoroki walks over to the kitchen, having an excuse to break up their conversation now. Midoriya is laughing and wiping a tear out of his eye when he arrives.


“Ah- Todoroki! I’m glad you’re here, meet Hitoshi Shinso, my good friend. Hitoshi, meet Todoroki.” Midoriya introduces.


Shinso stares at him and Todoroki stares right back, both refusing to yield to each other. The doorbell rings again and Todoroki snaps out of it, looking back at Midoriya.


“We should answer the door, it might be our guests.”


“Ah right, of course. We’ll be back Hitoshi, let’s go Todoroki.”


Todoroki reaches for his hand and holds it tight, sparing one last warning glance at Shinso as they head to the front door. Midoriya is smiling and laughing as he talks, reaching for the door handle. Todoroki is barely paying attention to his words as he focuses on his scent. That stench that is lingering on him- it smells the exact same as that t-shirt that was in their nest. Todoroki is so going to burn whatever that man gave his pregnant omega once everyone leaves.


“Ah- sorry we’re late Todoroki! This one took forever to get ready!”


“Shut the hell up dumbass! I already told you I didn’t want to come to this shitty party!”


Burnt marshmallows fill his senses. Todoroki stares down at Midoriya and sees him shaking lightly, his face turning pale. He doesn’t understand and looks over at their guests, Kirishima and Bakugo standing outside of the door with presents in their hands.


“Oh dude, is this your mate? Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Kirishima Eiijiro and this right here is my mate Bakugo Katsuki, we went to school with Todoroki here.” Kirishima introduces himself.


Bakugo face goes still as he looks at the tiny omega clinging to the half and half bastard. He stares at the small thing before his face curls up.


“Deku?!” He snarls.




Midoriya jumps up and nods nervously, “hi-hi-hi Ka-Kacchan.”


“Who the hell are you calling Kacchan?! What did I tell you about that stupid nickname?! Huh?!” Bakugo asks reaching for him.


For his omega. For his mate. Todoroki reaches out and slaps his hand away, growing lightly. He may not know what’s happening, but he does know that his mate smells scared and stressed and it’s because of this beta standing in front of them.


“Don’t touch him.”


Bakugo stares at him like he’s crazy while Kirishima waves his hand, getting between the two of them.


“Now now guys, we aren’t in high school anymore. There’s no need to fight, Bakugo you should know better than to touch an alpha’s pregnant omega.”


“Pregnant? You ended up mating yourself to this worthless loser? I knew you were pathetic.”


Midoriya whimpers lightly making Todoroki’s hair stand on edge.


“What did you call my mate?”


“Worthless. That’s where he got his name from, isn’t that right Deku? The quirkless dumbass that wanted to be a hero. How did that turn out Deku? Huh? You save anyone recently? Hahahaha, of course not. You’re just as weak and worthless as the day I met you-”


“Get. Out.” Todoroki growls finally having enough.


Bakugo stares at him and bares his fangs, “what did you tell me?”


“I told you to get the hell out of my apartment!” Todoroki yells, pushing Midoriya behind him.


“My mate is not weak and he is not worthless! He’s smart, and strong, and kind, and caring, and good, and his name is Midoriya Izuku! Not Deku! Just because he doesn’t have a quirk doesn’t make him any less of a hero! He is everything good in this world and he’s definitely too good for me! He has the heart of a true hero, way more than you do! I don’t care what you say about me, I’m used to your petty insults Bakugo, but if you cannot respect my omega in our home then you are not welcomed here! Now leave!


Bakugo growls out, hands sparking. He explodes the present in his hand and drops it on the floor, turning around and stomping away yelling out curses. Kirishima bows down and apologizes before chasing after him. Todoroki is absolutely pissed as he slams the door close. He turns back to Midoriya, tears shining in his eyes as he shivers.




He takes off and runs into the other room. Todoroki walks into the living room and sees all eyes on him. Hatsume walks over and places a hand on his shoulder.


“I’ll talk with him-”


“No, I will. Please just watch everyone, I’ll go get him.”


He finds Midoriya upstairs in his own room, a room he hasn’t slept in since moving to Todoroki’s. He’s curled up in a corner, his blanket over his head, small sniffles being heard. Todoroki sighs as he carefully walks over to the sad omega. He kneels in front of him and sees the tears in his eyes as he looks up.


“I’m… I’m sorry. I never would have invited him if I had known you two knew each other- if I had known he calls you worthless,” Todoroki growls out then controls himself, “I’m sorry for ruining the party. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you from crying.”


Midoriya sniffs as he shakes his head, “no, no Todoroki- no one has ever stood up for me like that before. No one has ever tried to stop Kacchan- no one- you’re the only-” he cries again and Todoroki offers his arms.


The omega flings himself into his warm embrace and Todoroki holds him close. He’s quiet as he listens to the omega reveal his childhood friend. How he was his idol and followed him around. How after his quirk never came he tortured him day in and day out and made him forget about his dream of being a hero. How scared he was to apply to U.A. because Bakugo was applying as well and he had beaten into his mind that they would never want a student as worthless as him. Todoroki gets pissed. He wishes he could go back and kill that bastard for hurting Midoriya.


“Fucking basterd. I’ll kill him if you want me to. He provoked my mate, my pregnant omega, I would totally get away with it.”


“What? No, Todoroki I don’t want you to do that. Sure Kacchan is a jerk, and he hasn’t changed, but if it wasn’t for him… I don’t think we would have ever met. I liked when we met, how we met, and how we’re still together and about to start a family. That’s worth all the beatings and pain I went through.”


“That isn’t fair though. Midoriya you didn't deserve any of that. I meant what I said earlier, you aren’t worthless. You’re the bravest and strongest hero I know. If he can’t see that… well then fuck him. I’ll make sure to maim him next time I see him.”




“I said maim, not kill. You have to at least allow me to do that. No one should ever make you feel sad or worthless Midoriya. I won’t allow that to happen ever again.”


Midoriya is staring at him like he’s the love of his life. He feels his heart racing, his ears ringing, and all the shocks of electricity coursing through them since they’re so close. He can’t help himself. He leaves over and to press their lips together. Todoroki freezes and after a couple of seconds Midoriya realizes what he’s doing. He gasps and pulls back, eyes wide and on alert.


“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry- I didn’t meant to-”


Todoroki cuts him off as he leans forward and kisses him. It feels right to do this. The sparks finally disappear and it’s just him and Midoriya, feeling each other, kissing each other. When he pulls away Midoriya is completely flustered, but the tears have stopped. He wipes his cheeks away and helps him back up.


“I can send everyone home if you want?”


“No, I’m okay now. I’m okay. Thank you Todoroki.” Midoriya smiles kindly at him.


Todoroki regrets the kiss. He regrets the kiss because it makes him realize something he had hoped he would never realize.


He’s falling in love with Midoriya Izuku.


He can never be with him though.


Chapter Text

Midoriya’s world changes after their baby shower. He suddenly finds himself being the center of attention. News channels from all around are doing features on him, everybody wanting to know Todoroki Shouto’s mate and mother of his offspring. It’s not like they were really trying to hide it from the world, but once all the pro heroes were heard talking about it in passing it exploded into a huge deal.


It became hard for Midoriya to go to school. Crowds would be outside wanting to question him and once he fought his way through that students inside, classmates he didn’t even know the names of, would surround him wanting to ask questions. Todoroki hired one of his sidekicks to be his bodyguard, but it didn’t stop the whispers or the flashing lights. Work was easier to be at. Hatsume blew up any reporter that came within ten feet of their agency and everyone working there already knew about the pregnant omega, so it was old news. The only places Midoriya felt safe were at work and at home.


Even at home though something had changed. He hating watching himself on TV and he had abandoned reading news on his phone. It seemed that suddenly overnight the whole world knew who he was. Quirkless. The whole world questioned why such a great hero would be with such a pathetic person like him. Worthless. How could Midoriya tell the world that it was an accident based on hormones and faulty suppressants though? Pathetic. How could he deny the claims of being called a gold digger and only going after the Todoroki legacy when he had no evidence? Unbelievable.


What he hated most was when they would talk about the recent history of Shouto. How it showed that ever since he met Midoriya he had been doing less patrols. He had been seen in the city less, not being the hero as often, not saving the day, slides and charts of his decrease in activity and missing in action on days that were his fault. How his image as a hero has fallen because of him. Midoriya warned Todoroki though- he warned him that being apart of this family would have sacrifices. He told him that it might affect his career and he agreed anyway. He wanted this- he chose this!



Did he really chose this though?



Midoriya feels like he trapped him.


It’s not like Todoroki even wanted him anyway. After the baby shower, after that kiss they shared, things changed. They did not change for the better. Todoroki was still there for him, still welcomed him into his bed, still helped him in his life… but he was distant. So very distant. The sparks weren’t even there anymore when they would touch. It’s like they shriveled up and died… just like their love.


“I’m just beating myself up, I shouldn’t be thinking so hard about this.”


It’s all Bakugo’s fault. It’s been so long he’s forgotten what it felt like to be worthless. He’s forgotten what it sounded like to be called names, to feel pain, and hurt, and regret. Would their pups experience the same? Would society reject them if they were quirkless? Midoriya never wants anything that he went through to happen to his babies.


“Todoroki,” he whimpers clutching his pillow.


He wishes he was here to talk to him. He wishes he could tell Todoroki all of his troubles so he could make them disappear. No, he doesn’t even have to do that- Midoriya just wishes that the alpha would hold him. Even that would be enough to make him feel better. A loud noise sounds from downstairs making the omega wake up from his thoughts.




Did his wish come true? Midoriya jumps out of bed and makes his way out of their room, wondering if the alpha came home early. He walks down the stairs and the foulest smell fills his senses. He smells hundreds- no thousands of trees burning all at once inside the room, a forest fire choking him- making it hard for him to breathe. Midoriya nearly throws up as he glances around, catching the eyes of the number two hero standing in his home right now. How he got in Midoriya has no clue, but he’s standing right there in the middle of the living room. The alpha had always looked intense on TV, but he’s even more frightening up close.


“You must be the omega. I can’t believe he’s putting up with you.” Endeavor spits out.


Midoriya instantly submits to him, lowering his head as he wraps an arm around his stomach.


“He-hello there sir-sir. I’m afraid To-Todoroki isn’t here right now.”


“Obviously. I plan on paying him a visit after our little chat, but I needed to confront you first. What type of game are you playing with my son?”

Midoriya peeks up a little and stares, “ga-game?”


“Yes, game, fantasy, whatever the fuck you want to call it. There’s no way my son would ever settle for a worthless, quirkless omega like yourself. You should be ashamed for tying him down; are those pups even my son’s?”


“You have no right to insult me like that!” Midoriya barks out.


Endeavor lets out a loud growl and Midoriya all of a sudden finds it really hard stand. He sits on the stairs and gasps for breath, feeling the air get taken right out of his lungs as the alpha presents his dominance.


“You aren’t going to ruin my legacy. Any children of yours would be an abomination. You need to leave my son. If you really care about him, if you want what’s best for him, you will leave him and drown those pups of yours the moment they are born. My son is a hero. He’s going to be a legend, he’s going to be greater than All Might, and you’re nothing but dead weight. You’re going to ruin his career, everything I’ve built, and I won’t let that happen. Consider yourself warned. The next time I come here I won’t be as nice.”


Endeavor sneers as he leaves the apartment, taking his burning smell with him. Midoriya still can’t breathe though. He still struggles to try and catch his breath, to live. Why? Why is this happening to him? He didn’t mean for this to happen. He’s sorry he’s a useless omega. He never asked to be born this way. He never asked to be quirkless. It takes a while, but Midoriya finally finds the strength to stand up. He slowly grabs his bag and his car keys, planning on driving to Todoroki’s agency. He needs to see him. He needs to see his alpha.


Midoriya concentrates so much on Todoroki he doesn’t see the car heading his way.



Todoroki received a call that no person should ever receive.


“Hello, I’m calling for a Mr. Todoroki Shouto?”


He heard something that no expecting father should hear.


“I’m calling from Musutafu Hospital. I’m afraid there has been an accident.”


He can’t function. Todoroki races to the hospital and bursts in, leaving an ice trail behind him. He doesn’t care one bit as he rushes to the counter and pants out Midoriya’s name, eyes widening when he hears that he’s in the critical condition floor. Todoroki doesn’t feel his feet falling from underneath him. He suddenly finds himself on the ground, struggling hard to breathe. Is this what a panic attack feels like? Nurses come to his side and try to get him onto a gurney, but he’s not the one hurt right now. He’s not the one that needs to be cared for.


So Todoroki sucks it up. He buries everything he’s feeling inside right now and calms himself down. The nurses stare warily and reluctantly allow him to go on his own. As soon as the elevator doors open to his floor Todoroki looks for his room number, following the scent of soggy marshmallows. There’s a dark room up ahead, a small figure lying in bed hidden in the shadows. Even though the smell is coming from this room Todoroki checks the room number before opening the door.


He doesn’t know what is supposed to happen now. He has absolutely no clue what is going to happen now. He wishes he could freeze time, stop it from moving forward, because then he would be stuck in the unknown. Then he wouldn’t have to know the truth if-if…




He hears him sniffle.




“Don’t. Just… please don’t.”


A chill runs down his spine. Todoroki has never heard the omega sound like that- has never heard any omega sound so.. so… broken.


“Midoriya I came as fast as I could.”


“Well it was a waste of time.”


“Midoriya-” the alpha takes a step towards him.


“Stop it! Just stop it Todoroki! It’s too late! You’re too late! I lost them! They’re gone!”


 Gone… gone? Gone. Todoroki feels his heart being ripped out of his chest. Midoriya breaks down and wails out loudly, covering his face with his hands. It kills him, it kills him inside. Gone? How could they be gone? Todoroki was just with them. He saw them this morning, Midoriya glowing and pregnant- how could they all of a sudden be gone? Todoroki takes a step back and leans against the doorway. No, it couldn’t be- it just can’t be true. He stares over at Midoriya’s crumbled figure, curled up into a defensive ball as he buries himself under the covers. He isn’t alone- the omega needs him. He’s not the one hurting the most right now. Todoroki takes a step closer.




“LEAVE!” He screeches at the top of his voice.


It stills him.


“I lost them Todoroki! I lost them both! There’s no reason you should be here anymore! There’s no reason for you to stay! Just go!” Midoriya cries out, big fat tears streaming down his face.


Todoroki shakes his head, “no, Midoriya-”


“I have nothing left to give you! I am not your mate! I am not anything to you! I was definitely never your omega! I have nothing Todoroki! I don’t have anything anymore, so please, please, please! Leave me alone! I don’t ever want to see you again!”


He’s been rejected. For the first time since their meeting the omega is actually… rejecting him right now. Todoroki doesn’t feel his body moving. He sees himself getting further and further away from the omega though. Midoriya doesn’t turn around. Midoriya doesn’t call his name. He isn’t going to call him back in. Todoroki turns around and runs out of the room.


Midoriya cries to himself, feeling his heart breaking with every step his alpha takes away.



Chapter Text

“Izuku… Izuku are you up? I’m coming in.”


Inko knocks on the door before peeking her head inside. The room looks so dark despite it being daytime and there’s this awful smell like something has curled up and died. She balances her tray as she walks inside. Her son doesn’t make a single move underneath his blankets. She places the tray down on his desk and draws back the shades, opening the window a crack.


“Izuku,” she calls again, “how long are you going to stay this way?”


Her son doesn’t respond to him… again. Inko puffs out her cheeks as she stomps over to his bed. She fists at the covers and pulls them off revealing her son’s blank face. He’s been like this ever since he came home from the hospital a few weeks ago. Tired, emotionless, chained to his bed only ever getting out of it for school. He’s been calling off work since the accident, and took a couple days off of school, but once the projects started piling up Midoriya forced himself to go back to class. Even there he feels like a shell, barely absorbing the information before crawling back into bed the minute he gets back home. She hates seeing him like this; it has gone on far enough.  


“Izuku the tray of food I left here last time has barely been touched at all. You need to eat something and take your vitamins. Come on dear, you aren’t just taking care of yourself anymore.”


Midoriya blinks and forces himself to lean up; even doing such an easy task before has now become a challenge. It seemed like his belly tripled in size overnight making him feel as bloated as a whale. Inko helps him up, the blanket falling off of him and piling over his stomach. He leans back against his wall while she reaches for the tray and hands it towards him. Midoriya swallows down his vitamins dry before wrapping a hand around the bowl of rice porridge his mother made. It warms up his cold hands, and the smell is enticing, but thinking about trying to force this food down his throat makes him feel sick. Inko feels her heart break and brushes back his hair.


“I can’t stand seeing you like this dear, you have to do something.”


“I’m trying Mom-”


“No you aren’t Izuku, you aren’t trying, you’re giving up.”


Midoriya’s grip tightens on the bowl, “what do you want me to do Mom? I’m doing my best here, I really am. I’m sorry things didn’t work out in the way you expected them to-”


“Izuku Midoriya, I know you did not just say that to me!”


“Well isn’t it the truth? You were so disappointed when I first told you about this pregnancy! I had to lie to you, I had to tell you what you wanted to hear! That I was loved! That I was mated! That this baby was a blessing! I couldn’t break your heart, but things don’t come true just because you say they will! He didn’t love me Mom! He didn’t want us and our quirkless selves, he didn’t need us!” Izuku cries throwing his bowl against the wall.


It shatters upon impact, food staining the wall, but Inko could hardly care about that. She sighs to herself and pulls her son into her arms. Midoriya resists at first, but she holds on tightly, rubbing his back soothingly, and before long her little boy breaks out in tears. Inko doesn’t let go as he cries into her shoulder.


“There, there Izuku, it’s okay love. It’s okay. I always knew you were lying love.” 


Midoriya sniffs and mutters, “what?”


“I’m your mother dear, you can’t hide anything from me. I knew everything you said about Todoroki was a lie from the minute you said it.”


Her son stills and pulls away slightly, “then-then why?”


Inko tilts her head and smiles, “because he agreed with them. I could tell something was up, but the minute Todoroki agreed and stared at you it pushed the doubt from my head. That boy looked at you with so much love in his eyes I wrote off your signs of lying as signs of being nervous and scared, and when he said you were moving in together- and when I saw the way your eyes lit up with joy after he said that… I knew you loved him too.”


“But he didn’t love me Mom- he didn’t- he didn’t love me!” Midoriya crumbles clinging onto her desperately.


“Did he ever say the words Izuku? Did he ever tell you to your face that he never loved you?”


She knows he has him because her son stays quiet. Inko brushes his hair down and places a gentle kiss against his forehead.


“I love you and I’m here for you Izuku no matter what. I will always be on your side, but as your mother it’s my job to tell you when you’re doing something brave and when you’re doing something stupid. You don’t want to tell me what happened between you and Todoroki and I understand that; you’re a grown adult now and it’s none of my business to meddle in your affairs when you don’t want me to. You had me pick you up after your accident though, smelling of such distress I thought the most terrible of things had happened. I thank the heavens above that you and my grandpups are alright every night. You can’t run away from this though Izuku, not forever. It’s hurting you too much; can’t you see that? Todoroki is meant to be with you. You two can’t live without each other.” 


She kisses his forehead one more time before standing up. Inko dusts herself off as she stares at the mess he made in the corner of the room.


“I’ll… make some more food for you to eat and clean that up in a bit. Don’t worry about a thing and rest dear. Hatsume keeps calling me about how you’re doing; it might be good for you to return her calls. Maybe ask to go out with her? Even on a simple walk? You need some fresh air, I’m sure your pups are tired of lying around and being cramped up in this room. Just a suggestion.”


Izuku waits until his mother leaves before he cries silently to himself. He lays back in his bed and pulls the covers over his head. The world is too much for him now. He wants to block it all off. He doesn’t want to be apart of it anymore- he can’t be anymore. His heart is no longer functioning.



The gates look so familiar, but no warm feelings of home swells up inside of his chest. Not like when he returned to his apartment and was welcomed home by…  Todoroki shakes his head. He swore he would never return back here once he left. He worked hard to support himself, to get his own place with his own money, to completely cut himself off from his father… and now he’s too frightened to take a single step inside. He tried returning back here once, the moment he ran away from the hospital and cried himself to sleep inside of what would have been his pups’ room. He ended up walking to Yaoyorozu’s house instead and has been staying in her guest room ever since. Now he was returning home… for no known reason. His sister texted him and he-... he finally felt something after days of feeling nothing and now-... now… here he was.


Todoroki takes that first step forward. He walks through the gates and up to the door, opening it up wide. He hears footsteps inside as he takes his shoes off and looks up, Fuyumi walking into view. With just one look tears shine in her eyes and she runs towards him. Todoroki grunts as she crushes him in her arms, her tears making his shirt damp as she hugs him close.




“I’m fine.”


He feels numb.


“I’m so sorry for what happened Shouto.” Fuyumi whispers.


She’s the only family member he told about Midoriya… about the pregnancy… the pups- his twins… about the-the miscarriage. She was the only one who knew and listened when he needed her to. She was the only one he had.


“Shouto sometimes these things happen; it’s no one’s fault.”


Todoroki still didn’t even know what really happened; why or how Midoriya got into his accident. It all seemed mixed together in a blur, a simple work day, that call about a car accident, Midoriya rejecting him… he hasn’t felt anything in days. Todoroki feels himself transported back into his childhood. The only thing he ever felt back then was hatred. Hatred for a man that took his mother away, hatred for a man that tried to kill him every night and wrote it off as his way of showing love, always forcing him- try harder- work harder Shouto- be greater Shouto! Even now Todoroki wishes he could feel that instead of this-this… nothingness inside. At least he would be feeling something.


Fuyumi pulls back and wipes her tears away before tugging at his arm, “come on in, welcome home Shouto. Lunch has been ready for a while now; it should only be Natsuo and I. Dad is-”


“It doesn’t matter.” Todoroki mumbles pulling away from her touch.


He was wrong to think he would feel better coming back here. His feet lead him to the dining room where the table is all set up. He sits down at his normal seat and stares at his plate. Fuyumi runs and calls Natsuo to come join them before the Todoroki family sits down together and digs in.


“So how you been little bro?” Natsuo smiles at him.


Todoroki shrugs as he picks at his food.


“Heard that you found yourself a ma- ow!” Natsuo jumps up, “Fuyumi, what the hell?!”


“We’re not going to talk about business or Shouto. We know what’s going on with him, we see him on the news every single day. Let’s talk about how we’ve been doing! I just started this new job Shouto, so far it has been really fun.”


His sister tries, so Todoroki tries for her as well. He lifts his head up and listens, engaging in conversation when she asks a question. Natsuo gets what’s going on and tries to do the same. Whatever happened to his little brother really messed him up, so it was their job to make him forget and feel better. Lunch is light and a little enjoyable. Right before it ends though, before Todoroki can go back to sulking at Yaoyorozu’s home… the front door opens. Fuyumi pales while Natsuo jumps up in his seat.


“You’re home early!” Natsuo calls out, sparing Todoroki a glance.


It’s not a secret that his brother never comes to visit because of their father. He’s been doing a great job of ignoring him and staying far away from him ever since moving out. It seems like the number two hero has finally caught up to him though.


“Where the hell is your brother?! I’ve tried visiting his agency and his home, but he’s vanished along with that fucking-... Shouto!” Endeavor yells out spotting him at the last place he ever expected.


Todoroki doesn’t do much. He just looks up at his pissed off father like it isn’t anything new and stands up from his seat.


“Thanks for the meal Fuyumi, I enjoyed it.” He tells her before making his way to the front door.


“Where do you think you’re going?! I’ve been looking for you for weeks!” Endeavor growls standing in his way.


“I have nothing to say to you old man.”


“But I have plenty to say and you will listen to me and show me some damn respect!”


He’s tired. He’s so tired of life. It isn’t worth living anymore, it really isn’t. His pups are gone and Midoriya disappeared wanting nothing to do with him anymore. Was he really such a monster? He thought he was doing better, Midoriya told him he was doing a good job- he promised to tell him when he wasn’t-  but was Midoriya really only with him for their pups sake? Was Todoroki really that repulsive and difficult to be around?


“You are- are you crying?! What the hell is the matter with you?! No Todoroki man shows weakness, ever!” Endeavor lights on fire as he exclaims.


“Dad enough, leave Shouto alone. He’s going through a lot-”


“Quiet Fuyumi! I’m speaking with your brother right now!”


“Hey, cool it. Shouto hasn’t come on in forever, let’s all try and get along.” Natsuo says.


“Insolent children. When will you learn to only speak when spoken to?! This has nothing to do with the two of you, only with my legacy!”


“Shouto lost his pups Dad! Hasn’t he been through enough?!” Fuyumi screams at the man.


She gasps and covers her mouth, regretting it instantly. Natsuo’s eyes widen and he looks over at his little brother, hurt flashing all across his face. Todoroki begins to shake, his hands curling up into fists by his side. Endeavor snorts and rolls his eyes.


“Good. Those bastard children were going to be worthless anyway. I’m glad that quirkless omega was smart enough to take my advice and drowned those abominations.”


… Todoroki feels a bomb go off inside of him. He lights on fire in an instant, an explosion happening around him as he lets out an alpha roar and glares at his father.



Fuyumi screams and Natsou runs to cover her, holding her tight as their father glares right back using his alpha dominance.


“Don’t you dare take that tone with me boy?!”




“I had to. You were throwing my life’s work down the drain and didn’t even realize what you were doing. That boy didn’t even fight for you. I told him if he wanted what was best for you that he would leave your ass and get rid of those pups that might not have even been yours!”


Todoroki growls and throws a punch, a wave of fire bursting out of his fist. It smacks dead center into Endeavor and he goes flying into the other room, their house catching on fire. Todoroki ignores the burning smell as he stalks after him, smoke escaping from his lips as he stares down his prey.


“Tell me when. When did you visit him? When did you see my mate?” Todoroki asks him.


Endeavor breaks out of the rubble and spits on the floor, “your flames are pathetic. Years of keeping them locked away has dulled your true strength. I’m going to have to train you all over again, aren’t I son?”


Todoroki twitches, “I said WHEN DID YOU SEE MY MATE?!”


“Weeks ago. I planned on paying you a visit at your agency right after, but was told you ran off due to some emergency. I’ve been trying to find you ever since.”


Weeks ago… his father came into his home and threatened his mate… Midoriya must have been so scared. Hearing things he’s always heard for the man, pathetic, weak, worthless. He must have cried. He must have called him for help, he must have wanted Todoroki to protect him. Midoriya got into his car to drive to him because of this man that broke into their home and threatened his pregnant omega.


“It’s all your fault… it’s all YOUR FAULT! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT MY PUPS ARE GONE!” Todoroki shouts at the top of his lungs, his flames consuming him whole.


All of a sudden they vanish though and he falls onto his knees, hands covering his face as he cries out loudly. It was all his fault. It was all his fault. He had one job and that was to protect him. He knew what his father was capable of, but did nothing. He knew that the world was aware about their pups, but didn’t consider for a second that his father would retaliate. It was all his fault. He was the one to blame, not him.


“Midoriya! Izuku! Izuku!” Todoroki cries out.


Endeavor sneers, “get up Shouto. I will not allow you to ruin yourself like this. You will return home, we will begin training again, and I will be setting you up with a better, more worthy mate to carry on the Todrooki bloodline.”


“I can’t- I can’t,” Todoroki shakes his head.


“You need to stop living in a fairy tale! True mates do not exist! You think your mother was my true mate? Preposterous! She was just a stepping stone in order to make you, the perfect son! My perfect legacy! You think I cared about that falling in love at first sight shit? The electricity you feel when two true mates find each other? That pull towards each other when they’re away because of that ridiculous bond?! True mates make you weak and you are not weak Shouto! You are strong! You are my son, now get up!”




True… mates? Is that… is that what they were?



The first time they met… there were sparks. Was that… whatever that shock they felt when they touched, was that their bodies calling out for each other? The closer they became, the more dull it felt, and the farther they stayed away, the more the both of them felt it when reunited.




He loves Midoriya. He’s always loved him. From the moment those innocent green eyes looked at him he knew. True mates can trigger each other’s heat. It wasn’t because of faulty suppressants, it was because of him. It was his fault. They were together because he triggered his heat because… they’re meant to be. It wasn’t because of the pups. He was meant to be with Midoriya. He wanted to find him, he tried so hard to find him after that night. He regretting leave him afterwards. He wanted to find and make up with him, he wanted to see him again. Everything that he’s been denying, that he’s been pushing down, everything that he’s been through it was all because he was too weak to express his true feelings, too scared to take the first step… but Midoriya was never scared. No, he always had a smile on his face, and a sweet smell welcoming him home. He made him feel at home, made him feel like someone important, someone worthy of being alive, worthy of dating… of falling in love with… and starting a family… of mating.


“What am I doing?” Todoroki whispers to himself. 


He really is the dumbest person he knows. Out of all the stupid things he’s done and said before… it’s unbelievable. Todoroki chuckles breathlessly as he shakes his head and stands back up.



“No. I am not you. I may be your son, I may have your quirk, but I am me! I am my own person and you cannot control me anymore! I was actually becoming you- falling back into my old habits, afraid of being with someone- trusting someone- giving my love to someone because you beat into me that all of that was signs of weakness!”

“It is-”


“No, it isn’t! Being kind and compassionate aren’t signs of weakness, they’re signs of being a great hero! And that’s what I am, that’s what I aim to be! I will never treat my mate how you treated Mom! I will never make him feel hurt and alone, let him feel trapped with no way out; I will never have him fear me! I will become a greater man than you ever were and if you ever show your face in front of me or my mate ever again I will destroy you Todoroki Enji.”


Todoroki doesn’t wait for a reply. He leaves his home, for good this time. He has his mate to find. It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing connecting them anymore, his feelings are enough. He wants to hold him! And kiss him! He wants to talk about their pups and remember them, not forget them! He wants to be with Midoriya! And he will do everything in his power to make Midoriya want to be with him too.


“I’m coming Izuku!” 

Chapter Text

Working helps. He can’t believe he forgot how he loses himself when tinkering with an invention. If Midoriya had remembered he would have come back to work days ago instead of sitting in his bed thinking about everything he’s done wrong with his life. Hatsume gives him his space, but she still stares and observes him as she hits the same nail over and over like she’s done for the past hour.


“Momo told me Shouto’s been sleeping over her house. Apparently he’s too scared to go back home.” She blurts out.


“I see,” Midoriya mutters.


“He’s been really sad and depressed lately, like yourself. She says he misses you-”


“I’m trying to work Mei, could you keep it down a bit?”


“Izuku she thinks your pups are dead. She says you told Shouto that they didn’t survive your car accident. Why would you say that?”


Izuku slams his tool down on the table. He rips his goggles off his head and sighs out loudly, running a hand down his face. Hatsume is patient as she watches him and meets his eyes.


“Mei, I really do not want to talk about this.”


“Did he do something to you?”




“Then why are you lying to him?! It’s one thing to say, hey I don’t want to be with you anymore I’m moving out, and another thing to say that your pups are dead Izuku!”


“It’s none of your business Mei! It was my decision! He doesn’t need us!”


She can’t believe the words that are escaping from her best friend’s lips right now, “it isn’t your decision Izuku, it’s both of yours! Those are his pups too!”


“These worthless pups are not his! They’re mine! He would never create anything worthless in his life! He’s destined for greatness Mei and look at me! Look at me!” Izuku screams kicking over the table, “I am nothing!”


Hatsume feels tears sting her eyes, “no you’re not Izuku.”


“I am… I really am.” Midoriya pants out.


He tries to bend down to pick the table back up, but his large stomach doesn’t allow him enough reach. He struggles for five seconds before giving up, moving to a different table with a different project and pulls up a seat. Hatsume sniffs and wipes her tears away.




“Could you get me something to drink? Please? I can’t… it’s hard for me to breathe right now.”


“O-okay… okay Izuku, I’ll be right back.” Hatsume says softly.


He needs a moment. She can give him a moment, but they are going to talk about this today. Midoriya stays silent as he picks up a tool and begins to work again. Don’t think. Stop thinking. Concentrate on the task at hand. He tries to lose himself and get back into rhythm. He doesn’t notice anything at all. The moment he takes a break he notices a person standing in the doorway and it isn’t Hatsume with his drink. His tool falls from his hand as he stares.




The alpha is panting, sweating, red in the face, but he doesn’t let any of those things stop him. He takes three steps in before he’s falling on his hands and knees, bowing his head all the way down until his forehead hits the floor.


“I’m sorry Midoriya!”


Midoriya’s eyes widen, his arms wrapping around his stomach. No, he can’t see it. There’s too much junk on the table covering his bottom half; he can’t see his stomach. He doesn’t know- he can’t know.


“Todoroki leave-”


“I’m sorry I didn’t protect you from my father!”


Midoriya gasps.


“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you! I’m sorry I didn’t warn you! I’m sorry you lost our pups, it was all my fault. If I would have just known… it was all my fault.”


“Todoroki- no-”


“He was a terrible man. He was obsessed with his legacy and hardly cared about true mates. He mated with my mother because of her quirk and drove her mad. He trained me the most simply because I had the perfect combination of quirks and would often train me until I became unconscious. He-... he drove my mother to the brink of insanity until she couldn’t even stand the sight of her own son anymore and poured boiling water over his face.”


Midoriya whimpers, covering his mouth as tears fall out of his eyes.


“I swore to myself that I would never be like him. I was… scared. I was so afraid to find someone and love them because who could love me? If my own mother thought of me as a monster who could ever love such a beast?! I pushed you away, and didn’t treat you the way you deserved to be treated because of that fear, and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Midoriya. It’s because of my fear that bad things happened to you, but I’m not afraid anymore.”


Todoroki picks his head up and meets his eyes, “I love you… and I’m not afraid to confess it. I love you Midoriya and I think- no- I know you’re my true mate. It wasn’t our pups that connected us, but our bond. We bounded that first night, our first touch, and I was too stubborn and stupid to realize that I loved you. I was too stubborn and stupid to accept that you wanted me too. No one could love a monster, no one but you. I want for us to start over. I want to go on dates and ask you properly if you will be mine. I want to talk about our pups, even if they aren’t with us anymore. I don’t want to forget them and how they made us feel. I want to mate with you Midoriya and try again at our own pace. I want to marry and bond with you even more. I want you Mid-... Izuku. I want you.”


MIdoriya hiccups, trying to catch his breath so he could speak, “you want- you want me?”


Todoroki nods his head, “I do.”


“I’m quirkless.” He cries.


“I love you because of that.”


“Our pups might be quirkless.” He shakes his head.


“I know this is my power now, so I won’t say I would prefer it that way anymore because I no longer hate this side of me. I will still love and adore our pups regardless though. Quirkless or not their ours and I’ll love them.”


“You-you want to be a hero. We would slow you down, we would get in your way Todoroki. We would be dead weight. I can’t- I don’t want that for you.”


“I don’t care about being a hero Izuku!” Todoroki shouts standing back up, “haven’t I told you plenty of times before? I care about you! I never once lied to you; you’re more important to me! You, our pups, everything else in the world! That has never changed, even now. I love you Izuku. I need you, and if you reject me again I’ll do my best to become the alpha you want and deserve… if you truly reject me though… if you don’t think you’ll ever be able to find it in your heart to be with me... I’ll leave you alone, for good. Because I want you to be happy Izuku even if it isn’t with me. You deserve that after everything I’ve put you through.”


“Shouto-... Shouto- Shouto! Shouto!” Izuku cries out.


He runs from behind the table and into his arms; Todoroki opens them up wide… and then slowly drops them as he stares… as he stares at- at… at his omega’s preg-preg-pregnant- pregnant belly- that’s a pregnant belly! Why is he pregnant right now?!


“What in the world?” Todoroki whispers to himself as Midoriya throws his arms around him.


He presses his hand against the belly and feels it. This is real. This is really real. Did he- did he get pregnant again? By someone else? So soon? Todoroki pales and gulps, pulling back lightly.


“I-... I still love you. I still want you, even if you’re- you’re pregnant with someone else’s pup. You’re still my omega Izuku.”


Izuku stares at him as if he’s sprouted two heads, “Shouto? Pregnant with- what are you talking about?”


“You told me you lost our pups and here you are… pregnant… with pups.”


“Ah- Shouto! I lied about that two weeks ago! How would I be this pregnant in two weeks Shouto?!”


What? Todoroki tilts his head to the side, “lied?”


“Yes, lied! I lied! I-... oh… I’m sorry Shouto. I’m sorry- I just thought… I’m sorry.”


“Lied… you lied, so then these are- these are- these-these-these,” he’s on a loop. 


Todoroki’s hands begin to shake as he kneels down on the ground. He presses them against Midoriya’s belly and spreads his fingers out. His omega lowers his head as he bites down on his bottom lip.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t have the right to do that Shouto. I never should have- there’s no excuse for what I did- I was just scared. I didn’t want to stop you from your dreams. I didn’t want to give you quirkless pups; I was scared you wouldn’t care for me anymore. I’m sorry I was so weak, I’m sorry that I lied. I know you can never forgive me for this-”


Todoroki rises back up and slams their lips together in a desperate mess. Midoriya’s eyes widen as he feels a warm tongue slip between his lips and closes his eyes, moaning out softly as they kissed.


“Tell me you love me.” Todoroki orders.




He kisses him again.


“Tell me that you love me Izuku.” He smiles widely.


Midoriya blushes, his entire face turning red from the bottom of his chin to the very top of his ears. He brings his hand up and brushes Todoroki’s hair away from his face to show that beautiful scar of his.


“I love you Shouto.” He confesses with tearstained eyes.


Todoroki chuckles and kisses him again, keeping a hand on his stomach between them to feel his pups. Midoriya moans and wraps his arms around him, wanting more, craving this, wishing for this for so long and is so freaking happy that it’s finally happening. That spark is going haywire between the two of them, but it’s a good shock this time around, a shock that feels of a wholeness, of absolute complete happiness, of true love and true mates. Todoroki gasps and quickly pulls away, eyes wide as he stares at his hand.


“I-I-I-I-I felt something.”


“Me too Shouto, I felt it too,” Midoriya purrs pulling him back in.


“N-no Izuku, n-not that! I felt- I felt, well I don’t know what I felt, but from what it felt like I think it was a… a kick?” His face scrunches together as he asks.


“A kick? That’s it? Yeah, they do that now. Here, give me your hand.”


Midoriya reaches for his hand and places it against his stomach. He moves it around a couple of times before he feels that small sensation. Todoroki gasps again and presses his hand a little more into his belly, warming it up so his pups would know he’s here.


“They can kick now and have been doing so constantly on my bladder, hehehehe.”


Todoroki stares with utter amazement, “I can’t believe they’re still alive. I thought they were gone forever- I mourned for them... Izuku. Please, please promise me you’ll never take them away from me again and I’ll forgive you. Please promise me I can be apart of their lives even if we don’t work out.”


“Shouto I’m so sorry. I’m the absolute worse omega in the world. I promise you that will never happen. I thought I was doing what was best for you, but I was really doing what was best for me. I was afraid as well, but I won’t be anymore. Now that we’re together there’s nothing to be afraid of.”


Todoroki’s expression lightens up, “so you’ll move back in with me? And become my mate, my real mate? And finish creating this bond with me?”


“Yes Shouto, yes. Yes to all of the above. I can’t believe this is happening right now.”


He loves him. He truly loves him. Todoroki kisses those lips again and Midoriya laughs and cries at the same time. Neither of them notice Hatsume standing outside of the room, tears in her eyes, phone out as she has Yaoyorozu on video call who is also crying.


They finally made it, ” her static voice says.


Hatsume nods her head and wipes a tear away, “it’s about fucking time.”



“Izuku? I understand that we have to talk, but does it have to be so far away from each other?” Todoroki asks with such an innocent expression on his face.


It damn near breaks Midoriya’s heart and he is by his side in an instant, walking over to the other side of the couch and snuggling against his chest. Todoroki grins as he buries his face into those fluffy green locks and takes in his omega’s scent. His arms wrap around him securely and he places his hand over his stomach.


“I love you.”


Midoriya hums happily, “I love you too Todoroki-”


“I told you to call me Shouto.”


“Sh-Shouto. Sorry, it’s just hard to get used to.”


“Let’s make a punishment then for every time you do.”


“Punishment?” Midoriya asks.


“Yeah, to help teach you to call me Shouto from now on. Don’t worry Izuku, it won’t really be a punishment… but then again I guess it has to be so that you won’t call me Todoroki anymore.”


“Todoroki! I mean- Shouto!”


Todoroki gives him a boyish grin, “if you call me Todoroki three times in a row you have to say I love you Shouto three times right after.”


Midoriya pouts, “Shouto…”


He guess that didn’t sound so bad-


“And kiss me three times as well.”




Todoroki grins and shrugs, “what? You wouldn’t learn if it wasn’t a punishment.”


“That’s hardly a punishment.”


“I can make you kiss me four times then.”


“That’s not what I mean! Saying I love you, calling your name, k-kissing you… I don’t think of that as a punishment at all.” Midoriya mumbles, turning his head away to hide his blush.


Todoroki’s face softens and he leans in, pressing his lips right on the crook of his neck. Midoriya moans out softly, tingles running down his body as the kisses get higher, before he realizes what’s happening.


“Ah-stop-stop- wait a second Todo- Shouto! We really need to talk and after we’re finished I promise we can cuddle and kiss all you want.”


Todoroki whimpers, but he listens and leans back into the cushions. He still keeps his arms around him though; nothing can keep him from doing so. Midoriya smiles at Todoroki’s face before looking down at his hands. He begins to twiddle with his fingers as he brings up old memories the both of them wished they could forget.


“I never really apologized for what happened to your car. I’m sorry- I did plan on paying you back to repair it! Someday…”


“Izuku I give absolutely zero fucks about that car. No, that’s a lie, I’m grateful that my car was able to keep you from getting hurt and losing our children for real, but that’s all. You don’t owe me a damn thing. My insurance has already taken care of everything and I’m getting us a nice, safe, family car this time around. Tell me what happened before that when my father came to visit.”


Midoriya gulps, “I… he came, he threatened me, I got scared and needed to see you.”


“Izuku, please. We said we would talk about this, I’m here with you right now. Tell me.”


“You hurt me.”


Todoroki stiffens, but doesn’t say anything.


“You didn’t mean to, you never mean to, but I thought this time around was different because you kissed me back. At the baby shower you stood up for me and I was so happy Shouto. No one has ever done that, not up against Bakugou, and you said such nice things, and you made me feel so special- so loved- I couldn’t hold back my feelings anymore. I kissed you on accident, but you kissed me back, and you held me, and you made me feel like your omega… and then you distanced yourself from me and it hurt.” 


Midoriya shakes in his arms, tears appearing in his eyes as he pulls out these emotions, “it made me think that there was something wrong with me. That I did something wrong, and the words Bakugou called me, that he tormented me with in our childhood, all those buried memories came back up. I thought I had gotten over them, but all I did was suppress them. And that, on top of your distance, as well as what the world was saying about us, how reporters and people at my school were mobbing me, what the internet and news reporters were saying about you- how because of me you were becoming a worse hero- it all just piled up Shouto. It all became so much I couldn’t breathe, and I wanted to talk to you- the day I planned on confronting you about it all your father showed up and-”


“Izuku, Izuku my love, breathe. Please, breathe.” Shouto interrupts him.


His shaking way too much in his arms right now and his breaths are so shallow. Midoriya sniffs as he takes a shaky breath. Todoroki rubs his back up and down and breathes with him, nodding his head and smiling softly as he begins to calm down.


“I’m sorry, thank you Shouto.”


“It’s okay, please continue.”


“I wanted to talk to you. I planned on talking to you, I wished that you were there with me so you could hold me and tell me that everything was going to be alright. I wished that and a second later I heard something downstairs. I thought it was you, but it wasn’t. It was Endeavor and he-... he was looking for you, but he was also looking for me too.”


“Did he touch you?” Todoroki narrows his eyes.


“No, he never touched me, but his presence made it hard for me to breath. He didn’t control his alpha dominance at all, didn’t try to restrain it one bit. I felt the air get taken right out of my lungs as he talked to me.”


Todoroki growls under his breath, “I’m sorry Izuku.”


“I don’t blame you Shouto. He is the one who broke into our home. He… he was mad that you were with me, a quirkless omega. He called me worthless like Bakugou and thought I tricked you- he asked me if these pups were even yours and-”


“I’m going fucking murder that bastard!” Todoroki snaps standing straight up.


“Shouto please! You wanted to hear this, so listen to me. Please.” Midoriya digs his claws into him.


“He had no right to do that to you! To talk to you that way- to make you feel like that! I should have kicked his ass last time! I should have killed him the second he told me he saw you! He told me that he advised you to drown our pups! Kill! His own grandchildren! A person like that doesn’t deserve to live Izuku!”


Midoriya’s hold doesn’t loosen up one bit as he stares into those eyes of his, “Shouto.”


Todoroki growls out loudly in frustration. He sits back down on the couch and glares at the wall. Midoriya scoots over and crawls onto his lap, wrapping his arms around him and burying his face in the crook of his neck. It helps a little… Todoroki takes a calming breath as he holds him as well, it helps a lot.


“I’m almost done. Ende-”


Todoroki growls out deeply from his chest.


“What he said… he said all my worse fears out loud. After he left I needed you desperately. I wasn’t thinking one bit- I should have calmed down, I should have waited until I could think clearly again. The second I could move though I was grabbing the car keys and driving towards you. I’m sorry I put us at risk like that Shouto, I’m sorry about the accident. If I would have taken a second to breathe- if I would have just called you, none of this would have happened.”


“Izuku, please don’t think for a second this is your fault, because it isn’t. This isn’t your fault. It was that bastard's fault, and I swear to you he is never going to be a problem for us again. You are not worthless. You could never make me a worse hero Izuku. You make me the best alpha I can possibly be. You are my everything Izuku, you are so important to me- so unbelievably strong and amazing promise me you’ll never think of yourself that way again. Promise me that if you ever do you’ll come to me so I can remind you how incredible of a person you are Izuku.”


Midoriya sniffs as he nods his head, “okay Shouto.”


“You do know that’s what you are. Izuku Midoriya, my mate, my number one hero, my whole entire world. No one else has to understand that, just us two.”


“I promise Shouto, I promise.”


“Good. My Izuku, my mate,” Todoroki smiles running his fingers through his hair, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my life before when I received that call from the hospital.”


“I convinced you that it was worse than it actually was. The hit wasn’t a full on collision, the car rammed into me and the airbags deployed on time. The driver was okay, he only had a few scratches, and I was fine. It really was the shock of it all happening that worried me. Driving to the hospital in that ambulance though… I convinced myself that you would be better off without us. I’m sorry Shouto. I can never apologize enough for lying to you, for what I made you feel losing our pups, I’m sorry.”


“Shhhh, I’ve already forgive you for that Izuku. You don’t have to hold onto that anymore.”


“But Shouto I can’t even imagine what I must have made you feel-”


“And you don’t have to Izuku. You will never have to. I’ve forgiven you. When I saw you in that hospital bed, when you told me- when you lied… I wanted to go to your side. I wanted to wrap you in my arms and shield you from the world. I felt you calling out to me Izuku, but you rejected me instead and I… I also knew that one day that you would, but when it finally happened I… it still wasn’t enough for me to stop being scared to fight for you. I’m sorry I left your side-”


“Shouto- Shouto what do you mean by that? What do you mean that you always knew I would one day reject you?”


Todoroki makes a small face, “you know how I feel about myself. When you first asked me to be apart of our pups lives I didn’t believe that you wanted me.”


“Shouto you were scared and didn’t know how to be a father, you got over that fear and agreed to try with me. What do you mean about me rejecting you though? Why would you think that? And why are you apologizing and putting the blame on yourself when I was the one who lied?”


“Because it was my fault! If I hadn’t been so scared! If I had remembered my father! If I had only warned you! If I would have been there! It was all my fault Izuku!”


“No Shouto, it wasn’t. I don’t blame you for what happened one bit. Did you… now Shouto I’m going to ask you something, and I want you to ignore my feelings and be completely honest with me. The entire time we were living together, the entire time since the moment I moved in… were you just waiting for me to leave?”


Todoroki shakes his head, “no.”


“Shouto please don’t lie.”


“I wasn’t waiting for you to leave, I was waiting for you to figure out that I’m… that I was a monster. A monster that couldn’t love, that didn’t deserve love, or happiness. That I was an alpha that couldn’t take care of an omega or his pups. I was waiting for you to realize that I could never be who you wanted me to be, who you believed I could become.”


“You weren’t waiting for me to move out of your apartment, you were waiting for me to move out of your life. Oh Shouto, my precious alpha,” Midoriya whimpers cuffing his face.


His presses kisses all over his face and rests their foreheads together, “Shouto it wasn’t your fault.”


“You can’t say that Izuku-”


“Yes I can and I am. It wasn’t your fault.”


“He was my father-”


“It wasn’t your fault Shouto.”


“If I would have been less scared- if I would have believed in you!”


“It wasn’t your fault.”


“It was my fault!”


Midoriya shakes his head, “Shouto it wasn’t your fault. Nothing bad that happened in your life was your fault. You didn’t ask to be born into your family. You didn’t ask to be born with such an amazing quirk. You didn’t ask for talent, to have his eyes, for your mother to reject you-... oh Shouto, no, no, no, my alpha, my poor alpha.”


He doesn’t understand why he wants to cry so much. Todoroki can’t stop his chest from heaving though, he can’t stop his throat from becoming so dry, and the tears running down his cheeks. He clings to Midoriya and his omega holds onto him right back, whispering words he never thought he would hear- or even wanted to hear for that matter.


“It wasn’t your fault that your mother did this to you Shouto.”


“If I would have been stronger I could have protected her.”


“You were just a little kid; she’s supposed to protect you. Not the other way around.”


“She did protect me! I couldn’t protect her though! Just like I couldn’t protect you!”


“Shouto you can’t blame yourself for things out of your control. Your mother and I, sure your father hurt us both, but it wasn’t because of you. It’s because he’s a terrible man who doesn’t deserve you as a son, who doesn’t deserve anything happy in life actually. I never once blamed you.”


“But-but- you were mad at me.”




Todoroki nods his head, “mad when I paid for everything for our pups. You were mad, that was my fault.”


“Paid for… Shouto! Are you serious? That was ages ago! I was mad because I was too stubborn and prideful to admit that I couldn’t afford to help you! I wasn’t mad at you, but myself, so I took it out on you. I’m sorry, I never should have done that.”


“You-you were also mad when you came to my agency. It was my fault for getting you pregnant-”


“Shouto I think we both agreed already that it was because we were true mates that we couldn’t control ourselves. I don’t regret that night one bit; if it never would have happened we wouldn’t be blessed with our future pups right now.”




“Shouto I can promise you whatever you’re going to say next I am not going to blame you. Yes I get mad, I’m human and humans feel things. Sometimes those feeling are stronger than others. I’m not saying that you never make mistakes Shouto. I’m not saying I’m never going to blame you for anything, what I am saying though is all of those memories that traumatize you into making you believe that everything wrong in the world is your fault aren’t true. Just like my memories making me believe I’m worthless because I’m quirkless isn’t true as well. You don’t believe that, do you?”


“No!” Shouto answers squeezing onto him.


“Then it’s the same thing. Don’t believe you’re the blame for every bad thing that’s happened in our lives Shouto. You don’t have to carry that burden anymore, and if you ever feel that way again…” Midoriya smiles, “tell me and I’ll say it as many times as you need me to. It’s not your fault Shouto.”


God he’s such a mess. The two of them are a real pair; maybe that’s why their true mates. Todoroki nods his head as he pulls away to wipe his tears off his cheeks. Midoriya stares at him lovingly.


“I wish it was as easy as saying it out loud.” 


“If that came true then therapists would be out of business.”


Midoriya laughs lightly out loud and it becomes contagious because Todoroki finds himself chuckling as well.


“We’re okay. Sometimes we might not be, but we’re never going to stop being okay, and hopefully one day we’ll become better than okay.”


“I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling better than okay right now.” Todoroki confesses grabbing his hand.


Midoriya grins widely, “I guess that day was today then.”


“You promised that we could cuddle and kiss after we talked. Is it correct to assume that we finished our talk?”


“Yes, for now. Just let me say again that I’m sorry-”


“Nope! No more apologies! New punishment, I’m going to kiss you every time those words come out of your lips.”


“Pfft- Shouto!” 


“Kiss and cuddle time.”


“Hahahaha, Shouto!”


They weren’t completely cured of their traumas simply by talking about it out loud for once… but it was a good start. Midoriya stares into the happiness in Todoroki’s eyes right now and smiles. A real good start.


Chapter Text

“Todoroki, what are you doing?”


“What does it look like I’m doing? Moving you back in.” Todoroki responds sweetly carrying his boxes down the hall.


“But- but- that’s your room Todoroki!” Midoriya exclaims.


“Correction, it’s our room.”




Torodoki smirks as he drops the box on the floor and heads back over to Midoriya. His omega is pouting as he tilts his chin up meeting those beautiful, slightly narrowed, green eyes.


“You called me by my last name three times now Izuku.”


“Ah- did I? I can’t help it, I always call you Todoroki so- I’m not doing it on purpose!”


“I know, but you remember the punishment right?”


Midoriya’s face turns bright red as he squeezes his eyes shut.


“I love you Shouto.”


Todoroki smirks wider and kisses him.


“I love you Shouto!”


He kisses him again.


“I love you Shouto.”


Last one, this time he kisses him harder making his poor mate weak in the knees. When Todoroki pulls away he pecks the top of his nose.


“I don’t like this punishment,” Midoriya mumbles.


“Then don’t call me by my last name, or do. I don’t mind anymore now that I get kisses out of you.” He strokes his cheek before going back to the box.


“You can get kisses from me whenever.”


“What was that?”


“Nothing! I’m going to my room-”


“Not your room anymore!”


“My old room!” Midoriya calls back out.


He pouts as he waddles towards the other end of the hall and Todoroki thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world. He waddles and waddles until he makes it over, a little out of breath as he opens the door. His room is pretty much how he left it. He only send Hastume to grab a couple of essentials and left everything else behind; his clothes, books, posters, figurines, etc. Maybe this room can be a storage room since he won’t be sleeping in here anymore. Midoriya walks over to the bed and sits down on it. His feet are killing him and it feels like his pups are having a party in his stomach. A rest sounds heavenly right now. Just a small nap.


Todoroki starts to wonder where his mate is after half an hour. He’s pretty much finished unpacking the few boxes they brought over. Despite being so unbelievably happy right now having his pregnant mate back home it feels a little… weird making room for someone new. He’s never shared his bedroom before, but for Midoriya he is willing to try. It’s not like they haven’t shared a bed before; at least Todoroki knows they won’t have a problem falling asleep together. The idea that his life is about to become so… complete… it’s crazy. His entire life was just him on his own, never getting close to anyone because of the fear of losing them, a couple of alphas and betas passing through as quick flings. He never had anything real, never wanted anything real, never thought being with an omega could make his life change so much for the better. No, not just any omega, only Midoriya Izuku. It could only be because of him. Todoroki leave his room and wanders to the other side of the hallway.




Loud snores fill the room as his mate snoozes away. Todoroki sighs and chuckles to himself as he watches him sleep.


“I’m the one who did all the work, how come you get to reap the rewards?”


Midoriya doesn’t hear a single word, dreaming about flying on a magically cloud with All Might. Todoroki shakes his head as he begins on this room next, taking Midoriya’s clothes out of the dressers and drawers and moving them across the hall. When Midoriya finally wakes up from his nap he feels more tired than ever. He tries getting up from the bed, but finds his belly in the way.


“Todo-... Shouto!” He calls out.




“Shouto!” He tries again.


This time he hears footsteps racing towards him. Midoriya yawns and waits until the door bursts open. Todoroki runs in with a scared look in his eyes, one second away from either catching on fire or freezing into an icicle.


“I’m here, what is it?! What’s wrong?! Is it the pups?!”


“I need help, I can’t get up.” He whines holding up his hands.


“Oh,” Todoroki lets out a breath of relief, “hold on one second.”


He walks over to the bed, wrapping his arms around his omega and helping him up.


“Thanks Shouto, now take me to our room. I’m still tired.” Midoriya yawns.


“But you slept all day and haven’t eaten a single thing. I’m making you dinner right now.”


“But I’m tiiiired.” Midoriya whines dragging his feet.


“Please? It’s your favorite.”


Midoriya raises his eyebrows slightly.


“I’ll even bring it to our bed.”


“Fine. I’ll try and stay up.” Midoriya huffs, but he’s secretly happy inside that he gets his favorite meal in bed.


Todoroki kisses his temple, thanking him as he walks him to their bed. Midoriya takes apart his sad excuse of a nest and starts to rebuild a new one, a better one for him, Todoroki, and their pups. Todoroki uses this time and races back downstairs, finishing up the final touches. With steaming hot bowls in his hands he walks back upstairs and into their room. Midoriya is laying in the middle of a nest that completely takes up the entire bed. He smiles lazily and pats the spot next to him. Todoroki desperately tries to climb inside without spilling burning hot food on the two of them.


“Nice nest Izuku, I love it.”


Midoriya purrs in delight and snuggles against his alpha, “food please.”


Todoroki hands him his bowl and Izuku lazily begins to nibble on the katsudon. It’s good, maybe a little too crunchy, but he recognizes his mother’s recipe. Todoroki tries to get comfortable as he settles down next to him.


“I was thinking of having my sister and brother come visit.”


Midoriya blinks, cheeks stuffed full with rice resembling a chipmunk. He slowly swallows down his food and hums, “hmmm, sounds nice. Maybe I should invite my mother as well so our families can meet.”


Todoroki makes a face as he tastes something burnt, “it sounds like a good idea. I wouldn’t mind.”


He’s going to have to step his cooking game up if he wants to be able to provide for his omega during his last month of pregnancy. Midoriya eats as much as he can until he feels like he’s about to explode. He hands the bowl back to Todoroki and closes his eyes.


“We should visit your mother as well.”


Todoroki stiffens against him, “I-... I…. I-”


“Just saying; it might be nice. Meeting your omega, seeing your pups. Maybe we can invite her over here to say for a bit? We definitely have the space.”


Todoroki places their bowls down on the floor and turns to envelope his omega in a hug. Midoriya smiles as he feels a cool hand run through his hair. He wraps his arms back around his mate and holds onto him.


“I want to see her. I’m just-... I’m afraid she’ll still hate me.”


“It wasn’t your fault Shouto.”


“I know that.”


Midoriya gives him a look.


“I-... I believe it less now. I still think she’ll hate me all the same.”


“Hmmm, if you’re that worried about it I’ll make her unhate you then.”


He snorts, “and how are you going to do that?”


“Oh you know me Shouto, I’m very persuasive. I can do anything I put my mind to. It also helps that you’re the sweetest guy in the world; no one can resist your charms.”


“Am I now? This is news to me.” Todoroki teases.


“Yup you big softy- ouch! Hmpf- Shouto? Do you mind doing the thing? Our kids are kicking me like a soccer ball right now. I think they enjoyed that katsudon a bit too much.”


“Of course not. Maybe I have become a big softy, only for you though Izuku.”


Todoroki leans down and presses his hands against Midoriya’s belly. He feels the tiny little feet kicking against it and growls out lightly, warning them to stop hurting their Mom. It works, like it does every time, and he doesn’t feel their kicks as fierce anymore. Todoroki runs his nose across his stomach and exhales his scent heavily. The smell of freshly burning firewood fills the room making Midoriya hum happily.


“I can’t wait to meet them.” Todoriki mumbles kissing his stomach.


“One more month.” Midoriya mumbles tiredly.


“One more month,” he whispers back, a promise that he’ll be the first person their pups will see when they come out.



Midoriya wakes up feeling like he’s on fire. For a second he’s scared that Shouto might have actually lit on fire and their sleeping on a bed completely engulfed in flames, but it doesn’t smell like anything’s burning. No, it actually smells heavenly right now of his mate. He feels his blood boiling from his insides and doesn’t think this heat is coming from the blankets covering him. Midoriya opens his eyes and moans out softly, rubbing his legs together. He’s so wet right now; is his heat starting? No, it couldn’t be. He was supposed to get it ages ago, but ever since his pregnancy his entire body has been out of whack. This is his first heat since he’s gotten pregnant. Why was it all of a sudden coming now? Midoriya lets out a small whimper and claws at Todoroki’s shirt.




Todoroki hums and takes a deep breath, growling out slightly at the smell of… perfectly toasted marshmallows and something else really sweet. He follows his nose closer to the scent and buries his face in his neck, slipping his tongue out and taking a lick.


“Ah- Shouto!” 


Todoroki wakes up and sees his mate clinging to him. His eyes widen at the view of his gorgeous flustered cheeks and bright green eyes glowing in the night. He gulps and licks his lips slowly.


“Are you in heat?”


“I- ah, ah, afraid so. It’s so hot, it’s so hot Shouto.”


Todoroki sighs out a chilling breathe and lowers his temperature. Midoriya clings to his cool side and presses his face against his chest, desiring it more.


“Shouto- I need you.”


“I- I-” of course he wants him too. He’s so far along in his pregnancy though and the two of them weren’t expecting this. If he were to knot him in this condition it would surely hurt him and the pups. He doesn’t want to hurt him, but his senses are being dulled as his dormant alpha awakens with only the desire to take his omega.


Todoroki bites his bottom lip hard and pushes him back, “I’m sorry Izuku, I can’t.”


“But-but- I need you.” He begins to cry.


Todoroki leans over and kisses him. He makes sure to keep a cool temperature, and hopefully a cool head as well. Midoriya moans against his lips and tries to pull his shirt off. He pants as he pulls away, stripping off his clothes as fast as he can until he’s naked. Todoroki gulps and wills his cold quirk, panting more ice breaths. Don’t let the fire win. Don’t let the desire win.


“Touch me Shouto, please your mate.” 


Todoroki smashes their lips together again, devouring his mouth. His hand reaches down and wrap around Midoriya’s weeping member. He holds it gently and starts pumping him, eyes slightly open as he watches his mate come undone. A shiver courses through his entire body as he cums out loudly in his hand a few moments later. How long has it been since he found a relax like that? Too long is the answer.


“Shouto,” Midoriya whispers nudging against his neck.


Todoroki gulps and wipes his hand off on the blankets, “how do you feel?”


“Empty. Fill me up Shouto, please.” Midoriya begs pressing into his body.


“I don’t want to hurt you Izuku. I can help you but I can’t- I don’t want to harm our pups.”


Midoriya glares and pouts at him. He pushes him down into the bed and climbs on top of him, pregnant, horny, hot, and determined to get what he wants or so help him. He begins to tug down his alpha’s pants and watches his cock spring out into the open.


“Don’t worry, you’re not going to hurt us. Now your omega is waiting for you to please him and if you aren’t going to deliver, then I guess I’m just going to have to take it.”


Midoriya licks his lips with a devilish expression on his face. He holds him down as he raises up a little, positioning himself as he lowers onto Todoroki’s cock. Todoroki squeezes his eyes close while Midoriya tosses his head back, the two of them groaning out loud as they connect.


“Izuku, ah- go slow.” He grunts placing his hands on his hips.


“Don’t- want to,” Midoriya moans back.


He rises and falls on top of him, over and over again, each time his cock hitting him in a sweeter spot. Their scents mix into the air and Todoroki exclaims loudly, losing himself.


“Izuku, Izuku,” he cries out.


“Shouto, I love you.”


Todoroki opens his eyes and looks up, seeing his omega smiling so happily, so full of love at him. He offers him his hand and Todoroki reaches out to hold it, squeezing it tightly.


“I love you Izuku.”


Midoriya tilts his head to the side and offers his neck to him. Todoroki feels his entire face turn red at such an erotic view. He doesn’t think about it for a second as he leans up, running his nose down his neckline. Teeth graze against his skin, searching for the perfect place to sink into.


“Are you sure?”


“We’re true mates. I can never leave you, nor do I ever want to. Please Shouto, please make me yours.” 


That’s all he wants too. If he does this though… Todoroki freezes and pulls back a little. If he does this Midoriya’s going to be trapped; sealed to him forever. He won’t ever be able to escape. Todoroki will be his one and only for the rest of his life. He feels his hands begin to shake at the thought of tying anyone down to him forever.


“I-Izuku… are you… are you sure you want me?” 


MIdoriya looks at him and kisses his cheek, “please Shouto. Please. I want you. I only want you.”


Todoroki takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. He bares his fangs and bites down into the omega’s neck, fangs going deep. A claim bite is a mark forever. They will never be able to mate with or even kiss another person. They were now bonded for life. Midoriya hugs him close and lets out the happiest squeal he’s ever heard come from the omega.


“I’m yours! I’m finally yours! Todoroki Shouto’s mate! I’m your mate!”


Todoroki feels pure happiness swell up in his chest along with a couple of tears slipping down his cheeks. He never thought anyone would ever be happy to be his mate… that was before he met Midoriya though. This omega changed everything in his life, all for the better. Todoroki never wanted to imagine a life without him. He smiles widely from ear to ear as laughter escapes from his lips.


“I’m yours as well my Izuku.”


Chapter Text

“Welcome back boys! It’s so nice to see you two finally come in for a visit. You’ve missed a couple of appointments Mr. Midoriya. I hope things are going well?” Dr. Mogami asks walking into the room.


“Yes, extremely well.” Midoriya grins squeezing onto Todoroki’s hand.


“Great, that’s what I like to hear, and would you look at that! You’ve grown so much since your last visit! Almost ready to pop now, huh? Have they been kicking much?”


“All the time, they calm down when Shouto talks to them though. They like hearing his voice.”


Todoroki clears his throat as his face turns red.


“As they should, he is their alpha after all. Alpha, beta, or omega, with pups their alpha’s voice is the most powerful thing to calm them down. It’s very important for you to bond with your pups Mr. Todoroki from the moment they are born and set that clear dominance so they know who is the head of their pack.”


“I’ll do my best,” Todoroki responds.


“Good, I’m sure you will. You two look happier now, more at ease. Did you take my advice and have some vanilla love making? Maybe experienced a heat together since the two of you never did contact my office for alternate means.”


Midoriya makes a choking sound while Todoroki all of a sudden finds the ceiling the most interesting thing in the world. Dr. Mogami laughs, loving this part of her job; to endlessly be able to tease her patients.


“I’ll take that as a yes. Let’s start this check up now, huh?”


Todoroki never leaves his side through the appointment, although he nearly did the minute she took out a couple of needles and started collecting blood work. Their appointment went along well and near the end she informed them that both pups were healthy, strong, and nearly ready to come out.


“Now I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to tell the sex of the second pup. You guys ready to find out if you’re having two boys or a girl?” Dr. Mogami asks turning on her machine.


“I am.” Midoriya smiles.


“I’ll be fine with either.” Todoroki shrugs, hiding the fact that he’s excited to find out.


Dr. Mogami giggles as she rubs jelly on Midoriya’s swollen stomach before placing the device over his stomach. Their pups are so much larger than the small peanuts they started out as; Midoriya has no idea how he’s going to be able to push those two out of him. Dr. Mogami moves the device all around his stomach until the picture is just right.


“I see one boy… and I see another boy. Congratulations, you’re having twin sons.”


“Ah! Shouto! We’re having two boys! Two boys!” Midoriya cries lightly, tears of happiness falling out of his eyes.


“Hopefully both of them will resemble you more.”


“Now I don’t know about that, I would love for them to have your eyes.”


“Alright my eyes and your everything else.”


“Shouto! They have to look like both of us, equally, but hopefully more like you.”


Dr. Mogami giggles as she takes a picture of the ultrasound and sends it to her computer. She excuses herself to go and retrieve it, smiling widely as the cute couple bicker back and forth.



“Now we really need to think of names Shouto, it’s crunching time.” Midoriya mumbles with a spoon in his mouth.


“I’ve always liked the name Izuku,” Todoroki says licking his spoon.


“Shouto! I’m being serious!”


“And so am I.”


He chuckles lightly as his cute omega pouts at him. Midoriya huffs as he shoves the rest of his blueberry cheesecake flavored ice cream with extra sour gummy worms as toppings into his mouth and throws his cup away. Todoroki slowly finishes his one scoop of plain old strawberry ice cream, keeping a close eye on his mate as they do a little light exercising. Todoroki wanted to go straight home after the doctor’s appointment, but Midoriya was craving ice cream so they had to make a quick stop at a shopping center and now the mated couple were walking around.


“I want to go to the bookstore and buy a book on baby names.” Midoriya informs him.


“Honestly Izuku… for me personally I think… I’ll just know what to call our pups the moment I see them. I can’t really think of any names now because I have no idea what they’ll look like, or how they’ll act. What if I name them wrong? I want to see them first, hold them in my arms, and then… I’ll know.”


He looks down to stare at Midoriya and flinches when he sees tears in his eyes. Midoriya sniffs and wraps his arms around Todoroki’s waist, crying into his chest.


“That’s so sweet Shouto, you’re the sweetest alpha ever.” 


He doesn’t remember Midoriya crying this much during his first few months of pregnancy; it must be because of all of his hormones. Todoroki strokes his hair and kisses the top of his head.


“And you’re the strongest omega ever being able to put up with me and my pups.”


Midoriya giggles and pulls away, a smile gracing his lips. He grabs Todoroki’s hand and holds onto it tightly, walking hand and hand with him now. Todoroki has no problem doing this and smiles to himself being able to have his mate so close. The two walk back to the car, planning on heading home now, that is… until something catches the omega’s attention out the corner of his eye. Midoriya begins to stray, dragging Todoroki behind him, and the two of them stand in front of a novelty hero gift shop.




“I want to go in.”


Todoroki makes a face, “I thought we were-”


“I’m going in,” Midoriya announces, eyes sparkling as he takes the first step in.


His hand slips out of Todoroki’s grip as he happily walks into the hero store, his inner fanboy squealing in delight. Todoroki sighs and paces out the store for a few seconds before pulling his hood more in front of his face and following him in. He hates seeing merch of himself; it’s so embarrassing to see others walk around with his face on things. It’s easy to find his mate in the store; he’s the only one gasping at everything he touches in the All Might section. Todoroki swallows down his embarrassment as he stands by his side, glancing around to see if anyone was staring at them. He doesn’t say much as Midoriya hands him an All Might figure to hold, and a pair of All Might socks, and then an All Might pillow case, before adding a couple of random boxes of keychains as well.


“I really want this one Shouto, so I have to make sure I get it.” Midoriya pouts at him.


His hands get full in no time, “I’m going to go get a basket for us.”


“Okay, I’ll be here.”


Todoroki walks towards the front of the store and dumps everything inside of a basket. He picks it up and heads back over- pausing for a second as he walks by the Earphone Jack section. It isn’t all that big, but they have a really cute plushie of her. Todoroki picks it up and adds it to his basket, knowing Yaoyoruzu would love it. He really owes her for being such a good friend to him while he was depressed. He checks for a Creati section and finds a matching plush he plans to buy as well. Now the two of them could match together. Todoroki heads back over to the All Might section… and has a mini panic attack as he doesn’t spot his pregnant mate where he left him.


“Izuku? Izuku!” Todoroki calls out looking around.


“Over here!” He hears him call out.


Todoroki walks deeper into the store, walking around corners and freezes. His entire face begins to burn as he finds a whole wall decorated with himself. Todoroki absolutely hates seeing his face, whether in the mirror or as merch. His scar is huge on the posters and so detailed on his merch. Midoriya turns around pressing a tiny plush of him to his cheek.


“Shouto look! It’s you! He’s soooo cute!” Midoriya giggles and kisses the stupid merch of him.


Todoroki narrows his eyes and walks over, “come on, let’s go.”


“No, wait! I need Shouto merch!”


“Izuku you’re not bringing any of these things in our home.”


“Why not Shouto? Look at mini you! He wants to come home with us.” His omega whimpers.


“You have the real me, why do you need that thing?”


Midoriya stares at the plush, “because I want to surround myself with hundreds of Shouto’s.”


Todoroki covers his face and groans out loudly, too embarrassed to say anything. Midoriya giggles as he sneaks the cute plushie of Shouto into the basket. He grabs a mini figurine, two charms, a whole bunch of his socks designed with his hero outfits throughout the years, his pajama set, and can’t resist the half hot half cold slippers! He absolutely has to buy these!


“Hello there, is there anything I can help you with?” A worker asks walking over to the two.


“No.” Todoroki growls.


“Yes! In fact I was wondering do you sell any baby hero merch?”


“As a matter of fact we just recently got in a shipment. We haven’t had time to put it up on display though, so we aren’t advertising it yet. I would be happy to show you what we have in the back if you like. Are you looking for a particular hero?”


“Shouto! If you have some cute All Might things yes, but mainly Shouto. He’s my favorite.” Midoriya grins.


He hears his mate groan in the background and smiles wider to himself. The worker nods his head and disappears behind the cash register. He comes back a couple of minutes later with a small basket filled with goodies.


“For All Might we mainly have clothes and these cute shoes right here, but for Shouto we have all sorts of things. Pacifies, clothes, shoes, dolls, toys, if you look at this one he makes a squeaky noise when you squeeze him.” The worker explains.


He’s holding a chibi plush of Shouto and squeezes him, a high squealing noise coming out. Midoriya gasps as he finds the gold mine and goes through the basket, naming off how many orders of everything he would like.


“I’ll take it all, and two of these, four of these, oh my goodness! Look at this! It’s Shouto on a bib, oh my goodness.”


He’s going to have to see himself every single day. He’s going to have to stare at himself on his pups… Todoroki peeks out his fingers to look at his mate. The cute omega is laughing and smiling, so happy as he fawns over his hero merch… Todoroki takes a calming breath. It won’t be so bad. Besides, babies are messy. Hopefully his kids will throw up and ruin everything.


“So would you like me to ring you up?”


“Yes please, these too as well. Shouto, give him the basket.”


Todoroki walks over and places their basket on the counter. The worker looks up and blinks, eyes going wide as he realizes who he’s ringing up. Todoroki gives him a bored expression while Midoriya can’t contain his excitement. He leans up and down on the balls of his heels and wraps his arms around Todoroki’s arm, nuzzling into it.


“Thank you Shouto.”


Todoroki gives a kind smile and kisses his omega’s head, “you’re welcome. I hope you know none of these things are going in our bedroom.”


“Shouto! You meanie!”


The worker chuckles lightly under his breath, smiling at the cute couple.



Todoroki double checks to make sure all the doors are locked and the alarm is on. He walks back upstairs, yawning in his hand as he heads towards their bedroom. He’s exhausted right now and wants to do nothing but curl up with his omega and pamper him with kisses. Todoroki opens the room to their room and stops in the doorway.


There his omega is... lying on their bed... posing while wearing his merch. His pajama top is half red and half blue, a picture of his face in the middle of it, while the pajama bottoms are the same color and has his hero name ‘SHOUTO’ running down the side. He’s even wearing matching slippers, the left one looking like flames, the right looking like ice. Midoriya grins widely at him and Todoroki stares for about three seconds before he speaks.




His omega explodes into a fit of giggles, “what? You don’t like it?”


“No merch in our room, I’m taking it off you.”


“Ah! Shouto! Don’t! These are my new pajamas! I’ll be naked if you do!”


“Even better, rather you naked than sleeping with my face on your shirt.”


Midoriya squeals as he pulls his slippers off his feet and goes for his pants next. Todoroki laughs to himself as he hovers over his mate, a wide smile on his face as he begins to strip his clothing off piece by piece. Maybe this outfit wasn’t so bad after all… decorating the floor.


Chapter Text













Bystanders all stop and stare at the two omegas having a screaming match in front of Power Loader’s agency. Hatsume is blocking the doors as her very, very pregnant best friend tries getting pass her. Todoroki stands on the sidewalk sighing to himself. Honestly he was on Hatsume’s side; Midoriya really shouldn’t be going to work when he’s due any day now, but he knows better than to stand against his omega. Midoriya hates being at home all by himself with nothing to do but wait. His finals at school finished the previous week and he passed all his classes, so he was ready to graduate when the next season came around. With no reason to study, no homework to do, and TV boring him he needed to do something with his hands.




Midoriya gasps and narrows his eyes, “you wouldn’t dare.”


“It works over the phone too you know,” Hatsume sneers holding up her phone.


“Alright that’s enough. You two are disturbing the peace-”


“SHUT UP SHOUTO!” The two omegas shout before glaring back at each other.


Todoroki rubs his temple and sighs out loudly, “how about a compromise? Let Izuku work, but give him a desk job? Someplace he can sit down and take it easy? Or even better, give him work he can take home?”


Hatsume makes a face, “I guess… you can file all the paperwork I’ve been neglecting to do for the past… since I started working here.”


Midoriya’s eyebrow twitches, “I don’t want to do paperwork.”


“Izuku,” Todoroki calls him in his alpha voice; his omega flinches and turns around, looking at his sexy mate, “please?”


He whimpers and crosses his arms over his chest, “alright, fine! I’ll do the crummy paperwork.”


Hatsume grins to herself and moves aside, allowing her best friend to come enter now. Todoroki sighs out in relief, happy that they were able to resolve this peacefully. He walks over to his omega's side and pulls him into a hug, pressing a kiss against his temple.


“Call me when you’re ready to go home.”


“I will, take care Shouto. Be safe.”


“Always,” Todoroki smiles before kneeling down and pressing a kiss against his belly next, “be good to Mommy little ones.”


He waves his hand as he activates his quirk and heads toward his own agency. Midoriya smiles softly to himself; his alpha is so cute, the absolute cutest alpha in the whole entire world. Hatsume giggles lightly to herself as she holds the door open.


“Is he always like that?”


“Once we bonded, yeah. He talks to the pups all the time; they love to hear his voice.”


“Aw, isn’t that cute? Is Shouto still working?”


“He’s on duty, but he warned them that he’ll only be working between one and four hours a day now that I’m so close to giving birth. Once our pups our born he’ll only be on call when there's an emergency, so he’ll be there to help me take care of them for the first couple of months.”


“Graduation is going to be in January, isn’t it? It’s a good thing you won’t have to walk the stage pregnant, excuse me, waddle on stage pregnant- hahahaha! I hear you’ve been negotiating your contract with Power Loader! I’ve been pushing for you; that hero knows how much work you do around here, so don’t let him push you around!”


“Yup. I’m striving for being able to work my own hours and have the weekends off when I come back from maternity leave, plus extra vacation days and things like that. I’m going to be a mother soon, I need to focus on my pups and try to stay home as much as I can in their beginning years to be with them.”


“Hello? Isn’t your mate like... super rich? I bet you don’t ever have to work again Izuku.”


“That’s true, but can you imagine how mad I would become? No, no, I’d turn crazy. I need to be doing something with my hands.”


“You will pretty soon as you start changing double diapers. In order to be the favorite Aunt do I have to do that?”


Midoriya laughs out loudly, “you’re so ridiculous Mei.”


“What? I’m being serious. I’m not going to lose to Momo, if I need to change a diaper I will change a diaper to secure my spot as number one.”


“You’ll always be the number one Auntie in my eyes if that makes you feel better.”


“Thanks, but I want your pups to ADORE me. They’re going to love all the new babies I’m inventing for them. “


“Please don’t experiment your new inventions on my children.”


Hatsume gasps, “what? Me? Never! I would never put our pups in harm's way! My inventions are 67% safe, soon to be 100%, and will help make taking care of your children easier.”


“67%...  no babies around my pups.”


“Izuku! It’s soon to be 100%”


“Nope, I’m putting my foot down.”





It happens one hot, humid day. Midoriya is practically dying at work as he sits in front of a fan, but it isn’t doing much good. He feels like he’s melting in his seat and is almost ready to ask Hatsume to make him a super fan when he feels the weirdest sensation between his legs. He blinks and looks down, seeing a puddle form underneath him.


“God, am I really melting?” He stands up from his seat.


His pants are soaking wet and after a second a sharp pain hits him in the stomach. Midoriya gasps as he goes back down on the chair, clinging to it as he rides through the pain.


“MEI! SOMEONE HELP ME! HELP ME!” He yells at the top of his lungs.


Hatsume pops out from under all her junk and runs to his side, eyes wide, “what?! What’s wrong?!”


“Hospital- hospital!” Midoriya grunts through clenched teeth.


“Hospital?! Is something wrong with the pups?! Are they coming now?! Hold on Izuku, give me five minutes and they’ll be here!” Hatsume tries her best to say calmly, but she's really just screaming it all at the top of her lungs.


She runs over to the side of the wall and pushes a button marked 'Izuku’s Baby Alert' that she installed once he was determined to still come to work even though he was almost due. A siren goes off in the entire agency with a robotic voice warning people ‘the pups are coming, call an ambulance’ over and over again. It also sends a message to the local hospital warning them of their arrival, a message to Inko, a message to Yaoyorozu (because Hatsume wouldn’t want her to miss this), and of course a message to the father. She runs back over to Midoriya’s side and holds onto his hand.


“It’s okay Izuku, I read about this. Just time your contractions and make sure to remember to breathe. In, out, in, out.” She shows him.


Midoriya nods his head and starts to follow her breathing in and out. True to her words five minutes later their co-workers are entering their workshop to inform them that the ambulance is here. Hatsume and a few other heroes help carry Midoriya from point A to point B. She never lets go of his hand as they close up the back doors of the ambulance before the sirens go off.


“Shouto,” Midoriya whispers.


“He’s on his way, don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay.”



Everything certainly was not okay. In the middle of a fight Todoroki’s phone starts going off like crazy, distracting him. He misses capturing the villain with his ice and begins to chase after him down the street before he could get away. He only meant to turn his phone off as he takes it out of his pocket, but as the message IZUKU IN LABOR! GET YOUR ASS TO THE HOSPITAL! Pops up he freezes. Midoriya? In labor?! Without even thinking he sends a giant ice wave, nearly freezing the entire street, towards the villain entrapping him in ice. He hardly cares about the property damage bills he will be fined though as he makes sure the villain is secure before racing out of there.


“Shouto! Where are you going?!”


“My omega is in labor! I have to go! Take care of the rest!”


He texts Hatsume back to see if everything was okay before thinking for a second. After a thought he texts his sister, and his brother too, before putting his phone away and racing for the hospital.


Chapter Text

Inko runs inside of the hospital, a waterfall of tears pouring out of her eyes. She blabbers like a mad woman to the receptionist, who has absolutely no idea what she is trying to say. Luckily Todoroki arrives right after her and places a hand on her shoulder.


“Ms. Inko!”


“Bladjlfkjslfjsjldkfjstlkjf-roki!” She cries out clinging to his chest.


Todoroki rubs her back up and down as he turns to the receptionist, “my mate is in labor! Midoriya Izuku please!” 


The receptionist blinks before typing on the computer, “maternity wing, second floor, room 504.”


“Thank you, come on Ms. Inko.” Todoroki says grabbing her hand.


He drags her off to the nearest elevator and they wait on pins and needles as it takes them to the next floor. Inko sniffs trying to control herself and Todoroki offers her a handkerchief from his pocket. 


“Thank you, son. I can’t believe this is happening now. My little Izuku about to give birth. I’m going to become a grandma today.” She cries.


“I’m about to become a father,” Todoroki breathes out.


A father. The thought scared him beyond belief before, but now… he’s excited. A father. He’s going to meet his pups! He’s finally going to meet his pups and be a father! He can’t stop the smile from appearing on his lips as the elevator doors open. The two of them speedwalk down the hall looking for the room number. Once they find it Todoroki nearly rips the door open as he walks in and spies his friends alongside his mate.


“Shouto,” Midoriya smiles heavenly.


“Izuku, are you alright? How are the pups? What has the doctor said?” Todoroki questions heading towards his side.


He grabs his hand and Midoriya giggles as he presses a kiss against his head, “good. All good. Everything above good.” 


Todoroki tilts his head, “above good?”


“They gave him something for the pain, but Izuku has never really handled painkillers well so he’s a bit… out of it.” Hatsume explains.


“He’s perfectly healthy though and nearly dilated enough to go into labor. His doctor is preparing everything as we speak.” Yaoyorozu informs him.


“That’s good. Thanks for the heads up Hatsume and thanks for being here Yaoyorozu.”


The two of them smile and shrug, “what are friends for?”


“How did you beat me here though? I thought I was pretty quick.” Todoroki raises an eyebrow.


“I rode in the ambulance with Izuku.” Hatsume announces.


“I was already at the hospital checking up on a civilian I rescued the other day. I just waited for them to arrive.” Yaoyorozu answers.


Inko walks over to her son’s side and smiles warmly. She brushes his hair out of his face making Midoriya turn towards her.


“Hey Mom.”


She giggles, “hello son.”


“I’m about to be a Mom too. Isn’t that crazy? I think I’m a little too young to be a mom.”


“I wouldn’t disagree, but you’ll be a great one Izuku.”


Midoriya sniffs, tears coming to his eyes, “aw Mom, I’ll only be a great one because you set the best example.”


Inko begins sniffling as well, “well I only became a great Mom because you were a great son.”


The two Midoriya’s begin to cry and Todoroki shakes his head to himself.



Fuyumi and Natsuo quickly walked towards the maternity wing. They didn’t really have a clue on where they were going, or if they too early, and their faces showed it. They passed by a window with babies in it and lingered for a second, looking at the names before realizing their name wasn’t there. They went back on their search and saw a small group of people waiting outside one of the rooms. Fuyumi gasps, recognizing one of them, and tugs her brother’s hand.


“Momo!” Fuyumi waves.


“Ah- Fuyumi! I didn’t know Todoroki messaged you, I would have waited for you downstairs if I did.” Yaoyorozu greets hugging her friend’s sister, “hello to you as well Natsuo.”


“Hey Momo.” Natsuo waves and bows lightly to the other people.


“Are we early? Where is Shouto?”


“Inside with his mate. They’re awaiting the arrival of their two pups, so I say you’re right on time. This is Midoriya Inko, Midoriya Izuku’s mother, and this is his best friend Hatsume Mei.”


“Ah- hello! I’m Fuyumi Todoroki, Shouto’s big sister, and this is Natsuo, his big brother.” Fuyumi bows down to greet.


“Hello!” Hatsume waves.


“It’s a pleasure to meet the two of you.” Inko bows back to them.


“So, it’s just a waiting game now?” Natsuo asks rubbing his hands together.


“Pretty much; Izuku’s been in labor for about four hours. No new updates since.” Hatsume shrugs.


“Does anyone need anything from the cafeteria? I don’t mind picking up refreshments.” Natsuo offers.


“Thank you Natsuo, I would love a coffee if they have one, decaf.” Inko smiles.


“Ditto! Make my a regular with extra sugar! You know what, I’ll just go with you.” Hatsume says standing up.


“Just a light snack and tea please.” Yaoyorozu answers.


“Alright, 2 coffees, a tea, and snacks, sis? Need anything?” Natsuo asks.


“No thank you, I’m good.” She replies.


“Alright, we’ll be right back then.” He says wandering off with Hatsume.


Inko smiles warmly at Fuyumi, “please, take a seat.”


“T-thank you!” Fuyumi nods sitting down next to her.


“You’re welcome.”


Fuyumi’s knee keeps jumping up and down as she sits. Yaoyorozu messages Jirou on her phone in the corner. Inko takes a small breath and places a hand on Fuyumi’s knee.


“Are you alright dear?”


“Huh? Oh, yes! I’m alright!”


Inko smiles knowingly, “is this the first birth in your family?”


“Yeah, Shouto’s the first. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to bring anything, or do anything, I’m actually a little surprised he even invited us. Last time we saw each other… things didn’t end up all that well.”


“I’m sorry to hear that. It’s enough that you’re here, in my opinion. Todoroki must still care for you, or else why would he want you here on such a wonderful day? He must want to share this moment with you two. It’s okay to feel nervous, I’m shaking myself. My son is a strong boy though and I’m sure with Todoroki by his side they’ll make it through this.” She squeezes her hand.


Fuyumi sniffs a little, “thank you. I wasn’t really there when Midoriya was pregnant and Shouto was taking care of him. I would like to be there for him from now on, if he wouldn’t mind. I want to be a good sister and aunt.”


“I’m sure you will dear, I’m just worried about being a grandmother. I’m too young to be having grandbabies.”


Fuyumi joins in with Inko’s laughter. Natsuo and Hatsume come back with drinks and snacks and the family all wait for the good news. The five begin guessing baby names and how the small pups will look like. The doors open and they suddenly look up, Todoroki walking out and taking off his mask. Everyone stands up and looks at the smile that appears on his face.


“I-I- I’m a father.” He chokes out.


Cheers explode as they rush over and hung the youngest Todoroki.


“And Izuku?”


“He’s fine, resting now. They’re cleaning up the pups right now, we should be able to hold them soon. Thanks for being here.” Todoroki says staring at his siblings.


“Of course Shouto.” Fuyumi smiles.


Natsuo laughs and squeezes his shoulder, “wouldn’t miss this for the world little bro. Congrats.”


“So? What did you guys name them?”



Midoriya wakes up when he hears small whimpers. His motherly instincts take over and he opens his eyes, no longer feeling sleepy. He looks around the room and sees two nurses strolling in two bassinets, his pups calling to him. Todoroki reaches over and strokes Midoriya’s face, wiping some of his sweat off with a towel.


“Are you alright Izuku?”


Midoriya whimpers, “my pups. My pups.”


The pups start whimpering out louder hearing their mother’s voice and the nurses start to giggle. Todoroki has an overwhelming alpha need to give his omega whatever the hell he wants and gets up, strolling over to the bassinets.


“Hey there alpha, your pups have a clean bill of health. Ready to hold them?”


Todoroki is frozen as he sees the two smallest little pups he’s ever seen in his life. Were all pups this small when they were first born? He doesn’t remember what pups are supposed to look like. Only children are coming into his mind and there was no way Midoriya could push a child out of him. He could barely believe he pushed these two out.


“My pups,” Midoriya whimpers again snapping Todoroki out of his daze.


He’s careful as he picks up the first one; the baby is so soft and warm in his arms, Todoroki unconsciously tries to make himself warmer as well. He walks over and hands Midoriya their son. The omega instantly clings to the pup, scenting the little bundle of joy and nuzzling his face into him. The little guy stops whimpering and calms down, only leaving one rowdy pup now. Todoroki turns and gets the other one next; this one feels heavier in his arms, and the small pup is actually awake. Big, wide, bright green eyes stare up at him and Todoroki feels a shot in his chest.


“He has your eyes,” he mumbles out loud.


The pup cries out and Todoroki nuzzles against him, scent marking his son.


“It’s okay, Daddy’s here. It’s okay.”




He looks up and sees Midoriya looking up at him, a smile on his face. Todoroki walks over and hands him their other son, watching his omega cling to the both of them.


“Whenever you’re ready our family is outside.” He says stroking his hair.


Midoriya makes a small face, “I look terrible.”


Todoroki chuckles and kisses his forehead, “you look absolutely beautiful.”


“You have to say that, you’re my mate.”


“No I don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more beautiful than you are right now holding our pups.”


Midoriya blushes and turns his head away, burying it into the pillow. Todoroki smiles and places a hand over his pups’ heads. This is his family right here and he’s never going to let anything happen to them.



Natsu and Fuyu. Summer and Winter.


Natsu was the oldest by seven minutes. He had a fair complexion, the smallest patch of red hair on top of his head, and Midoriya’s gorgeous green eyes. He ran at a slightly higher temperature than a normal baby would, but seeing how Todoroki was the same way when he was born they didn’t worry too much about it. He liked to put his hand in his mouth and stare at the world around him.


Fuyu was the younger one. He came out a little bigger than his older brother and ran a normal temperature. Same skin complexion except he had freckles covering his face like his mother, a small puff of white hair on top of his head, and matching green eyes with his brother. He liked to sleep most of his days away and cried immediately when he wasn’t being held in some way, shape, or form. He acted like the most spoiled for some reason even though his parents treated them equally.


Midoriya liked spending his days sleeping with the pups while Todoroki liked to spend his watching his family like a hawk. He was at their every beck and call, would come running in an instant from the smallest of whimpers, and held his children whenever they were fast asleep. They had yet to sleep in their crib since coming home.


“I wish they looked more like you,” Todoroki says shaking a bottle in his hand.


“What do you mean? I think our pups are perfect. Now I have three Todoroki’s to love.” Midoriya chuckles feeding Fuyu in his arms.


Todoroki rolls his eyes as he walks over. He picks up Natsu and sits down next to Midoriya, placing the bottle into his mouth. He’s surprised with how easily he became used to being a father. He’s proud to say that he is an expert in making bottles and changing diapers. Midoriya sighs out and rests his head again Todoroki’s shoulder.


“I love you.”


Todoroki smiles and kisses the top of his head, “I love you as well.”


“So… I’m 100% sure that these babies are going to have your quirk. It would be cool if Natsu had ice though and Fuyu had fire. No one would suspect it and they could surprise their enemies,” Midoriya chuckles.


“I guess, they’d be perfect quirkless as well. Hopefully they also gained your smarts as well as your eyes. We could have two geniuses on our hands.”


“Oh my god… my brains and your quirks… we could rule the world Shouto.”


Todoroki snorts and nudges Midoriya, who laughs out loud.


“With us four and if we can get Mei and Yaoyorozu on our side we can do it. I swear we can.”


“You’re starting to sound like a villain there Izuku.”


“What? I would never. We would be nice world leaders. Free ice cream for the world. Ah- I think someone is done.”


Fuyu begins to get fussy and turns his head away from the bottle. Midoriya picks him up and kisses his cheek, getting a smile out of the pup before he rests him against his shoulder and lightly pats his back. Todoroki stares at his loving mate and doesn’t think before he speaks.


“I want another one.”


Midoriya chokes a bit, “wh-ah- what? Another one? We just had these two!”


“I know, but I do. Just in case you were wondering if I want more children. I would. I would love to have more with you.”


He blushes as he looks at his alpha, who turns his head and smiles tenderly at Natsu. He has to admit, he could get used to this. Todoroki’s soft expressions as he plays with their pups. Midoriya shakes the thought out of his head, no. Not so soon. In the future, most definitely, but not at this moment. For right now his family was perfect.


“To think they came to be because you bumped into me.”


“Ah- technically I didn’t. This man was trying to introduce me to his daughter, and as I was trying to escape then I bumped into you, so technically they came to be because that random fan annoyed me.”


“Hahahaha, Shouto you’re terrible.”


“Thank you random person for making me the happiest alpha in the world.”




Todoroki turns his head and grins, leaning down to press a small kiss against his omega’s lips.

Chapter Text

Midoriya walks around in circles, staring at his pups inside of the stroller. He hums a merry tune to himself to try and keep them occupied while his mate sits with his head in his hands. He’s trying to build courage, and they have all the time in the world, so Midoriya doesn’t push. When Todoroki needs him he’ll say something, but until then Midoriya knows to give him space. 


There’s been small improvements.


First he couldn’t get outside of the car. Once the pups got fussy though they were able to stand outside of the hospital, and from there they moved to the inside. Midoriya had gotten room number and now they were waiting for him to have enough courage to go. Fuyu sniffs and starts to cry out loudly, bothering Natsu who in return cries as well.


“Ah, Natsu, Fuyu, it’s alright. It’s okay. Just look at Mommy, see Mommy?” Midoriya coos.


He releases his sweet scent that not only calms the pups, but Todoroki as well. He stands up and wraps an arm around Midoriya’s waist, staring down at his offspring and smiling.


“Let’s go.”


Midoriya nods his head and the four of them head towards the elevator. It’s a short ride and her room is the first one outside of the elevator. Todoroki gulps as he hovers in front of the door. Midoriya, on the other hand, simply knocks and lets himself in. There’s a woman sitting near the window with snow white hair and grey eyes like his mate. Midoriya smiles while the door closes on Todoroki, leaving him outside glued to his spot.


“Hello.” Midoriya greets.


The woman stares and blinks, “hello.”


“My name is Midoriya Izuku and these are my pups Natsu and Fuyu Todoroki.”


Her eyes slightly widen at the names, “oh… I’m Rei Todoroki.”


“It’s a pleasure to meet you Rei. We came to introduce you to our pups, and by we I mean me and my mate who is stuck outside right now.”


Rei's eyes seem to light up at the word pups, "i ts been such a long time since I’ve seen pups.”


“Well prepare to be amazed because mine are the cutest.” 


Rei gets up from her seat while Midoriya pushes the stroller over. That’s where Todoroki finds them, both of them staring down at the two cutest pups in the world loving the attention. Rei is the first to look up when she hears the door open and gasps a little.




Todoroki looks down on the ground and rubs the back of his neck, “... hi Mom.”


“These are yours?”


Now he blushes and nods his head, “yes, they’re mine. Izuku is my mate, I’m his alpha… those are our pups.”


Rei stares at her youngest son she hasn’t seen in years. She takes a small step forward, and then a larger one, before she’s running over and throwing her arms around him. Todoroki’s eyes widen as he feels her cool embrace and tears appear in his eyes as he hugs her back.




“Oh Shouto, I’ve missed you so much. I’m so sorry Shouto, I’m so sorry.”


“No Mom, I’m the one who’s sorry. I’m sorry I never visited, I’m sorry that I-”


“Shhh, it’s all in the past now. Your here now, that’s all that matters.”


Midoriya smiles as he hugs himself. He looks down at his pups and winks, happy that they have another grandmother now.