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"Fuck, not now!" Bakugou hissed angrily, ducking into an alleyway as his stomach cramped up viciously. He was early, his Heat was early. Tears pinpricked his vision, half in pain and half in frustration. He needed to get home but his phone was dead and the walk home would grow more and more impossible the longer he tried. He stumbled to his feet, nausea making his cramping stomach roll uncomfortably. He shrunk back against the brick wall of the building behind him for a moment.

That was when he smelt them.

Both of their scents were strong and so, so tantalizing. One was pine and cedar with a hint of sage, all encompassing. A tinge of Rut already seeping into it, an Alpha. The other was woodsmoke and rain but more reserved, a Beta. Bakugou's head swiveled in the direction that the scents were stronger, finding two men at the mouth of the alleyway.

The tallest (there was no way he was that fucking huge, Bakugou had to be dreaming) had a fluffy mess of green curls, equally green eyes, and freckles along his cheeks. His shirt was probably a size or two too small and he had on a pair of green joggers with red shoes, leaving nothing to the imagination of how toned he was.

The other man, the Beta, had an even more striking appearance. He was shorter than the first but still taller than Bakugou. His hair was long, his bangs touching his nose, and bicolored- the right side white like snow and the left crimson. Bakugou had only seen eyes like his on television or in science textbooks. His left eye was turquoise, the right a brownish grey. There was a large scar on the left side of his face, a burn. He wore a dark blue jacket with elbow length sleeves, the collar was high and joined in the center by a grey neck piece (fuck, did he not have anything on underneath?), with baggy pants of the same color and white boots.

They stood still for a moment before approaching slowly, cautiously. The Alpha knelt down next him, offering his wrist.

"Hello, Omega." He greeted. His voice was deep but nice, cheery even. Bakugou whined in response, hands coming up to grab hold of the Alpha's wrist and shove his nose against the glands there. He was slipping faster with them there. "Is this your first Heat?" Bakugou shook his head. "What's your name? How old are you? Do you know what today's date is?"

"Bakugou. I'm Bakugou Katsuki." The Omega answered. "I'm twenty-one and it's the fifteenth of March."

"That's good, you're still lucid." The Alpha praised. "You're such a good Omega, Kacchan." Bakugou felt his face heat up as he purred happily. The Alpha crooned in response.

"Alpha." The Beta called, grabbing both their attentions. His voice was deep- deeper than the Alpha's even- but calm, reserved like his scent. "We need to get him somewhere safe." The Alpha nodded before turning back to Bakugou and asking him where to go. Bakugou rattled off his address without a second thought. The Alpha scooped him up effortlessly and Bakugou let his scent wrap around him, soothing the Heat. 


He woke up just as they reached his door, Heat flaring to full affect. The Alpha's Rut was getting closer too. He was surprised the Beta was still sane and coherent with the combined smells so strong around him. It took Bakugou three tries to get the key in the front door but he managed, the Alpha crooning in praise as the door opened. The apartment was empty, his friends all either at work or out somewhere.

"Katsuki?" The Beta murmured, a strain to it. "You probably want to nest, yes?" Bakugou nodded, Heat making his movement sluggish, and made his way to his bedroom as quickly as possible. "Alpha." He heard the Beta say. "It's important to provide for our Omega, he's going to need lots of food and water." He heard the Alpha rumble in response.

Bakugou placed his phone on its charger then moved to rearrange his bed, pulling extra pillows and blankets from his closet. He spent some time on making his nest but it just wasn't right. There was something missing. He huffed in frustration.

Two sets of footsteps neared his room and he looked up to find both the Beta and Alpha in his doorway. They were both shirtless, toned muscles on full display. The Alpha's body seemed to be covered in scars. The Beta held their tops in his hand while the Alpha's arms were full of food and water bottles. The Beta's hand reached out, offering the clothes. Bakugou purred in delight, taking them and putting them in his nest. Perfect.

"When did you last eat? Do you remember?" The Beta asked as the Alpha placed the food and water on his desk.

"Mm...break." Bakugou answered after a moment. The Alpha passed over a snack bar and bottle of water.

"Finish." He ordered. As Bakugou ate his phone began to chime with notifications.

"Pack." He muttered as he reached over to grab his phone and text them back quickly.


Today 5:15 PM

Tape Arms
Anyone heard from Baku?

Bubblegum Bitch
Isn't he supposed to be with you and Denki?

Well yeah but we've been waiting for hours and he hasn't shown up.

That's not like him at all.

Shitty Hair
I can't get a hold of him!

Bubblegum Bitch

What if he got kidnapped?!

Tape Arms
They'd of sent him back

This is true... BAKUGOU!

Shitty Hair

Today 7:28 PM

Calm tf down. Early Heat

Shitty Hair
Shit Bakubro, you scared us

Bubblegum Bitch
Did you get home safe?

Do you need anything?

Im good. Got Alpha & Beta w me. Text when it breaks

Bubblegum Bitch

Way too go Baku!

Tape Arms
Happy fucking!


Bakugou all but threw his phone aside, the cramps were getting stronger and his body was heating up. He could already feel a headache coming on and slick was starting to pool at the seat of his pants. He breathed harshly, panting. His eyes were trained on the Alpha and Beta in front of him. The Beta moved first, stepping closer and leaning down over Bakugou.

"Would you like us to stay?" He asked. "Or we can go, if you don't want us here but we'd like to spend your Heat with've even put Alpha into a Rut." Bakugou opened his mouth, his tongue feeling like lead.

"Yeah." He answered. "Want."

"We'll give you what you want Kitten." The Beta responded before capturing Bakugou's mouth with his own. Bakugou groaned and grabbed hold of the Beta, pulling him into his nest on top of his body. The Beta's kisses were measured and he thwarted Bakugou's attempts to kiss him harder or bite. "Such a feisty little kitty cat." He sat up, taking Bakugou with him and helped the Omega out of his shirt. Goosebumps rose across Bakugou's chest and the Beta leaned down, taking Bakugou's right nipple in his mouth while his hand played with the left. The Omega gasped, his body arching to push his chest even further into the Beta's mouth. After a few minutes he switched.

"Knot." Bakugou demanded, his words slurred. "I want Alpha's knot." The Alpha growled, moving towards the edge of the bed. The Beta helped Bakugou out of his pants before moving to the desk and grabbing something. He gave it to the Alpha and Bakugou couldn't help but whine in disappointment once he realized it was a condom.

"Oh Kitten, it's okay." The Beta soothed as he climbed back between Bakugou's legs. "I know you want to be bred, fucked full with pups but not yet." He pushed two fingers into Bakugou's slick entrance, stretching them out. The Omega wailed, hips thrusting to fuck the Beta's fingers. "That's it Kitten, what a good Omega you are." A third finger joined the first two and then a forth.

"Ya tryna fit y'r whole fist in?" Bakugou asked, his head spinning. It felt so good but he didn't want a fist, he wanted a knot. He needed a knot. Why wasn't Alpha breeding him, knotting him?

"Alpha's a really big guy." The Beta purred. "We're both so tiny compared to him. He'll split you open but we don't want it to hurt, right Kitten? You want to feel good and hang off Alpha's knot like a good Omega." Bakugou nodded frantically, whining again. The Beta worked him, fingers curling and spreading. Bakugou cried out as the tips of the Betas fingers brush his prostate. "Is that it, Kitten? Did I find your sweet spot?"

"Yes!" Bakugou hissed, forcing his hips down faster. The Beta's hand shifted and suddenly he was rubbing against Bakugou's prostate. Bakugou came with a drawn out moan, his body going taut.

"Good." The Beta praised, moving to sit next to Bakugou. His bed was much to small for this and he lamented over that for a moment. "That should take some of the edge off." Bakugou felt like he was boneless, exhausted from the day. Between work, the onset of his Heat, and an orgasm he was suddenly exhausted. "Rest, another wave will hit soon enough." The Alpha seemed to be against letting the Beta have his rest though. He grabbed hold of the Beta, nearly tore the rest of his clothes off before turning him over on to his hands and knees. Bakugou was shocked to see the Alpha bury himself inside the Beta, a whine leaving his throat at the sight. "He- ah, Alpha fucked me before we ran into you." The Beta explained. "We hadn't seen each other for a few days, he was eager."

Bakugou felt his cock thicken as he watched the Alpha pound into the Beta. The Alpha was hunched over, his hulking body practically hiding the Beta's from view, his hands fisting the comforter. The Beta had dropped to his elbows, a constant moan on his lips, his body sliding along the sheets with the force of the Alpha's thrusts.

"Fuck." Bakugou groaned moving closer to stare at the Beta's blissed out face. The Alpha's eyes were on him, watching him even as he fucked into his Beta. The Beta, cheeks flushed and eyes dazed, leaned forward toward Bakugou. Their mouths slotted together messily, all teeth and tongue. The Alpha let out a low moan, his scent becoming even headier and urging the Beta and Omega on.

The Beta came with a loud keen, Bakugou was beginning to realize that despite his reserved personality he was very vocal during sex.

"Mate." The Alpha crooned happily, licking at the Beta's mating mark lovingly. He pulled away after a moment, letting the Beta's body rest comfortably on the mattress before turning his attention to Bakugou. The Omega felt his stomach turn in excitement at the dark look in the Alpha's eyes. His head swam with the scent of the Alpha. A strong Alpha in Rut. He'd give Bakugou exactly what he needed.

Bakugou is a fairly tall and muscular Omega but the Alpha dwarfed him easily and he was surprised to find that he kind of liked it. He turned quickly on to his front. Knees spread, back arched, shoulders practically smushed into the bed, thighs wet and glistening with slick. Presenting. The Alpha didn’t waste any time. With a croon of approval he was pressing in, in, in.

Bakugou wailed, his fingers scrambling for purchase.

The Alpha paused for a moment before pulling out and thrusting back in. His hand went to Bakugou's lower back and he pressed the Omega into the bed as his hips picked up speed. Bakugou's mouth dropped open, a constant whine of pleasure leaving his throat. He tried to force his hips back, to fuck himself on the Alpha's thick cock but the Alpha's hand kept him from gaining the necessary movement.

"Alpha!" Bakugou cried out when the large head of the Alpha's cock hit his prostate. The Alpha growled in reply, body hunching over as his hips piston into the Omega, hitting his prostate each and every thrust. Bakugou felt tears fill his eyes at the assault, drool starting to slide out the corner of his wide open mouth. Later, much later...after his Heat breaks, he was probably going to berate himself for how embarrassingly wanton he was being but for now he could care less. He was always like this during his Heat and he cared way more about getting this Alpha's knot than anything else. "Alpha, knot! Want it!" The Alpha's cock caught on the rim of Bakugou's hole as his knot started to form.

"Omega." The Alpha groaned, hips flush against Bakugou's as his knot popped fully. "Mine." He made a few small thrusts, come filling Bakugou over and over again. He turned them, Bakugou's smaller frame resting against his body as comfortably as they could get. Bakugou whined, watching the way his stomach distended slightly. Fuck, he swore he could see the outline of the Alpha's cock in his stomach. The Beta, who had been watching them with a glassy gaze slid forward, warm hand wrapping around Bakugou's dick and causing the Omega to crash through his second orgasm.

A routine built up. The Alpha fucked Bakugou into unconsciousness, the Omega's body going to the last viable option to achieve sleep. In the time he slept the Beta took care of his mate, letting the Alpha have his way until the wave of his Rut ended. By then Bakugou would be awake and the Beta, still cognizant even after the Alpha would fuck him into a stupor, would force them all to eat and drink. The Alpha would sleep then and the Beta would fuck Bakugou until the Alpha's next wave arrived. After that was when the Beta would succumb to sleep. He woke, they ate and drank, and then the fucking would continue. They lost track of time completely, no one truly having the attention span to pay mind to the time or day.


Bakugou woke groggily. His body sore in a telltale way, his sheets soiled. He was sweating but felt cool for the first time in days, a sign of his Heat fever breaking. His stomach no longer cramped but growled quietly in hunger. His headache was gone, his mind alert. He was lucid and cognizant. He also had to piss, his mouth was rancid, and he needed a shower...a bath actually, he definitely needed to soak his muscles.

It was as he climbed out of his nest that he realized something was missing.

The Alpha and Beta were gone.

Bakugou huffed angrily, unsure why it bothered and disappointed him that the two were gone. Probably some stupid Omega shit.

He emerged from his room an hour later fresh faced and back to normal. He heard the chatter of voices coming from the front of his apartment. Though it was only him, Kirishima, and Ashido actually living in the apartment, the rest of his friends made an almost regular appearance especially Sero and Kaminari who were dating Kirishima.

"He lives!" Ashido screamed when he entered the kitchen.

"Shut the fuck up, Devil Bitch." Bakugou groaned, grabbing his favorite cereal off the top of the fridge and sliding the fridge open to grab the milk.

"You had us so worried!" Hagakure stated from where she was sprawled out on the living room couch.

“Yeah, well I’m fucking fine.” Bakugou grumbled, grabbing a bowl and spoon.

“We can see that.” Sero snickered as he watched Bakugou fill up his bowl. “That’s quite the work of hickies you got.”

“Die.” Bakugou hissed before shoving a spoonful of cereal in his mouth.

“How was it?” Kaminari asked. “What’d they look like?”

“They were hot as fuck.” Bakugou said simply through a mouthful of cereal.

“Don’t rush to tell us all at once, Bakubro.” Kirishima laughed. “It’s not like you weren’t out for a week or anything.”

“WHAT?!” Bakugou shouted, his eyes widening. “The fuck do you mean a week?”

“Today’s the twenty-second.” Ashido answered.

“There’s no fucking way!” Bakugou replied in disbelief, checking his phone. Surely enough there is was right in his home screen. March 22nd. Seven fucking days after his Heat first hit.

“You should probably go see a doctor, Baku.” Kaminari instructed.

“Yeah, your Heat hitting early is one thing but lasting seven days as well?” Hagakure continued. “That’s brutal.”

“Plus you gotta make sure you got all your necessary nutrients and shit.” Sero added.

“They took care of me.” Bakugou growled, lips pulled back to bare his teeth. His- the Alpha and Beta made sure he had everything, who the fuck was Sero to insinuate that they were lacking? Bakugou didn’t fuck weaklings or anyone lacking.

“Whoa, Bakubro!” Krishima spoke up, standing in front Sero protectively. “No one’s saying your Heat Mates weren’t good, calm down.” Bakugou blinked, the growl cutting off immediately. What the fuck?

“So what’s their names?” Ashido asked. “Are you gonna see them again?”

“I have no idea who the fuck they were.” Bakugou answered truthfully, still not sure why that made him want to scream.

“WHAT?” Several voices shout at the same time.

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"You can't sulk forever Baku." Ashido laughed. She and Bakugo were sitting together in the living room, the television was on but neither of them really liked talk shows so they weren't paying it much attention. "I can't believe you fucked a "hot as fuck Alpha and his equally hot as fuck Beta" for seven consecutive days and never got either of their names or numbers."

"I'm sorry I was too busy dying of delirium and getting fucked within an inch of my life to ask." Bakugou drawled. "And I'm not fucking sulking, you pink haired bitch."

"You really like them, huh?" She asked.

"I fucking guess... They smelt really fucking good and they were hot as fuck." Bakugou muttered. It had been almost three weeks since his Heat, since he meet the Alpha and Beta. He wasn't sulking, he didn't fucking sulk. They just smelt really good and he'd never been so thoroughly sated- which was saying something because he had spent a Heat with two Alphas before. They paled in comparison to the Alpha and Beta. Everyone did. Fucking hell, what was wrong with him?!

Out the corner of his eye he spotted messy green curls and he turned to the T.V. in shock.

"What the fuck?!" He exclaimed.

"What?" Ashido questioned. Bakugou gestured to the T.V. wildly.

"That's fucking him!" He shouted. "The hot as fuck Alpha!" Ashido's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"There's no way!" She gasped. "Baku, Baku you fucked a celebrity! You fucked Midoriya Izuku, oh my god!"

"A celebrity?!" Bakugou squawked, his voice going unnaturally high. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"He's on a talk show right now what do you mean?" Ashido retorted before shoving her phone in Bakugou's face.

Midoriya Izuku is a Japanese actor best known for his role as the superhero All Might in the My Hero franchise.

Born: July 15, 1994 (24 years old) Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Height: 220 cm (7'2")
Designation: Alpha
Nationality: Japanese
Spouse: Todoroki Shouto
Parents: Midoriya Inko, Midoriya Hisashi

"There's no fucking way." Bakugou muttered, staring at the screen.

"Oh it gets even better." Ashido giggled as she pulled the phone away for a second before shoving it in his face again. Bakugou's mouth dropped open.

"Icy Hot!" He hissed as a familiar face of mismatched eyes and hair filled the screen.

Todoroki Shouto is a Japanese musician, songwriter, and producer. He is the lead guitarist of the band Ultraviolet Theory.

Born: January 11, 1994 (25 years old) Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Height: 184 cm (6'0")
Designation: Beta
Spouse: Midoriya Izuku
Siblings: Todoroki Fuyumi, Todoroki Touya, Todoroki Natsuo
Parents: Todoroki Enji, Todoroki Rei
Music: Ultraviolet Theory (2011)

"You literally fucked Japan's It Couple." Ashido laughed incredulously.

"It Couple?" Bakugou repeated. This was not fucking happening.

"TodoMido? Oh my god, you're hopeless!" Ashido cackled. "They have like millions of followers on social media. You fucked an actor and his rockstar Mate!"

"Wait! Isn't Ultraviolet Theory the concert you and Red Bastard are fucking dragging me to?" Ashido smiled devilishly, her head bobbing in confirmation. "Oh no. Hell no! I'm not fucking going!"

"Do you know how much those tickets cost? I practically sold my soul for those things! It's too late to resell it, you're going!"

"You never had a soul to begin with, you pink bitch! Fuck you, I'm not fucking going!"


Ashido, spawn of Satan that she was, somehow managed to get them right up front against the barricade. Bakugou really hated concerts like this, he didn't have the patience for it. People pushed and elbowed, perverts tried to cop a feel, thieves tried to pick pocket. Stupid fangirls and boys screaming as loud as they could unnecessarily. He hated it. He especially hated this show, watching the Beta who helped fuck his brains out play guitar and get hot and sweaty on stage was not fun. It was torture. He was going to kill Ashido.

Todoroki was right at the edge of the stage when he noticed Bakugou an hour in to the show, the Omega watched it happen. Todoroki's eyes got wide with realization before a smile, unlike any of the ones Bakugou had seen in the dozens of pictures of him (not that he cyber-stalked them or anything), broke out on his face. He looked like he wanted to hop off the stage right then and there. Bakugou felt his cheeks heat up and he scowled. Fucking Icy Hot bastard, Bakugou hated him. Todoroki looked away, down at the other end of the barricade. The crowd seemed to split its attention, people screaming even louder than before in some sort of wave... a wave that was heading straight for Bakugou. He realized why when a head of messy green curls came into view. He was going to fucking kill Ashido.

His eyes never left Midoriya as the Alpha neared, body already shuddering at the sight of him. Midoriya stopped in front of him, towering over him. He leaned down after a moment, his big hands framing Bakugou's face, and his lips claimed the other's. It was just like Bakugou imagined (not that he thought about kissing the stupid fucking Alpha), full of devotion and determination but also eager to please and begging.

"Hello Kacchan." Midoriya greeted against Bakugou's lips.

"Shitty Deku." Bakugou responded with a huff. Suddenly Midoriya's hands were underneath his armpits and he was picked up and helped over the barricade. Bakugou would deny for the rest of his life the squeal of shock that left his mouth. Midoriya deposited him close to the stage, his big body blocking Bakugou from the crowd, and lead him to the end of the barricade and back up a ramp towards the back of the stage.

"I'm so happy to see you, Kacchan!" Midoriya said, practically bent in half so that the other man could hear him over the music.

"Fuck you." Bakugou growled, crossing his arms. "Why the fuck are you here?"

"I'm always at Shouchan's shows." Midoriya answered. "Unless I have to work. Why are you here?"

"What, I can't be a fucking fan?"

"That's not it at all Kacchan, you can be whatever you want to be. It's just... you didn't recognize Shouchan when we shared your Heat."

"Whatever. It's shitty music anyways." Bakugou muttered. "Ashido and Kirishima like this shit. You're not gonna leave them out there like that are you, they'll fucking nag me when we get home."

"I'll have someone grab them, I promise." Midoriya replied. "What do they look like?"

"The pink haired bitch and the redheaded bastard where you picked me up like a fucking caveman." Midoriya laughed, a smile purer than the fucking Sun splitting his face, and Bakugou was struck with the fact that he had his ass destroyed by a seven foot tall puppy.

Three songs later and both Ashido and Kirishima were trying to pay attention to the rest of the show and stare at Bakugou and Midoriya at the same time. Bakugou spent the rest of the show glaring at anybody in eyesight except the literal building of an Alpha who didn't know what personal space was.

"Do you wanna meet the band?" Midoriya asked. While the question was directed more so to Ashido and Kirishima his eyes remained on Bakugou. Ashido let out a squeal, causing Bakugou to wince.

"You're right in my ear, Bitch!" He growled.

"Get over it." Ashido responded flippantly, her eyes on the stage.

"I will literally kill you." Bakugou threatened.

"You weren't this mean during your Heat, Kitten." Another voice piped up, Todoroki leading the band toward them.

"Fuck you, Icy Hot."

"Nice to see you too Kitty Kat." Todoroki responded, leaning down to kiss Bakugou quickly. The Omega sputtered, caught between wanting to grab hold of the Beta's face and wanting to punch him.

"Shouchan, these are Kacchan's friends." Midoriya introduced. "You two probably know everyone but this is Todoroki Shouto, Yaoyorozu Momo, Jirou Kyouka, Shoji Mezo, and Tokoyami Fumikage.”

“I’m Ashido Mina.” Ashido greeted, her eyes wide.

“Kirishima Eijirou.” Kirishima added. “I can’t believe we’re actually meeting you.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.” Yaoyorozu responded with a polite smile.

“Both Midoriya and Todoroki wouldn’t shut up about you.” Jirou directed to Bakugou. “Especially Midoriya. Kacchan was so amazing, Kacchan was so pretty, Kacchan was such a good Omega. It was getting a little annoying listening to him mutter.”

“Well it’s true.” Midoriya chuckled, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. “Kacchan is amazing.”

“We’re all glad you got to see each other again.” Tokoyami stated, his voice surprisingly deep for his size. “What a coincidence that you all ended up being here.”

“The car’s ready!” Someone shouted, grabbing everyone’s attention.

“Are you coming to dinner, Todoroki?” Shoji asked, the rest of the band members moving to head outside so that they could grab a late dinner.

“No. I think Izuku and I will just head back to the hotel.” Todoroki answered, his heated gaze on Bakugou.

“I guess we’ll leave him with you.” Ashido spoke up with a cheshire grin. “Fuck him good, he’s been in a right state since his Heat.”

“Excuse me, Pink Bitch, the fuck did you just say?!” Bakugou snarled, his neck practically snapping to look at her.

“You’re excused.” Ashido laughed already moving away just in case he tried to attack.

“Fuck you and die.”

“I don’t think your Alpha and Beta would appreciate that.”

Bakugou hated that pink haired bitch.

Kirishima gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Have fun Bakubro.” He said. “We’ll see you tomorrow, call if you need us.” He turned his gaze to the Alpha and Beta. While he was shorter than him, his eyes still held an unspoken threat. Hurt him and I’ll hurt you. Todoroki’s eyes narrowed in response but Midoriya seemed oblivious, smiling and bidding them a good night. Bakugou smirked. Leave it to him to pick an Alpha and Beta who weren’t like the rest of their designations. He really was amazing, wasn’t he?

The ride to the hotel was one of the weirdest ones Bakugou has ever experienced. They were ushered out the back of the venue and into a big SUV with blacked out windows. Despite how big the SUV was Bakugou still had a good laugh at Midoriya’s large body forced to try and fit as comfortably as possible. When they got to the hotel they entered through the back and rode the elevator all the way up to the second to top floor. The room was probably the size of Bakugou’s entire apartment and ten times nicer. There was even a whole kitchen. It wasn’t until then that Bakugou really understood his situation. He was fucking around with celebrities. He, a college student with a crappy part time job, was fucking around with celebrities. They could both probably buy his apartment- fuck his whole neighborhood and consider that chump change. What the actual fuck!

“Before you fuckheads even think about fucking me I deserve an apology.” He said, throwing himself on the couch as if he owned it.

“What?” Todoroki asked, his brow creased in confusion.

“I want an apology.” Bakugou repeated. “You fuck me through my Heat and don’t even have the fucking decency to stay afterwards or leave your shitty ass names and numbers. You think just ‘cause you did a decent job I’m gonna give it up when you happen to pop up again. Are you two stupid?”

“He’s right Shouchan.” Midoriya agreed. “We’re sorry Kacchan, we weren’t thinking.” Bakugou hummed noncommittally before leaning forward.

“Come here Shitty Deku.” He ordered, eyes glinting. The Alpha moved forward, dropping to his knees in front of the Omega to look him in the eye. Bakugou’s hand grabbed hold of green curls, dragging the older man forward into a messy kiss. “It won’t be like my Heat.” Bakugou said against Midoriya’s lips. “I’m not like my Heat. I call the shots tonight.”

“Whatever you want Kacchan.” Midoriya agreed, his scent becoming heady with arousal and his pupils going wide. Bakugou rewarded him with another kiss. His attention turned to Todoroki, who watched them with a heated gaze.

“You don’t get any until you apologize too, Icy Hot.” He stated.

“Shouchan doesn’t really apologize.” Midoriya laughed. “Not until he’s dangling off my cock at least. He’s very stubborn.” Bakugou smirked, the smell of his slick starting to fill the air. It wasn’t fun if it wasn’t a challenge anyways.

“He’ll be apologizing to me in no time.”

Chapter Text

Bakugou stared at the Alpha and Beta with a smirk promising the dirtiest of pleasures. They had moved to the large bedroom, Midoriya and Todoroki seated in the two armchairs against the large window while Bakugou laid on the bed, naked.

"Strip." He ordered, eyes watching intently as the two men complied quickly. Bakugou should really send their parents thank you cards for making such strong, hot as fuck sons. "C'mere Deku." Midoriya moved forward to stand in front of Bakugou. "You're going to lay down and I'm going to sit on your face." Midoriya growled, his cock twitching in interest. "And Icy Hot, you get to sit and watch until I tell you otherwise. No touching." Todoroki huffed harshly through his nose but his mouth remained shut. Bakugou gave Midoriya a nudge, urging the Alpha to hurry up and get on the bed. Bakugou climbed over him, knees on either side of the older man's face as he faced the foot of the bed to watch Todoroki. "Get to work, Shitty Deku."

Midoriya's big hands grabbed hold of Bakugou's ass, spreading his cheeks. He licked a long strip, slick gathering on his tongue. Bakugou hissed, hips jolting subtly. Midoriya may look like an overgrown, very overgrown, puppy but he was downright filthy.

"Fuck yes." Bakugou hissed, hips pressing back to try and ride the Alpha's tongue. Todoroki's hips twitched, his cock hard and leaking. He gripped the arms of his chair tightly. Midoriya pointed his tongue, pushing past the rim of Bakugou's hole. "Fingers." Bakugou moaned after a moment. "Give me your fucking fingers." He groaned as one of Midoriya's fingers breached him not long after. Todoroki let out a choked sound, his twisted up face a sign of his turmoil.

"God, Kacchan." Midoriya groaned, a second finger joining the first. "You're so amazing, you practically suck me in."

"Don't you want to touch too, Todoroki?" Bakugou questioned, the smile on his face pure evil. "You're so hard, I bet it's starting to hurt. I'll let you fuck my mouth maybe, if you're a good boy and tell me what I want to hear. I'll give you something warm and wet to fuck into. Maybe you'll even get to come down my throat." Todoroki snarled, his hips thrusting up into empty air. "Be a good boy like Deku, tell me what I want to hear."

"Please." Todoroki whined, fingers twitching. "Please let me fuck your mouth, please."

"That's not what I want, fuck, to hear though." Bakugou tutted, pressing back as Midoriya added a third finger. Todoroki shifted in his seat, pupils practically swallowing up his irises.

"I'm sorry." Todoroki said, practically spitting the words out.

"Good boy." Bakugou praised. "Come here." Todoroki crossed the small space between them and leaned in between Midoriya's legs. The fingers of Bakugou's left hand pressed into Todoroki's mouth, his right hand wrapped around his cock. Todoroki moaned, his hips jutting forward. "Get a condom, Deku, and put it on." The Alpha stopped, fingers pulling away from the Omega's hole. Bakugou scooted down to Midoriya's thighs as the man dug through the beside table. He pressed himself against Todoroki's chest, claiming the man's mouth with his own swiftly. He licked his way inside, tongue twinning with Todoroki's before he pulled back to bite at the Beta's lip with a small growl.

"Kacchan." Midoriya rumbled, on his knees behind Bakugou. Bakugou spared him a glance before dropping forward and shuffling back and grabbing hold of the Alpha's cock, reveling in the twinge of pain as he was filled. "Oh!" Midoriya's hands grabbed hold of and encompassing Bakugou's waist.

"You better fuck me good Deku." Bakugou hissed. "Or I'll kick your ass." He turned, eyes level with Todoroki's dick. "In my mouth, Icy Hot, now." Todoroki shuffled forward, cock head pressing past the seam of Bakugou's lips as he groaned.

"You're so amazing Kacchan." Midoriya marveled, his hips moving slowly. Bakugou hummed around Todoroki's cock causing the older man to moan at the sensation. He could feel the head brush against the back of his throat, his tongue rubbing against the vein on the underside of the shaft. He wondered for a split second what it'd be like to suck Midoriya off. He'd probably end up with the cock all the way down in his stomach, Midoriya was fucking huge. He shivered at the thought, a fresh wave a slick causing a squelching sound as Midoriya thrusted in. Fuck, Bakugou was stuffed from both ends which was fantastic really but why was Midoriya going so slow? Who the fuck did he think he was with?

"What the fuck Deku!" Bakugou growled. "Do you think I'm some kind of bitch? You think I can't take it? You fucked me for seven fucking days with that fucking monster dick of yours, what the fuck is your problem?"

"I-." Midoriya started, body shaking slightly in sign of his restraint.

"I'm not going to pussy out so stop holding back or I'll really kill you, you useless fuck."

"He doesn't want to tire you." Todoroki muttered, his voice strained. "He's got a lot of stamina and sometimes he can get rough when he loses it."

"I don't give a fuck." Bakugou hissed back. "If I'm not split open on that thing in two seconds I'll leave and find someone who can do it right." A snarl ripped its way through Midoriya, his fingers tightening their hold on Bakugou's hips. "If I can walk tomorrow you didn't do it right and I will be pissed the fuck off."

"Well you've done it now Kitten." Todoroki chuckled as Midoriya pressed forward, a dark look of determination in his eyes. "You're probably going to regret that later."

"You shut up and fuck my throat before I revoke your touching privileges." Bakugou replied.

Todoroki wasn't lying though. Bakugou really had done it because never mind feeling it in the morning Midoriya was probably going to break him in fucking half by the end of the night. The Alpha had switched from his slow, gentle thrusts to a faster and harder pace, their hips smacking loudly. Each thrust pushed Bakugou's body forward, forcing him down on Todoroki's cock. Todoroki made a low sound, his hips stuttering forward.

"Fuck, fuck Katsuki!" He hissed, his body going taught and come filling Bakugou's mouth. The blonde sputtered at the suddenness of the salty substance on his tongue before catching himself and swallowing around Todoroki's cock. "Shit!" Todoroki leaned back, breath heaving and eyes dazed. Bakugou managed to lean up a bit, long enough to shove his tongue down Todoroki's throat in praise.

"Can you taste yourself on my tongue?" He asked against Todoroki's lips. The other man whimpered in response, nodding sluggishly. One of Midoriya's hand, really it was more like a big ass paw if anything, pressed into the middle of his back while the other tangled in his hair. "Fuck." Bakugou moaned, his voice hitching due to Midoriya's thrust. "Pull my hair, Deku." The Alpha growled, hand tightening in Bakugou's hair and forcing his head back a little. There was a slight shift in Midoriya's hips, the head of his cock pressing into Bakugou's prostate. "Yes, fuck! Right there Alpha, don't you dare fucking stop!"

"Omega." Midoriya rumbled, hips pushing forward even faster. He would never stop, not until Kacchan told him to. "You're so good for me Omega, so amazing and beautiful. You take me so well and look at how good you satisfy Mate. You're so wonderful, the best Omega." Bakugou mewled, pressing back onto Midoriya's cock as much as he could. "I'm going to make you come, Omega. You're going to make such a mess of yourself. You'll feel this for a long time, you'll remember how good I fucked you and how nice it felt hanging of my cock. It'll be imprinted in your stomach, Omega, you'll feel me in your womb."

Bakugou came with a keen.

Midoriya continued on, hips never stuttering as Bakugou withered, pure filth spewing from his lips. Bakugou felt tears prick his vision. This had turned into him acting much like his Heat delirious self very quickly. His body went limp, Midoriya's hands keeping him up. The Alpha's hands suddenly let go, dropping Bakugou on to the mattress before he huddled his large frame over the Omega, hands resting on either side of Bakugou's head. Bakugou made a noise he’d never been aware he could do- something that in all honesty resembled a yowling sound as Midoriya seemed to have it out for Bakugou's prostate, hitting the bundle of nerves with each thrust. Bakugou’s breath hitched, his body spasming violently.

"Fuck!" He sobbed as his body twitched. The Alpha crooned, pleased at getting a second orgasm out of his Omega. "Too much." Bakugou whined. Midoriya moved, pulling out of Bakugou, and setting his sights on Todoroki who was only just pressing a fourth finger into himself. He dragged Todoroki forward, positioned him to lay next to Bakugou's sated form before pushing in and slowly picking up right where he left off.

"Zuku!" Todoroki wailed, arms and legs wrapping around Midoriya. "Zuku, please!"

"My Shouchan." Midoriya responded, face pressed into Todoroki neck. "My good Beta, taking such good care of me. Do you want me to come, Shouchan?" Todoroki nodded, his body tightening around Midoriya. "If you lose your voice do you think anyone will even think that it's because I fucked it out of you?" Todoroki whined, his eyes fluttering shut and back arching. Midoriya's hips stuttered before pressing flush against Todoroki's flesh as he came. His mouth opened wide, teeth sinking into Todoroki's neck with a growl.


While Bakugou had come to understand that he was fucking with celebrities, he hadn't thought much about what that would really mean for him. In the time since finding out who Midoriya and Todoroki were he had taken it upon himself to be smart and research (stalk) them. This had lead to him following a lot of fan accounts, famous people, and blogs he didn't even give a fuck about. Most of which were currently in a full on freak fest over him.


Alright guys, so here's all we know: the news first broke out when fans at the Tokyo show began sharing on social media messages and videos of the situation. Fans had first been in a buzz over Todoroki's smile, many claiming that he had been looking directly at someone in the crowd. Minutes later social media was a buzz with the hashtag WTFMidoriya and talk of how the actor (also Alpha mate of Todoroki) walked up to an unknown Omega that was at barricade and kissed them. He then lifted the Omega over the barricade and took them backstage. The only known thing about the omega is that they have ash blonde hair. What do you all make of this? Do you think the two events are connected? Should we be worried about what's to become of TodoMido?

(Video & photos included)

this is insane


What a slut

This can't be happening

that omega is a fucking bitch for trying to break up todomido

Our fave couple is becoming a triad


That's so embarrassing omg what if Todo SAW it

Midoriya should be ashamed

i think it was cute, Todo was definitely looking at that omega

I can't believe it

no! my todomido heart is breaking

Open relationship?

you never know what happens outside of social media

Maybe they're a groupie?????

i wonder how Todo feels, is he okay with this?

Ok I was @ the show, I was near the Omega and his friends. Never got a look at his face or anything though. Todo was literally right in front of him, stared directly @ him. His eyes got really wide & then he smiled at the omega. IDK how Mido knew but next thing I know he's right in front of us. He stared @ the omega, then he kissed him, & then he lifted him over the barricade. Seemed like they were familiar w/ each other. I've seen lots of people fumble w/ Mido since he's a literal giant but not this O, he was completely comfortable.

that’s an omega for you

Fuck was he glad his accounts were private.

Chapter Text

Bakugou was not panicking. He didn't sulk and he definitely didn't fucking panic. So what if thousands of people wondered who he was, fuck them. No one knew it was him specifically so he had nothing to worry about. Nothing except for the fact that his stupid ass Omega was upset that Midoriya didn't bite him once the night before (he had a very telling array of hickies though but he's also sure Todoroki contributed half of them). He was still in their way too large bed (were extra large king size beds a thing?) even as the clock read noon. He'd been demolished the night before and it was Sunday. He deserved to sleep in and wallow in "I Just Got Fucked Hard" day after bliss. Todoroki and Midoriya were unfortunately not as lucky.

Todoroki had rushed out that morning, the band had a slew of interviews to do before they'd have to go to their next stop on tour in Seoul. Midoriya was practically stuck on the phone, being berated by some man named Aizawa from what Bakugou could tell. Bakugou had stopped paying attention to the dumbass hashtags, much too tempted to tell all the fuckers who thought they had the right to talk shit exactly where to stick it. He may be a loose canon but he wasn't stupid.

"Sorry Kacchan." Midoriya murmured as he came back to bed, no longer on the phone. "It seems I made a bit of a mess, I was just so glad to see you."

"Take me to fucking lunch, I'm starving." Bakugou replied instead.

"You'll have to get out of bed first." Midoriya instructed with a small smile. Bakugou huffed, slowly rolling off the bed and to his feet. He stumbled a bit, slick running down his legs. "You're leaking, Kacchan." Bakugou's face flushed.

"It's yours and that Icy Hot bastard's fault!" He snapped. "Take responsibility."

"But you asked us to." Midoriya giggled, leaning down to scoop Bakugou up in his arms.

"I'm not a fucking baby!" Bakugou hissed as Midoriya carried him to the large bathroom. Why the fuck was there a sitting area in the bathroom? Bakugou was too broke to be in a place like this honestly. The Alpha sat him down before turning to the large shower with way too many fucking knobs. He was just as naked as Bakugou, who finally had the chance to really look at him. While he was tall and muscular it wasn't in a hulking kind of way. It was clear that Midoriya worked out, he was like Captain America (if The Captain was seven feet tall). Looking at him in that moment his face and body certainly did not match. There were scars all along Midoriya's arms and legs, a few covering his torso. "What's with the fucking scars?"

"Do they bother you?" Midoriya asked, turning to look at Bakugou.

"No, they're kind of hot." Bakugou muttered in answer. Midoriya smiled, freckled cheeks rounding with it.

"I had a growth spurt." Midoriya explained. He pulled Bakugou up for his seat and into the shower, shutting the door behind them quickly. Bakugou sighed as the warm water hit his body. "Can I?" Midoriya asked while holding up a bar of soap and a towel. Bakugou nodded, his Omega side preening at the attention as Midoriya washed him. The Alpha dropped down onto his knees to get Bakugou's legs, which wasn't a good idea because Bakugou's body seemed to expect something much different. The Omega shivered, silently embarrassed as his body started to produce slick forcing out more of the slick and come mixture out of his body.

"The fuck did you do to me!" Bakugou complained, his cock already half hard.

"Only what you asked me to." Midoriya replied, eyes dilating. He leaned forward, licking the head of Bakugou's cock. Bakugou hissed, his knees buckling for a moment. Midoriya licked again, tongue swirling around the slit. "You taste good everywhere, Kacchan."

"Shut up." Bakugou whined. "Suck."

"What's the magic word?"

"I'll kill you."

"That's three words, Kacchan."

"I swear to God Deku if you don't- hah!" Bakugou cut himself off with a gasp of surprise as his cock is suddenly engulfed in heat. "Fuck!" His hands grabbed hold of Midoriya's green curls, head falling back against the glass wall of the shower, and slick practically gushing from his hole. "Fuck, fuck, fu- oh!" His hips thrusted forward, pushing himself further into Midoriya's mouth. One of Midoriya's arms pressed against his waist, forcing him to be still. Bakugou whined and tugged on Midoriya's hair. "I- shit, fuck me! I'm fucking serious Deku, get your cock in me right the fuck now!"

"What's the magic word?" Midoriya asked after pulling off of Bakugou's cock, his lips dangerously close to the head.

"Die." Bakugou answered, eyelids dropping as he watched Midoriya wrap one large hand around his own cock.

"Don't be mean Kacchan." Midoriya pouted. "Don't you want me to fuck you? You have to ask nicely, it's important to have manners." Bakugou glared, refusing to speak. Midoriya's head tilted back, his mouth dropping open with the twist of his wrist. "Be a good Omega Kacchan, so that I can give you what you want...what we both need."

"Fuck, ok, please!" Bakugou whimpered, his eyes zeroed in on Midoriya's cock. "Alpha!" Midoriya stood, blocking the spray of water from Bakugou. He turned Bakugou causing goosebumps to raise as the Omega's front met cool glass. He pushed Bakugou's legs together, cock sliding into the tight space between the blonde's thighs. "You ass, I said fuck me!"

"I don't have a condom." Midoriya responded, kissing his neck in apology. "Sorry Kacchan."

"You fuck Icy Hot without a stupid condom." Bakugou grumbled.

"Shouchan's a Beta." Midoriya reminded.

Bakugou has never wanted to be a Beta so badly in his life.

They had to rewash but Bakugou was definitely not complaining, he didn't even know it was possible to come from someone fucking his thighs. They finished freshening up after the shower and Midoriya dug through several suitcases to find Bakugou something to wear. He ended up with a pair of Todoroki's pants and one of Midoriya's big ass shirts which looked like an oversized sweater on him.

"Are you fucking joking?" Bakugou questioned as he stared at the bag Midoriya put his stuff in. "That shit looks expensive as fuck."

"It's just a bag." Midoriya shrugged, chuckling at Bakugou's expression. "We better go, you did say you were hungry."

They made their way out of the hotel in a similar fashion to how they entered. The ride to wherever they were going (Midoriya fucking refused to tell him) was only twenty minutes and ended with them parked in an alleyway behind a strip of buildings. There was a Beta man waiting for them at one of the buildings’ back door. He was a taller than Bakugou (Bakugou was getting a little sick of it, did these two fuckers know any average sized people?) with white hair and brownish grey eyes. He had a fairly muscular build and wore a chef's hat and apron.

"Izuku, it's good to see you again!" He greeted as they approached.

"It's good to see you too." Midoriya replied warmly. "I hope business is doing good."

"Of course, ever since you two were spotted here we're always busy." The man laughed. "This must be Bakugou." Midoriya nodded, pulling Bakugou forward.

"Kacchan this is Natsuo, Shouchan's older brother." Midoriya introduced. "This is his restaurant. I hope you don't mind having seafood for lunch, his food is remarkable."

"I could eat anything right now." Bakugou responded, trying to ignore the fact that he was standing in front of Todoroki's fucking brother. "I really don't give a fuck what it is just feed me."

"I see why you like him." Natsuo snorted before leading them inside to sit. The restaurant, normally full and bustling, was quiet. Only the three of them inside. The front of the restaurant was closed off, drapes shut over the windows and door. "Word spreads fast, pretty soon there’ll be screaming fans and paparazzi out front."

"I hope that doesn't cause you trouble." Midoriya responded sincerely. Natsuo shook his head, smiling brightly.

"If anything it'll just give me even more business." He chuckled. "I'll grab you two something to drink, any preference Bakugou?"

"Uh, no. Whatever Shitty Deku gets is fine." Bakugou responded quickly, grabbing hold of a menu.

"Alright, I'll be back in a minute." Natsuo turned, making his way back towards the kitchen.

"Holy shit!" Bakugou exclaimed, eyeing the menu. "Deku, we can't fucking eat here."

"Why?" Midoriya asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"Do you see how much this shit is?" Bakugou replied, practically shoving his menu in Midoriya's face. "That's higher than my fucking grades."

"I'm sure that's an exaggeration, Kacchan." Midoriya laughed. "You're super smart. What university do you attend?"

"U.A." Bakugou answered, eyes glued back to the menu in disbelief.

"See, super smart." Midoriya praised. "You have to be to get in. Shouchan went there for his music degree."

"The hell did he get a degree for?" Bakugou questioned.

"To piss off his father." Midoriya snickered. "And because he really loves music." Natsuo came back then with their drinks.

"Okay, what can I get you guys?" He asked.

"I- um." Bakugou started, completely at a loss. "Shitty Deku, pick something good." Natsuo laughed at this but turned his attention to Midoriya, who raddled off several dishes. "You might as well order the whole fucking menu."

"He's not wrong about that." Natsuo agreed lightly. "You're always my hungriest guest, Izuku."

"What can I say? I'm a growing boy." Midoriya joked.

"If you grow any-fucking-more you won't fit anywhere." Bakugou muttered. "You already can't fit through the doorway, I've seen your head touch the ceiling- the fucking ceiling, Deku." The restaurant filled with the sound of booming laughter, Natsuo's body shaking with it.

"I like him." He managed through chortles. "He's funny, you both have my approval." Bakugou's cheeks flushed as Midoriya practically preened in response. "I'll go get that food, let me know if you need anything."

"What do you like to do, Kacchan?" Midoriya asked after a moment.

"Not fucking much." Bskugou responded. "Between school and work I don't really have much free time. I work out, if that fucking counts, and I like video games and comic books."

"Oh, where do you work?"

"At a crappy cafe, Fiber Hero."

"Oh! That’s one of Hakamata Tsunagu's businesses."

"That explains all the damn jean and denim references."

"He does love his jeans." Midoriya agreed. "We've met on a few occasions, he's very hardworking and passionate. What kind of video games do you like?"

"RPGs with explosions."

"You have a fascination with death."

"Nah, I'm just violent and I like blowing shit up." Bakugou corrected. "I get it from my hag of a mother."

"Do you and your mother not get along?"

"I fucking love that woman... she's still a old ass bitch though."

"And your father?"

"He's cool, mellows out my batshit crazy mom." Bakugou answered. "What is this, Twenty Questions?"

"I just want to get to know you." Midoriya stated simply. "You can ask me something if you'd like."

“Who the fuck is Aizawa?”

“My agent.” Midoriya answered. “He figured my manager wouldn’t chew me out, he’s a little more lenient with me than Aizawa is.”

“What are your parents like?”

“My mom’s real nice, she’s the best honestly. She’s always been super supportive of me. I’m a lot like her.”

“And your dad?”

“He took work abroad when I was a kid.” Midoriya answered. “Haven’t really heard or seen him since then. They’re still married, my parents, if that means anything.”

“Well fuck him then.” Bakugou muttered, upset on Midoriya’s behalf. Midoriya was literally everyone’s dream Alpha, how could his father not give a shit about him? “What do you do in your spare time?”

“I usually don’t have much. I get a lot of interviews around premiere time. Aizawa usually books a handful of commercials and guest star auditions. Then there’s award shows.” Midoriya began. “I guess I spend most of the time with Shouchan or our Pack when I can. Yagi makes sure I have a good bit off time to relax and visit my mom.”

“All right guys!” Natsuo cut in as he came around the corner, arms laden with dishes. “Eat up!”

Chapter Text

He didn’t get to see Todoroki before Midoriya dropped him off near his apartment but he did leave with both their phone numbers, a memory full of material to masturbate to, an array of hickies, and a limp. He counted that as a serious win.

"Oh they fucked you good." Kaminari giggled from where he and Sero were curled up on the couch.

"Fuck off." Bakugou hissed. "Where's the Red Bastard?"

"Tetsu's." Sero answered. "Extra practice but he should be here soon, we have dinner plans."

"Extra practice for fucking what?" Bakugou snorted. "Anymore practice and they'll have muscles hard as fucking rocks." Sero shrugged in response while Kaminari snickered. "The Pink Bitch?"

"Studying with Tooru in her room."

Bakugou made his way down the hall towards his room, stopping at the first door on the right. He pushed it open, not bothering to knock. It was concerning just how much pink was in Ashido's room. Ashido sat at her desk, face practically buried in her textbook while Hagakure was on the bed, laptop lying across her lap.

"Unless you're giving us cheat codes to ace our exam get the fuck out." Ashido stated, eyes never leaving her textbook.

"Well fuck you too, Bitch." Bakugou huffed in reply. "We're only two weeks in, how are you already that stressed?"

"I'm pretty sure I'm already failing." Ashido whined.

"How?" Bakugou laughed.

"My professor is literally The Devil." Ashido answered sadly.

"Oh, Baku! Did you have a good time?" Hagakure asked as looked up from her laptop. "Never mind!" She added after spying the large bruise on his neck and then another, and another, and another. "Hungry were they?"

"Oh ha, ha. You're fucking hilarious." Bakugou responded dryly.

"Please tell me you at least got their phone numbers this time." Ashido begged.

"Yes Pinky, I fucking did." Bakugou responded. "Even got a fancy ass lunch, you wouldn't believe how fucking much the food was."

"You're fucking two guys who are worth millions, I'd believe it." Ashido responded. "Your ugly ass profile is all over my timeline."

"First of all, I'm hot as fuck." Bakugou argued. "Second, it's not my fault. Blame Shitty Ass Deku."

"That doesn't bother you though?" Hagakure asked. "Some of those people are being super shitty."

"It's not like they know who the fuck I am." Bakugou responded with a shrug. "We'll just keep it like that."

"For how long Baku?" Ashido questioned in curiosity.

"I don't fucking know, until we get tired of each other I guess."

"Baku, I don't think-."

"It's fine, I got it." Bakugou interrupted, already moving to head back to the living room. "I know what I'm doing."

He flopped down on the couch opposite of Sero and Kaminari upon entering the living room. They were watching some movie that Bakugou was sure he'd seen before. He dug his phone out of his pocket as it chimed with the notification of a text message.

Half n Half
I hope you enjoyed lunch

Yeah, your brother makes good ass food

Even though it cost more than my paycheck

Half n Half
I'm glad you think so.

Sucks for you that you couldn't go.

Half n Half
Miss me Kitten?

You fucking wish.

Half n Half
Of course. Izuku's getting all the fun.

And how long before you get to indulge?

Half n Half
Sadly a few months. Won't be back in Tokyo until the end of tour


Half n Half
I knew you missed me, it hasn't even been a day yet

Ha, your cock maybe. I could do w/o your snark.

Half n Half
You like my snark and my cock equally

Fuck you

Half n Half
When I get back maybe

You suck

Half n Half
Again, maybe when I get back

Half n Half
Gtg catch our flight, see you in a few months Kitten

Whatever Halfie, don't do anything stupid.

"Bakubro!" Kirishima called as he entered the apartment, a large bouquet of flowers in his hand. "Delivery dude said these were for you."

"Aww... Eiji I want flowers too!" Kaminari said as he eyed the bouquet.

"Okay." Kirishima agreed easily, leaning down to kiss Kaminari. "You want flowers too Hanta?"

"I mean I guess." Sero muttered, his cheeks reddening. Bakugou took the flowers, a card nestled in them that simply said "See you in a few months Kitten.", and scurried back to his room before his friends could notice the stupid way his face started heating up.

Todoroki Shouto Seen at Airport with Midoriya Izuku

Despite the controversial issue of Midoriya kissing an unidentified Omega at Ultraviolet Theory's concert last night and taking said Omega backstage, he was still seen just an hour ago seeing Todoroki off at the airport. The couple arrived in the same car and took a moment to say their goodbyes, even sharing a kiss, before Todoroki was ushered off by security and staff. Is all well in paradise or are these two just putting up a front? Let us know what you think in the comments!

(Video & photos included)

Bakugou couldn't stop staring at the flowers sitting innocuously on his dresser. This proved to be a problem since looking at them didn't fail to make his cheeks flush and his stomach flip pleasantly. No one had ever given him flowers before. He huffed, dragging his covers over his head. He had an early class tomorrow and all he could do was stare at the stupid fucking flowers.

He was late to class and he blamed Todoroki Shouto completely. The Beta was obviously trying to distract Bakugou and the rest his one and a half million followers with photos of him, and the rest of the band but Bakugou honestly didn't give a fuck about them in that moment, in Seoul. There was no reason he should look so good, especially not when Bakugou knows exactly what his cock taste like. That train of thought lead to a shower and a change of clothes which just made him even later. He wasn't too worried though, he was the smartest kid in class and he was pretty sure that despite his Omega designation his professor was scared shitless of him.

By that afternoon he was at Fiber Hero, just a few blocks from both U.A. and his apartment. He usually manned the drinks (no one trusted him to work the front counter) and he was pretty damn good at it even if the drink names were ridiculous and lame. Even though he hated his coworkers’ chipper attitudes and customers sometimes made him want to crawl across the counter and throttle them, the hours worked for him and the pay was decent enough. The end of his shift was nearing and he was cleaning the lobby when the chime of the door sounded.

"Welcome to Fiber Hero." He greeted reluctantly, not looking up from the table he was wiping down.

"Hi Kacchan!" Bakugou's mouth dropped open, his head snapping up to look at Midoriya. The Alpha smiled and waved.

"What the fuck?" Bakugou hissed, looking around quickly. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"I wanted to see you. Did you like Shouchan's flowers?" Midoriya answered, still smiling. Bakugou rushed forward, grabbing hold of his hand, and lugged the taller man back behind the front counter and to the back of the store.

"Are you crazy?!" Bakugou hissed, shoving Midoriya into the office and shutting the door behind them hastily. "What if someone saw you? I don't want a shit ton of fangirls in here right before my shift ends!"

"I just wanted to see you. Do you want to have dinner at my place? My Pack will be there."

"What were you in a hotel for then?"

"We just bought the place, that's why the Pack’s coming."

"Why the fuck did you buy a place?"

"Because you’re here." Bakugou sputtered, his cheeks flushing and he shoved Midoriya.

"Don't say stupid shit like that, you nerd!" He muttered. Midoriya chuckled, his nostrils flaring to scent the air.

"Kacchan, you're wet." He stated, noting the telltale scent of Bakugou's arousal.

"Shut up!" Bakugou growled in embarrassment, feeling slick start to roll down his leg. "It's your fault, coming unannounced and spewing out stupid shit like you're from some romance novel. It's not my fault my Omega's a hoe." Midoriya reached out, pulling Bakugou close as he sat down in the officer chair. He pressed his face into Bakugou's neck, nosing at his scent glands.

"You're not a hoe, Kacchan." He laughed. "You just missed me. I missed you too." His mouth opened to suck at the skin above Bakugou's glands.

"Fuck, Deku." Bakugou huffed, his hand tangling in Midoriya's curls. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Kacchan said I should take responsibility." Midoriya muttered, licking just under Bakugou's ear before taking the lobe in his mouth. His hands rounded Bakugou's hips, one dipping down the back of his pants to rub at his leaking hole. Bakugou made a low sound, his lips seeking out Midoriya's. "I missed you so much already Kacchan. I made Shouchan come, when I told him about what we did in the shower. He had your name on his tongue too." Bakugou whimpered against Midoriya's lips, hips moving to push down on the finger inside him.

"Deku, fuck...please tell me you have a condom somewhere." Bakugou muttered, his hands reaching for Midoriya's joggers. The Alpha hummed, reaching into his back pocket while lifting up his hips. He let Bakugou grab hold of his joggers and underwear, the Omega pulling them down to rest on Midoriya's large thighs. Bakugou could practically weep at the sight of Midoriya's cock, hard and leaking. He moved, making room so Midoriya could put on the condom. He made quick work off his own pants and boxers, left them tangled precariously around his shoes in favor of shoving two of his own fingers in himself.

"Fuck!" Midoriya moaned, watching him. One large hand squeezing the base of his cock. "You're killing me, Kacchan."

"Best way to die." Bakugou joked through panting breaths. A third finger joined the first two, his mouth dropping open as he stared at Midoriya.

"Of course." Midoriya agreed. "Anything involving you is the best." Bakugou moaned at that. How did Midoriya always know how to gas him up?

"Now." Bakugou ordered, shuffling around so his back was to Midoriya. "Get in me, Deku." One of Midoriya's hands grabbed him, engulfing his hip, and led him back to ease on to the Alpha's cock. Bakugou hissed, his legs straining as he pushed them as wide as he could.

"Don't hurt yourself, Kacchan." Midoriya breathed into his ear.

"I'm not fucking weak." Bakugou retorted, head falling back against Midoriya's chest.

"Kacchan is super strong." Midoriya agreed. His hands tightened on Bakugou's hips, dragging the Omega up before pushing him back down on his cock. "You're so tight, Kacchan. I can't wait to get you home. You'll meet my friends and have a nice dinner and then I'm going to fuck you on top of everything."

"Deku!" Bakugou gasped, nails digging into the arms of the chair.

"In the kitchen, on the dining table, in the living room, out on the balcony, in the bathroom, the bedroom, I'll even fuck you against the washer and dryer." Midoriya muttered. "And then when Shouchan comes home, we'll do it all again. Would you like that Kacchan?"

"Yes." Bakugou whined, mouth dropping open. Midoriya didn't give him much of an option besides sitting there and taking it like a fucking doll. Shit, Bakugou was going to have to find a new job. There was no way he could continue working there without popping a boner and getting slick. It was impossible. Midoriya moved him, forced him to stand on shaking legs and a hand on the back of his neck urging him to bend over. Bakugou had half a mind to brace himself against the wall before Midoriya was suddenly behind him, cock finding its way back home inside him.

Bakugou’s mouth dropped open, the beginning of a keen leaving his throat.

One of Midoriya’s hands wrapped over his mouth, cutting off the sound, while the other remained on the back of his neck.

“Kacchan has to be quieter.” Midoriya panted, hips meeting the flesh of Bakugou’s ass repeatedly. Bakugou moaned, the sound muffled by Midoriya’s big hand. The hand at his neck traveled down to the small of his back, fingers pressing in gently. “Shouchan’s going to be so jealous but it’s okay we’ll make it up to him. Maybe we’ll call him tonight, would you like that? To get fucked for Shouchan to hear? I’m sure he’d like that.”

Bakugou’s head nodded frantically, his hips pushing back to meet Midoriya’s. His eyes scrunched shut, one hand reaching back to claw at Midoriya’s hip. Midoriya’s hips tilted slightly, the head of his cock brushing Bakugou’s prostate. The Omega let out a muffled moan, drool covering Midoriya’s hand. Midoriya’s hand left his back and reached under the side of his apron to wrap around his cock. He gave one final thrust, his hand stroking Bakugou’s cock as he hit the Omega’s prostate.

Bakugou felt his eyes roll back as he came with a drawn out moan against Midoriya’s hands.

Chapter Text

"Um, Bakugou?" A voice called through the office door just as the two occupants were righting their clothes.

"What?" Bakugou snapped in answer.

"Your shift's over." The voice responded. It sounded like Koda, one of Bakugou's Beta coworkers.

"Yeah, I know." Bakugou replied. "I'm fucking leaving."

"You might wanna go out the back, Mineta's working this shift too." Koda offered.

"Yeah, okay. Thanks." Bakugou huffed, grabbing his stuff and turning on the fan that sat on the top shelf. "I'm so getting fucking fired." He grumbled to himself.

"Who's Mineta?" Midoriya asked.

"A pervy ass grape juice midget." Bakugou answered. "If he sees us he'll run off and tell every-fucking-body."

"Grape juice midget?" Midoriya repeated in confusion.

"Don't worry about it. Just get your skyscraper ass out the back door. How did you even get here?" Bakugou replied, peaking out to see if anyone was around.

"I took the car, they should already be out back." Midoriya answered. "I hadn't expected to stay in Tokyo so I guess I'll have to buy another for myself."

"They make shit big enough for you to drive?" Bakugou asked, eyebrows raised. Midoriya nodded. Well, you learn something new. "Let's go." Bakugou ushered him out the office and towards the back door, his eyes on the front of the store until they were safely outside.


Midoriya had not been lying, the crazy ass nerd (and the half 'n half bastard) had actually bought a luxury condo in Tokyo...just to be near Bakugou. Bakugou was resolutely ignoring that last fact and the way it made his stomach do somersaults. He was also sure his apartment could fit at least twice in the condo.

"What's the point in stocking up the fucking kitchen if you're not gonna cook?" Bakugou questioned.

"Shouchan and I cook." Midoriya argued feebly. "We just can't do much." Bakugou rolled his eyes, not really surprised. From what he knew Midoriya's mother babied him and Todoroki grew up rich, they probably couldn't do more than boil water. Hell the only reason why Natsuo knew how to cook was probably because he loved cooking.

"I'll cook then." He stated. "There's no reason to waste all this good ass food." He was resolutely ignoring how his Omega took this as the chance to impress not only Midoriya but his Pack too.

"I'd love to try Kacchan's cooking!" Midoriya responded excitedly, moving to sit at the island so that he could watch Bakugou.

Bakugou didn't pay him much mind, even when he heard Todoroki's voice from one of the interviews Ultraviolet Theory did filter through the open space. Even after he was quite sure Midoriya was recording him, he didn't kick up a fuss. This was going to be the best food Midoriya had, even Natsuo would weep at the tastes, or so help him he would be pissed off for the rest of his life.

He's cooking. He's in our

He is! Kacchan is amazing. He's got his determined face on.

This is unfair, I want Katsuki's cooking too

You can have it when you come home. Maybe he'll make you a welcome home dinner

I'd like that.

I'm sure you would, glutton

Oh you're one to talk.

I have to hit the stage soon, I'll talk to you tonight

Have a great show, I love you!

I love you too

"Oi, Shitty Nerd!" Bakugou called from the stove. "The doorbell's ringing." Midoriya blinked before scrambling up. He moved to Bakugou first, grabbing hold of the younger man's face and leaning down to kiss him soundly. Bakugou blinked as Midoriya pulled away after a moment. "What's that for?"

"You're hot." Midoriya replied simply.

"Damn right I am." Bakugou agreed with a smirk. "Now go get the door before I blast the doorbell and your friends."

The person in front of his door, and ringing his doorbell every five seconds, was Iida. Uraraka and Asui both had hold of Iida's arm, trying to stop him from ringing the doorbell again.

"Izuku!" Ojiro greeted upon seeing Midoriya at the door. "We were beginning to think we had the wrong door."

"Sorry, I got a little distracted." Midoriya apologized, moving to let them inside.

"It smells good." Asui stated. "Where'd you order from?"

"Oh, Kacchan's cooking." Midoriya answered. Bakugou came around the corner then, meeting them. "Pack, Kacchan. Kacchan, Pack- or what's left with the others on tour. This is Iida Tenya- Momo's Mate, Uraraka Ochako and her Mate Asui Tsuyu, and Ojiro Mashirao."

"It's nice to meet you, Bakugou." Uraraka greeted. "It smells delicious in here!"

"It's nice to meet you too." Bakugou replied, his Omega preening at the praise one of Midoriya's Omega Pack Mates. "It should be ready soon, just give me a few more minutes." Bakugou turned, heading back into the kitchen while the others moved to sit in the living room and Midoriya retook his seat at the island.

They talked lightly, everyone making an effort to include Bakugou when they could. Bakugou learned that Iida and Yaoyorozu were an Alpha pair while Uraraka and Asui were an Omega pair. He also learned that Iida's older brother Tensei was mated to Todoroki's older sister Fuyumi (which also explained why Midoriya called Iida "otouto" sometimes), they were both Alphas as well. Same designation pairings weren't common unless they were Betas so it was cool to know not one but three pairs, even if Bakugou didn't say as much to their face.

Things moved to the dinner table once the food was ready, everyone lamenting over how good the food smelled, looked, and tasted. Bakugou's Omega was practically skipping in his head. He tried not to let the praise go to his head- after all he’d known from the start that he was an amazing cook.

Bakugou found that Midoriya's Pack was nice and welcoming. Iida was a bit uptight, Uraraka overly nice, Asui seemed to take everything literally, and Ojiro was always very mellowed out but they were good and they made Midoriya happy. They didn't mind that Bakugou was a bit harsh and violent, no one complained about his slightly insulting nicknames, and no one poised any Omega stereotypes on him. He liked them (but it'd be a cold day in Hell when he admitted such a thing to their faces).

Just two hours later and it was Bakugou and Midoriya all alone again. The Pack had left, the table cleared, the dishes washed, and the kitchen cleaned.

"So?" Midoriya asked expectantly, his eyes twinkling.

"So what?" Bakugou retorted. Midoriya rolled his eyes with a fond smile.

"What did you think of them?"

"They were better than I expected your extras to be." Bakugou replied teasingly. "What do you think they think of me?"

"That's a bit of a mouthful." Midoriya laughed. "I think they liked you, especially your cooking."

"As they should." Bakugou replied before turning to face Midoriya completely. "I believe you made a promise to me."

"Did I?" Midoriya questioned, feigning confusion.

"You better be a man of your word." Bakugou growled, dragging Midoriya forward by the collar of his shirt. "I won't entertain an Alpha who can't even keep the promises he makes to his Omega."

"I keep my promises." Midoriya responded, nodding his head for emphasis. He hoisted Bakugou up on top of the counter, leaning forward to slot their mouths together. His hands tangled in Bakugou’s ash blonde hair while Bakugou’s arms and legs wrapped around him.

"I want you to fuck me against this counter." Bakugou told him heatedly after they pulled apart. "Then on the island and possibly against the fridge."

"Condoms." Midoriya muttered. "I need condoms, lots and lots of condoms." He turned, practically crossing the hallway in one step to get to the bedroom and find one of the boxes of condoms that was stashed. Honestly between the three of them they might as well keep condoms in every single space.

Their marathon of sex got them through most of the condo. When they got to the bathroom, arguably one of the best after the bedroom and balcony (Bakugou thinks Midoriya might be an exhibitionist), a video gets sent to Todoroki. It was only two and a half minutes long but it was long enough for anyone with eyes or ears to understand exactly what was going on. Their reflection in the mirror. Bakugou bent over the sink. His eyes tear filled, cheeks ruddy, and voice starting to go hoarse. Midoriya may have the face and overall personality of an angel, or at least a cute little animal, but he was depraved.

It was nearly three in the morning when they get to the bed, when Todoroki called. He and Midoriya seemed to have already worked out some sort of plan because Midoriya was moving towards the computer the instant his call came.

“Talk to Shouchan while I do this, Baby.” He ordered Bakugou, the endearment making Bakugou’s insides hot. Bakugou grabbed hold of the phone, pretty sure he was already too fucked out to speak even as he pressed the device to his ear.

“Hi Kitten.” Todoroki greeted, his voice strained and breathing harsh.

“Shouto!” Bakugou whined, his body arching at the sound of the Beta’s deep voice. “Miss you.”

“Do you now?” Todoroki moaned. “I missed you too, Kitten.” Bakugou fumbled with the phone a bit before he settled, hand wrapped around his hardening cock. “Zuku’s been filling you up all day, huh Baby?” There was that endearment again, making Bakugou feel like he had molten lava running through him.

“Yeah.” He answered, voice hitching as he played with the head of his cock.

“That’s good, we should keep our Omega as full as he wants all the time.” Todoroki replied. “Has my pretty little kitten been thinking about me? I know Zuku has.”

“Yes.” Bakugou answered. “Been- want you to play with me.”

“Yeah? I wanna play too.” Todoroki agreed. “I wanna play with your nipples again, rub them between my fingers until they’re hard and then roll my tongue around them. Would you like that?”

“Uh-huh.” Bakugou muttered into the receiver, the hand not on his dick going up to his chest. “Love it when you play with my chest.”

“Oh you do?” Todoroki replied, his breathing crackling through the receiver. “You have such pretty nipples and they’re always sensitive.” Bakugou’s hand moved to the other nipple, a gasp leaving his mouth. “That’s it Kitten, am I making you feel good?”

“Yes!” Bakugou answered, nodding his head even though Todoroki couldn’t see him.

“What should I do after getting your nipples all nice and hard? Should I play with your cock?”

“Please.” Bakugou mewled, twisting his wrist.

“Do you like my hands on your cock, Kitten? You want me to stroke you, play with that slit at the head of your dick?”

“Love your hands.” Bakugou answered. “They’re so big, you and Izuku’s hands are so fucking big. You’ll kiss me won’t you? I want you to kiss me.”

“Yes Kitten, I’ll kiss you. Shove my tongue in your mouth and see if I can taste Zuku there.” Todoroki answered. “I’ll get you nice and wet, until you’re practically dripping with precum and then I’ll suck you down.” Bakugou’s practically shoved his hand in his mouth before wrapping it around his cock again.

“Hah!” He moaned, his eyes screwed shut. “Your mouth- Shouto, it’s so warm ‘n wet.”

“Mm, I’ll play with the head with my tongue. Worry that vein on the underside until you’re squirming. You’ll probably feel the back of my throat. You wanna fuck my mouth, don’t you Kitten?” Bakugou let out a keening whine, hips raising from the bed to fuck his fist.

“Please Shouto, please can I? Please let me fuck your throat, I’ll give it to you so good I swear.” He begged, back arching.

“I know you will.” Todoroki responded. “And I’ll get you stretched while you do. Let you fuck my mouth and my fingers at the same time, you’d like that wouldn’t you Kitten? To have your dick wet and your hole stuffed.” Bakugou nodded, even though Todoroki couldn’t see him, his other hand moving from his chest to press three fingers in his whole. There was an obscene squelching sound, a rush of slick leaking out. “How many fingers, Kitten?”

“Three.” Bakugou answered, his voice tapering off into a small growl.

“You must be gaping. Zuku’s taking good care of you, isn’t he?” Todoroki’s voice was starting to deepen and slur.

“Yes, good.” Bakugou moaned, toes curling.

“I’d eat you out, make sure none of that slick goes to waste. We don’t want to be wasteful. Maybe I’ll fuck you, if you haven’t come by then. It won’t be long, I’d be too close and too impatient.” Midoriya was pulling him up and he growled in frustration.

“Look.” Midoriya said, grabbing hold of the phone to end the call. Bakugou’s eyes blinked open, meeting mismatched ones across the room. Midoriya and Todoroki had started a Skype call on their computers, Todoroki and the background of his hotel room filling the monitor screen. The Beta was naked, his skin flushed beautifully with a hand working furiously at his cock.

“Hi Kitten.” He panted, his head tilting forward a bit. “Hi Zuku.”

“Hi Shouchan.” Midoriya groaned, moving Bakugou’s body so that Todoroki would have the best view. “Have you been good?”

“Yes.” Todoroki whined, his eyes dazed. “I saw the video after- after the show. I got so hard Zuku, I wanted you both so badly.” Midoriya made a sound of sympathy, his cock pushing into Bakugou for Todoroki to watch. “I’m so close, Zuku please!”

“I think for our reunion I’m going to fuck you, Shouchan.” Midoriya began, hips moving languidly. “While you fuck Kacchan.” Twin moans from opposite sides of the room answered him. “What do you want Shouchan, what has my good Beta been dying to have?”

“I want-.” Todoroki started, licking his lips. “I want Kitten to fuck me.” A keen ripped its way through Bakugou’s chest at the thought of fucking Todoroki.

“I think Kacchan likes that idea.” Midoriya chuckled, hands bruising Bakugou’s hips. “What does Kacchan want?”

“I want you to fuck me.” Bakugou admitted. “Both of you, together at the- at the same time.” Midoriya’s hips stuttered, a groan coming from deep within his chest as he came undone.

“Fuck!” Todoroki hissed, his body spasming with his orgasm. Bakugou’s body went taut, tipping over the edge with both their names on his lips.

Chapter Text

Midoriya was busy for the next few days. The three of them talked regularly on the phone especially through text messages. Bakugou made crude jokes, Midoriya whined about how harshly Aizawa was being on him, Todoroki shared stories about tour. Bakugou enjoyed it (not as much as physically seeing them but still). Midoriya always complimented him and Todoroki matched his sarcasm easily. Bakugou had only known them for a little over a month but they had stuck around much longer than any of his previous partners. By now most people usually would have realized completely that he was too tall, too muscular, too harsh, too violent. He'd yet to meet anyone that didn't want some traditional look or personality traits of an Omega. It was their loss though, he was fucking amazing.

His birthday fell on a Saturday which meant he didn't have to wake up at ass o'clock for classes and scurry off to Fiber Hero afterwards. Which meant sleeping in, which was always a plus in Bakugou's opinion. He didn't wake until noon and even then he stayed in bed scrolling idly through his phone. He received some birthday wishes, mainly from his coworkers and people who followed him on social media but there were three people who texted him. The first was from Todoroki and the other two were his parents.

Happy birthday, Katsuki

The Hag
Yeah, happy birthday brat


When do we get to meet that Alpha & Beta of yours

How tf do you know about them?

You're my son

The Hag
I carried you in my womb, birthed you, and raised you for 18 years. It could've been just your pinky in that photo and I would still know it's you.


Your mother found an article online about some Alpha and Beta pair, they speculated that the Alpha had a side Omega. There was a photo. He's very big, that Alpha of yours

You don't think I'm a side Omega?

The Hag
You may be a brat but you're not a home wrecker.

We've only known each other a few weeks. Maybe in a few months, if it lasts

The Hag
Don't be a fucking pessimist

Life is what you make it Katsuki

Yeah okay, whatever, you weirdos

"BAKUBRO!" Kirishima shouted as he slammed Bakugou’s door open.

"Fuck, are you trying to kill me?!" Bakugou screamed as he nearly fell out of bed, his heart in his ears. Kirishima stood in his doorway with the rest of their friends behind him.

"Happy birthday to you!" They responded loudly, practically piling on top of him.

"You fuckers!" Bakugou growled, trying to squirm away from them. "I'm going to kill you all."

"We love you too." Ashido cooed, pressing a slobbery wet kiss to his cheek. Bakugou made a sound of disgust and shoved her face away.

"Get dressed, we're taking you to lunch!" Kaminari ordered once the pile had calmed down. "And don't take twenty years."

"Fuck you." Bakugou retorted, rolling out of bed.

"I'd rather you didn't." Sero piped up. Bakugou stuck his tongue out at him childishly.

They had lunch at one of their favorite places, it was nothing compared to Natsuo's restaurant but the food was good and not priced higher than his grades (and naturally his grades were pretty high). They were arguably the rowdiest bunch, Kirishima being a loud guy and Bakugou being a loud and vulgar guy. They talked, ate, bickered, and laughed. Bakugou still wouldn't be able to tell you how or exactly when he became friends with the five of them. They were persistent as fuck, almost as stubborn as he was. Even as he hurled insults and was pretty much a bully growing up, both before and after presentation, they kept bothering him.

Now three of them were living together.

Bakugou must be out of his fucking mind.

Hours later, Bakugou found himself guiding five star struck college students up to Midoriya and Todoroki's condo.

"I know I said they were worth millions." Ashido started as she looked around in awe. "But holy shit." Hagakure nearly had a heart attack when Bakugou flopped down on the expensive looking couch, a high pitched squeaking sound leaving her throat.

"Baku, you're a kept boy." Sero marveled, sitting on the opposite end of the couch.

"Just to let you know, Soy Sauce Face, he fucked me right there." Bakugou replied with a frown. He was not a kept boy. Sero made an affronted sound and slid down the couch, staring at the previous spot as if it had personally offended him.

"Why are there condoms in the kitchen?" Kaminari asked from where he was acquainting himself with the kitchen's layout.

"He fucked me in there too." Bakugou responded with a smirk, looking as evil as they all knew he could be. Kaminari screeched as he slammed the drawer shut and scurried out of the kitchen. He climbed into Kirishima's lap, stuffing his face in his Alpha's neck.

"Oh the horror." He moaned loudly.

"Is there anywhere you haven't fucked?" Kirishima asked with a laugh.

"Nope." Bakugou answered, popping the "p".

"You're a kept boy and a nympho." Sero muttered as he saddled up next to his boyfriends. "And we're all scarred with the mental images."

"Any mental images of me are an automatic blessing, you should be thanking me." Bakugou argued.

"You're full of shit." Ashido cackled.

When Midoriya came home his arms were covered in the straps of the bags he was carrying. They ranged in color and size, several embroidered with the names of luxury brands. The rest of his Pack came in after him, an array of food in their hands.

"Kacchan!" Midoriya shouted upon crossing the threshold. He proceeded to try to shake the million bags he was carrying off his arms quickly.

"I told you to let us carry some." Iida huffed as he and the others placed the food on the island. Midoriya shushed him loudly before making a triumphant sound once his arms were free. He crossed the room and scooped Bakugou up, nose pressing in to the space on his neck where his scent glands were. Bakugou bit his lip, holding back the purr his Omega wanted to let out. It had only been five days since he'd seen Midoriya, what would it be like when he finally saw Todoroki again?

"Happy birthday Kacchan." Midoriya congratulated him, rubbing their cheeks together.

"Thanks, Shitty Deku." Bakugou responded. "What's with all the bags?"

"Presents, for you." Midoriya answered.

"What?!" Bakugou exclaimed, staring at the bags piled up on the floor. "Deku there's gotta be like twenty different bags, are you crazy?"

"Thirty-five." Midoriya corrected. "I wanted to get you something but I couldn't decide what. I knew Kacchan had to have the best so I bought everything. Shouchan sent something too."

"Where is it? What is it?" Bakugou asked, perking up at the mention of something from Todoroki. Midoriya let go of him, albeit a bit reluctantly, and moved to the pile of bags. He dug into a red bag and pulled out an equally red, rectangular box to give to Bakugou. Bakugou opened the box to find a red orchid pendent on a gold chain.

"It's from Singapore." Midoriya explained. "You can pick a flower and have it dipped in resin or plated in gold or rhodium. Shouchan picked this one for you. It matches your eyes.”

"It's pretty." Bakugou commented softly, his Omega practically bursting with happiness. No Alpha or Beta had ever given him something so beautiful or expensive. Todoroki picked it, Todoroki picked it just for him. "How'd he get it here so quickly? They just got to Singapore today.”

"Express." Midoriya answered.

“More like super express.” Bakugou retorted.

“You two better get over here before Kiri eats all the fucking food.” Ashido called from where everyone was huddled around the island.

“It’s so good!” Kirishima whined around a mouth full of food.


After eating, they turned off the lights, the room dark except for the light from the candles on Bakugou’s birthday cake and the way they dance across the pendants around his neck. They ate the cake a lot more leisurely and then afterwards the two Packs said their goodbyes, leaving to go to their own homes (Hagakure tagging along with Ojiro in a manner that made Bakugou feel it necessary to give the Beta the third degree).

“Did you have fun?” Midoriya asked as they curled up on the couch, presents finally sorted through and put away. Bakugou hummed in answer. “I’m glad our Packs get along.” Bakugou moved, crawling over Midoriya’s legs to sit in the Alpha’s lap. He leaned up, mouth slotting over Midoriya’s and tongue shoving its way down the older man’s throat. His arms wrapped around Midoriya’s neck, fingers curling in green curls. Midoriya’s big hands grabbed hold of his hips, squeezing as he groaned in to Bakugou’s mouth.

They spend a few minutes just kissing, the room growing heated with the scent of their growing arousal. Midoriya’s hands traveled up, under Bakugou’s shirt to wrap around his chest, his thumbs rolling over Bakugou’s nipples. Bakugou whined, pressing his cloth covered cock against Midoriya’s body. He can feel Midoriya underneath him, hard and straining against the confines of his joggers.

“Izuku, pull my hair again.” He ordered between kisses. One of Midoriya’s hands go from Bakugou’s chest to his hair, pulling and causing him to elongate his neck. A rumble of approval made its way from the Alpha’s chest at the sight. Bakugou worked his hips forward, pressing his cock against Midoriya’s stomach and rubbing against the Alpha’s. He let out a broken moan as Midoriya followed his lead, chasing after the Omega’s body. The Alpha’s other hand went to Bakugou’s leg, fingers digging into denim.

“Kacchan!” Midoriya growled, hands urging the ash blonde to quicken his pace. Bakugou’s face had started to flush, slick forming a large mess in the seat of his pants. His boxers were absolutely ruined. “You’re so good, so amazing Kacchan.” Bakugou’s fingers dug into Midoriya’s hair and he stuffed his face in Midoriya’s neck as he practically fucked him through their clothes. He wanted to come, he wanted to come so badly.

A noise broke them out of the moment.

Bakugou’s phone was ringing.

Bakugou whined in frustration, reaching over to grab the stupid device. He wanted to break it in half until he saw who was requesting a FaceTime.

Half n Half.

Bakugou whined again but for a completely different reason. Midoriya grabbed hold of the phone (since Bakugou seemed content to just stare at it and whine) and answered.

“Hi Shouchan.” He groaned, Todoroki’s face filling the screen. Bakugou’s whine grew in volume.

“Holy shit!” Todoroki hissed suddenly scrambling for something while getting up from wherever he was sitting. When he settled down again he was in a different room with his headphones tucked into his ears, staring at them. “You- fuck.”

“Where are you?” Midoriya asked through harsh breaths. He had let go of Bakugou’s hair in favor of holding the phone.

“I’m, fuck, well I was finishing up dinner.” Todoroki responded, his mouth dropping open. “I just wanted to- to ask Katsuki if he liked his gift.”

“Love it Shouto.” Bakugou answered, a little dazed from just how turned on he was. Todoroki moaned in response, his head falling back against the wall behind him.

“Where are you now?” Midoriya asked, meeting Bakugou’s stuttering hips.

“In a bathroom stall.” Todoroki growled. “You two are going to be the death of me, I’m never going on tour again.”

“That wouldn’t be very fair to your fans.” Midoriya laughed breathlessly.

“Then you’ll just have to tag along.” Todoroki huffed. “Because my hand is going to get carpal tunnel at this rate.”

“How often are you jacking it?” Bakugou managed to ask, eyes fluttering closed.

“Any fucking chance I can.” Todoroki responded, his voice hitching. “Feels like I’m constantly hard ‘cause I’m always thinking about the two of you, what I want to tdo to you, what I want you to do to me. I miss you so much. I miss your scents and your mouths and your hands- oh!”

“We all know you miss our cocks and asses the most.” Midoriya replied, flush going all the way down his neck.

“Yes!” Todoroki whimpered. “God when I get home your cock is going to be a permanent fixture in my mouth, Zuku.”

“You’re going to fuck me.” Bakugou added, his hips stuttering. “You’re not leaving the bed until I can’t walk straight for a week, do you understand Todoroki Shouto?”

“Yes, Sir.” Todoroki keened, his body arching. A loud moan the telltale sign of his orgasm.

Yes, Sir.

Bakugou liked that. He liked that a lot.

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Before they knew it, the end of April was approaching. Bakugou spent Golden Week mostly with his friends. They went to Pride at Yoyogi Park, get stuffed full off of festival food, and Bakugou dragged them to as many flower festivals as possible. He still missed Todoroki and Midoriya in all this but he still wasn't sure he could handle the people it would garner. Instead of being by his lonesome Midoriya flew to Hungary to spend time with Todoroki. Bakugou may just be a little peeved that he couldn't join them. Maybe it was a good thing though. They'd only been messing around for a little over a month and he was already so attached. Too attached. They needed space, independence.

With his weekend now annoyingly free Bakugou decided to visit his parents. He'd never admit to it but sometimes he really missed them.

"Katsuki!" Masaru greeted his son after opening the door. The older Omega pulled Bakugou forward into a hug, their cheeks rubbing together. Bakugou let himself slip for a moment, purring alongside his father as they scented each other. "Are you hungry? Are you tired?"

"No." Bakugou huffed, rolling his eyes. His father had always been such a mother hen. "Not yet anyways, I should be fine until dinner." Bakugou let his father fret over him, calm in a way he wasn't with anybody else. He wasn't sure if it was his father's cool personality or the fact that he was Omega as well but things had always been different with him, both for Bakugou and for his mother.

"Brat." Mitsuki greeted as she turned the corner, hand reaching up to ruffle his hair.

"Old Hag." Bakugou snipped back, head pushing lightly in to her hand as he purred. She smirked, a croon leaving her mouth as she pulled him closer to scent him. Masaru joined their impromptu pile, ignoring their bickering with practiced ease.

They made a nest in the living room...well Masaru made a nest and coaxed Bakugou into helping while Mitsuki offered fabrics here and there.

That was another thing that Bakugou started to notice. Before Midoriya and Todoroki, Bakugou had never wanted to give in to his Omega nature so much. His parents and friends always had to coax it out of him or bombard him with it. The only time he rarely put up a fight with his designation was during his Heats (but that was mostly because he knew from trying that it was futile). He spent a lot of time growing up hating himself, hating that he was Omega. Not because he thought Omegas were bad or lesser (he loved his father dearly and had no issues with Omegas) but because he had never considered the idea of himself being Omega. It didn't fit him, it didn't fit his personality. He had been so sure he would be an Alpha.

It was quite the surprise for him when he woke up one day to in Heat to slick instead of in a Rut with a knot.

It also lead to a different side of things that Bakugou had never even given a second thought before. Traditional Alphas and Betas who thought Omegas belonged at home and full of pups, not at school or work. Alphas and Betas who saw Omegas as lesser than simply because they were Omega. Alphas and Betas who expected Omegas to be small, dainty, and meek. Alphas and Betas who thought they could do whatever they wanted because Omegas were simply there for their pleasure and the growing of their Pack. Alphas and Betas who sneered at Bakugou because he wasn't small, dainty, or meek. Alphas and Betas who saw him as broken.

Bakugou grew up thinking that he didn't match his designation for years. He beat down the urges to nurture just as viciously as he beat up the kids in school. It was a horrible cycle. Anger at wanting to nurture, beating that anger into another kid with words and fists, and then getting even more angry when all he wanted to do afterwards was nurture the kids he hurt. That wasn't him, he wasn't like that.

"Did you expect me to be an Alpha?" Bakugou asked as his family was cuddled in their nest. His mother snorted.

"Fuck no." She said.

"I never put an expectation on your presentation." His father stated.

"But I was always loud and aggressive and violent."

"That's not because you were meant to be Alpha." Masaru responded. "That's because you took after your mother, despite your fighting you were always a Mommy's boy."

"I fucking was not!" Bakugou grumbled.

"Language!" Mitsuki scolded, cuffing him on the back of the head. "And you fucking were."

"Language." Masaru chuckled. Mitsuki glared at him, unimpressed.

"Your father may not have had reservations but I did. I knew you'd be Omega."


"You don't remember it but when you were a kid you used to tell me that when you grew up you were going to find a nice Alpha, like one of those superheroes from your comic books, and fall in love. You were going to get mated and have cute little puppies of your own." She told him with an amused grin. "But then again you also wanted to be an astronaut train conductor around that time too so..." Bakugou felt his cheeks heating up as he sputtered.

"I never fucking said that, you delusional old bat!" He squawked.

"You fucking did and I will upload it to YouTube since you don't believe me."

"You recorded it?!"

"Of course I did, it was the cutest shit I'd ever heard."

"Oh my fu- DELETE IT!"

"I think the fuck not."

Bakugou tackled his mother. They rolled around the nest, wrestling playfully. It reminded Bakugou so much of when he was a kid.

"You two are exactly alike." Masaru laughed. His wife and son looked at him at the same time with the exact same scathing look.

"Take that back!" They both shouted at the same time.

Masaru laughed even harder.


Midoriya arrived in Hungary just a day after Ultraviolet Theory. He was seen leaving the airport in Vienna, Austria before popping up two hours later outside the same hotel as UVT in Sopron. It seems despite the continued talk of Midoriya being unfaithful and having an Omega on the side our favorite mated pair is still together and hopefully very much in love. Could this be the end of this scandal? Or is it all just a publicity stunt to keep the peace? Let us know what you think!

(Video & photos included)

ik everything would be ok

Definitely a cover up

can’t believe this is really happening right in the middle of tour

Bet that home wrecking O is pissed

I thought Midoriya was a great Alpha but this is making me think twice

He’s trying to save his ass

Imagine nearly ruining your good relationship just to get your dick wet

Please tell me Mido isn’t a cheater, my heart couldn’t take that

Todoroki clearly isn’t doing it anymore for Mido

I bet they’ll split after tour

next uvt album is gonna be some seriously emotional shit

I’m actually cackling rn

Todo deserves better

They love each other, there’s no way Midoriya would fuck up his relationship with Todo for some Omega slut

It’s bullshit

i think it’s ridiculous that the O’s the only one being called a whore. Midoriya’s the one in a relationship!

Midoriya and Todoroki went out to dinner, just the two of them. It was nice to be in the same space as each other again. To smell each other, touch each other, taste each other.

Todoroki had been content to take Midoriya to his room and never leave until they absolutely had to but Midoriya wanted to wine and dine him for some reason. Todoroki would be lying if he said he didn’t miss the attention. He always missed Midoriya whenever he went on tour but it also helped reaffirmed that Midoriya was the only Alpha for him. That feeling was joined by another, newer feeling. The longing to see Bakugou again. He missed the Omega just as much as he missed Midoriya. It scared him a little.

“Should I call him?” He asked Midoriya as they were riding the elevator back up to his room. The air was thick with the smell of their arousal.

“Not tonight.” Midoriya answered, crowding into Todoroki’s space. “I want you all to myself tonight.”

“I missed you.” Todoroki whispered, his eyes dilating. Midoriya’s big hands grabbed hold of his hips.

“I missed you too, Shouchan.” The Alpha replied. “I always miss you when you’re away from me.” He lifted the Beta, forcing Todoroki to wrap his body around him. Todoroki’s hand flew out to the buttons of the elevator, jamming them until he hit the emergency stop.

He and Midoriya had always had an...eventful sex life but Midoriya was always the one who enjoyed any and all forms of public sex. Todoroki wondered what the fans would think if they knew just how debauched Midoriya could be. Midoriya kissed him, mouth practically devouring his own. Todoroki let out a choked sound and pressed himself against Midoriya as tight as possible. Midoriya pressed him further into the wall, his hand reaching between them to undo Todoroki’s pants.

“Missed you, Baby.” Midoriya muttered against his mouth. “Missed touching you.” Todoroki gasped as Midoriya’s large hand wrapped around his cock, his falling back against the wall of the elevator.

“God Zuku, yes!” He whined, his head lolling so that he could look between them and watch Midoriya work his cock. “Your hand’s so big.” He muttered, words already slurring a bit.

“Yeah? You missed my big hands, didn’t you Shouchan?” Midoriya growled, sucking Todoroki’s bottom lip into his mouth. Todoroki’s head nodded frantically, a small whimper leaving his throat as he clutched at Midoriya’s back. “Use your words, Baby.”

“Yes!” Todoroki groaned.

“Yes what?” Midoriya pushed, tongue licking over the salty skin of the Beta’s neck.

Nuh- Zuku, please.” Todoroki responded, pushing his hips forward.

“Yes what?” Midoriya repeated, a hint if growl in his voice.

“Yes Daddy!” Todoroki keened, precum practically streaming from the head of his cock. “Fuck, please Zu- Daddy, Daddy let me come. I want it so bad. I need it.”

“My baby needs to come?” Midoriya asked, thumb rubbing of the slit and spreading precum over Todoroki’s dick. “But Shouchan I thought you’ve been coming any chance you could.”

“Not the same.” Todoroki whined. “It’s not the same as when- when it’s you or Kitten.”

“Feels better when Daddy and Kitten are there, huh Baby?” Midoriya agreed. Todoroki nodded jerkily. Midoriya’s hand picked up speed, his mouth slotted over Todoroki’s.

“Close.” Todoroki hissed, his toes curling in his shoes.

“My good baby.” Midoriya praised. “So close already for me. You’re so beautiful Shouchan, you’re always so beautiful. I love you so much.”

“L-love you.” Todoroki replied, his lip caught between his teeth.

“Do you think anyone can hear you?” Midoriya asked. “They’ll smell you for sure. Smell how turned on you are, smell your release, smell how well your Alpha satisfied you.” Midoriya’s eyes were blown, only a thin ring of green still visible. “Everyone will be talking about how good I fuck you, how wanton you are. No one will doubt how much you love me or how much I love you. No one will doubt how fucking much I want you in every sense of the word.”

“Daddy, Daddy please!” Todoroki begged, the wave of his pleasure building in a way that he hadn’t felt for nearly a month. The pure filfth flowing from Midoriya’s mouth making his head rush. The dirtiness of what he was calling his Alpha making his cheek flush. The thought of Bakugou being there to watch them making his body tingle. The wave was building and building with each stroke of Midoriya’s hand.

Then it crashed.

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Bakugou realized exactly what Todoroki meant once both he and Midoriya were gone. His hands just weren't going to cut it. Which is how he ended up in a pleasure shop looking at dildos and vibrators. Worst yet it was Round Face, Uraraka, who gave him the address. Bakugou didn't know which was worse- that he was that transparent or that she knew about these kinds of things.

Bakugou was no prude but even he blushed at some of the shit he saw in that shop. Or maybe it was because of the not so suitable for public fantasies they put in his head. A cock cage that he was sure Todoroki wouldn't mind wearing for him, sounding equipment that he kind of wanted to see get used on Midoriya (though Midoriya's cock might actually eat the little ass rods), but he'd definitely bring both of them because he for sure wanted a set of anal beads. Damn, Midoriya might be rubbing off on him a little because Bakugou couldn’t remember a time before them were he wanted any of that. It might have been Todoroki's "Yes, Sir", that had fucked him up real good.

Bakugou took a moment to choose, reminding himself that he had only come to get a dildo and a vibrator...for now at least.


He had stuffed them both under his bed, if any of his friends found them he would be mortified (mainly because they were all five year olds and would resort to trying to use them as lightsabers or some shit). At first he really didn't know if he actually was going to use them. He'd never used any kind of sex toy before.

Then Midoriya’s perverted self had to send that damned video. The Alpha was a sexual deviant disguised as a kind, well mannered giant. Bakugou was sure of it.

The video was longer than their bathroom video (which had easily replaced any and all porn that Bakugou favored). It was of Midoriya and Todoroki, obviously. They were in a hotel room, the phone being held up over the bed somehow so that the two men on the bed were in full view and had all their hands free. They were both naked, their pale skin already flushed, and nipples and cocks already so hard. They were already well in to it, fucking missionary. Bakugou could see both their faces and where they were joined.

"You're so gorgeous, Shouchan." Midoriya murmured to Todoroki. Bakugou had to agree especially with how fucked out Todoroki already looked. Dried up tear tracks, kiss bitten lips, body glistening with sweat. Todoroki was gorgeous. "I bet Kacchan thinks so too." Bakugou nodded, already dizzy with arousal.

"Zuku, harder!" Todoroki whined in response. Bakugou whimpered, pressing his hips into his bed as his stomach curled pleasantly.

"You want it harder, Baby?" Midoriya asked, hand splayed over Todoroki's neck. "Look at the camera, beg Kacchan for it." Todoroki's head tilted back further, eyes making contact with Bakugou's through the screen. Bakugou whimpered, slick rushing out of him. He was lucky all his friends were out for the night.

"Please, Kitten." Todoroki begged. "Please can I have it harder, please let Zuku fuck me harder." Bakugou moaned, hand reaching in between himself and the bed to grab his cock. He propped the phone up on his bedside table, three fingers shoved in his hole the minute his hand is free.

"Yes!" Bakugou whined, knees rising up on his bed. Midoriya's hips meet Todoroki's flesh even harder the before, Todoroki's mouth dropped open a rush of noises leaving his mouth before Midoriya seemingly fucked him into muteness. Bakugou spared a moment to reach under his bed quickly, grabbing the back with the two toys and blindly trying to shove the vibrator into himself without having to look away or stop the video. He turned it on, not bothering to see the settings this time. His body twitched as it came to life, the buzzing sound joining the rest of the noises in his room.

"I'm gonna come!" Todoroki cried out, suddenly finding his voice again. "Zuku, Kitten... fuck, you're gonna make me come!“

"Do it." Midoriya rumbled back. "Come for Daddy and Sir."

Bakugou's keen overlapped with Todoroki's wail.

These two were trying to kill him. That was the only explanation.

Daddy and Sir.

Daddy and Sir.

Daddy and Sir.

Bakugou's legs rubbed together, his cheeks flushing from how much he absolutely wanted it.

Todoroki's body slumped back, his face relaxed and body limp. Bakugou thought Midoriya would pull out, that the video would stop.

Neither of those happened.

Midoriya practically bent Todoroki in half, the Beta's legs resting over his shoulders. He fucked into Todoroki with a brutally. Bakugou gasped, nearly biting his own tongue clean off as he watched. His hand tightened around his cock, other hand trying to grab hold of the vibrator and match it with Midoriya's speed.

"You know Kacchan, he has no idea what's happening right now." Midoriya rumbled, lip curled back from his teeth. "He knew we'd take good care of him, didn't even let me explain what I wanted to do before he agreed." Bakugou's mouth dropped open, a whine leaving his throat. Hot, everywhere and everything was hot. So hot. Too hot. "Oh the things we have planned for you, Baby... We're going to absolutely ruin you, Kacchan. No one else will ever be good enough, isn't that right?" The Alpha pounded into Todoroki, causing the Beta's body to shift along the bed. His face peaceful with sleep.

Bakugou let out an absolutely filthy moan. Todoroki looked so small, so tiny under their Alpha's large form.

"Would you like me to do this to you next time Kacchan? Fuck you into unconsciousness and then keep on fucking you like a little rag doll? You're even smaller than Shouchan, it'd be so easy. I'll fuck you for hours until you're letting out the sluttiest noises I know you can make." Midoriya growled, hips starting to stutter. Bakugou's brain latched on to one word, one he'd never heard come from Midoriya's mouth but made his head spin when it rolled off the Alpha's tongue.

"Say-." Bakugou started, forgetting that Midoriya couldn't actually hear him. "Please, again. I want."

"You'll come so hard that you go pliant and limp." Midoriya snarled. Then as if he could read Bakugou's mind, "Then I'll fuck you just like a slut should be."

Bakugou's body spasmed, cock shooting against his bed as he watched Midoriya come.


They were in Prague now, the fourth stop of the European leg of the tour. They only had a two more stops before Midoriya had to head back to Tokyo to do a commercial. He also wanted to see Bakugou again, he missed his Omega.

They were laying in their hotel room after having went out and done some sight seeing with the rest of the band. They were both pretty close to dosing off, cuddled up in the bed until they got a text from Bakugou to answer his Skype call. That pretty much woke the both of them up completely and they both scrambled to where Todoroki’s laptop was sitting almost innocuously on the desk. They took the time to situate themselves, Midoriya sitting further back than Todoroki because he knew Bakugou would want to see his face.

What they saw when they finally connected to Bakugou was not exactly what either of them expected. Bakugou’s laptop was pushed all the way to the edge of the table. The Omega red faced, panting, and naked. His body was moving up and down in a telltale way but they could see both his hands clawing at the wood of his desk.

“Katsuki!” Todoroki choked, blood automatically rushing south.

“Shit.” Midoriya hissed from behind him. “What do you have Kacchan?” Bakugou’s head fell back, exposing his neck to them. The sound of flesh against wood grew louder, Bakugou’s abs clench tighter as he worked himself even more now that he had the Alpha and Beta’s eyes on him. “Katsuki, answer me.” Bakugou moaned loudly, head snapping forward to stare at them.

“You did this.” He whined, a hand going up to bury itself in his hair. “You’re so fucking hot, do you know how many times I’ve watched that video?”

“You didn’t answer my question, Baby.” Midoriya growled, hand already running through the hair leading down to his cock.

“Got-.” Bakugou started, tugging at his own hair. “Got a dildo.”

“You bought yourself a toy to play with while we’re gone?” Todoroki asked, an amused lit to his voice. Bakugou could just barely see the head of his cock peaking out of his pants. He shoved his fingers in his mouth, groaning. He wanted Todoroki’s cock down his throat again. “Did you, Kitten?”

“Yeah, got a vibrator too.” Bakugou answered, nodding his head. “Used that the first time. When you- when you first sent it. Fuck, it was so hot.”

“Hands weren’t enough, were they Baby?” Midoriya asked, already a little breathless.

“No, Alpha.” Bakugou whined. “Ruined my sheets too.”

“We’ll get you new sheets.” Midoriya promised.

“Can you tell us what you liked the most?” Todoroki asked, his eyes staring at Bakugou’s lightly tanned chest.

“Everything.” Bakugou groaned, hips undulating faster. “I like how you looked together and how big you both are- Alpha makes you look so small, Shouto. He’s so rough with you sometimes.”

“You like watching me fuck Shouchan?” Midoriya asked, thrusting up into the tight circle of his fist. “I think you’re a voyeur, Kacchan.”

“Voyeur?” Bakugou repeated, mind so hazy with arousal that he was stuck on stupid for the time being.

“Yeah, Baby.” Midoriya replied, his eyes blown as they switched between Bakugou to Todoroki. “What else did you like?”

“You- you were talkin’.” Bakugou started, the backs of his thighs stinging from the wood of his chair. He hoped it bruised nicely. “You called- you called yourself Daddy and me Sir. You said you’d fuck me like I was a rag doll, just like you did Shouto.”

“What else Kitten?” Todoroki asked, his head falling back and eyes falling shut.

“Alpha, you said...he said-.” Bakugou cut himself off with a whine, his eyes rolling back in delight.

“You gotta tell us Kacchan or we won’t be able to do it again.” Midoriya muttered.

“You called me a slut.” Bakugou keened.

“Is that what I said?” Midoriya questioned, smirk on his face not matching his strained tone. Bakugou shook his head.

“You said you’d fuck me until I was limp and pliant and then- and then you’d fuck me like a slut should be.” Bakugou corrected.

“That does kind of sound like you called him a slut.” Todoroki added, his breath hitching. “Did that make you come, Kitten? You like being called mean names?”

“Yes!” Bakugou mewled pitifully, tears blurring his vision. He dropped down fully on to the dildo, switching to rolling his hips instead of bouncing. “I like when you pull my hair and fuck my throat and I want you to call me a dirty slut while you do it.”

“Holy shit, Kacchan!” Midoriya moaned.

“Alpha, please I want it so bad!” Bakugou replied. “Can I have it? Can I?”

“You can have whatever you want, Omega.” Midoriya promised, his body shaking. “I’ll give you whatever you want.”

“You really are a dirty little slut, Kitten.” Todoroki added. Bakugou let out a sob, his body jerking in his chair with his sudden orgasm.

“There you go.” Midoriya crooned, finding his own release not far after. “You’re so pretty when you come, Kacchan.” Bakugou made a weak sound in reply, body still jerking periodically. His eyes started to drop, gaze trained on Todoroki as the Beta stroked out his own orgasm with a hiss of his Alpha and Omega’s names.

There was a moment of quiet, nothing but their harsh breathing as they come down.

“I’m pretty sure we’re gonna fuck our way into comas at this rate.” Todoroki joked as he tried to catch his breath. “Is having at least one orgasm a day normal?”

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Midoriya didn't mind doing commercials, the fact that brands still wanted to do deals with him despite the current "scandal" did make him feel pretty good. He knew he could end all the speculation and hate but he also knew despite calling everyone "useless ass extras" Bakugou wasn't exactly ready for that kind of a spotlight on his life. He also knew that even if he and Todoroki came clean that wouldn't stop people from hating Bakugou for a number of stupid reasons. So they both chose to stay silent.

It was getting harder and harder though. He wanted to be with Bakugou all the time and he absolutely hated when he couldn't. It always left him antsy and unsettled, just like when he and Todoroki were apart for too long. So he did something mildly stupid and took Bakugou to the commercial shoot with him. The Omega wore a pair of Todoroki's jeans and his own U.A. hoodie.

Bakugou spent most of his time curled up on the couch in his trailer, making sure not to meet anyone’s eyes just in case. He watched Midoriya work, silently in awe of how Midoriya could just switch up so easily into his roles. No one paid him any attention really, except for a makeup artist that he noticed out the corner of his eye staring at him every few minutes.

They were there for a few hours before the director finally called it a day. Bakugou watched as Midoriya entered the trailer, lip getting caught between his teeth as the Alpha started to change. A small trickle of slick started to flow from him. He could hear Midoriya sniff the air distractedly, the Alpha's back going taut. Bakugou smirked, the smell of Midoriya's arousal filling the room quickly. Midoriya was probably already fully erect, the Alpha really did have a thing for public sex of all kinds. 

"Deku." Bakugou called, drawing out the name teasingly. He shifted on the couch, legs splayed open provocatively. "You're so wound tight all the sudden, is something wrong?" Midoriya turned to stare at him, his muscles flexing. Bakugou's teeth worried at his lip, eyes gliding over the expanse of Midoriya’s muscular form. He was still surprised to find that he liked how much bigger Midoriya was than him. He wasn't sure if he had a size kink or if that was just his Omega mentality. He didn't really care much though, Midoriya was hot either way. His hand reached up, pushing his hoodie up and exposing his chest to the cool air. Midoriya growled, his body pitched forward.

Bakugou's fingers rolled his nipples between them, helping to harden them quicker and making himself gasp. His lip seemed permanently caught between his teeth, the red of his eyes getting lost in his pupils. He was sure he was ruining the couch but that would just add to it. Midoriya liked the idea of people knowing what he did to Bakugou and Todoroki.

"You should get tattooed Deku." Bakugou muttered, his hands trailing down his own toned stomach. "You'd look hot as fuck with 'em, I think Icy Hot would like 'em too."

"Whatever you want, Kacchan." Midoriya breathed, his hands clenching.

"I want you to watch for a little bit." Bakugou ordered, undoing the button of his- of Todoroki's pants. "And do exactly what I fucking say, can you do that Deku?" Midoriya let out a rumble that was close to a whine, his head nodding slowly. Bakugou kicked off his shoes, pants and slick stained boxers following suit. "I'll have to start buying slick pads or you'll be buying me new underwear every week."

"Whatever you want, Kacchan." Midoriya repeated, his nostrils flared.

"I want you to touch yourself." Bakugou instructed, his own hand wrapping around the length of his cock. Midoriya undid his pants, pushing his boxers down just far enough for his cock to spring free. Bakugou groaned, two fingers going down to stuff his hole. Midoriya wrapped a scarred hand around his cock, feeling it twitch against his palm. His other hand reached out, grabbing hold of the arm of the chair behind him like a lifeline. God help him, Bakugou was so hot!

He matched Bakugou's pace, body pulsing with how fast his heart was beating. He could hear the rush of blood in his ears so vividly, his teeth gritted to keep from being to loud. He let Bakugou tell him exactly how to stroke, loving the idea of his Omega telling him what to do and how to seek his pleasure.

"After you get tatted..." Bakugou was saying conversationally as if they weren't masturbating in front of each other. "Icy Hot and I are gonna come all over you, rub it into the skin of your tattoos. Everyone will smell us on you for days, Deku, weeks even."

There was a loud creak and then the splintering of wood, the chair arm Midoriya was clutching breaking off in his grip.

"Oh fuck!" Bakugou hissed, his eyes widening. Fuck, Midoriya was strong. Bakugou knew that from the start but fuck. There was an ever present growl rolling from Midoriya's vocal cords, the Alpha still lucid enough to spare time to find and put on a condom before stalking forward to press into Bakugou's space. 

Maybe he and Todoroki would talk about birth control with Bakugou because Midoriya wanted so badly, especially in that moment, to fuck the Omega raw. To feel his flesh and slick around his cock completely, to watch his come flow out of that pretty hole after he fucked it swollen and pink. The more carnal side of him wanted to knot him, fuck him full with pups.

He grabbed hold of Bakugou, growl growing louder, and manhandled the ash blonde on to all fours. He pressed in, filling Bakugou completely. The younger man's mouth opened, the beginning of a cry starting. One of Midoriya's hand covered his mouth, while the other tugged Bakugou's hair. The Omega's neck arched and the Alpha felt the vibrations of Bakugou's groan against his palm.

"Be quiet, Katsuki." He growled, knowing full well that Bakugou couldn't. "If you want to act like a slut then I'll fuck you like a slut." He moved at an unforgiving pace, hips smacking into the meat of Bakugou's ass. It didn't actually matter if Bakugou was quiet or not anyone who walked past would hear the harsh sound of skin meeting skin, smell the tang of sex and Alpha and Omega, and know that some Omega was getting drilled into.

Bakugou's eyes were practically stuck at the back of his head, a constant moan leaving his mouth as he thought of Midoriya’s words and the way the Alpha used his body. Midoriya's hand cut the sound off though. Midoriya's hand... his hand was so big, it practically covered Bakugou’s entire face. His skin flushed, the feeling of shame and humiliation only making his heart race faster. Bakugou was sure that if it were someone else they would find him weird, disgusting even. Not Midoriya or Todoroki though. They loved it. They brought it out of him.

Bakugou's fingers dug into the leather of the couch as he came, his vision whiting out.


When he came to he was in Midoriya's lap, the Alpha crooning softly. His clothes were back on and the couch clean. He blinked, blurry vision slowly clearing up.

"Fuck." He said, voice hoarse.

"Kacchan is such a screamer." Midoriya giggled against his neck. "You're worse than Shouchan."

"Shut up." Bakugou huffed, his voice going out partially on the words. "Fuck."

"We should get going." Midoriya sighed, checking the time. "We'll take a nice hot bath and then have dinner when we get home." Bakugou nodded, still a bit out of it. They gathered their stuff before making their way out of the trailer.

They were bombarded by an Alpha man with a camera.

"Hey Midoriya, is that your side Omega?" The man shouted, camera shoved in their direction. Midoriya grabbed hold of Bakugou's shoulder, turning the Omega to hide his face in Midoriya's chest. "Keeping his identity a secret? Tell me does Todoroki know about you having an Omega as a cock sleeve?!" Midoriya snarled, his lips pulling back to bare his teeth at the other Alpha. "So what's his angle? Sugar Baby, Gold Digger, Escort, or Prostitute? You tryna fuck your way into the business, kid?"

Bakugou snarled into Midoriya's chest, the Alpha's hand at the back of his head the only thing keeping him from turning around and laying into the unknown Alpha. Likewise Bakugou's body pressed to his front was probably the only reason why Midoriya hadn't lunged for the offending Alpha.

A crowd was starting to gather across the lot, the other Alpha's shouting drawing people's attention. The air around them stunk of Alpha and Omega aggression.

"You're trespassing." Another voice piped up, a burly Beta man in a black shirt with “SECURITY” embroidered on it. He was accompanied by the makeup artist who'd been staring at Bakugou. An Omega with golden blonde hair and indigo eyes. "I apologize for this man bothering you, Alpha Midoriya." The security guard did well not to look at Midoriya or Bakugou directly, he didn't want the large Alpha to think he was challenging him. "I'll make sure he's taken off property and dealt with." Midoriya nodded, snarl never stopping until both the Beta and other Alpha were gone.

Midoriya's grip loosened on Bakugou's head, allowing the pissed off Omega to move. Bakugou swiveled around, eyes glaring at the other Omega still in their space.

"The fuck do you want?" He growled.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay." The other Omega replied, a slight accent peaking into his words. "Your car's out back, that knothead attracted a bit of a crowd. I'll walk you there."

"Thank you." Midoriya responded, tugging Bakugou along to follow the other Omega.

"No problem." The Omega responded, smiling at the both of them. "I hope you're okay Bakugou, it can be frightening to get bombarded like that."

"Maybe for you fucking losers, I'm perfectly fine." Bakugou grumbled. "How the fuck do you know my name?"

"I go to U.A. too, we had a class together." The other Omega answered. "I'm Aoyama Yuuga."

"French Twinkle!” Bakugou realized after a moment. "Is that why you were fucking staring at me?"

"I saw your hoodie and knew you looked familiar.” Aoyama responded. “But you’re always so scary looking so I didn’t say anything.” Bakugou practically preened at that. Hell yeah he was scary.

“And you’re a makeup artist?” Midoriya questioned, tucking Bakugou under his arm.

“Yes.” Aoyama answered, watching them with bright eyes. “I’m not very well known right now but I will be, I’m the best after all.” Bakugou smirked, deciding secretly that he liked this Omega.

“You definitely will be.” Midoriya replied happily. “I’ll have Yagi get in touch with you, if you’re interested. We had to fire my make up artist a few weeks ago.”

“T-thank you!” Aoyama stuttered. “I’d- that would be amazing.” They reached the back of the lot, Midoriya’s car one of the only ones left parked there. “See you around campus, Bakugou...and don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

“Thanks.” Bakugou huffed in reply. “See you around.”


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Chapter Text

Midoriya and Todoroki's teams seemed to be doing a decent job of handling the situation. While Bakugou may have said he didn't care he was constantly on edge while on campus. That honestly just annoyed him more. He was fine, there was no reason to be on edge. People were talking shit about him but not about him. He could handle it, he was fine.

"Let's go to Paris." Midoriya offered. "Would you like that, Kacchan?"

"Sure, Shitty Nerd." Bakugou agreed absentmindedly, his eyes glued to his phone.


Bakugou has never been on a private plane before nor had he ever left Japan. He was excited even if it didn't look like it with his current facial expression (Ashido called it a Resting Bitch Face). It was easy to get a bit of time off work and by Sunday morning they were in Paris, France.

The weather was mild but sunny, it had rained as they pulled into the airport but by time they reached the car the rain had stopped. Bakugou wore plain clothes, a jacket over a black shirt and jeans, along with a pair of designer sunglasses Todoroki had sent him last week and his own black face mask, just in case.

“Wait, fuck!” Bakugou exclaimed suddenly as they rode through Paris. “I don’t know French.”

“I do.” Midoriya laughed. “You’ll be okay.”

“That’s hot.” Bakugou replied, trying to imagine Midoriya speaking French. “Can you talk dirty to me in French?”

C’est ce que tu veux, bébé?” Midoriya responded. And oh okay he even had a bit of the accent, wow. Bakugou’s face started to heat up, his scent going sweet with his arousal. Midoriya smiled. “Later Kacchan.”

“Yeah whatever!” Bakugou muttered, trying (and failing) to hide how much he really was looking forward to later.


“This isn’t a fucking hotel.” Bakugou huffed, following Midoriya through the halls of the building they had come to. Midoriya hadn’t told him where they were or why they were there.

“Nope, it’s not.” Midoriya agreed, his tone amused. “But there’s something way better here, I think you’ll love it.”

“I’d love a hot shower and a warm fucking bed.” Bakugou grumbled. He sniffed, ready to continue his complaining and guilt trip Midoriya into taking them to their hotel, and froze.


Bakugou inhaled deeply, drinking in the scent. His eyes grew wide, pupils blown so that only a sliver of red was left. His skin flushed, his body grew hot. His stomach clenched tightly, painfully so, and slick soiled his underwear. His mind went hazy with only one thought. He side stepped Midoriya and took off down the hallway, following that amazing scent filling his nose. 

“Kacchan?” Midoriya called out, surprise and concern coloring his voice. “Kacchan, wait! We’re not supposed to go in yet!” The urge to chase the Omega and fuck him making Midoriya freeze in his tracks for a moment. Bakugou couldn’t was only the middle of May.

Bakugou stumbled, his body torn between listening to his Alpha and continuing forward. The raw need won out quickly and he continued forward, shaking off Midoriya when the Alpha grabbed his wrist.

Bakugou burst through the door at the end of the hall, panting. He heard several people gasp. Someone growled. Hurried murmuring filled the room. Bakugou paid them no mind, they weren’t important. His eyes landed on Todoroki, standing across the room. Todoroki was half way out of his seat, eyes wide as he stared at Bakugou.

The Omega keened, rushing forward to tackle the Beta.

Shouto, Shouto, Shouto!

Bakugou didn’t understand what was happening or why it was happening. All he knew and all he cared about was that he needed Todoroki. He needed him and he was right there. Bakugou could smell him, feel him, touch him. He was right there!

“Katsuki?!” Todoroki groaned. His eyes went glassy, already drunk off Bakugou’s pheromones. “Shit, what are you-?” Bakugou whined, mouth slamming into Todoroki’s and hands trying to rip the Beta’s clothes off. Todoroki moaned into the kiss, his hands grabbing hold of Bakugou’s ass. He could feel the wetness of slick against his palms.

Someone’s hands grabbed hold of Bakugou, trying to drag him away from Todoroki. It wasn’t Alpha, it wasn’t Pack.

Bakugou growled, his arm swinging back and elbow connecting with soft flesh. The person that grabbed hold of him howled in pain as he let Bakugou go.

Merde!” Came a nasally shout. “Cette chienne m'a cassé le nez!”

Todoroki snarled, arms wrapping around Bakugou as he stared at the man who had tried to separate them. A Beta who was now clutching at his blood covered nose.

“Don’t touch him.” Todoroki warned, his voice dark with the promise of bodily harm if anyone disobeyed. “Mine!” A rumble of approval came from across the room. Midoriya was watching them from where he was crouched over the only other Alpha there, his hand shoving the smaller Alpha’s bloodied face to the floor. Bakugou purred, his Omega loving the signs of possessiveness from both his Beta and Alpha. He chose well. They were strong. They’d take care of him, make him feel good, fuck him full of pups- they’d give him litters.

“Izuku!” Tokoyami called, trying to get the feral Alpha’s attention. “That’s enough.” His and Shoji’s pheromones filled the air, clashing with the others and trying to calm everyone down. Midoriya blinked, his mind clearing as he stood.

“You need to get them to a hospital.” Jirou added in concern. “This is dangerous.”

“We’ll finish the interview without Shouto.” Yaoyorozu continued calmly. “Take care of them, they need you.”

“Thanks guys.” Midoriya replied, moving over to where Todoroki and Bakugou were scenting each other. “I’m so sorry about this.” He picked Bakugou up, the Omega was already too out of it to listen. Bakugou whined in annoyance. Why was Alpha taking him away from Shouto! He needed him, he needed him, he needed him. “Come on Shouto.”

“Yes Alpha.” Todoroki responded, eyes trained on Bakugou as they made their way back out to the car.


Konnichiwa, Midoriya-san.” The doctor greeted with a light bow as she entered their hospital room. She was a middle aged Omega woman with green eyes and jet black hair pulled back into a neat bun. “Todoroki-san, Bakugou-san.

“Oh, you speak Japanese?” Midoriya asked in surprise as he returned the bow.

“I do.” The doctor responded. “We felt it would be better for you all to communicate with us in your native tongue so I was called in to check you over. I’m Dr. Archambault. Do you mind telling me why you’re here?”

“Katsuki’s Heat is early.” Midoriya explained. “A month early.”

“Is this the first time it’s been early?” Dr. Archambault asked.

“No, his last Heat was early as well but only by a few days.” Midoriya answered. “It also lasted abnormally long.”

“How long is abnormally?”

“A week.”

“A week?” Dr. Archambault repeated, her brow creasing together. “He was in Heat for seven full days?”


“And his Heat today started when you went to see Todoroki?”


“Alright...” Dr. Archambault mused, eyes roving over the chart in her hand. “Outside of these two Heats he’s claimed to have the average Heat cycle regularly. It’s most likely that your appearance in his life is what has caused the sudden changes in his cycle. You were within scenting distance during the previous Heat in March, it’s highly likely that without his realization it was your scents that sent him into Heat early to begin with.”

“You are probably highly compatible which could also be why your cycles lasted so long. His current cycle is likely do to being reunited with Todoroki after the month apart. You, Midoriya, are unaffected because you’ve been around both of them during this time. That is also why Todoroki’s reaction to his pheromones is so strong. While it is true that a spontaneous Heat this early from his cycle is concerning he’s too far in for us to forcefully stop it.”

“So what do you suggest? Will they be okay?” Midoriya asked, his eyes going from the doctor to the couple cuddled up on the hospital bed. Todoroki and Bakugou were both awake but neither seemed to care about what the doctor was saying even though it concerned their well-being.

“The blood work we did came back clean so for now take care of this Heat. They may forget to eat or drink or even sleep if you aren’t watchful. You may also be required to assist the both of them. It’s hard to say how long this Heat will last and I can’t tell you definitively if he will or will not have a Heat next month like he was supposed to. When you return to Tokyo he should see his primary physician immediately just to make sure everything is alright. Should this continue it’s possible that he may need to go on suppressants to help rebalance his cycle. It could also be a sign of infertility.”

“Okay... okay, thank you.” Midoriya responded, searing everything she said into his head meticulously.

“You’re very welcome.” Dr. Archambault responded. “Before I let you go I also want to stress the fact that should you see any signs indicating that his Heat isn’t breaking or is worsening then you need to bring him back immediately. Excessive vomiting, diarrhea, blood in his vomit, urine, or stool, complaints of abdominal pain or severe headaches, seizures, or an extremely high fever- that would be forty degrees Celsius or higher. Bring him back immediately.”

“I understand.” Midoriya replied.

“Alright then, the nurse will lead you back out to your car. Take care, all of you.”


Midoriya spent the ride to Todoroki’s hotel worrying. What if he didn’t help them enough? What if Bakugou got sick? What if Todoroki got sick? What if it lasted for days? What if he failed them? What if Bakugou was infertile? Would the Omega care? Would Todoroki care? Did he care? Did it matter? Bakugou could still sire pups if he wanted, just like Midoriya and Todoroki. Oh God, but what if he was sterile too? How would that make Bakugou feel? Why couldn’t Midoriya answer any of these questions?

“Stop muttering, Alpha.” Todoroki said, his glazed over eyes losing some of their cloudiness. Bakugou whimpered, rubbing his face against Midoriya’s cheek and trying to coax him out of the state he was in. He didn’t like his Alpha looking and smelling like that.

“I just don’t want anything bad to happen to the two of you.” Midoriya sighed, pulling them both forward so that he could rest his face between them. “I just want to take care of you.”

“You take care of us, Alpha.” Todoroki responded, his words slurred. “You do such a good job at it too, doesn’t he Omega?” Bakugou purred, nodding his head in agreement.

“Such a good Alpha.” Bakugou murmured, mouthing at the left side of Midoriya’s neck.

“Strong and protective and virile.” Todoroki added. “You’ll take good care of us, Alpha, we know you will.” He leaned down over the right side of Midoriya’s neck, following Bakugou’s lead.

“I thought the two of you would be more interested in fucking each other, not me.” Midoriya groaned.

“I still want Shouto to fuck my brains out.” Bakugou said, the most lucid he’d been since they reunited.

“But we always want you.” Todoroki added, his hand sliding over Midoriya’s tight shirt and feeling his abs. “Especially after you beat up that knothead Alpha. He was a dick to me.” Midoriya growled, his gaze serious as he looked at Todoroki.

“What do you mean he was a dick to you?” He asked.

“He kept askin’ ‘bout how I felt about my mate cheatin’ on me even though we told him not to ask ‘bout you.” Todoroki answered. “N he kept grabbing on me under the table ‘n said he’d let me sit on his knot if I wanted.” Both Bakugou and Midoriya snarl.

“I’ll kill him.” Bakugou hissed, pushing into Todoroki’s space and kissing him. Midoriya reached out blindly for his phone, unadulterated rage making him want to break it in half since he couldn’t do so to that disgusting Alpha.

If he couldn’t have the Alpha’s head then he’d settle for his job for now.

Chapter Text

Lucky for them (more like lucky for the other hotel inhabitants honestly) nobody bothered them on the way to Todoroki’s room. Bakugou and Todoroki immediately shucked off all their clothes before reaching for each other frantically when they got in to the room.

Midoriya let them get reacquainted while he made sure they were all set. Naturally though, he and Bakugou hadn’t brought condoms and Todoroki for obvious reasons didn’t have any. Midoriya groaned in frustration. Tokoyami had texted him to let him know that a someone from their team would be by with supplies as soon as possible. Midoriya took the time to text Kirishima, letting him know that Bakugou was in Heat and asking if he could get in touch with Bakugou’s professors and boss for him. Kirishima agreed easily, he’d do whatever he could to help his best friend.

Midoriya looked up from his phone to see Todoroki bending Bakugou over the desk.

“Shouto, no!” Midoriya snapped. Both the Beta and Omega froze, twin whines of frustration falling from their lips. They both turned to look at Midoriya, eyes pleading. “Condoms, you have to wait until we get condoms.” The whines sounded again, petulant and pitiful. “Both of you on the bed. Kacchan on your hands and knees.” His Omega and Beta scrambled up and on to the bed while Midoriya riffled through his own suitcase, glad that he had actually packed what he did (but still berating himself for somehow forgetting fucking condoms). He pulled out a small satin drawstring bag before moving to the bed.

“Alpha.” Bakugou whined, hips tilting up enticingly. “Please let Shouto fuck me, please. I want it, I need it.”

“I know you do, Baby.” Midoriya cooed sadly. “But you’re not on birth control and we don’t have condoms.” Bakugou sobbed, lucid enough to understand that he was being denied what he wanted. Midoriya pulled out a black, bulbous shaped butt plug from the bag. He leaned over Bakugou, rubbing it around the rim of his hole before pushing it in slowly.

“Oh!” Bakugou moaned, hips canting back to force the plug in quicker. Midoriya turned him over once it was fully seated inside him. He moved him so that he and Todoroki were in each other’s space, legs tangled over one another. He pulled out the other toy, a smaller vibrator that he strapped between their cocks. “Alpha, what is-?” Bakugou began but was cut off when the vibrator around their cocks came to life, Midoriya holding the small remote in his hand.

“Fuck!” Todoroki moaned, his hips thrusting and causing the vibrator to slide over Bakugou’s length. Bakugou’s mouth dropped open with a gasp of surprise. “Alpha, that’s not fair!”

“It’s just until someone brings us condoms.” Midoriya promised. The two other men groaned. Todoroki pulled Bakugou forward into a kiss, tongue twisting with the Omega’s. Bakugou’s hands went to Todoroki’s nipples, twisting them lightly. Todoroki groaned into his mouth, body pushing forward to get closer. The two moved against each other, trying to find a rhythm that worked best. Bakugou reached out, grabbing for Midoriya’s hips and pulling him to the edge of the bed. Todoroki’s head tilted back, mismatched eyes meeting green ones, his mouth puckered for a kiss. Midoriya leaned down to kiss him breathless before turning to Bakugou and doing the same.

“Clothes.” Todoroki growled, tugging on the edge of Midoriya’s shirt. “Take your clothes off, Alpha.” Midoriya made short work of his clothes, body flushed and on full display for his Beta and Omega. They dragged him closer, mouths kissing and tongues licking over the length of his cock as their hips rolled together. Midoriya let out a harsh breath at the sight, precum pearling out the head of his cock. They were going to kill him, truly they were. Todoroki always went doe eyed during sex and Bakugou could never keep his mouth shut. This Heat was going to end in Midoriya’s death.

“Shit!” The Alpha hissed. Todoroki took the head of his cock in his mouth while Bakugou’s mouth paid careful attention to the base of where his knot would form. Midoriya’s head fell back against his shoulders, eyes staring up at the ceiling. Bakugou’s mouth left his body, moving over instead to mouth at Todoroki’s skin while the Beta took Midoriya’s cock further into his mouth. The Alpha groaned as he felt the confines of Todoroki’s throat around his cock, his hand reaching to tangle in bicolored hair. “Fuck, Baby.” He whined, still in awe at Todoroki’s lack of a gag reflex even after all the years they’d been together. “You’re so good, you’re both so good.”

Todoroki’s mouth dropped open, his throat relaxing and his eyes staring up at Midoriya expectantly. The Alpha made a choked sound, hand in Todoroki’s hair guiding him along his cock. His other hand reached for the second remote, a black one much bigger than the first remote, and switched it on. Bakugou tore his mouth away from Todoroki’s neck to cry out in surprise, having nearly forgotten all about the plug in his ass.

“Alpha!” He shouted, his hips picking up pace, causing the vibrator in between him and Todoroki to slide against their cocks even more. “Fuck!” His head tilted back, eyes staring up at Midoriya. Todoroki let out a moan, the sound vibrating around Midoriya’s cock and causing the Alpha’s thrusts to speed up with a growl.

“Do you like your gifts?” Midoriya asked. “I didn’t know surprising you with each other was gonna cause your Heat Kacchan but isn’t it great that I brought these too. I was going to tease the both of you for hours tonight. I guess this works just as well though.”

“Yes, Alpha.” Bakugou answered while Todoroki gave a small nod, mouth full of Midoriya’s cock. Midoriya’s hand wrapped around Bakugou’s neck, fingers digging in gently.

“You’re so amazing Kacchan.” He said. “And such a needy slut. You want Todoroki so bad that your body forced itself into a month early Heat, you want to get knocked up that badly?” Bakugou gasped, heat rushing to his face. “Even your last Heat was early. You went into Heat because you smelled us, you were cock hungry for us without even knowing it.” Bakugou’s hand scrambled to grab Midoriya’s hip, his mind begging the Alpha to squeeze even if just a little bit. “That just means you’re ours, you were meant to be ours. No one else could ever or will ever make you feel the way we do. You’re my Kacchan and Shouchan’s Kitten. You always will be.”

“Yours, yours, yours.” Bakugou babbled, his back arching. Midoriya smirked, thumb rubbing over Bakugou’s scent glands.

“One day, we’re going to seal it with the bite. You’ll bite us and we’ll bite you right here.” He stated as his thumb pressed into Bakugou’s glands. Bakugou came at that, his mouth wide open but his voice caught in his throat. “Good Omega.” Midoriya crooned, rubbing soothing circles in Bakugou’s neck with his thumb. “And you, Shouchan...” He began, eyes moving to stare at the Beta with his cock down his throat.

“You’re just as slutty as Katsuki, aren’t you Little Boy?” There was a sternness to Midoriya’s voice, but there was still love and adoration in his tone and face. Todoroki groaned, throat swallowing around Midoriya’s cock. “All hopped up on Kacchan’s pheromones, you want to put pups in him just as badly as he wants you to.” Todoroki whined, hand wrapping around both his and Bakugou’s cocks to try and stroke. The Omega keened, body twitching as the vibrator pressed even harder into the underside of his cock. Midoriya’s hand tightened in Todoroki’s hair, his hips picking up pace. “You have such a pretty mouth, Little Boy, Daddy loves seeing your lips wrapped around his dick.” Tears started to cloud Todoroki’s vision, his hand trying to match Midoriya’s pace and causing Bakugou to moan loudly. He was so close, he was so very close.

“Fuck, Daddy loves fucking your throat.” Midoriya groaned, his toes curling. “You take it so well, Little Boy.” Bakugou came again, a sob leaving his mouth as he withered. “You even made Kitten come again, my little boy is so amazing.” Todoroki’s hands grabbed hold of Midoriya’s hips, fingernails digging in to scarred thighs. “That’s it Little Boy, just like that. Are you going to come for Daddy? Daddy’s gonna come soon, will you swallow it all like Daddy’s good boy?”

Todoroki came with a wail against Midoriya’s cock. The Alpha’s hips stuttered, a growl rumbling from his chest as he came down his Beta’s throat. Todoroki sputtered, a dribble of saliva and cum coming out the corner of his mouth. Midoriya moaned at the sight, pulling out slowly from Todoroki’s mouth.

Bakugou practically attacked Todoroki, tongue shoving its way into the older man’s mouth and tasting Midoriya. They were both twitching, their bodies flushed all the way down to their chest. Bakugou’s cock was already half hard, Todoroki’s twitching in an attempt to catch up. Midoriya’s hand reached for his own cock, intent on following his lovers lead. He was cut off by a knock on the door and he hurried to answer it, forgoing clothes.

There was a Beta woman at the door when he opened it, two large bags in her hands. Her eyes widened at the sight of his naked body, cheeks flushing in embarrassment as her scent tinged with her arousal. Midoriya didn’t blame her, he understood that to many people he was very attractive. There was a snarl from the bed, her scent no doubt reaching Todoroki and Bakugou. Bakugou was glaring at the door from under Todoroki.

“Be nice.” Midoriya admonished sternly to Bakugou. He turned back to the woman, grabbing the bags from her. “Thank you.”

“No problem, really.” She replied, her voice going higher in pitch. “They said to just let them know if you run out, someone will make another trip.” Midoriya nodded and she scurried off, practically running to the elevator.

He dug through the bag until he found the four boxes of condoms- two boxes of large condoms and two of extra large knotting condoms. He opened a box of large condoms, grabbing one and handing it to Todoroki. The Beta seemed to stare at the condom as if it were a godsend.

“Hurry up and put the shit on!” Bakugou snapped, eyes starting to cloud over. “You should of been in me like yesterday, Icy Hot.” Todoroki did as he was told while Midoriya removed the butt plug from Bakugou, a rush of slick flowing free. He switched the plug off and throwing it aside to clean later.

Todoroki saddled up between Bakugou’s legs, pushing in until he bottomed out in one fluid movement. He groaned and grabbed hold of Bakugou’s left leg, forcing it up against his chest so that he could press his pelvis flush against Bakugou’s ass.

“God.” Bakugou moaned, head pressing into the pillow. “Harder, Shouto.”

“Yes, Sir.” Todoroki replied, teeth gritted together.

“Oh fuck!” Bakugou hissed, back arching. “Fuck, say it again!”

“Yes, Sir.” Todoroki growled, punctuating his words with a sharp thrust. “Am I doing a good job, Sir? Am I making Sir feel good?”

“Nuh- shit.” Bakugou groaned, hips pushing down to meet Todoroki’s. His mouth was moving almost without his consent, words of pure filth coming forward that even had Midoriya gasping.

“Shouchan, fucking hell, get on your back.” Midoriya ordered.

“What?” Bakugou and Todoroki say at the same time. Midoriya grabbed hold of a knotting condom, tearing it open.

“Get on your back, Shouto.” He repeated. “And let Katsuki ride you.” The Beta and Omega stare at him with wide eyes before scrambling to comply. Bakugou rolled his hips, barely rising up as he picked up were they left off. Midoriya climbed between Todoroki’s legs, his fingers rubbing over Bakugou’s stretched out entrance until they were wet with slick.

He pushed a single digit into Todoroki, causing the Beta to groan and push his hips up to meet Bakugou. He added a second finger slowly, switching between stretching and fucking Todoroki with them. A third joined a while later. He curled them, rubbing against the walls of Todoroki’s inside. Soon they’d be covered in his come. He growled at the thought of it. A fourth finger joined the mix, brushing over Todoroki’s prostate and making the man keen.

Bakugou leaned forward, kissing Todoroki hungrily. He couldn’t see what Midoriya was doing but he could see Todoroki’s face, the way it twisted in pleasure. He knew when Todoroki started shaking, his mouth open with drawn out sound that Midoriya was pushing in. He kissed along Todoroki’s jaw before sucking the Beta’s lip into his mouth.

“You like that?” He asked, licking his way into Todoroki’s mouth. “Alpha’s fucking you and you’re fucking me, should we fill your mouth up too? I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.” Todoroki whined, a punched out sound leaving his throat as Midoriya’s hips started to move. Bakugou shoved his fingers into Todoroki’s mouth, the Beta’s tongue wrapping around them easily.

“There you go.” Bakugou purred. “All filled up.” Midoriya’s harsh thrust forced Todoroki’s hips up into Bakugou. Bakugou’s head fell back against Midoriya’s chest. The Alpha hunched over with a growl, kissing Bakugou so hard he was sure to bruise his lips.

Chapter Text

Four days later Bakugou's Heat had ended. He should be blissed out and exhausted from the marathon of sex. He is anything but that. Bakugou Katsuki is angry. No, that wasn't a strong enough description. He was livid.

He stared at his phone screen. He wanted to reach through the screen and strangle someone. Preferably that cunt of an Alpha.

It had happened while they were dealing with Bakugou's Heat, it had only taken two days to get the French Alpha from the interview fired. The Alpha had not taken it well at all and had went to social media to rant about it. Fans had picked up his statement and translated it:



I've been in this business for 10 years, 10 long and good years. I consistently had an avid, loving, and ever growing fanbase. People listen to my show because I, as a traditional Alpha man, am real and I ask what needs to get asked- because I don't hold back. I have worked hard all my life to get where I am. However as of this morning I have been stripped of not only my career but my dignity as well. The allegations against me and my character are horrendous and nothing more than a cover up by an Alpha who wants to play both sides of life without any consequences.

On May 12th my show was the first and one of the very few shows to interview the Japanese alternative rock band, Ultraviolet Theory, while they were stopped here in Paris for their world tour. Upon arrival and throughout the interview the band's lead guitarist made several attempts to flirt and proposition me. I declined each time, understanding that the current scandal concerning the blatant disrespect and rejection he received from his own Mate probably made him desperate to feel even a semblance of affection from another person.

Things became even worse when the Beta's Mate showed up to our building unannounced. He was even audacious enough to bring along his believed, and confirmed, Omega side piece. The Alpha, if he really can even be called such, must be a horrid lay or the Omega just a knot hungry bitch because the Omega went into Heat once inside our building.

While we were in the middle of a break the Omega, fully in Heat, burst into our studio. He presented himself to me, the only Alpha in the room besides the band's female lead singer, quite whoreishly. He begged for my knot, begged to "be my bitch", and a handful of other things. I was inclined to help the boy simply because he seemed to be in distressing need of a good fuck.

The Alpha upon entering the room attacked and assaulted me. Then to silence the only person who would finally give it to the world straight about who he truly is, about what kind of person you're really supporting I was fired.

Despite this I truly believe that it's important that you all know who this Symbol of Peace really is. To all the fans of The Marchand Show we've had a wonderful 10 years and I swear that I'll never stop telling it like it is.

Bakugou wanted to eviscerate him. Worse yet the Alpha had included a video, a short one which showed Bakugou bursting into the studio, his entire face on display, but cut off before he even looked at Todoroki. The video then cut to Midoriya's attacking of the Alpha (though it was censored it wasn't hard to notice the ferocity of Midoriya's attack).

Both Midoriya and Todoroki were on their phones, as far as Bakugou could tell they were both having heated conversations with their PR teams and lawyers. Bakugou didn't think it could get any worse.

It did.

hey ik that O, I was a TA for one of his classes two years ago. He goes to U.A. I don't know his @ but that's Bakugou Katsuki. Kid has serious issues though.

@lilt_gaze his @ is literally @explodekills20 and he's a side bitch of course he has issues

ⓓⓘⓢⓢⓔⓜⓑⓛⓔ   _⃝ⓐⓤⓡⓞⓡⓐ
Omg, he's so vulgar and rude!

@lilt_gaze I went to school with him as a kid. He was a demon to put it easy. He was super fucking cocky just because he was smart and definitely an Alpha (karma's a bitch). Beat up a kid so bad he had to be hospitalized in primary school and then in high school he told another kid to jump off a building. He was horrible.

Obviously Midoriya's just with him to get off I mean look at how big he is, what's with all those muscles and shit? Seriously is he an Alpha or an Omega?

Midoriya's fucking up his relationship for that? He's an abomination let's be real, he's a freak amongst us Omegas.

Ew, Midoriya picked a fucking bully over Todoroki????

Wow can't believe a celebrity got my sloppy seconds lmfao

Bakugou felt like he was breaking. His life was shattering. Everything was ruined. His body began to shake, his heart felt like it was ready to burst. He wanted the ground to swallow him up. He wanted to sleep and never wake up. He wanted everything to just disappear.

"What the fuck are you two doing?!" Bakugou shouted, throwing his phone across the room angrily. It hit the wall before shattering.

"Kacchan, calm down." Midoriya begged, reaching forward to try and pull Bakugou into a hug.

"No, fuck you Deku!" Bakugou hissed, shoving the Alpha. He was sure the only reason he managed to make Midoriya stumble was because the Alpha was caught off guard.

"Don't do that!" Todoroki growled, standing protectively in front of Midoriya. His teeth bared as he stared at Bakugou.

"And what are you gonna do about it, huh Icy Hot?" Bakugou snapped, getting in to Todoroki's face.

"Shouchan, it's fine!" Midoriya said, trying to separate the two angry men.

"No, it's not fine Izuku!" Todoroki argued.

"Yeah, it's not fine Izuku." Bakugou agreed. "It's not fine that my fucking life is ruined because of you two!"

"K-Kacchan, that's not true!"

"Not true? Fucking look at this shit Deku!" Bakugou shouted, he grabbed his phone off the floor and shoved it towards Midoriya so that he could see the messages on his shattered screen. "I'm a whore, I'm a disgusting bitch, I'm an abomination. Do you think any of them give a fuck that I'm smart as fuck, that I have amazing grades, that I work my fucking ass off in uni and at fucking work? No! I've been reduced to a bitch who needs a knot every five minutes just to function!"

"You're not the only one getting shit thrown at them Katsuki." Todoroki responded.

"No I'm not, but unlike the two of you it's never going to end for me! You're famous, you're celebrities. A fucking month from now no one will give a fuck about what you did. You don't lose anything in the long run!" Bakugou replied.

"Kacchan, please just-." Midoriya started.

"God, shut up!" Bakugou screamed. "This is your fault, both of you! You put me in Heat, you fucked up my life!"

"Katsuki, we never meant to-." Todoroki started.

"No of course not, you were too busy getting your rocks off! Especially you, Deku!" Bakugou hissed. "Was it fun having someone to fuck even when Todoroki's gone? Did you even mean any of that bullshit? No, right? You just wanted to keep fucking your dirty little secret. Maybe you really are a traditional ass knothead."

Bakugou's head cocked back, his hand going to grab his nose as blood began to trickle from it. Todoroki punched him. Todoroki punched him.

"You hit me!" Bakugou said in disbelief, staring at Todoroki with wide eyes.

"I- Katsuki, I'm-." Todoroki started.

"I'm going home." Bakugou interrupted. "I'm going home and I want you to leave me alone, both of you."

“Kacchan, let’s just-.” Midoriya began, pleading.

“No, this was a mistake!” Bakugou shouted. “I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t want this!” He turned, stalking towards the bathroom and slamming the door shut.

Bakugou returned to Tokyo alone.

When he got home he practically threw himself onto bed, stuffed his face into his pillow, and sobbed his heart out.

“Bakugou?” Hagakure called softly as she opened his door, having noticed his shoes at the door. “Do you wanna talk about it?”

“I’m fucking fine.” Bakugou’s muffled voice spoke, he refused to lift his head. Hagakure sighed before climbing into bed next to him and snuggling up to his side, purring softly. Ashido came in not long after once she saw that Hagakure wasn’t in her room to study. Bakugou had finally turned over, his head in the crook og Hagakure’s neck. Ashido climbed in on his other side, head resting on his chest. Her crooning joining Hagakure’s purring.

Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari showed up almost an hour later. Kaminari grabbed some extra blankets to lay them next to the bed for the three of them.

“We’re here for you Bakugou.” Sero whispered above the purring and crooning.

“Todoroki punched me.” Bakugou stated, his voice scratchy.

“Do you want me to kill him?” Kirishima asked. Bakugou smirked sadly.

“No, don’t hurt him.” He responded. “I just wanna forget it all, okay?”

“Okay.” Kirishima agreed hesitantly. “If that’s really what you want.”


Bakugou had stayed in bed for three days. Kirishima and Ashido tried to make sure he ate. Sero and Kaminari tried to make him feel better with jokes. Hagakure laid in bed with him for a while each day, keeping him company.

He woke up on Tuesday gasping, just like he had for the last three days. The pain in his chest so strong that he was scared that he might be dying. It felt like he was dying.

“Bakugou!” He heard someone calling. It was muffled though, like he was underwater. His head felt heavy. “Bakugou, look at me!” Ashido’s face filled his vision, staring at him in concern. “It’s okay, you’re okay. Just breathe. Breathe, Bakugou. Slower, follow me. That’s it.”

He took in another breath, slower than his previous. He followed Ashido, matching his breathing to hers after a few minutes.

“I’m fine.” He said as the room stopped spinning. He stood, reluctant to step foot on campus but knowing he had too. He worked too hard to get into U.A. to let this scare him off campus.

“You’re not fine.” Ashido argued.

“I am.” Bakugou responded, his words hard and leaving no room for argument. He made his way to the bathroom. He probably looked a mess, having cried the majority of the day.

“Bakugou, you need to talk to someone.” Ashido stated.

“I said I’m fine.” Bakugou snarled. “I don’t need to fucking talk, there’s nothing wrong.”

“At least go to the doctor.”

“Fuck, fine! If I go see my fucking doctor will it make you shut up?”

“For now.”

“Then I’ll go to the fucking doctor, can I get dressed now?”


People were staring at him. People were whispering about him. It was annoying. It was infuriating. He hated it. He fucking hated it.

The Alphas were the worst.

“Hey Bakugou, you wanna sit on my knot?” They shouted.

“How much to get my dick sucked?” They shouted.

“I could put a baby in you if you’re that desperate!” They shouted.

“So do you open your legs for everyone or just for rich guys?” They shouted.

Bakugou grit his teeth in anger and restraint. He had a good, clean record. He couldn’t fuck that up. He couldn’t fuck that up. He couldn’t fuck that up.

Someone grabbed his ass as he passed by them in a hallway.

Someone had sat next to him in lecture and leered at him.

Someone tried to proposition him in the bathroom.

He thought Alphas would be the worst he’d have to deal with.

He was wrong. The TodoMido fans were even worse.

They were all over his social media but also all over campus. It was hard to avoid them too, practically impossible.

“You’re disgusting!” A Beta girl had shouted at him once she and her friends spotted him. “No one will ever want a whore like you!”

“Yeah, you freak!” Another girl added. Bakugou stood there, quietly letting them. He had done this exact same thing to numerous kids growing up. He deserved this. If he could dish it then he could fucking take it.

“Get away from him!” Someone else interrupted. Aoyama pushed his way through the group to stand in front of Bakugou. “You don’t know what you’re talking about so get the hell out of here. You’re distressing him!”

Bakugou hadn’t noticed the way he was shaking or the fact that his breathing had gone shallow and harsh. He didn’t notice the way his scent had soured. It wasn’t until the room started spinning that he realized that maybe he wasn’t fine.

Chapter Text

"Yamada found him in the hotel bar again." Shoji stated, his arms wrapped around a heavily intoxicated Todoroki Shouto. Midoriya sighed, reaching out to take the smaller Beta from Shoji.

"Thank you Mezo, and thank Yamada for me as well." He said, giving him an apologetic smile.

"It's no problem Izuku, we know things are hard right now. He's putting on a brave face for ours and the fans’ sake but...he's hurting and so are you." Shoji responded. He reached up to squeeze Midoriya's shoulder in reassurance. "You're not a bad Alpha and he's not a bad Beta, you're human."

"Thank you." Midoriya responded, his voice barely above a whisper. Shoji nodded before turning to walk down the hall to his own room. Midoriya scooped Todoroki up, the Beta groaning quietly at the movement, and kicked the room door shut. He took Todoroki to the suite's bathroom, getting a good look at his Mate's appearance. His face was flushed and his eyes bloodshot and glassy. His clothes were wrinkly and disheveled. His body trembling slightly. "Oh, Shouchan..."

"Let go." Todoroki slurred, squirming in Midoriya's grip. "I c'n do it m'self." Midoriya quickly set him down, not wanting to drop the Beta due to his fidgeting. Todoroki swayed on his feet as the room spun before he staggered over to the toilet to empty out the contents of his stomach. Midoriya squatted behind him, rubbing his back as he wretched.

"You can't keep doing this, Shouto." Midoriya said. "Please, just-."

"I ruined everything." Todoroki gasped between dry heaves, his eyes watering and throat burning. "I'm just like my father."

"You're nothing like him, Shouto." Midoriya disagreed vehemently.

"I am." Todoroki cried. "I ruin everything, just like he does. I hit Katsuki. I'm horrible."

"You're not horrible." Midoriya protested. "Hitting Kacchan was wrong, just like me not stepping in was wrong and him trying to start a fight was wrong. We all did things we shouldn't have because we were stressed and angry and scared. The important thing is that we learn from that mistake and don't repeat it."

"Do you hate me?" Todoroki asked quietly, his head resting on cool porcelain.

"Of course not, I love you." Midoriya answered. "Why would you ask that?"

"Because I hate me." Todoroki answered. "And because we can't go back. Not anymore. Not to what it was like before all this. It'll never be like it was before. We're not going to be happy without him, we need him."

"I know." Midoriya sighed, petting Todoroki's hair. It made his heart hurt, the thought of not having Bakugou, of Bakugou not wanting them. It hurt so much. Midoriya felt like he was dying on the inside, Todoroki was the only thing keeping him sane. Keeping him afloat. Keeping him alive. “How about we brush your teeth and then we take a nice hot bubble bath. We’ll take it one thing at a time, okay?”

“You’re too good to me.” Todoroki whined pitifully. “I don’t deserve you.”

“I was made for you.” Midoriya replied.

I was made for you and Kacchan.


"You want me to do what?!" Bakugou questioned. He was sure he was hearing things. He had to be. There was no way she said what he thought she did.

"I want you to get in contact with that Alpha and Beta again." Shuuzenji, his primary doctor, repeated. She was a small, elderly Omega woman and had been his doctor since he moved to Tokyo. She had always been exceptionally kind and professional despite Bakugou's crass attitude.


"Your Heat in March was five days early and lasted seven days. Then you experienced a Heat a month early this month."

"Yes I know that Granny, I was fucking there."

"I have been your doctor since you came to Tokyo, Bakugou, and aside from you I've had many patients over the years." Shuuzenji said. "A seven day Heat is completely unheard of, as is having a Heat earlier than two days before your set cycle. Your Heats in particular, Bakugou, have always been meticulous. These changes in cycle elude to a change in you."

"What do you mean? I've been exactly the fucking same all year."

"No, you haven't." She disagreed. "You meet an Alpha and Beta that you're highly compatible with. Your body forced your Heat back in March because of their scents and to try and gain their attention. Then you went into a Heat at the smell of a Beta. While Betas do have pheromones they lack the necessary ones that come from a Heat or Rut which can cause another's cycle to begin. To put it plainly the Beta's scent should not have been enough to send you into Heat."

"Okay... what the fuck does that have to do with you wanting me to call them?"

"In your spontaneous Heat you were only interested in that pair, particularly the Beta. I believe you subconsciously solidified them as your Mates, you began a partial bond. This leaves you in very uncharted territory. We don't know when your Heats will hit or how long they will be. We also don't know if your Heats are now synced to the two of them, if that's even possible, it would mean that going a substantial amount of time without their scents could cause a repeat of what happened in Paris. Seeing as you went into Heat just by smelling the Beta it's very plausible that should you have a Heat naturally without the two of them to assist you will suffer greatly."

"So I'm fucked." Bakugou summarized with a growl. "Fan-fucking-tastic."

"I understand that this isn't exactly ideal but I'm not saying you need to reconcile with them. I simply think it would be in your best interest physically and mentally to at least have an agreement established between the three of you concerning your Heat and the Alpha's Rut." Shuuzenji replied, her voice never losing its kind tone.

"Yeah and for how long?"

"That is hard to say. Your situation is one of a kind as far as I am aware. We'd need to give it some time to research, find the pattern in your cycle, test out different situations to see how it affects you, and then come up with the necessary solutions."

"And this partial bond shit?"

"Well in normal instances it would either go away over time or be fulfilled with the bite. The situation with your Heats makes it impossible for you to get the necessary space needed to allow the bond to dissolve, so you have to make do until we get your cycle figured out if you're unwilling to mate the Alpha and Beta."

"So I’m double fucked.” Bakugou muttered, rubbing his temples in agitation. “I really am just fucked all around." He wanted to explode but Shuuzenji definitely didn't deserve to be a witness to that. It wasn't her fault. It was his. Him and his stupid ass Omega.

"I'm sorry Bakugou." She apologized sadly.

“If I don’t see them...” Bakugou wondered. “Would I stop having Heats completely?”

“It’s possible but it’s also very dangerous.” She answered. “Even those on suppressants have to have a cycle every few months. It’s a necessary bodily function, repressing it could just lead to complications. Imbalances, disorders, infertility...”

“So it’d just fuck me up even more basically.”

“Yes, basically.” Shuuzenji agreed solemnly. "Is there anything else you’d like to discuss?"

"I can't fucking sleep." Bakugou began. "When I do I wake up having trouble breathing and it feels like someone's using my chest as a punching bag. I'm restless. I get this feeling a lot of the time like I'm dying or like I'm...I don't know, like I’m far away from the things happening around me, like I'm watching everything from underwater." Shuuzenji listened to him quietly, writing everything down.

"It sounds like you're having trouble with anxiety." She said. "Most likely brought on by the stress of your situation. It's nothing to be ashamed of and also very common. I'm going to give you a prescription for an antidepressant but I would like you to also consider seeking psychiatric treatment."


"You didn't have to wait out here, French Twinkle." Bakugou muttered as he spotted Aoyama in the waiting area. The other Omega looked up at him, smiling.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay." Aoyama responded. Bakugou shrugged, stuffing the prescription in his bag.

"I've been better." He replied.

"You wanna grab lunch?" Aoyama offered. "My treat."

"You're going to regret that." Bakugou snickered, following the other blonde out of the hospital.

"So..." Aoyama started hesitantly. "Are you broken up? Sorry, that's none of my business! You don't have to tell me if you don't want too!"

"It's fine, French Twinkle." Bakugou huffed. "And I guess, I mean it's not like it was serious. I was just a good fuck." Aoyama stared at him in disbelief.

"You can't seriously believe that." He argued. "Why would they court you if it was just a fling?"

"Court me?" Bakugou replied. "The fuck are you talking about?"

"Your necklace." Aoyama answered. Bakugou touched his neck, realizing that he still had on the red orchard pendant Todoroki got him.

"No, this was a birthday present."

"No, it's a courting gift disguised as a birthday present." Aoyama laughed. "And the bracelet?” Bakugou grabbed hold of his own wrist, fingers dancing over the red and gold bracelet that rested their.

"Midoriya gave it to me when he came back." Bakugou explained. “But he always gives me shit, Todoroki too.”

“Buying you designer jewelry and having designer jewelry custom made for you is two different things.” Aoyama responded. “Both pieces took personal thought as well as a substantial amount of money. You don’t spend time and money like that on a fling.”

“I-.” Bakugou started, at a loss for words.

When he got home there was a small package on his bed. He wasn’t sure what it was, he hadn’t ordered anything. Maybe one of his friends was trying to cheer him up again (even though he didn’t need cheering up). He sat down, throwing his bag on his desk, and tore the tape of the package.

It was a phone.

A brand new phone.

There was a note stuck to the front of the box. ‘We’re sorry.’ It read. ‘We hope one day you can forgive us.’

He shoved the box back into the package and all but threw the whole thing in his closet, his chest heaving with his breathing. His fingers scrambled clumsily to take of the bracelet and then again to undo the clasp of the necklace. He couldn’t find it in himself to be nearly as careless with them as he had been with the phone though.

He stuck them in his dresser drawer under all his clothes. He took a deep breath, refusing to let out the whine that was stuck in his chest or to dig the jewelry back out. He sat down at his desk, intent on doing his schoolwork and ignoring the gifts completely.


Bakugou woke from his sleep that night in hysterics. His chest was constricting tightly, tears clouding his vision, and sobs making it hard to breathe. A scream ripped it’s way from his lips. His body moved, feet staggering to carry him to the front door.

Kirishima burst out of his own room, his eyes wide and wild. Ashido threw her door open, fear twisting her normally happy face. The redheaded Alpha grabbed his best friend, wrapping his arms around his shoulders and holding him close to stop him. Bakugou began thrashing, the gut wrenching screams bubbling up from his throat once again.

“Katsuki!” Kirishima was shouting. “Katsuki, look at me!” Bakugou shook his head frantically, his screaming making his throat burn.

“Bakugou?!” Ashido was shouting. “What’s wrong?! What happened?!” The Omega let out a keening wail, his fingers digging into Kirishima’s arms.

Someone please help him.

Someone save him.

He was going to die.


Chapter Text

Ultraviolet Theory
Hello to all our loving fans. We're coming to you today to announce with deep regret that we will be canceling the American leg, the last leg, of our world tour. Our lead guitarist, Shouto, was in a very serious car accident last night. The health of each individual of our band matters greatly, we are a Pack first and foremost. We want him to not only have the adequate time needed to heal physically but mentally as well.

We will have further news about Shouto's condition as well as ticket refunds and rescheduled show dates later on in the week. We understand that this doesn't account for the travel fees many of you have already paid for just to come and see us but we hope you understand and respect our decision. Please keep Shouto in your thoughts. Thank you.

Bakugou sat on the bathroom floor, Ashido and Kirishima on either side of him. He gripped his phone so tightly he though he might actually break it in half.

"Can you guys give me a minute?" He asked.

"Are you gonna call him?" Kirishima questioned. Bakugou nodded.

"I- we're partially bonded, I need to. I'm not gonna feel any less like shit until I do."

"Okay." Ashido agreed, standing up and pulling Kirishima with her. "We'll be outside if you need us." The door shut soundly behind them and Bakugou was suddenly alone. His fingers shook, he wasn't sure if it was from shock or the restraint to not do something completely and utterly stupid.

He dialed.

The phone rang.

He thought about hanging up.

Someone answered.

Midoriya sounded like shit. He sounded like he had been crying for hours and was still crying. He sounded ruined in the worst way. Bakugou hated it.

"Zuku." Bakugou said, his voice hesitant.

"Kacchan?" Midoriya breathed, a strange choked sound caught in his throat.

"Is he...will he be okay?"

"I hope so." Midoriya responded. "He's got a broken rib and his left wrist is sprained. They're worried about his back too. A lot of scrapes and bruises. Some cuts from the window shattering."

"I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to be sorry for Kacchan, this isn't your fault." Midoriya responded. "He's always been reckless when it came to his father."

"His father?"

"Shouchan thinks he's just like Enji because he hit you." Midoriya sighed. Bakugou felt like he'd been dumped in a large bucket of ice cold water. He didn't like the way that sounded. "Todoroki Enji is a great businessman but he's a terrible husband and a terrible father. He values his work and his pride more than his wife and kids." The line was quiet then, Bakugou taking everything in.

"We're bonded."

"I- yes, we felt it."

"Just because I'm calling doesn't mean I want anything to do with you right now."

"We understand."

"I don't like that my body forced us together. I don't like that I can't tell if what I'm feeling is me or just Omega biology. I don't like being dictated by my nature. I need to figure it out, away from you."

"Whatever you want Kacchan." Midoriya agreed easily even though it made his heart break in to a thousand pieces. "We'll be returning to Tokyo when they clear Shouchan for flying, I hope we can talk then."

"We'll see Izuku." Bakugou replied. He hung up, his heart singing but his head a million miles away. He would have a month and a half at least before Todoroki was well enough to make the flight from Manchester. At least six weeks to get his shit together.

He had a few things he needed to work out.


Todoroki remembered his presentation. It was a school day, a Friday. His father had already put his mother away where she couldn't hurt them years prior. It would have been the most fatherly thing he ever did if it weren't for the fact that his children were just pawns to him.

Todoroki had never seen his sister, though she presented as Alpha when he was a toddler she was born a girl. Enji had deemed her a weakling, a failure, from birth. Todoroki had not been in Touya's presence for six years. He had been six when his eldest brother presented as Omega. A failure, the weakest of all. He hadn't seen Natsuo for four years, he was eight when his other brother presented as a Beta. Another failure, another weakling. It was incredibly lonely. Fuyumi was gone now, at university. Touya and Natsuo were in high school, Touya in his last year and Natsuo in his first.

Everything now rode on Todoroki. He had to be an Alpha.

He had been fine at school, just like always. Diligent, hardworking, on his best behavior. When he got home, he found himself incredibly tired and a headache was brewing in the back of his skull. With a lot less grace than normal he made his way too his own room. He slid in to bed, uniform and all. His limbs felt unbelievably heavy and he was out before his head even hit his pillows.

Someone was shaking him awake frantically.

"Shou, Shou wake up!" Touya was crouched over him, staring at his youngest brother with a wild look of fear.

"Touya?" Shouto questioned, sitting up. He noticed Natuso moving through his room, stuffing his clothes in a big bag. "What are you doing? You'll get in trouble."

"We have to go, Shou." Touya answered.

"Go? Go where?"

"To stay with Fuyumi."

"But we can't go. What about school? And mom? Father will be angry, Touya. We shouldn't make him angry, that's what Mom said."

"Mom isn't here, Shou." Touya retorted. "You presented, Baby Brother. You're a Beta. It's over." Todoroki wasn’t sure if he was upset or relieved by this information. “We’re of no use to him, all of us. We have to go.” Touya’s eyes stared at Shouto pleadingly, he needed him to understand. They couldn’t stay there.

“But Izuku...” Shouto began. “I can’t leave Izuku. He won’t care anymore, Father won’t care now that I’m a Beta.”

“He’ll sell you, he’ll get rid of you and make Mom have more babies.” Touya responded. “I know you want to stay with your friends and Izuku, I know it’s not fair that we’re making you do this but we just want you safe Shou. You’re our Baby Brother, we’re supposed to take care of you and protect you.”

“Okay.” Todoroki agreed quietly, defeatedly. He didn’t want to leave especially not without telling Midoriya but it was the best decision, their only option. He hurriedly climbed out of bed, following his brothers out his room and down the stairs to the front door.

They stopped completely before the foyer, the three boys face to face with Todoroki Enji. Fear caused Todoroki’s body to tremble, his eyes to widen. As he greew up Enji had always seemed to be a giant compared to his small size. Even Touya and Natsuo, who were both pushing six feet, looked tiny in the wake of their father.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Enji asked as he stalked forward. He grabbed Shouto up by the arm, practically dangling the young boy in the air.

“Father, please just-.” Touya started. Enji snarled viciously and Touya cowered back, neck bared with a whine. Enji sniffed the air, his face twisting angrily as he held Shouto closer to smell him.

“Damn you!” He growled, throwing Shouto aside as if he were a toy Enji had lost interest in. Shouto’s body hit the ground hard, knocking the air out of him, he rolled and his back crashed against a wall. His head smacked against the wood of the wall and he cried out, hand going to clutch the back of his head. It was wet.

Enji was coming towards him, eyes wild with rage. He couldn’t move, no matter how much Todoroki tried to will his body it wouldn’t move. Touya rushed forward and kneeled over Shouto protectively. Natsuo grabbed hold of their father from behind, trying to hold him back and drag him away from his brothers. A dark rumble ripped through the room and Enji slammed his head back in to Natsuo’s face. Natsuo let go, stumbling back. There was a gash on his forehead, blood trickling from it into his eye. Enji turned, his fist colliding with the soft skin of Natsuo’s cheek and sending his son reeling back.

“Don’t ever do that again.” Enji warned him before turning to where Touya was still huddled over Shouto. He grabbed hold of Touya’s wild red hair pulling the Omega back forcefully. Touya let out a shout of pain, his hands reaching up hastily to claw at Enji’s. “The only reason you’re still here is because I’ve found a way for you to be useful to me, do not push your luck with me Touya.” He tossed the Omega aside and grabbed hold of Todoroki. “You’re just as much a failure as those other three and Rei.”

“It’s not my fault.” Todoroki stuttered out.

“It’s entirely your fault.” Enji responded. “You will not cause me any problems, I’ll fix this disgrace myself. If any of you so much as try to do something like this again I will kill each and every one of you.”

It was in that moment that Todoroki hated being a Beta if only for his brothers’ sakes.

The back of his head, where Touya had stitched him up, itched terribly. Enji, in a true sign of no longer giving a fuck about his youngest son, had refused to call the family doctor, Ujiko, when Shouto’s head hadn’t stopped bleeding which left Touya and Natsuo frantically trying to figure out how to stitch up a head wound themselves.

Despite the itch and the fact that he wanted to throw up, Todoroki knew that he would be expected to go to school. Be diligent, hardworking, and on his best behavior. Just like always. It mattered even more now, he couldn’t afford to slip.

Futher down the hill he saw his friends, his Pack. Shouto was the second of the group to present, Shoji having presented in February.

“Shouchan!” Midoriya’s light and cheery voice shouted as he ran up to meet Todoroki. “Mezo said you’ve presented as Beta, that’s so cool!” Todoroki smiled at Midoriya, knowing good and well that for him it was not cool.

“You think everything is cool.” He teased. “If I was Omega, you’d think it was cool.”

“Of course I would.” Midoriya agreed, looping his arm around Todoroki. “They’re all really cool.” Midoriya’s voice tipped off into a low mumbling as he began muttering about each of the designations to himself. Todoroki watched him with a warm smile, Midoriya never failed to make him happy just by existing.

A scent caught his nose, a new one wafting off of Midoriya. Todoroki leaned over, confused.

“Shouchan?” Midoriya asked, his muttering ceasing.

“Did you present?” Todoroki replied.

“No, not yet.” Midoriya responded, his brow creasing in confusion. “Why would you ask that?”

“No reason.” Todoroki answered.

Midoriya hadn’t presented but for some reason Todoroki had known. He’d known Midoriya would be an Alpha, his Alpha. He had smelt it.


When Todoroki opened his eyes he was in an unfamiliar room, staring up at a plain white ceiling. There was a heavy antiseptic smell to the place and an incessant beeping sound. It Todoroki a moment to understand that he was in a hospital room and lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to a set of machines.

“Shouchan?” Midoriya’s face suddenly filled his vision. The Alpha looked horrible. His eyes were puffy and red, bags under them a sign of his lack of sleep. His hair and clothes were a mess. His scent laced with worry and fear. “Hi, Baby?”

“I always knew it was you.” Todoroki responded, his voice scratchy.

“What?” Midoriya questioned softly, his hand running through Todoroki’s hair lovingly.

“Always knew you were mine.” Todoroki responded. Midoriya smiled softly.

“Me too.” He agreed.

“What happened?” Todoroki asked. While he understood where he was he still couldn’t remember why he was there.

“You hot really drunk.” Midoriya explained. “And you crashed the rental car.”

“I hit someone?” Todoroki questioned. “Are they- are they okay?”

“Yes, they’re no better than you but no worse off.” Midoriya answered.

“I’m sorry.” Todoroki sighed. “I’m tired now.”

“It’s probably the pain meds. Go ahead and sleep Shouchan, I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Love you Zuku.”

“I love you too Shouchan.”

Chapter Text

Having lunch with Aoyama had became routine. Sometimes the rest of Bakugou's Pack joined too. The other blonde Omega was more often than not smiling and he didn't force Bakugou to talk about his feelings and shit. Bakugou appreciated that.

They were having lunch at their usual spot, once Aoyama learned about Bakugou's love for super spicy food he had insisted that this restaurant (a place called Suneater) was the best.

"So you want to try and date?" Aoyama asked. "Is that a good idea?"

"Hell if I know." Bakugou muttered. "I can't know if shit's real if I don't test it."

"Okay." Aoyama mused. "Wanna go to a party?"


"One of my bigger clients invited me, I figured it would be good networking but I'd love having someone I know really well come with me."


Bakugou had nothing to wear (not that he cared about looking any type of way).

"There's literally bags of designer clothes in here Baku, what do you mean you have nothing to wear?" Hagakure questioned as she dug through his closet. "Oh my god, how much is this jacket?"

"What jacket?" Bakugou asked from where he sat on his bed.

"This leather one."

"Which leather one?"

"What the fuck?! How many leather jackets do you have?"

"I don't know, like at least one in every color. I gave Devil Bitch the pink one though. Shitty Hair has one of the red ones."

"One of- I'm not even going to explain how boujee that sounded."

"I'm not fucking boujee."

"I'm just a lowly, broke college student in your presence."

"I'm still just as broke as you Dumbass."

"Yeah but you don't have to look it."

"I'm not wearing any of that."

"Why not?"

"Midoriya and Todoroki bought that shit, it goes against my whole thing right now."

"But it's expensive." Hagakure whined. "I get that you're mad or confused or whatever at them but the clothes don't deserve to suffer, Baku."

"Fine." Bakugou huffed, rolling his eyes. "Find something then since you're all about fair rights for designer clothes."

"I've had an outfit picked for like twenty minutes already." Hagakure replied. She held up a black mesh shirt and a black skinny jeans.

"You realize people already think I'm a whore, right?" Bakugou deadpanned.

"Fuck them." Hagakure scoffed. "And even if you were a whore, which you're not, you take it to the next level and be the best damn whore anyone's ever seen."

"You're fucking ridiculous." Bakugou snickered.

"That's why you love me." Hagakure responded with a flip of her cobalt blue hair. "Is Aoyama coming to do your makeup?"

"Sadly." Bakugou grumbled. "He's fucking persistent."

"Which is why you like him." Hagakure reminded, moving to lay across his bed. "Denki and I can't be your only Omega friends. You haven't talked to Uraraka or Asui since Paris so..."

"They're not my fucking friends." Bakugou huffed. "They're Midoriya and Todoroki's Pack."

"That doesn't mean they can't be your friends too."

"It's fucking weird."

"Because you're making it weird."

"Is it weird for you? Since you and Monkey Boy are a thing."

"No, not really. But it'd be nice if we could all hang out together." Hagakure answered with a shrug. "Now hurry up and get dressed so you'll be ready when Aoyama gets here." She jumped up from his bed, her normal bounce in her step extra bouncy.

"What are you doing tonight? Hanging out with Devil Bitch?"

"Nope, she's got a study group with Kendou, Shiozaki, and Shoda. I'm going on a group date."

"Group date?"

"Yup. Mashirao and I. Kiri, Hanta, and Denki. Uraraka and Asui. Tetsu and Shinsou. Big group date."

"Sounds lame." Bakugou snipped.

"Yeah, you have fun too." Hagakure replied back with a laugh as she exited his room.

An hour later he was staring at himself in his mirror. Bakugou wasn't self conscious. He liked his body, he worked hard to maintain his body. Something about the idea of everyone being able to see his nipples made him blush though. The shirt hugged him just as well as the pants did, the mesh material leaving nothing to the imagination and putting his muscle on full display.

Todoroki probably wouldn't stop playing with his chest if he saw him in this. Midoriya probably would have fucked him right there in front of the mirror.

A rush of heat filled his belly, the sweet smell of slick started to permeate, and Bakugou frowned. He was definitely not supposed to be thinking about them.

"Bakugou!" He heard Aoyama call from the hallway, the other blonde was making his way to Bakugou's room. "Hagakure, let me in." Aoyama was dressed with as much flair as Bakugou had come to expect from the other Omega.

"How the fuck do you walk in those?" Bakugou asked, staring down at Aoyama's feet. Even Ashido didn't wear heels that high. They had to be at least seven inches.

"Lots of practice." Aoyama replied. "I could teach you." Bakugou felt his ears redden. For a moment he wondered what Midoriya and Todoroki would think. He mentally shook himself.

"Uh..." He started, still unsure how to answer.

"Think about it." Aoyama said simply. He placed his bag on the bed, makeup products clinking together softly. He had Bakugou sit at his desk and dug through his bag, pulling out multiple tubes, containers, and brushes that Bakugou had no idea was necessary. Ashido had made him were eyeliner and mascara (and a bit of lip gloss once) before but that was it. While he didn't use it often Bakugou appreciated the art of it, the way it could make even him look soft or even better when it accentuated his fierceness. He wondered what Aoyama would do.

It took a long ass fucking time.

Bakugou had no idea how some people do it everyday, his fucking ass was starting to hurt.

"Hold still before I poke your eye out." Aoyama warned for a third time. "Eyepatches are not cute, Bakugou."

"My left ass cheek fell asleep." Bakugou retorted. "Why's it taking so long?"

"You can't rush perfection, Bakugou." Aoyama responded, momentarily placing a hand on his hip. "I'm in seven inch heels right now, suck it up, you baby."

"I'm not a fucking baby." Bakugou grumbled. "I doubt people are going to look twice at me, everyone acts like I either killed their puppy or like I have The Plague."

"Well boo to them because you look hot as fuck and you're a great person.” Aoyama replied firmly. "We're all done." He dragged Bakugou over to his mirror to show him the full look.

His skin was naturally smooth (he was pretty sure he got it from his mother) but now there was a glow to it. Aoyama had did a smokey cat eye, a bold red lip, a light dusting of a blush, and shimmering highlighter that Bakugou was pretty sure was rose gold (he was sure Midoriya had a watch custom made for him that was the same color). Bakugou blinked almost surprised when his reflection blinked as well.

Well, this was an interesting feeling.

Bakugou had never been delicate or least not outside of sex. He had never had the urge to be but looking at himself in the mirror he kind of liked the idea. Not necessarily the idea of being delicate but the idea of having that choice to be so if he wanted to.

"You look amazing." Aoyama gushed. "We have to take a selfie!"

Taking a selfie turned into taking several selfies and listening to Aoyama judge them all before deciding which one he liked the most so that he could post it.

"What should I caption it?" Aoyama wondered.

"Frenchie and Blasty." Bakugou muttered.

"You know Midoriya and Todoroki follow me?" Aoyama asked, completely ignoring Bakugou’s comment. "You should tease them."

"Tease them?"

"What does Todoroki call you?"


"Kittens it is."

"Who the fuck calls you Kitten?"

"No one yet, but it's hot." Aoyama replied with a shrug. "I wouldn't mind one of those American Alphas sliding into my DMs, the ones that call their spouses "Sugar" and "Doll"."

"Ugh, come on before you start getting slick all over my fucking room." Bakugou said as he grabbed his things.

"I would do no such thing!" Aoyama gasped, feigning offense. "Bakugou Katsuki, how could you say such a thing? I am utterly appalled."

Bakugou was sure that he rolled his eyes so hard they got stuck at the back of his head for a second.

The party was at a night club called Lemillion, under normal circumstances Bakugou never would of gotten into it...not that he would have wanted to. Clubs were right below concerts on the list of Places Bakugou Did Not Have The Patience For. They were crowded, people tried to cop a feel or worse drug you, and he was pretty sure the clubs wanted everyone to have seizures with all those damn strobe lights and shit. The few times Bakugou went to clubs he always ended up kicked out at some point for getting in a fight (how could people expect him to get grabbed by the ass and not retaliate? Who the fuck did they think he was?).

Bakugou dragged Aoyama to the bar. There was no way he was talking or worse yet dancing without at least one drink in his system. He was way too sober for that especially since he was sure he saw at least three Alphas (two men and one woman) leer at him.

"Yuuga!" An Omega woman with blonde hair and blue eyes was suddenly in their space, hugging Aoyama toghtly. "I'm so glad you could make it!"

"Of course, Tsuchikawa, anything for you." Aoyama replied. "This is Bakugou Katsuki."

"Oh! I've heard so much about you!" Tsuchikawa gushed. "And you're so adorable, just like a kitten!"

"I'm not fucking adorable." Bakugou hissed, knocking back his drink. "Who the hell are you?"

"Tsuchikawa Ryuko, Pixie-Bob of Wild, Wild Pussycats." The woman introduced herself.

"Wild, Wild Pussycats?" Bakugou questioned, his face completely blank. "Isn't Pixie-Bob a fucking housecat?"

"They're a famous dance team." Aoyama answered. "Honestly Bakugou how do you not know of them?"

"I literally fucked Midoriya and Todoroki for a week without knowing who they were." Bakugou responded. "I don't know why this surprises you."

"So crass this one." Tsuchikawa laughed, patting Bakugou's shoulder. "I like him. We're up in the big booth upstairs, don't forget to say high to the rest of the team."

"You should go now." Bakugou piped up. "I'll still be here drowning in alcohol."

"Are you sure?" Aoyama asked.

"Yes, yes do your networking shit." Bakugou replied, hailing the bartender down again.

"Okay, I'll be right back!" Aoyama relented, following Tsuchikawa off to the side where the stairs were. Bakugou gave a flippant wave.

Not even a minute after the two Omegas left someone else took Aoyama's previous seat. It was an Alpha man. A large, bulky guy with short, spiky blonde hair and small dark eyes. He had a large scar across the left side of his face and a smaller one on the right side of his forehead. Despite these (or maybe because of them) he was still very attractive. Bakugou may be fucked over but he wasn't blind or stupid, he had eyes. Bakugou's also starting to think maybe he liked larger than average Alphas and injuries. He had told Midoriya that his scars were kind of hot. He thought it was just with Midoriya but even Todoroki's burn made Bakugou's Omega think it meant something important about the Beta when it came to mating. It made them see strong, capable.

This Alpha wasn’t as big as Midoriya (then again Bakugou really doubted any other Japanese men were) but he was pretty close, still somewhere in the six foot range. This Alpha wore a red tank top underneath a dark jacket, dark-colored pants, and black knee-high boots. He ordered a drink, his voice a low rumble, and downed it the minute it was placed within his grasp.

"Takahashi.” The Alpha said, turning his head to look at Bakugou.

“Excuse me?” Bakugou questioned.

“My name is Takahashi.” The Alpha clarified. Bakugou blinked, brow raised to watch the man next to him.

“Bakugou.” He replied.

“Oh I think everyone knows that, Little One.” Takahashi laughed. “They made quite a mess for you.”

“I’m not some two bit whore.” Bakugou responded, ready as ever to defend himself.

“No, you’re not.” The blonde Alpha agreed. “But that’s certainly what they treated you like. You’re the one having the hard time now.”

“What do you want?” Bakugou asked, skeptical but intrigued.

“How about we start with a dance?” Takahashi offered, rising from his stool. “And then Little One, you can tell me what you want.”

Chapter Text


Wait are you friends with him????

Y’all are gorgeous, wow

As expected from The Shining Hero

How can you be cool with him when you work for Mido? I’m confused

You’re the most beautiful person to me




ew, is this a joke??? you’re only big because of mido

Gorgeous as always


Fuck that’s the todomido kid??? No wonder everyone wants him on their knot


i aspire to be this iconic


okay but the power this holds

Lmfao the fact that y’all both got famous off of TodoMido

Someone tell me how to become their third

This energy is everything, fuck what everyone else thinks. Y’all know the truth


Bakugou was only slightly perturbed about the comments under Aoyama’s selfie of them. Not because of the rude ones but because of Mineta’s pervy self (and honestly they worked together what the hell was that short ass perv thinking?). He had also noticed Uraraka’s comment, for a moment he simply stared at it before Hagakure’s words came to mind. Maybe they could be his friends too. He liked them well enough. He was sure everyone would be in a fit over Todoroki and Midoriya’s Pack following him but he could care less.

He had ended up dancing with Takahashi for more than just a dance and was only pulled away when Aoyama found him and decided that he wanted to dance with his friend, hulking Alpha be damned. Takahashi didn’t seem to mind and was very content to sit at the bar and watch.

While he didn’t end up going home with Takahashi, he did end up with the Alpha’s name and number, a step up in normalcy from his first time meeting Midoriya and Todoroki. Aoyama had apparently zero tolerance for alcohol but insisted that his handful of drinks were not enough to bring him down when they in fact were. Y’all Bakugou had to half carry, half drag the other Omega back to his apartment. Aoyama had drunkenly insisted on taking the couch, sure that Bakugou’s bed wasn’t big enough for both of them. If Bakugou could fit himself, a six foot Beta, and a seven foot Alpha in a nest in his bed there was no reason he and Aoyama both couldn’t fit. He managed to get Aoyama’s heels and makeup off but after that the golden blonde was dead to the world and Bakugou was certainly not going to bathe him like a five year old.

Bakugou moved on to himself, washing his face of makeup and turning the shower on as hot as it could go before quickly getting in. He took a moment to relax, his head falling back against cool tile. The night of dancing and drinking still had him found a bit tight. He decided that then was a good a time to try as ever.

He grabbed hold of his cock, stroking slowly. He tried to think about pale skin, dark eyes even darker from lust, blonde hair between his fingers. While Bakugou was sure that the image would be exciting to anybody else his cock remained half hard in his hand, not even a twitch. He let out a frustrated whine. He hadn’t gotten off since Paris and it was starting to get on his nerves. He wanted an orgasm, dammit.

“Aw, is Kitten horny?” Suddenly there was a deep voice in his ear, dark eyes replaced with mismatched ones, and blonde hair replaced with half white, half crimson.

Bakugou gasped, his cock thickening. Bakugou let the fantasy fill his thoughts, lip caught between his teeth.

“Do you want me to make you feel good? Want us to take care of you, Kitten?” There would be another body at his back, big and strong. Large hands would grasp his hips. His head would tilt up to kiss Midoriya as he moaned low and sweet.

Bakugou moaned, the sound of it echoing through the bathroom, the distinct smell of slick joining the air as it rolled down his leg alongside the droplets of water.

Midoriya’s kisses would turn into licking and gentle bites as he moved down Bakugou’s neck.

“I’m gonna suck your cock, Kitten.” Todoroki would whisper, dropping down to his knees. He would lick his lips, his thumb running over the head of Bakugou’s dick and spreading the precum leaking from it around. Bakugou would hiss, his hips would buck forward impatiently.

“Be a good boy, Kacchan.” Midoriya’s fingers would tighten on his hips, holding him still. Todoroki would lean forward and suck the head into his mouth, tonguing the slit.

Bakugou moaned, the sound growing louder as he imagined Todoroki taking him further down his throat. His toes curled against the floor of the tub.

Todoroki would hollow his cheeks, obscene sounds accompanied by Midoriya’s obscene words.

“Shouto!” Bakugou whined out loud, his strokes quickening. “Izuku, please!”

“Is it good, Baby? Are you going to come in Shouchan’s mouth?” Midoriya would questioned. “It won’t be enough though, it’s been so long since your last orgasm. You want us to fuck you after this? Fill you up over and over again. Want us to rub against your prostate until you’re seeing galaxies. We’ll probably have to do it at the same time since you’re such a little size queen.” Midoriya’s cock would press into Bakugou’s back, marking him with precum.

“Yes.” Bakugou would whine. “I want it.”

“We know you do, Baby.” Midoriya would growl, his hand would move up to grip Bakugou’s hair. “But you have to come down Shouchan’s throat first.”

Bakugou’s eyes snapped open, hips jutting forward as he came with a drawn out sound, his hand still frantically working his cock through it. His body spasmed, vision momentarily whiting out as he came for the first time in almost over two weeks. His knees buckled and he sunk down to the floor of the tub, his cock still spurting out cum.

The water began to to turn ice cold and Bakugou cursed, dragged out of his post coital bliss by the freezing water. He washed as quickly as possible before getting out, drying off, getting dressed, and going to bed.

Aoyama was right where he had left him sprawled out on the right side of Bakugou’s bed. The ash blonde climbed into his bed on the other side, burying himself under the covers. He laid there for a few minutes before what had happened really hit him.

Well, that idea had been a complete bust. He really hoped Aoyama didn’t somehow hear any of that.


“Zuku.” Todoroki whined, his eyes blown wide. “Zuku, please.”

“You’re in the hospital, Shouchan.” Midoriya replied, his body shaking.

“But- but I’m so hard!” Todoroki argued, eyeing his hard cock where it tented his bedding. “It’s not even my fault, you can’t make me lay here like this.”

“You have a broken leg and rib.” Midoriya tried to reason. “It’ll go away.”

“Daddy-.” Todoroki started. Midoriya growled, his body pitched forward before he seemed to regain his control and leaned back again. Todoroki whined.

“No, Shouto.” Midoriya said. “Be good.” The Beta whined again, frustrated with himself for being an idiot and getting himself hurt. This was torture.

“Can I watch you then?” Todoroki asked. “Please, Zuku.”

“And get you even more riled up?” Midoriya retorted with a huff, eyebrow raised.

“I’ll come.” Todoroki said. “I’m so wound tight Zuku, I’ll come from watching you. I know it.”

“This is a terrible idea.” Midoriya muttered, shifting to drag down his joggers enough to let himself free.

“You’re still hard though, you damn exhibitionist.” Todoroki teased, eyes watching as Midoriya’s hardened cock sprang free. “You’re so big, Zuku.” Midoriya hummed, his hand wrapping around his cock as he stared at Todoroki.

“It’s too bad.” Midoriya began. “If you hadn’t been bad, you’d be sucking my cock right now.” Todoroki let out a low whine. He knew that already, Midoriya didn’t have to remind him.

“I’m sorry Daddy.” He muttered.

“Daddy thinks he’ll need to punish you when you’re all better.” Midoriya responded breathlessly, his eyelids dropping low. “Once we get home I’ll put you in a cage, bad boys don’t deserve orgasms.” Midoriya played with the purpling head of his cock, precum spilling into his palm. A rumble started in his chest, his hand going from the head to stroke the shaft languidly. “But when you finally do come think of how good you’ll feel. You’ll see stars, Little Boy, I promise you that.”

“Daddy.” Todoroki hissed, the beeping of his monitor picking up.

“Better control yourself, Little Boy.” Midoriya replied. “We wouldn’t want the nurse to come checking and find out how slutty Daddy’s little boy can be.”

“You’d like that, Daddy.” Todoroki said, trying to will his heart to slow. “You like it when others know what you do to me.” Todoroki’s eyes took on a dark, mischievous glint suddenly. “Daddy’s the biggest slut here, isn’t he?”

“Fuck!” Midoriya groaned managing to grab a wad of tissue from the box on the side table before he made a mess of his clothes. Todoroki whined brokenly, the scent of Midoriya’s release pushing him over the edge. Midoriya righted himself before pushing up to kiss Todoroki and gently clean him before the nurse came to check in on him.


Midoriya Izuku
Hello everyone, I want to start this message by saying thank you to everyone for sending Shouto your well wishes, we really appreciate that. Shouto’s most serious injuries consist and a broken leg and broken rib. He went into surgery earlier this week and is recovering smoothly.

We would both like to apologize publicly to all of you, for years we’ve been very transparent with our fans but find ourselves lacking that transparency in recent months. We’d like to apologize to Bakugou publicly for all the unnecessary trouble we have caused and ask that you all leave him be. There’s a lot going on for each of us right now and we could all do without added negativity from the public.

We, Shouto and I, met Bakugou almost three months ago. We have both actively been in a relationship with him throughout this time. We kept it semi-quiet because we wanted something for ourselves and were worried that publicity would scare him away. We trusted our management teams to handle everything until we were all ready to step into the public eye. This lead to rumors, hate, and a mental toll on each of us that we take full responsibility for. We handled this terribly.

Bakugou is not nor was he ever in it for fame or money of any kind. We pursued him and we choose to give him gifts, he had no idea who we were exactly until April. He’s a beautiful, strong, and smart Omega. Despite his crass and crude attitude he is exceptionally kind and loving in his own way. Bakugou has been seeing us both, Shouto through texts and Skype while UVT was on tour, this entire time. He has met one of Shouto’s siblings as well as our Pack.

Lastly, we’d like to address the Paris issue. I took Bakugou there to surprise both him and Shouto. They had not physically seen each other since April, it was Shouto’s scent that forced Bakugou into Heat. Bakugou ran into the studio to get to Shouto, which is cut out of the video shown, he showed no interest in anyone other than Shouto and myself. The Alpha host of the show tried to attack me to get to my Beta and in Heat Omega which is why I retaliated. On top of this and his blatant lies Shouto never came on to him, he has no reason to since we are in a loving relationship and were dating Bakugou together. The Alpha made sexual comments to him as well as touched him repeatedly and continued to ask evasive questions even after Shouto told him not to.

I found this out hours later that day and unable to do anything for the next few days I made a call to Shouto’s company as well as the Alpha’s which resorted in the Alpha being fired. A lawsuit is being filed against the Alpha for sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Chapter Text

Takahashi asked him out on a date. Bakugou knew that technically he wasn't seeing Midoriya and Todoroki right now, knew that they hadn't talked about exclusivity either but he still felt kind of guilty. The guilt grew when he saw Midoriya's statement. He appreciated how open Midoriya (and Todoroki) were unlike other Alphas Midoriya wasn't afraid to admit his wrongs and faults, he wasn't above apologizing. He took accountability for his own actions completely. He wasn't speaking ill of Bakugou even though the Omega had been mean to him in Paris, even after Bakugou said he wanted nothing to do with them Midoriya still sung him praises.

Despite the guilt Bakugou still said yes to Takahashi. It was important that he figured out not only his body but his mind as well. So far he'd learned that masturbating to any kind of fantasy didn't do it for him unless the people he fantasized about were Midoriya and Todoroki. It was kind of frustrating and embarrassing. Needless to say he hadn't been doing much masturbating lately.

Takahashi wanted to take him to dinner, which Bakugou agreed to as long as it wasn't Natsuo's restaurant. He liked the Beta and the food had been amazing but he definitely didn't want to be in that kind of situation.

Bakugou was nearly done getting ready when his phone rang. He answered it blindly, eyes still on his reflection in the mirror.

"Kitten." Todoroki's voice replied. His voice low and words slurred a bit.

"Shouto?" Bakugou questioned, breath caught in his chest. "I- are you okay? Where's Midoriya?"

"Hotel." Todoroki answered. "Needed to shower."

"Are you okay?" Bakugou repeated.

"Mm...I guess." Todoroki sighed. "Are you? I'm sorry you had to feel it."

"I-I'm fine." Bakugou answered. "I was scared." He admitted quietly. "I thought you were dying, it scared me."

"I'm sorry."

"Just don't do it again...please."

"I won't. I promise."

"I have to go." Bakugou stated. "I have a date." He added unnecessarily. Todoroki made a low sound, a whine and a growl mixed together.

"Why?" He asked. He sounded torn, upset. Betrayed even. Bakugou hated it.

"I'm just trying to figure some things out on my own." Bakugou answered.

"Why?" Todoroki repeated, akin to a young child.

"I don't want to spend my whole life thinking I was forced, or you two, to be together."

"But- why would you think that?" Todoroki questioned, his voice confused. "You think we- that we don't care about you, that it's just biology and instinct?"


"It's not." Todoroki interrupted, his words slurred even more do to his hurried speech. "I loved Izuku before presentation, I loved him even when it was thought that he would never present. I know what it feels like, I know what I feel. It's the same, the same exact feeling that I have with you. Biology and instincts may cause attraction but that's not the same as love. That's not the same as what I feel."

"Shouto..." Bakugou said, pleadingly. Why had he decided to do this now? Why was he saying all this now?

"Izuku looks at you the same way he looks at me." Todoroki continued. "Like you hung the moon and he'd add all the stars if you asked him to. It's not just about you being Omega or fertile or highly compatible. That's attraction, that helped us find you. You've always treated us like human beings, even after finding out about our fame. You didn't change for us. You're so strong and smart and independent, funny but sarcastic. You're protective and loving. You care about your Pack so much. That's what we fell in love with, that's what made us realize that we always want to be by your side."

"Dammit Shouto." Bakugou huffed, rubbing at his watering eyes.

"Sorry I laid it on kind of thick." Todoroki joked lightly. "But you should know, from the beginning we should have made it explicit."

"I should have too." Bakugou agreed. "I have to go, it'd be shitty of me to stand Takahashi up." Todoroki made a noise of surprise.

"Ta-Takahashi?" He asked, a strange edge to his voice.

"Yeah my date, his name's Takahashi." Bakugou answered. "We can talk again later, when you come home okay?"

"Okay. Be careful, Katsuki."

"Get well, Shouto."

If Bakugou was honest he really didn't feel like going out to dinner but he was a man of his word.


When Midoriya got back to the hospital he knew something was wrong. He felt it in the pit of his stomach. His feet picked up pace, carrying him to Todoroki's room quickly. Todoroki's scent was sour with fear, the distinct smell of tears accompanying it. Midoriya pushed his way into Todoroki's room a little to forcefully, the door banging loudly as it hit the wall.

His Beta was in distress.

The nurse was injecting something it to Todoroki's IV.

Midoriya's body was pressed into the wall as five- no six- six male nurses (three Betas, two Alphas, and an Omega) try to hold him back. A snarl ripped through his chest, teeth bared.

Todoroki's eyes started to droop, his breathing slowing. Midoriya's snarl grew in volume.

"Mr. Midoriya!" The first nurse called from her place at Todoroki's bedside, her voice calm. "It's just a sedative. I don't want to have to give you one too so please calm down." Midoriya stared at her, snarl slowly going down to a growl and then stopping abruptly. The nurses let him go, a collective sigh of relief leaving them.

"I'm sorry." Midoriya stuttered, his ears reddening in embarrassment.

"I understand." The nurse responded. "He'll be out in a few minutes." Midoriya nodded and the nurses left to continue their work. He took in a deep breath, tension leaving his shoulders as the room door was shut. He made his way to Todoroki's bedside. He sat in his usual seat, body sinking into the uncomfortable chair. The sudden switches in emotions causing him to suddenly feel exhausted.

"You okay Shouchan?" He asked. Todoroki's eyes flickered open to stare at him.

"Ka'suki on a date." Todoroki muttered. He looked as though talking was a chore.

"Oh." Midoriya replied, his heart sinking and breaking at the same time.

"Wit’ Takahashi." Todoroki added. "On date wit’ Takahashi."

"What?" Midoriya sat up, his hands clenched. "But he-. Are you sure?"

"I know what I heard." Todoroki answered. "Got- started panickin’ ‘n then I couldn't stop, now ‘m sleepy."

"Go ahead and sleep Baby, it's okay." Midoriya murmured, his hand going up to comb through Todoroki's hair soothingly.


Days turned into weeks.

A month passed.

Bakugou spent the the time focused on school, work, and bonding with his friends but also learning more about the difference between himself and his biology. A few people had apologized for treating him badly but other than that most people left him alone unless they wanted to try and get him to talk about Midoriya and Todoroki. He and Takahashi went on a few more dates, none ending in sex because Bakugou just couldn't find himself aroused (except for the two times he'd thought of Midoriya and Todoroki that he refused to even think about). Stranger yet Takahashi didn't seem to mind or care. It was odd but Bakugou let it go, glad that it was the case. He had gone back to the pleasure store, this time purchasing a knotting dildo for his inevitable Heat.

He had hoped his body had righted itself. That he wouldn't have a Heat. Sadly he was wrong and quite sure that he was going to die. There was a reason cycles were every three months.

An hour in and Bakugou was already crying. It was too much. The Heat, the need. And the dildo was definitely not enough. His stomach cramped so tightly that he felt like he was going to be sick. He was so hot and his skin uncomfortable as his sweat dried. He had blacked out a fee times, which was probably very worrisome since it had only been an hour.

The screen of his phone lit up with the notification of a text message. He was too out of it to tell who had sent the message but not too out of it that he didn't understand what it meant.

They were there.

They were back in Tokyo.

His Alpha and Beta were home.

Bakugou scrambled up quickly. His mind hazy with need as he stumbled out if his apartment. He had to get to them. Alpha would knot him, Alpha would make the pain go away. Beta would help, Beta would make him feel good. He needed it, he needed them.

He made his way out the complex, bare feet slipping on the cool tiled floor. As he made his way outside he ran into something hard, causing him to stagger back.

"Bakubro?" Kirishima questioned, concern coloring his voice. "Shit, you’re in Heat. Let's get you back inside." Bakugou stepped back hastily with a growl, avoiding Kirishima. "It's not safe for you to be out here like this." He ducked under Kirishima, taking off as fast as his legs could carry him. "Fuck, Bakugou!" Kirishima turned, running after his best friend and trying to pull his phone out of his pocket at the same time. Bakugou turned the corner and crossed the street without hesitation. There was a chorus of screeches as drivers slammed on their breaks to avoid hitting the Omega, several cries of shock rang out on the street. Bakugou didn't even hesitate. Kirishima tried to follow after him, stopping at each street corner reluctantly to let the traffic go by.

Then he lost him.

Bakugou's scent was strong, too strong. The light breeze blew it to two different directions. This was bad. Really, really bad. Kirishima let out a low whine in distress before calling 119.

Bakugou was lost. His brain was too hazy to remember the direction of Midoriya and Todoroki's condo. He hadn't caught a whiff of their scents either. He wasn't quite sure where he was. It was dark out, the alley he found himself in nearly pitch black. His feet hurt and his legs were shaking. He hunched forward, his empty stomach twisting painfully as he was forced to throw up. Tears welled up in his eyes as his throat burned. Where was Alpha and Beta? He needed them, why weren't they there? He heard a loud group of voices at the mouth of the alley, the smell of a group of Alphas filled his nose. Four of them.

"Aww." He heard a low voice say. "Poor Omega." The Alphas made their way towards him and Bakugou crouched, a menacing snarl leaving his throat. "Don't be that way Omega, let us help." Bakugou's snarl intensified, his lip pulled back to bare his teeth.

"Don't even think about it!" Another, higher pitched, voice interrupted. There was a tall, curvaceous Alpha woman with layered dark purple hair. She wore a black leather breastless leotard over a white bodysuit with translucent black thigh-high stockings and black knee-boots. "The Omega clearly does not consent to you touching him, leave before I call the police." The Alphas didn't move, seemingly ready to fight the female Alpha until they noticed the three large, identical men standing behind her in all black. "Or you can try your luck with Johnny and his brothers."

The Alphas left, grumbling lowly about nosy females. Bakugou turned his eyes to the new group now that the other Alphas were gone. He was ready to let his snarl pick back up when a scent from the building they stood in front off wafted over to him from the open back door.

It was familiar but also not. It took him a moment to understand what this meant. His eyes widened and he followed the scent, pushing past the female Alpha and men to get into the building.

“Don’t touch him.” He heard the woman order. “Let him go.”

“Yes, Mistress Midnight.” One of the men responded.

Bakugou crossed the floor of a low-lit club, his mind completely focused on finding the source of the scent that he ignored all the things going on around him. He headed up a flight of stairs and down a hallway before finally finding the source of the smell. A tall and slim Omega man with turquoise eyes and unruly red hair. He had several silver cartilage piercings in both ears, and a triple nostril piercing on the right side of his nose. He wore a dark leather jacket and a very low scoop neck sheer shirt, the skin from his neck all the way down past his collarbone gnarled and purple.

“You must be Bakugou.” He said upon seeing the blonde Omega.

“You smell...” Bakugou began, sliding down to the ground as his knees buckle. “You smell like Natsuo and Shouto.” The redheaded Omega nodded, stepping forward to help Bakugou.

“I’m Todoroki Touya.” He replied. “I’d say it’s nice to meet you but the circumstances are anything but nice.”

Chapter Text

"Where?" Bakugou managed to ask, his words slurred. "Where 'm I?"

"Dabi's." Touya answered. "My club. Who do you want me to call?"


"Yes. I can call Izuku if you want them or I can call someone else. I can take you to the hospital if there's no one else to help you."

"You're giving- you're giving me a choice?"

"Of course." Touya answered without missing a beat. "I'm Omega too. I know what it's like to not get a choice, to have your control taken away."

"Zuku." Bakugou whined, his stomach twisting tightly. "I want Zuku and Shou."

"Then I'll get them for you." Touya responded, his voice firm. "Midnight will stay with you while I call Izuku, okay?" Bakugou nodded quickly, not caring as long as it meant he'd get to see his Alpha and Beta.


Todoroki was going mad. He hated being confined to their home. Earlier that afternoon Ashido had called them, asking if Bakugou was with them. She sounded ready to cry when they answered "no". She went on to say that he had left their apartment, fully in Heat and barefoot. Kirishima had tried to catch him but lost him within a few blocks. The redheaded Alpha had called for the rescue unit but they hadn't found Bakugou yet. Todoroki felt like he was going to be sick listening to her speak hurriedly.

Midoriya went out to join the search while Todoroki stayed home, in case Bakugou happened to show up. Todoroki didn't pray much but he silently begged God to watch over Bakugou, to keep him safe. If anything happened to Bakugou Todoroki didn't think he, or Midoriya, could handle it. They cared for him too much.

He nearly jumped at the sound of his phone ringing and answered it hurriedly, his stomach doing summersaults.

"Hello?" He croaked in answer.

"Shou?" Touya questioned, a mild edge of concern in his voice. "Calm down. You're Omega wanted to talk to you. Is he always so whiny during his Heat?"

"Yes." Todoroki responded, his voice stuck in his throat. "He's with you?"

"Midnight found him out back, he was about to square off with a group of Alphas. I've already called Izuku, he's on his way." There was a hint of amusement in Touya's voice. "You'll have to come by with him once you're all sorted so I can give my blessings properly." There was a loud whine from somewhere in the background. "Okay, okay. Give me a second. Am I like this when I'm in Heat?"

"You'll have to ask Tomura." Someone replied back. A woman if Todoroki had to guess. Another whine sounded and Touya tsked.

"Shou, talk to your Omega before he causes a scene." He said. There was a low rustling noise and then harsh breathing and another whine but this time it was right in his ear.

"Katsuki?" Todoroki questioned. The whine turned into a keen and Todoroki felt his throat dry. "Hi Kitten."

"Shou." Bakugou finally said, his voice raw. Todoroki sucked in a breath, relief washing over him. "Shou, where 'r you? Want you. Hurts."

"I know." Todoroki responded soothingly. "Zuku's coming to get you, okay?"

"Hurts." Bakugou whimpered. "Hurts so much, too much."

"I know, Baby, I know." Todoroki stared down at his cast angrily. For the next few minutes he talked to Bakugou. He told him little things- important things like how much he missed him and unimportant things. Bakugou didn't contribute much to the conversation, too caught up in pain and need but that was okay. Todoroki heard the exact moment Midoriya got there. Bakugou had let out a desperate sound, a constant whine of "Alpha" leaving his lips. There was rustling again and Bakugou's voice was getting fainter.

"They're leaving now." Touya said after picked up the phone again.

"Thank you." Todoroki replied softly, his tone sincere. "Can I ask you something?"

"What is it?"

"It's about Shigaraki...kind of." Todoroki started. "Do you remember after you got Mated...Father wanted to-."

"I remember." Touya interrupted quickly. He hated talking about that time in their lives.

"Do you remember his name?" Todoroki asked.

"Takahashi. Takahashi Kenta." Touya answered. "Why are you asking me about him? Tomura and I don't talk to anyone associated with Shigaraki-except at Father's stupid fucking galas."

"Bakugou's been seeing him. Takahashi." Todoroki explained. He could practically see his eldest brother's brow creasing in confusion, he was probably running a hand through his wild hair too.

"Are you sure? That doesn't make any sense... Takahashi never- oh." Touya suddenly stopped, an angry hiss leaving his throat a second later. "You haven't seen him have you?"

"What? No! Of course not." Todoroki protested quickly. "Fuck, just the thought of Bakugou being around him made me sick to my stomach."

"You need to tell Bakugou." Touya ordered. "As soon as his Heat breaks you need to tell him. You and I both know how Takahashi gets, Bakugou needs to end it before he and Izuku run in to each other again."

"I know. I will."


Midoriya couldn't let Bakugou go, not that the Omega seemed to mind. He had carried Bakugou out of Dabi's and to the car, his entire being on high alert. He could already feel the beings of his Rut coming on. Once they were in the car Bakugou didn't hesitate to climb into Midoriya's lap, nuzzling in to his neck. The air in the car was thick with the scent of arousal and slick, of Heat and Rut.

"Alpha." Bakugou whined, his hips undulating against Midoriya. "Alpha, Alpha." Midoriya crooned, his hands rubbing soothing at Bakugou's back. "Alpha, knot."

"Not yet." Midoriya denied, still sane enough to remember that they needed condoms.

"I need it." Bakugou protested, his voice high and whiny. "It hurts. Need, need a knot."

"I know." Midoriya replied. "But not yet."

"Don't you want pups Alpha?" Bakugou tried to persuade him. "I'll give you pups, I'll give Beta pups. Litters of strong pups, I promise. Don't you want that? You have to fill me up, knot me."

"Omega." Midoriya growled, a warning edge to his voice. "Wait." Bakugou let out a pitiful whine.

"Yes, Alpha." He agreed reluctantly, his lips pushed out in a pout. Midoriya's hands went up to cup Bakugou's cheeks, tilting his head up.

"Missed you, Omega." He murmured against Bakugou's lips. "Can't wait to get you home. Missed you so fucking much." Bakugou purred and nipped Midoriya's bottom lip before licking his way into the Alpha's mouth for a sinful kiss. If they were completely in their right minds they probably would have been embarrassed about the display their driver was forced to listen to but as it was neither of them really cared.

Bakugou's hands slipped under the hem of Midoriya's shirt, his nails scrapping lightly against toned abs. Midoriya's hands held the blonde's hips tightly while they kissed. Bakugou's lips trailed down the side of Midoriya's face to his neck. He sucked at the skin next to Midoriya's mating bite, leaving a blooming bruise.

"Alpha." Bakugou whined, slick causing a wet spot in not only his pants but Midoriya's too.

"Hmm... You want my cock so badly, don't you Omega?" Midoriya growled, one hand reaching up to tangle in Bakugou's ash blonde hair and tilt his neck back. Bakugou's skin was flushed, his face and neck a pretty shade of red. Bakugou's eyelids grew even heavier, his gaze unknowingly sultry.

"Yes, Alpha." He keened. Midoriya crooned lowly, his mouth sucking bruises into Bakugou's neck.

"Just a little longer, Omega." He said against the Omega's skin. "When we get home I'll strip you down, fuck you until you're crying." Bakugou groaned, his nails digging in to Midoriya's abs. Midoriya's hand moved from Bakugou's hips to slip down the front of his sweats and wrap around his leaking cock. Bakugou made a choked sound, his mouth dropping open and more slick soiling his underwear. It didn’t take much, three strokes and Bakugou was coming undone.

“Alpha!” He groaned.

“That should hold you until we get inside.” Midoriya muttered. “You’re so good for me, such a good omega.” Bakugou purred, his eyelids going low in satisfaction.


Getting up to the condo is a bit of a challenge. Bakugou’s covered in drying cum, Midoriya’s pants are much too tight, and they both seem to be permanently glued to each other. They manage somehow with few incidents (Midoriya does contemplate fucking Bakugou in the hallway and them again in the elevator but being tied together would end up being awkward).

“Katsuki.” Midoriya called as they reached the front door. The Omega turned to look at him, his eyes wide and glassy. “You have to be careful with Shouchan, okay. He’s hurt. Do you understand?” Bakugou nodded sluggishly, a sad whine leaving his throat.

“Beta hurt.” He said. “Help. Take care of Beta.”

“Let’s take care of ourselves first.” Midoriya responded. “Then we’ll take care of Shouchan.” He opened the door and Bakugou rushed forward, making a beeline for the couch where Todoroki was sitting.

“Beta.” Bakugou whined, climbing on to the couch and getting as close to Todoroki as possible. His nose dug its way into Todoroki’s neck.

“Hi Omega.” Todoroki replied, his nose deep in Bakugou’s hair. “Have you been good, you didn’t give Alpha any trouble did you?”

“No, good. Was good.” Bakugou promised, a purr starting up again.

“I missed you.” Todoroki whispered against his skin, ducking his face down to kiss Bakugou’s temple. The Omega made a low noise and leaned back so that he could kiss the Beta properly.

Time didn’t see to matter as they got reacquainted through kisses and light touches, Midoriya joining them minutes later. The heady scent of an Alpha in Rut, the enticing scent of slick and an Omega in Heat surrounding them completely.

A needy whine started to tear its way through Bakugou’s chest, his hands becoming desperate, and his scent stronger. The blonde practically tore his own clothes off, too hot as a wave of Heat crashed into him. Midoriya was just as desperate, a low growl ever present. Todoroki remained clothed but shimmied his sleep pants down just enough to free his hardening cock at Bakugou’s insistence. Midoriya reached over to the side table, glad that they had decided to keep condoms all around the house because there was no way he would of been able to move.

Pushing into Bakugou felt like coming home, like he was whole again. Midoriya let out a moan at the feel of tight, wet heat surrounding his cock, Bakugou’s drawn out keening accompanying it. His moan turned into a snarl full of intent as he bottomed out. One hand gripped Bakugou’s hip, the other took hold of the nape of his neck pushing Bakugou’s face down into the the couch cushion. The room filled quickly with the sound of flesh hitting flesh.

“That’s it.” Todoroki murmured, his eyes blown as he stared at them. “Such a good Omega, taking Alpha so well.”

“Good.” Bakugou whimpered, his cheek pressed into the couch. “So good.” His back arched more, hips pushing back to meet Midoriya’s and eyes on Todoroki as the older man took his own cock in hand.

“Alpha’s gonna give you what you need.” Todoroki said, his lip caught between his teeth. “He’s missed you. Missed your pretty, wet hole and your little cock. Missed your sensitive nipples and those beautiful noises you make. He missed his slutty little Omega so much.” Bakugou whined, his cheeks flushing. “Did you miss him too?” Bakugou nodded as best he could, his body starting to shift against the couch with Midoriya’s hard thrusts.

“Missed Beta too.” He managed. Todoroki made a happy sound, his hand going to tangle in Bakugou’s hair. Midoriya’s hand left Bakugou’s neck and grabbed hold of his leg, forcing it open further.

“Oh fuck!” Bakugou hissed, his nails digging in to fabric as Midoriya sunk in deeper. “Alpha, yes Alpha!” Midoriya snarled in response, his eyes wild and tinged red. Todoroki groaned as Midoriya’s eyes met his, the Alpha’s lips pulled back to bare his teeth.

“Shit.” The Beta moaned, half in pleasure and half in frustration. Bakugou whimpered as he felt the beginning of Midoriya’s knot against his hole, precum pooling underneath the head of his cock.

“Alpha, Alpha knot.” He begged. “Please, I been good. Want your knot, want to be full, breed me.” Midoriya’s snarl intensified, his hips snapping forward as his knot fully pops. Bakugou’s eyes roll back, a happy keen leaving his throat as he came.

Chapter Text

Bakugou woke in the middle of the night to need. He needed Alpha, he needed him. He rolled over, slick starting to slide down his legs, and made a low noise. Midoriya laid in the middle of the bed, Todoroki on his other side. He was the only one with any kind of clothes on and the only one wrapped in the blankets. They were both still asleep but their bodies still responded to Bakugou's. Midoriya's cock was hard and dripping and Todoroki was letting out a low moan, his cheeks flushed.

Bakugou whined as a cramp twisted his stomach painfully, his eyes practically locked in on Midoriya's cock. He needed, he needed... He crawled over Midoriya quickly and leaned back as one hand positioned Midoriya's cock at his entrance. He gave a happy sound as he sunk down and Midoriya groaned, his eyes scrunching together and his hips pivoting up for a moment before he went lax again.

Bakugou rolled his hips, mind a hazy mix of Alpha, knot, and breed. His hands pressed into Midoriya's chest, body slamming down quick and fast. Midoriya's head pressed back into the pillows, a growl starting up in his throat, his hands fly up to grab hold of Bakugou's hips and his fingers dig in deep.

Midoriya's eyes snapped open, the blazing red of his irises and wild look of want on his face making him seem even more menacing than normal. Bakugou gasped at the sight, slick pushing its way out and making a mess of where they're joined.

"Mate." Midoriya snarled, something deep and carnal in his voice.

"Yes." Bakugou moaned, the beginning of Midoriya's knot catching on his rim. "Alpha, knot. Breed, want pups." Midoriya leaned up, hips snapping up to push his knot in. His mouth opened wide, eyes intent on Bakugou's scent glands. The Omega leaned his head back, offering his neck.

There was an expletive hissed next to them hurriedly and suddenly Todoroki was beside them, his eyes wide. He shoved a pillow in Midoriya's face, letting the Alpha bite down on it instead of sinking his teeth in Bakugou's neck.

"What did you do?" Todoroki exclaimed in dismay as he looked from Midoriya's red eyes to Bakugou's blue. "What did you two do?" He knew neither of them would be able to answer, the glowing of their eyes a sure sign of having gone Feral. For the first time since the crash, Todoroki was glad he was hurt and on pain medication. If it weren't for that he'd probably be golden eyed and Feral too. He could feel the more primal sude of him howling to get out, clawing to try and follow its Alpha's lead and claim its Omega.

That wouldn't be happening, at least not yet anyways.


Bakugou woke and knew something was different. He was... messy, a lot more so than usual after a Heat. He sat up gingerly and stared between his legs. Cum, there was too much cum. He reached between his legs, fingers pushing into his abused hole for a second and coming out covered in cum.

"Shit." Bakugou hissed. "Shit, shit, shit!" He scrambled up and made his way to the bathroom as quick as possible. Why hadn't they used any condoms? How many times had Midoriya come? How long had it been since he last came? How long ago did Bakugou's Heat break? Why couldn't he fucking remember? Did the answers even matter? The chances of not getting pregnant during a cycle were already slim, the fact that he didn't know anything just made the chance of him not being pregnant even slimmer.

When he came out the bathroom, clean and done having his internal panic attack both Todoroki and Midoriya were waking.

"Get cleaned up." He ordered them. "I'll make breakfast." Without giving them a second to reply he made his way out to the kitchen to start on breakfast.  They need a lot since Midoriya ate like he was twenty grown men and to replace the nutrients they lost during their cycle.

Minutes later Midoriya and Todoroki were coming out of the room, washed up and in new clothes. Midoriya helped Todoroki to the couch, even though the Beta complained that he could do it himself. Midoriya then made his way to the kitchen, his body leaned against the sink across from Bakugou.

"The hell are you looking at?" Bakugou grumbled as he felt Midoriya's eyes on him. The taller man grabbed his hand and turned him so that they were facing each other. Midoriya leaned down quickly and kissed Bakugou sweetly.

"Good morning, Kacchan." He breathed. "I missed you."

"Yeah, yeah. Good morning, you shit nerd." Bakugou muttered, his cheeks flushing lightly at the attention. "Now stop distracting me before you make me burn the food." Midoriya crooned lightly before moving to leave, grabbing two oranges out of the bowl of fruit Bakugou put out as he was going.

It took a few more minutes but once breakfast was all done Bakugou brought it into the living room with Midoriya's help.

"It smells so good, Kacchan." Midoriya praised. Bakugou tried not to preen too much. Once his hands were free of plates, Todoroki grabbed hold of his hand and tugged him down so that he could kiss him.

"Morning Kitten." He greeted. Bakugou grunted in reply, bumping his nose against Todoroki's.

"Are you okay?" The Omega asked, nose running along Todoroki’s cheek. "Do you need anything?"

"I'm fine." Todoroki answered with a small smile.

"Do your ribs hurt?" Bakugou questioned, his brow pinched in worry.

"No." Todoroki replied, his smile growing.

"Does your leg hurt?" Bakugou asked. "I could go get another pillow or your meds. Have you taken those yet? When are you-?"

"Katsuki." Todoroki interrupted with a laugh. "I'm fine. Everything's fine. I'm not in any pain and I don't need anything else."

"You'll tell me if you do though right?" Bakugou questioned.

"I will." Todoroki promised. Bakugou nodded then turned to Midoriya when he heard the Alpha snicker.

"Don't you say shit, Shitty Nerd." He warned.

"You're so adorable, Kacchan." Midoriya said anyways.

"I'm not fucking adorable." Bakugou growled lightly before shoveling eggs into his mouth. They eat in comfortable silence after that, too hungry and caught up in delicious food to do much else.

“Katsuki.” Midoriya started once they finished eating. “We need to apologize to you.”

“You did that already.” Bakugou mumbled.

“No, we apologized publicly. You deserve an apology privately, face to face.” Midoriya disagreed. “We should have sat down and had an honest conversation. We knew from the beginning that we wanted you, that you were our third and our last. You made us complete. You weren’t ready for the media but that doesn’t mean we should of let the rumors grow. We’re so sorry and we hope that one day you can forgive us.”

“And I’m sorry.” Todoroki continued. “For hitting you. It was a horrible thing to do and I swear I’ll never do it again.”

“You’re not your father, Shouto.” Bakugou replied earnestly. Todoroki sucked in a sharp breath, staring at Bakugou with wide eyes. “I don’t know much about him but whatever pain he caused your family, you’re not like that.”

“But I hit you.” Todoroki protested stubbornly.

“You’re human. You’re going to make mistakes and bad decisions because you aren’t perfect, none of us are. I shouldn’t have blown up at the two of you.” Bakugou retorted, he reached up and grabbed hold of Todoroki’s face gently. “I pushed you and you made a bad choice but you feel remorse, regret. You hate that you did it and you’ll do everything in your power to make sure you never do it again because that’s not who you are.” Todoroki’s eyes misted over, a look of awe and remorse swimming in them. “That’s not the kind of person you are. You may look cold but you’re so loving Shouto, you’re too hard on yourself, too wrapped up in not trying to be your father that you don’t even realize you’re nothing like him.”

“You’ve never been like him.” Midoriya added. “You’re kind, loyal, protective, and accepting. You care about others deeply. You could never be like Enji.”

“And even if you were...” Bakugou started with a smirk. “We’re right here to knock some sense into you. Don’t act like I’m some weakling, Todoroki Shouto, if you were anything like your father I’d of kicked your ass already. I can handle myself, y’know.” Todoroki blinked, tears rolling down his cheeks an colliding with the sides of Bakugou’s hands. “Let it go now.”

“Okay.” Todoroki agreed quietly. They were silent for a moment as he tried to pull himself together. “There’s something you should know.”

“Okay...” Bakugou replied slowly, pulling back to stare at the two older men.

“We know Takahashi.” Todoroki told him. “He works for a man named Shigaraki. Shigaraki is a traditional Alpha, like my father. They went in to business together.”

“Okay. Why are you telling me this?” Bakugou questioned.

“To settle the deal and make it permanent they had their children Mate. Shigaraki’s adopted son, Tomura, and Touya.” Todoroki explained. “My father was ashamed of us, he needed an Alpha son to carry on his legacy but got an Alpha daughter, Omega son, and two Beta sons instead. He needed to find use for us, we needed him to find use for us, or else he’d force my mother to have more children. Fuyumi and Tensei were lucky that the Iida’s were a company my father wanted in his corner or else he never would of allowed their Mating, Touya and Tomura were forced together, which left Natsuo and I.”

“The Takahashi family is no Iida or Shigaraki in terms of power or authority but they’re still an old and strong traditional family with their own set of... uses in the cooperate world. Father didn’t care much who we were with as long as it proved beneficial for him. He gave Takahashi Natsuo. Takahashi isn’t like most Alphas, he prefers Betas but he’s a glutton and too rough with his Mates. He’s had several Mates over the years, it seemed as though every Beta he cane across he wanted to bed and Mate, and they all died within a few months because of him. He’s too rough, too insensitive, he likes to hurt them and make them bleed. It’s a side of him that only Betas are privy to see but many within my father’s circle are aware of.”

“Why isn’t Natsuo with him?” Bakugou asked, his tongue heavy like lead in his mouth. Takahashi had always been nice to him and had never forced himself, maybe Bakugou had been wrong though. Maybe it wasn’t because he was a nice Alpha but it was because Bakugou was Omega. “And why is he messing with me?”

“Takahashi was courting Natsuo when he saw me.” Todoroki admitted. “He wanted both of us. It’s uncommon for siblings to share Mates nowadays but traditional families still accept many of the old ways. Natsuo and I weren’t given much freedom, none of my siblings were, since we were such disgraces to the Todoroki name. We were virginal in every aspect, Takahashi became obsessed with the prospect of breaking us and ruining all of our firsts.”

“But he wasn’t!” Bakugou said. “Deku was. How? What happened?”

“I went to Izuku’s, practically cried my eyes out because I’d only ever wanted him. It- we’re still not completely sure what happened but the next morning we had mating bites. It infuriated Takahashi, I didn’t know it at the time but Natsuo had run off in the middle of night to Fuyumi’s. He had lost both the Betas he coveted so much. He challenged Izuku and... it was- it was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.” Todoroki explained.

“Izuku won.” Bakugou guessed, a proud edge to his voice. Todoroki nodded with a small smile. “Of course he fucking won.” Midoriya snorted, a blush spreading across his cheeks. “Does Takahashi hold grudges?”

“No.” Midoriya answered. “He may have lost Shouchan but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still want him- or Natsuo.” Bakugou rolled his lip between he’s teeth. Had he been duped? Was Takahashi playing him? Was Bakugou really that stupid?

“I think I’m pregnant.” Bakugou blurted out, changing the subject. Midoriya choked, sputtering as he beat on his own chest. “Don’t act surprised it’s your fault, Shitty Nerd.”

“You were already on me when I woke up!” Midoriya exclaimed, his arms flailing.

“You were Feral. Both of you.” Todoroki said. “What do you want to do, Bakugou? Do you want to wait or do you want an After Heat?” Bakugou took a moment to consider. He still had nearly two years of school left, they’d only been together for a few months, and they weren’t Mated yet.

“I want the After Heat.” He stated finally. “I want children but I don’t think I’m ready for them just yet. I want to be able to give them attention and I can’t do that with school and I want to get to know you both even more first and... I wanna be Mated first.”

“Okay.” Midoriya agreed easily as Todoroki nodded. “I’ll go get it now.”