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Halloween prompts

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”You little brat!” Harumi yelled at the younger girl.

“What?” Matsuri asked innocently, although knowing perfectly well what the fuss was about.

 “I told you, I would be wearing the D.Va outfit!”

“Well, to be clear, you said you were thinking about it. That’s how I got the idea for mine,” Matsuri said and stuck out her tongue.

“Hey, guys, stop fighting. You can both be D.Va if you want to.” Yuzu was trying to get her friends to settle down.

“Matshuri ish pushing your buttonsh to get that exact reaction, Harumin. Jusht ignore her and maybe she’ll shtop.” Mei was slurring because of the vampire teeth in her mouth and looked uncomfortable in her outfit.

“I guess… So, who are you guys supposed to be?” Harumi looked curiously at the two, Mei was obviously some sort of vampire with her long teeth and all black clothing.

“What? You haven’t seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I’m Buffy, see, with my wooden stick and all. And Mei is my secret Vampire lover,” Yuzu said grinning widely. Mei looked away feeling embarrassed.

“Lover? But isn’t she supposed to be killing the vampires?” Matsuri asked, not having seen the show.

“Not the hot ones.” Yuzu added and her vampire lover blushed.

“Oh, I see. Maybe I should give it a go if there are hot vampires in it,” Matsuri pondered before turning to the other D.Va standing next to her. “And Harumin, you don’t even play Overwatch. I’m more entitled to wear this than you are.”

“Maybe, but all I know is that you should’ve picked Mercy.” Harumi made a gesture of dropping the mic. “OK, everyone, let’s go inside, we’re like an hour late.”

Matsuri stood there staring at the other girl with a gaping mouth and admiration.

Damn, my gurl is hot as fuck.