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Such A Pretty Deku

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“Welcome all, to my channel.”

The screen is still black with only a voice in the background. Lilting. Charming. Deadly.

“I don’t know and don’t want to know how you found me, but I will tell you one thing: once you watch this video, you won’t be the same again.”

Slowly, the image of a young man comes into view. He sits cross legged on a white bed. His green hair and four freckles under each eye make him unique, but that wasn’t what his viewers were watching for.

“I’m not here to play games, unless that’s what you want, of course. I aim to please all of you, one way or the other.”

Oh no, everyone’s eyes were drawn to the black fabric running along his well-toned, pale body, tight in all the right places. The fabric did nothing to hide his sculpted muscles, his hard nipples, his straining bulge waiting to break free of its prison. Their attention was on the blood red collar that he always wore, with a silver ring attached: never too loose, never too tight. Just right.

“If this is not what you seek, it is not too late to back out and forget about me. I understand completely.”

A devilish smirk. A creak of the bed. A flutter of eyelashes. A cock of the head. Emerald orbs pierced through the camera and into the viewers’ eyes; calm, lustful, and powerful all at once.

“But to all those who stay, I have one thing to say.”

Pretty pink lips opened again to say his catchphrase, one he has used for the past 3 years.

“Welcome, to Dirty Deku.”

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“If you want to be a hero that badly, there’s a quick way to do it. Believe that you’ll be born with a Quirk in your next life and take a last chance dive off the roof!”

Midoriya Izuku. Third-year junior high student. Aspiring hero. Quirkless. Standing on the roof of some random building, feet on the very edge.

A few hours ago, he was back at school. A place full of kids who have all kinds of dreams. But in this world, many of them want to be heroes. Powers of all kinds reside in those who are lucky enough, but Izuku isn’t.

Hence the constant teasing and bullying that made his life unbearable. What’s worse is that his childhood friend, Kaccha- no, Bakugou Katsuki, takes part in it as well. In fact, he’s Izuku’s biggest tormentor. The last words that came from his mouth egged him on to commit suicide. Well if that’s what Kacchan wants, that’s what Kacchan gets.

There once was a time Izuku truly believed that he could become a hero. When he was young. Innocent. Dumb. But because he had two joints in his foot, his dreams went down the drain.

He asked his mom later that day if he could be a hero too. He wanted to be just like All Might, the hero who he idolized. The video playing of him on the screen cast a depressing blue glow on mother and son as tears filled both their eyes. She rubbed her face on his, desperately trying to comfort his broken heart. But mothers can only do so much. She didn’t say the words he wanted to hear.

It didn’t take long for Izuku to make the choice to kill himself. All Might, now the number one hero, recently captured a villain that looked like sludge, or so it said on the news. Watching his idol effortlessly do his job seemed to dull his spirits even more. Jabbing the remote to turn off the television, Izuku rolled on his side, staring dejectedly at the numerous posters. In that moment of self-hatred, he made a decision.

What was the point of living if you can’t achieve your dream? Absolutely nothing. So, Izuku sat up. He reached for the burnt notebook next to him, but instead of using it, he dug up some spare folder paper. Thankfully it’s void of a hero theme, he thought, before picking up a pen.

Hasty markings made its way across, before stopping abruptly. No, this had to look better. He crumpled and threw the paper behind him, starting over. Hundreds of attempts later, the suicide note was complete.

It wasn’t very pretty, but at least it was done. Reading it over one last time, he skimmed over the details of his life. How he knew he was never going to be a hero but ignored that painful fact. Taking notes on pro heroes, hoping to gain some kind of knowledge. Pointlessly believing he could be a hero.

Pulling on some clothes other than his uniform, he went into the kitchen to say goodbye to his mother. She told him to come home for dinner soon. He said okay, and hugged her for the last time.

Izuku spent all his savings on the arcade, every last yen wasted, just like him. Once the money was gone, he climbed the nearest building’s stairs to the roof.

Japan was beautiful, he guessed. Cherry blossoms floated in the air around him as a gentle wind caressed his face. The warm sun cast shadows on the grey buildings; hauntingly gorgeous. But only the scenery was beautiful. The people who live here are ruthless and cruel. It’s a dangerous, dog-eat-dog world; survive or die. And Izuku? He’d rather die.

Sitting on his bed at home, he decided the best way to die was by jumping. If the fall didn’t kill him, the shock probably would. Cutting would be too painful, using a gun would be too suspicious, and swallowing pills would be too slow. Plus, this way, the chances of getting caught were smaller.

But Izuku realized as his toes hung over the edge of the building, that thinking about suicide and committing suicide are two different experiences. Fear coursed through his veins, pumping freezing yet boiling blood. A thin layer of sweat chilled him to his bones. His heart wanted to jump right out of his chest. He couldn’t think, couldn’t speak, couldn’t move.

He wanted to jump. He will jump. But it’s so hard to throw away your life. Especially when you’re right there, right on the verge of death. He could step back, back to mom and comfort and safety and life.

But going back was impossible, especially after reality knocked him down and his only dream shattered. So calm down, take a deep breath, clutch the note, put your foot out, and just-

The door to the rooftop slammed open, causing Izuku to jump in shock. He twisted his body around to see a girl his age standing there, brown hair stopping at her shoulders. She looked up, both their eyes widening in shock. Then, Izuku fell.

She disappeared from his sight as he plunged backwards into the street. His hair and clothes whipped in the rushing wind. All he could see was a blue sky framed by buildings.

Yeah, this is a great way to die, he thought as he closed his eyes.

But the moment he accepted his death, a gentle hand tapped his chest lightly. Izuku opened his eyes and as green met brown, the world began to stop moving.

You know the feeling you get when you’re on a rollercoaster, and while it’s going down you feel like your stomach is trying to catch up with the rest of your body? That’s how Izuku felt as gravity lost its hold on them, floating a few feet off the ground.

But the moment was ruined when the girl started gagging. She pressed her fingers together and a strained “Release!” came from her mouth.

For a second, nothing happened, but then gravity harshly pulled them to the ground. They both groaned, but the stranger quickly got up to release her food someplace else as Izuku rubbed his head.

Despite the harsh landing, he began to mutter to himself about the mystery girl’s quirk. Once a nerd, always a nerd.

“Uh, hello?”

The feminine voice broke through his train of thoughts. Izuku looks up to see the girl who saved him staring worriedly at him. He shot to his feet and waved his hands in embarrassment and dismissal.

“I- I- I-”

The fluttering of a paper caught her attention. She moved to catch it, confusion written on her face. “What is-”

Izuku stopped his stuttering as the girl began to read the paper. His note. His suicide note. Crap. He opened his mouth to say it was just a joke, but she got there first.

“Not fair.”

Not...not fair?

She clenched his note, crumpling it. “I was up there to kill myself too.”

Green orbs widened in shock.

“Well, thinking about it anyway. But when I saw you…”

Once again, her eyes met his, but this time, they were shiny with tears.

“When I saw you, I thought, no one should kill themselves. Hah, ironic, huh?”

She gave a little chuckle before breaking down into a full blown breakdown. Izuku could only stand there in shock as she choked out words between sobs.

“You- you shouldn’t kill yourself! What about your f- friends and family? What will th- they do without you?”

Huh. Thoughts of his mother raced through his head. How could he have left her behind? He’s all she has left. Izuku’s legs gave out, the reality of the situation hitting him. He didn’t even notice the salty, little drops rolling down his face.

If anyone stumbled on the two at that moment, they would just think they broke up or something along that line. But in reality, it was not the end for them. No. In fact, it was the beginning of a friendship that could never be broken.

As the tears subsided and sobs turned into sniffles, the same hand that rescued him patted his shoulder. Once again, green met brown as she spoke.

“I’m Uraraka Ochako.”

He paused for a moment, then gave a blinding smile. Despite the circumstances,  she couldn't help but think she was looking at the sun.

“Izuku Midoriya. Nice to meet you.”

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Midoriya Izuku’s life continued on as normal. Well, as normal as he could be after almost taking his life. 

His mom scolded him when he told her that he had “lost his money on the way home”. Every time a fight broke out and a hero arrived on the scene, Izuku steered clear. He’s also stayed far, far away from Kacchan Bakugou. 

But something good did come out of that...experience. And her name is Uraraka Ochako.

She quickly became his good friend (but she could never replace him ). Eventually, as the two met up more and more, Izuku began to have...feelings toward her. As in, feelings beyond friendship. 

And Izuku could see why he’d fallen for her. She was not afraid to speak her mind, and always had a bright demeanor. Even though her family wasn’t doing the best financially, she marched through life with a smile. She was everything he wanted to be. 

Admiration is only a few steps away from love, and Izuku had already crossed that line a thousand paces back. But he gave up the fluttering in his stomach and rapid heartbeat in fear of the pain-filled feeling called rejection. 

Izuku didn’t think he continue to live if she did. Reject him, that is. He’d already lost his best friend and his only dream. He couldn’t risk losing something else, someone else. But the pain of not knowing was also present, and so, our young protagonist was torn. 

Should he confess his love to his newfound friend and face possible rejection? Or should he wait for the feelings to pass and let them wither away?

“So, Uraraka.” Izuku started. She stopped talking, swiveling her body around to pay attention to him. With a shaky breath, he struggled to find the right words. This wasn’t a big deal, but his hands shook crazily as his heart pounded along to a rapid beat. Why was this so goddamn hard?

She blinked. 

Then she smiled that perfect smile that always sent arrows straight through him. “What is it, Midoriya?”

Ah, fuck it.

“Uraraka, I like you romantically but I’m not ready for a relationship and I still have suicidal thoughts.”



After that, Izuku did the only thing he thought he could do.


One foot after the other, then another and another. Up, down, up, down. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Uraraka’s desperate voice calling after him faded as he sprinted away, letting his feet take him anywhere. 

Anywhere other than there. 

Why did I say that I’m such an idiot fuck she’s not gonna want to hang out anymore why did I mess it up it’s all my fault I never should’ve done that why why why wh-

His thoughts were halted as Izuku stumbled, tripping over his own loose shoelaces that had somehow become untied.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid-

Hands raised to protect his head and face from hitting the ground, he waited for the inevitable pavement to meet his body. 

Of course this is how you die, coward . Good for you.

But it never came. 

What did come was a gentle “Are you alright?” and a realization that arms were around his waist. His savior looked down at him, but Izuku couldn’t look up. The sun was just...too bright. It cast a halo around the young man, assuming they were a young man based on their deep-ish voice. 

This must be an angel, Izuku thought. I guess I really did die. 

The last thing he saw before he blacked out was...glasses?


He groaned. Black receded from his vision as he started to gain consciousness. Blinking rapidly, the first thing that he noticed was Uraraka’s sweaty, flushed face. 

The guilt he tried to forget about came back. He quickly turned his head away to avoid the overwhelming guilt, to avoid the intense regret, to avoid looking at her at all. 

A new face greeted him, eyebrows furrowed. His striking blue eyes shimmered with concern behind thinly rimmed-


For a moment, everyone present was silent.

“...I beg your pardon?”

Chuckling sheepishly, Izuku looked up at him. “Umm, never mind. Thank you for saving me- oh!” 

A thought popped into his head. “Let me buy you a coffee!”

One explanation, several bills, and countless stutters later, the three of them sat around a table. A sort of awkward silence filled their lungs to the point of suffocation. 

“So,” started the blue-haired male as he stirred his tea, “why were you running?”

Izuku and Uraraka looked at each other, then back at the stranger. 

“He was running from me.” “We were playing a game.”

The differing statements caused him to sigh. The stranger then began again. “Why were you running?”

Izuku looked down at his lap. “I...I’m in love with Uraraka, but I don’t- I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship.” 

The sharp blue eyes softened a bit at that. “Did you stay to listen to Uraraka’s response?”


His confession suddenly caused the stranger to turn to Uraraka. “So? What will you say back?”

Uraraka turned to Izuku, who was suddenly very interested in his fingernails. She tilted her head, then reached out to place her hands on his. The sudden warmth caused his head to shoot up, and deja vu flashed through their minds.

Emerald eyes met chocolate brown ones, and Uraraka opened her mouth to speak.

“Izuku, I like you too.” A deep breath. “But-”

Here it comes. The rejection.  

Izuku felt his body begin to shut down, eyelids becoming heavier and heart breaking further.

“But I don’t think I’m ready to be in a relationship either.”

...Wait, what?

“To be honest, I’m also struggling with staying positive. My family’s situation isn’t getting any better, and it’s all I can do to keep from crying.”

Her voice starts to wobble, but she continues.

“I...I want to be someone who can keep a smile on her face even though the world is crumbling because I wish I had someone to tell me it’s okay.” 

She sniffles as Izuku starts to break down too.

“And you’re that person for me.” A watery grin makes its way across her face. “You inspire me to keep going, and if I do that for you too, well then. Let’s rely on each other, hmm?”

With that, they embrace each other, shoulders shuddering as hands grip clothes, tears flowing freely. They stay like that for a while, two broken souls starting on the path to healing together.

A sudden sipping breaks them out of the comfortable trance, and they turn to the stranger drinking his tea. He notices them looking at him, and raises an eyebrow.

“Oh no, please, don’t let me interrupt this extremely touching moment.” 

A tiny silence follows, which is quickly replaced with small giggles, which escalates into full-blown laughter. The barista has to shush them rather harshly for the three of them to finally quiet down a bit.

“Thank you.” Uraraka wipes a stray tear before she realized something. “Wait, we don’t even know your name.”

“I apologize. Forgive me for my mistake.” The male then got up and bowed deeply. “My name is Iida Tenya. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

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And so, with Iida now a part of our duo turned trio, we quickly became closer. We traded stories and ideas, hopes and fears. They were my lifelines. I don’t know where I would’ve ended up if they hadn’t entered my life.

Uraraka and I, after a few weeks of knowing Iida, shared the story of how we met, and he sat through all of it with a straight, blank face. 

He didn’t speak for a good minute or two, sitting completely still and unmoving. I was honestly afraid we’d broken him. But then his lips quirked up into a small smile, saying: “I’m glad neither of you committed suicide, or else I would never had the pleasure of befriending you.”

Needless to say, many tears were shed that day.

The next few days were much more enjoyable. With a third member, there were no longer extended periods of silence. Talk flowed easily and laughter was always present. 

Uraraka and I got to learn more about him, and he learned more about us. He even agreed to let me meet his brother. I can’t believe I’ll get to meet the Ingenium in person. I want to ask him so many things, like-

Oh. I’m getting sidetracked.

Anyway, everything was better now that Iida joined. I enjoyed every single minute that I spent with them. However.

I knew that day would come, but I didn’t know it would come so soon. Uraraka and Iida both wanted to become heroes, and I support them wholeheartedly, but…

I didn’t apply, obviously. I couldn’t do that to myself, couldn’t make myself go through all the pain of not knowing I wasn’t enough. Just like I was never enough for anything. Not enough for him, not enough for Uraraka, not enough to be a hero, not enough, never enough.

But enough depressing stuff.

I went with them to UA for the Entrance Exam for moral support. I tried to guess people’s quirks as they passed by. In my head, I silently wished everyone would get to attend the top hero school in Japan, though the wish was in pure hopefulness, never to come true. UA is the top, as well as the most harsh. They only accept the top 2 percent! Wow.

Whenever I thought I caught sight of spiky blond hair, I quickly took evasive maneuvers. Eventually, we arrived at the briefing room and parted ways, me wishing them luck and them waving back at me. 

I waited until I couldn’t see them anymore, and even then I stood there for a good minute or so before heading for the cafe the three of us agreed to meet up at. 

Humming to myself, I ordered a drink and sipped on it as I stared out the windows from my seat. I wonder how they’re doing. Is Uraraka on the brink of vomiting? Is Iida’s legs burning like hell? But maybe most importantly, are they going to get in?

No, don’t be like that, I scolded myself internally. Just believe in them.

A few hours later found me in the same position, but with colder coffee and plenty of nerves. A hell of a lot more nerves. Oh well. Besides, I think they’re almost fini-

The doorbell chimed, and I almost gave myself vertigo from how fast I spun around. Sure, it scared a few strangers, but this time, I turned for the right people. 

Uraraka beamed at me while Iida nodded in my direction, but I could tell there was maybe some tension? I guess I’ll have to ask about that later.

“So, umm, can we talk about what...happened?”

Oh. I guess they’ll tell me.

I laughed as unnervously as I could (which wasn’t very good) and waited. Uraraka took a breath, but as she was about to start speaking, Iida interrupted. Classic Iida.

“Uraraka, I apologize for my behavior.” Huh?

“No, please, Iida, you did your best.” What?

“I am supposed to be a hero, not a coward.” Wait-

“Understandable, but really, I’m just glad you got there in time.” Hold on-

“I am as well. However, I-”

“Can someone please explain what is going on?”

I huffed in annoyance as the two looked sheepish, with Uraraka’s cheeks turned slightly pinker and Iida rubbed the back of his neck. Good.

“Ah. Right.” Iida tilted his head. “For the entrance exam, we were to take down robots, and in doing so, we gained points based on their size.”

Uraraka butted in, commenting as well. “There were three sizes, but Iida pointed out there were four. So, Present Mic explained that one was a zero pointer and, of course, no one cared. Me and Iida were put in the same area, and we helped each other out when we needed to.”

“But when the zero pointer appeared, it posed much of a nuisance to us and our fellow test takers. Its sheer size and destructive properties made us realize we had to put a stop to it. I turned to Uraraka to explain an idea I had, but-”

“I tripped while trying to keep up with him like the idiot I am.” She looked down at this. Iida placed his hand on hers and with his support, Uraraka continued. “I didn’t have any strength left in my body and God, I was just so tired. And when I looked up, the robot’s foot was about to crush me and all I could think about was death.”

She wiped a tear. Then, a smile? “However, Iida came to my rescue. He told me how could I ever become a hero if I just gave up like that, and I knew he was right.”

“After helping her up and explaining what I had in mind, we executed my plan and took down the zero pointer. Now all that is left is for us to get our results.” Iida finished.

“W-wow…” I sounded so pathetic but do I care? Maybe a little, but whatever. “You guys are so cool…”

Izuku sighs heavily, head thumping against the table. “What am I gonna do? Graduation’s right around the corner, and I still don’t know what I want to be. I might as well start looking for jobs at a fast food place.”

“Okay, first of all, we’re not even in high school yet.” Uraraka scolded. I sipped on my drink in retaliation. They later told me I had a pout on my face, though I thought I got over that phase a long time ago. “Second, you’re so smart you could probably be anything you want. Tell him, Iida.”

“Yes, I agree with Uraraka. You are very bright and have an excellent future ahead of you. I would not be surprised if you became a lawyer or-”

“Or a porn star!” 

I  stared at her in shock, Iida doing the same. Uraraka shrugged like she was talking about something casually instead of suggesting that I basically throw away my innocence.

“What? He’s plenty handsome and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. They earn a hell of a lot of money, too.”

My face began to heat, Iida not faring much better. He started telling her off with his signature hand motion chopping the air.

“That is preposterous! I could never imagine Midoriya doing such a thing! It is-”

“So what you’re saying is,” Uraraka stated, eyes gleaming, “Izuku isn’t hot?” 

That was the final blow. Iida transformed into a stuttering tomato as I promptly exploded. All Uraraka did was laugh.