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„How to piss off Kyo?” A Guide by Daisuke Andou

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Die leaned on his guitar and looked at Kyo, who for few days now acted like pleasant and nice Tooru, which is a side of vocalist unknown to his fans. He had enough of it.

"Hey, Kyo!" he called, when Kyo once again complimented sprout salad by "his beatiful Shinya, who he loves so much".

"Yes?" Kyo looked away from Shinya.

"Anata wa kawaii desu, Tooru-chan." said Die in a sweet voice.

"Let's pay respects to our dear friend, Andou Daisuke." said Shinya, knowing what'll happen next.


Toshiya packed his bass, knowing that Kyo came back and his koi will be out of comission, when he'll finally come off the wall that vocalist will smear him into.

Kaoru only hit his face with his palm and cursed, then said:

"Who am I working with?"

Leader got up from his chair and approached the door.

"But Kyo, we need that guitarist." he said, seeing how Kyo grips Die's hair, then he left.