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Deku's Dolly

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I was only ten years old when it happened but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was home alone. Mom had gone to the store, Dad was at work and my little brother was in class. I had stayed home because I was nursing a broken ankle from an accident at school the week before. I was idly watching the news when it cut to an incredible scene of a live fight. Multiple heroes were battling some kind of mechanical drones pouring out of a warehouse in one of the lower class business districts. It was amazing to see the top heroes at the time fighting side by side so effortlessly. I was only a little girl when I first saw them debut at the annual UA Sports Festival their first year. Everyone watched them grow and become the top heroes of our nation. Especially the beloved new Symbol of Peace, Deku. He was brave, strong and never hesitated in any battle. He was so beloved by all the people. 

There he was on the screen in front of me almost effortlessly putting down drone after drone when the unthinkable happened. An enormous strange looking machine emerged from the wall of the building and though it didn’t attack, the heroes obviously looked concerned and immediately started assaulting it with everything they had. Yet nothing happened. Clearly stunned everyone briefly stopped to look at one another and regroup and that’s when it happened. In a single moment the fate of the world changed forever. The machine began emitting a horrible sound that made the ground shake and buildings fall. People covered their ears and screamed but everything was drowned out by the sound. We had no idea at the time but that deafening sound wave traversed the globe bringing the world to its knees. 

The entire country watched as the heroes once more united to attack. A blinding light and strange sort of pulse exploded from the machine effectively destroying itself. Everyone cheered at first. Then it happened like a domino effect starting with the heroes. The realization came that they could no longer use their quirks. The panic spread as the rest of the population tried their own and when nothing happened terror flooded the streets. Just as the chaos started to erupt, a world wide message hacked every screen in every country around the world and the ominous message that followed brought everything we once knew to an abrupt and final end. 

“Citizens of the World. If you are seeing this message then my life’s work has finally come to fruition. You are most likely wondering what has happened and have begun to panic but fear not! I have brought you a new world of equality! Countless years of researching, experimentation and sacrifice have given birth to a new era. A quirkless one. That’s right, as of this moment there is not a man, woman or child on the planet that bares a quirk. We are all equal as we all once were. The way it should have always been. I have freed you from the lies you have been fed and given each and every single one of you a chance to reshape the world in your image. Do not be afraid to reclaim what is so rightfully yours. Your freedom and right to choose what and who you wish to be! No longer will society be determined by one’ s quirk. No longer will you be deemed unworthy or weak. No longer will those with the power be able to horde it over you as the false gods they believe they are. Because my friends, now, everyone is the same and it is up to you how we as a race move forward. Good luck to you all and may the new world be a better one.”

The events that followed were catastrophic. As Heroes were viewed as the law enforcers, the keepers of peace, the protectors of a nation, the loss was devastating and caused such widespread fear and panic that the very foundation of all it was built upon came crashing down within a mere twenty four hours. People rioted and fought in the streets. Buildings burned, people died and there was no one to stop it. It only got worse as that realization brought forth lawlessness and supported a crimewave unlike anything ever seen before. Pure anarchy and within a matter of months, the world fell into darkness, crime and sin. The strong preyed upon the weak and the loss of life was astounding. Bodies littered the streets and disease and famine spread like wildfire. 

One year later, those that survived fought for and to keep what they had. As the population dwindled toward inevitable future extinction, organized groups began to fight for dominance and control. Territories were carved and homage was paid for the protection of the one’s to enforce it. The turf wars and raids on the others resources caused even more casualties. Those of us who remained neutral began to starve and lose hope when a new power arose and quickly brought an end to it all. Presumed to be run by ex-military, they were skilled fighters and had no shortage of resources. Their claim to all the surrounding areas allowed for attainable yet still uneasy peace. Those that tried to oppose it fell swiftly and were never heard from again. Nothing ever is simply offered for free however. 

Those in power had rules, laws and required loyalty and weekly dues to remain under their care. They were mostly fair and so those of us unable to fight paid willingly for the protection and resources provided by them. Those that enforced it were ruthless and they did not believe in second chances. “The Boss” as we came to know him was a gracious man but a strict one. Yet he garnered the respect of all those who personally served him and obeyed without hesitation and that is the world I currently reside in. 

I lost everything when society fell. Neither my parents nor my little brother ever returned home. As much as I wanted to go and search I was useless with a busted ankle and the chaos that reigned in the streets. It wasn’t three weeks before I ran out of food and the residential raids began. When the door came down and the thieves in, they took everything. As they quickly cleared everything out, a disgusting drunk of a man found me hidden beneath the stairs. To this day I am not sure what his intentions were as he pulled me kicking and screaming out of the only home I ever knew. He never made it far enough as he was quickly put down by a brute of a man. Older than my father but still more than able to fight he saw me being hauled away and decided to put a stop to it. He gave me my freedom but I had nothing left. Nowhere to go and no one looking for me the man took me with him and cared for me till I could walk again. 

Everyone called him ‘Orochi’ because of his vast size and arms that were distinctly covered in tattoos of snakeskin. I stayed with him and helped him after I was able to walk and he looked after me like a daughter. I was grateful especially when women started becoming a commodity for trade. No one dared touch anything that belonged to ‘Orochi’ and the man was well known and respected. While he never directly worked under the organization, the Boss relied on him frequently and he was always well rewarded. For a little over ten years I lived and helped Orochi until he fell ill and passed away. I was closer with him than I had ever been with my own parents and the day he left the world, I felt like mine had ended.

That was six months ago and now I am right back where I started from. The moment word of Orochi’s death got out, everything that was once considered his was up for grabs, including me. Living on the streets at the mercy of others was all I had left. Orochi had taught me how to defend myself and stay alive but what’s one girl against a group of men? I managed to convince the creep that ran the bar next to the alley where I resided to let me help part time for some food each week. It only took him two till he couldn’t keep his hands off me. Rather than allow him to rape me, I sunk a knife into his neck and watched him bleed out before taking anything my arms could carry and running. I should have known that nothing goes unnoticed in this place. The following night a rather tall and imposing male form hovered over me as I cowered away trapped in the dark alley I had called my home. His deep voice penetrated the darkness and sent shivers down my spine.

“You’ve caused quite a bit of trouble you know.” Unable to make out anything in the darkness I wrapped my arms around my body sinking to the ground. So this is how I die. A wicked sounding chuckle enveloped me as the man squatted before me dragging a silver blade from my forehead to my lips without marking the skin. My entire body trembled in fear. The figure was unsurprisingly cloaked in black, easily blending in with the darkness. A mask covered his face preventing me from seeing the source of the deep and melodious sound. 

“I’ve been given the order to carve you up little girl. What do you think about that hm?” He lifted the mask just enough to see his sinister grin. When I didn’t respond his sharp blade sliced my lip causing blood to slowly pool and run down my chin. My entire body trembled in fear as the man’s hand slowly reached out swiping the pad of his thumb and collecting the crimson liquid before bringing it to his lips and sucking his finger clean. A chill shot down my spine at the display and stared in horror as a pleased grin stretched across the strangers lips.


“I-If you’re g-gonna kill me, p-please just hurry and get it over with!” The mans head tilted to the side as he silently observed me. All that could be heard was the sound of my rushed breaths. His hand carded through my hair before sliding down the side of my face, appraising me. I knew exactly what he was thinking and there was no way I was being sold for sex.

“P-Please! Don’t....I’d rather....die than be sold into slavery. If that’s what you’re thinking then please I beg you, kill me now.” The man stilled yet said nothing. Slowly he got to his feet and then offered me his hand. I knew once I took it my life was going to end, I just hoped it would be at the end of his blade rather than some perverts cock. 

He pulled me to my feet and stood silent before me several moments before speaking again. 

“Make no mistake, I’m supposed to carve up that pretty face till there’s nothing left but bone. However, I think he’d find it a waste once he meets you. Come.” He gripped my hand and pulled me unceremoniously behind him as we made our way out of the alley.

“N-No please! I beg you! I don’t wa-”

“Quiet. You don’t realize how lucky you are.” That arrogant statement infuriated me.

“Lucky?! How is being sold as a sex sl-”

“I said shut your mouth.” He yanked me to an abrupt stop causing me to collide with his broad and heavily muscled chest. His hand harshly squeezed my cheeks together before leaning in and speaking softly in my ear.

“Your life is no longer your own. It belongs to the Boss and whatever he wishes to do with you is up to him. That man you killed, as disgusting as he may have been made a lot of money for the Boss.”

“So you’re saying I was supposed to just let him rape me?!”

“Course not. You could have just as easily cut his dick off and then he would have learned his lesson and still been able to make the Boss money.” Without a chance to respond I was once again being dragged along mercilessly behind him. 

After twenty minutes of briskly being pulled along, he pulled out a phone (?) and called someone.

“Yeah, meet me at Seventeen and Second. Found the Bosses birthday gift. Bring the stuff.” The call abruptly ended.

“Stuff?! What stuff? What fucking birthday pres-”

“You don’t listen very well. I should cut out your tongue, too bad you’re gonna need it.” Without room to argue we continued our way to our destination in silence. Another man completely clad in black awaited our arrival before handing a small box over to the man holding my hand. He handed me over to the new guy while checking out the contents of said box while this new guy checked out me.

“See anything you like?” I hissed at him causing him to jump back in surprise.

“W-Woah! I see what you mean, where’d you find this one?”

“She’s the one who killed Cao.” The new guy stared at me in wonder. His bright vermillion eyes the only thing visible. He exhaled a whistle looking me over thoroughly. 

“Lucky aren’t ya?” He asked me genuinely which subsequently made me want to slap him. The disgust on my face must have been more than obvious.

“Woah hey, all I mean is, Boss man takes real good care of his toys ya know. He’s a collector of precious things but you’ll soon learn all about that.” He gave a genuine smile like I should be excited. Both these lunatics were certifiable. Just as I was about to brave another round with the other guy, something stung the back of my neck causing me to yelp and leap forward before whipping around.

A needle quickly made its way back to the box before my vision blurred.

“W-What did y-” Everything around me spun as my muscles gave out under me sending me on a collision course with the asphalt, only I never felt the impact. Everything went black.



“Wakey Wakey!” A sharp sting radiated across my face forcing my eyes to flutter open. As I fully came to I quickly noted that I was no longer able to see but the feint light glowing from behind the cloth allowed me to make out the outlines of several people.

“Yeah, she’s the one.”

“For sure.”

“The boss is gonna loooooove her.”

“I know right?”

“Tch. She ain’t half bad I guess.”

“Wow, even grumpy cat agrees.”

“Shut the fuck up! Who asked you anyway haah?”

“Boys, settle down yur scarin’ the poor thing.”

“Better get used to it.”

“Nah, she can handle it.” Just as I was about to ask what it was exactly that I could handle a voice called out from another room.

“Guys? Where’d everybody go?”

“Shit! Go distract him, we’ll finish up.”

“Better hurry, you know he’s going to figure somethings up.”

“Yeah yeah we got it! Go!” Several shuffling of feet and the sound of a door closing filled the air before a pair of shushed voices spoke closer than before.

“Alright listen up sweetie, it’s the Boss’s big day so everything has to be perfect alright? Don’t you worry about a thing! Boss’ll take real good care of ya alright?”

“W-What..are you...”

“Hush now. We gotta put the lid on and finish wrapping but ya won’t be in there very long kay? Just keep still and quiet and everything will be perfect!”


“No buts. You wanna live right? Then do what your told and everything will be fine.” A new voice spoke up. Both were female which made all of this that much weirder. What the fuck was going on?!

“But I’m naked! What happened to my clothes? At least give me a blanket or something!” They were silent a moment before I felt warm cloth drape over my cool skin but the relief was short lived.

“Kay we’re sealing ya up now sweetie so be good and quiet and still as possible.” My heart was pounding in my ears. What the hell was happening? The Boss? As in THE Boss? I’m being gifted to him naked?! Wrists bound behind my back and blindfolded all I could really do was sit there and wait for whatever was about to happen. Too terrified to move knowing full well the consequences that would bring, I simply listened as the two finished sealing the box. 

Once everything seemed complete several footsteps reentered the room and without much said, the box and myself in it were lifted into the air and being moved. The jostling when I was set back down startled me a moment before all the loud voices in the room got quiet.

“Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday Dear Boss Man,

Happy Birthday to You!”

Cheers and applause enveloped the room.

“Aww guys! You shouldn’t have!”

“We know.” Laughter filled the room. 

“Well what are ya waiting for? Open it!” 

My heart was pounding loudly in my ears. It was getting harder to breathe, the air already going stale. The sound of paper ripping filled the room as I trembled in anticipation. The Boss, The Boss, THEE Boss! The man in charge of everything...The man Orochi used to work for. The man that stopped the territory wars and established order. The man that for lack of a better word, saved all of us. This was that man, the one opening the box. The one they respected. The one they obeyed. The one no one except probably those in this room have ever seen in person. The one who ordered my execution. I was now his birthday present and had no idea what to say or do. 

The lid slowly opened as light poured in through the cloth covering my eyes and all at once everyone went eerily silent. 

Thump Thump,  Thump, Thump

“Well? D-Do you like her?” One of the girls that had helped wrap me asked gently.

“C-Can I, take this off?”

“Course you can dipshit, she’s YOUR gift.” The approach of someone’s hands reached over me and untied the bind covering my eyes. The cloth fell away and I slowly blinked my eyes. As they finally focused I was utterly dumbfounded at what they fell upon.

“Well hello there!” His voice spoke softly. Intelligent and gorgeous emerald green eyes met mine, a warm and kind smile upon his generously freckled face. Forest green curls adorned the top of his head.

“H-H-Hi?” My voice barely escaped intact. It sounded more like a breathless whimper. 

“You’re shaking. Don’t be afraid, please?” 

This? This is the Boss? The handsome gentle looking man is whom everyone above ground fears?

“Tch. She’s smart. She knows better.” A tall, well built blonde with crimson eyes approached before leaning in a little too close. A predatory smile stretched from ear to ear. If he didn’t look lethal I would have labeled him quite handsome.

“Kachaan, don’t say things like that you’re only scaring her further!” The intense crimson never left my eyes holding me captive when he next spoke.

“You know what you are right?” Unable to answer, the man known as the Boss spoke for me.

“Mm she is lovely. A perfect addition to my collection. Oh how I’ve always wanted a living doll! I never imagined I would actually get one, let alone one so beautiful! Thank you everyone! I promise to take such good care of her.”

“That’s right beautiful, you’re his dolly.”



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A smug expression stared me down along with a shit eating grin. The red eyed blonde crowded me in making me more uncomfortable in a situation I hadn’t thought could get any more so. 

“Fuck you.” I spat angrily, a guttural growl low and threatening like a cornered animal. The room varied in response but almost all were variations of amusement and surprise. The blonde’s eyebrows raised and the enraptured look dancing in his fiery gaze informed me I now had his undivided attention. Strangely excited at this unexpected response, he made the assumption it was somehow okay to touch me. His hand darted toward my face and instinctually I lashed out smacking it away hard. The gasps and general shock that instantly flooded the room told me that was not wise, but I wasn’t going to just take my fate lying down. A defiant glare decorated my features as my hands balled into fists. Holding his hand in sheer shock his face quickly contorted into rage.

“Who’s the moron that tied her wrists haah?” His gaze flickering around the room. Before anyone had the chance to answer he whirled around pointing his finger directly in my face.

“And you! You better learn some fucking man-” Reflexively I snapped my teeth at it but he quickly yanked away a moment too soon.

“Crazy bitch! Time you learn some respect!” His arm bent, ready to strike me but a hand quickly gripped his wrist holding it back.

“Stop it Kachaan.” The boss had intervened and everyone including myself stared at him in surprise. He smiled darkly as he addressed the room.

“Let this be my only warning. While I certainly appreciate your thoughtful gift, you know very well how I feel about anyone breaking let alone touching my stuff without permission. Are we quite clear?” The mood in the room instantly shifted and yes, it was abundantly clear who was in charge in here. Heads bowed and muttered agreement greeted the smiling dictator staring gentle murder at all of his associates.

“That being said how delightful! Not only beautiful but wild and vicious too. I see why you chose her for me Sho.”  I followed the bosses gaze to the man named “Sho” and my eyes immediately went wide in awe. Observing my reaction the boss beckoned him over as everyone resumed idle chatter with one another in the background. 

The boss turned to me with a beautiful and friendly smile and slowly approached me, hands raised as if to prove he meant no harm. He slowly leaned in and spoke softly in my ear, his inviting scent wrapping around me enticingly.

“You ought to thank him. He saved your life you know.” His warm words dripped like honey in my ear sending goosebumps up and down my arms. This strange and beautiful man had such a strong and powerful presence. It was almost as if the very air parted to let him pass. He let his chin rest softly on my shoulder as he pressed in from behind the box I now stood in. The blanket wrapped tightly around my nakedness and now reinforced by the bosses gentle but firm hands.

A behemoth of a man came to tower over me as though I were the size of a small child. His vacant expression met my gaze as I slowly took the newcomer in. He was everything that was beautiful and deadly. His looks almost androgynous save for the body of a Greek god and the epitome of a perfect man. His mismatched eyes intense and calculating, long red and white hair that draped like silk almost to his lower back. A tattoo adorned the left side of his face, the art detailed and only enhancing his strange beauty. I could have lost myself in him all day except the bosses breath on my skin reminded me of the instructions I was given.

“Err....t-thank you. For um...saving me.” He was like a statue, not even blinking in response. The icy reception was disconcerting to say the least and I half expected the boss to discipline me for not trying harder to please my so-called knight in shining armor. The man behind me simply chuckled good humoredly before addressing the man.

“Sho, you’re making her nervous.” The boss teased. The man named Sho raised an eyebrow and bore the hint of a smirk before leaning in so close I stopped breathing. 

“Good.”  His eyes never left mine as that deep voice washed over me like a tsunami. He stood back up and resumed the empty expression before nodding to the man behind me and walking away. Hot breath tickled my ear as a playful voice once again spoke softly.

“Beautiful no? Sho is an acquired taste for sure, but if you are lucky enough to win his respect he is fiercely loyal. Just know this baby doll, while he may indeed be beautiful he is the most skilled and deadly assassin I have ever known. He will gladly slice your skin from your flesh like butter if I tell him to do so. Be careful, he's quite dangerous to play with."

“Y-You would..know?” I inquired quietly. There was something in the way he stated that that made me curious. A devious chuckle was all he responded with. I turned to face him and standing practically nose to nose allowed me to fully take the man in now that nothing else was in the way.

He was lean but cut, chest muscles peeking out of his partially unbuttoned green and off-white striped dress shirt. A silk black vest tailored to perfection helped to emphasize what was hidden underneath. Black dress slacks hung flawlessly over long lean but definitely muscular legs and held up by a thinner than average black leather belt. The silver buckle practically sparkling. A perfect neck that practically screamed ‘inviting’ showcased his adam’s apple and I watched as it slightly bobbed when he swallowed. His jaw sharp and angular gave way to perfect ears, his left one decorated in multiple golden hoops and studs. The heavy dusting of freckles spilling across his high cheekbones giving him a soft innocence but was easily countered by the perfectly proportioned nose and beautiful thin lips that sported a thin gold hoop on the lower left side. It was impossible not to note the gold ball that peeked out when he wetted his lips. The man certainly seemed to like piercings. His god his eyes. They were hypnotizing and alluring. Rich green pools with such intelligence framed by long luscious and thick black lashes accented by coal black liner. Thin yet masculine brows arched magnificently across his brow bone disappearing into a forest of wild and beautiful swirling curls that hung low over his left eye. It was well kept despite the unkempt appearance of the style with it kept extremely short underneath making the top look even fuller. The curls curtaining his eye easily brushed aside to show the hidden golden hoop snuggly hugging near the end of his brow. 

He watched me closely as I took him in but allowed my curiosity unimpeded. A pleased grin softly painted across his elegant lips.

“Like what you see?” His voice was pure sin and the heat that rose to my cheeks at the realization of how long I had been looking him over had me mortified. Cheeks certainly flushing red in my embarrassment I quickly turned away causing a low rumble from him to bubble up and end in a chuckle. His fingers tenderly brushed my warm cheek and brought my gaze back to him.

“You don’t have to hide from me lovely. It pleases me to see you so curious.” His smile widened, playful and sexy as he traced my lips with his thumb. 

“You really are lovely to look at you know...” He purred, his eyes thoughtful as he took in every feature of my face.

“How old are you gorgeous?” 

“Around twenty one or twenty two I think.”

“You don’t remember?”

“Well my birthday is June 3rd, XXXX but to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what day or year it is anymore.” I answered truthfully. An almost sad and bereft expression greeted me.

“Well precious girl, it is Friday the twenty third of May in the year XXXX. That would make you precisely twenty two years old with a birthday fast approaching! For your birthday we will have quite a celebration, how’s that sound?” A shy smile answered him as my eyes fell away from his handsome face.

“It sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?” A genuine laugh escaped him this time before responding.

“You’re a smart girl. You have nothing to fear however baby doll.” Before elaborating on that statement he caught the attention of the explosive blonde from earlier called “Kachaan” signaling him over.

“Enjoying your new toy, nerd?” There was a strange unspoken affection between the pair that I had noticed right away. No one else had the gall to be so blatantly disrespectful to the boss yet it was not frowned upon by the man himself which was curious. An old friendship maybe? Perhaps more? It would do well to remember things are not what they seem when it came to these two and though the blonde is utterly intolerable, best to stay on his good side for now.

“Formal introductions can wait till tomorrow. I would like the evening to get to know and explain to my little dolly here what is expected of her from here forward. I leave you in charge Kachaan, no interruptions of any kind unless an emergency. Got it?” The blonde clicked his tongue in annoyance but nodded.

“I may want a raise for all the shit you make me do just so you have uninterrupted playtime.” The man snarked.

“How about a reward of your choosing?” The boss offered good naturedly in return. The blonde carefully considered before agreeing.

“Alright. I’ll get back to ya. Enjoy your evenings.” He tipped his head in respect but the dangerous smirk gifted only to me left my mouth dry. The implication was plain as day though I probably shouldn’t worry. Boss made it crystal clear he doesn’t like anyone touching his stuff. 



I was led to a beautiful and opulent room that I hadn’t seen the likes of since before the Fall all those years ago. Rich and well polished dark wood floors and furniture decorated the large space with deep green fabrics. An entire wall was dedicated to shelves upon shelves of books neatly arranged. Everything was tidy and well cared for, arranged with purpose. 

“Do you like it?” He asked already knowing the answer if my expression was to be believed. It was very Victorian and sophisticated. 

“It’s like something out of a fairytale.” My answer seemed to please him, his pride showing as he looked around as well.

“Many things were specifically crafted right here in our headquarters at my request though there are original pieces throughout that have been collected over the years. Most were gifts or peace offerings from outer clans and syndicates. It’s made everything feel so much warmer and inviting in my opinion.” I smiled nodding in agreement. 

“It suits you.” I added sincerely and that seemed to please him greatly.

“You think so, hmm?” Again I nodded smiling and my face felt warm. 

“Come, let me show you the rest.” He lead me through the space that had multiple rooms like a normal house though lacking any windows making me ask the obvious question.

“A-Are we...underground?” 

“Hard to believe isn’t it?”

“Yes, this feels like another world down here.”

“That pleases me to hear you say that. We have worked very hard to create a new life down here and make this our paradise.” He led us into a grand bedroom with a large four posted bed in the center decorated with multiple pillows and a thick soft looking comforter over top. It had seemed a lifetime ago since I had seen something so comfortable and inviting. A luxury now only for those in power and with unfathomable wealth and resources.

An open bath lay beyond and it too was unfathomable in this day and age. A giant ceramic claw foot tub was the crown piece that sat in the center. Full length mirrors, two separate sinks, a toilet and a large open shower.

“Y-You have plumbing here?!” His smile was magnificent.

“Of course. We work hard for such luxuries you know.” All at once I felt extremely out of place. Here I was dressed in nothing but a blanket, hair probably a mess and I couldn't remember the last time I had a proper bath. 

“Would you like one?” My head snapped up to look at him.


“A bath. Would you like one?”

“Did my mind?!?” He laughed at my exasperation before responding sweetly.

“That’s impossible, you know that. You were just gazing so longingly I had assumed that’s what you were thinking about. Was I wrong?” 

“I-I would really allow me to?”

“Have a bath? Of course sweetheart. Come, let us get you ready hm?”


“Mm. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you are positively sparkling when I’m through with you baby doll.”


Chapter Text

Hot water rapidly filled the tub as he added rich scented bath salts. As he gathered toiletries and towels, I simply stared at the steam swirling beautifully in the air. When the tub had filled he turned the knobs off and the silence left from the absence of flowing water was palpable. I felt certain the man could hear the intense drumming within my chest. 

He said nothing, only looked over at me lovingly before beckoning me over with his finger. My breath stuttered on the exhale as I approached him. While he was handsome, charming and definitely mysterious, I wasn’t stupid enough to believe that any of this was what it seemed. For all I knew I was walking towards my death, rape and/or torture. A living doll? What the fuck is that and what are his expectations? Hell, I probably would have ultimately felt safer with the blonde. At least I’d know what I was most likely signing up for.

Boss man here was an open book and a terrifying yet intriguing one at that. Though all things considered, before I met these people I was barely surviving as it was. Maybe this was a mercy. Maybe I’d end up well loved and cared for with more than anything I could have otherwise dreamed of. Or, maybe I’ll be a brief amusement and then he’ll put me out of my misery. Either way, what have I got to lose?

I came to stand before him, body trembling but eyes steadfast as I met his gaze head on. The low lighting framed his profile making him almost look magical. In that moment a memory like a bolt of electricity shot through me so violently I unintentionally gasped before taking a small step back. His brows shot up with momentary alarm but his presence remained open and welcoming and if anything he seemed worried at my sudden distress.

“Are you...alright?” His hand reached toward me hesitantly and stopped short of actually touching me. Concern written all over his face at the bewildered expression staring at him with blatant raw emotion. My mind was racing through hazy memories from my lost childhood as I slowly approached him in wonder. Could it be? Could it really be him?

He didn’t flinch when I stood toe to toe with him, eyebrows arched in untold emotion as my right hand reached out to carefully touch his face. I searched his eyes carefully for any trace of what my mind was trying to compare him to in a forgotten memory. His eyebrows tilted in concern as his warm and heavily scarred hand cupped my cheek before brushing away tears I hadn’t realized begun to fall. A sniffle accompanied by a genuine smile observed him lovingly at the realization my assumptions were almost certainly correct.

“I-It’s you. It’s really you....isn’t it?” His eyes searched mine intensely a moment before he seemed to understand and gave me a broken smile making him look so young and vulnerable my heart ached. When he spoke it was so quiet and tender I couldn’t believe this was the same man I was talking to just moments ago.

“Y-You...know who I am?” The way he said it was as if he needed to believe it himself. That’s when I realized exactly who I was standing before and broke into sobs.

“Say it....please?” He whispered desperately in my ear. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes sending more tears cascading down before meeting his once more. 


His smile was so beautiful as he stared at me almost triumphantly. I embraced him and hugged him as tightly as I could and felt sheer relief when it was returned in equal fervor. We stayed that way for what seemed like eternity before he slowly pulled away. A nearly angelic smile shone down at me as his hands rested upon either shoulder. A look of longing and love in his bright veridian eyes. Big warm hands affectionately and slowly slid down my bare arms before reaching the blanket covering my body. Gripping it gently, he slid it down my arms before it abruptly dropped to the floor, pooling at my feet. His expression quickly darkened, a sinister smirk replacing the gentle smile stretching his lips.

“Not anymore.”

Disbelief and fear forced me to back away from the predator in front of me as the remnants of tears from a moment ago slid past wide and unblinking eyes. A low pleased groan erupted from the man in front of me taking a step forward to close the growing distance I was desperately trying to put between us.

“ are utterly breathtaking when you cry, did you know that? So goddamn beautiful it’s a sin.” If I wasn’t shaking before I certainly was now.

“W-What happened to you D-Deku?”

I must have hit a nerve as he abruptly stopped, his expression morphing into displeasure.

“What happened to Deku? Deku was a hero baby doll. Heroes no longer exist in this world.”

“Why? Because you guys don’t have quirks anymore? That was what you thought made you a hero?” My passionate response was thoroughly unexpected if his bewildered expression was anything to go by. I preferred it over the frightening way he was looking at me a moment ago.

“Of course not. We sacrificed everything to protect people. We gave our lives, our freedom just so everyone could live unburdened and unafraid.” He took another step toward me as I took another step back before the back of my legs collided with the cool edge of white ceramic. 

“Do you know how many friends we lost that day trying to protect those that turned on us like we were the villains? Even then we still fought to help, to save, to keep the peace as we were attacked in the process. With no quirks everything became so much harder but unlike everyone else we still refused to give up. We fought for all of you and that was simply not good enough.” I couldn’t find anything to say to that because I knew he was telling the truth. We as people failed the very heroes that died trying to save and protect us.

“Sho? He ran into a burning building that was crumbling to the ground with families still inside to save them. Even with no quirk and the possibility of dying very real he risked everything to save them. He found a child separated from his family crying in a collapsing stairwell, the kid no more than two. That child was so relieved when Sho lifted him into his arms and Sho was determined to see him reunited with his family. On the way out of the building he found the boys mother trapped in a room behind falling debris and knew he would never be able to save her as he was now. She knew it too and asked to hold her baby one last time. He handed the boy to his mother and she pulled him to her even as the child cried utterly terrified at the quickly collapsing building around them. When Sho went to take the child back and to safety she stepped away from the only  opening and told him to go. He pleaded with her to let him save the child and you know what she told him? ‘I’d rather he die with me than live in a world with monsters like all of you.’ Sho watched in horror as the room caved in crushing the mother and the child in her arms. He made it out alive but his soul did not.” 

I had no words at the tragedy he spoke of. How utterly cruel and selfish that mother was to allow her own child to die when a hero stood in front of her risking his very life to save her son’s. All I could do was shed more tears as Deku continued.

“Kachaan?” His eyes went wild as he pulled his hand down his face trying to keep it together enough to tell the story.

“Kachaan even without his quirk was a skilled fighter and he did his best to patrol and break up the fights and chaos that filled the streets. He came upon a lynch mob.” His voice suddenly wavered and tears stung his eyes but he refused to let them fall.

“When he got to the victim he was horrified at what he found. One of my best friends was beaten so badly she was practically unrecognizable. And you know WHY they beat her to death? She was seven months pregnant with my other friends baby. Two amazing, loving and wonderful heroes. Even after Kachaan got to her they resumed the attack and he shielded her body with his own to try and save the baby. He was stabbed, kicked, punched, stoned, and brutalized with all kinds of weapons. He himself would have died if Shouto hadn’t shown up with a gun. He scared them all off but Kachaan was barely conscious and my friend and her unborn baby were already gone.”

I felt so sick I had to hold the bile down from rising up and spilling anything I had. How utterly vile and disgusting! Why?! Why would people do something so violent and cruel to the people trying to help them?


“They kidnapped my mother and held her for ransom hoping to lure me in. It worked. Like I would ever leave my mother to the hands of such depraved animals. Despite all of that I couldn’t find it in me to hurt them. That’s not what I became a hero for in the first place. I didn’t want to hurt others I wanted to help them. Protect and save them. So I let them do what they wanted to me as long as they promised to let my mother go. How young and naïve I was. They made her watch as her only son was tied up, tortured, raped over and over. Her screams and cries and pleading for them to let her baby go went unanswered. They were going to kill me but they wanted to make sure I watched as they laughed before slitting her throat in front of me. Afterward I waited for my death but it never came. Shouto and Kachaan sliced a path through the crowd mercilessly. Blood flowed like wine at their hands, ruthless and cold. They had become the monsters everyone somehow believed us to be. I watched from the ground with blurred vision as corpse after corpse hit the ground around me, screams and the sound of slicing and blood being spilled. When I felt nothing, no sadness, no remorse, no pity for those people, I knew. They had succeeded in killing Deku. Deku died right there on the ground bleeding for the people he swore to protect and save. And so I left him there, broken and useless. I rose up a new man. One that had survived and been saved by none other than his friends. The once great heroes now dubbed monsters by the surrounding world. That’s when I decided to save and rebuild a world for all of them in return, those being persecuted for their kindness. And here we are baby doll. There’s no room in this world for those fallen heroes. There is only room for those strong enough to survive and shape it into what they want it to be.”

My body acted on it’s own surging forward and embracing him, clinging to him for dear life.

“I don’t need or want your pity.” He spat without returning the gesture.

“It’s not pity! It’s sympathy and you’ll get it whether you like it or not! What happened to all of you was horrific, cruel and disgusting. I’m embarrassed as a species that we were capable of such depravity. Maybe it’s best that so many of them got wiped out if that’s all it took to lose our humanity overnight.” He pulled sharply away from my embrace and smiled at me maliciously.

“And what do you know little girl? Hm? You were merely a child when it all happened. You have no idea what we went through. What we sacrificed for people like you. You all got what you deserved.” 

Rage filled me making me brave as I got right back in his face.

“That’s right! A goddamn child with a broken ankle and home alone. My parents never came home, my little brother who was only six, never came home. I couldn’t leave and survived till the door came down and looters and thieves swooped in taking everything without me being able to stop it. As I watched everything I ever knew disappear around me a sleaze ball reeking of alcohol found me hiding under the stairs and dragged me out of my home by the hair. Probably to rape me then barter me for drugs and alcohol. A man, a simple quirkless man who was never a hero stepped up and saved me. He took me in, cared for me like a daughter. Wasted his resources on a useless girl that had little to contribute. He could have kicked me out, he could have demanded anything and it would have been within his right to take. But he didn’t. You know why? Because he was MY goddamn hero and a good person. He gave me a chance at life and loved me till the day he died.” Tears of sheer anger and frustration spilled like endless rivers as I got in the former heroes face.

“How dare you say we deserved what we got. Orochi was a good man to the very end and he earned the respect of everyone around him and never did it for his own gain. He did it to provide for someone he owed nothing to.” Unable to hold the pain and anger in any longer I didn’t even hesitate when my hand flew and slapped his face. His shock as his hand covered his cheek was satisfying. No one talked about Orochi like that.

After several moments of silence and me still glaring daggers at the man he burst into laughter.

“I should have known! Ha! Ahahaha!”

“Should've known what?!” 

“Orochi’s granddaughter. That’s what everyone called you.”

“He worked for you and-”

“-Oh I remember well. Orochi was a good man. I tried countless times to get him to join us but he always refused saying he had something precious to protect at home. You. I was truly saddened when I found out he passed. I truly am sorry for your loss.” I didn’t even acknowledge his apology still too angry at his hurtful words. He easily shifted back into the man I first met, all traces of his foul mood gone. I however wasn’t as willing to go back to playing house or whatever the fuck this was. 

“You’re still angry with me.” He smiled and I swear to all that is holy if he wasn’t so handsome I would have easily slapped him again.

“Aww baby doll, I’m sorry. Please don’t be angry. Come, let me make it up to you?” I watched suspiciously as he closed the distance and lifted me easily into his arms bridal style before walking to the slightly cooler water and setting me gently in the tub. I didn’t resist but the scowl never left my face even as he carefully guided my head back before softly pouring water through my hair. It felt heavenly but I did my best to school my expression not wanting him to think he had won me over so easily. 

The clean and rich fragrance of shampoo filled the air as his fingers massaged and tangled in my hair. My body unknowingly began to relax and the former tension slowly seeped away the longer he continued. 

“I like you, you’re incredibly brave and passionate you know. No doubt your time with Orochi having inspired and influenced you.” 

“He was a great man.” I stated rather quiet and petulantly. A quite laugh tickled my ear as he leaned in speaking softly.

“Indeed he was. He wanted what was best for you. Just like I do.” His honey sweet voice filled me with heat from head to toe. How did this man seem to possess the ability to flip my emotions so strongly like a tsunami? I simultaneously loved and loathed everything about it. 

“And what do you think is best for me?” My voice soft and curious once more.

“Whatever I say it is. You belong to me now and just as I said, I plan on taking good care of you.”

“As your dolly?”

“Mm. As my beautiful little dolly.”

“And just what does that entail?”

“Glad you asked. You see, it can get quite boring never really being able to leave here. While the others go above ground frequently, I do not possess that luxury.”

“Why not? Aren’t you the boss?”

“Yes. It’s because I’m the boss that I cannot. As you quickly realized, my former identity is unfortunately a hinderance. It could easily disrupt the peace and everything we have worked for if word got out. Only those of you in that room today know my true identity and have seen my face. I plan to keep it so.”

“Okay so....what have you been doing down here for fun for over a decade?”

“Oh why I believe I told you, I’m a collector.”

“Collector of what though? Dolls?”

“I collect everything sweetheart. Especially things I find beautiful. The only problem is, everything I possess so far is merely pretty to look at and play with. It’s hard to truly enjoy or find fulfillment in such emptiness you see. I wanted a special toy that could give back. One that I could truly interact with.”

“Isn’t that...called a person? You know, a friend? A lover?”

“My special toy can be both of those things if she so chooses. The difference is, she belongs to me and me only. She is mine to play with as I please. I will dress her however I choose. She will eat whatever I feed her. She will play any game I want her to play whenever I ask. I will bend and twist her to my will and she will never ever complain or cry. That is unless I tell her to do so. She will keep all of my secrets and never tell others how and what we play together or I will simply break her beyond repair. I will love her with all my heart and give her the world on a silver platter if she learns to always make me happy. And above all, she will never EVER question or disobey me.”

“S-So I-if you want to h-hurt me, I’m just supposed to let you and do it smiling?”

“Baby girl, I will teach you the pleasure in pain. Besides, good girls will always be rewarded. I will always provide for you as long as you provide for me. It’s a fair trade is it not? Let me love and care for you, be mine and let me play with you. What do you say hmm? Be my precious little Dolly.”



Chapter Text

I wasn’t stupid. Deku wasn’t actually giving me any real choice here. He’d never let me go now that I knew who he was. My only choices were either to play along with this twisted game of his or die. I didn’t want to die, but I certainly didn’t get this far by simply giving in either. So what does one do when forced to play Russian Roulette? Simple. They man up and pull the goddamn trigger.

“And if I say no?” 

You see, it’s all about execution. Had I have said that in any other tone it would have not been received well. I am a fast learner and taking a page out of Deku’s book, my words were sweet and laced with honey. Playful yet defiant. He was certainly intelligent and no doubt the brain behind their entire operation. He’s a deadly opponent to be sure but that was the type of game I knew how to play. Orochi taught me well. His words rang loud and clear in my memory. ‘All’s fair in love and war kid. Remember that.’ He also taught me the importance of knowing your opponent so you can predict and/or anticipate their next move. To do that I’d have to test him. Trial and error. Life and death. It was a risky gamble but the way I see it, it’s a win/win for me. 

“You would defy me already hm? I wouldn’t have taken you for a masochist but, to each his own.”

“I thought you were giving me a choice Deku.” His hands stopped moving and I knew I struck a nerve.

“Tsk. I suppose it is my fault for not being clear earlier but do not call me that.”

“No? Then what should I call you? Master?” His hands resumed and when he next spoke I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Mmm while that certainly is appealing you are not my slave sweetheart, you are my baby doll.”

“You want me to call you ‘daddy’ instead?” A playful chuckle was his response as he moved to rinse my hair.

“No. Daddy’s shouldn’t do the things that I would like to do with you.”

“Hm. Then how about perv?” I teased and that earned me a genuine laugh.

“Well, you wouldn’t be wrong but, how about just Izuku to start with.” Well that was unexpected. For a man who seems to love and exude authority I would figure he’d expect some sort of title. A first name seems awfully personal for someone who's friends call him boss. 


He practically purred as his name rolled off my tongue. I turned and rested my chin on my hands crossed over the edge of the tub and faced him. He was so incredibly close I could count each individual eyelash. 

“Can I be honest with you Izuku?” 

“Of course sweetheart, I want you to always be honest with me.”

“Unless you tell me not to right?”

“Well, we’ll work on those things. We have all the time in the world don’t we?”

“That’s the thing, do we?”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

“Am I really your only toy Izuku?”

His surprise was intriguing. However, that surprise quickly morphed into a devilish smirk. The tip of his tongue peeking out from his lips as he ran his finger sweetly down my cheek.

“Why do you ask baby doll?”

“Because I’m not stupid. I wouldn’t be your only plaything would I.” 

“What’s the matter love, you don’t like to share?” His voice was liquid sex. That deep, low and sultry sound seeping into my bones.

“Do you?” I tested with an equally sexy smile. His face immediately fell.

“No. No one touches my things without permission.”

“Aww Izuku? How is any of that fair?”

“Fair? Who said anything about fair?” His mood had quickly begun to sour and his demeanor that of a child beginning a tantrum. 

“If you want me to be your dolly, I want to be your only toy Izuku.” 

“And if I say no?”

“Then you can find someone else to be your precious little dolly.” Oh he did not like that. It’s plain to see the man clearly isn’t used to being told no. After several moments of silence and a fierce scowl he stood up and held out a towel for me. Once wrapped in the soft fluffy cotton his hands held my arms as he looked deeply into my eyes, his intense and sincere.

“I have been trying to be a gentleman with you but I am quickly losing my patience. Make your choice and no more games.”

“I actually have one? What exactly are my choices here? Play your pervy twisted game or what?”

“You will die. Though I would really prefer not to waste something so precious and beautiful. Despite what you may think, I don’t enjoy ending lives. However, there are times when I have to respect someone else’s choice. That’s what I am giving you now you see? Be mine or end your life, the choice ultimately is yours.” 

The smug and victorious expression baring down at me left me seething and indignant. He truly believed he had won here but what he failed to realize is that I am not some easily bought lay simply willing to fawn over him because he told me I should. No, if he truly wanted me to be his little dolly he was going to earn it and I would test him every single step of the way. Otherwise, I’d gladly take my own life and bring a welcome end to this insanity that has been my existence this far.

“So you are asking me if I choose death or you?” 

He nodded and almost gleefully awaited to hear the words that would allow him to win this sick game. I stared at him long and hard to let him believe I was truly considering my choice though my mind had already been made. 

“Fine. I choose death.” Defiant eyes met stunned veridian. Mine held no fear. Orochi taught me well. Never make a threat you are not willing to back up and I wasn’t. Too flabbergasted to even speak I did all the work for him.

“Point me to where I can find Sho. I’ll have him bring you my head when it’s done.” I made my way through the beautiful surroundings feeling somewhat grateful to see such a thing one last time. When I got to the door where we had come in I turned to find the man standing several feet behind. He looked broken somehow, wounded that I would choose death over him yet he did not stop me.

“Don’t misunderstand Izuku, you are beautiful and a great leader I’m sure. Your men respect you and you have more here than anyone on the outside could ever dream of.”

“Yet you would rather die than be mine.”

“I’d rather die than belong to anyone. While I may not have much to offer or contribute, I refuse to sell myself just so I can be someone’s cheap thrill or entertainment. Just because you place such little value on my life doesn’t mean I do.” 

He smiled maliciously and came to stand before me. 

“Very well. I have called for Katsuki anyway, he will take you to Sho.” Sure enough I heard the blonde’s heavy footsteps down the hall heading in our direction.

“One last thing beautiful. You don’t know the real reason Orochi kept you do you?” The evil gleam in his eyes told me his words were going to be cruel one’s.

“A virgin girl is worth a fortune. He could have traded you for a small empire you know, but he was smart. He kept you as the ace up his sleeve should he ever need it. Too bad he died before he got to cash it all in hmm?” 


“You’re a goddamn monster!” I hated that I was crying, the sting in his words were soul crushing. I turned to leave and collided with Katsuki’s chest. It cut so deeply because for some reason I actually somehow believed him . I didn’t want to, but there was no denying how much sense it made and I hated myself for believing I could have ever mattered to anyone. I wrapped my arms tightly around the blonde and sobbed into his chest.

“See, this? This right here? This is exactly why you could never get a girlfriend. You have no fucking clue how to talk to women.”

“She made her choice, I am simply honoring it.” 

“Yeah whatever.”

“Come see me when you’re finished. There’s something I want to discuss.”

“Hope it’s about how we ain’t gettn’ your unappreciative ass anything no more.” Katsuki grumbled as he led me away by my arm, me silently sobbing the whole way. Once we were down the hall and out of ear shot the blonde finally spoke.

“Look, I ain’t great with words but I think you’re makn’ a mistake here. I know Deku can be...well Deku. He ain’t got a clue when it come’s to women. Pretty sure he’s never been with one either.” 

“So he’s a virgin himself?” I sniffled trying to gain some composure. 

“That ain’t what I said.” I was pretty sure already but having it confirmed just made it worse for some reason. When I didn’t say anything the blonde bristled.

“You gotta problem with that?”

“What that he sleeps with men? No. Why should I care anyway?” He gave me a genuine smile at my response. Not a smirk or a sneer. A real smile. It looked good on him.

“You’re a terrible liar, anyone ever tell you that?”

“He’s a crazy insensitive asshole.”

“That he is. But he’s earned that right considering what he’s been through.”

“I know, he told me.” We came to a halt, Katsuki jerking me around to face him.

“He told you that shit? What the fuck for?”

“We were fighting, he got upset I guess.”

“Fighting? Deku doesn’t fight with anyone. He’s a mean son of a bitch when he’s angry but no one’s ever stupid enough to-” His eyes went wide and his brows shot up a moment before erupting into laughter.

“Holy shit! It’s because you challenged him isn’t it? He doesn’t know how to handle you.”

“How’s that my problem?” I frowned.

“Stupid. It’s because he likes you. You genuinely hurt his fuckn’ feelings, that’s why he’s being so pissy.”

“I hurt his feelings?!” Are you fucking serious?! You heard the shit he said to me!”

“And I ain’t disagreeing that it was a dick thing to say.”

“All he wants from me is to be his enslaved fuck toy. He doesn’t care about feelings. At least certainly not mine.”

“Jesus Christ you two are exhausting.”

“I’m not someone’s plaything and I refuse to be bought and sold like property! What the fuck happened to you guys? You guys used to be heroes.”

“What happened? Life happened princess and we’re just like everyone else try’n to survive.”

“We’re here. Last chance, you sure this is what you want? There’s no coming back from this.”

“You make it seem like it’s worth staying. Not for me if my value is measured in how many dicks have been inside me. Thanks but no thanks.”

“Suit yourself.” He knocked on the large dark wooden door and waited. A voice inside called us to come in. 

“Well, here’s your stop. I got shit to do so I’ll be on my way. Nice know’n ya kid.” With that he turned and walked away leaving me alone to face my fate.

“Come in and close the door.” That deep melodic voice called out and I did as told. 

“Why are you here?”

 I apprehensively stepped up and stood before the beautiful and lethal man. The iciness in his gaze sent a chill down my spine as reality crashed down around me with the force of a hurricane. I played the game and took the chance. I called his bluff and he called mine. Looks like I lost. I knew the risk and now I must pay the debt but at least I kept my honor. It was worth it, right Orochi? Though it never really mattered to you to begin with did it. You were always just protecting your assets weren’t you.Was Izuku right? Did you ever care for or love me at all? Guess it doesn’t matter anymore anyway. I’ll be seeing you soon enough and then I can ask you face to face.

Trembling, I took a deep breath and answered firmly.

“I’m here for you to end my life.”



Chapter Text



“Come, sit.” I followed him through a vast room completely decorated in traditional Japanese style. The smell of bamboo and spice soothing. Long crimson and snow flowed like water down strong shoulders and a muscular back. A beautiful tattoo carved its way from below the waist line but hidden beneath fitted black slacks. Though impossible to make out the details at this distance and with the graceful sway of his hair preventing an unimpeded view, the design was centered around a dragon. It encompassed the entirety of his left side. 

He led me to the chabudai before taking his place across from me. Upon the table sat a plain white tokkuri and he placed two choko on the surface before filling them both with warm sake.


My hesitation seemed to displease him as I watched him down his. When he sat his cup down his brows raised as he stared pointedly at the one still full before me.

“It’s not poisoned. I would never kill in such a wasteful way.”

“Wasteful? How so? I mean, if they’re going to die anyway..”

“Drink and I shall explain.” 

“I’ve never had alcohol before. Even when I was young, my parents never kept any in the house.”

“Then I would say it is time for you to have your first drink. Or would you prefer to leave this world without such an experience? Those that leave this world under the influence of alcohol always seem to handle the transition better.”

“You almost sound as though you have some sort of personal investment in it.” I smiled before bringing it to my lips and swallowing the bitter liquid. I could feel my face contort in displeasure earning me an unexpected smile as he refilled our cups.

“I wouldn’t call it an investment. More of a personal preference.”

“You have something against drunks?”

“Quite the opposite actually. The more one has imbibed, the more they tend to bleed.”

“I would think that would be a bad thing in your line of work.” 

“For others perhaps. I find beauty in it.”

“You find beauty in blood?”


“But why?”

“Blood is our life’s essence. To see it spill can be beautiful given the right circumstances. It is akin to an hourglass spilling it’s sand. When the sand runs out, the chamber is empty much like one’s body. However, unlike an hourglass whose flow is controlled by gravity and the premade design of the chambers, I am the one that controls the entire process. I can increase the flow or leave it to trickle. I determine how and wear it flows to. A limitless canvas with the most precious of mediums.”

I’ve always hated blood. It’s always made me weak to be honest. So how does this beautiful and deadly being before me make it sound so captivating?

“You’re fascinating you know. You’ve taken something so horrible and ugly and transformed it into an artform. You make it all sound so magical yet we are talking about murder and death. I’m not sure how to feel about it all to be honest.”

“Drink.” The second went down a little easier than the first leaving a warm burning sensation in my chest. Once again he filled our cups before turning his concentration to me.

“My turn. What happened with Izuku that led you to wind up here? You two seemed to being enjoying each others company when last I saw you.” 

It was rather impressive how quickly my pleasant mood (all things considered) suddenly soured at the mere mention of his name.

“He’s a cruel, heartless, selfish little bastard!” Sho didn’t even flinch at my outburst. He sat quietly and remained attentive yet there was a hint of amusement in his heterochromatic eyes. This time the warm liquid slid easily down the back of my throat before setting my cup down and staring at him expectantly. That earned me a smirk and a refill so I couldn’t complain. At least, not about that. 

“I hate that man. He’s a monster! He’s nothing what I thought he’d be.” I hadn’t realized I was shedding tears over this asshole till my company handed me a handkerchief. 

“Ugh, why?! Why am I even crying? Why do I even care? I don’t care!”

“You do.”

“No, I’m just angry because his words were cruel and he tried to hurt me simply because I didn’t want to be his little fuck toy!”

“You said he’s nothing like you expected. What did you expect the leader of our organization to be if not ruthless in his pursuits?”

“I wasn’t expecting your leader to be Deku!” The silence that followed only seemed to amplify my last words making them ricochet through me.

“So he told you or did you figure It out on your own?”

“Both. I...I recognized him and he basically admitted it before giving me a history lesson of your tragedies. My heart bleeds for you all truly, what happened to you all was horrific but that wasn’t me! I didn’t do those horrible things to all of you! He made it seem like I was one of the very people standing there participating! I was only ten years old when all of that happened. Why should I be punished for other people’s cruelty huh?! What did I ever do to any of you?!” Big angry sobs escaped me along with a river of tears. The pain twisting inside my chest blurred my vision and blocked all rational thought. I didn’t even hear the footsteps that approached me as cool hands easily lifted me into waiting arms.

“Come, let’s at least dress you in something other than a towel.” 

“Why? Aren’t you just going to kill me anyway?”

“Yes, but not right now. Despite what you may think of all of us, we still have the capacity to care. I suspect it has been a long while since you have experienced such a thing. I apologize for the way you have been treated thus far but you must understand. You are a child no longer and we live in a dark world. You yourself have committed murder have you not?” 

“B-But that was self defense! He would have raped me!”

“I believe we have already discussed my opinion on the matter once before.” A hint of a smirk tugged the corner of his lips. He placed me on his tatami gently before crossing the sectioned off room and retrieving some sort of a beautiful silk cloth. 

“Here. This will cover you better than a towel and will be much more comfortable.” He held it out for me to slip into like a jacket and I realized it was an elegant silk robe. Turning my back to him, a shiver traveled the length of my back and arms before I shyly dropped the towel to the floor. I’m not sure why I felt so shy when I was fully bare to Izuku barely an hour ago. Sho had an air about him that was vastly different than anyone I had ever met. 

The silk felt heavenly against naked skin, cool cloth resting against warm flesh. I tied the belt around my waist and turned back around to face my gracious host.

“It suits you. You have such divine skin.” 

“Thanks. I suppose you can make a rug out of it or something when I’m gone.” The usually intense and stoic man broke into laughter, his face breathtaking when alight with mirth. Observing me with a familiar fondness, he slid his long and skillful fingers through my hair.

“You are quite fascinating. I can see why Orochi cared for you so much.” A sharp pain brought me out of a smile, tears welling in my eyes. Unable to hold his stare, my face fell as I tried to ignore the hurtful words spoken by Izuku. 

“Ah. I see. What exactly did Izuku say to you? He is known to be vicious when he’s upset.” Tears flowing freely I turned my gaze back to the beautiful man standing before me, offering a bitter smile for an answer.

“You allowed him to taint all of those memories with one simple sentence? A man you claim to hate and only just met? Hardly seems like something someone as willful as you would do.”


“Then let us make it less so with another cup of sake.” His tone was so gentle and warm, comfort laced in every syllable I didn’t even want to disobey. Knowing full well that if I partook any further, I’d be crossing the threshold of my sobriety. Then again, what do I have do lose? I’m going to die anyway and at least Sho has been gracious enough to allow me some comfort on my way out.

The sting lessened and the taste seemingly more pleasant, we shared another drink in peaceful silence. Sho seemed completely unaffected. I on the other hand could feel myself slightly swaying as heat filled every corner of my body. 

“Let us come back to Orochi. I’d much rather hear why you have such intense and lingering feelings for someone you claim to despise and have only known so very briefly. While your time spent with him seemed to be unpleasant, that only makes it stranger to me why you are so angry with him. Even if what he said was cruel, one would assume you’d be equally as angry and respond with the same hostility. You however seem deeply and personally wounded. To me that would suggest your feelings were pre-existing. Am I incorrect?”

Wow. I was so shocked he was able to deduce such an accurate opinion from so little information. Sho was far more intelligent and observant than I initially gave him credit for. For the first time I felt truly naked before someone. I wasn’t even sure I knew what to say. I had never spoken my true feelings out loud let alone to another person.

“You’ll probably just make fun of me.” I grumbled, trying to hide my embarrassment by staring into my lap.

“I don’t do such things. People’s feelings are their own.” A moment of silence fell between us as I considered my words.

“I loved him. I loved him more than anything Sho.” He watched me knowingly as I worked through my memories.

“I was only five years old but my dad had taken us all to the UA Sports Festival that year. The year you guys debuted. And yes, looking back, now I remember exactly who you are. It was always on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t seem to place it. Now it all makes sense though. After all, you and Deku were good friends weren’t you Shouto?” He nodded but allowed me to continue my revelation. 

“I remember being so enraptured watching Deku during the battles. How strong he had to have been to break his body over and over knowingly like that. Yet he fought so passionately with such determination in his eyes I couldn’t look away. See, unlike you all, I was born quirkless. Quirkless and a girl was not the easiest thing to be back then. When we found out, my teachers actually tried to convince my parents to pull me from school. Said I would be better off being sent to finishing school seeing as all I’d ever be able to hope to achieve would be some rich mans trophy wife. They actually expected me to see that as some sort of honor! Of course being only four years old I was already trying to find the silver lining. I turned to my mom who was crying and told her not to worry, that I’d marry a hero and support them with all that I had so they could help people. You know what the quirk counselor told me? That a hero would never marry someone who was quirkless. They wouldn’t risk producing offspring without carrying a powerful quirk.”

Sho said nothing and his expression remained neutral. His eyes however had grown dark and stormy as he downed his sake and set the cup aside, apparently having had his fill.

“Despite what I was told I never let it stop me from believing I was any less special simply because I didn’t have a quirk. My father supported that dream and admired my strength and that’s why he made sure to get us into the UA Sports Festival the next year. I remember him telling me that it was the happiest and most alive I had ever looked, sitting in the stands, eye’s trained on Izuku Midoriya. He was everything I wanted to be and not simply because he was going to be a hero. I admired his strength, his determination and how he never gave up. Even when he lost, he always walked away looking like he had won. That....that’s what gave me hope and kept me going.” I finished the last of the sake sitting before me before meeting his eyes with a defeated smile and a broken heart.

“You were in love with him.” It wasn’t a question, it was a confident statement and all I could do was nod.

“How long?”

“Till everything happened and he disappeared. Even then, though I had assumed he had died in the brutal attacks, the memory of his smile got me through some of the scariest moments on the run.”

“He was your hero.” 

I nodded, burying the heels of my hands in my eyes to stem the never ending flow of tears.

“He was your hero and you never stopped loving him. Now I understand.” Shouto got up and repositioned himself by my side.

“I wish I could tell you that what he’s become isn’t who he really is but the truth is, the Deku you loved and admired is gone. He died that day Katsuki and I found him and walked away a different man.” Cool, long fingers gently carded through my hair. When I braved a glance I was hypnotized by the expression now holding me captive.

“Why? Why do you even care? Why are you being so nice to me when you’re just going to kill me?”

“You believe you are unworthy of such kindness?”

“It’s just, when I came here I wasn’t expecting....this.”

“What were you expecting? For me to just slit your throat and be on my way?”

“I feel badly now that you’ve proven otherwise. I’m sorry Shouto. You’re a lot kinder then I ever gave you credit for.”

“A kind assassin. That’s one I have never heard before.” 

“Doesn’t mean it’s not true. So um, thank you.”

“For what?”

“For proving that not all the heroes were lost that day.” 

Lips pressed tenderly against mine as a hand sweetly cupped my cheek. The kiss gentle yet possessive. His lips encouraging mine to part, a tongue shyly brushed against mine making me melt into the entire moment. My first kiss.

“Shouto...” I whispered breathlessly as he pulled away.

“Will you give yourself to me before I end your life?”

“Because you want my virginity?”

“Because of who and what you are. There’s a reason Orochi kept you safe and took care of you all of those years.”

“Yes, I know. My virginity is apparently worth a kingdoms ransom.” Sarcasm dripped heavily from my lips as I sized up Shouto in disbelief. 

“Your virginity has nothing to do with it.”

“Just what would you know of Orochi’s intentions?”

“Everything. I knew him better than anyone.”

“What, because he worked for you guys all those years?” I stated offended and in disbelief. His expression hardened before he answered.

“Because he was my father.”


Chapter Text



I stared at him blankly a moment waiting for my mind to wrap around the words he had just spoken.


His expression was far too intense and severe to have been lying but what he said just didn’t make any sense to me. 

“Thought it was pretty clear but if you need an explanation, Orochi as you called him, was my father, Todoroki Enji.” 

“E-Endeavor?! But he didn’t look a thing like him!” Shouto looked unimpressed.

“Of course not. Did you know what the flame hero looked like without the flame?” All I could do was shake my head. By the time I had gotten older, Endeavor had retired and moved out of the public eye. That never changed the fact that he was a former number one hero and well known even in my generation.

“It was extremely rare for him to show that side of himself even among his children. Enji was a great deal many things but he was extremely smart. I never understood half of the reasons he did the things he did when I was still young and immature, but when the world fell down around us many of those things began to make sense. Enji always had a contingency plan for any given scenario. This being no different.”

“Wait, you mean to tell me he knew this would happen?!”

“That’s not what I said at all. I said he had a plan in place in the event a number of various scenarios should take place. Apparently a quirk apocalypse was included on that list.”

“Wait, why are you telling me all of this?”

“Because you are the key to everything.” 

“You don’t sound very convincing.”

“It’s not my job to convince you of anything. Your part in all of this is completely out of your hands for the time being.”

“What does that even mean?! What are you even talking about and why didn’t you tell me any of this before now?! I mean if I am so important than why doesn’t Izuku-”

“-He doesn’t know.” That caught me by surprise effectively silencing me.

“None of them do.”

“Wait I still don’t understand. If I am supposedly the key to everything then why would you kill me?”

“I wish I could tell you but I can’t.”

“Why not?! This is MY life we are talking about here! If ANYONE has the right to know it’s me!”

“It won’t change anything. Either way, you have to die. That was always your fate.”

“Then why didn’t you kill me back in that alley huh?!”

“It wasn’t time.”

“Oh but it suddenly is now?!”

“This is why I can’t tell you.”

“Then why mention it at all?! Just fucking kill me already and get it over with! I’m so sick of all these games you guys play!”

“It doesn’t matter, I must see this through to the end. I promised my father before I killed him.”


“You seem surprised. Do you still not realize who it is that I am? I have a job to do and people’s lives to protect. No one is exempt from their roles to play in all of this. Especially you.” My chest suddenly felt tight. Who was this man before me? Where was the one from only a few moments ago? Sweet, intelligent and wise Shouto. Was he all a lie too?

“You wear your emotions too easily. That is exactly how and why Izuku was able to so easily hurt you. You need to learn how to maintain a poker face in all of this.”

“What does any of it matter? You’re just going to kill me soon anyway.” I felt so defeated and no longer interested in playing this stupid game with any of them. 

“If you’re done playing with me can you please just finish it quickly... I don’t want to do this anymore. You win. You have all proven quite thoroughly what you have all become and why and punished me for it even though I was never directly to blame. I get it. You guys need others to take your anger and hatred out on physically and emotionally but please, I beg you. Just kill me now. I’m sorry for all that has happened to you guys and if killing me somehow takes away the pain even for a moment for you, than what are you waiting for? I submit.”

“Foolish girl. You do not know the first thing about me. Don’t presume to know why I do any of the things that I do.” His body crowded me in making me feel very small and powerless, anger and sadness storming in his beautiful heterochromatic eyes.

“I have known suffering and pain far greater than you can even fathom and yet I still do not merely serve myself. I still protect the lives of others even if it is not recognizable in the common sense. I refuse to simply abandon those that would and have given their lives for me. It would dishonor all that I am and all that they have given.” Lithe fingers firmly but carefully held my face bringing his so close I could feel his breath across my lips.

“Do you honestly believe Orochi was able to provide and protect you all of those years on his own? Did you think it merely luck that you two slept at night without ever being raided? Or that you remained unharmed and able to leave so freely when Orochi went away on assignments for Izuku? I have watched over and protected you from the very shadows you hide from for more than half your life.” My heart was thundering below my chest as I trembled against his body now pressing against mine.

“I was there that night you took Cao’s life, hidden in the shadows. I never would have allowed him to harm you but even as I moved to stop it, you had reacted so quickly and confidently, a strange part of me felt proud. Relieved that you could stand up for yourself making my job that much easier. And while I could have  made all of that look like an accident, you gave me the perfect in to bring you here within the syndicates walls. Somewhere I knew you would be safe and that I could keep a vigilant eye on you.”

“But it doesn’t make sense, why go through all the trouble if you were just going to kill me anyway?”

“Because I must kill you to set the plan in motion. Yet again, you fail to ask the wrong questions. Yes, I must kill you, but you needn’t die. At least, not yet.”

“I...I don’t understand what you’re”

“I cannot explain it all now but trust that I will when the time comes.”

“S-Shouto....I’m scared....I don’t understand.” He pulled me into his embrace, left arm secured around my waist, the other around my neck, fingers snaking through my hair.

“I promise I will make it painless and quick.” Clinging to him for dear life, a soft sob wracked my body as I rested my head against his broad chest.

“Will you make me a promise in return?” His voice was so soft and gentle, I lifted my eyes to his own.

“If this is successful, will you trust me from here forward?” Though utterly confused, the look in his eyes filled me with a warmth I had never felt before. I nodded still gazing into those beautiful and mysterious mismatched pools. With such a tender smile, he pulled me sweetly once more to his chest. His left arm left my waist and moved to the base of my neck, his right arm falling away. His cheek laid softly atop my head and after a moment of resting there he whispered.

“If it is not, please know this, Orochi was not the only one that cared for or loved you in this dark world precious girl.” His next breath shuddered before a brief sharp pain filled my body spreading an uncomfortable heat quickly throughout followed by a strange coldness that invaded every corner. Before I could even wrap my brain around what was happening to me, my vision went black and I felt the world spin before I lost consciousness. Before I died.



Eleven Years Prior

“Do you even know how to be honest with me old man?”

“Watch your tone boy. I know you have every right to hate me and I won’t try to  take that right from you. While you may presume that I never loved my family, you would be wrong. I may have lost my way, too blinded by my own pride, and yes, I may have been a horrible father and husband. But that never meant I did not love you Shouto.”

“Why now? Because you lost everything? Because the world around us is quickly coming to an end?”

“What if I told you I had a plan to change all of that?”

“I’d say you’re delusional but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. When don’t you have a plan for everything?”

“This was in the making long before that idiot tried to destroy the world.”

“Was this plan of yours what you have been doing the last six years? You practically fell off the face of the Earth and none of us ever knew why.”

“This was one of many projects I was working on at the time.”

“Illegal I’m sure.”

“Yes, it was. But it will be because of that, that we can reverse this damage.”

“You were doing illegal quirk experimentation? You realize that is not only illegal, but considered treasonous?”

“As always son you are focused on the wrong things. Those quirk experiments allowed us a way to transfer a quirk by injection.”

“That had already been tried and tested in government labs around the world. It was a failure because the hosts always died.”

“Yes, that is true. We learned that those already born with a quirk couldn’t tolerate the addition of a new quirk. The body would reject it and kill the host. That wasn’t completely the case for quirkless people.”

“They all died too in those clinical trials because their DNA was different from everyone else and their bodies treated it like a disease that it couldn’t cure.”

“Yes, but here is where we branched off and discovered an alternative. A live or rather activated quirk was perceived to be a threat when introduced to the quirkless individual’s body. That triggered an autoimmune response which eventually broke down the entire body trying to fight it off. We discovered that certain quirks or quirk combinations that were dormant and required an awakening to activate could successfully be inserted in their DNA and the body would accept it.”

“Why would it suddenly accept it though?”

“Because with it being dormant, no changes to the DNA or biological structure were implemented so the immune system didn’t register it as a foreign body and attack it.”

“Okay but if it’s dormant what’s the point? There is no accessible or usable quirk to be used.”

“As I said previously, it requires an awakening.”

“Yes, I get that but once it activates won’t it just trigger the same response all over again?”

“Not if they die during the activation.”

“...Do I really need to explain how that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever?”

“If you would stop interrupting me Shouto I would be able to explain. It would only be a temporary death. One that tricks the body into shutting down long enough for the quirk to fully activate. While completely shut down, neither the body nor the brain is able to register the foreign addition and there is nothing to stop the quirk from fully accessing the DNA and fusing to it. By the time the host is brought back online, the process will have been completed. However, there is yet more to this equation. The quirk itself is of a volatile nature and once unleashed, it will fully consume the host.”

“You’re talking about turning quirkless people into biological weapons?!”

“While that is certainly possible, this particular experiment would only cost the hosts life. It’s a chemically altered quirk called “Reversal of Time.” Once used, the hosts body is consumed by the energy powering the quirk. Time reverses until the hosts life is fully consumed.”

“....and after that?”

“Their sacrifice and death will reverse an apocalyptic event allowing for humanity the opportunity to prevent the events leading up to the destruction. While a simple letter could explain everything, it would cause more panic and investigation of time travel abilities and quirks which could be another problem in itself. If however all that is found with the hosts corpse is a set of coordinates, it gives us the opportunity to eradicate the threat prior to the devastation and without anyone being any wiser.”

“At the cost of the quirkless users life.”

“Shouto, you are being naïve and childish if you truly believe one life is worth more than the fate of the world.”

“So once they are brought back from death, the quirk immediately activates and begins to kill the host all over again with a horrific death...”

“If timed correctly, the host can be brought back without the quirk immediately activating but it would mean the quirk was live. How the body would respond varied depending on the user. Ideally the host should be young as their body would be far more resilient and accommodating to tolerate the quirk. It also makes more sense if the user was young as it would give us more time during the reversal process.”

“.....Father. Do you hear yourself? You are willing to sacrifice an innocent and subject them to torture and a cruel death for the sake of humanity?”

“Wouldn’t you? You could save the world by sacrificing one soul and you wouldn’t do it?”

“I....I don’t think I could.”

“Then I truly did fail you Shouto. To sacrifice all for simply one soul makes you a villain. The exact opposite of a true hero.”


Chapter Text



Five Years Ago

“Sorry I have been away so long. The Southern Territories were a nightmare to finally settle and Izuku kept me in place in the event there was an attempt to overthrow the new leadership. How have things been while I have been away? Any changes or signs of rejection?”

“About that Shouto. I....I have changed my mind. I don’t want to do this any longer.”

“What? What are you talking about old man? What don’t you want to do?”

“This. Any of it. Tell Izuku I am done. Retired. Whatever you want.”

“What brought this on? Did something happen while I was away?”

“Yes Shouto, a lot has happened. I’m too old for this shit anymore.”

“Dad....since when have you ever been too old for anything?”

“Haha! True son. Yet, I am not who I used to be. I’m beginning to think that what happened to this world was a good thing.”

“What? ...Dad this isn’t like you. At all. What’s going on?”

“Shouto. I’m dying. Haha oh son, please don’t look so surprised or even upset. I never earned that kind of concern from you of all people. I treated you like a goddamn personal weapon against my never ending grudge with All Might. Endeavor was ultimately my biggest failure. I let my pride and ego ruin the lives of so many all for my own personal gain. You were right son, I was never truly a hero. I was merely a well disguised villain.”


“Look son. I know I can’t undo the things I have done from the past. I can’t change everything I stole from you. You deserved so much more than I ever gave you. I won’t ask for your forgiveness either because I know I don’t deserve it, but I will at least offer you an apology for making a mockery out of your life. You are a good man Shouto despite growing up under my oppressive shadow and it’s because of that, that in the end I am truly proud. Don’t end up like me son. An old man who lost everything and never took the time to appreciate what I had in the first place.”

“What about-”

“No Shouto. No more. No more tests, no more sacrifices, no more failures. Look away from her and never think about any of the things we originally planned again.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

“You will not touch her Shouto. Do you hear me boy? She is off limits.”

“So just like that you no longer want to save the world? For one girl?”

“This world was never worth saving in the first place. Look at what they did the moment our powers were taken away. Rabid animals that needed to be put down. Though the sad part is, we are ultimately the ones that made them that way. Even if this plan was successful, we could never move far enough back to fix what caused all of this in the first place.”

“So now what? You expect me to just walk away and let everyone I care about suffer and die when we have the possibility to change it all right in front of us?”

“I knew you’d see it that way. Unfortunately Shouto, I didn’t want to see you make the same mistakes I did. I injected her with the quirk neutralizer. While I am not sure the effects that will have on her long term, she has taken well and is none the wiser. You will allow her a chance at a semi-normal life Shouto. Don’t play mad scientist like I did. If I were to let you take her and succeed, I would have failed you all over again son. Now please, respect my wishes Shouto. Let however long I have left be one of actually taking care of someone else for once and not myself. Let me leave this world proud of a least something.”




“-an ou eer e? -oen or eyes!” 

Everything sounded underwater and distorted. My body felt like lead and I had no sense of direction as soft yet concerned words pulled me from the depths of my consciousness. 

“That’s it, good girl. Open your eyes for me. Can you do that sweetheart?” A familiar and warm voice encouraged me back until I felt as though I was finally surfacing after a deep and long dive in the dark sea. Painful light seared through the cracks of my eyelids as they tried desperately to open. Even once they were it was a strange sensation. Like my brain and vision were not fully in sync as I tried to register each thing my sight focused on. 

“Right here beautiful, look at me please. Can you see me?” It was such an insane struggle trying to force my body to obey me but I felt my head move slightly up and down signaling I could.

“That’s good. You’re doing so well. Do you remember who I am?”

“En..Sh..Sh-Sh-Sho....” My voice sounded weak and raspy. Like I had been swallowing coals. 

“Yes sweetheart it’s me. It’s Shouto.” His face was still a bit blurry but I was finding that the more I tried to focus and use my eyes, the easier it was becoming. 

“S-S-So c-c-old...” It’s like I had been offline for a while and my system was rebooting. One of the first things I started to actually feel was cold. Every part of my body felt icy and slow. The warmth from his hand alone at first felt like flame licking angrily at my skin. It wasn’t enough. It’s like the winter within was angry and desperate to feel any increment of warmth that it snuffed it out almost immediately. Too powerful, consuming and greedy. My body physically began to show the discomfort as nearly painful shivers and shakes wracked through me. Without hesitating or wasting time Sho moved quickly and with the grace of a lion. Clothes fell away, piling upon the wood flooring before a vast warmth covered me from head to toe. Fiery flesh upon icy skin and every cell within me drank it in like a parched man in the desert. 

With feeling slowly returning, I flexed my fingers and toes and brought clumsy limbs to wrap around and entangle in the warmth now flooding me. Soft hums of approval were all I felt I had the capacity for at the moment. I buried my face into the crook of his neck, the heat marvelous even upon my chilled blue lips. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would take so long. When you didn’t respond I thought I had lost you. I’m sorry.” Unable to really get the words out I wanted to say, I instead settled for pulling him tighter against my body. 

“How are you feeling? Are you in any pain?”

“N-N-No...j-j-just so c-c-cold. N-Need m-m-more.” Thick blankets wrapped around us cocooning us in causing me to practically purr in approval. Sounds of pleasure sweetly poured from my now warming lips as I nuzzled into what felt like the sun. 

Soft, hot lips traveled leisurely across my neck flushing heat quicker through my body. Hands tangled carelessly in my hair as the beauty of two different color eyes searched mine with a look that left me breathless. His mouth tenderly claimed mine, a sinfully warm and skilled tongue entwining with mine. 

“Slow.”  He whispered and waited for my breathing to return to normal. For my heartrate to relax. Dexterous, long, warm fingers brushed past my curves, gently caressing my rapidly warming skin. His lips returned to mine, as his body slowly shifted allowing him more access to touch my body. Fingertips combed across the swell of my breasts and continued their journey till coming to rest between my legs. 

“May I...touch you? Will you give yourself to me?” His eyes were dark with desire but everything about him remained gentle and reverent. I swallowed, trying to keep my breathing under control. I hesitated a moment searching deep within his gaze but I found no reason for saying no. Shouto was worthy in my opinion of him. He was honest and surprisingly gentle considering his profession. He had taken the time to comfort me and soothe me when I was in pain. He seemed to genuinely care about my well being and while I had so many questions I needed him to answer, right now I just wanted to feel him. He was so incredibly beautiful and his touch was electric. I needed to feel like I was still alive and so without any preamble, I gave my consent.

A breathless moan spilled from my lips as his fingers brushed across my sex. His touch firm but still gentle and teasing. Heat pooled around my core as hips undulated into his touch. 

“Does it feel good?” He husked into the skin of my neck.

“Y-Yes...p-please...m-more..” I was a mess. So quickly and easily losing myself to the bliss his mere fingers could provide. I had never felt such pleasure before and allowed myself to trust and got lost in his control. Gentle kisses pressed to flushed flesh as something prodded at my virgin entrance. It caused my breath to hitch and body to tense up.

“Shhhh it’s alright. Relax your body. Allow me in.” Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and felt his finger slip snugly inside, my walls immediately clenching around the intrusion and making him chuckle. His lips claimed mine once more halting all movement until my body relaxed around him once again. He repeated this process until he comfortably had three fingers in me and my body trembling in his arms. 

When he pulled the digits out, the cool emptiness it left inside made me momentarily whine.

“Shhh, it’s alright.” He cooed as his body fully covered mine once more. For several long and comforting moments he simply kissed me with all the passion the man could muster effectively melting me into the sheets beneath me. It was then that he lined himself up at my entrance and pushed in just the slightest bit. Taking me into his arms his eyes sought mine once more before offering me the sweetest of smiles. As we took a breath together he gave a slight nod and then filled me to the hilt with one movement. 

“S-Shouto....” Tears spilled from my eyes through a pained smile. The tension and fierce throbbing quickly lessoning as he waited for me to give him a sign it was alright to move.

“Does it hurt badly?” 

“Mm. Nothing I can’t handle.”

“Such a good girl.” Slowly he pulled out, the sting and burn that followed making me wince. When he filled me again the pain was slightly less than before and a warm dull sort of ache began to fill me. Each complete thrust was easier to accept until eventually I was able to allow my body to meet his in response.

“You’re so tight.”

“Is that bad?” A sweet laugh answered me and loving eyes met mine as his momentum slowed a moment.

“Bad? No beautiful. You’re just gripping me so tightly I’m not going to be able to last long.”

“S-Sorry...” I offered shyly causing that beautiful sound to bubble up once again as he kissed my tears away. 

“You have nothing to apologize for.” With that his thrusts resumed and several minutes later his breath became uneven and shaky. His hips stuttered in their movement as sweat dripped from his brow.

“Can I come inside you?” I simply nodded and held onto him for dear life as he cried out, face contorting in pleasure and filling me with his seed. It was a strange and foreign feeling but not unwelcome. 

Collapsing into my arms I pulled my fingers through soft silk as his breathing slowly returned to normal. 

“H-How are you feeling?” His voice vibrated against the skin of my chest when he spoke.

“Better I think? I...don’t feel cold anymore.” His head lifted and he searched my eyes, a look of regret in his.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so very sorry. I should have never done that.”

“W-What happened to me Shouto?”

“What do you remember last?”

“Hard to say to be honest. Everything is still fuzzy and jumbled. I remember you holding me in your arms and suddenly I felt like I was falling. The next thing I remember is you when I opened my eyes.”

“Do you feel strange at all? Anything feel off or wrong? Do you have any pain?”

“I mean, aside from feeling like I lost a fight against a bulldozer, no, everything feels the same as before. Why? What happened?

“It doesn’t matter anymore okay? You are here and you are alright. You will never have to go through that again okay? I promise.”

“T-Thanks, I think? I mean, I still don’t understand. What happened and why doesn’t it matter?”

“Because beautiful. He did save you in the end. It didn’t work and you are alright. I’m sorry, I just had to be sure. I had to.”

“Shouto? What are you talking about? You’re scaring me...”

“No shh, it’s okay now. Everything is okay now.” Tears spilled from the heterochromatic eyes as he held me tightly in his arms. I felt so confused and lost I had no idea what to think or say. So I just let him hold me for now. That is, until the door shut oppressively and a familiar voice called out.

“IcyHot you in here? Shit. And why the fuck is it so goddamn cold in here?” As Shouto quickly got to his feet it was at that moment I realized the blonde was right. I could see my breath in the air.


Chapter Text



Why was it so cold all of the sudden? It was late May, surely it wasn’t this cold outside? A strange sensation began to fill me and as I stared at my open hands before me, a golden light started to glow from within. 

“S-SHOUTO!” The bi-colored man spun instantly, frightened by my sudden horror. Wide and terrified eyes stared on frozen in fear before he was reaching out for me. His cool hand clutched mine before everything slowed to a sudden stop. His grip still firm yet he was unmoving. Everything had gone quiet and still.

“S-Shouto?” My voice echoed strangely around me and then just as quickly as it had begun, everything began to move at lightning speed. It felt as though the floor beneath my feet had fallen away, an endless drop without a bottom. Then,  a sharp gasp and I was back in Shouto’s arms.

“W-What happened?” I asked, wide eyes searching in terror.

“What do you mean?” 

“T-There was this-

“IcyHot you in here? Shit. Why-”

“Katsuki?!” I called out in a sense of Deja vu. Something definitely felt wrong.

“Princess? You still alive?” Before Shouto could even fully dress the fiery blonde stormed in without hesitation.

“What in the actual fuck?” Startled that he would simply burst into private chambers I was caught off guard and subsequently, naked as the day I was born. Quickly, I gathered the blankets around my body, face going red to be caught in such a state. Shouto on the other hand seemed completely unfazed by the others abrupt and unwelcome entrance. 

“Are you for real Icy Hot? Stickn’ your dick in the company ink? You gotta death wish all the sudden?”

“And you! Are you insane? In what fucking world would you choose to lose your virginity to the motherfuckn’ Kraken of all people, haah?”


“Katsuki, why are you here?”

“The fuck you mean ‘why’? You forget about that assignment with Denki and Kirishima? Your late.”

“That’s not till next week.”

“It was, until the boss moved it up yesterday. Seems you were too busy fucking the bosses dolly to pay attention numbnuts.” Shouto sighed looking incredibly agitated.

“Fine. I need to get ready.” He swiftly crossed the room dressing in his work attire.

“What about her?”

“She’s staying.”

“Oh? You suddenly the boss now?”

“No. She’s going back to Izuku to ask for another chance.”

“Um..what?!” Sho didn’t need to say anything, his icy stare spoke multitudes. 

“Another chance after you defiled her? Good luck with that sell.”

“She’s going to explain that she was simply afraid that he wouldn’t find her worthy. She wanted to please him and felt inadequate as a virgin. I merely gave her a lesson and restored some confidence.” A disbelieving smirk looked me over thoroughly. Katsuki was no idiot.

“That so sweetheart?” The smirk stretched into a delighted and evil grin making me shiver. Shouto was also looking at me and merely gave a warning glare followed by a single nod. What the fuck was he thinking? Why would I go back to that asshole willingly? He must have read my mind when he added something.

“She realized how much she valued her life and those lives that gave her such an opportunity to begin with.” There it was. Now I had two lives riding on this. When it was just mine to bargain with, it was easy to be ballsy. With Shouto’s hanging in the balance, he knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t say no. I owed him and I would have to obey for now. 

“So lemme guess, this is where I come in right? You want me to help her get back in his good graces.”

“If anyone is able it is you Katsuki.”

“Nmmm. True. Though you know it’s gonna cost you Icy Hot.”

“I expected no less. I’ll let you top. Once.” The expression on the blonde’s face said that was an incredibly big deal. 

“Fucking deal.”

“You’re going to give her lessons though when Izuku is busy.”

“What, dick sucking lessons?”

“Well sweetheart, you are the very best.”

“Fuck yeah I am. Still, you think that’s going to be enough to satisfy the nerd?”

“Izuku isn’t in it just for the sex Katsuki.”

“No shit Sherlock. That’s what I’m talking about. Idiot loves games and shit and this cupcake here couldn’t handle one round with the nerd.”

“Again, are you not the expert?”

“Tch. That’s an awful lot of work for one fuck Half n’ Half.” Shouto finished dressing and pulled his hair into a high ponytail. He really was lovely. He gave me a heartwarming smile that quickly turned mischievous as he made his way back over to us. His arms easily slipped around the blonde’ s neck giving him the sexiest smirk I have ever seen on a human being.

“What’s the matter baby, afraid I’m not gonna be enough for you?”

“You know that ain’t what I fuckn’ meant.”

“I don’t knoooow. Those are some pretty serious bragging rights. Only one other person has ever had the chance to fuck the Kraken after all.” God his voice was pure sin and I found myself strangely turned on at the sight of their mouths pressed together. While I certainly felt jealous that Shouto did those things with someone else, the fact that it was Katsuki didn’t seem to truly bother me. Watching them together was…..beautiful and perverse. I couldn’t look away even though I knew I should.

“Fine. Deal. That sweet ass is all mine tonight handsome.”

“I look forward to it.” Shouto turned to me and signaled me over. I stumbled as I got to my feet trying to keep the blanket around me when Katsuki snorted.

“Don’t know what you’re worried about cupcake. We’ve all seen you naked.” I glared at him indignantly before replying.

“Doesn’t mean I’m just gonna walk around naked!”

“Didn’t seem to mind with Icy Hot here, especially when he was all up in there-”

“Katsuki. Cut her some slack.”

“Well aren’t you ever the Prince Charming. You ain’t ever that sweet with me.”

“I didn’t know you liked it sweet baby.”

“I fucking don’t so don’t go getting any lame ideas.” Shouto held out the silk robe I wore last night and I quickly slipped into it never taking my eyes off of the blonde still smiling dangerously.

“You know if you weren’t such an asshole I’d actually think you were attractive.” I snarked bravely at crimson eyes that were definitely wandering. 

“Yeah? I’d show you how fucking great it is to be fucked by an asshole like me if monster cock over here hadn’t ruined you first.”

“Monster cock?”

“Why the fuck do you think he’s called the Kraken?” I just stared at him blankly.

“Thought maybe it was the tattoo?” He snorted clearly in disbelief.

“No stupid, it’s that the bastard has a motherfuckn’ third leg hidden in his pants.”

“O-Oh. I uh, didn’t really look to be honest.”

“You couldn’t tell how fat that shit was when he was splitting you open?”

“Katsuki, as much as I enjoy hearing you boast about my monstrous dick, I need to leave. Can I trust you with this?”

“Can you trust me? Fuck you.” The beautiful bi-colored assassin came to tower over me before wrapping me in his arms.

“Shouto…I still have so many questions..”

“I know and I will answer them as best I can as soon as I am able. For now please trust me. You’ll be safe here, you just have to convince Izuku that you made a mistake.” As we disentangled from our embrace he paused a moment taking my cheeks into his large palms.

“I know what I am asking you and I am sorry. I promise I will find a way to make it up to you but for now, please. Just give him a chance. I know he’s no longer your Deku, but the building blocks of who he is at the core are still there. Maybe he just needs someone he’s willing to allow in to spark the flame that once burned brightly. Your love for him is real and he will see that if you allow him to. It won’t be easy, but you have both me and Katsuki to turn to for help okay? You are so incredibly strong. More than you give yourself credit for. I must go, but I will be back within the week. In the meantime Katsuki here will be my eyes and ears alright? You can trust him.” 

“A-Alright. Um…Sho? Please be careful?” Such a beautiful smile it stole my breath away. 

“I promise.” With a tender kiss, he smiled as he walked toward the door.

“What no kiss for me?” Katsuki teased before promptly receiving the middle finger causing him to laugh. He turned to me and smiled.

“Looks like it’s just you and me half-pint.”

“Um, yeah. So, thank you.”

“The fuck for?”

“Helping me?”

“Details Princess. You ready to trust me?” I gave a sure and honest nod.

“Good, follow me. Time to get you ready.”





“It’s too tight!”

“Quit your bitch’n, it’s perfect.”

“I can barely breathe in this thing, why does it have to be so tight?”

“Because it keeps your posture up, your stomach in and your tits out. S’what it was made for dummy.”

“And why do you know these things?” A playful chuckle responded.

“I know fucking everything baby girl.” He disappeared a moment before returning with an entire ensemble.

“You better thank Pink tits when you get a chance. This shit is perfect.” 

“It’s a baby doll dress?”

“Yeah…you never hear of a Lolita?”


“Well baby doll, this is exactly what Deku needs to see you in. If this alone don’t change his mind I don’t know what the fuck will.” 

The fiery blonde got to work dressing me up like a living doll. A frilly yet sexy dark green and cream accented knee length dress, matching stockings with bows, clunky shoes, and matching bows for each pigtail I was now sporting thanks to Katsuki who was strangely adept at all of this. As if he could read my mind he snickered before explaining.

“Parents were fashion designers. Was basically my mom’s fucking test dummy for all her crazy shit when I was little. Goddamn hag put me in fucking dresses and wondered why I turned out the way I did.”

“And how exactly did you turn out?”

“Goddamn fucking fabulous. Ain’t my fault I make everyone else look bad princess.” I couldn’t hide my smile. Getting to know more about this man only made me more curious. Everything about him seemed contradictory. 

“Alright c’mere. Finishing touches.” A sinfully red lipstick that stood out beautifully against the colors I was adorned in. Glittery powder dusted my face though it was subtle and only seemed to glisten when the light hit it just right. Thick black lashes framed perfectly painted lids and sculpted (very sore) eyebrows. The final touch was a perfume that was sweet and innocent smelling. Clean, floral and a little fruity. 

“You look like Deku’s wet dream. Goddamn am I good. See for yourself.” He led me to a full length mirror and I gasped at the sight before me.

“I actually look like…”

“A dolly? Damn straight you do. Now there’s just one thing left.”

“What else?”

“Hey, you may look the part but if you go in there actn’ like you do now, shit ain’t gonna cut it sweet cheeks.”

“How am I supposed to act then?”

“I’m gonna show ya. Pay attention cause I’m only saying this shit once got it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good start. Manners matter with this guy. You can’t go being sassy every time he says somethn’ you don’t like. Cause guess what? He’s the boss and he’s gonna be a dick. Get over it and swallow it down. Don’t let him see he’s gotten to you otherwise he’s only gonna play rougher.”

“Next, just be nice. It ain’t that goddamn hard. If it makes it easier for you, pretend the fucker is Icy Hot. Shit, you’ll make his day if you worship him the same way.”

“I don’t worship Shouto.”

“No? Could’ve fooled me. I saw the dreamy way you were lookn’ at Prince Charming. I ain’t sayn’ I blame you, he’s a fucking catch. Just use that when Deku gets on your nerves got it?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Now, do you know how to curtsey and shit like that? He’ll eat that shit up like candy. Not sayn’ you gotta do it all the time, but when you’re asking him to give you a second chance, it certainly ain’t gonna hurt.”

“Alright, sex.”

“Wait what?!”

“Whaddya mean ‘what‘? You think you’re just there to look pretty? Think again. Course he wants to fuck you. You can’t just lay there like a dead fish baby doll. I’m not sayn’ you have to like it or even enjoy it, but you had better at least learn to fake it. Do you even know how to give to a blow job?” My face flushed crimson immediately instigating him to burst into laughter.

“Well, we can always work on that. Still, if Deku wants his dick sucked, do it. It ain’t hard, just put it in your mouth and swallow. We’ll go over the finer points tomorrow alright? Can you handle at least that much?”

“Yes sir.”

“Perfect. Now, seeing as Sho’s fucking balls are on the line, let me do the talking for the time being. Don’t speak unless spoken to and be prepared to kiss some ass. Can’t go in there all prideful if you want to live, got it?” I nodded and took a deep breath.

“Good. Now’s the time to catch him. He’s finishing lunch and will be in a good mood god willing. You got any questions beautiful?”

“No, I think I can do this.”

“Don’t think, know you can. You’re a tough little girl. I mean, I still can’t fuckn’ believe you willingly gave your virginity to the Kraken.” We both chuckled as I followed him towards Deku’s room.

“Hey Katsuki?”


“Thanks. Seriously thank you. For all of this. Guess I owe you too now huh?”

“Damn straight you do. But uh, you’re welcome or what the fuck ever.” 

“You’re cute when you blush.”

“Shut up. I ain’t cute.” We arrived at the same door I passed through yesterday and my heart all at once began to pound. Fear and dread began to overflow at the thought that Deku might actually not want me back. It was one thing for me but now Shouto’s life was on the line.

“Relax. You got this kiddo. Deep breath. Here we go.”


knock knock knock



Chapter Text



“Come in.”

Deku’s voice rang sweetly through the door as I looked up at Katsuki. He nodded and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder to remind me he would be there with me. 

“Stay here just a moment but keep an eye. I’ll signal for you when I’m ready okay?” He whispered. I nodded and watched as he entered and discreetly left the door open for me.


“You’re in a good mood.”

“Mm, Mina brought me Katsudon for lunch today! Something about trying to cheer me up or whatever.”

“Why, cuz of your hissy fit yesterday?”

“It was not a hissy fit Kachaan. She made her choice. I wasn’t going to make her stay and be miserable.”

“Oh so you actually did give a shit huh?”

“Of course I did. How could I not? You saw her Kachaan.”

“Mm yeah she was definitely something to look at.”

“That’s not what I meant actually but yes, she was exquisite. I meant the fire Kachaan! She had a fire in her that I haven’t seen since the world fell down around us. Like we used to have when we still believed this world needed us.”

“Yeah, she definitely had some piss and vinegar that’s for sure. Too bad you just threw her away like fucking trash Deku.”

“Goddammit I did not throw her away! She chose her fate. I would have given her everything. More than I give most people and she told me she would rather die than be mine.”

“Well fuck Deku, maybe you should have sold your pitch a little better then.”

“It wouldn’t have made a difference.”

“Oh you think so huh? You didn’t tell me she knew your identity. You were the number one hero Deku, everyone knew who you were. You think she’d be any different? She was a little kid when everything happened. You remember how much we looked up to All Might at that age. You ever stop to think that maybe you’re her ‘All Might’ Deku?”

“But I’m not fucking Deku anymore Kachaan!”

“I ain’t saying you are. All I’m saying is maybe you were going about it the wrong way. You were never gonna win her over with that Villain aura you got going on.”

“But you love me like this Kachaan.” His voice had turned playful.

“Yeah but that’s cuz I know you better than anyone nerd.”

“Ugggggh….why are we still talking about this? It’s not like it matters anymore. Besides, you came all this way and it’s been a while since we’ve played around you know.” God that voice. Deep and sultry. It sent heat straight to my sex and for that I hated myself. I didn’t want to have feelings for the former hero anymore. I couldn’t however deny how incredibly sexy he was. 

“That why you’re so bitchy lately? You need some cock baby?” 

“You know I do.” God the way that sinful voice purred. It was then that I saw Katsuki had signaled for me to enter. Shit, right now? This seems like the wrong moment in my opinion but I promised Katsuki I would trust him. Silently I shuffled in the door, Izuku’s back to me.

“Maybe you just need to get your rocks off. Too bad you don’t have a dolly to help you with that.”

“Seriously this again? You’re such a buzzkill.”

“Listen shithead, let me ask you somethn’. Do you trust me?”

“Course I do, why would you even ask that?”

“Do you trust Sho?”

“Yes, you guys know you are the only two I do wholeheartedly. Why are you-”

“What if I gave you a chance for one more?”

“One more what?”

“Person to trust and actually allow to love you? Would you trust me then?” Izuku didn’t answer right away but from his posture I could tell his mind was calculating everything Katsuki was saying.

“What do you mean Kachaan?” His voice was guarded, cautious. I hadn’t even realized the tension had me trembling terribly.

“I mean idiot that we put our necks out for you. That girl? She wanted to be your dolly, you just scared the shit out of her Deku. She was young and a virgin thrown into a pit of wolves and immediately claimed by the Alpha. She had no idea how to please you or make you happy. All she knew was that you were powerful, terrifying and the sexiest thing she’s ever seen.” Izuku took a step backward clearly staring at Katsuki intensely which sent a chill up my spine. His aura seemed deadly.

“What are you saying Katsuki, did you....disobey me?”

“Listen nerd, technically it was our fault for jumping the gun. We should've  trained and prepared her before we gave her to you but we got too excited about your birthday.”

“I-Is.....she alive Kachaan?” Katsuki looked terrifying. His stance was aggressive and his face intense as he looked Deku straight in the eyes before he spoke.

“Yes Deku, she is. Before you lose your shit you fucking owe me so you better goddamn listen to what I say next. I took her to Sho and left her there last night but when I came to remind Icy Hot of the mission he was late to this morning, she was still alive. She had asked him to kill her but you know Halfie, he likes to play with his victims first. She confessed to how much she loved you and was afraid she wasn’t worthy of you in the first place. She was afraid because she had no fucking clue how to actually please someone like you. Sho saw merit in that.” 

“And you guys believed that? Seriously Kachaan you of all people should-”

“She asked Icy Hot to break her in.” It was like time stopped. Everyone was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I tried to swallow but it was too dry. Oh god, we’re dead. Shouto I’m so sorry, I’m so fucking s-

“She....seriously? Like she actually asked him?” Katsuki still wore an intense expression and simply nodded once in response.

“Wow. I mean...did she know?”

“Kinda hard to miss don’t ya think?”

“True. I um....I mean wow. That’s brave. She she even okay after that?”

“She took it like a champ. She was so determined to prove herself worthy of you-”

“That she willingly sacrificed her virginity to the Kraken? You’re right, she’s a lot braver than I originally gave her credit for.”

“All for you baby. That said, you think you could give her another chance nerd?”

“So let me get this straight just so we’re on the same page here. She’s alive. She actually wants to be my dolly so she sacrificed herself to the Kraken to break her in so she would be better prepared to please me?”

“Yes Deku.”

“Where is she now?” Katsuki smiled and met my eyes before nodding in my direction. Show time. Deep breath girl, you got this. 

When he quickly turned to face me my breath hitched at his initial expression. He looked so very much like the boy I fell in love with when I was just a little girl. His brows raised in surprise and his sharp intake of breath was impossible to miss. It made my cheeks hot and I smiled shyly before remembering what Katsuki told me.

“Please forgive me Izuku. I want to be your dolly and I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove myself worthy of your affections.” I gave a deep curtsey and bowed my head like I had learned in ballet at the age of six. I remained in position as he quickly crossed the room and stood before me. 

“You may rise.” Upon standing I came face to face with sharp, intelligent veridian eyes once more. His hands delicately rose to my face but he hesitated as though I was made of glass. His hands were gloved in black silk and the material was cool on my skin when merely fingertips traced my jawline.

“Baby doll. You came back to me?” He really was beautiful and at that moment I could hear Shouto’s words he had spoken just this morning.

“I know he’s no longer your Deku, but the building blocks of who he is at the core are still there. Maybe he just needs someone he’s willing to allow in to spark the flame that once burned brightly.”

“Yes Izuku. I’m sorry if my words hurt you. I just....well, I love you.” The tears I shed were real and my words were only half truths so I really wasn’t lying to him. I didn’t know anything about this man and that just meant I needed to learn. Not just for myself but for the other two I have come to care for. If they can love him, maybe I can too?

“Oh baby....don’t cry.” He sweetly stroked my cheek, giving me a tender smile before pulling me into his arms. Katsuki smiled triumphantly over his shoulder giving me two thumbs up and all of the tension just melted away. Shouto was safe. Katsuki was safe. They both were thankfully safe. I had won Izuku over and now had to play the part of his loving dolly. 

“Mmmm….you feel so good in my arms.” His expert hands caressed up and down my body longingly as he pressed us together tightly. Possessively.


“Bad Deku!” Katsuki had quickly intervened with rolled up paper, swatting Izuku on the head like a disobedient dog. My brows shot up in surprise as Izuku cringed immediately and gently disengaged. 


“Nuh-uh. You forget already moron? She was split open like a goddamn turkey on Thanksgiving less than twenty four hours ago. You think her bits are in any shape for your shenanigans, haah?” Izuku frowned, pouting like a petulant child.

“Nice touches only baby.” Katsuki soothed wrapping himself behind Izuku like a loving blanket. With his arms around the green man’s shoulders and the endearing yet teasing expression on his face it was easy to see the love these two had for each other. It made me feel warm inside and I guess I was smiling like an idiot because the blonde decided to exploit my pinkening cheeks.

“This turning you on cupcake?” His wicked smile made my face hot and burn brightly. I couldn’t deny it but I looked away embarrassed that even though he had warned me, I was still so easy to read.

“Baby girl is that true?” Deku sounded genuinely curious as well as surprised. I nodded but couldn’t find the courage to meet either of their stares.

“Wow. Sho really did a number on you didn’t he? I mean you even came back to me with a kink. Though I’m still extremely displeased that he disobeyed me, he certainly did a thorough job of breaking you in didn’t he?”

“Don’t let her fool you Deku. She may look innocent but without a doubt she’s got all kinds of straight up dirty girl in there just waiting to come out. Doncha sweet cheeks?” Goddammit I hate you Katsuki. Though the expression of sheer wonder and possibility in Izuku’s eyes were kind of worth the teasing.

“There are all sorts of games we can play baby doll, don’t you worry. We will thoroughly explore this pervy side of you but we will save it for later when you are healed. How are you feeling by the way? I imagine sore.”

“Actually...yes. I didn’t want to worry anyone so I didn’t say anything earlier but. Well...I think something may have um, torn? I am still bleeding. It’s not heavy like a cycle or anything just...really, REALLY sore.”

“Tch. Told you he split her in half.”

“Kachaan go and get her an ice pack to sit on and a change of clothes. Mina should have everything she needs. As much as I absolutely love you dressed like my baby girl, you should be comfortable right now and heal up okay?” I was so surprised at this sweet Izuku in front of me all I could do was stare at him in fascination. When he caught on a slight flush spread across his cheeks and he quickly made himself busy tidying up. He’ cute when he’s like this.

“I’ll be back in a few. Deku you better be nice I mean it or no dick for you got it?”

“Yes Kachaan I got it.” He mocked in a playful yet annoyed tone. 

“Princess, there anything special you need? I don’t know what kind of girly shit you guys like but I’m sure whatever the fuck it is, Pinky has it.”

“Thank you Katsuki. I trust you. You seem to know more about what I need than I do.” I teased with a wide grin.

“Tch. Fuck yeah I do. I know what’s best for all you clowns here. Too bad you’re all too stupid to listen half the time. Whatever. I’ll be back. Deku get her some food. I don’t think she’s had anything to even eat today yet.”

“Kachaan where are your manners?!”

“Gee I don’t know, must’ve left em up my ass cuz I was too busy kissing yours shithead.”

“I’ll get you something too. You’re so mean when you’re hungry.”

“I’m mean all the damn time. This ain’t no different.”

“If that’s not the truth.” Deku mumbled under his breath and I couldn’t stop the giggle that spilled out. Izuku gave me a playful smirk but Katsuki had impeccable hearing.

“Haah? What’s that nerd? You don’t want my cock?’

“Kachaan stop being so grumpy and go already!”

“Fuck you guys. I’ll be back.” With that he left, closing the door behind him.

“Looks like it’s just you and me baby doll.” His sweet smile quickly morphed into something much darker making my stomach drop.

“Now. Tell me exactly how things really went down last night. Start from when you left this room and don’t leave out a single detail beautiful. I have this strange gift to know exactly when someone’s lying. While I allow that from Kachaan from time to time because I know he means well, you haven’t earned that sort of trust with me yet.” I swallowed thickly as his eyes sparkled dangerously but the smirk never left his handsome face as he closed the distance between us and sat me down on a small leather couch. He took up residence next to me and turned so I had his undivided attention. He picked up a cup of tea that had been sitting on the small wooden table behind him and gracefully brought it to his lips before pausing.

“I’m waiting.” He singsonged turning my blood cold. Holy shit Katsuki now what?


Chapter Text



Heart pounding, mind racing, I simply stared blankly at the green devil smiling dangerously at me. He was thoroughly enjoying this. Seeing the panic, the fear, the sweat on my brow. He sipped his tea, clearly pleased and entertained. He chuckled darkly taking another sip before setting the cup back down on the table.

“What’s the matter baby doll? Cat got your tongue?” This man had an incredible talent to ignite my temper. Under the current pressure I simply snapped, no longer considering my words before speaking them.

“More like devil.” He burst into laughter at the furious tone in my voice.

“Devil hmm? Oh have no idea.” I could feel my face contorted in rage and see it reflected back through delighted green eyes. Then I remembered what Katsuki had said about the man loving to play mind games. That the more you let it affect you, the harder and more vicious he’d play. 

“Stupid. He likes you. He just doesn’t know how to handle you.”

I hope you were right about that Katsuki. If that’s true, I have to beat him at his own game. Do something he wouldn’t expect from me. Holy shit this is ballsy but both Katsuki and Shouto believe in me so I have to prove to them they were right about me. 

I allowed my face to relax, removing all traces of emotion. Shouto said I need to learn how to have a poker face in this deadly game of cat and mouse. Not showing my true feelings is the first place to start. Swallow it down. Take a deep breath. Play the game if you want to survive. 

I give him a sexy smile and summon the confidence of a goddamn tiger, stalking over to him on my hands and knees before crawling into his lap and straddling him. If he’s surprised he’s hiding it well, the smile on his face never faltering. 

“Something I can do for you baby doll?” He practically purrs the words yet his eyes are still sharp and focused. Mindless seduction won’t even come close to cutting it here. He already knows everything he wants to hear me say and that gives him a huge advantage. It’s not about hearing me confess to what he already knows. He’s testing me to see if I really am worthy of his time. If I am smart enough and strong enough to play his games. Well Deku, you were the one who taught me never to give up no matter the cost in the first place. 

“Mm there’s a lot you can do for me Izuku.” His wicked smile widened, his eyes glimmering in sheer delight.

“Oh yeah? And just what might those things be sweetheart?” I wrapped my arms around his neck and simply tilted my head studying every feature of his face up close.


“Well for starters you can hush and let me just enjoy myself a moment. I mean, you can do that much for me can’t you?” I purred right back and the expression he rewarded me with made my heart flutter.

“You just want to look at me hm?”

“For now.” 

He chuckled good humoredly before pressing his fingers under my chin delicately to hold my gaze.

“Are you trying to distract me beautiful?” Smirking, I leaned in and spoke softly in his ear, my cheek brushing against soft evergreen curls.

“Not at all. I’m simply sizing up my new playmate. You see, if I am going to be your toy? I’m not the kind of dolly you leave on the shelf to look at. I’m the type that has all sorts of special features and if you really wanna play with me, I’m gonna play back. Izuku.” 

I cannot possibly describe the taste of victory as a notable tremor wracked through the man beneath me. That’s right baby, I’m not some dumb and pretty toy to simply use and throw away. You want to play with me? You’re gonna have to earn it. I’m nobody’s whore.

He gently pulled me back so he could see my face and I was surprised to see a genuine smile. Nothing devious or sinful.

“There’s my girl.” Unable to keep the mischievousness from his handsome face, he grinned wickedly once more raising an eyebrow.

“Are you going to be honest with me now baby doll?” I returned the playful grin.

“Dunno. Are you going to hurt Sho or Katsuki?” His expression quickly morphed into surprise before he stared at me curiously for several moments.

“Is that why you came back? To protect them?”

“I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t one of the reasons. They’ve been good to me and I want to return the favor. But that’s not the only reason. You said you can tell when people are lying. Then you must know Katsuki wasn’t about my feelings for you.” Black silk covered fingers brushed sweetly against my cheek.

“I know baby doll. But we both know that’s only half true isn’t it?” I could only look at him utterly confused which brought back that sweet and honest smile.

“I knew the moment you recognized me yesterday. The way you looked at me, the love and adoration in your eyes. You look at me and still see your hero don’t you?” His sincere and gentle words touched a nerve causing a sharp sting in my chest.

“I’m no hero sweetheart. I told you. The man you are in love with died years ago. It must be hard for you hm? Does it hurt to look at me, knowing I’m a monster now? Is that why you ran from me in tears yesterday? You realized your greatest dream had become your worst nightmare and you were terrified. I don’t blame you baby doll. I can be quite terrifying when I want to be. However, that is whose lap you are currently sitting on. That’s the man that wants to play with you. You’re not here to be Deku’s dolly baby girl. You’re here to be mine and trust me when I tell you this. I am nothing like your precious Deku.” I couldn’t hide my tears. His words stung. I refused to simply give in though. If I was going to crash and burn, I would take his ass with me.

“You’re still you.” I said defiantly.

“That I am. The question is, are you sure you really want to play with this version of me?”

“I still love you.”

“You love the idea of me. Isn’t that so? Do you honestly love the real me?” He snickered triumphantly.

“This isn’t the real you Izuku.”

“This is exactly why I don’t want to play with you sweetheart. You’re delusional. It’s far too easy to crush you. Besides, I don’t need a silly girl to constantly remind me of a past I would rather forget.” 

There was no smile or trace of humor any longer. He had already made up his mind. I had one last trick up my sleeve but I had hoped not to use it. I hated playing Russian Roulette with this man and I wasn’t known for winning. All I could think of was Katsuki when he walked back in this room and saw everything he worked to accomplish for me fail against the man he loved. That scared me more and hurt worse than anything Izuku could do to me. Izuku didn’t care about me, Katsuki and Shouto did. So, there was only one thing left I knew how to do. Call his bluff once more but raise the stakes.

A wave of confidence surged through me as I stared him down. Time to play my final hand. What will be your move Izuku?

Without a single sound, face loaded with determination and frustration, I grabbed his gloved hands and held them in mine.

“Take off your gloves. Please.” He stared at me suspiciously.

“What for?” I didn’t respond. Just continued my glare, barely blinking. He responded with an annoyed sigh but did as I requested all the same. After he set them aside he simply looked at me as if saying “Now what?”

Without breaking eye contact I took his hands in mine once more. I pressed a tender to kiss the back of each one before positioning them around my neck. His expression grew tense but he didn’t dare look away. He held the same defiant resolve plastered to his face as I did. This is what everything boiled down to. A deadly game of chicken.

“Then, if I am of no use to you, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble ending my life. It’s yours to take after all.” There was a slight twitch of his brow, an angry sneer replacing his stoicism.

“You’re asking me to kill you baby doll? Is that really what you want?”

“You can stop pretending that what I want even matters to you. My life means nothing to you so why should anything else? I’m no fool Izuku. I can’t change who you’ve become, you were right. I can’t begin to understand the pain you have suffered. The people you have loved and lost. I don’t hate or even blame you for who you have become. You have every right to hate the world the way you do.”

“Don’t pretend to understand anything about me little girl.”

“I’m not pretending anything Izuku. You wanted the truth, so here it is. I love you. I have loved you all my life. Not because you were a hero. Not because you were Deku. I fell in love with you before you became either of those things. Not that you care or would ever understand but, I was born quirkless. I was told I was useless, that I would never amount to anything and the most I could ever hope to be was some rich man’s trophy wife. But I didn’t let that stop me. I was determined to prove them all wrong. My father took me to the UA sports festival during your first year to see first hand the struggles and sacrifices future hero’s had to make just to even get there. And there you were, Midoriya Izuku shining so brightly full of determination to succeed. I watched how you broke yourself over and over. How you sacrificed your body simply to help inspire Shouto find his way. It was so beautiful and inspiring to watch you win always wearing a smile. You always won, even when you lost. You were everything I wanted to be. Not a hero Izuku, just you.”

“None of that means anything anymore. I told you. That ignorant fool was murdered by the very people he had sacrificed everything to protect.” 

“But you didn’t die Izuku. You lived. You may have walked away a different person, but whether you like it or not, you still carry that shattered and broken version of you within. This may be who you are now and I respect that. But I will never let you go. I will never give up on you and I will never stop believing that there’s still hope. I couldn’t stop loving you even if I tried.”

“Then you really are a fool.”

“That may be, but I would like to leave this world knowing I never gave up. That I never stopped trying. That I died for what I refused to stop believing in. That I died by the very same hands that once gave me the courage to live. If I have to die Izuku, then let your face be the last thing I ever see so I can at least die happy.” 

His strong scarred hands remained in place. Eyes full of fury, frustration and anguish in the form of unshed tears. His breaths were coming quicker while his face remained full of righteous anger. I let my hands fall away from his to hang limply at my sides and surrendered completely to his mercy. Face full of determination, with one last smile, I give him a nod.

Izuku exhales forcefully from his nose, his jaw clenched tight. With furrowed brows, he squeezes tightly, effectively blocking my airway without letting up. I don’t fight it even though I can’t breathe and black spots begin to cloud the corners of my vision. If this is how I die Izuku, then I want to be brave like you. I will face my end with a smile on my face. Even as tears flow down unimpeded, heat pooling as the pressure grows unbearable, I smile at him with all the love I have ever carried for him deep within my heart.

His face reddens with exertion, his body shaking with the intensity. His tears finally spill over as he squeezes tighter. My vision quickly fading, I hear his voice breaking as he cries out in frustration. I feel my body falling away and close my eyes. And then as suddenly as it all began, he lets go and pulls my body forward and I collapse into his broad chest. Strong arms wrap tightly around me as I furiously cough and suck in as much air as my lungs will allow. I am instantly dizzy from the onslaught of oxygen flooding my lungs. My head is throbbing and even though my vision is quickly returning, it feels better keeping them closed. 

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m...oh god I am so sorry. Are you okay baby? Please be okay...” The heartbreaking sound of his apparent regret as he sobs, rocking me in his arms has me reeling. I want so badly to reassure him but I can’t speak let alone really move yet. Everything hurts. Like my chest had been crushed under a boulder. Even though I am getting plenty of air now, it still feels difficult to breathe. My throat aches as though his hands are still squeezing. As my body recovers my nervous system kicks into overdrive. Uncontrollable tremors surge my torso and limbs reminiscent of a seizure. While it’s not painful I can’t make it stop and I still can’t get a sound out. Izuku immediately starts to panic and cups my face in his trembling hands.

“No baby girl, stay with me. You’re going to be okay. I’m gonna fix this...” The sound of the door closing immediately draws his attention.

“Alright nerds I’m back. And before you even fucking ask Deku yes I got the-”

“K-Kachaan....” God his voice sounds so broken.

“What the fuck?!” I can hear Katsuki drop whatever he was holding to make a bee line straight for us.

“Oh my god! Deku, what the fuck did you do?! Baby doll can you hear me?”


“Shhh. S’okay. Don’t try to speak sweetheart.”

“Give her to me idiot!” As though I weighed no more than a ragdoll, Izuku handed me over to Katsuki delicately as though I would break. 

“It’s okay baby, I gottcha. I’m here now okay?”

“And you. What the FUCK did you do Deku? Did I not fucking tell you to be nice haah? You better start talkn’ seeing as she fuck’n can’t.”

“I-It’s all my fault Kachaan...I-I lost control...I-I”

“No shit Sherlock! What did you DO haah? Specifics idiot.”

“I-I choked her.” Izuku’s voice was so small and full of remorse, I actually felt bad for him. Especially with how Katsuki was breathing furiously.

“Sit down and don’t move. I need to make sure you didn’t do any serious damage.”

“Alright sweetheart, I’m gonna set you down gently on this couch okay? I need to take a look and make sure nothing is crushed, broken or damaged.” I managed a slight nod, still trembling but everything was slowing down. True to his word Katsuki set me down like precious cargo before giving me a quick once over.

“Does anything hurt or feel funny?” I shook my head before trying to get a few words out.

“J-Just sore.” My voice was wrecked and barely understandable but Katsuki nodded looking a little relieved. 

“Can you breathe okay right now? You’re lungs are going to be sore from the rush of air returning but I need to know if it’s coming easily.” Again I nodded. I noticed Izuku pacing out of the corner of my eye. 

“Good. That’s good baby. Now, how many fingers am I holding up?” Instead of answering verbally, I mirrored him using my own fingers. Got them all right.

“Kay I know this might be uncomfortable but all this frilly shit is in the way. I need to check your neck and ribs sweetheart. Can we pull this shit down? If it makes you more comfortable I can kick his ass out.” I honestly didn’t care anymore. They both had seen me naked multiple times already. 

“I-It’s fine. He can stay.” I sounded like a lifelong smoker with throat cancer. Katsuki untied and unzipped the back of the dress and carefully helped it down to my waist. He snorted and gave me a knowing smirk.

“Yeah I gotta take that off too, but for all that bitch'n you did, I bettcha that saved your fucking life. Having it that tight helped secure your ribs and lungs and most likely prevented a puncture or a fracture.” I gave him a genuine yet exhausted smile letting him know I was thankful to him. He quickly but carefully unlaced the bustier before pulling it away leaving me exposed before the two men. Izuku surprisingly kept his back turned, allowing me some privacy. 

“Goddamn.” Katsuki frowned tracing his fingers along the base of my neck. 

“You’re already black and blue. At least I can clearly see where idiot here had his fingers seeing as their imprint is etched into your goddamn skin.” He carefully studied and tested the area, occasionally pressing gently. He clicked his tongue clearly annoyed before carefully pulling me to my feet. He checked each rib twice before deeming me alright. When he was finished he actually gave me the shirt he was wearing to cover up. It was warm and smelled like him making me blush slightly. The fact that the man’s body was carved by the gods themselves certainly was not helping.

“Alright here’s how this shit’s gonna work. Deku, you and me are gonna have a chat. In the meantime, Princess here is going to go with Mina and get a change of clothes and some food. When shit is said and done, we’re gonna take the evening to chill the fuck out and the three of us are gonna have a sit down tomorrow to figure out how the fuck to move forward. Got it? Baby cakes is crashing with me tonight, don’t even think about bitch’n, either of you. And since you two ruined my fucking date with Icy Hot, I’m gonna expect compensation. Motherfucker was gonna let me top tonight and everything.”

“I thought Sho was on assignment in the western territories.”

“He is, I was plann’n on leaving early and to be back by morning. That said, the  moron twins got back early cuz they didn’t feel like stayn’ after the mission.”

“So we’re just short Sho?”

“Yeah. He ain’t comm’n back till Thursday. Somethn’ about Inasa and some idiots from the ninth precinct. I’ll keep you posted if anything comes up. In the meantime, sit your ass down and let’s chat.” Katsuki grabbed a tiny walkie talkie from his pants.

“Oi! Tits! Come get the Princess, she needs some clothes and grub.”

“Don’t get yer panties in a twist fuckboy, I’m already on my way.”

“Don’t worry baby doll, Mina will take good care of ya till I get back. I shouldn’t be long but plan on a chill evening got it?”

“Yes sir.” Voice still raspy but getting easier to understand.

“Good girl.”

“Um. Katsuki?”


“W-Would it be alright if I talked to Izuku alone for a minute?” He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. So I added a “please” and he crossed his arms furrowing his brows.

“You can do whatever you want sweetheart but I ain’t leav’n the room. Not after this shitstorm.”

“I understand. Thank you Katsuki.”

“Yeah whatever. I’ll be over here. Make it quick, tits is waiting for you.” 

Izuku looked like a completely different man at the moment. Still dangerously beautiful and intense, but he was missing the sharp edges. Without saying anything I carefully approached him and offered my hand. He observed me carefully a moment but eventually surrendered his hand in return and we made our way out of Katsuki’s immediate ear range.

Facing each other we just took a moment searching each others eyes. His were clear and open. Concern, regret, hurt easily shone down at me yet he waited for me to speak.

“I won’t pretend to know what you must be thinking right now. I’m not exactly sure what to think myself to be honest.” Taking a deep breath, I took a step closer and cupped his face in my hands and held it there.

“But I want to try. Is it possible for us to start over?” My voice barely above a whisper. It took several moments to answer but when he did, I was sure it was the most honest he had been with me so far.

“I don’t know. Maybe. I really need time to think about everything okay?” To me that sounded like hope. So I nodded and gave him a gentle smile in reply. 

“See you tomorrow?” I inquired hoping he wouldn’t shut me out.

“Yeah. See you tomorrow.” It was easy to see his mind reeling already. I couldn’t imagine what must be going through his head right now. I did hope however that we could find a way to move forward at least. 

“Good night, Izuku.” Smiling sweetly once more, I leaned in and gently pressed my lips to the corner of his. 

“Good night, baby doll.”


Chapter Text



“Hi darln’! Pleased to finally officially meet ya! I’m Mina aka Pinky or in Bakugou’s case, Tits.”

“Do you want me to call you Tits too?” I couldn't help myself cracking a smile. Seems Katsuki was starting to rub off on me a little. She found it funny and snorted, turning her wide grin toward me.

“I get why he likes you so much.” She stated looking pleased.

“Why who likes me? Izuku?”

“No doll face. Fuck boy. He’s definitely taken quite a liking to you. Trust me when I tell you this. Bakugou doesn’t do anything for anyone without you owing him somethn’ in return. And believe me, he always comes to collect. It’s incredibly rare for him to do shit out of the kindness of his heart.”


“Yes baby cakes. So spill, I want details!”

“U-Umm.....I’m not sure what there is to spill?”

“Oh come onnnnn! There MUST be something!”

“M-Mina, I belong to the boss. Katsuki is simply trying to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

“I’d imagine so. I cannot even imagine what that green bean must think about you and the Kraken.”

“Oh my god, you know?!”

“Hahaha! EVERYONE knows sweetie. You took on the Kraken and lived to tell the tale!” She burst into laughter and all I could do was hide my face in my hands.

“Oh please, you have nothing to worry about. Just be prepared to get bombarded with questions by the boys.”

“Questions? Like what? This is already embarrassing enough!”

“Mmm, I totally get it. But you gotta understand somethn’ if you’re stickn’ around. For whatever reason men never evolved past that caveman part of the brain that tells them that the biggest dick wins.”

“Wins what exactly?”

“Pfft, ask them that because us gals ain’t keepn’ score with that nonsense. It ain’t about the size anyway, it’s how you use it. You could have a missile for a dick but if you don’t know how to use it what’s that matter ya know?” She looked at me knowingly before smirking.

“No you wouldn’t would you? You lost your virginity to the sea serpent. I can’t imagine that was any fun. Makes my shit hurt just thinkn’ about it.”

“Have you slept with Shouto?”

“Are you kidding me girl? Even if the boy was interested, I’m all set. Now his dick is definitely of a different caliber. The boys are gonna give you shit cuz they all wish they had a cock like a submarine. Plus, Sho doesn’t fuck anybody outside their little trifecta.”


“Oh yeah girlie. You are an anomaly. Not only does Sho only fuck around with Katsuki and the Boss, but he’s never fucked a woman. At least that anyone knows of. Till you showed up we thought the boy was gay. Riddle me that missy?”

“I-I honestly have no idea?”

“Sorry if I’m makn’ ya all uncomfortable. It’s just me and Jiro down here with a bunch a males. Occasionally Mei stops in with her insane brews and we shoot the shit but, girl talk is limited ya know?” We came to a stop in front of a open door that was nearly blinding to the eye.

“We’re here! Come on in and lets get you situated with somethn’ other than that nonsense green bean likes you in.” Her entire apartment / room was neon pinks and purples, surrounded with animal print fabric of all kinds. She had a giant mirror ball for a light.

“Is this why Katsuki calls you Pinky?” 

“Aw you don’t recognize me? I was once a hero with your boys you know. Hero name was Pinky. I didn’t always look like this ya know. Fuckboy used to say I was the lovechild of an alien and cotton candy.” I’m not sure why I burst into laughter, but I could actually hear Katsuki in my head saying that.

“He wasn’t wrong.” She shrugged as she started rummaging through her ridiculously large and overstocked closet.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what happened?”

“Oh? Yeah well, when the quirks suddenly vanished, those of us who were physically affected or in some cases, put together by our quirks went through some painful and horrible transformations. Can’t explain it really. It didn’t happen all at once, just started to change and devolve daily ya know? Now I look like this. Kinda like it though, I had been picked on all the time as a kid for lookn’ so different from everyone else.”

“Really? But you’re so pretty.”

“Stop that yer makn’ be blush!”

“Well I’m being honest though. I’d be a lot more confident if I had a body like yours.”

“Aww sweetie, you ARE beautiful. You honestly don’t think you’re pretty?”

“I don’t want to be pretty or cute or even beautiful. I want to be sexy. Maybe then Izuku would have liked me better.” She quickly wrapped her arms around me.

“Tch. Ain’t a damn thing wrong with you sweetheart. If the green bean is too dumb to get that hey, it’s his loss okay?”

“I feel like I failed Katsuki. He worked so hard and was so proud of how he made me look.”

“You really care what he thinks?”

“-Yes.” I answered way too quickly. Her face was drawn up in surprise but the grin that followed was reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat. 

“You do have feelings for fuckboy don’t you?”

“How could I not? I mean, he’s been nothing but sweet and helpful and he makes me feel like he gives a fuck about what happens to me.”

“Course he does. Honestly darln’ you’d of been better off being his dolly. He would’ve taken real good care of you.” I hated that I was blushing and obviously flustered because it just seemed to excite and encourage her further.

“Well sweetie, why don’t you give him a shot?”

“W-What?! Katsuki?! H-He’d never want a “little girl” like me. Besides, I highly doubt that would be any kind of okay with Izuku.”

“Mm you might be surprised.”

“I love Izuku. I really, really do. I’m just....confused, hurt, worried he doesn’t want me the same way.”

“I ain’t gonna pretend to know the first thing about any of that. But I have been here long enough to know that those three share just about everything. Trust me, ain’t no one green bean loves more than Katsuki. They grew up together ya know. Since they were babies and shit. Why do ya think Bakugou gets away with murder around here?”

“Honestly, I kind of wondered. Why isn’t Katsuki in charge then? Izuku defers to him for everything anyway right?”

“Didn’t want it. When we first formed this place, he was still recovering from many serious injuries. Dunno if you know but, he went through some deadly shit before we went underground.”

“Izuku told me. I’m so sorry that happened to your friends.”

“Ya got nothing to be sorry for sweetie. You didn’t have anything to do with that kay? Just bear in mind that all those scars have a hella sad story attached and he doesn’t like to talk about it.” I nodded but felt such sadness for him. How could anyone still have any love to give at all after walking away from something like that? Katsuki was so beautiful inside and out, how could anyone do what they did?

“So tell me. Girl talk now. All things aside, what are your feelings for Katsuki?”

“Umm...” Goddammit why can’t I hide my emotions better? My body betrays me. 

“Mmhmm. So, let’s start there. Whether you wanna face it or not, you got feelings for him.”

“I don’t even really know him.”

“Ahh but you want to doncha?” Her smile was aggravatingly infectious. I didn’t feel like making any more of a fool out of myself so I kept my mouth shut and simply shrugged. 

“Good cuz tonight is all about havn’ some fun. You look like you need it more than anyone!”

“What kind of fun?”

“Oh honey, the best kind.” The devilish smirk presented to me gave me a bad feeling but what choice did I have really?

“So. I imagine you want a shower. Get all that nonsense of your face.”

“But Katsuki liked it.” I didn’t realize I even said anything out loud till she responded.

“Fuckboy liked how great of a job he did but that ain’t his style.”

“Then what is his style?”

“Leave it to me girlie. I got this!”



I stood in front of the mirror in a trance. Who was this woman reflected back at me? Not a girl, cute or otherwise. A woman. A sexy one at that. 

“Wellll?” Mina was beaming, her excitement barely containable. 

“Mina.....thank you. I never dreamed I could or would ever be...well this.”

“I have no idea why, this looks natural on you. Now all you need is the finishing touch.”

“Which is?”

“Confidence sweetheart! With a man like Katsuki you gotta make him work for it. He loves the challenge. Easy is boring so be confident and let that sass shine through! I get the feeling that’s a huge part of his attraction to you. You’re feisty and fearless when ya wanna be. Don’t worry about anything tonight. Just be yourself. The real you.”

“The real me?”

“Yeah girlie! Who you are when everything comes naturally.” 

“I mean I can but....”

“But what?”

“I’m still really fucking nervous.”

“Quit yer worrying over the green bean. After fuckboy’s done with him he won’t even be conscious.” For some reason that felt like a punch to the gut.

“What do you mean?” She gave me a sly smile, brows raising like I shouldn’t have to ask.

“H-He said he was gonna have a chat with him. Not...that.” Her brows furrowed but she still gave me a suspicious smirk.

“That’s the only way those two know how to talk, trust me.” I had no idea why that suddenly bothered me so much. It’s not like I didn’t already know. It didn’t bother me before so why now?

“Hmmm? I know that look. You are jealous baby girl.”

“No. I’m...I’m really not.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being jealous.”

“I already knew about their relationship and it didn’t bother me before.”

“Well, what bother you more? That Izuku is being intimate with someone other than you? Or because Katsuki is giving his time and affection to someone else?” 

“Both? Maybe...I don’t....I don’t know. This is all so confusing!”

“So stop overthinking it. Just go with it. Whatever happens, happens yeah?”

“You make it sound so easy. Like there’s this flip to switch it all off.”

“Oh I dunno bout that.” The singsong-y way she stated that as she took my hand and pulled me to the door made me apprehensive.

“Girl relaaaaax. We are gonna have so much fun tonight your not gonna know what you’ve been doin’ with your life this far!” The sting in the gut from the blatant jealousy gave me the final push I needed.

“You know what? You’re right. Fuck everyone else. I want to have some fun.”

“That’s what I like to hear! Come on, lemme introduce you to the rest of the squad!”



We walked deeper into the compound. It was utterly amazing how vast this place was and such a well hidden secret. Toward the end of a long hallway there was a decent size alcove that resembled a breakroom. A large round table sat in the middle and sitting there were several familiar faces I recalled from the birthday party. They all looked up as we made our way over.

“We’re here!” Mina sang triumphantly and everyone cheered.

“Woah wait, who’s the hottie Pinky? I know that ain’t the same girl as Deku’s Dolly...”

“One in the same so watch yourself Denki. You know how boss man feels about his toys.”

“So! Introductions! That little shit with the blonde hair and big mouth is our resident tattoo artist and piercing specialist along with being the town whore. Denki.”

“Fuck you Mina, I am the best lay this side of the apocalypse. You’re just jealous.”

“That there is Sero, he’s one of the chilliest dudes here and he is actually amazing in the kitchen! He’s been teaching me how to cook!

“You’re getting better. That Katsudon was pretty damn good today.”

“Aww thanks doll!”

“This is Jiro, our only other girlie with the exception of Mei whenever she drops in.”

“Wait Jiro’s a chick?! When the fuck did that happen?” Jiro’s face barely shifted in expression when she punched Denki in the side of the head like it was nothing.

“Nice to meet you. Don’t mind these idiots. They’re all pretty stupid really.”

“What the fuck Jiro! I thought we were besties!”

“On what fucking planet would I be besties with the likes of you?”

“Good point. Can’t a guy pretend?”

“This here is Red. Aka Kirishima or for short Kiri.”

“Red is fine. Um, nice to meet you..again?”

“You were the one who kidnapped me with Sho.”

“Woaaah! I did no such thing. That was all Todoroki.”

“You brought him a needle to inject me with some kind of drug.”

“Just doin’ my job, no hard feeln’s yeah?’

“Don’t let the big dufus fool ya. He’s a giant teddy bear aren’t ya baby?” 

“You sayn’ I’m gettn’ fat and squishy?”

“Course not darln’, you know how much I love you.” She winked at the hulk with wild red hair.

“Oh shit, that’s right. Baby girl here ain’t had any food today. Sero can you hook our girlie up?”

“Yeah sure. Whattcha want? I can whip up anything pretty quickly.”

“Oh. I um...whatever’s fine. You don’t have to go through all that trouble just for me.”

“It’s no trouble at all. Really. You like eggs?”

“Yeah, I love them.”

“How bout an omelette?” 

“That sounds really good actually. Thank you so much.” 

“No worries, it’ll be ready in a few.” Sero quickly disappeared looking surprisingly excited for some reason. Guess the man really enjoys cooking?

“So Denki.”

“So Pinky.”

“Tonight is a special night for our Princess here. Poor baby hasn’t had fun in like..” Mina looked to me to fill in the gap.


“Yeah see? We need to remedy that pronto!”

“Yeah? Whattcha in the mood for gorgeous?”


“No shit, a newbie?! Awesome! This is gonna be so much fun tonight!”

“Easy bro, she’s kinda tiny, don’t get too excited and go overboard.”

“Red is right, why don’t we start with the basics tonight.”

“Right on. I got some good shit I’ve been saving up too! Lemme go get the stuff. Kiri some help?”

“Yeah man I gottcha.” Just us girls were left in the room now as all the guys were doing something for me. I kind of felt bad, I didn’t want to be a burden.

“So what shall we talk about while we wait?” Mina asked far too excited for just a conversation.

“Dunno. Same shit we always do?”

“Dicks it is!”

“Why is everyone so obsessed with dicks in this place?” I muttered causing both girls to burst into laughter.

“Well who isn’t?” Mina laughed. Jiro pulled her knees up into the chair to get more comfortable before grinning at me suspiciously.

“So. Tell us all about the Kraken.” I sighed burying my face in my arms. This was going to be a colorful night for sure.



Chapter Text




“I don’t want to talk about it right now Kachaan.”

“Cute how you think I’m actually given you a choice.”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“So make me understand Deku. I’ve been pretty goddamn tolerant of your bullshit up till now but you’ve got another thing comn’ if you think I’m gonna turn a blind eye to you murdering someone in cold blood.”

“You of all people have no right to say that to me! How many people have died at your hands Kachaan? Remind me.”

“You and I aren’t the same. We’ve never been.”

“This again.”

“Listen asshole, because apparently you hit your head or somethn’ that you don’t remember a goddamn thing about “why”. Do you fuckn’ remember when Sho and I found your ass?”

“How could I forget?”

“You want the cold hard truth Deku? Here it is. I was a shitty friend that day. I did what I did because I was angry and severely wounded. Then I saw what they did to you and I acted selfishly.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you get it by now nerd? I love you, you fucking idiot. I always have, even when I hated you.”

“That...doesn’t even make sense Kachaan.”

“Don’t sass me. It’s true. Your crybaby ass is the only thing that kept me balanced. You know better than anyone how everyone always thought I would end up a villain. And yeah, truth be told? That shit would have suited me a hell of a lot better. Ask me why I never strayed. Go on, ask.”


“You dumbass.”

“Me? What are you talking about? You were always trying to beat me.”

“Exactly. You kept my eye on the prize. I wanted to be the greatest hero because I knew I could be if I tried hard enough. Then you came along and fucked all that up for me. It was never that simple, was it? No. You had to go and be the shining example of what a true hero was. The fame, the respect, the power never fuckn’ mattered to you. Not one bit. All you cared about was doin’ right by everyone else. You just wanted to help and save everyone.”

“Yeah, lot of good that did me in the end.”

“Don’t. Not with me. You have all those other dumbasses to throw you a pity party but you ain’t getn’ that shit from me. We all suffered Deku. We all lost the hero inside of us that day. But goddammit we went down like heroes. The only way we could. And you know what? Fuck everyone because it’s not your fault they weren’t worthy of savn’ in the first place.”

“What does any of this matter anymore Kachaan. The past is the past.”

“Not for you it ain’t. You’re still carrying this shit up front and center. Sure, you put on a good show but you ain’t fooln’ me.”

“What the hell do you want from me Kachaan?”

“What do I want? For you to figure your shit out. Either face the past and reembrace who you fuck’n truly are, or learn how to let all that shit go and embrace this other version of you.”

“What do you want?”

“The fuck’s it matter what I want? Don’t do this shit for me. Do this shit for you. You deserve to be happy idiot. So figure out how the fuck to actually make that happen. I have been tryn’ my ass off to help you in any way I can but you don’t fuckn’ make anything I do easy you know that? Do you know why I’ve kept your ass “safe” down here? Because I can’t stand the thought of losing you any further than I already have. You’re not a killer Izuku and the moment you end a life with your own hands, I ain’t ever gettn’ you back.”

“You’re trying to save me?”

“No. I can’t save you. I’ve tried but it ain’t me you need. All I can do is what I’ve been doin’. Keep you from slippn’ any further.”


“Tch. Don’t cry nerd. C’mere.”

“I have no fucking idea what to do.”

“Well, how bout startn’ over with your “dolly”. She’s a hella smart woman and goddamn fearless. Helps too that she actually gives a fuck about you. All of you.”

“She only sees the old me when she looks at me. I don’t want to be him anymore. At least not now. I need...time to figure shit out. You know I need to think about everything before I act.”

“Yeah I know. Can I make a suggestion?”

“Of course.”

“Start over with her, but be a mix of the old and the new you. Break her in slowly, give her a chance to get to know this you without terrifying her or tryin’ to murder her. The fact that she still wants your crazy ass after all you’ve done is a goddamn miracle. But even miracles have a limit. Stop fucking this up.”

“Can I ask you something?”


“Why do you care so much about this girl. It’s really unlike you Kachaan. Same with Sho. It’s like she’s some kind of siren or something charming my two strongest and deadliest. What’s so special about her anyway?”

“Well nerd, why don’t you take the time to actually find out?”

“Do you love her Kachaan?”


“I’ve never seen you act that way with anyone and I’ve known you my entire life.”

“Tch. She’s....I dunno, different or some shit. She’s grown up in this shitty world and is still somehow so optimistic or whatever. Plus she’s....uh...”


“Feral. I fucking love that shit. She’s a fighter ready to take on shit she ain’t got no business messing with. I respect that.”

“You want to tame her Kachaan?”

“What?! Fuck no. That would defeat the purpose! She’s perfect the way she is now.”

“So you are in love with her.”

“I ain’t in love with nobody. Except maybe you. On occasion.”

“You can play with her if you want Kachaan. I owe you so much anyway. I want her back though.”

“Good. I think she’s good for you. Not as good as me but hey, not everyone can be half as fuckn’ awesome as me.”

“Love you too Kachaan.”

“Yeah? How much? Enough to swallow my cock?”

“You know I love your cock baby. I’m just too tired tonight.”

“So lay your sweet ass over the side of that bed and I’ll do all the work, yeah? Come on, you know I’m right.”

“You’re so romantic Kachaan.”

“Goddamn right I am. I’ll be motherfuckn’ Shakespeare as long as I get to bury my dick in your tight hot ass.” 



“Oh my god this is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten Sero! T-Thank m-much.”

“Holy shit girl are you cryn’?"

“I can’t help it! It’s just so good. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had warm food.”

“Well there’s plenty more if you want it. I can always make whatever okay?”

“You guys are so good to me. I don’t deserve you.” 

“Woah! What the hell’d you guys do? We were only gone like twenty minutes and she’s already cryn’?”

“Yeah I mean, ain’t that the exact opposite what you asked us for Mina?”

“Relax you morons, those are happy tears!”

“Wait...that’s like a real thing? I thought that shit was only in cartoons or whatever.”

“Clearly not genius.”

“Jiro why you always so mean to me?”

“Hmm. Dunno, why not?”


“So what’d you guys come up with?” While I’m shoveling down omelette like a mad woman, Denki and Red come back what appears to be empty handed.

“So guys forget whattcha went for or?” Mina inquires suspiciously. Two very large mischievous grins sprout up on the two men before Denki sets down 7 pink pills triumphantly.

“No shit? Denki you still had some of these?”

“Was savn’ for a special moment and here we are!”

“What are those?” My voice sounded rather small and apprehensive. 

“A one way ticket to paradise angel cakes. Get ready for a night you’ll never forget.”

“...buuut probably not fully remember either.” Red chuckled rubbing the back of his neck.

“Sero my man, this deserves to be washed down with only the best. You know what I’m talkn’ about.”

“On it.” Sero shuffled out at light speed while Denki and Red took their seats at the table sliding a pill to everyone seated. 

“Oh what about Bakubro?”

“He’ll be shown’ up whenever. You know how fuckboy is. We can start without him, he can catch up once he gets here.” Just then Sero came sprinting back into the room, an unlabeled glass bottle with amber liquid sloshing about inside. He set it down in the middle of the table and handed out shot glasses. 

“Who wants to do the honors?”

“Aww let the new kid seeing as this celebration is in honor of her in the first place.”

“Uh what exactly am I doing?”

“Pour us all a glass love.” 

“O-Okay?” Picking up the bottle I remove the cap and immediately my nose is assaulted with the harsh sting of incredibly strong alcohol. Wrinkling my nose I quickly make my way around the table and feel incredibly proud that I didn’t embarrass myself by spilling any. There is an extra glass next to mine and I can’t help the smile which promptly gets me harassed and teased.

“Oh shit dude, she’s got it bad.”

“Can’t say I blame her, I mean the man is a god.”

“Holy shit please don’t let him hear you say that. I’m afraid his head has run out of room to get any bigger.”

“Jiro you can’t tell me that man’s abs aren’t a gift.”

“Yeah well, everyone knows that already so.” My cheeks are definitely bright red considering how hot they are currently burning.

“See this girl here is my motherfuckn’ hero. I mean shit, taken on the Kraken, having to please the Boss and now Bakugou?”

“I fuckn’ know right? Baby can I PLEASE get your autograph?” With all the teasing I feel like I am about to die of mortification so I don’t even bother waiting before slamming the drink down like I did with Shouto when we had Sake. Holy. Shit. This is SO not like Sake.

“Damn this chick is hardcore. Bet she could actually chug one of Mei’s brews.”

“Holy shit you’re right. Twenty bucks she gets halfway.”

“Thirty says she finishes it." 

"Of Mei’s brews?! You are SO on!.” Sero disappears once more but comes back a lot faster with what looks like a very large beer bottle.

“What is that?” I ask already feeling a little warm.

“Well this shit here is the good stuff. This is moonshine we distilled when we were still in high school. Denki here almost got expelled for it but you know, he’s SO good at sucking dick..”

“Fuck you Mina. You’re just jealous I’ve had all the yummy boys.”

“Yeah but that ain’t all you’ve had, how many nasties did you blow in-between the good ones?”

“Why you always kill the mood?”

“Cuz baby I’m your favorite bitch!”

“Ain’t that the truth. Cheers!” Everyone downed their shot and this time Mina refilled all the glasses as Red explained about Mei’s brews.

“Hey guys, how about we just start with one thing at a time. Besides Fuckboy ain’t even here yet and you know he’ll be pissed if he missed a challenge.”

“Alright, Alright. We all ready then?” Everyone picked up their pink pill and held it like a toast. 

“To a wild night ya’ll!”

“Here, Here!” Mina nudged me encouraging me to follow her lead. And follow her I did right over the edge an hour later.



“How ya feeln’? You look stoned out of your fucking mind.” Denki teased. At least I thought it was Denki. It was hard to think about anything other than the way I was currently feeling. Which by the way was amazing. It was like every nerve ending was alive and in love. Everything felt so good. The pull of my nails up my bare thigh had my eyes rolling into the back of my head.


“Sup sweetie?”

“H-He’s not” God it was even hard to talk. I had no idea how they were all doing it like it was nothing.

“Oh honey don’t worry bout that! Don’t start thinking of negative stuff or you’re gonna make this feel not good at all.” Her voice was sickly sweet.

“Worried about what? Bakubro? He’ll show up, don’t worry.”

“Yeah after he’s done fucking the Boss from here to kingdom come.” Denki snorted before bursting into fits of giggles.

“Shut the fuck up Denki you’re making her feel bad!”

“Why? She didn’t know how those two work? Explodo-man’s cock is practically superglued to the Boss’s ass. They seriously fuck like rabbits.”

“Denki I’ma knock you the fuck out...”

“Aren’t we supposed to be her friends now? I’d just hate to see her get hurt if she’s got some fantasy about either of them. Ain’t nobody who can come between them. Literally and figuratively.”

“She knows about all of that already idiot. Doesn’t mean she don’t have feelings moron.”

“K so wait. Like I’m seriously not trying to be a dick here but I honestly am curious what your feelings are for them?”

“’s uh..complicated.”

“Let me give you the best piece of advice I could for someone in this situation. Forget everything you think you feel for either of them.”

“’re gonna get yourself killed if you don’t shut the fuck up like right now.”

“Fuck no. Ya’ll are shady for leading her on in the first place. She’s a slave. A piece of property to them. You honestly think they’ll ever let her be one of us? Sorry but it really fuckn’ bothers me that you’re all playn’ into this fucked up game of theirs.”

“W-What do you...mean, Denki?”

“Listen sweetheart, they don’t give two solid fucks about you or your feeln’s.”

“T-That’s um...not true. Katsuki...he...saved me. He..took care of me...”

“Lemme guess. After Izuku “broke” you? Course Bakugou swooped in and played knight in shinning armor. All part of the game. Don’t tell me you actually thought Bakugou wasn’t in on it? Shouto too I’m sure. They have their own little inner circle and they play some twisted ass games.”

“W-Why are’ me all this”

“Because he’s fuckn’ high as balls and has no idea what he’s say’n. Seriously don’t pay him any mind.”


“Goddammit Denki you’re making what was supposed to be fun real shitty you know that?”

“Someone amongst us has to be a decent fuckn’ person around here.” 

After that I stopped listening. My heart was drumming loudly in my ears. I couldn’t think straight to try and make any sense out of all of this and that for some reason infuriated me. Without saying another word I simply stood up and headed back the way we came. Mina called out to me but I didn’t turn around. Wasn’t hard to guess that all the shouting had escalated into a fight. I had no idea why Denki said any of those things or if they were even true. But there was only one way I was finding out. I was done playing games. I wanted answers and I was going to get them. Secrets huh? Well boys, I've got a few of my own.



Chapter Text



I’m almost positive this has taken me a hell of a lot longer than it should have. Being this high is not suited for what I am trying to accomplish here. Which was what again? Oh yeah....Lies and sexual slavery and fucking games. Wait. Fucking games or “fucking” games? Both? Let’s go with both. I’ve gotta be careful in this state. It’s easy to lose my temper, (too late if I’m being honest) and I really don’t want them to know what I’m actually capable of. I’ve worked way too hard and been through too much here to slip up over something this stupid. Is it stupid though? I mean yeah, if I’m being real here this is all kinds of a bad idea. Not a great reason to pick a fight with the boss and his number one guard dog. Especially when I am high as a kite. Too bad I give all of zero fucks right now.

Finally! Here at last. The solid familiar door loomed ominously before me forcing me to regroup before just barging in and storming through. I had to keep my composure. Try it the nice way first and THEN if all else fails? Plan B. Goddamn I am fucking high as hell though. Makes it quite a bit harder. Deep breath. Get centered. You’re in control. You’re in control. You are in control.

The door was surprisingly unlocked and I didn’t bother knocking, I just barged right in. They must be in bed. Still probably fucking... that immediately rubbed me every kind of wrong way. 

“Guess who motherfuckers! Come out, come out wherever your depraved asses are!” Jesus girl. You are so not in control. This is not going to end well. 

“Princess?” Ah yes, the knight in shinning armor. Bastard. When he came around the corner surprised, at least the jerk was wearing pants. Not that I actually minded that he was still shirtless. Might as well enjoy the view while I’m here. God this feeling is insane. Is this what guys feels like most of the time? Horny as hell but with a bone deep urge to do battle?

“Where’s your little toy? Too soar to get his ass out of bed?” While my words were practically spit in hostility, a nasty smirk currently held permanent residence there. Katsuki’s expression was priceless. Yeah. Surprise motherfucker. I ain’t the naïve weak little girl you idiots thought. I chuckled maliciously. 

“Baby doll? What’s wrong? Did something happen?” Ahh. There’s the man of the hour. The other fucking asshole to this equation. Okay I was not expecting to see Izuku shirtless though and that momentarily threw me off my game. My body was certainly appreciating all the eye candy in the room.  

“Yeah something fucking happened. You assholes.”

“Princess...are you....?” Clearly he knew something was up. Not like it’s all that hard to tell.

“Am I what huh? Pissed? Used? Betrayed? A goddamn disposable slave to be your endless fuckable amusement HUH?”

“Woah, baby doll..” As if Izuku of all people had any right whatsoever to be surprised by my rage.

“Don’t you fucking call me baby. I ain’t your goddamn baby. Either of you.” Shit was I crying? Why the fuck am I crying? I just wanted to see them bleed for thinking I am merely their goddamn fuck toy! A fuck toy that neither have even wanted to fuck! What the hell kind of joke was all of this?! At least I knew my current expression was nothing less than hostile. I was practically snarling as I spoke so hatefully through my teeth. Both of them stared at me wide eyed and what...apprehensive? Scared? Hahaha! Of what? Little ol me?

“What the fuck did those idiots give you?”

“What, my so called “friends”? Just what kind of sick ass game are you perverts playing here? Are you seriously that fucked up that you would go through all this trouble to play these twisted, sick mind games? Well guess what? FUCK YOU!”

“This ain’t you baby doll, those morons gave you somethn’ that really messed you up okay? You need to listen to me..” My next words were so lethal they made even me shiver. The clear disdain and pure hatred commanded in the tone of demons and spoken deadly slow.

“Sit your ass down on that couch and don’t even think about moving till I say so.” If I had a cock I’d be hard as steel watching him obey me like a good little bitch.

“And you. To think I EVER loved a monster like you!” I slowly prowled toward the devil with green hair and eyes that were carefully calculating every movement I made in his direction.

“Just who do you think you are huh? Some big, bad, bully because the world turned on you and tried to kill you? Fuck you. You’re a goddamn pussy you know that? You want to hear a real sob story? Listen and listen well. Try surviving the apocalypse as a ten year old girl all alone. No friends to come and save me.” The sheer disgust and lack of any empathy more than apparent.

“Till Orochi that is. If Orochi was what a ten year old injured and terrified kid could call a friend.  A troubled man with a past riddled with regret, shame and dishonor. You think I didn’t know Orochi’s intentions weren't originally good ones? I went anyway because it was live to see another day or give up and die alone on the streets most likely raped and discarded like trash. Oh? Sound familiar at all? Don’t worry, we’ll get there.” Syrupy sweet and ominously fake words dripped from my lips like pure venom.

“So I went, every day playing the part of an unknowing innocent little girl and praying each night I fell asleep that I’d wake the next morning. I lived like that for years. Terrified. Wondering what was wrong with me. Was it really that hard to love me? To at the very least care? At least a little? I did everything that he ever asked of me. I tried my hardest to earn my keep and remain as useful as possible. To give him a reason to let me stay.” Everything was flooding back in like a tidal wave. Emotions so strong my entire body shook with them.

“Till one day, a miracle and simultaneously a tragedy happened. Orochi found out he was dying. Not a quick death either. A long, slow and brutal one. I thought for sure that was the end for me. He’d either kill me or sell me to sex slavers for a pretty penny. You wanna know what he actually did? He offered to let me go and give me enough to set up somewhere on my own to survive.”  Though tears streamed from my eyes at the memories my expression remained determined and strong.

“And you know what I did to the man we both knew I could never trust? I stayed. I stayed and took care of him and loved him. Why? Because everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone deserves forgiveness. Everyone deserves to be loved. Hatred and vengeance breeds more of the same. It’s a foul poison that eats away at and rots your soul. Just like you.” I pointed at Deku hatefully. 

“Look at what you’ve become. You’re a coward and a quitter letting the fucked up world win. You weren’t the only one trying to survive in the shitstorm that followed that horrible day. Difference is? You at least had combat training. You at least had the choice to go out and try to save the worthless. You could have just as easily been selfish and stayed somewhere safe and survived. Whether or not that was something you felt you could do didn’t matter. You at least had a choice. And when you made it? You had friends out there to rescue you when everything else failed. Unlike me who had nothing.” The pain and anguish in my eyes hopefully hidden by the hostility still pouring forth.

“When I finally lost Orochi years later, I was devastated. That man learned to love and care for someone else instead of himself for the first time in his life. Even though he was the one dying. Not me. And so he trained me. Taught me everything he knew. See, you’ve got to remember, Orochi was a fighter. A warrior and goddamn smart as hell if not ruthless. He taught me far more than you motherfuckers realize I am actually capable of.” I smirked triumphantly at the pair before me.

“And then after all of that? I ended up here. A prison of malicious mind games and torture. A fucking perverse sex toy to soil and use until you grow tired and throw her away just like the street trash she is right? Just an object without feelings or a mind of her own to worry about. A goddamn dolly to dress pretty and make you feel better about the choices you made in your life that ended you up here.”

“I have tried to save you Deku but maybe I should have listened when you tried to tell me the first time. I would have died for you, you know. Almost did at your own hands which would have been a mercy. Then you had to go and give me hope only to find out you two were ever only playing a fucked up game?! Working together to destroy and break my mind?! I’m done with this shit. I could have easily walked out of here by now but my dumbass stayed when I realized who you were. Unfortunately, it took a little longer to realize who you are.”

I certainly had their attention. Izuku had angry tears streaming down his face but it was obvious he was holding himself back. Katsuki was a lot harder to read. Scarlet eyes stormed with untold emotions. There was a sharp sting in my heart at their gazes and for a moment I began to question everything I was doing. I was being cruel and merciless because why? They hurt my feelings? No. No that wasn’t right. They were monsters! I was their captive and a slave. They didn’t care one iota about me or my life. I had to defend and free myself!

An evil and villainous grin found it’s way across my face before I got into a fighting stance. That made Katsuki immediately get to his feet though he didn’t move to attack. Just warily watching and waiting to see what I would do next.

From the sleeve of my shirt a well hidden knife dropped into my hand with precision. Thankfully Mina was far too wasted to realize it was even gone. I had originally felt guilty for pilfering the item but now I realized I couldn’t have been smarter. The dim light from the glowing lamp close by glinted off the steel. The tension in the room was thick and the silence heavy and oppressive. 

Katsuki took several slow steps in my direction, hands raised. My body immediately turned to fully face him and I easily slid into a defensive stance awaiting his swift attack. But it never came. He paused his movements meeting my eyes with such intensity I needed to take a deep breath. 

“Please. Don’t do this. This is not you sweetheart. I understand your confused and very upset-”

“Very upset? That’s a fucking understatement. Do not come any closer Katsuki or so help me god I will gut you like a fish.”

“Baby girl, just put the knife down before you get hurt.”

“Before I get hurt?” I burst into cruel laughter.

“Idiots. The both of you. You have no fucking idea what I am capable of. Here, let me show you since you’re so eager to learn.” My body acted on its own. With agility and grace I moved so quickly Katsuki never knew what hit him and that gave me the upper hand. Once upon a time there was no way I could take on Ground Zero and live to tell the tale. Seems circumstance and time has dulled the edges. That or he was hesitating. That idea made me rage further and after some struggling back and forth I managed to drop him to the floor. Anchoring him down I quickly straddled him bringing the sharp blade to his throat. Wordless we both stayed still as statues, our breathlessness loud in the silence. Hurt painted his face as sadness swirled in those fiery depths searching mine for something.


“Why what?” I breathed heavily, eyes narrowed and adrenaline pumping. 

“I don’t know who the fuck told you that bullshit but they were so goddamn wrong.” I gave him the sweetest smile I could muster, never moving the blade.

“And you think I’m just gonna take your word for it?” 

“No. To be honest, I wouldn’t either in your shoes. You’re smart so I’m sure you know as well as I do that this ain’t you talkn’ right now. It’s the goddamn drugs raging through your blood. If you really truly believe I am your enemy, then go ahead. Kill me.”


“Stay back Deku.” 

“Why should I believe one goddamn word you say?”

“You shouldn’t. It ain’t me you need to listen to. It’s you.” We stared each other down for several long minutes in silence. By some goddamn miracle it was at that moment the fog from the drugs slowly began to lift. As the adrenaline began to wear off and clarity set in, I watched as weary ruby pools observed me with such longing everything started to feel very wrong. My body began to tremble as I started to doubt everything I was doing and fill me with fear and panic. Why had I really been that angry and hurt. It’s not like I wasn’t aware of everything going on already in this place. Sure I didn’t like it but it wasn’t anything new. My brain kicked into overdrive trying to sort through everything when I remembered Mina’s question to me earlier. 

“Well, what bothers you more? That Izuku is being intimate with someone else other than you? Or because Katsuki is giving his time and affection to someone else?”


“M’jealous.” I mumbled to myself in horror. This was all because I was jealous. Sick of not being good enough or left behind. I’m jealous because I want their love and attention. I want them to care for me the same way I have begun to care about them. I got high and then angry and let my petty jealousy send me off the deep end. Holy hell I never want anything to do with drugs ever again. What have I done?

“What did you say Princess?” I refocused on Katsuki, blade still deadly close to his artery. 

“I’m jealous.” I told him honestly. My expression was no longer hostile, simply sad and disappointed with myself for letting all of this get to me. For acting like a bratty child needy for attention.

“Jealous? Of what baby girl?”

“You guys. Why don’t you want me? As more than just a fuck toy? Am I not attractive enough? Smart enough? Tough enough? What...What else do I have to do to prove that I'm worth something?”

“Oh sweetheart no. No, baby no. You’ve got it all wrong.” Tears poured forth in humiliation, shame and regret. They would never want anything to do with me after this fiasco. And most likely kill me now that they know the truth. I did this to myself. I deserve whatever comes of this. I really am just a child trying to play an adults game. The blade dropped to the floor with a clang and Katsuki immediately sat up and pulled me into his arms.

“Fuck, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I promised you I wouldn’t be long and god knows what those rejects planted in your head. It’s not you Princess. There ain’t one goddamn thing wrong with you okay? ‘Zuku and I really care about you. I know you’ve only been here a short time but, we’ve grown rather fond of you. Ain’t that right baby?” Izuku! Oh god...what I said to him....what did I...what was I thinking?! My head turned and eyes shot open trying to find the man I just tried my damnedest to psychologically break. And there he was, sitting right next to Katsuki on the floor beside us. Beautiful emerald eyes shining in the light took me in worriedly. A weak but still present smile on his lips.

“I-Izuku? I’m..I’m….oh god I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.” The sobs were so powerful I couldn’t breathe. Izuku took me gently into his arms and hugged me so sweetly, combing his scarred fingers through my hair and gently rocking us back and forth to soothe me. 

“Hush now. Slow deep breaths. Can you do that for me?” Together Izuku and I took several deep relaxing breaths helping me to calm way down. Though his enveloping scent was far more soothing. I buried my face in his neck and inhaled deeply. For some reason Izuku just reminded me of...home. Though my breathing slowly returned to normal, the tears were unending. It’s like I lost all control over certain functions of my body. Not daring to let go, I merely pulled back so I could see his face. Impossibly green eyes searched mine as his warm fingers brushed away the endless tears.

Suddenly Katsuki sprang to his feet, his gait aggressive as he stormed toward the door.


“I’ll be right back. Somethn’ I need to do before I forget. You two play nice or so help me fucking god, I will put both of your asses in a goddamn coma.” The door quickly slammed behind him leaving a tense atmosphere in his abrupt departure. Straddling Izuku while sitting in his lap brought our faces very close. When we faced each other once more, a part of me feared a repeat of earlier. I was far too tired for another round like that. But his sweet and concerned smile retuned as he lovingly stroked my face. 

“I-Izuku....I’m so-”

“-Shh. No more apologies from you understood? Now we know what happened at least right? I won’t lie, you gave both of us one hell of a scare. You were absolutely terrifying.” I hung my head in shame but his fingers swiftly swooped in and lifted my chin to meet his gaze.

“You were magnificent.” He looked utterly enthralled as he took me in. Like I was some unknown species only he was privileged to witness. It left me breathless.

“You weren’t wrong my angel.” His fingertips cradled my jaw delicately like a precious treasure.

“You were never meant for a cage were you? It wasn’t that you weren’t worthy of me baby doll. It just took me a bit to figure out that it was I who was unworthy of you.”


“I want to be. I want to be everything you need. But I cannot ask such a thing of you can I?”

“I-I don’t understand..”

“I would give you the world. Everything that I am. But you could never leave. I would never be able to let you go.”

“And where would I go Izuku?”

“It wouldn’t matter. Call it what you will, debate the circumstances of why, but I am a broken man. I don’t know if I can ever be fixed or if I even want to. I have embraced this darkness that has bloomed within me. So I have no problem being completely honest with you now. I want you baby doll. All of you. But I also want to keep you. Possess you. I want you to be mine and mine alone. I want you to belong to me. There’s this part of me that needs to have that. Can you understand? It’s an obsession. An ever growing fascination to see you in every light. To take you apart only to witness the beauty of you putting yourself back together. For me. For only me.” 

His eyes were incredibly beautiful but extremely intense. Every word he was speaking was clearly the truth to him. And he was searching. Hoping that I understood that he was actually being vulnerable in front of me. Baring his broken and twisted heart. 

“I would love you far greater than any other soul is capable. Cherish you more than any priceless artifact. Worship you more reverently than any dedicated zealot.”

“Izuku. I want to understand you. I want to know you better. I’m just not sure what you mean by all of this.”

“Simple. Just be mine. Be my baby doll. My perfect, magnificent, flawless little dolly.”

Chapter Text



“I-Izuku? I..I really don’t” Like an abrupt shift in the wind I started to feel strange again. Fog slowly rolling in dulling and numbing my thoughts. My body heating up as my skin tingled all over. 

“W-What’s’s like...I’m getting high all over again. B-But...I didn’t...I haven’t...”

“Do you remember what they gave you sweetheart?” His deep yet melodic voice helped ground me as I felt like I was quickly floating away.

“U-Um...they uh....n-never said w-what it was called. J-Just some pill with a-an M on it...I think?”

“Have you ever taken any kind of drug before this baby doll?”

“N-No..never. Orochi h-hated the stuff.” He seemed exasperated, exhaling loudly before running his hand carelessly through his evergreen curls.

“We’re definitely going to need Kachaan for this one.”

“W-Why? W-What’s uh...wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong baby doll. You’re just incredibly high right now and will be for quite some time.”


“Shh. It’s alright. Everything is going to be fine. I promise. They gave you a pretty heavy narcotic and psychedelic for your first time ever doing drugs. And rather than doing it responsibly, they acted like the morons they often are when doing this shit, leaving you to figure it out all on your own. But it’s okay. Because you’re not alone okay baby girl? I’m right here and Katsuki will be back soon. How are you feeling right now? Can I get you anything?”

“W-Water? Feel s-so thirsty.”

“Of course. Hold onto my neck okay? I’m going to stand us up on the count of three. Just put all your weight on me and hang on. I’ve got you alright?” I nodded frantically, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck, closing my eyes and burying my face in his shoulder.

“Okay here we go. One, two, three.” The man lifted me as though I weighed no more than a feather. A LOT stronger than I had originally thought. For some reason that sent heat cascading south in a hurry.

“Y-You’re So strong. I w-wanna touch them...can it okay?”

“Touch what baby? My muscles?”

“Yes. You’ sexy Izuku.” Chuckling and still carrying me in his arms he headed to a little kitchen with a mini fridge stocked with bottled water. 

“And you are absolutely adorable when you’re like this. You know that?” His voice was fond and playful as he pulled a bottle out, closing the door and opening it for me. 

“Can you drink it right now or do you need help?”

“Help? I-I’m a...uh big girl you know...” I retorted grumpily earning me a genuine and beautiful smile as I brought the water to my lips. Apparently they had a hole in them or something as water spilled down my chin soaking my sleek black turtleneck. I groaned in complaint as Izuku laughed warmly, fully amused at my sudden childishness. 

“D-Don’t you dare tease me!” I warned him earning me a giggle in return. It was really hard to stay angry when he was being so cute.

“Well I was gonna send you home with Kachaan but now I’m having second thoughts.”

“You were gonna..huh?”

“You are far too cute right now baby girl. I don’t wanna miss this adorable side of you!”

“Y-You’re teasing m-me again aren’t you...” I pouted but the smile on his face only seemed to grow and grow. 

“Not at all. You’re usually so headstrong and willful, which I also love don’t get me wrong. But right now? Well, I have the feeling this is as close as I am ever going to get to you being my dolly.”

“’Zuku. Seriously....I need to uh..know. W-Why do you like uh, dolly’s so much? Is it like’s it called again? A...”


“Yes! A fetish! Is it a fetish? F-For you I mean..”

“Hmm. That’s an excellent question. To be honest I’ve never really given it that much thought but. I guess it’s because I always thought dolls were so beautiful. The representation of a beautiful and perfect little girl who always smiled no matter what. Almost as if they knew some secret I didn’t. I met a man in high school during one of my internships that had a rare doll collection. I had saved him during a villain attack and he wanted to thank me by giving me a doll from his prestigious collection. I of course couldn’t accept but I took the time to appreciate them all the same. Each one was unique and so lovingly crafted. Like it’s creator had made each one specifically for someone special in mind. The perfect doll made entirely for it’s owner, tailored specifically to their dreams and desires, for them and no one else.” His eyes sparkled though his vision was far away in a memory. 

“You m-make it all s-sound romantic Izuku.”

“Well I suppose for me it sort of is.” His smile was hypnotizing. 

“How about we get you a dry and comfortable shirt. Would you like that?” The thought of being thoroughly hugged by Izuku’s comforting and delicious scent made my face hurt from the size of the smile I gave as my answer. He carried me to his bedroom and sat me down on the edge of his gorgeous ornate bed before rummaging through a dresser. The soft and fluffy comforter beneath my fingers called to me lovingly. I needed to feel my skin surrounded by such lush comfort. Without any thought or hesitation I pulled the damp sweater over my head and dropped it to the floor unceremoniously, followed by my skirt and socks. All that remained were my matching black lacey panties and bra that were surprisingly comfortable albeit a bit revealing. I immediately rolled onto the bed surrounding myself with cloud like material. The sensation rapturous against heated skin and heightened sensations. Lost in near delirious pleasure I had completely forgotten where I was and who I was with. 

I felt the bed dip as added weight sunk me further into the mattress and gasped. Amused yet mischievous green eyes peeked through the blankets I had effectively burritoed myself into. Guilty and innocently I simply answered his gaze with a shy, “Hi?” He slowly peeled the blankets away from face and observed me in utter fascination. Like watching a wild animal in its own habitat.

“Having fun baby doll?” Giggling, I simply nodded and received a playful smile in return. With him hovering over me like this, I took the time to memorize each feature of his handsome face. His lips looked awfully inviting. As if he could somehow read my mind he smirked before licking his lips, raking his teeth over his lower lip piercing. 


“Yes baby girl?” He practically purred his reply. The freckles, the flawless skin, lips that looked sinful and delicious had my breath coming quicker. Desire, hot and needy burned through me like a raging wildfire. Slowly I leaned up, caressing the side of his face, staring at him in honest wonder. My heart stuttered wildly, mind solely focused on those lips. He waited, unmoving, but no sign of disinterest. So, I took my chance, leaning forward and pressed my lips sweetly to his. My heart trembled at the gentle touch, the feel of his piercing pressing pleasantly into my lip. A breathless whimper was all that escaped me as I pulled away. The way he was now staring openly made me shiver with hope and expectation. 

His hand firmly held the back of my head as he brought his lips back to mine in response. Still soft. Still sweet, as he slowly lowered me back onto the bed. Our lips parted momentarily as breath danced across lips. And then he kissed me longingly. Our mouths fitting together like two perfect pieces of a puzzle. A sinful tongue brushed against mine and I felt a thrill at the feel of his ring. Izuku kissed like a god. Deep and passionate and every form of perfection. His mouth made love to mine so thoroughly he had me mewling. 

“Izuku...” I cried breathlessly. His touch was driving me insane. I wanted more of him. Anything . Everything. I was helplessly and hopelessly lost in him, my limbs wrapped around his body like hungry vines. The sound of our frantic breathing was only making it worse. I had no idea a human being could feel this turned on and desperate for physical intimacy. This was what fantasy sex must feel like. 

“Baby’ re driving me crazy. I want to do all sorts of naughty things to you.” I could feel his rock hard cock digging into my pelvic bone through his pants causing me to grind against him deliciously. 

“Do whatever you want to me Izuku!” His body froze, eyes wide as he simply stared. For a moment I was afraid I said something wrong, panic quickly rising. 

“You’d....let me do anything I wanted?” 

“I want you to do whatever makes you feel good Izuku. I...I wanna...”

“What baby?” He seemed almost desperate to hear my next words.

“I wanna make you cum Izuku.”

“And how would you like to do that gorgeous?”

“Y-You want choose?”

“I want you to use me to make yourself cum baby doll, and if that includes me getting off, who am I to say no?” I felt utterly depraved upon hearing his words in that sultry tone. 

“Tell me, when you fantasized about this with me, what did you do to me? Were you sweet and gentle?” He softly dragged his lips down the column of my neck, pressing the gentlest of kisses along the way. My skin shivered under his touch.

“Or were you confident and in charge?” He roughly removed my bra exposing my bare chest to his hungry eyes. His lips wrapped firmly around a nipple before giving it a powerful and hungry suck. Teeth scraped along the nub as he disengaged, his eyes like a predators, practically glowing. 

“Did I lick your pussy baby girl? Slow and succulently, filling my waiting mouth with your delicious nectar? Or did you wantonly fuck my face till you screamed?” His hand cupped my sex giving it a teasing rub. My body was trembling in sheer need. If he didn’t stop I was gonna come from his words alone.

“Maybe you just wanted my cock huh? Desperate to feel me fill you so full you could barely breathe. Did I take you from behind and fuck you like a bitch in heat? Did I make love to you from above, sweetly rocking my cock in and out?”

“God Izuku...I...I can’t.....please!”

“Were you a good little girl baby doll? Down on your knees sucking your hero off? Did you taste my cum and swallow it all, hmm? Or did I blow my load all over your pretty face?” I couldn’t take it, I was out of my mind practically writhing in desperation.

“C-Can I Izuku? Can I? Please?”

“What baby, suck my cock?” Holy sweet fucking hell, his expression. I could feel the gush between my legs. I licked my lips hungrily, desperate to feel that heady weight on my tongue. I wanted to taste him and keep it locked away in my memory for future reference. 

“Such a good little girl hmm?” He cooed as he stood on his knees over my body. Slowly and carefully he unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. Then he stopped and waited, watching me with dark hooded eyes and a devilish smirk.

“Well? Go on baby girl. Take out your new toy.” Hands trembling in desperation and anticipation, I slowly pulled my hands down the front of his pants to center myself. Then, I reached in and pulled his warm, hard dick out of its confines. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Even the man’s cock was goddamn sexy. Beautiful, smooth, delicious looking. And holy hell, it was pierced. Multiple barbells lined along the frenum. I wanted to lick and taste each one. And if that wasn’t enticing enough, even the creamy skin of his shaft was dusted in freckles. 

“Hungry sweetheart?” He teased devilishly. 

“It’s so beautiful. Is there any part of you that isn’t?”

“Take all the time you need to find out.” Smiling, I signaled with my finger for him to scoot closer. Crawling on his knees while I grabbed a pillow from behind, I propped my head before wrapping my hands firmly around the backs of he muscular legs. Staring up at him with lustful lidded eyes I purred at him.

“I said some unforgivable things to you Izuku and though you don’t want me to apologize, I want you to punish me.” His voice was shaky on the exhale, carnal excitement in those dark eyes. 

“Tell me what you want baby doll. I want to hear you say it.” Grinning wickedly, I licked my lips.

“Fuck my naughty mouth Izuku. I want to swallow your cum.”

“Oh holy shit...” His voice shook with sheer delight and want. Gripping himself firmly at the base, we smeared the precum that had begun to pool across my lips making them shiny. 

“Oh baby girl....” He moaned with a sexiness that sent more arousal to my already drowned and aching core. Opening my mouth to welcome him in, I savored the feeling of the velvety head against my tongue.” My eyes fluttered close as a satisfied hum surrounded his shaft.

“We don’t have to rush this sweetheart, you can suck on it if you want to first.” Holy hell I didn’t even hesitate. I slurped, sucked and stroked with my tongue. The sounds spilling out of the man above me were so erotic and divine I was sure I was going to cum untouched at any moment.

“Glad to see you two idiots finally figured out how to play nicely together.” Izuku and I both whipped our heads toward the sound and found Katsuki standing with his arms crossed and smiling sinfully.

“Oh don’t stop on my account.” Katsuki headed toward the chair near the corner of the bed but Izuku abruptly stopped him.

“Mm I don’t think so Kachaan. It would be so wasteful and cruel for her if you just sit and watch. Isn’t that right baby doll?” Izuku’s wicked smile reassured me he knew what he was doing. I had been afraid Katsuki had no interest in me that way whatsoever. He quickly fixed that by sauntering up to the bed, leaning in and nearly whispering in that deep husky voice of his.

“Yeah? That what you want?” Sinful crimson observed me with a very sultry smirk. He leaned in a moment to merely brush his lips across my cheek teasingly leaving me desperate for more.

“Mmm I think she really likes you Kachaan. She’s so desperate for your touch.”

“You want me to touch you sweetheart? I’d rather lick your pussy. How bout that?”

“N-Not gonna last long.” I whimpered causing a full blown grin.

“No? S’okay, I’ll fuck ya through it with my tongue.” 

“Katsuki….” I was already breathless. Watching him disappear behind Izuku, I worried how I was going to be able to handle both of them at the same time? I didn’t have long to wonder. Strong hands lifted my thighs, draping my legs over broad shoulders. 

“Ready baby doll?” Izuku murmured smiling. A single nod and once again I was swallowing down his cock. 

“Hollow your cheeks and tuck your teeth or you’ll hurt me for this next part okay? Ready for me to fuck that pretty little mouth?” I nodded eagerly and did like he instructed. His thrusts were slow and shallow at first allowing me to get used to everything. Katsuki was apparently waiting for the right moment but decided to torture me regardless with playful nips and kisses all along my inner thighs. 

“I’m gonna go deeper now baby so relax your jaw. If it’s too much just tap my thigh okay?” I nodded and breathed deeply before he shoved in to the back of my throat. My gag reflex kicked in and he immediately pulled back allowing me to breathe a moment. When he went in a second time, Katsuki chose that moment to use the flat of his tongue to slowly lick a trail straight up my core making me cry out around Izuku’s cock. Izuku used the opportunity to delve deeper while I was too blissed out on the pleasure to register anything else. 

“Fuck sweetheart you are delicious. Come on gimme more. Cry for me baby doll. Scream around that nice thick cock for me.” A hot mouth sucked on the whole of my sex. The euphoric sensation pulsing through me almost painfully. It felt incredible, godly. I wasn’t gonna last. My hips rocked against that devious tongue earning me an incredibly deep and nearly feral growl from the blonde. Meanwhile Izuku fucked my mouth with purpose. Moans of pleasure slipped past his lips as tears streamed from my eyes. Without warning my orgasm hit with such intensity I really did scream around Izuku’s dick, eyes wide yet unseeing. The build up had been so intense that fear flooded me at the feeling I wasn’t going to be able to withstand the release. Izuku pulled out but stroked himself furiously as he watched me writhe, twist and convulse upon the bed. Katsuki was ruthless and attached himself refusing to relinquish his hold. As promised his tongue fucked me through each wave of unending bliss. I was too far gone to even realize he’d been jerking himself off while going down on me. The men both climaxed at the same time and while Katsuki painted the floor with his cum, Izuku let go filling my face with rope after rope of his hot sticky seed.

Completely spent all I could do was lie there, lost in my euphoric high, blissed out of my fucking mind. Katsuki had gotten up to immediately retrieve bottles of water and warm wet towels. They both lovingly wiped me down, their touches careful and reverent. Once they had cleaned themselves, they joined me, one on each side. They lovingly stroked my skin and played with my hair as I started to drift off to sleep.

“We’re keeping her Kachaan. She’s so perfect and beautiful.”

“Glad to hear that nerd, bout time you started listening to me.” 



We all started to stir around the same time but were equally displeased at the idea of untangling our limbs from each other. A naked heap in the middle of Izuku’s plush bed. 

“You guys make quite the story all tangled up first thing in the morning.”

All three of us sprang up at the additional voice to our last night’s trio.


“You’re back early, thought you wouldn’t be back till next week.”

“Something fell apart on their end so we rescheduled for another time. Did I come back too soon?” A teasing smirk followed but there was some tension in those mismatched eyes. Jealousy? Disapproval? His eyes found mine and turned playful.

“I’ve missed you imouto.” I knew where he was going with this and I missed him so much I easily played along. Shouto had such a perverse sense of humor.

“I’ve missed you too o-nii-san.” Getting up quickly I practically dove into his arms not caring at all that I was still as naked as the day I was born. If anything it made this little charade more interesting. He hugged me tightly, his massive form easily enveloping mine before pressing a genuine and tender kiss to my lips. We smiled at each other lovingly definitely playing up our little scam to the now incredibly confused and very alarmed boys sitting side by side in the bed. Shouto turned to them with a terrifying seriousness making the color immediately drain from their faces.

“Now. Let’s talk about what you did to my baby sister while I was away...”



Chapter Text



Izuku burst into laughter.

“Holy hell Sho, you really had me for a minute there!” But Shouto’s expression remained unchanged. His statue like stillness left an eerie disquiet in the room.

“Alright Icy Hot we get it, you’re unhappy that we had some fun without you. Settle down, this is way too intense for this early in the goddamn morning.” Still, Shouto did not respond or move. I had to give it to him. He was certainly dedicated if not a little too serious. A few more moments in awkward silence and the boys were once again on edge.

“O-nii-san, it’s okay. I promise. They didn’t hurt me or do anything depraved.”

“They also didn’t ask my permission in the first place.”

“ were the one that chose her to gift to me as my toy in the first place.” Izuku said, eyes narrowed and suspicious.

“Plus why wouldn’t you have mentioned her to us by now haah? You talked about everyone else in your crazy family.”

“Which is exactly why I didn’t tell you. I was trying to protect her and keep her safe.”

“What from us?”

“From everyone. But yes, especially you.” Shouto’s confidence was superb and down right sexy.

“Listen Halfie, I dunno what bullshit you’re tryn’ to pull, but it ends here. You forget I saw you yesterday morning butt ass fucking naked after having just nailed your “sister”?”

“No. I haven’t forgotten that at all actually.” Goddamn Sho. He had my heart pounding in fear and excitement. He seriously brought an entirely different and unique energy to this group.

“Oh so lemme get this straight Icy Hot. Not only did you sell your sister into sexual slavery to your friend and lover, but you decided to take her virginity and fuck her too? Unless baby girl was lying about being a virgin.” All eyes suddenly shifted on me making me tense and uncomfortable.

“N-No! I wasn’t lying!”

“So you let your own brother fuck you for your first time?”

“Don’t speak to her that way. You act like there is something wrong and filthy about our love for each other.”

“Listen, I know you had one hell of a fucked up childhood, but I know you know incest is wrong.”

“Is it? Who are you to decide who and how we love? The only reason incestual sexual relationships were originally discouraged was because of the potential for birth defects in any offspring.” Goddamn he was amazing. Shouto really was so undeniably crafty and extremely clever.

“Holy shit, you’re serious aren’t you?” Katsuki spoke quietly as if to himself. 

“Imouto. I am surprised if I am being perfectly honest. I was sure you were going to tell them.” His hand caressed my face sweetly. I couldn’t tell if he was still playing around or if he was actually sincere making my throat suddenly feel dry.

“It wasn’t my secret to tell o-nii-san.” I replied trying to provide an answer that could work in both cases. He sighed before giving me a small smile. 

“Thank you for taking that into consideration. I suppose you’re right. Though I don’t know if the old man would approve of putting others before yourself. I would have figured he’d have trained you to do the exact opposite really.” Wow. He really was being serious. I never thought he’d reveal Orochi’s identity to anyone. Especially Izuku. They’re bound to ask questions he didn’t want them knowing the answers to. Guess it would be best to let him handle everything from here?

“Wait. You’re seriously Endeavor’s daughter?!” Katsuki looked not only confused but almost as though he were somewhat....I don’t know, appalled? Izuku on the other hand had been very quiet. It wasn’t till I really paid attention that I could see his lips moving though deep in thought. As the other two went back and forth I had stopped listening, solely focusing on evergreen curls and calculating veridian eyes. I watched him so carefully I actually saw it. The moment he worked it all out in his mind. He finally realized the missing piece of the puzzle and I had no idea how this was going to go.

“Orochi?” The other two immediately fell silent, turning their intense gazes to Izuku.

“What’d ya say nerd? Orochi? That was who looked after you, right Princess?” My head lowered and I nodded timidly. I knew what was coming next.

“What’s he got to do wit-”

“Orochi was Enji Todoroki. Wasn’t he Shouto?” Izuku spoke very softly, but with his face tilted downward it was impossible to get a read on him or what he was feeling when he spoke.

“How long Shouto?” 

“I always knew.”

“And you didn't think to bother telling me something that important?”

“It wouldn’t have changed the outcome. He still served and worked with you helping you to settle and establish the territories. All he ever wanted in return was his anonymity. He never betrayed you Izuku if that is your fear.”

“What about her? You knew all this time and lied to me baby doll?”

“She didn’t lie. Enji found her during the riots alone and injured. He took her in to help her recover but somewhere along the way the old man began to have regrets about his life. About how he treated his wife. His children. He was given one more chance before he died and for the first time in his life, he did right by somebody. Though she is not his blood, he cared for and loved her in the end far more than he ever did with those that shared it. She was more his daughter than I ever was his son.” 

“Shouto....” I whispered softly, tears stinging my eyes. I slid my fingers between his and held his hand in mine.

“We may not have grown up together playing within the same walls. We may not share blood or DNA. But she IS my Imouto. She was not aware of my identity nor had she ever seen my face during her time with our father. She simply knew me as Enji’s handler and merely a member of the syndicate. I on the other hand watched her grow up from a scared girl into a strong and very intelligent woman. My father did in fact train her thoroughly in combat and strategy so I’d be careful around her.” At that, both Izuku and Katsuki snorted before bursting into laughter.

“Oh we now know that quite well, don’t we baby doll?” Izuku winked making me smile shyly and blush.

“Princess here burst through Izuku’s door last night high off her ass and on a mission.”

“A mission that nearly got Kachaan killed might I add.”

“Dunno bout that but, she legit took my ass to the floor before threatening to, what was it Princess? Oh yeah, “gut me like a fish.” 

“She was magnificent and terrifying, thee most beautiful creature I have ever seen.” Izuku stated breathlessly, hearts practically dancing in his eyes.

“Yeah Deku here was gone after that. I didn’t see any complaints from her end either, ain’t the right sugar tits?” 

“Sugar tits! Oi, I draw the line there!” Katsuki burst into laughter.

“So everything worked out simply because she more or less kicked your asses?”

“’Scuse you Icy Hot, I happen to love a strong woman who is not only willing to challenge me, but able to physically back it up. Shit is hot as hell. Right nerd?” Izuku nodded and tried to answer verbally but for some reason his voice had cracked. He cleared his throat before regaining composure and answering promptly with a “yes”. 

Shouto’s cheeks were dusted pink but his face as always remained stoic. Then he turned and faced me, a displeased look on his handsome face. His large yet lean form towered over me oppressively.

"Imouto. You disobeyed me?" Oh holy shit what?

"W-What?! N-No o-nii-san! I-"

"Did or did I not give you quite specific instructions as to what you were to do while I was away?"

"B-But I did what you told me to!" His intensity was terrifying. I stared up into unreadable mismatched eyes. His long, cool fingers gently gripped my chin, not allowing me to escape his scrutiny.

"I do not recall instructing you to participate in illicit drug use. I am also quite sure that my instructions did not include breaking and entering, verbal and physical assault, attempted murder or prostitution."

"Woah Half n' Half, that's a bit of an exaggeration. She was-"

"I don't believe it was you I was addressing Katsuki." He didn't even break eye contact when he spoke.

"I don't give a fuck, most of that shit was my fault. I left her with-"

"-and, I am assuming she received that lovely strangulation bruise in self defense, which suggests a lot more than a simple misunderstanding. Or am I mistaken about that as well?" I felt myself swallow. Oh god I forgot about that.

"Um, about that.." I began utterly terrified of his reaction.

"I gave her that actually." Izuku announced in a very obstinate tone. Izuku got up from his position on the bed. He nonchalantly walked over to the dresser to find and pull on some clothes. Katsuki took the opportunity to do the same though his gaze shifted between the other two cautiously. When he was finished, Izuku  strode over to me handing a neatly folded small pile for me to wear.

“I had readied these for you yesterday but as I recall, you were far more interested in my bed.” There was a smugness to his tone that left me stunned. Shouto appeared almost statuesque. Like a sentinel he carefully observed Izuku’s movements. 

“T-Thank you, Izuku.” He smiled beautifully in reply making my heart flutter. 

“Now, to address the elephant in the room. It would seem you all have forgotten who is in charge here. I have been patient. I have been lenient. But it would seem that our baby doll’s arrival has given the impression that I am not calling the shots. That will not do. While you both are indeed the two I love most in this world, I cannot forgive insolence. It sets quite a bad example. While I am aware I have been a bit unstable the last few days, it does not give either of you the authority to make decisions for or directly affecting me without a prior discussion.” Izuku confidently made his way to the high back chair, sat down gracefully resting one leg on the other before continuing. 

“So, how shall I punish you?” Neither man answered or even spoke. It surprised that not even Katsuki had a smart ass response. 

“No? Let’s start with you then Katsuki.” What the hell was happening? Everything was fine a little while ago. We all were happy, everyone was getting along. Now this? Izuku was back to being scary, Katsuki was not even trying to argue and Shouto just stood there silently taking it all in. It’s almost as if they are different people entirely. 

Something suddenly felt very wrong. Like turning the wrong way down a one way street. It was coming. An unavoidable outcome that wasn’t supposed to happen. could I even know that? A feeling? A premonition? 

“You know how I collect payment for such betrayal. So what should I take Kachaan? What are you willing to sacrifice to me hmm?”

“Izuku stop it! What are you doing?! They never betrayed you, not once!”

“Oh baby doll, I’m sorry. If this is too unpleasant you don’t have to stay sweetheart.”

“ Please don’t do this. Please, I beg you.” Izuku frowned, seemingly bothered by me becoming upset.

“Baby,’s okay. Come here.” My heart was racing, fear pumping through my veins. This all felt very wrong. I cautiously approached him but when I got in range he pulled me into his arms, nuzzling my neck affectionately. 

“I don’t like making you sad sweetheart. But they have to be punished. Come here Katsuki.” The fiery blonde said nothing and simply did as told though there was untold sadness in those beautiful crimson eyes. 

“Kneel.” There was a painful knot in my chest and I suddenly felt sick as once again Katsuki obeyed and got to his knees.

“So baby doll. What should I take hm? I think it would be fitting for you to decide. It’s because they went behind my back to save you that ended them up here after all.”

“No! Izuku please! If you’re gonna punish someone punish me! It’s because of me isn’t it?! So I should be the one to suffer not them!” I jumped from his lap and wrapped my body protectively around Katsuki. 

“Princess. Don’t do this. He’ll kill you.” The blonde whispered to me pleadingly. 

“He’s right you know. It would be so much easier to just kill you. But, that would only truly punish me in the end. I love you baby girl and I’ll never let you go. Especially not for some traitor.” The last sentence was spoken with a hostility that made my hair stand on end. 

“HE IS NOT A TRAITOR!” I screamed at Izuku pulling the blonde tighter to my body. Angry tears streamed down my cheeks, face contorted in fury. 

“I will not let you hurt him.” I hissed between my teeth. Voice low and deadly.

“You won’t let me?” Izuku chuckled before getting to his feet.

“Get back Princess.”

“No I won’t leave you.”

“It’s okay baby girl, I’d rather him hurt me than you.”

“No one should have to get hurt in the first place!”

“You don’t make the rules baby doll. I do. Now move. Please don’t make me hurt you.”

“Do. Not. Touch. Him.” I growled.  

“Or you’ll do what exactly?” He smirked victoriously. My body was engulfed in heat. Rage and anger burning hot and deadly. My breaths quickened as Izuku’s smirk widened. As he menacingly took a step closer I held out my hand, palm out signaling him to stop. Locking eyes with me he pulled out a knife, the very same I tried to kill Katsuki with the night before. I began to sweat profusely, terror, adrenaline and anger burning out of control. 

“Hm. Pity. Sorry it came to this baby doll.” He lifted the knife and the next thing I knew a loud and powerful explosion burst forth from my palm sending me flying through the air. A loud nauseating ringing filled my ears. My head throbbing. Strong hands lifted me off the ground into waiting arms. He was saying something but I couldn’t hear anything. Beautiful crimson eyes were staring at me in awe and disbelief. I felt disoriented and closed my eyes. Through the ringing I could hear fragmented voices yelling. It sounded so distorted I couldn’t make out what was being said. When I opened my eyes again a nightmare awaited me. Shouto stood a few feet away with a familiar body draped in his arms. Lifeless. 

Panic set in and I began to flail in the blondes arm, desperate to get down. When I turned his face was pleading, he was mouthing the words “No. Don’t look. You don’t need to see.” Those words combined with the pained tears falling from his eyes was all I needed to force my way down and over to where Sho was standing. Sho said nothing but he too had tears streaking down his face. In his arms lay the love of my life. Gone from this world. At my hands. 

The pain so encompassing and devastating I crumbled to the ground, fists in my hair and screamed. I had no idea how loud. All I could hear were the distorted voices. I closed my eyes as I felt the world fall away around me. The silence was calming as I surrendered myself to it. Till I heard a little girl’s voice soft but very clear.

“Come back. It’s alright now. You just went the wrong way silly. Let’s try this again okay?”

A powerful bright warm light filled and surrounded me and for a moment I thought I had died. 

“Open your eyes, you’re okay. See?”

When my lids lifted, an incredibly familiar little girl stood before me smiling. As I took everything in around me time had somehow stopped. Everything was frozen still. Katsuki, Shouto...the entire scene was like a movie put on pause.

“Look familiar?”

“Did I die?”

“No silly! You activated your quirk. You stopped time.”

“But I don’t have a quirk, no one does anymore. Even if we did I was born quirkless.”

“That may be true but it doesn’t change the fact that you have one now.”

“That’s impossible. I mean, seriously impossible. That man destroyed everyone’s quirk that day. Even if I developed a quirk late, it still would have been destroyed with everyone else’s wouldn’t it?”

“Mm. You truly were born quirkless though. That’s what allowed Enji to successfully create the first successful genetically engineered quirk. You.”

“How is that possible?”

“You underestimated Enji. He had it all planned out till he realized it would still kill you in the end to use it. What he hadn’t planned on was coming to care for and loving you. At the very end before he was bedridden, he discovered the missing equation to sustaining the quirk without you having to die. Though he had the means to change the events that transformed this apocalyptic future, he chose to let it all go so you could live the way you were intended. He injected you with a quirk neutralizer one night when you were asleep to protect you from his son. Shouto. He had convinced his son when you were still young to help him change the fate of the world. But a war broke out in the south and Shouto was sent away from several years to help settle the territory. It is when he returned that he discovered his father had changed. Enji revealed the successful completion of his experiment but also that he no longer would use you. He wanted your happiness more. So, Shouto betrayed him. He slowly poisoned his own father until Enji was too weak to stop him and stole the vile that would give you the quirk. When his father finally died he waited till the opportunity presented itself, and when he kidnapped you that night, he injected the quirk into your blood stream. The only thing he had to do to activate it was cause a temporary state of death. Which he did successfully. Only he had no idea how Enji actually perfected the quirk. Shouto had thought it failed when he revived you and nothing had changed. But it had changed. Not long after you awoke you didn’t even realize that you activated it upon being startled.”

“What do you mean?”

“When Katsuki unexpectedly entered the room you panicked. The part of your quirk that allows you to use it without destroying yourself is called Transference. You drain the energy needed to power your quirk by feeding off of the power of quirks across the many different dimensions of time. Think of when you see your reflection in a mirror. What happens when you see a reflection of that reflection? You see what appears to be a never ending path of countless additional reflections. Your quirk acts in the same way. Did you not wonder why the room had gone so cold suddenly? It was because your fear at getting caught activated your quirk. You were touching Shouto at the time so you essentially reached across several different dimensions draining the energy to power your time reversal. However when you actually used it for the first time you had no idea about any of this and you immediately slammed the breaks which subsequently only reversed time by a few seconds.”

“Oh my god. The Deja vu. With Katsuki.”

“Exactly. That wasn’t Deja Vu. That was simply the very first time you used your quirk. Now do you understand?”

“So you’re telling me my quirk allows me to reverse time?!”

“Yes. It is a powerful and dangerous quirk indeed. If you wish to reverse the fate of this dimension, you have a long way to go.”

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t honestly think it would be that easy to be given a quirk of this magnitude and be able to immediately wield it did you?”

“Then what do I have to do?”

“What every hero had to do to wield their quirks as weapons. Training. Lucky for you, you just happen to be surrounded by a plethora of former heroes!”

“Except look around. I killed Izuku! I killed Deku! How do I fix that?!”

“The same way you did before only this time you can’t hit the breaks.”

“It’s seriously that easy?”

“There is nothing easy about your quirk. You can use your quirk now, but it is going to take one hell of a toll on you the longer you try and use it. You’re body isn’t ready to withstand the intensity. Doesn’t mean it can’t be done. That’s why you stopped time in the first place. You’re about to reverse it back to when you all first wake up in the morning.”

“Wait how do you even know all this? Who are you and why do you look so familiar?”

“I know because I am the finish line. I look familiar because I am you. You when you succeed in reversing things far enough back to change the fate of the world. Only this time, in your dimension, I want you to have the truly happy ending. Together, we can make that happen. So, what do you say? Ready to change the world and be this one’s last remaining hero?”


Chapter Text



“I still have so many questions! What if I need to talk to you?”

“Not hard to talk to yourself silly.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“I was being facetious. If you need me at any time all you need to do is activate your quirk and stop time without reversing it.”

“How do I even do that? I have no idea how any of this works!”

“That’s why I am here right now. I am going to show you how to use your quirk and help you reverse time an hour back. To activate your quirk as you are currently doing, you use a powerful emotion to charge it. Right now it’s quite easy for you to maintain because of the intensity of multiple emotions bubbling over at the loss of Deku. That will not always be the case however, so use your energy wisely. We don’t want to have to rely on people having to die simply to charge your quirk.”

“That...makes sense actually. And yeah, no more deaths!”

“I know you have several more questions and since I already know what you’re going to ask I’ll answer the need to know one’s now, we can discuss the others next time I see you.”

“When will that be?”

“Let’s just say in the not so distant future. But fear not, it will not be the result of anything bad this time okay? Now, quick rundown of what you need and want to know.

Let’s start with Shouto. There’s no need to hash it out with him about the past because eventually we will change it anyway. Just know that he does love and care about you a great deal. He will be your greatest asset moving forward because he is the only one who knows the majority of the details regarding your quirk. It will be up to you to broach the subject and give him the missing information of how it all works. He will ask you to keep it between the pair of you but in the end you both agree bringing Katsuki in on it is very important.”

“What about Izuku?”

“Izuku cannot know. At least not any time soon. Izuku is going to be a difficult and challenging component moving forward. I’m going to share with you the information you are missing about him but you must understand, allowing this information to affect your interactions or development of your relationship will send you way off course and once again we will end up in a situation similar to the one we are in now. We will have to start all over again. While yes we have the ability to reverse time as many times as need be, you must understand something. While you may be able to reverse time, you are the one anomaly to the equation and unlike everyone else, you will remember everything. Every failed outcome or any scenario that gets corrected, you will remember every moment including those that never technically came to be. It may seem easy now because this is so brand new and you have so few things to remember. But as time goes by and you continue to use your quirk, you are going to have multiple memories for one single moment. Eventually remembering which one was the correct one leading you to where you currently are will become a challenge. The other thing is that though it may feel that way, you are not immortal. Regardless of where you move time to or how far back you go, you will continue to age. In mind and soul if not in body. You are playing with the powers of gods. But you yourself are not one. Your life will come to it’s natural end as originally intended no matter where you are in the timeline. So your time to work with is not indefinite.”

“What about you? If you are from the future won’t you meet the same fate?”

“I have already arrived at my fate. I have stopped time here and will remain between realms so you may reach me when you need. Once we get you to your happy ending, I will gladly meet mine. The energy on which I fuel this lengthy stasis comes from the deep desire to see one of us find that perfect ending. I have been here a long time now and you are certainly not the first of us. But you will be the last. I will make sure of it.”

“I...don’t know what to say. Other than thank you? This is really hard for me to comprehend and come to terms with so quickly or even easily. But, thank you, me? For helping me through this insanity.”

“No need to thank me. I am you after all. Now, back to the important stuff. Izuku. I am sure you are wondering how and why two powerful men like Shouto and Katsuki bow so easily and obey Izuku. It is not because he is more powerful by any means. It is because of their love for him and the desire to protect his incredibly fragile mind. They would rather allow him to live in an illusion they constructed than to see him forever lost beyond repair. Izuku really is teetering on the brink of insanity. He is a stone’s throw away from falling off that cliff. It is a huge burden the two carry in secret, the rest are unaware of just how broken he really is.”

“Oh my god! The things I’ve said to him! The things I’ve done!”

“Ahh but see this is exactly what I was talking about! You cannot approach him any differently than you have been! It is because of how you are with him that he is slowly facing his demons and confronting the trauma of his past. Whether you like it or not, your brutal honesty and intense love for him is what is ultimately healing him. But because he was so thoroughly broken, it is going to take quite some time. If he becomes aware of your quirk and your intentions, you will undoubtedly break his mind. The fear of him having the possibility to go through what he did once more will drive him to kill you at all costs. The one person he truly comes to love and trust after those horrific events. If he were to succeed in killing you, it’s game over. You can die, and without life, you cannot wield your quirk. Do you understand?”

“I came so close....when I pushed him.”

“It is a good thing you didn’t but I knew you wouldn’t. That was a turning point for him and necessary for your relationship to develop.”

“How do I move forward though? I mean, do I become his dolly like he wants? Do I love only him? If so how do I stop loving the other two? I care about all of them so much already!”

“I know, and you will not have to change that. You cannot be his dolly in the way he would like but you can change the way he WILL like it. Be his “dolly” on your terms. Lay some rules and remain firm. He likes how tough you are ultimately that will win him over far more than anything else. The security and stability you will come to provide. Love him with all your heart, but be willing to play some of his games. That will keep him distracted from your time spent with the other two. Give him something to think about and look forward to.”

“Katsuki and Sho?”

“Shouto will be the brains and psychological training you will need to sustain and strengthen your quirk. Katsuki will be all the physical training. You can trust them. Just be careful as they both will love you as deeply as Izuku. While they aren’t opposed to sharing, Shouto and Katsuki are incredibly competitive and if one feels they aren’t getting as much as the other, things could get ugly. My suggestion? Get more comfortable with your sexuality. Taking them on together will strengthen all three of your relationships. I would try to keep your interactions with Izuku as solo as possible. While he can handle adding one of them to the mix every once and a while, I do not recommend all three at once. Izuku’s possessiveness and jealousy will make for a negative outcome. And you yourself will have to come to terms with the preexisting relationships already in place before you became a part of their world.”

“This feels a lot like having an awkward sex talk with mom.”

“Well nothing to worry about, that’s all I needed to say about that. Now, are you ready to start this day over?”

“I have no idea what to do! It was a really awkward start when Shouto showed up out of nowhere and found the three of us NAKED in Izuku’s bed!”

“All three men are infatuated with you right now. They are also unaware that you are willing to accept all three. So, as men do, they are going to fight for your attention. Lucky for you, this makes it incredibly easy to distract them. I’m sure you’ll figure something out!”

“That smile is scaring me for some reason.”

“Well lets get this show on the road! Are you ready?”

“One last thing. Didn’t you say doing this will take a heavy toll on me? What’s going to happen when I wake up?”

“This is the only time I will be able to help you share the burden of the toll. After this you’re on your own.”

“You’re going to help me?!”

“Just this once. Now, let’s begin. Come. Stand behind me and I will show you how it’s done.” 

I copied her/my movements and focused. Then, what felt similar to an ocean’s powerful current, it pulled at me from within as though my organs would be ripped from my body. The scene around me started to change and move backwards, reversing time and undoing everything that just happened. The further it rewound, the greater the intensity of the pressure inside me. I could hardly breathe when everything came to a stop. The release from the pulling within felt as though a rubber band had been pulled past it’s elasticity causing me to physically pitch forward onto the floor. It took a while to catch my breath.

“And that was with me sharing the burden. Now do you see what you must work to accomplish? Time is of the essence as well. The further ahead you travel into this future, the longer you must submit yourself to the toll the quirk takes. This was only one hour. You must travel back twelve years to undo what lead your dimension to this future. You can and you will do it, but none of it will be easy or come without cost and sacrifice. Work hard. You now know how and where to find me. Good luck!”

Just like that she was gone. I sat on the ground still panting though time remained frozen around me. The scene before me was a much happier one. Three bodies lie entwined blissfully unaware of how quickly a tragedy could unfold if I didn’t somehow alter the course of events that led us all to that end. It was strange to see my body lying there while I stood a few feet away. Some form of projection or disassociation? I’d have to remember to ask next time we met. Now all that was left was to disengage and allow time to begin again. But how? Probably should have asked? Well, she said it was powered on extreme emotions, so the opposite must be true? Calm myself to a state of relaxation? Worth a shot. I closed my eyes, took several deep breaths...

My eyes shot open, the warmth of bodies against my skin felt welcoming to the cool air. Soft sounds of breathing whispering around me. Sitting up as I tried my best to untangle myself I noticed Sho had yet to arrive. I didn’t want to take any chances whatsoever so I decided an abrupt change in plans from last time would definitely do the trick. Think. Hurry. He could be back at any moment. A soft sigh of contentment caused me to lift my eyes. Izuku looked so happy, so peaceful. No trace of turmoil or stress of any kind on his sweet and handsome face. The man clearly needed more fun in his life. O-Oh! That’s it! But what could possibly convince him to get up and follow me? And where would we even go? Details. No time, get him up. 

I snuggled up to him, slowly and tenderly stroking his face and playing with his hair. He began to stir but was still fighting it. I didn’t want to startle him and risk waking Katsuki. What to do....I could definitely kiss him awake. That would certainly grant me his undivided attention. I pressed my lips to his sweetly at first. Then I decided to toy with his lip ring which did the trick, Sleepy emerald eyes slowly opened taking me in. Before he could speak I pressed my finger to his lips signaling him to shush. Leaning in I whispered in a teasing tone.

“Izukuuu…..I couldn’t stop dreaming about you all night. Don’t suppose you’re in the mood to with your dolly?” Finger still pressed to his lips I smirked as his brows shot up in shock. Leaning back in I clarified.

“I don’t wanna share you though right now. Can we maybe....sneak away somewhere private where no one might find us?” He smiled and sweetly kissed my finger that had been pressed against his lips. He nodded and I released him. It was actually rather cute how quickly he sprang out of bed. He took my hand and signaled with his head to follow him and I was surprised he lead us towards the open bathroom right across from the bed. When I looked to him in confusion he smiled widely and out his finger to his lips. A large closet was attached to grand bathroom and as he pulled me in there, he quickly got to his knees and pulled away some boxes. Behind them was a well blended in door but small enough you could only crawl through. I wanted to laugh at how ridiculously cute this all was but as he crawled through I heard the door from the front of his room latch close. Practically diving through after him I didn’t even bother to wait and pulled the tiny opening closed after scooting the boxes back as close as possible.

“My aren’t we feisty this morning.” He teased. When I looked around we were still in a dimly lit crawl space, the only source of light was a incredibly low watt bulb above the wooden rafters just barely above our heads.

“Wow Izuku, what is this place?” He smiled widely looking incredibly excited that I was genuinely interested. I returned the smile which only further instigated his enthusiasm at our little tryst. 

“Cool right? No one knows of this place. Not even Kachaan.”


“Mm. You are the first living soul to ever set foot in what I’m about to show you.” He turned and began moving through the tiny passage, me following right behind.

“Living soul?” I inquired suspicious at his particular choice of words.

“Yep! The others had already been gutted and stuffed so that didn’t really count you know?” Whaaaaa? Every type of dread froze me to the spot before he turned and burst into laughter at my expression.

“I’m joking. You seriously thought I did shit like that?”

“You are entirely different breed of man you know that?”

“I’ll take that as a compliment!” We continued our journey and I was starting to feel like Alice down the rabbit hole when we finally reached another door. He pushed it open and stepped through where I could finally stand. Wow. 

“Do you like it?”

“’s beautiful! What is this place?”

“Where I go when I truly want to be alone. It’s where I go when I have a lot on my mind and just need the solitude.” It was a small and interesting circular little room. The walls were covered in cloth and the floor was like one giant bed. Pillows everywhere and a bunch of twinkling lights hung from the ceiling. Books and comics lay scattered near one end and what looked like a handful of pictures in another. I was dying to see but I didn't want to overstep boundaries. The fact that he brought me here in the first place was mind-blowing enough. 

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Um, for bringing me here. The fact that I’m the only one you’ve shown this to....well, it makes me feel special.” His arms pulled me backwards into his chest as he hugged me from behind. His lips sweetly kissed the side of my neck causing my eyes to flutter close.

“You are special. You’re my dream girl and you’re somehow real and actually here with me. I get to touch you, hold you, kiss you. And what’s more? You love me back? Of all the people in the world you could have chosen, it was me.”

“Izuku...” Tears easily welled within my eyes. He was so gentle and sweet and REAL right now it took my breath away.

“Will you stay here with me? Please?” I turned in his arms to face him. He was so open and sincere. So beautiful. Caressing his face sweetly I gave him an honest smile.

“Yes Deku. I will stay. I will stay and be your dolly.”


“Till the end of time.”

Chapter Text



His eyes were dazzling in this light. He looked so truly happy in this moment I couldn’t remember why I had ever said no in the first place. I was seeing the real him right now. The vulnerable, broken but hopeful Izuku smiling at me with all the love in the world. 

“I really do love you Izuku. This. This right here. The man I see before me is the one that originally stole my heart. I meant what I said when I told you that is was you that I loved. I always have. And now after having been with you these past few days I know I always will. No matter what.” Strong and confident arms held me so tightly. His scent was so soothing and simultaneously enticing. 

“I know that now baby doll. Sorry it took me so long to figure that out. I guess it’s pretty obvious by now how incredibly stubborn I can be.” I snorted before giggling into his chest.

“Mm...maybe a little?” He chuckled in response pressing a tender kiss on the top of my head. Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw it.

“Oh! Is that a guitar?” Izuku turned to see where I was pointing before smiling and nodding.

“I didn’t know you played Izuku!”

“O-Oh! Yeah um...d-don’t tell the others, please?”

“Okay I won’t but....why not?”

“I don’t want to be a part of all that I guess. I am still learning so...I’m not really confident yet.”

“Part of...what?”

“They didn’t tell you? That’s surprising, they usually can’t wait to show off. The others are in a band. They all played instruments or sang in Mina’s case all the way back in high school. Once we all went pro, there just wasn’t time or room for that kind of stuff anymore. When all this shit went down, they used it as an opportunity to practice and play together. They’re actually really good. I’m sure they will more than gladly put on a personal concert for you if you ask.”

“Oh I couldn’t do that! That would be..”

“The greatest thing to happen to them in their musical careers.” Izuku smiled playfully making me return one. 

“What about you? Do you or rather, did you ever play an instrument?”

“I played piano a little bit but I was never really any good. I loved to sing though and my vocal coach thought I was really talented. Never got the chance to really find out you know?”

“Y-You sing?” For some reason he suddenly seemed shy but his flushed cheeks gave it away.

“I mean I can, sure. It’s not something you ever lose really. You carry your instrument everywhere you go after all.”

“That’s very true.” He laughed and for the first time even his smile reached his eyes. 

“What about you Izuku? Do you sing?” He flushed a beautiful color but admitted it with a barely audible yes.

“You’re so cute right now!” I couldn’t help cooing at him only making him blush further.

“I-I’m actually um...pretty shy about all of it.”

“So I see. I bet you’re amazing though.” I offer sincerely.

“Ah, well….I wouldn’t really know. I’ve never let anyone hear me sing or play so...”

“Aww, that’s no fun. Music is a gift and should be shared. I understand though. But if you ever change your mind, I would love to listen.” His sweet face looked so shy and young right now I couldn’t help how hard I was actually swooning over this man. 

“Y-Yeah? I would?”

“Of course Izuku. I would feel so honored.” He scratched his head slightly embarrassed but contemplating. 

“I-If I play for you, one, you absolutely MUST keep it a secret between us. This is really private for me. And secondly, I would...also love to hear you sing.” He walked over to some pillows lying haphazardly and started swatting them out of the way. He circled the room muttering something to himself before happily  locating whatever it was he had been searching for.

“Oh uh, if I’m um...going to play for you I’d feel a lot more confident if I wasn’t doing it in the nude.” He chuckled before handing me some garment. He had pulled on a long and comfortable looking forest green robe and handed me a very oversized t-shirt that could easily be worn as a dress on me. 

“I mean, you’re more than welcome to stay naked.” He smirked teasingly earning him my wonderfully childish response of sticking my tongue out at him. He retrieved the guitar before settling on a pile of well stacked pillows. After pulling the garment over my head, I made myself comfortable on the floor sitting cross-legged giving him my undivided attention even as he simply warmed up. He looked so natural holding the instrument strumming it softly. In a different world I could see him having easily been a musician. 

“Okay so um...seeing as I’m supposed to be trying to woo you or whatever I thought I’d play something softer that um...I don’t know, reminds me so much of you. I know it’s uh, probably cheesy or whatever but....yeah.”

“I wouldn’t think that even if you simply played scales. I’m just so honored and touched that you are sharing this with me. It’s something I know I’ll cherish forever.” I gave him the biggest warmest smile I could muster causing him to laugh.

“Wow, pressure or anything.” He teased but resumed tuning his guitar a moment. 

“Kay so, here we go. Don’t laugh.” He furrowed his brows but was still smiling. God he was adorable like this.




You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged
Oh I realize
It's hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

Show me a smile then
Don't be unhappy
Can't remember when
I last saw you laughing

If this world makes you crazy
And you've taken all you can bear
You call me up
Because you know I'll be there

And I'll see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful

Sappy or not, this particular song struck a chord in me. These lyrics reflected my feelings right back to him and the fact that this same song reminded him of me? I felt like maybe we understood each other more than we wanted to admit. That being said, a promise is a promise and so I harmonized and joined him making him smile brightly as he continued.

I'll see your true colors
Shining through
(True colors)
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow
Like a rainbow

Can't remember when
I last saw you laugh

If this world makes you crazy
And you've taken all you can bear
Just call me up
Because you know I'll be there

And I'll see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you

So don't be afraid
(Don't be afraid)
to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow
Like a rainbow

I immediately clapped and couldn’t conceal the tears in my eyes. This moment was one I knew I would never ever forget. This was the moment our relationship truly bloomed and took root deep within our hearts. 

Izuku spent the rest of the morning making love to me and I was so wrapped up in him I had forgotten about everything else around me. Not once did he frown, hesitate, speak harshly or even act damaged and troubled. He had truly opened his heart to me and I wanted to do the same. However, there were some things I couldn’t tell him no matter how badly I wanted to. 

We discussed what my conditions were for staying here (forever) and what the rules were for everyone residing within the compound. Part of my prerequisites were becoming physically fit again and continue combat training which he immediately developed a schedule for me to train twice a day every day except weekends with Katsuki. Something told me the blonde was going to LOVE this idea.

The other was furthering my education about strategy and espionage which surprisingly had Izuku incredibly excited for some reason. I was actually dumbfounded when he offered to train me himself when it came to strategy but the espionage and stealth training would be spent with Shouto three hours a day every other day as Shouto already had many other assignments and obligations. The strategy with Izuku would happen daily immediately following lunches together. I had no complaints. He seemed very pleased that I was so interested in all of these things and almost as eager as I was for me to get started.  

Izuku said I could stay wherever I was comfortable while he would have a room prepared for me. He offered for me to always reside with him but also understood the importance of having your own space. 

Then, quite unexpectedly if I am being honest, he spoke about something that did need discussing but had figured he’d be the one to avoid it.

“I want to make a few things clear moving forward. First being that I need you to know and understand that you are my world and I plan on loving you so thoroughly you won’t know what to do with yourself. You are my only relationship and will be my only relationship moving forward. However, I know you know you are not my only intimacy and I would like to explain that to you. The only people outside of me and you will only ever be Katsuki and Shouto. It has been that way for an incredibly long time, dating back to high school. We have had a very happy and successful polyamorous relationship between the three of us for more than half our lives. I love Katsuki in a way no one will ever truly understand nor compare to. Same with Shouto. We each have our own one on one dynamic but we also have an understanding when all three of us are together. I know you may not approve of-”

“-It’s fine! Really. It doesn’t bother me at all. I actually think it’s um, rather beautiful? It’s easy to, well at least for me, to see how much all three of you love each other. I would never want to be in the way of that or the cause for any turmoil. I have come to really care for Katsuki and Shouto and I never want to do anything to hurt any of you, okay?” His genuine surprise and obvious relief made my heart flutter. I have always thought that having the capacity to love someone was special. To be able to truly love more than one person when everyone involved is happy? That’s a beautiful miracle. 

“I...I still can’t believe you’re real sometimes. You know that?” His smile was contagious. I loved seeing him like this. I hope he’d stay this way moving forward.

“However, you are now a part of that relationship. I am no fool nor am I impractical. Seeing as you have been involved with both of them sexually, I am assuming all three of you would like to continue to do so. I will give my blessing under one condition. Just as you will be my only relationship, I would ask the same of you in return.”

“Define relationship just so I understand. I mean, aren’t all three of you already in one?”

“A relationship? Not romantically no. Sexual only. Aside from best friends of course.”

“So you don’ them?” That didn’t sound right, what was I missing?

“On the contrary. I love them both very much. They are like brothers to me. Brothers that happen to also thoroughly enjoy fucking each other that is.”

“I....nope. Not even gonna touch that one.” I snorted before we broke into laughter.

“The difference that you are looking for is this. While I may love them, deeply, incestually even, I am IN love with you. You and you only. My heart will truly belong to you alone.” 

“Same Izuku. You are and always have been my one true love. That’s the honest truth.” I offer him an honest smile making him pull me into his arms and kissing me over and over.

By the time we got back to the room we had hoped they hadn’t called out the guard looking for us. It was surprisingly quiet when we snuck back into the bathroom like a couple of kids skipping school or something. The bed was empty and neatly made with a piece of paper lying in the center.

Dear Nerd and Sugar Tits,

Dunno where you morons ran off to this morning but I’m sure it’s pretty safe to assume you’re fucking like goddamn rabbits. I’m seriously glad to see you two finally getting along. Makes my life a hell of a lot easier. 

Sho got back early since those fucking imbeciles with Inasa can’t tell their asses from a goddamn hole in the ground. Speaking of asses and holes, you two fuckers owe me so I’ll be with Icy Hot.

Deku you have a SHIT ton of intel to look over still sitting on your desk. Pretty obvious what needs doing. So get the fuck to it! Once you two fuck-o’s are done with your bullshit, send twinkle twat over. Halfie found something important that I guess the Princess wanted or some shit. What the fuck ever. Peace.


Take a fucking guess.

“Twinkle twat?!”

“Oh yeah...he’s got it bad for you. He’s never given anyone as many nicknames as you. The more vulgar and degrading, the harder he’s falling. Must have been one hell of a delectable treat between your legs if that’s all it took for him. I’d like a chance to savor it myself, but Kachaan’s right. I am really far behind on that paperwork.”

“Aww Izuku baby, don’t worry. Be sure to be a good boy and get all your homework done so you can have some time to play with your new toy. Good boy’s get rewarded.” I winked and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips, gently tugging that lip ring with my teeth.

“Mmm. Love you baby.”

“Love you more baby doll.” With a smile, a smooch and a smack to my ass for good measure, Izuku got to work and I hit the showers. Didn’t take much time for me to get ready and I quickly made my way to Sho’s room. I’d be lying if I wasn’t excited to see him. We really hadn’t had much time to talk before he had to leave. However when I got there, I was about to knock when I stopped myself at the subtle sounds coming from within. Heat flushed me from head to toe, darkening my cheeks, ears, neck and chest by the intense warmth suddenly radiating from my skin. They were fucking. I had never seen two men have sex before. Kiss but nothing close to what was going on in there. The curiosity and definite interest coupled with my newly awakened sex drive led me to do something I never would have dared to do before today. I quietly snuck in. I wanted to watch.


Chapter Text




To be honest, I don’t know what I was expecting to see. Or hear for that matter. Obviously Katsuki’s big mouth was a given but Sho? He was so quiet naturally that I had assumed it would carry over into the bedroom. Even that night he made love to me he was quiet, soft and gentle. So the last thing I was expecting was hearing the sounds coming out of his mouth. The dirty talk even less so. 

I tiptoed quietly across the room and hid behind a silk screen keeping myself safely hidden from view. As I peeked around the corner an incredibly erotic scene fell before me. Both men were completely naked on the tatami. Shouto was on all fours but with his chest lowered to the ground and arms tucked underneath his torso. His ass was presented to Katsuki like a bitch in heat. The fiery blonde stood on his knees behind him, one hand firmly held crimson and snowy locks wrapped tightly around his fist. The other squeezed Shouto’s hip brutally tight, fingers so deeply pressed into his beautiful silky skin that you could already see the blotchy patches of red blooming around the area. He fucked into the other man with purpose. Hard. Rough. Aggressive. It looked painful but the look of pure bliss on Shouto’s face said otherwise. His eyes were close, lashes fluttering. Cheeks flushed a lovely pink. His teeth sinking into his lower lip as he bit back the sounds of pleasure trying to rip their way from his lips. 

“That’s right baby, you love this dick don’t ya? Look how well you take it.”


“Oh fuck yeah....say my name beautiful. Fucking scream it.”

“Unnh...oh god...of f-fuck Katsuki....m-m-more....yeah.....right there!”

Holy hell. This was...incredible. The raw desire and need between these two was electric. Sweat trickled across muscles and skin making the pair practically glisten in the light. It was like watching two Greek gods fuck each other senseless. 

“Mmm I fucking love you on your knees for me Icy Hot. Taking it like my good little bitch. You like being my bitch don’t ya baby? Now that you know you can’t get enough of my dick can you?”

“Yes K-Katsuki....fuck....fuck me harder!” 

The sounds of their heavy breathing and skin roughly slapping skin filled the room. Cries of pleasure rang out leaving me more turned on than I knew how to handle. 

“How do ya wanna baby boy? You ready for my cum?”

“Yes! G-Give it to me Ka-Katsuki! Fill me up with your seed. I wanna feel it r-running down my-ah! My legs..”

“Mmm such a good boy. Aren’t ya? Quit hidn’ already Princess. C’mere and watch me fill his ass full.” 

W-What?! H-He knew I was watching?!

“Hurry up m’not gonna last much longer!” 

Embarrassed to have been caught I flushed red but still made my way into view before slowly walking over to them.

“S-Such a naughty g-girl. Naughty girls get ah! Punished. Isn’t t-that right Katsuki?”

“He ain’t wrong baby doll. Snoopn’ gets you punished. Might as well enjoy whattcha are about to pay for.”

“F-Fuck Katsuki!”

“Oh shit...fuck! M’gonna cum...”

“Give it to me baby!” 

“Oh fuck! Oh god! Nnnghaaaaah! unnngh...nmmmm shit yeah! Oh god take it all...”

All I could do was stare speechless as Katsuki’s hips stuttered when he reached climax and came inside Shouto. Sho practically mewled as he was filled with Katsuki’s warmth. The blonde caught his breath a moment before pulling out and just as the assassin had begged for, the aftermath of their fucking ran down his thighs making him hum in contentment. I couldn’t possibly imagine what any of that  must feel like to those two but seeing Shouto like this was...well...a turn on would be an understatement. As usual Katsuki immediately picked up on what I was thinking.

“Hahaha! God I love you baby girl. Seen’ you all hot and bothered over me fuckn’ your boyfriend. Shit you’re gonna make me hard again.” Eyes closed and looking exhausted he was grinning from ear to ear. 

“Hope you enjoyed it cuz he’s gonna fuckn’ WRECK you sweetheart! And I get a front row seat to seeing you sacrificed to the motherfuckn’ Kraken! God I can’t wait to see this shit!”


“Tch. Your wild stallion here hasn’t busted a nut yet baby girl. With all the tension he has built up right now? You’re gonna be blow’n that shit out yer nose hahaha!”

“Charming as usual Katsuki.” Shouto deadpanned making the blonde smile so wide it showcased all of his pearly whites. 

“Leave it to you Half n’ Half to think punishments are meant to be charming.”

“I didn’t say anything about that.”

“So you ARE gonna punish her with that horse cock of yours?”

“What’s the matter Katsuki? You’re not...jealous are you?”

“Jealous? Nah. Curious for sure. Dunno anyone else who can handle the behemoth between your legs like me. Plus, I never imagined you bein’ interested in pussy.”

“I’m not. Except for hers.”

“Mm I gettcha. Had my face buried in it last night and goddamn what a snack.”

“Oh? I haven’t had the pleasure yet. Unfortunately that would not be considered a punishment now would it?” He had a carnal desire glinting in his eyes as he sized me up before smiling wickedly. A shiver went down my spine. I didn’t like how they had the upper hand so I knew exactly what to say to throw Shouto. 

“You want to punish me o-nii-san?” I purred at him. Shouto’s face was priceless. His eyes wide and face suddenly blank. A lovely pink dusted his cheeks.


“What do you wish to do to me o-nii-san? Take me over your knee and spank me?”

“What the fuck?” It was extremely difficult not to erupt into laughter at Katsuki’s expression as his eyes travelled between the two of us. 

“Do you wanna fuck me o-nii-san? Punish me thoroughly with your big, thick dick hmm?”

“Father would not approve Imouto.”

“Father didn’t fuck me o-nii-san. He kept safe and pure just for you.” The strangled moan that slid past Shouto’s lips made me squeeze my thighs together.

“The hell? What the fuck kinda perverted shit are you two fucks into?”

“Or maybe you want me to choke on your cock o-nii-san?” Shouto’s breath hitched before he swallowed and approached me. His beautiful erect cock so hard it was practically glued to his stomach. From this perspective I could finally see why he was indeed called the Kraken. 

I locked eyes with him as I slowly got to my knees. The back of his hand brushed my cheek before holding my chin delicately between those skilled and deadly fingers. I reached up and slid my hand along his impressive length. He hissed between his teeth as brushed my thumb over the tip and collecting the pre-cum that had been pooling there. I brought it to my lips and licked the digit clean. Shouto’s hand slid lovingly into my hair before pulling my closer to his manhood. I gave him one last smile before taking him into my mouth. The hum of approval shot straight to my sex. 

“God Imouto....”

I did my best to take as much of him as I could but, it wasn’t a lot considering the vast length. There was no way I could fully pleasure him with just my mouth.

“Will you fuck me o-nii-san?”

“Are you going to be a good girl and take it like you’re supposed to?”

“Yes o-nii-san. I’ll be a good little girl, I promise.”

“Okay seriously? My dick is confused as fuck right now. It’s not sure if it’s excited or scared....” I couldn’t lie, I seriously loved Katsuki. His commentary was killing me.

“Will you get on your hands and knees for me Imouto?” I obeyed in earnest which seemed to please him. 

“There’s my good girl. Katsuki, will you please help her out of her clothes?”

“Haah? Sure but I ain’t playn’ any rolls or whatever the fuck this is.” The blonde grumbled as he crawled over and began helping me undress.

“Awww Katsuki, you’re no fun. I was hoping you would play the part of our peeping otouto.”

“The fucks the matter with you two haah?”

“Too hardcore for you baby? Okay, okay, you can be o-nii-san’s creepy friend from school?”

“Oh so you like creeps? What, you want me to be the pervy babysitter that fucks the shit outta you when mommy and daddy’s gone is that it? Steal your panties and sniff them while I jerk off on your face?” I burst into laughter before planting a kiss on his cheek. 

“I love you Katsuki, you know that?” He immediately flushed a lovely crimson before giving me the combination of a grumpy pouty face then looking away.

“You’re embarrassing as fuck, you know that?”

“That’s “I love you too” in Bakugou in case you were unclear.” Shouto smirked earning him the middle finger from the flustered blonde. 

“Alright Imouto, be a good girl and present that sweet little ass to o-nii-san.” I repeated the same position he was in with Katsuki before wiggling my rump at him playfully.

“Good girl.” He purred and ran his hand down the swell of my ass and brushing his fingertips teasingly across my sex. A whimper slipped past my lips as I felt him brush the head against my wetness.

“Ready baby girl? I’m going to go nice and slow so Katsuki can watch me sink all the way in okay?” 

“Yes o-nii-san.” I took a deep breath and swallowed. Then he slowly began to push in. With my head turned to the side I could see Katsuki’s face out of the corner of my eyes. He was biting his lower lip and palming himself as he carefully watched Shouto’s enormity fill me.

“Shit that’s beautiful.”

“You’re doing so well Imouto. Almost there.” 

It felt as though there was nowhere left for him to go and a dull ache filled my insides. I tried my best to stay still but the discomfort was making me want to squirm. Then, I felt his pelvic bone press firmly against my backside. I was relieved, I honestly didn’t think I could take much more.

“Perfect. You are so beautiful.” His praises made me warm as his hands caressed my back while I adjusted to the feel of him filling me. 

“I’m ready o-nii-san.” With that he began to pump in and out at a comfortable pace.

“You are so incredibly tight it’s hard for me to even think straight Imouto.”

“Maybe you should fuck me more o-nii-san.”

“Maybe I shall. Especially seeing as we need to work on that sassy mouth of yours. Little girls should be seen and not heard you know.”

“I look forward to it.” He began to drive into me causing me a rush of both pleasure and pain. Katsuki was lazily stroking himself watching intently. 

“Oh fuck....Imouto. I’m....I’m.....”

“It’s okay o-nii-san, I want to feel you release inside me.” Shouto cried out and I felt his warmth paint my insides before he pulled out and rolled to the floor breathless next to me.

“Alright pervy babysitter, your turn.” I teased but he looked surprised.

“What’s wrong Katsuki, my panties are right over there if you need to suffocate yourself while you fuck me.”

“You want me to fuck you Princess?”

“Yes? Why do you sound so surprised?”

“Tch. Tough act to follow.”

“Katsuki...I want to feel you inside me. You’re the only one that hasn’t fucked me yet you know. don’t want to.”

“No Princess, I definitely wanna fuck you. I just don’t want our first time to be Halfie’s sloppy seconds is all.”

“Aww, you really care about me that much?”

“The fuck kinda stupid ass question is that? Haah?”

“So.....are you saying you have feelings for me?”

“It ain’t obvious?” I chuckled before climbing into his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Guess not? Um...I sort of uh....have a bit of a crush on you and stuff. It’s hard for me to just, you know. I don’t know I really like you okay? I want you to want me too....and whatever.” I mumbled the last part as I felt my face flush and looked at my lap. His finger grabbed my chin and lifted my gaze to his. Intense and gorgeous crimson held me enthralled. 

“You’re fuckn’ perfect.” He closed the distance and captured my lips with his. It took no time at all for it to heat up as we desperately ravaged each others mouths.

“You guys actually look really good together.” I had almost forgotten that Sho was there having been as silent as the grave. Not to mention I was momentarily preoccupied. 

“Aw I’m sorry Sho....”

“Sorry for what beautiful? I was just making an observation.” He smiled so genuinely that I absolutely believed him.

“I actually came here to talk about some things with you guys that Izuku and I figured out this morning.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“Looks like I’m moving in and you two are going to be showing me the ropes and helping me train.” I gave them both an enormous grin.

“Baby girl I always show and even use whatever you want when it comes to ropes, but what the fuck am I training you? You already know how to suck cock.”

“I am capable of doing far more than sucking a cock Katsuki.”

“Oh I know sweetheart. That’s why you ain’t allowed anywhere near sharp objects no more. I happen to enjoy my balls.” I looked at Sho and we exchanged a knowing smile before I turned back to Katsuki.

“There’s a lot more to me than you know Katsuki and I want to include you in on all the details. However, what I need to tell you is going to seem a little far fetched so I think it would be easier if I showed you a bit first.”

“Show me what exactly Princess?” I smiled as I got to my feet and began dressing. 

“It’s time Sho, are you ready?” He smiled proudly giving me a nod before also getting to his feet and dressing. When finished he crossed the room and opened the door to a walk in closet. Only inside there were no clothes or apparel of any kind. 

“Come Imouto, choose a weapon.”

“Woah hold up! Are you fuckn’ nuts Half n’ Half?”

“What’s the matter Katsuki? I thought you liked a woman who could kick your ass.”



Chapter Text




“Alright Princess. Show me.”

“I don’t like the way you’re smiling.” I sulked grumpily. He chuckled before smirking.

“Hey, if you wanna get your ass handed to you by the assassin then by all means, have at it.”

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to see how the old man trained you.”

“Worried o-nii-san?” I smiled playfully.

“Fucking seriously? You guys are this goddamn perverted even outside of sex?” I gave Shouto a serious expression before marginally tilting my head to the side letting him know I was leaving that one up to him.

“What is perverted about her calling me o-nii-san exactly?”

“For real half n’ half? Do I really need to break that one down for you?”

“Sure, why not.” Shouto had lifted his shoulder as if to say ‘what’s the harm?’. Katsuki pulled a hand down his face in frustration and annoyance.

“Seriously? You need me to explain why fuckn’ your siblings is a bad idea?”

“Hmm. Is it though?” Shouto tilted his head to the side in contemplation. The lack of emotion on his face seemed to further irritate the blonde.

“Oi. Don’t patronize me you sunnuva bitch!”

“Who’s patronizing? I’m just trying to understand why it is perceived as perverse. Aside from social norms teaching us that it is wrong, the only reason it was originally frowned upon was for the potential of birth defects in any offspring. If two consenting adults feel connected and love each other unconditionally, what is wrong with showing affection in a sexual manner?”

“Would you fuck your mom Icy Hot?”

“No. My love for my mother is platonic.”

“But you don’t extend that courtesy to your siblings? You know, the people who came out of the same vagina as you?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Alright let’s speed this along shall we?” I intervened hoping to steer this back on track.

“I agree with sugar tits, less talking more fighting.”

“Goddammit Katsuki! Don’t call me-”

“She is my imouto.” It was said quietly but with a barely contained ferocity that gave me chills.

“Alright Halfie, take it easy. I get it. She’s your fucking imouto. That’s your guys’ thing. Can we move on now?”

“Katsuki....he’s.....he’s not lying.”

“Haah? What the fuck is with you two-”

“Not by blood. But yes, Shouto is technically my big brother.”

“Okay you guys lost me. Care to explain?”

“It’s a rather long story to be honest which is why I wanted to demonstrate a few things first.”

“How’s getting your ass kicked by the assassin gonna prove a damn thing?” That set me off. I hated to be seen as weak by anyone but especially Katsuki for some reason. My arm flew on its own not even facing the same direction as Sho but was quickly intercepted by him. 

“Unarmed combat then imouto?”

“Fine by me o-nii-san.” Without any warm up or properly honoring each other before engaging in battle, we both moved with such speed and precision it was hard to distinguish the blows. Shouto was obviously far more skilled and actually had combat and battle experience. That didn’t mean I wasn’t going to give it my all. I was definitely rusty. While the lessons certainly never faded, the lack of daily practice and hand to hand combat had me winded too early. My moves were sloppy and my coordination was off. Yet I still managed to easily avoid several of his attacks. That was one thing Orochi admired about me. I was incredibly agile. 

I was so caught up in the battle that I had forgotten Katsuki was watching from the sideline. He had gone so incredibly quiet which was very out of character for him. It wasn’t until Shouto knocked me to the floor and continued his assault from above that I saw a flash of ash blonde out of the corner of my eye. At some point he must have gotten to his feet to better observe. 

Shouto stood over me with me between his feet as he readied a swift kick to the gut that would have landed me immobile and him winning the match. I however grabbed his ankles and pushed myself behind him, rolled to my knees before taking his out. He fell to his knees as I sprang up and wrapped my arm around his neck but that was considered a win in our sparring session. Shouto laughed good naturedly and panting from the exertion. For his own amusement he easily flipped me over his head bringing my back to the floor in front of him. His fingers around my throat.

“Well done imouto. Father taught you well I see. But here is a lesson he did not teach you. There is no sportsmanship or glory from combat as an assassin. It is dirty fighting and there are no rules. The fight is never over until your mark is bleeding out at your feet. Make sure to remember that.”

“What if they are not bleeding out?”

“Then there is no immediate visual guarantee that they are dead or at the very least severely wounded. Feigning death is a practical and often life saving move in the field. Unless you are unfortunate to cross paths with an assassin.”

“You’re really amazing o-nii-san.”

“I should be saying the same to you imouto. Come. Let us drink.” He offered me his hand to help me to my feet. Once I was reoriented with being vertical once more my eyes flittered over to ruby red eyes assessing me carefully. I strode up to him and he crossed his arms in front of him looking slightly admonished. 

“Yer just full of surprises aren’t ya?”

“Wouldn’t be so surprising if you would have just listened to me in the first place.” He smirked before squeezing my cheeks together in one hand.

“Yer also sassy.”

“You like that about me though.” I purred making the smirk grow wider.

“Hell yeah I do. You’re a bad ass bitch aren’t you baby doll?”

“You’re bad ass bitch handsome.” I flirted. A deep growl of satisfaction rumbled through his chest.

“If you’re trying to get me hard it’s workn’.”

“Alright settle down you two. Come and share a drink or three with me.”

“Fuck. That means you got a lot to ramble on about.”

“Yes. However, I think you’ll find it interesting.”

“If not I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t walk outta here.”


The three of us shared several drinks as we filled Katsuki in on all the information he was missing. For the most part he took everything with a grain of salt. Though he was surprisingly the most upset about Endeavor using me as a means to an end. He was grateful to hear Shouto explain how it didn’t matter anyway as it turned out to be a failed experiment. That’s when I took over and left them blown away and speechless.

“How long have you known?” Shouto finally broke the quiet. 

“I learned of everything just today.”

“How? Unless...” I nodded meeting his intense expression.

“What happened that you had to reverse time?” I didn’t want to share this story with either of them but if I was going to earn their trust and time, it needed to be said.

“I don’t want to get into the details but basically this morning when you, me and Izuku were in bed, Shouto returned home and found us. Everything started off fine but it was like...I dunno. Like some sort of switch flipped and you guys suddenly went sideways and started acting aggressive and confrontational. It reached a climax where Izuku had gone so far off the deep end I ended up...”

“Ended up what?”

“I accidentally killed him.” Both men’s eyebrows shot to their hairline as they stared at me incredulously.

“As in dead?”

“That’s generally what the word killed refers to Katsuki.” I snapped, agitated at the skepticism on both their faces.

“How did you kill him?”  Shouto asked carefully thoroughly scrutinizing every detail.

“ I don’t want to tell you.”

“What?! Why the fuck not!?”

“Because for starters I don’t think either of you will believe me and also because I’m still not 100% sure what the fuck actually happened myself.”

“Baby doll, if you want us to believe you and trust you, you need to be upfront and honest no matter how ridiculous it may sound.” Shouto nodded in agreement. Fuck. I slammed back two full cups of sake back to back causing Katsuki to snort.

“I want to try something first. Is that...okay?”

“Try? What to fucking kill one of us to test your theory?! Fuck that.”

“No not kill you! But not you this time. If my theory is correct, yours is too powerful and hard to control. Sho, it has to be you.”

“What is it that you are trying to do imouto?” I walked around to where he was sitting and offered a hand for him to stand up. He obliged but looked confused and genuinely worried.

“Stand behind me but press your body up against mine.” He cocked an eyebrow but did as instructed. 

“Cover the back of my hands with your palms.” Again he obeyed. My heart rate kicked up exponentially at the idea of this successfully working. I took several deep breaths to steady myself and concentrate.

“What are you trying to do imouto?” His hot breath tickled my ear and his close proximity had me burning up. 

“S-Seduce me Shouto...” I breathed heavily fluttering my eyes closed.


“Just trust me. Please. This is the safest way I can think of.” I could tell he was frustrated by the way he exhaled but decided to play along all the same. Soft lips traced along the side of my neck while expert hands slowly travelled the curves of my body caressing me all over. As he pressed openmouthed kisses to my sensitive skin, his hands travelled upward before squeezing both of my breaths. Low and barely audible hums sent heat and arousal through my body, pooling in my groin. 

“Nmm...S-Shouto....” I cried breathlessly, allowing myself to get lost in his ministrations. When he traced the shell of my ear I began to tremble and as his teeth scraped sexily down my lobe I nearly buckled at the knee.

“Take my hands again but d-don’t stop k-kissing me.” His slender and graceful fingers lined up perfectly with mine and I could swear it felt as though flames were licking at my skin everywhere he touched. Reaching out with my left hand I turned it till my palm faced up, his still mirroring mine. Tilting my head back I lazily met his and whispered.

“Kiss me.” His sweet kiss was consuming and filled me with such intense heat it was almost painful. I allowed my feelings to flow unimpeded through my body giving myself over. Then Katsuki gasped. Our eyes opened and instantly fell upon the same thing that had garnered Katsuki’s attention. A bright and hot flame engulfed both of our hands and danced in the air. Shouto’s quivering intake of breath brought me out of the haze and just as quickly as it had appeared, it went out.

The two men stared at me so profoundly it suddenly felt difficult to breathe or swallow. 

“H-How?” Katsuki whispered in sheer disbelief.

“I-It’s part of how my quirk works I guess? It was the missing component in the formula for the quirk to fuel itself without destroying me in the process.”

“But how? Quirks no longer exist. Where are you pulling it from if it was snuffed out during the attack?”

“My quirk is a time altering quirk. Being able to rewind time to change the outcome doesn’t erase preexisting timelines. There are multiple dimensions. Like an endless array of parallel universes that shift and branch off depending on the outcome of any given scenario. I only can alter and control this time line. This dimension we currently exist in. But the additional quirk component that Enji added was called “Transference.” It allows me to draw energy from quirks across all the different realms from multiples of the same person and that particular quirk. For example, just now with Shouto? My quirk was drawing off of other Shouto’s throughout multiple dimensions. Because it only draws a little from multiple locations, it doesn’t harm the host. It powers me up somehow and it’s only after that, that I can activate the actual reversal. It requires an entirely different energy however just to stop time first. That is powered on strong emotions. The more intense the emotion the longer I can stop time.”

“How did you learn about all of this imouto? I doubt even father knew the complexity to all of this.”

“It may sound crazy but, I did. When I accidentally killed Izuku in that other future I was so distressed I unknowingly stopped time. Another version of me from the future of a different dimension somehow met me there. She explained everything and even told me how to contact her again should I need it.”

“And you believed that shit?! This right here is why people like you always die in horror movies. Some being from another realm tells you something fantastical and you just take it at face value?”

“Katsuki, you watch too many sci-fi movies with Kiri and Denki. I am following what she is saying. While it does seem a little too good to be true, it does not mean she is wrong or lying.” 

“Didn’t say she was. Just....holy fucking shit.”

“I know...I’m sorry. This is a lot for me to take in as well but, I need you guys. She told me I needed your help making me stronger so I can physically handle actually wielding my quirk. I could barely handle reversing one hour WITH her help! She said in order to fix the timeline and change the events that led to quirk extinction we would have to go back twelve years.” They both looked overwhelmed. I shared their sentiments. 

“What did Izuku say about all of this?”

“Um. That’s the thing. She told me he can’t know.”

“Yeah I bet she did. Just why the fuck not?!”

“Because he is unwell. The idea of having to possibly relive any of those events over again will drive him to madness and he will try to kill me at all costs to prevent it. She said I am not immortal, regardless of the reversal of time. I will die when I would have naturally died no matter how old I am or where I am in the time line. The exception is that I can be killed in any of them. If I am dead, I cannot operate the quirk. Then it’s game over.”

“Jesus Christ why did you guys think it was a good idea to include me in all of this craziness?”

“Because I need your help Katsuki. I need you.”

“I get that but.....”

“But what?” 

His dejection was quickly breaking my spirit. I had thought out of everyone, he would have been the most eager.

“See that’s the thing baby doll. Maybe some of us don’t actually want to fix it.”



Chapter Text



His words floored me. Katsuki was the last person I would have expected to be against the idea. There were just so many reasons for him to be for it. 

“I...don’t understand.” 

“I wouldn’t expect you to.”

His abrupt mood change and disposition left me confused. He seemed personally wounded that I would even consider any of this in the first place.

“Katsuki...please, help me understand why you are so against this? I thought you of all people would be the most excited about it.”

“Excited? For what? To have to do this shit all over again?”

“But it doesn’t have to end this way! We can change the future and prevent the quirk apocalypse, people don’t have to die.”

“For someone so damn smart you’re being awfully fuckn’ stupid.”

“Stupid?!” I spat incredulously. His disdain and disinterest really hurt for some reason.

“Yeah. Stupid. You ain’t lookn’ at the bigger picture cupcake.”

“Then break it down so I understand since I’m so goddamn stupid you asshole!”

“Oh I’m the asshole? Listen little girl, you obviously don’t know the first goddamn thing about me. I ain’t gonna help you to play god, you wanna fuck with peoples lives and their futures? I don’t want one goddamn part of it.”

“Not even for Izuku?” Something flashed in his eyes before his face hardened further.

“Especially not for Izuku. You really don’t get it do you? You honestly believe it’s as simple as rewinding time over a decade to change one event that will give everyone a happily ever after? That’s pretty goddamn ignorant. But here, I’ll play along for ya. Alright, we reverse time, prevent the bullshit then what?”

“What do you mean then what? Society doesn’t break down, people, your friends, don’t die. You save millions of lives! You give everyone a chance at a future! Are you honestly telling me you don’t want to save all those people?”

“No. I don’t.”

“Seriously?! What about your friends then, your family, that woman and her baby you tried to protect! Don’t THEY at least deserve a chance?!”


“W-Why?!” I was so upset that tears had begun to gather since the beginning of this confrontation and were finally spilling over. 

“Because shit happened the way it was supposed to. It may be ugly but it’s the goddamn truth. Taking away people’s quirks didn’t turn them into the hateful monsters who lashed out. It only provided an opportunity to stand on equal ground with the same people they couldn’t previously touch. Quirks weren’t the problem baby doll. We were. All of us. We devolved as a society because of it, don’t you see that? You expect me to be happy at the idea of going back to being ignorant as fuck about what was actually going on? Me being a “hero”, helping and saving people that didn’t even want it in the first place?! Who given the chance would rather beat, rape, torture and kill me and my friends? You’re asking me to give up everything I have fought for here. Everything I have worked so hard to build. And for what? To give those people another opportunity to do it all over again? Hell no.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way!”

“You’re right. It doesn’t. And it fuckn’ won’t if you leave this shit alone! Your quirk ain’t even natural! It’s synthetic and was created in a goddamn lab by the same people who brought society over the edge in the first place. Giving you this quirk? All they did was turn you into a biological weapon. Even mother fuckn’ Endeavor who helped create this shit and do this to you realized what a shitty and horrible idea it was! That’s why he changed his mind because he realized this world wasn’t worth savn’ in the first place! He wanted you to be happy and not someone else’s tool sweetheart. You dishonor him and his memory by messing with this any of this shit.” 

I was dumbfounded. Hurt. Devastated at what I was hearing. I don’t know what hurt worse, the words he had spoken or the fact that he wasn’t wrong. 

“And you, you piece of shit.” Katsuki turned and pointed a dangerous finger in Shouto’s direction. Disgust all over his face.

“The fuck’s the matter with you?! Too much time gone by that you forgot what your shitty father put you through? You hated, motherfuckn’ despised Endeavor for making you into a tool. A weapon to satiate his hunger to defeat his rival, All Might. And for what? We all wanted to be heroes and save people right? Wrong. We were no different Icy Hot. We just wanted to be number one. The greatest hero. The fucking corrupt pieces of shit just like the rest of them that helped bring this goddamn world to its knees. And your dumb ass wants to go back and do that all again? Haah?” 

Shouto sat there expressionless. Dead eyes stared blankly at fiery crimson that was practically searing a hole in the assassin’s head. I couldn’t believe how much hostility had bubbled up and boiled over so quickly. All I could do was stare helplessly at the blonde who was fuming. 

“And what about you baby doll? You really okay with all of this? You wanna go back to being ten goddamn years old living in a world on the brink of collapse and never getting to even know any of us?”

“It’s for the greater good.” I hissed through clenched teeth and tears. I wanted so much to believe that but now even I wasn’t sure anymore.

“For who’s greater good? It ain’t mine and it certainly ain’t yours. You’re the best goddamn thing to ever happen to that fuckn’ nerd and you’re okay with taking that all away from him? So you certainly ain’t doin’ it for him either. If you’re doin’ for all those pieces of shit that helped topple society and the world as we knew it, think about this baby doll. A hero deciding and dictating everyone else’s future simply because they had a more powerful quirk and they could, wasn’t that the exact goddamn reason we ended up here in the first place? You wanna reverse time and make the same goddamn mistakes? Go right ahead. But I ain’t helpn’ with a damn thing and I certainly ain’t wastn’ no more time caring about or loving you either. You just wanna fuckn’ take it all away anyway. Well good fuckn’ luck. I’m outta here.”

“Katsuki wait!” I cried after him but he was gone, just like that. When I turned to Shouto he was still just sitting there staring off into space with an expression void of any emotion.

“Well? Don’t you have something to say?” I sniffled through sobs. His eyes flickered to me a moment before returning to whatever the hell had him so enthralled. 


“Imouto. I’m sorry. I need some time to think for a while.”

“So you too huh?”

“That’s not what I said at all. Katsuki made several very valid points that require consideration. This is not something to be taken lightly.”

I simply sat on the floor pulling my knees to my chest letting the tears silently fall. I understand where they are coming from and Shouto was right, Katsuki had made several valid points. But it was a tough pill for me to swallow too. I felt like I had this important destiny to save the world. That my life had a purpose. It had taken the words of one man to bring all of that crashing down. That left me with more questions that I had no answer for. The most important being, when had I fallen so hard for Katsuki that his word meant everything? This was terrifying and confusing. I had promised Izuku this morning that he’d be the only one I would have romantic feelings for and that had been a lie. I had already begun to fall for him before Izuku and I even liked or accepted each other. This was all so confusing and just made me feel sick inside. The worst part? Katsuki didn’t even want me anymore.

“That’s not true now is it?”

My head snapped up at the familiar voice I really wasn’t expecting to hear again so very soon. Sure enough I had managed to stop time without even realizing it. 

“You weren’t wrong when you said I’d see you again very soon.”

“Mm. I also wasn’t wrong when I said it wouldn’t be because of anything dire.”

“So now what? Katsuki doesn’t want to help and there’s no way I could convince him otherwise without feeling like a selfish piece of shit.”

“You’re steering this ship into unfamiliar waters. Of all of us, you are the only one who has truly been able to genuinely love more than one of them at a time.”

“What do you mean?”

“In all the outcomes so far, we always end up choosing one. Most of the time we have chosen Izuku. But there are a handful of us that chose Katsuki or Shouto in the end. It’s incredibly difficult to cultivate life long love with one individual, you are genuinely planting the seeds and finding the capacity to nurture multiple.”

“What does that have to do with anything anyway? I mean, if I reverse time I’m never going to know them anyway right? Don’t we turn back to being ten? And that’s another thing! How do we end up with any of them if we reverse time anyway?!”

She (me) simply smiled at me knowingly but chose to say nothing which only served to frustrate me more.

“What aren't you telling me? You know how all of this turns out so why can’t you help me instead?”

“Nothing is written in stone. We do not share the same fates though we are the same person. Our realities are in completely separate dimensions governed by different variables.”

“Why are you the one out of all of us then that chose to help me? If you only know your outcome how does that help me at all?”

“Because I was the first. The original one of us that set this all in motion and opened the door between dimensions. I have also helped all of the other’s the same way I am helping you which means I know all of the previous outcomes.”

“You’re the first of us? You’re the...real me?”

“You are just as real as me. This is just an alternate dimension from mine. It doesn’t make anything less real. That includes you.”

“Wait, didn’t you say I was the last? What does that even mean?”

“You’ll know when it is time. I don’t want to alter the outcome by interfering too frequently. I am only here to help you stay on course, even if you take a few detours along the way.”

“So then, what the hell do I do now? I don’t think Katsuki will even talk to me anymore.”

“Then perhaps you should rectify the situation before you allow time to erode it further. Katsuki is in love with you just as you are with him. He’s afraid of losing you, that’s why he’s pushing you away.”

“That makes absolutely no sense.”

“It does if you think about it. He’s trying to protect his heart.”

“By breaking mine?”

“You two have the most powerful and deepest feelings for one another across all the time lines. You both have very intense and bright energy so you tend to burn hotter with him than the other two.”

“Somehow that doesn’t surprise me.” I grumbled.

“So much so, that he is the only one of all three that you chose to have children with in the futures where you have chosen him.”

“What?! W-We have kids?! M-Me and Katsuki?!”

“Yes. That doesn’t transfer to here however so keep that in mind. You are the one who decides this dimensions ending.”

“So again, what am I supposed to do now?”

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to fix this! I don't want to lose him, he means so much to me already. I couldn’t do any of this without him anyway.”

“Mm. Sounds to me like you already know what you need to do.”

Without another word, she was gone. This shit was getting more and more complicated and infinitely more confusing. However, one thing was for sure. I needed to make things right with Katsuki. No matter what the future holds, I just know I need him in it.


Chapter Text


-Meanwhile in between the dimensions -


“You’re doing quite well indeed. She trusts and believes you completely.”

“I’ve kept my end of the bargain now let them go.”

“Oh tisk tisk! You should know by now that’s not the way this works dear.”

“You’re a monster! They’re only children, can’t you see how terrified they are!”

“I’m not a monster, I haven’t harmed one hair on their heads. But. Seeing as you are utterly determined to prove how monstrous I can be let’s do a little experiment shall we? Hmm?”

“No! Please no! Me! Please do whatever you want to me! Just leave them alone I beg you.”

“How adorable! You beg me? You lost that right a long time ago when you betrayed me. Consider this my recompense. Now, let’s see which one shall we start with hmm? How about you. What is your name boy?”

“Leave him alone!”

“Do you wish for me to strike him? Then do us all a favor and be quiet. Come here little one.”

“Oh my you are certainly your father’s son aren’t you. How fascinating you retained his exact coloring. I would think you a clone if I could not so obviously see many of your mother’s features and mannerisms. I can see you are trembling, you must be scared hm? Fear not, since you are so very young indeed I will make this as quick as possible.”

“NO! STOP! What are you going to do to him?! Please don’t hurt him! He’s only three years old!”

“Shall I cut out his tongue as a reminder for you to keep yours in your mouth? Haha mmm, I didn’t think so. Now, where were we? Ah yes, you little man are going to be our very first experiment in invading another dimension! Isn’t that exciting! Interdimensional travel is quite a prestigious achievement. Especially for one so young. I admit, I am not quite sure what will happen but, should anything go wrong I am sure your father would understand my reasons for the cost of failure. Now. Let us send you on your way and see how much chaos your arrival will cause! It is going to be such an interesting and fun little game no?”


“Now are we all ready? Excellent! Here we go little man! One, two, three!”



*Knock, Knock, Knock.”

“Go away I don’t want any.” I snorted at his humor even now when things were so tense. 

“Special delivery?” The door unlocked and cracked open before a grouchy sounding reply answered me.

“Come in.” I stepped through the door and closed it before resting my back against it. So this was Katsuki’s room. I had never been in it before and I must admit it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Clearly he was a minimalist in comparison to the others but everything was immaculate and practically sparkling clean. All of his furniture was very modern and very simple. Unsurprisingly, almost everything was black but with orange accents. Very reminiscent of his days as Ground Zero. That left a pang in my heart considering the falling out we had just had. 

“Special delivery huh? Yeah it sure is special all right.” He groused turning his back and slinking further into his spacious and open underground apartment. 


“Oh um....I wasn’t sure you wanted me to....”

“If that were the case I wouldn’t have bothered answering the door in the first place. Now shut up and come sit down.”

I obeyed, following the fiery blonde over to a sleek black couch and took a seat. He sat directly across from me in a matching arm chair before relaxing into it and resting his hands behind his head.

“So. Talk.” There was no hostility, no anger like before. Something more akin to exhaustion and defeat. It didn’t look natural on him for some reason. He was an inferno meant to always be blazing brightly guiding the rest of us through the darkness. 

“I don’t want to fight with you.”

“Okay so don’t.”

“Look, I understand you are upset about everything but-”

“-I ain’t upset about shit. Disappointed, yeah. Thought you were smarter than the bullshit you were suggesting.”

“Katsuki, I’m trying really hard to understand where you are coming from okay? I admit, you made a LOT of valid points and yes, you were right. I never bothered to look at the bigger picture. I also am still trying to digest everything that’s happened to me regarding all of this and make some sort of sense of all of it.”

“Well that’s at least somethn’ I guess. Glad to see you using that space between your ears for once.”

“For once?!”

“Yeah. You gotta problem with that short stuff?” His goading smirk tempted me to fly across the coffee table separating us. Which I didn’t do because that’s exactly what he would want me to do. Jerk.

“You make me crazy, you know that?”

“Oh, we finally see eye to eye bout somethn’. Imagine that.”

“Why are you like this?” I teased yet half serious.

“Born this way baby doll.” Several moments of uncomfortable silence followed till the tension was actually enough to physically make me squirm in my seat. Unsurprisingly, Katsuki was completely unaffected. 

“I don’t know what to do Katsuki. This whole situation is...too much. I feel like part of me is going insane or is already crazy. Everything feels somehow, unnatural. The abrupt change in my life bringing me here and then getting caught up in a whirlwind of events I don’t even know where to start with? I’m...lost. Confused as hell. Yet despite the severity and importance of needing to figure all this shit out, the only thing that seems to matter more than any of that is making things right with you.” His gaze felt nearly uncomfortable as it considered me. He didn’t say a word, nor did he even move a muscle. He sat in an intense stillness reminiscent of Sho making me crack a smile. That didn’t go unnoticed either as his eyes narrowed suspiciously. Still, he said nothing. 

“It’s funny you know, I never thought I’d ever get to meet you let alone spend time with and fall for you. You were always so intensely terrifying to me yet undeniably amazing. I used to find it fascinating that you and Deku were friends. You always seemed so hostile towards him even when allied yet Izuku looked at you like you were the sun in the heavens. Anyone with eyes could see how much he admired you and loved you, yet it was so difficult to understand why when you were so prickly, especially to him all of the time. I didn’t understand back then how incredibly beautiful you were inside. Beneath all of the thorns and behind all of the militarized and guarded walls, you have unfathomable love and kindness. I suspect not many have ever truly had the privilege to see you for who you actually are. Except Izuku. He always saw that light inside of you didn’t he? Like a moth to the flame he couldn’t tear his eyes away. And now, I have been one of the privileged to understand exactly why that is. I can’t look away either now that I have seen it.”

“You’re just as bad as he is. I seriously think you sappy ass fucks have no clue how truly embarrassing you guys are, sayn’ shit like that.” For all the fierceness in his scowl the pink tinting his cheeks told another story. 

“I love you Katsuki and your happiness has become so very important to me. You’re the only one here that has been up front and honest with me from the start. You helped me when you had nothing to gain in doing so and you actually cared about not only my physical wellbeing, but my heart and feelings too. I wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for you. Both Izuku and Shouto have tried to kill me but not you. At least, not that I know of.” I smiled sheepishly. 

“Nah, that sneaky shit is Halfie’s territory. If I was gonna kill ya you’d be dead. Unlike the other two I don’t like mind games and bullshit. I also don’t falter or fail anything I set out to do.”

“Can we figure out something for us both to be happy? I don’t want any kind of a future without you in it.” I offer sincerely making him grumble and blush again.

“Can you figure out how to be less embarrassing? Haah?” I couldn’t help giggling at how cute he was like this. 

“Can we Katsuki?”

“Can we what? Be happy? Baby whether you believe me or not, I am happy. Right here right now. I have no interest in undoing any of it.”

“I know. You have opened my eyes to a lot of things I never took into consideration. So please, help me figure out what to do with all of this. How to move forward without moving backward. Just please, don’t abandon me, don’t walk away and leave me to figure this out on my own. You’re the only fucking person here that makes any goddamn sense!”

“Thank you. For real. Cuz if that ain’t the goddamn truth.” I couldn’t stop myself from giggling which promptly earned me an annoyed click of his tongue.

“You’re lucky you’re different you know that? S’why I generally prefer men. Lot less complicated and needy. Deku being the one goddamn exception of fucking course.” 

“But you love him.”

“Course I do. He won’t let ya not love him. Fucking pain in my ass.”

“Oh? So you bottom for Deku?” His head snapped so quickly back in my direction, eyebrows high and eyes wide.

“Hell no. Deku is permanently my bitch. He loves bein’ under me beggn’ for my dick like the good little cock slut he is.” That single statement sent a flash of heat cascading outward from my core. Katsuki was a goddamn hunter, he knew how to read every tell of his prey and my bodily reaction didn’t go unnoticed. Not in the slightest.

“Yeah? You like that dirty girl?” His sinfully wicked smirk stoked the flames as I failed miserably at trying to keep my arousal hidden. Would have been easier to flood a desert than try and hide anything sexual from the blonde sitting across from me. 

“See this right here? One of many reasons I find your ass so goddamn interesting Princess. You’re the bizarre mix of innocence and sexual depravity. That shit makes my dick hard. Like all the fuckn’ time. Just think’n of all the nasty shit we could do together. Fuck.” As if to emphasize his point he grabbed himself through his pants. I smirked back at him before allowing myself to relax, leaning into the back of the couch. I had his undivided attention now as his eyes practically glittered from the fire burning wildly within. 

God this man drove me wild. He had this insane ability to make me wanna lose control and fully give myself over to the raw desire. Things I probably wouldn’t usually find sexy or appealing instantly became enticing when we were like this. I wanted to give myself over to him completely and let him do whatever he wanted. But that wasn’t the way he liked to play. At least, not with me. He wanted that challenge. He wanted me to try and take the reins from him. He’d fight me for it without holding back but if I would win fair and square? He would submit to me. That idea made me burn for him.

“You wearn’ panties under that skirt dirty girl?” God that gravelly and deeply sexy voice alone made me wet. Without answering I spread my legs open without moving from the comfortable reclining position I currently found myself in. Hiking up my skirt just enough to give him a view, it was difficult to contain my need as he sat forward resting his arms on his knees. Sinking his teeth into his lower lip he groaned at the direct view.

“You’ve got a pretty little pussy. Touch it for me.” My smirk widened as I slowly slid my hand between my legs and ran my finger up the length of the lace barely concealing it from view.

“Yeah, how wet are you baby? Show me.” I held my fingers up toward him to show him the slickness wrapped around the pads of my digits. He practically growled squeezing himself harder through his pants.

“Your turn handsome.” I purred and was surprised to find him caught off guard by that. A slight blush dusting his cheeks.

“What, you’ve never played this game Katsuki? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?” 

“Fuck baby doll this is the shit I’m talkn’ about. It makes me crazy.” He unzipped and pulled his pants to his ankles before leaning back and getting comfortable once more. His cock easily sprang free, obviously relieved to be free from its confines. He wasted no time gripping it and stroking it lazily as he matched my smirk with his own sexy one.

“You’re turn sweetheart. Lose the skirt too. I want a nice clear view.” Following suit, I hiked my skirt till it disappeared around my hips before sliding my panties down my leg letting them drop to the floor. Spreading my legs nice and wide solely for his perusal. 

“Fuck you’re perfect.”

“Back at ya.” I licked my lips and his smile widened.

“Yeah? Touch yourself. Show me exactly how you like it.” God I don’t think I could naturally be any fucking more turned on than I was at this moment. Watching him lustfully, I slid my middle finger up and down the slick bundle of nerves that had me sucking a sharp breath through my lungs. He watched avidly as I masturbated myself before him exactly the way I liked being touched. 

“Fuck baby girl. Mmmm. Stick a finger in. Nice and slow for me.” I could see how blew out in arousal his usually crimson eyes were. There was next to no color left as I slid a finger deep inside. A sexy moan left his breathless lips.

“Now taste it.” Lifting a brow I continued smirking as I pulled the digit out with a lewd wet sound, slowly and teasingly bringing it to my lips. I stuck my tongue out making him inhale sharply before giving it a playful lick. The grip on his cock tightened as I sucked the digit clean, giving a satisfied hum in response. 

“Now, your turn. Show me how you like to be jerked off baby.” 

“Fuck.” He whispered before sitting back once more in a comfortable position. I watched intently as his thick strong hand fisted his rock hard cock in a delicious rhythm. 

“Yeah baby, just like that.” I purred resuming touching myself as I watched. Breathy shuddering exhales and moans of satisfaction filled the room along with the lewd sounds of us pleasuring ourselves. 

“Fuck. I wanna see you come for me beautiful. I wanna watch up close. Can I?” I was getting really close so I simply nodded my approval. He quickly rounded the table after stepping out of his pants and boxers that had still been wrapped around his ankles. He pushed the table out of the way and got to his knees still jerking himself aggressively. It was enough to send me over the edge.

“Oh god! Fuck...I’m gonna...I’m...I’m!  Ahhhhhnn! Unnnh…..oh god f-fuck! Nnnn…..haaaah. Holy shit.....” 

“Oh fuck that is so hot. Shit. I’m close...” Completely spent and practically melting into the cushions behind me I smiled blissfully.

“Yeah? Be a good boy and come all over me.” 

“O-Oh f-fuck!” My eyes flickered open to watch him fall apart. He got to his feet hovering above me. A low guttural groan sounded as thick white ropes of come shot forth with such force he managed to even reach my face. As he slowly came down from the high I giggled at his blissed out expression. He smirked as I reached towards my chin with my tongue and licked away the salty treat he had so graciously left for me.

“Goddamn.” He mumbled closing his eyes and tilting his head back to steady his breathing. 

“I seriously can’t wait to fuck you. I’m gonna destroy you.” I couldn’t contain the laughter that burst forth.

“What are you waiting for then? You could have fucked me just now you know.” I teased unwilling to open my eyes in my contented state.

“Fuck no. Ruins the build up we got goin’ on here. Just gonna make it all the better when we finally do.” I had to hand it to him, the man certainly was dedicated. As I lie there in bliss, being ever the gentlemen, he brought over a warm wet towel and cleaned me off. 

“Thank you handsome.”

“No need to thank me. Least I could do is clean off my spunk.” I snorted at his ineloquent choice of words but quickly snuggled into him the moment he plopped down beside me. 

“This mean we’re cool now?” I teased earning me a snort in return. 

“Tch. Gonna take a lot more than that beautiful.” Cracking one eye open I glared up at him earning me a grin.

“Not sayn’ you ain’t on the right track though.” He chuckled. 

We sat in comfortable silence as we basked in the afterglow. Purely content just relaxing in each others company. We stayed that way for a long while before Katsuki got up to get us waters. That’s when I heard it. 



“ you hear that?”

“Hear what?” I gestured for him to come over and be silent. Sure enough I heard it again and the expression now staring down at me in alarm told me it wasn’t a hallucination. 

“The fuck?” He carefully listened as his feet slowly brought him closer to the door. His brows were furrowed as pressed his ear against it. 

“Is that.....a kid cryn’?” My maternal instincts kicked in without thought as I quickly made my way over to the door. Katsuki put a hand against it shaking his head.

“Don’t even think about it. Do not fuckn’ open this door. He watched me carefully as he crossed the room and pulled on his pants. It wasn’t till he opened a drawer on one of the side tables that I realized what was going on.

“A gun!? W-What you’re gonna shoot a kid?!” He gave me a look of disappointment and annoyance. 

“No dumbass. But we don’t know what the fuck is going on out there. This place is top secret and we go through great pains to keep it that way. No one gets in here without help and certainly not no little kid.”

“So what do we do then?”

“’We’ ain’t doin a damn thing. I’m gonna assess the situation and your sweet ass is gonna plant itself on that couch and wait till I say it’s safe.”

“Don’t fuckn’ argue with me about this one sweet cheeks. Do as I say.” He was very intense when he was in offense mode. He looked genuinely worried so I did as he said not wanting to add any stress to the situation. Once I was comfortably seated and in view, he slowly cracked the door and peeked out into the dim hallway. Everyone’s living quarters were spaced out and separated by private wings. So Katsuki’s quarters had nothing nearby that could be mistaken for something else.

“What the shit?!”

“Katsuki?! W-What is it?!” When he didn’t answer but made no attempt to exit the room I started to panic and immediately ran to his side. 

“Katsuki?” I touched his arm to alert him to my attention but whatever he was seeing had him frozen to the spot which quickly twisted a knot in my stomach. Whatever it was it couldn't be good for this kind of response.

“Katsuki! Snap the fuck out of it!” I raised my voice slapping his arm. His head jerked back in realization and when our eyes met the look of sheer bewilderment stared at me as though he were looking to me for an answer.

“What is going on?!” I demanded. He frowned in uncertainty. 

“There’s a goddamn tiny ass brat sittn’ in the hall all alone and cryin’. It looks terrified.” 

“W-What?! So why are you just standing there! We need to help it!”

“This is what I’m talkn’ about. Just cuz it’s some little innocent lookn’ brat doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. How the fuck did it even get here in the first place!? Where’s its owner?”

“Owner?! You mean parent?”

“That too. Who the fuck knows. All I know is somethn’ ain’t right here.”

“You’re damn right it’s not! It’s a little kid that needs help and we’re just sitting here like a couple of assholes staring at it!”

“What if its owner is waiting till we open the door haah? You that stupid?”

“Jesus Christ move!” I shoved past him in disbelief. Clearly he felt the same about me as he was too shocked to think to stop me before I was already through the door. Sure enough, a little ways down the hall a tiny whimpering figure was huddled against the wall. 

“The fuck you doing?! Get your ass back in here now!” I quickly looked around searching for any sign of the ambush Katsuki seemed so sure was going to happen but there was nothing. Not only that there was no where for anyone to even hide due to the nature of the hallway. 

“There’s no one out here Katsuki! Just that little kid!” I scolded before running over to the child. I hesitated the last few steps, Katsuki had my imagination running wild, the fucker.

“H-Hey okay?” I spoke gently and quietly. The sniffling slowly came to a stop but the poor thing looked utterly terrified. The little body trembling against the wall. 

“Can you hear me? It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you, I’m a friend. It’s safe, see?” Slowly a little head popped up from the little ball it had curled itself into. Wide teary familiar eyes stared at me unsurely. It was impossible to write off or ignore what I was looking at and that just made this mystery that much more confusing. The unique coloring and heterochromia was unmistakable. How was this even possible?!




Chapter Text




“S-Shouto?” His beautiful heterochromatic eyes shined brightly up at me. 


Mama?! What the hell? The little boy looked at me with so much love and relief in his eyes my heart ached. Before I even had a chance to thoroughly process what was happening, he had sprung to his feet and threw himself into my arms.

“Mama, Mama!”

“Did that little brat just call you Mama?!” Katsuki’s voice startled me at it’s close proximity. The little boy clinging to me for dear life peeked up to see who had just spoken. 

“Oji-san!” He cried happily before wrapping himself around Katsuki’s calf.

“What in the fuck?”

“I am seriously lost here. Shouto, why are you calling Katsuki uncle?”

“I not Shouto.” The little boy pouted obviously displeased, his face all scrunched up. It reminded me of myself when I was a kid. My parents used to crack up at how expressive my face was even as a baby.

“Coulda fooled me! Now let go of my goddamn leg you little monster!”

“Katsuki! You can’t say that kind of stuff to little kids!”

“Why the fuck not? What makes them so goddamn special haah?” My palm smacked my forehead before running backward through my hair in exasperation. I shot a dangerous look in his direction which was merely answered with a click of his tongue.

“Sachi.” The little boy offered obviously confused as to why we wouldn’t know that.

“Sachi huh? Well Sachi, you look an awful lot like a friend of ours. His name is Shouto.” His sweet little cherubic face lit up and he gave us such a beautiful smile.


“Wait what?!” I asked in disbelief. 

“Shouto is Dada!” 

“Icy Hoy has a kid?! What the fu- *coughs* uh- hell.” Not exactly better but at least he was making the effort.

“Sachi? Where did you come from sweetie? Is your Dada around here somewhere?” His face fell as he made his way back over to me.

“No Dada. Scary man send me. Mean to Mama, make her sad.” 

“Scary man?” He nodded nervously before pressing his way back into my arms, body shaking.

“Can you tell me what he looked like?” I tried.

“Big like Dada. Mean.”

“Hmm...what did his hair look like? Can you tell me that?” He looked up at me with such fear in his big beautiful eyes. 

“It’s okay sweetheart, you can tell me.” With his little index finger he made little squiggles in the air. It took a minute to understand what he meant.

“Oh! You mean curls? He had curly hair?” Sachi nodded carefully, a little furrow on his brow line. I suddenly felt a pit in my stomach. 

“Sachi do you remember what color it was?” His expression remained unchanged as he nodded once more before pointing to my shirt. I closed my eyes suddenly feeling sick to my stomach. Dark green curly hair? That had to be Izuku. Something just didn’t feel right though. All I could think about was something weird had to be going on in the dimensions. If Sachi thought I was his Mama and Shouto was his Dada, he had to be from the future. Still, I remember quite clearly the words she spoke to me earlier. That Katsuki was the only one I had children with in the other timelines. Unless she was lying. But why would she lie? She is me after all so it wouldn’t make any sense.

“Deku? Deku has never left the compound and we ain’t ever had any rug rats in here before.”

“We should take him to see Sho.”

“Agreed, cuz I ain’t Halfie’s goddamn babysitter.”

“Katsuki there is something much bigger going on here. Something isn’t right.”

“No shit. We ain’t gonna solve life’s great mysteries standn’ out here tho. Grab the brat and lets go.”

“Does Izuku come out of his room often?”

“Not usually. We don’t gotta worry tho because we ain’t going anywhere near his room anyway if we’re headn’ to Half n Half’s. Just make sure the little gremlin is quiet. If any of the other morons see him it’s all over.”

“Did you hear that Sachi? We are going to play a game!” His eyes practically sparkled in excitement.

“We’re going on a special mission and we can’t get caught by the bad guys so we’re going to pretend to be invisible. That means we have to be so very quiet too! Shhhh.”

“Shhh.” He copied very excitedly in my arms. 

“Aight, s’clear, move it.” 

The three of us moved swiftly and silently, Katsuki out front in case he had to distract someone for us to get by unnoticed. Fortunately our stealth mission was a success as we arrived at Sho’s door without any interference. Sachi gave me a little high five to celebrate making me want to squeal that he actually knew how to even do that. 

Katsuki didn’t bother knocking and simply walked in with us hot on his heels. I could feel the little boy relax slightly and had to wonder if it was due to how the room smelled. A lot like daddy?

“Oi. Where you at Icy Hot?” 

“Why is it that you never bother to knock Katsuki?” 

At the mere sound of Sho’s voice Sachi wiggled out of my arms trying his damnedest to get down. When he finally succeeded he made a bee line straight towards the sound and as Shouto rounded the corner, the little boy practically flew into his chest. 

“Dada!” He nuzzled affectionately against Shouto’s chest. The shock had Shouto confused as his eyes went wide, brows into his hairline, blinking unseeingly at nothing in particular. Katsuki’s smirk made me giggle knowing full well what was coming next.

“Aha! You really are a sneaky fuck Icy Hot. All this time you been lying low pretending you weren’t domesticated?” 

Poor Shouto looked so bewildered I actually felt bad for him and jumped in before Katsuki broke the poor guy.

“Um, Sho?” His wide eyes slowly moved before landing on me though he didn’t verbally respond.

“This is Sachi.” At the mention of his name he pulled back and looked up at Shouto with an enormous grin. Shouto however seemed to forget any semblance of verbal communication. 

“Our son.” I added a few moments later and that seemed to do the trick.


“This is apparently our son from a different dimension.” He looked like a deer in headlights, completely stunned and unsure of what to say though his cheeks reddened considerably. That of course set off a chain reaction as I felt the heat flush up my neck and across my face. 

“Sachi, c’mere a sec. Your mom and dad are morons and need to have a chat in private. Look, I’ll show you somethn’ cool.” He bribed the little boy staring at him excitedly. 

“Daddy ever show you how fire works?”


“What. Life skills cupcake relax. I ain’t gonna teach him how to torch the place for fucks sake.”


“Tch. Such a wet blanket Princess.” I rolled my eyes but quickly refocused on the more important matter at hand. 

“Sho? You okay?” I spoke softly. Mismatched eyes slowly began to refocus as he stared blankly at me. Poor guy looked like he had seen a ghost. 

“I’m honestly not quite sure. This is....I”

“I’m assuming something happened in the timelines. I mean, what other explanation is there? Or do you have some secret love child no one knew about?”

“No. That’s impossible.”

“Nothing is impossible Shouto. Especially now with my quirk.”

“Still impossible. You are the only woman I have ever given myself to.” The honesty and sincerity in his expression made my ears burn at the realization Mina was actually correct about her presumptions. 

“So then it has to be something that happened outside our timeline. I just don’t know how that’s even possible.”

“Stop time and ask yourself. Should be pretty simple I would think.” The pit in my stomach was back. While that was exactly the first thing I thought of, I couldn’t forget what she said this morning about Katsuki and I being the only couple who ever had kids. Why would she/I lie about something like that? Was she giving me a clue? And why was Izuku involved if Sachi is to be believed? It was clear when she told me sternly that I should I never allow Izuku to find out about the quirk in the first place. Does that mean he did in another timeline? Is that why she was so adamant about not telling him? Did she make that mistake? 

“You look troubled. Did something happen?” Shouto’s deep melodic voice pulled me from my thoughts as I carefully considered my words.

“I have this horrible gut feeling that something is very wrong. I mean yeah, I could stop time and ask but, what if she’s the one in trouble?”

“You think a different version of you is in trouble?”

“I honestly don’t know. I mean, she lied to me.”

“About what?”

“This morning when we spoke she told me of all the outcomes across the many timelines and dimensions, Katsuki and I were the only couple to have babies. She said it so confidently and it seemed like she was being thoroughly honest. I don’t know what to believe though seeing as our son somehow magically ended up here.”

“There had to be more you’re not telling me imouto.”

“S-Sachi. Um...he said something I can’t seem to make sense of.”

“Sachi did? Did he tell you how he got here?”

“Shouto I don’t think he really has the capacity to tell us something like that yet. Plus I don’t want to scare or traumatize him further.”

“He was traumatized previously?”

“Mm. When he first got here he was huddled into a ball against the wall outside Katsuki’s apartment. When I went to him he was terrified and trembling. He immediately recognized me as “Mama” which threw me for a loop. I had actually believed him to be you at first seeing as he has your exact coloring.”

“When I had mentioned your name he recognized it as “Dada.” Seeing as you and I do not have any children that I am aware of, he somehow managed to end up in a different dimension he obviously does not belong to. He did say something about Mama being with a mean and scary man that made her sad. He was terrified when talking about it. When I asked him what his hair looked like he drew little squiggles with his finger.”


“Yeah, you know, this?” I mimicked what Sachi had done earlier.


“Exactly. When I asked him what color.....”

“What?” Shouto pushed after a lengthy pause.

“He um....pointed to my shirt.” The assassin’s brows furrowed worriedly.

“Izuku?” He questioned quietly. I simply nodded, trying to will the heavy pit in my stomach to disappear.

“Is that even possible Shouto?” 

“For Izuku to interfere with the timeline? I don’t see why not if he has access to any previous versions of you.”

“I’m afraid to stop time and inquire Sho. I mean, what would happen if he was waiting on the other side for me and some how took me prisoner? What would happen if I was disconnected from a timeline?”

“Unfortunately I haven’t the slightest clue. Father never mentioned anything either. Speaking of which, while the moment is not ideal, I do not wish to forget.” He disappeared a moment behind the silk screen that separated his bedroom. When he reappeared he held a dirty and crinkled envelope before handing it to me. As usual his face ever remained expressionless giving me zero insight as to what this could possibly be. Noticing my hesitation he spoke very quietly. 

“I am unsure of the contents within as I respected your privacy seeing as it was addressed solely to you.”

“Who is it from and where did you get it?”

“The handwriting on the envelope is our Father’s. On the way home from the mission I took a detour to pass by the old house where you two resided. Unsurprisingly, it had been raided and is now in disrepair.” That bothered me far more than I thought it would. Tears began to swell behind my eyes at the lost memories.

“I am truly sorry imouto.” He pulled me into his arms and embraced me tightly. 

“So did you manage to find this?” I sniffled, waving the envelope in one hand as I brushed away my tears with the other.

“In the garden near the lavender there was a row of hedges. Within those hedges a small black box was shallowly buried. Father and I used to use that for correspondence when we needed to keep in hiding. It was purely for nostalgia that I searched and dug it up. I wasn’t expecting to find anything within. There was only this envelope addressed to you.”

“B-But why would he leave it for me in a place I would never find it?”

“He didn’t intend for you to find it. He intended for me to find it and give it to you. He knew regardless of what happened after he was gone, that I would always watch over you and that I would make sure for it to find its way into your hands. Whatever is within must be important enough to keep it solely between the three of us.”

“S-Sho....I um....”

“Open it imouto. I am right here beside you and no matter the contents, I will be here for you in any way you require.” I looked up into his beautiful mismatched eyes and offered him a bittersweet smile.

“Thank you o-nii-san. For...for everything.” He simply nodded and awaited for me to open the dirtied envelope in my hands. As I carefully pulled the envelope apart so as not to damage whatever was within, my mind wandered as to what Orochi would have left behind for me at that point. He had to have done it prior to being bedridden. Was it a goodbye letter? An explanation? A map to buried treasure? I seriously had no clue as I slowly unfolded a single piece of paper with his handwriting.

As my eyes scanned the page I was stunned to find one simple sentence written in Orochi’s handwriting. It was written in the middle of the page and underlined for emphasis. As I read each word several times over to make sure I wasn’t missing something, a sudden dread seeped through my pores at the ominous warning written exclusively for me.

“Imouto?” The color drained from my face as the words sank in. Once again I was left with more questions than the answers I was seeking. I handed the slip of paper to Shouto and watched as his face fell as he read the same sentence now ringing in my ears. 


No matter what may come to pass, do not hide one single piece of information from Izuku Midoriya, or all will be forever lost.



Chapter Text




I had made the decision to sit down with Izuku one on one even though both Shouto and Katsuki had protested saying that at least one of them should be present. I knew however that everything would be better received if I went alone. Sure, it was an enormous risk and I’d have been lying if I’d said I wasn’t afraid. But something deep inside told me it had to be me and only me. Katsuki and Shouto had only accepted on the condition they could stay outside the door just in case. In the end they agreed upon Katsuki so Shouto could stay back and look after Sachi. 

I hadn’t known what to expect when I sat down with Izuku. Of all the many possibilities and probable outcomes I was anticipating, as usual, he surprised me. Where I had expected him to be angry and hurt that I hid it from him in the first place, he was actually surprised and relieved that I not only had the courage to come to him considering the unfavorable odds stacked against me, but also because I had genuinely wanted him to know. I trusted him. That seemed to matter more to him than anything else which floored me. I had thought it would be the other way around.

He asked so many questions and unsurprisingly stopped me so he could take notes. When I explained everything in detail and offered my ideas, opinions and perspective he listened so attentively I knew he was focused on the information he was receiving and not swelling with anger and revenge. His face remained impassive throughout the process but I knew without a doubt he was on board with whatever we were going to do moving forward. Everything went so unbelievable smoothly that for a moment I feared something obviously had to be wrong. His smile and reassurance eased the hesitation and suspicion. 

Eventually we brought Katsuki in and while he promised to remain civil, he was still unhappy that Katsuki of all people would keep something so enormously important from him. They had their own trust issues to deal with that I wanted no part of at the moment. My plate was beyond full and as much as I wanted to help, my priorities were currently elsewhere. Izuku understood and wanted the chance to sit down with all of us, including Shouto. So we arranged it and had Shouto join us a while later. Katsuki and Shouto planned it while I was speaking with Izuku privately to bring and introduce Sachi. Had I have known I would have intervened and stopped it. My concern wasn’t actually Izuku, it was Sachi’s response to Izuku considering we were assuming that the man Sachi spoke of was an alternate version of him. The little boy had seemed so genuinely terrified. 

Unfortunately that was not left up to me and was as big as a surprise to me as it was Izuku when they arrived. The reaction I had feared is exactly what happened. It took me and Shouto both together soothing the poor child for him to calm down. Izuku was surprisingly understanding and tried to remain as unthreatening as possible. Finally after quite a bit of coaxing, me sitting on Izuku’s lap and tickling him mercilessly till everyone was laughing, Sachi decided to relax and accept that this Izuku was not the one that had sent him here. However, Sachi had found his courage surrounded by his loved ones and decided to interrogate Izuku a little on his own. Luckily, Izuku found this strangely endearing and couldn’t help admiring the little guy for wanting so desperately to protect those that he loved even though he was afraid. 

After Izuku got a thorough scolding from a three year old and a time out, we all had tea before finishing up for the day. Shouto decided to take Sachi back to his room and get him ready for bed. A natural father from the start. He would never admit it though. Katsuki wanted a decent nights rest and to sleep in his own bed tonight with no one (and I quote) “swingn’ from his dick or hoggn’ all the goddamn blankets.” So he decided to leave me alone in Izuku’s care for the night hoping to prove to his friend that he did indeed trust him tremendously. But if for some reason Izuku decided to snap and do anything he would regret, Katsuki promised a long, painful and drawn out death for his best friend. 

After, Katsuki had stayed for dinner then made his way back leaving Izuku alone with me for the first time since having discussed everything. 

“You look apprehensive.” He smiled teasingly making me smirk.

“Nah. I have no reason to be right?” I responded playfully.

“Well....not for any of the reasons you originally came here for anyway.” 

I giggled as he took a relaxed seat beside me on the couch sipping a glass of scotch. It was oddly enough the most content and at peace I had seen him. He looked so beautiful with those messy green curls, emerald green eyes framed by thick black lashes. I watched as they shifted to observe me observing him before smiling.

“You seem so at peace somehow Izuku. It’s like you’ve completely traded the unwelcoming intensity you had when I first arrived for this....I dunno, powerful and mature sexiness?” He smirked sipping his glass before allowing his head to rest against the back of the couch. He kept his gaze towards me continuing to smile and raised a brow.

“Are you flirting with me beautiful?” 

“Perhaps...” I purred. His eyes closed a moment happily soaking in the moment.

“You’ve made me incredibly happy today you know.” He announced yet not bothering to move a muscle.

“That so?” He let out a contented sigh before replying.

“You trust me.” 

“I do Izuku. I really honestly do. The you I am sitting with right now? I know you would never do such horrendous things.”

“Mm. Not anymore anyway. Unfortunately I do have quite a lot of experience in that department.”

“I don’t care about your past. I care about now. The future we can build together moving forward.”

“That is why I am truly at peace right now. You have been given a gift so incredible that you could change the fate of the world. Save millions of lives. Be a true hero. Yet I know just by looking at you that it’s not the path you truly wish to take. Is it?”

I knew it was impossible to hide my heart from him but to know he can still read me so easily...well, it was something I definitely needed to work on.

“Does it make me a bad person to want to be selfish?” My voice was quiet and full of uncertainty as I stared down at my lap.

“Not at all. If anything, I think it makes you wise and incredibly strong.”


“Mm. Which is why I will now share my honest and true feelings about all of this with you and only you.” 

For a moment my shoulders tensed but when I saw that he remained completely at ease, I relaxed and quietly waited for what I really wanted to know. He had already given a few ideas and suggestions for moving forward but had made no show of actively getting involved which had originally surprised me. I was genuinely interested in how he personally felt about all of this.

“Your heart is in the right place wanting to help restore whatever it is going on behind the scenes. Your head however is wiser knowing that fighting a battle you cannot win, especially on your own will end badly for everyone involved. I don’t envy you in the slightest. Dealing with a villainous and disturbed version of me in a battle of the mind would be catastrophic. I don’t play any game I don’t fully intend to win. When my mind is set on something, I will go to incredible lengths to achieve or obtain it, no matter the cost. If there is a version of me incapable of redemption, my best and only advice should you choose to play? Kill me.”


“If you are already hesitating than you are not capable of winning.”

“You’re saying I shouldn’t even try? Just find an opening and kill you? I...I don’t think I have it in me.”

“I know you don’t baby doll. That’s why I fully support and am on board with the decision you have already made.”

“To do nothing and leave everything as is? Is that really right though? What about Sachi? He may never see his parents again.”

“Very true. A casualty of war baby doll.”

“Wait but if he was able to send Sachi, what’s to stop him from sending others?” Izuku said nothing and simply sipped from his glass, smile still in place. Something was definitely starting to feel off. 

“No, don’t even allow your mind to wander. I am simply amused to see you sweating this.”

“What?! Amused?! This entire thing is entertainment for you?!”

“Woah. Easy sweetheart. What I meant was that it is amusing to me watching you experience first hand the type of decisions and consequences heroes used to have to make on a daily basis. Now. Take everything you are feeling, experiencing, sacrificing and picture winning this outcome. You return little Sachi back to his timeline, free the other version of yourself, reset the past and give all of those people who lost their lives another chance. It will cost you a great deal. The toll on your body, on your heart. Returning to a past where you lose all of these relationships you have forged since arriving here. A past where we may end up happy but will never remember you and most likely never even know you exist. But you will. You will remember this moment and every single one we have shared for the rest of your life. But you would make that sacrifice wouldn’t you? To save the world?”

“Yes.” My answer was barely a whisper as I stared at the man speaking melodically to me.

“Indeed you would. Now, imagine seeing all of those happy people restored living a life they had no clue they could have so easily lost had it not been for you. The pride in knowing you served and sacrificed for the greater good. It’s a great feeling no?”


“Imagine sitting at a park bench a year later and seeing Katsuki and his wife with their new baby. Shouto walking alongside Enji enjoying lost time. Me hand in hand with the love of my life, only, it’s not you. You will think of this moment right now and your heart will break. But you reconcile it all by convincing yourself that you saved all of those lives. Gave so many people a chance to live to see their futures. All because your kind heart sacrificed it all.”

“My sacrifices would have been worth it.”

“Would they? What if I told you that when you got up from that park bench to return home those same people you saved kidnapped, raped, and tortured you because they discovered what you had done. They thought it was wrong and selfish of you to decide their fates. Instead they murder your family before your eyes simply to prove that you are not in control. To punish and persecute you for making decisions for them even if it was in their best interest? Tell me beautiful. Would it still have been worth it? Going to your death knowing all of those sacrifices, all the pain and loss you had suffered for them, was never wanted in the first place?”

I no longer had words. If I did I had forgotten how to speak them. There was a hole in my heart, a pit in my stomach and a horrible taste in my mouth as tears cascaded downward. He observed me carefully, no sign of malcontent or cruelty in his eyes. He simply observed me impassively for several long moments before finally reaching over and pulling me into his arms. He lovingly stroked my hair cradling me tenderly against him as I sobbed into his shoulder.

“It is not my intention to punish you for what happened to me. I merely want you to understand what the cost can be for playing god. Even though you may only have the best of intentions, others may feel quite differently. I don’t want to see you sacrifice everything for people I know for a fact would never even want or appreciate it. Not to mention all the lives you will have changed for those of us who survived. What if we don't want to go back? What if we are happiest as we are now? Hmm?”

“S’funny. Katsuki said the exact same thing when I told him.” 

“It’s because he knows exactly what I am talking about baby doll. We all learned the most important lesson we could the day we forever retired as heroes.”

“Yeah I know, people aren’t worth saving.” He gently pulled me away so he could look into my eyes. God his eyes were so beautiful.

“No baby girl. Some people ARE worth saving.”

“I don’t understand..”

“Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.”

He smiled warmly at me as he cupped my cheek with his scarred hand. His thumb brushed the tears from my eyes.

“I need you to know the difference before moving forward.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I had assumed the entire purpose of you coming to me in the first place was because you wanted my help. It certainly wasn’t just for an audience. Or was I mistaken?”

“But I”

“Hmmm?” I paused a moment just to take in his expression.

“You know Izuku, I love you. I really do. But sometimes you make me think you really are the devil.” He burst into laughter and pulled me back into his arms.

“Oh I never said I wasn’t! It just so happens that sometimes it’s wise to curry favor with the devil sweetheart.” That playfully evil grin did things to me. 

“So we are going to do something then?”

“I will help you defeat this other me but on one condition.”

“Which is?”

“You will not reset the timeline.”

“That’s it?”

“Oh? I should ask for more?”

“Nooooo! I was just-”

“Play with me.”

“I- what?”

“Play with me tonight. This kind of work is quite draining and before I dedicate myself to your cause, I would like to have some fun.”

“You wanna have sex?”

“Hahaha! Oh why are you so impossibly cute? Hmmm, sex is definitely one thing we could do that’s fun. I was thinking we would eventually end up there yes. However, in the meantime I want to laugh with you and be silly and I can think of one way to get us there quite quickly.”


“Stay put, I will be right back.” With that he disappeared around the corner, empty scotch glass in hand. I was suddenly getting nervous considering this was Izuku we were talking about and his idea of many things often escaped the realm of sane or normal. 

“Do you enjoy chocolate baby doll?” Chocolate? What?

“Uhh….depends on it’s application?” I heard him chuckle before returning with a small plate and a glass of milk. I eyed him suspiciously as he sat back down next to me. He placed a decadent looking brownie drizzled with chocolate sauce on the table before handing me a fork. 

“Milk huh?” I teased him earning me a smirk.

“I like seeing you swallow creamy white stuff.” He teased.

“Perv.” I scolded before digging into the treat. It was delicious. I hadn’t had anything remotely close to this since I was a little girl. My eyes closed in pure bliss as I hummed happily around the fork. 

“May I?” I opened my eyes and handed the utensil over.

“Aww are we sharing a dessert together? I didn’t know you were a romantic.” 

“M’not. Just love chocolate.” He said with his mouthful making me burst into laughter at the cuteness. We sat side pressed against side taking turns feeding each other till it was gone. I nearly choked on the milk from trying not to laugh at how he was watching me like a cat with a bird. Once finished I set the glass down and looked at him suspiciously.

“You really are all kinds of pervy aren’t you?”

“Says the girl licking white stuff off her lips.”

“Milk Izuku!”

“Is it though?”


“Well it IS mostly milk but...”

“But what?!”

“I may have jerked off in it before bringing it out.”

“You did...what?!” He burst into laughter as I tackled him, attacking him with pillows.

“You jizzed in my milk?!”

“O-Only a little!” He was crying he was laughing so hard as I mercilessly assaulted him with a variety of throw pillows. 

“Oh my god! What is wrong with you?!”

“O-Oh baby doll...we don’t have that kind o-of time!” We had rolled off the couch onto the floor and now I was tickling him which was amazing seeing him squeal and squirm to get away.

“A-Also! Y-You aren’t p-properly certified!” He continued to tease.

“You’re the one that’s certifiable you creep! Where did you even learn to be that disgusting?!” 

“Hahaha! K-KACHAAN! It’s his fault! Mercy! Mercyyyyyyyyy!” 

“You two are some seriously sick fucks.” I was laughing too as I rolled off of Izuku and lied next to him on the floor while he caught his breath.

“Oh god that feels good. I haven’t laughed like that in forever.”

“Mmhmm. So I take it this is what you meant by laughing and being silly?” The evil chuckle that followed sent a chill up my spine.

“No baby girl. This was merely a warm up.”

“A warm up to what exactly?”

“You’lllllll seeeeeeee.”

“Izuku Midoriya you had better tell me or else!”

“Oh? Or else....what?” 

“Or else......I won’t play with you anymore!”

“Tch. Party pooper huh? No matter. It’s not like you have a choice anymore....”

“Whaaaat does that mean?”

“It meeeeeeans, that you still are way too trusting baby doll! Did you even consider what was in that brownie? No, because you were too focused on the milk. Tisk Tisk. See what thinking about pervy stuff will gettcha?” He was laughing again as I sprang up and straddled him, looking him deeply in the eyes.

“I-Izuku no....please tell me you didn’t give me that shit again!”

“Hahaha! No, course not. This stuff is a lot more fun and chill. Plus it won’t leave you with any kind of a hangover.”

“What is it?”

“Nothing to worry about beautiful. Just some good old fashioned THC.”

“Marijuana? Izuku....we ate a pot brownie?”

“Hard to tell right?”

“Oh my god what is with you guys and drugging me?”

“Relax sweetheart. You’re about to have the most fun you have ever had in your life.”

“Because of marijuana?”

“Marijuana is just the catalyst. It’s going to be fun because you are going to see a side of me most people have never seen.”



Chapter Text




So. THC. Yeah is an understatement? Izuku has been sitting here dying laughing at me for the last twenty minutes. Why? Because this asshole has me utterly convinced there are tiny ass people hiding inside this dark green fluffy rug I am currently combing through. Literally. I have a plastic comb and am sure the son of bitches will eventually have no where to go. 

“Hmm...not sure baby doll, maybe they left for vacation?” 

“Holy shit you’re right! But where would they go I wonder? Another rug? Some place exotic to them like....the couch! I bet they’re hiding beneath the cushions!” I don’t know what was so funny about that. This is serious business. We are about to uncover the truth about an entire species we never even knew existed! Did they have quirks too? What did they eat and drink? Was Izuku feeding them? Like accidentally or on purpose? Dunno but he’s definitely shady as fuck. Any man that blows his load in your beverage is bad news. 

“Was wondering somethn’ I~zu~ku.”

“What’s that hmmm?”

“Why exactly did you put your man mayo in my milk?!” See this is seriously no fair. He’s obviously far more fucked up then I am seeing as he can’t even stop laughing.

“You know that’s not how it works right? If you’re gonna send your boys to infiltrate, you’re dropping them off in the wrong location. S-Stop laughing!”

“B-Baby doll hahaha! Oh my god hahaha! I-I didn’t. I was hahaha! I was just joking! Ahahahaha! Y-You actually believed me?!” 

“I hate you so much right now.” 


“Tch. Too late. You already laughed yourself stupid. Jerk.” Izuku was rolling on the floor in tears clutching desperately at his stomach. Mother. Fucker. 

“Listen shithead, you better stop laughing at me!”

“God you are AMAZING like this!”

“Glad I am so entertaining. So tell me, is that how you pick up women? Leaving your bodily fluids in their drinks?”

“G-God no! I’m not Kachaan!”

“Katsuki used to do that?!”

“Used to? I sincerely hope you have never accepted anything to drink from him baby doll! Hahaha!”

“SERIOUSLY?! What the hell! He jerked off in my water?!”

“Not really his M.O. if I’m being honest.”

“But you just said-”

“-YOU were the one that said bodily fluids sweetheart. Kachaan is a sick bastard that likes to fuck with everyone by pissing in their drinks.” 

“WHAT?! Are you fucking with me right now?!”

“Hahaha why would I do that? Just thought you should know who you’re dealing with baby doll. Kachaan is a VERY dirty birdie.”

“Oh my god. Just...why?”

“Oh you’ll have to be the one to ask him that I’m afraid. Just don’t be disappointed when all he answers with is a smirk.”

“Wow, the end of the world has seriously turned you guys into depraved animals you know that?”

“Oh baby, he’s ALWAYS been that way so good luck with that.”

“You seem to know an awful lot about this....”

“Well I should considering I’ve been a victim more than once.”

“He’s made you drink his piss?”

“He used to switch my lemonade multiple times when we were in middle school.”

“Oh my god! That’s horrible!”

“Nah, just Katsuki.”

“Does he have a piss kink?” The way Izuku’s brow raises and the smirk currently adorning his face tells me the answer is undoubtedly yes. 

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Kachaan loves marking his territory. Especially when he doesn’t feel like sharing.”

“He....pees on you?”

“He has on multiple occasions. Yes.”

“And that.....are you into that?”

“I’m not not into it I guess? Never really gave it much thought to be honest. You’re so cute and innocent. I can tell by your expression that you’re curious but still mortified by such a perverse act.” My face was definitely red, I never really learned much about the less discussed sexual kinks. Being high has somehow made me lower my inhibitions and bolstered my curiosity. 

“Degradation for those receiving and domination for those giving. This is surprisingly intriguing. I forget how innocent you are. I’ll gladly teach you anything you want to know sweetheart. You don’t have to be shy or embarrassed with me. I am far more depraved than Katsuki and Shouto combined baby doll.”

“I-I...believe you. Truly.” Izuku takes a few moments staring off into space but the moment he breaks into a truly sinister grin I know something epic is coming.

“This can’t be good.”

“Are you okay enough to walk?” I got to my feet and tried taking a few steps.


“Good enough! Come on let’s go.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the apartment and out the door.

“W-Woah! I thought you never leaved...leaved? Left your apartment.”

“Not often except for when it’s a good cause.”

“Holy shit what the hell are you gonna do?”

“Do you trust me?”

“No! Not after you lied about jizzing in my milk!”

“Awww...disappointed there wasn’t any in there? Well don’t you worry baby girl, I’ll let you suck some out when we get back.” God he was so much more....sexual? Forward?...when he was high. I felt a confusing mix of fear and arousal. It certainly wasn’t helping that I had no idea how to respond to that kind of shit in the first place.

When we arrived in front of Katsuki’s door I knew we were in trouble. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING good was going to come of this. 

“Izuku no!” I whisper yelled. He just snorted and giggled. 

“Why are you telling me no? You don’t even know what I’m going to do.”

“Because we’re high as fuck and messing with a sleeping Katsuki seems like all kinds of very BAD Izuku!”

“Oh no see you’ve got that all backwards sweetheart. This is the BEST time to fuck with Katsuki. He is such a grumpy bear when you mess with his sleep.”

“Wait how does that make it the best time?! He’s seriously going to murder us! I don’t wanna diiiiiie!” I got on my knees to beg him not to go through with whatever he had planned but I underestimated my ability for balance and fell over, almost dragging Izuku to the floor with me. He was cracking up, his cheeks pink, his eyes shiny. God. I just wanted to kiss him. Except my mouth felt like I had been chewing on cotton balls. 

“Okay okaaaaaay!” He teased quietly.

“How am I supposed to resist you when you’re on your knees hmm?” I swear being high makes you horny as hell. That actually really turned me on just now.

“Just wait till we have sex, being high and fucking is a beautiful thing. But, seems you already know all about that don’t you?” His wicked grin flushed my skin and I struggled to swallow. 

“Stop looking at me like that or I’m going to take you right here in the hallway. Now, let me get this out of the way so we can go back.”

“Get what out of the way?”

“Watch and you’ll see.” He walked straight up to Katsuki’s door but just stood there. Very still in fact. I stared at his back wondering if he thought he could cast a spell or something. Then I heard it. 

“Oh my god! Izuku!”

“Shhh. Don’t yell you’ll wake him up which is exactly what I thought we were trying to avoid right?”

“What are you doing?!”

“What’s it look like I’m doing? I’m marking my territory. Just wait and see what happens when he figures it out in the morning.”

“He’s going to be pissed!”

“That’s certainly one way of putting it.” He giggled before finishing dousing Katsuki’s door in his urine. Holy fuck how high were we that we were even doing shit like this!?

As I went to inhale before scolding Izuku once more, I accidentally breathed some of my spit which sent me into a choking and gasping nightmare. Unfortunately because I was so goddamn high my brain actually thought I forgot how to breathe which made me flail around on the floor in desperation. 

“H-Holy shit! Baby doll! What’s wrong, what happened?!” Izuku was kneeling beside me looking more panicked than I was and shaking my body trying to get my attention even though he already had it.

Clutching at my throat I stared at him wide eyed and gasped out, “CAN’T BREATHE!” 

“Y-You’re drowning!? A-Are we...where the fuck did all the water come from?!” Holy shit we were drowning!? Did we mistake Katsuki’s hallway for the swimming pool?! 

“S-Stay with me baby! I’ll save you! Shit...I’m high as fuck and this pool looks like Kachaan's hallway....which way should I swim?!”

Katsuki’s door flung open and a very angry looking man dressed in nothing but sweats and incredibly messy hair emerged. The expression on his face would have been utterly hilarious if I hadn’t been drowning.

“What in the goddammn actual fuck?” 

“K-Katsuki! Help us!”


“What the shit?!”


“Jesus fucking Christ. Do you idiots have any goddamn clue what time it is?! HAAH?!”


“Is this? Did-Did you piss on my door Deku?!” He was getting madder by the minute while Izuku and I were rolling around on the floor crying. He pulled his hand down his face in frustration. 

“Ya know what? I ain’t dealn’ with this shit right now.” He turned to go back inside and we both panicked and started screaming making him roll his eyes. He left his door open as he disappeared within before returning and chucking an actual life preserver towards us.


“Stop fuckn’ screaming! In case you hadn’t noticed I’m fucking standing right here! What the hell are you on?”

“The life raft! You saved us Katsuki! Thaaaaank youuuuuu!”

“What the hell are you cryn’ for? Go the fuck home! Both of you!”

“But Kachaan!”

“Jesus goddamn- ya know what? Shore’s that way dipshits. Better swim fast, I just saw a school of piranha’s headed your way.” Muttering expletives under his breath he disappeared back the way he came slamming the door behind him. Needless to say Deku and I paddled our asses off all the way back to his room. Once we were safely inside we both leaned back against his door and slid to the floor trying to catch our breaths.

“D-Did all of that seriously just happen?!” I asked nearly shell shocked. Izuku burst into laughter before pulling me into his arms.

“Nnnmmm! I love you baby doll! You are seriously amazing to be this high with!”

“T-Thanks? I think...”

“No it’s definitely a compliment. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun. Just...don’t die okay?” That for some reason made me burst into laughter at the sincerity in which he said it.

“Holy shit we are seriously fucked up aren’t we?” 

“Yes. Very much so if I’m being perfectly honest.”

“So now what do we do?” Izuku took a moment to ponder.

“We could visit Sho?”

“NO! I am so not leaving this apartment! Plus I realllllly have to pee.” 

“.....don’t even think about it you little perv.”

“Can I at least watch?”

“You know what? I’ll do you one better. Got any milk left?”




Chapter Text



Though I’m still not sure how we managed to survive a shower (trust me, it wasn’t pretty, we’re still traumatized) we were in comfier clothes (also a challenge) and swaddled in a huge down comforter together on the couch. This particular set up felt a lot safer after our incredible yet insane journey together so far. We were now enjoying the amazing body buzz, being all touchy feely and giving each other massages. Though our hands remained in neutral territory, it was quite obvious where this was headed. Every touch, every movement sent pleasant tingles and fireworks exploding beneath the skin. Even though it wasn’t even intended to be sexual at first, it was impossible to ignore how incredibly intimate it felt to be touched like this right now.

“Mmmm….’Zuku, this feels so GOOD.”

“It does doesn’t it. It makes me want to touch you all over.”

“Why don’t you then?” I leaned back into his arms. Damp curls brushed my face when I turned to lean in and inhale his scent. Shampoo and soap and a cologne that made heat begin to pool at my core. Even without the drugs, I was hopelessly and helplessly attracted to this complicated man. I couldn’t escape him even if I tried and I had no desire to whatsoever. I felt his lips and the cool brush of metal along the column of my neck. My eyes drifted shut at the euphoria such a simple act could incite. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone was banging rather violently on the front door over and over without stopping. We both sat up abruptly like two teenagers getting caught making out in a car. 

“Izuku what the hell is that?!” Something like snarling (?) accompanied the pounding against the door and all at once our hearts were racing at what was happening. 

“A-Are we hallucinating?” I whimpered as I sunk further into the blankets, only my eyes peeking out. 

“Who the fuck is it?!” He yelled toward the door. For a moment the pounding stopped and everything went silent but there was no answer. Izuku and I traded glances, eyes wide and nervous. Then just like before it started back up but this time much more aggressively. I was trembling, scared out of my goddamn mind. Izuku didn’t look too much better but he was determined to stop whatever was behind the noise. 

“Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

“N-No! Don’t just leave me here!” I begged, terrified. 

“Trust me, I’ll be right back!” Before I had a chance to respond he disappeared towards the back of the apartment. I was about to scream when he reappeared holding a baseball bat? 

“Y-You’re not seriously thinking of opening that are you?!?!” I hissed as he carefully stalked towards the door.


“Don’t ‘shhh’ me! Get away from there Izuku! Don’t you dare open that door!”

“Relax baby doll, I’ve got this.” This was a really bad idea. Who knew who or what was on the other side of that door. What if bandits or their enemy or slave traders infiltrated the compound and found out Izuku’s identity?! 

“Izuku don’t!!!” I watched in horror as scenario after scenario raced through my mind. He very slowly and very carefully unlocked and turned the knob, just enough to peek through. 

“RRRAAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRRR!!!!!” The door instantly kicked open and holy fucking shit! A real, live, motherfucking werewolf?! The thing was MASSIVE as it leapt through the door in full on attack mode.

“H-H-HOLY SHIT! RUN!!!!!” Izuku screamed and I didn’t even think, I just moved. It was like one of those nightmares where you’re trying to escape but your coordination is off and you keep falling over. 

“GRRRRRRRR!!!!!” Shiiiiiiiit! It’s getting closer I can hear it! Where the fuck do I go?! Behind me I hear shit breaking, falling.....was that glass?! Izuku screamed and as I turned around, the werewolf had ripped the bat from Izuku’s hands and was maiming it! Ratting it like a squirrel! Oh my god does it have fucking rabies?! Izuku dove over the side of the couch, knocking the small side table over to get away. For a moment the three of us stood still. The werewolf deciding which of us to pursue, Izuku awaiting it’s decision, me seriously pissing my pants.

“I’ll distract it, run!” Izuku throws a pillow (not the best choice) hitting it in the head and setting it into a frenzy. It angrily chases Izuku all over the apartment. It surprises me how agile the man still is after having been underground all of these years. The beast is hot on his tail though and takes several swipes at him with his claws! 

“I-Izuku! This way!”

“The chase changes course and is redirected toward the other side of the apartment. Unfortunately as they pass, the monster halts and turns, sniffing the air in my direction. When it focused on me, my heart started beating so goddamn fast it felt like it was going to explode. It easily had me cornered as I had no where left to run, trapped between a high back chair and a wall. The low growl as it fucking stalked slowly in my direction made my knees give out and I fell to the floor in sheer panic, screaming. 

“DON’T TOUCH HER!” Something hit the creature stopping it in it’s tracks. Growling angrily it whipped around and dove toward Izuku leaving me sobbing on the floor. I watched in horror as it closes in on him and lifts him easily before throwing him like a rag doll. Luckily he lands on the bed but the monster is snarling ferociously and grips Izuku’s ankles pulling him down toward the bottom where it waited. It was like a scene out of a goddamn horror movie as Izuku, on his stomach, claws to find purchase as he’s being dragged towards his doom. 

“Oh my god nooooo! STOP!” I scream but the werewolf is sizing up it’s next meal. Draped over the side of the bed now, Izuku flails but the creature is clearly larger and easily overpowers him shoving him deep into the mattress. Fearing the worst and that he’s going to suffocate any minute, I swallow my terror and get to my feet making my way in it’s direction. I can’t allow Izuku to sacrifice himself for me!

As I squeeze out of the corner I had been trapped in I immediately stop in my tracks. What the fuck am I seeing right now?! Is he.....? Oh holy shit it’s rutting against Izuku? It’’s going to try and fuck him! 

“S-STOP! PLEASE!” I scream furiously, tears falling down my flushed and sweaty skin. The creature suddenly starts convulsing as it backs away making a strangled guttural sound. Izuku gasps for air and flips over before backing away up the bed and staring at the scene unfolding before him.

The giant creature bends over and starts.....laughing? Cackling? What in the actual fuck? Reaching up it removes a full headed mask, revealing a ruby eyed blonde in tears, laughing his goddamn ass off.

“Y-You goddamn son of a bitch!” I scream at him before attacking him myself. He easily holds me at bay while continuing to cackle hysterically. Izuku chucks every pillow from his bed at Katsuki causing him to laugh even harder. 

“Jesus fucking Christ Kachaan! What the hell is wrong with you!” 

“Y-You...You shoulda...s-seen your faces! AHAHAHAHA!”


“D-Did you piss yourself Princess? Haah? Hahaha!” I stomp away pouting before throwing myself into the high back chair next to the bed, trying desperately to calm my heart.

“Oh shit that was priceless. You two nerds looked seriously goddamn terrified!” 

“Probably because we were Kachaan! What a fucked up thing to do to someone who is stoned out of their goddamn minds! Especially seeing as it was her first time.”

“You’re lucky her face was priceless when she thought I was gonna fuck you! I was honestly considering paying your ass back for what you did to my door, numbnuts.”

“You were gonna piss on him?! You really are a goddamn animal!”

“He’s the one that pissed all over my door! I couldn’t go back to sleep knowing that shit was seeping into everything. I had to clean up piss in the middle of the goddamn night and lose sleep because a couple of morons don’t know how to handle their shit.”

“You’re right. Sorry Kachaan.”

“Yeah you two fucking are.”

“R-Right?! What the fuck kind of logic is that?! An eye for an eye?”

“You’re goddamn right sugar tits. Welcome to the new world.”

“To be fair baby doll, I did warn you he was a grumpy bear when you fuck with his sleep.”

“More like a horny, psycho, rabid fur ball!” I spat petulantly. Unfortunately, that seemed to only further encourage the blonde as his smirk grew predatory and made his way in my direction.

“Don’t you even think about coming near me!” I growled at him.

“Come on baby, you’ve never wanted to be fucked by an animal?” He teased.

“I’m not a goddamn furry you pervert.”

“Aww c’mon, you’d make a cute little chipmunk.” 

“No. I hate you!” He simply chuckled at my petulance.

“What about you Deku? You can be the squirrel and show me where you hide your nuts.” Izuku snorted before shaking his head to reply.

“Sorry baby, you ruined the last costume when you pissed on it remember?”

“Tch. That was Icy Hot’s fault for challenging me as Alpha.”

“Yeah well Sho didn’t need to claim me with his piss...”

“What. He just jizzed all over your face instead and told me to top it. S’exactly what I did.” Katsuki smirked triumphantly. 

“You guys are seriously fucked up you know that?”

“Aww....the Princess doesn’t like to be pissed on? S’okay baby, I’d let you be on the giving end.”

“Holy shit what? Kachaan you never let anyone piss on you.”

“Yeah well, she’s a Princess. Ain’t that right baby girl?”

“I’m not peeing on you. Either of you. And no one is peeing on me! I’m not ready for that kind of depravity alright?”

“See? A goddamn Princess.”

“Fucking seriously?!”

“Settle down cupcake. Ain’t no one pissn’ on anything. I’ve had to deal with enough of it already for one fuckn’ evening.”

“Baby doll, there are plenty of other things we could try.”

“Well sorry, it’s not my fault SOMEBODY killed the mood with the fear of death and mauling.”

“Dunno what you’re talking about. It ain’t ever a good fuck if someone ain’t gettn’ mauled or fucked within an inch of their life.”

“Always the romantic Kachaan.”

“You want romantic? How bout you suck my dick and I won’t choke you with it tonight? Haah?”

“Why do you always have to be in control Katsuki?”

“S’cuse me, ain’t nobody asked you Princess.”

“Hmm, I dunno Kachaan. It HAS been a very long time since you sucked me off.”

“Yeah? And it’s gonna be even longer cuz I ain’t rewarding the kind of fuckery you two dipshits pulled tonight.” Izuku looked displeased but somewhat accepting. 

“Aww come on baby, why doncha show you’re little dolly how fuckn’ good you are at takn’ my cock.”

“You’re always so crude Kachaan.” Izuku pouted, brows still furrowed in displeasure. 

“We can do it doggieeeee.” The blonde taunted causing a forest colored brow to rise in curiosity.

“Only if you wear the suit.”

“Yeah? There’s my dirty boy.” 

That’s exactly what happened. I watched in fascination as Katsuki worked Izuku open, scissoring his fingers to stretch him. It looked painful to me but considering Katsuki had to slap his ass several times for getting too excited and fucking onto his fingers, well, it certainly couldn’t be that bad. 

I actually felt a little dirty that I got turned on watching Katsuki put the mask on before mounting Izuku. He fucked him like an animal too. Pounding into him with a raw feral need that resounded off the walls as their skin came together violently. Izuku’s eyes were closed in bliss as he bit his lower lip, occasionally tonguing his lip ring. Sweet cries of pleasure slipping between his lips. Katsuki stayed true to character growling and grunting as he fucked into him. Occasionally he raked his claws across his skin drawing a delicious hiss from the man beneath him. 

“F-Fuck Kachaan! I’m...I’m close!” 

It was the sexiest thing I think I had ever seen watching Izuku come untouched. Hot thick spurts erupted violently painting the sheets beneath him. Katsuki groaned slamming his hips twice before staying hilted and filling Izuku with his warmth. He quickly draped himself over the man beneath him, both enjoying their post coital bliss. 

“Uhh...sorry to interrupt.” None of us had noticed Shouto enter the room as we all turned in his direction.


“What’s wrong o-nii-chan?” I’m not sure if I was just good at reading him or not but he seemed unusually tense.

“Sachi. He’s...gone.”



Chapter Text



“Gone? Gone where?” There was a tug on my heart thinking of Sachi’s sweet little face. 

“This is going to sound crazy.”

“Crazy’s better than nothn’.” Even Katsuki seemed genuinely worried.

“He was lying asleep peacefully in my bed. I went to check on him to make sure he was comfortable. As I was looking him over he began to fade. The next thing I knew he was just....gone. The only proof that he ever existed at all was the warm indentation on the sheets of where he had just been.” 

Shouto looked utterly devastated. His eyes trained at the floor, his shoulders slumped, his presence thick with worry and frustration. 

“Faded? Like...disappeared into thin air?”

“Yes. Like I said, it sounds fucking crazy.”

“No, it doesn’t. Considering the cute little fucker appeared out of thin air to begin with, ain’t no surprise he’d leave the same way.” Katsuki had a good point. We don’t even know how he got here in the first place. I had too many questions and needed answers but I also knew that initiating my quirk right now was a terrible idea. We needed a plan. I needed Izuku’s help.

“He’s goading you baby doll.” Izuku offered rather quietly but looked quite assured he was correct at his presumptions. Shouto’s eyes quickly fell upon green one’s staring blankly at nothing on the bed.

“What for?” Shouto asked carefully.

“He wants her to activate her quirk. Whatever he has planned he is now confident that his plans will come to fruition. He’s ready to confront her and most likely threaten or try and negotiate with her.”

“What though? What the fuck does she got that his ass don’t already have? I mean if he’s lurk’n in-between the dimensions with another version of her, what’s he need this version for?”

“That’s an excellent question. It depends entirely on what his endgame is. I honestly cannot think of what “I” would wish to achieve or accomplish in his situation.”

“Why did he bother sending Sachi here in the first place?” 

“I think he was trying to stir up trouble.”

“Wait. Sachi was your and Shouto’s son correct?”


“And she told you that in all of the other dimensions and timelines that it is only you and Katsuki that ever manage to reproduce?” It was actually kind of cute how pink Katsuki’s cheeks turned at the idea of us having children.

“Yes but, she obviously wasn’t telling the truth. If he’s holding her captive, he could easily make her lie.”

“Then why send Sachi? Why would he want cupcake here to know the other her was lying if he wanted to control and manipulate her here? Wouldn’t he just be showing his hand?”

“Which is why I said he must have a plan he feels confidently enough about to do such a thing.”

“Well now here’s a fuckn’ question. How the hell did his ass end up between dimensions in the first place if he ain’t got a quirk?” 

“Didn’t think about that to be honest.”

“For that matter, how’d he send Sachi too? How’d his creepy ass even get to Sachi in the first place if he’s between dimensions, haah? Shit makes no goddamn sense.”

“What doesn’t make sense to us is apparently how exactly her quirk actually works. If she was in fact lied to about certain aspects, we have no idea exactly what her quirk is capable of.”

“I wish I had more to share but my Father shared nothing about any of the details with me. All I was told early on was when they were designing this specific quirk, it was a combination of multiple quirks. The reversal of time was just the foundation. They experimented with adding other quirks to the preexisting one in hopes of creating the perfect tool in case such a catastrophe happened. Unfortunately they weren’t able to finish their research before the quirk apocalypse.”

“Wait, so you’re saying she has multiple quirks?”

“I am not exactly sure how it works to be honest. I don’t know if it was synthesized in a way that connects them altogether as one or if each one acts separately.”

“Deku. That sounds an awful lot like One For All.” 

“Yes and no Kachaan. One for All was originally created by a latent quirk that allowed it to be passed freely between people. The additional quirks that I had access to were simply those of the former wielders.”

“Izuku, what was your original quirk?” I asked thoroughly curious at this new development I had been completely unaware of.

“Cat’s out of the bag nerd. Might as well tell her seeing as it don’t matter anymore anyway.” Izuku frowned but nodded.

“Well baby girl, as it so happens, you and I are quite similar. I too was born quirkless.”

“W-What? Y-You? Seriously?”

“I’m afraid so. It was devastating to me when my mother took to have me tested when I hadn’t manifested one yet. Most of the other kids already had at that age.”

“” I couldn’t finish my words as deep emotions welled up within me and tears began to fall as I stared at him in a new light. He however looked bitter and sneered at me before speaking his next words.

“So. How does it feel knowing your hero was born useless and quirkless hmm? Changes a lot for you I’m sure. The one hero you looked up to all your life was all a lie.”

“You’re wrong.” I sniffled before glaring at him determinedly. His brow rose in curiosity but the bitterness was still present.

“It makes it so much more for me. You, a quirkless boy found the courage to become a hero.”

“Not very difficult when you receive the number one hero’s quirk and are trained by him personally. I received my hero’s quirk that was extremely powerful. So much so that my own body couldn’t even handle wielding it for quite some time. Everything that was amazing about my quirk was simply passed down to me from others. Underneath it all I was still the quirkless kid trying to play god. Guess I got what I deserved.”

“Knock that shit off nerd. You and I know damn well how hard you worked to get where you ended up. That ain’t somethn’ to shit on.”

“Bakugou’s right Izuku. All Might chose you to be his successor because he saw what you were capable of and could achieve if given the chance.”

“It wasn’t the quirk.” I whispered. They all looked at me questioningly. 

“Izuku how many times have I already told you? It wasn’t Deku that was my hero. It was you. That quirk didn’t change who you already were, it only enhanced and strengthened it. The fact that you were quirkless? That makes me respect you so much more because that means you knew exactly what it was like. The struggles quirkless people suffered so unfairly.” Holding his gaze I moved to the bed and took his scarred warm hand in mine.

“You understood what it was like to be me. To see what was possible and know you were the number one hero despite that? just makes me love you infinitely more.” His eyes sparkled with unshed tears though his expression remained pained and tense.

“Baby continue to surprise me.”

“I don’t fucking know why, I have told you this time and time again. I love you.”

“Oi, this ain’t a goddamn soap opera, knock that mushy shit off already. Yur gonna make me puke.”

“Awww Kachaan! I still love you!”

“Get the fuck off me goddammit.”

“Katsuki I love you too!” I decided to throw my arms around the blonde too making his cheeks even redder. 

“Fucking hell you two are goddamn embarrassing you know that?”

“Sho you too! Come get in on this!” Izuku exclaimed happily with a pissed off Kachaan immediately protesting.

“Don’t you fucking dare Icy Hot. I will fuck the taste out your mouth...” Completely unphased by the threats, Shouto moved in and placed his arms mostly around me but also Katsuki who was now growling and struggling to get free.

“Promises, Promises.” Shouto uttered making Izuku and I giggle. 

“Seriously though, what’s the plan moving forward?” They all looked to me and I felt panicked at how all of this was riding on my shoulders.

“First off, are you two dumbfucks still high?”

“Is that what was going on?” Sho quirked an eyebrow.

“Blame Izuku, he didn’t tell me till after he fed me a fucking brownie laced with THC!” Katsuki snorted shaking his head at the man now smirking mischievously.

“And your dumb ass still hasn’t learned your lesson yet?” He did have a point. 

“You’ve been here what, all of three days?” Shouto’s expression suddenly turned pensive.

“Am I the only one who feels as though the passing of time is off?”

“What do you mean Sho?”

“As Katsuki just said, it has been a mere three days since her arrival yet, it’s felt a hell of a lot longer.”

“Hm. Now that you mention it Half n Half, that ain’t wrong. It feels like she’s been here months or somethn right?”

“He’s probably messing with the timeline somehow.” I offered while the other two quickly agreed. Izuku however looked less convinced.

“Let me ask you something sweetheart. When you say you only had kids with Katsuki in the other dimensions, but you obviously had a child with Shouto in one of them, was it implied you chose one of us?”

“She said in most of the dimensions I ended up with you, but in the few that I ended up with Katsuki or Shouto, Katsuki was the only one I had children with.”

“That would imply that the other dimensions have already come to a resolution of sorts?”

“Well, she did say she was the first and that there were many of us after. She also said I was the last.”

“The last? The last what?”

“She hadn’t specified to be honest. She had just said that she would make sure I was the last and that I would have our happy ending. Whatever that means.”

“Interesting. Did she say what happened? How things turned out in her dimension?”

“Now that mention it, yeah. She was a young version of me, I don’t know, ten, eleven, maybe twelve? I thought that was maybe just the way she chose to appear to me. She said she had already met her end but had activated her quirk and stopped time. She’s been guiding each one of us that’s come after. I’m assuming this was all a sort of trial and error experiment. Like seeing what choices led to which outcomes. She said once we achieve “our” happy ending, she would restart time and meet her end happily.”

Everyone sat in silence, lost in thought. Izuku almost looked as if he was in pain trying to figure this all out. We sat there for a long while until Izuku finally broke the silence.

“He’s hunting you.” We all turned staring at him in shock.

“Hunting her? What the fuck’s that mean? It ain’t like she can get away if he’s able to access the other dimensions.”

“It’s a game. One of revenge. He’s holding her hostage somehow but it can’t just be physically. He has something she’s trying to protect.”

“Sachi.” Shouto’s head shot up.

“Not just Sachi. If he was the only weapon keeping her under his control, he wouldn’t have sent Sachi to another dimension. There are more.”

“More what? Kids?” The reality of what that implied hit all four of us very hard. 

“You’re saying he’s holding the other dimension’s kids hostage?”

“It seems very likely.”

“I still don’t understand though, why would he have sent that brat here?” A sudden realization flashed across Izuku’s face.

“He’s collapsing the dimensions.”

“What?! How the fuck can he do that?!”

“Simple, by sending an anomaly to a different one. Just as there are multiple versions of her, me, all of us, the children seem to be unique. Sending one to a separate dimension breaks the very fabric of the original timeline. One being cannot exist in two locations at once. By sending Sachi here, our dimension accepted him as belonging here which would cause his dimension to collapse in on itself.”

“I-Izuku? What are you saying?” The panic in my voice was reflected on Katsuki and Shouto’s faces.

“I’m saying that Sachi disappeared before Shouto’s eyes because once his dimension ceased to exist, so did he. He’s destroying the alternate dimensions using the children. Sending Sachi here was a warning.” It felt as though the wind had been knocked out of me.

“I need to know, did she say anything else? Anything at all even if it didn’t make sense?”

“Yes.” I managed as a coldness filled my insides.

“What did she say baby doll?”

“She said it was of the utmost importance that I never told you about my quirk. That you would try to kill me at all costs to prevent me from reversing time. I was only supposed to work with Shouto and Katsuki. That’s why I didn’t tell you right away Izuku. She seemed so honestly terrified about what would happen if you found out.”

“What ultimately changed your mind?”

“Two things if I’m being completely honest. The first was that I didn’t like lying to you in the first place. Even my gut was telling me it was wrong. The second scared me enough to give me the final push and risk it.”

“And that was?”

“Orochi, or rather Enji Todoroki. He left a note in his handwriting in a place he knew only Shouto could find but it was addressed to me. All it said was that if I didn’t tell you everything, all would be lost.” Izuku looked puzzled but determined. 

“I guess that makes me the key.”



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Chapter Text

Izuku needed some time to sit and think and asked Shouto to stay while Katsuki and I made our way back to his apartment to relax. We were under specific orders to rest and prepare mentally for the battle ahead. All things considered there was no way I was going to be able to do such a thing when I had so much left unexplained rolling around my mind. All of this seemed absolutely insane the more I thought about it and I was beginning to wonder if this was all just some horrible nightmare. Sachi. I couldn’t get the image of that sweet little face out of my head. My child. Mine and Shouto’s. He was so incredibly beautiful and sweet. Yet a cruel version of Izuku so easily destroyed him. Him and countless other children of mine. It scared me. That the man I loved was capable of such hatred and cruelty. What could have possibly happened that would turn him into such a monster?

“You’re thinkn’ too loud. I’m practically getting a headache.” My eyes snapped to warm crimson. He looked concerned as he took in my expression.

“Sorry. Just, so much to take in you know?”

“Yeah. This is all pretty fucked up.”

“I’m sorry Katsuki. I never wanted any of this to happen.”

“Course you didn’t. Not like it’s your fault baby girl. Fuckn’ Endeavor always was a sneaky fuck and a crazy selfish ass bastard. Can’t believe he went that far in the end just to preserve his motherfuckn’ legacy.”

“To be honest, I don’t know how to feel about him anymore. I mean, I knew he was a different man and did horrible shit but, honestly Katsuki? He was a truly different man at the end of his life. He had so many regrets and wanted to do at least one right thing before he died. He had nullified it all. I was normal. Till Shouto found me and injected the improved version of this so called quirk.”

“Ya know, I gotta be real honest here. That shit don’t sit right with me. I mean, he’s got a real weird fascination with you. The whole little sister, big brother shit is definitely weird but, whatever gets you two fucks off ain’t my business. But he’s real protective of you. Enough that he killed his ol’ man, kidnapped you, injected you with that shit even though he knew it was wrong AND gave you to Deku as a sex toy. Shit seems suspicious as hell to me.”

“You don’t trust Shouto?”

“Not after all this, and neither should you. He ain’t been the same for many years sweetheart. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bastard and I always will. But the Shouto Todoroki that existed before the world ended and the one that does now are definitely not the same person.”

“How so?”

“Dunno how to explain really. He’s sneaky as hell, not that he wasn’t before but this is a whole new level of creepy shit. He don’t talk to us like he used to and when he does it’s like he ain’t all there. Like the lights are on but ain’t nobody home. I always chalked it up to the shit that happened like Deku but, after meeting you and learn’n all this shit about his dad and you....I just dunno anymore.” I must have been making a face as he quickly stopped and pulled me into a hug.

“Listen Princess. I’m really sorry someone like you got caught up in all this bullshit. It ain’t goddamn right and it only proves that this world got what was comn’. We never had any business playn’ god to begin with. Nothn’ bout quirks was even natural and yet we let that shit reshape us as people. If I knew then what I know now? I would’ve never wanted that quirk. You were one of the lucky ones ya know? I mean, think about it. Those of us that were born with quirks were the damaged ones. Shit, it was a gene mutation that started all of this to begin with. Bein’ quirkless just meant that you were born pure. The way we were always meant to be.”


“Shh. Listen, no matter what happens I ain’t gonna let that fucker harm one goddamn hair on your head alright?” I nodded as I buried my face into his shoulder and breathed him in. This was the first time Katsuki really truly held me like this and it felt next to impossible not to have feelings for this man. He truly was the only one of the three of them that had been there for me from the beginning without any selfish desires or whims. 

“I...I love you Katsuki. Thank you. Seriously thank you. I don’t know what I would do without you. I certainly wouldn’t have made it this far.”

“Tch. Don’t act like your some charity case. If I wouldn’t have found you worth my time I wouldn’t have bothered. But’re different you know? Strong, determined, stubborn as fuck. Sassy.” We both snorted and chuckled at that last part. 

“You remind me of what Deku could have been had he not have given up at the end. M’not mad at him for it, just...I dunno. I feel like I failed him or somethn’. I should have protected him or at least fuckn’ been there for him more.”

“I don’t believe that’s true Katsuki. You seem to be the one that cares the most and has done so all along. And Izuku loves you. You’re still his hero you know? It’s cute when he’s coming across so villainous yet still needs to defer to you for everything. He still needs you Katsuki. I think he’d have been lost a long time ago if he didn’t have you by his side.”

“Yeah well...least I could do considern’ all the shit I put him through as kids. I was a real piece of shit once upon a time.” 

We arrived at the apartment and immediately sprawled out on the furniture in the open living room. 

“So you didn’t answer earlier but, you still high baby doll?”

“Uhh...don’t think so? I dunno. I don’t feel like I did earlier with Izuku. That was just insane.”

“Pft. You’re telln’ me. You guys aren’t fuckn’ allowed to get high unchaperoned no more. What the hell made either of you think comn’ here was a good fuckn’ idea? Haah?” I could only answer by laughing. He responded with a disapproving click of his tongue. 

“And why the fuck did Deku piss on my door? What the shit was that?!”

“Oh! Hahaha! started with milk.”


“Yeah, he brought me a glass of milk and watched as I drank it then proceeded to tell me he jizzed in it.”

“Haha what?!”

“Yeah....I was not happy.”

“I wouldn’t think so.” He was smirking in a way that said he was extremely amused.

“He told me I was lucky it wasn’t you.” My brows furrowed as I looked at him suspiciously. His smirk evolved into a wicked grin.

“He wasn’t wrong.” He chuckled evilly smiling.

“Seriously Katsuki?! You actually piss in people’s drinks?!”

“People’s? Nah, just Deku’s. Don’t let him fool you Princess he loves drinkn’ my piss.”

“That’s disgusting!”

“Pft, how would you know? You ever try it?”


“Exactly. Who knows you might fuckn’ love it.”

“It sounds gross. What’s it even taste like?”


“On what? It’s just pee..”

“Oh so now you’re the expert haah? Why you askn’ me then if you know already?” I abruptly shut my mouth. He wasn’t wrong.

“Yeah, s'what I thought. Anyway, I ain’t into drinkn’ it like some people are but the taste depends on the person. If they don’t drink enough fluids to begin with that shit’s gonna be nasty bitter and fuckn’ neon goddamn yellow cuz it gets all concentrated and shit. Depends on what you eat and drink too. Some foods make that shit smell nasty let alone taste it. Coffee is a big no-no also. Acidity makes it bitter and awful. Some people like that shit though, so, more power to em I guess.”

“This is strangely fascinating. There’s an entire science behind pee.”

“Well no fuckn’ shit. It’s a biological process of the body. Course there’s science behind it.”

“Kay so, what makes it not nasty?”

“Water. Pure and simple. You ever drink too much water and have to piss a ton every ten minutes?”


“Yeah? Well what color’s your pee?”

“Uh...clear I think?”

“Exactly. Once you flush all the other stuff out all you’re doin’ is pissn’ water.”

“S-Seriously? I mean, yeah that makes sense but....somehow I doubt it tastes just like water.”

“Well it certainly ain’t no goddamn Evian or whatever bottled shit was out there, but it doesn’t have much of a taste at all. S’basically warm and mildly salty water.”

“Interesting. Still not interested in trying it. At least not right now. Maybe in the future, I dunno. Still don’t understand why people get turned on by that I guess.”

“That’s just one of a shit ton of ways to play with piss.”

“Izuku said you like to mark your territory.”

“S’true. Natures way of sayn’, this is mine. Animals do that shit all the time and trust me baby girl, we’re all still fuckn’ animals.”

“Well that’s why Izuku peed on your door.”

“Tch. Yeah we go way back with the whole territory war bullshit. He’s just still mad that I was the last one to successfully lay my claim s’all.”

“Is that when you pissed on his face!?”

“Hahaha yeah, you should’ve seen that shit. His expression was priceless.”

“So basically peeing on people seems like nothing but humiliation and degradation. And the occasional wrong choice of beverage.” I smiled earning one in return.

“A lot of the time yeah. Not always tho. It can be really sensual too.”

“Seriously.....pee? Sensual?”

“Yeah. Why don’t you let me show you baby doll?”

“I don’t think I-”

“You trust me yeah?”

“Well yeah but-”

“No buts sweetheart. Either you trust me or you don’t.”

“Well yeah I trust you-”

“Then let me show you, just once. If you don’t like it we can stop and I promise I won’t ask you about it ever again.”

“I dunno...”

“Come on Princess. I bet you’ll love it so much you will be the one to ask me next time.”

“Somehow I doubt it. What is it you want to even do exactly? Pee on me? I don’t want my face pissed on...”

“Well good cuz I wasn’t gonna piss on your face.”

“Or my hair...”

“Holy shit baby doll just trust me alright? I ain’t gonna do anything you think I’m gonna do. Now come on, follow me and just do what I tell ya alright?”

“I dunno Katsuki....” He gave me a look that said I was being ridiculous. It wasn’t even that I didn’t want to, I was just embarrassed I guess. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to indulge him a little seeing as he’s done so much for me without me even having to ask. Plus he said if I didn’t like it we could stop. I swear being around the former heroes was turning me into a completely different person. Not that I minded but, this was certainly a very different world from what mine had once been.


There was an enormous tub that could easily hold the four of us. It had all sorts of jets built in and even the faucets looked complicated. When I looked at Katsuki in curiosity he smirked.

“Beautiful ain’t it? I needed something I could soak my muscles in after workouts and sparring. It’s fucking amazing. Tell ya what, since you’re being such a good little girl, after I show you what you’ve been missn’, we can take a nice long soak and relax just like Deku wanted. How’s that sound?” An enormous grin bloomed across my face and Katsuki just snorted at my excitement for a bath. 

“Strip down and hop in.” 

“Without water?”

“You wanna sit in piss water Princess?”

“But’s it so cold!”

“Exactly.” The way the words slipped off his tongue sent a shiver through me. I did as told and stood there freezing my ass off while waiting for him. As he shucked his clothes to the floor I couldn’t help myself from admiring the man’s body. He was a flawless specimen as a man. Built to absolute perfection. I had never really seen him in good light fully naked before and it was the first time I even truly noticed the countless scars littering his body. While the years had certainly helped them fade, there was no denying what this man once suffered through. 

“Don’t. It ain’t your fault and I’ve dealt with my shit over the years baby doll.” I smiled sadly at him and tried to clear my head of such horrors. We were going to be facing our own soon enough. Izuku had been very adamant about us mentally and physically unplugging a bit before tackling this head on. 

Heated flesh pressed gently into mine from behind. The feel of Katsuki’s body draping over mine was heavenly. His scent, his touch, his lips as they brushed along my neck sent my heart soaring. I couldn’t help but think how completely different and unique all three of them were when it came to me. Each of them had a way to just break me and make me theirs. Like I belonged with them and only them. Yet I honestly did believe it was possible to love all three of them simultaneously. I just didn’t know if Izuku would ever be okay with that. It didn’t take away from the love I felt for him. It was almost as somehow enhanced it.

Skilled hands and fingers quickly brought my body to life. Every brush of skin, every taste of lips had me lost in the fiery blonde ravishing me. He had me so riled yet he hadn’t once touched my core. Not even a tease. I was desperate for him to touch me and I was unaware that that’s exactly what he wanted. 

He bent me forward and helped me place my hands on the rim of the enormous tub and gently spread my legs apart with his knee. He never stopped kissing and nipping along my neck and shoulders and was still pressed perfectly against me from behind. 

“Nmmm...K-Katsuki....t-touch me...please.” I begged, eyes shut and body more than ready.

“You need it baby girl?" He whispered wantonly in my ear sending a pulse blooming out from my core at the need and anticipation. The air was cool and so was my skin but everywhere he touched or our skin met was on fire. It felt so amazing. His fingers slid teasingly across my sex, so infuriatingly light it was merely a whisper leaving me more aroused and frustrated.

“K-Katsuki! P-Please! I need it.”

“Need what sweetheart? Me to touch you?”

“Yes! Anything! I’m losing my mind...” Tears of frustration and overwhelming arousal gathered at my lids. My hips had been undulating, subconsciously searching for any type of friction. Strong steady hands gripped and stilling them completely, causing a groan of disapproval from my chest.

“Shh. Relax.” One hand held my hip almost painfully but I was too desperate to even focus on it. His other hand’s finger tips pulled erotically down my back sending a pleasurable tingle across my skin. I hummed my approval and he did it once more before shifting behind me. He brushed the tip of his cock along my wetness and I mewled in satisfaction, desperate for more. Leaning forward further and arching my back to give him better access, I waited for that wonderful sensation of his velvety head brushing along my folds once more. 

Only this time, that’s not what happened. A new sensation had me immediately crying out in ecstasy. I was too blissed out to even realize what was happening but Katsuki wanted to make sure I remembered this moment. 

“Tell me baby, how good does this feel?” I couldn’t form words even if I had wanted to. He chuckled darkly at the pleasure made obvious from the expression I currently wore.

“See? Look how much you love it.” His words were deep and raspy, laced with potent arousal. Then I realized what was actually happening and was truly shocked. He was masturbating me with his piss. The insane warmth and the constant pressure in all the right places had my eyes practically rolling in the back of my head. The very thought of what we were currently doing sent a thrill through me and tipped me right over the edge. I screamed my orgasm, my legs trembling to stay upright. His stream worked me through the most intense orgasm of my entire existence before slowing to a trickle and eventually stopping. I was too blissed out of my mind to process thought let alone form words. He laughed at the state I was in before turning on the hot water and waiting for it to warm. Once satisfied with the temperature he rinsed the tub thoroughly before beginning to fill it for our bath.

He eventually helped me to sit and I leaned happily against the wall of the tub, soaking in the warm soapy suds that smelled of lavender. My eyes closed contentedly and refused to open even when I heard him step out of the tub. He was back a few moments later and climbed in, his presence looming over me.

“Here.” He offered sweetly and upon opening my eyes he handed me an elegant glass with a blood red liquid swirling within. He had one also and once I took what was offered and thanked him, he made himself comfortable across from me sipping his wine and studying my face carefully. My eyes closed once more after taking a sip of the bitter liquid, a smile plastered to my face.

“This the part where you tease me and tell me how right you were and that I should have just listened to you in the first place?” 

“Well, you ain’t wrong. With anything you said actually.” We both laughed before falling into comfortable silence. Eventually I hummed in contentment and spoke.

“Well, I guess I owe you an apology. You were right, that was fucking incredible. I would have never thought it could be used that way.”

“I’m full of all sorts of surprises baby girl. Just gotta trust me.”

“I do Katsuki. Actually, I trust you the most.” 



Chapter Text




Izuku sat guarded with his arms crossed in front of him carefully watching the  man across from him. After several moments of long silence, the assassin finally spoke.

“I don’t expect you to ever forgive me Izuku, but please understand, I did this all to protect you and Katsuki.” Izuku pretended he didn’t hear the painful words his friend had spoken. Maybe if he simply ignored the betrayal for the moment, he could better understand what was happening.

“So he wants to meet with me huh? How exactly does he suggest we do that? I’m not the one with the quirk.” The anger is Izuku’s tone was chilling. 

“Ah no worries about that Izuku.” Speak of the devil and he shall appear. An older version of himself materialized beside the assassin looking downright insane. 

“Was wondering when you’d show up.” Izuku grinned sarcastically, staring at the older version of himself with disdain.

“Aww, what’s the matter? Still angry about Sachi?” Shouto visibly tensed at the mention of his son’s name.

“You’re despicable you know that? Children should never be used as pawns or made to see the horrors of war.”

“True. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t get to pick and choose Izuku.” The smug smile made Izuku want to punch his other self in the face.

“Cut the shit. I know you’re not me, you wouldn’t be able to stand here without one of our dimensions coming down. So tell me, who the fuck are you and what is it you truly want?” The older version smiled brightly, seemingly proud at the young man staring daggers at him.

“My, you really are quite intelligent aren’t you. Would you like to guess? I do so love playing these sort of games.”

“I know who you are and I could care less. What I want to know is how.” Evil Izuku took a comfortable seat beside the weary assassin. A cocky crooked grin adorning his face.

“I’d expect nothing less from you. My son.” As though it were merely an illusion the image of himself melted away and was replaced with a man he had hoped to forever forget. 

“You may be my father but I promise you, I am not your son. You lost that right when you walked out on me and Mom all those years ago.”

“Don’t be so angry son, look how well you did all those years without me.” 

“Why are you here and what do you want.”

“The same thing you do Izuku. A happy ending.”

“Somehow our versions of what a happy ending is greatly differ old man.”

“Oh Izuku, you do me such dishonor.”

“I’m sure I’ll be able to live with it just fine.” Izuku deadpanned. Hisashi chuckled darkly before getting to his feet. He began to pace behind the couch where he had been sitting with the statuesque assassin. 

“Listen Izuku, I would like to give you an opportunity here. Whether you like it or not, I will be taking the girl when I am good and ready. She will replace my realms version bringing this one to an end.”

“For what reason? Why would you replace something you already possess?”

“Mine has already reached the extent of her usefulness and in pausing time in our realm for such an extended period of time, she has thoroughly drained her life force. As soon as she restarts time, she will expire. The only reason she currently has the energy to continue is because she’s absorbing it directly from this dimension. I’m sure you have felt it by now.”

“That’s what making everything feel as though it is moving so slowly?”

“Of course. She’s rather talented no? She’s been able to absorb six months worth of energy and slowed that time frame into a matter of days. Hope you don’t mind the borrowed time.” Hisashi laughed evilly as he continued to pace.

“So tell me father, what is this happy ending you envision?”

“Oh I am so glad you asked Izuku! You see, with the much younger version of herself tethered to my dimension, she will be mine to use as I please. You see, Enji did me quite the favor in this realm perfecting the equation. The stabilization allowed for me to complete the quirk by adding the missing component of being able to move time forward as well. A perfect living time machine! Imagine what I could accomplish with her at my side!”

“How is that even possible if she is the one in possession of the quirk and you are not? Wouldn’t she be able to move time to her own discretion without you? You would simply age or deage from where you are currently.”

“It truly is a shame your mother was such a horrible influence on you son. You should have followed in my path and used that brain for science and engineering. The true gods of the world. Not the puppet heroes that just took the credit by flashing around their showy quirks.” Izuku struggled swallowing down his anger, disgust and hatred toward the man whose name he shared. As much as he wanted to defend his mother to the asshole that destroyed her life, he knew he’d be wasting his breath.

“What is it you want from me?”

“I want you by my side Izuku. With the two of us working together we’ll be unstoppable!”

“You never did answer my question as to how you are able to move between realms freely when you do not possess the quirk.” 

“A wonderful little invention that is specifically tied to her quirk. A simple implant that tethers you directly to the quirks host. It’s truly amazing the things we were able to synthesize in a lab. No longer will we need to rely on genetics for the perfect quirk. We can craft them as we see fit using the DNA of the quirkless. Their blood is untainted and pure. It submits so easily when you know how to manipulate it.”

“How will I be able to stay in your realm without it collapsing? Unless you already killed me in your realm. I wouldn’t put it past you.” The hatred and pure venom of his words made his father smile.

“Of course not Izuku. You are very much alive in my dimension. Young and naïve as always too. In my timeline you are still in high school. We moved the timeline back much further than we had originally intended when trying to prevent the quirk apocalypse. We still succeeded mind you, by simply killing the young man that would eventually cause it. It was a much more peaceful time and so we decided to leave it that way.”

“Then how can I exist there when the original version of me still lives?” Hisashi smiled waving a little tube with oddly colored liquid. 

“It will allow you to cross into our dimension undetected where I can then inject you with the tether and you will become a permanent part of our world.”

“You’ve gone through an awful lot of trouble knowing I would say no.”

“Suit yourself my son. I wanted to try at the very least. You and your friends here will simply disappear like the other dimensions.” The assassin bounded with such grace and agility no one even saw him move from where he was sitting before he had a blade pressed to the man’s throat.

“You gave me your word you would not harm them.”

“Mm you’re right Shouto. I have not broken my promise as I have not harmed anyone and will not be the one to erase them in the end.”

“You bastard!”

“Ah, ah, ahhh! It would be a pity for something to happen to sweet little Sachi would it not?”


“Oh come now, he was such a good boy doing as he was told. He will make a fine apprentice indeed in my realm.”

“N-No! Let him go!”

“Go? Go...where Shouto? His home was destroyed and it was only by my charity and science that he still exists in the first place. You are in no position to be making threats.”

“No? What would I have to lose then if I killed you now huh? If I am going to die anyway then at least the other realm will be free from the likes of you!”

“Poor little Shouto. As always, you will never be free from the tyranny of your father. Who do you think orchestrated all of this in the first place? Your father and I have worked along side one another for many years. Even if you manage to kill me here, Endeavor is fully prepared with a contingency plan. Only, I don’t think he’d be so generous as I in what I am offering. Then again, maybe that’s where Sachi belongs no? With his grandfather and your amazing quirk. I wonder what Enji could do with all of the knowledge and quirk fusion at our disposal. Oh well, I suppose it would be a worthy sacrifice indeed for the sake of science! I await your blade assassin.” In a show of submission he held out his arms in surrender and tilted his head giving Shouto better access.

Shouto immediately dropped his blade, backing away in horror. Izuku could say nothing but watch in grief and sorrow knowing what his dear friend must be feeling. Trying to interfere could very well get little Sachi killed or tortured. As much of a monster as Izuku believed he became, he still could not risk the lives and well being of innocent children. He would never be his father.

“Changed our mind have we? Wonderful! I promise dear Shouto, as a man of my word. Help me see these plans to fruition and I swear your son will have a wonderful life and want for nothing. I will even keep him away from your father.” The expression the assassin wore was haunting. What choice did he have? If his life and those of his friends were coming to an end, shouldn’t he do everything in his power for his son’s survival? Trusting a man like Hisashi was risky and there was no proof he would keep his word. But again, what choice did he have?

“Fine.” Shouto growled, heart raw and bleeding.

“Excellent! I’m very proud of you Shouto. You’re a much smarter man than your father let on. I will be back in three days time. I suggest you take this opportunity to celebrate and enjoy your remaining time together. It’s best to leave this world on a good note. Farewell for now, I look forward to our next meeting!” With that Hisashi disappeared as though he had never even been there in the first place. 

The silence left in his absence was oppressive and tense. Shouto looked very much like the broken boy Izuku met all those years ago. A sadness in his eyes that made Izuku's stomach churn. 


“I truly am sorry Izuku. I failed you. All these years, living this lie was for nothing.”

“No Sho...that’s not true at all. You saved me. You protected me. You cared for me. And goddammit I know how much you love me because I love you the same. I know why you did what you did and that you truly believed you were doing the right thing. I’m not mad or disappointed with you for that. I just wish you would have to come to me first. Haven’t we always found a way?” Izuku got to his knees and pulled his friend into his arms. 

“I’m so, so sorry.” Izuku felt his heart tear open as his always stoic, incredibly strong best friend broke down in front of him for the first time in their lives together.

“I forgive you Sho....I forgive you.” Izuku held the man close, trying to soothe him as silent tears streamed down his own cheeks.

“I will figure this out somehow. I have to. For all of us.”



Chapter Text




The four of us had sat down and talked. We put everything out on the table. Everything. Our fears, our secrets, everything. While Katsuki had initially been incredibly hard on Shouto for his betrayal, I actually understood. I put myself in his shoes and honestly, I would have done the same thing. Plus the fact that he was more than willing to risk it all for our son Sachi, well, let’s just say that the future mother in me was swayed. Three days. We were given three days before Izuku’s father returned for me. 

“Why is that fuck giving us three days if he’s ready now? Why even bother telling you in the first place?”

“He wants me to join him.”

“Yeah you said that. Still makes no sense seeing as the bastard was never interested in you before. So what the fuck changed haah?”

“Dunno. But he knew I was going to say no. I think that’s why he’s giving us three days. He wants me to change my mind.”

“To what end though?” Sho finally spoke up seemingly just as confused. As I listened to them dispute the possibilities my heart felt heavy and my mind was swimming. This all seemed like an endless nightmare. I just wanted to wake up and go back to the way things were when I first arrived. I would take arguing and fighting for my life with Izuku over this shit any day. At least there was the potential for a positive outcome.

Things had become so quiet that it eventually brought me out of my daze and when I looked up I was horrified. 

“Well hello there. We meet at last.” A man similar yet much different than Izuku stood before me smiling almost sweetly. It left me unnerved and as I glanced around everything around me was frozen. 

“Inpatient are we?” The man chuckled looking amused. I must have stopped time without even realizing. 

“Why are you doing this?” I asked, voice soft and yet exhausted. His face immediately fell and looked genuinely concerned.

“Why, did my son not explain it to you sweetheart?”

“What, the typical bad guy M.O. of receiving power too great to control to destroy the universe? Yeah, I get that. It’s just, I don’t know. Disappointing? I would have figured the father of Izuku of all people would be....more interesting? This is just so....boring.” I am honestly not sure why those particular words came out of my mouth but they felt wonderful, especially considering the expression now staring back at me. He burst into mirthful laughter.

“Well now there it is! I see why he fell for you! You are certainly different aren’t you dear?”

“Shouldn’t you already know that? I mean, seeing as you already have another version of me captive.”

“Oh but she’s not really you, you know? A version perhaps, but you are perfect with the way this precise set of circumstances crafted you. Perfect. Flawless. Beautiful. You will be mine and help me rule the world.”

“I will be yours?” I asked almost incredulously. He smiled sweetly as he approached. He resembled Izuku so much it was sort of confusing. Black curly hair, beautiful dark green eyes, dusted in endless freckles. Older but with a sinister maturity. He was undoubtedly handsome but the entire atmosphere surrounding the man was dark and disconcerting. His smile was the same as his son’s and that made my heart clench.

“You may think you love my son but I promise you beautiful, I can and will make you far happier than he could ever hope to achieve.”

“Then why ask him to join you? If he did do you honestly believe he would just give me to you?”

“It’s not up to him now is it? Or did he successfully convince you that you belong to him, a mere piece of property.”

“I belong to no one. Least of all you. Do you honestly believe I would choose you of my own free will?”

“Oh sweet girl. You haven’t even given me the chance to prove it to you yet.” His fingers brushed down my face sending a chill down my spine.

“And what, you expect to prove it to me simply by fucking me?” His grin turned wicked and dark as he pulled my head to his chest. For a moment I could have believed I was hugging Izuku except I knew his scent better than any other and this man smelled nothing like Izuku.

“I already can give you quite literally anything your heart desires. The only thing left to prove is how I can satisfy you physically. If I can do that, why would you need anyone else?” This man was truly insane.

“I don’t know how about something like love? Friendship? Admiration?” He pulled me away to look at me carefully.

“Mm. Such things are often coveted by the young and naïve. You will grow to admire me, love me and I promise my dear, we can be the best of friends.” 

“And if I refuse?”

“Refuse? How adorable. Are you still under the impression that you have any choice in this matter?”

“If that’s the case than why even bother trying to convince me of anything?” I spoke hatefully staring into those amused and painfully familiar green eyes. 

“While yes, in the end you have no choice, that is quite true, I would like to at least properly invite you to accept it of your own free will.”

“You think I would willingly love someone who has destroyed countless worlds for your own gain? You could never love me! And even if by some miracle you could, how could I ever trust or love someone who has killed many other versions of me already? Someone who has erased the very existence of my future children? Some of them were probably your own grandchildren!” He snorted, a smug and unimpressed smile still present on his face.

“Then I did you a favor. Furthering my line by procreating with Izuku is a disgrace.”

“You’re a disgrace! You’re a cruel, sick and twisted man! I would never willingly be yours!”

“Fortunately for you I expected as much. However, I will prove to you just how merciful I am. Thanks to your dear, sweet Shouto, I am thoroughly aware of your feelings for all three of those boys. You love each of them do you not?” I glowered at him unwilling to answer a single question.

“See, if I was a heartless man, I would simply kill all three and rid myself of any ‘competition’. If I were a cruel man, I would make you choose one and the chosen would have to kill his friends all while you watched of course. But my sweet, I am neither of those things. So I will give you an opportunity to see just how generous I can be!” His sinister grin was back as he carded his fingers through my hair. With his free hand he lifted my chin to his gaze before speaking softly.

“I will allow all three of your precious loves to live in my new world.”

“What’s the catch?” My words were laced with venom and distrust. He leaned in slowly till our lips were practically touching. His breath sweet upon my lips. 

“You will be mine and only mine. You will never be allowed to see any of them ever again.” He pulled back only a little, his eyes observing me carefully. This close up I felt vulnerable somehow. Exposed. He was searching my eyes for honesty when I next spoke. He had put me in an impossible situation.

“Can I have time to consider?”

“Mm I’m afraid not sweetheart. I have been very merciful and giving already. I think it is time for you to offer me something in return. I would like that something to be your answer right here and now.” My thoughts were racing, what was I suppose to do? The only thing I knew was right.

“Fine. I will be yours and only yours but under one final condition in addition to sparing all three of their lives.”

“I love your bravery and determination. Very well, what is it you wish?”

“Sachi. You must give him to my Shouto and allow him to have full and sole custody. No interference from you or Enji. They will all live outside your reach and be left alone for the remainder of their lives. Deal?” He smiled so sweetly it made my stomach tighten and eyes burn at the finality of this deal. I knew Izuku, Shouto and Katsuki would never agree to this but it wasn’t their choice to make this time. It was mine. If I could save all four of them by sacrificing myself to Hisashi, how could I pass that up? After all, isn’t that what a hero would do?

‘Forgive me. All of you. I just want to see you live. Live and be happy. For me.’

“Deal. Then it is decided. As I have said, I am not without mercy. You may take the remaining three days to say your farewells. At the time of the transfer, I will hand Sachi over to Shouto and he will permanently be in his care. Are these terms agreeable?”

“Y-Yes. Um....thank you.” 

Hisashi smiled kindly before cupping his my face in his large, warm hands. His eyes looked upon me with such kindness it was almost believable. 

“I know you don’t trust me yet and I don’t blame or fault you for any of that my dear. All I ask is that you give me a chance before deciding I am truly the bad guy. I will show you a world my son never could have given you.” His last words were spoken with a genuine softness. He leaned in and gently pressed his lips to mine before brushing his knuckles along my cheek.

“See you soon.”  He smiled warmly then disappeared.

As I looked around at the frozen imagery before me, my heart felt heavy. I stared at each one of them a long moment, committing their faces forever to memory. It was amazing just how much all three of them had already so drastically changed me. No matter what my fate may be, it would be these moments that would always be my light in the darkness. 

With a deep breath, I centered myself and closed my eyes trying to calm enough to restart time. 

“Baby doll? You alright?”

My eyes shot open and all three of them were staring at me with such honest concern and love I immediately broke down. 

“Woah hey, what’s wrong sweetheart?” Big green eyes stared at me worriedly and all I could see was Hisashi. That made it real. Too real.

“I-Izu-ku...I’ sorry!” I threw myself into his arms breathing him in deeply. Yet another thing I needed to commit to memory. The sobs wracked my body as scarred fingers carefully caressed my head. 

“You’re shaking....what happened?” 

Trying to swallow down the grief that now easily flooded me, I brought my face before his and just stared. Tears falling all the while. He was so incredibly beautiful. Perfect. Mine...

“D-Did you....”

“ wasn’t on purpose. I was just so worried...” He cradled my face in his hands before pressing his lips tenderly to my forehead. He didn’t ask me any questions. Just looked at me longingly and with a profound love, tears welling in his eyes though his smile never faded. He knew. Somehow he just knew and spared me the pain of having to say the words to him. My heart had never hurt more than it did in that moment. It hurt to breathe. 

The other two sat quietly though watching with worry at the scene unfolding before them. 

“I’m...I’m so fucking sorry Izuku. I...I didn’t know what else to do and he wanted an answer right then and there. What was I suppose to say?” I cried resting my forehead to his. 

“I know baby doll. I know. You did the only thing you could and I’m....I’m so fucking proud of you.” Tears were falling freely from his eyes now as he tried his hardest to never let that smile fade. Even though he was crying, he still smiled for me. The real Izuku. The hero that still lived in his broken heart. 

“Alright I fuckn’ get you two are havn’ a moment and shit, but what the hell happened already?!” I didn’t have it in me to face Katsuki. Especially not Katsuki. I couldn’t bare to watch his face fall when he heard. I buried my face into Izuku’s shoulder after fully crawling into his lap. Izuku was the one to bring the bad news. Yet another precious yet simple thing his kindness has done for me. This was not the same man I met when I arrived here. I wanted to think I played a roll in his transformation. He was more and more like the Izuku I remembered from all those years ago. Life had been breathed back into his soul.

“She sacrificed herself for us. Didn’t you baby girl?” I nodded as I turned my cheek to rest on his shoulder instead. I could breathe a little easier this way and try to calm myself with deep breaths.

“The fuck you mean she sacrificed herself!? Haah?!” Katsuki was obviously pissed but it was impossible for me to miss that distinct pain in his voice. 

“I had to.” I spoke so softly I had assumed it would go unheard. I had assumed wrong.

“You wanna fuckn’ clarify that shit for me Princess?”

“He was going to take me either way. He said if I went willingly and agreed to be...his, he’d allow all three of you to live in the other dimension. He said I would never see any of you ever again but he would give you all your freedom.”



“No this is BULLSHIT and you fucking know it! You can’t honestly believe any of that shit Deku...”

“She had no choice Kachaan.”

“Fuck yes she had a choice! To say FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!”

“Katsuki, she made a deal to save our lives. She thought she was doing what was right.” Shouto finally spoke.

“What was right for who?! That fuckhole!?”


“No this is pure bullshit!”

“Katsuki...I’m so sorry....I didn’t want you to die!”

“That’s not fucking up to you now is it?!”

“KACHAAN!” I pulled myself from Izuku’s lap and turned to meet the fury I knew was waiting for me. However when my eyes met his, I felt like I had been kicked in the gut as tears streamed angrily down his face

“Kat-suki...” It came out a broken whisper.

“You don’t get it do you Princess?”


“Kachaan, she made the only choice she thought was right! Do you honestly believe she could just sit back and watch us erased from existence if she knew she could prevent it?!”

“It would have been better!”

“Katsuki!” Shouto was getting upset watching his friend who was the symbol of strength fall apart. Katsuki paid it no mind as he fell to his knees in front of me and grabbed my hands into his.

“Don’t you see baby girl? I’d rather be erased from existence than live anywhere knowing I’ll never be able to reach you. Never to see your smile again. Never to laugh with or touch you. I love you. More than I have ever loved anything in this miserable fucked up world. can’t sacrifice yourself for me. How am I supposed to live with that the rest of my goddamn life?”

My heart shattered into a billion pieces at the haunting expression staring at me pleadingly. I fell to my knees and embraced him with every ounce of strength I possessed. His strong arms wrapped around me so tightly I could barely breathe as Izuku and Shouto silently cried at what they were witnessing. 

“I’m so sorry Katsuki. I’m so..”

“Me too baby doll, I failed you. I’m so goddamn sorry.”

A large hand gently combed through my hair and I knew it wasn't Katsuki’s as both of his hands were tangled tightly around my body holding on for dear life. When I saw Izuku from the corner of my eye circle around to the side and embrace both of us, I knew the hand belonged to Shouto.

“Sho...” I whispered before Katsuki lightened his grip enough for me to turn my head but definitely not letting go. Even the stoic Shouto had tear tracks down his pale and beautiful cheeks. 

“That was my other condition for Hisashi. He had to hand Sachi over to you and give you sole custody without having to be a part of your father’s life. You will be his father in the new dimension so please, give him all the love I won’t be able to. We might not be the original, but we are still his parents and he is our son. Give him a happy life Shouto. For all of us.” 

Upon hearing my words the other two gasped and Katsuki allowed me to embrace Shouto as well. He held me so tight and thanked me before silently sobbing into my shoulder. Grief and joy causing a confusing and brutal ache within him. Katsuki quickly joined our hug, Izuku following suit. We all hugged each other tightly and stayed that way for a long while. Izuku was the one to eventually break the silence.

“How long did he give you?”

“Three days. Just like before. He said he’ll give Sachi to Shouto on the journey over.” Still wrapped in our four person embrace, Izuku huffed before giggling causing all of us to disengage and look at him.

“Three days huh? I’ve done a lot more with a lot less. We’re not giving up yet!”



My very first fan art by the lovely and talented Shiloh! Thank you so much for this! It means more than words can say as it is truly the highest honor a fanfic writer can receive in my opinion! <3 <3 <3

Chapter Text



" do realize what it is you are asking me to do right?" 

"Look, I'm not saying you have to actually enjoy it baby doll, but you're definitely going to have to pretend. He's got to believe you are into it."

"How is this my life?" I sighed into my hand as I tried to process that the love of my life was actually suggesting that I seduce and fuck his father. Shouto smirked.

"And you thought our dynamic was fucked up." Mismatched eyes teased crimson one's that instantly regarded him with contempt.

"Yeah cuz the Todoroki's were the epitome of normalcy." Katsuki sneered at the man. Shouto however only widened his smirk.

"I distinctly recall you calling me 'daddy' on more than one occasion."

"The fuck you say you goddamn pervy bastard!?"

"Enough you two. If you guys need to relieve the tension than by all means, go fuck each other senseless." Izuku stated matter-of-factly, mind still reeling as he jotted down an endless wall of scribble in his notebook.

"Tch." Katsuki looked away agitated. Shouto however resembled a mischievous cat carefully stalking a bird it was planning to play with before eating. It was actually one of the subtle things about Shouto that I found amusing and attractive. His pure sadistic excitement at chasing and playing with his prey. It always reminded me of just how dangerous the man actually was. 

“Sho...” Izuku raised an eyebrow as he addressed the assassin. Seems I wasn’t the only one to pick up on his devious vibes. Shouto apparently had a bug up his ass about something because he absolutely refused to take his sights off of the angry blonde.

“You got a problem Icy Hot?” Katsuki’s eyes narrowed as he returned the intensity of the stare. I swear to god if Shouto had a tail it would be snapping back and forth. Izuku traded a glance with me and smirked before returning his eyes to the free entertainment. 

“Typical. All this talk of danger and the incredibly high probability of death got you all worked up Halfie?” 

Seriously, the world was literally coming to an end, we were in the middle of trying to figure out a plan on how to save it, and these two couldn’t play nicely and keep it in their pants?

A weird sort of silent intensity grew between them making me suddenly nervous. 

“Shouto.” Izuku tried once more but it was like he somehow snapped and could no longer hear us. His eyes were hyper focused and unblinking as he stared down the blonde. The subtle smirk still perfectly where he left it. I felt my heart hammering in my chest as I focused on the assassin. What in the hell was up with him all of the sudden? I heard Izuku exhale slowly as he ran his hands through his hair. He pushed away from the table and leaned against the couch crossing his arms. Waiting. For what exactly, I had no idea.

When I glanced over to Katsuki I noticed an incredibly feral smile gleaming toward Sho, his body language having shifted in excitement. I looked back to Izuku who was grinning and decided whatever the fuck was about to happen, it would undoubtedly be safer next to him. When I plopped down I immediately leaned in and whispered.

“What the fuck are they doing?” Izuku snorted before replying and tipping his head in their direction.

“Watch and see.” 

Raising a brow in curiosity, I quickly scanned both men for any clue as to what was actually going on and had I not been actively looking, I would have missed it. Sho was almost poised to strike and Katsuki looked utterly thrilled at the prospect. He was in a subtle defensive position anticipating the assassins strike. Shouto however seemed exceptionally patient and waited for the exact opportunity to present itself. A desirable opening. None of this was going to be allowed to happen however, because there was no room for this behavior when we were trying to save the goddamn world!

“Knock it the fuck off both of you! Izuku was right, if you can’t control yourselves than go someplace else and fight then fuck each other silly! Some of us are actually trying to save the world here.” A whistle slipped easily from Izuku’s lips suggestive of me putting the two of them in their place. 

“Yeah, knock it the fuck off Icy Hot before I destroy your ass.”

“Kachaan, isn’t he usually the one destroying your ass?”

“I’m about this close to strapping one on and destroying all three of your asses!”

“Dammmmmmn…my baby’s kinky!” 


“Stop making that face baby doll, seriously, it’s terrifying.” 

“Aren’t any of you worried about the end of the goddamn world?!”

“I’m worried about your rear end....cause I’m about to destroy it.” There was a sudden burst of laughter not belonging to anyone in the room. As my eyes darted all over trying to find the source, a familiar form materialized in front of me.

“Y-You?! S-Stay away from them!” I hollered as I got to my feet ready to defend them but for whatever reason the three of them just continued sitting there smiling. It was as if this was all some horrible joke.

“Oh my darling, I am so sorry. It was just too funny to test them out on you!”

“What?! T-Test what out?!” Hisashi pulled me from the floor and into his waiting arms sending a shiver through me at his sudden warmth surrounding my body.

“Shall I show you?” He smiled before snapping his fingers and the world around me fell away revealing a dark room with no furniture of any kind. 

“W-What is this?!”

“You’re new home my love. I’m so very sorry to have sprung it on you in such a way.”

“Wait! Where did they go?! You promised!”

“Mmm. I did, didn’t I?”

“Please! Don’t destroy them! I’m here! I’m yours! Just like I promised! Please!”

“Don’t upset yourself my dear. I may be a monster but I am a man of my word. However, it just didn’t quite sit well with me the idea of leaving you alone for three days with those miscreants doing god knows what. You’re never going to see them again anyway and I suppose I didn’t like giving them the opportunity to further touch you.”

“W-What are you saying?! I’ve been with them since-”

“So it was convincing after all! Wonderful. A new invention of sorts my dear and your situation gave me the perfect opportunity to test it. Would you like to see what you were actually with?” Another snap of his fingers showed all three of them standing side by side, barely moving. He walked over to Izuku and easily pulled away the face which was an intricate mask covering a machine. 


“Perfect isn’t it? It took me quite some time in the lab to synthesize and countless hours of programming. Thanks to you, I had ample opportunity to collect plenty of data and sound samples to replicate their voices.” I felt nauseated all of the sudden and stumbled backwards trying to understand what the hell I was seeing.

“Oh come, please don’t be so upset. I did all of this for you, you know. I wanted you to feel truly at home and happy with your...surroundings so I created these toys for you my sweet. Consider them, living dolls if you wish. I believe you are quite familiar with the concept.” His cruel smirk made my skin crawl as I collapsed to the floor.

“H-How long....”

“Oh please, as much fun as it was to play with you and these toys, I am a busy man in this realm. This is all brand new. To commemorate your new life with me. Do you...perhaps not like my gifts? I had figured you would be pleased, I even designed them for you to fuck as I cannot always be around to satisfy you the way you deserve.”

“How long....since I was with the real versions?”

“Ah! That. Yes well, when I came to fetch you, lets just say you never returned. But fear not! The transfer, destruction, Sachi, and this realms original you gone, it’s all done my dear! I figured it would pain you to see such things and feel helpless to prevent it. You have quite a lovely heart you know and I quite honestly did not wish to break it in such a way.”

“B-But! I....I didn’t even get to say goodbye....” The last part was whispered bitterly as large salty tears fell. 

“A-and how can I even trust you?! How do I know that you kept your end of the deal?!”

“It pains me that you do not yet trust me when I go through such lengths to assure your happiness here....but....I expected as much. Come, allow me to show you the farewell you were unable to attend.” He offered his hand and I took it reluctantly but followed the man none the less. He brought me before a wall of computers and screens of varying sizes. After a few moments of fiddling around he brought up a recording and I watched with such profound sadness I struggled to swallow. He even showed them me oblivious in an illusion of them surrounding me. That didn’t settle well with Katsuki as he struggled to stay put. However when Hisashi presented a scared little Sachi, the entire atmosphere shifted. After implanting a tiny device in the back of their necks and each an injection of the strange liquid shown to me when he had first arrived last time, he gave them a thorough explanation of what I had bartered for their survival. With Sachi held protectively against his body, the others had no choice but to obey without incident. However, it was easy to see the pain and anger on their faces. That seemed to make the tears come faster. I didn’t miss the explanation of the trackers within their implants. If they came anywhere near any of this ever again he would detonate the explosive also a part of their implants, including little Sachi’s. 

I watched as the four of them reluctantly turned to follow Hisashi to a door before stepping out into somewhere outdoors, the light making them appear as mere shadows. Shouto was handed Sachi and was the first to disappear, followed by a hesitant Izuku and last, Katsuki who turned around one last time to look in the direction he had last seen me. My heart broke at that very moment knowing I’d never see any of them again. I never got a chance to tell them how I felt. Exhaustion suddenly hit hard and the next thing I knew I felt my body colliding with the floor, my head spinning before I was lost to the darkness. 

“Fear not my love, I will not allow you to suffer needlessly. When you wake, you will remember nothing and we can begin our happy lives ruling the word together. For now, just rest my dear. This bad dream will all be over soon.”



“Now what genius...” Katsuki grumbled as the three of them made their way into the industrial district of the city, Sachi soundly asleep on Shouto’s back. 

“I’m thinking.” Izuku offered, his face incredibly serious and obviously deep in thought with the blankness in his green eyes. They came to an abandoned factory before breaking their way inside through the alleyway beside the old building. It smelled of rust and mold and was chilly but it provided shelter for the night that was fast approaching. 

“This is a lot to take in.” Shouto finally spoke after wrapping Sachi in his jacket and lying him comfortably on a beat up old couch inside the former managerial office. 

“You’re fuckn’ telln’ me. It’s like some fucked up dream seeing all of this shit again. Also means quirks still exist if that fucker was to be believed. No we ain’t got em, I already tried several times.” 

Izuku continued to pace making Katsuki’s already withering patience flair up.

“Goddammit nerd, knock that shit off. Plus you’re mumbln’ like an idiot.” 

Izuku came to a halt, still in thought but obviously onto something as the expression on his face turned hopeful. 

“You said quirks exist in this world right? This is the past. Dad never said when in the timeline we were. If quirks still exist and we needed the tether to stay, that means the younger versions of us are still alive.”

“Izuku, what you’re thinking of is extremely dangerous.”

“I know Sho but think about it! We will have access to our quirks by having access to ourselves! This is perfect! Who better to convince that ourselves?”

“You don’t even know when the hell this is! What if our asses are still in diapers genius?”

“Guess it’s important we find that out ASAP! Sho will you-”

“-on it. Please look after Sachi for me till I get back. I’ll scrounge up some dinner while I’m out. It’d definitely be best if only one of us was out at a time just in cased something happens you know?”

“Why’s he get to go haah?”

“Because Kachaan I need you hear to help me come up with a plan if the original versions of us in this dimension are able to assist us.”

“Tch. Fair. Hurry the fuck up Halfie, I’m goddamn starvn’ already and I work for shit on an empty stomach.”

“Right. Be back soon.” Shouto easily slipped out quietly and undetected as Izuku and Katsuki began coming up with numerous possible scenarios.

“Let’s get one thing straight before we go any further Deku. While I know we all want her back, we can’t just steal her away regardless of whatever help we conjure up. You get that right? He’s gotta go Deku. I’m gonna kill him, you know that right?”

“I know Kachaan. I’m with you, but this is my fight. He’s my kill, not yours.”

“As long as the bastard dies I don’t give a fuck who does it.”

“We are gonna get her back Kachaan. I promise.”

“Yeah...know that too just....”

“Just what?”

“M’worried about what that psycho will do to her till that shit happens.”

“I wish my Mom had been right when she told me she believed he had died without anyone letting them know. But even then, I knew he was alive somehow. I just felt it. Like we would absolutely meet one day and confront the past.”

“M’sorry Deku. I know this shit’s all fucked up and I wish there was somethn’ more I could do for you n’stuff. But you know I ain’t good with emotional shit. Just know I’m here for you alright? I will stand by your side till the end, no fucking matter what.”

“Thanks Kachaan. I love you ya know.”

“Knock that mushy shit off, it's goddamn embarrassing....but uh....I love you too nerd.”

“Plus Ultra right?”

“Yur damn right. Plus fuckn’ Ultra.”



Chapter Text




The sun had set and night had long since fallen upon the city before Shouto returned. The assassin quietly slipped in with two plastic bags filled to the brim with take out containers. 

“I like the way you think Icy Hot.” Katsuki smirked at the absurd amount of food Shouto had returned with.

“Holy hell Sho, you planning on feeding an army?” Izuku teased as the bicolored man slid the bags from his wrists setting them on the floor. Without a single word the assassin returned the way he had came leaving the other two to stare at each other in confusion.

“Maybe the bastard was in the mood for something else?” 

Before Izuku could retort, the door flew open and Shouto returned with three apparent hostages. Each were bound and tied to a single rope led by the assassin and each had a large black sack over their heads.

“Uhh….?” Izuku raised a brow at the unexpected sight before him. 

“What the fuck Icy Hot? You brought back hostages?!” 

The assassin said nothing as he guided each one to stand side by side before Katsuki and Izuku. The pair exchanged nervous glances before returning their gazes back to their friend who was removing their binds. Though unbound, the sacks remained and not a single one of them spoke or dared move. 

“Sachi still asleep?” The assassin finally spoke. Izuku simply nodded not taking his eyes off the three apparent young men standing before him.

“Good.” Was all Shouto replied with before physically guiding Izuku to stand before one particular young man.

“I don’t understand-”

“You will.” 

The assassin then positioned Katsuki in much the same way before taking his own place to Izuku’s right. The hostage in the middle was shorter than the other two and was visibly trembling. The other two were as still as statues standing before the trio awaiting whatever fate had in store.

“You wanna explain?” Katsuki snarked as he stood with his arms crossed wondering what the hell the idiot got them involved in.

“I’d rather just show you. Go ahead, take off their hoods.” They all moved in unison simultaneously unveiling the captive trio standing before them. 

It would be the most amazing and simultaneously insane experience in all six of their lives. Katsuki smirked, extremely amused but saying nothing. Izuku’s eyes went wide, exhaling in disbelief and as always, Shouto remained silent and stoic. The same could not be said for the three young men standing before them seemingly too shocked to speak. That is, till the one across from Katsuki quickly recovered and looked him over suspiciously.

“Some trick. Or what, you idiots using some kind of quirk?” Katsuki snorted at the young man before bringing himself right up to the kids face.

“Naw little shit, we’re the real deal.” The young man scoffed pushing Katsuki away from his close proximity. 

“Yeah? And I’m the fuckn’ Queen of England.”

“Well you certainly sound like a little cunt.”

“Kachaan!” Izuku turned to scold the fiery blonde and instead was answered with a gasp from the young man in front of him and a bewildered expression from the mouthy one. Katsuki snorted watching everything unfold while Izuku simply smirked at the small fry in front of him. 

“I-It c-can’t be....a-are you really...?”

“He is. They all are.” The young man standing before the assassin said without emotion.


“Awww, look how cute and innocent these little shits are.” Katsuki teased earning a glare from Izuku.

“H-How is this...possible?” The shorter one across from Izuku breathed nervously. 

“Well I suppose this means we can simply skip introductions hm?” Izuku teased earning a glare from the mouth one.

“If you assholes are who you say you are, fuckn’ prove it.”

“We ain’t gotta prove shit mini-me.” 

“Alright, knock it the fuck off. Both of you. Seriously Sho? Two Kachaan’s?” Izuku deadpanned at the bi-colored man standing on his right. Then his eyes fell on the young man across from him and his heart kicked up a beat. How long had it been since he’d seen the still sweet and innocent Shouto Todoroki. Without hesitating he threw his arms around the young man causing him to stiffen in his sudden embrace. 

“I’m sorry, I know this must be really weird for you’s been so long since I’ve seen the light in your eyes.” Izuku pulled back, arms still wrapped around his younger friend.

“I don’t understand, it would seem you and I are still friends or am I somehow mistaken?” Young Shouto asked though his expression remained flat as usual. 

“We are...we are. But, uh. Let’s just say we’ve seen some things that...forever changed us all.”

“I’d say that’s a definite understatement.” Young Katsuki snarked as he carefully looked over the older Izuku.

“Gotta admit, it’s definitely an improvement.” He teased earning an elbow to the side from his Deku. Older Izuku smirked at the blonde before sauntering over to him and thoroughly taking in the young Kachaan. 

“Like what you see Nerd?”

“Of course. I always thought my Kachaan was handsome.” He smirked as his younger self turned bright red and sputtered. Young Bakugou however looked impressed that this older version of Deku had the audacity and a pair to actually say something like that to his face. Amused, he glanced at his older self.

“You allow him to talk like that to you?” It was meant playfully though Katsuki answered him with a shrug.

“Deku is Deku. Why the fuck should I mind him bein’ himself?”

That was a direct unspoken challenge for his younger self. He knew damn well how shitty he had been to Deku when they were young. It was one of his biggest regrets in life. 

“Ain’t that right baby?” He then smirked as he pulled older Izuku in for a deep and rather dirty kiss. Now it was the younger blonde’s turn to darken in color. Didn’t stop young Midoriya from doing the same. Young Shouto let a quiet sigh escape before his older self smirked at him. 

“Of course you know, you’re me after all.” Young Todoroki grumbled before looking away a little flustered.

“T-Todoroki kun?” Young Izuku’s eyes went wide as he reddened further staring at the bi-colored man beside him. Sho’s smirk just widened at the sight unfolding before them.

“Go on, might as well. He knows now anyway.” The assassin advised his younger self. 

“I seriously forgot how goddamn stupid we all were.” Katsuki rolled his eyes as he carefully looked at each one of their younger selves. 

“I’ll make it real simple for ya. All three of you like each other to some extent or another and newsflash, you’re all gonna fuck. Sometimes all together. Might as well get over that lame ass embarrassment that ain’t doing you any fucking favors and just start enjoying each other for once.” Older Izuku smiled warmly at his Kachaan and the surprisingly great advice he bestowed their younger selves with. He wanted to say the same thing, except maybe with a little more tact. Either way, from the embarrassment thoroughly coating the three young men’s faces, the cat was out of the bag and now all three could hopefully move past the bullshit a lot sooner than they had. 

“So why the fuck are we even here? How did you guys get here? Where are you even from?”

“Patience young Kachaan, we will gladly explain everything. But first, let’s eat. Dunno about the three of you, but we're starving.” 

All six sat down and shared a meal as the elder versions filled them in on everything that had happened. The trio took it rather well all things considered. Naturally they had what seemed like endless questions but Deku made sure to answer every single one with the help of his best friends. 

“So now what? You realize you kidnapped us out of our goddamn dorms right? Gonna be pretty damn obvious we’re missn’ come morning.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.” The assassin offered expressionless making young Bakugou wonder what the hell Senior Icy Hot was up to.

“I’m in.” Young Deku smiled warmly, a soft innocence still abundant. There was no denying his strength however and they were absolutely going to need it.

“Guess I’m in also.” Young Todoroki offered looking almost as bored as his counterpart. 

“Guess that leaves me. Fuck if I’m gonna let these losers have all the fun. Besides, you need me.”

Senior Izuku beamed that the plan had come together so much easier than he had anticipated even though Shouto brought it about before he was even ready. The sooner however they got a plan together, the sooner they could rescue his baby doll and permanently put an end to his old man.

The rest of the evening they sat and brainstormed a multitude of ideas. The six of them surprisingly worked together efficiently. As the evening wore on, the group slowly began to drift off before they were all awoken with the sound of a nearby door opening. The group was instantly on guard and fully prepared to attack as two big, bright and mismatched eyes peeked around the corner in confusion.

“Sachi! Hey little guy, did you have a bad dream?” Izuku offered his arms out as a sleepy little toddler stumbled into the open room. The three younger men stared at the little boy questioningly as he approached the group rubbing his tired eyes.

“I-Is that....Todoroki-kun?” Young Izuku asked staring unbelievingly at the adorable child practically in front of them now. Older Izuku chuckled and answered quietly.

“Not quite.” 

Still confused the trio watched as the little boy had made his way to stand right directly in front of young Shouto whose eyes were wide in disbelief. A huge, warm and sleepy smile filled the child’s cherubic little face and he extended his arms out toward young Shouto.

“Awww! Todoroki-kun, he likes you!” Young Izuku beamed at the precious sight before him. 

“Yeah, but who is the little brat?” Young Bakugou inquired. Until the boy answered the question himself as he stared up at Shouto longingly.

“Dada! Up!”



Chapter Text



It was rather heartening watching young Shouto sit happily holding his future son against his body as the toddler slept away. It looked so natural, especially with the contented look on Shouto’s usually expressionless face. Not having the heart to risk this version of Shouto ever losing the light from his eyes the way his best friend had, Izuku had suggested that the bicolored boy remain behind and care for Sachi. Surprisingly, they all agreed but no one more so than Sho. He felt his son couldn’t be in better hands and safer than at the school with some of the best heroes in the country. Of course, they lost access to Todoroki’s invaluable Fire and Ice, but it was deemed necessary for the greater good and Izuku as always had a plan. 

Katsuki however had gotten strangely quiet after Shouto disappeared with the little brat. Things did not sit well with him and the entire plan was just...sloppy in his opinion. Something wasn’t right. Not that this feeling was anything new. Katsuki had been carefully watching and examining Izuku and Shouto. Their behavioral patterns had drastically changed the moment the woman arrived and now it just seemed like both of his friends were half-assing everything. Even Icy Hot’s disobedience had gone by without so much as a blink from Izuku which was odd. Izuku wasn’t known for his mercy or forgiveness. Their entire situation seemed...unplanned? Forced? 

Katsuki had known for a while now that something was wrong but without any way to prove it, he kept moving forward playing the role perfectly. With everything that had taken place in the last twenty four hours, it felt like some kind of fucked up what if scenario. Like a choose your own adventure style game that had the possibility of multiple endings, some good some bad. Izuku would absolutely love that concept actually. He always did 

Scarlet eyes narrowed as he watched the other four deep in conversation. His gut was screaming at him about the entire situation being unnatural. Icy Hot would never have just given away his kid like that. Young Shouto would have never so easily gone along with sitting this one out either. Not to mention the questions that would be asked when he showed up at the school with a kid that looks exactly like him. The idiot had never been good at lying or cover stories. The more Katsuki contemplated, the more his head began to hurt. Everything seemed to be leading up to something. Something that absolutely revolved on returning to Hisashi and rescuing the Princess. So, Katsuki decided to throw in an unexpected variable with an unexpected suggestion to test a theory that he was slowly formulating.

“Oi. Deku.” It was still rather unnerving having two of them respond.

“What is it Kachaan?” The blonde slowly made his way back over to the group and it did not go unnoticed the guarded way the Half n Half bastard was staring at him.

“I’ve been giving it some thought.” With the pause that followed and his lack of further explanation the atmosphere grew tense. 

“Giving what some thought Kachaan?” The blonde looked up and held his Deku’s gaze so when he spoke his next words he could carefully read the intelligent and clever emerald eyes. 

“To be honest Izu, I think we should just disappear.” There was instant confusion and a hint of fear in his eyes but it wasn’t enough.

“What do you mean disappear? After we save her?”

“No Deku. I mean now. I think we should give up this idiotic plan before one of us gets killed.” 

“You wanna give up? That doesn’t sound like you Kachaan. Are you perhaps....not feeling well?”

“I’m fuckn’ fine nerd. I just think we should cut our losses and walk away.” Katsuki quickly noticed the sudden stiffness in Shouto but did not take his eyes off of him.

“Um, okay? It’s just....Kachaan seemed to love her the most, why would you abandon her now?” Katsuki could feel it even though Izuku was doing a magnificent job of physically hiding it. So Katsuki decided to push a little further and raised his shoulder dismissively.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself idiot, I don’t love anyone. Especially not some idiot girl who got herself so easily caught.” It was fascinating the way Deku’s expression remained exactly the same, not moving one single muscle in response. His eyes looked strangely excited however.

“You love me though, right Kachaan?” The blonde smirked, allowing his body to relax as he beamed at the man in front of him. 

“Do I Deku?” The smile never left his face at the challenge. 

“Yes of course my Kachaan loves me.” Izuku’s posture began to falter and shift.

“You don’t honestly believe that, do you Deku?”

“W-What are you saying Kachaan?”

“Cut the crap asshole. I’ve known you my whole life or have you forgotten?”

“I-I don’t understand-”

“No? Then how about I make it easy for you?” Without taking his eyes off of Izuku, he walked over and without hesitation, pulled a knife he always kept on him for survival and slit the assassins throat. It was so completely unexpected Sho never even saw it coming. The assassin sputtered and gasped clutching at his neck before falling to the floor in a quickly growing pool of blood. Yet glimmering crimson met amused emerald, the bastard never even turned a glance in his dying friend’s direction. No, instead, he smiled. 

“Well done Kachaan. You finally figured it all out huh? I must say, I am terribly disappointed we didn’t get to actually finish the game.”

“Goddamn you Deku. Get that purple haired freak off of me before I carve your ass up too.”

“Always so touchy Kachaan. Hitoshi has been a saint sitting through all of this for such a lengthy period of time.”

“Yeah, I’ll be sure to thank his ass properly when we get out of here.”

A horrible sensation ricocheted through his skull making him instantly nauseous. He clenched his eyes shut tightly holding his head in his hands. When he finally opened his eyes the light in the room felt blinding. 

“Morning sunshine.” Bright emerald eyes and forest green eyes looked down at him as Katsuki’s eyes slowly adjusted. 

“Ugh. Fucking Deku you piece of shit. My head is killing me.”

“I’m sorry Kachaan. I admit, I got a little carried away with our game.”

“I seriously fucking hate you.”

“Noooo you don’t! You love me SO much!” Izuku clung to Katsuki like a wet blanket. 

“Izuku, get off the poor guy so I can give him these painkillers.” Groaning in complaint, Izuku did as Shinso told him worriedly watching their interaction. Deku knew how much Katsuki hated mind control. The blonde eagerly snatched the pills as he sat up and swallowed them down with a glass of water Shouto handed to him.

“I can’t believe you killed me.” Mismatched eyes deadpanned causing the blonde to smirk.

“Seriously though, how are you feeling?” Deku asked with genuine concern.

“Like shit. Don’t tell me I actually agreed to any of this.”

“Surprisingly, you actually did.” Shinso smiled standing up and stretching his stiff limbs out.

“But I’ll let Midoriya walk you back through it all, I’m exhausted.” Izuku stood and hugged his friend tightly thanking him a million times over for his hard work and participation. Hitoshi disappeared rather quickly, the bags under his eyes the most colorful Katsuki had ever seen them and that was definitely saying something.

When Izuku made his way back over the remnants of fog had finally begun to clear his brain and a part of him sighed in relief to see Izuku as he had always remembered him. 

“Not gonna lie, liked you better with all the piercings nerd.” Izuku burst into laughter.

“Seriously?! I don’t know if I could actually go through all that.” 

“Whose idea was it to make you such a badass?” Katsuki teased. The greenette flushed brightly and laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Hers. She thought it would be cute to see the always sweet and innocent Izuku as an underground mob boss.” Shouto offered looking far too normal for comfort.

“And yours Icy Hot?”

“Same.” He slightly blushed. 

“Talk about taking roll play to the next goddamn level.”

“Yeah but, I kinda liked how dark it was you know? Like we were the evil versions of ourselves.” Deku offered, eyes sparkling at the memory.

“She okay? Everything is still overlapping in my mind.”

“Yeah...after effects of the quirk and prolonged usage.”

“Fuck. This shit is lingering too long for my liking. Gimme the basics Icy Hot.”

“Twenty three, in college, quirks still work, polyamorous relationship with all of us, you're about to become a father.”

“That was the whole reason we did this in the first place Kachaan. You were afraid you wouldn’t be a good father as a hero or love and support her the way she needed. So you said, and I quote, “Gimme all the worst case scenarios you idiots got!”

“She tried to talk you out of it but as usual you were stubborn and claimed you needed to prove it to yourself. So she sat down and helped us develop and write the script for the scenario Shinso guided you through.” Shouto added and everything slowly began to trickle back. 

“Can I see her?” 

“Soon. Kiri took her for her OBGYN appointment but they should be back in time for dinner.” Katsuki sighed in relief before collapsing back into the couch. An uncharacteristic smile on his face.

“You have no fucking idea how glad I am that that shit wasn’t real.” He breathed, eyes closed in contentment. 

“Plus I get more than a decade of my life back. Tho, wasn’t so bad. I’m sexy as fuck in my thirties.” He smirked earning a snort from Izuku.

“Seriously though, Deku, you definitely need at least a few piercings and Halfie, you look goddamn sexy as hell with long hair and tattoo’s.”

“I’m not going to cover my body in tattoo’s. I can grow the hair out though.”

“I kinda always wanted to get my lip and tongue pierced.” Izuku pondered as he spoke. 

“Thanks you goddamn idiots.”

“Are you being sincere or sarcastic?”

“What do you think Icy Hot?”

“Hard to tell with you to be honest.”

“Tch. Well I’m bein’ honest now. Thanks.”

“For what Kachaan? Putting you through hell at your request?”

“No stupid. For bein’.....good friends and shit. Dunno what I’d do without you losers.”

“You were obviously doing just fine after you mercilessly slit my throat.” Shouto offered flatly causing Katsuki to erupt into a feral grin.

“You I love you Icy Hot.”


“How could I not love the motherfuckn’ Kraken?” The three burst into laughter. No matter what ever came their way, quirk apocalypse’ s included, Katsuki would always protect the one’s he loved, no matter the cost. He would always strive to do the right thing. Even when faced with the most impossible odds. 


Chapter Text



“Papa!” Two young boys threw themselves at Katsuki the moment they walked in the door.

“Oi ya little brats! Let me breathe holy shit!” Very used to their boorish father, the pair of boys laughed and squeezed tighter.

“Sachi, Yuuki! Be careful with your Papa, he has quite the headache.” Izuku warned but sweetly. 

“Dada!” Now it was his turn to get mauled by the little one’s in their excitement. 

"Okay boys! OKAY! Hahaha!"

"Tch. And to think we're addn' to this goddammn zoo." Katsuki snorted at the sight of Deku on the floor being tickled and hugged within an inch of his life.

"Yeah but this time it's your monkey."

"Excuse me? What the fuck you say Icy Hot?! My child is nothing less than a fucking gift to the world. Y'all should be so blessed."

"Kachaan, I am sure your baby will be perfect."

"Yur goddammn right it will."

"Speaking of which, we're getting close aren't we?"

"We aren't anything shit nerd, she is doin' all the goddammn work. Brat's due in six weeks."

"Aren't you excited Kachaan! Ahh... I remember when my little Yuuki here was born. He was so tiny!"

"Still tiny, aren't ya shrimp?" Yuuki's big blue eyes focused on Katsuki before he cackled and made a bee line right for Katsuki.

"AHH?! Hey you little shit ya just hit me in the nuts!!!" Green curls bounced when his little head shot up, big blue eyes on the verge of tears and all at once Katsuki felt like he was looking at Izuku all over again. Except for the baby blue's, he looked very much like his daddy.

"Naw don't cry, Papa's sorry for yell'n." The blonde easily scooped the toddler up and a big smile filled his cute little face before nuzzling into his shoulder.

"Tch. Yur lucky yur so goddamn cute." He grumbled but obviously full of affection.

"Me too, me too!" The elder of the two ran up, arms outstretched.

"Seriously Sachi?" The little boy beamed up at him and he cursed under his breath before scooping up the other boy who immediately threw his arms around Katsuki's neck.


"What about me?" Shouto deadpanned.

"Kiss my ass Half n Half!"

"Later." He responded, that barely there smirk just noticeable.



3 Weeks till due date

“So what are you hoping it will be Kachaan?”

The three boys were heading out from the parlor, Izuku getting his lower lip pierced and Shouto getting a small tattoo to start on his left hip. 

“Human.” Katsuki snarked earning a glare from Deku. The blonde was finding it difficult to be agitated with Izuku’s lip piercing making him all kinds of sexy. 

“Looks good nerd.” He smirked giving the green haired man’s firm butt a squeeze on the way back to the car. 

“Thanks Kachaan.” Izuku practically whispered in his embarrassed shyness. 

“How you holdn’ up Halfie?”

“Mm. I rather enjoyed it to be perfectly honest.”

“Tch. Course you did you goddamn masochist.”

“Never heard you complain about it before.” 

Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzz

“Holy shit what?! Can’t I have one goddamn moment-” Katsuki’s eyes suddenly went wide before he hung up and started walking quickly.


“Her water broke. Mina and Jiro already took her. Kiri and Denki are watchn’ the boys at their place.” 

“GAH! This is so exciting!” 

“Calm down nerd. We gotta get there first.”

“Uh...maybe it would be best if Shouto drove?

“The fuck for? You sayn’ I can’t drive shit head?!”

“N-No! It’s just uh...t-things can get u-uh...stressful and-”

“We don’t want to die.” Shouto offered, expression bored as usual. 

“Then yur asses can find your own goddamn way there!” The trio rushed into the car, Katsuki behind the wheel, Sho riding shotgun. 

“Put your seatbelt on idiot.” Bakugou barked to Izuku in the back who disregarded his warning. 

“What for? I’m in the backseat Kachaan.” 

“Suit yourself.” The blonde pulled out like a demon from hell, tires screeching against the pavement. As he took a particularly tight turn, Deku went tumbling across the seat. Katsuki smirking as he saw the signature red sneakers through the rearview mirror. 

“K-Kachaan! Slow down!”

“What’s that nerd? Hurry up? On it!” He hit the pedal harder and once again Izuku struggled to stay in his seat, his knuckles white from the death grip into the leather beneath him. 

“Midoriya, stop playing with it like that it will never heal.” The greenette huffed in frustration. He hated being parented by the two of them sometimes. He could handle a damn lip piercing just fine thank you very much!


“Oi! Get the fuck outta my way you piece of shit!”

“Kachaan! That’s an old lady crossing the street!”

“Fuck! I don’t have time for this shit!” Katsuki threw the car in park and flew out of the car picking the frail old woman up and carrying her like a stack of newspapers to the other side before blasting his way back. Tires smoked and screeched as he blew through the red light, other pedestrians jumping out of the way screaming.

“Holy shit! We’re gonna die!” Deku had taken the brief absence to secure his seatbelt but even that was barely holding him in. 

“Katsuki, you might want to slow down before you draw unwanted attention. Not to mention you are breaking multiple laws.” Shouto offered, face expressionless as the blur of lights and sound wizzed past them at alarming speed.

The fiery blonde was too far gone to pay attention to the extras in the car. All he could think about was you in labor, having his baby, and people were in the fucking way!

Katsuki didn’t even bother to park, or shut the car off for that matter. Actually, he barely slowed to a crawl before bailing leaving the other two inside in a unmanned still moving vehicle. Honestly? His mind was focused on one thing and one thing only. Getting to you.

He practically blasted his way through the front doors, Deku’s screams fading as he made his way to the front desk demanding to see you immediately. He smiled to himself as he was personally escorted by half of the security force on duty in case he got “out of control”. Like these wannabe’s could even touch him if he was so inclined. 

He walked briskly through the maternity ward not even bothering to ask which room you were in. He checked everyone along the way in haste and getting views of things he knew would haunt his nightmares forever. At last, he reached your room and flung open the curtain hiding you from view, a mixture of intense emotions all over his face. 

“Baby doll. How are you? You okay? The baby okay?” He swore your smile was the goddamn rain in the desert, making his heart flood with warmth and love and other mushy shit. Even now, in a hospital gown, your hair in disarray and no make up, you looked like a goddess. His goddess. About to have his baby. 

“It’s okay, everything is fine.” You offered, still smiling warmly as if this was a simple walk through the park for you. Well, to be fair, this was your third delivery after all. 

“They said I’m already almost dilated. I guess each kid comes faster than the last because your body already knows what to do.” He felt his heart speed up in excitement. You were the picture of serenity and he had so much respect for you at this moment. How amazing you were to carry and grow life inside of you and then bring it into the world. Life that he helped create. A perfect mixture of your love for one another.

“How long do you think?”

“Hmm, dunno exactly but the doc was pretty sure I could probably start pushing within the next two hours.” He gave you a genuine smile before lovingly caressing your cheek and placing a chaste kiss to your lips.

“Sorry if I ruined your outing with the guys.” You smiled sheepishly causing him to snort.

“You didn’t ruin shit. Both idiots got what they went for. The call came on our way out.”

“Oh! Are they here?”

“Uh...*coughs*...parking. They’re parking the car and will be right in.”

“And the boys?”

“Staying with the moron twins.”

“God...they better not give them too much candy like last time. Poor Yuuki had the shakes and Sachi...well I dunno if it affected him to be honest. He’s so much like his father sometimes it’s terrifying.”

“You realize that you simply birthed Icy Hot’s clone right? I don’t think that kid has any of your DNA.”

“Hahaha! That’s not true! He has my smile.” 

“S’true. His one redeeming quality. At least Yuuki’s more like your personality. I seriously couldn’t handle another Deku.”

“Aww but he looks so much like Izuku. He’s my baby too ya know.”

“I’m teasing sweet cheeks.”

“What do you think we’re gonna have?”

“Dunno to be honest. If we’re going by odds then probably another boy. Which, god help us and holy shit am I sorry.” Katsuki chuckled.

“I’d be blessed to have two of you in my life.”

“Tch. You been spending too much time with Deku.” He pouted, a beautiful blush blooming across his cheeks.

“Well, maybe they will at least inherit my time travel quirk.” You smirked at him as he gaped at you.

“That’s not fuckn’ funny! Goddamn that was the goddamn worst. You’re just as bad as they are giving them all of those horrible ideas!”

“Aww c’mon, I made sure to throw in some sexy stuff.” You teased flashing him a flirty smile. 

“Tch. Lesson learned, never let your pregnant woman contribute to any mind control simulation. And by the way, I love the way you had purple fuck unfold it from YOUR perspective. You realize how trippy that shit is? I couldn’t even register that it was obviously a dream or simulation because that fucker made my mind actually believe everything I was goddamn seeing!”

“Aww baby, I’m sorry. Hey, to be fair, did I not try and talk you out of it in the first place?”

“Not the point.”

“You need a reminder of my real quirk handsome?” You took his hand and pulled up the sleeve of his shirt, positive you would find something. Sure enough there was a minor cut scabbing over and as you brushed your thumb over the wound, a warm light erased it away. 

“I like that shit way better. Besides, could you imagine what kind of quirk our little monster would have with an explosive time travel quirk? Haah?”

“I’m quite curious what it will be with our quirks now. Healing plus explosives seems counterproductive.”

“Maybe he can blow himself up and heal back together every time.”

“ACK! No! That’s horrible!”

“I didn’t say it had to hurt.”

“You don’t just get to ignore the laws of physics!”

“Tch. Watch me.”

“KACHAAN!” The sound of an angry Deku came waltzing in glaring daggers, clothes disheveled.

“Oh my god Izuku! What happened?! Your head is bleeding come here!” 

“Don’t waste your energy on that idiot. It’s his punishment for not wearing a goddamn seatbelt.”

“I put it on after you almost ran over that old lady!”

“Katsuki you did what now?”

“He’s exaggerating.”

“He’s not.”

“Shouto! You too?”

“I’m alright. Katsuki decided to exit the vehicle from the drivers seat without bothering to even stop the car.”

“O-Oh my god!”

“Oi! My baby’s are more important than these extra’s.”

“Katsuki! I love them and they are the father’s of our other children!”

“Calm down it’s bad for the baby. Besides, it ain’t like you weren’t gonna fix em up anyway.” 

“You’re mean Kachaan...”

“Fucking newsflash idiot Deku.”

“You better learn to be nicer with a baby on the way!

“O-Oh! Speaking of which...uh...can one of you get the doctor? I-I’m uh..AH! Ready to start pushing now!”

TBC Sachi and Yuuki art here!


Chapter Text



“Congratulations! It’s a beautiful baby girl!” My heart swelled as the tiny baby was handed to me, still messy and crying. A tuft of light blonde hair atop her sweet head. My eyes flicked up to the father who was actually crying. Katsuki was crying at the sight of the precious bundle I immediately handed to him. My heart soared at the sight. A giant smile beamed at the child even though tears continued to cascade down his cheeks.

“My precious baby girl. Look at you. You’re so unbelievably beautiful sweetheart.” The babies cries quickly disappeared and were replaced with coos as she instantly was soothed by him.

“Daddy’s little girl already.” I teased smiling at him lovingly. I don’t think I have ever seen him prouder or happier in all the years I’ve known him. 

“What do you want to call her?” He practically whispered, still in awe at the little bundle he helped create wigging in his large and calloused hands. My heart felt so full at this perfect sight.

“Why don’t you decide.” I offered, a smile of pure joy upon my face. His head shot up, eyes wide.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course! Why not, you are her father after all.” More tears fell as his crimson eyes stared at his daughter.

“Hime.” He said with all the confidence in the world. My smile widened as I chuckled at him.

“Princess huh? Very fitting.” 

“Exactly. Don’t worry baby, that just makes you my queen.” He leaned in and pressed a tender kiss to my lips.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For the greatest gift anyone has ever or could ever give me. She’s perfect.”

After little Hime was washed and swaddled and properly fed, the rest of our family shuffled in, excited to meet the newest member of our family.


“There are my boys!” Sachi and Yuuki both practically dove into the bed with me wrapping their arms around my waist and neck.

“I-Is that?” I smiled at Sachi and nodded.

“Yes. Your baby sister, Hime.” Yuuki’s eyes got so huge he almost looked cartoonish as he stared up at the tiny pink blanket resting in her daddy’s arms. Katsuki beamed and allowed the boys to crawl into the chair next to him and peer at their baby sister curiously.

“She’s so tiny Mama.” Sachi offered, eyes wide and surprised at the size of the tiny bundle.

“HeeHee! She bootiful!” Yuuki added, a smile from ear to ear. 

“Congratulations.” Shouto offered with a genuine and surprisingly large grin. Izuku of course couldn’t even speak, he was sobbing into Sho’s sleeve. 

As I looked around at my now complete and perfect family, I felt like I was the luckiest woman in the world. Three soon to be pro hero’s, all father’s to one of my three children, all best friends and all together for the rest of our lives. Talk about living the fairytale!



1 year later

“Happy birthday dear Hime, happy birthday to you!”

“You boys help your sister blow out the candle.” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing as Hime immediately went for the chocolate cake in front of her. Her pudgy little hands plunging in and reacting to the excitement from her brothers crowded next her, she decided to “share” her treat, covering both in fluffy cake and sticky frosting.

“Eww! Hime!” Sachi whined at the mess. Yuuki didn't seem to care less and returned the gesture making his baby sister squeal in delight. Katsuki and Shouto laughed as Izuku took at least a hundred pictures to document the event. Hime was utterly precious in her little sun dress, wild blonde hair a mess as usual and giant ruby colored eyes just like daddy. After we opened countless gifts for the family princess, the guys took all three kids to go play outside and give Mama some much needed rest. 

After settling comfortably on the couch and indulging in a class of wine, classical music playing in the background, I smiled at the pile of presents towering in the center of the living room. All three of my precious children had such wonderful fathers who loved each others kids as they loved their own. The number of presents from all three of her fathers and two brothers definitely signaled how the tiny princess already ran the household making me laugh. At least I finally had another girl around now to help break up the testosterone filled environment. 

As I reflected upon my happy and blessed family, I noticed an unwrapped gift at the bottom of the pile. The wrapping paper we had used to wrap all her presents was a solid pink so the green wrapped box with a black and white bow stood out. Raising a brow in curiosity I fished it from the pile and looked it over thoroughly. There was no tag or label of any kind. When I gently shook the perfectly wrapped box, something moved around inside making me wonder. For whatever reason, the mere presence of this gift seemed to make my stomach feel strange but for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why. 

Not giving it anymore thought, I decided to quell my curiosity and open the gift. Hime wouldn’t mind anyway, seeing as her brothers basically opened every gift for her before handing her what was inside. With the paper torn away, a simple brown box, smaller than a shoebox sat innocently in my lap. I took a deep breath to calm my rapidly beating heart and pulled the lid. The contents had my eyes wide in surprise and confusion. A beautiful and perfectly crafted doll lay innocently staring up at me. What was somewhat unnerving was that the doll somehow looked exactly like me. Me in some strange green frilly baby doll dress that is. What on Earth? Is this a gift from one of the guys? Not sure why but it somehow left me with a strange sense of deja vu. Hmm? 

“Baby doll! You’re missing all the fun!”

“Coming! I’m coming...” Setting the toy aside, I grabbed my wine glass and headed out to the yard with the rest of my family. Blissfully living my happily ever after.



“Enjoying your toy?”

“Sho! You practically gave me a heart attack!”


“I somehow still often forget just how stealthy you are.”

“Isn’t that why I’m your spy in the first place?”

“There are many reasons for why you are who you are Sho, none of which I feel like discussing at this time. Now, come. Look and see for yourself.” Shouto glanced at the screen for a few moments before returning his gaze to his master.

“Look at how happy she is Sho! We have all given her a child now and have become that big happy family she always dreamed of.” Izuku smiled, seemingly truly contented and happy. Sho raised his eyebrows trying to understand his boss’s peculiar hobby. 

“What Sho? Why are you looking at me so strangely?” 

“No reason. I guess I just don’t understand why you went through such great lengths for a girl you keep oblivious in her own little world.”

“She’s my dolly Shouto. Is that not why you originally brought her here in the first place?”

“Why not play with her here?”

“Ah yes. I forgot you weren’t here when we originally tried that. It never ended well Sho. We tried several times but after I killed her the first time and took her quirk, she kept getting worse every time we rewound the timeline.”

“Worse how?”

“Her mental stability kept deteriorating and eventually we had to change tactics so she felt she had someone to trust.”



“Is that why he’s been unusually distant lately?”

“He is still upset with me for the way I decided to handle the entire situation. You forget, he never quite acclimated to the “villain” lifestyle.”

“No I haven’t forgotten at all. He was the entire reason you caused the quirk apocalypse in the first place.”

“He would have killed us Sho. How ironic is it not? The one hero everyone was always sure would become a villain ended up being the only hero not to give in and fall to the dark side.” Izuku sighed, face falling in memory.

“You should have seen his face Sho. The look of sheer disbelief and betrayal when he learned the truth. He wasn’t anywhere as understanding as you.”

“You killed my father, for that I owed you my life.”

“Yes, unfortunately for Kachaan it was never that simple. He couldn’t comprehend why I would decide to turn “evil” as he put it. I didn’t turn evil Sho! I simply decided to take All For One’s advice before killing him. I decided to put myself first for a change. He wasn’t wrong you know. With the combined power of All for One and One for All, I tried just that and discovered a valuable lesson. People are inherently selfish creatures and will always do the predictable. He told me, “If it comes down to you or them, they will always choose themselves Izuku. You are the anomaly in every equation and no matter how much you sacrifice or give, it will never be enough.” I didn’t believe him at the time, I had to of course at least try right?” The assassin just stood there carefully listening. Deku had never fully given him the entire story behind everything before and while has mostly figured it out for himself, some things made more sense to hear directly from the horses mouth.

“Well, you know the rest Sho. I am truly sorry you lost your quirk that day-”

“-I’m not. It was a constant reminder of the purpose in which I was created for in the first place. Besides, look how much more I have achieved without it.”

“So very true my beautiful and deadly assassin. I’m so glad to have you by my side Shouto. I have always loved you and Kachaan more than anyone. At least you understand why I do the things that I need to do to keep this world beneath our feet where it belongs.”

“Can I ask something?”

“Of course Sho, you can ask me anything.”

“Well, I never inquired before because it just didn’t really matter to me at the time. The only reason I wish to know now is to satisfy my own curiosity. What quirk or quirks do you possess that allowed you to elaborately craft a living dream world for her?” 

Izuku chuckled and patted his friends arm. 

“Do you really wish to know even knowing that I have used some of them on you as well?”

“I belong to you anyway Izuku. I am yours to do with as you wish am I not?”

“Indeed. Such a good boy. If only Kachaan would learn a thing or two from you. Well then, as you know I have many quirks in my arsenal now and to create this...hmm.....let us call it a dollhouse. I have used several of my quirks in conjunction with one another. Dreamwalker allows me to create and submerge others in a sort of waking dream. Infiltrate allows me to directly affect and control one’s mind, similar to Shinso’s only much more powerful. And then Puppeteer, which by the way is my personal favorite, allows me to virtually take control of a person’s life and do with them whatever I wish to make them do. Together, well, I am merely playing with my dolly however I wish to. Right now, I am simply enjoying watching her play house with the three of us.”

“And the children, are they real?”

“Are you worried Sho?” Izuku purred playfully causing the assassin to break out in a sweat.

“Not worried. Curious how you can just create a new life as though you are some sort of god.”

“But I am a god am I not? I rule this twisted world the way I see fit as I am truly  a godly being with powers among the powerless. Am I wrong?”

“Not at all Izuku. Forgive me, I meant no offense.”

“None taken sweet Shouto. As to your question of how?” Izuku laughs sinisterly sending a shiver through the assassin.

“I use another quirk when I wish to play house with her as I have been. You already know of this one, it is called Multiply. Every version of me is controlled by and linked to me so every other doll I have crafted for her, as in us and our “children”, are all brought to life and kept living at my behest.”

“So you’re saying, all of those people she interacts with in that world are actually...”

“Me? But of course. You know well I do not like to share my toys with others Sho. After all she is MY dolly. With her time travel quirk I can play with her in as many scenarios as I wish for as long as I wish to do so. Though I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying this particular scenario at present. One big happy family no?”

“I’m just glad to see you happy Izuku.”

“Truly, I am. You have found me the most exquisite gift ever imaginable. My beautiful and perfect living dolly.”



It was late by the time I had tucked everyone in, the men included. It was a relief to see the house back to being neat and tidy after such a chaotic party. That was one thing I absolutely loved about Katsuki. He kept a tight ship around here and everyone always fell in line. It made my job so much easier. 

Sitting back in my lounge chair I pulled a blanket into my lap and grabbed the small brown box I had stashed away earlier. Curious to thoroughly examine without any immediate interruptions, I pulled the mini replica of me and stared at it in contemplation. What was it about this doll that was so familiar other than the creepy similarity? Upon further inspection of the intricate clothing, there was a small folded piece of paper carefully stuck inside the stocking. Carefully pulling it out and unfolding it, I read the words written with beautiful penmanship. 

“You are my masterpiece. Deku’s perfect Little Dolly.”