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Pool Bonding

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Enji is casually reading a magazine, enjoying the relaxation of a rare day off and the luxury of the the pool in the backyard. The sun beating down on him and the quiet of the afternoon both feel nice. He doesn't think twice about impropriety as he reaches down to scratch at an itch in his balls—even though his trunks are white and still wet after he perused the pool a few minutes ago.

Scattered in the backyard, Enji's kids sneak looks at his crotch when they think the others, their father included, aren't watching.

Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shouto can see the large testicles shift as Enji touches them, his cock shifting as well at the motion, and all three have to collectively bite their lips to repress their groans. Their father has been unconsciously edging his offspring for the better part of an hour now, with his tight swimming attire—it's at least two sizes too small; there's no way the number 1 hero got it wrong by mistake.

Natsuo and Shouto are trapped in the pool, unable to get out anyway because they're hard as a rock and neither of them wants to risk everyone else to know how thirsty they are. Still, both boys palm themselves below the surface as discreetly as they're able. Meanwhile, Fuyumi's laying on her beach chair a little distance away from Enji, enough to get a nice, close side look at the pink outline of her father's cock from behind her sunglasses. She too has been rubbing her thighs together, getting hornier and wetter the longer she stared.

Fuck, just take off that useless piece of clothing...! All three younger Todorokis think, inwardly moaning and cursing, three pairs of eyes fixated on Enji's large hand now cupping his junk like it's not driving them up a wall.

In the pool, Natsuo and Shouto somehow end up drifting closer to each other. Bumping shoulders and startling out of their own filthy fantasy, all of which feature Enji, they share a look that seems to silently convey «you too?» «Yeah...» and at that point, bashfulness disappears. There's comfort in knowing they're not alone in this perverse attraction. Both boys reach out underwater at the same time, their hands landing on the other's tented swim trunks.

Natsuo drags Shouto to him, back to chest, his wider hand slips under his brother's trunks. Cold fingers close around Shouto's cock, pumping him lazily as Shouto both thrusts into his grip and rocks back onto Natsuo's own erection. Both keep their hungry gazes fixated on Enji's crotch.

Natsuo groans in a whisper in Shouto's ear. «It's big...»

«So big...» is his brother's agreement, lust coloring his otherwise blank tone.

On the beach chair, Fuyumi takes off her sunglasses and her large straw hat. She places the latter at her groin, to hide the fingers she's now skimming over her pussy through her own costume. She shifts a bit, both hands gingerly slipping past the waistband. She rubs along her cunt, slowly working herself up until her slick seeps into her panties. Her eyes never leave Enji's large hand, which has moved to frame that mouth-watering cock between thumb and forefinger, this last one digging under the shaft enough that it shows off even more.

Fuyumi briefly wonders why he hasn't used his quirk to dry off quicker, but at the same time she's glad he didn't—and ashamed for thinking that, for blatantly getting off to her father.

On the other hand—

She throws a glance toward the pool. There's no mistaking what her brothers are doing, over there. The way they're so close, their synced movements... yeah, she knows. Fuyumi presses her finger to her clit more firmly, licking her lips because the flush on her brothers' faces is also attractive. Adorable and delicious.


At least she's not alone in this fucked up situation.

Humping Shouto's backside is not enough for Natsuo. He shoves his trunks down under his ass one-handed, doing the same with his younger brother's, before slotting his cock in the space between Shouto's thighs. The head of it pushes against Shouto's balls at every tiny thrust, making them both breathe out a shaky groan. Natsuo's jerking Shouto's cock with the hand not holding onto Shouto's hip, swirling a thumb around the tip—teasing, messing with him and bringing his younger brother close, until his frustration makes the water heat up.

Shouto turns to glare at him over his shoulder. Natsuo smirks, but picks up his pace, firmly stroking the cock in his grip while keeping in check the waves they're creating in the pool.

It doesn't work, obviously.

Fuyumi pointedly stares at them both as she rubs herself, eyes drifting back and forth between her dad's cock and her brothers rocking together against the wall of the pool.

Before she can think against it, Fuyumi stops what she's doing. She's aware of the slick dribbling down her cunt even as she gets up from her chair, slowly crossing the distance to the pool.

It's not fair how her younger brothers are giving each other a hand, while she has to take care of herself—they're in this together.

She smirks a little when she sees her brothers freeze and stare at her with wide eyes the closer she gets; she doesn't acknowledge the worry in Shouto and Natsuo's stares. At the edge of the pool, Fuyumi climbs down the steps and swims to them until she's floating in front of Shouto. Her arms wrap around her little brother's neck, her feet caressing both of the boys' legs, ankles curling up and linking behind both of their waists.

Fuyumi's pussy immediately rubs against Shouto's cock, and Natsuo's knuckles as well, because he's still gripping the length. She sighs at the feeling, rocks forward to chase it more, the ridges of Natsuo's fingers on her clit jut out and make her moan quietly. Natsuo and Shouto groan low, their cool breath fanning over her heated face with how close they are.

The boys are mesmerized at their sister's flushing face, her wet skin and swimsuit sticking to her jiggling boobs. The way she's using them to pleasure herself.

One of Shouto's hands is free, so he takes the chance to touch Fuyumi. He cups his sister's tits, squeezing and groping, pressing down on the already-stiff nipples under his palms. He pulls the bra down, freeing the heavy breasts as his sister arches her back to offer them up, inviting Shouto to bow his head to suck on her hard buds.

Natsuo curses out a groan behind the other two, his hips resuming their rocking. Fuyumi's gasp doesn't escape him and he realizes he's basically dictating their frotting.

But honestly it's not enough.

Shouto seems to read his mind, because as the only one with freedom to somewhat move his hands, he's undoing the knot on one side of Fuyumi's swimsuit bottoms. His cock slipping inside his sister with a muffled call of her name.

Fuyumi moans and leans closer to Natsuo's face. «A-ah…! Want yours too, Natsu,» she tells him. «Plea… se I— nnh, oh! Shouto…— n-need it…»

Natsuo almost cums on the spot because holy shit, is she serious?! Both Natsuo and Shouto are well endowed on their own, but together they'd be—

Oh shit.

They'd pretty much be Enji's size.

«Fuck,» Natsuo groans, the idea that his sister could take such a girth going straight to his cock. «Yeah. Yeah, God, yeah…»

Shouto discreetly makes a platform underwater they can use to support themselves. They carefully maneuver so Fuyumi is sandwiched between the two boys; her arms are still around Shouto's neck and her legs on either side of his hips. Natsuo's hands squeeze Fuyumi's sides, his larger frame towering over his siblings'. Natsuo's cock slides in-between his sister's thighs, the head of it teasing her puffy lips and bumping into Shouto's.

None of the three Todoroki children can bare to wait any longer—thoughts of their father almost forgotten in the mounting hunger to just fuck.

It's a bit of a stretch, fitting two cocks inside Fuyumi's pussy; they don't have lube and any slick she leaks is washed away in the water, but it's OK. She's so turned on and determined to get stuffed to full capacity, she sinks down on the lengths with a filthy moan. The burn feels amazing as she bottoms out. She kind of wishes they were outside of the pool, on a solid surface where she could have more control, ride them good.

«Oooh… boys— ah! So good… so big…» She groans, head resting on Natsuo's shoulder, catching her breath.

Natsuo starts thrusting forward, slow and deliberate. Shouto moves with him, their cocks frotting together as they spread Fuyumi's cunt deliciously wide open. They're all moaning and not caring how their combined movements are disturbing the water and making noise—they're too focused on each other.

Fuyumi leans in to kiss Shouto, surprisingly harsh and dominant, her nails leaving marks on his nape. Natsuo's teeth skim at his sister's jaw, a hand traveling up to grope Fuyumi's tits and grunting when she grinds down on him and Shouto harder. Shouto's other hand sneaks between his and Fuyumi's bodies, his cool fingers on her puffy clit.

None of them notices when Enji throws away the magazine he's been pretending to read all this time.

None of his children see him grin darkly and palm at his cock, or pull his swim trunks down under his balls, taking himself in hand. He strokes his thick length with sharp jerks of his wrist, thumbing at his slit and toying with the extra skin under his head, cupping and rolling his balls in his other palm.

He mutters quiet praises and filthy, degrading words his offspring are too busy to catch over the sounds of their fucking.

A chorus of moans, groans, half-formed pleas fill the hot summer air. Their combined movements displacing the pool water, all three long since forgetting anything about discretion or pretending Natsuo and Shouto aren't pounding their sister's cunt for all it's worth. Fuyumi's top has been discarded, floating away from her, her heavy tits bouncing deliciously as she holds onto her brothers' hard thrusts. Shouto can't seem to decide if he wants to suck and bite on her nipples or grope them; he does both. Natsuo's hands disappearing below the water, where Enji can imagine them now between his sister's folds, feeling the stretch of of her pussy and rubbing her clit.

Enji has never been more proud.

They are his nasty, horny kids.

All the time spent leading them on—walking around the house in nothing but tight underwear, or his hero costume, or completely naked for the hell of it; letting them hear him, see him, get off whenever he felt like it; pressing his body against them more than normal—, now finally bearing fruits. 

Enji has enjoyed watching them squirm in their seats as they pretended not to notice his cock hanging out. Pretending their mouth didn't salivate at the fantasy of sucking their father off, or forgetting how their holes had clenched, needing to be bent over and speared by his thick, fat cock. He's had a field trip so far, with Fuyumi calling out his name as she fucked that 'life-size' Endeavor dildo of hers; with walking past Shouto's room to him sucking on that same toy (which he probably stole from his sister's room before she could clean it of her juices); with catching Natsuo furiously masturbate and hump one of his used shirts.

Enji wants to fuck them all.

Knowing he's about to cum, Enji stands up from his beach chair and discards his costume before making his way towards the pool. His children none the wiser, they keep going without noticing he's there.

«If ya want a ride on this ,» he growls, breaking his children out of their lust-induced haze. His grin is sharp and shameless when the three snap their eyes to him, and to the hand he has wrapped around his cock. «Next time just crawl between my thighs and beg

Enji lifts his chin in a wordless order to pick up where they'd left off. Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shouto's hesitation and fear at being found out giving way to the desperate need to get off. All their focus now on the sight of their father stroking his cock—the object of their wicked, uncontrollable desire—from up-close and personal. His rough voice urging them to go harder, faster, to moan louder for him, to confess how badly they wanted Enji to split their cunt and asses open on his girth.

«Cum for me, you thirsty sluts,» he grunts.

Like clockwork, Natsuo and Shouto groan, slamming inside their sister and emptying themselves in her; Fuyumi's cunt clenches in a vice around the cocks, the flood of cum filling her up bringing to orgasm as well. A deep rumble of pleasure reverberates in Enji's chest, his hand moving harsh and quick over his length.

«Here, take this— fuck, ngh!— as reward…!» he grunts, aiming his throbbing cock so his burning hot jizz lands on all of his children's fucked out faces, who dazely scoop it up and lick it from each other's fingers. «Now get outta there, I'm not done with you.»