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"You Got Me, I Got You" A Tododeku Story

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In a society where you can get harassed for being an omega or quirkless, someone who is born as both end up living miserably. A male being born as an omega may as well be a death sentence in this society; quirkless or not.

Izuku is, unfortunately, one of these individuals.

Izuku has lived his whole life being teased and bullied for being quirkless and not acting dominantly like any future alpha or beta. When he presents as an omega and has his first heat when he is 14, he decides enough is enough and takes heat suppressors to fake being a beta. Until he forgets to take the heat suppressors the day after the UA Sports Festival and thinks he's sick. Todoroki, an alpha decides to stay with him while everyone else decides to go out together. Neither of them expected their lives to change forever.

Tododeku omegaverse au

In this fic:

-they'll be in the dorms starting after the first day of school.

-will take place the day after the UA Sports Festival

Omegas go through heat starting from when they're 14.

When someone turns 14, their instincts as either an alpha, beta, omega begin emerging and can be officially labeled as one of the three.

When an omega goes through heat, their whole body heats up and becomes painful. The pain becomes worse over time if the symptoms aren't treated, or if the omega is not mated and/or marked.

When the pain becomes unbearable, an omegas instincts completely dictate the omegas actions and all that will be on their mind is to mate with someone to take the pain away.

An omega's heat does the same effect to alphas and betas, making them lose control of their instincts. This is especially when an alpha or beta's instincts begin developing after they turn 14. Once their instincts are matured by the time they are around 18, they gain some control and do not get affected by the heat of an unmatured omega.

Alphas and betas can mark omegas but only when the omega is in heat. However, in order to complete the bonding process, the pair has to also have a strong emotional bond.

An alpha or beta marking an omega they have little to no emotional connection with can lead to a series of unforeseen consequences.

Due to this, marking an omega is taken extremely seriously and marks born from only lust during an omega's heat can be removed. However, not many omegas end up having the choice to remove the mark. Having a mate causes an alpha or beta's quirk to become more powerful. Omegas are more protected due to these circumstances and yet, also bullied for their rank.

Due to the practice of quirk marriages, same-sex mates are currently looked down upon by society in general due to the practices' influence.

Quirk marriages also made the rates of fated mates decrease, making the phenomena seem like nothing more than a legend.

Fated mates and information on how they work is scarce but there are obvious differences from their behavior around each other to completing the bonding process.

Male omegas tend to have no preference in gender for their future mate and thus, can face harassment from anyone whose aware. The fear of the harsh harassment they can face leads to many male omegas, or omegas in general to use heat suppression pills.

They have to be diligent in taking the dosage needed every single day, or they will face the consequences of pushing back their heats.

I hope this background info helps you as you read this fic! If you have any questions or need me to clarify something, don't hesitate to comment here! It'll help me and future readers understand better since I can edit anything that's unclear. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading!!

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"Izuku, are you okay? You look pale." Ochaco asks Izuku as they eat breakfast. She noticed how slowly he was eating his food.

"I'm fine. Don't w-worry about me" he weakly stutters out. It must be a delayed effect from the damage I took yesterday. I need rest he thinks.

Izuku is known as a beta when he is in fact, an omega. A male omega who has been hiding his identity from everyone for his own protection.

Male omegas are a rarity in the superhero world. To be quirkless and a male omega is a very dangerous thing as anyone ruthless enough would attempt to claim them for their own benefit.

A male omega with any form of powerful quirk is even rarer. It is something that is mostly seen as impossible.

And to be mated to a male omega with a quirk meant enhancing your own abilities through the bond.

In order to protect himself, Izuku decided to take heat suppressors to prevent anyone from sensing his omega side and was declared a beta.

However, as time progresses, he would need to take more and more suppressors, a method that is currently backfiring on him.

He forgot to take his heat suppressors before leaving his room in the dorms.

"You should go to your room Deku. You can come with us to the mall next time." Uraraka says reassuringly. Izuku can't find the energy to do more than sigh and nod as he pushes himself off of his seat, wobbling as he does.

"Midoriya?" Shoto questions, concern laced in his voice as he notices Izuku barely keeping his balance. He rushes to his dear friends' side, putting Izuku's arm over his shoulder as he puts his arm around his waist to support him.

"Shoto..?" Is all Izuku manages to say in his current condition. Iida turns and notices how sick and weak Izuku looks. The energy that Izuku had the day before, even after surgery and all the unhealed injuries on his body seems to have been sucked out of him.

"We can't leave Midoriya alone in the dorms while the rest of us go out. Someone should stay behind to watch over him." He says worriedly.

"No... I'm... fine..." Izuku struggles to say as sweat starts building up all over his body. Shoto looks down at his friend, worried over his quickly deteriorating state.

"I'll stay behind. The rest of you guys should get going." He says as he walks away towards Izuku's room. Shoto did not want to go to the mall anyway due to the bad feeling he had since he woke up.

"O-oh thank you Todoroki. Let's get going Iida" Ochaco says, her voice still laced with concern but getting up to start joining the rest of the group. Izuku, on the other hand, is panicking internally at the thought of being alone with Shoto.

Shoto Todoroki, the son of the number 2 hero Endeavor and the person he unintentionally saved during their battle.

Ever since they battled, the two had formed an unexplainable bond with each other. He never let his confusing feelings about Shoto get in the way of his journey to being the future symbol of peace, of course.

"..doriya, are you still conscious?" He somewhat hears. He whines as an answer once Todoroki started laying him on his bed.

Izuku didn't even notice when they got to his room.

"I'm going to be in your restroom alright? Do you best to not fall asleep till I get back." He hears from Shoto faintly.

Izuku slowly nods his head and Shoto turns to go to his bathroom. As he does his business, he notices 6 multicolored pills on Izuku's sink counter that he feels he has seen before.

Finishing up, he washes his hands and dries them before picking up one of the pills to examine it. The two ends of it are blue while the middle is a white stripe.

Suddenly, he realizes that he recognizes the pill because he learned about them in middle school in a health class. They are heat suppression pills.

Once he realizes what this means, his sense of smell is bombarded with the overpowering smell of an omega in heat. Izuku, his friend that he knew as a beta, is actually an omega currently in heat.

And Shoto is an alpha.

Since the pills are still here, he must have forgotten to take them this morning. Which means he's sick because of how long he must have been suppressing his heat. Shoto thinks, tensing up when he realizes his canines started growing in a bit.

He starts considering his options. He could try to control himself enough to escape the room and run as far as possible to not smell Izukus scent.

But it is also safe to assume that Izuku has been suppressing his heat for enough time that everyone is convinced he's a beta. His heat is obviously hitting much harder due to being suppressed for so long.

Who knows how long it'll last or if even dealing with it properly will help. With how strong his scent is in here, it must be strong enough to invade the whole dorm.

Izuku won't be safe here when everyone else comes back and it's not safe to try to move him either.

"Shot-to..." he faintly hears coming from Midoriya. The omega calling him out weakly was almost enough to make him run to mark Izuku. Everything in his body is telling him to go make Izuku his.

There's no way to get out of this. The only thing I can do is protect Midoriya. I have to mark him.

Shoto isn't sure why his thoughts of other options are being clouded by the urge to mark Izuku. It's not his instincts per se, but something resembling a gut feeling.

He opens the bathroom door and the smell of Izuku's heat is much stronger than anything he has ever smelled. He rushes to Izuku's panting side, canines growing in to mark him when he sees him crying.

Shoto finds the strength to retract his canines somewhat and wipe the smaller boy's tears.

"Shoto... it... hurts... please..." he begs when in reality, he's scared shitless of what he thinks is about to happen. Any omega's worst fear.

The last thing he ever wanted was to have someone mark him during his heat. When he's vulnerable and only focuses on getting the pain taken away.

He feared that Shoto, despite being controlled by his instincts would see him as disgusting. Disgusting for begging him, a male alpha, to mate and mark him to take the pain away.

They make eye contact and it's like a sense of calm washes over the two. Izuku does not see any disgust in Shoto's eyes, but concern instead. Shoto can see how much being in heat is affecting Izuku internally and the urge to mark him grows stronger.

"Izuku, do you trust me?" He asks softly. Izuku's eyes widen at Shoto calling him "Izuku" instead of "Midoriya". He continues looking in his eyes to see his concern shining through past everything else.


[a few hours later]

"Did I really have to come with you to check on Midoriya? I'm sure Todoroki would have called one of us if Midoriya's state got worse." Aizawa complains to All Might as they enter their students' dorm area.

"Come on Aizawa. It's our responsibility to shape the heroes of tomorrow. Since Midoriya is our student, it would not be right if we don't check on him when he's not doing well." All Might replies enthusiastically.

Aizawa sighs but continues walking towards Izuku's room. All Might's smile drops as he begins to smell the scent of an omegas heat.

No. It can't be.

"No omega in the class should be in heat. What the hell?" Aizawa exclaims as they pick up the pace towards the smell.

Right before they get to Izuku's room, the door cracks open. All Might's eyes widen at the sight of a shirtless, hostile looking Todoroki.

What might be just as shocking or even more shocking is the fact he has a fresh mark on his neck. It is rare to encounter an alpha or beta who is willing to get marked by their mate.

Before All Might can say a word, Aizawa flings the door open and they both see a sleeping Izuku. The smell of an omegas heat is clearly his, and a fresh mark on his neck is visible from their position.


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"Shit," All Might says at the sight of his successors' current state. Taking a closer look, all the injuries from yesterday look healed and his eyes widen.

"Shoto Todoroki, you won't make me use my quirk against you, will you?" Aizawa asks him, although it is clearly more like a threat than a question.

Shoto shakes his head and moves back to be next to his sleeping mate, sitting on the edge of the bed. Just by how carefully he is looking at Izuku, and the undeniable fact that he let Midoriya mark him back, both of the adults feel safe enough to assume that it was not against Izuku's choice.

Izuku's mark, however, will disappear within an hour from when it took place. An omegas mark never stays on their mate unless they're fated; a reality that has nearly become nothing more than a myth due to its rarity.

"Now, Young Todoroki, we need you to explain in detail the events leading up to you two marking each other." All Might says calmly, attempting to walk closer to the pair only to earn a growl.

Both All Might and Aizawa know better than to attempt to separate two newly mated individuals or even make it seem like they're planning to separate them. They noticed how tense Todoroki is from the moment he opened the door. His mind is the only reason All Might and Aizawa were allowed inside the room during Midoriya's heat; for if he was controlled by his instincts, he would attack them.

"Uraraka noticed Midoriya was feeling sick this morning. Since I was sitting nearby, I overheard that he was going to stay in his room to rest. Iida and Uraraka mentioned having someone stay behind, so I volunteered." Before he could continue, Aizawa interrupted.

"Why did you volunteer to stay behind with Midoriya?" He asks demandingly. Todoroki looks up from Izuku to glare at the pair.

"If you're insinuating that I somehow planned to do this, you're wrong. You know how same-sex mates are seen by the public here. I didn't even know I could be interested in men before this" He says, ending with a growl.

He does have a point. While having a same-sex mate is not illegal, it is still frowned upon in Japan. Anyone openly dating someone of the same sex is received harshly by society here, even as a hero. All Might frowns at the thought.

"I was feeling out of the ordinary since this morning. Seeing Izu- Midoriya made the feeling stronger so I decided to might as well to stay and watch over him." He says in a monotone voice. Aizawa and All Might glance at each other.

"Midoriya was rapidly getting weaker so I helped him get to his room while everyone else left. By the time I laid him on his bed, he was burning up and barely talking. Midoriya was barely conscious in general. I had to cool him down with my powers." He continues, his voice becoming softer.

"I took a break to use his bathroom when I saw the heat suppression pills on his sink counter. Before I even thought about running, it already started. I thought about my options and concluded that there was no way to help him besides to mark him to protect him. I almost did immediately but..." He trails off as tears build in his eyes.

"But?" All Might's pushes, wanting to know what could have stopped him from following his instincts.

"He was begging me to take his pain away but he looked so scared. He was crying so much and looking at his eyes, it was like I knew why. I don't know how, but I managed to keep my instincts back during the whole process to mark him for his sake."

"You could've rushed Midoriya to the Nurses Office or called one of us or any other teacher, Todoroki," Aizawa says, challenging what Shoto has said about his side. He starts glaring at us again, growling lowly.

"You weren't here when it started. How strong his heat was when it started was worse than any heat I ever smelled from my sisters. Ten times worse than any normal heat. It might be because he's been suppressing it for who knows how long." Shoto says harshly.

"Young Todoroki does have a point, Aizawa. Just taking heat suppression pills for a month can make the next heat more intense than originally. We can't expect the boy to regain enough control to do that even if this wasn't the case" All Might voices out.

Except for Young Midoriya, he has been taking suppression pills since before we had met. It shouldn't have been possible for Young Todoroki to hold back. He thinks to himself.

"Todoroki, how did you manage to hold back your instincts? No one at your age would be able to do that unless the heat is from a family member. No matter how strong your resolve is." Aizawa pushes.

That is also true. Young Todoroki has only been around his sisters' heat and that wouldn't affect him just as an underage omega in heat doesn't affect us adults. His instincts have only recently emerged according to his student file. It is impossible for him to have been able to fight it back. All Might's thinks as he watches Shoto playing with Izuku's curly hair.

"I don't know how I did it. I know very well it should be impossible at my age. But looking at Midoriya somehow put my instincts at ease instead of a frenzy like it's described to be like. It's not like the feeling to mark him went away. I just didn't want to hurt him so I didn't." He explains.

Ahh... I see now... Aizawa thinks before pulling All Might closer to him as he puts distance between themselves and Shoto. Shoto watches cautiously but then turns to look down at Izuku. He wasn't sure what to think about this whole situation.

"What is it Aizawa?" All Might asks curiously.

"We'll have to wait until Midoriya wakes up or if his mark remains on Todoroki but I have suspicions that they are fated mates,"

"Fated? Really? Fated mates are unheard of these years Aizawa." All Might's answers lowly, shock evident in his voice as he turns towards the pair with wide eyes.

"You only hear about an alpha or beta resisting a certain omega's heat if they are fated," Aizawa says just as low as he begins walking back towards the pair, All Might doing the same.

"Todoroki, how long has it been since Midoriya marked you?" Shoto looks around the bed till he finds his phone and his eyes widen slightly.

"It's been almost two hours, Aizawa sensei. But how is it still.." his voice trails off.

Suddenly, it clicks in his head; the same idea that Aizawa has.

"It seems like you might have gotten to the same conclusion as I have. It's been more than an hour" Shoto nods while looking down at Izuku.

"All Might, stay here while I go contact the principle and their parents," Aizawa says as he starts walking out of the room. Shoto's eyes widen hearing that his dad will be contacted and he looks up at Aizawa to protest.

"Don't try to convince me not to. It's school policy to notify the parents since this took place on school grounds. While it is usually to discuss whether the bond will be broken or not, that's not a possibility with fated mates. It'll simply be to inform your parents about what happened and what this means for your future. I assume you don't want to try and move Midoriya to a conference room?" Shoto shakes his head rapidly at Aizawa's question.

"Then I'll be back soon with your parents and the principle." He says, finally disappearing from their sight.

"Since we're fated, my father cannot attempt to separate us, right?" Shoto asks All Might after a few moments of silence.

"That's correct, Young Todoroki." Shoto looks down at Izuku and smiles slightly.

"I see. I'm glad." He mumbles lowly as he caresses his mate's face. Izuku unconsciously moves closer to Shoto's figure, sighing once he gets comfortable and smiling in his sleep. Shoto's eyes widen, but he decides to put his arm around his mate. All Might smiles warmly at the interaction and decides to give them some space. He steps outside the door and slumps to the ground, waiting for Aizawa to come back with everyone else.

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*Mentions of violence in this chapter*

"IZUKU" the pair hears coming from down the hallway. Izuku's eyes widen hearing his mother's distressed voice.

Shoto looks at Izuku worriedly since he felt the sudden spike in his nervousness. As All Might suddenly enters the room, a small woman came rushing in right after going straight for Izuku.

"Oh, Izuku! I'm glad to see you're okay. I was so worried when I first got a call from the school." She says with watery eyes as she embraces her son.

Izuku hugs her back tightly as Shoto's father, the number 2 hero, Endeavor walks in along with Aizawa and the Principle of UA, Nezu. Endeavor and Shoto glare at each other for a few seconds before Endeavor looks towards Izuku and his mother. 

"Aizawa has briefed us on the situation prior to arriving here so there is no need for Shoto to explain his side. And Izuku, I assume you lied about being a beta to protect yourself from being taken advantage of?" Principle Nezu says. Inko lets go of her son and stands next to him.

"Yes, sir. I didn't want to be used as a way to benefit someone's powers. Especially with the quirk I have. I want to be seen and respected for who I am as an aspiring hero. Suppressing my heat to fake being a beta felt like the only way to avoid any harassment. I'm sorry." Izuku says, putting his head down with a pained expression.

Shoto knows there's more to it from the moment he claimed Izuku. He saw flashes of Izuku getting bullied in school over how he acted. 

With how male omegas especially are treated, Izuku's concerns about it are more than valid.

"You might think I'm a horrible mother for letting Izuku take suppression pills. But you weren't there the countless times Izuku would come home hurt and crying because his classmates would bully him for not acting dominant enough. When Izuku presented as an omega and had his first heat, I heard him begging to be killed instead of living as a male omega." Izuku's mother says with a shaky voice as tears fall from her eyes.

Everyone besides Endeavor looks at her shockingly, including Izuku as tears start building up in his eyes. He never realized that his mom heard him that day and he feels slightly guilty for causing his mom so much worry.

"So when Izuku asked me to let him take heat suppression pills, I supported him. If that's what it took for my son to feel safe, then so be it." She finishes, wiping away her tears.

Izuku starts trembling at the memories of the times he was bullied harshly in elementary and middle school. Memories of being punched, kicked and dragged around play out in his mind and the tears that were building in his eyes begin falling down his face. 

Shoto senses his distress and decides to grab his hand in comfort. All Might's eyes shift from Izuku's mother to a smirking Endeavor. 

The short speech Endeavor had made just the previous day about how Shoto was created to surpass him as the number one hero left him unsettled.

There's no doubt in his mind that Endeavor is happy that his son is mated to someone with a powerful quirk.

"I understand. Since that's the case, Izuku won't be punished for lying about being a beta. However, there is no way for him to continue pretending to be a beta now that he's marked and mated. He-"

"W-What? Um, Shoto and I didn't m-mate. Shoto didn't you t-tell them..?" his voice trails off as his face becomes redder and redder.

"What do you mean you haven't mated? How else has your heat calmed down?" Endeavor asks demandingly, making Izuku stammer nervously.

"After I marked him, his heat gradually but quickly lessened in intensity. We both noticed while I was attempting to lessen the pain for him." Shoto says with a straight face. However, his reddening ears give away the embarrassment he feels talking about this.

"It lessened enough that Izuku became coherent and told me that he wasn't ready to mate and frankly, neither am I." He finishes. Izuku nods at Shoto's explanation.

"Well, why wait? You two now know you're fated, don't you?" Endeavor presses and All Might realizes why.

An alpha won't become stronger due to their omega unless they've completed bonding. Just as suspected, Endeavor wants Young Todoroki to become more powerful than he already is.

"Now hold on, Endeavor. You do have a point since delaying the bonding process can be catastrophic for them. However, they are quite young and they won't bond properly if they mate by force. Besides, they also need to bond as a couple since they skipped that step and went straight to marking each other. Bonding as fated mates can't be that different from chosen mates" Aizawa points out. Nezu and Izuku's mother makes sounds of agreement.

"Fine" Endeavor says gruffly. Shoto glares at his father again for trying to push them to mate.

"Well, as I was saying, Izuku will have to attend the school as an omega. Aizawa will be notifying your classmates soon once they come back from the mall. As you should know, once an omega is marked, suppression pills will no longer work. Informing your classmates is simply to protect you and them as well as you keep your heat tracked just like the other omegas in your class." Izuku looks down to his lap as tears drop from his eyes. Anxiety starts clouding his mind at the thought of how his classmates will react. Especially Uraraka, Iida, and Bakugo.

Principle Nezu walks towards Izuku and puts his paws on his face to wipe Izuku's tears. 

"As you know, this school has a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who bullies omegas for their rank. I'm also sure that Shoto would not let anyone bully you as you are in the same class. Just like the other omegas in your class, we have a counselor that specializes in helping omegas who aspire to become heroes as well. In this school, omegas have just as much potential to be a hero just as any beta and alpha." He pulls Izuku closer and puts his snout by his ear.

"I know what it's like to be treated terribly by others. If you prefer coming to me personally, simply come to my office and we can talk, ok?" He whispers to the boy. Izuku's eyes widen but he nods and Principle Nezu lets go of him.

"I sent a message to the class representative, Tenya and he informed me that the group has almost arrived. I'll be heading to the entrance of the dorms to inform them of the situation before they enter. Midoriya, whenever your heats come, instead of heading home, you will go to the shared room you and Todoroki will have once we make one of your rooms big enough for two people." Both Shoto and Izuku's eyes widen at the news and Izuku blushes again while Shoto's ears burn. 

"Until Midoriya's heat is completely gone, he is to stay in here with Todoroki. Todoroki can leave the room to get things from his room or to get food. Since heat suppressors can make an omegas heat cycle very unpredictable, this will be how things work until it regulates itself. Todoroki, do your best to not needlessly attack anyone in the class. And finally, remember that you both are in the hero course at UA to become heroes. Distracting each other in class and slacking on work is unacceptable." He continues, looking straight at the pair.

"Yes Aizawa sensei," they say at the same time.

"Alright. If Midoriya's heat ends before class in two days, I'll see you in class." He finishes as he walks out of the room.

"Endeavor, Inko, follow me to my office. I have to talk to you two further as part of the mate procedures here at UA." Principle Nezu says kindly as he invites both parents to follow him.

Endeavor gives one last look to the pair before walking out, arms crossed over his chest. Inko gives Izuku one last hug and kisses him on his forehead before looking at Todoroki.

"Please, take care of my son." She says before leaving the room as well.

"Young Midoriya and Young Todoroki, if you ever have questions about anything, remember that I'm here." All Might says as he approaches the two and puts his arms on their shoulders. He gives them his classic smile before leaving, closing the door to leave the fated mates be.

Chapter Text

[Once the group comes back from the mall]

"Don't rush inside the dorms, everyone! Aizawa Sensei informed me that we will be having an emergency meeting outside the entrance!" Iida reminds his classmates as they approach their dorms. Groans can be heard from some of the teens who just want to go to their rooms. 

"Speaking of Aizawa Sensei, isn't that him waiting outside of the dorms over there?" Tsuyu says, pointing towards their homeroom teacher.

"Let's hurry up to get this over with. We were at the mall for so fucking long. A waste of my fucking time." Bakugo says angrily.

"Bakugo, you bought more things than most of us-"

"SHUT UP SHITTY HAIR!" He screams at Kirishima, clutching his bags of clothes and other things in his fists tightly. Kirishima simply laughs, making Bakugo glare with more intensity. 

"I wonder what happened that Aizawa contacted Iida for an emergency meeting" Mina questions, the classmates around her wondering the same thing.

The students stop in front of their homeroom teacher, waiting to know what happened.

"I'll make this quick since you all should be resting. There was a marking incident while you all were at the mall. Midoriya is not a beta. He was taking heat suppression pills ever since he presented as an omega." Aizawa says bluntly, earning gasps from the students. 

"WHAT? FUCKING DEKU IS AN OMEGA?" Bakugo yells angrily.


"Settle down Bakugo. I know this will come as a shock but I'm sure you all know how male omegas tend to be treated in this society. It's not up to me to tell you the reasons why Izuku personally took those pills. But they will no longer work since he was marked by Todoroki." Gasps erupt amongst the group again. 

Whispers come from the group as they try to process the information Aizawa is telling them. Some questioning how the pair must feel about it to others wondering if they're not straight.

"Shoto.. and Deku.? Seriously.." Bakugo says lowly.

"Does this mean that they're going to work on removing Shoto's mark from Izuku? Ouch.." Denki comments, flinching at the idea of mark removal. Everyone else who heard his comment flinches as well.

Mark removal is a medical process to remove an unwanted mark from the marked individuals' body. It is a very painful experience physically, mentally, and emotionally and there have been cases of people dying in this process. 

"No. Mark removal won't work in this situation because Midoriya and Todoroki are fated," Aizawa says flatly. Everyone gasps again.

"Fated? That's still possible?" Momo asks shockingly. Whispers about what they know of fated mates erupt amongst the class.

"Quiet. I'm not done. As you would know, recently marked mates tend to be more sensitive to certain behaviors. Tread carefully especially with how you treat Midoriya. I'm not saying to avoid him, but don't do anything unnecessary that would make Todoroki act on his instincts. With fated mates, there's no telling how long his instincts will keep him on edge. I do not want to come here rushing because of a fight erupting. If that happens, especially if I am napping, you'll be punished. I'll be seeing you all in class in two days. If you have any more questions, I will not answer as I've told you everything I needed to. Ask Midoriya or Todoroki and questions you may have but remember what I've told you. That is all for today." He finishes before walking off.

"Alright everyone! Let's head inside. Everyone who is an alpha and beta, do not hang around Izuku's room for long. Omegas are allowed to visit Izuku but remember to ask for permission from him first by sending him a message via phone. As students in the hero course at UA, I expect you all to follow the rules given by the school and by Aizawa Sensei. Now let's go eat lunch and rest while we can." Iida says to the group before opening the doors to the dorm.

"FUCKING DEKU" is the first thing Bakugo yells once he gets inside.

Looking as if he's about to spring towards the hall where Izuku's room is, Shoji, Kirishima, and Sato hold him back.

"LET GO OF ME! FUCKING LET GO!" Bakugo screams as he struggles against them. Iida whispers something to Ochaco and she nods, walking close to Bakugo and putting her hand on his shoulder to use her quirk on him.

"Sorry Bakugo, but we will not take the fall for not acting to prevent a fight," Kirishima tells him.

"Carry him to his room and please make sure he doesn't try that again. Thank you for holding him back." Iida says as they nod and carry a screaming Bakugo to his room.

"Yo Sero, can you come with us to tape Bakugo down for a while?" Sero grins before following the trio carrying Bakugo to his room.

"COME CLOSE TO ME AND ILL KILL YOU!" He screams as they take him down the other hall where his room is.

Everyone else goes to their rooms or the cafeteria in the dorms to get ready for lunch.


Once it's time for lunch, everyone besides Shoto and Izuku is in the cafeteria. Iida, Ochaco, and Tokoyami are sitting in the same table, all similarly worried about Izuku. 

Deku is an omega and none of us knew. Not even Bakugo knew and they've known each other since childhood apparently. I can't imagine what it must be like to be an omega, much less a male omega but it still hurts a bit that he didn't trust me enough. 

"Uraraka, I know you're worried, but starving yourself won't make it any better," Iida tells her, putting his hand on her shoulder to get her out of her thoughts.

She just sighs but starts eating. Soon after, everyone's chatter quiets down as Shoto comes from the hallway where Izuku's room is. 

Anyone looking at him closely can tell how tense he is. He may look relaxed at first, his body is tense, fists balled, and his eyes are constantly looking around.

Many of his classmates notice the prominent mark on his neck as he walks past their tables.

That half-and-half bastard let himself get fucking marked? Is it cause they're fated, or because he actually liked Deku before today? That would explain why he easily decided to stay behind to watch over fucking Deku today. Bakugo thinks to himself before scoffing and paying attention to his food instead.

Everyone else silently watches Shoto as he goes to the food counter, chooses what looks like two pork cutlet bowls, and starts carrying it back.

"Shoto" Tsuyu dares to call him as he walks past her table. He freezes and looks at her slowly, making Momo, Mina, Jiro freeze as well due to the intensity of the stare. However, instead of the hostility they expected, Shoto's eyes were calculating. It was as if he was battling with himself internally.

"Is Izuku okay?" She asks unfazed under his intense stare. 

"Yeah. You can visit him tomorrow." He says lowly but loud enough for everyone to hear. While no one says anything, most people in the class are shocked that Shoto would let Tsuyu, a beta, visit Izuku.

"Thank you, Shoto" she says. He just nods and continues rushing past everyone else.

Once he turns to the hallway, some people take a breath they didn't realize they were holding.

"That was so intense. I thought I was gonna die if I looked at him wrong or something" Denki confesses. Many of his classmates agree.

"Bakugo, I'm surprised you didn't do or say anything" Kirishima says proudly at his friend.

"Shut up shitty hair. I just didn't want to get taped down again." He says gruffly, the sight of Izuku's mark on Todoroki making him eat angrily. Kirishima takes note that Bakugo seemed to be more on his calmer side. 

"Tsu, how did you talk to him so easily?" Mina asks her curiously. Momo and Jiro look at Tsuyu expectantly for her answer. 

"I only presented as a beta recently. My instincts haven't fully set in yet and Shoto most likely sensed that." She answers with a look of deep thought. 

"Ah, so you're not affected by an omegas heat yet?" Momo asks, earning a nod from Tsuyu.

"The last time he looked so tense was when those villains attacked us at USJ. No, he looked worse this time compared to that." Iida says, trying to get rid of his nerves. Even as a fellow alpha, nothing seems to be more intimidating than a freshly mated alpha.

The aspiring heroes talk to each other for the rest of their lunch to shake off their nerves from seeing Shoto. Even Bakugo didn't do anything because of Shoto's state.

At that moment, he realized he knew better than to provoke him for answers.

Chapter Text

From the moment Shoto shuts the door behind him, he internally becomes panicked. Clenching his jaw, he hesitantly begins stepping away from the room where his mate was left, unprotected. 

His hands turn into tight fists the more he walks away from his mate.

I knew that leaving your mate after marking can be hard, but fuck I didn't realize it would make me feel so panicked.

He enters the cafeteria and the chatter from his classmates dies down as he walks towards the food counter. Shoto is constantly looking around for any form of threat that would prevent him from returning to Izuku.

Grabbing what Izuku requested, a pork cutlet bowl and the same for himself, he turns around and begins walking quickly. All that was on his mind was that Izuku was alone and not with him.

"Shoto" he hears, making him freeze. He recognizes the voice as Tsuyu's and forces himself to turn towards her.

He doesn't fail to notice how tense everyone else is.

"Is Izuku okay?" She asks as she usually asks a question. Shoto stares at her for a few more seconds until he realizes that he doesn't really sense the beta in her.

She's concerned about Izuku. She's one of his friends. She's okay to be around him.

"Yeah. You can visit him tomorrow." He says shortly and lowly.

"Thank you Shoto." He just nods in response and turns back towards the hallway and speed-walks his way there. The closer he gets to Izuku's door, the faster he moves until he opens the door.

He quickly puts the food down on one of Izuku's tables and rushes towards the boy to hug him.

"S-Shoto" is all that he says as his face becomes red. Shoto put his face on his neck and sighs, feeling himself calm down.

He then realizes what he's doing, and slowly pulls away, his ears turning red as he lets go of his mate. Izuku is blushing and looking at his lap as Shoto begins blushing as well.

"I'm sorry for the sudden action. I was just so anxious when I left your room. All I wanted was to turn back and stay here with you." He explains to Izuku.

"I-It's fine Shoto. I felt how anxious you w-were and I'm happy to feel that you're calm again" Izuku says as he looks up to Shoto, offering him a small smile.

Shoto looks at his smile and relaxes completely.

"Thank you. Let's eat the pork cutlet bowls while they're still hot" Shoto says, getting up to grab the food.

"Ah, I'm so hungry. The food smells so good" Izuku gushes happily. Shoto nods slowly as he hands him utensils to eat the pork cutlet bowl.

Shoto stares as Izuku begins happily eating. A smile grows in his face at the sight and he begins eating too.

The couple eats in a comfortable silence until they're both done. Realizing that he'll have to leave the room again to properly dispose of the containers, Shoto pulls Izuku back into his embrace and stays by his neck.

Izuku slowly wraps his arms around him, feeling happiness towards Shoto's actions. Shoto lets go and gets up with the containers.

"I'll be right back." He whispers as he leaves the room once again. Shoto rushes down the hallway to the cafeteria.

He barely notices some of his classmates were still in the cafeteria as he rushes to the cafeteria staff. He bows before handing them the containers and quickly turning back.

Go back to Izuku. Izuku is alone and unprotected.

He begins jogging across the cafeteria to get back to Izuku as fast as possible. He doesn't even realize that Bakugo calls after him and he is full-on sprinting by the time he reaches the hallway.

"He seems more unsettled than before" Tokoyami says after Shoto disappears from their sight once again.

"Yeah. It's most likely difficult for him to leave Midoriya's side during his heat. He didn't even hear Bakugo yell his name." Iida says, sighing.

"Damned half and half bastard" Bakugo grumbles before standing up and leaving the cafeteria to go to his room.

Once Shoto reaches Izuku's room, he closes it quickly and goes to hug Izuku. Izuku smiles slightly and does the same, embracing Shoto as Shoto embraces him. 

"Shoto.. I don't feel too good again.." Izuku says weakly. Izuku started feeling his body heat rise with the pain again shortly after Shoto left the second time.

"I know. I can feel it." He says as Izuku's heat intensifies. Izuku starts shaking and holding on to Shoto as the pain increases.

"I'm going to lay you back on the bed ok?" Izuku nods but refuses to let go of Shoto and he gets laid down.

This makes Shoto stay above him on the bed.

"I'm going to help you feel a bit better like I did the first time before marking you again, ok? Tell me if you need me to slow down." He says while looking straight into Izuku's eyes. The last thing he wants is to make Izuku uncomfortable or overwhelmed with any of his actions. 

Izuku doesn't break eye-contact as he nods, whispering a small "I trust you" to Shoto.

Shoto slowly leans in and kisses Izuku. Izuku kisses back, moving his hands from Shoto's back to his head.

Since both of the boys are inexperienced, the kiss doesn't last long and they briefly separate, looking into each other's eyes before Shoto starts a trail of kisses. Starting from the corner of Izuku's mouth, he slowly kisses down to his jaw.

Izuku begins breathing heavily as Shoto slowly goes down his neck, nibbling the skin as he does. Izuku's breathing becomes erratic as Shoto nears his mark.

"S-Shoto.. please.." Midoriya gasps out, grabbing Shoto's hair slightly harder than before. The action caused Shoto to emit a small grunt and he bites the skin around his mark a bit harder.

His teeth begin elongating and once they're at full length, he bites down in the same place where he claimed Izuku as his. Izuku shakes due to the sudden pain but then lets out a small moan when the pain fades away and the pleasure of being marked by his mate sets in.

Shoto's teeth return back to normal and the mark immediately begins healing. The process left them both breathing heavily and Shoto moves to lay next to Izuku as his heat loses intensity again. The marking process takes away energy from the pair in different ways. Izuku due to the rush of adrenaline he gets once he's marked and the sudden drop of it. Shoto because of how much he holds himself back from doing beyond what Izuku would be comfortable with. 

"T-thank y-you.." Izuku stutters out as he snuggles closer to Shoto.

"We're mates.. I'll never want to see you suffering.." Shoto manages to say as he puts an arm around him.

Slowly, Izuku's breaths become sobs as he starts crying. Alarmed, Shoto moves back slightly to look at Izuku's face to see him crying and his eyes widen.

"Did I hurt you in some way? Did I do something wrong?" He asks frantically, wiping away his mates' tears. Izuku shakes his head as more tears slip out of his eyes.

"I'm just so h-happy.. that you a-actually care f-for me.. and not for h-how... marking me.. w-will benefit you.." Izuku sobs out.

For years, he had been scared of finding a mate due to the possibility of only being used for power. Shoto feels Izuku's overwhelming emotions as many of his fears melt away.

He tears up when he feels how happy he makes Izuku already without doing much. He starts caressing his hair as Izuku starts feeling the happiness Shoto feels.

The pair eventually fall asleep in each other's arms.


Chapter Text

Dinner rolls by with no Shoto coming from Izuku's room suddenly. Knowing that they need to eat to have the energy for Izuku's heat, Shoji decides to message Shoto.

Living close by to Shoto has its perks.

Dinner is being served. 
I'm sure you guys need to eat. 
I can bring the food to Izuku's doorstep so you don't have to leave his side.

Why the hell would I let you anywhere near Izuku's room?

I haven't told anyone since my instincts aren't set in yet, but I'm an omega. 
Izuku is safe around me.


"Shoji, who are you texting?" Ojiro asks his friend.

"Todoroki. He wants me to leave food by Izuku's room." Ojiro, Hagakure, and Koda look at him in shock. His phone buzzes and he checks it to see that Shoto responded.

Kitsune soba for the both of us.
When you come, leave quickly. 
Thank you.

"I'll be right back," he tells his friends as he gets up to go to the food counter. Soon after, the soba is done so, he thanks the staff and Shoji begins walking towards Izuku's room.

Once he stops in front of Izuku's door, he sets the food next to the door, stretches one of his arms to knock, and runs like he's being chased back to the cafeteria.

"What the hell? Was Todoroki chasing you?" Denki shrieks when he sees Shoji sprinting towards their table.

"No. He simply said to leave quickly once I got there, and that's exactly what I did." He explains, sitting back down.

"At least you didn't take any chances about it," Hagakure says. Shoji nods curtly, and they resume eating their dinner while Izuku and Shoto enjoy the soba in Izuku's room.


"I have to go to my room and bring some stuff back. I texted Shoji, and he agreed to stay outside the room until I get back." Shoto tells Izuku.

"That's fine. I'm going to shower, so if you don't see me in here, then I'm probably still in my bathroom." Izuku says as he weakly gets up from the bed.

Shoto gets up as well and hugs Izuku from behind, snuggling his face into his neck. Izuku starts blushing again.

"I-I'll be ok S-Shoto." He manages to stutter out.

Shoto just nods into his neck before letting go and quickly leaving the room to his own. Seeing Shoji next to Izuku's door, he nods and sprints further down the hallway to his room.

Izuku takes several deep breaths to calm down his pounding heart. He is not used to physical contact from anyone besides his mother, or from when he used to get bullied.

After feeling as if he's calmed down enough, he slowly moves around his room to grab a change of clothes and his towel before heading into his bathroom. After setting his things down, he looks at the mirror to look at Shoto's mark.

The puncture wounds from Shoto's teeth are closed with dark scars left behind as a way to show that he is marked. Inspecting it, he realizes how big it extends over his neck and part of his shoulder. Finding himself satisfied with the mark, Izuku starts taking off his clothes and throws it into his laundry bin.

Still feeling a bit too hot, Izuku decides to make the water lukewarm as he hops into it.

While Izuku is in the shower, Shoto has already made a trip back from his room with clothes and is currently going back to get everything else he needs. During the second trip, Iida is slowly walking down the hallway towards his room when he sees Shoji sitting next to the door of Izuku's room.

"Shoji?? What are you doing waiting outside Midoriya's room? Are you trying to fight Todoroki?" He says, looking around with a panicked expression.

"Todoroki asked me to stay out here while he goes to his room" Shoji responds calmly. Iida immediately calms down.

"I see. Well, see you tomorrow" he says hesitantly. Iida walks past Izuku's room quickly towards his room.

Before he takes out the key to his room, he sees Shoto coming out of his. Iida looks at him and opens his mouth to say something, but Shoto rushes past him with two bags in his hand.

It's going to be difficult to try and talk to him if he rushes from place to place. Iida thinks before sighing and entering his room to rest for the night.

Shoto rushes inside Izuku's room and puts the rest of his stuff on an empty table that Izuku owns.

Izuku is still showering. He's safe. He thinks to himself.

Looking at the bathroom, he decides to change out of his current clothes to put on his usual sleeping clothes. A t-shirt and sweat pants. He quickly changes just in time to hear the shower being turned off, and he sighs.

At least that walking in on someone changing cliche didn't happen Shoto thinks, chuckling to himself.

Izuku opens his bathroom door to see Shoto chuckling to himself, but decides not to question it. His body was screaming at him to lay down immediately so he stumbles towards his bed. Shoto takes notice and rushes to help his mate get to bed.

"Is it getting bad again?" He asks. Izuku nods slowly.

"It's s-still manageable for now.." he says weakly as Shoto lays him down. Shoto starts climbing over Izuku's body and looks at Izuku's face as he starts blushing.

"Can I mark you before it gets worse?" He suggests nonchalantly.

But no matter how calm he seems, his bright red ears don't lie. As strange as all this is to him, his urge to help Izuku helps him push past his hesitation.  Izuku gulps before nodding.

That's all Shoto needs to get him to lean down to Izuku's face. Eyes shifting from Izuku's eyes down to his lips, Shoto kisses him softly.

Izuku closes his eyes and kisses Shoto back. Their lips slowly move in sync but Shoto ends the kiss, earning a small whine from Izuku. He starts slowly kissing down Izuku's neck from the corner of his mouth.

The last thing he wants is to suddenly overwhelm Izuku since marking him takes a lot of energy from him.

Don't be too rash. Take your time for Izuku's sake. Shoto tells himself as he gets to the edges of his previous mark. He lightly sucks on the skin in that area, causing Izuku to let out small moans.

Shoto's instincts start to make him feel pleased for being the reason that Izuku's pain is being replaced with pleasure.  Shoto decides to target part of Izuku's collarbone area that is close to his mark and does the same. Izuku starts squirming under Shoto slightly as his moans become more frequent.

"Sho.." Izuku moans out. Shoto freezes for a second as he struggles to control himself.

He starts lightly biting and sucking right on his mark. Izuku grabs onto Shoto's back as he lets out slightly louder moans.

"Sho.. please.." Izuku begs. He's being overstimulated by the pleasure he's feeling from Shoto's actions. He's never known how pleasure feels until now, and he's aching for more every time his heat starts up again.

Sucking on Izuku's neck one more time, he wills his canines to grow out, and he marks Izuku again. The pain quickly turns into pleasure, and Izuku gasps out his moans until the feeling fades away.

Shortly after, the fatigue sets in, and he lets go of Shoto's back. Shoto swiftly gets up, much to Izuku's small whines, and turns off the light.

"My.. blankets.. are in.. my clo.. set.," Izuku pants out. Shoto finds his way to Izuku's closet to see a couple of folded blankets. Grabbing the fuzziest one, he unfolds it and lays it over Izuku.

Going under the covers as well, Shoto pulls Izuku closer to him. Izuku makes a sound of content and snuggles up to his mate without hesitation, making Shoto's ears burn again.

"Goodnight, Izuku" Shoto says as he hears Izuku's breaths evening out. Finally feeling sleepy, his eyes closed and he falls asleep as well, holding Izuku in his arms.


Chapter Text

[Mentions of bullying and suicide]


The noise from his cellphone suddenly lulls Shoto out of sleep. Groaning slightly, he cracks open an eye and almost finds himself surprised to be cuddling with Izuku until he remembers the events from last night.

Smiling slightly, he decides not to move so Izuku can sleep peacefully. Although he can't see much of his face due to his curls, Shoto can feel the calmness Izuku currently feels through their bond.

Looking at Izuku, Shoto is not sure about how to feel over all this. He hasn't even had the chance to really think about everything that happened yesterday.

Izuku, a male omega, is my fated mate. Izuku is my fated mate. I've never really stopped to think about if I'm attracted to boys or not. I probably am since I'm fated to him. He thinks.

It's not like I care much about that. Personalities should be prioritized.

Looking down at Izuku, Shoto contemplates how this will work.

I was never really shown how mates are supposed to really be like. With how I was raised, I always dreaded anything that had to do with mates. Especially because of mom... Shoto sighs at the thought of his mother.

Never completing the bond with his dad was a factor in why she poured boiling water on Shoto's face that day.

I know that I don't want to hurt him like my old man hurt my mom, he thinks.

I'll figure it out along the way with Izuku. He thinks, smiling slightly to himself.

Suddenly, his phone vibrates once again. Izuku moves his head a bit and makes a small noise. Instead of waking up, he snuggles his head into Shoto's chest more and smiles in his sleep contently.

That's when Shoto realizes. Izuku's heat is much weaker compared to the day before.

In a regular heat cycle, it smells like he's on the last day. Shoto thinks, taking a deep breath to be sure.

How..? But then he remembers the suppression pills and how they can really mess with an omegas heat cycle for a while.

Suddenly, Shoto hears Izuku's breath hitch as he pushes himself away from Shoto, lands on the floor, continue to push himself backward and shrieks (for reference, when Izuku wakes up from consciousness and meets All Might for the first time).

Shoto's eyes widen, and Izuku is blushing at what he just did. Right when he's going to apologize, he hears Shoto laugh out loud for the first time. A laugh that he wouldn't mind hearing for the rest of his life.

Eventually, Izuku laughs along with him as he gets up from the floor. With how easily he gets up, his eyes widen at the lack of pain.

"My heat is almost over? Already?" He questions.

"Almost. It's most likely due to the heat suppressors. It's going to be unpredictable until it's all out of your system," Shoto answers, earning a nod from Izuku.

"I'm going to shower. Breakfast is going to be offered soon, and I don't want to miss it." Izuku says. Shoto's eyes widen.

"Are you planning to leave the room?" He asks as worry seeps into his voice. Izuku nods enthusiastically.

"I don't like being holed up in my room, Shoto. Plus, we both know I'll be fine to be around others at this stage." Izuku tells Shoto reassuringly as he gathers his usual bathroom supplies.

"Alright. I'm going to shower in my room so we can head to the cafeteria together," Shoto says hesitantly. Izuku looks at him and smiles warmly.

"I'll wait for you here, ok?" Izuku says. Shoto nods and slowly gets up to leave the room. He opens the door, looks back one more time, and closes the door behind him.

Once Izuku gets in the shower, he lets his nervousness slip at the thought of seeing his friends and classmates again.

Aizawa Sensei told us he would tell everyone else what happened yesterday. Shoto didn't tell me much about everyone's' reactions when he went to the cafeteria. How did the others react? How did Kacchan react? Oh, he probably did not take it well at all. His face pales at the thought.

He won't hurt me again. He hasn't tried to hurt me in months. Izuku tries to convince himself as dread fills the thoughts in his head.

Ever since his quirk manifested, Bakugo has been bullying Izuku for his quirklessness, and eventually because Izuku didn't act like someone who would be an alpha or beta. Izuku quickly became his classmates' punching bag. He never said anything in fear of something worse happening to him. All the bullying had traumatized him deeply. 

When he presented as an omega, he cried in his room during his heat. The pain was horrible, and the thought of having to experience it for the rest of his life terrified him. He wanted to die more than anything. The possibility of being used for power terrified him further. The last thing he wanted to think about was having an abusive mate. How different would that be from the bullies he'd face in school?

That night, he almost tried to kill himself. He didn't want to live anymore. Not if that meant always living in fear.

Izuku decides to end his shower early as he turns it off and dries himself quickly. Putting on an All Might t-shirt and blue sweatpants, he rushes out of the bathroom.

Izuku fails to hear anything but his hammering heartbeat as he tries to walk towards his bed. Getting to his bed, he sits down and grabs the bedsheets as he tries to get a hold of himself. Tears start falling from his face as he struggles to breathe properly.

His mind can't stop racing at the thought of being harassed again. He closes his eyes tightly, grabs one of his pillows, and sobs into it as he violently shakes.

Shortly after, Shoto opens Izuku's door abruptly and rushes to his mate. Shoto started feeling Izuku's fear and anxiety rising quickly through the bond as he was getting dressed.

"Izuku? Izuku I'm here. You're safe ok? You're safe," he tells him, taking the pillow Izuku was holding to substitute it with himself. He didn't know what else to do, but to hug Izuku and hope that would comfort him.

Izuku sobs into his shoulder and holds onto him tightly as Shoto hugs him back. Shoto keeps attempting to calm Izuku down with soothing words.

"Try to take some deep breaths ok? Do your best to match my breathing," Shoto tells him softly, forcing himself to breathe slowly so Izuku could copy. After a few tries, it starts working, and Izuku's sobs eventually become sniffles instead.

"We don't have to talk about it right now if you don't want to. Just know that I won't let anything bad happen to you," Shoto tells him softly. Izuku nods into his shoulder, holding onto him slightly tighter.

Shoto's phone starts humming continuously as someone attempts to call him, much to his annoyance.

"You should answer that. I'm going to splash my face with cold water," Izuku says softly. Shoto backs up a bit and stands up to give Izuku space to move. Shoto hastily walks over to the other side of the bed. Picking up his phone, he sees it's Aizawa calling him, and he picks up.

"What is it, Aizawa Sensei?" Shoto asks monotonously.

"Good morning Todoroki. I'm calling for an update on Midoriya," he says with his usual emotionless voice.

"His heat died down quickly overnight. It smells like the last day of a regular heat cycle," he says.

"I see. In that case, Midoriya can leave his room as long as you accompany him. That's all."

"I wasn't planning to have it any other way," Shoto responds, annoyance slipping into his voice.

"Don't fight Katsuki if he tries to annoy you. See you both in class tomorrow," Aizawa says, hanging up immediately.

"Shoto?" He turns to a blushing Izuku.

"Yes, Izuku?" He asks.

"Thank you for helping me calm down. I'm sorry if I worried you too much. I ruined your shirt too," Izuku says while looking at the floor and shuffling his feet. Shoto looks at his shoulder, not realizing that it's soaked with Izuku's tears.

He chuckles and goes over to one of his bags to pull out a black t-shirt and starts pulling off his current shirt. Izuku immediately turns around and blushes. 

"At least give me a warning, Shoto," Izuku whines, making Shoto chuckle again. 

"You can turn around now," Shoto says playfully. Izuku slowly turns around and takes a deep breath of relief. 

Shoto walks towards Izuku until he's directly in front of him. Looking down at his hands, he slowly reaches out with his right hand to hold Izuku's left hand. Izuku looks up at him and blushes slightly harder while Shoto's ears turn red.

Shoto pulls Izuku closer to his body, using his free hand to gently hold Izuku's face.

"Can I mark you before we go?" He asks Izuku softly.

"Y-yea," Izuku stutters as Shoto moves his head closer to Izuku's, drags his hand up to Izuku's cheek, and gently kisses him. Izuku kisses back and their lips slowly move in sync. Shoto breaks the kiss and moves his head closer to Izuku's neck. Grabbing Izuku's upper arm again, he keeps him still.

"I'll make it quick," Shoto whispers before he sucks on the skin right in the center of his mark. Izuku tenses up and tries to regulate his breathing as Shoto begins to nibble on the skin there. A few seconds later, Shoto's canines elongate, and he bites into Izuku.

Izuku trembles at the pleasure of being marked and gasps out loud. Shoto lets go of Izuku's neck, and watches as the wounds heal once again. Shoto feels pleased to see several hickeys decorating Izuku's neck as well. 

He looks at Izuku as he pants and tries to slow his breathing. Izuku looks back, and Shoto starts leaning in again.

"Can I, kiss you?" Shoto asks Izuku lowly. Izuku leans in and nods as his lips meet Shoto's for a few seconds before separating again. Shoto smiles slightly as the scent of Izuku's heat becomes close to nonexistent.

"Let's go," he says.

Although the kiss was brief, they can't help but feel happy as they leave Izuku's room, hands intertwined with each other. 


Chapter Text

Izuku grows anxious as they near the dorms' cafeteria. Shoto senses it and squeezes Izuku's hand.

"I'll sit next to you during lunch today if you don't mind," Shoto offers as a way to calm Izuku down. He was planning to sit with Izuku anyways, but he decides to mention it now. It works somewhat based on what he's sensing through the bond.

"Thank you, Shoto," Izuku tells him. They can hear the chatter from the cafeteria grow louder and louder, that is until they walk in hand in hand. Some stare while others start whispering to one another about Izuku's appearance.

Once Izuku notices Katsuki's glare, he holds Shoto's hand tighter out of fear. Shoto doesn't fail to notice Katsuki's glare, and he glares right back. Kirishima notices and hits him in the back of his head.

"Deku!" Ochaco yells, waving at Izuku. Izuku looks up and smiles as he waves back. Izuku looks back at Shoto to ask if it's okay for them to sit with his friends, but Shoto is one step ahead and starts walking towards her table. Ochaco decides to move to the empty seat next to Iida to leave the other side empty for Shoto and Izuku.

"Your heat is gone already? But how?" Tenya asks in shock as the pair sits down in front of them.

"Aizawa Sensei mentioned he was taking heat suppressors. Suddenly stopping them can make a heat cycle extremely irregular. I'm assuming that's the case," Tokoyami says, earning a nod from Izuku and Shoto.

"At least we get to see you today. We were so worried about you, Deku." Ochaco whines. Izuku looks down at his lap.

"I'm sorry for making you guys worry. I never told you guys the truth either, and I'm sorry for that too." Izuku apologizes sadly.

"I'll admit, I was a bit hurt when we found out you're a male omega. But, you didn't have to tell us if you didn't feel safe enough to. Even if we are close, it must be hard trying to trust an alpha or even a beta with that information. Don't be sorry, Deku. I'm just happy you're okay," Ochaco tells him truthfully.

Izuku looks up in shock.

"I agree with Uraraka. You cannot be blamed for wanting to protect yourself." Iida tells him.

"Society is cruel to male omegas. You did what you needed to do for your sake, and we respect and understand that." Fumikage says.

"Male omega or not, you're still our friend Deku," Ochaco says as she smiles. Izuku starts tearing up at his friend's words. Hearing all of that means a lot to him.

"Thank you so much, you guys. Thank you so much." He replies as he wipes his tears away. Shoto cracks a smile seeing that Izuku has good friends. His instincts still have him slightly on edge, but hearing their words helped him relax.

Shoto notices some of their classmates getting up to choose their breakfast for today. Letting go of Izuku's hand and putting an arm around his waist instead, he leans closer to Izuku. Izuku starts blushing at the action.

I didn't think Shoto would want to do anything more than hold hands around everyone else.

Ochaco and Iida feel just as shocked to see Shoto displaying any kind of closeness or affection in general since he has a more reserved personality.

Fumikage, however, is far from shocked. He's never mentioned it, but his parents are fated mates. They've told him different stories of their youth, and how their bond differed from chosen mates.

"I'm gonna go order breakfast for the both of us. Will you be alright here?" Shoto asks Izuku. A few tables down, Katsuki scowls at the interaction and hastily gets up to go order breakfast.

"Y-yes Shoto. But don't you need to know what I want?" Izuku asks shyly.

"I've noticed that you usually get the same breakfast every morning. I'll be right back," Shoto says with a smile as he lets go of Izuku's hand, gets up, and walks to the food counter. Fumikage also gets up.

"I'll go with Todoroki. Excuse me," he says as he walks away from the table.

"Do you want me to get your breakfast today so you can stay here with Midoriya? He shouldn't be left alone with Bakugo and his unpredictable actions in case he returns before Todoroki," Tenya whispers the last part to Ochaco. She nods, and he gets up to join the others.

"So how was the mall yesterday, Ochaco?" Izuku asks curiously.

"It was fun. We all got to know each other a bit better. It would have been better if you and Todoroki went though, so make sure you come next time," she tells him. Izuku smiles and nods.

"Can I ask about, you know, the mark?" She asks hesitantly. Ochaco doesn't want to overstep boundaries and ask about their mating.

"Sure," Izuku says as he starts blushing slightly again.

"Does it hurt to get marked?" Uraraka asks curiously.

"O-oh um not really. It hurts at first for a split second, but it's not that bad. The pain goes away quickly too. Shoto helped me ease into it, so that was helpful," Izuku explains shyly.

"He's treating you well, isn't he?" Ochaco asks. Izuku's eyes immediately light up as he starts rambling about how considerate and gentle Shoto is with him.


"Todokori," Fumikage calls out, making Shoto slow down so he can catch up.

"You and Midoriya are fated mates, correct?" Shoto confirms with a nod as they walk to the line in front of the food counter.

"My parents are fated," he says straightforwardly, making Shoto turn to him in surprise.

"There's not a vast amount of updated information on how different fated mates can be from chosen mates. I was wondering if you wanted to discuss the details somewhere more private. While neither of my parents is an omega, other aspects of their bond might help with understanding fated mates" Fumikage offers. Iida catches up to them just as Fumikage finishes his last sentence.

"That would help immensely. I would appreciate any kind of information that would help me avoid neglecting Izuku in any way."

"I'm glad to see that you're very doting towards Izuku."

"Yeah," Shoto answers as they move up the line. Shoto is determined to approach Izuku with plenty of love and affection, unlike how he grew up.

Unlike how Endeavor treated his mom.


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Chapter Text

After breakfast, Shoto and Tokoyami head to Shoto's room, leaving Izuku with Tsuyu, Ochaco, Shoji, and a few of the other girls from class who tagged along.

Before leaving for his room, Shoto gently pulls Izuku into a hug. Izuku blushes as the girls awed but hugged him back.

"I'll be back soon. Do your best to have fun," Shoto says softly before pulling away.

Izuku opens the door to his room, and the girls enthusiastically walk inside. Shoji is the last one to enter the room, so he closes the door and walks further inside.

"Wow, Midoriya. You keep your room pretty clean," Mina exclaims as she looks around.

"Your All Might merch is pretty organized too. Such a fanboy. You must've died on the inside when you found out All Might is one of our teachers," Ochaco says, making Izuku blush.

Looking at Shoji, he looks around and gives his room a thumbs up.

"One of you guys can sit on my chair while everyone else can find a comfy spot," Izuku announces nervously.

"Thank you, Izuku," Momo says as she goes towards the chair. Mina settles for the floor while Ochaco and Tsuyu decide to sit on his bed. Shoji chooses to stand by the side of his bed as Izuku sits on it.

"So um, how come you guys wanted to come too? Not that I have a problem with it. I'm open to making new friends, especially since we're classmates and all. It was just so sudden that I got shocked, and it shocked me even more that Shoto agreed to it. Then again, my heat is just barely here and-"

"Izuku, you're rambling again," Ochaco says, flicking his shoulder. He quickly snaps out of it and blushes again in embarrassment.

"We're here to hear about how you and Todoroki are mates- ow Momo. Why did you hit me?" Mina whines, rubbing her arm since Momo kicked her somewhat hard.

"It's rude to outright ask about it. I know we're all curious to an extent, but we can't assume he would talk details about being mated and marked," Momo scolds, making Izuku blush harder.

I assume that they're curious since it's not common for high school students to have a mate. They probably find it weird, but interesting to have a pair of fated mates in their class. Izuku thinks to himself.

"Um, actually, Shoto and I didn't mate," Izuku mumbles.

"What was that, Izuku?" Tsuyu asks him since his voice got overpowered by Momo and Mina's arguing.

"Shoto and I didn't mate. We only marked each other," Izuku says more loudly. Everyone, including Shoji, stares at Izuku in shock, making him shrink back in his spot.

"What?! There's no way. Aren't you supposed to mate first and then get marked?" Ochaco asks, confused by Izuku's statement.

"Not necessarily. It's probably since we're fated. Apparently, it works different from chosen mates,"

"How so?" Momo questions curiously.

"Shoto felt like marking me first, and I let him. After that, I asked if I could mark him, and he surprisingly let me. It just felt right. Then, my heat started weakening to the point that I regained my senses and told him that I didn't want to mate yet. I'm n-not ready for that yet, and he told me he wasn't either," Izuku explains nervously, looking down as he plays with his fingers.

"But then how did he help you all day yesterday?" Mina asks.

"He just kept marking me whenever my heat would become overwhelming. It somehow keeps my heat under control," Izuku responds.

"That's strange. But I'm happy that it works better for you both instead of having to mate right off the bat," Tsuyu says, making Izuku smile slightly as he looks at her.

"I'm happy it turned out this way. We don't know when that won't be enough, though. Usually, chosen mates who mark each other before mating can only last a couple of days or weeks," He explains.

"But with fated mates, no one would really know, right?" Momo asks, getting a nod from Izuku.

"I see. Fated mates really are different from chosen mates. How profound is your bond with him so far?" Momo asks.

"Well, we can sense each other's feelings. And usually, for a few minutes after he marks me, I can see some of his memories. I'm not sure if he experienced the same thing since he's never mentioned it. He's really friendly and loving with me too. I'm just not used to it since he's usually a lot more cold and inexpressive. It shocked me when he casually put his arm around my waist and got so close to my face while we were in the cafeteria," Izuku rambles, blushing more as he continues.

"That's so cute, Izuku," Ochaco says.

"He seems so nice to you, Izuku. Congrats on finding your fated mate. Who would've thought that still existed?" Mina says happily. Izuku smiles brightly at the thought of Shoto.

"Yeah. He's amazing," he says happily. Suddenly, someone starts furiously knocking on Izuku's door. Izuku tenses up in fear as he hears Katsuki yelling on the other side.

"OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR BEFORE I BLAST IT DOWN DEKU!" Katsuki yells as he continuously bangs on the door.

"What the hell does Bakugo want? He's so noisy and annoying," Mina whines as Izuku contemplates whether to open the door or not. Shoji walks closer to Izuku and beckons him over.

"Should I send a message to Todoroki?" He suggests, making Izuku shake his head.

"I'll just go see what Kacchan wants," Izuku says nervously, slipping off of his bed and going to his door. Taking a deep breath, he opens it.


"Your parents are fated, but your father is a beta, and your mother is an alpha?" Shoto asks, earning a nod from Tokoyami.

"Alphas and betas tend to choose omegas as their mates, but my parents knew they meant something important to one another once they met," Fumikage explains.

"My mother likes to say that how they found each other was destiny," He chuckles.

"They bonded unintentionally the first couple of months after meeting. Then they started dating, and my father ended up marking my mother after she was going through something called a rut," Shoto looks at Fumikage curiously.

"My father describes it as an alpha's version of heat. He said that the days leading up to it, my mother was more blunt and irritated. And then when it happened, they were alone at her house, and she suddenly became very aggressive. My mother was releasing a scent, just like omegas do, but more intense and suffocating. The only way that my father was able to stop it was by marking her and his mark stayed," Fumikage explains thoroughly.

"So, I'm guessing they figured out that they were fated since the mark didn't disappear?" Shoto asks.

"Yeah. Even with alpha/beta couples, marking an alpha does not last long, if the alpha of the relationship even allows themselves to be marked in the first place. After my mother realized the mark was not disappearing, she went to a doctor. That's when they told her that whoever marked her was her fated mate. It's where she found out what a rut is as well, but apparently, it is something that tends to happen more often with fated mates," Fumikage explains further.

"I see. I've never heard of a rut before until now. I may end up going through a rut as well since Izuku and I are fated," Shoto says thoughtfully.

"Ruts seem to be unpredictable as well. My father said that there was no way to keep track of my mother's ruts as a way to predict them," Fumikage continues, making Shoto's eyes widen slightly.

"But there is a way to know when the first one manifests. I'm not sure that it would be the same for you due to the different circumstances. My father wasn't an omega, so they never had to worry about heats. My mother's doctor said her rut may have been triggered to speed up the bonding process," He explains, not missing a detail.

"So the only way to know when it will happen is through monitoring behavior changes. And that is assuming that I will have a rut. I see. Did your parents begin to bond automatically since they're fated?" Shoto asks, remembering how Fumikage discussed it briefly.

"From how they describe it, it seems so. They got along very well and felt a pull to each other. It was like they were already mates after a few months, or so they told me. Communication is an extremely important factor in how their bond grew so strong, and why it has remained strong. Right before they started dating, they were able to faintly feel each other's emotions. After marking and mating each other, their bond only grew stronger. Apparently, they can communicate telepathically with each other, and can show each other their memories," Shoto's eyes widen at the information.

"Communicate telepathically? See each other's memories? That's possible with fated mates?" he asks, shock laced in his words. Fumikage nods.

"They're also able to transfer stamina to each other just like chosen mates, as well as use a weakened version of each other's quirks. Neither of them studied to be a hero, however, so they don't know how to use that ability properly," He explains further. Shoto can't feel anything but shock over the information he's being told.

"Woah" is all the Shoto manages to say as he processes the information.

"Also, it seems that when fated mates have offspring, their quirks won't necessarily be similar to either parents' quirks. I was a product of their fated love, and how I ended up with Dark Shadow instead of a strength or levitation quirk is due to that," he explains.

"Fated mates are more powerful then I thought," Shoto admits. Fumikage nods.

"Since you and Midoriya marked each other before really bonding, things might be different?" He questions curiously.

"It's different in the sense that we can feel each other's emotions only after we marked each other. It's only when the emotions are strong as well. I saw small glimpses of Izuku's memory, but only within a few seconds after I marked him the first time. On the day of the Sports Festival, I felt like I could confide in him about personal things that tied into why I challenged him. Maybe the pull of being fated mates is what pushed him to say what he said during our battle," Shoto contemplates as he remembered that sentence Izuku told him before he released his flames.


"I see. Well, I hope that the information I provided is helpful to you," Fumikage says.

"Yes. Thank you so much, Tokoyami. I am grateful for your information-" Shoto's sentence gets interrupted by the sudden wave of fear coming from Izuku. He lurches over as the feeling hits him, and panic fills his body.

"Todoroki? What's the matter?" Fumikage asks, approaching Shoto cautiously.

"Izuku.. he's really scared.." Shoto manages to say as he gets up from his bed, and sprints out of his room. Looking down the hallway as he sprints, he sees Izuku's door open, and an angry Katsuki who seems to be threatening his mate.

Chapter Text

Despite all the rage Shoto feels, he knows better than to let it consume him. He slows into a fast, angry walk as he gets close enough to Katsuki, and glares at him. Katsuki notices Shoto and glares back. Izuku peeks out the hallway to see a somewhat composed Shoto.

However, the burning anger is something Shoto can't hide from Izuku due to their bond. Noticing Izuku, Shoto looks over at him, and his face softens slightly to see tears in his eyes.

"Izuku, are you alright?" He asks calmly. Izuku simply nods but freezes as Katzuki growls lowly.

"You walk here like you're going to fucking punch me, but then you still say your first words to fucking Deku?" Katsuki asks angrily. Shoto decides to ignore the question as he pushes by Katsuki to enter Izuku's room. The first thing he does is wipe Izuku's tears away. Katsuki growls louder at the lack of acknowledgment from Shoto.

"I'm fucking talking to you, fucking half-and-half bastard," he says harshly as he takes a threatening step closer.

After staying in that position for a few moments, Shoto turns his body to Katsuki.

"Why are you here annoying Izuku when he is clearly not comfortable in your presence?" Shoto asks slightly demandingly.

"For some fucking answers! That damned useless nerd tricked me all this fucking time, for fucking YEARS! I just fucking found out he has a damn quirk for fuck's sake! And now, I find out he's a damned male omega! I want to know why he's fucking lied to me this whole time!" He answers furiously, glaring straight at Izuku. Shoto growls loudly at Katsuki's glare and words.

"That's none of your damn business. Who the fuck are you to come here, demanding answers? Do you think that you'll get them through intimidation? You thought that he would easily talk to you of all people?" Shoto responds coldly. A few of the girls in Izuku's room gasp at Shoto's language since they didn't expect him to curse. Bakugo growls loudly again as he clenches his fists.

"Fucking bastard. Who the fuck are YOU to question me after I've known Deku for fucking years? I'm the one that was tricked by him, not you!" Bakugo growls out, opening his hands as he gets ready to use his quirk.

"I'm his fated mate. Someone who treats Izuku with respect and care, unlike you. Now, fuck off so that I can give Izuku a breather from you. Unless, you want to fight me, and get expelled from UA," Shoto says coldly. Before Katsuki could try to blast Shoto, Fumikage intervenes. 

"Bakugo, if you decide to fight him, you will be punished severely by the school. Maybe even expelled as Todoroki says. Do you really want to risk your future as a hero over a petty fight?" Fumikage asks him. He had gotten to the scene soon after Shoto did, and released Dark Shadow in case he would need to stop a fight.

That damned bird for brains is right. Fuck. Bakugo thinks to himself as he balls his fists and looks down, tears building in his eyes. He suddenly looks up fiercely and looks between Shoto and Izuku.

"Fine! But do not think for a second that I will forget how you lied to me, Deku. I'll get answers from you eventually," Katsuki threatens as he walks off angrily. Taking a deep breath, Shoto turns to Izuku again and looks into his watery eyes. He slowly raises his hands and gently cups Izuku's round cheeks.

"Leave," That one word has every person in the room scrambling to leave Izuku's room. Tsuyu is the first one out of the room, passing by quietly as everyone else decides to say something before they go.

"Bye," Mina says promptly as she dashes past them.

"See you at lunch," Ochaco says quickly as she trails Mina.

"Thanks for letting us be here," Momo says nervously.

"Sorry to intrude," Shoji says, squeezing past the mates, closing the door, and running away from the scene with everyone else. The pair continue to look at each other as they both start calming down. Izuku's eyes become less watery as he slowly places his arms on Shoto's waist.

"Can I kiss you?" Shoto asks softly. Izuku smiles slightly and nods, closing his eyes as he starts blushing. Shoto leans down and closes his eyes as well, connecting his lips to Izuku's as they start to kiss. He slowly drags his hands down, cupping Izuku's neck instead. Izuku smiles in the kiss as their lips move in sync with each other. Naturally, their heads tilt at a slight angle as they continue to kiss.

After a few more seconds, they part slightly from each other to breathe and open their eyes to look at each other again.

"Thank you. I got so scared that he was going to hurt me if you didn't come when you did. The things he said.." Izuku's voice trails off as tears build up in his eyes again. Shoto only nods, leaning in quickly for a peck.

"Would you like to cuddle?" Shoto suggests, making Izuku nod. Holding Izuku's hand, he pulls Izuku towards the bed with him and lays down on his side. Izuku lays down next to him, getting comfortable on Shoto's arm. Shoto uses his other arm to layover Izuku's waist.

"So, what did you find out from Tokoyami?" Izuku asks once they get settled on his bed.

"Communicating with each other often will help strengthen our bond. Also, I may go through a rut. It's like your heat, except more aggressiveness and untrackable. It's a phenomenon that happens exclusively for fated mates." Shoto starts, looking down at Izuku's curious eyes.

"A rut? How will we know when it will happen?" Izuku asks slightly nervously. Shoto looks away for a second as his ears start to burn.

"My behavior will be more aggressive and it may happen to further our bond. So, for us to mate," He says softly, making Izuku blush hard.

"But, it won't happen so soon, so don't worry too much about it for now," Shoto says reassuringly. Izuku sighs in relief.

Thankfully it won't happen soon. I was so worried that I would have to be ready to mate in a week or something. Izuku thinks.

"Tokoyami also mentioned that when our bond develops enough, we would be able to use each other's quirks if we wanted to. He said they would be a weakened version, but I still find it interesting," Shoto continues.

"Woah, really? That's so cool!" Izuku squeals in excitement.

"We will also be able to communicate telepathically. How we feel each other's emotions will intensify as well," Shoto finishes, earning a noise of excitement from Izuku.

"Woah. It's almost like having more quirks. That's amazing," he exclaims with a bright smile on his face. Shoto can't help but smile with Izuku.

"I don't find that as important as how much I want to be a good mate to you, Izuku," he says softly. Izuku smiles at Shoto's words.

"I want to be a good mate to you too, Sho. I know I'm not really used to any of this, but I'm happy I get to learn along the way with you," Izuku confesses shyly. Shoto brings his hand up to the back of Izuku's head and leans down to kiss his forehead.

"I know we're fated mates, but it wouldn't feel right to me if I refrained from asking," Shoto starts. Izuku looks at him curiously.

"Do you want to be my boyfriend?" Shoto asks, chuckling nervously as he starts blushing slightly. Izuku giggles as he sees Shoto blushing and he nods.

"Of course, Sho. I'm more than happy to be your boyfriend," Izuku answers happily.

"Sho?" Shoto questions.

"Oh um, it's a nickname for you. I-If you don't like it, I can just keep calling you Shoto-"

"I like it. You can call me Sho as much as you want, as long as I can call you Izu," Shoto decides.

"I'm fine with that Sho," Izuku says happily.

"Glad that you agree, Izu. While we are dating, I want you to realize that you won't be restricted from things by me. You won't be neglected by me either. You're more than just a male omega or my mate to me," Shoto tells him. Izuku's eyes become watery, but he smiles and snuggles closer to Shoto.

"Thank you," Izuku mumbles. Izuku couldn't help but feel at ease with Shoto's words. Especially after what Katsuki told him before Shoto arrived. Even though he has heard the words from Katsuki, it doesn't hurt any less than it has before. 


Chapter Text

"Sho," Shoto turns to Izuku from his desk.

He changed into a tracksuit while I was reading? Shoto asks himself.

After lunch, Shoto had decided to study English for a bit and was reading the first issue of One Punch Man in English.

"Do you want to go training with me? I haven't done much since the Sports Festival, and I don't want to start slacking, so I want to ease back into my regular training," he mumbles nervously, looking at the floor.

"How do you usually train, Izu?" Shoto asks curiously.

"Ah well, it's nothing special. I am mainly training to build more muscle, increase my stamina, and really just improve my overall skills without my quirk. But since it's been a few days, I might stick with jogging for today," Izuku rambles. Shoto chuckles at Izuku's nervous rambling.

"Sure. Where will we train?" Shoto says as he sets the manga down and starts looking through his bags for the UA Training Suit he used during the Sports Festival.

"Oh um, I usually train outside of the dorms since there's more space to jog. I've noticed that you usually train in the dorms' training room so if you're not comfort-"

"We can train outside, Izu. A jog with you sounds nice," Shoto says, looking back at Izuku with a small smile. Pulling out the UA Training Suit, Shoto starts taking off his current clothes without warning. Right when his shirt is off, he glances at Izuku and smiles teasingly.

"I forgot to warn you. My apologies," he teases as Izuku snaps out of it. He immediately turns around and blushes.

After Shoto is done, he slowly walks over to Izuku and holds him gently by the sides of his arms from behind. He leans down to put his head on Izuku's shoulder.

"I'm done," he says softly. Izuku tenses up and blushes at the sudden contact. Slowly, Shoto moves his arms and embraces Izuku from behind, making the smaller teen blush brightly.

"S-Sho?" Izuku questions.

"Hm?" Shoto responds.

"Let's g-go train," Izuku tells him. Shoto pulls back slightly.

"Did I make you uncomfortable?" He asks softly. Izuku frantically shakes his head and turns to look at Shoto.

"No! No, it's not that I'm uncomfortable. Not at all Sho. I really like it. I'm just um not used to affection like this," he rambles quickly. Shoto sighs silently.

I'm relieved that I didn't make him uncomfortable. Shoto thinks. Shoto decides to hold both of Izuku's hands and looks at him warmly.

"I'm not used to this either. But I can't help but enjoy holding you," Shoto says somewhat shyly as his ears burn slightly.

Despite his actions, displaying and receiving affection is foreign to Shoto. But because of that, he does his best to not hold back with showing affection to Izuku. The last thing he wants is to treat Izuku as he was treated.

Izuku looks up at Shoto and meets his warm stare with his own.

"It's going to take me a couple of more days to get used to how well you're treating me, Sho. Sometimes it feels like I don't deserve it," Izuku confesses.

"I don't know if this is selfish to say, but I'm happy that we found each other now. Now, let's go train so we can have enough time to freshen up before dinner," Izuku finishes happily, closing the gap between Shoto and himself to hug him. Shoto hugs him back, and when Izuku ends the hug, Izuku holds his hand and intertwines with it.

The couple walks out of Izuku's room and happily walk down the hallway together. As they walk past the living space that's inside the dorms, they find a few of their classmates playing Jenga. Denki is the first one to notice the pair walk in, and he smiles.

"Yo Midoriya and Todoroki," Denki says energetically. Koji nervously waves while Eijiro invites them to play.

"We'll have to decline this time. We're going out to train for a while," Shoto responds.

"Thank you for asking. Have fun," Izuku says, bowing somewhat before they continue heading outside to start their first training session together.

"Midoriya and Todoroki. Who would've thought those two would be meant for each other?" Eijiro voices out.

"Midoriya is a pretty nervous and bubbly guy, while Todoroki is cold and emotionless. But I guess opposites attract," Denki says as Katsuki walks in, grumbling as he takes a seat next to Eijiro on the floor.

"You good?" He immediately asks, getting a growl in return.

"Fuck off shitty hair. I came here to play, not talk about my emotions," Katsuki says. Eijiro grins to hide his worry.

He did not sound too great when I went past his room earlier. He thinks.

While he was on his way to lunch, Eijiro went to Katsuki's room so that they'd head to the cafeteria together. Right before he was going to knock, he heard faint sniffling. Then, the yelling started.

"WHY? JUST FUCKING WHY?" he hears from Katsuki before hearing things get thrown around the room. Deciding that it would be best to leave Katsuki alone, Eijiro puts his hand down and walks away from the room.

"You can go before I do then," Eijiro offers. Katsuki just grunts as a response while Koji takes out a small block from the stack and places it on the top.

"Bakugo, did you really never know about Izuku having a quirk, or about being an omega? You're childhood friends, aren't you?" Denki decides to ask. Eijiro tenses up, glancing at Katsuki to see his fits balled.

"No, I didn't know you fucking Pikachu. Fucking Deku fooled me all this time," Katsuki says deathly calm, grabbing a block from the Jenga and stacking it on the top.

"Hm. You'd think that Izuku would trust someone that he's been friends with for years," Denki comments as Eijiro carefully takes a corner block, putting it at the top.

"How can he when it's something that I used as an excuse to beat the fuck out of him daily?" Katsuki mumbles to himself lowly. However, Eijiro catches the question and glances at Katsuki in shock.

So, Bakugo and Midoriya aren't really friends? Bakugo used to bully Izuku daily? Maybe he meant it in a friend way, and not the actual way? Eijiro contemplates.

Bakugo is pretty straight forward with everything he says. Is he the reason that Midoriya is really jumpy and flinches easily? Eijiro can't help but think of how much bullying Katsuki might've done towards Midoriya before they got to UA.

Is Bakugo one of the 'personal reasons' why Midoriya took heat suppressors?

Chapter Text

Izuku and Shoto had already jogged the perimeter of the dorms building, going on for a second lap when All Might suddenly appear beside them. Despite wearing a suit, it does not seem to hinder All Might's ability to jog freely.

"Good afternoon Young Midoriya and Young Todoroki," All Might greets enthusiastically as he jogs beside the pair.

"A-All Might. Where did you come from?" Izuku asks since All Might's presence startled him. 

"I was coming by to personally check on you when I saw you both jogging past the entrance together. Instead of stopping your training, I'll simply join you on it. Seeing that you both seem to be fine, I'd like to ask for Young Todoroki to go on ahead while I discuss something with Young Midoriya," Izuku looks at All Might curiously.

"Alright. I'll go on ahead," Shoto says, picking up his speed until he is several yards away. All Might slowly down slightly, making Izuku slow down as well.

"Have you told Young Todoroki about the One For All?" All Might asks somewhat seriously. Izuku looks at him and starts stuttering frantically.

"N-No! I k-know he's m-my mate and all, b-but I didn't know i-if I was allo-owed to tell h-him," All Might put his hand on Izuku's head and pats him as he laughs.

"There's no need to be so nervous, Young Midoriya. I've come to tell you that Young Todoroki is an exception to the rule I gave you. If anything, I encourage you to tell him as soon as possible for his safety, and yours. Good luck with that, Young Midoriya. I am nearly late for a staff meeting," All Might finishes as he picks up the speed until he reaches his full speed, and takes off towards UA.

I can tell Shoto about the One For All? Izuku thinks as he continues jogging.

In front of him, Shoto is rapidly slowing down so that Izuku can catch up. Seeing Izuku muttering to himself, Shoto wonders what All Might told him.

Finally, Izuku catches up and glances at Shoto nervously.

"Um, can we go to my room? I need to tell you something," Izuku says tensely, making Shoto slightly worried.

"It's nothing bad! It is just something important that you should know," Izuku clarifies. Shoto gives him a reassuring smile.

"Let's jog back to the dorm's entrance," Shoto says, earning a nod from Izuku as they turn back. They enter the dorms shortly after and walk by the now empty living space. Looking at Izuku, Shoto's worry increases as he starts to feel Izuku's nervousness.

Once they get to Izuku's room, Izuku groans as he zips down the jacket of the tracksuit. He takes it off completely, revealing a black tank top under as he walks to his bathroom, and throws the jacket in his laundry bin. Shoto catches himself staring at Izuku's toned arms, his ears burning when he realizes it.

To distract his mind, Shoto decides to stand next to Izuku's table. Nervously, Izuku shuffles towards Shoto. Shoto pulls Izuku closer to him and looks up at him with a concerned expression.

"Why are you so nervous Izu? It's making me worry," Shoto admits.

"It's just, it's something really important. I don't know how to start, or how you'll react to it," Izuku mumbles.

"Does it have to do with All Might?" Shoto asks, making Izuku tense up before relaxing slightly again and nodding. Shoto takes one of Izuku's hands and holds it gently.

This must be really serious to Izuku. Shoto thinks.

"Take your time Izu. I won't rush you," Shoto says to reassure Izuku. Izuku gulps visibly before sighing and looking straight into Shoto's eyes.

"My quirk isn't simply a strength quirk. It's a quirk called One For All; a quirk I inherited from All Might the day of the entrance exams," Izuku says, looking at Shoto for his reaction. When Shoto's eyes show curiosity, Izuku takes it as a sign to continue.

"It's not like I have another quirk along with All For One or anything like that. Before the day of the entrance exams, I was quirkless," Shoto's eyes widen.

"It's why my quirk seems to backfire on me like it manifested recently. Because it did. I tend to use it at 100% when my body can barely handle 5% of the power. I just barely know how to control it at a level where I can handle it. My lack of control has already backfired on me badly," Izuku admits, looking down at his scarred hand. Shoto looks at Izuku's right hand as well, taking note of the scars as he brushes his thumb over them.

"You didn't use your full power on me directly during our fight," Shoto mumbles.

"I was aiming to hit you instead of an inanimate object. All Might says that I subconsciously control it when I'm aware of using it on a person," Izuku explains. Shoto simply nods at his response.

"It's why Kacchan got so upset at me the first day of class after seeing me use One For All. He only ever knew me as quirkless," Izuku mumbles. Shoto quietly soaks in all the information he is being told as Izuku continues.

"Kacchan would always tease me about being quirkless. As he developed his quirk, he also started being harsher on me. The first time that he punched me, I just knew that he didn't see me as his friend anymore, but just a piece of trash. Something to practice his quirk on without anyone knowing," Izuku whispers the last part, wrapping his arms around his stomach as he remembers the cycle of abuse he suffered through. Shoto slowly gets up from the chair and brings Izuku into his arms.

"You don't have to continue Izu. Just know that you're safe now. Also, thank you for trusting me enough with this information. I assume only a select few know?" Shoto asks, getting a nod from Izuku.

"What you've told me is safe with me," Shoto promises. Izuku slowly unwraps his arms to be able to hug Shoto back. Shoto pulls back slightly, leaning down for a quick kiss. Their lips meet and Izuku kisses back until they separate.

"Thank you, Sho. Now, I'm going to shower. That jog is still making me sweat slightly," Izuku says truthfully. Shoto chuckles before kissing Izuku briefly again and sitting back on the chair to continue studying.

"You're not going to your room to shower?" Izuku questions as he gathers his usual bathroom supplies.

"I was using my quirk to manage my body temperature and avoid sweating," Shoto responds.

"Lucky," Izuku complains as he drags himself to the bathroom and closes the door. Shoto chuckles at Izuku's reaction, smiling to himself.

My old man would be furious if he ever found out the truth of Izuku's quirk. Good thing that bastard will never know.


Chapter Text

"Alright, everyone!" Iida shouts to gain everyone's attention. Iida starts moving his arms robotically as he starts speaking.

"I expect you all to be in your rooms before 10pm. I know our curfew is 11pm, but we return to our daily classes tomorrow. As students of class 1-A, we need to be responsible students and show that we are worthy to be in the top hero course. That is all," He says before sitting back down. After a few more minutes, Mina gets up and slams her hand on the table to grab everyone's attention.

"What the fuck pinky? I'm trying to fucking eat in peace," Katsuki says angrily from his seat. Mina sticks her tongue out at him.

"A few of us are planning to play Truth or Dare as a fun way to end this mini-break. Anyone can join us in the living space if you'd like to play!" She announces happily.

"Deku, do you and Todoroki want to join us for Truth or Dare?" Uraraka asks. Izuku turns to Shoto who simply shrugs.

"I don't mind if you don't, Izu," Shoto tells him. Izuku turns to Uraraka and smiles.

"Sure! It sounds like fun," Izuku answers.

"I'll have to pass for today. I would like to do some last-minute reviewing in my room to prepare for tomorrow's classes," Iida tells the group.

"That's fine Iida. You can join us next time. Are you going to play, Tokoyami?" Uraraka asks.

"It sounds like a fitting way to conclude our two-day break," Fumikage answers.

"Alright. Remember to head to the living space after you finish eating," Uraraka says as she gets up from the table to start heading there. Izuku and Shoto nod while Fumikage throws a thumbs up.


Once everyone finished their dinner, the group playing truth or dare started heading to their large living space. The group consists of Izuku, Shoto, Eijiro, Denki, Ochaco, Mina, Toru, Sero, Shoji, Kyoka, Mineta, and Fumikage. Once everyone settles down, Mina takes out a twelve-sided die out, as well as a small notebook and pen.

"Since there's exactly 12 of us playing, each person will roll the die and be assigned a number. I'll write down the number each person is assigned in my notebook to keep track." Mina pauses to see if anyone is confused so far. Seeing everyone staring intently for the rest of the rules, she smirks.

"We'll go based on where who is sitting next to who. The person that needs to choose their victim will roll my other die. Whatever number you roll is the person you ask. Let's go as crazy as we want, as long as it won't get us in trouble," Mina finishes. Starting off with the number selection, the die gets passed around until she gets it back. The assigned numbers are the following in order of whose on someone's right.













"Kirishima, since you're number 1, you'll go first," Mina says, handing the redhead her die. Grinning, Eijiro takes the die from her, and rolls it, getting an 8.

"That's me," Fumikage says calmly. Eijiro looks at Fumikage and grins.

"Truth or dare?" Eijiro asks.

"Truth" Fumikage answers. Eijiro thinks of a question for a few seconds.

I won't ask anything too crazy yet. He thinks.

"What kind of music do you listen to?"

"I enjoy different types of rock and alternative groups and occasionally, ballads," Fumikage answers thoughtfully.

"Cool. Now it's my turn," Mina says enthusiastically, taking her die to roll an 11.

"I'm 11," Izuku says shyly. Mina grins.

"Truth or dare?" She asks.

"D-Dare," Izuku stutters. As much as he would rather have chosen truth, Izuku also doesn't want to deal with any prying questions. Mina smirks as she thinks of her dare for Izuku.

"I dare you to sit between Shoto's legs for the rest of the game," Mina decides, snickering when she sees the couple's reactions. Shoto's eyes widened slightly, and his ears turned red while Izuku is blushing and mumbling to himself.

Shoto was sitting on the floor with his right leg straight on the floor, and the left leg somewhat bent with both hands on his raised knee. Izuku starts reluctantly getting up from his seated position on the floor. He shuffles towards Shoto, who is already widening his legs for Izuku to fit as he sits down. Izuku slowly sits down, letting his legs lay flat on the floor as he looks down, trying to calm his pounding heartbeat.

Shoto bends his right leg up, and shifts closer to Izuku. Snaking his arms around Izuku's stomach, Shoto pulls him closer, resting his chin on Izuku's shoulder.

"Are you comfortable, Izu?" Shoto asks lowly. Gulping, Izuku nods.

"You two are so cute!" Mina squeals, handing the die to Toru. Since Toru isn't wearing gloves, it looks like the die is floating in the air as Toru shakes it in her hands. Tossing it to the floor, she rolls a 12. Shoji raises his hand to indicate it's him.

"Truth or Dare, Mezo?" She asks cutely.

"Dare," he says from the mouth he formed on one of his stumps.

"I dare you to point out anyone you can see yourself being good friends with that you haven't spoken to yet," Toru dares. Shoji's eyes dart around the circle until they land on Fumikage.

"Tokoyami," he says somewhat shyly. Fumikage looks at him somewhat surprised but offers Shoji a quick thumbs up that he returns. Sero is next, rolling the die and getting a 3.

"Oh, that's me," Uraraka says enthusiastically. Sero grins at her.

"Hmm, I choose dare!" She says happily.

"I dare you to tell us the first person who pops into your head at the word cute," he dares. Uraraka shrugs, expecting a crazier dare.

"Tsuyu," she says bluntly. Sero nods at the answer, handing the die to Mineta.

"Please be a girl, please be a girl, please be a girl," he chants lowly as he shakes the dice in his hand before tossing it and getting a 7.

"You got my number, lmao. Tough luck," Sero says, patting Mineta's back as he glares at the die.

"Truth or dare?" He asks disappointedly.

"Dare," Sero answers boldly.

"I dare you to tell us who you think is the hottest girl in class," Mineta asks. Sero thinks for a second.

"Yaoyorozu," he says after a few seconds. Mineta defeatedly gives the die to Kyoka, who rolls a 10.

"Hey, that's me," Denki points out. Kyoka deadpans but nonetheless asks him the question.

"Truth," he says, deciding to break the string of ongoing dares.

"Hm. Is it true that you're going on a date with that one girl in class 1-B?" She asks, smirking when he sees him blushing.

"Oh um yeah. I saw her at the mall yesterday and asked her out on a date. She actually said yes," he answers sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

"That's so cute," Mina says enthusiastically. Kyoka passes the die to Shoji. Rolling it, he gets a 1.

"That's me. Give me a dare," Eijiro announces excitedly until he sees the mischievous glint in Shoji's eyes.

"Give a 5-second lap dance to Denki," Shoji dares. Eijiro's face falls while Denki's eyes widen. Sighing, Eijiro gets up and turns to Denki.

"A man can't back down from a date," Eijiro says sadly.

"Shoji, do I really have to?" Denki complains. Shoji nods while everyone else is waiting intently.

"A dare is a dare," Shoji answers. Mina takes her phone out for a timer. Since Denki is on a chair, he slumps on it, grumbling 'why me' as Eijiro stands in front of him.

"Ready, and go!" Mina says. Everyone watches as Eijiro puts a hand on Denki's shoulder, sits over his legs, and starts seductively body-rolling. Eijiro gives it his all, slowly dragging a hand down his own body, making Denki blush. Everyone else watching hypes Eijiro up with wolf-whistles and cheers.

"Times up!" Mina announces, much to Eijiro's delight as he quickly gets off Denki's lap, and sits back down on the floor.

It's Fumikage's turn next as he rolls a 6. Kyoka raises her hand reluctantly.

"I choose truth," she answers lowly. Fumikage nods.

"Do you know the American group My Chemical Romance?" Fumikage asks curiously. Kyoka perks up.

"Hell yeah, I do," Kyoka answers happily, earning a grin from Fumikage as he hands the die to Izuku.

"Roll it for me, Izu. I don't feel like letting go," he says the last part softly. Izuku blushes and rolls the die, getting a 4.

"Finally! I choose truth," Toru says.

"Did your quirk manifest when you were born, or after you were born?" Shoto asks curiously. Everyone else turns towards where Toru is sitting, curious as well.

"Oh, it was when I turned 3 years old," Toru answers. Shoto nods as Izuku rolls the die again for his turn. Rolling a 5, Mina pumps her fists up.

"Yes! Give me a dare!" She yells somewhat, looking at Izuku expectantly.

"Um, I dare you to, um, text someone who isn't here and ask them out on a date?" Izuku says quickly, not knowing what else to dare her to do.

"Woah. I wasn't expecting a dare like that from you, Midoriya," Ochaco says as Mina sends a quick text to someone. After a few seconds, she gets a response back from Momo and shows it to everyone.

"You asked Yaoyorozu on a date? And she said yes?!" Mineta says exasperated. Mina just grins and puts her phone down. Izuku hands the die to Uraraka, who ends up rolling a 9. Mineta raises his hand shakily, gulping nervously. Uraraka grins evilly at the small teen.

"I choose truth," Mineta says, wanting to take the safer answer. Uraraka's grin doesn't waver.

"Do you watch porn?" Uraraka asks him, making everyone look at her with the same expression of shock. Mineta's face turns a bright red, stuttering out a 'yes' while looking down.

"Wow, Ochaco. Did NOT expect that from you," Denki says while a couple of people agree. Uraraka smiles sheepishly as she hands the die to him. Denki rolls a 2.

"That's me," Shoto announces. Denki smirks as he thinks of the most inappropriate dare that may be done in this whole game of Truth or Dare. He was embarrassed by the lap dance he got from Eijiro, and unfortunately, Shoto and Izuku are the ones that will be targeted by him. 

"I'll choose a dare," Shoto says bluntly.

Perfect. Denki thinks.

"I dare you to French kiss Izuku for 15 seconds," Denki says. His fellow classmates look at him clearly shocked. Izuku starts blushing again, and Shoto's ears start to burn after it registers what the dare is.

"I, um, we haven't um done t-that. I don't e-even know what that is," Izuku stutters nervously, playing with his fingers. Denki, however, decides to show the couple no mercy.

"It's kissing with tongue. I'm sure you can figure it out in the 15 seconds," Denki says, grinning wider at the pair.

"Let's just get it over with, Izu. It's just kissing with tongue, right?" Shoto says although he sounds like he's trying to console himself as well as Izuku. Izuku gulps and nods.

"The 15 seconds will be over before we know it, Izu. After this, let's cuddle," Shoto says as he releases Izuku from his grip. Izuku nods again, smiling slightly at the thought of peaceful cuddling. Izuku gets up from between Shoto's legs and sits in his original spot. Izuku starts feeling anxious at everyone just watching, so Shoto brings his hand up to Izuku's face.

"Don't mind them. Just look at me," Shoto says softly, already leaning in. Mina quickly accesses the timer on her phone.

"Start!" She announces as Shoto closes the gap between Izuku and himself. Izuku and Shoto's lips move slowly in sync. As Shoto feels Izuku's nervousness lessen, he decides to move things along as he deepens the kiss. Cheers and wolf-whistles can be heard as Shoto slowly slips his tongue into Izuku's mouth.

Not completely sure what to do, Shoto just goes with the flow and slowly slips his tongue deeper and deeper into Izuku's mouth every time their lips move. Izuku unconsciously starts swirling his tongue around Shoto's as their make-out becomes more intense. In the last few seconds, the couple forgets that their classmates are watching as Shoto starts shifting his body close to Izuku. 

Only Izuku hears the faint 'time' and slowly ends the make-out session. Separating slightly from Shoto, the couple looks at each other intensely, panting as their breath was taken away. Izuku has a faint blush across his face and Shoto does as well. The finally stop looking at each other once they register the cheers coming from their classmates.

"That was hot what the fuck," Mina says, beaming at the couple as Izuku realizes what just happened and buries his face into Shot's shoulder to hide his blush.

"Are you guys sure you haven't French kissed yet? Cause that looked like something you see in movies," Kyoka says, blushing slightly at what she just witnessed.

"Let's go cuddle, Izu," Shoto tells him softly as he gets up. Offering Izuku his hand, the smaller teen gets up from the floor as well. Bowing to everyone, the couple rushes off to Izuku's room.

"Well, that was an interesting game. Goodnight, everyone!" Mina says concluding this round of Truth or Dare. 

Chapter Text

Shoto and Izuku quickly got to the latter's room and changed into sleeping clothes to cuddle.

"Izu, are you still thinking about what happened during Truth or Dare?" Shoto asks teasingly as Izuku buries his face into his chest. Izuku brings his hands up to cover his face, making a distressed noise.

"I just can't believe we did that," Izuku mumbles into his hands. Shoto wraps his free arm around Izuku, rubbing his back comfortingly.

"I can't believe it either. But, it was a bit of a rush, don't you think?" Shoto asks. Izuku slowly takes his hands off of his face and holds them in from of his chest. Eventually, he nods lays his arm over Shoto's abdomen. Shifting his body on his bed slightly, Izuku gets more comfortable putting his head on Shoto's shoulder.

"Izu, I held off on asking any questions earlier when you told me about the One For All. Is it alright if I ask now?" Shoto asks, getting another nod from Izuku.

"What's the purpose for All Might to pass down his quirk to you?" Shoto asks since Izuku never explained why.

"Oh, um, it's how One For All works. The user of the One For All cultivates the power and then passes it down for the next person to cultivate it. After All Might and I met the first time, he decided that I would be suitable for it. I'm meant to be his successor; both with One For All and as the future symbol of peace," Izuku explains.

"All Might won't be the symbol of peace for long, so he decided to come to UA to find a successor. Instead, he chose me. A quirkless, male omega." Izuku reminisces.

Won't be the symbol of peace for long? Shoto questions to himself.

"When did he choose you as his successor?" Shoto asks.

"Do you know about the day that the sludge monster tried to control Kacchan? It was that day that I met All Might. Seeing Kacchan being overtaken by the sludge monster made me move to try and save him without thinking. My legs just moved on their own," Izuku chuckles.

"All Might told me that seeing me, a quirkless boy trying to save someone inspired him to choose me as his successor. I didn't inherit One For All till the day of the exams though. I had to go through 10 months of training for my body to be able to handle his power," Izuku says, remembering the months of cruel training to get to where he is now.

Izuku must be proud of himself to be his favorite hero's successor after everything he's been through. I'm glad. Although, there must be an immense amount of pressure on him too. Shoto thinks.

"Did All Might know that you were a male omega?" Shoto questions.

"Oh, um, not at first. He found out when I was taking a low dosage of the heat suppressors, and he was able to smell hints of my heat. He didn't let that be a reason to stop training or anything though. He didn't see me by my rank either, which I was very relieved about," Izuku answers.

"Izu, you said that All Might won't be the symbol of peace for long. What exactly did you mean by that?" Izuku tenses up.

"I'm not sure if it's my place to say. I would ask All Might himself," Izuku answers softly.

"It's ok, Izu. Thank you for answering my other questions," Shoto says, kissing Izuku's forehead. Izuku blushes at the action.

"Sho, I've been wanting to ask you something," Izuku admits nervously.

I don't know if he'll say yes. He let me mark him during my heat, but I'm not in heat anymore. Izuku thinks to himself.

"Go ahead, Izu," Shoto says.

"Can I m-mark you again?" Izuku whispers. Silence follows after a few seconds.

"Yes. It might be hard to believe, but I enjoyed the feeling of being marked by you. I just didn't want to ask and make you feel pressured to do it," Shoto admits. Izuku looks up at Shoto and smiles.

Shoto lets Izuku go from his embrace as the smaller teen sits up on the bed. Blushing, he crawls on top of Shoto and straddles him. Izuku leans down and puts both of his arms down on either side of Shoto's body to support himself. Shoto holds Izuku gently by his waist as he looks up and smiles.

Izuku leans down until their lips connect. Shoto and Izuku's lips begin moving in sync and eventually, Izuku melts into the kiss. Shoto smiles slightly in the kiss and slowly moves his tongue into Izuku's mouth. Izuku separates from Shoto to catch a breath, looking at him intensely before they continue making out. Shoto's grip on Izuku's waist tightens slightly as things intensify between them.

Izuku gives Shoto one last kiss before moving straight to his mark. Izuku starts sucking on Shoto's neck, biting the skin lightly. Shoto moans lowly as he breathes heavily, running his hands up and down Izuku's sides. When Izuku's canines grow, he bites into Shoto's neck.

"Izu.." Shoto moans out breathlessly, squeezing Izuku's sides. Izuku's canines retract, and he smiles, satisfied that he marked his mate again. Suddenly, Shoto flips them over and leans in to kiss Izuku. Izuku wraps his arms around Shoto's neck as he kisses back. When Shoto stops the kiss to say something, Izuku is already moving his head, giving space for Shoto to mark him.

Shoto starts sucking on the skin somewhat roughly, making Izuku gasp at the sensation. After a few seconds, Shoto's canines grow out and he marks Izuku. Izuku lets out a choked moan, squirming slightly under Shoto as he retracts his teeth.

"Let's sleep," Shoto mumbles as he gets up from the bed to turn off the light. Getting a blanket, he draped it over Izuku before slipping under it himself. Shoto turns to his side, holding Izuku from behind. Izuku sighed contently as he feels his mate embrace him. The pair soon fall asleep in each other's arms.


Izuku and Shoto walk into their class hand in hand to see their classmates talking to each other.

"After just one day, we've suddenly been thrust into the spotlight, huh?" Denki says to Mineta.

"UA really is amazing, huh?" Mineta answers enthusiastically. Shoto walks Izuku to his seat and kisses his forehead before proceeding to his seat.

Shoto doesn't forget to glare a hole into Katsuki, who is sitting directly in front of Izuku. Suddenly, the door opens, and Aizawa walks in completely bandage free. Everyone rushes to their seats and sits down.

"Morning," he says clearly.

"Good morning!" Everyone says in unison. Aizawa starts slowly walking to the podium when Tsuyu notices Aizawa is completely healed beside the large scar under his right eye.

"Ribbit? Aizawa Sensei, your bandages are gone. I'm glad," Tsuyu says. Aizawa looks at her.

"The old lady went overboard with her treatment," he says, pulling up his wrap scarf. Izuku doesn't know why, but looking intently at Aizawa's neck, he could've sworn he saw a scar right before Aizawa covered it. A scar from being marked like the ones Izuku has from Shoto.

"Before I continue, I'm going to ask Sato and Midoriya to switch seats. Do it quickly," Aizawa says flatly. Izuku's eyes widen, but he grabs his stuff and rushes to Sato's former seat as he does the same. Settling down, Izuku and Shoto look at each other, smiling. Katsuki, on the other hand, is furious.

Are you fucking kidding me? Katsuki thinks to himself, slumping in his seat.

"We're having a special hero informatics class today," Aizawa says.

Here it is! Everyone thinks, nervous to find out.

Special? Is it a quiz? I hope not... Denki thinks, gulping at the thought of a surprise quiz.

I'm bad at laws relating to heroes and stuff like that... Eijiro thinks with a panicked look on his face.

"Code names. You'll be coming up with hero names," Aizawa announces. Everyone starts getting excited at his words.

We're gonna do something exciting! 

Chapter Text

Aizawa's hair starts floating, and his eyes glow, making everyone calm down immediately. He starts deactivating his quirk as he continues talking.

"This is related to the pro hero draft picks I mentioned the other day. The drafts begin in earnest in the second and third years, after students have gained experience and can become immediate assets to the pros. In other words, for them to extend offers to first years like you shows that they are interested in your future potential. These offers are often canceled if that interest dies down by graduation," Aizawa explains.

"So we'll have to prove ourselves once we get picked, huh?" Toru asks Aizawa.

"That's right. And here are the totals for those with offers," Aizawa continues, grabbing a remote and turning on the projector. Right off the bat, Shoto's name is the first one on the list with 4,123 offers. The rest on the list are Katsuki, Fumikage, Iida, Denki, Momo, Eijiro, Ochaco, and Sero.

Izuku looks at the list, slightly disappointed although he figured he wouldn't get any offers. However, he is happy for Shoto, who got the most offers out of everyone else.

"In other years, it's been more spread out, but all eyes were on these two this year," Aizawa says, referring to Shoto and Katsuki.

"Gah, there's such a big difference!" Denki complains.

"Those pros don't know a good thing when they see one!" Aoyama says. A few of their classmates start talking about the placement of how many offers each person got.

"Wow Sho, you got so many offers. I'm happy for you," Izuku tells him. Shoto glances at Izuku, and smiles.

Most of them might be just because of Endeavor. Shoto thinks.

I got no offers. Then again, what pro would want me when my quirk hurts me? Izuku thinks sadly, looking at his desk.

I need to work harder to control One For All. Izuku tells himself with determination.

"Keeping these results in mind, whether or not someone asked for you, you will all be participating in internships with pros," Everyone who didn't get offers looks at Aizawa with hope. 

"Internships?" Izuku questions.

"Yeah. At USJ, you already got to experience combat with real villains, but it will still be meaningful training for you to see pros at work firsthand," Aizawa answers.

"So that explains the hero names!" Sato says excitedly.

"Things are suddenly getting a lot more fun!" Ochaco says enthusiastically.

"Well, those hero names are still temporary, but if you're not serious about it-"

The door opens, revealing Midnight.

"-you'll have hell to pay later!" She says, finishing Aizawa's sentence. She starts walking toward Aizawa. Some of the guys in the class gawk at the 18+ Only Hero.

"Because a lot of hero names used by students become recognized by society, and they end up becoming professional hero names!" She says brightly, standing next to Aizawa.

"Well, that's how it is. So, Midnight will be making sure your names are okay," Aizawa says as he grabs his yellow sleeping bag.

"I can't do stuff like that," Aizawa says as he remembers how he got his own hero name at UA.

"What? You haven't decided on a hero name yet?" Hizashi, now known as Present Mic, asks Aizawa. Aizawa doesn't bother to look up at Hizashi as he answers the question.

"I don't want to be on the news, so I don't care what name I have," Aizawa answers bluntly. Hizashi completely turns to Aizawa enthusiastically.

"All right! Then, you'll be Eraser Head!" Hizashi declares, pointing at Aizawa.

"I'll go with that, then," Aizawa answers.

Aizawa had to stop himself from smiling in front of his students.

"When you give yourself a name, you get a more concrete image of what you want to be like in the future, and you can get closer to it," Aizawa continues.

"This is what it means when they say, 'Names and natures do often agree' Like All Might, for example," Izuku shifts in his seat at the mention of All Might. Midnight starts giving each row a set of dry erase boards and markers.

My name... A name for what I want to be like in the future, huh? Izuku thinks as he grabs the board and marker from Koda.

While everyone starts thinking of what their hero name could be, Aizawa climbs into his sleeping bag. Once he zips it up completely, he starts grumbling at the fact that he can't be with Hizashi.

That idiot just had to mark me the day before I had to face my students again. "I don't like seeing all those bandages on you," he said while knowing how... sensitive I can be when he marks me. Idiot. Aizawa thinks as he doses off.

Soon enough, it's time for everyone to present their hero names. Aoyama stands up and decides to go first. Between his sentence for a hero name and Mina's strange name, a couple of their classmates starts thinking that they should present a funny one.

When Tsuyu goes next and shows her hero name 'Froppy', she helps them realize that this is more serious. It's a name that the public would know them by after all.

However, Izuku is struggling to come up with a good hero name for himself. When he was younger, the only names he could think of included All Might in some way. After Momo goes up, Shoto stands up and walks towards the podium. He shows his board to the class with his own name written on it.

"Your name? Is that okay?" Midnight asks him.

"Yeah," Shoto replies. He goes back to his seat and Izuku glances at him.

I don't want a name that relates to Endeavor. I want to be my own hero, not someone in the shadow of the number 2 hero. Shoto thinks to himself before turning to Izuku.

"Having trouble coming up with a name?" Shoto asks.

"Kinda. But, I think I know what I want to be known as now," Izuku responds, smiling at Shoto before writing on his board. Midnight can't help but glance at Shoto and Izuku.

Those two are the fated mates in the class if I'm not wrong. It'll be hard for them to be apart for long during the internships. Midnight thinks as she watches their interaction. Taking a closer look at Shoto, she notices the mark on his neck.

He let himself get marked? Interesting. She contemplates as Fumikage is next to present his hero name. Shoto leans over to Izuku and sees the name that he chose.

"Are you sure about that, Izu?" Shoto asks him lowly. Izuku turns to him and nods.

"Midoriya, are you ready?" Midnight asks.

"Y-Yes!" Izuku responds, getting up from his seat to go to the podium. Once he gets there, he looks at his classmates and takes a deep breath. He looks at Shoto whose giving him a thumbs up and a small smile. He shows his board to the class, making his classmates question the name in confusion.

"Midoriya, are you really okay with that?" Denki asks.

"You might be called that forever, you know," Eijiro says, concern in his voice.

"Yeah. I didn't like this name until now. But someone changed the meaning of it, and that had a huge impact on me," Izuku says. Katsuki's eyes widen when he remembers their mock battle.

My "Deku" isn't always going to mean "useless"! Kacchan, my "Deku" means "You can do it!" The memory makes Katsuki glare harder at Izuku.

"It made me really happy," Izuku continues, looking up to look at Ochaco and smile at her.

"This is my hero name!" Izuku announces proudly. Ochaco looks back at Izuku with a wide smile on her face. Looking between the two, Shoto smiles.

I'm glad that Izu has really good friends. Shoto thinks as Izuku returns to his seat.


Midnight wakes up Aizawa to give more information on the internships.

"They will last for a week starting Sunday. You have two days to hand in your choices," He says, making Shoto and Izuku tense up.

"As for where you'll have them, those who had offers from pros will be given your own lists, so you can choose from those yourself. Those who didn't have offers will choose from among forty agencies around the country that will be accepting our interns," He continues, showing the class the list. However, all Izuku can hear is his own heartbeat.

A week... A week without being with Shoto? Can I handle that so soon? Izuku thinks as he hugs himself to try and calm himself down. Shoto glances at Izuku, and worries over how anxious he looks. Everyone receives the offers, and the teachers leave for them to start looking over them.

Once Aizawa and Midnight leave, Shoto stands up and goes to Izuku, hugging him from behind.

"It'll be ok. We'll figure it out, Izu," Shoto says softly. After a few moments, he feels Izuku calm down.

"Yeah," Izuku says lowly. Shoto kisses Izuku's cheek before going back to his own seat. Looking at his list of offers, Shoto's eyes widen to see Endeavor's agency amongst the rest in his list.

Endeavor... He thinks as his thoughts trail off. 

Chapter Text

"Deku, have you decided already?" Ochaco asks, turning around only to see Izuku muttering to himself nervously. Shoto looks at Izuku, hoping that the muttering is as usual and not out of nervousness. Looking at Izuku more closely, Shoto notices how much Izuku is shaking. Then, he notices that Izuku is not actually sitting in his seat.

He trains whenever he can, I see. Shoto thinks, chuckling to himself. Poking Izuku, he snaps out of it and turns to Ochaco.

"Oh, sorry! I was lost in thought," Izuku says flustered. Tsuyu walks closer to Izuku.

"You're really thinking carefully about this, huh?" Tsuyu asks. Tsuyu and Ochaco had a feeling that Izuku might be having a hard time choosing since it means one week without Shoto.

"Actually, I've already decided!" Ochaco says happily.

"Really?" Mina asks.

"Where?" Ojiro asks curiously. Ochaco turns to them enthusiastically before saying shes going to Gunhead's agency. Izuku perks up at her answer.

"Huh? Gunhead's a huge battle type! You're going there, Uraraka?" Izuku asks.

"Yup! I got an offer from them!" Ochaco says, turning to Izuku. She explains how fighting Katsuki made her realize that she would have a lot more flexibility as a hero if she knew how to fight properly and get stronger. After her explanation, she decides to bring up the fact that Izuku is shaking.

"Oh. It's air chair exercise," Izuku answers. Izuku decided to do an air chair exercise after Shoto calmed him down.

I can't stay the way I am. I need to be able to control my quirk more. Izuku thinks to himself, determined.

As everyone surrounding him are amazed at the feat, Katsuki grows more and more irritated.

What the fuck is so interesting about that fucking nerd anyways? He thinks angrily.

"Shut up," Katsuki says lowly, wrinkling his paper in anger.


What agency are you thinking of going to, Sho?" Izuku asks him while they're packing up.

"I'm thinking of going to Endeavors agency," Shoto says as he puts on his backpack. Izuku's eyes widen at Shoto's answer. Shoto looks at Izuku and sighs.

"As much as I despise him as a father, he's the number 2 hero for a reason. I wish to learn from him as a hero so that I can grow to be my own hero," Shoto explains.

"Oh. That's understandable," Izuku says as he puts on his backpack. Right before they walk out of the classroom, All Might appears suddenly in a strange position.

"I am here! In a bizarre position!" All Might announces. 

"Wh-What's the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?" Izuku asks. All Might looks at them both from his bent position.

"Come with me for a moment," All Might answers tensely.

"A-alright," Izuku says. All Might walks ahead down the hallway as Izuku and Shoto follow shortly behind.

This might be my chance to ask All Might about what Izuku meant last night. Shoto thinks.

All Might stops walking, and looks around to make sure no one else is around. For some strange reason, he doesn't turn towards the couple.

"Getting straight to the point, you've got an offer from a hero!" All Might tells Izuku.

"What? Really?" Izuku asks excitedly.

I actually got an offer? Amazing. Izuku thinks.

"Yes. The hero's name is Gran Torino," All Might turns his head to Izuku, sweat dripping from his face.

"He was a teacher at UA for only one year. The man who was my homeroom teacher," All Might continues as nervousness takes over his being. However, Izuku doesn't catch All Might's nervousness due to his own excitement.

Why does All Might look like he is dreading this? Shoto asks himself.

"He knows about One For All, too. In fact, he probably asked for you because of that," All Might says.

"Wait, there was someone else who knew about the quirk?" Izuku asks, realizing that All Might never told him about this. All Might looks forward again.

"Gran Torino was the sworn friend of my predecessor. He retired a long time ago, so I forgot to count him..." All Might trails off as his nerves get the best of him, and he starts trembling.

"Was it because I wrote of you when I sent him the letter? Or because he couldn't just stand by and watch my inadequate teaching? If he went so far as to use his old name to make an offer... It's scary... Too scary..." All Might rambles.

Is Izuku sure that All Might isn't his father?  Shoto asks himself. Izuku stares at All Might shockingly as he starts hitting his own legs, telling himself to stop shaking.

All Might's seriously shaking! Izuku thinks. How scary is this guy?

"A-Anyway, it is my duty to train you, but since you got an offer, you should go work to your heart's c-content-t-t-t..." All Might trails off as he hesitantly hands a business card to Izuku. Izuku starts trembling as he sees his favorite hero shaking in fear of his homeroom teacher. Nonetheless, he takes the business card and puts it in his pocket.

"N-Now, I must go. Good luck, Young Midoriya, Young Todoroki," All Might says, getting ready to express his fears to himself.

"Wait," Shoto says, making All Might freeze in his tracks.

"As you must have figured, Izuku told me about the One For All," Shoto starts. All Might turns to the pair, waiting to see what Shoto wants to say.

"He mentioned that you won't be the symbol of peace for long. Why is that?" Shoto asks curiously. All Might's eyes widen as he turns to look at Izuku.

"You haven't told Young Todoroki why?" All Might asks him, making Izuku shake his head.

"I-I wasn't sure if I was allowed to talk about that part, so I told Sho to ask you about it," Izuku answers, looking down as he shuffles his feet.

"I see," All Might says as he starts untucking his shirt. Lifting it, he shows Shoto the injury. Shoto's eyes widen at how serious it looks.

"I had gotten this from an enemy in a fight five years ago. After the fight, I had multiple surgeries that saved my life, but at a large cost. I can barely be a hero for 3 hours a day before reaching my limit. My abilities are also not where they used to be. Soon enough, I will come across a day where I cannot continue working as a hero," All Might says seriously. Shoto does not know what to feel at the information.

He can only be a hero for 3 hours a day? All Might, of all heroes? He thinks to himself.

"However, I will continue to be a hero that always smiles until that day comes. Now, I am nearly reaching my limit, so I must go," All Might says hurriedly.

"Bye, All Might," Izuku says as All Might starts walking away from the pair. Shoto holds Izuku's hand as they start walking as well.

"Are you alright, Sho?" Izuku asks Shoto since he is extremely quiet during their walk back to the dorms.

"Yeah. It's just shocking to know this information about All Might. No one would ever guess that he's on limited time," Shoto answers.

Shoto isn't sure what else to say, or think for that matter. With how All Might usually holds himself up in front of the class and in public, it's hard for Shoto to wrap his mind around the idea that he took serious damage. The thought of someone strong enough to do that to All Might sends shivers down his spine. That's when Shoto realizes.

All Might never mentioned if this enemy is still around, lurking in the shadows.

Chapter Text

All Might runs to the staff room in time for him to be in his true form. Sighing, he walks in and takes a seat at his usual desk. Ectoplasm walks up to All Might, and pats him on the shoulder.

"Rough day?" Ectoplasm asks. All Might sighs again.

"It is nothing to worry about," All Might answers as he looks up at Ectoplasm. Snipe walks over to All Might.

"All Might, is it true that two of the 1-A students are fated mates?" Snipe asks curiously. Before All Might can answer, blood starts dripping from his mouth, so Ectoplasm decides to answer.

"Indeed. Todoroki and Midoriya," Ectoplasm says.

"It's almost like a miracle whenever I hear about fated mates. It's just so rare these days, you know? For them to find each other this early in their lives as well is a bit of a shock," Snipe says.

"I agree. I'm sure that their bond and determination to become heroes will help them grow as future heroes. Principle Nezu had advised us to not mind any interactions with them, as we may know how clingy mates can be. But during my class today, they were quite focused and did nothing more than steal a few glances at each other. I'm impressed," Ectoplasm explains.

"Of course they'd be focused," All Might says once he finishes wiping the blood off his chin. Ectoplasm and Snipe turn to him.

"They came to UA to be heroes. Young Midoriya and Young Shoto aren't the type of young teenagers to forget that," All Might clarifies. Although, he too is impressed with their professionalism.

However, how long will that last once their internships start? All Might thinks to himself.


Shoto decides not to study today. Instead, he sweeps Izuku right off his feet and onto his bed to cuddle after they both dress comfortably. Izuku doesn't question it and accepts the cuddles. Even if he didn't show it much, Izuku can feel how anxious Shoto is about being separated from him.

"Do you think we can do it? Being separated for a week?" Shoto asks Izuku softly.

"I don't know. Just being away from you for more than 5 minutes is hard, Sho. We probably wouldn't be given time to see each other either..." Izuku trails off before whining at the thought. Shoto's grip on Izuku tightens slightly as he remembers how torturous it was when he had to leave Izuku for a few minutes for food.

"Let's kiss and cuddle as much as we can before Sunday, " Shoto murmurs before kissing Izuku's forehead. Izuku blushes a bit at the idea, but nods and buries his face into Shoto's chest. Shoto chuckles at Izuku's actions. Suddenly, an alarming thought comes to his mind.

What kind of things does Izuku like? Shoto thinks to himself. His mind frantically searches for anything that Izuku may have said, and the only things that come to mind are All Might, the color green, and pork cutlet bowls.

How can I treat Izuku well when I don't even know basic information about him? He might begin to think that I am only with him for power if we continue like this. Shoto begins to worry as he starts thinking about possible solutions to this.

How do people usually get to know each other? Just by talking? How would a conversation turn into one about learning more about each other? Should I just be direct, or is there a way to naturally move the conversation to that?

Izuku begins to feel Shoto's uneasiness and looks up at him concerned.

"Sho?" Izuku questions, making Shoto snap out of his thoughts. Out of nervousness from his thoughts, Shoto spouts out a question.

"When's your birthday?" Shoto asks. Realizing what he just asked, his ears start burning. Izuku looks at Shoto with curiosity but answers the question.

"July 15th. I'll be turning 16," Izuku answers. Shoto's eyes widen slightly as it sets in that he is younger than Izuku. Izuku gets slightly nervous at Shoto's reaction.

"W-What?" Izuku asks nervously.

"I had turned 15 on January 11th. I'm younger than you," Izuku looks at Shoto before giggling.

"I thought you were older than me," Izuku giggles out. Suddenly, an idea comes to mind.

"Sho, wanna go on a date this Saturday?" Izuku asks him. Shoto looks at Izuku curiously.

A date? Shoto questions to himself.

"We could go to the mall, or a park, or watch a movie. What do you think?" Izuku asks him. Shoto, however, is still trying to figure out what exactly a date is.

"Sho?" Izuku questions.

"What exactly is a date?" Shoto asks lowly as his ears burn in embarrassment. Izuku's eyes widen at the question.

He doesn't know what a date is? Izuku asks himself.

"It's a thing that couples do. They just do something together like going out or even staying at home to watch a movie together. It's a romantic way to bond and to get to know each other better," Izuku explains.

"I see. What should we do for our first date? Is there anything in particular that you'd like to do?" Shoto asks him. 

Izuku blushes as he thinks of possible first dates.

"Since we didn't get to go to the mall earlier this week, how about we go shopping? We could get stuff for our new room since it's already being built. We can also get supplies to pack for our internships," Izuku answers enthusiastically. Shoto can't help but smile at Izuku.

Cute. Shoto thinks to himself.

"That sounds like a good idea," Shoto answers.

I should ask for advice on how a date should go. Especially the first date. I really want to get to know Izuku for who he is. Shoto thinks to himself as he looks at Izuku.

"I'm so excited now. It'll be the perfect way to spend time together before we have our internships on Sunday," Izuku says happily as he moves to kiss Shoto. Shoto kisses back naturally before Izuku pulls back and sits up from the bed.

While he stretches, Shoto decides to sit right behind Izuku. Shoto leans on Izuku's back and holds his waist as he places his legs on either side. A similar position to the one they had during Truth or Dare. Izuku blushes and places his hands on Shoto's.

"I don't want to be apart from you if there's no need to," Shoto says, placing his head on Izuku's shoulder, and kissing his mark on Izuku's neck. Izuku blushes harder as he shivers slightly at the sudden contact.

As much as I'm not completely used to this yet, I know that I'm going to miss it when we leave for our internships.

Chapter Text

During the next few days, Izuku and Shoto were growing more excited for their date, as well as feeling dread for Sunday. Once it was Saturday, Izuku woke up with a start from his alarm. He slowly turns around to turn off the alarm on his phone and peels Shoto's arm from his waist to get up. Stretching quietly, Izuku smiles and gets up from the bed to gather his things to go shower.

Shoto wakes up groggily as he hears Izuku's shower running. Rubbing his eyes, he sits up from the bed and slides off of it. He walks over to Izuku's closet to pick out a nice shirt to wear for their date. To avoid wrinkles, Shoto had put his dress shirts in Izuku's closet. Choosing a white button-down shirt, he pairs it with black skinny jeans.

While Shoto fixes the bed, Izuku walks out of the bathroom. Shoto's eyes widen as he sees Izuku with a green and black flannel and dark blue jeans. Izuku blushes under Shoto's stare and makes eye-contact with him, making him snap out of it.

"S-Sorry. It's just, you look so cute," Shoto mumbles as he starts blushing. Izuku manages to hear what Shoto said, making him blush harder.

"T-Thank you, Sho," Izuku says. Shoto gathers his things before rushing to the bathroom.

Shoto actually thinks I'm cute. Izuku thinks happily as he sits on his chair. Looking at his table, he notices a sort of list next to the English issue of One Punch Man. Seeing the title "Things To Do For Izuku During Date", Izuku's eyes widen and he quickly turns around.

Shoto made a list of things to do for me? Was he that worried about our first date? Then again, he didn't know what a date was. I hope that I didn't put too much pressure on him. Izuku thinks. Shoto comes out of the bathroom fully dressed, making Izuku's jaw drop slightly. Shoto grins at the reaction and walks to Izuku, kissing him briefly.

"Let's go eat breakfast," Shoto whispers. Izuku nods and grabs his green sweater while Shoto grabs his black sweater. Putting their sweaters on, the couple walks out of Izuku's room hand in hand to go to the cafeteria. Seeing their friend's on the food line, Shoto and Izuku go straight to the line.

"Oh wow. You guys look so cute today!" Ochaco gushes as she sees the couple walking towards them. Shoto smiles while Izuku blushes.

"Thank you, Uraraka. We're going on a date today," Izuku tells lightly.

"That's a delightful way to spend the day before the internships tomorrow," Fumikage tells them. Unknowing to the group, Katsuki is glaring at Shoto and Izuku further up the line.

A fucking date. You must be joking. Katsuki thinks to himself angrily.

Deku never dressed that fucking nice when we would hang out. Katsuki huffs and turns to the front of the line.

"Make sure you guys remember that we had the Sports Festival earlier this week. Be respectful to anyone who approaches you since you'll most likely be recognized," Iida advises them. He wanted to comment on their marks but decides against it.

"Of course, Iida," Izuku says. Shoto nods and puts his head on Izuku's shoulder while wrapping his arms around Izuku's waist. After they get their food and start eating, All Might suddenly walks into the cafeteria.

"All Might's here?" Denki asks out loud as All Might walks towards Izuku and Shoto. All Might smiles and waves at everyone.

"Good morning, everyone! I am here to deliver a message to Young Midoriya and Young Shoto," All Might announces. Everyone goes back to what they were doing before All Might's arrival. Everyone sitting in the groups' table greets All Might.

"I've come to inform Young Midoriya and Young Shoto that the construction of their floor will be completed later today," All Might says.

Our floor? What? Izuku questions.

"What do you mean by our floor, All Might?" Shoto asks.

"Principle Nezu had decided to give you both your own floor in the dorms instead of just a room. Your floor is what is now the third floor of the building," All Might states. Shoto and Izuku's eyes widen at the news. Ochaco, Iida, and Fumikage stare at All Might in shock as well.

"You'll have a spacious room as well as your own study and living space. All of this is fully furnished. You also have a training room that's considerably smaller than the training room downstairs since it is only the two of you. A phone system has also been installed so you will be able to contact Aizawa, Principle Nezu, and Recovery Girl in case of any emergency. You can also call the cafeteria to send food to your floor when Izuku is in heat," All Might explains in detail.

"Really?" Izuku asks in shock. All Might leans towards the couple a bit closer for what he says next.

"Principle Nezu also decided to supply you with certain items for when Izuku is in heat in the bathroom," All Might whispers. Both Izuku and Shoto blush.

Principle Nezu really wanted to be thorough, huh? Izuku thinks as he tries to calm himself down. All Might coughs before continuing.

"The third floor is also equipped with a security system. No one can enter without verbal permission from one of you unless it's Principle Nezu, Recovery Girl, Aizawa, and I. I must go now, so I hope you enjoy your floor once it is done. Have a good day, everyone!" All Might says before rushing out of the cafeteria.

"You guys have your own floor? UA is amazing," Ochaco says in wonderment.

"Principle Nezu was kind enough to give you two your own floor. That really is amazing," Iida says.

"I am assuming that you two will need help to move to the third floor after your date? I wouldn't mind lending you a hand," Fumikage asks their pair.

"O-Oh that would be great, Tokoyami. Thank you for offering," Izuku tells him.

"We can assist you as well. The five of us would be able to move things quickly so we may have enough time to rest for tomorrow," Iida offers. Ochaco nods.

"Plus, I'm curious to see what your floor looks like!" Ochaco adds enthusiastically.

"Thank you. Really, thank you," Izuku tells them warmly.

"Your help is welcomed," Shoto says. Soon enough, they finish eating. The pair gets up from the table to go on their way.

"See you guys later!" Izuku tells them happily. Shoto simply waves, and they leave the dorms to walk to the bus stop. Shoto can't help but smile at how happy Izuku looks.

I hope that everything goes well. Shoto thinks as they wait for the bus.


Chapter Text

Shoto and Izuku arrive at the mall. Izuku enthusiastically rushes into the mall, nearly dragging Shoto by the hand along with him.

"Where should we go first?" Izuku asks Shoto. Shoto thinks for a second.

"Want to buy clothes first?" Shoto suggests. Izuku smiles brightly at Shoto before nodding enthusiastically.

The couple goes into several stores, more to look around instead of buying. If either of them finds something, Shoto would offer to pay.

"Sho, you don't have to pay for this," Izuku tells him. Shoto shakes his head and pulls out his card anyways.

"Endeavor deposits money into my account every month. I don't use it often, so I have more than enough money," Shoto says as he gets closer to Izuku and puts his hands on his waist.

"Don't worry about the cost, Izu. Let me spoil you a bit today," Shoto says softly. Izuku blushes and nods, making Shoto smile. Izuku pulls away to give the shirt to the cashier.

"Wait, aren't you students from UA?" A woman on the line behind them says. Izuku and Shoto turn to her and nod.

"Oh my! You're Endeavor's son, and you're one of his classmates he battled. You both did spectacular," the woman gushes. Despite feeling slightly off about her words, they both smile while Izuku thanks her. Shoto turns towards the cashier to pay while the woman smiles back until she notices the marks on their neck.

"You both have mates? You're quite young, aren't you?" The woman points out. Izuku freezes while Shoto finishes paying for the shirt, and turns to the woman. Shoto holds Izuku's hand to help him calm down.

"He's my mate," Shoto says with a warm smile. The woman looks at them with slight disgust. Shoto stops himself from glaring back.

"We must go now, if you'll excuse us," Shoto tells her coldly as they walk out of the store.

"Izu, are you alright?" Shoto asks him. Izuku side hugs Shoto and sighs.

"Thanks to you, I am. Now, want to look for shoes, Sho?" Izuku asks as he lets go of Shoto to hold his hand again.

"Sure. After we find shoes, I'd like to stop at a certain store," Shoto says. Izuku looks at Shoto curiously.

"What store?" Izuku asks him. Shoto's ears turn red.

"Just a store. You'll see," Shoto says slightly teasingly.

As the pair continue walking around the mall, the people around them don't fail to realize that they're UA students. Many people gave them words of encouragement about the Sports Festival, which Izuku happily accepted. Shoto was being more aware of their surroundings and the weird looks they'd get since they're holding hands.

Izuku has been through enough. I refuse to let our first date be ruined by homophobic people who feel like our lives are their business. Shoto thinks as they exit a shoe store where they both found a few pairs that they liked.

Shoto starts leading the way now. He had ordered something online two days ago to pick up today. They stop right before the store Shoto is going to.

"Wait right here, Izu. I'll be right back," Shoto tells him, kissing Izuku's forehead before going on ahead into a Swarovski store.

While Izuku waits, people passing by recognize him and congratulate him on the Sports Festival. Across from him, the boys who used to follow Katsuki around recognize Izuku. The first thing they notice is the mark on his neck.

"Oh shit. Guys, Izuku has a mark? Did Bakugo finally mark him?" One of them asks.

"Maybe? During the sports festival, Midoriya definitely didn't have a mark on his neck when he was battling Endeavor's son," one points out. They quiet down as Shoto walks back to Izuku and intertwines their hands. The group watches the interaction in shock as they see a mark on Shoto.

"No way. Izuku's mate is Endeavor's son? How the hell?"

"Bro, I think they're fated. Marks on an alpha don't last for shit, and the mark on Endeavor's son doesn't look fresh," As if Shoto knows he's being talked about, he turns to the group and glares. They freeze under the harsh glare and quickly look away.

"I'm going to text Bakugo about this. He told me they were in the same class," one of them says as the pair walks out of sight.

Izuku and Shoto start talking about a variety of different things as they walk around. They find out that they have certain things in common such as their love for reading. Izuku and Shoto also have similar tastes in food and certain styles of clothing.

They also find out many of their differences like Shoto preferring to be in places that are quiet and not too populated while Izuku doesn't mind being in loud and crowded places. Their tastes in music are different as well since Izuku simply listens to anything that sounds pleasing while Shoto wasn't around much music besides classical.

Despite those differences and many more, Izuku and Shoto are glad to know each other better than before. Without realizing it, they have been observing one another as they shopped. Izuku noticed that Shoto would gravitate towards darker colored clothes while Shoto noticed that Izuku seems to like cute things, and has a sweet tooth.

"Sho, can we get ice cream?" Izuku asks as they near the food court. Izuku almost bounces in his steps at the thought of ice cream. Shoto chuckles at how bubbly Izuku looks.

"Yeah. What kind of flavor do you want?" Shoto asks. Izuku thinks for a moment.

"Chocolate or any fruit flavor is fine," Izuku answers.

"Go find a place to sit while I go get the ice cream," Shoto tells him. He hands Izuku the bags in his hands and kisses his forehead. Shoto looks around and finds an ice cream place while Izuku walks around to find a place to sit.

Despite how crowded the food court is, Izuku manages to find a free table and rushes to it. Putting all the bags on the table, he sighs in relief as he sits down.

"Finally. I've been on my feet all day," Izuku says to himself. He searches for Shoto to see him ordering rolled ice cream. Izuku can't help but smile while he looks at Shoto.

I hope he's having as much fun as I am. Even though we're both new at this, he's been nothing but kind and patient with me. I still can't believe it. Izuku thinks as Shoto looks around and makes eye-contact with him.

Smiling slightly, Shoto makes his way to Izuku and places his ice cream in front of him before sitting down. Izuku nearly starts drooling at the sight of rolled chocolate ice cream with mini marshmallows, pieces of mango, and whipped cream on top.

"This looks so tasty. Thank you, Sho," Izuku says happily as he starts eating the ice cream. Izuku moans in delight once he tastes the ice cream. Shoto chuckles at Izuku's reaction while tasting his green tea rolled ice cream.

Once Izuku is halfway through his ice cream, he offers some to Shoto. Blushing slightly, Shoto lets Izuku feed him a spoonful of his ice cream.

"It's good. Would you like to taste a bit of mine?" Shoto asks Izuku. Izuku nods enthusiastically as Shoto feeds him his green tea ice cream. Izuku's eyes light up at the flavor of Shoto's ice cream.

"Yours is really good too," Izuku tells him before he continues eating his own ice cream. Shoto starts staring at Izuku without realizing it. Seeing and feeling Izuku this happy is making Shoto's heart pound.

I want to always make him this happy. Shoto thinks before he goes back to eating his ice cream. Eventually, they both finish their ice cream and decide to head back to the dorms.

However, their date is not done just yet.

After they get back to Izuku's room, Shoto asks Izuku to put everything down, sit in his chair, and close his eyes. Izuku obeys and closes his eyes tightly as he hears Shoto shuffling around. He hears Shoto walk towards him till he's right in front of him.

"Hold still," Shoto says softly. Izuku's breath hitches as he feels something around his neck.

A necklace? Izuku questions as Shoto hooks the necklace.

"Open your eyes," Shoto tells him. Izuku opens his eyes and looks at Shoto to see him wearing a necklace. Hanging on the gold chain is an "I" made with what looks like tiny, green, crystals. Izuku looks down and holds an "S" with red crystals.

"Sho?" Izuku questions as his eyes start tearing up. Shoto blushes before explaining.

"I read online that sometimes, it's suitable to buy a gift for a first date. I thought getting something for us both would be nice, so I ordered custom made necklaces with Swarovski crystals," Shoto explains while taking Izuku's hand to hold it.

"I thought that the necklaces might help us get through our internships. Whenever you miss me, you can look at your necklace, and whenever I miss you, I'll look at my necklace. Do you like it?" Shoto asks him shyly. Suddenly, Izuku pulls him down and kisses him. Shoto kisses back, and Izuku breaks the kiss, looking as Izuku with teary eyes.

"Thank you, Sho. I love it. I love it so much. Thank you. I'm lucky that you're my mate. I'm sorry I didn't get you anything," Izuku says tearfully. He just feels so grateful and happy that the tears won't stop. Shoto puts his hands on Izuku's cheeks and wipes away his tears with his thumbs.

"Your presence is enough for me," Shoto says before kissing Izuku. Izuku puts the necklace under his shirt before he wraps his arms around Shoto's neck as they deepen the kiss. Their lips move in sync as Shoto runs his hands up and down Izuku's sides. Shoto breaks the kiss and looks at Izuku intensely.

"Get up," Shoto says lowly. Izuku nods and gets up. They don't break eye-contact as he does. Shoto puts his necklace in his shirt as well before he speaks again.

"Jump," Shoto says. Understanding what Shoto means, Izuku jumps and quickly wraps his legs around Shoto's waist. 

Shoto grabs Izuku's thighs to support him as they start kissing again. Shoto walks over to Izuku's bed and lays him on the bed without breaking the kiss. Shoto starts using his tongue as they make out once things start heating up between them. Suddenly, Shoto realizes something and breaks the kiss. Izuku and Shoto are breathing heavily and blushing once he does.

"Are your instincts feeling a bit out of control like mine?" Shoto asks between breaths. Still looking at Shoto with a heated gaze, Izuku nods.

"Maybe it's because we won't see each other for a week? Our bond must be making our instincts go on a frenzy," Izuku says as his eyes keep flickering to Shoto's lips.

"Do you want to stop?" Shoto asks Izuku. As much as he'd like to continue, Shoto does not want Izuku to feel uncomfortable or pressured. To his surprise, Izuku shakes his head.

"I don't want to stop yet. After today, I won't be able to see you for a week," Izuku responds as he runs a hand through Shoto's hair.

"Are you sure?" Shoto asks him while looking into his eyes.


"I'll make sure to stop before we go too far then," Shoto says before kissing Izuku desperately, smiling as he does. 

Chapter Text

Shoto wakes up to the sound of knocking. He growls lowly as he gets up from Izuku's bed to open the door. Yanking the door open, he growls to see Eijiro at the door. Noticing the fresh mark on Shoto's neck, Eijiro quickly puts his arms up so Shoto wouldn't attack him.

"Woah calm down. I didn't come to fight. Your floor is ready to start moving into," Shoto quickly calms down and sighs.

"My apologies. My instincts have me slightly on edge. Mind telling Iida, Uraraka, and Tokoyami to come here?" Shoto asks calmly. Eijiro puts his hands down and nods.

"Do you need extra help moving your things upstairs? I doubt you moved all of your things from your room into Izuku's room," Eijiro offers. Shoto shrugs.

"Sure. The more people, the better," Shoto responds.

We'll also be able to settle in faster. Shoto thinks. Eijiro grins and starts walking away.

"I'll be back with the others soon!" he says. Shoto simply nods and closes the door to go and wake Izuku up. He kisses Izuku's cheek gently.

"Wake up, Izu," Shoto says softly into Izuku's ear. Izuku starts stirring from his sleep.

"Our floor is ready to move into. The others will be here soon to help us move everything," Shoto tells Izuku, making his eyes slowly open. Shoto backs up a bit as Izuku sits up from the bed and stretches.

He becomes so drowsy whenever I mark him. It's cute. Shoto thinks as he smiles. Izuku's phone rings and he picks it up.

"Hello? Oh, All Might. Why are you calling? Huh? The beds stay? Ok, so we just take everything else but the things that were originally here? Ok, thank you for telling us. Thank you. Bye," Izuku hangs up and puts his phone in his pocket.

"Sho, All Might says to take everything that wasn't originally here when we first moved into the dorms," Izuku says groggily.

"Alright," Shoto says as he leans in to kiss Izuku. Izuku kisses back, wrapping his arms around Shoto's neck. Shoto holds Izuku's waist as they deepen the kiss. That is until their interrupted by someone knocking on the door. Shoto growls while Izuku whines at the sudden interruption.

"Oi, it's just us," Eijiro says from the other side. Shoto sighs to calm himself down as he goes and opens the door to see most of their classmates besides Katsuki, Mineta, Koda, and Aoyama.

"Seeing that nearly everyone is here, half of you will be coming with me to my room. Preferably, those who are alphas. My instincts are too on edge for me to leave many alphas around Izuku. Are we clear?" Shoto says with a loud tone to make sure everyone heard him.

Everyone makes sounds of agreement as Shoto begins walking down the hallway to his room. Iida, Fumikage, Mina, Sato, and Denki follow Shoto since they're alphas while Momo, Toru, and Ojiro follow along. Before Momo moves, she makes several medium-sized boxes for Izuku.

"These should prove to be helpful to you," She says before catching up with the group going to Shoto's room. Eijiro, Sero, Ochaco, Tsuyu, Shoji, and Kyoka grab a box and stay behind to help Izuku with his room.

"You guys can come in," Izuku says. One by one, they come in, and Izuku directs each person to take certain things.

Shoji hands Izuku a spare box, and they begin collecting things into the boxes. Eventually, Izuku starts leading his group down the hallway, and towards the staircase to head up to the new third floor. Getting to the third floor, they see large double doors in front of them. Next to the doors are some kind of screens with a hand imprinted on it. Izuku walks up to it and puts his hand on it, enabling the doors to open.

"Woah," Izuku says in amazement as he looks at the inside, and sees what looks like the living space to the third floor. Walking through the doors first, a robotic voice begins speaking.

"Welcome, Midoriya Izuku. Please set up the security settings of your choice on the screen to your left," It says. His classmates watch in wonderment as Izuku hesitantly touches a small screen. Shoto's group makes it to the third floor as the voice speaks again.

"The security settings have been disabled until 11pm for a large group. Whoever is not Midoriya Izuku or Todoroki Shoto, please place your hand on the screen to your left after Midoriya and Todoroki enter first," It says as Izuku calls Shoto over. Shoto looks at the door frames and notices how bulky it looks. 

"It seems like there is some form of sensors in the door frames to scan anyone who attempts to enter," Shoto observes. 

"Midoriya and Todoroki, your hand will be stamped with invisible ink that will last until you graduate from UA. Please place the back of your hand on the wall to your right," The system says as a part of the wall reveals a stamp.

Shoto decides to go first, pressing his hand on the stamp and going into the third floor. Izuku does the same, and they both look around at their living space. It looks like a smaller version of the living space their class shares downstairs. Their classmates look around with wonderment as they gain temporary access to the third floor.

"This is really just for the two of you? UA takes mates that seriously, huh?" Sero says in amazement. Shoto and Izuku lead the group to the nearest hallway once they're all done getting checked in by the security system. They open the first door they find to the right to see a showerless bathroom.

"Must be for anyone we invite up here," Shoto guesses. Izuku nods and they continue down the hallway till they find a door to the left.

Opening it, Izuku gasps as they look at a huge bedroom. The couple walks in first, taking in their surroundings. A king-sized bed lies on the left side of the room, decorated with a light gray comforter and matching light gray pillows. Under the bed is a very soft black rug that takes up the space surrounding the bed, and matching black bedside tables on either side of the black headboard.

"Woah, a walk-in closet? This is fucking huge!" Eijiro says when he opens a door farther down the left wall. The walk-in closet has racks for clothes on the left and right, as well as shelves for shoes on the bottom. The end of the closet is a large mirror.

"The bathroom is quite large as well," Momo says when she opens the door on the right of the room.

"What's this?" Shoji asks. Shoto and Izuku turn to see some kind of large beanbag looking seat in the right corner of the room. Izuku touches it and quickly withdraws his hand from it due to the coldness of its surface. Shoto touches it this time, and his eyes widen at how fluid it moves.

"It seems to be a water seat. I have heard from my parents that it's similar to a water bed mattress, but in the form of a large beanbag and cold instead. It's an effective way to cool down omegas during their heat," Iida tells them.

"Really? The principle must have planned this floor really well," Sato points out.

"You guys also have a nice corner to study in," Ojiro says, pointing to the right corner by the windows. They turn to see a long, oak wood table with shelves on either end of it. Two black chairs are pushed into the table.

"Sho, can you take your group plus a few more to keep getting our stuff from our rooms? I can stay here with a few from my group to help me put things in place," Izuku suggests. Shoto thinks about it for a second before nodding.

"Sero and Jiro, do you guys mind going with Shoto to our rooms to bring everything else?" Izuku asks them kindly.

"I don't mind," Sero says with his usual grin.

"If it'll help us finish faster, sure," Kyoka responds.

"Alright then, let's go," Shoto announces as he starts walking out of the room. Only Ochaco, Shoji, Eijiro, and Tsuyu remain with Izuku to help him organize the room.

"So, how did your date go, Deku?" Ochaco asks Izuku after he tells them what to do. Izuku blushes and smiles as he remembers the day.

"It was really nice. I got to learn more about Shoto's personality, and he was nothing but kind to me. He did his best to keep me happy despite the amount of people who judged us over our marks. He even got me this," Izuku says before pulling out the necklace Shoto gave him. Ochaco gasps and gets closer to Izuku to look at the necklace.

"Are those fucking Swarovski crystals? And custom made? Todoroki must really be into you, Midoriya," Eijiro says. Izuku blushes more.

"If I'll be honest, I thought in the back of my mind that Shoto was forcing himself to act a certain way towards me. But, he proved to me that he genuinely wants us to bond. It's just a bit hard to believe, you know?" Izuku says.

"How come?" Tsuyu asks curiously.

"It's not common for male omegas to have a good life in this society. Once everyone knows your rank, you can practically kiss your life goodbye. On top of that, all omegas, in general, have to be cautious when it comes to mates. Are they genuine, or after the benefits of mating with an omega?" Izuku explains.

"Is that why you never told any of us that you're an omega?" Eijiro asks.

"Yeah..." Izuku's voice trails off.

"Well, it's not like we can blame you. If life for male omegas is that bad that you were taking heat suppressors, then how could anyone be upset with you?" Eijiro says.

"Yeah, ribbit. You were just trying to protect yourself. It's not like we've all known each other for long either," Tsuyu says.

"Either way, we won't tell anyone about it. I don't think any of us feel any different about you cause of your rank," Eijiro says.

Well, besides Bakugo. He thinks to himself.

"Yeah. I'm grateful that you guys haven't been treating me any different. You have no idea," Izuku says as tears start building in his eyes. Izuku closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to calm down.

"Midoriya, there's something that I've been meaning to ask you," Eijiro says nervously. Izuku turns to Eijiro and looks at him curiously.

"Um, did Bakugo used to bully you or something?" Izuku freezes.

"W-Why do you ask?" Izuku stutters.

"The other day, I heard Bakugo say something about it, and it's been bugging me since then," Eijiro admits. Izuku takes a deep breath before he answers.

"Kacchan is one of the main reasons why I hid the fact that I'm a male omega," Izuku mumbles.

"But aren't you guys childhood friends?" Shoji asks.

"Now that I've met you guys, I'm not sure if he was much of a friend as he was someone who made my life hell," Izuku says shakily making everyone in the room shocked at his words.

How bad did Bakugo treat Deku for him to be this scared? Ochaco thinks as she remembers when Katsuki said those horrible words to Izuku just a few days ago. 


Chapter Text

Without realizing it, Izuku slowly sinks to the floor and holds himself as he remembers how Katsuki would blast him with his quirk sometimes. How Katsuki would drag Izuku around by his hair after school. How Katsuki managed to make him the punching bag for so many of his classmates.

Eijiro, Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Shoji start calling his name to no response. Izuku can't hear anything but his own pounding heartbeat as he remembers the time Katsuki used a more powerful explosion then usual on him. Izuku was in the back of an alley for hours, bleeding from his side until a teacher found him.

Not wanting Katsuki to get into serious trouble, Izuku told the police that it was a villain, and was hospitalized for a few days. Tears start flowing down Izuku's face as he continues to be unresponsive to everyone around him. Shoji takes out his phone to call Shoto. However, Shoto is one step ahead since he felt Izuku's distress through their bond and suddenly rushes into the room.

"Izu? Izuku? I'm here ok? You're safe," Shoto says frantically as he kneels on the floor and hugs his mate.

"What happened to Izuku that made him like this?" Shoto asks lowly. Everyone tenses up when they hear how deathly calm Shoto asked that. 

"I asked him if Bakugo used to bully him, and he said that he made his life a living hell. Then, his eyes had a distant look in them, and he started hugging himself on the floor. If I knew asking about that would make him react like this, I wouldn't have done it. I'm sorry," Eijiro says guiltily. Shoto glares at him and growls. However, Shoto stops when Izuku starts trembling and he sighs to calm down. 

Anger won't help Izuku feel any better. Shoto thinks to himself. He closes his eyes and takes a couple of deep breaths before looking at Eijiro with a calmer expression.

"It's not your fault. Whatever Bakugo did to Izu before being in UA really traumatized him. His fear always spikes around Bakugo, although he hides it. He tried explaining it to me, but I stopped him for his sake due to the immense fear I sensed from him through our bond," Shoto explains as calm as he can.

"You're safe, Izu. He can't hurt you anymore," Shoto tells Izuku softly. Izuku slowly stops hugging himself to hug Shoto.

"I-I'm s-sorry..." Izuku says softly. Seeing Izuku like this breaks everyone's heart a little.

This isn't the happy and cool Izuku that they know him as. After a few minutes, Izuku lets go of Shoto and starts getting up. He rubs the tears out of his eyes and smiles.

"I'm sorry for worrying you guys. I can usually control myself before I let my thoughts run wild. Don't worry too much about me, ok?" He says brightly. It concerns Shoto how quickly Izuku pushes his emotions down. 

"Are you sure? I'm sorry for prying dude," Eijiro says. Izuku looks at Eijiro and lifts his fist towards him. Eijiro gives Izuku a fistbump and Izuku looks at him warmly.

"It's fine, Kirishima. Let's finish organizing Sho and I's room so we can have time to explore before dinner," Izuku says kindly as everyone who went with Shoto comes back into the room.

"Hey, Midoriya. Are you ok? Todoroki ran over here out of nowhere," Denki asks as he walks in with a bunch of clothes. Izuku nods and looks to see how much stuff everyone else brought back.

"We managed to bring everything from both of your rooms due to how many of us are helping," Momo tells him. Izuku's eyes widen as he thanks everyone for helping. Shoto watches as Izuku starts acting as he usually does. Izuku tells them where to put their things so that they can go and explore the rest of the floor.

"Sho and I can organize everything else when we come back," Izuku tells them as Shoto hugs him from behind. Shoto simply nods and kisses Izuku's cheek before walking towards the door. Izuku happily follows him, and so does everyone else as they walk out of the room and further down the hallway.

"You guys got your own laundry room? Awesome," Sero says as they look around. They turn to the left hallway and open a door to what looks like a smaller version of one of the training rooms in the basement of the building.

"Wow. All this space just for the two of you. I'm jealous," Mina says in amazement. Everyone starts talking about how impressed they are as they all walk back towards the living space.

"it's nearly time for dinner. Head downstairs, everyone! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help your fellow classmates!" Iida announces as he starts walking towards the double doors.

"We'll see you guys once dinner starts. Izu and I will be fixing up our room," Shoto says to Iida. Shoto and Izuku wave as everyone leaves their floor, and turn back to go to their room.


Eijiro heads to Katsuki's room since he got messages from him.

Come to my room.

It's important. Hurry up shitty hair.

Eijiro knocks on Katsuki's door, and it opens immediately.

"Hurry up and get in shitty hair," Katsuki says calmly. Eijiro strolls into Katsuki's room while he slams the door shut. Turning to Katsuki, Eijiro sees his eyes cast down, and he hears him sigh.

"What's up, Bakugo? This is the first time you've let me into your room," Eijiro says with a grin. Katsuki stays silent.

"Mind telling me what's wrong? You've been acting out of character ever since we found out about Midoriya," Eijiro points out. Katsuki tenses up when Izuku is mentioned, and he starts walking closer to Eijiro. Eijiro looks at Katsuki curiously until he is right in front of him.

"If you did a lot of really shitty things to someone you knew, and went a long time without apologizing, is it too fucking late to fix things?" Katsuki asks Eijiro, still looking at the floor. Eijiro's eyes widen to hear Katsuki speaking with a choked-up voice. What shocks him, even more, is when Katsuki looks up angrily with tears in his eyes.

"Answer the fucking question shitty hair," Katsuki demands. 

"Well, I don't think it's too late to apologize. It would take time for Midoriya to forgive you, though," Eijiro says. Katsuki's eyes widen, and he starts looking down again.

"How much do you know?" Katsuki asks lowly.

"Not many details. But Midoriya had some sort of mental breakdown just talking about how he was bullied in general," Eijiro says calmly. Katsuki's fists tighten at the news, knowing that it's his fault. 

"I probably disgust you, don't I?" Katsuki says uncharacteristically soft. 

"Bullying someone is not manly, but you don't disgust me, bro. The fact that you want to apologize is enough for me to not look down at you or something. It shows that you're manly enough to push your pride down, and take responsibility for your actions," Eijiro says as he puts a hand on Katsuki's shoulder. Katsuki wipes his tears away angrily as he looks up again. Suddenly, they both tense up as they feel a subtle change between how they see each other.

Whenever two people begin bonding, a change in their instincts about the person occurs. Once two people become closer, their instincts bond them in one of two ways: As a trusted ally, or as someone to be mates with. It's a way for their instincts to tell them that certain individuals can be a possible mate if they reach a common emotional standpoint about each other.

How the hell? How the fuck did we bond like this? Just cause I told him that I want to fucking apologize to Deku? Katsuki thinks angrily. 

"Did we just start fucking bonding?" Katsuki asks. Eijiro's eyes widen at the question. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to focus on his instincts, confirming what Katsuki asked.

I knew that we would bond, but I never thought that we would bond as possible mates. Eijiro thinks.

"What the fuck? Aren't you straight?" Katsuki asks Eijiro. Eijiro blushes slightly and scratches the back of his head.

"Well, I never really gave myself time to think about things like that until recently. I don't think I am," Eijiro confesses. Katsuki glares as Eijiro before huffing.

"Seems like we're on the same fucking boat," Katsuki says with a growl. Katsuki's emotional turmoil about Izuku is making him nearly lose control of his instincts.

What does he mean by that? He's not straight either? Eijiro questions to himself. 

What the fuck? I'm heartbroken over fucking Deku, yet here my instincts are telling me to focus on shitty hair instead. Katsuki thinks. Besides his instincts, Katsuki just wants something to distract him from the pain he's feeling. Realizing his true feelings about Izuku has been driving him crazy. Katsuki looks over at Eijiro and decides to do something reckless. 

Might as fucking well since we're bonding. Katsuki thinks.

"Kiss me," Katsuki demands. Eijiro looks at Katsuki with a bewildered face.

"What the hell?" Eijiro says out loud as he questions whether he heard that right.

"Let's see how fucking compatible we are. Kiss me," Katsuki demands slightly louder. Eijiro blushes as he looks as Katsuki in shock.

Bakugo wants to kiss? What the hell is going on with him? Eijiro thinks frantically as Katsuki growled. 

"Oh, for fuck's sake," Katsuki says before grabbing Eijiro's shirt, hastily pulling him closer before kissing him. 

Chapter Text

Eijiro arrived at dinner late, while Katsuki didn't appear at all. Eijiro rushes to the food counter and grabs something small to eat before sitting at his usual table.

"Dude, the hell happened to you?" Denki asks. Eijiro's hair is more of a mess than usual, his shirt is wrinkled, and his cheeks have been pink since he appeared.

"I suddenly got pumped up and decided to exercise for a while," Eijiro says, laughing the question off.

"Kacchan isn't here," Izuku points out. Shoto glances at Izuku but doesn't say anything.

Despite everything he went through, he still has kindness in his heart to care about Bakugo.  Shoto thinks as he gets up.

"See you guys tomorrow morning," Izuku tells Ochaco, Iida, and Fumikage as he gets up to follow Shoto.

"Be on time tomorrow morning for the bus!" Iida yells as they seemingly rush to the third floor.

"They will have a tough time tomorrow. But as it's said, distance can make bonds grow stronger," Fumikage says, closing his eyes.

The pair get to the third floor, and Izuku opens one of the doors. Shoto grabs Izuku's hand and starts dragging him along to get to their room faster.

"Sho?" Izuku questions. They finally get to their room, and Shoto slows down to close the door.

"Sho? What's wrong?" Izuku asks worriedly. Izuku has a feeling that he knows what's wrong, however. Izuku has been fighting his instincts for the past half hour, and he assumes Shoto's instincts have been acting up as well. Shoto turns to Izuku, closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath.

"Let's dress to sleep. We've been in these clothes all day," Shoto says tensely.

"Alright. Everyone put the clothes in the closet so we'll have t-to..." Izuku trails off as Shoto starts unbuttoning his shirt, revealing his incredibly toned body. Izuku's face turns red as he watches Shoto completely unbutton his shirt. Once he finishes, Shoto looks up at Izuku and gives him a small smile before going into the closet.

Shoto's instincts are really making him act unusual, huh?  Izuku thinks to himself. Shoto comes out a few minutes later in a black t-shirt and sweatpants. Shoto swiftly walks to Izuku, and suddenly kisses him.

"Go change quickly," Shoto whispers. Izuku blushes harder and nods before rushing into their closet. Shoto lays down on the bed and sighs again. He doesn't like how crazy his instincts are driving him.

I don't want to mate with Izuku only because the bond knows that we will be separated.  Shoto tells himself.

I want to mate because we genuinely want to, and we are ready to. Shoto  continues thinking as he balls his fists. Shoto is so immersed in his thoughts that he doesn't notice when Izuku exits their closet. It takes Izuku poking Shoto's thigh to make him snap out of it.

"Izu, do you feel it too?" Shoto asks as he sits up. Izuku blushes before sitting next to Shoto.

"Yeah. But I'm not ready yet. Hell, I just barely know how sex works between a guy and a girl. It's not like we were taught about gay sex, so my knowledge on that is practically nonexistent," Izuku mumbles. Shoto chuckles at how straight forward Izuku said all of that.

"You're not wrong about that. We should do some research before anything else," Shoto says thoughtfully. Izuku blushes at how thoughtful Shoto looks after saying that. Since they're on this topic, Izuku decides to ask more personal questions.

"Sho, have you ever m-masturbated before?" Izuku mumbles as he asks. Shoto blushes as he looks at Izuku with a bewildered expression.

"With how Endeavor would push me to train, I never had any thoughts to spare about any kind of physical pleasure," Shoto confesses now that he thinks about it.

"I-I used to consider it, but then I started loading my schedule with training to receive the One For All," Izuku explains. Shoto smiles slightly to know that they're on the same page with that.

It's kind of a relief to know that Shoto seems to know just as much as I do.  Izuku thinks as he sighs. Shoto starts pushing Izuku down on the bed with him and wraps an arm over Izuku's waist.

"It seems like we'll be doing a lot of exploring together," Shoto says into Izuku's ear. Izuku turns to Shoto as he blushes. They start staring at each other intensely. Shoto's eyes flicker to Izuku's lips before he slowly puts his hand on Izuku's cheek and kisses him. Izuku kisses back gently as their lips move in sync. Shoto smiles in the kiss before he breaks it and hovers on top of Izuku.

"You're so cute, Izu. It's driving me crazy," Shoto mumbles before kissing Izuku again.

Izuku grabs Shoto from his sides as things become more heated between them. Shoto breaks the kiss again, and the pair share another passionate look before Shoto starts kissing Izuku's neck. Izuku starts letting out choked moans as Shoto keeps leaving hickeys all over his neck. One of Shoto's hands starts slowly going under Izuku's shirt, making him freeze at the sudden contact.

"S-Sho w-wait," Izuku moans out. Shoto leaves a kiss on Izuku's neck before looking at him.

"Did my hand bother you?" Shoto asks softly. Izuku nods, feeling embarrassed for stopping their make-out session over that.

I don't want him to see the scar on my side.  Izuku thinks to himself. Shoto moves his hand from under Izuku's shirt and grabs one of Izuku's hands to intertwine them.

"Can I kiss you again?" Shoto asks lowly as he lowers his body onto Izuku's. Gulping, Izuku nods and lets Shoto kiss him again. Things quickly heat up between the two again.

"Let... me... mark... you..." Shoto says between kisses. Izuku nods enthusiastically and exposes the right side of his neck to get marked. Shoto smirks before harshly sucking on Izuku's neck. Izuku's grip on Shoto's hand tightens as Shoto marks him. Shoto looks at Izuku when he's done as they're both left a blushing, panting mess.

"Let me... mark you..." Izuku says between breaths. Shoto smiles and nods before getting off of Izuku to say on the bed. Izuku crawls on top of Shoto and immediately starts sucking on Shoto's neck. Shoto's hands move to Izuku's waist as he starts nibbling on his neck.

"You know... for a couple... new to doing... this... we're pretty... good..." Shoto says between his choked moans. Izuku chuckles before his canines elongate, and he marks Shoto. Izuku kisses Shoto one last time before he loses all his strength and collapses on top of Shoto.

"Cute..." Shoto says softly as he pets Izuku's hair. He holds Izuku by his head and back as he sits up. 

"Sho..." Izuku manages to say as Shoto lays him in their bed.

"Go to sleep, my love," Shoto whispers as he grabs Izuku's fuzzy blanket, and covers him with it. Izuku smiles at the new nickname before he falls asleep. Shoto finds a small knob on the wall and twists it until the lights turn off before climbing under the blanket. He wraps his arms around Izuku and plants a kiss on his head.

"Good night, Izu," Shoto says before he closes his eyes and falls asleep.




The class arrived at the train station the next morning. Since Izuku had to go pick up his new suit before leaving, both he and Shoto woke up early. Shoto is merely holding onto Izuku's hand as Aizawa gives them some final comments.

"All of you, be on tour best behavior. Now, go," Aizawa says, and everyone starts saying their goodbyes.

"See you in a week, Katsuki," Eijiro says brightly. Katsuki glares at the redhead.

"Who the fuck gave you permission to call me by my first name?" Katsuki says as he glares. Eijiro laughs off the glare.

"Are you going to stop me?" Eijiro asks challengingly. Katsuki huffs before turning to the direction of his train.

"See you in a week, shitty hair," Katsuki says as he walks off.

Izuku calls out to Iida as he starts walking away without a word. Izuku heard about what happened to Iida's brother on the news. The Hero Killer: Stain is in the area where Iida is going for his internship.

"If you start feeling overwhelmed or something, just say something. We're your friends," Izuku says worriedly as Shoto and Ochaco nod. Iida relaxes his expression when he sees their concern.

"Sure," Iida says before turning away from them. Ochaco says her goodbyes to Shoto and Izuku before rushing to her train.

"My train will be leaving soon, too," Izuku says softly. Shoto's grip tightens slightly.

This is it. The last time we'll see each other for a week.  Shoto thinks sadly.

"I'll walk you to your train, Izu," Shoto says. Izuku nods as he starts leading the way to his train.

"I'll text you as much as I can when I'm not busy. And we can try to send each other voice messages?" Izuku proposes.

"Yeah," Shoto says as he looks at Izuku and smiles. Izuku smiles back until they're by his train. Both Izuku and Shoto drop their things to hug each other tightly.

"I'm going to miss you," Shoto mumbles. Izuku's eyes start getting watery.

"I'm going to miss you too," Izuku whispers. They stay like that for a few minutes before Izuku separates himself from Shoto.

"Learn as much as you can from Endeavor," Izuku tells him with a smile. Shoto smiles back.

"Come back more powerful than before," Shoto tells him. Izuku starts blushing as Shoto leans in to kiss him. Izuku kisses back, and they slowly separate.

"Bye, Sho," Izuku says softly before walking away to board his train.

"Bye, Izu," Shoto says as he hesitantly turns away to go and board his train.

Please stay safe.  Izuku both think.

Chapter Text

After being on the bullet train for 45 minutes, he sends one last message to Shoto. 

I'm going to get off the train. I'll text you later. Bye Sho. 

Stay safe, Izu. I'll text you back when I can.

Izuku smiles at the message from Shoto before stuffing his phone in his pocket. Grabbing his things, he exits the train and then the train station. Writing the address on the business card All Might gave him, he starts following the direction his phone is taking him. After walking for about 10 minutes, Izuku arrives at a worn down building.

"The hero who left All Might terrified lives here?" Izuku questions out loud as he hesitantly approaches the entrance.

Do I have the right address? Izuku questions as he slowly opens the door.

"Hello? My name is Izuku Midoriya. I've come from UA High School..." Izuku trails off as he sees a short older man surrounded by what looks like his blood.

"AHHH HE'S DEAD!" Izuku screams in terror.

Shoto tenses up as he feels Izuku's panic.

"I have been waiting for you, Shoto," Endeavor says, making Shoto snap out of it.

I hope that Izuku is okay. Shoto thinks worriedly. Endeavor grins as he continues speaking.

"It seems you are finally ready to take the path of the mighty, huh?" Shoto looks at his father with a blank expression.

"I have no intention of going down a path you made. I will take my own path," Shoto says without hesitation. Feeling Izuku calm down, Shoto quietly sighs.

"Oh well, you should get ready, too. We're going out," Endeavor says as his grin remains on his face. Shoto's eyes widen ever so slightly.

"Where?" Shoto asks curiously.

"I'll show you what a hero is," Endeavor says. Shoto nods and takes his briefcase to change into his hero costume.

"Before you go," Endeavor says, making Shoto glance at him.

"Tell me about that mate of yours. Were you both able to enjoy the floor I suggested?" Endeavor asks, making Shoto's eyes widen again.

"The floor... you suggested?" Shoto asks slowly. Endeavor nods before sitting down.

"In the parent meeting I had with your principle and Izuku's mother, I had suggested for you two to have more than just a room. A better sense of privacy would help you two bond more, would it not?" Endeavor says with a grin. Endeavor has been hoping that the two have mated to see how much stronger Shoto has gotten. Seeing the hickeys on his sons' neck, Endeavor couldn't help but grin.

He always has some ulterior motive. Shoto thinks, resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

"The floor is excellent. Izuku and I were able to move into it last night," Shoto says. Endeavor hums before asking his next question.

"Have you finally completed the mate bond, Shoto?" Endeavor asks enthusiastically. Shoto glares at Endeavor.

"No. We decided to focus on strengthening our bond and getting to know each other first. Is that all?" Shoto says. Endeavor's grin drops before he nods, permitting Shoto to go and change into his hero suit.


Izuku watches Gran Torino sleeping after eating dinner. Izuku decides to head outside to train himself using One For All with his newfound control over it. Izuku pulls out his phone to send a quick message to Shoto.

I'm going to train on my own for a while. Good night, Sho. I hope you're doing okay. 

Izuku puts his phone away as he starts trying to learn how to jump between buildings.

"To use my quirk as natural as breathing..." Izuku says to himself as he prepares to practice using One For All at 5%. Every time Izuku would power up, Shoto would feel a strange sensation in his legs. Sitting on his bed at home, Shoto looks at his legs with a perplexed expression.

"What the..." Shoto says as the feeling comes and goes. Shoto checks his phone to see Izuku's message.

Is Izuku training at this hour? Shoto asks himself before sending a message back.

Rest soon, and stay safe. Good night, Izu.


"Good morning... What's wrong with you?!" Gran Torino says to Izuku as he walks down the stairs.

Izuku looks exhausted as he stares nowhere in particular with a blank, but a tired expression.

"I was training last night, and I lost track of time... After figuring out what you said, I decided to put it in practice," Izuku responds as he gets up from the chair.

"But, I still have a long way to go," Izuku says as he begins to look more alert.

"Every real challenge begins that way. That's just how it is. You'd be hard-pressed to get that kind of thinking from All Might," Gran Torino explains.

"That guy was able to manage it from the start, so he was taught differently. The only thing he had going for him was his body," Gran Torino continues as he remembers All Might's younger days. Izuku perks up when he realizes that Gran Torino is talking about All Might during high school.

"We did nothing but spar until he was ready to puke," Gran Torino says as he reminisces on the days he trained All Might.

No wonder All Might is scared of him. Izuku thinks. Gran Torino starts looking down as he continues.

"I couldn't half-ass his training when he was entrusted to me by a deceased friend," That makes Izuku look at him in shock.

"All Might's predecessor passed away?" Izuku asks curiously. Gran Torino nods.

"Yeah..." Gran Torino answers as the doorbell rings. As Izuku goes to answer the door, Gran Torino can't help but wonder why All Might hadn't told Izuku about that.

With how pale Izuku looks this morning, Gran Torino can't help but notice the prominent hickeys and mark on his neck as well. Gran Torino will lie to himself if he says that he was not shocked and curious to see someone so young with a mate. When he was younger, young people would be marked if they were going to have a quirk marriage.

Toshinori never told me that his successor had a mate. It seems like he forgets to talk about specific details. Gran Torino realizes. As Izuku grabs the box and sets it on the floor, Gran Torino decides to ask about the mark.

"Izuku, are you in some sort of arranged marriage?" Gran Torino asks bluntly. Izuku starts blushing and stuttering as he finds his words.

"N-No. My mate i-is one of my classmates. Since y-you watched the Sports Festival, my mate is the last person I battled. Shoto Todoroki," Gran Torino's eyes widen.

They had bare necks during their battle. Did they become mates recently? Gran Torino questions.

"He's my fated mate," Izuku says with a small smile as he opens the box. Gran Torino's eyes widen more.

Fated mates, huh?

"A microwave?" Izuku questions as he pulls it out of the box and sets it on the floor. Gran Torino walks towards the microwave and taps it.

"Somehow, my old microwave broke yesterday, so I ordered with expedited delivery," Gran Torino says happily.

Is he serious, or is he pretending again? Izuku asks himself as he watches the old man.

As Izuku watches the taiyaki being heated up in the new microwave, he starts contemplating how to achieve using One For All, like breathing. He keeps thinking about it as he serves the taiyaki to Gran Torino, who bites into it and realizes it's still frozen.

"No way! I was sure that I heated them on defrost mode!" Izuku says, shocked.

"You idiot! The plate you used is too big for the microwave to turn it!" Gran Torino says as he hops off his seat to show Izuku. Opening the microwave, he turns to Izuku.

"Have you never used a microwave before?" Gran Torino asks with an annoyed tone. While Izuku apologizes, he gets an idea.

"I've figured it out! Gran Torino!" Izuku says as he slams his hand on the table excitedly.

"Instead of using it in only one part of my body, I should've been activating One For All everywhere!" Izuku says as he feels the power surging through his whole body.

He finally figured it out. Gran Torino thinks as he looks as Izuku with a proud look.

As Gran Torino and Izuku start testing out Izuku's improvement of control over the One For All, Shoto freezes at the feeling. The strange feeling he felt in his legs is now being felt all over his body.

Is this Izuku's doing? Shoto questions as he catches up to Endeavor during their patrol. 

The next day, Gran Torino orders Izuku to wear his hero costume before they head out. Izuku sends a message to Shoto before changing. 

Sho, I finally figured it out! I'm finally making progress in controlling my quirk, but I still have a long way to go. I hope you're making progress as well! 

As Gran Torino explains why they're leaving to go to a more populated area, Izuku realizes that they'll be passing Hosu City. Izuku can't help but wonder how Iida is doing.

While they're on a bullet train, Izuku attempts to message Iida to get no reply back. Thinking back to the last time he talked to Iida, a hero crashes into the train. Through the gaping hole on the side of the train, a light green Nomu appears, making Gran Torino act immediately to tackle it out of the train.

"Gran Torino!" Izuku yells as Gran Torino, and the Nomu fall out of sight. Looking over, he sees a massive fire caused by an explosion.

"Everyone! Please remain calm! Please return to your seats! We need to stay and wait for the heroes to-" Izuku pushes past the officer on the train and hops out of it through the hole.

This Nomu looked different but still had the same exposed brain as the last one. Maybe they're siblings? Either way, I need to find Gran Torino. Please be okay. Izuku thinks as he runs. 

Meanwhile, Shoto feels Izuku's panic as Endeavor burns the Nomu that Gran Torino tackled and nearly collapses at the sudden feeling. 

Izuku, are you nearby this madness? 

Chapter Text

Izuku stares in shock at the two Nomus he sees in front of him.

Oh man... What is this..? Izuku thinks in horror. 

"Manual! Put out the fire!" Izuku turns to the voice and recognizes the hero that Iida is interning with.

"Where did Tenya go at a time like this?" He hears Manual say as he uses his quirk.

Huh? Iida went off somewhere? At a time like this? Izuku thinks before getting told by another hero to get out of the way. That's when Izuku realizes.

He's in Hosu City, where the Hero Killer: Stain is. The Nomus are here, as well. Izuku's eyes widen before he runs away from the scene to look for Iida. Using One For All, Izuku runs around the city, looking for vacant areas where Iida could be.

There has to be some kind of connection between the League of Villains and the Hero Killer! Izuku thinks. Hearing Iida's voice, Izuku starts jumping on the walls of an alley and punches Stain.

"SMASH!" Izuku yells before landing in front of an injured Iida.

"Mi-Midoriya..." Iida says as Izuku turns to glance at him.

"I came to save you, Iida!" Izuku says seriously, readying his stance for a possible attack.

"Midoriya, why?!" Iida shouts. Izuku starts explaining how he found them based on the information given by news sources. Stain is glaring at Izuku as he proposes running to find pro heroes.

"I can't move my body... Ever since he cut me... I think it's his quirk..." Iida explains as he struggles to move his body. Izuku soaks in the information and finally notices another injured hero leaning on the wall.

If it was just Iida, I could just carry him on my shoulder. Izuku thinks as he contemplates how to get them all out of there alive.

"Midoriya... Don't get involved! This has nothing to do with you!" Izuku turns to Iida and glares at him.

"What are you saying?" Izuku asks seriously.

"Your friend came to save you. That's a great line, isn't it?" Stain says, making Izuku turn to glare at him.

"But I have a duty to kill him. If we clash, of course, the weaker will be culled. Now, what will you do?" Stain says as he glares back at Izuku.

Realizing the deep shit he's gotten himself into, he pulls out his phone behind his back. Glancing at it quickly, he sends Shoto his location and hopes that Shoto notices in time.

I can feel Sho's worry. He will come. I'm sure of it. Izuku thinks as he puts away his phone.

Once Shoto gets the message and looks at the location, he starts running in the opposite direction of Endeavor.

"Shoto! Where are you going?!" Endeavor yells angrily.

"An alleyway at 4-2-10 Ekou Street. If you finish what you're doing or find any free pros, send them there. I'm leaving you to take care of the trouble," Shoto yells as he runs.

"I'm sure you'll be able to resolve it quickly. My mate might be in trouble..." Shoto says. Endeavor relaxes at his sons' words.

I just need to stall the Hero Killer until Shoto can come with reinforcements. Izuku thinks.

"Stop it! Run away! I told you, didn't I?! It has nothing to do with you!" Iida pleads to Izuku.

"If you can say that, then heroes can't do anything!" Izuku retorts, putting up his fists to fight Stain.

"As All Might says, meddling when you don't need to is the essence of being a hero," Izuku continues before charging at the Hero Killer using One For All.

Stain swings his sword as Izuku gets closer, but misses as Izuku dodges it. Stain turns to swing at Izuku again, only for him to attack from above.

Full Cowling worked! I can fight! Izuku thinks before weakness takes over his body.

Did he graze me? Izuku thinks as he struggles to keep his body up. Impressed with Izuku's actions, Stain explains why he thinks Izuku is worth keeping alive.

"You're different from these guys," Stain says as he points his sword at Iida.

"Stop it!" Izuku yells as Stain gets ready to kill Iida. Suddenly, a blast of fire comes from the entrance of the alley. Stain barely manages to dodge the attack from none other than Shoto. His left side ignited, Shoto walks further into the alleyway. Seeing Izuku on the floor, but alive, Shoto sighs in relief.

"Izuku, you need to give more details in times like this," Shoto says, dangerously calm as he holds up his phone.

"You made me late," Shoto continues, glaring straight at the Hero Killer.

He did something to Izuku. He must pay for it. Shoto thinks angrily.

"Todoroki too..? Why..?" Iida shouts.

"You-You're using your left side too..." Izuku says in shock.

"Why?" Shoto scoffs as he deactivates his fire quirk.

"I felt Izuku's panic and when the Hero Killer used his quirk on him. Once Izuku sent me his location, I came straight here. Izuku wouldn't send me just his location for no reason," Shoto growls before activating his ice quirk.

Seeing the marks on Izuku and Shoto's neck, as well as listening to what Shoto said, Stain finally realizes. He injured the mate of a very angry alpha.

This will be interesting. Stain thinks as he dodges Shoto's attack again. Shoto starts running towards Stain, using his fire again.

"Don't worry. The pros will also get here in a few minutes," Shoto says as he aims for Stain.

"I won't let you kill these guys, Hero Killer," Shoto growls as he faces Stain.

"Shoto! You can't let this guy see your blood! I think he paralyzes his opponents by ingesting their blood orally. That's how he got all of us!" Izuku yells.

"So, I got to keep my distance..." Shoto's voice trails off as he gets cut on the cheek by an attack. The Hero Killer runs up close to Shoto, making him use his ice to protect himself. Despite that, Stain nearly manages to lick the blood off of Shoto's cheek if it wasn't for his fire quirk. Shoto keeps battling Stain as Iida contemplates why they're doing this for him.

"I've inherited my brother's name... I have to do it... He's mine!" Iida shouts in frustration.

"You inherited it? That's strange," Shoto says as he switches from ice to fire again.

"The Ingenium I saw before didn't have that look on his face, though. You've got a lot going on behind the scenes in your family, too, huh?" Shoto's words make Iida's eyes widen.

"Shoto..." Izuku strains out. When he sees Shoto get stabbed in the arm by two blades, he wills his body to move. Blocking an attack from Stain, Izuku drags him across the wall of the building in a fury.

"Izuku!" Shoto shouts as he watches Izuku get elbowed by Stain.

"Get out of the way!" Shoto shouts as he aims his ice towards Stain again. Izuku dodges and lands next to Shoto.

"I wanted to hurry up and carry those two out of here, but he can react so fast, he can avoid ice and fire. I can't leave myself that open," Shoto says as he grips his left arm.

"Our best option is to hold on by avoiding close combat until the pros get here," Shoto finishes. Izuku turns to Shoto, worried about the amount of blood seeping from his wounds.

"Sho, you've already lost too much blood. I'll distract him, so you support me from behind!" Izuku tells him as he gets ready to use One For All. Shoto glances at Izuku prepared to say otherwise until he sees his determination.

Izuku may be a male omega, but he is just as capable of taking risks as I am. Shoto thinks before glaring at the Hero Killer again.

"That's a pretty big risk, but let's do it. The two of us will protect them!" Shoto says determinedly.

"A pair of pissed off mates against one. It won't be easy," Stain says, making both Izuku and Shoto growl at him. Izuku starts bouncing from wall to wall towards the Hero Killer as Shoto sends ice his way. As he does, Shoto thinks about how he can relate to Iida's motivation behind doing this.

I was like that until recently, when I visited my mother. If it weren't for her telling me to move on without holding back, I would never have been able to choose Endeavor's agency. Shoto thinks.

I haven't forgiven him, and I have no intention of doing so. It was only to gain experience from him as the number two hero. Shoto thinks as he sends a fire attack to Stain while Izuku attempts to land a punch on him. It was Endeavor's intuition about the Hero Killer that allowed Shoto to be nearby, after all.

It only takes a few words... Shoto's thoughts trail off as he sees Stain slash one of Izuku's legs. Before Stain could do more damage, Shoto sends a more significant fire attack.

"Izuku!" Shoto yells as he does.

"Please stop... I'm... already..." Iida's voice trails off as guilt fills his being. If it weren't for his selfish actions, two of his friends wouldn't be risking their lives for him. Shoto growls at his words.

"If you want us to stop, then stand up!" Shoto yells as Izuku becomes paralyzed again. Stain turns to Shoto and breaks through his ice attack. Shoto activates his fire quirk again, ready to blast Stain point-blank. Without realizing it, the adrenaline in his body and his will to protect Izuku makes him activate a tiny percentage of All For One in his left arm.

"Look properly at what you want to be!" Shoto yells at Iida before swinging at Stain at a faster speed than before. Stain dodges again but notes the change in speed. Shoto sends a vast amount of ice towards Stain as he charges him.

"You're too focused on your quirk. You're being careless!" Stain says. Izuku's eyes widen in fear as Stain's sword nears Shoto's shoulder.

"SHOTO!" Izuku shouts as tears fall from his eyes. Right before the blade touches Shoto, Iida manages to get up and activates his quick to block the attack before kicking Stain.

"Todoroki, Midoriya, this has nothing to do with you two, and I apologize," Iida says as he looks at the ground.

"You're saying that again?" Izuku questions seriously.

"That's why I can't allow you two to bleed more than this!" Iida says more determinedly as he gets up. The Hero Killer attempts to attack Iida again, making Shoto move in front of him to send a fire attack. The other hero yells at Shoto to run instead of attacking.

"It doesn't look like he'll give me an opening to do that. And like hell will I leave you two and my mate behind!" Shoto shouts.

He's getting desperate to kill Iida and this guy before the pros come. Shoto thinks as he keeps sending Stain fire and Ice attacks.

"Todoroki, freeze my legs!" Iida says as he gets an idea. Before that can happen, Stain throws a blade at Shoto, which Iida moves to get it lodged in his arm.

"Iida!" Izuku shouts as he helplessly watches the scene in front of him and starts getting up again.

"Just do it! Hurry!" Iida shouts at Shoto. After Shoto freezes Iida's legs, both Izuku and Iida ambush the Hero Killer at the same time. Shoto smiles at the scene.

"Go!" Shoto says as Iida moves to kick the Hero Killer, and Izuku proceeds to punch him at the same time.

Izuku immediately grabs his arm in pain after throwing the punch. Shoto notices but doesn't miss the opportunity to attack the Hero Killer with fire, finally defeating him. Using his ice immediately after to break Iida and Izuku's fall, they notice the unmoving villain.

"We need to restain him and remove any weapons from him," Shoto says. Iida and Shoto work on doing just that as Izuku watches from the ground. The pro hero who got attacked by Stain offers to carry Izuku only to earn a deadly growl from Shoto. After they're done restaining the Hero Killer, they start walking out of the alleyway. Shoto carries Izuku on his back while Iida and the pro hero drag Stain. 

"You! What are you doing here?" Gran Torino asks as he sees Izuku on Shoto's back. Izuku doesn't even have time to say something before Gran Torino kicks him in the face. Shoto growls at the old man as he lands.

"Sho, don't worry. That's the hero I'm interning with, Gran Torino. But why?" Izuku questions.

"I was told to come here all of a sudden," Gran Torino answers angrily. 

"Well, I don't really know what's going on, but I'm glad you're okay. It seems your mate helped with whatever happened here," Gran Torino says more calmly. Blushing, Izuku sighs.

"I'm sorry," Izuku apologizes. Finally, more pro heroes arrive at the scene. While one of them calls for an ambulance, they notice the Hero Killer restrained, and they call the police as well.

"Hey, can you walk?" One of the pro heroes asks Izuku.

"I-I can if I'm propped up," Izuku answers. The pro moves to help Izuku down from Shoto's back, only getting a growl in return.

"Woah kid, calm down-" the pro looks between the two to see their marks.

"I wouldn't try it. Those two are fated," Gran Torino says as he approaches them. Iida approaches the pair, and bows apologetically.

"I'm sorry. You were injured because of me. I am truly sorry. I couldn't... see anything... through my anger," Iida says as tears fall from his eyes. Izuku's eyes soften as he looks at Iida.

"I'm sorry too. I didn't notice how cornered you were feeling," Izuku says regretfully.

"Pull yourself together. You're the class rep, right?" Shoto tells Iida. After that, they remain in front of the alley, waiting for the police and ambulance. Suddenly, the flying Nomu starts soaring towards the group.

One second, Izuku is on Shoto's back, and the next, he is in the claws of the Nomu. As Gran Torino prepares to jump after Izuku, Stain licks the Nomu's blood from a pro's cheek and runs after it. As Stain strikes the Nomu to kill it, Shoto runs using One For All without realizing it and grabs Izuku.

Endeavor's son moved as quick as Izuku did during our training. It can't be that he was using One For All, can it? Gran Torino thinks as the Nomu crashes on the concrete with Stain on top of it. Everyone watches in shock as Stain delivers a final blow to the Nomu.

"Stain saved the boy?" One of the pros asks in shock as they get ready to fight.

Endeavor finally arrives at the scene and gets ready to blast the Hero Killer. Noticing the number two hero, Stain emits a very dangerous aura as he approaches him. Even Gran Torino gets filled with panic at the purely murderous energy coming from Stain. Shoto stands defensively, ready to protect Izuku if needed.

"I would only let myself get killed by the one true hero, ALL MIGHT!" Stain yells before falling unconscious. 

It's finally over. Shoto thinks.

Chapter Text

The morning after the attack, Iida, Shoto, and Izuku are in the hospital being treated for the injuries they sustained.

"Thinking about it now, we did something amazing, didn't we?" Izuku says as he leans on Shoto's shoulder.

"Yeah," Shoto says. Izuku looks up in deep thought.

"Seeing an ending like that makes you feel like it's a miracle we're alive. With my leg like this," Izuku looks down at his injured leg.

"He probably could've killed us if he wanted to," Izuku continues, making Shoto growl at the thought.

"Iida, you were brave to face the Hero Killer after all that murderous intent directed at you," Shoto says, facing Iida. Before he can say anything, Gran Torino and Manual walk into the room. Gran Torino starts scolding Izuku as he walks in.

"I have a lot of complaints about you, but you have a visitor," Gran Torino says as Hosu's chief of police walks in. 

Shoto and Iida immediately stand up in respect. Izuku tries to, but he's told to remain seated. The police chief asks if they are students from UA before telling the boys about the injuries Stain sustained. While he praises them for using their quirks for good, he reminds them that the use of their quirks was illegal. Shoto starts angrily defending their actions at the thought of being punished over this.

"Are you saying we should've followed the rules and watched people get killed?" Shoto asks angrily.

"W-Wait! Shoto calm down, please," Izuku pleads as he holds Shoto's hand to stop him from moving forward.

"Hear him out until the end, Todoroki," Gran Torino says.

The police chief goes on to explain that they would only be punished if what occurred last night was made public. He goes on to explain that Endeavor would be named as the hero who took down the Hero Killer if they agree to keep it quiet.

"Personally, I don't want to be the one to find fault with promising young ones because of one big mistake, woof," The police chief says kindly. The boys start apologizing for their actions and accept keeping the truth under wraps.

"Because of the unfairness of adults, you will not be able to receive the praise you would probably have gotten, but at least," The police chief bows before continuing.

"As someone who also protects the peace, I can say thank you," The police chief finishes. Shoto looks away for a moment.

"Please start with that next time," He mumbles as Izuku smiles shyly at his mate.


Iida comes back to their room with a solemn expression on his face.

"Iida, what did they say?" Izuku asks worriedly.

"My hand might have long term damage..." Iida says lowly as he sits on his hospital bed. Izuku and Shoto's eyes widen. Izuku stands up in shock at what he's hearing.

"Both of my arms were in bad condition, but it seems that my left hand sustained more damage. But it just means that I'll have trouble moving my hand and fingers and experience some numbness," Iida says with a lighter expression.

"There's a possibility that it can be healed with nerve transplant surgery," Iida continues with a small smile.

"But, why I did what I did is the furthest from what a hero should be. As much as I hate the Hero Killer, he was right. So, until I become a true hero, I want to leave my hand as it is," Iida says as he looks at his arm. Izuku and Shoto don't say anything about it since he's already accepted the faults in his actions. Looking at his scarred right hand, Izuku holds it out to Iida.

"Let's become stronger, together," Izuku says. Iida nods as they look at each other with determination. Shoto looks at the interaction and looks away.

"I kind of feel bad..." Shoto says, trailing off. Iida and Izuku turn to Shoto.

"About what?" Izuku asks. Shoto starts looking at his hand.

"I feel like whenever I get involved, other people mess up their hands... Is it a curse?" Shoto questions seriously. Izuku and Iida look at Shoto with perplexed expressions before bursting out in laughter.

"Sho, I didn't know you could make jokes like this!" Izuku says as he laughs.

"I'm not joking. I'm like 'The Hand Crusher' or something," Shoto says seriously, making Iida and Izuku laugh harder.


That next Sunday, everyone returns to the dorms after the week of internships. Once Izuku arrives at the dorms, he looks at the living space to see a couple of his classmates already here.

"Midoriya! We heard from the news about what happened. Endeavor rescued you guys from the Hero Killer, right?" Denki asks. Izuku blushes as he gets surprised by the question.

"Y-Yeah... Rescued.." Izuku answers nervously.

Waving at Denki, Oijiro, and Fumikage, Izuku rushes up the stairs to his floor. Fumikage watches as Izuku walks away from them with a worried expression.

A stressful situation like facing the Hero Killer might trigger their instincts to complete the mating bond. Fumikage thinks as Izuku moves out of sight. Looking in front of him, he closes his eyes in thought.

It can't be helped. With fated mating bonds, anything could trigger the bond to push for completion.

Opening the doors, the security system greets him as Izuku rushes inside. Running down the hallway, Izuku rushes to Shoto. Shoto turns to Izuku and grabs his legs as he jumps on him.

"I've missed you so much," Izuku mumbles into Shoto's neck as he wraps his legs around his waist. Shoto feels at peace with Izuku back in his arms.

"I missed you too, Shoto says softly.

Shoto had left the hospital two days after being treated to learn as much as he can from Endeavor. He also wanted to see the look on Endeavor's face knowing that he wasn't the one that defeated the Hero Killer. Despite how uncontrollable their instincts feel after the fight with Stain, they both agreed that completing their internships come first. The urge to stick with each other had yet to feel as strong as it does now. Shoto puts Izuku down much to Izuku's discontent.

"Let's finally finish sorting out this room, " Shoto says softly before kissing Izuku briefly.

Izuku kisses back before the separate as he starts looking through the remaining boxes for his stuff. Finding a box full of things from his bathroom, he takes if to begin putting his items in appropriate spots. Opening the cabinet under the sink, Izuku's face quickly turns red at what he sees.

"Huh?!" is heard from the bathroom. Shoto stops unpacking his books to check on Izuku. Entering the bathroom, Shoto sees Izuku on the floor and looking at something with a flustered expression.

"What's wrong, Izu?" Shoto asks as he approaches his mate. Looking at Shoto only makes Izuku blush harder.

"N-Nothing. It's nothing," Izuku says to reassure Shoto. Narrowing his eyes, Shoto continues walking towards the bathroom, where Izuku is. Izuku closes the cabinet door and sits in front of it.

"It's n-nothing, Sho," Izuku stutters as Shoto walks in, carries Izuku over his shoulder, and sits him down behind him. Izuku's face turns a bright red as Shoto grabs a lube bottle curiously.

"Lubrication? For what?" Shoto questions, making Izuku want nothing more than to disappear.

While Izuku was still in the hospital, he decided to research how gay sex works. He only got far enough to learn how to clean himself and how to prep for it. Along the way, he learned what lube was as well.

"Oh u-um it's for w-when we m-mate to make t-the process less p-painful and faster," Izuku tries to explain. Shoto looks at Izuku curiously.

"How so?" Shoto questions. That question makes Izuku's heart drop. Explaining how it's used, Shoto's face slowly becomes red as he puts the bottle back in the cabinet. Before he closes the cabinet, Shoto notices something else.

Nope. I am not going to ask. Shoto thinks before closing the cabinet. Shoto turns to Izuku whose muttering to himself. He holds his hand out in front of Izuku's face, making him snap out of it. Shoto smiles at Izuku as he helps him off the floor and pulls him in for a hug.

"We'll get there when we get there," Shoto says to calm Izuku's nerves. Izuku hugs Shoto back and nods into his shoulder.

"Now, let's finish fixing our room. I want to hear about your training with Gran Torino," Shoto tells Izuku before walking out of the bathroom.

Endeavor is really pushing it. When will he realize that I am going to do things my way? Shoto thinks angrily as he walks out.

Izuku and Shoto manage to make the room feel more like their own within the same hour.

"Are you sure that you don't mind my All Might posters?" Izuku asks shyly as he gazes at one of the walls he decorated with various All Might items. He even put a frame of All Might as well as figurines on top of their study table. Shoto smiles before approaching Izuku to hug him from behind.

"I'm sure, Izu. Having all this makes you happy, doesn't it?" Shoto asks. Izuku nods happily. Shoto lets go of Izuku and hold one of his hands as they go to their bed. Shoto removes his shoes before lying on the bed. Izuku does the same and climbs on the bed to cuddle with Shoto.

"So, how was training with Gran Torino like?" Shoto asks curiously. Izuku'e eyes light up as he explains how Gran Torino challenged him the first day before training on his own.

"That night, it didn't come to me to activate the One For All throughout my body at the same time, so I kept trying to switch from my legs to my arms. It didn't work though, so I only kept activating it in my legs," Shoto suddenly remembers the strange feeling he had in his legs.

The feeling would come and go throughout half the night while Shoto was trying to sleep. Not thinking much about it, Shoto intently listens as Izuku continues.

"Monday morning was when I realized that I could use One For All throughout my body after a mishap from not heating the taiyaki properly. After that, he starts training me to use One For All: Full Cowl. It's what you saw me do during our fight against Stain," Izuku explains. Shoto's mind goes back to the strange feeling he felt that morning all over his body.

It can't be possible yet, right? Shoto thinks. Shoto recalls the fight against Stain.

I was too focused on protecting Izuku, Iida, and Native to remember if I felt that same feeling every time Izuku used the One For All. Shoto contemplates. Shoto lets out a small hum as he thinks, making Izuku look at him curiously.

"Izu, do you mind activating your One For All?" Shoto asks.

Izuku gives Shoto a confused look but nods anyway as he gets up from the bed. Shoto sits up as Izuku stands in front of the bed and starts activating the One For All throughout his body. A few seconds later, the feeling returns to Shoto's body. Izuku watches in shock as they see the energy of the One For All flow throughout Shoto's entire body. Shoto gets up from the bed and starts looking all over his body as the energy fades into a pale pink lightning-like aura that is similar to Izuku's green aura.

"No way... can you move?" Izuku asks in shock.

Slowly, Shoto takes a step, and then another one, and he starts gradually walking towards Izuku. Izuku deactivates his quirk while Shoto is still filled with power. Closing his eyes, the One For All in Shoto's body fades as he takes a deep breath.

"We should tell All Might about this," Izuku says as Shoto opens his eyes and looks at him. Shoto nods before hugging Izuku again.

"I hope that you know that I am not interested in using you for power. I'm interested in you and bonding with you at our own pace," Shoto says softly. Izuku nods and smiles at him.

"I know," Izuku's eyes widen as he thinks of something.

"Sho, do you think I can use your quirk yet? Tokoyami said that both his parents can use each others quirk, right?" Izuku asks curiously. Shoto's eyes widen at the question as he thinks about it.

"I'm not sure, but would your body be able to handle using fire and ice? The only possible way that I can manage your quirk is due to the years of training I've done. But, you weren't trained to handle the cold and heat specifically as I was," Shoto ponders out loud. Izuku thinks about it at well before agreeing.

"Maybe I can learn to use small amounts of your quirk to stay on the safe side?" Izuku suggests. Shoto holds both of Izuku's hands in his.

"Try using my quirk on me," Shoto says. Izuku looks at Shoto nervously.

"You won't hurt me, Izu. Try thinking of cooling one of my hands," Shoto says encouragingly.

Izuku hesitantly nods and closes his eyes as he tries envisioning it in his head. After a few seconds, Shoto's left-hand starts feeling cold. It's not enough to frost Shoto's hand, but it's still a fantastic feat.

"Izu, you're doing it," Shoto says in amazement. Izuku's eyes open as he watches cold air emits from his right hand.

"Awesome," Izuku says as his face lights up. He stops his right hand and starts focusing on his left hand. Soon after, heat starts radiating from his left, much to their amazement.

"This is so cool!" Izuku says excitedly as he stops using Shoto's quirk.

"Good thing that we have our own training room," Shoto points out. Izuku nods excitedly, making Shoto chuckle.

"Let's head downstairs to hang out with everyone else," Izuku suggests. Shoto shrugs.

"Sure. Lunch won't be served for another hour anyway. But first," Shoto says as he pulls Izuku closer to him.

"I want to kiss you," Shoto says as he looks into Izuku's eyes. Izuku grins before closing the gap between them. Shoto kisses back, and they slowly finish the kiss, leaning their foreheads against each other.

"Let's go," Shoto says as he holds one of Izuku's hands before they leave their room. 

Chapter Text

"SERIOUSLY BAKUGO! SERIOUSLY!" Shoto and Izuku hear from Sero and Eijiro as they make fun of Katsuki's hairdo. Katsuki shakes in anger at the teasing.

"Don't laugh! It's stuck, and even washing it wouldn't fix it! Stop fucking laughing, or else I'll kill you!" Bakugo yells at the pair as they keep laughing at him.

"GO AHEAD AND TRY IT!" Sero and Eijiro yell back. Those words were enough to make Katsuki's hair go back to normal before he starts walking towards the pair threateningly.

"IT'S BACK!" Sero points out, and he and Eijiro keep laughing.

"It's so weird to see Kacchan getting teased," Izuku mumbles at the scene. Looking around, they find Iida sitting on one of the couches.

"Iida, how are your arms feeling?" Izuku asks as he and Shoto approach him.

"Midoriya, Todoroki, my arms are doing alright. How are your injuries?" Iida asks.

"We're both fine for the most part. We marked each other before I went back to my internship, but it seems that Izuku didn't have enough stamina for that to heal him completely," Shoto explains before looking down.

"I was told not to mark him again until he heals more," Shoto says lowly.

"B-But I'm doing fine. I'll be completely healed soon," Izuku says reassuringly.

"But the ones who changed the most, or at least went through the most were you three, right?" Denki says. Izuku, Shoto, and Iida turn to Denki when he says that.

"Oh yeah! The hero killer!" Sero points out in Katsuki's grip.

"I'm glad you guys made it out alive! Seriously," Eijiro says calmly in Katsuki's other hand.

"I was worried," Momo says with a concerned expression as the rest of their classmates approach the trio.

"I heard Endeavor saved you, right?" Sato asks curiously.

"That's amazing! As expected from the number two hero!" Mina says. Shoto looks at Mina and looks down before responding.

"Yeah. He saved us," Izuku supports him by agreeing. Shoto resists smiling as he remembers the look on Endeavor's face when Shoto went back to his agency.

"I saw on the news that the Hero Killer was connected to the League of Villains," Oijiro says before scratching his head.

"Imagining someone that scary coming to USJ freaks me out," Oijiro continues as he looks at Shoji. Everyone turns their attention to Denki as he mentions the video about the Hero Killer.

"Doesn't it almost make you think he's cool?" Denki asks, making Izuku's eyes widen.

"Kaminari!" Izuku says as his grip on Shoto's hand tightens. Denki realizes what he just said and apologizes to the trio.

As Iida responds to Denki, Izuku starts remembering the fight. The fear that he felt when Shoto got injured. Seeing how badly injured Iida was. The feeling of sheer panic when Stain nearly sliced Shoto's arm.

"Izu? Izuku?" Shoto's voice brings Izuku out of his thoughts. Izuku realizes what just happened, and he grips Shoto's hand a bit tighter.

"I-I'm fine," Izuku responds as he smiles at Shoto. Shoto leans in to kiss Izuku's cheek.

"So, who's up for a round 2 or Truth or Dare?" Mina asks out loud.

"Katsuki, you're definitely joining the game this time," Eijiro says as he pats Katsuki's back.

"NO IM NOT SHITTY HAIR!" Katsuki yells at him angrily.


Katsuki grumbles next to Eijiro as Mina explains to rules. It doesn't help that Izuku and Shoto are sitting directly in front of them.

"Since the 20 of us are playing this time, the rules will be slightly different to those who played with me the first time," Mina says with a grin. Digging into her pocket, she takes out the little note pad she had last time along with a pen and a die.

"Everyone will be randomly assigned a number by rolling the die. It's 20 sided," Mina says as she holds up the dice.

"Your number will be what you roll. After the numbers are assigned, whoever is number 1 will roll first and ask truth or dare to the person with the number you rolled. We'll go in order of everyone's number. Who wants to go first?" Mina asks after she finishes explaining the rules.

"Wait!" Iida shouts. As everyone turns their attention to him, he stands up.

"Are there no restrictions to what kind of truth or dares can be asked?" Iida asks.

"Nope! Restrictions make it less fun. Now, who'll roll the die first?" Iida starts grumbling about how inappropriate the game might become as he sits down.

"I'll go!" Aoyama says with his hand raised up. Mina passes the die to Aoyama, and one by one, everyone rolls the die.

Aoyama - 17

Mineta - 2

Momo - 13

Denki - 10

Sero - 14

Eijiro - 11

Katsuki - 3

Sato - 20

Ojiro - 19

Toru - 16

Shoji - 9

Fumikage - 1

Koda - 15

Jiro - 6

Mina - 18

Shoto - 5

Izuku - 12

Iida - 8

Ochaco - 4

Tsuyu - 7

"Alright Tokoyami, you're number 1, so you get to roll first," Mina says as Tsuyu stands up to give the die to Fumikage. Rolling it, he gets a 6.

"I choose dare," Jiro says with a bored expression.

"I dare you to dance for 10 seconds," Fumikage says. Jiro's eyes widen as Sato and Shoji move the table in the middle of their circle for her to do the dare.

"Why did I choose a dare?" Jiro mumbles to herself as he walks to the middle. Pulling out her phone, she looks through it for a few seconds before tossing it to Mina.

"Play this song for the 10 seconds," Jiro says.

Once the song plays, Jiro immediately starts doing insane footwork with the beat. At the 5 second mark, Jiro swiftly moves to the floor and spins her body. She ends the 10 seconds with a pose on the floor. Everyone claps for her as she gets up from the floor and sits where she originally was.

"Was that the intro to '2nd Grade' by BTS?" Denki asks. Jiro looks at him and blushes as she nods.

"Cool," Denki says.

I didn't expect anyone to know the song. Jiro thinks to herself as the die gets passed to Mineta.

"Please be a girl... Please be a girl..." Mineta mumbles to himself as he rolls the dice and gets a 10.

"A guy... again..." Mineta says disappointedly.

"Give me a good dare," Denki says with a grin.

"Whatever. I dare you to lick the wall," Mineta dares, making Denki's grin fall.

Eijiro and Sero try to stifle the laughs as Denki walks up to the wall, and licks it. A couple of people burst into laughter as Denki falls to the floor dramatically and spits.

"Hurry the fuck up Pikachu," Katsuki tells Denki as he walks back to his spot with a disgusted look. Denki gives the die to Katsuki.

"Die!" Katsuki yells as he rolls the dice and gets an 18.

"Truth," Mina says eagerly.

"Tell us who your ex is, Pinky. That's if you even have an ex," Katsuki demands. Mina and Eijiro's eyes widen as Mina starts blushing.

"K-Kirishima," Mina says.

Eijiro starts scratching the back of his head. Everyone looks between the two, shocked to know that they used to date. Katsuki glares at Eijiro and Mina before passing the die to Ochaco.

"Things are already getting interesting," Sero says with a grin. 

Chapter Text

Ochaco rolls a 7, getting Tsuyu.

"I choose dare, ribbit," Tsuyu announces. Ochaco grins.

"I dare you to slap the person on your right," Ochaco says with her grin as Aoyama's face falls. Some of the group look at Ochaco with a weird expression.

"I wanna keep the game interesting," Ochaco says as she shrugs.

"If you must, then go ahead and do it," Aoyama says. Deciding to be nice, Tsuyu slaps Aoyama somewhat gently. Ochaco passes the die to Shoto, and he rolls a 13.

"I'll choose to do a truth," Momo says. Shoto nods before thinking of a good question to ask.

"Have you ever drank alcohol?" Momo's eyes widen at the question before nodding.

"What caused you to ask me that?" Momo asks Shoto curiously. SHoto shrugs before answering.

"Do you recall that one occasion I was at your house?" Shoto replies. Momo's eyes widen again, and she nods in understanding.

"Wait, you've been to Yao-momo's house before?" Denki asks in shock.

"What were you doing at Yaoyorozu's house, Todoroki? Huh?" Mineta asks seethingly. Shoto remains unfazed by the questions before answering.

"Our families are close to each other," Shoto calmly responds as he passes the die to Jiro.

Momo stares at Shoto before blushing and looking down. Izuku sees Momo's actions and starts wondering why she reacted like that to Shoto's explanation. Shoto puts his arm around Izuku's waist and leans close to his head.

"You're probably curious. I'll tell you about it later, Izu," Shoto whispers before quickly kissing Izuku's cheek. Katsuki glares at the pair in front of him as Izuku nods before Jiro tells Toru her dare.

"Sing a line to any song that you know," Jiro dares her. Since Toru was wearing clothes, the class can watch her stand up from her spot before she starts singing a line from an Attack on Titan opening.

"Sasageyo! Sasageyo! Shinzo wo sasageyo!" Everyone besides Shoji looks at her in shock or amazement. Denki, Kirishima, and Sero get hyped up as they sing the next part with her.

"Subete no gisei wa ima kono toki no tame ni!" The four sing energetically. Suddenly, most of the class joins in to shout the third opening of Attack on Titan.

"Sasageyo! Sasageyo! Shinzo wo sasageyo! Susume beki mirai wo sono te de kirihirake!" They sing before clapping energetically. Shoto was simply watching everyone who was singing in bewilderment, including Izuku.

Perhaps I should find time to watch Attack on Titan. Shoto thinks to himself as Jiro passes the die to Tsuyu. Tsuyu rolls a 19.

"Dare," Ojiro says.

"Balance yourself on your tail," Tsuyu dares. Ojiro shrugs before standing in the middle and planting his tail on the floor as he slowly lifts his feet off.

"Woah," Toru says out loud as Ojiro puts his feet on the ground again and sits in his spot. Iida grabs the die and shakes it, getting a 20.

"Give me a good dare, class rep," Sato says. Iida pushes his glasses up as he grins and points to Sato dramatically.

"Wear your clothes inside out," Iida says with a loud voice. Ochaco starts snickering at Iida. Sato goes and quickly comes back with his shirt and pants inside out before sitting down. It's Shoji's turn as he rolls the dice and gets a 17.

"Truth," Aoyama brightly says.

"How do you know English?" Shoji asks curiously.

"I was taught by one of my parents," Aoyama happily answers. Shoji nods and passes the dice to Denki. He rolls an 11.

"Dare," Eijiro says confidently. Denki looks at him evilly, making Eijiro grow a bit nervous.

"This is revenge for what happened last time. I dare you to sit on someone's lap, and kiss that person for 5 seconds. You can choose whoever you want," Denki says as he chuckles darkly. Katsuki tenses up next to Kirishima.

"Come on, bro. Seriously?" Eijiro complains to Denki.

"A dare is a dare, Kirishima," Mina says.

Eijiro sighs and starts looking around to see who will be the victim. Eijiro sees Katsuki practically seething next to him and glances at him for a second. Smirking for a split second, he quickly sits on top of Katsuki's lap, much to his surprise. Izuku's eyes almost pop out of his head when he sees Katsuki doing nothing to push Eijiro off.

Is Kacchan going to let this dare happen? Izuku asks himself as he and everyone else watch the interaction with similar thoughts.

"What the fuck, shitty hair?" Katsuki snarls as he looks up at Eijiro. As Mina sets up the timer, Katsuki's glare softens the more he stares up at Eijiro, whose staring right back at him with a mischievous glint.

"Don't worry, Katsuki. It's just a dare," Eijiro teasingly says. Katsuki's eyes narrow at Eijiro.

"Call me Katsuki again, and I'll kill you," Katsuki grumbles.

"Start!" Mina says as she starts the timer. Eijiro quickly puts his hands on Katsuki's shoulders as he smashes their lips together.

"Is it me, or is Bakugo kissing back?" Tsuyu asks Ochaco. Ochaco leans over for a better view and almost shrieks before nodding. Izuku's eyes widen at the side conversation before Mina yells "stop" at Eijiro and Katsuki.

"I'm going to kill you and Pikachu," Katsuki says lowly as Eijiro quickly sits down in the spot next to him. None of them ever thought they'd see the day that Katsuki is blushing. Katsuki notices the stares and starts yelling.

"What the fuck are you looking at?! I'll kill you all too!" Everyone stops staring, and Denki passes the dice to Eijiro. Eijiro rolls a 1.

"Truth," Fumikage says as he closes his eyes.

"You're pretty mysterious Tokoyami, but there is one thing I've wanted to ask. Does Dark Shadow have a bird head because you were born with it, or do you have a bird head because of Dark Shadow?" Eijiro asks. Fumikage glares at Eijiro for a split second before sighing.

"That's a question that is left without an answer, Kirishima," Fumikage answers.

Eijiro chuckles nervously before apologizing and giving the dice to Izuku. Izuku rolls the dice and gets a 3. Tensing up, he looks at Katsuki to see him glaring back. Shoto glares just as intensely at Katsuki.

"It's almost time for lunch. Interrupt the game so we can avoid a fight," Jiro whispers to Mina as they notice Shoto clenching his fists.

"Give me a fucking dare, shitty nerd," Katsuki growls. Izuku starts trembling as he thinks of a dare that won't aggravate Katsuki.

"Alright, guys! Lunch is going to be served in a bit, so let's stop the game here," Mina says as she gets up and grabs the dice from Izuku's hand. Everyone starts getting up from whereever they are seated. Izuku sighs in relief while Katsuki yells at Mina for interrupting.

"My dice, my rules Bakugo. Shut the fuck up," Mina complains as she grabs her notepad and takes it back to her room. Izuku's eyes widen at Mina's words and even more when Katsuki doesn't do anything. Mina approaches Izuku and Shoto before they leave for the cafeteria.


After lunch, Izuku and Shoto decided to study together since their midterms would be soon. Shoto glances over at Izuku who is extremely focused on studying math. He doesn't question Izuku using his free hand to use a hand gripper at the same time.

How does he manage to make so many of his actions look so cute? Shoto thinks to himself. Shoto is also happy that his mate seems to be just as diligent as him, if not, more diligent about studying and training. Shoto finds Izuku's determination to become a hero very attractive.

"Sho, it's hard to focus when you're staring at me like that," Izuku says as he writes something down. That doesn't stop Shoto from staring at Izuku with how much his alpha instincts have been annoying him.

I don't want to force him into anything that he is not ready to. I also do not want to force myself to do anything I have little knowledge of. Shoto thinks to himself as Izuku closes his textbook.

As an alpha, I should be more knowledgable. Izuku has already been doing research while I haven't. That should change. Shoto continues thinking to himself.

"But thankfully, I'm done studying for today. Are you done yet, Sho?" Izuku says as he puts his textbook in the bookshelf. Shoto snaps out of his thoughts.

"Yeah," Shoto answers as he starts putting away his things as well.

Izuku gets up from his seat and walks to their bed before sitting down. Izuku pulls out his phone and starts looking through it. Shoto gets up as well and sits next to Izuku. Leaning over to bring Izuku closer to him, Shoto also looks at Izuku's screen, and his ears burn.

"You like being very diligent, don't you Izu?" Shoto mumbles. Izuku starts blushing as he puts his phone down.

"I want to know as much as possible before we get to mating. Plus, if we wait too long, you'll go into a rut and we would have to mate," Izuku explains softly. Shoto nods as he hugs Izuku and puts his head on his shoulder.

"I should start looking into it as well," Shoto says. Izuku nods and leans his head on Shoto's.

"You should, Sho. All the research I've been doing has been helping me feel more comfortable with myself. All these websites seem to mention that being comfortable with our own bodies first will help us be more comfortable with each other when the day comes," Izuku explains.

"I see. So, self-exploration is an important element. Makes sense," Shoto mumbles to himself.

"I know that we're both new to, well, all of this. Because of that, we really need to be able to talk to each other about our instincts, how we feel about making out, how we feel about each other," Izuku says softly as he looks at Shoto.

"We need to be on the same page as we explore all this together," Izuku says with slight determination.

"I agree. I want to bond with you effectively and be open with you. I want us to be able to go at our own pace while minding how long we truly have before the bond forces me into a rut. The only way that we would be ready for that is if we have healthy, open communication between the two of us. A strong trust that I know you won't hurt me, and that you know I won't hurt you," Shoto says.

"I don't know what you may feel about me, but I think that I am falling for you," Shoto says softly, making Izuku freeze.

"Not because of the bond between us. But, because your actions make me smile. It makes me want to do whatever I can to keep you smiling," Shoto continues as he lets go of Izuku and moves to sit directly behind him.

"Being with you makes my heart race. I get filled with such joy being with you. And I'm not used to it," Shoto continues as he leans on Izuku's back and hugs him from behind. Shoto's legs are on either side of Izuku as he slides closer to Izuku's back.

"Whatever feeling this is, it's because of you. Not because of a bond that was born out of lust during your heat. But because you're you. I think I'm genuinely falling for you, Izuku," Shoto finishes as he kisses Izuku's neck lightly.

Izuku's breathing slowly becomes uneven as sobs take over his body. Concerned, Shoto's grip around Izuku's waist loosens up to be able to see his face.

"Did I say something wrong?" Shoto asks Izuku softly. Izuku shakes his head as he wipes his tears and forces himself to breathe more normally.

"I never thought s-someone would ever like me romantically. I n-never once thought that I w-would be taken into consideration by a-anyone like this," Izuku manages to say. Izuku gets up and out of Shoto's hold. He turns to Shoto with teary eyes before tackling him on the bed with a hug. Shoto wraps his arms around Izuku again and kisses his head.

"I think I l-like you too, Shoto," Izuku says. Hearing those words from Izuku makes Shoto feel nothing but prideful and happy. Holding Izuku tightly, Shoto closes his eyes as he feels tears build up in them.

"I'm glad."

Chapter Text

After reaching a new level of understanding, Shoto and Izuku start talking about what it means for them to be mates until dinner. With their very different upbringings, it's quite obvious to say that they view mates differently in some aspects.

"As long as I am nothing like Endeavor as a mate, I will be satisfied with myself," Shoto says as he wraps a leg around Izuku. Izuku starts chuckling at the action for a few seconds.

"You don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but what happened that you despise Endeavor?" Izuku slowly asks as he runs his hands through Shoto's hair.

Shoto sighs at the question before laying on his back. Whining softly, Izuku shifts closer to Shoto as he starts explaining.

"Endeavor is not how the media or the public may see him. As a hero, he's amazing. But as a decent human being, he's horrible," Shoto says as he closes his eyes.

"Endeavor abused me and would abuse my mother whenever she'd get in his way," Shoto says softly as he recalls a time his mother got slapped for defending him. Izuku's eyes widen, but he doesn't say anything.

"You know about quirk marriages, right?" Izuku nods.

"Endeavor used his influence and power to marry my mom for her quirk. He strived to produce a child with his fire quirk, and my mother's ice quirk just to surpass All Might," Shoto explains.

"Endeavor considers all his children beside me failures since I was the only one that came out exactly as he wanted. He started training me from a very young age and would abuse me if I didn't produce the results he wanted," Shoto says in deep thought.

"He was only ever focused on training me that he would abuse my mom is she got in his way. My mom and Endeavor were never able to bond properly because he never treated her right. Over the years, as we can assume, based on what we know about bonds, she was driven to insanity," Shoto says softly.

"One day, I overheard my mom talking on the phone with one of my grandparents. She was talking about how my left side is 'unsightly' since it reminds me of Endeavor. Once she saw me, she poured boiling water on my face, creating the scar I have. After that, my dad dumped her in a hospital, and she's been there since," Shoto explains as memories of that day flash through his mind. Izuku's eyes widen again.

An incomplete bond made his mom harm her own child? Izuku asks himself is disbelief.

"I don't want to be someone who would so willingly harm people that should be protected. I will be someone who you feel safe, happy, and, hopefully, loved with," Shoto says seriously.

"H-How long were your parents together before that happened?" Izuku asks curiously. Shoto thinks for a few seconds, and Izuku starts feeling sadness through their bond.

"If they were still together, it would be at least 25 years since Toya would be 24," Shoto mumbles the last part lowly.

"Toya?" Izuku questions.

"He is, well, was my eldest brother. He was born with a fire quirk more powerful than Endeavor's, so he was abused and trained worse than me until I was born. I wasn't around him often because I was raised apart from the rest of my siblings, but my sister told me that he was acting distant for a while. Then, he just disappeared, and we haven't seen him since," Shoto explains. Even though he does not show it outwardly, Izuku can feel his sadness slowly grow the more that Shoto would talk about his missing brother. 

Maybe I should change the subject? Izuku thinks to himself. 

"H-How many siblings do you have?" Izuku asks. Shoto gets out of his thoughts and looks at Izuku. 

"Three older siblings. Toya is the oldest, Fuyumi is my only sister, and Natsuo is my other older brother. Do you happen to have any siblings?" Shoto asks. 

"No. I'm an only child," Izuku answers. Suddenly, he remembers that Shoto was supposed to tell him something about Momo. 

"Sho, I'm still curious about what you were going to tell me about your family and Yaoyorozu's family," Izuku says. The sadness that he feels from Shoto starts fading as he thinks of a way to explain. 

Saying it bluntly might be the best way to explain. Shoto thinks before sighing. 

"Our families are close due to Endeavor and Yaoyorozu's father being rather close. They had plans of arranging a marriage between the two of us, especially when they found out that we were in the same class," Shoto says lowly. Izuku tenses up in Shoto's arms. 

Marriage? Really? Are those plans still being made? Izuku's mind starts being filled with more and more questions. 

"Those plans about the arranged marriage were obviously ceased. Yaoyorozu sent me a message the morning after our parents find out to tell me that. Apparently, Endeavor called her father and told him that the marriage will not be possible anymore, so there is no need to worry about anything of the sort," Shoto reassures. Izuku lets out a loud sigh in relief at Shoto's words. Shoto chuckles.

"You sound extremely relieved to hear that," Shoto teasingly tells Izuku. Izuku playfully glares at Shoto. 

"Of course, I'm relieved. I know we've only been mates for under two weeks, but I'm pretty sure that you can tell I've become attached to you," Izuku mumbles. Shoto chuckles again, and he moves to be on top of Izuku. 

It hasn't even been two weeks, huh?  Shoto thinks as he smiles down at a blushing Izuku. 

"A-Are you okay, Sho?" Instead of responding first, Shoto leans down until his face is directly in front of Izuku's. 

"I want to mark you," Shoto says slowly. Izuku starts blushing more as he gently pushes Shoto to the side. 

"You can't mark me until I'm just about healed, Sho," Izuku tells him as he sits up. Izuku looks over at Shoto, who is staring back intensely. 

"Are your instincts giving you a hard time?" Izuku asks a bit more seriously. Shoto sits up as well. 

"I have a constant, strong urge to mark you," Shoto says as he scoots closer to Izuku. 

"And kiss you," Shoto continues as he holds Izuku by his waist. 

"And do things that please you," Shoto says as he leans into Izuku's face. Their lips just barely graze each other, and Izuku leans in only for Shoto to pull back and stand up. Izuku stares at Shoto with his mouth open in slight shock as Shoto turns back with a teasing smile. 

"Let's go eat dinner, Izu," Izuku blushes again as he gets up from their bed as well.

I'll remember this for a future occasion. Izuku thinks mischievously as they leave their room to go eat dinner. 

~The next day~

The whole class is with All Might to show what they've learned in their internships with a rescue training race. Izuku looks at All Might excitedly as All Might explains how the race will work. The first five students who will try out the race is Izuku, Ojiro, Iida, Sero, and Mina. 

"Show them the progress you made last week, Izu," Shoto encourages before Izuku goes to the starting line. 

"Are Izuku and Iida recovered enough to do this?" Shoji asks Shoto. 

"Wouldn't it be better to watch the rest of us?" Eijiro asks as well. Katsuki growls but doesn't say anything to the redhead next to him. 

"Yeah. They'll be fine," Shoto says. A couple of them start discussing their concerns over Izuku, making Shoto close his eyes momentarily. 

Show them, Izu. Shoto thinks as he opens his eyes and sees Izuku stretching. The class shifts the conversation to who they think will win, and the only one who seems to believe in Izuku is Shoto. 

"Ok, here we go! Start!" All Might yells. 

Sero gets ahead at first since the terrain they're using for the race is suitable for him. That is until Izuku passes him using Full Cowling. Shoto smirks at everyone's reactions to Izuku's newfound control over his quirk. 

Looking more closely at Izuku as he hops around the area, Shoto notices how similar his moves are to Katsuki's. Glancing at Katsuki, it seems that he noticed as well since he starts growling and glaring at Izuku. 

Shoto turns to watch Izuku misstep on a tube and fall as Sero passes him again and wins the race. Shoto nearly runs towards his mate until he sees Izuku recover and continues on. 

How long will I be able to hold myself back when something happens to Izuku? Shoto thinks to himself as all five participants get to All Might as he gives the ribbon to Sero. 

As Izuku gets up from the floor, All Might congratulates the five for showing improvement compared to the beginning of the semester. Before Izuku goes back with the rest of the group, All Might approaches him. 

"You surprised me. I couldn't believe my eyes!" All Might says lowly before turning back. Izuku looks up to see All Might giving him a thumbs up. 

"Come find me after class is over with Young Todoroki. The time has come when I must tell you about me and One For All," All Might finishes. Everyone else does the race five at a time, and eventually, they finish and are ordered to change back into their school uniforms. 

"That was some hard training," Sero says as he buttons up his uniform shirt.

"Our first class in a while made me sweat!" Aoyama says as he wipes the sweat off his face. 

As everyone else either changes quietly or discusses how they can improve, Shoto watches Izuku change out of his hero costume beside him. Since the first time they all used the changing room, Shoto has noticed how Izuku always keeps a black tank top under all of his clothes. Just when Shoto starts thinking of a way to ask about it, Eijiro beats him to it. 

"Hey Midoriya, I've been wondering about something for a while," Eijiro says, catching Izuku's attention. 

"How come you always wear a black tank top under your clothes?" He asks curiously. Izuku and Katsuki tense up at the question as everyone else joins in the conversation. 

"I've been curious about that too," Denki says out loud.

"If you've always hidden your body since the rest of us are alphas and betas, there is no need to be nervous around us anymore. You have a mate, after all," Iida tells Izuku reassuringly. Shoto is about to intervene when he senses Izuku's panic over the question. 

"If the damned nerd wants to wear a shirt under his fucking clothes, let him. It's not a big fucking deal," Katsuki tells the group as he turns to glare at them all. 

"Bakugo is right. Now, hurry up and get dressed! We must get back to class soon!" Iida says to everyone.

Izuku looks at Katsuki in shock before realizing that he must know the answer to why. Shoto watches as Katsuki and Izuku's eyes meet, and the small smile that Izuku sends to him. Katsuki scoffs before turning back to his locker. 

Bakugo knows something that I don't. Shoto thinks as he finishes changing back into his uniform. He remembers how Izuku froze when he tried putting a hand under his shirt.

Izuku may be hiding something that Katsuki knows about. Shoto concludes. Looking at Izuku grab his stuff, Shoto sighs. 

I won't force answers out of him. That would be wrong of me to do so. Izuku will tell me when he's ready. Izuku looks up at Shoto and smiles cutely. Shoto can't help but smile back as they hold hands and return back to class together. 

Chapter Text

After their classes are done for the day, Izuku and Shoto walk into one of the teacher's lounges to see All Might in his true form. Izuku grows nervous at how serious All Might looks. 

"You two went through a lot, didn't you? I'm sorry I couldn't be nearby," All Might says as they sit down on the couch in front of him.

"That's not something you need to apologize for, All Might," Izuku tells him nervously. 

"It couldn't be helped," Shoto says. 

"More importantly, what did you mean when you said you wanted to talk about One For All?" Izuku questions as he leans forward slightly. All Might looks up and puts one of his hands close to his face. 

"I heard," All Might starts before licking his finger.

"...that the hero killer got a lick of your blood," he continues. Izuku straightens up before confirming it. 

"Do you remember what I said when I gave you my power?" All Might asks seriously. Izuku immediately makes his face look like All Might's.

"Eat this," Izuku says in the best All Might voice he can muster. Shoto looks at Izuku before chuckling at his antics. All Might resists the urge to smile as he says no. 

"I said that it didn't matter what it was as long as you took in my DNA," Shoto's eyes widen and Izuku starts panicking as he stands up in shock and asks All Might if the Hero Killer has One For All now. All Might looks up at Izuku and reassures them both otherwise.

"One For All cannot be transferred to anyone unless the bearer wishes it. It cannot be stolen by force. It can be transferred by force, though," Shoto realizes that those circumstances must be why he can also use One For All. 

Through the obligation of our bond, I can use his quirk, and he can use mine. Interesting. Shoto thinks as All Might continues.

"It's a special quirk, and this is how it came about," All Might goes on to explain the history of One For All, from how it first manifested, to the person who made it possible, All For One. Izuku and Shoto listen intently as All Might explains what happened in the past with All For One.

"But why mention someone from so long ago?" Shoto asks.

"He can steal quirks, you know. Anything goes. He probably stole a quirk to stop aging," All Might answers. He continues to explain more about All For One, and why he is the reason that One For All would get passed down from person to person.

"When it was finally passed down to me, I was finally able to defeat him! Or so, I thought," All Might slumps. 

"But he survived and has started moving again as the brain behind the League of Villains," Izuku and Shoto's eyes widen at the news. 

The person who left All Might on limited time is behind the League of Villains? Shoto and Izuku think as they watch All Might stand up and look out the window. 

"One For All is power inherited to defeat All For One. You may one day have to fight against this great evil, Izuku," Izuku looks down as Shoto freezes at the thought of his precious mate having to face someone so powerful. 

No way... Shoto thinks as his hands form into fists.

"This is harsh on you, on the both of you, but-" All Might is interrupted by Izuku. 

"I'll do my best! I'll do whatever you ask of me, no matter what it is! As long as you and Shoto are with me, I can do anything!" Izuku says determinedly as All Might looks back at his successor. 

Shoto notices how All Might's face becomes conflicted about something. He goes to say something but instead holds his hand at his mouth as he painfully closes his eyes.

"Thank you," All Might says instead as he puts his hand down. Izuku nods enthusiastically. 

"Oh, All Might, there was something that we wanted to talk to you about," Izuku says. All Might goes back to his seat on the stool. 

"Izuku and I discovered that I could use One For All," Shoto says bluntly. All Might's eyes widen. 

"WHAT?!" All Might yells as blood drips down his mouth. 

Young Todoroki can use One For All? I suspected that he might be able to, but not this early in their bond. All Might thinks to himself as he looks between the pair.

"It started during our internships. I was able to feel Izuku using One For All nearly every time he would activate it. When we were in our room yesterday, I asked him to use it, and it's power manifested in me as well," Shoto explains. 

"I can also use Shoto's quirk, as well. Neither of us have tried how far we can go with each other's quirks, though," Izuku says. 

I see. Marking each other and the stress from fighting the Hero Killer must have made their bond grow exponentially fast. All Might thinks before smiling at them. 

"I see. Well, you both need to start training with each other's quirks to avoid setting them off accidentally. With how powerful your quirks are, I'm sure you know how catastrophic that may turn out. I would also consider telling Principle Nezu and Aizawa about this sudden development," All Might says calmly. 

"Let's do that before we go back to the dorms," Izuku tells Shoto. Shoto nods before standing up and bowing slightly at All Might. Izuku does the same, and they stand up straight in sync. 

"Thank you for what you told us, All Might," Shoto says before holding Izuku's hand as they walk out of the room. All Might watches with a sad expression as they walk away to find Aizawa and, later on, the principle. 

Chapter Text

It is mid-June as the fated mates are studying in their room. They had just taken their midterms the other day and decided that studying early is the best option. It has been over a month since their pair have been mates.

It has been a month full of learning more about each other, becoming more comfortable with each other, and having several conversations about different aspects of mating to get used to the idea.

Ever since Aizawa announced the training camp in August and how tough it will be, Izuku and Shoto been discussing whether they should try to mate before or after the camp.

Shoto's instincts have been slowly getting stronger, but he has been doing his best to manage them for the sake of developing their bond at their pace. Izuku's instincts have also been getting to him, and he struggles at times since the heat suppressors would also tone down his instincts' influence over him.

This has lead to many heated moments between the pair, but they have yet to cross the line and mate. They have become much more clingier to each other to the point that their classmates have noticed and try not to question it.

Izuku's phone vibrates, so he puts down his hand gripper and checks it to see a message from Shoji. Opening the message, his eyes widen and he drops his pencil.

"Sho, Shoji is going into his first heat. I-I gotta go help him get to one of the heat rooms," Izuku says as he gets up.

Principle Nezu decided to make Izuku and Shoto's old rooms into what he calls 'heat rooms': rooms specifically designed to help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with heat. The rooms are also equipped with a security system to protect the other two omegas in class 1-A from the alphas and betas: Shoji and Momo.

"I'll go help you. Not that we would have any reason to worry about this since we're fated, but you did mark me. I'm not affected by anyone's heat but yours, and yours alone," Shoto says as he puts his pencil down as well and stands up. Izuku nods while he looks at his phone again.

"Let's hurry. I sent a message to Aizawa Sensei so he'll know to excuse Shoji's absences this week," Izuku says as they rush out of their room and exit their floor.

"You know this means that my heat might get triggered. Mine should be coming soon anyway," Izuku says as they get to the hallway were Shoji's room is.

"I know. We'll deal with that when it comes, Izu," Shoto says reassuringly. Once they get in front of Shoji's room, Izuku sends him a message.

"Sho, make sure you watch out for anyone in the hallways while we take him to one of the heat rooms," Shoto nods as Shoji slowly opens the door. Izuku sees Shoji leaning on the door frame weakly with sweat covering his face and arms.

"My bag is on my bed," Shoji weakly says. Izuku nods and rushes inside to grab the bag. Handing it to Shoto, Izuku puts Shoji's arms over his shoulder and supports him at his waist as they leave his room.

"I'll make sure no one gets near you," Shoto says as he goes ahead of them to make sure the coast is clear.

Beckoning them down the hall, Izuku helps Shoji walk as they make their way to one of the heat rooms. Since Shoji's scent hasn't fully set in yet, they hope that none of their classmates can smell it.

"Thank you for helping me. I was too nervous to try and go on my own. I doubt I would have been able to if I tried," Shoji says softly. Izuku smiles as they make a turn to the other hallway.

"Us male omegas need to stick together, after all. You must've been terrified thinking about being out here alone," Izuku says.

Shoji weakly nods. They get to the door of what used to be Izuku's room and Shoto backs up so the security system won't activate while giving him Shoji's bag.

Izuku opens the door with his free arm and helps Shoji get to the bed. Setting his bag next to him, Shoji closes his eyes as another wave of pain hits him.

"Thank... you..." Shoji manages to say. Izuku smiles.

"Anytime. I'll make sure you're brought food and any notes we have during our classes. You'll get through this. I promise," Izuku tells him as he walks out of the room and closes the door.

"He's going to feel like hell this week," Izuku sighs as Shoto puts his arms around him.

Izuku hugs him back for a few seconds before they separate somewhat. Shoto keeps his arms over Izuku's shoulders and Izuku keeps his arm around Shoto's waist as they start walking out of the hallway and to the elevator.

"You'll be hit with pain soon as well, Izu. We should train with each other's quirks before it starts setting in," Shoto says as they get into the elevator. Izuku looks up at Shoto excitedly at the thought of training.

Over the past month, Izuku and Shoto have been using their training room to use each other's quirks freely. Neither of them knows to what extent they can use each other's quirks, so they've also been training to find out. Once they get to the third floor, they rush inside their door, ready to change into their training clothes to start.

Once they get to their room, Shoto rushes to their closet for their training clothes while Izuku starts pulling off his shirt and shorts. A couple of seconds later, Shoto tosses Izuku his training clothes before stripping quickly on the spot.

Shoto looks over just as Izuku pulls his training shirt over his tank top. Shoto has a few ideas as to what it could be, but he prefers to wait for Izuku to tell him.

"Done staring?" Izuku asks jokingly as he stands straight.

Shoto blinks at him before smiling and pulling his pants on. They rush out of their room and head to their training room down the hall. Once they walk in, they start to thoroughly stretch their bodies. Despite training before class this morning, they both feel a rush training their quirks with each other.

After they're done stretching, Izuku starts activating his Full Cowl and stares at Shoto with determination. Shoto does the same and smiles at Izuku widely.

"Ready to defend yourself from my attacks?" Izuku asks. Shoto gets in a fighting stance.

"Come at me," He says.

Immediately after, Izuku launches himself at Shoto, ready to punch him in the stomach. Shoto quickly dodges and grabs Izuku to throw him at the wall. Izuku quickly aims his feet at the wall, lands on it, and launches himself towards Shoto again. Shoto bends backward to dodge Izuku again, only for Izuku to grab his shirt and aim him at the wall.

Out of instinct, Shoto uses his ice to separate himself from Izuku and lands on the wall using his free hand and feet. Shoto instantly pushes himself off the wall and lands on the floor just in time for Izuku to run to him.

"You used your ice, Sho," Izuku says loudly.

Shoto quickly moves to swing a kick towards Izuku, who blocks it with one of his arms and grunts. They quickly go into hand-in-hand combat. Izuku has been helping Shoto work on his fighting skills.

Ever since the fight with Stain, he realized that he can't depend on his quirk for everything. As Izuku finds an opening, he uses his left hand to activate Shoto's fire quirk and punches him in the side with his fire quirk activated. Shoto groans as his body is launched to the floor, and he deactivates One For All.

"Sho, are you alright?" Izuku says as he rushes to Shoto. Shoto stands up and nods reassuringly.

"That punch just caught me off guard. I'm fine, Izu," Shoto says. He looks to Izuku's smoking hand and inspects it.

"It's amazing that you can use my flames like this. You told me that your father can breathe fire?" Shoto questions. Izuku nods as he looks at his hand.

"Even though I used to be quirkless, I've always had a bit of resistance to heat and flames. It's probably the only reason why I was able to directly block one of Kacchan's attack during our first class with All Might," Izuku contemplates.

"It also makes it harder for me to handle your ice. It's gotten better since we started training, though," Izuku says happily. Shoto smiles proudly at Izuku's words.

"Since you already used flames, try aiming ice in my direction," Shoto says as he walks away a couple of feet away from Izuku.

Izuku nods and focuses his right side as he sends ice glaciers Shoto's way. Shoto backs up the more ice Izuku sends until the attacks stops. The ice melts as Izuku generates heat to warm himself.

"You need to keep using smaller-scale ice attacks to be able to extend your attacks more. Now, aim fire at me. If you feel yourself burning, stop immediately alright?" Shoto says as he gets closer to Izuku.

Izuku nods and releases flames from his left side towards Shoto. Though the attack is smaller than when Shoto would use it, his eyes widen as the flames almost hit his face. The fire attack stretches out farther than his ice attack before it stops.

"Good job, Izu. As long as we keep training like this, we will be able to use each other's quirks more easily," Shoto says as he approaches Izuku.

"No one will know what hit them," Izuku says as he takes several deep breaths. Shoto rubs his back soothingly as Izuku starts breathing normally again.

My heat is going to come soon. The pain of it is starting to set in. Izuku thinks to himself.

"Do you want to stop for today?" Shoto asks him concernedly as he starts feeling Izuku's pain through the bond. 

Their bond has strengthened greatly over the month as well. They can feel each others' less powerful emotions as well as each other's physical states. Due to how intense it can be, they've also learned how to tone it down within themselves at their will.

"No. I can go on a while longer," Izuku says with determination.

Shoto nods as they get ready to spar again. Izuku initiates it as he goes to punch Shoto. They continue switching from training with One For All to training with Half-Cold Half-Hot for another hour before the security system sounds. They both stop sparring immediately and Izuku's eyes widen at what the security system says.

"Bakugo Katsuki is requesting access. Would you like to allow him to enter?" Shoto scowls at Katsuki's name while Izuku freezes.

"What does he want?" Shoto asks out loud.

"I-I don't know. Let's let him in and find out," Izuku proposes. Shoto looks at Izuku with a bewildered expression.

"Your heat is just about to start, Izu," Shoto says seriously. Izuku holds Shoto's hands and looks him in his eyes.

"My scent hasn't started emitting yet. It'll be fine," Izuku says reassuringly.

For some reason, Katsuki has toned down his attitude when talking about or talking to Izuku. The actions haven't gone unnoticed by the pair, and it is the only reason why Shoto agrees to let him in. It totally isn't because of how cute Izuku looked up at him.

"Allow Bakugo Katsuki access for a half-hour or until one of us says otherwise," Shoto yells. Izuku gives Shoto a closed eye smile and makes his ears burn at how cute he looks.

"Access granted. Bakugo Katsuki has been advised to wait for you two in the living space," The security system says.

"Let's go change out of our training clothes before we go see him," Shoto says before they walk out of the training room and towards their room.

Despite how calm Izuku is acting, his emotions don't lie. He may not feel fearful, but the anxiety is there. Izuku and Shoto quickly change into more casual clothing as they walk towards the living space, hand-in-hand.

"K-Kacchan?" Izuku says as they watch him look around the place. Katsuki's eyes find Izuku and Shoto and he doesn't glare at them for once.

"Thank you for uh letting me in here. I came to talk to Izuku about something," Katsuki says unusually calm. Shoto almost says something when Izuku squeezes his hand to stop him.

"It's ok, Sho. I'll be okay," Izuku whispers to Shoto. Sighing, Shoto glares at Katsuki before saying something.

"I'll go to the kitchen and call for our dinner to be sent up here," Shoto sighs as he reluctantly lets go of Izuku's hand, kisses his cheek, and walks past the two.

Izuku timidly walks closer to Katsuki, and sits on the other end of the couch he's sitting on.

"S-So, what did you want to t-talk about, Kacchan?" Izuku asks him nervously as he glances at Katsuki. It has been a long time since he's seen Katsuki look this calm, and it's almost unsettling to Izuku. Seeing his reaction, Katsuki sighs.

He still calls me 'Kacchan' and yet, gets so anxious around me. I did that to him. Katsuki thinks as he keeps looking at Izuku.

"I'm sorry," Katsuki mumbles. Izuku's eyes widen as he looks up at Katsuki in shock.

What? What did he say? He didn't apologize to me, did he? Izuku thinks as he stumbles over his words.

"W-W-What?" Izuku questions nervously. Katsuki resists the urge to glare at Izuku and takes a deep breath before repeating his words.

"I'm sorry you fucking nerd. I did some really fucked up shit to you all these years that you stuck around me," Katsuki says slightly louder. Izuku's continues looking at Katsuki in pure shock.

"See what I mean? You're looking at me like apologizing to you is the last thing I'd ever fucking do," Katsuki points out, making Izuku cast his stare down to the couch as he apologizes frantically. Katsuki sighs again.

"Don't apologize to me when you've been nothing but good to me. I hurt you countless times ever since my quirk developed. You always saw me as your friend no matter what, and I took advantage of that," Katsuki says. Izuku's breath hitches at Katsuki's words.

"Even though we bonded, I still hurt you badly many times. Especially that one day... when I went overboard and nearly killed you..." Katsuki's voice trails off as he remembers using his first powerful blast on Izuku's side.

Even though he was angry that day, Katsuki knows that he shouldn't have gone so far. It's one of the bullying instances that he regrets the most.

It was when they were 12 years old, in the 6th grade. Katsuki is hiding behind a corner as he watches two of his friends hit Izuku.

"Why do you always hang around Katsuki, huh? Don't you get that he despises you, dumbass?" One of them tells Izuku. With teary eyes, Izuku looks up at his current bullies, only to get punched in the face.

"You probably have a crush on him, don't you? You're a fucking fag, aren't you? You're gonna end up as an omega, so I wouldn't be surprised," the other bully tells him before kicking Izuku in the stomach.

Despite the anger he feels at his friends' use of that slur, Katsuki can't help but grow curious to know if Izuku likes him. Even though he doesn't say it anymore, Katsuki always liked the idea of being mates with Izuku. He never admitted it to himself, but he's had a crush on the quirkless boy ever since they met.

Hope blooms in the boy since he was never brave enough to ask Izuku about his feelings. But those hopes are soon crushed by his crush.

"N-No! I don't l-like Kacchan and I n-never will. I can't like s-someone who treats m-me like he d-does," Izuku says, only to earn another punch in the face.

Katsuki freezes as all noise fades from his ears. His fists clench as he fights the tears building up in his eyes. Izuku's words echo in his mind as he chokes back a sob. The heartbreak quickly turns into anger directed to Izuku.

Seeing the two boys walk past him, Katsuki sees nothing but red as he approaches Izuku. Izuku's eyes widen and he starts moving back as he sees how angry Katsuki looks.

"K-Kacchan pleas-" Izuku doesn't manage to finish his sentence.

Katsuki pushes him down in the ground with one hand and puts his other hand on Izuku's side. Blinded by his own anger, he doesn't hear Izuku begging him to stop as he places his hand on his side, and musters up the biggest explosion he can.

Blood splatters as Izuku loses consciousness from the attack. Finally realizing what he did, Katsuki lets go of Izuku in horror. Not knowing what to do, Katsuki rushes away from the scene with tears flowing down his face.

Izuku starts shaking as he clutches his heavily scarred side.

"I know that I don't deserve forgiveness for everything I've done and said to you. You never deserved it. But, I miss being around you, you fucking nerd. I'll do whatever it takes to fix our bond as much as I can," Katsuki says with tears in his eyes.

Izuku starts crying heavily at Katsuki's words. Hearing those words, that he didn't deserve all the torture he endured felt like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Shoto watches the scene from the kitchen as he resists the urge to go and comfort his mate.

"I-I n-need time..." Izuku manages to say as he slowly stops sobbing. Katsuki nods slowly.

"Take as much time as you want," Katsuki says as he gets up. Walking close to Izuku, he says one last thing before leaving.

"Tell anyone about this, and I'll kill you. And none of this means that I'm going to suddenly be fucking nice either. I'm still going to beat you, you fucking nerd," Katsuki mumbles as he walks away from Izuku, and out of their floor.

There's the Kacchan I know. Izuku smiles slightly at Katsuki's words as he wipes his tears. Finally, Shoto rushes to his mate and pulls him into a hug. Kissing his forehead, he lifts Izuku up bridal style and takes him to their room.

Chapter Text

"Hey, you alright, Katsuki?" Eijiro teasingly asks as he enters Katsuki's room. Expecting a growl, Eijiro is shocked to hear sniffles instead.

"I uh apologized to Deku," Katsuki says between sniffles as he looks up at the redhead. Eijiro's eyes widen at the news.

"What did he say? Is he going to forgive you?" Eijiro asks as he goes to sit next to Katsuki.

"He said he needs time. He's entitled to have all the time he needs after everything I've fucking done to him," Katsuki sighs as he flops down on his bed.

"You know, he never told any teachers about me. He would blab about everyone else to the fucking teachers, but never me. Even after I did something really fucked up to him," Katsuki sighs. Eijiro flops down next to him as he continues.

"He was always so damn kind to me, and there's a possibility I might've fucking ruined that. Is it shitty to hope that he will forgive me?" Katsuki asks softly. Eijiro turns to lie on his side as he looks at Katsuki.

"You apologized, which is a very manly thing to do. But, the only thing you can do is hope that Midoriya finds it within himself to forgive you," Eijiro answers.

"Maybe. I mean, our bond is still there. He has never tried to back away from it or some shit," Katsuki mumbles as he thinks about their broken friendship bond.

"So then there's still hope. Let time do its thing," Eijiro says encouragingly.

"Yeah. Thanks, shitty hair," Katsuki tells him as he sits up. Katsuki looks back at Eijiro with a grin.

"So, wanna have some fucking fun before dinner?" Katsuki says. Smirking back, Eijiro looks at Katsuki playfully.

"Of course, Katsuki," Eijiro says. Within the next second, Katsuki is over Eijiro's body before smashing their lips together. 


Shoto wakes up to Izuku's strong scent hitting him like a brick. Shoto's eyes open with a start once he feels Izuku trembling in pain in his arms.

His scent is nearly stronger than last time. His body heat is worse than last time, as well. Shoto thinks as he clenches his jaw. 

His instincts are going absolutely crazy as the urge to mark Izuku and mate with him is much stronger than before. Doing his best to push his instincts down, he kisses Izuku's cheek before whispering in his ear. 

"Izu, wake up," Izuku groans in pain as a response and snuggles closer to Shoto. 

Shoto gulps loudly before slowly removing Izuku from his arms. Izuku whines and weakly reaches for Shoto with a trembling hand. Shoto holds it comfortingly before moving to get on top of Izuku. 

"Sho..." Izuku manages to say as he looks up at Shoto with lidded eyes. 

Shoto kisses Izuku gently, and Izuku kisses back eagerly. All that is in Izuku's mind is getting the pain taken away. Shoto slips his tongue into Izuku's mouth, earning a throaty moan from him. Shoto almost loses control over himself at that moan, so he decides to mark Izuku quickly. 

Shoto quickly kisses down Izuku's neck and starts sucking on the skin right at the center of his mark. Izuku lets out more moans as Shoto continues to leave hickeys around his mark aggressively. Shoto finally bites down on Izuku's neck, and Izuku moans loudly in relief as his pain is toned down. 

"Feeling a bit better?" Shoto kindly asks Izuku. Izuku nods as Shoto moves to the edge of the bed and pulls Izuku closer to him. 

The pain isn't as intense, but his scent is still strong. If I didn't mark him as soon as I did, I might've tried mating with him. Shoto sighs quietly as he keeps fighting back his instincts.

"You still need to cool down. I'm gonna take off your clothes now, ok, Izu?" Shoto tells him. 

Izuku nods weakly before groaning as a wave of pain hits him. Gulping again, Shoto takes off Izuku's socks before pulling off Izuku's shorts. Shoto starts pulling off Izuku's All Might t-shirt and keeps Izuku's tank top on. 

Based on what Bakugo said earlier, he must've left Izuku with a large scar on his body. Shoto concludes as he seethes on the inside about it. If he didn't care about being a hero, he would've attacked Bakugo on the spot. 

Shoto quickly takes the clothes that Izuku was wearing to their laundry bin and rushes back to him. Shoto gets ready to carry Izuku to the water seat, but Izuku starts whining loudly. 

"What's wrong, Izu?" Shoto softly asks. Izuku looks up at Shoto and smiles weakly at him. 

"You can... t-take off... the tank top..." Izuku says, very lowly. Shoto's eyes widen as he looks at Izuku. 

"It's.... f-fine... just... don't m-mind... what... y-you see..." Izuku reassures him. 

Shoto hesitantly grabs the bottom of Izuku's tank top and slowly pulls it up. Shoto's eyes go to Izuku's right side, and he resists the urge to gasp. It's worse than he thought. 

The discolored skin is stretched out around most of Izuku's right side of his body. The skin closer to the center of the scar is only full of slightly bulging scar tissue. To avoid making Izuku uncomfortable, he directs his stare to Izuku's abs and starts blushing. 

This is the first time I'm seeing Izuku's body. Shoto thinks to himself as he gulps again and smiles at Izuku as he completely pulls off his tank top. 

"Thank... you..." Izuku tells Shoto. 

Shoto leans in to kiss Izuku before lifting him from the bed and takes him to the water seat. He slowly lays Izuku on it and smiles when he hears Izuku sigh in relief. 

"Hurry up... and cuddle... with me..." Izuku whispers. 

Shoto smiles again as he takes off his shirt and lays next to Izuku. Izuku seems to find more comfort with Shoto when they cuddle while Shoto is shirtless, not that he minds. 

"Is this helping you, Izu?" Shoto asks Izuku after a few minutes. Izuku nods as he holds onto Shoto tighter. 

"I'm glad," Shoto says as he closes his eyes and takes a couple of deep breaths not to let his instincts control him. 

He attempts to focus on helping Izuku cooldown by activating his ice quirk and making his own body heat decrease. After a while of quietly cuddling, Izuku starts trembling in pain again. Izuku's grip on Shoto tightens as a strong wave of pain hits him, and Shoto looks at Izuku worriedly. 

This heat is already proving to be different from the last one. Marking him and cuddling was enough for a couple of hours last time. It's barely been an hour. Shoto thinks as he gets up from the water seat and lifts Izuku from it. 

Izuku's body temperature is back to normal for now, so Shoto takes him to their bed. Shoto lays right next to him and holds his trembling mate as he tries to think of a solution. 

It's too soon for me to mark him again. Shoto thinks as he looks at the mark he left on Izuku. 

We also promised each other to not mate during his heat. He's not ready yet, and I have to do my best to resist the urge. Shoto continues contemplating. 

"Sho... it hurts..." Izuku gasps out as he's hit with another wave of pain. 

Shoto doesn't know what else to do but hold Izuku closer in his arms. Panicking slightly, Shoto thinks hard for a solution to help Izuku. Suddenly, he remembers one of the conversations that he and Izuku had about different things they could do to each other before mating. Shoto can't help but blush at the thought of the things they discussed.

"Izu," Shoto says softly. Izuku slowly lifts his head to face Shoto, and it pains him to see tears building up in his eyes. 

"Remember that one conversation we had two weeks ago? Things that you said would be fun to try out before we mate?" Shoto mumbles the last part. Izuku nods as he slowly starts blushing. 

"Are you alright with me trying one of your ideas out?" Shoto asks softly. 

Izuku's face turns red as he nods before another wave of pain hits him, making his gasp as if he just got punched. Shoto kisses his forehead before letting go of him and getting up from the bed. Shoto rushes to take his pants off after he hears the painful whine that comes out of Izuku.

Shoto quickly crawls over Izuku and kisses him intensely. Izuku kisses back as their lips move in sync with each other. They separate for a few seconds to catch their breath and look at each other intensely. 

"Wrap your legs around me," Shoto tells Izuku lowly. Blushing at the stare Shoto is giving him, Izuku obeys and slowly wraps his legs around Shoto's waist. Shoto leans his body lower and kisses Izuku's cheek lovingly. 

"If I do something that you don't like, don't hesitate to tell me. Once you say stop, I'll stop, ok, Izu?" Shoto tells Izuku reassuringly. 

Izuku nods, and Shoto leans in to kiss him with tongue again. Shoto starts blushing as they kiss once he starts thinking about what he's about to do. To try and avoid making things awkward, Shoto tries not to think about it too much and focuses on Izuku as he slowly starts grinding on him. 

Izuku's breath hitches during their kiss as they both start blushing at Shoto's actions. Izuku quickly holds on to Shoto's back as he continues grinding on him. Shoto stops kissing Izuku again briefly and almost chuckles at how cute Izuku looks under him. 

"Does it feel good for you yet?" Shoto teasingly asks as he holds back his moans. 

Izuku is blushing wildly under Shoto's gaze as he softly moans from the pleasure. Izuku can barely form words as moans keep coming from him, so he just nods frantically. 

"Good. I want you to feel good, Izu," Shoto tells with a low voice before leaning down to suck on his neck. 

Izuku's grip on Shoto's back tightens as throaty moans escape his mouth. The brief, initial awkwardness is long gone as both teens enjoy what they're currently feeling. Izuku grips Shoto's back even tighter as he grinds on him, slighter harder and faster. 

"S-Shoto" Izuku moans as he starts getting close to his climax. 

Shoto lets out a growl as Izuku keeps moaning his name. The sound of hearing Izuku moan his name almost pushes his control over the edge. Shoto stops leaving hickeys all over Izuku's neck to avoid marking him and instead focuses on just grinding on his mate. 

Shoto is so drunk on pleasure that he can't feel the deep scratches that Izuku is leaving all over his back. Izuku throws his head back and lets out a string of choked moans as he begs Shoto to go slightly faster. Shoto growls in pleasure and happily grinds on him faster. 

Izuku digs his fingers into Shoto's back and tightens his legs around Shoto as he reaches his climax and moans Shoto's name loudly. Hearing Izuku and feeling how he's trembling in pure pleasure edges Shoto to reach his orgasm as well as he moans Izuku's name. Izuku unwraps his legs from Shoto, letting the teen land on his back next to him. Shoto moves his hand to hold Izuku's as they both breathe heavily after what just happened. 

"How... was it?" Shoto asks Izuku between breaths. Izuku turns his head to him and smiles.

"Holy... shit..." Izuku responds. Shoto turns to face Izuku with slightly widened eyes at his use of profanity. 

"How's the... pain?" Shoto asks him. Izuku smiles slightly wider at the lack of pain he feels. 

"Almost... gone... Did you... enjoy doing... that..?" Izuku asks Shoto. Shoto smiles back at his mate and nods. Izuku squeezes Shoto's hand lovingly. Suddenly, Izuku's eyes widen as he quickly sits up and lets go of Shoto's hand. 

"I, uh, need to pee," Izuku squeaks as he gets up from the bed and rushes to the bathroom. Shoto chuckles at Izuku before getting up as well and grabbing their towels as well as clothes to change into. 

I can fill the hot tub with water for Izuku to relax in as I shower. Shoto thinks as he walks to the bathroom. 

"I'm coming in," Shoto tells Izuku as he turns the nob.

"W-What?! W-W-Wait!" Izuku says frantically. Shoto opens the door anyways and peeks inside to see Izuku sitting next to the hot tub with a flustered expression. Chuckling to himself, Shoto organizes their things on the sink counter before walking over to the hot tub and turning the faucet. 

"Sho?" Izuku questions. Shoto glances at Izuku and smiles. 

"We should clean ourselves after we both, um, you know, so I thought it would be nice for you to relax in here while I shower," Shoto says as a blush creeps up his face. Since the water filled the hot tub fast, Shoto turns off the faucet and takes out a variety of soaps and body washes for Izuku. 

"Make sure you put your boxers in the laundry bin. I'll do the laundry before we sleep today," Shoto says as he quickly takes his briefs off, tosses it in the laundry bin, and wraps himself with his towel as he walks to the shower. Izuku blushes but thanks Shoto and waits until he closes the curtains before taking off his own briefs and slips in the hot tub. Izuku's body relaxes immediately as his whole body submerges under the hot water. 

"Ah," Izuku hears from the shower. Turning in that direction, he asks Shoto if he's alright. 

"Izu, can you check my back after we're done. It's stinging somewhat badly," Shoto responds. 

"Y-Yeah," Izuku answers as he blushes. 

I probably scratched his back while he was grinding on me. I hope it's not too bad. Izuku thinks to himself as he sighs and lowers his face in the hot tub until it hits his top lip. 


"I-I'm so sorry!" Izuku gasps as he looks at the damage he did to Shoto's back. Izuku was changing into the clothes Shoto brought for him when he hops out of the shower and immediately turns around for Izuku to see. Several red, long scratches stretch over Shoto's shoulder blades down to his mid-back. 

"Is it that bad?" Shoto asks as he walks over to the mirror to try and see for himself.

"Oh. It is that bad," Shoto says, making Izuku apologize frantically. 

"I-I can mark you so those scratches can heal," Izuku offers. Shoto shakes his head. 

"It's fine, Izu. I wouldn't mind having a reminder of how good I made you feel," Shoto says bluntly before putting on his clothes. Izuku blushes but looks away as Shoto removes the towel from his body and quickly slips his clothes on. Once he's done, Shoto scoops Izuku into his arms, much to Izuku's surprise. 

"Let's go eat. It should be just about time for dinner," Shoto says as he walks out the door with Izuku in his arms. Izuku puts his arms around Shoto's neck and laughs happily at his random antics like this. 

Chapter Text

It's now the final week of June, one week before their finals for the first semester. The minute that Aizawa walks out of class to give the students a small break before lunch, panic fills some of them.

"I HAVEN'T STUDIED AT ALL!" Denki yells in despair while Mina yells carefree. Shoto quickly gets up from his seat and goes to hug Izuku from behind his chair. 

Scoring the lowest in the class, Denki panics more and more as their finals near. Momo tries laughing at Denki when she scored the second-lowest in the whole class. The trio turn to their classmates as Denki yells at Mineta for having the 9th highest scores for their midterms.

"Ashido, Kaminari, let's do our best! We all want to go to the training camp together, right?" Izuku says encouragingly. Denki deadpans at Izuku since he scored the 4th highest in the midterms.

"Yeah! Just work hard!" Iida encouragingly yells as he lifts his damaged arm. However, he has nothing to worry about since he got the 2nd highest midterm scores in the class.

"You should be fine if you attend classes regularly," Shoto says.

"MIND YOUR WORDS!" Denki yells in despair at Shoto, who scored 5th highest in the midterms.

Momo offers to tutor anyone accepting her help. Since she scored 1st in the midterms, several classmates take up on her offer. 

"I'm sure that we will do well in the written and practical exams," Shoto says to Izuku as he rests his head on top of one of Izuku's shoulders. 

"Yeah. I'm excited to find out what the practicals will be," Izuku says enthusiastically. 

Eijiro chuckles at his classmates' reactions to Momo's excited rambling about tutoring them before turning back to an angered Katsuki. Getting the 3rd highest scores instead of 1st has not been sitting well with him. 

"Maybe I should join in on that study group," Eijiro says to himself. 

"I can do it too! Want me to beat it into you, shitty hair?" Katsuki tells him angrily. Eijiro chuckles more.

"Sure! I'm counting on you, Katsuki!" Eijiro tells him happily. Katsuki turns to glare at Eijiro, but his glare softens once he sees how good of a mood he's in. 

"Whatever, shitty hair," Katsuki grumbles. 


"It's a bit intimidating not knowing what the practicals for the final exam will be," Shoji says as he starts eating his lunch. Fumikage had invited Shoji to sit with him, Ochaco, Tsuyu, Iida, Shoto, and Izuku today. 

"I don't think it'll be anything crazy," Iida says from beside Shoto before he starts eating his lunch. 

"The written exam questions will be based off of what we study in class, so we should be able to manage," Izuku tells Shoji before smiling at him and digging into his pork cutlet bowl. 

Shoji nods at the fellow male omega sitting directly in front of him while Ochaco freezes at his words. Ranking 13th out of the midterm scores, Ochaco is worried about doing worse during their finals. 

The only clue that any of them have about the practicals is that it'll be based on everything they've learned in hero training. Suddenly, an elbow knocks into Izuku's head, making him nearly choke on his food. 

"Oh, sorry. Your head was so big that I accidentally hit it," Monoma from class 1-B says sarcastically. 

The table turns to him tensely as they notice the intense glare Shoto is sending his way. Katsuki looks over at Izuku's table and sees Shoto's left arm smoking slightly. 

"Shit," Katsuki mumbles before quickly getting out of his seat to hold the heterochromatic teen back. Shoto slowly stands up from his seat, and Katsuki rushes to hold him back. Ignoring the two alphas struggling against each other, Monoma directs his attention to Izuku. 

"I heard rumors about class 1-A having two marked students after the Sports Festival. I just didn't think it would be two guys mated to each other," Monoma says mockingly. Izuku freezes, and Iida stands up to help hold Shoto back as he starts growling. 

"Who would've thought that an alpha would let himself get marked by some beta who can't even control his quirk. It's the talk of the damn school, you know. And, I also heard about your fight with the Hero Killer. You guys in Class A just have to have all the attention no matter what, huh?" Monoma continues. Katsuki growls alongside Shoto as he turns back to glare at Monoma. 

"Shut the fuck up before I kill you, you fucking extra," Katsuki growls out. Izuku can't help but sigh in relief silently, despite Monoma's words.

People outside of class 1-A still think I'm a beta. Thank goodness. Izuku thinks. 

Before Monoma could continue, his classmate Kendo karate chops him in the back of the neck, knocking him unconscious. She grabs his tray of food right before he collapses on the floor and scolds him for his words. 

Iida and Katsuki finally let go of Shoto, who immediately sits back down next to Izuku, and hugs him tightly to calm down. Ever since Izuku's heat ended, Shoto's instincts have had him feeling on edge when it comes to Izuku and his well being. 

The rest of 1-A had been taking notice of that, and everyone besides Shoji, Momo, and surprisingly, Katsuki have been treading carefully when it comes to how they act with Izuku in Shoto's presence. Even asking Shoto why he decided to switch seats with Izuku at lunch so he wouldn't be beside Iida seemed to make him more aggressive. 

"Sorry, Class A. This guy's heart's just kinda, you know," Kendo says apologetically referring to the knocked out Monoma hanging from her hand. 

"I-It's fine," Izuku kindly responds. 

"I overheard you guys talking about not knowing what's gonna be on the practical exams. Looks like it'll be combat against robots like the entrance exam," Kendo informs them. Everyone looks at her in shock. 

"Really? How did you find out?" Izuku asks curiously. 

"An upperclassman friend of mine told me," Kendo admits. 

Izuku immediately starts muttering to himself about how it might've been expected of them to find information on the practical exam for their finals. Shoto loosens his grip around Izuku as he and everyone else around him look at him mutter. Monoma tries to say something again but gets karate chopped once more before Kendo drags him away to their table. 

"Fucking extras are always causing trouble," Katsuki grumbles before turning to head back to his own table. 

"Bakugo," Shoto says. Katsuki turns to him with a bored expression. 

"Thanks again," Shoto tells him before going back to eating his soba. Izuku looks over at Katsuki and sends him a small, timid smile. 

"Whatever. Just try not to get so fucking worked up over dumb shits like him," Katsuki huffs before walking back to his table. 

No one is sure what to think to see their two top students get along in a sense. Not even Izuku completely understands it, but he is grateful for the lack of tension between his childhood friend and his mate. Shoto had told Izuku that he and Katsuki had come to a 'common ground' after confronting him after Izuku's heat had ended. 

It was the final day of Izuku's heat. Shoto allowed Momo access to he and Izuku's floor to give him notes from the classes they missed and left Izuku sleeping on their bed to go and retrieve them. Seeing Momo close the entrance, he jogs towards her. 

"Thank you, again," Shoto tells her as she hands him the notes. Momo looks directly into Shoto's eyes as she nods to avoid looking at the various hickeys all over his neck.

"It's really not much of a problem. All I did was deliver the notes that I haven't even written. These are all from-" 

"Bakugo. I can smell his scent on these," Shoto says irritatedly. 

Momo shuffles in her spot before bowing and leaving. All the notes that Shoto and Izuku have been receiving are evidently written by none other than Katsuki. 

'I just want to know why the hell he's been doing this' Shoto thinks angrily as he turns back to go drop the notes off. Shoto quickly enters the room, sets the notes on the study table, and briefly goes to Izuku. 

"I'll be back in a bit, my love. Rest well," Shoto mumbles in Izuku's ear before kissing his forehead. 

Shoto smiles as he sees Izuku smile contently in his sleep before leaving the room once again to go and confront Katsuki. Not bothering to wait for the elevator, Shoto rushes down the stairs and towards Katsuki's room. 

"Bakugo!" Shoto shouts as he pounds on his door. After repeatedly pounding on his door, Bakugo nearly rips the hinges off his door when he opens it angrily. 

"The fuck half-and-half?" Katsuki asks him angrily. Shoto glares at Katsuki intensely as he gets a glare back. 

"What the fuck are you playing at? Do you expect something back for writing notes for Izuku and me?" Shoto asks as he grabs onto Katsuki's shirt and pins him to the nearest wall in his room. 

"GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!" Katsuki yells as he aims to blast Shoto's hands off of him. Suddenly, he puts his hands down when he remembers his promise to Izuku. 

"What the fuck do you want from Izuku after everything you've fucking done? Have you seen the fucking scar you left Izuku with? Is that why you got the others to back off when he was getting questioned over wearing tank tops under his clothes?" Shoto questions angrily. 

"Can you get the fuck off of me so I can answer your damn questions?" Katsuki asks lowly. Shoto growls but lets go of Katsuki after slamming him on the wall slightly. Katsuki moves to sit on his bed and sighs. 

"I don't want or expect anything from Dek-Izuku. I know you were fucking lurking when I apologized to him. I know that only apologizing won't do shit, so I decided to try doing something nice for once by writing our class notes for you guys," Katsuki grumbles. Shoto stays silent as he listens to Katsuki. 

"I have no good explanation for all the bullshit I did to Izuku. There was simply always something about him that he had, and I would get fucking pissed for not being the same as him," Katsuki sighs frustratedly. 

"I had a fucking crush on him, alright? I had a fucking crush on him, was jealous about him, and would take all my emotions out on him. It's fucking shitty, and I might never forgive myself for it,"  Katsuki yells. Shoto's eyes widen for a second before he starts glaring at Katsuki. 

"I never told him shit about my feelings, and it would be better if he didn't know. Besides, I don't really like him like that anymore. Once I presented as an alpha, I finally realized that we never bonded like possible mates," Katsuki explains. 

"What do you mean by that?" Shoto growls out. Katsuki sighs frustratedly again.

"I thought we fucking bonded like possible mates. Since we knew each other for so fucking long, we had a strong bond with each other from the start. Strong enough that I was able to feel it, so I thought that it meant I had a chance with him. But the day that I blasted him, I realized otherwise," Katsuki says as tears build up in his eyes. 

"I know it's fucking stupid. Before you say it, I fucking know. I'm fucking dumb for thinking about being mates with him when all I've done is hurt him. It's fucking shitty that when I overheard Izuku say he didn't like me like I liked him, I only thought about how hurt I fucking felt and I nearly killed him," Katsuki yells as he slams his fists on his bed. 

'Damn right, it's fucking stupid,' Shoto thinks as he quietly scoffs. 

"That wasn't even the last time I did something really fucked up. When I found out that fucking Izuku was planning to apply to UA, I told him to fucking kill himself. I told him to fucking kill himself just because I wanted to get him the fuck away from me. Who the fuck does that?" Katsuki confesses frustratedly. 

Shoto's eyes widen when he remembers what his mom said about Izuku's first heat. Shoto grows angrier and angrier as Katsuki continues to tell him the horrific things he had done to his mate. 

"The point is, I want to show Izuku that I'm serious about wanting to repair our friendship. Even when he was released from the hospital after what I did to him, he would still hang out with me when I'd ask. Even though he was scared, he would still come over to study with me whenever the fuck I wanted. He would still fucking care for me in ways that my over so-called 'friends' wouldn't," Katsuki says as he puts his hands in his face.

"Before UA, he was truly the only friend I ever had, and I finally realize that I probably fucked it all up. But if Izuku finds it within himself to want to repair our bond as much as I do, then I will do whatever it fucking takes. Instead of being someone that he fears, I want to be someone that he can count on, too. I want to be what I should have fucking been this whole damn time!" Katsuki shouts in his hands. 

"But, if you tell me to stop trying, then I will. You have every reason not to be okay with my intentions, or with being around Izuku. But if you let me, I'll prove my promise to you too. I'm sure you know about the shit being said about Izuku behind his fucking back. All the shit about him using you for your name and all that other bullshit," Katsuki says as he looks up at Shoto. 

Shoto slowly nods in confirmation. The whispers and stares they get in the halls and at lunch are something that Shoto and the rest of their friend group tries to distract Izuku from. 

"I won't let any bullshit happen on my watch, as long as you'd let me. I'll prove to be a trusted alpha," Katsuki proposes. 

As much as he wants to be able to prove it to them both that he's serious, Katsuki knows that he can't do anything if Shoto decides otherwise. He has no reason to complain after everything he's done. 

Shoto sighs and opens the door to leave Katsuki's room. Katsuki's tears build up frustratedly again as he sees Shoto pause at the door. 

"Do what you like. Just don't fuck it up. I'm only allowing it because Izuku would want me to. And, thanks for the notes," Shoto says lowly before slamming the door as he leaves the room. 


Everyone is back in class when Ochaco informs everyone else about the information they got from Kendo during lunch. Mina and Denki celebrate when they realize that they have a chance at passing both the written and practical exams. Suddenly, Katsuki gets irritated with the pair and yells at them for celebrating over this news before turning to Izuku. 

"Hey, Deku!" Katsuki snarls. 

Izuku and Shoto look up at Katsuki from their seats. Just because Katsuki decided to stop mistreating Izuku, it does not mean that he doesn't see him as any less of a threat to his dream of being the number 1 hero. 

"I don't know if you've figured out how to use your Quirk a little or what, but you seriously keep rubbing me the wrong way," Katsuki tells him lowly. The whole class watches the interaction in fear of a possible fight between two of their strongest classmates. 

"I don't need another half-assed result like at the sports festival. We'll get individual scored at the upcoming finals, so we'll see who's truly better," Izuku flinches as Katsuki points at him. 

"I'll beat you with an indisputable difference! I'll kill you!" Katsuki declares. Izuku looks at Katsuki with a determined expression after a few seconds. 

"We'll see, Kacchan," Izuku challenges. 

That's the first thing he says to me since our conversation. Just like the Kacchan I know. Izuku thinks as a small smile forms on his face. Katsuki's glare softens for a second before turning to Shoto. 

"Todoroki! I'll kill you too!" Katsuki yells. Everyone has shock written on their faces when they see how calm Shoto is. 

"Don't think that I'll back down easily," Shoto says monotonously as a response. Katsuki tsks before grabbing his stuff and slamming the door as he leaves their classroom. 

What the hell just happened? The rest of the class thinks.

Chapter Text

The teachers are in a meeting room with Principle Nezu in regards to planning out the practicals for Class 1-A. Instead of using robots as previous years, the teachers all agreed that the students need something more realistic and so decide to have students fight them in pairs. Aizawa pulls out the student files for the class as they start discussing who will be paired with who. 

"Ashido and Kaminari. Their behavior is simplistic, so I entrust them to you, Principle Nezu. Do something that will force them to think of more complex solutions," Aizawa announces. 

"Will do!" Nezu replies cheerfully. Aizawa pulls out two more student files and sighs. 

"I was originally planning on having Todoroki and Yaoyorozu battle me. Todoroki is skilled but tends to rely on the brute strength of his quirk, while Yaoyorozu is very well rounded but lacks in making split-second decisions. I planned to erase their quirks and engage in close combat," Aizawa says monotonously. 

"But you can't separate Todoroki from Midoriya," Midnight concludes. 

"Ah yes, the fated pair of the class," Cementoss says. 

"Midoriya and Todoroki came to my office just yesterday. It seems that wait on mating is taking a toll, especially on Todoroki. He took notice of his increased aggression and possessiveness over Midoriya. It would be best to keep them together for the practicals," Nezu says. 

"Due to that and the circumstances of them being able to use each other's quirks, I would like those two go battle All Might. You've taken a liking to those two, haven't you All Might? Please guide them well," All Might's eyes widen, and he perks up. 

"I have no objections to that," Nezu says as Aizawa continues assigning pairs to each teacher. 


It's finally the day of the practicals. The boys are in the locker room, changing into their hero costumes. Izuku looks over at Shoto to say something when he notices the healing scratches in his back and blushes. Unfortunately, Izuku isn't the only one to see the scratches on Shoto's back. 

"Todoroki, are you alright? Did you suffer some kind of fall?" Iida asks concernedly. 

Izuku blushes harder while Shoto quickly puts on his dark blue jacket to cover the scratches. Denki and Sero look over for a few seconds before snickering to each other. 

Shoji stretches one of his arms to Iida's ear and tells him that the scratches are not from a fall. Iida's face slowly turns red before he turns back to his locker in an instant. 

"My apologies!" Iida yells somewhat as he rushes to put on his hero costume. 

Eventually, all the students are in their hero costumes in front of the school, facing 9 teachers and Principle Nezu. They were just told about the new changes to the practical exams for them as well as the pairings. 

"Now, Bakugo and Yaoyorozu will be facing off against me," Aizawa says with an intimidating smile. 

"Midoriya and Shoto will be facing off against-"

"ME!" All Might yells as he lands in front of the class. Izuku and Shoto's eyes widen as they look up at the top hero. Once Aizawa announces who each pair will be fighting, he goes on to explain the practicals further. 

"The ten teams will be commencing their exams simultaneously. How you will be tested will be explained by the teacher you're assigned to. Soon after, All Might, Shoto, and Izuku are on a UA bus to get dropped off at their battlegrounds for the practicals.

"Is everything well with you two?" All Might asks the pair sitting in front of him. Shoto wraps his arms around Izuku before glancing at All Might with Izuku. 

"We're doing really good. The only concerning thing is Shoto's burst of anger at people," Izuku says nervously as he smiles at All Might. 

"I don't like the lack of control I have over my anger. My emotions, in general, have been all over the place. Izuku as well," Shoto mumbles as he buries his face in Izuku's shoulder. Izuku manages to put an around Shoto's waist to comfort him. All Might's face softens as he gazes at the pair in concern. 

"B-But we're fine to take the practicals. Please don't go easy on us," Izuku tells All Might. All Might grins before nodding. 

"I don't plan to go easy, Young Midoriya. As mates who are planning to be heroes, you will have to learn to deal with fighting villains in the toughest moments," All Might replies. 

"Yeah," Shoto says as Izuku nods. 

"Ah, we're already here. Let's exit the bus so I can explain how these practicals will work," All Might says as he gets up from his seat. Izuku and Shoto follow All Might outside of the bus, and they look at the city-like battle area in front of them. 

"You have 30 minutes to either put these handcuffs on me," All Might starts as he lifts up a pair of handcuffs.

"Or manage to escape from me through the exit of this battle area. In this scenario, I am the villain, and you two are the heroes," All Might continues.

"So, we get to decide whether we can capture you, or if it would be wiser to escape," Shoto contemplates out loud. All Might nods and Izuku nods in understanding. 

"You two especially should be able to decide which is the better decision," All Might tells them. Izuku and Shoto realize that All Might is referring to the Hero Killer incident. 

"This will be a test of your judgment! To give you the freedom to choose to fight me, I will have super compressor weights half my weight on. We're calling them a handicap of sorts since they will obviously weigh us down. Oh wow, they're heavier than I thought," All Might says as he puts his weights on. 

"It may not seem like it, but us teachers are serious about going after you," All Might suddenly says seriously. Izuku tenses up, and Shoto automatically holds him while glaring at All Might for a split second. 

"Now, the test is about to start. I must go to my spot," All Might says as he launches himself inside of the testing area. 

"L-Let's hurry inside, Sho," Izuku tells Shoto. Shoto lets go of Izuku and grabs his hand as they rush inside and decide to hide by some buildings to think of a plan. Soon, the time for the practicals starts for all 10 groups. 

"I think we should come up with a plan to try and escape from this place. Even with the weights, this is All Might that we're talking about," Izuku proposes. 

"All Might is most likely waiting for us by the exit. One of us would have to distract him while the other escapes," Shoto says as he peaks down the long road that most likely leads to the exit. 

Before Izuku could protest, a powerful gush of wind blasts through the main road Shoto was looking down. Shoto moves to grab Izuku as they wait for the attack to die down. 

"Sho, we can't face All Might. The both of us should avoid combat at all costs," Izuku says urgently. After that blast from All Might despite the weights, Shoto can't help but agree. 

But, how will we manage to evade his attacks and escape? Shoto contemplates. 

"Remember our training?" Izuku asks him. 

Shoto looks at his determined mate and nods as he realizes where Izuku is going. Right when the pair start sprinting out of their hiding spot using One For All, they see All Might walking towards them. 

Immediately, they both run past him. All Might stays frozen in shock to see Shoto using One For All and lets them run away from him for a couple of seconds. All Might manages to catch up with Izuku and Shoto, shocking them both as he slams Shoto to the concrete and punches Izuku away from them.

With his control over his ice attacks and One For All, I need Young Todoroki to be out of commission immediately. All Might thinks.

"Shoto!" Izuku yells before he crashes into a building. 

Izuku gasps as pain fills his back from landing on it. He ignores the pain as he sees Shoto activate his flames, making All Might back away slightly. 

Izuku takes the chance and launches himself towards them as if he's about to punch All Might with a fiery fist. Right when All Might gets ready to block the attack, Izuku drops his fists and grabs Shoto instead. Izuku and Shoto immediately start running together towards the exit once again. 

All Might runs after them again and tries to grab Izuku when Shoto activates his fire quirk. All Might decides to swing the air towards them, blasting the pair into the building next to them. 

"Is that all you got?!" All Might asks seriously as he moves to guard the exit due to how close it is now. 

"Sho, are you alright?" Izuku asks anxiously as tears fill his eyes. Blood keeps dripping from Shoto's mouth and forehead as he looks at Izuku. Shoto hugs Izuku and nods before getting up. 

"Let's do our best to pass," Shoto tells Izuku as he wipes the blood from his face. Izuku nods determinedly as he gets up as well. 

They activate Full Cowling once again before running towards All Might. Izuku and Shoto look at each other before nodding. 

All Might dodges an ice attack from Shoto by jumping before aiming to land on him. Right before he gets the chance to, Izuku punches him on his side unexpectedly. 

All Might shoves Izuku off roughly, and he crashes on the floor. All Might wipes the blood coming from his mouth before approaching Izuku. 

"I'm sorry, Young Midoriya," All Might tells him before punching him harshly in the face in an attempt to knock him unconscious. 

"Izuku!" Shoto shouts. 

"Go! Go, Shoto!" Izuku shouts despite the evident pain in his voice as he attempts to send an ice attack to All Might. All Might widens his eyes in shock that Izuku is not unconscious yet but slams through the ice to grab him. 

Shoto is looking at the scene with wide eyes while Izuku is looking back at him. Shoto knows that Izuku wants him to run towards the exit while we can, but he finds himself frozen on the spot as he sees All Might grabbing Izuku.

It'll be fine as long as we pass. Just go, Shoto. Izuku thinks to himself as he stares back at Shoto. 

Shoto finally starts running towards the exit using Full Cowling. All Might lifts Izuku from the ground before slamming him down again, making him ultimately lose consciousness. 

Shoto stops in his tracks and hesitantly looks back to the scene behind him. When he sees Izuku's unmoving body in the concrete, something snaps in him. All Might turns to face Shoto. 

"I won't let you go that easily, Young Todoroki," All Might tells him before his eyes widen at the immense fire blast aimed at him. Pure rage was seen in Shoto's eyes when he sent that attack. 

He didn't even notice Shoto running under his own attack to go grab Izuku. All Might immediately leaps away from the attack and looks down at where he left Izuku in concern. 

The blast was large enough to have possibly hit Young Midoriya. All Might thinks as he anxiously waits for the fire to die down. 

Instead, his eyes widen even more when he sees Shoto running towards the exit with Izuku in his arms. All Might finally lands and starts running towards the pair. 

"STAY AWAY!" Shoto yells as he sends All Might another massive fire attack that blocks him from getting near them. Running towards the exit in pure anger, Shoto runs through it, effectively passing the practical exam with 5 minutes left.

Chapter Text

Shoto holds Izuku's hand from his hospital bed as they get healed for the most part by Recovery Girl. They thank Recovery Girl as All Might rushes into the room to see the damage he's done.

Shoto immediately gets up to shield Izuku from All Might while growling at him. All Might reverts to his true form and holds his hands up to show the heterochromatic teen that he is not a threat. 

"Sho, it's ok. Don't see All Might like a threat," Izuku tells him softly as he tries to sit up.

"All Might, you really don't know the meaning of 'restraint', do you? The damage you caused to Midoriya's back and head could have caused permanent damage if you attacked him any harder. I doubt that Todoroki will be calm around you for a while," Recovery Girl says as she scolds All Might.

"I'm guessing I should avoid marking Izuku," Shoto grumbles as he climbs on Izuku's bed to cuddle with him.

"It would be best to avoid marking Izuku until he heals for a few weeks on his own," Recovery Girl tells him. The answer makes Shoto growl loudly, and Izuku sighs disappointedly.

"At least you marked me during my last heat," Izuku mumbles.

"You two may go back to class if you're able to move. But no intense training, either of you," Recovery Girl tells them.

"Can you move, Izu?" Shoto asks Izuku softly. Izuku nods, so Shoto helps him sit up on the bed.

"Thank you, Recovery Girl," Izuku says kindly as Shoto helps him off the bed.

Shoto thanks Recovery Girl as well and ends up growling at All Might to move away from the door. All Might complies and moves to the side while Izuku mouths an apology before leaving.


Eijiro, Mina, Sato, and Kaminari are sulking since they're the only people who did not pass the practicals at all. Sero is telling them that he might have not passed either when Shoto and Izuku walk in together.

"Deku, Todoroki, how did it go for yo-" Ochaco stops talking once she sees the deadly glare that Shoto is sending her.

Izuku looks at Ochaco and Iida apologetically as they go towards their seats. Izuku sits in his chair, and Shoto hugs him from behind as usual.

"The fuck crawled up your ass, half-and-half?" Katsuki asks as he approaches them. Shoto sighs and dips his head on Izuku's shoulder.

"All Might didn't hold back in attacking me, and Shoto watched it happen. He was even growling at All Might when he came to visit us in the Nurses Office. Plus, we have to go a while without him marking me," Izuku mumbles the last part.

"Doesn't he mark you every other fucking day?" Katsuki asks, annoyedly. Eijiro, Denki, Iida, and Ochaco breathe in relief when Shoto doesn't react to the question.

How Katsuki can get away with the stuff he says is beyond me. Eijiro thinks before turning back to Mina.

"I don't mark him that often. I still hate being told that I'm not allowed to, however," Shoto grumbles.

"Are you guys idiots? You better not keep trying to fucking pick fights with anyone who breathes wrong at Izuku," Katsuki says bluntly.

"I have to let his injuries heal naturally before I could mark him again," Shoto mumbles before the bell rings.

Aizawa suddenly slams the door open, making everyone run to their seats. Shoto is the last one in his seat since he decides to kiss Izuku's cheek.

"Once the bell rings, be in your seats," Aizawa says in his usual monotonous voice as he walks to the podium.

"It's unfortunate for me to say that some of you failed the practicals; however, everyone passed the written exams. You will be getting your scores from the practicals on. Because of this, everyone is going to the training camp!" Aizawa says with an excited expression. Eijiro, Momo, Sato, and Denki's faces light up.

"Ashido, Kirishima, Sato, Kaminari, and Sero, you failed the practical exams. You need to attend this training camp even more so to improve," Aizawa explains.

"However!" Their faces fall as Aizawa continues.

"You five have earned remedial classes that you will be taking during the camp. To be frank, they will be harder than any class you would've taken if you stayed," The five who failed start sulking at the news. Aizawa starts giving a packet of Training Camp Guides to each row for them to pass down.

"There's no class tomorrow. If no one has any questions, class is dismissed," Aizawa concludes as he walks out immediately after. Hizashi was waiting for him to finish with class 1-A before going home.

"I'm happy we all get to go to the training camp," Ojiro says cheerily as he puts on his bookbag.

"We'll be there for a week. We'll need to pack enough for it," Iida says as he looks at the guide.

"Yeah. I need to buy loads of stuff," Denki says.

"We need to buy bug repellant and stuff," Izuku says to Shoto as they intertwine hands. Shoto nods and starts thinking of what else they would need to buy.

"Since we're all free tomorrow, how about we shop at the mall tomorrow? A second class outing for training camp supplies!" Hagakure proposes excitedly.

"That's a great idea. We haven't all hung out together since after the Sports Festival," Denki says. 

"We should definitely go this time, Sho," Izuku says.

"I usually visit my mother on our days off. I haven't gone to see her in a while," Shoto mumbles the last part.

"R-Right. Do you want me to join you?" Izuku asks. Shoto thinks about it for a second before shaking his head.

"I haven't let you hang out with your friends. I don't like how I've been isolating you, so I'd like for you to go shopping for the both of us with everyone else," Shoto mumbles. Izuku's eyes light up as he looks at Shoto happily.

"Really?" Izuku asks excitedly. Shoto smiles at him and nods. Katsuki happened to overhear the conversation, so he walks over and puts an arm over Shoto's shoulders.

"I'll make sure to check up on him during the trip if it helps you feel better, icy-hot," Katsuki says. Shoto nods, and Katsuki walks back to Eijiro.

"Let's go. You need to rest," Shoto says as the pair finally walk out of the classroom.


"We're finally here!" Mina says excitedly.

Most of Class 1-A besides Shoto arrived at the Kiyashi-Ward Shopping Mall. It's a different one from the mall Izuku and Shoto go to on their dates.

Izuku looks around frantically to see how many places have a wide selection of clothes and accessories for quirk related accommodations like Shoji's arms and Iida's calves.

"He's like a fucking puppy," Katsuki deadpans as Izuku starts mumbling to himself excitedly.

"Stop it, Midoriya. You'll scare the children," Fumikage tells him.

"Wait, aren't you the UA freshmen? Great job at the Sports Festival!" A group of older teens tells them as they walk by.

"I'm surprised there are still people who remember that," Ochaco says to Iida and Izuku.

"Oh yeah. Since Shoto and I usually go out on Sundays, there's plenty of people who remember us from the Sports Festival," Izuku tells them as everyone starts talking about what they need to buy.

"Alright, since we all need different things, let's meet back here at 2 to head back to the dorms together!" Mina says.

"Don't tell me what to fucking do, Pinky!" Katsuki yells at her.

Mina glares and hits him in the back of the head as they head off with Eijiro, Denki, and Sero. Momo and Jiro head off together as well in search of bags to carry their stuff.

Sato, Koda, Hagakure, and Ojiro head to clothing stores together. Surprisingly, Aoyama and Mineta decide to walk around together. Iida, Fumikage, Shoji, and Tsuyu head off as well to search for shoes.

"You wanna come join us, or are you going to search for different things?" Ochaco asks.

"Shoto and I don't really need clothes or anything like that. We just need more practical things to take with us like bug spray, sunscreen, and other things like that. I also want to buy more items to train with. But let's meet up after a while so we can catch up with each other," Izuku replies. Ochaco nods excitedly before running off to join Iida and the rest.

Izuku starts excitedly walking around the mall as he slowly finds supplies for Shoto and him to use like spare toothbrushes, soap, and first aid kits when someone calls Izuku.

"Hey! Aren't you from Class 1-A from the Sports Festival? Your quirk is crazy destructive!" The hooded figure says as Izuku looks back at him and smiles kindly.

"You're the kid with the quirk that made you hurt yourself, right? It was crazy!" The hooded figure says as he puts an arm around Izuku's shoulders. Izuku chuckles nervously but nods.

The Sports Festival really put eyes on us, didn't it? Izuku thinks to himself.

"I can't believe that I'm meeting a UA student here, from Class 1-A at that!" The stranger says. Izuku chuckles nervously again as he starts feeling unsettled.

"To think that I'd meet you again in a place like this," The stranger says. Izuku freezes and looks over at the stranger as he slowly wraps his hand around his neck.

"It must be fate, or destiny, or something," Izuku starts sweating in fear as he sees who's looking back at him. Seeing Tomura Shigaraki, so much fear fills Izuku that he doesn't notice that his phone vibrated for a few seconds.

"Let's go talk somewhere, Midoriya Izuku," Tomura says evilly as a grin plasters his face.

"Ace like we're old friends or something. Don't try to cause something either and calm down. I just want to have a little chat," Tomura whispers to Izuku. Izuku starts thinking of what he could do to get out of this situation as quickly as possible.

"If you try to start something, I will place all my five fingers on your neck, and you'll start crumbling until you become a pile of dust," Tomura threatens, making Izuku grow even more anxious. Before Izuku could say anything, Tomura continues.

"Even if you tried something anyways, I can still use my quirk on several people before a hero comes to stop me. You're a hero, right? You wouldn't want to risk that happening, would you?" Izuku's eyes slowly fill with tears before gulping.

"What do you want to talk about?" Izuku asks him lowly. Tomura smiles and chuckles lowly.

"That's the spirit, Midoriya. Let's sit somewhere so we can have a conversation," Tomura says as they start walking off.

As they walk, Tomura's hand feels Izuku's mark on his neck, and he pauses momentarily. Izuku freezes, and Tomura leans over in front of his face to glance at his throat.

We weren't told that the inheritor of the One For All was mated. Tomura thinks angrily.

"You're marked. You're pretty young to be mated to someone. Are you in an arranged marriage or something? Who's the gal?" Tomura asks curiously. Izuku gulps nervously as they start walking again.

"I-I'm not in an arranged marriage, and my mate is a guy," Izuku whispers. Tomura hums to himself.

"Interesting," Tomura murmurs as they continue walking.

Katsuki's phone starts vibrating in his pocket while he's looking at some shirts he's thinking of buying. Katsuki growls before pulling out his phone and answering.

"Who the fuck is calling me? I'm fucking busy," Katsuki snarls.

"Bakugo, is Izuku alright?" Shoto asks urgently.

While Shoto was telling his mother about Izuku and what's happened the past few months, Shoto started feeling intense fear and dread. He decided to step outside of his mother's hospital room to call Katsuki.

"I messaged Izuku a few fucking minutes ago, but he didn't fucking answer. He's probably too busy acting like a fucking excited puppy. Why?" Katsuki answers.

"He's scared. All I can feel from him is pure fear and anxiety. Something's wrong, Bakugo," Shoto nearly shouts.

It must be serious. I'll go see if Izuku's with his fucking friends. Katsuki thinks.

"Alright, I fucking get it! I'll go look for him, icy-hot," Katsuki yells before hanging up.

Grumbling, he grabs a few shirts and hands them to Eijiro. Eijiro looks at Katsuki confusedly as Katsuki pulls out his wallet and hands Eijiro half of his cash.

"Buy this shit for me. I gotta go check on Izuku," Katsuki tells him as he rushes out of the store they're currently in and messages Iida.

Iida messages Ochaco since she left the group a few minutes ago to look for Izuku, but she doesn't answer the message. Not when Izuku just revealed that the guy who was nearly choking him was none other than Tomura Shigaraki.

"You should focus on taking care of yourself. When we meet next time, it'll be whether I've decided to kill you or not," Tomura says as he leaves and blends into the crowd.

Izuku is coughing heavily and crying while Ochaco calls the police and for any pro heroes who might be nearby. All that's in Izuku's mind is the danger All Might is in, and how much he just wants Shoto to be here with him. Katsuki, Tsuyu, Shoji, and Fumikage get to the scene and overhear what happened from the statements Izuku and Ochaco are giving to the police.

Katsuki's eyes widen, and he immediately calls Shoto to tell him to come as soon as possible. Katsuki's has seen Izuku have enough of his panic attacks to realize that Izuku is slowly slipping into one. When the police try to take Izuku to the precinct, Katsuki is quick to stop them.

"Don't fucking take him yet. His mate is coming," Katsuki tells one of the policemen who happens to be All Might's close friend, Naomasa Tsukauchi. Tsukauchi finally notices the mark on Izuku's neck and tries to hide his surprise.

All Might's successor has a mate at 15 years old. Perhaps an arranged marriage of sorts? Or was it a mistake made in the heat of a moment since UA students are staying in dorms? Tsukauchi questions to himself before telling the other policemen to wait a while longer. He also notices Izuku's distress, and he sits next to the teen to find a way to calm him down.

"Your name is Midoriya, right? We've met before when the League of Villains attacked your class and All Might at USJ," Tsukauchi asks him softly. Izuku nods as he holds his trembling form.

"One of your classmates told me that your mate is coming. Also, we've searched around the mall for the villain, and he is no longer here. There's no need to fear for your life right now," Tsukauchi tells him.

Shoto is coming? Shoto is coming. Izuku thinks in relief as he wipes the cold sweat off of his forehead with a shaky hand.

"All Might never told me that you had a mate. Was it a more recent event?" Tsukauchi asks curiously. Izuku looks at him with teary eyes before answering.

"Y-You can s-say that," Izuku shakily answers.

The police start shooing Izuku's friends away as he and Tsukauchi continue making small talk. Eventually, Shoto finally arrives at the scene and sprints towards Izuku. Izuku looks up in Shoto's direction as several policemen start holding the heterochromatic teen back.

"Shoto!" Izuku shouts, and he quickly gets up and runs towards Shoto.

He breaks through the police force and nearly tackles Shoto in a tight hug. Shoto growls at the police force surrounding them as Izuku cries into his shoulder.

"I'm so happy to see that you've remained unharmed. I'm sorry I didn't get here any sooner," Shoto says as he hugs Izuku back just as tightly.

Tsukauchi quickly catches on and realizes that the son of Endeavor is Izuku's mate, so he tells the fellow policemen to give them space. Tsukauchi decides to give them a few minutes before taking them to the precinct.

Chapter Text

After being questioned in detail by Tsukauchi, Izuku and Shoto are lead outside to see All Might running to them in his true form.

"All Might! Good timing!" Tsukauchi says as All Might slows down.

"All Might? But why?" Izuku questions out loud as All Might stops in front of them at a slight distance due to Shoto's glare.

All Might cautiously walks forward as Izuku rushes towards him slightly as well. Tsukauchi notices the tension between All Might and Shoto as All Might pats Izuku's head and talks to him briefly.

"Is everything alright, Todoroki?" Tsukauchi asks him. Shoto stops glaring at All Might to face Tsukauchi.

"Everything's fine. I just get on edge when certain people are around Izuku," Shoto explains. Tsukauchi ends up with more questions with Shoto's answer.

Usually, this doesn't happen with mates if their bond is complete. Oh. Theirs must not be complete. Tsukauchi concludes to himself. Izuku walks back to Shoto's side happily while Tsukauchi directs them back All Might's way to look past him.

"Mom!" Izuku says as he rushes towards her. Shoto follows shortly behind as All Might walks towards Tsukauchi to talk.

Izuku frowns when he sees the tears dripping down his mother's face. She pulls Izuku into a hug that he gladly returns.

"Izuku, I don't know how much more of this I can take," Inko sobs out as she holds him. Shoto awkwardly watches the interaction as Izuku reassures her that he's okay.

"Ma'am, would you be willing to take the boys back to the dorms?" A police officer named Sansa asks.

Inko nods as she beckons Shoto over so she could drop them off. Shoto and Izuku quietly climb into the backseat of Inko's car as she gets in as well and starts it.

"Todoroki, I'm happy to know that you're taking care of my son well," Inko says softly as she drives. Shoto looks at Izuku confusedly as he nervously chuckles.

"I-I talk to my mom about you often," Izuku shyly says. Shoto smiles at his answer.

"I would never wish to do anything harmful to Izuku. He means a lot to me," Shoto says as he looks into Izuku's eyes. Inko can't help but smile at Shoto's response.

He really is fond of Izuku. I'm glad that Izuku's mate is such a doting one who truly cares about him. It makes me happy knowing that Izuku is truly happy. Inko thinks happily. 

"Are you two enjoying the separate dorms that Endeavor had suggested? I was initially against it, but when your principle agreed with that idea, I changed my mind," Inko admits. 

"Y-Yea. It's really nice and cool," Izuku says. The fated pair and Inko engage in small talk for the rest of the ride back to the dorms. 

"Izuku, will you be coming home for the summer?" Inko asks hopefully before Izuku and Shoto could leave the car. Izuku's eyes widen at the question. 

I haven't really thought about that. I don't know if we would be able to be separated for long... Izuku thinks as he looks at Shoto. Shoto's face is relaxed as he smiles and nods encouragingly at Izuku. 

"We'll figure something out, my love," Shoto whispers in Izuku's ear. 

"Yeah, mom. It might not be for the whole summer, but I'll be home," Izuku says with a warm smile. 

"Thank you for dropping us off," Shoto says before bowing at Inko. Izuku bows as well before waving at his mom through the car window, and walking towards the entrance of the dorms with Shoto. 


The next day was the last day of the semester. Everyone was gathered in the dorms after classes per Aizawa's request. Most of the class is talking to each other about when they plan to move back home for the summer. The school has given them two days to clear out of the dorms.

"Sho, how will we manage not being together all the time? I feel like I won't even sleep without you in the same bed as me," Izuku mumbles as he leans on Shoto's shoulder. 

"We'll rotate staying at each other's places every few days," Shoto answers. Izuku looks at Shoto with a shocked expression.

"A-Are you sure you're fine with that?" Izuku asks. Shoto nods and smiles softly as Izuku as he wraps his arms around him. 

"We won't be apart," Shoto says seriously before kissing Izuku briefly. Izuku blushes when he realizes that Shoto kissed him in front of everyone else. 

"Can you wait to suck face in your damn room, half-and-half?" Katsuki yells in annoyance. Instead of glaring, Shoto grins at Katsuki playfully. 

Oh shit. The class thinks as they watch the interaction. This is the first time that they see Shoto grin like he's grinning now. 

"Do you really want to police me on how I treat my mate, Bakugo? I do the absolute bare minimum in public, and yet you still believe it's more than it is," Shoto says amusedly. 

Katsuki narrows his eyes at Shoto's strange behavior. In an instant, Shoto lifts Izuku in his arms and sets him on his lap. Shoto turns Izuku forward and wraps his arms around his waist before kissing his blushing cheek. 

"Does anyone want to dare say something to me again?" Shoto asks. 

That question is more like a threat. The class thinks as a shiver is sent down everyone's spine. 

Despite the relaxed expression on Shoto's face, the way that he asked that question feels like he threatened to burn them all to a crisp. A cough is heard suddenly, and everyone turns to see Aizawa and All Might watching them. Izuku nearly passes out from embarrassment as All Might and Aizawa start walking closer to them. 

"If you problem children are done messing around, I'll start this short meeting," Aizawa says. Shoto doesn't make any effort to change their position as he looks at the teachers challengingly. 

"We just here say how proud we are of you all for getting through your first semester at UA," Aizawa says with his usual monotonous voice. 

"We're also here to inform you that the location of the training camp has also changed to prioritize the safety of you students," All Might says. 

"And the location won't be revealed till the day of," Aizawa. 

"But I already told my parents about it," Sero says with a frown. 

"The location is most likely a secret for our safety, so an incident like at USJ doesn't occur again," Momo contemplates. Murmurs of an agreement are heard here and there from the class. 

"Correct. Have as much fun as you can before the training camp," Aizawa says before walking off. Everyone says their goodbyes to Aizawa while All Might remained. 

"You all have grown well over the past few months. I do look forward to seeing how the upcoming training camp with further your abilities. Now, I must discuss something with Young Midoriya and Young Shoto, if you'll excuse us," All Might says while pointedly looking at the elevator. 

He must be reaching his limit soon. Izuku thinks before attempts to stand up. 

Shoto lets go of Izuku to let him while he stands up as well and holds Izuku's hand. They wave at everyone before going with All Might to the elevator. Shoto makes sure that All Might keeps his distance from Izuku as he reverts to his true form in the elevator. Once the elevator opens, the smoke from All Might returning to his true form empties out of it as they go inside the third floor. 

"S-So All Might, what did you want to talk to us about?" Izuku asks once they're seating in their living space. Izuku had to ask somewhat loudly since he and Shoto are seated as far from All Might as possible. 

"I'm sure you both have heard about I-Island, correct?" All Might asks first. Izuku nods enthusiastically while Shoto gives a curt nod. 

"It's the moving island filled with thousands of scientists that research quirks!" Izuku answers excitedly. All Might grins at him before continuing. 

"I received an early access invitation to visit I-Island some weeks due to a close friend of mine who lives there. I can only bring a plus one, but I had contacted Endeavor since hero families are invited as well. He confirmed that he was invited, and planned to bring Young Todoroki with him," Both Shoto and Izuku's eyes widen at All Might's words. 

"R-Really?!" The pair ask in sync. 

"Young Midoriya, you will have to get permission from your mother first, but we've arranged to share the same private jet to I-Island should you receive permission to come with us next week," All Might says with a closed-eye smile. Izuku stands up straight away and pulls his phone out. 

"I'll call my mom!" Izuku shouts before walking a bit away from Shoto and All Might. All Might looks over at Shoto to see a glare being sent right back at him.

"Young Todoroki, the hostility toward me is due to your instincts, correct?" All Might asks. Sighing, Shoto nods frustratedly. 

"As much as I hate it, I can't control how protective I get of Izuku whenever you're around," Shoto answers coldly. All Might nods in understanding. Suddenly, Izuku yells in excitement before running back to Shoto's arms excitedly.

"My mom said, yes! I'm so happy," Izuku says brightly. Shoto smiles at Izuku before hugging him too.

"I'm glad, Young Midoriya. Well, I must be off. I will message you more details once I sort some things out with Endeavor. Bye, you two," All Might says happily at the pair before getting up and leaving.

"Thank you, All Might!" Izuku tells him as he leaves their floor. 

"Let's start packing. Whose house are we going to stay in first, Sho?" Izuku asks as they get up from one of the couches and head to their room. 

"Yours. I'm sure you and your mother would enjoy that. We can stay at my place next week before the I-Expo," Shoto says. 

"That sounds fine!" Izuku says with a full, closed-eye smile. Shoto blushes slightly as he gazes at Izuku and feels his happiness and excitement. 

I'll make sure he stays like this, no matter what. 

Chapter Text

Izuku and Shoto are currently packing to go over to Shoto's house till the day they're going to I-Island. They've been staying at Izuku's home for the past three days ever since they moved out of the dorms for the summer.

Shoto informed his father of their coming, so a car will be sent to pick them up soon. They walk out of Izuku's with their suitcases, ready to go.

"Izuku, Shoto, are you sure you packed everything? Izuku, do you have your passport?" Inko asks concernedly. Both Shoto and Izuku nod as Izuku tries to calm his mother's nerves.

"We have everything, mom. I promise," Izuku reassures her. 

He knows she's extra nervous since this will be the first time that Izuku will be traveling out of Japan. Shoto notices her nervousness, as well.

"I'll make sure that Izuku is safe," Shoto says before bowing.

"Oh, I know you will, dear," Inko tells him kindly. 

Shoto has been nothing but helpful and pleasant the past few days, after all. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door somewhat loudly. Inko goes to answer it, and the three stare in shock as they see it's Endeavor.

"O-Oh! Enji, you came to pick up the boys?" Inko asks somewhat casually as she looks up at the man.

"Yes, Inko. I was nearby, so I decided that I might as well should pick up our sons," Endeavor says gruffly.

They're on first-name basis? The fated pair think in sync.

"That's kind of you, Enji. Well, I'll leave them in your care!" Inko tells him happily as she smiles before turning to Izuku and Shoto. She pulls Izuku into a hug and kisses his cheek.

"I love you, Zuzu. Stay safe," Inko tells him.

"I love you too, mom," Izuku says before she pulls Shoto into a hug as well.

Shoto awkwardly hugs back for a few seconds before she lets go. Shoto holds Izuku's free hand before they walk out of his apartment with Endeavor.

"Shoto, Midoriya," Endeavor says as he shuts the door. 

Shoto grunts, and Izuku says hello to Endeavor awkwardly as they walk. Eventually, they get to Endeavor's car and get in.

"E-Endeavor, I h-have a quest-tion," Izuku stammers. Endeavor looks at Izuku and Shoto through the driving mirror.

"What is it, Midoriya?" Endeavor asks gruffly. Izuku's grip on Shoto's hand tightens.

"Well, um, why are you and m-my mom on first-name basis? N-Not that it's a bad thing! I'm j-just curious," Izuku says nervously. Endeavor sighs tiredly before answering.

"Nezu highly recommended the idea of Inko and I meeting a few times a month to be more familiar with each other. He calls it our duty as the parents of mates. It became unavoidable once Inko showed interest in his idea," Endeavor explains. Shoto raises his eyebrow while Izuku's eyes widen before silence fell upon the vehicle again.

I wonder what kind of lies he's been selling to Izuku's mother for her to be so relaxed seeing him. Shoto thinks to himself as they pull up to two large gates. 

A buzzing sound is heard from outside as the gates open, so the car is allowed in. Izuku's eyes widen when he sees the large Japanese- style house that the car is fast approaching. Endeavor slows down the vehicle as they approach the entrance.

"Exit my vehicle. I must go back to my agency," Endeavor orders as the trunk opens for Izuku and Shoto to grab their belongings.

"T-Thank you, Endeavor!" Izuku says once he gets out of the car as he bows.

Endeavor only nods in acknowledgment while Shoto grabs both his and Izuku's belongings. The trunk automatically closes, and Endeavor drives off.

"Let's go inside. I'll give you a tour after we settle in," Shoto says as he hands Izuku his suitcase. 

Izuku nods excitedly as Shoto holds his hand again, and they walk towards traditional sliding door. Shoto opens it to reveal a genkan entrance hall, and they get blasted by cold air coming from the a/c system in the house.

"Woah. Everything looks so nice!" Izuku says in amazement as they step into the elevated floor.

"Hey, whoever opened the door needs to close it again. The cold air is escaping," a voice is heard from the next room over.

Closing the door, Shoto smiles slightly as he and Izuku take off their shoes to put in the getabako. Footsteps start drawing near as a tall, white-haired guy appears at the entrance of the rest of the house.

"Oh, Shoto! I thought Fuyumi came back from the mall early," Natsuo says as he approaches the pair with a smile. Natsuo and Shoto hug each other briefly before Natsuo turns to Izuku and puts an arm over his shoulder.

"Who's the cutie you brought over?" Natsuo says teasingly with a grin. 

Izuku starts blushing and tenses up while Shoto slaps his brother's arm off of Izuku. Shoto puts his arm over Izuku's shoulder and holds him close.

"This is Izuku, my mate. Izuku, this is Natsuo, my brother," Shoto says as he introduces them. Natsuo and Izuku shake hands with each other and smile.

"It's nice to finally meet my baby brother's mate. Who knew you'd end up marked before me?" Natsuo asks jokingly.

"I-It's nice to meet you too, Natsuo," Izuku says kindly. Natsuo grins and pats Izuku's head.

"Let me help you guys with your stuff while you're here," Natsuo says as he takes their suitcases in his hands.

Izuku bows to thank him while Shoto just smiles as they start walking through the house. Shoto shows Izuku the different rooms they pass through before getting to the garden in the middle of the Todoroki Abode.

"So pretty!" Izuku says in amazement while he gazes at the garden next to them. Natsuo slides open one of the doors to reveal a staircase.

Shoto really was isolated from the rest of his family. His room is so far from his siblings' rooms. Izuku thinks as they walk up the stairs to the second floor. Finally, Natsuo slides a door to reveal what looks like a bigger version of Shoto's old dorm before we started rooming together.

"Wow. It's so traditional. You have tatami flooring too," Izuku says as he looks around curiously. 

The walls in the room seem to be standard, cream-colored walls with what looks like cabinets inside of them. The right wall has two doors in it, suggesting that it might be a closet.

"I'm glad to know that you like it. Will you be comfortable sleeping on a futon instead of a regular bed?" Shoto asks as they step in.

"I will. I'm sure of it," Izuku responds as he walks in further to look at the whole room. Natsuo leans in closer to Shoto.

"How did you manage to find a cutie like him? And how did you convince Endeavor to be fine with it?" Natsuo asks curiously.

"Let's go sit at my table so you can ask any question you'd like. We should catch up with each other, anyways," Shoto suggests. 

Izuku overhears, so he walks towards the table close to the center of the room. Since Izuku was closer, he sits down on the tatami first.

"This is more comfortable than I thought. Amazing," Izuku says as Natsuo sits in front of him. 

Shoto walks behind Izuku and sits down directly behind him, pulling Izuku between his legs to wrap his arms around his waist. Natsuo grins while Izuku blushes lightly as Shoto gets comfortable and puts his chin on his shoulder. 

"You two seem pretty comfortable with each other. Especially since my baby brother is also sporting a mark. You two became mates recently, right?" Natsuo asks cheerily. 

"We became mates the day after the Sports Festival. It's been two months now," Shoto answers. Izuku nods.

"Oh, wow. I'm surprised. Endeavor hasn't tried getting that mark off of the two of you," Natsuo says in amazement. Izuku looks at him with a confused expression.

"We're fated mates," Izuku clarifies, making Natsuo's eyes widen. 

"Seriously? Fated mates is still a thing? Amazing! I'm happy for you, Shoto," Natsuo says happily as he smiles brightly at the pair. Natsuo can't help but feel happy for his younger brother after how unhappy, and cold Shoto was before starting at UA. 

"This is so embarrassing. My baby brother is already mated while I'm not even dating anyone," Natsuo whines jokingly as he dramatically leans on the table. Izuku and Shoto start blushing while Izuku giggles at Natsuo's silliness. 

"We haven't really mated yet," Shoto murmurs as he holds Izuku slightly tighter. Natsuo looks up at them with a bewildered expression. 

"Seriously? You've marked each other, but haven't mated yet? That sounds torturous for you both," Natsuo says with a concerned tone. 

"We've been doing our best to manage. It's just tough since Shoto isn't allowed to mark me for a while," Izuku mumbles the last part sadly. 

"Izuku got badly injured during our final practical exams, so I must wait a few weeks so his body can heal on its own," Shoto explains further. Natsuo nods in understanding as his face lights up.

"That explains some things. I overheard Endeavor complaining about you not 'furthering your abilities' through Izuku. I'm guessing that this is what he meant," Natsuo says as his face falls.

"That asshole has been pushing you to mate with him, hasn't he?" Natsuo suddenly asks seriously. Shoto sighs while Izuku nods. 

"Endeavor calls Shoto at least once a week to know if we mated yet," Izuku says uncomfortably. 

"As always, he's always fucking focused on surpassing All Might. Typical," Natsuo snarls. 

"We've already decided to ignore Endeavor and do things at our own pace, so it's nothing to worry about," Izuku says reassuringly. Natsuo closes his eyes and takes a deep breath to calm down. 

"I'm happy to hear that. Don't ever let anyone tell you that there's a 'right' way to go about your bond and relationship. You both may be young, but I can tell that what you two have is amazing. It's weird seeing Shoto look so relaxed and affectionate, but I know it's because of you. Thank you for that, Izuku," Natsuo says as tears fill his eyes. 

He barely saw Shoto grow up as is, and the times he did see Shoto, he was always on the defensive. This is the most that he has seen his baby brother smile. Izuku panics slightly at the sight of Natsuo's tears while Shoto's eyes widen. 

"Natsuo, I hope that we can make up for all the time we were separated," Shoto tells him softly as he points a fist in Natsuo's direction. Natsuo wipes his tears and fist bumps Shoto.

"Yeah," Natsuo says before getting up. 

"I'll leave you guys alone to settle in. It's not cold enough for me to be on this side of the house for long. I'll be in my room of the living room if you need me for anything," Natsuo continues before leaving. 

"Thank you for your kindness, Natsuo," Izuku tells him. Natsuo silently nods and slides the door to close Shoto's room. 

"I hope you don't mind Natsuo too much. He tends to joke often and is usually laid back unless Endeavor is mentioned," Shoto says as he lets go of Izuku and gets up before helping Izuku as well. 

"It's fine! Natsuo seems friendly and cool," Izuku tells Shoto. Shoto smiles and kisses Izuku briefly as he holds his hand. 

"Let's take out a few of our things while we're here," Shoto says as he leads them to their suitcases. Izuku nods, and they spend the next half-hour setting things up for their stay in the Todoroki Abode. 

Chapter Text

It's been a couple of hours since they arrived at the Todoroki Abode. Feeling hungry, Shoto and Izuku decide to head to the kitchen for food.

"Fuyumi must be home at this point," Shoto says randomly as they walk down the stairs to pass by the garden.

Natsuo seems to like me, so I hope Fuyumi likes me too. Izuku thinks to himself. Shoto wraps his arm around Izuku's shoulders and pulls him close.

"I'm sure my sister will like you, Izu. She's very kind, and I'm sure she's excited to meet you," Shoto tells him softly as they near the living room.

"Hey, you two. Fuyumi is in the kitchen," Natsuo says one Izuku and Shoto enter the living room. They thank Natsuo and walk toward the kitchen. Izuku shyly moves somewhat behind Shoto as they get closer.

"Hi, Fuyumi," Shoto says. Turning from the stove, Fuyumi smiles brightly at the sight of her baby brother. Her eyes widen slightly at the green and black hair peeking from behind Shoto's shoulder.

"Welcome back home, Shoto. And who is the tuff of hair hiding behind you?" Fuyumi asks kindly as Izuku slowly reveals himself.

"H-Hello. I'm Midoriya Izuku. It's nice to meet you," Izuku says as he bows respectfully at Fuyumi. 

"This is my fated mate," Shoto tells her as Izuku stands straight. Fuyumi's eyes widen at the news but quickly go back to normal after recalling what Natsuo found out.

"It's nice to meet you too, Izuku. Now, go to the living room. I'm making Shoto's favorite food, soba," Fuyumi says with a grin as she pushes the pair out of the kitchen.

Shoto grabs Izuku's hand as he leads them to one of the couches to sit down. Izuku immediately leans on Shoto once they're both seated.

"Izuku, how old are you?" Natsuo asks randomly as he glances at the pair. Shoto freezes at the question when he realizes how close Izuku's birthday is.

We haven't talked about birthday plans. I should ask him what he would like to do later. It'll be around the time of his next heat as well. Shoto thinks.

"I'm turning 16 on July 15th. That's the Sunday after next," Izuku answers. Natsuo grins and leans over to Izuku for a fist bump.

"I just turned 19 on July 1st," Natsuo tells him as Izuku returns the fist bump. Izuku suddenly fills with panic.

"W-What? That was just a few days ago, and I didn't even get you anything. I'm so sorry!" Izuku says quickly as he gets up and bows at Natsuo repeatedly to apologize.

Shoto smiles and shakes his head at Izuku's actions while Natsuo starts laughing and pats Izuku's head to make him stop.

"Don't apologize, dude. No one besides Fuyumi tries to make birthdays a big deal," Natsuo explains as Izuku stops bowing and looks up at him. Natsuo looks back at Izuku intensely, making him blush.

"H-Huh?" Izuku questions shyly as Natsuo leans closer to Izuku's face. Shoto calmly watches his brother with an eyebrow raised. Suddenly, Natsuo grins again and pats Izuku's head.

"Shoto, not only did you find your fated mate before I can find someone I'm interested in, but your mate is also fucking cute," Natsuo says as he sinks into the couch playfully sulking. Izuku blushes harder as he snuggles back up to Shoto.

"This is so unfair. Why can't I meet someone as cute as you, Izuku?" Natsuo complains exaggeratedly. Izuku looks between Natsuo and Shoto nervously, wondering why Shoto isn't becoming possessive or angry.

"It might be since we're fated. My instincts are calm around Natsuo," Shoto concludes.

"Fated mates are really different, aren't they? Even though you two haven't mated yet, my instincts already recognize Izuku as mated. Cool," Natsuo says both to them and himself. Izuku's eyes widen in amazement and nods in understanding.

"It explains why my mom was acting with you as she usually does with me," Izuku mumbles to himself.

"What else is different with you guys compared to chosen mates?" Natsuo asks curiously. Shoto nudges Izuku and gives him a look that's Izuku understands.

"Don't tell Endeavor about this," Shoto says as Izuku puts his left palm up, and flames erupt from it briefly. Natsuo watches in shock as Izuku brings his right hand up for ice to form on it.

"I can also use his quirk as well," Shoto says as he gets up to activate One For All, making pink lightning-like aura surround his body.

"We train with both quirks, so we can use them pretty well so far," Izuku continues as he deactivates Shoto's quirk. Shoto sits back down as he disables One For All within his body.

"That's amazing. Fated mates can use each other's quirks, so not only the alpha benefits from a power trip," Natsuo says bluntly.

"We can also feel each other's emotions to the point that we both have mental limitations in place for it. It goes the same for physical reactions," Izuku tells Natsuo.

"And as you can assume, we didn't need to mate to bond this deeply. But, waiting too long will cause an alpha's version of a heat to manifest to force the bonds' completion. It only occurs with fated mates, which is why most people don't know of it," Shoto explains. Natsuo's eyes widen, and he physically cringes at the idea.

"How would that be like?" Natsuo asks with a nervous tone. Shoto thinks about it for a second.

"More aggressive and forceful than an omega's heat," Natsuo cringes more.

"I mean, I'm as happy as I can be to know my baby brother didn't have to mate so early in the game but are you guys waiting for that to happen? How long would it be before it starts?" Natsuo asks curiously.

"We want to be able to mate without the bond forcing us. However, with how fast we've bonded over the past two months, it could happen soon. But, we'll deal with things on our own time," Shoto says confidently while looking at Izuku with a soft expression. Izuku nods at Shoto's response as Natsuo starts suddenly grinning again.

"It's good to hear how responsible you guys are with your bond. You would only be able to do the things you do now because you love each other," Natsuo says happily. Shoto and Izuku blush brightly at the word "love," which only makes Natsuo laugh.

No matter how responsible they are, they're still young, and it shows lmao. Natsuo thinks. Fuyumi walks into the living room to see Natsuo giggling and the blushing pair.

"Um, the soba is ready," Fuyumi announces, deciding to walk back in the kitchen to avoid questioning what was happening. Either way, she's happy that she and Natsuo have a chance at getting close to Shoto.


"Fuyumi's soba was amazing! It's on par with UA's soba," Izuku says, satisfied after the lunch they ate thanks to Fuyumi. Shoto opens the sliding door to his room and closes it once they both get inside.

"Yeah. Her soba is the reason why I like soba in the first place," Shoto says as he goes to open one of the doors in his wall. Izuku watches as Shoto pulls out a rolled-up black futon and hands it to Izuku. Izuku takes it in his arms while Shoto takes out a black matching comforter.

"You can set the futon anywhere you'd like," Shoto tells Izuku. Izuku decides to unroll it in the middle of the room. Shoto lays the comforter right over it, and a pillow on one of the ends as well. 
Shoto then lays himself on it and opens his arms wide for Izuku.

"Let's cuddle," Shoto says straightforwardly.

Izuku chuckles a bit but doesn't move to lay on him. Shoto drops his arms and smiles when he realizes what he forgot to do.

Sitting up, Shoto tugs his shirt off, smiling wider when Izuku starts blushing before laying back down on the futon. Izuku happily lays down and snuggles to Shoto.

"Izuku," Izuku looks up at Shoto with curiosity.

"Is there anything you'd like to do for your birthday? We'll be back in Japan by the 14th," Shoto asks. Izuku randomly tenses up before relaxing, confusing Shoto.

"What's wrong, my love?" Shoto asks softly as he uses one of his hands to caress Izuku's face.

What about Izuku's birthday made him momentarily nervous? Shoto thinks concernedly.

"Well, I would u-usually spend it with Kacchan at an arcade or something. My mom would invite the Bakugo's to my house for some snacks and a cake, too," Izuku mumbles.

"You really meant it when you said you never told anyone about what Bakugo did to you," Shoto mumbles just as low before kissing Izuku's forehead.

I never really celebrated my birthday, but I think I could plan for something with a bit of help. Shoto thinks to himself.

"How about this? I'll plan what we'll do on your birthday. I'll make sure to make it special as long as your heat doesn't occur during it," Shoto tells Izuku softly as he looks into his eyes.

Izuku looks back and smiles softly while nodding at the idea. Shoto starts running his hands through Izuku's hair as they keep staring at each other fondly. Izuku starts blushing slightly as Shoto's eyes start flickering down to his lips.

How am I going to avoid marking him for much longer? Shoto asks himself exasperatedly as he closes the space between their faces to kiss Izuku.

Izuku eagerly kisses Shoto back, smiling in the kiss. They keep kissing as Shoto moves Izuku under him. The pair separate to catch their breath as they look at each other intensely.

"W-Will someone barge i-in suddenly?" Izuku asks.

The question makes Shoto remember Izuku's mom walking in on one of their make-out sessions the first night. Izuku got too nervous about kissing Shoto for more than a few seconds with his mom around after that. 

"My siblings rarely come here personally if they want to tell me something. Endeavor usually stays at his agency as well," Shoto explains. Izuku sighs in relief before kissing Shoto again.

Things become more intense as Shoto starts kissing Izuku's neck on the side without his mark on it. Izuku holds onto Shoto tighter as he moans at the sensation.

With how easy things heat up between the pair, Shoto has been restricting himself more often and actively avoids marking Izuku.

Izuku has to actively remind himself to not ask to be marked. Izuku can sense how much Shoto holds himself back, and he doesn't want to make it any harder for him.

Shoto goes back to kissing Izuku more roughly than before. He bucks his hips somewhat, making Izuku gasp in the kiss in surprise.

Shoto looks at Izuku, and Izuku stares back in shock to see Shoto's pupils moving from regular to slits every few seconds.

"S-Sho, maybe we should r-relax a bit for today. With how our instincts are lately, I don't want one of us to lose control," Izuku says softly. Shoto's pupils become round again as concern fills him.

"Did I do something wrong? You're feeling uneasy," Shoto murmurs. Izuku shakes his head and pulls Shoto into a hug, making the heterochromatic teen gently land on him.

"Wanna watch some anime?" Izuku suggests. Shoto lifts himself back up with a smile before kissing Izuku's cheek.

"Sure," Shoto answers as he and Izuku get up from the futon to take out his laptop.

Chapter Text

Ashido, I need your help with something.

What's up, Todoroki?

I need help with planning a small party for Izuku's birthday. Is it alright if I ask for your assistance on it?

Of course! Just tell me what you're thinking and leave the rest to me!

Izuku watches at Shoto continues typing on his phone as they're on their way to the airport with All Might. Much to Shoto's relief, Endeavor can't accompany them due to some issues at his agency.

Putting his phone in his pocket, Shoto holds Izuku and glares at All Might. The top pro hero is sitting in front of the pair and feels a shiver up his spine.

Glancing back, he sees the intense glare that Shoto is sending him. He feels even more shocked to see Shoto's pupils turned into slits, and he quickly looks ahead again.

Holy shit. What a glare from Young Todoroki. His pupils were slits too... I wonder if Young Midoriya is aware of that. All Might thinks to himself.

"Sho?" Izuku questions.

Shoto's sudden hostility makes Izuku nervous despite knowing it's just side effects from not completing their bond. Shoto looks at him, and Izuku grows more nervous to see his pupils as slits again.

After it happened for a second time the same night of the first time, Izuku informed Shoto about it. Not knowing what else to do, they contacted Fumikage to see if he knew anything about it. 

Turns out, it's a sign that Shoto's rut will be coming soon. Izuku's uneasiness forces Shoto to calm himself down, and his pupils become round again.

"Sorry," Shoto mumbles as he lays his head on Izuku's shoulder. Izuku smiles softly and puts his head on Shoto's head.

"It's ok, Sho. I know you can't help it," Izuku mumbles back as he closes his eyes to rest.

Izuku and Shoto had stayed up late for an intense make-out session that went as far as what they did during Izuku's last heat. Shoto does the same, and the pair sleep for the rest of the ride to the airport.

Meanwhile, All Might is trying to think of a way to survive the flight with the aggressive heterochromatic teen.


The trio has finally boarded their private jet to be on their way to I-Island. It had taken them longer than expected due to Shoto's overprotectiveness at the airport.

He tried his best to stay calm, but the teen's pupils were slits the whole time. Once the pair sit down in their seats, Shoto sighs in relief, and his pupils go back to normal.

"If only I could mark you," Shoto mumbles as Izuku sits down next to him.

"Mark me when we get to our room on I-Island," Izuku says. Shoto looks at him with wide eyes.

"Please don't risk harming yourself over me," Shoto tells him softly. Izuku shakes his head and faces Shoto with a warm expression.

"I've been feeling better lately. I'm sure I'll be fine if you mark me, ok?" Izuku tells him reassuringly.

Shoto feels nothing but calmness from Izuku, so he relaxes and nods. Shoto leans in to kiss Izuku, and Izuku kisses back briefly.

Shoto breaks the kiss and presses a button on the handle to make his seat lean back. Izuku does the same and lays his head on Shoto's shoulder as he wraps an arm around Izuku to get comfortable.

All Might looks over at the pair and decides to rest as well. He will have to stay in his muscle form for an extended period once he gets to I-Island, after all.


"I-Island looks so cool from up here! All Might. All Might wake up!" Izuku shouts as he looks at one of the windows on All Might's side of the jet. All Might hears Izuku and rubs his eyes.

"What's the matter, Young Midoriya?" All Might asks as he looks at the green-headed teen. 

Izuku excitedly points towards the window for All Might to gaze at I-Island as well. Shoto is seething at the interaction but remains in his seat regardless of knowing that Izuku and All Might have a strong familial bond.

All Might looks with Izuku at the floating, manmade island that is surrounded by a massive wall all around. They can faintly see the many buildings and facilities within the borders of the island. 

"Look! The artificial moving city inhabited by over 10,000 scientists, I-Island! It's like a dream come true to be able to go to I-Island for the expo!" Izuku says excitedly. All Might glances at Izuku and smiles slightly. 

"I didn't think you'd be that excited but seeing how excited you make me even more glad that I invited you. It will be a fun couple of days for you and Young Todoroki, I'm sure," All Might says happily. 

Shoto looks over when he's mentioned and walks over to the window Izuku was looking at. Even if he doesn't express it, seeing the Island has him feeling quite excited to look around with Izuku. 

"It is really okay for me to come with you?" Izuku asks All Might. 

"There's no need to ask me that, Young Midoriya. The invitation said I can bring a companion, and we are connected by something even thicker than blood, aren't we? The bond of One For All" All Might answers. Shoto watches as Izuku happily agrees and smiles warmly at All Might. 

"Besides, since Young Todoroki is here to represent Endeavor, you can simply say that you've come with him as his mate, since that is also the truth," All Might explains. 

Both Izuku and Shoto nod at that answer. Suddenly, the plane dings and announces it's soon landing into I'Island, making All Might stand up to go into his muscle form. 

"This will be exhausting. I will have to maintain my muscle form constantly once we land," All Might says as he rips off his civilian clothes to reveal his hero costume. In his muscle form, All Might can barely fit inside the jet. 

"Young Midoriya, Young Todoroki, go change into your hero costumes," All Might tells them. Izuku smiles widely and moves to go change into his hero costume with Shoto following closely behind. 

Once the jet lands, the trio exit and start going through the immigration inspection immediately. They stand on a moving platform as the immigration inspection commences. Due to the new environment, Shoto's pupils are slits again as he cautiously looks around while All Might incites a conversation. 

"Young Midoriya, Young Todoroki, I have a question for you. Why do you think I-Island was created?" All Might asks. 

Shoto watches cautiously as holographic screens appear around them with their information and pictures. Izuku rambles all the information he knows about the island excitedly, evidently making Shoto relax slightly as he turns his attention to his happy mate. 

"You know a lot of this stuff, don't you?" All Might asks as Izuku continues muttering excitedly. 

Sliding doors open in front of them as an automated voice tells them that the immigration inspection has been completed. Shoto looks above them to see their names displayed on screens and widens to see All Might's name. 

All Might is referred to as All Might so often that I forgot he has an actual name. Shoto thinks as they walk forward. Izuku pulls him more ahead as they both look around the I-Expo in awe. Looking around, they see the various tents, amusement rides, and people all around the area.

"I can't believe so many people are here even before they officially open to the public," All Might says as he gazes around as well. 

"Seeing it in person, you can really tell how amazing it is!" Izuku shouts enthusiastically. 

"We can use our quirks here as well, right?" Shoto asks All Might calmly. 

"Correct, Young Todoroki. There are a lot of attractions in the pavillions that use quirks as well. Make sure you enjoy it all to the fullest," All Might answers. 

"Yes!/Yeah," Izuku and Shoto say at the same time. All Might pulls out his phone to locate the hotel they will be staying in. 

"Welcome to I-Expo!" They hear. Turning to the source, they see a girl wearing a white and blue outfit that many of the workers for the I-Expo are wearing. She looks past the pair and straight at All Might in shock. 

"Wait, All Might?!" She asks excitedly. 

This causes many people around them to finally notice the number one hero. Right before he could be crowded, he sends a look to the pair, and Shoto gets it, running out of the way with their luggage, including All Might's as he gets swarmed by fans and the media. 

Izuku and Shoto watch in shock at the amount of people crowding All Might. 

"Thank you for the warm welcome! Line up for autographs!" All Might shouts with a smile, making everyone listen to him as they start lining up in front of the top hero. 

"Thank you for pulling us out of there, Sho. I probably would've gotten squished like that time the media entered school grounds," Izuku sighs in relief as he hugs Shoto. 

Shoto lets go of their things to hug Izuku back, taking deep breaths to calm himself down. The sudden volume of people in their area nearly made him use his quirk to protect Izuku. He doesn't say anything as he glares at the people lining up to see All Might. After a long while of waiting, All Might is finally free to move about and wipes the many kiss marks all over his face from excited fans. 

"I didn't expect that to take so long. We're about to be late!" All Might says calmly. Shoto hands All Might his suitcase while Izuku questions what All Might means. 

"I wanted to have a reunion with an old friend that I haven't seen in a while. Would you two mind coming with me?" Before Shoto could decline, Izuku looks up at All Might excitedly at the thought of meeting All Might's friend. 

Might as well. All Might doesn't mention many people who he considers a friend, so this might be interesting. Shoto thinks to himself, as Izuku looks at him for his response. I mean, how could he decline with how happy Izuku is looking up at him right now? 

"He doesn't know about One For All, or how I passed it on to you, much less how Young Todoroki can use it, so be careful," All Might whispers to them as he leans down to tell them. Shoto nods in understanding. 

"it's even a secret from your friend?" Izuku questions curiously. All might stands back up straight as he puts a finger in front of his mouth. 

"Danger follows around those who know the secret of One For All," All Might answers. Shoto nods again.

The only reason that I know about it is because I'm Izuku's fated mate. Shoto thinks.

"That's true," Izuku says as he looks down in thought. He remembers what All Might told them about the fate that the carrier of One For All carries, facing All For One one day. 

To be ready for that day, I need to learn how to use One For All properly as soon as possible. Izuku thinks as determination fills his being. Izuku looks over at Shoto after he squeezes his hand to see the small smile he's giving him. 

I won't be carrying this burden alone, either. I have Shoto with me. Izuku thinks as he smiles back at Shoto warmly. 

The trio turn to the side to hear some kind of bouncing noise. All Might smiles at the figure, bouncing her way towards them on an advanced pogo stick. Izuku and Shoto watch curiously as the figure calls All Might 'uncle' and jumps towards him with her arms wide open. 

Uncle? Both Shoto and Izuku question as All Might spins her around happily. 

The girl who All Might calls Melissa has long blonde hair and aqua blue eyes behind a pair of glasses. She's wearing a white short-sleeved dress shirt with a pink waistcoat on top as well as gray capri pants and a couple of brown boots. Shoto looks at Izuku, who just has a look of shock on his face as he looks at Melissa. 

Izuku always acts so flustered around girls. He only was ever around other males his age until UA anyways with how isolated Bakugo kept him before from how he explained it to me. Shoto thinks before looking over at Melissa as well. 

She is quite attractive. Shoto thinks before shrugging to himself. 

Izuku had told him before that he never found himself being attracted to any girl, and it's not like Shoto has to worry about anything in the first place. Meanwhile, Izuku is merely trying to figure out who is this girl in the first place. 

Is she All Might's friend? She seems pretty young, though. Could it be her quirk? That would be so cool. Izuku continues trying to figure out who she might be as she keeps talking to All Might about her father. They turn towards the pair as All Might introduces them. 

"Young Midoriya, Young Todoroki, she's my good friend's daughter," All Might starts.

"I'm Melissa Shield. Nice to meet you," She says politely as he offers to shake their hands. Izuku snaps out of his thoughts and let's go of Shoto's hand to take one of his gloves off. 

"Nice to meet you. I'm Izuku Midoriya, a first-year in the hero course at UA High School," Izuku tells her warmly as they shake hands. She then turns to Shoto and shakes his hand as well. 

"I'm Shoto Todoroki, and I'm in the same class as Izuku. Nice to meet you," Shoto says emotionlessly. 

"UA? Then you're Uncle Might's students?" She asks them warmly. Shoto nods, and Izuku answers just as kindly. 

"Yes, we're his students!" Izuku answers enthusiastically. She turns to Shoto and smiles at him. 

"Todoroki... Are you Endeavor's son?" Melissa already knew the answer to her own question, but she does not recall the heterochromatic teen having slit pupils or that mark on his neck. Shoto nods, and she looks over at Izuku to see a mark on his neck as well. 

"They're going to be heroes in the future! They are also mates as well," All Might tells her enthusiastically. Melissa's eyes widen at the information. 

"Wow, I can't believe you two are Uncle Might's students! You've got promising futures, huh? And you're mated to each other so young!" She says in amazement. Izuku blushes as she leans close to them excitedly, and Shoto chuckles. 

"You're one of the first people to not question why or how we're mates. We're fated," Shoto tells her softly. Melissa gushes over the news, making Izuku blush more as he gets more flustered. 

"Fated? That's amazing. Fated mates are so rare these recent years," She says in amazement as she looks over their hero costumes. 

"Midoriya, Todoroki, what kind of quirks do you have?" She asks curiously. 

"I-It's a power type!" Izuku says nervously as Melissa carefully inspects his costume. 

All Might watches tensely but slowly relaxes to see Shoto not showing any body language to indicate that he wants to attack her. 

"Your costume is cool, but it's a very orthodox design. I don't see any support items, either," She says as she looks at Izuku's hood and continues circling around him. 

Shoto chuckles as Izuku's face turns almost as red as the left side of his hair. Melissa grabs Izuku's ungloved hand and gasps quietly at the scars on it. 

"Maybe you should refine your costume," She says before moving onto Shoto. Izuku lets out a quiet sigh as he calms down from the sudden closeness. 

"I use flames on my left side, and ice on my right side," Shoto tells Melissa as she circles around him to inspect her costume. 

"That's amazing. You should look into getting some kind of wrist guards to help regulate your body temperature when you use your quirk," She says before All Might coughs to get her attention. 

"Melissa, it's about time," Melissa snaps out of it and turns to All Might sheepishly. 

"I'm sorry, I got distracted," She says before running over to grab her pogo stick. 

"We've gotta hurry up and make Papa happy! This way!" She says as the pogo stick becomes small and attaches to her wrist like a bracelet. All Might, Shoto, and Izuku follow her as she leads them to her father's lab. 

I'm relieved that Young Todoroki doesn't appear as hostile with Melissa. All Might thinks in relief as they jog after her. 

Chapter Text

"I'll go in first, so wait here," Melissa says as she goes inside a room where two men are heard talking. When Melissa mentions inviting someone, All Might walks in happily to see his dear friend, David Shield. 

"I am here! Shaking with emotion from our reunion!" All Might yells dramatically. Izuku holds back his laugh while Shoto watches silently from behind the pro hero. 

"Toshi?" Dave asks in surprise at the sight of his dear friend. 

"All Might? As in the All Might?" Sam asks in shock as All Might goes to hug Dave enthusiastically. 

Shoto and Izuku watch as All Might spins Dave around in his arms before setting him down. Looking at the scientist properly, Izuku silently gushes when he realizes that All Might's friend is the Nobel Quirk Prize winner, David Shield. 

"I came all this way just to see you, Dave!" All Might tells him with a wide smile. This time, both Shoto and Izuku chuckle at All Might's actions. 

"Well? Were you surprised?" Melissa cheerfully asks her father. 

"Y-Yeah. Very surprised," Dave says, full of emotion. All Might helps him up from the floor. 

"We both need to thank Melissa! Man, how long has it been?" All Might asks him as they briefly catch up. 

I still can't believe this is the David Shield! Izuku thinks as All Might moves over to introduce the pair. Shoto smiles at Izuku's excitement as he trembles happily.

"Young Midoriya, Young Todoroki, let me introduce you to one of my best friends, David Shiel-" 


"He was All Might's partner when he lived in America, and he is the one who made all of All Might's hero costumes!" Izuku goes on to rant about each costume and runs closer to Dave excitedly. 

"I-I'm so moved!" Izuku says as Melissa and Shoto chuckle at Izuku's fanboying. Dave smiles at the teen and moves forward slightly. 

"It looks like I didn't need to introduce myself," Dave says. Izuku realizes that his inner fanboy jumped out, and he quickly bows to apologize. 

"No, it's fine," Dave tells him. All Might coughs lowly, making Izuku stand up, and he, Shoto, and Dave glance at him. 

"You know, it's been a long time since All Might and I have met up. Can you give us some time to catch up on our own? Melissa, please show Midoriya and Todoroki around I-Expo," Dave says. Melissa agrees and walks out of the room with the boys in tow. 

"So, what should I call the two of you?" Melissa asks as they walk down a spacious hallway. 

"Please call me Deku," Izuku answers. 

"In that case, you can call me Shoto," Shoto replies. Melissa smiles at the pair kindly.

"You two can call me Melissa," she says. 

Throughout the day, Melissa shows Shoto and Izuku around as she explains what it takes to live in I-Island. Izuku looks around with so much amazement as they walk around outside. Even Shoto can't help but feel excited to be there as well.  

"There's a party tonight as well with all the industry guests. Since you two came with Uncle Might, I assume you'll be going as well?" Shoto nods to answer her question, and Izuku realizes that the party is probably why All Might asked them to pack formal wear. 

Melissa takes them to a pavilion to show the pair the newest hero items being developed by the scientists on I-Island. They find out how much Melissa respects her father as a scientist and how she strives to be a great inventor like him. 

Izuku finds that passion to be something in common he has with her since he is working hard to be a hero like All Might. Shoto can relate as well, since Izuku had inspired him to realize he wants to be a hero, just not one his father is trying to make him. Melissa starts teasing Izuku over his fanboying, making him blush while Shoto keeps looking around the inside. 

I wonder why my instincts aren't acting up around Melissa. She's a beta as far as I can tell. Maybe she's reached her point of maturity for her instincts? She's only 17, but my sister was 17 when her instincts matured too. Shoto contemplates to himself.

An individual's instincts will reach a level of maturity when they are 17-19 years old. This causes them to no longer be affected by the heat of someone whose instincts have not fully matured yet. 

It's why Shoto feels at ease around his brother teasing Izuku. Natsuo's instincts have already matured the previous year, making Shoto's instincts stay at ease. 

Shoto senses someone walking up to them and immediately glares until he sees that it's Ochaco. Shoto looks over his side to see Jiro and Momo walking their way as well. 

"You look like you're having fun, Deku. Hi Todoroki," Ochaco says from behind them. Shoto greets her back as Izuku looks at her in surprise. 

"U-Uraraka! What're you doing here?" Izuku asks her. Before she can respond, Momo clears her throat to get Izuku's attention as well.

"It looks like you're having fun, Midoriya," Momo says as Izuku starts blushing harder. Shoto just smiles amusingly at where this is going.  

"Are they your friends?" Melissa asks Izuku since he's closer to her than Shoto. 

"They're our classmates," Shoto answers first. 

"M-Melissa is just showing us around the expo. And it seems like they've misinterpreted something," Izuku says nervously. 

Do they really think I would be interested in anyone but Shoto? Izuku asks himself, despite knowing that his classmates are only teasing him. 

Shoto chuckles and wraps his arms around Izuku lovingly before kissing his cheek. Momo and Jiro try to not mind the fact that Shoto's pupils are slits instead of round as he looks at them. 

"Todoroki, why do your eyes look like that?" Ochaco asks, making Momo and Jiro deadpan at her. 

"It's a side effect from not completing the bond yet. Jiro, Uraraka, try not to get too close to Izuku unless you want me to freeze you," Shoto mumbles the last part as he buries his face into Izuku's shoulder. Jiro and Ochaco pale a bit at the threat and nod. Melissa looks at the pair in shock. 

"I'm sorry to pry, but you two haven't mated yet? It must have been quite a while since you two marked each other for the bond to make your eyes like that," Melissa points out. 

"Those two have been marked since the beginning of May. Shoto is usually calm and collected, but it seems waiting this long has turned him aggressive towards alphas and betas when it comes to Midoriya," Momo informs Melissa while Jiro and Ochaco nod. 

Shoto sighs while Izuku is still blushing, but not as bad as before. Melissa looks at the pair in concern but then realizes something as she moves to whisper a question to Izuku. The girls watch in shock as Shoto doesn't move an inch to get Melissa away. 

"Do you happen to be a male omega?" Izuku nods slowly. Melissa came to the conclusion since it would be the only reason for Shoto to be aggressive as they described.

Izuku doesn't see a point to lie to her. Melissa steps back a bit and thinks for a few seconds. 

"Fated mates seem to work quite differently. It's fascinating," Melissa says. 

"Tell me about it," Shoto grumbles as he lifts his head and laces his fingers with Izuku's. Melissa smiles at the girls and claps her hands together gently. 

"Do you want to go have tea at a cafe?" She asks them all kindly. Everyone agrees, so Melissa starts leading the way to one of the cafe's opened at the I-Expo. 


Melissa gushes at the group as they explain their experience with working with pro heroes. Their drinks arrive at their table, and they look to see Denki in a suit. 

"Kaminari! And Mineta!" Izuku exclaims as the boys greet them. 

"We're here since the expo needed temporary staff. We get to see the expo during our breaks, and we get paid!" Denki tells them happily. 

"And maybe we can even have wonderful meetings with the cute girls who are attending!" Mineta says enthusiastically, making Momo in particular uncomfortable. Before he can ask about Melissa, Shoto glares at the grape hero and growls dangerously at him. 

Due to the years that Momo and Shoto have known each other, they have a close, platonic bond with each other. Mineta targetting Momo is making Shoto's instincts tell him that Momo is in danger from the beta, and it makes him especially aggressive towards the short teen. 

Mineta hides behind Denki, who's just about ready to yeet away from the group in fear. Momo puts her hand on Shoto's shoulder in an attempt to calm him down. 

"I'm alright, Shoto," Momo tells him softly. 

Izuku is holding onto Shoto's waist since he thought the heterochromatic teen was about to launch himself towards Mineta, so Shoto puts his arm over him and lays his head on his shoulder. 

Denki and Mineta take it as an opportunity to run from the table. Jiro and Ochaco exhale a breath that neither of them realized they were holding in from the moment Shoto growled. 

It seems like Todoroki's instincts have him in a protective state towards anyone whom he has a close bond with. Melissa concludes as Shoto takes several deep breaths to calm down. 

Iida suddenly appears and starts running towards the table, making Shoto lift his head and glare. Everyone signals Iida to slow down, and thankfully he listens once he sees Shoto's state. 

"I-Iida, you're here too?" Izuku asks, trying to lighten the mood. Iida keeps a slight distance from the table as he answers the question. 

"I come from a family of heroes, so we received an invitation from I-Expo, but I'm the only one who came," Iida explains as he robotically moves his arms. 

"You too? I also received an invitation because my father holds some of I-Expo's sponsors' stock," Momo explains.

"Since Yao-momo had two extra invites, Ochaco and I came with her," Jiro says happily. Shoto lowers his head onto Izuku's shoulder again, ignoring the conversation to focus on calming down. 

"Yup. The other girls are on the island too," Ochaco says. Izuku looks at her in surprise. 

"We're planning on all going around together once it opens to the public tomorrow," Momo says excitedly. 

Melissa perks up at hearing that and offers to show the girls around tomorrow, which they happily accept. Suddenly, an explosion is heard in the distance, gaining the attention of the group. Shoto perks up immediately and growls at the possible threat as he holds onto Izuku protectively. 

"Calm down, everyone! It's one of the events that visitors can participate in," Melissa explains. Everyone sighs in relief that it's not some kind of villain attack, and they decide to go see the event. 

"Are you sure that you don't want to go to our room, Sho?" Izuku asks concernedly as they walk. 

"I'm sure, Izu. I don't want to stay cooped up in a room right now," Shoto answers him softly. 

Despite his pupils remaining in slits, Izuku feels Shoto calming down, so they rush to catch up with everyone else. The group arrives to see none other than Eijiro on a large screen at the event. 

"Is he also a classmate?" Melissa asks out loud, based on their reactions to the red-head. 

"Yes, he's also one of our classmates," Izuku answers as he looks back at her. 

Looking down at the platform, Izuku fills with shock to also see Katsuki as well. Shoto sighs in relief to see Katsuki. 

Finally, someone that I can really trust Izuku with. Shoto thinks as Katsuki blasts from robot to robot, destroying them all. 

Katsuki ends up claiming the top rank for destroying every robot in 15 seconds. When Katsuki gets close enough to Eijiro, he hears him mention Izuku and looks up to see him and Shoto by the railing. Katsuki immediately launches himself at the railing, making Shoto and Izuku back up as they get yelled at by him. 


"S-Stop that, Kacchan. People are watching," Izuku tells him while Shoto just gives him a bored stare. 

"Why isn't he getting attacked?" Melissa whispers to Iida. 

"None of us are sure. Bakugo is the only alpha our age who doesn't get threatened by Todoroki," Iida whispers back before intervening.

"And you! The fuck is with your eyes, icy-hot?" Katsuki asks aggressively. Shoto closes his eyes and sighs at the question. 

"We haven't mated yet," is all Shoto says. Katsuki tsks before going over the railing and standing next to the pair calmly as if he wasn't yelling at them a few seconds ago. 

"Eijiro! Get your ass up here!" Katsuki yells at the red-head. Eijiro grins before jumping and climbing over the raining as well despite Iida's complaints. 

"How did you two get here?" Shoto asks curiously. 

"Katsuki was invited since he was the Sports Festival, and he invited me to come with him," Eijiro beams. Katsuki grunts and looks away as a blush creeps up his face. 

"Izu, want to try the event?" Shoto suggests. They haven't used their quirks in a while, and this might be a good way for them both to let out some steam. 

"IT'S FUCKING USELESS! NO ONE WILL FUCKING BEAT ME!" Katsuki yells since he hears Shoto. 

Shoto ignores Katsuki's yelling as he encourages Izuku. Izuku smiles nervously as Shoto lets go of him so he can jump off the railing. Katsuki walks closer to Shoto as they watch Izuku land on the platform. 

"It's that bad, huh?" Katsuki asks Shoto calmly. 

Shoto grunts as a response while Izuku gets ready. Izuku activates One For All and begins attacking the robots once he hears a 'go' from the announcer. 

Shoto watches with pride as Izuku goes from robot to robot in 16 seconds, placing second. Izuku jumps from the platform to the railing, and Shoto helps him get over it before kissing him. 

"Watch over Izuku," Shoto mumbles to Katsuki as he jumps down to the platform. Katsuki puts an arm over Izuku's shoulders as they watch Shoto. 

"Uh, good fucking job, but I still did better," Katsuki tells Izuku lowly.

 Izuku smiles nervously and nods at Katuski's words when they see Shoto look back at them. Izuku's eyes widen slightly when he sees Shoto smirk as he activates One For All. 

His classmates and Melissa watch in shock as Shoto jumps around similarly to Izuku, destroying robots with his right hand while sending flames at the others that are nearby. Everyone watches in shock as Shoto clears the event in 8 seconds. 

"What the fuck was that?" Katsuki asks lowly as Shoto uses One For All to jump above the railing and land gracefully next to them. 

"Izuku and I can use each other's quirks," Shoto says bluntly as everyone looks at them in shock. 

Katsuki's jaw dropped, and he doesn't make a move while Shoto removes his arm from Izuku and pulls him close. 

"Excuse us, but we'll be going to our room. See you all at the party tonight," Shoto says lowly. Izuku gives Melissa an apologetic stare as Shoto leads them out of the arena.