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"I Won't Let You Hurt Her!"

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“Are you sure you’re feeling up to this?” Shouto glances at his mother wearily, subtly glancing from her still form to the door that will lead to the common room of their dorm area. “There will be a fair amount of alphas around, I don’t want you to feel suffocated or-” 


“Shouto.” Rei Todoroki smiles at her youngest child, reaching up to tuck a stray strand of hair back in place. Her eyes are patient and gentle, if not a little humored. Her smile is tired, but genuine as she gazes past him and at the door. “Do not stress yourself over this, my son. This is your pack, I would love to meet them.” 


Shouto grasps his mother’s hand and brings it to his left cheek. The tips of her fingers lay right under the scarred skin surrounding his left eye. “I know you would. Words can’t even begin to describe how...honored...I am to introduce them to you as my pack. It’s their parents I’m worried about.” 


Rei tilts her head as her son glances at the door again, squeezing her hand in an effort to reassure her for a worry she doesn’t even have yet. Truly, when she was invited to this little gathering (not so little, in Shouto’s opinion), she didn’t expect her son to lose his confidence right before the introductions were made. When he mentioned it to her, he sounded so wistful. 


Whether it was because this could be a chance to get her out of the hospital or just because he was excited about introducing her, Rei still hasn’t figured it out yet. It could be an equal mixture of both, as it currently seems. 


Anyway...Shouto, her sweet Shouto, had found himself in a pack. A strong pack, filled with aspiring young heroes who could grow and learn with her son. Who could (hopefully) help him heal from the trauma of her horrible husband and melt the icy exterior he carried himself with. 


“I guess if push comes to shove, I can trust my pack mates to step in. I’m sure none of the other parents will be offended if we need them to back off.” Shouto’s sigh brings his mother’s attention back to him. His hand hasn’t left hers, but now instead of resting on his left cheek, he’s allowed it to drop between them. It’s almost like when he was younger and his mother would hold his hand while they were watching TV or enjoying a short walk outside. 


Rei shakes her head and takes a step forward, intent on dragging her son through the door if she has to. She may not be as strong as he is, but physically strength is not where her power lies in terms of getting him to cooperate. Especially for something like this. Something so...exciting! 


“If you trust your pack mates to step in, then there is no need to stress over this, Shouto.” Luckily for Rei, Shouto obediently follows. The hesitant look is still painted across his face, bleeding into his normally blank expression. “It shows that you are not alone in your desire to keep me safe.” 


That does it for Shouto, and the effect is almost immediate. His mind flashes back to the day that he confessed his traumatic childhood. Izuku, having already known parts of it, was patient and understanding as Shouto squeezed his hand a bit too tightly or accidentally froze the floor around him. 


Everyone else? Not nearly as much as Izuku, but their levels of sympathy (not pity, because ew) and care pushed Shouto to explain everything. It began with why Endeavor married and had children in the first place, and went as far as when he finally became brave enough to stand up to his father. Well, he stood up to him to an extent, anyway. Now Endeavor knew that if he pushed Shouto too far, Shouto would claw back. 


And it was all thanks to his pack’s encouragement. It was all thanks to his pack’s love. It was all thanks to their strength and understanding. 


‘I’m not alone.’ Shouto finalizes in his head as he allows his mother to lead him to the door. He opens it for her when they reach it and makes sure to close it behind both of them. ‘I can trust them. I’m not alone. I haven’t been for a long time.’ 


“Shouto, dude!” Kaminari is the first to spot his entrance, followed quickly by Mina, Sero, Kirishima, and their parents. They had been in the middle of a joke (more like a light taunt to one of Mina’s many acid accidents), so everyone in the group is still laughing wildly and smiling widely. “You made it! We were about to send someone out to check on you. Is that your mom?” 


At that last question, almost all chatter stops. Well, chatter on the student’s part. Some parents continue to mingle with other parents, but it’s quiet enough that if Shouto speaks at his normal volume, he’s confident his pack mates will still hear him. 


Perfect. He doesn’t have to shout and potentially interrupt conversations or draw all attention to his mother immediately. Best wait until she starts talking with others until feeling more comfortable with more attention.  


“Yes, she is.” Shouto leads his mother over to Kaminari’s group and introduces his pack members. In a typical Izuku manner, they all bow their heads in respect to the omega mother as Shouto gestures to her. “This is my mother, Rei Todoroki. Mother, these are some of my pack mates.” 


To say that Rei is surprised is an understatement. No one has bowed to her as a sign of greeting in a long time. Not before she was put into the hospital (Endeavor kept her within the Todoroki estate grounds at almost all times) and not while she was in the hospital. Then again, most of the people who saw and interacted with her were the hospital staff. In their cases, they were either holding something (like a food tray) and had a hard time bowing or they did so in a less obvious manner. 


These children are adorable, as well as respectful. She is so close to loving them already...


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Todoroki.” Mina speaks up, sounding calm, but also a tinsy bit shy. It’s a complete 180 from how she sounded a few moments ago. When the people in the group were joking about some of her acidic accidents and she sounded flustered and indigent. “I am Mina Ashido, one of the betas in the pack.” 


As Mina raises her head to give Rei a welcoming smile, Kaminari takes that as his moment to step in and introduce himself. “My name is Denki Kaminari, I’m also a beta in the pack.” 


Sero decides to take Kaminari’s lead: “I’m Sero Hanta, beta here.” 


“Eijirou Kirishima, and as you can probably tell from the pattern here, I’m a beta.” Kirishima’s shark like teeth (exposed when he smiles) raise some questions in Rei’s head, but she doesn’t voice them. It might be seen as rude and she doesn’t want to offend anyone at all this evening. “We’ve heard a load of things about you. All wonderful things, of course.” 


Rei laughs quietly at that, and it seems that Kirishima’s parents share that same sentiment. His own mother even brings it upon herself to playfully ruffle his hair and joke about how he better be saying nice things about her. It’s all fun and games. 


“I am glad. My son has had many marvelous things to tell me about each of you as well.” Rei quirks a brow up at Shouto when the other blushes slightly and looks away. Tut, tut, no need to be shy about something like that. At least she’s not bringing up the numerous afternoons where he complained about one of Kaminari’s pranks having gone wrong or getting tape stuck in unpleasant places after a sparring session with Sero. 


“Good to hear!” Sero laughs, catching Shouto’s blush. Unlike Rei, he’s not afraid to call him out on it (no matter the potential threat of suffering the repercussions of publicly humiliating the alpha later). “Why so red, Shouto? Have you actually been talking shi-I mean, smack about us?” 


The look that Sero’s parents give him for almost swearing in front of them and some other parents is equivalent to saying: “you’re lucky this time.” 


“I have not.” Shouto’s head snaps up, giving Sero an unimpressed look. “And before you say anything about it, I don’t count complaining about the endless hours that I spent getting your tape out of my hair as ‘talking smack’. That is a genuine thing to complain about.” 


‘Payback!’ Mina cackles in her head as Sero’s face suddenly heats up in embarrassment and he struggles to retort back to Shouto. ‘And you were picking on me earlier for accidentally causing injuries while acid skating! Take that!’ 




The evening continues almost as smoothly as it started. Though that’s hardly surprising, considering that all of the parents have the same mindset. Everyone’s excited to meet the members of their childrens’ pack. In the specific case of Mitsuki and Masaru, they have no shame in loudly expressing their excitement at the prospect of their son finally finding a suitable pack. One that will keep him in line and out of trouble. 


Speaking of Bakugou...Shouto can’t help but send thousands of mental thanks to whatever Gods and Goddesses are out there. Tonight, Bakugou was really calm. Like, really, really calm. When his parents embarrassed him by gushing over how much they loved each and every one of his pack mates (especially Izuku, Kirishima, and Uraraka), all he did was grunt. No explosions, no screaming, no death or maiming threats. Just a quiet, yet assertive grunt of annoyance. 


It really was a miracle and Shouto was probably going to do some asking around to see if bribery played any role in this. Cause as rude as it sounds, he doubts that Bakugou was just able to...remain calm while under his own influence. Not yet, at least. That would come at a later time, after more practice in restraint. 


Speaking of restraint…though most of the parents have said their farewells (including Inko, Iida’s parents, Momo’s parents, and Bakugou’s parents), the scent of alpha still hands strongly in the atmosphere. It’s like when someone unleashes a heavy spray of perfume that refuses to go away, no matter how many windows you open or whatever time passes after the spraying. 


And unfortunately...these heavily mixed alpha scents start to get to Rei. 


“Mrs. Todoroki, you’re breathing is becoming uneven!” Iida reaches out to the omega mother, intending only to offer her an arm of support should she require it. “Are you alright? Are you dehydrated or in need of any food?” 


Izuku follows Iida’s lead, though instead of reaching for Rei, he turns around to locate the food and drinks table. With where they’re standing, he’d have to cross the room to get to it. If Rei’s dehydrated or needs food, then he’d have to hurry in case she passed out while he was walking. But with all these people in the room, he could accidentally bump into them and cause them to spill their own stuff! 


“Iida, back up!” Momo quickly catches a whiff of Rei’s scent and acts quickly. Rei is giving off a scent of distress, and with the way she’s starting to curl in on herself, Momo can deduce that she must be feeling trapped. Or simply overwhelmed. “Give her some space!” 


There’s a slight growl to her voice, which prompts Shouto to growl at her in return. It’s not that he’s angry or upset with any of his other alpha pack mates. Really. He’s actually very thankful that they’re as attentive to his mother as he is. However, the growl emitted from Momo doesn’t help the situation. 


“” Rei tries to force her breathing back under control, feeling embarrassed and a bit mortified that she’s acting like this right now. ‘I shouldn’t be scared right now. All of the alphas in front of me are my son’s pack mates! They will not hurt me!’ 


Rei suddenly feels a sense of deja vu as she tries to force herself to calm down. Shouto had voiced his concerns about this earlier. He had mentioned that there’s a chance that she would panic at some point, with all of the alpha scents in the room and not enough beta or omega scents to help balance it. 


Rei just...she thought she’d be ok. A good portion of the alphas were children, young ones that she would more likely want to help when in distress than cower from. And the adults...honestly, all of them were really friendly. Not many of them were loud, besides the Bakugous (mainly Mitsuki). So, ideally, Rei should be fine...right? 


“I...I’m fine...I-” 


“Here.” Izuku quickly slots his hand into one of Rei’s, beginning to lead her to the door that leads them outside. He needs to make this quick and quiet, or else even more attention will be drawn to them. With how Shouto’s already growled at Momo for accidentally scaring Rei, Izuku doesn’t want to chance the event that Shouto may attack anyone who approaches to try and help. 


He, as an omega, is perfect for this. His scent is non-threatening and as Rei is an omega herself, she hopefully won’t be overwhelmed by his presence. 


“I’ll take her outside to get some fresh air. All of these pheromones must be pretty overpowering.” Izuku’s nose scrunches up at the last word. Now that he’s said it out loud, the revelation of just how true it is is coming to him. The room is not crowded, per say, but it’s still not a good sized room for how many people are present. 


Why did none of them consider this earlier and just rent out a more open space? 


“Want me to go with you?” Shouto looks from Momo, who’s bowed her head in a show of submission and apology, to the retreating omegas. Perhaps it’s just his paranoia (from the prospect of his mother being surrounded by alphas after years of his father’s treatment of her), but the idea of letting the two go without him is...really setting him on edge. 


He trusts Izuku and knows that if his mother is safe with anyone else besides himself, it will be Izuku. Yet, that confirmation does nothing for him. He just has this...this feeling...that something is going to happen to them the moment they step out of his line of sight. 


Izuku looks back for a brief second and thinks. On one hand, this is Shouto’s mother. He knows more about how to act in these types of situations more than Izuku does. On the other hand, this panic attacked because of the overwhelming scent of multiple alphas in one area. Would an alpha, even if Shouto is Rei’s son, help the problem or possible extend its effects? 


“Actually, Shouto...I was hoping to have some private time with Izuku.” Rei slips her hand from Izuku’s limp grip and reaches across his shoulders. She settles a gentle hand on his opposite shoulder and rubs absently at the cloth of his shirt. It’s soothing...having contact with another omega after being surrounded by the scents of many alphas. “I just...I really need a break from this. It’s’s so strong…” 


Rei’s voice trails off at the word ‘strong’ and Izuku has a mini panic attack of his own. He’s heard his own voice go like that when he’s about to pass out from doing too much work on a very light sleep schedule. He doesn’t think letting Rei pass out from being the suffocating scents will help the situation. So with a quick apology look Shouto’s way, Izuku quickly leads Rei out of the room. 


Shouto’s alpha urges him to follow after, but he tightens his fist and shakes his head. No, no, he trusts Izuku. He trusts his omega and his mother. They’ll...they’ll be fine. What could possibly happen anyway? They’re still within school grounds, the teachers are still here, his other pack mates are still here…


At the first sign of trouble, all of them can spring into action. So, hypothetically, everything should be ok. Or, that’s what Shouto tries to tell himself. 




“Thank you for coming out with me.” Rei mumbles as Izuku leads her outside. The air is chilly, but not too cold that it’s unbearable. It’s actually quite nice, though that may also have something to do with her ice quick and her ability to tolerate (even find comfort in) lower temperatures. “I had really hoped that I wouldn’t allow myself to be so affected by so may alphas, it’s just…” 


“No need to explain, Mrs. Toradoki.” Izuku’s smile is so sweet, almost blinding to Rei’s tired eyes, as he looks up at her. His tone is all too assuring, as if he’s done this exact same thing before. Knowing her son, Rei already imagines all the things that this kind omega has helped her son calm down from. “If you need fresh air, then there’s plenty of fresh air to give! No need to try and force yourself if you’re uncomfortable.” 


The word ‘uncomfortable’ settles the two in an awkward silence. The true weight behind that word and whatever stories or feelings it may bring up is hanging loosely in the air now. Izuku wants to curse himself for being so careless in his speech. He brought Rei out here to calm her down, not get her riled up again. 


‘I should apologize.’ Izuku gulps, senses heightened and body rigid as he keeps Rei close to him. It feels strange, in a way. Her presence reminds him of his own mother, but there’s something about Rei that Inko doesn’t have. The list of what that unknown factor could be is endless, considering just how different the lives of the two women are. Not to mention-


“Izuku, you’re mumbling darling.” 


Izuku almost screams in surprise, but he manages to hold it once he remembers just who’s with him. Oh crap...crap, crap, crap! He did not mean to do that! Oh god, now he’s completely embarrassed himself! Now Rei probably thinks he’s creepy and weird and strange and just not someone she wants her son around. Oh jeez, he took her out here to calm her down, but now he’s probably just made things worse by his creepy mumbling and-!

“Shouto was right.” Rei giggles, bringing a hand up to run through Izuku’s green hair. It’s fluffy and soft to the touch. It’s almost like stroking the back of a fluffy bunny, or the neighbors cat who would sometimes sneak into the garden (almost as if he knew that Rei needed company). “You are just adorable.” 


“Huh?!” Izuku feels like he has to do a double check there because...did she just call him adorable? After hearing him mumble like that? It’s understandable if people who knew him thought that since they understood and were used to it. People who didn’t know Izuku very well tended to feel annoyed or nervous around him because he mumbled like that. 


Rei Todoroki hadn’t known him for more than an hour or so. Izuku wouldn’t blame her if she found it a bit strange…


“I never got to thank you, you know.” Rei ignores the confused look on Izuku’s face and brings them to a nearby bench. It’s a really good sitting spot, she discovers upon sitting down. The branches of the tree behind her and Izuku could offer them shade if the sun were still out, but do little to hide the beautiful moon and the enchanting stars. 


It’s the perfect setting for the conversation that they’re about to have. 


“When Shouto was younger...his father put him through the most horrible training sessions and tests. They were situations that no child should ever be put in, paths that no child should ever have to walk.” A scowl pulls at Rei’s lips as her memory guides her conscious. In her head, pictures of Enji striking Shouto, kicking him, throwing him around, degrading him for his mistakes...her child…


Her poor, sweet Shouto...


“I tried to stop him, multiple times, but I was never...I was never strong enough.” Rei removes her hand from Izuku’s shoulder and places both hands in her lap. Her fists tighten, so much so that her nails risk breaking skin and causing blood to surface. “He always hit me away with such ease. And I felt like...I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone. No one would believe me, Enji was a pro hero and...and I had to be strong for my children. I had to be strong for my Shouto.” 


A few sniffs leave Rei, tears beginning to pool in her eyes. She’s told her stories to the many therapists and doctors that came in to try and treat her, still never fails to hurt. It always hurts when she herself admits to not being strong enough to stop her husband. Why would it not? Her lack of strength didn’t just affect her, it affected her children. 


One grew up alone. Three of them grew up separated from him, told that they were failures by their own father. Having to see the disappointment and disgust in his eyes when they tried to look up to that man…


One of them ended up running away. And that was long after Rei had lost herself and...and had…


Had tipped a kettle of boiling water over her sweet Shouto’s face! 


“Mrs. Todoroki?” 


Rei’s eyes snap open at the quiet voice. It’s’s quiet...but it’s powerful. It’s quiet, but it’s powerful. It’s there. This isn’t a nightmare. This is real life. She’s here, she’s with somebody.


She’s with…


“Mrs. don’t have to continue if you don’t want to.” Izuku eyes the way that Rei’s fists are hovering over her lap. They’re not quite touching, but they’re close enough that if he reached for them, he’d probably touch her. And based off of how she’s feeling right now, he’s not so sure that’s a good idea. “If...if it makes you too upset...then you don’t have to go back-” 


Rei shakes her head, turning to face Izuku. She has to get this out now. She has to say...what she’s been planning to say ever since Shouto told her she’d meet Izuku. If she doesn’t, it’ll eat at her until she breaks down. 


“You saved him.” Rei whispers, sounding a little more than a frail flower that had just barely survived winter. A harsh winter, with below freezing temperatures and chaotic winds that would whip out the surrounding plants straight out of the ground. Though, considering just what her quirk is, who she is, a harsh winter could be heaven compared to a raging wildfire. 


“You saved my Shouto.” She repeats, moving her hands from her lap and over Izuku’s. She has to turn a bit so she can properly face him and since it’s a bench they’re sitting on, the position she ends up in is a bit awkward on her legs. But Rei makes it work. She wants-no-she needs to see Izuku’s eyes as she makes her confession. 


“I wasn’t strong enough to protect him, and in my weakened state, I hurt him even more.” More tears slip down Rei’s cheeks, tears that Izuku desperately wants to wipe away. He doesn’t though. He doesn’t have the heart to pull his hands from Rei’s grip just to wipe away tears. 


He’ll wait until she’s done, then do what he’s told he does best: comfort and soothe. 


“But saved him.” Rei’s lips pull up into a watery smile and she knows for a fact that she must look ridiculous. But that hardly fazes her. “Shouto has told me about the Sports Festival. He told me what you said to him...what you gave up to bring him out of the prisons his own mind had forced him into.” 


Izuku blushes as he finally comprehends what Rei means when she says that he was the one to save Shouto. Truth be told...he still doesn’t believe that. Even with Shouto telling him that it’s true, even with his classmates telling him that the sacrifice he made was noble, Izuku has a hard time believing that he was the one to save Shouto. In his mind, Shouto pulled himself out. It was Shouto who decided to hear his words and follow them. It was Shouto who had the strength and the determination to better himself, despite his upbringing. 


Shouto save himself. He did the work, he pulled through. Izuku just helped him realize that it was possible. 


“I can see you doubt me, but what I say is true.” Rei’s eyes sting with how much liquid is covering them, so she quickly wipes them away with her sleeve before cupping Izuku’s cheeks. His skin is so warm, it’s so smooth, so nice to touch. The freckles atop are hardly disturbed as she uses her thumb to draw comforting circles. “You saved him that day, and your presence in his life has brought him a sense of happiness and safety that I’ve always wanted for him. That he’s always deserved.” 


Rei breaks down at that. She’s just so...overcome with emotion. Or, emotions is more like it. It’s like a floodgate opening, the water rushes out with little restraint and no consideration for anything in its path. Her emotions break out of their home, within the depths of her mind, and force her to cry. To cry, and cry, and cry, and cry. With only Izuku there to help soothe her. 


Though Izuku hardly minds. If anything, as he shushes Rei and uses his other hand to rub her shaking knuckles, all he can feel is a sense of flattery. There’s also a deep sense of love and a strong desire to protect, but it’s mostly just...he’s flattered. He’s heard Shouto’s past from Shouto himself, else he would’ve been a bit hesitant to listen to Rei explain (he’d want Shouto present in that case). But...hearing his mother share her own pain, how she was feeling while Shouto was going through what he was going through…


It makes Izuku feel warm and determined to know that both of the Todorokis he knows trust him with such information. They trust him with such a vulnerable truth, that speaking of it or even just remembering it can shatter them into a million pieces. 


Pieces that Izuku is all too prepared to help assemble back together. Hell, he’ll super glue and duct tape the pieces back together just to be sure! They can allow themselves to break all they want in his presence. He will never judge them. He will neer push them away. 


Izuku will protect Rei and Shouto Todoroki with his life. He’ll protect any pack member with his life, but right now, all Izuku can focus on is Rei. She needs his help. She needs his care. She needs his strength. 


Izuku is more than happy to give her all of the strength she needs-


“There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! Why did you not alert me immediately that the hospital allowed you out?!” 


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‘Ok, nevermind, don’t take too much strength. I’ll need some of that to protect you.’ Izuku growls to himself as an annoyingly familiar voice, accompanied by annoyingly loud footsteps, make their way over to him and Rei. Dammit, not something either of them need right now. They were just having a moment, for Christs’ sake! 


“Well?! Answer me!” Endeavor roars and it’s a wonder that nobody from the surrounding buildings open up their windows to shout something along the lines of: ‘shut the fuck up!’ 


“Come on, Mrs. Todoroki. We should go.” Izuku quickly jumps to his feet, still keeping a grip on Rei’s hands as his bottom leaves the bench. It’s unlikely that Endeavor will buy that they can’t hear him since his voice is literally that loud, but maybe if Izuku can get him and Rei to the entrance of the dorm building, Endeavor will be smart enough not to follow. 


It’s high hopes for someone as ambitious and stubborn as Endeavor, who doesn’t typically stop his course unless he gets what he wants or if there are special circumstances. So, Izuku’s plan isn’t very much of a plan as it is a...theoretical goal. 


“Don’t worry, I won’t let him hurt you.” Izuku feels Rei shake at his side and he immediately moves the hand that was rubbing her knuckles up to her face. It’s not something he would consider doing if he weren’t in this state of urgency, seeing as how he was someone who firmly believed in getting familiar with people before touching their faces, but right now that didn’t register. 


Izuku rubs Rei’s face in a soothing manner, much like how she handled his face back there on the bench. After she had finished getting all of that traumatized, angry, and helpless energy. 


“Stop right now!” 


Izuku’s ears picked up the sound of sizzling, very much like how when a hot pan touches water after being on the burner for a long time. It’s very much like when Sero and Kaminari missed in their attempts to egg Kirishima and accidentally hit Shouto. Spoiler alert: they hit his left side, meaning that when he got upset with them, the eggs lining his arms actually cooked a little. 


“Woah!” Izuku hisses in pain as some residual heat catches his arm. Right, forget the eggs and focus on the fact that the Hellflame hero is angry and following them!


Though in Izuku’s defense, that attack is little to nothing compared to what he’s done to his own body for training purposes. Besides, he can just go see Recovery Girl after this nightmare is over with. Or when Endeavor gets the point and backs off! 


“He burned you!” Rei yelps, though it almost goes unheard with how loudly Endeavor is yelling after them. It’s by their luck that he hasn’t just started running after them yet, but...nevermind! Izuku has officially jinxed them now! 


“Don’t worry about me!” Izuku tries to smile through the pain, but his attempts only make Rei cry a little. He’s always been told that he’s not a good liar, though it happens to only be when he’s trying to keep his own secrets. How ironic is that? 


“Rei! Stop right now and come here this instant! I will not tolerate disobedience from my own goddamn omega!” 


Izuku and Rei both have the urge to freeze at that, but Izuku is quick to snap out of it. He’s training to be a hero, he has Shouto as one of his pack alphas...Endeavor’s little show of attempted dominance are nothing to him! Though, for Rei, that doesn’t seem to be the case. 


“Go!” Izuku pushes her towards the door and turns to see Endeavor beginning to jog towards them. He’s closer than Izuku had hoped he’d be, but if he holds his ground, he can buy Rei enough time to get inside and grab some back up. “Mrs. Todoroki, go!” 


“I can’t leave you, Izuku!” Rei cries, seeming to snap out of whatever trance she was in after hearing Endeavor address her like that. “You must be the one to go! It is me whom he wants, and-” 


“Mrs. Todoroki, please!” Izuku doesn’t turn around fully, aware of what danger that will put them in as Endeavor quickly closes the space between their bodies, but he does meet Rei’s eyes. His emeralds orbs are hard, putting the actual rock to shame. He’s determined in his goal and while he won’t force Rei to carry out his request, he won’t compromise with her either. 


“I cannot allow harm to come to you! I won’t! He’ll get through me before he lays a finger on you! So please...just go!” 


Rei covers her mouth in shock, though her lips wobble almost as if she’s trying to suppress a smile. This child...this stubborn, strong, determined child...This is Izuku Midoriya, the lone omega of the hero program at UA. The prodigy of All Might himself, the possessor of One for All. The boy who saved her Shouto. He’s here before her, he’s here protecting her…


“Go!” Izuku cries as his arm glows, preparing for an offensive attack. 


“Silence, boy!” Endeavor glares venomously at Izuku for daring to order his mate not to listen to him, though his focus shifts back to his own omega when she quickly runs inside the building. “Rei! Get back here!” 


“Oh no you don’t!” Izuku quickly steps in front of an oncoming blast. It’s not mart by any means, but Rei is still behind the door. If he lets the blast of fire hit, then she may get hurt. He can’t risk that, not when it’s his duty to protect her from before him. 


“Get out of my way!” Endeavor doesn’t hesitate before firing another attack, this time directed at Izuku. It’s a bold move on his part, especially since there are technically students in the building behind Izuku. Students who could rush out at any minute and catch him doing something no Pro-Hero should be doing. 


However...his alpha is enraged, and it throws Endeavor off. Not only did Rei nor Shouto mention that she would be here in the first place (meaning she would be of the hospital), but they tried to hide it from him. He only found out by chance, after hearing Midnight gush to Eraserhead about how delighted the students must be at the prospect of finally meeting each others’ parents. And then when he tried to find her and force her to tell him why she would attempt such a thing (then force her back to the hospital so he could find Shouto and punish the brat), he realized that that would be a terrible idea! The student dorms were most likely filled with Shouto’s classmates and their parents. If he acted in any way aggressive, then everyone would catch onto what was going on and turn against him. 


Now, not only has Rei disobeyed him more than three times (he’s called for her over a dozen by now, he swears it), but she’s decided that listening to another omega was acceptable. Over her own alpha! This wasn’t merely any omega either, it was the one who helped ‘encourage’ Shouto to stand up to him. To disobey his creator, the person he owed his powers to from the very beginning! 


Endeavor knew he was going to punish Shouto later for his insolence, he knows that Shouto has the power to make his own decisions. As such, it’s ridiculous of him to think that the influence of a simple omega could sway his son so easily (oh if only he knew). But...with the opportunity here, he may as well take it and discipline the green-haired omega brat before him as well. Teach him that disobeying and alpha and encouraging his own mate to do the same will not go without consequence! 


“I know what you did to them! To both of them!” Izuku doesn’t notice that Endeavor is intentionally aiming for him yet, so he takes the liberty of reflecting or taking all of Endeavor’s lighter attacks. Light...because Endeavor is punishing the brat, not killing him. “I know what you did to all of them! Your own flesh and blood!” 


“Do not speak about matters you do not understand, boy!” Endeavor’s next attack is stronger than he would prefer, but he doesn’t even realize it. By now, his alpha is pushing him on. His own wounded pride is his motivation now, urging him to take back the authority that he should’ve had from the start. If not for the interference from the omega before him. 


“You know, normally, I’d be more willing to obey that request!” Izuku finally notices just how crazed Endeavor is becoming. He figures that, by now, he should probably start dodging instead of taking. His legs cackle from where they’re planted firmly on the ground, bending only slightly before he leaps up. “Since you’re the one making the request, all I can ask is: screw you!” 


“How dare-!” Endeavor’s vision goes blue with rage, his hottest flames suddenly spiking dangerously around his body. That brat...that brat! Shouto had failed in his duty as alpha to properly discipline this omega, so the job fell into his hands! 


“I will not be disobeyed, and then insulted by an omega who’s not even close to becoming good enough to be a hero!” 


Izuku will deny that the words sting since Endeavor’s words mean so little to him. But anyone who knows Izuku will catch the lie. Words concerning his worth and his desire to become a hero, someone who helps people, will always be a weak point. A nerve to strike if you want to get his attention. 


And because is attention drifts for just a split second, Izuku doesn’t have time to try and maneuver himself (while in midair no less) to dodge the next shot that Endeavor sends at him. It hits him. It hits burns hurts him! 




Said omega can barely register someone calling out his name as he screams in pain. It’s so much different than the other attacks that he took while trying to keep them away from Rei. That’s probably the most shocking thing about this (and the shock only adds to the pain). Izuku was rather tolerant of Endeavor’s earlier attacks because a burn equivalent to what you get when you accidentally touch a hot baking pan is nothing to him. This new attack? 


That’s something new. That’s something Izuku can’t be tolerant of, no matter what. Not even with hundreds of years worth of training will teach him to tolerate something so...animalistic. That attack was done by an enraged alpha, not a skilled Pro-Hero. 


That’s the scariest thing about this whole mess, and it’s the last thing Izuku registers before his visions blacks out. 




“Izuku!” Momo cries out for her omega as the blast hits him. Vaguely, she can hear a voice in the back of her head, scolding her for possibly being the reason for his distraction and missing that dodge. She silences that voice and focuses on where Izuku will land if he continues to fall. 


“Dark Shadow!” Tokoyami quickly summons his bird-like companion, as it may be the only thing that can help prevent Izuku’s harsh landing without further injuring the boy. The light along the pathway, combined with the lights coming from the dorm building and (now) the main campus should be enough to keep Dark Shadow from going crazy. “Quickly!” 


“I’ve got him!” A dry caw leaves Dark Shadow as he zips straight towards Izuku. He doesn’t bother trying to estimate where he’ll land, he just goes straight for him, hoping that his grip will prevail him tonight. “I’ve gotcha!” 


Dark Shadow successfully catches Izuku in his arms. He leans down to nuzzle the injured, unconscious boy before allowing himself to calmly float down. No reason to rush, not when he needs to make sure Izuku doesn’t accidentally slip out of his arms or he aggravates Izuku’s wounds further by unnecessarily jostling him. 


“Good work, Dark Shadow.” Tokoyami holds out his arms as Izuku is slowly deposited down, eyes wide with anxiety and worry. He looks even worse up close, though that’s to be expected after what Rei has described. 


“You monster!” Kirishima growls as he comes up from behind Tokoyami. He can see the blisters already forming on Izuku’s back and he’ll bet his life that somewhere, Izuku is bleeding. Whether internally or externally...he’s bleeding somewhere! 


And Endeavor, the crazy fuck in front of them, is the reason behind it. 


“You’re no better than a villain, fucking scum!” Bakugou spits, coming up on Tokoyami’s other side. Unlike Kirishima, he doesn’t need to look at Izuku to know that he’s messed up. He doesn’t need to put himself through that pain that comes with not being here to protect his omega when Izuku needed him. 


Bakugou will take his rage and use that as justification. This flaming fucking trashbag fired at his omega. He succeeded in hurting his omega. He’s going to bleed. Slowly...painfully…


“Everyone, get back!” Iida, through his rage at Endeavor and his agony at not being able to prevent Izuku’s injury, focuses back on the task at hand. He focuses back on the fact that an extremely volatile (both in rage and literally because of his fire) alpha in front of them. 


None of them are safe, Izuku’s burned body only proves it more. 


“Do not engage! He is unstable! He may kill us!” Iida’s glasses flash dangerously, the words ‘like he almost killed our omega’ goes unspoken. Everyone in the pack knows he wants to say it, can hear the gears turning in his head. Iida wants to point fingers, he wants to place blame. 


It’d be justified blame, which is why it must be so difficult to resist and so easy to give into. 


“We’ll kill him first!” Mina spits out. The words are said in such an acidic tone that it rivals her quirk. It’s truly impressive, as she’s not someone who’s not known for her words and, rather, her actions. “He’ll fucking pay!” 


“His life will be the only accepted payment.” Shouto is...calm as he speaks, though there’s a deadly undertone to it that would even leave Toga shaking in her shoes. “For attempting to take Izuku’s life, we will take yours.” 


“I was not going to kill him!” Endeavor, for all of the moments he spent in silence, pondering the situation, finally finds his voice. As one might assume, it sickens Class 1-A to the core. It’s still filled with the same entitlement that it always is, telling everyone that he’s hardly sorry for the damage he’s caused. 


Everyone can tell that Endeavor is only worried about how people will see him now that he’s harmed a student as much as he has. No one would care that the brat stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, all they would look at was that Pro-Hero Endeavor (not Pro-Hero for long) had nearly killed a child. An omega child. 


“He should not have disobeyed me!” Endeavor knows that there is no hope to salvage the situation. Even in his current state of rage, he can make connections to his logical brain. He’s in trouble, and this is the type of trouble that you don’t escape from. 


Not by using wealth. Not by flaunting reputation. Not hiding behind the title as a hero. 


“He was protecting an innocent civilian!” Iida makes a shooing motion with his hand towards Tokoyami, but the Jet-Black hero understands the order. He needs to get Izuku to Recovery Girl now, he’s wasted too much time staying out here. 


With that in mind, Tokoyami adjusts Izuku in his arms so he won’t be jostled too much before breaking out into the fastest sprint his legs will allow him to get away with. Momo is quick to follow him, somehow managing to place newly created gauze wraps down on the now visible open wounds. 


“We were all having a nice evening.” Kaminari makes himself known as he watches Tokoyami and Momo safely get inside the main building. It’s relieving to know that Izuku is now in the care of someone capable of helping him. So his attention can be focused on something else. “It was great, ya know? Pack meeting parents night. Everyone was happy. We were all meeting, socializing, was perfect.” 


“Until you arrived.” Kirishima finishes, placing a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder when explosions start to go off in the other’s palms. He’s as angry as Bakugou is right now, but Iida’s words are playing in his head. 


Endeavor is unstable right now. An entitled alpha is always difficult to deal with, but this is a new level of danger. One they can’t and shouldn’t even try to face until Aizwa sensei and All Might are here, along with the rest of the teachers. 


Why they’re not here yet is a mystery, but explanation can come later. 


“You destroy everything you come in contact with, you know?” Shouto’s left side blazes to life, though unlike his father, he has control over himself. He is the one calling the shots when it comes to his body, not his alpha. He has control over his fire, it’s power and it’s targets, not his alpha. 


Shouto and his alpha are working in tangent to bring down the one who had harmed their omega, the one who had tried to harm their mother. 


Mother...protecting her is the entire reason Izuku is in this mess. Protecting Rei is the reason that Izuku is going to be spending a lot of time in the medical ward, in pain and miserable. 


Shouto won’t say this out loud, but the revelation brings a strong swell of pride to his chest. His omega is strong, he’s determined. He’s willing to do what he needs to do to help keep others safe, even at the expense of himself. 


He saved Shouto at the Sports Festival, and now he’s saved Rei from Endeavor tonight. The night she was supposed to relax, she was supposed to have a good time meeting his pack for the first time. She was supposed to enjoy herself, to have fun. Not to worry about her husband finding her! 


“I may have held back after everything you’ve put me through. Maybe even after everything you’ve put mom through, since she’s trying to move on with her life and forget everything concerning you.” Shouto’s foot doesn’t slam on the ground like it normally does, but a large shard of ice suddenly forms right beside him. Mina and Bakugou are forced to back up a bit as Shouto quickly takes the front, ignoring Iida’s looks. 


Iida is probably the more responsible of the two. Mentally, he’s more accepting to taking a step back and, ideally, do what heroes do in such situations. Shouto? Right now, responsibility and hero morale can suck it. His father almost killed his omega. And for the purpose of proving a ridiculous point?’s time Shouto prove his own. 


“But...bringing Izuku into this mix?” Shouto’s blue eye flashes, a murkier color invading the overall pupil. It has a sharp contrast to the scar surrounding his eye, but that’s ok. Shouto appreciates that. It only goes to enforce the fact that he’s feeling positively murderous right now. 


“I’m not forgiving that. Not even if he, himself, got on his knees and begged me to. Which is something he would do, sadly enough. Oh well…” 


Bakugou cackles as the shards that Shouto created start to travel towards Endeavor. They stretch and they enlarge, causing some serious ground cracking as they move. He’s tempted to join IcyHot in his little temper tantrum, but even he knows when someone needs to do something alone. IcyHot’s probably feeling a bit more...sadistic...right now, since it’s his father that harmed their omega. 


Naturally, the right to retaliate does logically goes to Shouto. Bakugou can always get his turn later. 


“Guess I should make sure there’s nothing left of you before it gets to that point.” 


Chapter Text

“I-is he ok?” Rei cries into Midnight’s shoulder, soaking up all the comfort that the Pro is offering like a sponge. “Please tell me Izuku is ok!” The amount of guilt weighing her down is equivalent to if she had taken the challenge of drinking 100 gallons of water. 


‘I should’ve run back out after alerting my son and the others. Instead I just...I just...I left him there!’ Rei sniffs a bit as Midnight coos at her, bringing a hand up to wipe away the assault of tears. It does little to clean her face, as more and more tears are rapidly replacing the ones wiped away. also reminds Rei of...Izuku. He had wiped a few tears away before they had been caught by Endeavor. He had done the exact same thing to try and comfort her before throwing himself into danger for her. 


She had tried to be quick with her warning. She only managed to get a step back into the common room before her son had ambushed her. His arms were so tight around her that she stopped breathing for a moment. Everything was too much, yet not enough. Rei needed reassurance, but she had a message. She needed to get Izuku help. 


By the time Shouto and the others had gotten inside...the damage had been done. Rei took a chance and ran to the main building, where she also happened to run into (quite literally) some of the teachers. Past that point...everything else blended together. 


All she could do was wait with Midnight and prey that Eraserhead and Present Mic would be enough to stop her husband. 


“Young Midoriya is strong.” Midnight turns her head to glance at the door. All Might had just finished shifting from his weakened form to his stronger one when they heard the commotion out in the front. 


From there, everything else (besides Rei running to them while sobbing) had been a blur. There was, naturally, some worry about the possibility of villains being on campus. They’ve snuck in once, they won’t stop trying. Yet, the reality of what was truly going on…


Midnight shakes her head. She’ll let All Might, Eraserhead, and Present Mic deal with whatever mess Endeavor has created. Truth be told, she may tolerate him nowadays...but she gave up on him years ago. That man was something else, and the fact that he’s an alpha makes this entire thing much more stressful than it needs to be. 


‘This thing’ being a reference to whenever he gets himself in trouble. 


“I also have no doubt that his pack was quick to get to him.” Onto more heartwarming matters, Midnight smiles at the moon. As if she’s thanking it for...something. “I have witnessed his pack’s reactions to him getting hurt many times. I have no doubt that even if All Might and Eraserhead can’t snap Endeavor out of whatever mindset he’s in, a good wake up call from Class 1-A should substitute just nicely.” 


Midnight licks her lips at the thought. Imagining Endeavor, a fellow Pro, getting his life beaten out of him by the students really shouldn’t be as entertaining as it is in her mind. Then again...if they did manage to beat him (which, by this point, she was sure they would), then pride would be another thing. Students being able to beat a Pro...not to mention that this is the exact same set of students who survived the League of Villains attack that day. 


Even with the unfair odds (looking at about 12 to one, possibly?), the fact that Endeavor could potentially be beaten by children is amusing just by itself. Add the reasoning behind said beating, and it becomes justified as well. 


“Come. I can see you’re still worried.” The arm that Midnight has wrapped around Rei’s shoulder tightens a bit as she pulls the other woman up. Allowing herself to get lost in thought at the moment probably wasn’t the wisest move. “We’ll go to Recovery Girl’s office and see if there is anything we can do to help.” 


Rei nods and sniffs a bit, trying to push herself to calm down. It’s a difficult fight, but as Midnight slowly leads the two of them to Recovery Girl’s office, Rei manages to control her cries. By the time they reach the door, she’s no longer tearing up and instead focuses on getting her breathing and her voice back under proper control. If she does end up speaking with Izuku, she wants him to be able to understand her. That won’t happen if her voice is still heavily laced with panic and guilt.  


Midnight’s arm trembles as she pushes the door open. Of course, she doesn’t expect some enemy or surprise visitor to jump scare her upon entry, only Recovery Girl and some of the Class 1-A pack members should be inside. However...just because she and Rei might not be physically attacked doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be prepared. 


The sight…


Neither of them know what condition Midoriya is in. When the other students brought him in, Momo was careful to hide Izuku’s body while Tokoyami ran as if his sanity depended on it. Not that it mattered though. The fact that Izuku had to be hidden at all was probably a good clue on exactly what they should expect when seeing him. 


‘Please no blood. Please no blood.’ Rei winces as the door gives off the quietest ‘creak’. It’s almost like an alarm compared to the ominous silence cloaking the corridors. ‘Please be ok Please be ok…’ 


“Recovery Girl, what is the status of Mirodiya’s condition?” Midnight ends up having to pull Rei into the room, as the mother had frozen before stepping into the doorway. Understandable, considering she’s probably in such an extreme state of shock and horror that she’s not able to focus. “And...where are the other students?” 


Recovery Girl doesn’t look up from Izuku’s prone, almost lifeless form. She’s too focused on making sure she can still see the rise and fall of his chest. She’s too focused on tuning her focus into her hearing, listening as his strained breaths continue. She’s too focused on hoping or praying that Midoriya will make it out of this relatively undamaged...that she didn’t fail him. If she were to look up though, Midnight and Rei would get a good look at just how worried, but angry she was at this whole thing. 


‘He is a child.’ Recovery Girl takes a few calming breaths as she sits up a bit straighter. Midnight and Rei don’t deserve the cold shoulder, and the tension in the room will only grow if she doesn’t answer soon. ‘He is just a child...why, Endeavor? Why…?’ 


“They couldn’t remain here without getting nauseous or more upset.” Recovery Girl can relate to Momo and Tokoyami. She’s not an alpha, and she’s most certainly not Izuku’s alpha, but...she still knows what it feels like. Maybe not to their extent, but she understands. “I sent them out to help Aizawa and Toshinori with restraining Endeavor. Having them here, in their current states, may interrupt Midoriya’s rest.” 


“Why didn’t we see them on our way here?” Midnight glances back and Rei and nods. It’s a signal. If she really wants to see Mirodiya, if she thinks she can handle it after hearing that his own pack mates couldn’t, then she’s allowed to. 


Rei spends a few moments contemplating the option, though Recovery Girl doesn’t notice. If she had, she would most likely be on board with warning Rei against it. Poor thing has seen enough violence in her life to last 100 years. There is no need to put herself through seeing more, especially when it’s a child that’s been damaged (which will affect her omega, adding to the current stress. 


“I sent them out a while ago.” Recovery Girl sighs, bringing a hand up to wipe some imaginary sweat off her forehead. With how scared she was, combined with how much she had to rush to save all of Miroriya, she may have well sweat her entire body’s worth of fluids. “You two were probably still talking when they left.” 


‘We were that distracted?’ Midnight feels a strange sense of curiosity, moving towards the window to see if she can catch any glimpses of the fight that was likely going on. A fight...maybe fights? 


Now that Midnight thinks about it...she probably should’ve joined Eraserhead, Present Mic, and All Might. She could’ve put Endeavor and any students who had surrendered to their instincts to sleep immediately. At this rate, it will be a miracle if no one comes out of this night unscathed. Mentally and physically…


‘This will not happen again.’ Midnight furrows her brow and glances back at Rei, heart breaking as the omega falls to her knees in front of Izuku’s cot.


While Midnight was looking out of the window, Rei had decided that she couldn’t not see how Midoriya was. Her instinct as an omega and as a mother was pushing her to do something. Even if the scene was ugly...Rei couldn’t go on not knowing. So she walked over to see Izuku…


“I’m so sorry.” Rei whispered, trying to keep her voice quiet so she doesn’t cause Izuku any distress should he wake up. The ache in her knees (from just falling onto them) is nothing compared to the ache in her heart and in her head. “I’m so sorry…” 


Izuku’s face is fairly pale and while Rei can’t see his eyes, she can guess that if she could, they would be dull and teary. He looks like he’s in a lot of pain, just by the way he’s breathing. So his eyes would probably unleash the true extent if they were open. His entire torso is bandaged up, most likely covered in blisters and scorch marks from Endeavor’s final attack. The white of the gauze’s not white. It’s not what one would imagine when looking at gauze. Some of it is an unsettling tanish color, while there are splotches of dark red in various places. 


Rei has to cover her eyes for a second. Izuku must’ve bled. The top layer of his skin was burned off, so...logically, it makes sense. Yet...Rei had hoped...she...she didn’t want to be right about Izuku’s injuries. 


‘Be strong, child.’ Rei removes her hands from her face and puts them together in front of her, in a traditional praying pose. With more grace than expected, she bows her upper half down, low enough to where her forehead touched Izuku’s bandaged forearm. ‘ strong…’ 




‘Dammit!’ Aizawa grunts as he twists around, barely managing to avoid a very unpleasant meeting with one of Bakugou’s explosions. ‘I should be asleep right now! Instead...I’m here, trying to save Endeavor’s sorry ass from my own problem children!’ 


“Come on y'all! Chill!” Present Mic screams into his speaker, trying to push the attacking students back. As expected, it (unfortunately) does nothing to prevent any more oncoming attacks. “Come one kids...why can’t we all just leave this for the morning?!” 


‘Really?!’ Aizawa would’ve marched over to slap Mic’s stupid glasses off of his stupid face if he weren’t currently trying to restrain some of his students from getting to their group (Ojirou, Shouji, and Satou to be specific). ‘Don’t say it like that!’ 


“Fuck no!” Under normal circumstances, All Might and Aizawa being present would keep Bakugou from swearing. As you can guess, his current mood leaves no room for restraint or consideration. “We’re not done until that fucking scum bag is fucking bleeding!” 


“Yeah!” Mina quickly fires a glob at acid, having discovered an opening in the barrier that some of the new arriving Pros tried to create around Endeavor. “We’ll leave him so messed up that no one will ever be able to identify him as a human!” 


“He was never a human!” Uraraka has tears in her eyes, but they are hardly noticeable with how intense her glare is. For someone normally so positive (besides Izuku and Kirishima), Uraraka knows that she can get fucking scary when she’s angry. 


And right now? She’s livid!

“No human would be able to hurt their own loved ones with such indifference like he has!” An accusing finger is jabbed at Endeavor with ferociousness that, if he were in front of Uraraka, he might just have a finger-shaped hole in his stomach area. “He abused his own mate and his own children for years! Not once did he feel even an ounce of regret!” 


“Mates are meant to be cherished!” Tsuyu clutches Uraraka’s arm, acting as a support for her fellow beta and preventing Uraraka from getting caught up in the fight. There are no chunks of the ground or disrupted trees that Uraraka can manipulate with her quirk. Meaning, that if she were to join the fray, then she could get seriously hurt. 


Tsuyu herself is too discouraged to fight. She knows that all of her friends are hurting. They’re all worried for Izuku and Rei. She just can’t bring herself to act in violence, it will do little to soothe her own emotions. But that doesn’t mean that she’ll step in to save Endeavor. 


For all she cares...for all any of them care...that bastard can burn in hell. No pun intended. 


“Amen!” Kaminari screams, sending a network of charges along the ground. In his current state, he is looking to hurt. That doesn’t mean his shocks will kill the teachers. No, no...that power is being saved for someone else. “And don’t even get me started on the children! Look at Shouto! Look at his scar! He drove his own mate to such a fragile state that she...she…!”

“She found fear in everything that resembled her tormentor.” Iida finishes Kaminari’s sentence, since it’s clear that Kaminari himself is struggling with completing it. Reasonable. “He drove her to insanity. He created a hatred so deep inside his son that there will never be any father-to-son love. He is not human. A human wouldn’t be capable of such evil!”


The back of Iida’s calves light up with a roaring sound, and all that’s seen before Iida disappears (about to charge) in a quick burst of speed is the white glow of his glasses.


“He’s going down!” Shouji’s eyes narrow and one of his tentacles rear up to glower in Endeavor’s general direction. It never meets his eye though, because All Might is standing in front of him.  The #1 hero is taking a defensive position instead of an offensive one, it seems…  


The decision is not done without consideration though. All Might knows that he must protect his colleague. It’s only the right thing to do (no matter how much he understands his students anger). At the same time...taking an offensive position, and therefore ending the fight quickly, would mean hurting his students. Not doing that is also the right thing to do. 


Between hurting his students and ending the fight, to protecting should be obvious which option All Might choses. 


But...that doesn’t mean that he can’t try something else… 


“I know you’re all angry.” All Might’s smile was never present as he entered the battle. In fact, his expression was pretty similar to the one he had when he saved the student’s from the first Nomu they encountered. However, if he continues to use that same expression, then his words won’t have the desired effect. 


‘It’s no time to be smiling.’ All Might grimaces in his mind, though on the outside, his lips pull up into a very wobbly smile. It’s not the best, but it’ll have to do. ‘I must. To at least try to end this soon-to-be bloodbath, I must try to be reassuring.’ 


“What has transpired tonight is far beyond anything that can ever be forgotten or forgiven.” All Might’s voice easily travels over everyone as he straightens up from his fighting stance. He has their attention, now he needs to make it clear that he is not going to fight them. Not until they force him to. “I know I must apologize, not only for what happened to young Midoriya tonight, but for what has been happening to Mrs. Todoroki and young Todoroki for the last uncountable years.” 


‘Uncountable is a bit much.’ Aizawa watches with a weary expression as all of his students seem to freeze at All Mights apology. For the life of himself, he can’t figure out what angle All Might’s trying to go for either. For now, it’s probably best to let the big guy talk. 


If all else fails, his stalling gives all other present Pros time to restrain or knock out the students. 


‘We should’ve brought Midnight and let Mrs. Todoroki to Recovery Girl.’ 


“I should’ve kept a better eye on Endeavor.” All Might continues, despite the look of utter shock or indignance that his apology earns him. Whether his students understand it or not, Endeavor is not the only one to blame for this. “My failure in that duty is the reason that all this pain has been placed upon your shoulders.” 


“What?!” Kirishima’s body immediately shifts back to his ‘normal form’ (aka, he’s not a rock anymore). “What are you saying?! This isn’t your fault All Might!” 


“Endeavor made his choice!” Shouto joins Kirishima, the flames on his left side flickering as they struggle to remain. None of this is making any sense to Shouto. In his defense, all that’s been on his mind before this sudden apology was hurting Endeavor. “You cannot control his actions and it’s  arrogant to assume you can!” 


“He’s right!” Ojirou ceases in his struggling (against Aizawar’s scarf) and stares wide eyes at all of the Pros. “You didn’t do this!” 


“How could you even think that the decisions made by this...this monster...had anything to do with you?!” Jirou covers her mouth in shock at her own words, but it’s not like she’d say she regrets it. 


All Might resists the urge to start tearing up. It’s heartwarming that his students put so much faith in him over something like this. The irony of the situation is that he needs them to not have all that trust him in for right now. “I know you are all trying to defend me, because in your eyes, I am innocent. But I need you to understand much as I too would like to believe it, I do have some responsibility in what happened tonight.” 


An unexpected sharp, clattering sound rings through the courtyard and everyone's eyes immediately zoom in on the cause. Momo has dropped her metal staff and looks at All Might with sorrowful eyes. Her gaze shifts from him to the other teachers as she speaks: “ That’s not true. This...what happened wasn’t your fault.” 


That final statement leaves everyone in silence. All Might doesn’t bother trying to deny Momo, he’s already denied at least three other students. His next move, as of now, is to wait. He’s said his piece. He’s given everyone something to consider. 


‘And in doing so,’ All Might’s smile twitches a bit as he senses the hostility slowly beginning to evaporate, ‘I have begun to end the fight…’ 


“None of us blame you.” Tokoyami murmurs as Dark Shadow returns to him. There’s no reason to fight right now. He isn’t needed to protect or to attack. 


A shake of the head is all any of the students receive. All Might won’t agree with them, because he’d be lying to himself and to everyone else. The more he verbally denies, the more unpredictable the situation may become. 


Everyone is calmer now. Maybe even a bit remorseful, since someone has willingly claimed blame. Someone...who everyone admires and respects. Someone who hardly anyone can see fault in. The shock of such an event is slowly, but surely, proving to be just the thing that everyone needed to snap out of the trance they were in. 


“Young Midoriya is strong.” Now it’s time to start the second part. The part that will either end this entire thing once and for all (at least for tonight) or cause a storm that All Might can't prevent. “Dare I say, he’s stronger than most of the current Pro Heroes.” 


Hopefully, some well placed praise and confidence in Izuku will help soothe the rage of the pack. Knowing that Izuku will return to them, alive and healthy (if not a bit scarred) should be the push that All Might needs to send the students back into a more peaceful mood. 


Then he can deal with Endeavor without having to worry about anyone murdering anyone. 


“Surely, you can imagine that he will pull through. And once he does, he’ll want to see his pack. He’ll want the comfort of his alphas and betas as he pushes forth, not the alarming news that they now have blood staining their hands.” 


At that, nobody shows any signs of acknowledgement, but their scents give away their emotions. Pheromones gives away their worry, while their eyes give away their shock and the realization that All Might is right. If they do kill Endeavor, like they were planning on doing, then they might get in trouble. The reason won’t matter, the sudden overtake of instincts won’t matter. 


All that will matter is that they killed a Pro Hero. 


They might not go to jail or risk their chance at becoming future heroes too much (believe it or not, even Pros have succumbed to the alpha rage that’s unleashed when their mates are harmed). Will they be in trouble though? Yes. Will being in trouble lead to not being able to immediately check on Izuku and Rei? Yes. Will being in trouble negatively affect Izuku? Hell yes!


“Endeavor has sealed his fate. In fact, it’s been sealed for a long, long time.” All Might turns to glare at his now ex-colleague. What he’s’s exactly what it sounds like. “And karma does exist for those who are foolish enough to risk it. I will not allow you all to fall down the same path that he has.” 


Shouto almost looks down at that. He came close to that exact thing, once upon a time. He came close to doing what his father did during the first few weeks of attending UA. He came very close to pushing away potential loved ones to achieve his goal: proving to his father that he rejected him. 


“Return to your dorms. Rest well. Tomorrow, you will all meet me at the entrance of the main building and we will come up with a recovery present for Midoriya together.” All Might’s smile is genuine this time. It’s not even about stopping the students from killing Endeavor at this point. 


Midoriya’s protection of Rei was dangerous. He put himself in front of an enraged alpha that wouldn’t hesitate to kill him given the situation at hand (that’s how All Might understands Endeavor’s attitude). wasn’t for nothing. Rei was saved. Midoriya is healing. Through this encounter, he will become stronger. 


“Goodnight, everyone.” All Might nods at Aizawa, signalling the other to release the now motionless students trapped in his scarf. “Remember, tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM sharp, we will all meet at the entrance.” 


With that, All Might swiftly turns away. He has no worry for Endeavor’s safety anymore (not by the students hands), so he easily abandons his place in front of him. Of course, if he’s wrong about how calm his students are now, then Endeavor will likely be dead in a matter of seconds. 


That thought doesn’t really come to him until he hears one last thing from Shouto: “I think I speak for everyone when I say that just because we’re not killing you doesn’t mean that our views on you have changed. Or that we’ll ever forget what you’ve done.” 


Various nods follow Shouto’s words, but no one (not even Bakugou) moves to attack Endeavor. It would be the perfect opportunity, don’t get any of them wrong, but...All Might’s right. Getting in any sort of trouble for murder is not something any of them need right now. Especially since now they can actually take time to think about how that will affect the future. 


“I doubt Endeavor thinks that.” Aizawa stuffs his hands in his pockets as he makes his way to All Might, giving each student a subtle look of approval. All of them (and he does mean all) can be giant pains. Problem children, really, the lot of them. 


But...they’re still his problem children. And any guardian (*cough *cough father figure) would be proud after watching them stand up for each other. 


“Goodnight All Might. You too, Aizawa Sensei and Present Mic. We all apologize for disturbing your night.” Iida is, predictably, the first to acknowledge how the night had turned out. Knowing they’d all be apologizing tomorrow (in a more appropriate manner), he keeps his own very brief. 


All of the teachers nod at Iida before addressing the pack. None of them speak, for their words have already been taken by their head alpha. All that is left is to return and...hope that any of them can get any sleep tonight. 


Chapter Text

“Ah! Guys!” Izuku squeals as a cart full of food is shoved to his bedside, almost knocking the little table next to his head down. Just by the smell and look of the cart, he can tell that the food on it is freshly made. Perhaps...within the last half hour or so? 


Izuku can’t really tell, most of his senses are still discombobulated. All that he knows is that the last thing he saw was the fast approaching ground, waiting for him to hit the surface and break at least half of his body. The first thing he saw when he woke up...the worried faces of Recovery Girl and All Might. After seeing their faces, he didn’t even have time to ask what happened and if anyone else was hurt before the sounds of his pack mates caught his ears. 


Basically: he just woke up, and then five seconds later, his pack assaulted him with their worries and their mothering. 


“Wait! Wait! Hold on for a sec!” Izuku holds his hands out as Satou tries to shove an apple slice at him. He’s hungry, yes, but he needs answers first! He needs to make sure Rei is ok, he needs to make sure Shouto is ok! “Guys, come on...wait!” 


“Come on little dude, you need to eat something.” Satou’s lips tilt down a bit, possibly intending to pull off a frown. He gets an A+ for effort, for what ends up happening is his bottom lip juts out into a very Izuku-like pout. “I know you’re sleepy and stuff, but at least eat some fruit before you go under again. Your body must’ve spent a lot of its energy helping you heal properly!” 


Izuku blushes at the light scolding tone that Satou uses. If he had a yuan for every time he’s gotten lectured on how he should be acting after healing...he’d be richer than Momo. Well, ok, maybe that was an exaggeration. He wouldn’t be richer than Momo, but he might get close to how much money she and her family currently have. Which, of course, will grow since her  parents do have jobs and haven’t stopped getting paid. 


“I just want to know if everyone is ok.” Izuku shyly takes the apple slice as Satou, once again, thrusts it in his face. This time, it almost hits his nose (accidentally of course). “I’ll eat all the food you want, I promise. Just...tell me what happened after I...ya know…” 


Everyone in the Class 1-A pack is intimately familiar with the pack rules. Since Iida’s request to write them down somewhere has been rejected (constantly), everyone has taken the liberty of memorizing them. One of the first ‘not written down somewhere, but still exist’ rules are that no one is allowed to talk about the reasons Midoriya is in the medical ward. 


Unless the reason has something to do with training, then you can talk about it. It’s fair game at that point, since everyone in the pack can guarantee that most (if not all) injuries obtained were an accident. 


Anything else really shouldn’t talk about it. It’s only really a rule because of the concept of common sense, to be perfectly honest. Many people know (or learn really quickly) that you shouldn’t be so open about discussing the reasonings behind harm coming to pack members. Some packs are a bit better than others (they are, in a sense, desensitized to the violence and are able to cope with it better). However others, specifically packs with younger members, haven’t reached that stage yet. 


Even in hero training...everyone has a while to go before they can reign in their respective instinctual urges to rip apart the reasons for their omega’s injuries. Of course, for Izuku, it’s a bit different. He just becomes a mother at that point because, let’s be honest, Izuku is not someone who would ever desire to rip someone apart. The worst threat he’s ever made is punching someone across the world, and of course, he’s never actually carried out that threat. 


Izuku is strong, but he’s not violent. It’s not in his nature or his personality. 


“Well…” Satou scratches his chin in thought while Kouda tries to avoid eye contact. It’s probably the nicest thing to do...answering Izuku’ question. But given how he’s currently lying in a hospital bed, all bandaged up and it really a good time to answer it? 


Satou and Kouda will feel the wrath of Iida and Momo if they cause Izuku to panic while in this state. Not to mention that they’ll probably spend  few hours berating themselves for the decision. 


“No one else got hurt...did they?” Izuku’s eyes seem to get bigger as Satou and Kouda remain silent, their hesitant looks shifting to full on panic as Izuku starts to assume the worst. “Someone else got hurt?! Who was it?! Are they ok?! Oh god...please tell me it wasn’t Mrs. Todoroki!” 


“Woah! Woah!” Satou shakes his head vigorously and reaches out to steady Izuku’s shoulders. This is not what he had in mind by just allowing a few minutes of silence to sit between them, but he should’ve known better. Izuku’s mind was always working, always thinking of something new. Give him the time and the reason to think something, and he'll be shoulders deep in it by the following three seconds. “Nobody got hurt, promise! Nobody else got hurt besides you! We just...Kouda and I...we just…” 


Satou can’t find the right words to explain the situation. I would you? How do you explain to your injured omega that you and the rest of the pack almost killed someone last night? How do you try and explain that, hoping that it has no negative impacts? 


It’s difficult! It’s not something you admit on a day to day basis. It’s not like saying ‘oh yeah, I stole your cookies’ or ‘hey, I borrowed something without really asking for permission’. This wasn’t something one would find frequent in everyday life. This was admitting to almost committing homicide. To wanting to commit homicide. 


“Look, after you went down last night...none of us were in our right minds.” Satou sighs, bringing his hands together in front of his face. That is the vaguest explanation he has ever given before and it’s not even the most accurate. “Actually...nevermind. Izuku, we just...we all lost it after we saw how badly you were hurt. None of us could handle it.”


Izuku nods his head as Satou tries to explain, quietly munching on his given apple slice as he does so. It’s a relief to know that no one else was hurt. Izuku’s charge into danger may have been risky and idiotic, but at least it wasn’t in vain. But...what is Satou trying to explain? 


‘Does he think I expected any of them to be ok after watching me get blasted out of the sky by a ball of fire?’ Izuku rolls his eyes at the thought. Even he isn’t optimistic enough to think that of his pack. ‘It’s a ball of fire, for crying out loud! Of course they’ll all be worried! It’s also Endeavor, and we all know how he is…’ 


“...but now All Might is talking with Mrs. Todoroki about the true extent of what Endeavor’s done.” Satou finishes with a deep breath. Even as Izuku was having his own little mental rant, Satou hadn’t stopped speaking. He continued on and on about just how violent yesterday got, how the Pro Heroes had to stop the pack from killing Endeavor, all that fun stuff. “I don’t know the details, but what I do know is that there’s some talk on getting Endeavor’s hero’s license revoked.” 


‘Wait...what?!’ Izuku almost chokes on the last bite of apple he takes. He swears his hearing is fine, but still..did he hear that correctly? Endeavor...hero license...revoked?!


“Yeah, Shouto and his mom are with All Might and Principle Nezu right now.” Satou points to the door for extra emphasize, though he doesn’t plan on letting Izuku out of bed to go to verify his claims. “None of us are allowed to be there during the meeting, but I think we can all agree that Endeavor’s hero days are probably over by now.” 


“Wow…” Izuku quickly chews up the rest of the apple before swallowing. Of course, he’s immediately offered another slice by Kouda, but he takes it without hesitation this time. “Are Shoucchan and Mrs. Todoroki ok?” 


Satou and Kouda both tilt their heads at Izuku. The answer seems so obvious at first glance. Why wouldn’t Rei and Shouto be ok? Endeavor is going to have his hero liscence revoked and is likely going to be spending a long time in jail for domestic and child abuse. He won’t be able to touch Rei or the rest of the Torodoki’s anymore. He can’t hurt them anymore. Why would Shouto and Rei find any issue with this? 


“It’s just...I’m worried that Shoucchan will be angry.” Izuku’s eyes become distant as he faintly recalls those moments. “Angry...that no one did anything about his and Mrs. Todoroki’s situation until now. I would understand it...ya know? Why is something being done now? The damage has been done for a long time, old wounds reopen and new wounds being made. What if...what if Shoucchan...what if he gets angry that something is being done now, years after the abuse started?” 


Neither Satou nor Kouda really have anything to say to that. What Izuku brings up is a big issue. What if Shouto gets angry that something is being done now, as opposed to when it started? This entire thing isn’t fair to him or to his mother by any means. 


“I just don’t want to make him feel anymore hurt or angry than he probably already does.” Izuku crosses his arms over his stomach, almost like he’s hugging himself. He was pretty quick in eating his second slice, but since Kouda and Satou were so caught up in thought, he doesn’t have a third slice to hold in his hand. “Not to mention what’ll happen when the public gets wind of this. Can you imagine the questions that the News will ask? Can you imagine how many people are going to bombard Shouto, his mother, or any of his siblings?” 


“It’s going to be a lot.” Shouto’s voice drifts into the room, causing all three of the current occupants to freeze. Just how long has he been standing there? “And I’m flattered that you’re trying to think about all that’s at play here, Izuku. But don’t cause unnecessary stress on yourself over it, alright?” 


“Ah! Shouto!” Izuku’s face heats up quickly, almost to the point where he looks like he’s going to catch on fire. It’d be really funny if that were the case. “How-! How...wait...did you hear everything?!” 


“If by mean how you were worried about me and my mother? Then yes, I heard most of your conversation.” Shouto smiles at Izuku’s embarrassed whine and stands up straight from where he was leaning against the door. He motions with his head that he’d like some privacy with Izuku. A motion that is met with two nods as Satou and Kouda each wish Izuku well, before carefully giving the omega a hug. 


“How are you feeling?’ Shouto eyes the food cart, debating on whether or not he should move it. He would like to sit next to Izuku, but he also wants to keep the food within reach. Izuku missed dinner and breakfast, so he must be hungry.


In the end, Shouto ends up moving the cart and pulling up a chair next to Izuku. The cart doesn’t actually end up that far away from the bed and Shouto reasons:  ‘I’ll just hand him the food.’


“A little sore, but nothing major.” Izuku graciously takes some of the pudding that Shouto gives him. The applies were probably healthy for him, but...if Satou was involved, that means that were at least one sugary thing on the food cart. Safe to say that after everything that’s happened, the least Izuku wants is something sugary and sweet. “How is your mom? Is she ok?” 


“She’s doing fine. Physically.” Shouto says the last word as more of an afterthought. Though it’s reasonable. Izuku can’t really expect Rei to feel completely safe after having her husband chase them last night. “She’s...mostly just worried about you. Endeavor give you some severe burns.” 


Shouto’s hand finds itself on Izuku’s side, fingers idly skimming over the bandages there. It’s done unconsciously, so Izuku doesn’t bother to comment on the gesture. Besides, Shouto probably wants some reassurance right now and Izuku commenting could be seen as him rejecting Shouto’s request. 


The feel of one of his alphas, just in general, is also soothing for Izuku. So he won’t complain. 


The two don’t talk as Izuku enjoys his pudding. Shouto only smiles as he watches his omega eat, relieved that Izuku is already showing signs of being his normal self, despite the damage done last night. Not that he doubts Recovery Girl’s quirk or abilities, he just wasn’t allowed to see Izuku last night. None of them were. Of course he’ll be worried for his omega when he can’t go see him to make sure he’s ok. 


That being said, Shouto remembers what he came here for in the first place (besides wanting to check on Izuku). “Thank you, for what you did last night.” 


Shouto’s fingers pause in their skimming and he reaches over to brush the back of his knuckles against Izuku’s cheek. Amazingly, Endeavor’s destruction hadn’t managed to reach Izuku’s face. Or, maybe it had, but Recovery Girl was able to patch it up quickly. Either way, Shouto really wants to show his appreciation for fate’s mercy. 


If Izuku’s face was damaged by the fire, Shouto doesn’t think he’d be able to look without flying into a protective rage. 


“No one’s really stood up to protect her from my father, you know.” Shouto continues to stroke Izuku’s cheek as his mind wanders. Memories, hopes, crushed dreams, horrifying realizations...they all come down to this moment. “When I was a child, I wasn’t strong enough. the time I was, she had been in the hospital for over five years. No one else, in the general public or the other Pros, knew what he was doing.” 


Izuku stops eating, spoon halfway into his mouth, to tilt his head at Shouto. This is what he was worried about...this is what he thought Shouto might be angry about. The fact that no one noticed, or cared to notice. Izuku knew he could be a nosy individual, but...he didn’t need to be nosy to see that there was an obvious strain between the father-son relationship that was supposed to be present. 


“You gave her hope last night.” Shouto finds a freckle among the numerous ones on Izuku’s face and rests his thumb there. He doesn’t stroke the patch of skin, nor does he press down. He just holds his thumb there as he contemplates his next words. 


Izuku doesn’t know how he should feel, but he won’t question it yet. Shouto’s on a roll here…


“Just...thank you for doing what you did.” Shouto breathes out after what seems like eons worth of time. He must of really not known how to end this. Not that Izuku will judge, if there was a ranking to ‘who was the most flustered when it came to words’ he’d probably be the first. “It meant a lot to her and to me.” 


“I wasn’t going to leave her.” Izuku places his pudding cup down and swallows, a bit more harshly than he intended. He just really needs to get his words out. “You know that. Even if someone told me to...I don’t think I’d be able to do it.” 


“Yes, you are a stubborn little thing, aren’t you?” Shouto’s eyes close and is hair moves in a gentle wave as he shakes his head. His shoulders and his arm twitches, almost as if he were chuckling or crying. Yet no sound comes out. “I’m only sorry that I wasn’t there to protect both of you.” 


‘Oh we go.’ Izuku shakes his head, though Shouto himself can’t see it. Izuku will not let this endless cycle of ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t there, I should’ve been’ begin. He’s stopping it now. 


His bandaged hands reach up to cup Shouto’s face. Because of the way he’s laying, the gesture is a bit awkward and his torso aches from how he’s turned. 


“I’m going to be the world’s biggest hypocrite by saying this...but that won’t stop me.” Izuku’s face heats up when Shouto raises a brow at him. His bigger hands come up to cover Izuku’s, thingers playing with the bandages covering Izuku’s skin. “Don’t blame yourself for this happening. I chose to protect your mother because I wanted to. You being there or not being there wouldn’t change that. In fact, if you were there, then I’d have to worry about you and Endeavor killing each other. You’d both be so in tune with your alphas that you may severely hurt each other.” 


Shouto opens his mouth, likely about to retort that he can handle Endeavor throwing a little pissy fit, but Izuku quickly covers his mouth. He’s not done yet, thank you very much. 


“I know that you can handle yourself just fine. But I would certainly panic at seeing you duke it out with Endeavor, and I know your mother would too.” 


Izuku’s tone is firm, the closest thing you can get to ‘end of discussion’ when he’s trying to be strict while also being comforting. 


“Now...please go ask Recovery Girl when I can get out of here. I want to see everyone else...and your mother.” A bright smile makes its way onto Izuku’s face, followed by a giggle as Shouto rapidly nods. He leans forward, mindful of Izuku’s body, and places a quick kiss to the omega’s lips. 


Though before Izuku can reciprocate the affection, Shouto pulls back and stands up. With speed that could rival Iida’s, Shouto is out the door. It leaves Izuku to cover his mouth with a dopey grin on his face. 


‘Hehe...oh, Shoucchan...’ Izuku takes a few calming breaths to slow his quick-beating heart. ‘Wait, are the rest of the pack going to react like him or will they be angry that I-?’ 


“Izuku!” Uraraka, predictably, is the first one to enter as the rest of the pack piles at the doorway. Shouto is right next to her, somehow managing to avoid the pile up. Good for the two of them. “I was so are you feeling?!” 


“Izuku, are you alright?!” 


“You fucking idiot...what motherfucking deity possessed you to make you think taking on an enraged alpha was a good fuckng idea?!” 


“Bakugou! That language is far from appropriate! And in front of Izuku! While he’s injured in such a way!” 


“Shut the fuck up, four eyes! I can swear as much as I fucking please, especially when he was a fucking idiot!” 


“Guys...move! I’m trying to get in!” 


“Oh have some patience, we all want to see Izuku!” 


Izuku groans and places his head in his hands. Can he just...pretend to pass out? Or actually pass out? That way he can’t be a witness to everyone trying to come into the room at the same time and potential hurt themselves or each other. 


“Yep, I have a great pack.” Izuku mumbles, more honest than he sounds as the struggle continues in front of him. “Maybe to make them perfect, I should teach them the concept of entering one at a time.”