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It'll be fun, they said

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It was a Friday and Bakugo couldn’t sit still.  It seemed that the clock wasn’t moving at all.   His knee was jumping up and down. “Hey Bro, what got you so jittery?”  Kirishima asked, arm looping around him.  “Nothing, you fucker.”  Kirishima smiled, “So, you bringing anyone tomorrow?  I’m bringing my mom as I’m lonely, Sensei did say we could bring someone at training tomorrow, you know, to tell them how much we grew and something about seeing new quirks.”  Bakugo replied fiery and defensive, “What does it matter to you?”  Kirishima sighed, “I’ll take that as a yes.” 


“Who’re you bringing Kastuki?”  Uraraka asked, her mouth going to an o shape as her head tilted to the side.  “None of your business floaty.”  “So you’re being defensive?  I’m bringing my boyfriend, he tried out to this school but hadn’t made it in.  I thought it’d be nice to take him.” 


“You have a boyfriend?”  The whole class said, surprised as they thought she would be single, she never talked about having a boyfriend before, “Well, yeah?  I thought you all knew?  He’s pretty nice, I met him in middle school.”  Yaoyorozu asked, “I’ll have to meet him, make sure he’s good for you.”  Uraraka smiled, “He’s the best.”  Yaoyorozu was bringing her boyfriend as well.  Everyone who hadn’t had a boyfriend/girlfriend was either bringing no one or one of their parents.  They were only allowed to bring one person.  Everyone knew that Bukugo was bringing someone, Tsuyu figured by accidentally reading his text saying, “You coming tomorrow?”  But couldn’t get to the name before Bakugo yelling about privacy.  Aizawa came in and started with the lesson.  In the last few minutes Aizawa stated, “Remember if you want, you can bring someone tomorrow.  They can stay the whole day or not, it doesn’t matter, just one.”  They all nodded and left. 


“C’mon Bakubro, it can’t be that much of a secret.  Are you bringing your mom?”  Bakugo shook his head, “Your dad?”  Again he shook his head, “Your girlfriend?”  Shaking his head, “A friend?”  Bakugo finally answered, “Something like that.”  Kirishima groaned, “What is that supposed to mean?”  Bakugo shrugged, “You’ll see.”   Kirishima stated miserably, “Boo, you suck.”  “You shit.”



The next day, as Uraraka said, she brought her boyfriend.  Yaoyorozu had been a full dad by making sure he was a good man for her.  After getting her approval, he was able to breathe.  Kirishima had brought in his mom, she seemed kind enough.  Bakugo hasn’t arrived yet, making people wonder if he would show up.  They wondered who he was bringing in, not sure who as he was discreet and never told.  Iida had brought in his brother, and Todoroki brought in one of his older friends, he hadn’t had many but he had one.   Tsuyu brought her mom and Mina brought in her boyfriend.  Jirou decided not to bring anyone as she couldn’t decide who to bring. 


The door slammed open revealing Bakugo with a green-haired stranger, looking at the ground, timid like.  Kirishima came in, “Yo, bro, who’s this?”  The stranger replied, “I’m Izuku, I’m Kacchan’s childhood friend.”  Bakugo grunted, “We’ve been over this, Deku, we’re in a relationship now.”  Kirishima sputtered, “Relationship?”  Bakugo looked at Kirishima, “You, got a problem with it?”  Kirishima shook his head, only surprised that he was in a relationship in the first place.  Iida came up, “Hello, I am Iida, I’m class president.”  Izuku shook his hand, “Hi.”  He said as he looked away.


“So Izuku, where do you go to high school?”  Uraraka asked, curious.  Izuku laughed, “I wanted to go here actually but I couldn’t so I’m at a high school like this but for detectives.”  Uraraka continued, “Oh yeah?  Which one?”  Izuku began, “Well, um, VSE, you know it?”  “No way, that’s the best school for that field, and you said you couldn’t get in here?  Do you not have a fighting style quirk?”  Izuku looked at Bakugo, “That’s the thing, I don’t have one so I gave up, I practice some magic though, but that’s just a hobby than anything else.”  He stopped and turned to Bakugo, “Kacchan, I wanna see you fight.”  Bakugo smiled, “Yeah yeah, Deku, just wait.”  Izuku nodded.


“So how’d you two meet?”  Yaoyorozu asked.  Bakugo spoke, “Well, as he said, we were childhood friends though back then, I didn’t treat him as a friend, I regret it every day, and last year, when I got into this school, we were boyfriends.”  Izuku nodded, smiling fondly at Bakugo.  Todoroki came up, “What do you regret?”  Izuku looked at him, “You have an amazing quirk, half-cold half-hot?  Right?  I’m sorry, I only know  you guys by Kacchan’s nicknames, I’m guessing you’re half n’ half, but why didn’t you use your fire quirk?”  Todoroki looked away, “It isn’t mine, it’s my fathers and I refuse to use it.”  Izuku tilted his head, “But it does what it tells you to do, right?” 


“Come on, Deku, sit down.”  Bakugo said, sitting down on his chair, “But Kacchan, there isn’t a chair.”  Bakugo had told him to grab a chair, “Kacchan, people need those.”  Tsuyu walked up, “What’s with the nicknames?  Ribbit.”   Izuku laughed, “It’s just a thing we did before and we didn’t stop, it’s a little silly but Kacchan loves nicknames though.”  Bakugo came back with a chair he pulled from someone, “Here, nerd.”  Izuku smiled while sitting on it.  Bakugo pulled him close.  “You have the frog quirk, right?”  Tsui nodded, “That’s such a cool quirk, how long does your tongue go?”  Bakugo interjected, “Deku, you didn’t come to interview everyone.”  Izuku nodded, “But Kacchan, all their quirks are so cool, I can’t help but ask questions.”  Bakugo responded, “You can see them when we’re training.” 


Aizawa came in and everyone stood up.  “Hello class, hopefully, you brought someone, we’re going to the training room, Izuku, what’re you doing here?”  Izuku blushed, hating the eyes he felt, “Oh hi Eraserhead, I’m here with Kacchan, did you have to point me out here?”  He awkwardly laughed.  Aizawa spoke up, explaining the situations, “As Izuku is aspiring to be a detective, he goes on cases sometimes and sometimes I’m there as well.”  Izuku grew closer to Bakugo.



They were at the training room, Izuku was on the sidelines, ready to write down everything he sees.  Bakugo stated, “Are you ready to see how amazing I am?”  Izuku nodded, “Yeah, I can’t wait.”  Izuku smiled, hugging him before Bakugo left.  “So, Izuku, what do you know me as?”  Uraraka asked.  Izuku thought, “What’s your quirk?  I can tell by the nicknames.”  Uraraka demonstrated, “I can make things float, see?”  She touched her shoe and it went flying, after she dropped it to her hand, “Woah, that’s so cool, how long can you do that for?  Is it for only objects or can you do it with people too?”  Uraraka stated, “I can do it for two hours now before feeling sick and I can pick up people.”  Uraraka found it entertaining when Izuku wrote it down, fast, “Oh, if you can float things, Kacchan calls you Floaty Girl, what is your name?” 

“Uraraka Ochako.” 


There was a large boom and Izuku got up, smiling, looking at Bakugo.  “He’s cool, isn’t he?”  Izuku stated, looking at Uraraka, “I guess, but isn’t he scary?”  Uraraka asked.  Izuku shook his head, “No, he came so far since we were young, everyone has there rough edges, he just doesn’t want to hide them.” 


“Kacchan, you were so amazing, you grew so much,”  Izuku said, looking up to Kacchan with his fists in front of him.  Bakugo had rubbed his hand on Izuku’s head.  Uraraka never knew Bakugo had such a soft spot.  The next person to go was Uraraka.  Izuku grabbed his notebook getting ready to write.  He sat on the floor to the wall, out of her way as she started to stretch to get ready to fight the robot.  Bakugo was next to him so Izuku had laid his back on his chest in between his legs.  Uraraka began and so did he with writing.  Urakaka had tapped the robot and it floated to the ceiling.  “Hey, what’d you write?”  Ururaka asked, smiling kindly, seeing him.  Izuku showed her the notebook, “Woah, you wrote so much after one battle that lasted ten seconds, you’ll make a great detective with those skills.”  Izuku blushed to say thanks. 


Aizawa told the class that in order to get used to new quirks, they should find other people to see they work their quirks, so if a villain with a similar quirk they would know what to do.  Thankfully he said whoever was partnered with Izuku would know almost every quirk.  But, as no one wanted this one person, he got Mineta. 


Izuku started, “I don’t have a quirk but we can—” Mineta had cut him off, “Save it, this is pointless now.  Is being quirkless an actual thing or do you have such a weak quirk that you’re ashamed of it?”  Izuku’s eyes widened, not sure how to answer, “What?  Um, it’s a thing, I don’t, I don’t have a quirk.”  Mineta nodded, “That must truly suck, I would already have committed suicide by now if I didn’t have a quirk.”  Izuku tried to reason with him, “It’s not all that bad, I have qualities making up for it.”  Mineta never listened to reason, “Oh really?  I don’t know, whatever your qualities are, someone with a quirk that is like that would be better, how do you deal with that?  Knowing that you’ve been lying to yourself saying you have qualities that make up for it?” 

“Wait, what?”


“I’m not trying to be mean,” Mineta began, “all I’m saying is that quirkless people shouldn’t be able to do a lot of things as there are people with quirks that will do a much more efficient job at it, and as I said, if I had no quirk, I would have already been jumping off a building.  And don’t get me started on that fag relationship you have, you’ll get through this unnatural phase.”  Izuku had enough, he stood up from where he sat and shouted, “Enough, you know nothing.”  There was dead silence, but Izuku was caught up in his anger, “You can’t say that shit without consequences, I can’t believe you said that thinking it was the right thing to do, are you that naïve?”  Bakugo was already there, right behind Izuku, “Deku, what the hell did he do?”  Izuku turned his body, hugging him, “Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan, why is he so mean?”


“Hey, I told you I wasn’t trying to be mean,”  Mineta said, raising his hands.  Bakugo looked at Izuku, “What the hell did that fucker say to you?”  Izuku sucked in a breath as tears came down, “He said that quirkless people were useless to society, Kacchan, and if he was quirkless he would have already committed suicide, Kacchan, I’m not useless, am I?”  Bakugo shook his head, “No, you’re the most useful person there is, you helped solve so many cases and you’re only in high school.  You managed to find ten missing children in the matter of a month all by yourself.”  Izuku nodded, rubbing his eyes, “Now let me get rid of this fucker.”  Izuku had refrained him, “Kacchan, he’s naïve, he probably doesn’t know what he was talking about, let’s just leave it.”  Mineta was already cowering, “No, this bitch shouldn’t be allowed to live.”  Aizawa came up and told him to leave to the principles office. 


“Kacchan, I wanna go home, I don’t wanna be here.”  Izuku said Bakugo nodded, “Yeah, I’ll get my things.”  Izuku shook his head, “It’s fine if you don’t come with me, I’ll be fine.”  Bakugo knew that look in his eyes, “Hell no, do you think I’ll just leave you after that?”  Izuku responded, “I suppose not.”  Before Izuku left he told the class he hoped to meet again with a more better ending and left with Bakugo’s hand wrapped around his shoulder.


When they got to his home, Izuku said, “I wanna go to sleep now.”  Bakugo nodded and that’s what they did for the rest of the day.  Izuku curled up in Bakugo’s arms, breathing softly. 


It is safe to say that Mineta is never coming back.