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Goromi is now Online!

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On a rainy evening in Kamurocho...

...Kiryu said a few words of parting to the man about to give up his girlfriend for chat girls and entered the little cubicle designed to give him a semblance of privacy from the other men using the internet café. There was no door, and the cubicle held only a chair and a small desk with a computer monitor, mouse, and keyboard on top of it.

Kiryu was no stranger to the girls of the nightlife of Kamurocho, to say the least; he’d spent his share of evenings chatting with women at hostess clubs, making small talk with the bartenders at cross-dressing bars, and talking with the girls at the telephone club. This whole livechat thing seemed to be a modern twist on a classic that Kiryu was very familiar with—basically, talking with cute girls and making them feel comfortable. The only differences here were that he didn’t have a drink in his hand, and the women were taking off their clothes.

Kiryu took his seat in front of the computer, carefully typing in the url for the live chat rooms. A couple of portraits of well-dressed girls posing for the camera loaded onto the page.

“I’m not sure who to pick, but…guess they’re all cute.” Kiryu thought, and clicked on a photo of a mature, blonde, extravagant-looking woman.

The video feed loaded in quickly. The feed was of a very plain room with a wooden chair in the middle of it. The blonde woman sat in that chair, wearing an expensive-looking coat. Kiryu could see some pink peeking through the brown fur of the coat at the top where the dress climbed up her neck. She had on huge gold costume earrings and bracelets, and she wore her hair in huge blonde curls which grew past her shoulders. One loose sausage curl hung down over her face, giving her a sultry, Jessica Rabbit-type look.

“She’s so flashy,” Kiryu thought. “But she reminds me of someone…”

“Hi everyone~” the woman said, waving at the camera. Her voice had a slightly familiar edge to it as well.

countryBoy: take it off!!
hikaru_genji: you’re so beautiful…

“Wow, so needy in the chat already…” the woman said, giggling behind her hand. “We’re just getting started, boys!”

Kiryu: Hi there.

“Hi to you, Kiryu-chan. You sound so sweet…!”

eggplants4sale: You’re so pretty— (´∀`)♡
Kiryu: You’re gorgeous.

“Aw, thank you!!” the woman said, playing with one of her huge curls. “…Wait, O-M-G, I totally forgot to introduce myself!!” she giggled, making a double peace sign and winking at the camera. “My name is Goromi~ Please treat me kindly♡”

“…Goromi…? Her name sounds kinda familiar too…maybe I’ve seen a video of her before…?” Kiryu thought. “Although I’m pretty sure I would have remembered someone like her…Maybe I met her at one of the cross-dressing bars I’ve been to…?” It wouldn’t be impossible…and he hadn’t been in years, so it wouldn’t be unlikely that he’d forget a few faces.

Kiryu: You are so cute.

“Ufufu~ Thank you Kiryu-chan…” Goromi pulled the fur up to her face and smiled from behind it.

countryBoy: she’s beyond cute
hikaru_genji: i’ve never seen her on here before?
countryBoy: she’s gotta be new…i would’ve remembered a girl like her for sure
eggplants4sale: You don’t see many girls of this level around just anywhere… (( ゜◇゜)

“Yeah, its my first time on here,” Goromi said. “I hope you boys will be gentle with me~”

hikaru_genji: no promises!
Kiryu: If you’re a good girl…

Goromi hides her mouth behind her hand for a moment before revealing her gentle smile. “Oh Kiryu-chan…of course I will be.”

hikaru_genji: maybe we don’t want a good girl tho
countryBoy: alright, enough talk…get to the good stuff

“Looks like we have a very impatient little piggy in the audience today!!” Goromi said. “Keep your pants on, at least for a little while!” Goromi let out a shrill cackle for just a second before she put her hand in front of her mouth and giggled.

“Well, she’s definitely fun,” Kiryu thought. “And there’s something about her that makes me feel comfortable. It’s hard to believe it’s her first time doing this.”

“What do you boys want to see first…?” Goromi said, running her hands down her coat, teasing with the bottom of it. Kiryu could just barely see a sliver of pink skirt above the edge of the frame.

countryBoy: i wanna see goromi’s TITTIES!!
eggplants4sale: Take off your coat first. (/∇\*)。o○♡

“Alright, gotta cheer her on,” Kiryu thought, readying his typing fingers for serious work.

Kiryu: Your toes.

Goromi’s visible eye widened noticeably at the chat. “Wow, Kiryu-chan, you’re such a perv~ But okay.” She stood up, and adjusted the camera down so that the frame was focused on the long line of her legs and her bright pink pumps.

countryBoy: check out those legs…
countryBoy: goromi is BUILT!!!

“I walked around in these heels aaaaall day,” Goromi said, undoing the buckles on her shoes. Her hands were large and elegant, and she had her nails done in a cute shade of blue. “I had a date but he stood me up…I spent the whole day wandering around town looking for trouble instead.”

hikaru_genji: i’d kill to get tea with goromi-chan
countryBoy: someone ditched goromi??
eggplants4sale: Now we get to see her so I’m fine with it. d=(´▽`)=b
countryBoy: only an idiot would pass her up

“Now I’m so sore…” Goromi moaned, tracing her foot as she lifts it out of her shoe. “If only I had a big, strong man to massage me…”

It only seemed right for Kiryu to offer.

Kiryu: I’ll do it.

“Oh really, Kiryu-chan? Well, if you insist…” Goromi extended her stockinged foot towards the camera.

“She does have gorgeous feet,” Kiryu thought. “Though it certainly doesn’t seem like she’s shied away from hard work, either. I wonder what she does for a living.”

Kiryu: Rub rub rub.
hikaru_genji: lucky bastard!!
countryBoy: i wanna suck goromi’s toes…sooooo bad

Goromi moaned, as if Kiryu really had his hands on her foot. Kiryu had to commend her acting skills, especially for a first-timer. “Harder…oh, that feels so good Kiryu-chan…!!”

Kiryu: I can get harder…
countryBoy: me toooo hehehehe
hikaru_genji: not harder than i am!!

Goromi sighed, lowering her foot. “Wow, Kiryu-chan…thank you for that ♡” She adjusted the camera back up and winked, looking genuinely satisfied.

Kiru: My pleasure.
eggplants4sale: Thank you Goromi (๑>ᴗ<๑)
countryBoy: goromi give me your shoes i want to sniff themmmm

Goromi ran her hands up her stockings and breathed deeply. “Well…what do you boys want to see next?”

hikaru_genji: didn’t someone already say titties?
eggplants4sale: Oh, I can’t even choose…

Kiryu hardly had to think before typing his next response out.

Kiryu: Panties.

“Straight there, huh? Well, I can’t fault ‘ya for being impatient.” Goromi stood up and moved a little closer, the camera centering on her hips and thighs.

Kiryu hardly noticed himself redden as he watched the screen.

hikaru_genji: youre so sexy goromi
eggplants4sale: Wow, we’re truly lucky in the chat today… (♡´౪`♡)

Goromi took a second to finger the upper hem of her stockings before her fingers slid under her skirt from the sides, ratcheting up her dress just high enough that Kiryu gulped unconsciously. She let her hands tease the hem of her skirt, not showing anything yet except bare thigh. She had lean, muscled legs that seemed impossible for a woman of her age.

“She just keeps getting more interesting,” Kiryu thought. “She must be some kind of athlete to get a body like that...or she could practice martial arts maybe.” Kiryu happily imagined spending an evening teaching a few judo throws very thoroughly to a strong woman like Goromi.

“Is that all you wanted, boys?” Goromi teased. “Are you satisfied?”

countryBoy: we want more!!!
hikaru_genji: goromi, we want to see everything
countryBoy: please show us your cock goromi

“Well, patience is a virtue, my little piggies!” Goromi laughed as she got a better grip on her skirt. “But I can understand how you feel…”

Kiryu found himself unusually excited to see what was coming next. His next message was part “cheering her on” and part genuine.

Kiryu: Keep it coming!

“Keep your eyes open, Kiryu-chan…” Goromi slid her skirt up farther, revealing her panties stitch by stitch. Kiryu had to adjust himself in the vaguely uncomfortable café chair as he watched. Second by second it was revealed—Goromi was wearing a pink string thong which left very little to the imagination. Kiryu could see the outline of Goromi’s soft cock through the thin fabric.

Kiryu: Nice.
eggplants4sale: Holy shit ⊙0⊙

Goromi grinned, sat back down on the chair with her legs spread and her skirt hiked up past her hips. “Do you like it?” Her crotch was perfectly framed and impossible to look away from.

countryBoy: i love it!!!
hikaru_genji: i want to see even more
Kiryu: Can I touch?

“Oh Kiryu-chan, you’re so forward!” Goromi said, running her hands up her coat and stretching herself out, letting her hips cant forward in the chair. “Okay…but only if promise to satisfy me~”

Kiryu: Of course.
eggplants4sale: I wanna touch too.
hikaru_genji: does goromi-chan like it rough??

“How would you touch me, Kiryu-chan?”

Kiryu: Gently.
Kiryu: At first…

Goromi laughed and leaned forward in the chair. “Is that a promise??” she said, with a massive grin on her face.

Goromi looked like a woman who could take a lot of punishment. Not that Kiryu was a sadist...but he liked giving girls what they wanted, and he thought Goromi would want a strong hand.

hikaru_genji: i knew u liked it rough…
countryBoy: i’d do anything for you goromi
countryBoy: ANYTHING!!! i’m serious

Kiryu imagined taking Goromi to a hotel room, pinning her to the mattress with his body and letting his hands grip her thighs as he spread them. He gulped and wiped his forehead. It was rare for him to get this physically interested during a first meeting with a girl...but maybe it was this new live chat system that was getting to him.

Goromi rubbed her hands against her thighs, framing her cock and letting her hands brush against the string ties of her panties. She pushed her arms up against her chest and leaned forward, putting her clothed chest on display. The pink fabric was stretched tight over substantial muscles. “I should save the full show for another day…”

countryBoy: i’m getting blue balls
countryBoy: we want to see your boobies goromi
hikaru_genji: let me pinch your nipples goromi-chan
hikaru_genji: i promise you’ll like it
eggplants4sale: Give us everything Goromi!! (^・ω・^ )
Kiryu: More more more.

Goromi grinned and her eyes glinted. “Well, if you insist…since you boys have been treating me so nice, I’ll give you the full Goromi experience~!”

eggplants4sale: Here it comes…..(´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Goromi turned around, legs spread straddling the back of her chair. She let her fur coat fall, piling on the ground below frame. The dress’s zipper began at the base of her neck and ran down her back, tracing the muscles there, all the way to her waist.

Goromi’s arm raised up behind her back, her hand reaching towards the zipper tab. She started pulling it down slowly and got faster and faster, as if each tooth of the zipper was a beat of a drumroll.

Kiryu’s body reacted before his brain—and he suddenly found himself in a cold sweat, muscles tensed, with his heart pounding in his chest as he stared down the Hannya.

Goromi turned around and grinned. She let her voice go low. “Surprise, Kiryu-chan.”

A thousand half-thoughts raced through Kiryu’s head like “I can’t believe he actually“ and “there was that one night at the hostess club eleven years ago“ and “oh my god i said so many things” and “wasn’t he in jail?” and “what on earth should I do now

countryBoy: goromi’s a yakuza?
hikaru_genji: scary….but she’s still sexy lol
hikaru_genji: kill me goromi-chan
eggplants4sale: Don’t say that or she might actually do it (´꒳`∗)
countryBoy: no wonder she’s so S!

Kiryu was still staring blankly at the screen when Goromi spoke up again and said, with a wink: “Stay online, Kiryu-chan. I think these boys want to see s’more skin.”

countryBoy: i wanna see your titties!!
hikaru_genji: yeah we were promised titties
hikaru_genji: i don’t think i’ve ever seen yakuza tits
countryBoy: …have you never watched a yakuza film? they always have tits out
hikaru_genji: i mean irl obviously

Goromi cackled. “Y’know, Kiryu-chan has already seen ‘em!! And in the flesh too. Haven’t you?”

countryBoy: so you actually know this guy?
hikaru_genji: is he your bf, goromi-chan?

“Not my boyfriend, no…but he’s always really physical with me.” Goromi still didn’t turn around, talking to the camera from over her shoulder.

hikaru_genji: bastard
hikaru_genji: he doesn’t deserve you goromi-chan
eggplants4sale: I’ll get physical with you ヾ(・ω・。)シ

“No response, Kiryu-chan?” Goromi says, pouting at the camera. “Why, you don’t want to see my titties anymore?”

Kiryu pauses above the keyboard, no idea what to type. Maybe he should just turn off the computer...except, thinking about it, he had no idea how.

Goromi puts a finger to her lips and mimes thinking. “So…you’re denying my generous gift of bare titties?”

Kiryu, still in a state of heavy shock, heaves a sigh and looks down at the keyboard. He got himself into this situation…he’ll have to get himself out of it too. With as much dignity as he can possibly manage.

Kiryu: Let’s see them then.

Goromi’s face lit up, her eye wide and showing all her teeth. “Oh, Kiryu-chan, I knew you’d come around!” She lifted a leg and twisted around all in one smooth motion, baring her chest to the camera. She lifted her arms behind her head to put herself totally on display. “Like what you see?”

With the tattoo fully revealed, it was patently obvious who Kiryu was staring down. He mentally chastised himself for not recognizing her sooner. How many blonde, one-eyed, six-foot-tall women could there possibly be in Kamurocho?

eggplants4sale: Worth the wait!! (′͈∨‵͈♡) ̊
hikaru_genji: oh goromi-chan…
countryBoy: it’s like i died and went to heaven
hikaru_genji: do you think goromi belongs to some yakuza boss or do i have a chance?
eggplants4sale: Well I don’t know about the boss, but you definitely don’t have a chance. (^・ω・^ )
hikaru_genji: hey screw you man
hikaru_genji: you don’t know that for sure
countryBoy: bro, you don’t have the balls to get with a woman like goromi

Goromi let out a piercing shriek of laughter. Kiryu thought he could hear it from behind him too. “Was there an echo just now…?” He felt a shiver go down his spine.

The video feed cut out suddenly and Kiryu heard the sound of a door slamming open somewhere behind him. There was a clatter of chairs being turned over and grunts of people being pushed aside. He turned around slowly to see a flash of blonde hair as Goromi leaned into the open door of his little cubicle.

“Found ‘ya, Kiryu-chan!!”

Kiryu was still coming out of the original shock, so much so that this barely even surprised him. “...Majima-san?”

“Took ‘ya long enough, babe.” Goromi slipped into a lower voice for a moment.

Kiryu hardly knew where to start. “…I thought you were in jail?”

Goromi shook her head and let a grin spread over her face. “Let’s just say…rumors of my incarceration were greatly exaggerated. And I really wanted ‘ta see ‘ya, Kiryu-chan.”

Kiryu felt a wave of nostalgia wash over him. How many years had it been since he and Majima had talked this way? “…Did you really plan all this? To try and make me angry?”

“Well, sure. We haven’t had a decent spar in ages, and the best way to get you in the mood is usually to pull some stunt like this. Plus I couldn’t help myself after seeing this little number in Shibuya on my way back from the slammer.” She gestured down to the dress that still sat scrunched up between her hips and waist. “I was tryin’ to embarrass you, but oh man, Kiryu-chan, I could hardly stop myself from laughin’…I gotta say, yer the best chat partner a girl could ask for.”

Kiryu sighed, ran a hand down his face.

“So whad’ya say, Kiryu-chan? Are you pissed? You wanna fight?”

Kiryu stared at her for a half second before looking up at the ceiling. “Majima-san, we’re old men now. I don’t know if—”

“Says the geezer sitting in an internet café chatting with gravure models!!” Goromi cackled, leaning against the side of the doorway to the cubicle, folding her arms against her bare chest. “Don’t make excuses! You know you wanna fight with ol’ Goromi-chan…and you’ve only gotten the chance once before.”

Kiryu looked at the woman in front of him—somehow still charming, despite the embarrassment and shock making him simmer with anger. He also saw the person who stood by him and someone who was, more than anything else, his friend. He saw maybe the only person who really understood him and who he was physically matched with. He saw one of a very small handful of people with whom he could simply be Kazuma Kiryu.

He wanted to punch her in the face so bad.

Kiryu made a sound of resignation. “Let’s at least go outside, alright?” Kiryu said, getting up from his seat and walking towards her. “…And, uh, can you fix your dress? People are going to think I’m more of a monster than they already do.”

Goromi’s eyes lit up again, and Kiryu thought he could actually feel electricity sparking between them. “Oh, anything for a good brawl, Kiryu-chan♡!”

Kiryu slid by her and strode towards the door of the internet café, aware of Goromi following behind him, pulling her dress down and getting her arms back into the sleeves.

“…That dress really does suit her.” he thought, as he threw one or two 10,000 yen bills at the counter, hoping that would stop any employees from raising a fuss about the damage Goromi had inevitably caused inside. He didn’t look back.

Kiryu stepped through the automatic doors and let the cool night air rush against his face. He had a moment of quiet in his mind—of happiness, maybe, or of clarity—and then he felt a hand on his shoulder, Goromi’s hand, pulling him just off balance.

He felt the fire spark deep inside him, seeping through his muscles, and threw the first punch.