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Exchange for Love

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"One glass of vodka", Jungkook asked. His eyes flitted across the club, body leaning against the bar, almost sensually.

"Hmm, Mr. Jeon is here I see."

The woman sounded saccharine sweet and was at least 5 years older than Jungkook.

"Don't disturb me", he ordered, mouth set in a thin line. His gay self was disliking her company and the way she pressed her boobs in his face.

"Wake up", she said, her face frozen in a smile.

"Huh?" Jungkook was confused as his surroundings started melting.

"Your room is a mess, how much are you going to sleep?!" The woman suddenly shouted, her voice feeling familiar...


The man woke up with a start, immediately sitting up with his eyes wide open.

"Oh God, if your dad saw you slept past 5, he'll be pissed", his mother shook her head, flitting across his room.

It took the boy a moment to come back to his self, his mind feeling hazy and experiencing an out of body feeling. He blinked several times before understanding how his morning was being ruined.

"It's Sunday~" he whined, finally regaining some of his memories.

"Tell that to your father. And my dear son, did you create yourself a mini tornado in this room?"

He looked at her mother questioningly before looking around himself.

His clothes were more out than in the closet (there's a very easy coming out joke there but he's too cool to say it, so shut up his mental voice who sound like Taehyung), underwear and socks strewn all over the floor and his jewellery sat in neat piles on several places in the giant room.

"I was busy?" He tried to reason out, but failed miserably.

"You were lazy", his mother corrected, arms crossed and eyes locked on Jungkook.

"It's just clothes", he whined, pulling the sheets over his head.

"Okay then may I ask, what went down in the living room yesterday?"

"Living room?" The teen asked before his eyes widened in realisation. He smiled awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

"We had a party..."

"Believe me, I can see that. But did you forget you must clean after any party? The floor is good enough to become an ant colony and the couches are the perfect place for anyone who loves to lick cheeto dust."

"It was 1 in the morning", he reasoned, pouting profusely.

This seemed to work on his mother who looked at him with exhaustion, affection and sympathy.

"My boy, what must I do with you... You're a future CEO, you are supposed to have a better environment than this. You are lucky your dad didn't come like he had planned to."

The younger let out a breath of relief when it was confirmed that his morning, and possibly his week, wouldn't be ruined by his beloved daddy.

"I might be a future CEO but I'm a present high schooler and I don't want to clean after myself", he crossed his hands as he laid down, hiding his face in the sheets.

"Sweety I understand, but if you'll work hard today, you'll reap the benefits tomorrow", his mother smiled at him, softly removing the bangs from his eyes, "Your hair has grown so much. We should book you an appointment with the barber."

"Don't you dare touch my hair", he said seriously, but with a pout, "I love how it is."

"But you look like some model, not a manager."

"I will be a hot manager, mom, but please don't cut my hair. Let me have this."

Mrs. Jeon looked at her son with a sad smile, feeling bad to make him feel so guarded this early in the morning.

"Sorry honey, I didn't realise this was so important to you. Don't worry, no one will touch your hair, promise."

The boy slowly smiled at her words, happy to get his mother's approval. Now he just needed to hide this from his father...

"But please Kook, you should get up now. It's not healthy sleeping in", his mother said and took a hold of the sheet the boy was so desperately clutching on.

"But mom", he whined, trying to tuck the sheet under him.

"No, it's almost 5:30, wake up, NOW", she sounded stern. The moment Jungkook peaked from under his fortress, his mother pulled the sheets away, leaving his son whining.

"MOM, it's 5:30 on a Sunday morning! No one wakes up this early!"

This was bullying! This was a hate crime! How can his mother be so cruel?!

"All smart people do, because the key to success is starting your day early", she preached and honestly, all Jungkook heard was torture, torture, torture.

"The key to success is to have a good sleep and wake up whenever you want so that you can start your work with a good mood", he fired back with his on-spot created bullshit.

His mother looked at him with a pointed look and the man was forced to leave his bed, missing the warmth as soon as he got out.

His Sunday... His Sunday was gone.

"Now stop looking like I stole your first born and clean the living room, you boys make too much mess for your size."

"Small boys make bigger mess", he murmured, remembering how many wine bottles Jimin inhaled. That boy could surprisingly fit a lot in that tiny body.

"And you are my small small boy", his mother chuckled, dragging him out.

"Mom I'm big! I'm almost 172 cms! I'm not small!", he spluttered, feeling absolutely offended at his mother's words.

"Well in my eyes, you are my small baby and that's not gonna change anytime soon", his mother dragged him outside before turning to him, "But if you don't clean this mess in an hour, the status of you owning a Nintendo will definitely change."

And hence, the poor boy ran to get a broom and started cleaning the mess he had helped create. His mother could hear him whisper "bastards", after regular intervals but she chose to ignore him and sat down on the only clean couch.

"Hello, Hybrid services?" She talked on the phone, away from Jungkook's hearing range, "Oh hello, I wish to talk to the head, please."

As Jungkook begrudgingly mopped the floor, somewhere across the city, a cute cat hybrid woke up from his sleep. Both of them having no idea what chaos will occur soon in their lives, both blissfully unaware.

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The hybrid woke up with a sigh, stretching his body like the cat he was. He slowly opened his eyes, whining when the morning rays blinded him.

"Wake up, manager has called you."

A voice said, breaking the sweet haze of sleep. Seokjin, for a second, had forgotten where he was. The hybrid could suddenly feel the stiff matress under him and the overwhelming smell of cheap deodorant in the room.

"Yeah...", he whispered but the man had already left, "Time to train."

Rubbing the sleep away from his eyes, Seokjin gingerly got out, mindful of his burnt foot. They were training yesterday to cook a heavy meal when Seokjin had accidentally dropped the pot on his leg. It still hurt, probably because he was only given some medicine to deal with the pain and not any actual cure.

"Seokj- why are walking like that?" The manager asked as soon as the cat came inside his office.

"I got hurt yesterday...", he hesitantly said, afraid to be yelled at.

"God that's-" the manager hit the bell near his disk and soon a tall, slender man came in.

"Take this hybrid to the doctor and bandage up his wounds. I want him to be able to walk properly by tomorrow. And put some healthy food in him and wash him up properly."

Seokjin was confused at his orders but followed the tall man, not wanting to anger his boss.

The manager picked up his phone and dialed a number, "Meet me at once."

Another man came in after a few minutes. He was tall with a lean built.

"Hoseok, I want you to make sure that Seokjin remembers all his lessons, he will be sent to a house tomorrow."

"Sir, tomorrow?" Hoseok said, frowning, "He's still not good at handling some stuff and-"

"That's your problem, but I want the boy ready to be a maid. Mrs. Jeon wants him by tomorrow evening."

"But sir we have so many other hybrids, more experienced than Jin-"

"She wants a young male hybrid. I don't why but male hybrids have been in demand lately, to the point that we sold all of ours in under a month. He's the only one left and I'm not going to turn that woman down. So prepare Seokjin, either gently or with force, but make him a perfect housemaid by tomorrow."

"Alright sir..." Hoseok trailed off, leaving the room. He frowned, not liking how fast things were going for Jin.

The poor boy wouldn't like this news.

But he had to follow orders so the man started towards the medical room, hoping that the new house would be kind to his young kitty.



"Tomorrow?!" Seokjin's eyes widened, "But I'm not ready! And why me? You know my problem..."


"I know baby", Hosdok sadly smiled, patting the boy's head, "But the client wants a young boy as maid and you're the only one we have right now."




Seokjin was scared at the thought of leaving this house. Sure, this place was no paradise but at least it was familiar. Going to a foreign house who had specifically asked for someone like him... He was terrified. What if he gets thrown out the first day? And he knows what happens to rejects...

"They'll reject me the very first day, I know that", he muttered, his throat closing up.

"Sweety no, please don't cry. I'll train you as best as I can, okay? You won't be rejected."

"But we only have one day! And I cannot even cook a big meal without-"

"Mrs. Jeon is the one who asked you, and she already has five of our maids. I don't think she wants you for her house. Maybe for her son. And I know my Jinnie can take care of one teenager, right?"

"B-but what if she wants to send me somewhere else? An extended family?" The hybrid worried, nibbling on his lips.

"That's highly unlikely. Don't worry so m- Jinnie stop, your lips will bleed."

Hoseok gently removed the soft lips from the assault of sharp teeth. The boy must be pretty spooked if he has his canine teeth out.

"Listen, I'm pretty sure it's for her son, and as much as I've heard of him, he is not as intimidating as his father. Maybe he'll overlook some of your mistakes. So please baby, stop thinking of the worst possible scenario and let's get to work, you have a job from tomorrow."

This wasn't really a job because Jin wouldn't be paid, at least not until he clears off his dept. But Hoseok was right, it'll be better to train than worry for tomorrow.

"Okay, let's start", he said after taking a long calming breath.

"My brave kitty", the mentor praised and helped Jin get to his feet.

"Will this be healed by tomorrow?" Hoseok asked, concerned.

"They gave me enhanced medicines to heal faster."

"But those medicines can be harmful for the hybrid side of you."

It wasn't the first time Hoseok had seen a hybrid's health being ignored for the sake of increasing their work efficiency. But Seokjin was like a younger brother to him and knowing that he cannot do anything to protect the boy... He felt guilty.

"Hyung, don't be sad. I'm totally fine! And this is what, the third time they've done this? It's not that much! It won't harm me, I promise", Seokjin smiled up at his elder, tightly holding his hand.

Hoseok smiled in response, though he knew it was an empty promise.

"Okay Jinnie, whatever you say."

And so they continued to the kitchen to start their lesson, both of them pretending to be okay in this grave situation.

One day, Hoseok thought as Jin collected the items to make breakfast, One day I will get you out of this horrible life. Just give me some time, Jinnie.

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"This is where you'll be staying", the woman showed him a small room complete with a bed and a small vanity, "On the other end of the apartment, the first door is Jungkook's room."

The hybrid nodded in understanding, moving away to let the lady pass.

"And this is the kitchen, make yourself familiar with it because my son gets hungry often and I'm not letting him survive on ramen now."

But ramen is good, Jin thought but dare not voice it.

"The hall is attached to the kitchen and then across it is the main hallway which leads to two master bed rooms, one occupied by Jungkook and other is for the guests. Though you will find his rowdy friends in that room at least twice a week."

Seokjin nodded at her words, following her at a distance.

"The washing machine and general washroom is in the room the end of the main hallway, beside Jungkook's room, there you will do the laundry and wash yourself. Jungkook has his own bathroom so he won't be using that one. Beside the other master bedroom you have a small room where Jungkook keeps his games and stuff. Don't enter that room."

The hybrid made sure to never enter any of those rooms.

"And that'll be it. Your stuff will come here by evening, and I want you to start working from right now. Don't slack and don't take Jungkook's kindness for granted, I will keep an eye on you."

"Yes ma'am", Seokjin said, head down.

"And one more thing: don't dare get close to my son. I know he won't be interested in a boy but still, remember your limits, you are a servant and he's your sir."

"Of course ma'am", he gulped, a little scared. This woman was frightening.

"I expect you to work properly or I'll send you back", and with that, she turned towards the door and went away, leaving the hybrid in a unfamiliar environment.


"No I cannot come right now, mother ordered me to go straight home", Jungkook spoke in his phone as he came out the elevator, "I'll see you both tomorrow, okay?"

"Finneeeeeeeee you boring bunny", Taehyung complained on the other side, making Jungkook huff and disconnect the line.

"Silly hyungs", he muttered, taking his key out.

But the younger frowned when he found the door unlocked.


He entered, making sure to not produce any sound. He did not find his parents' shoes at the doorway, and that made the teen gulp in fear.


He moved towards the hall with soft steps, phone clutched tightly in his hands. Jungkook was about to turn to his room when he noticed a shadow in his peripheral vision. And the glint of a knife.

Jungkook reacted to the intruder the only way he knew: scream and grab the nearest object, which was a poor flower vase minus the flower because Jeon Jungkook couldn't be bothered to take care of himself, much less the flowers.

Seokjin reacted to the scream the only way he knew: tail wrapping around his waist and jumping under the table.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?!" Jungkook screamed, holding the vase like a deadly weapon.

"I-I'm the new maid", Seokjin stuttered, utterly confused and scared.

"Maid? I didn't ask for any maid!"

"Mrs. Jeon brought me here, you can confirm it from her", Seokjin answers, peaking from under the table.

A man, younger than him, stood with a vase raised over his head. He looked cute, with his blue hoodie and black slacks. If only he wasn't threatening to hurt Jin...

"Okay, I'll call her but YOU better not move", he raised his brows, pointing the vase to Jin's face.

The hybrid looked at the small thing (that had seen better days judging by its faded design) then back at the human, "I wouldn't dare move with you pointing that at me."

"Good", Jungkook said, turning his phone on. He paused, looked at his phone for a moment and then raised his head to Jin, "Was that sarcasm?"

"I will be a fool to be sarcastic on first day of my work", Jin said, slowly raising his hands in surrender.

Wow, those are some small hands! Not smaller than Jimin but... Definitely cuter.

Jungkook froze again, thinking over in his head and got back to his phone, putting it near his ear.

"Mom? Why is there a cat in my house?"

"He's your new maid, I appointed him", came the quick answer, "Sweety I'm really busy right now, I'll call you later."

"But-" and the line went dead.

"Huh", he said, looking at his phone, "Guess you weren't lyi- hey!"

He shouted as he noticed the hybrid cutting an apple.

"It's lunch time", he said, placing the fruit down on a small plate.

"But you said you wouldn't move!" He asked, eyes big and surprised.

"Well..." Seokjin trailed off, looking at Jungkook with a very small smile.

"Oh, being sassy with me huh? Maybe I should send you back~" he joked.

But Seokjin froze at his words, his smile fading away to... Fear?

"Hey, I was just joking", he clarified when the hybrid looked uncomfortable.

"Yeah I know that", he whispered but the sass was gone.

Jungkook honestly felt bad. Which was weird considering he had met this boy for a mere 2 minutes, but if he was his maid, then he wouldn't want the hybrid to be uneasy around him, much less fear him.

"I'm Jungkook", he grinned and offered a handshake.

The hybrid stared at his hand for a few seconds before asking, "I don't think I'm allowed to do this."

"Why?" Jungkook asked, confused.

"Mrs. Jeon said I shouldn't get close to you."

Jungkook's lips set in a line, understanding the implication behind his mother's words. No wonder she bought him a male servant.

"A handshake isn't that bad, is it?" He asked, tilting his head.

"I guess not..." Seokjin thought for a second before he looked up and smiled, "I'm Kim Seokjin, nice to meet you."

"I hope we can get along with very few problems", Jungkook smiled his bunny smile, making Seokjin grin.

"I hope so too."




"Dinner's ready!" Seokjin called out, placing the steaming bowl on the dining table.


"Coming!" A shout came as a reply and the cat smiled in amusement. Jungkook seemed a good kid.


But I shouldn't trust him too much.


Living as a hybrid in training, Seokjin had learnt long ago that humans can change their attitude very quickly, and he shouldn't place too much of his trust in this young boy.


"God it's been so long since someone called me for dinner", Jungkook said as he came near the table, pulling out a chair for himself, "After moving out, the only dinner I have is home delivered."


"Well, that's what I'm here for", the maid softly replied, putting a plate full of delicious food in front of Jungkook.


The boy thanked him for the dinner and was about to dig in when he saw Jin leave.


"Wouldn't you eat?" He called out.


"I will eat later", the hybrid replied with a smile.


Remember your limits.


"But I don't want to eat alone", the younger whined.


"Then I'll sit with you", Jin answered as he pulled out a chair for himself.


"But if you're sitting with me, why not eat with me too?"


Seokjin smiled, a little strained, but he tried, "I'm a servant and you're my sir."


Jungkook frowned, not liking the sentence but he didn't want to force the boy.


"Okay... But we can talk, right?"




He was here to look after Jungkook, talking was okay, right?


"What's your age?" Jungkook asked, putting a piece of meat in his mouth.


"19. I'll be 20 in a month."


"Mmm, this steak is damn delicious. I'm 18, by the way. Gonna be 19 in 11 months," he answered after swallowing.


"Wow, when was your birthday?" Seokjin asked, curious.


"1st September, and yours?"


"4th December."


"It's coming! How do you celebrate your birthday?"


Seokjin paused for a moment, not knowing how to answer the question. It opened some wounds but he needed to answer.


"I don't celebrate my birthday", he admitted, playing with his fingers.


"Why?" Jungkook asked, putting down his cutlery.


"You shouldn't talk while eating. And look, you finished the rice, let me give you more", the hybrid babbled, wanting to change the subject.


Thankfully Jungkook understood the sign and kept quiet, accepting the food with a smile.


"What do you study in school?" This time Seokjin asked.


"I'm an art student, and also the sports captain", he said with a proud smile.


"Multi-talented", Seokjin smiled, raising his brows in amusement.


"Yep. Golden boy of the school", he winked and popped a piece of meat in his mouth.


"You should concentrate on eating now, wouldn't want the golden boy to choke on his food", Seokjin laughed a little making the teen smile with his mouth full.


"Okay", Jungkook listened and started eating in silence, his "Mms" and "tasty!" the only sound in the room.


"Thank you for the dinner!" Jungkook said with a smile, getting up.


"Rest now, I'll clean everything."


"No no, I'll go wash my plate, you should have your dinner now", he offered but Seokjin took his plate away.


"Please listen to me, sir, and go to rest. I'm here to look after you, it wouldn't be right to make you work."


Jungkook wasn't the kind to force others to do something and his persuasion skills were as good as Taehyung's cooking skills: not good at all.


"Okay, whatever you say", he admitted his defeat and went towards his room, "Where will you sleep?"


"Room in that hallway", Seokjin pointed out. He saw Jungkook frown but couldn't understand the reason.


So far away, the boy thought, Guess mother really wants him to stay away.


"Is something wrong?" Seokjin asked.


"No, it's just that room is so small, will you manage?" He lied with a concerned smile.


"It's okay, I'm used to it", the answer made Jungkook narrow his eyes but this was enough talking for today, so he just nodded and turned to go to his room.


"Goodnight", he called out before he went inside.


"Goodnight", Seokjin whispered to the empty room, taking the plates to the sink.


As he washed the cutlery, Seokjin cannot help but think about the last hour.


He's not bad, he thought as he opened the facet, but maybe that's because he's young. As he grows up, God knows how he'll change.


When the hybrid was done, he cleaned his hands and went for his phone. It was a small thing given to him but his company.


He dialled a familiar number and waited for someone to pick up.


"Seokjin?" A voice came.


"Hyung!" He said in a happy tone.


"Ah my sweet Jin! How are you? Is the new house good? Don't lie to me okay", Hobi questioned, worrying his lip with his teeth.


"It's all good hyung! The boy is sweet, a year younger than me, but he's very well mannered and even treats me good. His mom is... Scary... But everything else is good!" He honestly said, a smile on his face.


"Ah that's nice, I'm happy that he's not some asshole. But don't trust him too much, you never know with these kids", he advised, not wanting his friend to get hurt.


"Don't worry hyung, I know. I understand that first impressions can be false", he said, looking down at his hands. In reality, he didn't think Jungkook was lying but... He could be wrong, "Hyung tell me, how are you without your Jinnie?"


"About to perish of boredom", he dramatically said, sighing deeply.


Seokjin giggled loudly at his act, covering his mouth to not disturb his sir.


"Hyung, you're so extra! But it's cute~ Hang in there, if you perish, who will buy me jellies?"


"So you want me just for jellies huh? I'm hurt", he mock cried, making Seokjin laugh in his hands.


"Hyung stop, I don't want to laugh loudly and wake up sir!" He said giggling. Hobi laughed at his pleading and said, "Okay okay, no more jokes."


"I'm happy, hyung", he whispered after a while, "I don't know how tomorrow will be, but today I'm happy."


"That's all that matters", Hobi whispered, fond, "And remember, I'm always here for you."


"I know hyung. Goodnight", he whispered and smiled.


"Goodnight baby, eat and then sleep."


"How did you know I haven't eaten?"


"I know my brother", and with that the line went dead. Seokjin smiled affectionately, happy to have someone like Hoseok in his life.


He turned around only find Jungkook in the living room, looking at him like a deer caught in headlight.


"Yes?" Seokjin asked, feeling uneasy at the thought that he might have heard everything.


"I-I want some water, please", he gulped, cheeks pink.


Seokjin found this a little too cute and smiled before taking out a bottle from the fridge.


"Here", he offered.


"Thank you", he whispered, rubbing his neck, "I'll go sleep now. Bye."


Seokjin nodded as the teen went away. The hybrid was a little uncomfortable but also a little affectionate.


Only time will tell which emotion will prevail in the future.

Chapter Text

"Rise and shine~"

Jungkook sing-songed, coming out of his room. Seokjin, who was preparing for breakfast, looked confused at the younger's words.

"But I'm already awake?" He questioned.

"Ah no, it's just a meme that's been going around these days", the boy grinned, looking a little surprised.

Maybe he forgot I was now living here too.

"A what?" he questioned again, not understanding the word.

"A me- you know what? I'll tell you after I come back from school, I'm really hungry right now", he said and quickly sat down, digging in the fresh pancakes, "Mmm, sweet."

"Shouldn't you first bathe and then eat?" Jin raised a brow, going inside the kitchen to fetch some banana milk. Mrs. Jeon had handed him a list of things Jungkook liked and banana milk was on the top.

"I cannot function without some food in me. Also, thank you for putting tea in my room", Jungkook smiled gratefully, a droplet of maple syrup smudge on his chin.

Seokjin's hands itched to clean it but he held back, choosing to instead grab the container of milk and pour it in a glass.

"Most people take coffee for a fresh morning", he hummed. His hands shivered slightly, just like they usually do in the mornings.

"I like to have coffee in the evening, when the temperature is low and- hey are you okay?"

"Huh? Yeah I'm okay, just a little..." Seokjin sighed, forcing his hand to stop shaking but it grew even more. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and trying to calm down. The tremors stopped after about three minutes and he was left with a very worried teenager looking at him.

"Its not a big deal, sir", he assured, picking up the container and completely pouring out its contents.

"Your hands were shaking so bad! How can it not be a big deal?" Jungkook questioned, eyes wide, "No, you cannot work like this."

The words gave the older a chill.

"No! Please don't send me back, I promise I'll-"

"Hey hey, relax. I'm not gonna send you back. But... Please rest for a while. You've made the breakfast, now I can do everything on my own."

"But I have to lay out your clothes-"

"Don't worry about that, I'll do it. Besides, you're not gonna find anything in the mess that is my humble abode."

Jungkook's eye roll and sassy tone brought a smile to Jin's face, which made the younger feel weirdly proud of himself.

"Okay, sir. Your wish is my command", he said and bowed a little, making the younger laugh and almost choke on his food.

Seokjin tried very hard not to laugh when Jungkook rushed to drink water, forcing the food down his throat.

"So you want to kill me, huh?" the younger playfully accused, looking at Jin with suspicious eyes.

"You have uncovered my secret mission, I must terminate you now", Jin spoke with a tilt of his head, his eyes mischievous. Again, weirdly enough, Jungkook felt proud to have started this playful banter.

"Your hands aren't big enough to choke me", he said, without thinking. And just like everything that Jungkook does without thinking, he regretted it.

Seokjin narrowed his eyes, curious.

"Ahem, you should go rest now", Jungkook dismissed the matter, going back to shoveling food in his mouth.

Seokjin would have loved to prob and tease the younger... But Mrs. Jeon's words made him hold back. He instead smiled and moved towards his room.

"Also", he turned, "Can I clean your room? I don't think ma'am will like it if she drops by and sees that I haven't done my work properly."

"Ahh... I guess, yeah", Jungkook muttered as he munched on, "But please don't... open the lower drawer of my closet."

Seokjin rose a brow in question, smirking (he was also blushing but lets just ignore that).

"Hey! Don't get any ideas! Its just my personal stuff!" Jungkook clarified, blush high on his cheeks.

"Don't worry, I know those are your personal stuff", he sassed, making the poor boy splutter. Jin didn't wait for another reply, turning around and going to his room. He wanted to do some things before he can start cleaning the house.


"Mama's boy is here."

Jungkook turned a 180 to get away from his friend, walking fast.

"Hey! Come back! We won't tease you, mama's boy!"

Walking faster.

"Buzzkill", he heard Taehyung scream after him. Whatever, he'll deal with his hyung later.

"Hey Jungkook", his senior greeted him. The name was Kang Jiho, head of their football team, "You didn't stay for the party yesterday?"

"Yeah, had to go back home...", he whispered, not wanting his friends to tease him. Taehyung and Jimin were like his family, them teasing him was a lot different than his friends teasing him.

"Someone special?" he questioned, looking at his junior with a smirk.


"Whats going on here!"

A group came near them, all the boys part of Jiho's football team.

"Our captain's got a someone", he laughed, slapping his arms.

"Its not like that", he huffed. Remind him why he hung out with these people?

You need friends! Outside of videos games!

Ah yes, Kim Taehyung, the bane of all his problems.

"You can tell us, don't be shy. We all know you never skip team parties", his friend, Jae, winked.

"Really guys, it's no one. My mom just bought this cat hybrid-"

"Wait, a cat hybrid? Your mom bought you a living sex toy? Shit dude, I wish my family was this cool!"

"He's not a sex toy", Jungkook said with gritted teeth, "He's a maid, his work is to take care of my house."

"Oh please, we all know that no hybrid takes care of only the" house". Just wait a few days and he's gonna take care of you", the boys all laughed at the crude joke.

"Seriously, you all think hybrids are good only for sex?" he questioned.

Clearly not getting the passive aggression in his tone, Jae shrugged his shoulders and said, "Of course. They're part animals, their basic need is to eat and mate. Its only natural for them to be used as toys and prostitutes.

The younger cannot fathom how an educated person even say these vile things. He was about to retort when Jiho interrupted.

"Guys, coach called some time ago, they wanted you all to check some equipment. He wanted you all in the auditorium."

"Maybe he bought some cool stuff after we won the match!" another player wondered and they all agreed in enthusiasm, shouting goodbyes and running towards the other building.

"Don't let your feelings affect your connection with the team."

Jungkook looked up at Jiho, his eyes calculating.

"Do you also think like them?" he questioned. He looked up to Jiho, it would be crushing to know his senior has such shallow thinking.

"Listen, I don't know a lot of things about this world. But what they said isn't necessarily wrong. Have you seen hybrids in any occupation other than sex work or house work? It's in their nature, to work below humans and to mate. We cannot deny that."

As much as Jungkook wanted to scream how wrong he was, the boy was smart enough to understand that screaming at such a person will just be a waste of his time and energy.

So he just turned around to go inside his class, regretting his decision of not meeting Taehyung.


"Who got your panties in a twist?" Jimin asked after school, sipping on his bubble tea.

"Taehyung's recommended friends", he grumbled, kicking away a pebble in his path.

"Don't blame me! I just wanted you to have friends! You should learn how to choose said friends~" The older knocked at his head, making the younger sulk even more.

"Why, what happened? Did they do something?" Jimin asked, concerned.

"His mom got him a hybrid maid, so some guys called him Kook's "sex toy". You know these bastards, they think just cause someone's part animal, they're below us", Taehyung sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Fuck them, they're stupid. And when were you gonna tell us?! Tell me, is he cute?" Jimin asked, wiggling his brows.

"Dude, gross. He's older than us and my servant, don't dare make any moves on him."

"Oh come on, I can be his knight in shining armor and save him from this slavery by making him my husband", Jimin daydreamed.

"Why will you be his knight when we have this whole muscle bunny? Oh wait, what does he call you? Master? My Lord?" Taehyung asked, very curious.

"Who uses either of those terms? He just calls me Sir, not that it's any of your concerns", Jungkook complained, rolling his eyes. One day he'll roll his eyes to heaven and leave this annoying planet.

"Be grateful brat, we're just trying to revive your dead dating life", Taehyung huffed, pinching his cheeks.

Okay, ouch. But also-

"I don't have a dead dating life, I just don't want to date. We can date in college, right now I want to concentrate on my studies", he reasoned.

"Boring boring boring", Taehyung said with wild gestures, though he smiled sweetly at Jungkook not a minute later, "Listen, I'm happy that you're so focused, but school's almost over. Try to relax now."

"We still have to give our entrance exam in four months", Jungkook mumbled.

"I know, and I also know that you're gonna rock it. Give yourself a break. You have this person now. What is his name by the way?" Jimin asked.


"Okay. You have Seokjin in your life now, and he may be just a servant, but he's someone new and fresh, try to get along with him. You know we're being dramatic about you dating him but you two can at least be friends, right?"

"I don't think so. Mom warned him to stay away from me."

"Wait, she knows you're gay?" Taehyung asked, surprised.

"Of course not, she would have put me under house arrest if she knew. But you know her, she doesn't trust anyone. I think that's why she bought a male maid instead of the female maids that we have in our main house."

Jimin nodded, patting the boy's shoulder, "Just a few months more, you can then move out and start college. Maybe you'll manage to get away from them too."

"I don't think so... they have my entire life planned, when I'll go to college, when I'll get married and have children, etc etc."

Both his friends felt bad for their maknae. As open minded and free spirited Jungkook was, his family was the complete opposite, still holding onto their conservative beliefs and ways.

"Don't lose hope, dude, you never know when your life can be flipped around, and for the better."

Jungkook hoped that Taehyung's words come true, but in his heart, he knew they will never.


It was almost 4 when he returned home, dragging his tired body inside.

"God, I'm gonna sleep", he mumbled to himself, throwing his bag on the sofa and moving towards his room.

But before he could enter, a very cute hybrid came out from the adjoining room. He wore a simple black leggings but only a towel was draped on his upper body, showing off a lot of wet skin. He froze when he saw Jungkook, hands floating in air as he dried his... cat ears?

Jungkook stared at his ears for a few seconds, fascinated with their colour and the way they twitched. It took Jin a moment to blush and cover himself completely, bowing down.

"Sorry!" he yelped and went running away.

Jungkook stayed rooted in his spot, only one thought in mind:

Can I pet his ears?

Chapter Text

The day started as usual: Jungkook's alarm clock going off, making the younger moan and groan and whine at least 7 times before he got up, hair sticking in all directions

"Good morning", he yawned, coming out his room.

"Morning", someone whispered softly.

He rubbed at his eyes to get rid of the haze. Seokjin was standing near the glass window, cleaning it with a cloth.

"Had a nice sleep?" He asked conversationally.


The small reply made Jungkook look up. He was holding a large cup of tea that was placed in his room.

Seokjin's cheeks were rosy, the sunlight making everything so much more clear. His eyes were fixed on the window and his ears were bright-

Oh, ears.

"Had a nice bath, yesterday?" He teased, looking at Jin from the rim of his cup.

Delicious. I might marry him just for his teas.

"That's", Seokjin spluttered, blushing even more. Jungkook saw something move on top of his head. His ears, maybe? Does he keep them hidden there?

"I'm sorry... For what happened yesterday", he shyly apologized, head down, "I-I didn't know you came back at that tim-"

"It's okay, you didn't do anything wrong", Jungkook assured, not liking the submissive bow of his head.

It's been only two days but he could guess that Seokjin was a confident person. It didn't feel right to see him so helpless.

"But that was inappropriate", Seokjin mumbled, hands moving slowly over the glass.

Jungkook stared at him for a few moments, noticing how the small gem on his ring glinted in light. The reflected rays fell on his red lips in pattern, making it contrast against his bright face.

"We can make it even", he suggested, not even thinking over his words.

Seokjin frowned, trying to understand his words. He slowly turned to Jungkook, realisation slowly dawning on his face.

But before Jungkook can even smirk to himself, the lock of their front door turned.

"Ah, you're awake", his mother said as a way of greeting. Jungkook stood straighter and Seokjin looked mildly scared, "But not ready. What have I told you about sleeping in?"

It was a holiday at his school and naturally, like every student, Jungkook didn't wake up early. But of course he cannot say that to his mom.

You want to be like other students? Will probably be her reply.

"Sorry ma'am, it was my responsibility to wake him up."

Both of them looked at the hybrid, Jungkook with surprise and his mother with anger.

"2 days and you cannot even do this properly? Maybe I should send you back if you're this incompetent."

Seokjin gulped in fear, his hands shaking.

"Mother, please! It's not his fault... I... He woke me up early but I went back to sleep again. He did his work on time."

Mrs. Jeon looked strictly at his son, trying to find the lie. But living with such parents have made Jungkook an expert at lying and so, his mother could only take a deep breath and look back at the hybrid.

"Do not take his kindness for granted", she reminded him, "I'll remove you the moment I see you slacking."

Seokjin curled under her gaze, nodding in acknowledgement.

"Mother... Why are you here this early?" Jungkook asked, hoping to take her attention away from the poor man.

"I wanted to check up on him and talk to you about some things", she replied curtly, moving inside the house.

Seokjin almost ran towards the kitchen, probably going to bring her some snacks.

"What did you want to ask me?" He questioned, trailing behind her.

Normally, he would first let his mother take out her anger on some poor servant and then talk to her. But this time, he wanted to protect Jin from her wrath and even she noticed the change.

"The Min family is visiting us this week and they wanted you to meet their eldest daughter, Eunhee. I have set up your date three days from now. I'll send you her address, pick her up from there and take her to some fancy restaurant."

Jungkook nodded, because what else can he do?

"And make sure that she's impressed by you, because ties with that family can be beneficial for us."

Of course, ties with a family, that's all he was good for, right? Doesn't matter what he wants, he needs to follow his parents' orders because it's beneficial for them.

"I don't want to date just anyone", he whispered, wanting to at least take some stand for himself.

His mother looked at him sharply.

"You're not dating anyone currently, trying to date one girl shouldn't be a problem for you."

"I'm not dating because I want to concentrate on my studies and-"

"You need to learn how to balance your work and home life. Think of this as a lesson for future."

Another fucking lesson.

"I'll go look around the house, see if this maid's any good", she made a face as she got up, leaving Jungkook alone in the living room.

"Where is she?"

The younger looked up to see Jin holding a kettle, carefully placing it on a mat on the table.

"Looking around the house."

"I hope she doesn't have any complaints", he whispered softly, pouring the tea in the cup.

But his hands shook again, little tremors making him unsteady.

"Let me", Jungkook offered, reaching over to take the kettle but the cat was quick to move away.

"No, it's my work!" He whisper yelled.

"Calm down, she isn't here, and you're clearly struggling. Let me help you", he advised and took the handle from Jin's hands, their fingers brushing.

It was probably the first contact they've ever had and it made Seokjin blush for some reason.

Calm down! He's only 18 and your client! It's not right to blush...

Jungkook quickly poured the tea in the cup and sat back just before the lady entered the room, her eyes looking around.

"Well, everything looks a lot better and organised. Maybe you'll stay for some more time", she said, mouth set in a line.

"Thank you, ma'am", he politely said, bowing his head in respect.

"Hmm. That'll be all then. I'll go now. And Jungkook, remember to make reservations."

And with that, she went towards the door and out through it, not even touching the tea placed for her.

"Well, that was a start", Jungkook sighed, slumping back in his seat.

"She's scary", Seokjin whispered before he looked up, startled, as if he hadn't meant to say that, "N-no, I don't mean that-"

"It's okay, I know she's scary", Jungkook smiled before stretching his arms up, "God, I'm still sleepy."

"You can go to bed, I'll wake you up when you want", Seokjin smiled in return.

"Thanks kitty", Jungkook winked. The hybrid blushed, his ears twitching. That got Jungkook's attention.

"Where do you hide your ears?"

Seokjin looked surprised at the question but he answered nonetheless.

"I keep them flat on my head and covered with hair, so it's not visible."

"Your ears are purple?" He questioned, judging by the colour of his hair.

"Yeah...", He whispered, "It's a bright colour, very difficult to hide, that's why I have to constantly dye my hair."

Jungkook hummed at his words, moving towards him.

"You don't need to hide them here, I don't have any problem", he suggested, gently tucking a strand of hair behind Jin's ear.

The gentle gesture made the hybrid blush and hold his breath, feeling shy and overwhelmed.

"O-okay", he stuttered, feeling breathless.

Happy with himself, Jungkook grinned and turned towards his room, planning to hibernate for at least 5 hours.

Chapter Text

"Don't you think he'll be mad?" Jimin questioned.

Both he and Taehyung stood in front of Jungkook's house, bags of food and other snacks in their hands.

"Of course he won't! You saw how down he looked in school today, I'm sure this surprise will cheer him up."

"As you say..." The older trailed off, unsure but wanting to do it for his maknae.

They had thought Jungkook will be energetic after their day off yesterday but he instead looked worried, pondering over some mystery throughout the periods.

"Kookie!" Taehyung called out, knocking at the door thrice.

They only had to wait for a minute before it was opened by a smaller man, his hair a unique purple and brown eyes looking up at them.

"Yes? How may I help you?" The man sweetly asked, a small smile on his face.

"We're here to-"

"You're Seokjin!" Taehyung said grinning and placed the paper bags on the ground to extend his hand for a handshake, "I'm Taehyung and this is Jimin, we're Jungkook's friend."

Seokjin looked a little taken aback by the cheerful greeting but he shook the hand nonetheless, giving a warm smile in return.

"Nice to meet you, Taehyung-shi. Please, do come in."

They entered with a nod and a smile. Taehyung looked excited to meet a new person but Jimin was a little worried at how innocent Jin was.

"You know, you shouldn't trust us", Jimin advised, setting the bags on the coffee table.

The hybrid frowned, not understanding the human.

"What I mean is, we might be frauds, for all you know. You shouldn't just open doors for strangers and let them in because they said they known Jungkook."

Seokjin's cheeks coloured in embarrassment, quickly realising his fault.

"We're his friends, you can even see our stupid picture hanging in Kookie's room, but still... You shouldn't just trust a stranger."

"I'm really sorry!" Seokjin exclaimed, bowing 90 degrees. He understood how stupid and dangerous this could have turned if they were actually frauds, and the hybrid was ashamed to know that his stupidity might have cost his sir heavily, "I-I will take care from next time, please forgive me!"

He couldn't help the tears that sprung in his eyes, guilt and fear singing in his heart.

"Look what you did! First time we meet him and you made him sad!" Taehyung scolded his friend before he turned towards Jin, leaning down to cup his face, "Hey, don't worry, Jimin is just a pessimist, he thinks the worst anyway. Security wouldn't just let anyone in the building, so don't worry, hmm?"

"Tae, you know how dangerous it could be. And Seokjin, I'm sorry to hurt you but I was just looking out for you guys, I don't want you or Kookie to get hurt", Jimin softly said, his eyes apologetic.

Seokjin raised his head, shaking it in negative.

"You don't need to apologise, Jimin-shi. You're right, I should be more careful. I've never... Lived like this. I didn't think before doing that..."

"It's okay, you learned, now please smile, for us?" Taehyung grinned his box grin, making the hybrid smile a little, "Oh come now, I know that smile can be bigger."

Seokjin giggled at his words, covering his mouth to suppress the sound.

"See, you have such a cute giggle!" Taehyung cooed, chuckling along with him.

Jimin smiled too, the scene was just too wholesome. Seokjin seemed harmless, though of course his judgement could be wrong, but right now, he liked this hybrid.

"Let's keep these in microwave and heat it up for our darling, bratty maknae", Jimin chuckled, moving to take Taehyung's bags but Seokjin was quicker.

"Please, sit. I'll heat these up. And sir is sleeping in his room, he seemed tired after he came back from school, he told me he'll take a nap."

Jimin nodded, moving with Jin towards the kitchen. They dropped the bags and the hybrid started taking out crockery to heat the food.

"Did something happen yesterday?" Jimin asked. The little hybrid was currently struggling to reach the top shelf, managing to do that by going on his tipy toes.

Aww he's a liddol cutie~

"Uh, yeah", Seokjin sighed, a little breathless after his impromptu stretching, "But I don't know how much I'm allowed to tell."

"It's okay, I understand your loyalty. I actually like it", Jimin seriously said, "that you're denying us any information because of your work ethic."

"I thought you'll be offended", he quietly confessed, putting the black bean noodles in the bowl. Hobi had advised him not to make long conversations with the family's friends but Jimin was so easy to talk to. He hadn't been around many humans, but these three boys were questioning his preconceived notation that humans are mostly trash. 

"Some people would be, but that doesn't mean you should bend to their will."

"Thank you for the wise words, Jimin-shi", Seokjin smiled, gratefulness in his eyes.

"Ah no, you shouldn't thank me, I know you're older than me, you are probably more experienced than any of us", he blushed, flipping his hair in embarrassment. 

The action made the hybrid smile, his ears twitching slightly in affection.

"That's not true. I have lived my life in a very small environment, you boys have probably seen more world than me."

The words held sadness and longing in them. Jimin looked at Jin, whose eyes seemed distant, looking through the younger.

"Guys, Kook's awake! But he doesn't want to eat now, just wants some juice", Taehyung informed, breaking the moment.

"I'll get the juice ready", Seokjin replied and went towards the food basket.

Jimin was dragged in the living room by Taehyung, his eyes widening when he finally spotted Jungkook.

"Koo, are you okay?" he asked, both of them going to sit beside the boy.

"Why did you came?" Jungkook asked, his voice husky. Jimin could sense irritation in his tone and he knew that it wasn't because of them.

"We brought you some food... and we were worried for you. Do you wish for us to leave?"


Taehyung smiled softly at his reply, understanding that this their maknae was annoyed at something. It'll be better to leave the boy alone for some time...

"Sir, juice for you", Seokjin announced, placing the glass in front of the boy.

Jungkook blinked a few times, as if getting rid of some haze. Jimin was about to get up when he was pulled back down, a strong hold on his wrist.

"Stay", Jungkook requested, his voice small.

"Of course", Taehyung whispered, ruffling Jungkook's hair, "Wanna hear some stories?"


"And when Jin opened the door, Jimin immediately started scolding him!" Taehyung said, narrating what all he witnessed throughout his day.

"I didn't immediately do that and it wasn't a scolding", Jimin defended himself. He hadn't meant to be hard on the poor hybrid...

"Wait, why will Jimin scold Jin?" the maknae questioned after he gulped down the last drop of juice.

"Ah, it was because Jin invited us inside without even interrogating us properly. Jimin was worried that a fraud can fool Jin."

"It's only fair for me to be worried! Jin just believed that you were Jungkook's friend, imagine if there was a criminal was instead of you! I don't wan-"


Jimin almost jumped at the shout, his head snapping towards the boy. Jungkook sported the same expression that he had half an hour ago, and both he and Taehyung were worried that he might take his anger on the poor hybrid.

"Yes sir?" the cat sweetly asked, coming inside the room.

"On what basis did you let these two enter my house?" Jungkook asked, his mouth set in a line.

"Kook please-"

But the maknae rose a hand to silence Taehyung, his eyes fixed on Jin.

"I..." Jin gulped, his head downcast.

"Answer me, Seokjin. On what basis of trust did you let these two in?"

"T-Taehyung-shi said you three were friends", Jin stuttered, hands fisting his loose top.

"And? Why did you believe his words?"

"Kook, really, stop. There's no need-"

"I need to know what made him trust you both and let you inside the house", Jungkook gritted out.

"Your misplaced anger will lead to nothing but guilt and regret", Jimin warned, holding Jungkook's hands.

"Answer, Seokjin."

The hybrid stood their, his hands shaking slightly. Jungkook could see the tremors, he knew he was being an asshole, but the thing he has experienced for the past 24 hours made him blind with frustration, and it was all coming out on his maid.

"I just t-trusted his words", Seokjin confessed, truly afraid.

"You just trusted someone's words and let them inside my house?!" Jungkook shouted, getting up. Taehyung tried to hold him back, knowing that this was just his rage and he will greatly regret his actions after he has cooled down.

"How the fuck can you be this naive?! Do you not have common sense!"

Seokjin flinched at his tone, body folding in itself. His submissive stance made Jungkook fully release his pent up irritation and anger on the man.

"Jungkook, enough, come with us", Taehyung ordered, trying to drag the man away.

"Don't tell me what to do! This is my fucking house and this hybrid just put my security in danger. Firstly, this cat cannot pour a damn drink, I needed to do that for him, and now this?!"

The disgusted tone made Seokjin sniffle, his eyes burning with tears. He fisted his hands tightly, trying his hardest to will the shaking away.

"Shut up Jungkook or I swear-"

"What you gonna do, Jimin? Give me another one of your boring life lessons? Sorry but I don't give a fuck to how much of a deep thinker you are, so don't flaunt it in front of me", he shouted and pulled his hand away from Taehyung's hold, storming out the house.

"God, his mood swings", Taehyung sighed. He looked back at Jimin, the question obvious in his eyes. The older smiled and shook his head, already used to these outbursts. But who wasn't used to these things was Seokjin.

"Don't take it to heart, he didn't mean any of that. I bet tomorrow he's gonna come back with a gift to beg for your apology", Taehyung gently said, hands rubbing Jin's arms.

"Yeah. He has been having really ugly outbursts lately, but he cools down pretty fast. He doesn't mean any of what he said, please don't worry yourself."

But these assurances fell on deaf ears. Seokjin stood there like a statue, eyes pricking with tears and an uncomfortable chocking feeling in his throat.

Jungkook might not mean his words, but the way he looked down on Jin and his status as a hybrid, that attitude wasn't false. 

Seokjin realised that no matter how much some humans might try to respect hybrids, at the end of the day, they think of them as lower beings. And the hybrid swore to never again forget this truth.

Chapter Text

It was half past 9 when Jungkook returned. He quietly turned the knob, trying to be discreet.

"Welcome back."

He closed his eyes, afraid to turn around.

"Took you long enough to come back."

Jimin stood in the living room, his hair disheveled.

"It's not the first time", Jungkook whispered, guilty.

The older sighed, anger dissipating at the apologetic and regretful voice of his friend.

"Jungkook, you really did fucked up this time."

Before the said man could reply, footsteps were heard coming towards them.

Seokjin? Jungkook thought, scared.

But who came out was a sleepy Taehyung, rubbing his eyes while he spoke, "Kook's here?"

"Hmm", the man hummed, making his presence known, "Where else will I be."

The room went silent. Jungkook drowning in his guilt and shame, Taehyung still awaking up and Jimin... Jimin was lost. He knew he had to help Jungkook, the younger must learn how to control his anger. But.

He looked at their maknae and then at Taehyung.

But he was a kid just like them. He was not even 19 yet. He didn't know how to help his brother, he doesn't have enough experience or maturity to give Jungkook advise.

"Sit here, I'll bring you water. And then you're gonna tell us everything that went through you", Jimin ordered, coming up with a plan.

The younger nodded meekly and sat down on the sofa, Taehyung coming beside him.

"Hey", the older greeted, trying to fix his hair.

"Sorry, I was rude to you too."

Taehyung's lips quirked up in a smile seeing how regretful Jungkook looked.

"I'm used to it, we both are."

"That's even worse."

"Well, yeah. But I don't know how to make it better", Taehyung shrugged. Even though his parents were a lot better than Kook's, they were mostly away or busy. He could talk to them and ask them for help but... He didn't want to disturb them. His parents have always solved their problems themselves and taught their son the same. Not the best advice if you ask the author.

"Here, drink up, and speak."

Jungkook looked up and took the glass, gulping it down in three swallows.

"First, I don't want you to think that I'm saying all this to gain your pity or forgiveness."

"Don't worry, this is not a K-Drama. We won't forgive your rude actions just because you have a sad backstory and a pretty face", Taehyung deadpanned.

"Okay, good. I'm... I plan so much, you know", he started, rolling the glass in his hand.

"I tell myself that when I'll be angry, I'm gonna stay quiet and drink a glass of water. I say that I won't speak until I'm calm, that I'll lock myself up if I have to. But... But when I'm actually angry? It goes all drown the drain."

His friends nodded, relating to the struggle.

"You two always forgive me, and every time you do, I feel like I'm taking you both for granted, I know that I'm a bad friend to you two. I scold myself, saying how I should be better the next time but I'm never better. I don't remember my plan to deal with anger! I forget everything and the only thing that remains in my mind is to hurt someone, to guilt trip whoever is in front of me."

The room was engulfed in silence again. Jimin and Taehyung thought over Jungkook's words. It was the first time the younger had spilled his heart out like this.

Jungkook closed his eyes, not letting the few tears fall. The boy was never taught how to deal with emotions, the only thing his parents gave him were lessons how to be successful and happy. They never told him how to get over sadness or handle rage.

"You should try meditation."

The boy looked up in surprise. Jin stood near the hallway, leaning against it. His eyes were downcast and voice timid. Jungkook knew he was to he blamed for that.

"Meditation, yoga... These things can help you to deal with your anger", Seokjin clarified, shuffling on his feet.

Something fluffy flitted behind the man. Jungkook saw a shadow of a tail, dark purple with hints of black. He had seen it before, when they first met, but right now, it seemed cuter.

"I know ways to deal with anger but when I have to apply those ways, I'm not able to", Jungkook whispered, looking desperate, "And please, don't think that I want you to forgive me because I'm this sad pathetic boy who knows shit to handle his emotions. But... I just want you to know, that I'm trying, and I'm so sorry for everything that I said to you."

Seokjin kept looking down for a few moments, his feet no longer shuffling. Finally he looked up, his eyes hard and empty.

"I'm not angry with you, I don't have any right to."

It hurt, it really did. But Jungkook didn't completely understand Jin's words.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"You're my owner, and I'm your servant. We get angry at people whom we have relations with. I'm no one to you, and you are no one to me."

Jungkook looked down, pain and regret making his heart feel heavy.

"I have no right to feel anything towards you, not even anger."

Jimin wanted to interrupt and say something but this was a mess their maknae had made and this time, he'll have to fix it.

"I understand", Jungkook whispered, defeated. Those words hurt him deeply, but it made him realise how much it would have hurt Jin to be insulted like that.

"Seokjin, can I ask one question?" Jungkook whispered after a few seconds.

The hybrid nodded, eyes wide in anticipation.

"Are you... Scared of me?"

The odd question made Taehyung frown but Jungkook knew that if the answer was yes, then he had really lost his new relationship with Jin.


The word cut deeper than any physical wound could have, and as sad as Jungkook felt, he was also determined to change it.

"I promise, soon, I will earn your trust", he declared, looking directly at the man.

Seokjin was still looking at him with the same empty eyes, his smile gone and tail no longer swishing.

"I don't think so", he whispered and turned around.

The tail stayed wrapped around his waist and the sight made Jungkook smile a little, his will strengthening.

"You really want him to forgive you", Jimin later said, looking at his maknae.

"I do. But I also want to be better for the both of you. You have helped me, even though you were as clueless as I was. I owe this to all three of you."

Taehyung grinned at his words, happy that their maknae was going to try.

"Guess your heart really calls out to this kitty, huh", Taehyung winked.

"I don't know that yet... But I really want him to be comfortable around me. How will I be any better than those bullies if Jin fears me?"

Jimin nodded, patting the boy's back.

"Kook, you do what you want, and we'll try out best to help you."

Jungkook smiled gratefully at his friend, feeling blessed to have these two.

"Okay then, where should we start from?" Taehyung asked.

"Let's look for a yoga instructor."

Chapter Text

Today was the day.

Jungkook looked at himself in the mirror, smoothening out the few wrinkles on his suit.

"Make sure you make a good impression."

He took a deep breath, willing his heart to calm down.

"Do not let us down, this connection can help your family in the future."

He breathed in deeply through his nose. Jimin had told him that it helped to breath from your belly rather than your chest.

"I hope you know that family comes before your own preferences. We have done so much for you, you should be grateful."

He clenched his fist, anger bubbling up inside of him.

"I have no right to feel anything towards you."

His eyes snapped open as the picture of Jin's cold face went through his mind.

No no, I have to be calm.

"Sir, your mother is calling."

His gaze turned towards the bedroom door, frustration coursing through his veins.

He's not responsible for any of this, do not hurt him.

"Okay", he whispered, throat choking up. Whether it was from anger or fear, he didn't know.

His mother's words ringed in his mind. Her persistence, her voice...

It wasn't uncommon for the kids of businessmen to marry each other, but Jungkook had never feared that he might be forced to marry.

No until two days ago.

"Our alliance can be powerful, Jungkook. Don't mess this up."

He turned the knob slowly, trying to delay the inevitable. Seokjin sat on the couch, writing swiftly on a paper.

"Where's my phone?"

The sound made Jin jump up slightly, his cat ears twitching. Jungkook let himself smile a little at the action, his heart filled with affection.

"Oh, yeah", the hybrid whispered, handing the smartphone to his owner, "She has called twice-"

The ringing interrupted Jin's words, "Mother" flashing on the screen.

"Hello", he greeted softly, picking up at phone.

"Are you ready yet? Shouldn't you be driving?"

He took another breath, slow and deep.

"No, mother. I just got ready and was heading-"

"Hurry up! Jungkook, I love you but please, this is important."

He knew how important it was, everything that could help their parents expand their empire was always more important than their own blood.

"I know mother."

He could feel Seokjin's gaze on him, could see the swish of a dark purple tail. It made him feel slightly better.

"You are smart, Jungkook, and I know you will do what you have to. It may seem that I'm being strict but I'm doing this for you only."

No, no you're doing this for YOUR benefit, he screamed in his mind but dare not voice it.

"I know mother", he repeated in a monotone.

Seokjin really looked worried, having never seen the boy so unsure and scared. The way Jungkook held the phone tightly, biting his lips every other second, breathing in deeply every few minutes... the cat was concerned.

Yes, he was angry at Jungkook, even though he said he didn't feel anything, he did. The boy was someone whom Jin trusted (stupid decision) and it hurt to be betrayed this way. But he didn't wish ill for the boy.

"Good. Now go, you are getting late."

And with that, the line disconnected.

Jungkook, though, stood there frozen. Hands still clutching the phone, lips still trapped under his teeth.

"Sir", someone called out to him but the boy gave no response.

"Jungkook", the voice was softer this time, gentler.

The teen slowly looked up, his eyes filled with uncertainty about his future.

"Jungkook...", Seokjin repeated. He didn't know what else to say, how to console him. So he just said his name in the softest, most affectionate tone he can muster.

"I'm... I don't want to do this", Jungkook muttered, his eyes welling up.

The boy was genuinely scared, not wanting his worst fear to come true. He has seen his cousins get married to strangers, and he knows that many of them didn't marry the gender they liked.

Seokjin just looked up at the boy, unsure of his words, "I'm here for you."

He felt shy after saying something so intimate but it seemed to help the boy loosen up, his eyes grateful.

"I'm sorry", he apologized again. Since yesterday, the teen had been apologizing every chance he could get, and his every sorry felt genuine.

"... Time is ticking."

Jungkook smiled sadly, knowing the he wasn't forgiven. Which was good, because now for the first time, he can actually work to gain it. His best friends were always so good and sweet to him, never making the boy beg for forgiveness.

"Don't forget to eat your dinner", the boy winked, trying to lighten the mood. The hybrid, though still expressionless, expressed a cute case of eye smile, his eyes twinkling in mirth.

"If you won't forget to take the gift that's still in your room", he joked along, enjoying the realisation dawning on the boy.

He cursed and ran inside, quickly taking the wrapped box.

"Thanks, and bye!" He shouted and ran out, knowing that he was getting late.

Seokjin finally let himself smile. His eyes watered a bit, remembering Jungkook's words.

Stop being so damn sensitive! He scolded himself, gently wiping the tears from his eyes, He's trying to make you smile, and look at you.

He laughed at his own pathetic self, not understanding what he was supposed to feel. Happy that he bickered with this sweet teen or sad as he remembered the events of the past?

Hobi hyung... I need to call Hobi hyung.

And so he reached for the phone, hoping that his brother was free.



Jungkook looked down at his phone, confirming the address. It was a small house, a little away from the main city.


He rubbed his hands together. Even though it was a hot afternoon, the uneasiness made him cold to his bones.


The door to the house slowly opened.


"Hello, ma-ma'am?"


Now, Jungkook wasn't the best at recognising faces, but as a gay man, he could tell when there was a man in front of him. And this was definitely a man.


"Hello! Sorry, I cannot go out with you. Have my sister instead! She's Yoonji."


A woman, about 3 years older than him, chirped in an excited tone, standing behind "Yoonji".


"Yoonji..." He muttered, looking back at the man. The said man looked absolutely disinterested standing there in his white cardigan and black slacks. He had short hair, or to better say, had a wig of short hair, "Huh..."


The woman grinned up at him, her smile uncomfortably wide. When Jungkook gave no response, just stared at the two of them, she sighed.


"Okay listen, I'm Eunhee and this is Yoongi, my twin brother. I know we are supposed to go on a date but I already have a girlfriend which my parents don't know about, obviously. And I swear if you tell them-"


"I'm gay", he blurted out for absolutely no reason.


The twins looked at for a few seconds, before the brother sighed (much like his sister).


"You did my makeup for 2 hours but couldn't have asked him his sexua-"


"Perfect! Here", she took off the wig and redid Yoongi's hair, "Have my brother instead."


"Or", Yoongi removed his sister's hands from his shoulders, "None of us can go on a date because we are all pretty gay and the boy was probably forced to do this anyway."


"Hmm, that sounds better", Eunhee replied, rubbing her chin in a dramatic manner.


Jungkook just stood there, shook. His mind still hadn't caught up with what just happened and when it did, he smiled widely.

"So... You're both gay?" He asked, eyes wide.

"Bi, actually. But I'm dating a girl and he's dating a guy so we're in a gay relationship", Eunhee said, hands on her waist.

Yoongi looked at the boy, enjoying how he seemed less scared and more confused. Weirdly, he felt a little bad for this teen, how much pressure must have his parents put on him to make him this scared?


"Thank goodness!", Jungkook suddenly exclaimed, surprising the twins, "I was shitting my pants thinking I'll have to flirt with a girl", he confessed, leaning back against his car.


Yoongi smiled at him, amused, "Your parents scared you that much?"


"I thought they were gonna make me marry her or something", he replied, hand rubbing at his hair.


"Ew, no. Young boys aren't my thing", the girl made a face, turning back towards the house, "Since you're here, let's go inside and have something to eat, wouldn't wanna send my first gay friend away."

"Friend?" Jungkook asked, hesitant to go inside.

"The bi and gay gotta stick together, the world is a bad bad place", she replied, dragging the boy inside.

"First?" Yoongi raised a brow, going towards the kitchen.


"Hobi's bi, it doesnt count."


"He's ultra gay around me."


"He is dating you. It. Doesn't. Count. Little brother", she smiled teasingly, signalling Jungkook to sit on the couch.


"4 minutes, you're 4 minutes older than me", Yoongi whined, putting the drinks on the table and sitting down on the sofa, stretching his head back.


Jungkook chuckled at their bickering, taking a sip of the offered cold drink.


"I was having a life crisis thinking about how horrible today's evening will be", he laughed, shaking his head in disbelief, "I gotta say, I still don't believe this all is actually happening."


The woman smiled at him with sympathy, understanding his situation.


"It's difficult having homophobic parents, huh."


Jungkook nodded quietly. He shouldn't just be trusting these two strangers but... something about them made him feel comfortable and warm.


"Wanna hear how we are able to date right under their noses?" Yoongi said after a few minutes, looking at Jungkook with smug eyes.


The boy looked at him, then at the sister, and back at him again.


"Please, I need tips."


With those words, Eunhee laughed and Yoongi started telling him about his dating life.


"How to Date in Secret 101 by your one and only, Min Yoongi", the man started and Jungkook grinned, happy.


He couldn't have imagined for things to turn out this way, but he was ecstatic. Maybe they can also tell him how to impress a cat hybrid...

Chapter Text

The hybrid quietly tip-toed in the kitchen, making sure to make as less noise as possible.

His sir had came home late at night, stomach already full and had gone straight to sleep.

Must have been a nice date, he thought with a bitter taste in his mouth.

If you would ask Jin why he sounded bothered, he would say he's a little sad about all the frozen food. But his eyes would show the sadness he felt on eating dinner alone and his clenched fists will tell you how jealous he feels.

He shouldn't be either of those things. He has eaten alone many times and Jungkook has been a jerk to him once, given him a wound which still hurt.

"Whatever, I'm stupid", he breathed out, mind confused.

"Why would you say that?"

Seokjin jumped at the voice, his tail wrapping around his waist. Jungkook was pleasantly reminded of their first meeting.

"What... What are you doing here?" He blinked a few times, trying to calm his racing heart.

Jungkook chuckled, moving past him. He grabbed a small cup.

"This is my house?" He cocked a brow, amused.

"Yes but... It's 7am... On a Sunday..."

"Yeah, I actually had something important to do, that's why I woke up early", he said, light blush on his cheeks.

"Oh. I'll then quickly heat up the food for you. What's the important thing, may I ask?"


Seokjin stopped in his place, hand floating in air as it reached for the fridge.

"I mean, I wanted to talk to you", he cleared his throat. Somewhere, Eunhee must be screaming in frustration at the missed opportunity at flirting but Jeon Jungkook was just a panicked gay okay? Give him some time.

"Um... Okay, but why so early?" Seokjin questioned as his ears turned red. Jungkook tried his best to not smile.

"Because Euphoria gets filled pretty quickly, especially on a Sunday. And I wanted to clear some things out before having breakfast."

"Wait... Euphoria? And, breakfast?" Seokjin's forehead creased.

"Euphoria is a cute little cafe. It's been a week since you came here, I thought we should celebrate by spending some time out. I can show you the city and other beautiful things", Jungkook explained, his voice a little soft, a little unsure.

Seokjin looked down, thinking over the words.

Why? Why is he doing this?

"I don't understand", he finally questioned, looking up at Jungkook with confusion and... fear, "Why... Why would you want to celebrate this one week? I'm your servant, not your friend, why this special treatment?"

His words started soft but turned a little louder, a little emotional. He remembered the words Jungkook had said to him, how he has treated him. He cannot contain his anger.

"I'm below you, I'm just a stupid hybrid for you, then why are you doing this? Is it a plan to make fun of me? Or is it some kind of favour? Or pity for a naive cat like me?"

Jungkook opened his mouth to answer but words seemed to have left him the moment he saw tears in Jin's eyes. As bad as he felt, he was glad that the cat was atleast voicing his complaints.

"I have no excuse for my behavior, and I will apologise forever because I truly feel bad", Jungkook started, voice surprisingly calm, "I... I know that you haven't been out much, wasn't allowed to roam the city. That's why I want to give you the freedom, the opportunity to do things and experience moments that you missed out on."

Seokjin appreciated the words, though he still wasn't convinced. Meanwhile, Jungkook felt proud of himself for voicing his thoughts as calmly as possible.

"I'm sorry sir, I still don't understand your motives but... I don't really have the right to turn you down so-"


The sudden shout startled Jin, making him snap his eyes up. Jungkook looked wide eyed and pink.

"Please don't think so! You can say no to me! I know that I've been a jerk to you but it's my problem, you being a hybrid or my servant has nothing to do with it. I've... This isn't the first time I've hurt someone, but I promise I'll try my best to make it the last."

Seokjin stared at him for a few seconds, his eyes searching for something. Eventually, he sighed, creases still on his forehead.

"Everyone deserves a second chance, and you seem like a good kid so I'll accept your offer", he nodded before realising how informally he was speaking, "I- I'm sorry for being so casual with you!"

Jungkook shook his head suddenly, looking at Jin with a smile.

"I like it, I want you to think of me as a friend and not as some superior authority, that's my parents' job", he gently said, holding the eye contact.

Seokjin pursed his lips. The words this kid was speaking were sweet. A little bit too sweet.

It's always the sweetest fruits that get infested with worms.

But he chose to keep his emotions aside, just once. Truth be spoken, he didn't want to hate Jungkook. The boy had been so accepting of him, being friendly to him and even flirting sometimes (which confused Jin to no ends).

He wanted to believe that this kid can be better, can improve himself. And so he decided to take this leap, hoping that he doesn't land on his knees on solid ground.

"Okay... Do I need to get ready then?"

"Yeah. I've actually kept your clothes in your room", Jungkook shyly smiled. He had gone on an emergency shopping with Eunhee after he explained to her his situation.

"Make him feel pretty, make him feel worthy. Shower him with small gifts, not some grand rewards. Take a slow pace, that's the safest." She had said as she helped him pick a crop top.

"You picked out clothes... for me?" Seokjin asked. This morning was filled with confusion and the cat was starting get a headache. What was this kid planning?

"Bought them, actually. I didn't know what you liked to wear but I bought some comfy clothes for winter."

In reality, Jungkook had noticed how identical all of Jin's clothes looked. Same plane oversized Tshirts with leggings. His wardrobe was probably managed by the company he came from.

"Okay...", The cat whispered. His tail was now swishing back and forth slowly, as if contemplating what to do.

Jungkook's eyes were drawn to it. They were a unique shade of black and purple. The purple was deeper than his ears and mixed beautifully with the black.

He wanted to ask Jin questions about his breed among many other things, but he chose to keep them for later.

"Let me atleast give you your usual tea", he gave a tiny smile, moving past the boy.

"Thank you, hyung!"

Seokjin felt oddly happy at the last word but he tried to contain it. Unfortunately, his hands still shook as he was pouring the hot tea.

"Ah, let me help", Jungkook offered but was stopped by Jin's cold eyes.

"I appreciate it but I still remember what happened when you helped me last time. I wouldn't want my sir to get any other chance of saying that I cannot even pour a damn drink."

The words felt like a slap to Jungkook's face and the boy looked down in shame, remembering the scene.

"Firstly, this cat cannot pour a damn drink, I needed to do that for him, and now this?!"

He closed his eyes in guilt. How could he have said those words... How could he have been such a jerk...

"Sorry", he whispered again but was ignored by the hybrid who took calming breaths. He finally managed to pour it into a big cup, spilling only a little.

Jungkook was a little concerned regarding the tremors but he knew he wasn't in a place to ask any personal questions.

"Here, sir. I'll go change now", handing the warm cup to the teen, Jin started moving out.

But his tail swished a little, brushing along Jungkook's arms. The boy cannot help but tilt his palms to feel the soft fur.

The tail wrapped loosely around Jungkook's wrist before Jin jumped and willed it to instead wrap around his waist, blush high on his cheeks.

"S-sorry!" He apologised and bowed, running away.

But the boy cannot forget how soft it felt, how warm the tail was. It was fluffy but thin, feeling comfy around his hand. Jungkook wished one day Jin can trust him enough to let him pet him.

No, he thought, Wishing won't do anything. I'll have to do work to win his trust.

He took in a deep breath to calm his nerves, but instead he ended by inhaling the delicious fragrance of the tea. The teen smiled, grateful to have this hybrid around him.

He's worth the work.


"Where would you like to sit?" The boy asked as soon as they got in the small cafe.

Seokjin looked around, hands stuffed in the pockets of his hoodie which now felt too warm inside.

"Not near the windows..." He replied with a blush, not wanting others to see him without this fluffy hoodie on.

"Sure, there's a corner seat, I usually sit there only", Jungkook smiled his bunny smile and took the cat's hand, guiding him.

There weren't many people around, granted it was only half past 7 but still, Seokjin felt better without the crowd.

"I'll hang your jacket", he offered as the teen hanged his own on a small hook nearby.

The hybrid blushed before unzipping the clothing, his crop top slowly being revealed.

Jungkook knew it wasn't a winter attire but the pastel blue crop top looked so damn cute he has to buy it. But now, as his eyes took in the tiny waist of the man, he realised that it was more sexy than cute.

"Are you feeling cold?" The boy asked, seeing blush high on the man's cheeks. The top wasn't low cut, somewhat like a turtleneck, but the way pink spread past his neck and disappeared, Jungkook could guess how pink the cat's chest might be. The thought was a little arousing, making the boy shake his head.

"No... It's warm here", he whispered, sitting down. He folded his hands on his lap, attempting to hide his skin.

"You look beautiful, by the way", Jungkook complimented, choosing to sit beside the hybrid. Seokjin shifted in his seat, not convinced, "I'm serious, you look really cute. Like a pomeranian."

Seokjin slowly rose his head, a frown on his face. He looked at Jungkook for a few seconds, as if waiting for the boy to take his words back.

"I'm a cat", he deadpanned, his lips pouty.

Jungkook tried so hard not to smile.

"Tease him, in a playful way. It'll help him warm up to you."

"Yeah but, you look cute like a pomeranian."

"Cats are also cute!" He exclaimed, looking as if the human had insulted his family line, "Dogs are so overrated, cats are so much more fluffier and cuter!"

Jungkook was really trying his hardest to not laugh at the offended expression Seokjin supported, his shyness gone.

"Humans and their obsession with dogs..." Seokjin huffed, choosing to pick up the menu in front of him, "Cats are so much smarter but you all don't like us cause we are not hyper active. This is so discriminating."

Don't laugh don't laugh don't laugh!

Jungkook chanted in his mind, taking deep breaths to will his laughter away but it was so damn difficult.

The hybrid side eyed him before his mouth opened in anger.

"Are you laughing at me?!"

The teen couldn't control it anymore and started laughing, cupping his mouth to not make too much noise.

"Stop it, this isn't funny! How would you feel if I said you're handsome like a lion!"

Jungkook continued to laugh, wipinp tears from his eyes. God, he hadn't laughed this much in months!

"So you think I'm handsome, huh?" He wiggled his brows, looking at Jin with a smug grin.

The hybrid turned a sweet shade of pink, spluttering.

"I said if! Don't take my words out of context! You humans are dumb, that's why cats don't wanna play with you", he crossed his arms, a big cute pout on his face.

Jungkook grinned at him, reaching out to turn his face towards him.

"I will feel appreciated if you said I'm handsome like a lion", he teased, seeing how the red lips became more pouty. This cat was too damn cute.

"Stupid monkey hybrids", he muttered, looking over at the menu.

"Monkey hybrids? Are you calling humans "monkey hybrids"?" Jungkook asked, intrigued.

"Yes, your ancestors were monkeys, so you're monkey hybrids. You just evolved more than us hybrids", Seokjin sassed, "That's what Namjoon hyung told me. You all are... Monkey like hybrids"

"Monkey like?"

"I don't remember the scientific term he used!" Seokjin looked away cutely.

"Who's Namjoon hyung?" He questioned again.

Jungkook was starving but it was more fun to talk with a fuming cat than call any waiter to place their order.

"He's the smartest, most handsome man I know. He's a tiger hybrid", Seokjin smiled softly, "He's so strong."

Jungkook rolled his eyes.

Please, I'm definitely stronger than him.

"But I thought you find me handsome?" He winked at Jin.

The hybrid narrowed his eyes at him, blush getting redder every passing second.

"... I want a Oreo cheesecake", he replied after a few minutes of staring.

"That's not a healthy breakfast", the teen pointed out. Which was pretty ironic considering he was about to order a chocolate waffle.

"I don't care, I need something delicious after dealing with an annoying monkey."

Jungkook internally smiled at how Seokjin had seemed to drop any kind of formality and was just being his cute self.

"As you say, pomeranian."

He ran away to place the order, not wanting an angry cat to attack him. Or maybe...

Jungkook looked back, seeing how the crop top had ridden up the man's body and was exposing so much of his skin.

Maybe he'll love to fight with a sexy and cute kitty.

Chapter Text

"How about we go shopping now?"

They were done with the breakfast and when Seokjin looked up at the small clock of the cafe, it showed 10:00am.

Have we really been talking for more than 2 hours?


Seokjin's eyes widened, blush high on his cheeks.

"I- I didn't mean to say it out loud", he whispered, eyes downcast, "Sorry..."

Jungkook wiped his mouth with a napkin, hiding his smile behind it.

"There's nothing to be sorry about. I'm also surprised we talked that long, I'm really bad at holding conversations."

Seokjin slightly frowned, raising his head, "That's not true. You did most of the talking while I just... tried to answer."

Jungkook bit his lips, trying to suppress his grin. It was true.

Jungkook had asked him a lot of things today, small, insignificant things, but a lot.

What's your favourite colour?

What do you enjoy eating?

Hoodies or cardigans?

You look cute when you pout.

He had been really talkative which was unusual but something about the way Seokjin was unsure of his words made him want to comfort the cat.

"Your answers were really cute", he winked.

Say "just like you", say IT!

Jungkook ignored the voice in his head that sounded suspiciously like Eunhee.

"You're cute."

Jungkook blinked once, twice.

Did I say that?

Hint: no.

Seokjin was blushing red, ears wildly twitching.

"Did... Did you just called me cute?"

The teen asked, surprised to the point of having his mouth hanging open.

"Forget that! I j-just spoke without think, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable! It's just you have this cute bunny smile and- I'm not saying you're a bunny! But your smile is like one... Not that I have seen a bunny smile but- oh my god I'll shut up."

Jungkook sat there, speechless. He could feel his face heating up, pink dusting his cheeks.

But the way Seokjin worried his lip between his teeth, fingers twisting around one lone string of crop top, he cannot help but tease him further.

"If you think I'm like a bunny... Are you saying that you want to eat me?"

He mentally facepalmed.

Seriously?! That's your pick up line?!

Okay, screw Jeon Jungkook for using that pathetic excuse of a pick up line but he's a closeted gay who has zero (0) experience of dating a guy, he's allowed a few shitty attempts at flirting thank you very much.

"No! I don't..."

Seokjin whined cutely, hiding his face behind his hands. Jungkook giggled at this, enjoying the way pink spread to his tummy.


"Let's go shopping..." The hybrid finally whispered, defeated. Jungkook nodded as he smiled, getting up from the seat.

"Let's go!" He enthusiastically said and gave Seokjin his jacket. The hybrid wore it quietly, his eyes still downcast.

Jungkook cooed at him, holding his hand out.

The hybrid looked curiously at him before accepting the silent request. Seokjin felt himself smile at the warmth that enveloped his hand.

"Why are we holding hands?" He shyly asked, a small smile still adoring his face.

"Wouldn't want anyone to steal my kitty", the teen grinned and dragged them out, Seokjin following with a red face.

Humans are shameless!



"You've got to try it!"


Seokjin looked at the excited teen and back at the pastel pink stall.


"What's so special about this "cotton candy" anyway?"


"It's like you're eating a cloud! I loved this when I was a child", Jungkook grinned, going to the seller.


"You're still one...", Seokjin whispered, a secretive smile on his face.


The stall was surrounded by a crowd; young, old, all kinds of people stood around with a smile, enjoying fluffy pink treats.


Looks interesting...


"Here, see this!"


The teen dragged him forward, making him look at the circular machine placed in the stall.


The vendor dropped something in the hole and circled his stick around.


But there's nothing there- Oh! Oh my god it's magic!


His eyes twinkled as layers upon layers of cotton like strings cling on the stick, a small ball forming.


"Now look away, I have a surprise for you", Jungkook said under his breath, turning the man away.


Seokjin kept his head down, afraid of others. He had hidden his tail but he still felt scared, uncomfortable.


But he has to agree, this park was fun. He had his reservations when his sir proposed the idea of going on rides in the middle of the day, but as dawn approached, Seokjin felt light and happy, the crowd and noise slowly fading away as Jungkook held his hand tightly.


Come back, come back.


He chanted, playing with his new rings. They had bought a few clothes, but a lot of jewelleries. Seokjin didn't know he enjoyed them, but somehow Jungkook was able to figure it.


"But isn't it expensive?" He had said when the teen made him try a crystal laden choker.


"When else will I spend my parents' money", the brat had cheekily said, proceeding to make the cat try tens of other accessories.




The voice interrupted Jin's train of thoughts, snapping the man out of it.




The cat forgot what he was about to say when he saw the boy in front of him.


Bunny JK


"Hello, my dear kitty", Jungkook spoke in a deep voice, holding the ball of fluff in front of his face, "I hope humans aren't bothering you. If you ever feel annoyed with humans, come to Mr.... Uh... Mr. Bunny, I will always give you happiness."


Seokjin stood there, spellbound.


Jungkook frowned at the lack of response and was about to remove the treat when he heard a loud laughter.


He tilted his head, smiling when he saw the hybrid laughing hard, hunched over.


"Oh... My god", the hybrid giggled like the sweetest bells, "Oh my god this... What is this?!"


Jungkook chuckled with him too, ecstatic to have made the man so happy.


"It's cotton candy art! They do it here", he informed, putting down the bunny, "See, I got one for you too."


Kitty Jin


Seokjin finally managed to calm down, looking at the cup that Jungkook held out for him.


"Mine is so small!"


"Small treat for small kitten~"


"Hey, I'm a full grown cat, not a kitten! And I'm older than you", Seokjin pouted, carefully taking the sweet from him.


"Yes but you're still smaller than me", Jungkook grinned, taking a bite of his fluff.


Seokjin looked at him before doing the same, but with less grace.


"Mmm", he whined, sugar all over his mouth, "sticky."


The cat frowned, moving his tongue and trying to remove the stubborn stuff from his teeth.


"Well, it's sugar. Just pure unhealthy sugar~"


Jungkook took another bite, enjoying the way his cat struggled.


"Your mouth is completely covered with sugar bits. Here, let me just-"


The boy tore a piece from the smaller candy and put it in front of the cat's mouth.


"Say ah~"


Seokjin blushed at this before opening his mouth. The soft treat was placed in his mouth, melting almost immediately.


"It's tasty, even though it's messy", Jungkook grinned, dusting some of the sugar off.


Seokjin blushed as his fingers touched his lips. Jungkook internally cooed at how cute he looked before an idea popped in his mind, "Hey, let's click a picture!"


The cat slowly chewed, slightly irritated at the sticky sugar but nodded nonetheless.


"Small bunny and big kitty", he mumbled around his cotton, smiling up at Jungkook.


The teen's eyes softened at the way Jin's cheeks bunched up when he smiled, the corners of his lips swallowed by his pink, fluffy cheeks.


"Whatever you say, hyung", he giggled, taking his phone out.

Seokjin smiled sweetly for the camera but jumped when a hand landed on the small of his back.

"Is this okay?" Jungkook softly asked, hand slowly encircling his waist.

He blushed hotly, staring at the boy for a few seconds before nodding and turning his head towards the camera.

Jungkook smiled, hands now securely holding Jin's waist and looked at his phone, smiling softly as he clicked the capture botton.

They tried a few poses, Jin giggling a few times when the boy posed really silly.

"We should head back now", Seokjin said after a few minutes, wiping laughter tears from his eyes.

"Yeah", Jungkook whispered, a little sad.

"We can...", The hybrid started, looking away but his words were directed to the teen, "we can come back on our- on the next anniversary."

A soft breeze blew across the land, the cat shivering slightly.

"Yeah, we can."

His breath hitched when a body hugged him from behind, as if protecting him from cold.

It wasn't a tight grip, just a gentle hug, but somehow it managed to heat up his body.

Seokjin closed his eyes, choosing to fully enjoy this moment.

He wasn't sure what to make of everything that happened throughout the day, but one thing he knew, Jeon Jungkook has somehow managed to make a place for himself in his heart. Only time will tell if his small place will grow bigger or will he leave Jin with a hollow feeling.

Chapter Text

"Hyung, wake up."

A voice called out, making the hybrid softly whine and roll over. Though his eyes snapped open when he realized he was on the edge of something.

"Careful careful, you'll fall."

Warm hands held his chest and waist, engulfing his body in a loose hug.

"Jungkook?" he softly asked, blinking away the sleep.

A bunny smile greeted him as soon as the man became aware of his surroundings, a familiar face in front of him.

"Who else would it be. I wouldn't have woken you up but I figured waking up to an empty house could worry you."

Seokjin blinked a few more times, pulling himself up in a sitting position.

He was sitting on the living room sofa, a blue blanket pooled in his lap.

"I fell asleep?" he cutely asked.

Seokjin remembered coming home last night, bellies full and hands carrying the numerous bags. Jungkook had then suggested a movie.

"You'll love it! This superhero is my favourite!"

The movie was filled with fights and futuristic weapons, and as much as Jin tried, he couldn't remember the name of Jungkook's favourite hero.

Black widow

Ah yes, this name he did remember. The badass women in skin tight black outfit, very much like a catwoman, was someone Jin could recall.

"Yeah. I wanted to put you in your bed but... thought that might make you uncomfortable", a soft blush rose on his cheeks, hand coming up to scratch his head.

"Thank you", Jin whispered, "for respecting my boundaries."

"Of course."

And there it was, that cute little smile that Seokjin was starting to adore.

"I'm getting late now, I gotta go. Milkshake is in the fridge with the pancake batter, make yourself something tasty, okay?"

The teen hurried to his room, leaving Jin confused.

What time is it anyway?

He wondered, looking behind him. His eyes widened when the clock showed a shocking 7:45, the cat hurriedly getting up.

"It's so late!"

He looked around only to find a mess of blankets and soda cans.

"I'm so sorry", he whispered to nobody, leaning down to pick up the trash.

But a hand came to hold his wrist, a boy pulling him up.

"You can clean this later. First go and eat, you must be hungry."

Jungkook smiled softly and picked up his phone, running towards the door.

"Why didn't you wake me up?!" Seokjin shouted behind him.

"You looked too damn cute!" Jungkook laughed, throwing him a wink before he was out the door.

The hybrid stood their, awestruck and flushed.

"So shameless!" he pouted, going towards the kitchen, "Flirting with his hyung like this-"

He stopped, thinking over words.

"Wait, no. He wasn't flirting with me, why should he?" he frowned, opening the fridge, "Maybe that's how he is with his friends?"

But he couldn't recall his sir doing any such thing with Jimin and Taehyung so maybe...

"No, I'm over thinking. Maybe he's just weird like that. Why would a human flirt with a hybrid, much less his servant hybrid? I should go eat..." he shook his head a few times before putting the pan on the flame.

"Besides, he had a date just two days ago..." he grumbled, being cutely jealous.

The wind softly blew outside, sweeping in through the open window.

Seokjin shivered slightly, rubbing his hand at his- leather jacket?

The cat looked down, confused.

Wasn't I wearing a crop top?

He was. The temperature inside was warm enough so Jungkook convinced him to just be in his top.

"Besides, you look really cute in my gift."

Seokjin blushed remembering his words, hands unconsciously wrapping around his waist.

Stupid monkey hybrid...

Even though he grumbled in his mind, a small smile graced Jin's lips, his cheeks a pretty pink.


"Oh come on, I promise it'll be fun!"

Jungkook turned the knob of his front door, trying not to drop his project files.

"Noona I have school work and-"

"I'll teach you how to make fish fillets that cat hybrids usually love."

The teen stopped in his tracks, turning his head slightly.

"Usually is an uncertain word."

"Well it's better than your pathetic attempts to gain his friendship back", Eunhee sassed. Jungkook just knew she was rolling her eyes.

"I made progress, okay! And fine, I'll come. But since it's Thursday night, I can stay only for a few hours."


Jungkook looked up at the sweet voice, a smile making its way on his lips.

"I'll be there, bye", he hung up unceremoniously, "Hey hyung, what have you made today?"

"Beef and radish soup, fish cakes, japchae and kimchi. I also tried making this Indian milk cake for dessert, see if you'll like it", the cat informed, giving Jungkook a glass of water.

"Of course I'll like it! You make delicious things hyung~" he grinned and downed the water in one go.

"Drink in at least three gulps! And uh... thank you for the compliment..." The hybrid quickly turned around but not before his pink face was noticed by the teen.

"Oh and, don't cook anything tomorrow, I'll be out", he said making his way towards his room.

"Out with your date?"

He hadn't meant to ask that, hadn't meant to cross any boundaries but God, he was feeling bothered.

Not jealous, no, not at all. Just a tiny bit bothered.

"Eh, sort of. You can order some food online, no use in making dinner for a single person. I'll leave the cash. Oh and", Seokjin looked back only to blush hotly. The boy was shirtless, snatching a shirt from the couch and putting it on, "Do you like fish fillets?"

The man perked up at the mention of his favourite dish, eyes twinkling softly.

"Yes", he tried to say in a normal voice but of course Jungkook can sense his excitement.


Seokjin frowned at his answer, following him to the dinner table.

"Why the sudden question?"

The boy took out chairs for both of them, making Jin's heart skip a beat.

"Uh, a person in my school said that he hates them. But I've never tried them so I asked you", he lied, shoving a fish cake in his mouth to avoid more talking.

"They're stupid! Fish fillets are probably the best sea food dish, crispy and flavourful!"

The sudden offensive tone made Jungkook look at Jin in confusion. The hybrid seemed to have realised what he did and stuttered cutely.

"I- I mean that they shouldn't have said that... Fishes are delicious."

The boy hummed, a small smile on his face. The hybrid was looking so cute with his head down in embarrassment.

"Pretty passionate about your food, aren't ya?"

The hybrid pouted slightly, looking at Jungkook with a harmless glare.

"Don't make fun of your hyung."

"I'm not making fun of you, it's cute. Kitty likes his fishy", Jungkook laughed.

And promptly choked on his food.

"Serves you right", Seokjin murmured, taking a scoop of rice for himself.

"Aww, you want your bunny to die eating your food?"

Seokjin looked at him in surprise, his ears bright red.

"No, of course I don't want that!"

"So you agree that I'm your bunny?"

The man spluttered, so helpless. Jungkook tried his hardest not to pinch his cheeks and rub his twitching ears.

"N-no, I didn't... Eat your food!"

And with that, the hybrid began eating, his face and neck pink.

Jungkook chuckled softly, shaking his head in fondness.

"Aye aye, cutie."

Seokjin chewed his food as he glared at Jungkook but all the boy could concentrate on was his chubby cheeks.

And all Seokjin can concentrate on was how Jungkook's loose shirt was exposing that chiseled chest.

Shameless humans!