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Cool down My Heat

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Dear Readers,

I really – really – appreciate you sticking with me through the years and following this story as well as my other ones.

I came up with this story after a dream 10 years ago. At that time, I was in my early teens and – unfortunately – did not finish this story back then, as I should have. What happened over time is that I lost touch with the feeling I wanted this story to convey. Yes, I still love GaaFemNaru. I still Use GaaFemNaru is my other stories. However, I like to think that my writing style and constructing characters and plots as a whole have become more sophisticated now as I've grown. I've struggled to reconnect with Cool Down My Heat now as an adult. The last chapter I wrote was in my late teens and it took everything out of me and it just didn't have the same feeling. You can see that the last chapter is different than the ones before it and I was really not satisfied with it.

Then I tried to continue multiple times during my early 20s, but the disconnect and my mind constantly taking me to make the plot more complex and adding more plotlines confused and frustrated me. I tried continuing it as recently as a few months ago, but it just did not come out the same.

I really appreciate everyone who has been with me through this. I should have just completed it back when I thought of it, but for some reason or another, I just couldn't-and then it was too late.

I've been hurt over stories that I'd loved that were discontinued because of the authors losing touch with them.

As an apology and in the hopes to make it up to you, my readers, and GaaFemNaru lovers, I'd like to post the following summary/chapter where I'd like to take you through how I envisioned the story developing and ending. So that I can provide at least some sense of completion for those who have been involved with this as well as for myself. It will sound more like a dry book summary than the intense writing language I like to use. Remember, I mostly disconnected from this story because I now see it as flat but still really like the intensity, the pairing, and just the angsty, porn with plot concept. It was meant to be dark, intense, and hot. Let's get this all out so it stops haunting me.

I guess this could be rated 18+ for sexual content.

Here we go:

The next chapter was going to continue with Tsunade looking more into Gaara and Naruto's condition. I see now that it would be obvious to Tsunade exactly what it is that they're going through, but back then I wanted to open up sometime between them meeting in Konoha and things going down once they figure out they are in demon heat.

So, they go about their day. In the evening (or a few evenings later), Naruto goes to Shikamaru to sleep over there again. I don't have an answer why I made Shikamaru and Naruto seem so intimate other than I really like Naruto having attention and I think Shikamaru is very respectful and cares for her (I think the same about canon Shika with canon Naruto). Shikamaru is freaked out after all the creepiness from before and is seriously concerned for Naruto.

Gaara and Naruto go into heat during the night again – she wakes up with red eyes and gets up to exit through the window. Shikamaru wakes up and follows her, mad at himself that he wasn't able to stop her. She is fast – very fast – and he has trouble catching up to her. He is really scared that she is headed toward the Hokage building and considers his options. Gaara also wakes up in heat and escapes despite his guards. He actually sleeps in the Hokage building and just sands away the shinobi that come in his way in the hallway (this is one of the things that I couldn't get over while trying to continue this story as an adult – I couldn't turn off my brain reminding me that things like that would have consequences, despite Gaara being a kage. You don't just go berserk several times attacking people in a foreign village and then walk away. This is one of the things that made me frustrated and made me want to add a more complex plot to account for events like that, but that would ruin the simplicity of the plot and the overall feel of the read. I really just wrote this when I was very young and didn't understand all the nuances a good plot has, and I just couldn't turn off my brain and ignore it).

Naruto runs into the Hokage building, possibly hurting a few guards. She runs down the hallways and reaches Gaara. They jump each other in front of the Hokage's office door – I imagined that they wouldn't be completely out of control at that moment – they would feel a burning desire to mate but would still have the mind to restrain themselves. So Tsunade opens the door and they are right there at the door frame, breathing really hard and staring at each other, Naruto has red eyes. Gaara also has his mind about still and doesn't want to jump his friend because of demon heat. They are actually very good friends and Gaara is very respectful toward her and very grateful for what she has done for him and how she has influenced his life.

After this case, Tsunade puts her foot down and has Gaara move into Naruto's apartment until their heat passes despite both of their protests. Gaara goes to Naruto's apartment. At first, it's super awkward – they don't constantly have those heat moments where they go crazy. They are good friends, but they haven't seen each other in a while and haven't caught up and now they're suddenly put in an apartment together expected to just fuck it out or tough it out because of some demon heat! And they're virgins. It's awkward.

I was also going to include some lowkey background conflict brewing - either the Hokage receiving intel that someone is tracking the Kazekage, or that there is suspicious activity in the village, or that someone was tracking Naruto.

From then on, I remember several particular scenes I wanted to include in the apartment:

- They do spend time together doing normal things since they are stuck with each other and normally get along, although it's awkward at the beginning. So they catch up slowly, play games, train, etc. I was going to transition these moments of normality into them falling in love (Gaara already has feelings for her, and maybe Naruto now develops romantic feelings for him too).

- Kiba comes by and Naruto opens the door – she's wearing very scarce clothing, she is very much in heat and is very seductive. Kiba of course can smell all the crazy pheromones and is stuttering, he also gets horny af. Gaara somehow interferes.

- Gaara is really, really trying to resist the heat. He feels guilty about the past and the whole current situation and feels it is his responsibility to keep them both on track and make sure that Naruto comes out of this with her dignity and virginity intact so that she can fully and consciously decide who her first time should be with and not just let some demon heat decide that for her. But it's getting harder and harder to resist her- he acknowledges that he had feelings for her even before all this and that fact, combined with her proximity and how she attempts to seduce him, make it increasingly difficult for Gaara to resist and keep them both in check. He doesn't know if she has feelings for him. He always knew she was chasing after Sasuke and thought that it could be because of more than friendship.

- One of those days, Naruto is already giving in and tries to push Gaara down and rub against him to seduce him and kiss him. Gaara somehow manages to resist and gets up and flees. He goes into the bathroom and he is painfully hard in his pants. He's already shirtless. He holds the edges of the sink, taking deep breaths and trying to steady himself and not give in to the very primal urge to go back and fuck her into the floor. He sees that he won't calm down this way, so he turns on the shower to the coldest water possible and gets in there with his pants on, desperate for something to ground him. He didn't lock the door though and Naruto comes in. He is too weak to fight it now and Naruto is somewhat more in control – she slides down his pants while he is still in the shower. He watches her, pleading with his eyes for her to not do anything she would regret but he doesn't have the strength to say it anymore. She sucks him off and the whole scene is very intense. He stops resisting - he holds her hair, fucks her mouth, and cums in her mouth.

- On another occasion, Naruto gets horny as fuck again and tries to seduce Gaara to make him lose control and fuck the shit out of her. They're on the floor and she is straddling him, rubs her pelvis against his clothed hard dick. Gaara gives in for a second and grabs her hips and thrusts up into her a few times. He arches back at the feeling and she scratches down his bare chest. Then he flips them over and puts his weight on her to hold her down. He works fast - takes off her pants with her underwear too. He spreads her out and eats her out passionately. Naruto is convulsing and pulling at his hair. He fingers her and he eats her out and makes her cum several times to make sure that her heat will be calmed for a while. When she cums for the last time, he has been hard the whole time and he comes up and jerks himself off and cums on her belly. He rolls to the side and they're both breathing hard.

It becomes more and more clear to Gaara that this heat will most likely not go away until they mate and he is becoming so exhausted and frustrated with holding back trying to keep them both on track. He wants to look out for his friend and not have such an important decision of hers be influenced by carnal demon desire. However, he has so little resolve and power left, and Naruto's heat seems to be greater than his own because she has a stronger demon and he is just starting to be consumed and feels himself begin to give up.

The faithful evening comes when Gaara goes completely into heat, goes completely berserk. He has half a mind still to protect his friend so he runs outside and goes on a rampage. Naruto finds him somewhere in the dark outside – and this was going to be a really intense scene – and kisses him passionately, and they both give into the heat now. They go back to Naruto's apartment and fuck the shit out of each other.

Then it's 4am and it's almost dawn – Naruto is on her knees, he face pressed into the mattress and her legs shaking. She pleads with Gaara that she cannot possibly cum anymore, that she is exhausted, while her cum keeps dripping down thighs mixed with his. Gaara fucks her like that from behind and makes her cum one more time. Then they are both exhausted and finally feel much better than they have in weeks.

Several hours later, Kakashi or other shinobi pop in through the window and tell them that the Hokage wants them in her office. I was going to include a funny scene of Naruto being downright embarrassed to be caught in bed like that.

So they go to the Hokage's office and she examines them again. They're still in heat but don't have the higher body temperature as much anymore and they both look calmer. Tsunade tells them that they would most likely have to mate again until the mating cycle is over, or they will get their previous symptoms back.

And they do fuck more. And in between that, they find time to talk too. And they become closer and closer, and then they realize that they are now fucking still but the mating cycle ended several days ago.

Remember that background conflict brewing that I mentioned in the beginning? I was going to I think it was going to be someone spying on them and then attacking the village. Years after I started writing the story, I decided that maybe I should include Sasuke into the background conflict – he kidnaps Naruto and is jealous of her relations with Gaara. This was the moment when different unnecessary plotline started popping in my head and messing with my original idea and feel of the story. At one point I thought I'd make Sasuke dead (having died through the war) and make Naruto super depressed over that. Or Sasuke having been her previous lover. All of these extra ideas distracted me from the very original plot! Which was: Gaara + Naruto + demon heat + some random background conflict = tons of sexual tension, tons of fucking, intensity, and minor background conflict resolution. Boom!

So there was going to be some type of battle, conflict and its resolution – Sasuke or no Sasuke, and a happy ending. Gaara and Naruto are in love and everyone is happy.

My early teenage self thought it would be soo romantic to finish off the story by making Naruto pregnant - looool! - I'd never do that now. But in the original idea – yes, she was going to be pregnant at the end, it was going to be a boy, and Gaara was going to move to Konoha or Naruto was going to move to Suna and not be Hokage but she'd be happy.

So that was that in a nutshell. I lost touch with that story and the feelings I wanted it to convey. I love Gaa/FemNaru and I like to think that I use that pairing in a more sophisticated way in my stories now.

I have a huge story coming with plenty of GaaFemNaru, much to Sasuke's jealousy, just how I've found I like it now. :) All of my other stories contain GaaFemNaru also in some way.

Let me know what you thought? I know it's been forever and that it's not a proper update. But man – it feels good to put this behind me, although improvised, and mark this story as complete! :)

I'll see you around in another story.