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ShouToko Week 2019

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ShouToko Week 2019

Day 1

Mafia AU

Dialogue Prompt “Perhaps you’ll take me out one day… or do I have to make an appointment?”


Black high heels click-clacked against the marble floor as a man with rather avian features that was impeccably dressed to looked fabulous but also show off his… assets walked into a rather posh bar with purpose.

Striding with only a touch of trepidation up to the bouncer he says “I’m here to see Mezou.”

The man nods and opens the door and escorting him down a plush carpeted hallway into an office that had very high-quality furniture but was also somehow rather minimalist.

The figure behind the desk was using magic to do eight different things at once but ceased his productivity at the sight of the man stepping into the room with his expression undoubtedly becoming that of a grin, one not seen considering half his face is covered by cloth but it’s there.

“Ah, Fumikage” the larger man practically purred as the man walked in and took a seat in the chair in front of his desk.

“My apologies for being late. The goblins were running amuck downtown, a f***ing unicorn got stuck in the subway system, and you know about the mess with the alchemists and the rivers.”

Mezou gave a non-committal hum and then “so then, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“You know full well why I’m here, last night due to the actions of you and your fellows. What SHOULD have been a successful venture ended very prematurely and on top of that one of my girls was nearly arrested last night. I respect you and yours but you need to step off!”

“Careful” Mezou said then narrowing his eyes. “You know that insulting my business is insulting my boss.”

“Good! As least Deku would be more amicable to my plight. HE would know and understand how hard it is running a brothel in this day and age!”

“Deku is a very busy man.”

“Running around after that rabid pomeranian of his no doubt.”

“There’s not a force on Earth that can control Katsuki you know that. Now my dear your message has been received. I will try to be more mindful of my actions. Have a pleasant day.”

Fumikage got up and stalked to the door and as he did Mezou said “oh and the next time you want my attention all you need to do is ask. But… perhaps you’ll take me out one day… or do I have to make an appointment?”

Fumikage just gave him a dull stare. If looks could kill.

For the record Mezou did get that date eventually and it went… OK. Up until the point Mezou used his magic to cop a feel and got kicked in the shin for his efforts.


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ShouToko Week 2019

Day 2

Dialogue Prompt “Are you taking his side against me?”


A large scream echoed out early in the morning of the class 1-A dorms. A high-pitched shriek quickly followed it.

It should be noted they were both male.

In the kitchen of said dorms we see three people. A livid Tokoyami Fumikage, in front of him his boyfriend Shouji Mezou, and cowering behind said boyfriend is one Kaminari Denki.

“Fumikage, beloved, you need to calm down.”

“Are you taking his side against me? Betrayal from my own boyfriend!” At this statement there was a squeal from Ashido who was among the small crowd at the door watching the drama.

“You’re overeacting.”


Then before Shouji could try and calm him down Dark Shadow appeared at his back and slowly started to grow in size with a menacing aura that would no doubt return the world to nothing, murdering all those who stood in his way, and reign supreme over the void left behind.

And of course, this is when Aizawa showed up to prevent the near-murders.


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ShouToko Week 2019 Day 3

Dialogue Prompt “Was that you screaming?”



The time had come. The nefarious castle that loomed beyond was ready for their assault.

Equipment prepared as best as could be. Medicine? A generous stock of it. All the results of a month of preparation.

And now the raid begins and as had become the norm DarkBirb52 found himself partnered with OctoGuard7.

So, the tank and mage duo proceeded through their hall of the castle in an effort to rejoin the guild.

And as always, the duo worked flawlessly the tank blocking everything with the mage burning everything down.

DarkBirb52 would often comment on how their teamwork was “a beautiful symphony wreathed from the dark” or “truly our duo was a match made in Nirvana.”

Then they reached the end of the hall they were traversing and the mini-mini-boss appeared and that’s when everything went to Hell for various reasons.

The first? AOE’s. AOE attacks EVERYWHERE! And the tank couldn’t do squat against it.

Then in the midst of dodging in entered the adds.

Things went frantic as DarkBirb52 muttered to himself “what a mad banquet of darkness this is…”

Then he felt something brush past his legs and the motion tripped him up. Literally DarkBirb52 or Fumikage now fell on his ass in real life with a loud squawk disconnecting him for a moment which in turn forced the entire guild out of the raid.

As the yells, shouts, and curses filled the voice chat Fumikage raised the VR helmet off his head and looked at the perpetrator of this disaster.

Dark Shadow, his evil cat with fur so dark it somehow looks purple.

Who is now curled up on his bed unrepentantly happy.

Then from the door came the voice of his roommate Denki.

“Dude, was that you screaming?”

Fumikage turned a glare on the encroaching roommate and said “Dark Shadow tripped me up and cost us the raid.” He glared at the cat, who was asleep already.

“OK then” Denki turned “I’ll let you get back to your gross flirting.”

“I’m not flirting!”



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ShouToko Week 2019

Day 4

Fantasy AU

Dialogue Prompt “You lost control… it was like you were possessed.”



The midnight hour was upon them. Here in the Tower of Power inks and jewels formed a beautiful array on the floor.

An opening in the ceiling reveled the full moon just about to reach its zenith and Tokoyami Fumikage, a royal court mage was ready to divine the future, the kingdom was in peril and the ruler King Might and his adviser Nedzu wanted any and all information for the trials ahead.

The great Oracle Nighteye had done his best but now it was time for the big and the small to try their hand.

Tokoyami looked back his paramour and bonded. His anchor and love, Sir Shouji Mezou.

The big paladin offered him a knowing nod and then just as the moon moved into position Tokoyami leapt in the center of the array and started to dance and sing and the magic responded as the world around him shifted and though he was standing he felt the world fell away and he was falling into the void.

Then there was a swirl of purple and Dark Shadow his spirit guide was there guiding him through dreams.

Though for a change Tokoyami could feel fear. Dark Shadow was worried over about this he didn’t want to ferry his friend and mage along but did his duty.

And then the magic went awry.

He felt Dark Shadow vanish and a maelstrom form around him blasting him and buffering him and wild magic surged.

And between “assaults” he saw images.

Swirling inky darkness.

A hand turning plants, animals… and people to dust with a touch.

A brilliant green star being reached out to by pitch black tentacles that just felt wrong while in the background a crown fell into the void.

And then in the chaos tentacles, arms, and hands all a pure shining white radiating divine, familiar magic reached out to catch and cradle him and then Tokoyami was looking up at Shouji.

“You okay?” His beloved asked.

Tokoyami nodded then Shoujii frowned “Fumikage…”

Oh. He used that name something was wrong.

“What happened, I’ve seen you divine before this… wasn’t that. You lost control… it was like you were possessed.”

The mage looked around and…. Oh.

The chamber was a mess.

After a tense moment Tokoyami shook his head and said “I do not know, something unforeseen happened through the journey. Still contemplating it.”

“Did you get anything?”

“Some images sent to the crystal ball in my work room.”

“Good we can pass them to Sir Nedzu tomorrow.” And then Shouji picked up Tokoyami who squawked.

“Um Shouji… what are we doing?”

“We my beloved are returning to our rooms and I am going to ravish you!”

Tokoyami tried hard not to giggle. He failed.


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ShouToko Week 2019 Day 5


Dialogue Prompt “Sweetheart what did you bury in the yard?”



Ah what a glorious night Tokoyami thinks to himself as he walked to the gymnasium the smell of pumpkin riotous in the air. The temperate pleasantly cool but not too cold.

A good night for Halloween.

He walked into the building to be treated immediately to the sounds of This is Halloween always a classic.

Walking into the dance and seeing all the costumes and masks that was tonight’s theme: Masquerade.

Tokoyami quickly looked around for his boyfriend but couldn’t find him. Which rather said something considering his loves appearance. And then a familiar voice spoke from behind him.

“Boo.” Hos boyfriend said.

Tokoyami did that thing where he would smile if he physically could, turned around, and bedsheet.

Tokoyami stopped, blinked, took a step back and looked up.

A ghost. His boyfriend was a bed sheet ghost just staring at him.

After a moment Tokoyami said “you absolute dork” with such affection in his voice.

The ghost shook with his laugh as Shouji said “you love it.”

Tokoyami conceded with a sigh. “I do.”

“Wanna dance?”

“Of course, my beloved.”

So the two headed for the dance floor passing Midoriya on the way turning him into a red mess a holdover from their conversation from last week.

And awkwardly, weirdly, and wonderfully they danced to the song Evertime We Touch.

And then as the song ended Shouji spoke up “Fumi?”

“Yes, Mezou?”

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you. Um… I saw you and Kirishima outside yesterday.”

Tokoyami froze.

“Sweetheart what did you bury in the yard?”

The bird boy began to sweat a bit as he thought of the cookies, they attempted to bake which hopefully weren’t crawling out of the earth in order to murder them all and try to take over the world. “Uh… it’s nothing.”

His boyfriend said nothing but gave him a flat stare that said he didn’t believe him.


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ShouToko Week 2019 Day 6

Merman AU

Dialogue Prompt “When was the last time anyone looked at with you with something other than fear in their eyes?”



He was desperate. He knew he was but what other choice did he have? None or at least none that felt actually viable so here he went.

Past the jagged rocks that form towers reaching for the surface, through the tunnel hosting crystals that’s shine like stars, past the garden where the eels and plants hunger for flesh, and there just at the edge of an abyssal crevice was a cave and as he approached a voice called out.

“Well, well if it isn’t Prince Mezou of the octopus people. Come to visit me.”

The prince swallowed behind his ceremonial garb and tried not to feel apprehensive as what must be his pet a strange creature composed out of purple shadow with glowing yellow eyes that swam out of the cave to swirl about him.

“Greeting sir mage. I have come to petition to you for aid.” He held out the basket he carried.

From inside the cave he felt the look the basket was being given.

“…a generous supply of food, money, and jewels. I’m surprised nothing esoteric?”

“If you need supplies for the magic I ask for, I will aid you however I can but for a first meeting I thought practicality would suffice.”

A moment of silence then “it’ll do. Dark Shadow.” The strange creature suddenly reached out grabbing the basket in its mouth and carrying it into the cave.

“You may come in your highness. I give you my word you will not be harmed.”

Prince Mezou swam forward and stopped as where the darkness began, he felt fabric or plant matter and gave a start and he passed through it like a curtain and entered a well-lit cave and blinked looking behind him.

The fabric was somehow transparent on this side, black on the other creating an illusion of darkness.

Then he looked into the cave and the furnishings he saw were more or less what he was expecting of a mage though there was less gore than what he’d been expecting.

And then he gave a start as he saw the mage.

His lower half and torso were than of the merfolk though he was wearing a cape clasped about his shoulders. His arms though they ended in what could only be called claws.

His head though starting from mid-neck he was covered in rocks or crystals that shined black in the light and they were arranged in such a way that they reminded him of the few images Mezou had seen of the creatures called birds.

And his eyes such a beautiful shade of red.

Then he realized he was staring when the mage dryly said “something on my face?”

Prince Mezou “s-sorry I’ve never seen anyone like you before.”

“Understandable I am rather unpleasant to see.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Came out of the princes mouth and the mage paused giving him a look out of the corner of his eye.

Though that reminded him “what do I call you?”

Now the mage was looking at him full on “most people just call me the Mage.”

“That seems rude, if you’re worried about the true name thing (“That’s a myth!”) you have my word I won’t use it against you.”

“…my name is Tokoyami, my little friend” and he gave a glare to the little creature that grabbed the basket and was now fiddling with some material Mezou was certain it shouldn’t be “is Dark Shadow.”

Prince Mezou nodded.

“Anyways the reason you’re here. I already know the strange plague affecting plants coupled with the miasma that’s harassing your people. The effects of it have rippled outward and even here I am feeling them. I’ve located the source in your palace gardens. This potion will neutralize it all.” He showed a stopped glass bottle.

Passing it to the Prince he said “and a word of advice. Next time the eel people visit your kingdom. Don’t leave Lord Kaminari unattended lest he accidentally create a plague and doom us all.”

Prince Mezou got a look on his face that spoke plainly that he would do his best to diplomatically unleash the wrath of Neptune upon him.

“Thank you for your kindness Tokoyami.”

The mage waved him off “I’m helping myself too don’t worry about it. And thank you for the supplies getting daily things is… difficult.”

Prince Mezou looked sad.

Tokoyami just gave him a look “don’t looks surprised with my face it’s not that big a shock.”

“…When was the last time anyone looked at with you with something other than fear in their eyes?”

Tokoyami gave a start then in lieu of answering “you should be going.”

After a moment the prince nodded and then left though as he swam away, he debated if Tokoyami the mage would be willing to tolerate another visit from Prince Mezou of the octopus people.

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ShouToko Week 2019 Day 7

Free Day

Song Fic


The afternoon sun sank below the horizon line as Fumikage melted into the couch or tried to anyway.

Then soft piano music began to ring out as a female voice started to sing.

He looked up and there Mezou his beloved standing there offering a hand “care to dance.”

Fumikage smiled at his absolute dork of a husband and took it being pulled off the couch and into Mezous embrace as the two swayed. The past few months had not been easy for them.

How did I live in a kingdom of thieves?

There was that thief from last month who stolen the design for Fumikages sculpture.

And people who say things they don’t really mean. Really mean.

Two more blows were that gallery owner who backed out of Fumikage and that prospective employer who said he would call Mezou back but never did.

You’re only everything I ever dreamed

Ever dreamed of…

Ever dreamed of…

You must be kidding me did you really think I could say no?

I want you for a lifetime

So, their marriages was off to a rocky start even if their wedding had been perfect.

So if you’re gonna think twice, baby

I don’t wanna know, baby

I don’t wanna know

Everything is just right,

They had each other and their apartment and moments like these.

But if you’re gonna think twice, baby

I don’t wanna know, baby

I don’t wanna know

I really don’t get

What everyone else believes

Though it was still aggravating how he keeps putting his art and himself out there and he gets that.

So why do I say

Things I don’t really mean,

Mezou said things would get better but working double shift at the convenience store was wearing at him.

Really mean

I’m only crying ‘cause I never dreamed

It’d take this long, It’d take this long

Still they were together and OK.

I want you for a lifetime

So if you’re gonna think twice, baby

I don’t wanna know, baby

I don’t wanna know

Everything is just right

But if you’re gonna think twice, baby

I don’t wanna know, baby

I don’t wanna know

The two slowly still locked in that swaying embrace started to circle the room.

Don’t think twice

Don’t think twice

Don’t think twice

Neither of them regretted their relationship at all that’s not say there weren’t bumps in the road.

Baby, don’t think twice

Case in points the first time Mezou wanted to get intimate. In bed.

If you want to take it to an even higher level

All you gotta do is say the word you know I’ll follow

If you want to take it to an even higher level

I don’t, I don’t bite

If you want to make it happen nothings impossible

All you gotta do is say the word, the walls were crumble

If you want to make it happen nothings impossible

They made it through that hurdle eventually.

I want you for a lifetime

So if you’re gonna think twice, baby

I don’t wanna know, baby

I don’t wanna know

They were still here living and loving life.

Everything is just right

I want you for a lifetime

But if you’re gonna think twice, baby

I don’t wanna know, baby

I don’t wanna know

Completing one last circuit of the room they stopped in front of the music player.

Kiss me once

Kiss me twice

Kiss me three times

Mezou did so, thrice.

Cross the line

Don’t think twice

Don’t think twice

Don’t think twice

Baby, Don’t think twice

Kiss me once

Kiss me twice

Kiss me three times

Fumikage initiated it this time. Then an even tighter embrace.

Cross the line

Don’t think twice

Don’t think twice

Don’t think twice

Baby, Don’t think twice

And so as the song ends piano music fading out the two knew things were rough but they would be OK.

And then night fell.


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Hey everyone! Surprise I know it's been ages since ShouTokoWeek 2019 ended but I kinda felt really bad about how spotty and rushed things were past day 2 even if the circumstances were beyond my control. Now when doing this I mentioned how day 6 was my favorite prompt. It stuck with me so much in fact I wanted to do some concept art for Mer-Mage Tokoyami and I wanted to share it with you as an apology. I hope you all like this. I do not own Boku No Hero Academia in any way, shape, or form. Reviews welcome. Thanks for staying with me through to the end of this fic, Extra piece included. ;)