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My heart is on your doorstep...

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"Oh Michael you are a star, I'm not sure where I would be without you."

Mrs. Samantha Johnson's hand lingered on his arm as she smiled charmingly up at him.

"That's what I'm here for Mrs. Johnson," Mike responded as he easily stepped away from her but not before she got in her regular squeeze on his arm.

"Oh Michael, stop being so formal. I told you to call me Sam." She perched on the desk in front of him and smiled beguilingly at him.

"Sorry. I just want to be respectful that's all." He said crawling under the desk to pack up his gear into his bag and he heard Samantha moving above him.

"But Mrs. Johnson, sounds so old. I don't look old do I?" Mike could hear her standing behind him. Probably staring at his ass as usual.

Mike stood up straight and looked at her, pretending to consider the question. The truth was Samantha Johnson was a well preserved forty two year old, thanks to regular exercise and cosmetic procedures. Her hair was bleached perfectly blonde and her forehead contained no wrinkles, but she also couldn't move it, so there was that. "No you don't look old at all. You look quite youthful."

Samantha beamed at him. "You're so sweet. Now let me just grab your details so I can sort out your payment."

Mike watched as she walked away. He had been working with Samantha for just over three years now. He had taken the job despite the fact she lived out near the middle of Long Island and it took him almost an hour to get to her place. Initially he was going to turn her down but she offered to pay him twice his normal rate and he agreed. When he arrived at the house he saw why she could afford it. She lived in a massive, Tudor styled mansion and she apparently had nothing better to do than to spend her husband's money on getting her crochet costumes business online. She was always telling him about some event she had to attend, and how they were dreadfully boring. The rest of the time she spent not so subtly trying to hit on him. Usually he just politely brushed her off. Besides she always paid him well over the agreed amount anyway. He was certain that his youthful comment would earn him an extra something this month.

"Here you go." Samantha smiled as she handed over the recept from the transfer she had just made to him.

Mike read through it quickly. There was a Iot more zeros than he was expecting. "Is this for the quarter?"

Samantha giggled. "No silly. That's just a thank you of sorts. I mean ever since you made the alterations to the site and set up online payment processing I have had more hits and orders than I know what to do with. "

"Oh wow....well thanks. Appreciate it." Mike said as he slid the receipt into his back pocket.

Mike hefted his bag on his shoulder to leave when Samantha called out to him. "Can I have a hug before you go?"

He didn't really want to but as the woman had just paid his rent for two months, he turned around and smiled at her. "Sure."

Samantha bounded up to him and threw her arms tightly around his neck, pressing her body against his. Mike lightly embraced her around her shoulders.

He ended the hug and Samantha stepped back blushing. "I'm sorry I have got my perfume all over you.. I hope your girlfriend won't mind?"

"Ha no its fine.. Er.. I mean she won't.. Actually I don't have one." Mike bumbled getting flustered as he walked towards the front door.

"So next month?" Samantha called after him in a hopeful tone.

Mike nodded as he opened the door. "Next month it is."

"Aww man, I remembered when I had a rich chick." Dustin took a big bite of his deep dish Hawaiian pizza. "It was some of the best money that I ever made." Dustin sighed as if he were reminiscing. " And the work wasn't bad either." He added grinning mischeviously

"So what happened?" Mike speared some of his Caesar salad on the fork.

"Her husband got a tad upset when he came home early one day and found us fucking on the desk in his study."

Mike nearly choked on his salad. He grabbed his glass of water and drank it down quickly. "What?"

Dustin shrugged and continued to eat as if it was no big deal. He looked at an attractive brunette who had stopped to converse with the couple at the table next to them. "I know right? Cancelling my contract was totally uncalled for, if anything they were getting additional services for free."

Dustin shoved the remainder of the slice into his mouth and Mike wondered how Dustin managed to eat what he wanted and never get fat

"So how's it going with the new girlfriend?" Dustin sucked on the straw in his soda, awaiting Mike's response.

"She's not my girlfriend." Mike wiped his mouth with the paper nakin and placed it down next to his plate.

"Yeah whatever. Doesn't she like come over every night?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Doesn't she leave like early in the morning?"

"She lives next door."

Dustin slowly blinked at him and then shook his head. "Okay, when's the last time that I came over?"

Mike frowned. "Um..."

"Too long! You can't even remember." Dustin drummed his fingers on the table top. "Okay, the last time that Lucas came over?"

"Oh last week to return some dvds." Mike smiled.

"I bet he didn't stay to after midnight just talking to your ass."

The smile vanished. "Well no, he had to go meet some girl."

"Exactly. That's what single straight guys do. We spend our time trying to get laid. Not spending every night just taking with some chick."

Mike looked a bit miffed. "I'll have you know that my company is awesome."

Dustin laughed. "Yeah I'm sure El thinks so."

He noticed the confident look on Mike's face waivering a bit. "Look Michael. You're a great dude. I honestly think that neighbour girl has a thing for you but you're stuck you don't know if she is straight and if she is, it's not exactly going anywhere with the two of you."

"But she's never said that she wasn't interested in men." Mike finally said after a long pause.

Dustin reached over and patted his shoulder. "But she never said that she was.

"El, I don't want to watch Zombie Axe Murderers part three."

"Why not?" El placed her feet up on Mike's lap. "You just watched parts one and two."

"That's exactly why." Mike shoved El's feet off with his right hand. "And take your feet off me."

El scowled. "You let Paladin lie down in your lap."

"Pal's a cat." Mike changed the channel to some cop show and placed the remote back on the table. He wondered if what Dustin had said was true and El was just trying to find a way to stay over longer. It was after eleven at night already.

"He's an animal." Suddenly El's entire face brightened up as if she finally realized what was going on. "It's discrimination."

"What?" Mike looked puzzled.

"Paladin's an animal and I'm a human being. You won't let me put my feet on you because I'm human." She smirked triumphantly. "It's discrimination."

Mike shook his head, whilst trying not to grin. "You're crazy."

"No. I'm right." El turned around on the couch and without warning planted her head in Mike's lap.

"What the -" Mike started.

El looked up at him all innocently. "You said that I couldn't put my feet on your lap. You didn't say anything about my head."

El turned her head to the side and faced the television. "I don't want to watch a cop show." She whined.

"Well I'm not watching any more zombie movies."

"You're just mad because the second one scared Paladin." El huffed.

After another person screamed after getting their head chopped off by an axe wielding zombie, Paladin had taken off in the direction of the bedroom and Mike hadn't seen him since.

"Well it's either this or you can go home," Mike declared.

He saw El pouting and then fold her arms across her chest. "Fine. I'm the guest and I never get to have any say."

Mike stared at her and wondered if he should point out that they just spent the last three hours watching cheesy zombie flicks at El's insistance. But he lost his train of thought when he noticed how good El looked lying in his lap. Now if only she would face the other way and press her mouth against the crotch of his pants and Mike would be in heaven.

Fuck. He needed to control his thoughts around El. He didn't want to get excited, leading to further embarrassment. Mike tried to shift his attention to the show on television that he was making El watch. It wasn't a favourite show of his by any means but it wasn't about zombies or mutants so that was a plus in its favour already.

"Mike? Wake up."

Mike felt someone tapping the side of his face and slowly he opened his eyes. Damn it. He fell asleep without even realizing it. El shifted into focus in front of his eyes. She was so close to the front of his face. He could see every fleck of gold in her eyes and the length of her eyelashes more clearly.

"You snore." El said matter of factly.

"Couldn't be that bad.You're still here." He pointed out.

El ignored that comment and reached a hand up and twirled a lock of Mike's hair between her fingers. "You know you really do have nice hair. You sure that you don't want to grow and sell it?"

"Yes I'm sure." El's face was flawless. Nothing really could detract from how beautiful she was. Maybe Dustin had a point. Why would a girl that want interested get so close to him? El's ass was pressed right up against his thigh. Their faces were barely six inches apart and she was playing with Mike's hair again. Even if she wanted to sell it.

Mike made up his mind. He was going to do it. He hated not knowing where he stood and he hated going to bed frustrated every night because he couldn't have El like he wanted. He brought his right hand up and gently cupped El's jaw. He waited for El to say something but instead his hair got a sharp tug, bringing their faces even closer. It was now or never he thought as he closed his eyes.

He pressed his lips firmly against El's, covering that pretty mouth that he had so many dirty thoughts about. He slowly moved his lips against El's, kissing her softly. His other arm going around El's waist, holding her body that had gone quite stiff. His right hand keeping El's head in place. El was obviously in shock, Mike thought. Didn't matter now though, he was going to get this kiss even if they parted ways forever right afterwards.

However, it surprised him when he felt El's arms around his neck and then she started to kiss him back. Well at least that gamble paid off, Mike thought as El's lips plucked at his top lip. Her lips were soft, and her mouth was warm. Mike traced El's plump bottom lip with the tip of his tongue and to his pleasant surprise he felt El's tongue tap against his own. El parted her lips and Mike's tongue slid into the welcoming wet heat. Their tongues slid against each other as Mike moved the hand that was holding El's jaw and pushed his fingers through the hair at the back of El's head. This kiss was good. Very good. He continued to kiss El for a few more seconds before pulling away and ending the kiss.

He opened his eyes and looked at El. Her lips were wet, red and swollen and Mike couldn't help but to feel proud of himself knowing that he had done that to El.

"Finally," The girl in his arms muttered.

"Finally what?" Mike tucked some of the honey brown hair behind El's ear.

"I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to notice me." El smirked. "I was just about to start humping your leg."

"Seriously?" Mike stared at her increduously. "How was I suppose to know that you were interested? I thought that you dated women."

Dean shook his head in disbelief. "What because of Mick and Dottie?! Don't be daft, I'm telling you how pretty your hair is and you really thought that?"

"You said that you wanted to sell it!"

Mike watched as El shifted her position again and straddled Mike's hips, sinking down on to his lap.

"Whatever." El leaned forward and kissed him. "It worked."

"Oh please," Mike countered as he returned the kiss. "I only kissed you because I thought you were hot. Your lame pick up didn't work."

"Sure, sure, doesn't matter," El brushed him off and torturously sucked Mike's bottom lip into her mouth. "The point is that we're kissing."

True, there was no point in arguing that Mike decided as he pulled El right up to his body and started to return her kisses. Yeah he could definitely get used to this. El had a sweet mouth and she was an excellent kisser even when she randomly licked the corner of his mouth for no apparent reason.

Mike slid both of his hands underneath El's t-shirt to feel the smooth skin on El's back. Her skin was almost like silk beneath his fingertips. He started to kiss along El's jawline and down the side of her neck to where the collar of the shirt was. El emitted soft sighs and groans as Mike flicked his tongue out and suckled on the delicate skin before making his way back up to El's lips.

El kissed him hard and used her tongue to explore Mike's mouth this time. He could feel El pressing against his hardness. The heat being emitted between them was intoxicating. Mike moved a hand to El's left ass cheek and pressed her in even closer so that he could feel her better.

Suddenly El yelled out and pulled away. "Fuck!"

Mike looked to see what was the matter. Paladin was biting El's little toe and was holding on for dear life.

"Paladin no!" Mike shouted at the cat.

Paladin immediately released El and looked at Mike with wide eyes and a surprised look on his face. Well as surprised as a cat could possibly look. It was almost as if Paladin couldn't believe that Mike had shouted at him.

"Paladin no." Mike repeated, shaking his finger at him. El had rolled off him and onto the couch where she was looking at his foot. "Bad kitty."

"Are you okay?" Mike asked El concerned. "Do you need to go see a doctor?"

"No, it's not that bad. He really doesn't like me huh?" El watched as the cat walked off towards the kitchen, probably in search of his food bowl.

"I don't know what came over him. He's never behaved like that towards anyone else." Mike reached over El to look at her foot. "You're bleeding."

"It's just a little scratch." El insisted.

"I don't care. I don't feel good about it." Mike stood up and grabbed El's hand. "C'mon let me fix it up."

"It's not necessary," El pointed out but all the same got off the couch and followed Mike into his bedroom.

Mike flicked on the light on the wall and his bedroom came into view. It was a standard male bedroom with a king sized bed with burgundy sheets, a dresser, closet, various books and magazines piled up in a heap in a corner and of course, Paladin's bed in another corner.

"Sit." Mike pointed at the bed and El obediantly sat. Mike then went into the adjacent bathroom to get supplies from the medicine cabinet.

Mike returned with an armful of items and placed them on the bed next to El. He then knelt on the floor and rested El's foot on his knee as he cleaned the wound off with antiseptic.

"That burns!" El whined.

"That's good. It means that it's working." Mike continued to apply it, ignoring El's complaints.

Mike then applied some neosporin to the small wound.

"All of this isn't necessary Mike." El tried to pull her foot away but Mike kept it firmly on his knee.

"Will you relax? You're acting as if you never had anyone take care of you before."

El became silent after that and allowed Mike to finish. She didn't even complain when Mike put a tiny plaster on it.

"All done." Mike said, standing up, rather pleased with himself.

El stood up as well. " Thanks. It's getting late. I guess I should go."

"Let me walk you to the door," Mike said following behind her. Tonight had been a good night, despite Paladin's interference.

When they reached the front door, Mike wrapped an arm around El's trim waist and pulled her in for a kiss. He was pleased when El kissed him back without hesitation. It was a sweet, lazy kiss.

El looked as if she was studying something before she leaned back in and kissed Mike hard on the lips. "Let's just keep this casual between us okay?"

No it wasn't really okay, was Mike's first thought. But then he reminded himself that El wasn't planning on staying long in New York any way and it wouldn't make any sense getting deeply attached to her. He could do casual. He did it with Stacey. Why would El be any different?

"Okay," he responded as he kissed El back.