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My heart is on your doorstep...

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Mike didn't see El at all the following day or night. It was kind of strange in itself as he had seen her for a moment or two every single day for the past two weeks. But the day after they kissed, nothing. Not a peep. As he watched television that night with Paladin curled up in his lap, he kept on replaying in his mind what El had said. Let's keep it casual. He convinced himself that he had no problem with that but it was pretty strange and maybe if he was being honest, it hurt a little not see her after the previous night's encounter.

The next night, Mike had just given Paladin his kibble and was watching him eat as he drank a bottle water when he heard a knock on the door. Immediately the shiver of anticipation ran through him. He felt silly, but he really hoped that it was El. He walked quickly to the door running his hand nervously through his hair and undid all of the locks and opened the door. He smiled when he saw who was standing on the other side.

"Hi Mike." El walked in and toed off her shoes by the door, not caring that they had landed on top of Mike's as she walked towards the living room. "What's going on?"

"Nothing really," he responded as he admired El in her black tank top and jeans. "Didn't see you yesterday."

"Yeah, you know how it is." El responded as she sank down into the couch and took up the remote off the coffee table changing the station to a music channel. She glanced up at Mike. "I'm thirsty." She took the bottle out of Mike's hand before he could offer her one of her own. She chugged down the remainder of the water quickly and then handed the empty bottle back to the dumbfounded Mike.

"I'm hungry." She stared at Mike and blinked.

"What?" Mike stared at her in disbelief. "Do I look like the corner deli to you? How do you just expect to waltz in here and start demanding things like if I'm your personal chef or something? You must be out of your mind."

Much to Mike's surprise El grinned at him. "Finally growing a set of balls I see."

El got off the couch and headed towards the kitchen.

"What?" Mike went after her confused.

El opened the fridge door and peered inside. "Well before you would just get a tight look on your face and still do what ever I asked for." El pulled out a packet of sliced cheese. "Now you're calling me out on my shit." She then removed a bag of lettuce and the dijon mustard of course. She smirked at Mike over her shoulder. "I wonder what caused it?" She placed the items on the breakfast bar.

"I can't stand your ass," Mike said as he took two big steps towards El. He placed one arm around El's waist, turned her around and pulled her up against his body, their lips connecting immediately.

El was ready for him and their tongues were sliding into each other's mouths. El's teeth scraped across Mike's bottom lip, nipping the edge sharply. Mike pulled his lips away and El chuckled. "Just having a little fun."

She pulled Mike back into the kiss, sucking on the spot that she had nipped. "You don't play fair." Mike commented as his hands slipped belowed El's waist to palm her ass.

"Rules don't apply to me." El's hands went underneath Mike's shirt, moving slowly up his torso . Fingertips pressing into Mike's skin as she planted kisses down Mike's neck. She flicked her tongue out at the base of the neck giving it a couple of licks and Mike inhaled sharply. "You like that huh?"

"Shut up." Mike growled out as he lifted El's head up and away from his neck so that he could kiss her again.

El was about to make another snarky comeback but it was silenced when Mike's tongue slid into her mouth and started to tangle with her own.

This kissing session was heated. Mike gave El's ass a squeeze as El's fingers dug into Mike's stomach muscles which tensed under her touch. One thing was obvious. He and El had great chemistry.

Mike felt something soft butting against his leg but it didn't fully register, as El was working since spectacular magic with her tongue. Then came a couple soft meows. He broke the kiss to look down to see Paladin at his feet. The cat meowed softly and then rolled over on its back with its legs in the air looking up at Mike expectantly.

"Oh you want to play boy?" Mike cooed. Paladin could be so cute at such random times.

Mike was bending over to pet him when El grabbed his hand and yanked him back up. She pressed her hips against Mike's and slowly grinded against him so that Mike could feel the warmth of her core against his growing erection. " You're really going to leave this to play with that pussy?" The taunt in El's voice was clear as she nipped Mike's bottom lip again.

Mike kissed El hard, nearly biting her this time. His hand moved down inside the front of El's jeans. Fingers gliding over El's damp cotton panties.

"Wow." Mike clearly sounded in awe. He pecked El's lips. "Yeah this is definitely more what I should be doing." He leaned in to kiss El once more, satisfied at the moan that rumbled out of her throat as he gently rubbed the front of her damp panties.

El deepened the kiss and returned the favour by running her hand down the front of Mike's trousers. "Fuck." Mike felt thick and long. "What have you got going on down there?"

Mike chuckled and plucked at El's bottom lip. "Something that you want." his cheeks burning with embarrassment and pride

"Most definitely." El murmurred against Mike's lips before kissing him.

Her back was pressed up against the counter. Her and Mike were locked in this deep kiss while their hands stroked each other the excitement and heat building ferociously. She could definitely get used to this.

Mike felt Paladin butting his leg again but he tried to ignore him and focus on the fact that El was swiping her fingers just above the waistband of his boxers as if she was contemplating dipping her hand inside.

Paladin started butting his leg even harder and then finally Paladin started jumping and swatting at his knee.

"Pal! What's the matter with you tonight? You don't normally act like this."

El didn't stop him this time as he bent over to pick up the cat. Paladin clung to Mike's t-shirt and purred deeply. Rubbing his head against the spot on Mike's neck that El had kissed.

El turned around and continued making her sandwich silently while Mike walked off cooing at Paladin.

When Mike returned from his bedroom, El had alread finished eating her sandwich and was just sprawled across the couch watching television.

"So what you watching?" Mike asked as he joined her on the couch.

"Nothing." El responded listlessly.

Mike moved closer to El and smoothed his hand up El's thigh and kissed her cheek. "You wanna continue where we left off?"

El studied his face briefly and then leaned in and kissed him. The kissing quickly got heated and El found herself on her back with Mike on top of her.

Mike was slowly grinding his hips against El's. Each kiss that he shared with El was never the same as the one before it. It always kept him in anticipation of what was to come next.

El wrenched her lips away from Mike's. "Get off me."

Mike pulled up a bit, stunned, that was one reaction he was not anticipating. "Why?"

El pushed at his chest and Roman got the hint and got completely off her and sat on the couch. "Because you smell like cat."

"Oh." Mike's cheeks blushed slightly. "That's because Pal rolled all over me earlier when I took him into the bedroom."

El just stared at him for a few seconds and then got off the couch and walked to the front door.

As she put on her shoes, Mike was asking her questions. "Why are you leaving? What's going on El? I could take a shower if you want."

El opened the door and walked through the doorway. "A shower isn't going to solve the problem."

She then closed the door in Mike's confused face.

"The cat is cock blocking you and you don't even know it." Lucas laughed and shook his head.

"What?" Mike watched as Lucas pulled his shirt over his head. "He's a cat. He doesn't know of such things."

Lucas grinned. "I think you're underestimating your cat. Seriously. You were in a middle of a hot makeout session that you stopped to go play with him. If I was El, I would've left your ass there."

Mike shook his head. This whole thing sounded quite unbelievable. "El can't possibly be jealous of Pal. I mean, he's a cat. It has to be something else." Mike closed the locker door.

"Dude," Lucas placed one hand on Mike's shoulder. "You're over thinking this. Just put Paladin on ignore when El's over. Nobody wants to compete with a pet for a person's affection."

Mike mulled over what Lucas said for a few seconds. "Okay I see your point. But it's new to me because Pal has never acted like this with anyone else that I brought home. Not even Stacey."

"Well," Lucas shrugged. "Maybe Paladin can sense something between you two that makes him nervous. I don't know."

Lucas hefted his sports bag over his shoulder. " But Imma do you a favour and not tell Dustin about this because he will clown you from now to next year and hey who knows if this sorts itself out your basketball game might finally improve." Patting his shoulder as he left the locker room

It seemed as if he was always the one to apologize. But then again, he was always the one fucking up. He gave El's door a couple of knocks and waited.

It sounded as if El was talking to someone on the other side as she undid the locks and Mike's heart sank.

El of course was surprised to see him when she opened the door. "Hi."

Mike nervously toyed with his hair at the back of his head. "Um, hi. Can I come in?"

He suddenly heard Max's voice in the background. "Don't be stubborn El."

El dropped her head. "Fine." She opened the door wider and allowed Mike to step inside.

"Hi Mike. How's it going?" Max came up to him with a friendly smile.

"It's good." Mike was never more relieved that El had Max over and not another random.

"You know what? I just remembered that I have something to go do for somebody." Max said picking up her coat from the back of a grey couch.

"I thought you were going to stay and watch a film with me?"El complained, following Max to the door.

"Well you know things come up." When she walked through the door, she spoke loud enough for Mike to hear. "Stay and talk to him." She then closed the door.

El walked back in sheepishly towards him. Mike had been looking around and noticing that El didn't really have much furniture in her place. Just a grey couch and small brown coffee table with a television mounted on the wall. It was definitely the environment of someone not planning on staying for a long while.

They stared at each other for a while, both contemplating what to say but Mike knew that he had to go first. "I haven't seen you for a couple of days."

El sat on the arm of the couch. "Yeah well I've been busy."

"Look, I'm really sorry about the other night. I wasn't thinking when I ditched you for Pal."

"I'm not jealous of the cat." El huffed.

A smile played on Mike's lips as he stepped closer to El. "I didn't say that you were."

"That's what you meant." El was doing everything to avoid looking Mike in the eye.

Mike easily slipped his arms around El's waist. "You're so cute when you pretend to be angry."

"I'm not pretending." All the same she parted her legs and allowed Mike to stand between them.

"Really?" Mike dipped his head and kissed El on her cheek.

El released an exasperated groan. "Are you always this annoying?" Her eyes locking with Mike's.

Mike slowly dragged his lips across El's. "Yes."

They kissed each other at the same time. El's arms embracing Mike's shoulders as their lips became reaquainted with each other. Mike could feel that chemistry sparking between them and he wondered if El could feel it too. He got his answer when El used her hand to hold the back of Mike's head, to push him in even closer. It was almost as if El wanted to devour his mouth.

They were barely taking brief pauses for air before diving back in. Mike could feel his length pressing hard against the fly of his jeans, threatening to burst through. He reached around in front of El and slowly rubbed at the front of her leggings. El moaned into his mouth and used her nimble fingers to thread themselves through his hair.

"You want to show me to your bedroom?" Mike whispered into El's ear, the fooling around becoming more than he could bare. He playfully sucked her earlobe into his mouth.

"Fuck." El ground her hips up against Mike's. She couldn't hold out any longer either. She wanted these clothes off and her and Mike in bed doing everything possible.

"Yes." El slid down off the couch and grabbed Mike's hand. "This way."

Just as soon as they were at El's bedroom door. That familiar country song barrelled through the air.

"Fuck my life." El let go of Mike's hand. "I have to get that."

Mike watched as El went back out to living room and picked up her phone from off the coffee table.

He could tell from her expression that she wasn't too pleased.

"What do you mean now? I thought that it wasn't until tomorrow." Pause. "Yes I'm still in. You have lousy timing, you know that?"

"Fuck!" El kicked the bottom of the couch out of frustration.

Mike had a feeling that he wouldn't be getting lucky tonight and that's his balls may remain rather blue. "Is something wrong?" He asked as he walked back out to the living room.

"Yeah, um something came up. I have to go." She looked at Mike apologetically.

"Well maybe when it's over you can stop by my place when you get back."

El shook her head. "No. It's one of these all nighter sort of things."

Mike was itching to ask her what exactly she was going out to do but he knew that El wouldn't give him a straight answer. He really hoped that it wasn't anything dangerous.

El came over to him and kissed him briefly on the lips. "We'll pick this up some other time alright?"

No, it wasn't really alright. But this was a casual agreement Mike reminded himself and he didn't want to come off as needy. He nodded his head slowly. "Yeah sure. Some other time."

As he walked to the front door, he realized that El didn't even walk him out. She was too busy looking for something apparently. Mike sighed softly to himself. He really didn't know what to make of this situation and how to deal with it.

As he opened the door to his own apartment, at least he was comforted by knowing that Paladin would always be there waiting for him.