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My heart is on your doorstep...

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Chapter 8


"You're drunk." Mike watched as El spun around with her arms open.

Earlier that night El had stopped by and asked him if he wanted to go have some drinks at Benny's. Mike had agreed and he had fun as he watched El knock back shot after shot while talking about anything and everything the entire time.

Now it was getting late and they were trying to head home but El was plastered and kept on trying to run off in various directions.

"No I'm not." El swayed a bit and Mike stepped forward incase she was heading to the pavement but fortunately El remained grounded. She grabbed Mike's hand. "Let's go to the park."

"No." El was already pulling him towards the street. "It's late and I'm going to get you home and to bed."

El spun around and locked her arms around Mike's neck. "Yeah I wanna go to bed with you."

Mike sighed and removed El's arms from around his neck. "That's not what I said."

He maneuvered El infront of him, placing his hands on El's hips to guide her in the right direction.

"Well it should be." El walked almost normally for the remaining blocks.

When Mike got to the door that he had to unlock to lead to the stairs to their apartments, El rested her head on Mike's back and locked her hands around Mike's waist. He manoeuvred her and slipped one arm around El's waist and used the other to unlock the door.

El insisted on remaining latched on to him as they walked up the stairs side by side, which was difficult due to the narrowness of the stairs.

"I don't want to go to sleep yet," El pouted as Mike unlocked his apartment door.

"Well that's too bad." Mike commented. "Once I check on Pal, I'm going to take you straight over to your apartment."

Mike closed the door behind him and walked into the living room and sure enough Paladin was curled up on the carpet fast asleep with the television on.

"See? He's fine." El suddenly decided to walk towards Mike's bedroom.

Mike easily caught up to her at bedroom door. "No El. I'm taking you to your own bedroom."

"Shhh." El placed a finger to his lips. Her eyes half opened in her drunken stupor. "You'll wake up Paladin."

El licked her lips as she looked Mike up and down. "You're so pretty. You have pretty hair. Pretty eyes. A pretty mouth." El placed a sloppy kiss on Mike's neck. "I bet your pretty in other places too." She kissed Mike's neck again. "I wanna see."

"Not tonight." Mike studied El's blissfully drunken face and wondered how he was ever going to get her back to her apartment.

El pouted and walked into the bedroom, and free fell backwards on to Mike's bed. "Come oooonnnn. I'll show you mine if you show me yours." she sang

Mike grinned and shook his head. "We're not five."

Mike took his coat off and went to hang it up in the closet.

"Miiike!" El whined.


El was propped up on her elbows observing him. "Don't you want to have sex with me?" It was almost pitiful the way how she said it.

Mike went over to her and started removing her coat. "Yes I do, so very much." El's eyes lit up. "But not when you're drunk."

"I'm not drunk," she insisted but at the same time, her elbows suddenly slipped out from under her and her head hit the mattress. "I like your bed."

"I like it too," Mike responded as he got on his knees and slid off El's sneakers. He pulled those off along with her socks. He then stood up and started to unzip El's jeans.

"See?" El sounded drowsy already. "You do want to see me naked."

Mike didn't answer as he pulled El's jeans off, leaving her in her panties and t-shirt.

El clumsily grabbed a pillow and shoved it underneath her head. "No fair." She was drifting off to sleep already.

Mike locked up his apartment for the night. He turned off the television and decided to leave Paladin asleep on the rug. The cat hardly used the expensive cat bed that he had bought him anyway.

As he undressed for bed, he observed El sprawled across the middle of the bed, lightly snoring. He finally got El in his bed and Paladin was sleeping and wouldn't interrupt them and El was passed out and dead to the world.

Clad in only boxers, Mike went over to the bed trying to decide the best way to move El as she was starfished all over it. He lifted El's upper body and tried moving her to one side of the bed but El kept on flopping back on to him. Finally, Mike laid down and tried rolling El over on her side but she murmurred something and rolled back over on to Mike's chest. Mike sighed.

It was just after seven the following morning and Mike returned home from a run. After a quick shower, he checked in on El who was still fast asleep. He decided to make himself an omelette for breakfast. He was certain that El was going to have a wicked hangover this morning.

He prepared the egg mixture and then turned on the stove to heat the pan. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist and a head resting on his back.

"The sun's too bright." El still sounded half asleep.

"That's because you drank too much last night." Mike said as he picked up the egg mixture and poured it into the hot pan.

"Why didn't you stop me? I thought you were my friend." El's confused sleepy tone, made Mike chuckle to himself.

"You said that you were a grown ass woman and that a few shots couldn't hurt." Mike reached for the spatula to tend to his breakfast.

He could feel El's head turning on his back. "Did we have sex?"

"What?" Mike laughed. "No. You were drunk."

"Never stopped me before." El pressed her lips against Mike's shoulder blades. "What are you making me for breakfast? I don't want whatever you're having. It's making me nauseous."

"I'll make you some dry toast and some orange juice." Mike turned around slowly in El's arms. He could get used to her holding him like this. El barely lifted her head so that she could rest it on Mike's chest this time. "Go back to bed. I'll bring it to you."

"No I can wait on the couch." El lifted her head up insisting.

Mike gentle pushed the honey hair out of El's eyes. "To bed. You're still out of it. I'll pull the curtains to make it nice and dark for you."

El observed him through half opened eyes. "You're a nice guy Mikey."

Mike proferred half a smile. "I try."

"A lot of people aren't really nice even though they pretend to be." El said letting go of Mike and walked back to the bedroom.

El watched as Mike packed his bag for the day. She had finished eating the breakfast that Mike had made for her and the curtains had been pulled blocking out most of the sunlight.

"So you're really going to leave me alone in your apartment for the whole day?"

"Well," Mike placed his laptop into his bag. "I guess it couldn't hurt. If anything goes missing, I know where you live."

"True." El tried to burrow her head even deeper into the pillow. "Even with Paladin?"

Mike shrugged his shoulders and zipped up his bag. " Honestly, you two are just going to have to work through any issues that you guys have together."

"But I don't have any issues with Paladin," El insisted. "It's him that has issues with me."

Mike just smiled as he lifted his bag. "I'm leaving now."

"Good." El rolled over in the bed. "I'm tired of you yelling."

Mike chuckled. "I left a bottle of aspirin on the bedside table."

"Fine." El waved him away and pulled another pillow on top of her head. "Just go."

When Mike returned home that evening he wasn't sure what to expect. Everything was quiet. He made his way into the living room and he found Paladin curled up on the couch with the television on as usual.

"Hey boy," Mike scratched between the cat's ears. "How was your day? Were you nice to El?"

Paladin of course didn't answer him. He held his head back and purred contentedly as Mike scratched him.

"I'm gonna go check the bedroom." Mike made his way over to it. No sign of El. His bed was unmade of course but otherwise everything seemed to be in place.

El probably felt better and left. Mike didn't want to admit it but he was looking forward to coming home and finding El there but of course reality always trumped fantasy. He stripped himself of his clothes and headed into the shower. It was just going to be him and Paladin tonight.

He had just finished drying himself off and was pulling a pair of joggers up over his hips when El casually strolled into his bedroom.

"What the actual fuck? You almost gave me a heart attack! How did you get in here? I'm certain that I locked the door."

El lazily sat on the bed and looked up at Mike with a smirk on her face. "You have a spare key on the side table near to the door."

"So you took it?" Mike was getting a bit exasperated. "Are we gonna need to have another talk about you and boundaries again?"

"What? I had to go run some errands and I'm sure that you didn't want me to leave your apartment unsecured. You did come home and find it locked didn't you?"

"Yeah." He stepped closer to El who in turn place her hands on either side of Mike's bare waist.

"Good. Then I did the right thing." She placed a kiss right below Mike's belly button. "You should be proud of me."

El had a devilish grin on her face as she watched Mike. Her hair appeared to be freshly washed and all signs of a hangover were gone. She seemed to have recovered quite well.

Mike patted El on her head. "Good girl."

The smile instantly vanished. "I'm not a dog."

El maneouvered him towards the bed and Mike got the hint and climbed on and folded his hands behind his head. El then straddled his hips and leaned over and Mike got a glimpse of a tiny eleven stud earring in El's left earlobe. "And I'm not a good girl either."

El kissed Mike fully on his lips. Her tongue instantly diving into Mike's mouth and he didn't mind it one bit. El's mouth was actually minty fresh as if she had just brushed her teeth before she came over. Mike moved his hands from behind his head and placed one on El's back, his fingers slipping underneath her shirt while the other had a handful of El's ass.

El was rubbing their hips together causing sweet friction between Mike's joggers and her jeans. Mike gave El's ass an extra sharp squeeze and then rolled them over so that El was on her back and Mike was on top and between her legs.

"You're wearing entirely too much clothing," Mike mumbled as he kissed down El's neck. He grabbed the hem of El's shirt and pushed it up and El quickly got the hint and pulled it over her head and threw it on the ground.

El's body was even more phenomenal close up. Her full breasts encased in a silky black bra and her flat stomach tensing as he lightly ran his fingers up her side. There was the cutest freckle on the mound of her left breast, that he could not control himself from planting a kiss on. Mike's fingers glided up the soft skin on El's back and gently unclasped her bra as her full breasts spilt out. As he pulled the offending item away, his mouth covered El's left nipple, his tongue swirling around the pink nub. El hissed and grabbed the loose, damp hair on the top of his head. El was muttering indescribably, underneath her breath as Mike continued to suck on her nipple and used his hand to pluck at the other one.

Mike kissed across El's chest to the other nipple, repeating the same movement on it. He could feel El bucking her hips underneath him. It was clearly turning her on.

"You like that huh?" Mike's voice husky as he pressed slow and deliberate kisses up El's neck to her jaw.

"You talk to much." El captured his lips, her teeth raking across Mike's bottom lip. Mike growled and attacked El's lips back. It was a clash of teeth, tongues and lips that served to turn them on more than anything else.

El while viciously exploring Mike's mouth, took the opportunity to push down Mike's joggers. Mike's ass felt smooth and solid underneath her palms, perfectly rounded. She cheeklily slapped the right cheek and Mike kissed her even harder.

She moved her other hand around to the front. It had one destination. Her fingers wrapped around Mike's hard cock and he gasped into the kiss. Mike was definitely thick and as she moved her hand up to flick over the smooth head, she was pleased to feel that he was long too.

Mike raised up on his knees a bit and grabbed the headboard as El's tongue lapped at the tip. He sighed as the head went past El's lips and the warm, wet delicious heat of El's mouth embraced him.

"Fuck... El... shit... just like that..." El had picked up a rythmn and was sucking his cock with vigour and Mike was trying to hold back from fucking her mouth too hard. El's lips were already obscenely stretched around his dick and her tongue was tracing the vein underneath his shaft and it made his toes curl.

"El! Oh shit..." His cock was starting to throb already but he wasn't ready to come yet. He pulled out of El's mouth and before she could protest he was kissing El needily and undoing her jeans. The metallic rip of the zip was music to Mike's ears and momentarily broke the kiss to finish take off his joggers and then he dragged El's jeans and panties off in one swift movement.

Damn, El looked good naked. A tight body encased in smooth honey coloured skin, pert mouthwatering breasts with erect nipples begging to be pulled. Glancing further down El had cheekily parted her legs, he could see her glistening and it made his cock ache with desire. Mike nudged El's legs apart with his knee so that he could see her wet folds better.

El was just watching him with hooded eyes, as he leaned over and kissed her. "So fucking hot." Mike said as he stole another kiss from El's swollen lips. He reached over to his bedside table as they continued to kiss and pulled open the drawer. He retrieved a condom and placed it next to him on the bed.

El raised her hips and desperately trying to rub herself against Mike's cock. The friction was sweet and Mike bit his own bottom lip out of frustration. He had to have El now.

"Who said that you were going on top?"

Mike opened his eyes and looked at El perplexed. " What?"

El looked at him unphased even though she was still moving her hips. "Just because you've got the dick, doesn't mean that you get to go on top."

Mike growled and kissed El hard nearly bruising her lips. "I'm going to fuck you and we're gonna discuss the semantics later. Got it?" Mike circled his index finger against El's entrance, slowly pushing the tip of his finger in.

El gasped. Mike was surprised that there was no snappy comebacks. But he could feel El tighten round his fingers as he carefully slid another in and she was wet, very wet. For all El's bravado she wanted this as badly as Mike did.

Much to El's surprise, Mike bent over and slowly sucked her clit as his fingers pushed into her.

El balled the bedsheets up in her grip as she was pleasured into oblivion by Mike's unholy mouth. Fuck. He had no right being so damn good at this. Mike continued to abuse her clit with his broad flat tongue, nipping and nibbbling all the while easing his fingers inside of her, sending deep waves of pleasure surging through every inch of her. El barely noticed that Mike had three fingers inside of her now. Well that was until Mike pressed his fingers against her g spot and El came hard, moaning so loudly that Mike chuckled while his mouth worked her through her orgasm.

He withdrew his fingers and picked up the condom. He opened it and pushed it on to his solid dick while keeping his eyes completely locked on El. He shakily lined himself up with El's entrance, more turned on than he had ever been before.

Mike gripped El's silky thighs and pushed in. He eased in inch by inch. He wanted to give El time to adjust and get used to him. "That's it El, let me in. You know that you want this."

"I know nothing of a sort." Came the response.

Mike chuckled. "I love it when you play hard to get."

He gently rolled her nipple between his fingers. "Fuck Mike!" El whined. The sensation was almost too much. Mike was so big, the pleasurable burning from being stretched so much, the want and ache coursing through her felt like fire in her veins and Mike thumbing her nipples wasn't helping matters.

"I'm in." Mike leaned over and kissed El's lips. "You feel so good."

Mike slowly started moving his hips back and forth, his heavy balls slapping gently against El's ass.

"Oh fuck..." El closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Mike's neck so that their lips remained pressed together and his hair fell into El's face. Her body felt full of Mike. It was the only thing she could really feel. She barely noticed Mike planting kisses down her neck. All that mattered was that Mike's hips were moving faster now and that the initial burning was giving away to pleasure. She wrapped her legs around Mike's waist, locking their bodies together.

She could feel Mike's heavy breathing against her neck. His nonsensical mumblings about how good being inside of her felt. She had a feeling that sex with Mike was going to feel good but she didn't expect that it would feel this great. Her body sheening with sweat and Mike was licking her neck. Her g spot was being repeatedly assaulted. Long deep strokes were always her undoing and Mike seemed to have perfected the art. She couldn't hold it back any longer.

"I'm coming Mike." She panted.

Mike slid one hand underneath El's body to lift her hips by cupping an asscheek. "Then come for me. I'm almost there."

El felt her toes uncurling again and a sweet adrenaline rush through her body as she clenched tight round Mike's cock. Her body felt almost weightless as she drifted out of that sexual high. That indeed had been satisfying.

El locked down on Mike's dick with a vice like grip, which caused his eyes to roll back. He couldn't hold out any longer. "Oh shit... fuck!" His cock emptied his hot cum into the condom. He pumped his hips a couple more times before coming to a complete stop.

He rolled off of El and on to the bed. They finally did it.

"That was good." Mike finally said falling to the side of El.

"Yeah it really was." El agreed.

Mike got off the bed. " I'm gonna go get something to clean us up."

He padded into the bathroom and got a wash cloth and got it wet and then returned to the bed room.

He offered the cloth to El who took it and cleaned herself up before handing it to Mike who did the same. He then went back to the bathroom to rinse it out and placed it on the rack to dry.

When he came back out, El was almost fully dressed and was pulling her t-shirt over his head.

"Where are you going? Aren't you staying the night?"

El shook her head. "No. Why would I?"

Oh right. This was just suppose to be a casual thing. "I know it isn't suppose to be anything serious," Mike said as he approached El, "but I was looking forward to spending some time with you."

El didn't seemed phased however. "Okay, maybe we can hang out tomorrow. Look I have to go. I have to go meet someone." She gave Mike a quick peck on the lips and walked out of the room.

Mike sank down on the bed, naked and dejected. El had never planned on spending the night with him. He had been just something to do until she had to go meet up with whom ever. It was El's right he supposed. He had no claims on the girl but a part of him couldn't help but to feel a bit used.

As El walked passed the living room she noticed Paladin sitting in his usual spot on the carpet. She was honestly a bit surprised that the cat didn't try to interrupt her session with Mike not even once. Maybe the cat was over whatever the problem was that he had with El.

El shoved her foot into her sneaker and immediately she felt something warm, wet and definitely gross seeping between his toes. "Paladin!"